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馃尡馃崐馃ゼ. . .% 饾棞饾棥饾棦饾棪饾棬饾棡饾棙 饾棝饾棓饾棪饾棝饾棞饾棔饾棞饾棩饾棓!
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鈱 藫聽Inosuke layouts 鈱
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kimetsu no yaiba; twitter layouts
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@i4erwin on twt.
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He鈥檚 just a lil鈥 creacher
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KIMETSU NO YAIBA: Entertainment District Arc: Ep. 01
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Entertainment District Arc EP:6 - Layered Memories
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Same Inosuke, same.
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fuwa fuwa
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Pretty Inoko!! 鉂わ笍
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Are you dumb? I don't like you鈥.but I really really really love you~
(Kamado squad)
Gn! Reader
Yes- it is that audio from TikTok
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You left a quick kiss on his nose before walking away,like you just didn鈥檛 confess to him.
The boi is dying
I repeat he鈥檚 dying your honor
鈥淎-ah-...wha...you love me?鈥
Something in his brain didn鈥檛 click at the moment.
His whole face becomes a tomato before he could give you a coherent answer
He鈥檇 panic after realizing what you just said trying to figure out what to say back
Tons of them
鈥淵/N!鈥 He yelled running towards you, with a bunch of wisteria flowers in hand. 鈥淚 really love you too!!鈥 He bowed, extending the gift towards you. As soon as he stood up you left another kiss near his lips with a smile. Which of course, left him looking like a nervous mess.
Tumblr media
He was confused at first, since you left your own extra food on his plate after saying it.
After that he asked Tanjiro what it was supposed to mean.
At first he felt that giddy sensation through his body, with flowers appearing all around him.
When Tanjiro asked what he answered-
Inosuke.exe needs to find (Y/n)
His screams were heard all around the house after getting the hint.
鈥(Y/N) loves me! Lord Inosuke can deal with that! MUAHAHAHA鈥
As soon as he saw you again he headbutted you with all his force, knocking the air out of you. 鈥淚NOSUKE!!鈥 He just laughed and carried you away like a sack of potatoes. 鈥淚 LIKE YOU TOO! NOW YOU鈥橰E MINE! WAHAHA!鈥 Tajiro ran behind him while Zenitsu tried to help you, but Insokuke just wanted you for himself.
Tumblr media
If you though you鈥檝e heard Zenitsus loudest screams
oh boy how wrong you were
a blushing mess holding you tightly
screams- in a loving way
鈥(n/n)-chan (n/n)-chan (n/n)-chan (N/N)-CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!鈥
will jump around to show off infront of everyone what you said.
Now he鈥檚 even more clingy with you
Nope- personal space doesn鈥檛 exist anymore
鈥(n/n)-chan loves me! KYAAA~鈥 His voice echoed through the halls while you walked together holding his hand. 鈥淵eah- I do love you~鈥 Your smile made him stop in his tracks and faint, even in his sleep, his blushing cheeks made you smile even more.
Tumblr media
Genya.exe is overheating please be careful with him
He is on the verge of fainting and tearing up from embarrassment
Will stutter a very shy-
鈥淚鈥- I love you too鈥
He鈥檒l tell his brother immediately, full of joy and all lovey dovey
Now this poor boy won鈥檛 leave your side
Scary dog privilege will be added to your relationship
His brother will be watching you from afar as well
He just wants to see and know who makes his brother so happy
鈥淕enya, you did so good today!鈥 You said walking around the house, Gyomei had left him in your care so of course you鈥檙e happy to help 鈥渃an we hold hands? Please be careful next time you train, you know how much I love you right?鈥enya?鈥 Suddenly his hand was burning, as you looked at him- well- he鈥檚 a walking stove.
Tumblr media
Stays silent
You wait for an answer
She鈥檚 still silent-
You quickly left and acted like normal because maybe she saw it as a joke?
Kanao struggles to get the hint until she鈥檚 answering Shinobu鈥檚 questions
鈥淎nd did you say something back?鈥
鈥淚鈥 don鈥檛 think I did鈥
鈥淥h my! then hurry, I鈥檓 sure (Y/n) might get upset without your answer!鈥
She did as her big sister said and went towards finding you
On the rooftop of the butterfly house you were talking to Tanjiro about what happened when suddenly Kanao appeared right in front of your eyes, leaning over to steal a kiss 鈥淚 love you too, I can鈥檛 be more happier鈥 her soft smile followed with another sweet kiss while Tanjiro fanboyed on the background.
A/N: I鈥檓 planning to do more of these with demons and Hashiras so yeah- since this was 鈥渇inished鈥 before my little break, I though I鈥檇 be a good idea to post it. Likes and reblogs are always appreciated! Take care and enjoy馃挋
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Kamaboko squad as boyfriends-gerneral relationship hc's
Tumblr media
Summary: Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu as Boyfriends
Word Count: 455
Genre: Fluff
A/n: Sorry it鈥檚 been a while! To celebrate Demon Slayer鈥檚 new season I figured I鈥檇 write something for the squad! Part two with the pillars maybe?
-He is so sweet and respectful. KING shit.
-When you confess he'll go bright red before confessing back and asking you to be his.
-He relies and trusts you a lot to have his back(and of course he has yours.)
-He's a romantic聽gesture kinda guy whether it's giving you a flower or decorating the butterfly聽mansion on valentines day for you.
-Refers to you and Nezuko as "The two most perfect women of my life."
-Shares his meals with you if he knows it's something you like.-He really likes long talks through the night. He'll talk about his day or a butterfly he saw and honestly it's just so cute.
