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Paranoia in the Flesh | Two
Summary: The Demon Slayer Corp have been hunting and killing demons since the first generations of slayers. As demons still lurk around and feed on humans, Kagaya decides to bring someone to help him and the Hashira. She had been slaying demons for as long as she can remember but there is a problem. She has demon blood in her. Will she be able to help the Hashira defeat Muzen Kibutsuji once and for all? Or will things change for everyone?
Characters: Tsukiju [Y/N], Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Inosuke Hashibira, Genya Shinazugawa, Kyojuro Rengoku, Giyu Tomioka, Obanai Iguro, Sanemi Shinazugawa, Tengen Uzui, Muzan Kibutsuji, Akaza, Douma,
Genre: Love, Drama, Angst, Blood, Action
Notes: I just wanna say that I really appreciate that you guys are loving this story. I’m just honored since my writing isn’t the best lol your comments always make me smile and makes my day even brighter. You guys encourage me to keep writing. If you wanna be tagged, just comment on here or send me a message.
“AHHH!!! A DEMON!!” 
[Y/N] couldn’t help but tried not to laugh as her and Tanjiro walked inside the room where he’d be recovering to suddenly hear such a loud voice that it almost made them both lose their hearing.
“Zenitsu, calm down! She’s a good demon!” Tanjiro tried to explain to him but he just kept yelling.
As he kept yelling, [Y/N] couldn’t resist and started to laugh at how ridiculous he sounded but she also understood at his uneasiness with her. 
“Zenitsu right?” She said which caused him to be silent for a moment before he hide behind Tanjiro whom gave her a weak smile. “I’m truly sorry for scaring you like this. I just came to drop off Tanjiro here so he can rest. I heard about your injuries. I hope they aren’t too severe.”
Zenitsu stared at her especially her eyes. He gulped and nodded. 
“I-I’m also s-sorry for yelling at you miss and t-thank y-you..” He mumbled as he still kept hiding.
[Y/N] gave him a sweet smile and patted his head which shocked him. 
“Call me [Y/N], Zenitsu.” 
“Well, I should be going. Have a lot of stuff to do.”
“Oh that’s right. We’ll see you later [Y/N].” Tanjiro said with a smile.
[Y/N] looked at him then at Zenitsu whom was giving her a small smile. Her eyes widen for a second before she gave them a smile and made her way towards them before pressing her lips against Tanjiro’s forehead then Zenitsu’s. 
“Time for you guys to rest up. I’ll come and visit later on okay.”
“Thank you [Y/N].” 
She giggled as she waved at them before heading out.
Tanjiro kept his gaze at the door as he couldn’t help but smiling which caught Zenitsu’s attention.
“Tanjiro..who exactly is [Y/N]? I’ve never heard of her before.”
“All I know is that she’s a good demon like Nezuko and the master really trusts her. From what I could tell, she has been with the Demon Corps.”
“Wow, in all the time I’ve learned about the Demon Corps from my master, I’ve never heard about that.”
“Yeah me neither.” Tanjiro turned to Zenitsu then he noticed someone else was in the room. “What?! Inosuke is here too?! I didn’t even notice him!” 
“Yeah, he hurt his vocal cords from yelling so loud. He’s been quiet ever since we got here.” 
Tanjiro sighed. 
“I’m just glad that he’s okay.”
[Y/N] walked into a room and placed the wooden box that Nezuko was in on the ground. She made her way towards the window and closed the curtain from any sunlight to come inside. She then heard a high squeal noise coming behind her as she turned around to see Nezuko slightly out as she was looking at her.
“You must be Nezuko?” 
Nezuko slowly nodded.
[Y/N] smiled at her as she made her way towards her and felt down on her knees.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is [Y/N]. You should be safe here. Tanjiro should come by a bit later to come and see you.”
Nezuko hummed in approval.
[Y/N] had the smile on her face as she slowly patted Nezuko’s head.
“You should get some rest. I’m sure you’ve had a rough day today.”
Nezuko hummed in satisfaction as she felt very comfortable and safe with [Y/N]. Her eyes slowly closed as she got herself comfortable and fell asleep. 
[Y/N] slowly picked her up and laid her on the bed, tucking her in as she looked at Nezuko sound asleep.
“You’re just a little girl. Just like how I was.” She whispered as she pecked her head and stroked her hair. “Neither you or your brother deserves this life. No one does.” 
She sighs as she was about to walk away until she felt a grip on her wrist. She slowly looked down to see Nezuko’s hand on her wrist. [Y/N] smiled softly and decided to sit beside her for a bit. The room felt at ease and calming. She decided to stay before she went to the Hashira meeting that Kagaya mentioned earlier. Clearly, not ready for the outbursts and looks she was gonna get but she unfortunately had to deal with it. 
“Glad to be back home..” She softly says as her eyes slowly closed as she placed her head on the bed, next to Nezuko and fell asleep.
In one of the rooms, the Hashiras sat infront of Kagaya whom had started the conversation about their opinions of what had occurred in the mountains. They all had some things to say about the current new recruits whos lives were lost which Sanemi had something to say.
“The count of lives we’ve loss had been more than we can handle. Their master must’ve gone blind or something. Tsk,”
“Well that kid did do a number on you. He’s got taste.” Uzui commented with a smirk heading to Sanemi.
Sanemi tsked and rolled his eyes.
“It’s surprising that this boy has met Muzan and encountered an Lower Rank Demon unlike us that haven’t at all. I have a feeling that he’ll draw them in. I am envious.” Rengoku said with his loud and proud voice.
“Fair point you all have but everytime we get closer to Muzan, he seems to be multiple steps away from us. It’s quite frustrating in the matter. I’ve also gotten some news of this new approach of his. Turns out that he is looking for [Y/N] as well.”
Gasps were heard and then silence.
“How does he even know that she’s here?”
“What does he wants with her?”
“For some reason, he knows that she is back here and he will do nothing to get her back.”
“What do you mean back?”
Kagaya’s expression didn’t change as he slightly looked down.
“There was time in her life where she was missing. For months. She was out on a mission and we’ve never heard anything back from her. After three years, she had come back with exhaustion and with so much pain. She had told me the story about why she was missing..” 
He stopped talking which had everyone on the edge of their seats.
“What did she say Master?”
Kagaya’s face slightly change to pain, sadness which everyone could feel in the room. Something had happened to [Y/N] that even Kagaya couldn’t handle but be sad. 
“Muzan had gotten her and kept her for that time she was missing.”
Everyone eyes’ widen in shock.
“You mean that [Y/N] was with Muzan that whole time and she couldn’t defeat him?”
“No. What she had told me was him and the upper moon demons grew fond of her and kept her as a pet. That’s all she told me.”
“Poor soul.” Gyomei said softly. “To be surrounded by demons is truly tragic.”
“So not even this she-demon could defeat him.” Sanemi growled under his breath.
“Poor [Y/N], she must of been so scared.” Mitsuri pouted as she felt nothing but sorry for her.
“How did she escape Master?” 
Before Kagaya could answer, another voice was heard which caught their attention.
“By fooling the great Muzan Kibutsuji.” [Y/N] slowly walked in and revealed herself to everyone. 
“[Y/N]..you finally made it.” Kagaya said with a smile.
[Y/N] bowed her head and sat down against the wall near Uzui. 
“My apologizes. I was spending some time with Nezuko.” 
“Cut the crap! How did you fool Kibutsuji?” 
[Y/N] turned to the voice that was from the silver haired man with scars on his body. 
His name is Sanemi Shinaguzawa, the Wind Hashira.
“Well, that’s not a nice way to talk Shinaguzawa.” She coldly replied back to him.
He scoffed and rolled his eyes.
She took a deep breath.
“Once Kibutsuji knew of me, he wanted me dead. He would send most of his demons to kill me. None obviously succeeded. He then decided to go after me himself and once he did, I was no match for him. He’s clever and manipulates.”
She paused for a moment as the memories came back to her which didn’t sit well with her. 
“As he took me, I met the Upper Moon Demons as well since they were also very curious about me and wanted to see when Kibutsuji finally killed me but that never happened. For a reason, he wanted me alive. He wanted me to stay with him. He became obsessive and very possessive of me. Even the demons started to.”
The room was quiet as she continued her story yet she didn’t want to.
“As days turned into months, I was always going from demon to demon mostly two of them got extremely close unlike the rest.”
“Who were they?” 
“Akaza and Douma. They are Upper Moon Two and Three. They are different from what Kibutsuji is like. It almost seemed human.It was rather not horrible to be with them but I knew what they do and what they are. So I escaped one day, knowing that they couldn’t do anything since they can’t be out in the sunlight which none of them knew until then.”
[Y/N] sighed as she slowly turned to the Hashiras. 
“I know you don’t trust me. I get that. I wouldn’t trust me either especially with this news about him trying to find me, but I do promise you this.” She paused as her eyes showed determination. “I will help you destroy all the demons in this world. Especially Kibutsuji and after he is gone, you can kill me too.”
Everyone looked at her in shock.
“Wait [Y/N], you can’t be serious?” Mitsuri said with sad eyes.
[Y/N] could tell that she was the most emotional one that lets her feelings out without hiding them. She gave her a smile.
“I am. I’ve lived so long and I think it’s time for me to end it. After I know for sure that no demon will hurt a human again.”
[Y/N] stood up on her feet and bowed her head to them all before leaving but stopped as she turned to the Hashiras. 
“And a word of advice if you ever meet up with an Upper Moon Demon, don’t you dare hold back.” She said before disappearing. 
Everyone stayed silent as her words echoed through their minds.
“..don’t you dare hold back.”
Enmu kept his head down as he summoned by Lord Muzan. He felt chills run down his body. It was a day before his mission on the Mugen Train.
“Eyes up.”
The cold voice echoed through the room as Enmu looked up to see Muzan glaring at him with those red eyes.
“Aside from what I’ve told you about your mission on Mugen Train, I do have another small mission for you to do for him.”
“Yes Master. Anything.”
Muzen glared at Enmu even more as the next words left his mouth echoed through Enmu’s head.
“There is gonna be a woman. Half demon and half human. If you encounter her, don’t kill her. Bring her to me immediately or call for Akaza to handle her. You will know immediately whom she is.”
“Yes Master.” 
Enmu bowed his head with respect as images of this so called half demon appeared in his mind as the cells of Muzan were running through his veins. Enmu thought she was so beautiful. More beautiful than anything he has ever seen.
Before Enmu could leave, Muzan sense something in Enmu. Something he didn’t like. He knew that Enmu could see the images of [Y/N] because of his cells but what he didn’t like was the expressions on his face. Muzan suddenly appeared in front of him and gripped his throat so tightly that Enmu didn’t understand why he was doing this.
“I can smell and hear your thoughts. I know the images of her are going through your body but let me make one thing clear..” He paused as he pulled Enmu’s body closer to him. “...she is mine. Only mine to fanatasize about. To love. To dream about. This might be the last time I ever hear or smell that off of you, insect.” 
Enmu couldn’t do anything but nod his head as Muzan immediately let him go and disappeared, leaving Enmu back in the Mugen Train. He was trying to catch his breath at how tight Muzan had on his throat. It terrified him at how Muzan was with this girl. He couldn’t help but laugh at what pleasure it gave him. 
“Just perfection. I have big plans for you...[Y/N]...”
to be continued..
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Tumblr media
Seeing them suffer fills me with immense amount of joy.
The Pillar Training Oath by Buriko (plz come claim this thank you) (news flash : its @demonslayedher, and she can already draw like a god, i shall crawl into a hole now)- set after the final battle, giyuu n sanemi embark on a journey to break the rest of their bones, basically
Bonus: this came out of nowhere n made me laugh for 3 minutes straight
Tumblr media
Theyre like grandpas in this fic istg
Also spoilers, yep, sorry
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Can I have some shinobu parent headcannons. Even though I know she can't be a mom. I'm feeling soft today. 😭
warnings ━ none
Tumblr media
Shinobu as a Parent [Headcanons]
Shinobu is one Demon Slayer character that I've never imagined being a parent.
Not in a bad way, but she would be mostly focused on avenging her sister, so having an abandoned child dumped into her arms wouldn't be her cup of tea.
But she can't just turn away an infant, especially not one whose parents have died from a demon attack. She will ━ reluctantly ━ take them in, and raise them as her own, more or less.
Because of her busy schedule, the child would more or less be taken care of by Aoi and the others until they were old enough to do so themselves.
Shinobu simply has no time to do anything except her job, though when she does have downtime, she will attempt to connect with the child.
They may be too young to understand her line of work or why she's only around a few hours in the day, but Shinobu's patient and calm attitude will draw them to her.
They cling to her whenever possible.
If she isn't terribly busy, they'll stay with her while she works, or follow her around while she's tending to patients.
Even though Aoi is the one who usually spends the most time with them, Shinobu tends to show them fascinating things, such as formulating medicine or sharpening her nichirin blade.
The child is not allowed to touch the blade, no matter what. She doesn't want them to cut themselves on the point.
They will be taught about demons and why they are dangerous, and why they should never leave the Butterfly Estate unattended.
For a child so young, leaving would be terrifying, but Shinobu has to make sure they understand.
She tries her best to 'parent' them, even though the only example she has to follow is Kanae and her parents. Strict, but kind.
And if the child begins to refer to her as 'mama', then who is she to deny them?
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godtonguezucchini · a day ago
Bully. Tantrums. There there. Got your back.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cricketsjunk · a day ago
if you take requests, or at least about headcanons- Then can you do headcanons on what you think Muzan would do if his S/o turned out to have their own children already?
Hmm, I think that really depends on what kind of S/o and Muzan we're talking about here.
Like -
Human S/o with a child:
So, If Muzan really loved, like, truly did love his s/o, and they were human. Than I think he would act politely around the kid.
But if the kid somehow managed to get the hee-hee man himself to actually grow fond of them, then that child is pretty set.
A nice loving kind Mom/Dad/Parent, and a ....Well, an interesting father, who although seems pretty weird to them, still treats them nicely.
If Muzan didn't like the kid, than he would just tolerate them for his s/o's sake. But lets say that the kid is mean to his parent, His s/o. Than that child is gone. Would have one of his demons kill the child, and then easily pretend he was upset upon their death notice. Comfort his s/o and than move on.
Demon S/o with a kid:
Okay so first off, how did they get a kid in the first place? Their own or did they just adopt a kid? Also would the kid be a huma or demon, also play big roles in how he would react and act around them.
I think if the kid was a demon also, than he would just tolerate them, and when his lover left the room, threaten them low-key. Again unless the child somehow managed to win his affections, then the child is now the heir (Potentionallly anyawys) to his legacy if something were to happen.
If it was a human child, i can see him questioning his s/o's motives on why they had a human kid when they themselves were a demon. Also asks if the kid knows what they really are.
If no then he would groan but just ignore the kid overall. If yes, then he would be intrigued, especially when he sees the kid motioning his s/o over to a random drunk person in the alleyway to be eaten.
Later on would talk with the s/o if they would turn their human child into a demon too.
If we're talking about a yandere muzan:
Kills the kid. Just, shbjdhd dead, Will then assure them they can make their own (If they were a human that is.)
Unless the kid meant something really really special to his s/o. Then he would manipulate the child to like him, as a way to get closer to his lover. Unless the kid defies him, then they will be punished harshly despite whether or not their a human or demon.
So Overall I think it would truly depend on a couple things.
Is his s/o human? Is the kid human? Normal Muzan or Yandere?
It really depends but these are my thoughts on it.
Hope you enjoyed and it satisfied your curiosity!
Also i ADORE doing Requested HCs of demon slayer .
Mostly the pillars and main demons tbh. Also the kamaboko squad too.
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misaenthusiast · 2 days ago
arguments with the kny characters :(
getting into stupid fights with the love of ur life smh
pretty angsty
not proof read so watch out for mistakes
mitsuri, tanjiro and shinobu are the characters included!!
- mitsuri kanroji
- you and mitsuri always tried the best you could to cause as little fights as possible, and if you did ever get into a fight it was resolved within a few minutes with lots of cuddles and apologies afterwards. you hated fighting with the one person you knew loved you more than anything and so you would do whatever it took to make her smile once again.
- but today was very different. there was a lot of tension between the two of you for the past week and neither of you would tell the other what was bothering you. the way mitsuri started flirting with the other hashira really started to get to you and one day you just couldn't hold in your frustrations any longer.
- 'mitsuri, please! can you just look at me for two seconds and tell me why you're doing this to me?' she just looked at you with pure shock. had she really made you that upset? she was just being friendly and kind like she always was. why were you so upset over simple kindness?
- she called you unfair and selfish for constantly putting your own happiness before hers. she started going on and on about how clingy and needy you had been recently and how she just wanted some freedom.
- had you really been so clingy that she felt like she had to go flirt with others to have some sense of control in her own life? that simply couldn't be right...could it? you tried to reason with her and explain that it was never your intention to make her feel trapped in her own home but she simply wouldn't listen.
- as she began ranting more it was clear that whatever was going on was out of your control now. her anger towards you must have been building up for much longer than a week and you wondered how long it had been since she truly looked at you with pure love in her heart.
- she continued to yell and tear up as you simply stared at her in disbelief. how could you be so foolish? how didn't you see the signs that she could be falling out love with you?
- there was nothing you could do. packing your bags and leaving your once shared home was the only option left for you. and so, as you departed the house leaving your beloved friend and partner behind, you wondered what you could have done differently.
- tanjiro kamado
- just like mitsuri, you are tanjiro barely ever fought. there was no reason too! you two were in love like you had never felt before and you knew that no matter what, that love would never disappear.
- the argument started out small, it was nothing that couldn't be resolved with a sit down to discuss your feelings and why the two of you were frustrated with one another. so why did this feel so different?
- the anger that was building up inside you was nothing like tanjiro had ever experienced before. tanjiro knew you were angry before you even sensed it yourself and so he would tread lighter than normal around you.
- that's what really pissed you off. why was he being so overly careful with his words and treating you like you were royalty? you didn't need any of the extra care right now, you just wanted to vent out your feelings to your boyfriend and hear the words 'it's all going to be okay' leave his mouth.
- 'seriously tanjiro! can you just quit it?!' his face softened and looked at you with confusion. why were you acting this way when he was only trying to help? he didn't want you to be upset or frustrated at him but now he had made you even angrier then before.
- you ended up ranting about your feelings for at least half an hour when he finally spoke up. 'i can't listen to this anymore, so i'm just gonna go. i'll see you later'
- suddenly the realization hit that all your anger was so pointless. i mean, what were you even angry about in the first place? as you watched your boyfriend walk out of the room you were filled with guilt as you realized just how cruel it was to take out your bitterness on the one person who loved you more than anything.
- shinobu kochou
- you and shinobu had a slightly rocky relationship but that didn't stop you from absolutely adoring her. you knew that for most of her life she had been angry, especially after her sister died and so you were always gentle when speaking to her.
- you tried to avoid confrontation when needed and never wanted to correct her too many times at once. you understood that although she loved you so incredibly much, avenging her sister and bringing down muzan would always have to be the top priority at hand.
- you were understanding about it for as long as you possibly could be, but the weight of always being second to someone who wasn't even alive anymore always lingered in your mind.
- shinobu knew that it was hard for you to watch her spend the long hours of the night thinking of new ways to destroy demons and making new poisons as often as she could, so she always tried her best to remind you of how precious you are to her.
- but it just wasn't good enough anymore. for days on end you had practically begged her to take a break and get some rest, but she always had a new excuse. 'just 5 more minutes and then we'll stop', 'if i don't do this now it'll never get done', 'y/n, this is important to me so please try to understand!'
- you were exhausted of the treatment and so one day you confronted her, much to her displeasure.
- 'shinobu, please just take a break! let's have lunch together in town or...we could go shopping? we could even stay in the estate if that would make you happy!' she looked at you with disappointment as she sighed. shinobu knew that one of these days you wouldn't be able to wait any longer but why did it have to be today?
- she had almost had a break through in one of her best poisons yet and she just needed a few more weeks to finalize the results. she tried to reason with you and would say things like 'as soon as this is done, we can go celebrate!' but it simply didn't work any longer.
- she always put work before you and it was clear that was never going to change, so you made her choose. you...or demons.
- shinobus heart sank as you asked her the question she had dreaded hearing. she wanted to scoop you up into her arms and tell you that nothing could ever be more important than the relationship the two of you shared, but she knew it wasn't true.
- she would never be able to rest until all demons were wiped out and if that meant letting you go, it was a sacrifice she was willing to take.
- shinobu didn't even have to utter a word, you just saw the guilty look on her face and you knew.
- as you began leaving the office, you waited for her to yell out to you. you wanted her to spin you around and kiss you, but she never did. she continued working on her poison as you cried alone.
AND....SCENE!! i hope this way okay and stuff hahah
once again i'm a beginner writer so there may be lots of mistakes and stuff so just be gentle with me !! thank u so much for reading :)))
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tsukasalvr · 2 months ago
could i request gn hcs for zenitsu, rengoku, sanemi and inosuke with a shy s/o? (or you could just do some/one of them! either is fine!) thank you💕💕
AN: Ill do all since my limit is 5!!
Tumblr media
; 𝙨𝙝𝙮 𝙨/𝙤
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝗔𝗻𝗶𝗺𝗲/𝗳𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗼𝗺: 𝗗𝗲𝗺𝗼𝗻 𝘀𝗹𝗮𝘆𝗲𝗿
𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀: 𝗭𝗲𝗻𝗶𝘁𝘀𝘂, 𝗥𝗲𝗻𝗴𝗼𝗸𝘂, 𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗲𝗺𝗶, 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗜𝗻𝗼𝘀𝘂𝗸𝗲
𝗔𝗡: 𝘄𝗵𝘆 𝗶𝘀 𝗴𝗵𝗼𝘀𝘁𝗳𝗮𝗰𝗲 𝘀𝗼 𝗳𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗵𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗼 𝘄𝗵𝗮𝘁?????
𝗪𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: 𝗶 𝗱𝗼𝗻𝘁 𝗽𝗿𝗼𝗼𝗳𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱, 𝘀𝘄𝗲𝗮𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴
Tumblr media
; ᴢᴇɴɪᴛsᴜ
He thinks everything about you is perfect!
Drinking water? How amazing!
Eating food? You look so good doing it?
You’re shy? His heart is going to explode from cuteness !!
He thinks your shyness is adorable!
If you’re ever in a situation where you need to speak loudly, he’ll talk for you if you need to or he’ll just silently encourage you
If you ever want to be less shy, he’ll happily help by trying to compliment you
Whether it be by your personality, looks or voice
“S/o~ you have such a beautiful voice- please let me hear more!” He says bashfully his body swaying left to right, as if he’s a puppy in a love
Tumblr media
; ʀᴇɴɢᴏᴋᴜ
Is always and always will be intrigued by your shyness
He finds it funny how you and him are quite different when it comes to speaking
Hes always so loud and boastful so it’s a pretty different dynamic- that somehow works out and balances out pretty well
Thinks your shyness is adorable
If you ever need him to speak up for you because you’re too shy, he’s happy to comply and do so!
But, he also will want you to get out of your shell and wants you to speak more often
So expect some “training”
Don’t take offense to it though! He only wants you to be confident and social
Tumblr media
; sᴀɴᴇᴍɪ
Sad to say, but he wasn’t exactly fond of you when he first met you
Always thought that your shyness was a sign of weakness, meaning you’re weak
But the more he got to know you and then eventually started dating you, he learned he was wrong and actually enjoyed your shyness- not like he’ll ever admit it out loud though!
He doesn’t mind your shyness and sometimes forgets about it
But when he does remember, he thinks it’s the cutest!
Depending on how shy you are, he’ll sometimes talk for you but don’t expect it to happen a lot since he wants to see you be more confident
Tumblr media
; ɪɴᴏsᴜᴋᴇ
Fuck you and Rengoku being different, you and Inosuke are complete fucking opposites
He doesn’t notice your shy, he’s a blockhead, or in nicer terms, oblivious
He just assumes you don’t like talking to anybody and would rather be by yourself
Completely understandable to him! But he’s still going to bring you with him to public spaces and want you to talk
Zenitsu is the one who tells him on how the reason you’re quiet isn’t because you don’t like anybody, it’s because you’re just shy
“You damn pig! They’re just shy- get that through your thick skull!”
After that, he still won’t care if you’re shy
He tries to understand but he’s the complete opposite so it’s difficult for him
Either way, he likes your shyness
Please rely on him to speak for you, it makes him feel strong and powerful
Tumblr media
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tatorthots · 3 months ago
KNY | Waking Up Before You
↳ Characters: Tanjiro Kamado, Inosuke Hashibara, Zenitsu Agatsuma x fem!reader | BONUS: Kyōjurō Rengoku
↳ Warnings: slight angst (only Tanjiro), mention of scar
↳ a/n: idk what it is but something about Tanjiro makes my brain go ‘angstangstangstansgt’ and I can’t stop it hELP but the rest is fluffy and cute so enjoy !
It’s been over 40 min since Tanjiro’s been awake, and though he knows he should be up getting ready for training, he really couldn’t do it — one glance at your peacefully sleeping face and he found himself slipping back underneath the covers
He’s not quite sure what it is; if it’s the way your eyelashes flutter each time he brushes stray strands of hair from your forehead or the warmth your plush body radiates under the pads of his fingertips as he traces the dips of your curves — whatever it is, it’s enough to keep him planted in bed all day
‘She looks so calm…’ Sighing, Tanjiros smile faltered, ‘Maybe it’s selfish of me to keep her by my side. The danger I constantly put her in just to keep her with me, it’s not fair.’
His fingers find their way to the discolored scar you got when fighting an unexpected ambush of high-ranking demons. The mark on your rib cage served as a constant reminder of what you sacrifice to be with him, it always made his usual soft eyes darken with guilt and anger. Gently circling over the scar his mind clouds with insecurities
‘She deserves more, better.. she-‘
Before Tanjiro could continue his self-sabotaging thoughts, he felt nimble fingers interlace with his. Maroon irises widen as they dart up, only to land on you as you bring his hand to your lips, pressing a loving kiss on his calloused skin
“Good morning, my love” A sleepy smile settled on your lips, “How long have you been awake?”
“G-good morning—! I.. I-um haven’t been awake too long...” His brows gently knit as he meekly glanced down at your interlaced hands. His thumb rubbed small circles, hoping praying you didn’t notice the solemn glint in his eyes
But you knew Tanjiro well. You’ve memorized every little quirk he has, noted each of his habits and what emotion they’re linked to. He was easy to read, which is why you knew exactly what he wanted to say
“Yes?” He stopped his movements
“I love you. Never forget that, okay?” Reaching your hand up to caress his cheek you saw his eyes slightly water
So you did what you always do whenever he’s fighting his own demons — you hold him under the covers as you whisper sweet nothings and praises into his ear, kissing and cuddling him until you were sure he felt reassured enough to start the day — together
It was currently 5 A.M. The sun had barely started to rise above the horizon and this wild boar was already rummaging around the room to get ready for another day of training with Monjiro
Now on any other day, Inosuke would rather be caught dead before you catch him awake any time before 10 A.M, but after the battle with the spider family, Inosuke found new motivation to train even harder.
“C’MON C’MON C’MON—!! Rest time is over! It’s time to start training until our bones shatter!” Bouncing up and down the bed, Inosuke already had his swords in hand and boar head on
“Mmph Inosuke give me... 5.. more....” and there you go again falling back asleep for the nth time
So with a new idea, Inosuke did what he was sure would wake you up or anyone tbh. He hopped off the bed, sauntered over to the furthest corner of the small lodge, turned, and ran full force — heading straight for you
With a loud thud and a harsh punch to your stomach, Inosuke had tackled you to knock you off the bed — or more like fling you to the wall. Groaning and clutching your side you shot up, seething with anger you glared at the direction of a swinging door, watching as your lovers figure slowly got smaller and smaller in the distance
“IM GOING TO KILL YOU—!! YA HEAR ME?!” Quickly changing into your uniform and grabbing your sword you raced out the door, intent on actual murder.
Inosuke still running full speed to the training grounds, raises one of his swords triumphantly in the air
To say you were a beautiful gracious sunshine goddess to this Demon Slayer was an absolute understatement — a pathetic one at that
Zenitsu loves you, he practically worships the ground you walk on, and he has every intention of letting you know how deeply his affection runs
“Y/n-chaaaann~!” Zenitsu cooed as he gently rubbed his face on yours, “It’s time to wake up my angel. I already made you breakfast!”
“Mm..?” Fluttering your eyelids open, you were met with the sight of a beaming Zenitsu holding up a tray of eggs, toast and fruit. “Ah. Good morning sweetheart” rubbing the sleep off your eyes you gently smiled, “You didn’t have to go through the trouble of doing this, Zen.”
“That’s what makes wanting to that much better, doesn’t it?” He placed the tray on your lap , kissing your forehead before leaning back
“Have you eaten?” You questioned as you placed an egg on top of your toast
“Hm? Oh no, not yet. I spent more time than I thought trying to take eggs from the food basket Inosuke sleeps with…” Looking to the side in an almost grimly manner, “I mean, I know he was raised by boars in the mountains but does he really have to act this way?”
A light giggle escaped your lips as you watched your lover groan at you friends antics
“Well this certainly won’t do.” Placing an egg on another slice of toast you continued, “I can’t have you missing breakfast, now can I?” Gently lifting the half-sandwich, you raise it up to your boyfriends lips
Zenitsu stares at you wide-eyed for a second before a feverish blush makes its way to his pale cheeks, “O-oh.. um ahh~” he opens his mouth as you place the meal between his teeth
“Oh? You got a little something on you” Zenitsu hums in question before you place a soft kiss on his soft lips, “Got it!”
It wasn’t new for Rengoku to wake up before you, in fact, it was almost routine
Though you never knew how much longer you stayed asleep, mostly because he always insisted on letting you rest unless something urgent has happened
Softly groaning you flutter your eyelashes open, moving to stretch before a certain someone caught you by surprise
“… Hm? EH W-WHA-” Looking straight ahead, you immediately locked eyes with golden irises staring intently at you
To most, this would’ve been a sweet scene to wake up to — had he not been 2 inches away from your face peering bright-eyed right into your soul with a beaming smile adorning his features
“Rise and shine, my angel!,” Rengoku’s voice boomed as he swiftly stood up, “It’s time to get dressed! We have an important lead to follow today” Walking around the bed he began readying your clothes, “Oh! There’s also this tea shop nearby that sells breakfast. The shop opens up at 8 and it’s currently 7:32 so if we hurry we’ll be able to get all the fresh fruit we want before everyone else gets there.”
“Ah. I see you’ve finished scouting the village?” Throwing your legs off the bed you took the clothes Rengoku prepared for you with a quick kiss in exchange. Honestly, you questioned where he even found the time to scan the area — if you recall correctly you didn’t reach the village until late last night, and it was barely morning. Does the man even sleep?
“Of course! The earlier I finish scouting, the more time we’ll have to enjoy our morning together.” With a cocky smirk, Rengoku walked up to you as you buttoned up your uniform, “You should know that time spent with you is worth losing rest over, my little flame.”
Your heart swelled at the sound of your pet name, blushing you looked up at your towering boyfriend before he leaned down to place a passionate kiss on your lips, his hands snaked around your waist as he pulled you closer to his broad chest, “Hm… maybe we can spare a couple minutes extra as well?”
On your way to the tea shop Rengoku spotted a vibrant singular flower laying on a merchants table.
“Excuse me, how much for the flower?”
The old merchant eyed him before his eyes flickered to your form, currently bent down talking and laughing with a couple of curious kids ooo’ing and aah’ing at your uniform.
“Take it, consider it a congratulations gift.” The merchant smiled as he handed the wrapped flower to the young Hashira.
Congratulations gift..? It didn’t take long for him to figure out what the merchant meant by that, after all, it’s definitely something he’s been long prepared for.
“Um.. so how long do you think it’ll take before he wakes up?” A worried Tanjiro asks, scratching the back of his head.
“She’s... she’s a demon.. there’s no other explanation..,” Zenitsu starting to fall into a spiral of despair takes cover behind Tanjiro, fear stricken as he sees his poor friend has been out cold all morning.
“Guys it’s not that bad,” you matter-of-factly state as you gently drag your victim boyfriend underneath the shade of a tree.
Though you will admit that perhaps throwing your sword at Inosuke hard enough to hit the back of his head with the handle was a bit much.
But then again, he did almost fling you to the wall this morning so *ahem* feels pretty justified to me
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cherub-corre · a month ago
Squirting Hcs || Ft. the hashiras
Tumblr media
Anon asks: Oh my gosh I loved the squirting headcanons with the boys! Do you think you can do one with Rengoku and how he reacted and what he did abt it, please? 🥺🥺
🍯-Of course! This is going to be a two part series btw if you don't mind!
Kamado ver
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojuro
✦He was surprised at first.
✦Like when your legs clasped themselves around his face and fucked his tongue only to feel your slick liquids squirted all over his chin, nose and lips
✦Your soft teary face made you look so cute when you squirted too, making his already erect cock painfully swell.
¶Tears fell to your chin as your husband sucked on your clit whilst his skilled fingers fucked your cunt, making you babble incoherently
When suddenly you felt something weird in your tummy. Rengoku didn't help either as he kept sucking, his fingers fucked your cunt faster as he felt your pussy throb
Only to feel your squishy legs cling to his face as you rode him. Your slick liquids spraying onto his face as you cried out in bliss.⁋
For a damn virgin he knew how to pleasure a woman.
Tumblr media
Uzui Tengen
⤵He did it on purpose.
⚀You're not safe in that house with him in there, hell his wives would lock you in on purpose.
⚀The damn man is skilled with his fingers. Hell it's even worse if you're sensitive.
⤴His wives probably would be in there with your lmao.
⤵Your small hands grab hold of your husband's arm. Clinging on for dear life as he fucked your cunt with his fingers. His smile not altering when you squirted for a third time.
How long is it? three-four hours? He didn't know nor did he care as one of his arms grab hold of your breast.
While you were underneath him, teary-eyed and swollen, your chubby thighs clasped around his fingers for mercy. Your lips spewed out babbles and incoherent words.
While his wives just sat there, smiling and cooing out praises to you, pressing the button on the pink vibrator that was tapped to your clit.
⤴Finally you came a fourth time before passing out, both from dehydration and excess pleasure, you probably won't be able to walk for a while after this.
Tumblr media
Shinobu Kocho
⤵She would do it on purpose. And she'd be so mean about it too.
❦Vibrators, dildos or straps. Hell her hands are enough to make you squirt.
❦She's a doctor so it's pretty obvious she's good with anatomy
⤴Be grateful she even lets you rest as soon as you squirt for the fifth time this evening.
⤵Shinobu's chin nested against your shoulder as she forced you to look at yourself in the mirror. Her sultry gaze looming over you as tears fell from your face.
When suddenly you felt weird, to which she whispered that what you're feeling was completely normal. When you finally relaxed, your fluids squirted onto the mirror as your upper body shook slightly.
⤴Her arm clung to your stomach to keep you from not falling onto the dark wooden floors of her room.
Your first time with her felt amazing, and you can't deny it.
Tumblr media
Tomioka Giyuu
⤵Poor baby was so confused, but when he saw your face he thought it must've felt really good from how you shook above him.
♡He didn't want to ask shinobu on what it was cus she was gonna bully him but asked her since she's the only one that knows the female anatomy better than uzui.
⤴So when she bullied taught him what it was and how to do it he understood and wanted to try it again.
⤵Giyuu's soft praises left your tummy in a fumbling mess as his slender fingers messed with your cunt. Kissing your cheek as he continued to praise you.
Suddenly your body started feeling weird, the new found pleasure was building up on your insides and he could feel it from how you suddenly clench around his fingers.
'Shinobu was right' he thought as your thighs clamped around his arm, you begged for him to stop when he fingered your pussy faster to which he didn't reply.
⤴"Just let go hun, everything's fine" he whispered, to which you learnt to control yourself and finally let go, letting your body go limp as you squirted all over his fingers. Your liquids dripped from off his fingers to which he licked up. Your mind in a haze as you fell limp in his arms.
©honey-buv Do not steal, repost or copy my works without my permission!
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sanemiangel · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
breeding kink hcs featuring -
uzui tengen, akaza/hakuji, fem!reader
minors dni 18+
cw- breeding kink, smut, pregnancy kink, marking, possible pregnancy mentions, uhh technically monster fucking lmao, reader is a human akaza is a demon
a/n- i love uzui and his three wives. but for the sake of this scenario i’m going to mayverse these hc’s and insert reader as his only wife.
Tumblr media
uzui tengen -
♡ i hc this man as a man of many kinks, he’s very passionate in all that he does.
♡ his breeding kink did not take you by surprise whatsoever when it slipped out one night whilst he was fucking you on your shared futon “god fuck, i’m going to stuff you full, fill this pretty pussy full of my seed”
♡ slightly embarrassed he let that slip out, getting caught up in the heat of the moment, once you assured him you were alright with it, he took that and ran.
♡ and now every love making session the two of you share ends off with your legs bent to your chest by two inhuman biceps, sheens of sweat glowing in the moonlight with his body slotted ontop of yours, white damp hair in the crook of your neck as he marks it up and down with his teeth
♡ gentle circular motions along your clit sending you into one final orgasm of the night, one that grasps you with a warm grip sending the feeling of the warm sun from the soles of your feet to the top of the head, in tandem to the man ontop of you spilling into your womb
♡ “tengen, are you gonna pull out now” you ask
“and let this all go to waste? don’t joke with me my dear.”
Tumblr media
akaza/hakuji -
♡ the demon with the rose tinted hair had no knowledge of if you could bare his child his not, he likes to think you’d be able to. the thought of his beloved walking around with his offspring inside of her whole fully marking her as his lights something within him.
♡ and he makes no qualms to hide it either, rubbing your stomach as you are seated away from him in his lap as he bounces you up and down his cock in your shared bathtub, marring your neck in all sorts of bites and marks
♡ words of “wouldn’t you love to carry my child for me hm? i provide you with anything you could possibly need, protect you. sate you.” a hand grasping your breast “these would look so nice and full too.” he coos. “it’s only fair if you do your best to give me offspring isn’t it?”
♡ he always asks for things in such a bastardized way, as much as you love the being he is and always will be a demon.
♡ and this started his new obsession. testing out to see if he really can get you pregnant. nights of cockwarming to keep your cunt plugged, him stuffing his semen back in with his fingers. “it’ll take this time i can just feel it” he exclaims vibrating with excitement.
Tumblr media
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itsstrawberrymochi · 3 months ago
Kny characters x same love interest reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Prompt: How it would be to have two kny boys fighting over you ✨
Warnings: Curse words
A/n: Listen I just watched Venom 2 yesterday and that end credit scene as me freaking outttt 😵‍💫
Rengoku and Uzui
- You better not be a shy person because when these two fight over you it’s always going to be displayed to the open and everyone knows wtf is going on
- Honestly you’ll probably suffocate in all the attention and love these two are giving you
- The two males try and act dense with the whole situation neither of them is willing to admit they are fighting over the same person and is trying to win them over
- They won’t exactly get physical or throw insults at each other but they do act passive aggressive whenever they are together, when they greet each other you can hear the venom in their voice but they try to cover it up with a big smile
- Or whenever they see the other give you a gift they’ll go “oh interesting choice ” to make it seem that the gift is dumb
- Whenever there is a pillar meeting or all the pillars decide to hang out they both walk up to you simultaneously  and try to talk to you and the same time the two conversation are always completely different
- And they always try to talk loud to drown out the others voice
- Since both of them are very passionate when it comes to most things it’s not a challenge for either of them to get your attention
- They always challenge each other with over the top gestures
- It started off simple Uzui got you flowers from his garden and Rengoku got jealous and give you one of his extra bento boxes, but soon after that the gestures got a whole lot more flashy , Uzui will always buy nice smelling oils, kimonos with a matching piece of jewelry he knows you would love and Rengoku takes you to the most expensive and best restaurants he can find and after that he’ll take you to a beautiful and rare spot not much people know of
- As said before the two pillars refuse to admit they are fighting over you but it’s painfully obvious they are trying to one up each other
- For example whenever Uzui sees Rengoku passing by the two of you he’ll get all touchy with you, but not to the point where it’s non-con and you feel uncomfortable, he’ll drape his arm over your shoulder, ruffle you ear, tell you jokes so you can laugh and as your laughing he’ll look and Rengoku with a smirk
- Rengoku on the other had would carry you or give you piggy-back rides because he thinks you’re too tired to walk, and he’ll willfully pass Uzui more than once and you’ll be laughing as you two pass because Rengoku would do silly things like pretend he’s going to drop you or speed up, and when he passes he gives Uzui is signature bright smile and Uzui is there trying not to throw a tantrum
- The two may go all out when trying to win you over but they won’t go so far that you feel uncomfortable
- They also wouldn’t go so far that it seems they hate each other they are still friends after all but if one of them does end up winning you the other would be upset for a while but eventually get over it
Sabito and Sanemi
Sabito a pillar in this
- Ohhh boy someone hide the knives because these two hot-heads aren’t afraid to physically fight each other for a few second of your attention
- Unlike with Uzui and Rengoku, these two will make it known to each other that they are going after the same person and aren’t afraid to tell each other that they like you and they will win you over
- Often times during pillar meetings whenever one is reporting their missions they always try to sound cool and skillful to try and put down the other and impress you
- The two boys would also get extremely cocky and boast about how they were the better and stronger pillar
- They fight A LOT whenever they see each other they always have to throw an insult
- If Sabito sees you talking to Sanemi he will most definitely pull you away or innocently lean on you as you’re talking to him and he just ignores Sanemi when he’s yelling at him to fuck off
- And whenever Sabito is telling you about his mission Sanemi is near and is ready to say something negative like he thinks he could’ve done the mission better
- Sabito is the more smooth talker between the two and always flirts and tells you such sweet things he never fails to make you smile, he’ll also gently brush your cheek with his hand just to get you flustered, Sanemi on the othe hand sucks at those things so he doesn’t even try
- And Sabito is aware Sanemi is bad when it comes to those fluffy gestures so it encourages him to do it even more
- Sabito being the little the shit he is would often mock Sanemi when he passes you two which in turn makes Sanemi’s blood boil
- Sanemi in hopes of revenge, would always willfully bump into Sabito’s shoulder and “claim” he didn’t see him
- The two scar faced boys use to have a lot of physical fights, it’ll start of with both of them insulting each other but next thing you know fists are being thrown but thankfully they got in trouble with the master so now it’s just death glares and verbal fights
- Whenever Sanemi is training with you he always takes his shirt off reveling those beautiful scars he’s so proud of and he also gets all handsy with you whenever he’s helping you with your swings. He intentionally goes to a training area he knows Sabito will pass and see the both of you
- The two most definitely hate each other but they made a mutual agreement that if anyone dare hurt you or develop a crush on you that person may or may not go missing
- The two pillars would often train with each other but that doesn’t mean they like each other, they just want to hurt each other and make the excuse they were just training
- If you happen to pass by or come to watch it’s like a demon awakens in them because they are 100% more aggressive trying their best to impress you with their breathing style the poor training grounds is in bits and pieces when they are done
- Whenever they both see you alone they always rush over to talk to you
- The two tall males would be hovering over you trying to get the other to back down leaving poor you sandwiched in between them and flustered by how close they are
Zenitsu and Inosuke
- Bless their souls, they already fight about everything and anything on a daily basis now they’re fighting over the same person tsk tsk
- So like Rengoku and Uzui the two slayers would often do cute gestures to win you over or to at least get a few minutes of your attention
- Inosuke brings you random rocks or sticks as a gift and he spends hours in the forest finding you the prettiest one, he use to bring you small dead animals but you had to beg him not to that anymore
- Zenitsu always gives you flowers along with a compliment he use to give you food but when he was about to put it on you plate Inosuke always stole it and eat it infront of him he did that intentionally of course
- Since you are apart of the squad they always fight about who gets to walk next to you or sit next to you , they act like you don’t have two sides
- Inosuke challenge Zenitsu to a fight every.single.day, since Inosuke has a animal like nature he thinks the stronger one gets the prize (you) you have act as a barricade so he can’t get to him
- They sometimes treat you like a rag doll, when they want your attention at the same time Zenitsu will pull one or you arm to him while Inosuke does the same on the next and it’s this back and forth pulling for such a long time, Tanjiro alway has to step in and smacks them on the head for acting so dumb
Tumblr media
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cozymoko · 4 months ago
The Pillars reaction to, "I love you."
Pairing: All Pillars x gn! Reader
Tumblr media
Tomioka Giyuu 冨岡義勇——💧
Comes as a shock and he initially assumes it's a joke. But the serious look in your eyes spoke volumes, not that he was prepared for that. How hopeful that expression looked, bright stars nearly forming in your eyes at the mere idea of him returning your affections.
Tomioka eyed you from his spot next to the tree, sheathing his nichirin blade. You stood there shifting on the balls of your feet as you awaited his response. Rosy cheeks, steady breathes escaping from your pink lips. The panic hiding beneath your features was fairly obvious. It was almost cute. Nonetheless, you deserved a proper answer.
Tomioka is rather skeptical with his response, nearly flooding your heart with a fear of rejection. "I love you too." Although his words remained in their same monotonous pitch they were serious. "Hurry back, we've been out too long." He murmurs, his shoulder brushing your own. But the small twitch of his lips didn't go unnoticed as you eagerly follow him back to the temple.
Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojuro 煉獄杏寿郎——🔥
Cheery from the start. Smiling from ear to ear with his arms securely wrapped around you. Rengoku pulled back from you, cupping your face in his large hands as he soaks in your flustered expression. The rise of temperature should serve as more than an explanation for his emotions.
Someone to come home to after a long day, to patch up his wounds if he needs it. A kind person to encourage him at his lowest as he lifts them to their highest. Someone to gush over and dote on as the moon reaches its peak. A new form of happiness; another fire to tame. That's what love is to him.
Kyojuro would waste no time, yelling, "I love you too!" At the top of his lungs, surely the whole estate could hear him at that rate. The embarrassment is enough to make you hide away in his haori, tensing at his hearty laughter. Man, it felt good to be loved!
Tumblr media
Shinobu Kocho 胡蝶しのぶ——🦋
Shocked for no more than a second, already aware of her response. She's rather good at concealing her feelings or downplaying them. To hear you boldly state Shinobu can agree that your embarrassment is adorable, thus she cannot help but tease you!
Wonders what will come of your bond; how close should she hold onto you? Questioning if she'll lose you like she's lost the others, her sister. If giving in to the noisy thoughts in her head is the safest idea. Internally vowing to protect you with her life, even if you don't truly need it.
Pulls you close, stroking your hair lovingly with a wide grin on her face. "I love you too~!" She whispers, pressing a long kiss to your cheek, her grasp on you not faltering one bit. "My my your heart is beating quite loud!"
Tumblr media
Muichiro Tokito 時透 無一郎——💤
It was likely a normal evening for the two of you. Him daydreaming as you gently pulled his dark hair into whatever design your heart desired. Stares at you with a hint of curiosity as even he knew that those words were shared between family or lovers; Muichiro obviously not classifying as the first one.
Rather confused about your statement since he doesn't truly understand the concept of love. But a little description should do you some good. "How does it feel to love me, {Name}?" A genuine question it is, the only explanation he Muichiro needs to pinpoint the foreign emotions stirring in his chest.
"Hm, I love you too," He murmurs, pondering the beating inside his heart. The feeling as though his heart was hammering against his rib cage. The strong need to hold you close, to touch you. That was enough. "A lot, I love you a lot."
Tumblr media
Uzui Tengen 宇髄 天元——🔊
He's well aware of your feelings, yet he simply could not get over the sight of you saying such a thing. Lightly tinged cheeks, eyes squeezed shut, hands balled into tight fists, your chest heaving as you stood in front of him; what a sight.
The man has three wives! You must be a catch if you're willing to put up with such a thing. Excited is an understatement of his feelings towards those three words. If anything the man is itching to hear them again, but this time he won't allow you to look away!
"I love you too my dear! Now when will we wed?" His reaction may come as a shock but hopefully, you expected nothing less. After what he had witnessed he only wishes to have such a sight to himself. No man should be graced with something so adorable, no man is deserving of such; except him that is.
Tumblr media
Shinazugawa Sanemi 不死川 実弥——🌬
Only one thing crosses his mind once you say those words, "Shit." Why such colorful language you may wonder though it's because you've caught him off guard my dear. His sword lying loosely at his side, eyes staring holes into your own. As though he was searching for some sort of lie in your own words.
Considers this an indirect devotion. This is sealing your bond, your relationship. In a way, it's as if declaring, "I'm yours!" That he can now let free any foul emotion boiling in his chest. All the jealousy, no longer hiding his lovesick gazes. Simply giving into his pesky feelings, letting his guarded act fall to his feet.
Finally succumbs to his heart and murmurs, "Tch, I love you too." Resting his hand on your head, avoiding your gaze. But I'm sure the drumming of his heart will reach your ears, revealing how much he truly does. The gods know he won't allow anyone else to hear you say such a thing.
Tumblr media
Obanai Iguro 伊黒小芭内——🐍
Red to the tip of his ears. What a bold statement, one that he surely wasn't ready for. You frown at his delayed reaction, clutching his hands and declaring it once more, "I love you!" Only increasing the harsh pink engulfing his pale face.
These are things only lovers say to each other. Therefore are you now a couple? His head is flooded with all sorts of questions. As well as warm thoughts of you holding his hands, much like right now. Gently brushing your thumbs over his pale knuckles, whispering words of affiliation in his ears.
"I...I love you too..." Don't take his hesitation as a sign of not reciprocating. You move his bangs from his forehead, placing a sweet kiss on his ghostly skin. At this rate there must be steam coming out of his ears; deary must you tease him so much? "Pl...Please don't do that." Any more affection out of you and he may just pass out!
Tumblr media
Gyomei Himejima 悲鳴嶼 行冥——🗿
If you hadn't known him you would have thought you upset him. But it's simply the opposite. Tears of joy streamed down his face, a very prominent pink engulfing his cheeks. The confidence you have to confess so abruptly it's shameful, oh so shameful.
Love had never been something on his mind or something he's had time for therefore It was a surprise indeed. Gyomei is a gentle giant, kind behind his strong appearance. Confessions are very scarce for him. For that he can't help but feel as though he's finally won by having someone so lovely confess to him.
"I love you too my dear!" He essentially shouts, clasping your hands in his much bigger ones. His explosive reaction may or may not be too much for you but cut him some slack; he's happy! Nevertheless, the most he'll do is kiss the back of your hand like the gentleman he is. Not wanting to overwhelm you too much after your little confession.
Tumblr media
Mitsuri Kanroji 甘露寺蜜璃——❤
She is the love Hashira thus she's without a doubt thrilled. Practically leaping with joy at your confession, wishing no more than to hug you into an eternal embrace!
Mitsuri knew this day would come but waiting for it deemed itself quite the challenge. Hiding behind not-so-subtle compliments or gentle touches when she got the chance. As exhausting as it was, seeing you happy made it worth it. Just being near you was worth it all.
"Oh my, I love you too!" She smiles, pressing her pink lips to your temple. She tugs on your arm, ready to announce your relationship to anyone who would listen. Mitsuri has no shame but surely you knew that before getting involved with her, correct?
Tumblr media
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yourdreamingjennn · 2 months ago
𝐇𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐚 𝐬𝐚𝐲𝐬/𝐝𝐨 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐞
𝐝𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐠 ‘𝐢𝐭’ (𝐍𝐒𝐅𝐖)
Such sinful thoughts always leads to pleasure.
Tumblr media
Male edition
Rengoku Kyojuro
He often strokes your hair and ghosts kisses your neck up to your shoulder. He is very... enthusiastic while doing it. And is loud in more ways than one. He does not lose stamina so good luck with unlimited rounds. He loves it when you ride him.
You will see the diversity of his beaming self and extremely lustful side.
"I need to feel you against me.”
"I can't wait any longer, sunshine."
"Do not fret! Lay down, and I'll take care of you.”
"Just like that... You're so good."
“I really liked it when you're tied up.
Let’s try that again!”
"Ha — aaa Sunshine! You're taking me so well."
"I love the way you react,
— give me more my love."
"You're s-so good —I love you —Fuck!"
"Amazing. Do you want to do it again? Okay!"
Shinazugawa Sanemi
Filled with swearing and instant penetration. He doesn't waste his time being inside you. Also likes to pull your hair; traps both of your wrists behind you while he thrusts from behind; have your face sinking unto the bed.
You'll wake up with a sore body and his head buried in your chest.
"Yeah? I'l shut you up, but you might
moan a little."
"I can't wait to fuck you tonight."
"I fucking love it when you scream loud."
"Especially when it's my name."
"You look appetizing squirming like that."
"I-I'm fucking you so good aren't I?"
"Look at your pussy dripping for me."
"Get over here, you little cunt."
"S-say it! Say how much you… want me."
“Round three motherfucker!”
Uzui Tengen
Full of spanks.
Oh, he loves foreplay. Definitely flamboyant when it comes to making you wet. He's got every trick and every toy you could and couldn't imagine if it means bringing you a parade.
Not to mention that he is also a master of his expertise and perfectly executed any position that comes to mind.
"Who's your daddy?"
"I missed your pinkish lips around me, ya'know?"
"You taste so good, babygirl."
"Look at me b-baby.
You’re tightening around me so good.”
"Come on, you want it?"
"On your knees my little whore."
"Daddy's gonna roll."
"Fuck you baby — yeah, just like that."
"Don't be stubborn.
You're practically tied up flamboyantly."
"Wanna go again?"
"Say please daddy and I'll fuck you so hard."
Tomioka Giyuu
This man is very quiet. But before you know it you'll be moaning his name so loud because he's already kissing your spot so deep within. He loves to hover atop of you and is conscious if he would hurt you. But when he gets in the heat of the moment you'll have your sanity gone.
And he also loves curling his hand with you and wants you to embrace him.
"I've thought about you all day."
i"It's hard not to."
"Tell me what you want me to do."
"You... look so good."
“I want to hear you..."
“Did I hurt you?”
Gasps everywhere. Raspy grunts.
"Hmm, go to sleep."
Obanai Iguro
Hisses everytime and anywhere. He is fond of caressing and roaming his palms around your body; loves to bite and nips your supple flesh, and leaves marks all over your skin. Looks at you too deep and intimidating — one round is enough to have you explode.
His favourite is eating you out.
"Let me taste you."
"Aren't you such a slut?"
"There... just like that, but don't come yet."
"Touch yourself."
“Look at you - dripping for me. You want it?"
"Why did you come? huh?"
"I'm gonna have to punish you."
"Louder ngh— plead for more."
"Fuck you're so tight—"
"(Y/n)... Haa Shit — (Y/n)!"
Gyomei Himejima
"Namu amida butsu."
Wholesome but wrecked.
I'm sorry I just can't QWQ
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equestriagirl16 · 7 months ago
Forgive me for disappearing lovelies but here have sum-
Demon slayer bois texts!~
Notes: modern au obviously, Imma say the Kamaboko squad are in late high school similar to the academy shorts. But the rest are in college and they’re all still familiar with each other. I also rly wanted to hint at Uzui’s wives maybe being his girlfriends and you also being one of his partners in this, but I kinda chickened out so idk maybe I’ll try adding that in the future cause I do like me the Tengen +wives package deal(0w0)
Tanjiro Kamado❤️
Tumblr media
Zenitsu Agatsuma⚡️
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Inosuke Hashibira🐗
Tumblr media
Uzui Tengen💎
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kyojuro Rengoku🔥
Tumblr media
Sanemi Shinazugawa💨
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Giyu Tomioka🌊
Tumblr media
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gaiath · 8 days ago
Being in a relationship with Tengen Uzui...
Tumblr media
Let's get this clear and out of the way, dating him means also being in a relationship with his lovely wives.
All of their personalities mix together in just the right way.
They are all so loving and protective (in the right way).
Hinatsuru enjoys humming as she cooks and is so thrilled if you offer to help.
Tells you what spices go in and how they benefit the dish. She knows everything about cooking.
She brings the wooden spoon up to the ur mouth for you to taste the remaining food on the utensil.
Uzui's arms are quite literally perfect for cuddling, they're secure and warm for when winter comes around.
Makio enjoys when you read to her and her head is on your chest, sometimes she just needs the calming atmosphere.
Suma adores holding hands with you, swinging them back and forth.
She also enjoys cuddling up to your side.
Uzui and them would get all of the supplies you need to fulfill your hobbies.
Dinners with them are filled with laughter, slight gossiping, planning dates and talking about work.
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kayami51 · 2 months ago
Heya!,I love your writing could I please request the pillars with a s/o who jokes about wanting to die, and how would they react. Don't forget to take care of yourself, and have a good day/night :D
Oh man, this is a great idea, because I do this with my friends every now and then!
Thanks for worrying about me, I hope you like what I prepared!
Hashiras with a (Name) who jokes about wanting to die.
Himejima Gyōmei x Reader | Iguro Obanai x Reader | Kanroji Mitsuri x Reader | Kochō Shinobu x Reader | Rengoku Kyōjurō x Reader | Shinazugawa Sanemi x Reader | Tokitō Muichirō x Reader | Tomioka Giyū x Reader | Uzui Tengen x Reader
- Hashiras with a (Name) who jokes about wanting to die.
Trigger warning: mentions of death
Tumblr media
Himejima Gyōmei
When you first made the joke about killing yourself around him was when the two of you were having quiet afternoon tea while Genya was out on a mission.
Everything was very calm and peaceful and the conversation you were having was very good, but he noticed that you looked down, so he didn't hesitate to ask if something was wrong.
"(Name), my dear, is something bothering you? You look a little different."
"Oh, nice joke Himejima-san! It almost kills me with laughter, something I really want!"
It wasn't the first time he cried that day, but when you said that, his crying was pretty intense.
He picked you up, not caring about your size, and kept looking you in the eyes, as if he could actually see them.
"(Name), why are you saying that? Did something bad happen? Was it something I did? Why do you say you want to die? Please think of what I would feel if I lost you, think of Genya if he lost you. No say that again, please."
If you made this joke just for fun he would be upset but not show it, and would ask you to pray to be forgiven.
Now if you made this joke because you are in trouble, then he will help you in any way he can and pray a lot for you.
He would try to spend more time with you trying to help your mental health, whether with conversations, medication or even routines.
He would ask Genya to also try to spend more time with you even though he couldn't talk much, as they both knew you found him cute.
You would get lots of pats on the head randomly.
If you ask him to carry you, he wouldn't hesitate to pick you up on his lap or on his back. As long as you like it, it will do without a hitch.
If you make some joke about dying again then he will cry a lot and pray more often to Buddha that you get better.
No matter what, he will demonstrate his love for you more often, but in his own way.
He loves you very much, and will do anything for you. Don't doubt that, please.
Tumblr media
Iguro Obanai
You two were at a restaurant at lunchtime for an invitation from him when you told your first joke.
You ate your plate peacefully and spoke every now and then while he looked at you lovingly, not caring if the other customers were looking at you two.
"Is your food good, (Name)?"
"It's delicious, but I wish I could choke on it so things would be a lot easier, don't you think?"
He and Kaburamaru would have been shocked by your sudden speech, and was even more shocked when you laughed, saying his reaction was very amusing.
He would pay the bill quickly and get you out of the restaurant as quickly as possible so the two of you could talk privately at his Mansion.
"(Name), what you said was a very strange and heavy thing, is everything alright? Do you need help?"
If you had made the joke as a fun, you can expect a cold treatment from him for a day or two, because he found the joke very wrong, which he is in fact right.
Now if you made the joke because you're not well, then expect a Kaburamaru slipping to your neck and a caress on the cheek from Iguro, the one who didn't know what to do for sure.
He would try to be more affectionate with you, ranging from small kisses on the nose to kisses on the lips, with or without bandages.
If you were going for a walk he wouldn't let go of your hand, even though he could be provoked by some fellow Hashiras in the future.
He would ask for Kanroji's help in getting you better, which she gladly accepts because you two are great friends and she doesn't want you or Iguro to be down.
If you want to vent to him, he'll listen to you for as long as it takes until you're done, no matter if it takes hours.
When the two of you are alone he might end up taking the bandages off, because he wants to show you that he trusts you so you can trust him too.
Sometimes Kaburamaru slips away and hangs around your neck for a long time, which might annoy Iguro because he'd like to be with you like that, but when he sees you smiling at the snake and having fun, the anger just melts away.
He gets sad if you keep making jokes about wanting to die, but he doesn't show it, and he chides himself for being so useless.
If you want something he won't hesitate to give it to you, even if he has to hurt someone to do so.
It may seem strange at first and even forced, but his concern for you is genuine, because all he wants is to see you well, even if he isn't.
Tumblr media
Kanroji Mitsuri
The first time you made a joke about wanting to die next to her was when the two of you were eating candy at the engawa on her property.
You choked on the dango she had offered you, which left her with little harm, causing her to take a cup of tea and help you drink it.
"(Name), I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you choke! Are you alright? Do you want me to take you to Shinobu-chan?"
"Don't worry honey, it's not your fault I want to die! But choking isn't a great way either, which way would be faster or less painful?"
She clung to you as she cried, no longer caring about the sweets or the tea you were drinking, making you both get dirty.
She would be asking a lot of questions about what was going on with you, but it would be a little difficult to understand because of the tears and phlegm that ran down her nose.
"(Name), tell me what's wrong, please! Is it me?! Is it my hair?! Is it my strength?! Is it my hunger?!"
"Mitsuri, calm down please!"
After she calms down she goes back to asking questions about your situation and why you said that.
If you did it as a joke, be prepared for a sullen Mitsuri who will walk away from you for the rest of the day, saying that your joke was too heavy and that she was very upset.
Now if you did it because you're in trouble, then be prepared for a very clingy and romantic girl to grab you most of the time.
If you made the joke about insecurities in appearance, then it will show you that there is nothing wrong and it will set an example, making both of you laugh at the end.
She'll walk around with you more often, wanting you to distract your mind from the bad stuff and to focus on nice and cute things like nature and animals.
It's going to be more affectionate, and by that I mean you've moved from quick lip kisses to deep, romantic kisses.
I recommend that you have breath, a lot of breath.
She'll carry you whenever she can, because she finds your varied reactions very cute.
She will ask for Iguro's help right at the start, he obviously accepted the request, but it wasn't just for Mitsuri but also for you, because the Hashira of Love was very happy with you.
The three of you go out a lot together, whether it's to eat or whatever.
If you keep making jokes about wanting to die she will be very sad because she just wants to see you happy.
Never doubt the love her feels for you because he is genuine. More genuine than her love of food, goes for me.
Tumblr media
Kochō Shinobu
The first time you make a joke about wanting to die is when you had the routine checkup Shinobu insisted you have.
She was scrutinizing you very closely, as you were very important to her.
"(Name), please be more careful with your health, we are in a time where it is very easy to catch a very bad cold."
"Ah, so I should take this time to die soon!"
"Excuse me?"
She no longer had that forced smile on her face, she had changed it to a more serious expression with an air of sadness.
"(Name), what do you mean by that?!"
She will hold you by the shoulders as she tries to hold back the tears, failing miserably.
When she calms down, she starts asking questions about what you're going through.
"(Name), what's wrong? Did something happen that I don't know about?"
If you told the joke as a joke, then be prepared to have a very painful injection followed by a very cold treatment for a week or two.
Now, if you made the joke because you are in trouble, then she will give you all the medical care possible.
She'll try to be more affectionate, even though she's not much of a physical contact anymore.
She will create a daily routine for you to improve your mental health, after all, you are very important to her.
She may end up giving you a few kisses during the course of the day, mostly on the face but rarely on the lips.
She will ask the younger girls to try to interact more with you and perhaps teach you proper jokes about anything that doesn't include death.
Aoi will check you in from time to time, claiming Shinobu had asked, but she actually just wanted to assure herself that you were okay.
Kanao will try to spend more time by your side, listening to everything you say and even new jokes you have.
She asks the Kamaboko trio to also try to help you with anything when they're at the Butterfly Mansion, which they gladly accept as they like you a lot.
Sometimes she regrets it and tries to get you close to them as quickly as possible, because the situation turned into a catastrophe because of Inosuke.
She takes care of you not because she sees you as a patient, but because she loves you.
Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyōjurō
The first time you made a joke about wanting to die was when he was training with a bokken in the training area.
He was doing repetitive motions with the bokken and you were watching him closely until he noticed you looking at him.
"Hello my sweet flame, why are you looking at me so much?"
"Oh, it's nothing dear, I'm just wondering if my death would be any quicker if you attacked me with that bokken."
"Oh, I agree with- WHAT DID YOU SAY?!"
His scream was quite loud, which even caught the attention of Senjurō, who went to check on you two to see if everything was ok while Shinjurō yelled from his own room for Kyōjurō to be quiet.
Not wanting to bother anyone else he picks you up and takes you to his room, soon starting to question you while holding your hands shakily with a worried face.
"(Name), what made you say that? Was it something I did?"
If you made the joke for fun then he'll have a pretty scary serious expression on his face, showing that he didn't like it at all.
Now, if you made the joke because you're in trouble, he'll hug you tightly with one hand on your head and the other on your hip, trying to convey warmth and security.
He will also try to spend more time with you, but it will be the ENTIRE TIME, you couldn't even go to the bathroom without him!
Please calm him down.
It will also start randomly telling jokes so you don't have to tell jokes about wanting to die anymore.
He'll want to treat you more lovingly, more than he already does, so don't be surprised if he catches you bridal style anytime and anywhere during the day, no matter if people see you both.
He'll start kissing you on any part of your body and even in public, but if you ask him to stop he'll obey because he doesn't want to make you uncomfortable.
When the two of you walk around he insists on holding your hand, because he says that that way you'll never get lost from him, but that can be interpreted in many ways.
If you keep making jokes about wanting to die he'll be sad and serious because he thinks he's failing to help you.
His love is very warm, you will never feel cold to him, because just as you are his sweet flame, he is your bonfire that never goes out.
Tumblr media
Shinazugawa Sanemi
The first time you made a joke about wanting to die was when he was destroying training with the obstacles he had on his property.
He was quite angry while training because Tomioka had offered ohagi earlier, so when he sensed a presence behind him he didn't hesitate to turn the nichirin towards the person, but was surprised to see it was you.
"(Name)? Damn it, I already told you to be careful while I train! You wanna die, you fucking idiot?!"
"Yes, I want Nemi! Would you kill me then?"
To say he looked surprised would be an understatement, because he was way beyond that.
Wasting no time, he grabbed you by the wrist tightly and led you inside the property to his room, ending up throwing you into the room and starting to question you-screaming.
"(Name), what the fuck did you mean by that? Lost your mind, shit?!"
If you made the joke for fun, then get ready for a long discussion between the two of you.
Now if you made the joke because you're in trouble then don't be surprised to get a tight hug from Sanemi as he apologizes for his earlier treatment, claiming it will help you get better.
He'll try to be more affectionate, but since he doesn't know how to do it either, he might end up being a little rough, like kissing or caressing.
But what matters is the intention, right?
When you two walk around he'll have a hand on your waist because he wants to protect you somehow, even if he doesn't admit it out loud.
He'll try to swear less and call you cute nicknames, which is a little weird at first.
"Hey (Name), honey, have you seen my uniform haori around?"
"Who are you and what have you done to my Nemi?!"
"I just don't kick your ass because that's a much better joke than the one about dying."
He will literally buy you a book about jokes, even if you decline the gift, since according to him you can learn decent jokes now.
He'll prepare meals for the two of you most of the time because he wants to make you feel comfortable with him, but he'll also call you to help him out a few times to get your head on something good.
Sometimes he'll hug you from behind, something he never says why to do, but you don't insist on it because it's good to have his affection.
He may look gross, but believe me, he loves you so fucking much.
Tumblr media
Tokitō Muichirō
The first time you made a joke about wanting to die was when the two of you were watching clouds together in an open field.
He was more focused on the sky than on you, so you took the opportunity, also considering that he wouldn't understand.
"It would be really cool if I could fall out of the sky, I would have a nice view of it."
"Don't be silly, the fall would kill you."
It was really weird when he just sat up and looked at you worriedly.
Oh shit, he got the joke.
He'll grab you by the shoulders and shake them hard, leaving you pretty dizzy.
"Why did you say that? Why do you want to die?"
If you made the joke for fun then he will revert to his neutral expression and avoid you for a long time, as he is very angry that you played with something so serious.
Now if you made the joke because you're in trouble, then he'll try to be more helpful.
He will act like a concerned younger brother, wanting to help you with everything regarding your mental health.
It will be stickier, in order to give you safety and comfort, but it can be quite uncomfortable at times.
He will ask for the help of Kochō and Himejima, because, according to himself, both are the only ones responsible enough of the nine Hashiras.
He will try to learn how to make jokes tell you and distract you from jokes with the theme of death.
If you two go out together he won't let go of your hand, because he says he'll protect you that way.
Damn, he is so cute!
If you want something or do something then he will give you or help you. Want a sakura-mochi? He goes to Kanroji to ask for some! Want to go to the city festival? He will accompany you with a yukata that matches yours!
His crow didn't like it one bit when Muichirō got more worried about you than she, but he scolds her several times just for you.
If you keep making jokes about wanting to die he gets sad because he doesn't want someone as important as you want to die.
His love is like a younger brother's and honestly it's not bad at all.
Tumblr media
Tomioka Giyū
The first time you made a joke about wanting to die was when the two of you were talking on the engawa of his property.
It wasn't really a conversation, you were the one talking the most while he just listened with a straight face.
Thinking it would go unnoticed, you made the joke.
"Giyū-san, wouldn't it be wonderful if I died? That way you wouldn't have to deal with me and listen to me speak."
"Don't say that again."
When you found yourself, he was on top of you with a sad expression as he trapped you in the engawa.
It was the first time he cried in front of you.
"Why did you say that? Was it something I did? Is it because I seem indifferent to you? I-I swear I'm not like that on purpose, I-I just can't open up!"
If you made the joke for fun, then he's going to ignore you for a whole week, because he really hated it.
Now if you made the joke because you are in trouble then he will be the man who will take care of you the most from now on.
He will try to talk to you more and it can be about any subject, even a stone in the way, making many conversations awkward.
Go ask Shinobu for help, as she is a doctor and won't hesitate to help you with your mental health.
He'll comb your hair a few times and if it's long he'll braid it like Tsutako's, which will be really cute.
He will try to spend more time with you, even if he gets some surprise reactions from some Hashiras.
Kanzaburo will spend more time with you too, and look, Tomioka didn't even ask him for that!
When the two of you walk around he holds your hand in a calm and safe way, just like the water.
In private he'll take the initiative to kiss you on the cheek, but you'll have to ask for some on the lips, because he's still ashamed to do that.
If you keep making jokes about wanting to die, he'll feel sad and guilty, thinking you deserve someone better than him.
His love is calm as water and sometimes turbulent as well, but it is a very gentle love in the end, and it is so worth it.
Tumblr media
Uzui Tengen
The first time you made a joke about wanting to die was when the two of you were walking around in the area he protected.
He was there showing off to you with some jokes here and there, so you took the hint and made your joke.
"Tengen-san, you love your three wives a lot, right?"
"But of course I love them, I couldn't live without them at all!"
"Oh, so could you live without me then?"
"What do you mean by that?"
He stopped walking and stared at you with an expression that showed confusion and concern.
He picks you up and drags you to a more private place, soon starting to question you.
"Why did you say that? Do you think I love my wives more than you do? I love the four of you equally! There's no way to compare!"
If you made the joke for fun then don't be surprised by the cold treatment you'll get from him for the next two days.
Now if you made the joke because you're in trouble then he's going to be a very concerned man for you.
He will spend more time with you and, believe me, it will be quite extravagant time!
The wives will also join because they don't want you to have bad thoughts in your head.
Bathing together with the right to be on Tengen's lap!
It will start carrying you around the house quite a bit, so I suggest you get used to getting caught randomly!
Hinatsuru will offer to listen to your issues if you are not comfortable with others, she is a good listener!
Makio will encourage you to keep living, because just as Tengen taught her that her life was important, she doesn't want you to think your life isn't worth it!
Suma will be the stickiest of the four, because she is a woman full of affection to give! It is very good!
When the five of you go out together Suma insists on holding your hand and the others let you choose who to hold the other, because they just want to make you comfortable.
If you keep making jokes about wanting to die then they will come up with an extravagant plan to help you get better because they love you so much!
It's a polyamory relationship that can be complicated at first, but their love for you is something incomparable and very good.
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brightymir · a month ago
Weird request but- if that's okay could i request Zenitsu, Tanjiro and Inosuke with a demon slayer reader that comes from another country but knows doesn't know japanese? Like the first time they met for a mission they literally communicate with gestures. They do learn pretty quickly in the end but their lack of knowledge often leads to hilarious situations/shenanigans (So crack basically!!).
𝐖𝐈𝐓𝐇 𝐀 𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐄𝐈𝐆𝐍 𝐃𝐄𝐌𝐎𝐍 𝐒𝐋𝐀𝐘𝐄𝐑 [ 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬 / 𝐬𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐨𝐬]
Tumblr media
cw: contains manga spoilers (entertainment district arc), language
word count: 1.1k
characters: tanjiro, inosuke, zenitsu x gn!reader
author's note: omggg this is the first req i've received and i'm glad that ppl want to read my works! i'll do my best here even though i'm not that good at crack! thank you sm and have a great day <3
oiran - used to address a high-ranking prostitute in taisho period of japan
Tumblr media
❄︎ tanjiro kamado
first and foremost this guy is amazed, and also kinda puzzled that demon slayers existed outside japan
you stumbled upon him when he was going undercover as a hostess too in the red light district
you two immediately recognized each other, because of his keen sense of smell and because of your sharp eyes
you resorted to just helping the people evacuate because you did not want to get in the way of combat
you learned japanese pretty quickly but there was still some naivety when it comes to their inside jokes and culture
a lot of dumb moments with this guy
it was a mess, because you two cannot understand each other. it was a whole two hours of gestures and drawing of diagrams and pictures. you had to hold back your laugh at tanjiro's poor illustration of his friends and the pillar. after confirming each other's identity, tanjiro brought you to the meet up place of him, inosuke, zenitsu and uzui.
there was one thing though, the language barrier. the only thing that made communication possible was because of uzui's knowledge of the language you speak, being a former shinobi
you managed to get your message across, that you'll be responsible for evacuating the people, since the four of them are the ones who are able to communicate during combat
after that, you sticked to tanjiro, and the two of you managed to understand each other. it was funny at times though, because you are gullible, and he's an airhead
"so, the pillar that night is the god of flamboyance?" you asked, you never knew that japan had these kinds of god. he nodded feverently as he continued to eat.
"how about you, which do you rule over?" you inquired and he stopped eating, looking straight at your eyes. he blinked once, twice, thrice.
"rule over?" he asked back
"yes, aren't you a god too?" you queried carefully. he put down his chopsticks and began to blink rapidly. he pointed to himself and tilted his head while looking back at you
"i'm a god?"
"are you not?" he seemed like someone who could be the god of honesty, because he was not capable of lying. he racked his brains for answers before giving a firm nod at you
"i am"
Tumblr media
❄︎ inosuke hashibira
the two of you first met at his solo mission at a nearby town
you were on your way to the headquarters because oyakata-sama requested for some aid and manpower from foreign demon slayer corps
his guesses are not on point but he gets what you're trying to say
even as you learn japanese steadily, this guy will make everything about him
teaches you boar language as well
you were staying at a rest house when a commotion occurred outside. grabbing your sword, you saw a boar head sparring with a demon. apparently, one managed to escape your hold earlier. you opted to get the people to safety to prevent damages
afterwards, you tried to introduce yourself to him and explain your situation but it took a few tries before he understood you (with the help of his kasugai crow).
you weren't able to meet oyakata-sama yet because of personal reasons, so inosuke insisted on taking a detour on the mountains, he taught you a few words that could be useful when communicating during missions
"so you're the boss?" you asked with wide eyes as he let out a boisterous laugh while nodding in agreement
"and you're also the god of the mountain?" you continued, watching as he relished in your acknowledgement and praise. "do you have a shrine? or a temple?" you asked, making him stop in his tracks
dear god you just inserted a new idea in his head.
the next time you meet him was when your aid was needed in a mission in the red light district. remembering that he told you that he was the boss, you exclaimed and greeted him from a distance
"oyakata-sama!!!" you shouted, making tanjiro and zenitsu freeze. uzui's eyes almost popped out of its sockets as he glared down at inosuke.
you didn't mean to almost end inosuke's life by the hands of uzui, but, he is oyakata-sama? right?
Tumblr media
❄︎ zenitsu agatsuma
exhilarated at the thought of a new female slayer joining their missions
to the point he wants you to teach him your language
the two of you met at the butterfly estate when he was recuperating
you popped in sometimes during their training and during your breaks from japanese lessons
saves you from tanjiro's and inosuke's dumb concepts
"y/n-chaaaan~" he called out upon hearing your footsteps approach them, making him pause from training. he grumbled in annoyance when aoi pulled him back.
introduction was quick, because his enthusiasm went through the roof, and he understood your drawings and diagrams and broken japanese while explaining your circumstances
literally pulls you away from tanjiro and inosuke because he knows that those two will try to trick you into believing false things about japan and its culture
however, he can't always keep his eyes on you
so one day, when you two were training, you brought up a topic that you got from a reliable source (tanjiro and inosuke)
"hey, zenitsu, what's it like being an oiran?" you asked innocently, cleaning the blade of your sword. zenitsu, on the other hand, looked like he was about to butcher two people soon
"w-wha- where did you even get that term?" he asked slowly but you can see his eyes filled with bloodlust. oh how he wanted to bury his friends 6ft underground right now
"well, tanjiro and inosuke told me that you were an oiran" you said, making steam go out of zenitsu's ears
"what did they tell you it meant?" he treaded lightly, making you turn to him confusedly. "well, they told me it is used to address someone who almost turned into a spider" you answered back and zenitsu did not whether to laugh or cry. "i heard about the natagumo mountain mission, there are a lot of oiran in the corps, huh?" you muttered to yourself
safe to say, zenitsu made tanjiro and inosuke feel what it feels to be almost turned into a spider
Tumblr media
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officialgiyusimp · 5 months ago
Cuddling With The Hashira - HC's
Tumblr media
Warnings: Possible backstory spoilers for Giyu?
Pt. 1 • Pt. 2
Tumblr media
Giyu Tomioka
Tumblr media
Ok, when he first wanted to cuddle, he asked before even touching you.
If you're under a blanket/the covers, you better share because he's probably a firm believer in 'equal blanket distribution'.
It doesn't matter how much he loves you, he will in fact get up and sulk in the corner if you hog the blanket to yourself.
Hear me out!
He's 100% the big spoon.
No room for negotiation!
After what happened with Sabito and his sister, he refuses to let anyone else trade their life for his.
He also probably has alot nightmares, this poor man-
If it's one of those nights were it's a reoccurring nightmare, he might actually ask to be the little spoon.
Shinobu Kocho
Tumblr media
This girl probably hogs up all the blanket.
Yes I'm serious.
And rip to the comforters/sheets if you two are in a bed.
She'll somehow mess them up whilst trying to hog them.
She always makes the bed after though, so ig it's ok? Idk-
Shinobu prefers to have your head resting against her chest.
(She also likes to play w/ ur hair alot)
Sometimes she'll lay her head on yours though.
If your spooning, she really doesn't mind being the big or little spoon.
Whatever makes you happy!
Kyojuro Rengoku
Tumblr media
Let's you have all of the blanket/covers.
He's a cuddle monster-
He just lives for cuddling after a long and tiring day.
Will pick up (bridal style) and carry you to bed so you can cuddle and talk about your day.
He either likes spooning, or being in the 'sweetheart craddle' position.
Probably likes being the big spoon, but if you wanted him to be the little spoon he'd be fine with that.
We stan sleepy Kyo!
He will probably say: "m'sleepy.." when he's tired and just nuzzle into you more.
Over all, 11/10 would cuddle again 😌
Tengen Uzui
Tumblr media
And his three other wives.
He always has multiple blankets on hand because there is no way the five of you will fit under just one.
Tells you, Makio, Suma, and Hinatsura how flamboyant you are.
He calls it 'sandwiching' instead of 'spooning'
Y'all form a cuddle train and it's super adorable!
Tumblr media
Master List
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sanemiangel · 8 months ago
breeding kink hcs featuring-
☾*✲⋆giyuu, sanemi, kyojuro, fem!reader
18+ minors DNI
☾*✲⋆.cw- breeding kink, pregnancy kink
Tumblr media
didn’t realize he had the kink until he started dating you. he knew what kinks were but never really put much thought into them until the two of you got together.
it wasn’t until he said it in the heat of the moment while the two of you were mid fuck was this revealed in your relationship.
“oh fuck, ah shit, i’m gonna cum, gonna cum inside you, gonna breed you”
realizing what just came out of his mouth he froze in sheer shock. he can’t believe he said something so depraved. and in-front of you of all people.
but when he feels you wrap your legs around him and moan in response, it’s like you lit a fire within him. which spurs him on to fold your legs back and put you into a mating press.
fucking you for the rest of the night like that until you pass out in each-others embrace.
has a breeding kink, and would not mind getting you pregnant one bit.
Tumblr media
he always knew he had one. he knows what it is. and this man is obsessed with you. ever since you both met. you have him at your beck and call. and he loves it.
but it also causes him to be extremely possessive of you. whenever someone so much as looks at you he wraps his hand around your waste and scowls at the offender.
sometimes he ponders how deep that this goes. he already has a ring in your finger. regularly marks your neck all over as a habit.
his mind starts to linger to thinking of you swelled with his child. the ultimate indication that you belong to another man.
thinking of you waddling around your home belly swelled and breasts heavy. he feels his cock hardening in his pants.
so when you come home that night, sanemi already is all over you. simple touches turn into him kissing your neck, he’s asking for your consent to take this further. you enthusiastically agree to what he’s implying because truly you can never get enough of your husband and his insatiable ways.
you’ve talked about having children before the concept isn’t foreign to you.
so he’s already got you bent over the kitchen table. with promise of filling you up until it takes.
“oooh fuck yes, i’m gonna fill you up, over and over again, show everyone youre mine, that i own you and this cunt”
you don’t complain
Tumblr media
mans also knew he had the kink, although not as possessive as sanemi, he’s a very passionate lover like everything else he does.
he is also a very proud man, proud of his beautiful wife. proud of the life he’s built with you.
you know he wants to start a family, that he wants a happy family in his life more than anything.
but you didn’t know his breeding kink would show up in your marriage so early.
not soon after you got married as he was balls deep inside you was the first time he brought it up.
“take it, take it all, fuck that’s it”
“gonna get you nice and bred for me, can you do that? take my seed, give me a child?”
“you’d look so radiant pregnant, i don’t think i’d be able to keep my hands off of you”
insatiable man, fucks you like this almost every night. with the same promise.
Tumblr media
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itsstrawberrymochi · 4 months ago
How are arguments with the kny characters/ they hurt your feelings
Tumblr media
Warnings: Angst, cursing, comfort characters being mean :(, slurs, this does not have a fluff ending,
Characters: Tanjiro, Rengoku, Sabito, Giyuu and Sanemi
Note: I may or may not do a part two or maybe I’ll do something similar to a part two who knows
Also I’m still working on request for my event just needed a little break ^^
It’s very rare for this sweet and kind boy to argue with literally anyone even more rare for him to argue with someone he loves like his family or s/o so it’s no surprise you two barley argue but when it does happen it is always very tense and leaves you two feeling heartbroken
I think the only way Rengoku would start an argument if it’s something really important to him like his family. Rengoku highly values and treasures his family so if anyone where to be rude to them or put them in harms way there will be a problem
Now you being his s/o would never dream about hurting or talking bad about his family you couldn’t even utter a single horrible word to them ......well one of them, you love Senjuro so much if anything where to happen to Kyōjurō you would be more than happy to take the young boy under your wing
But when it comes to caring about his father that’s a completely different story
You get it, the man lost the love of his life so he takes it out on the world but to also take it out on his own children? Don’t you think that’s too far!
You don’t really care if he’s being rude to random people or even you but when it comes to poor innocent Senjuro or Kyōjurō you get riled up but you always hold your tongue because he’s still Kyōjurō’s father and when you do say something and Kyōjurō hears it , it quickly sparks into an argument
Like any other human Rengoku could be really mean during argument and the fact that he’s usually an angel to you it makes the situation more difficult on you and his words sting even harder because you’re not use to hearing it from him it
He’s not the type to call you unnecessarily cruel names, neither is the one to shout, he usually speaks in a lower tone contrary to his loud booming voice and you can hear the anger in his tone, he would have this stern and upset look on his face and his usual bright and happy eyes would darken
During the argument it’s mostly just him defending his father but his word choice still comes off as if he’s attacking you
He’d say things like:
“ You think you’re better than him don’t you?, that has to be the only valid reason why you’re judging him so much”
“ He’s not even your father why are you so concerned?”
If you have a bad relationship with either of your parents he would definitely bring it up he’ll go,
“Really y/n? You’re acting like I’m the only one with the bad parent, well at least I’m not a lost cause like you and I’m trying to fix the relationship with mine”
That shit kinda hurted tho
You would be so hurt at this point tears already start to form in your eyes.
As soon as he says those awful words he immediately realizes what he did
His stern and upset features immediately soften and guilt washes over him but before he could utter an apology you’re already running to opposite direction from him
Like when Rengoku it’s close to impossible for him to hurt anyone let alone his family or s/o so arguments with him are rare
Also like Rengoku the only way he’ll get mad at someone is if they intentionally hurt his family or s/o and seeing that Nezuko is the only family he has left his anger would be worst than average
When you got to know Tanjiro you immediately got a soft spot for Nezuko, despite being a demon you could see she was kind and only had good intentions so you kinda self-appointed yourself as her protector and despite her being being able to heal her injuries faster than a human, you can’t help but throw your self in danger in order to protect her and apparently she feels the same with you
And when she does throw her self in danger to protect you and gets badly injured Tanjiro is quick to blame you despite it not being anyone’s fault
He calls you out and claims your “abusing” her demons powers and using it for your own advantage, he says you see her as a demon rather than a little girl
Poor Nezuko can’t explain that she was the one who put her self in danger, because the hit was so bad she became unconscious and even if she was  conscious she can’t speak and explain to her brother she’ll only be able to pull on his uniform and give him pleading eyes but Tanjiro would unintentionally ignore her 
It may seem odd but Tanjiro is a shouter when he’s angry, you can see the angry in his face and his words are like venom
He only calls you names that are true so basically since you “made Nezuko take the hit for you” he’ll call you a coward and say you don’t deserve to be a demon slayer
During arguments it would just be him yelling because you’re too shocked to speak
Everyone is bewildered that Tanjiro actually has it in him to say such hurtful things even Inosuke would be quiet because he never expected him to be this angry let alone angry at you
He would cry during a fight mostly because he’s the type to always bottle up his emotions so the fight is like an excuse for him to let it all out
You try your best to apologize and explain what really happened but that just makes him more upset and claims you’re just making excuses
Once he’s done speaking his mind he’ll excuse himself and walk away
Zenitsu would immediately rush over to you and let you cry on his shoulders because that most have been real hard on you
Sabito ( he’s alive and a pillar 😚)
You both don’t really argue, Sabito hates arguing with you and sees it as something harmful and avoidable so if a problem starts to rise between you two he’ll quickly bring it up and talk about it before it gets worst
Buttt there are some problems he can’t easily fix and you two end up arguing over it
And that problem is his recklessness
One of the things you admired most about him is his hardworking and determined nature but sometimes it can get out of hand especially during missions , there were one too many times he had close calls or he allowed his anger to get the best of him and nearly loses control during battles
He would also often exhaust himself during training to the point where he faints
You and Giyuu could clearly see this was a major problem but the only person who didn’t was Sabito
You being his s/o tried to talk to him about it but he immediately takes it as an attack which then quickly leads to an argument
During arguments he can be very cold and distant
He refuses to give you his full attention, he busies himself with other tasks acting as though your feelings isn’t a priority to him
So you would have to put your foot down and demand his attention and when he finally does give it you he’ll have this snarl on his face, his arms would be folded across his chest and he’ll lock his eyes with yours refusing to look away, his body language makes it seem it is an inconvenience talking to you
Sabito usually speaks to you in a soft, sweet , and calm tone, but when’s he’s mad at you his voice holds authority he speaks to you so formal it’s as though you’re one of his insignificant associates
He never raises his voice during an argument, he thinks he can get his point across without screaming it. The tone of his voice is sharp and everytime he speaks it cuts you like a blade
He’s an eye roller, now and then he’ll roll his eyes and scoff at something you say as if it’s utter bs
He gets annoyed and tired pretty quickly during an argument
And you can tell because he’ll completely shut you out and stop talking to you, he goes right back to his previous state of ignoring you
No matter how much you shout or make a scene he’s not batting an eye to towards your direction
And when you finally go silent and stop talking he’ll go
“ Are you done being an annoying brat? or do you have more yapping to do? “
You’ll just be standing there quiet. Shock, hurt, anger, sadness all those emotions hit you at once. When you don’t say anything he just scoffs and walks away
*lip smack* this dude would argue with wind if it blows too hard so it would come as a major surprise when people hear he doesn’t really agruee with his s/o
Sanemi is very much aware that his quick to anger and argumentative nature tends to chase people away from him,but he doesn’t want that when it comes to his s/o so he tries his best not to argue with them key word tries
yes you and sanemi don’t agruee everyday but you guys still do here and there and the times that you do it’s always dreadful and intense
One of the major things you both would fight over is his overprotectiveness, if you go on a mission, even worse if you go alone, he’s quick to anger and will immediately yell at you and your so called “dumb bitch” behavior and if you’re hurt that’s definitely the catalyst of the argument
It’s no surprise that he’s a complete and utter asshole during arguments. He’s the type to shout, barley give you a chance to speak, his hands are curled into a fist and glued to his sides, every time he speaks it’s almost always an insult and the tone of his voice is like a loud growl, he intensely looks you in your eyes, his pale purple eyes are filled with anger, he would be practically shaking with anger, he looks like a volcano that’s about to erupt
He would be constantly saying awful and inconsiderate things to you ,and calling you hurtful names such as annoying, dumb, useless or weak
“ You actually fucking think that you’re strong enough to kill a demon by yourself! Why can’t you drill it in your head that you’re weak?”
“Weak my ass! I defeated the demon”
“That was dumb luck, next time the demon will kill you faster than you can draw your sword and no one will save you because you’re too stupid to ask for help”
he’s so blinded by anger he doesn’t see the hurt in your face
The argument would often branch out to other topics like his jealousy or your stubbornness,
The argument usually last a really long time because both of you refuse to back down, honestly at this point it’s probably a battle who can be louder and more hurtful
Sanemi is always the first one to walk away, he storms off without saying another word leaving you all teary eyed and hurt
Giyuu really hates hurting your feelings, so he always tries his best to evade augments and the fact that you’re the only close person he has left is just a even bigger reason why he wants to avoid them
The only problem with his method is he literally is just ignores the problems that arise between you two , instead of talking about the situation he acts like it doesn’t exist which tends to always lead to a bigger problem which then always leads to an argument
The arguments are always about how Giyuu avoids his feelings and barely shows his true feelings with you
When you started dating him, you knew he was extremely reserved and had a hard time talking about his feelings so you were very patient with him but sometimes his continuous shying away from how he actually feels gets way out of control and not only hurts him but you seeing him in so much pain
He would come home from a mission that had way too many casualties than expected and even though he was in so much pain inside he put on a sweet, fake gentle smile for you and tried to pretend everything was fine
You would easily sniff this out and when you try to console him or try and ask what’s wrong he always evades the conversation and tries his best to persuade you he’s ok
The boy has good intentions really, he just doesn’t want his damper mood to affect you as well but it’s not fair that two get to be happy together but he as to be sad alone
It may seem wrong on your end but you try to pry and “ force” him to tell you what’s really wrong by continually asking and not taking “ juts drop it” as an answer
During an arguement he’s usually extremely quiet, he lets you do all the talking and only speaks when he finds it 100% necessary
When he does speak you can hear the indifference and tiredness in his voice, he speaks as though it is somewhat of a job talking to you
His body language and speech comes off as if he doesn’t care what you have to say and he just wants to walk away to do something more “ important” but he always stays to make it seem he’s a good significant other when in reality he’s just forcing himself to stay
During the entire argument he would be mostly quiet It usually takes him a while to get annoyed and angry but he does eventuality and when it does happen his insults are quick, and sharp they it never fail to hurt you, when he’s at his peak of annoyance he’ll shout something so vile and heartless it ends the argument right then and there it leaves you two on extremely bad terms
You’d say something like you’re only trying to help and he’ll shout
“ I don’t need you y/n! I never did and I never will, do me a favor and get off of your high horse, stop acting like you’re some kind of deity that can fix me and if you actually think you can solve my problems when you have so much of your own you’re dumber than I thought”
He’s always the first one to walk away, he usually goes deep into the woods or his room away from everyone and everything and once he’s finally alone he’ll silently begin to cry because he realizes what he did
Tumblr media
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