-"Thank you y/n for being mine." <3
-He really likes cuddling and small touches. He really likes just holding you and knowing you're there. There's nothing 'handsy' about it either, it's really pure.
-He is honestly so smitten with you. He's 100% convinced he'll spend the rest of his life with you. Inosuke:
-Does he even know what dating is?
-You have to explain what it means but when he understands that you and him can become partners he'll parade you around screaming "LOOK AT MY AWESOME BOY/GIRL FRIEND!"
-He's one of the only people that he shows weakness around. He hides behind you or tugs on your sleeve when he's unsure of something.
-He always feels a little embarrassed about that so he compensates by trying to be "super strong and cool!" for you later on.
-"I"ll protect you y/n!!"聽-Your name is the only name he says right 95% o the time. (Only says it wrong when he's grumpy or tired.)
-Insists that he doesn't need care or cuddles but will curl up next to you after you've fallen asleep. Zenitsu:
-Obsessed over you. Totally a simp.
-He loves taking care of you and being taken care of. He sometimes gives you more attention/gifts because he feels unworthy of you.
-He probably confessed really bashfully like- "Y/n we've been through a lot and i was just thinking...that...um...you can say no but......would you be my wife?"
-Wife? Hold up- Zenitsu is skipping a few chapters. You tell him that marriage is a little much but you would love to be his s/o and maybe wife one day.
-So happy, jumps around and bounces. He goes squealing to Tanjiro over how he got the most wonderful person ever.
-Courts you and takes you out often. He's surprisingly romantic and just wants the opportunity to do a bunch of couple-y stuff.
-When it comes to you, Zenitsu is truly brave. He might still pass out but he does it with the intention of saving you no matter what.
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title:聽MDLB Inosuke Headcanons || Inosuke Hashibira x fem!Reader a/n: I think I鈥檝e had Inosuke brainrot since my weird dream?聽 word count: headcanons so idk tags: fem!Reader, MDLB Dynamics, age gap, mommy kink, sfw + nsfw headcanons, breastfeeding, lots of nudity, cockwarming, subspace hints, praise kink character(s): Inosuke Hashibira (Demon Slayer)
Tumblr media
SFW Headcanons
Inosuke is belligerent at best around new people and you were no different.
But it was like a switch that went off in his brain though when you were bandaging him up after something (stupid) he did.
When you told him how brave and strong he was Inosuke laid there staring at you far longer than what was normal. But you simply smiled and ruffled his hair telling him how impressive he was.
The second he got out of bed he scrambled to go find something to give you.
Inosuke has no idea what a real gift is so when he鈥檚 scouring around to find something to give you. It鈥檚 inevitable that he comes up to you sheepishly with a rock he thought was cool looking.
Certainly the quietest you鈥檝e ever seen him, all Inosuke can do is stare down at the ground with the rock in his hand extended towards you with no explanation.
鈥淚s this for me?鈥澛
He can鈥檛 form a coherent though but only nods like a mad man and when you finally take it from him, Inosuke bolts.
It only takes off from there.
Soon he鈥檚 giving you giving you all the weirdest little gifts.
Acorn hats, rocks, leaves he thought were pretty.
Always presenting them to you like he鈥檚 found the holy grail.聽
Slowly getting more and more excited each time you smile and thank him for it until Inosuke is a bouncing idiot when he comes up to you with his newest find.
鈥淚 found this for you!鈥澛犫淟ook what I got!鈥澛犫淟ook look look!鈥澛
Your collection grows of the weird little trinkets Inosuke brings you聽
Takes almost no time to reveal he can鈥檛 help but see you as mother figure. Even if you are no where near being the same age his mom would be. It鈥檚 endearing how excited Inosuke is to hear your praise or give you things.
It isn鈥檛 hard though to see growing up in the wild having its affects on what he views as an appropriate relationship.
NSFW Headcanons
Shifting to the mdlb relation is without question exactly what you both wanted.
Inosuke peeping on you more than once when you soaked in the springs or when you change or any other time you might be in a more risky position.
Finally you just offer him to join you.
More than just a little excited Inosuke doesn鈥檛 hesitate to strip down anytime he knows you鈥檙e going to go wash up.
At first it鈥檚 just the two of you soaking together. Morphing to you washing Inosuke鈥檚 hair and him sitting in your lap.
Your routine always consisting of you washing yourself with Inosuke. Getting dried off and dressed together. And more often than not sharing the same bed.
It鈥檚 not easy to miss the way he stares at your breasts during all of this either.
Asking him if he鈥檚 interested he can touch them.
Which is easily becomes his favorite part of bath time.
Inosuke spends so much time sitting in your lap playing with your chest or laying in bed playing with them. You often doze off when him doing it.
The first time he latched on you were a little surprised. Purely bc he didn鈥檛 say anything before doing it.
He looked so calm and sweet though it was impossible to tell him to not do it.
Quickly adding breastfeeding to Inosuke鈥檚 clinginess.
Nothing will calm him down quicker than him curling around you and latching onto your breast to nurse for however long he wants.
You can鈥檛 sleep in separate spaces anymore bc Inosuke simply won鈥檛 fall asleep without your tit in his mouth or at least in his hand.
The cockwarming comes pretty quickly after that.
More often than not falling asleep with his cock nestled inside you. Hands cupping your breasts and Inosuke snoring lightly.
He has to be touching you in some way almost all the time
And when he鈥檚 not it just turns him into a snappy cranky mess until he can be back in your arms.
When he gets that worked up almost the only thing that calms him down is fucking.
Inosuke won鈥檛 calm down until he鈥檚 buried inside you with his face mashed into your chest.
Rutting into you, mumbling about how he needs mommy in incoherent sentences, grabbing any part of you that he can.
Almost exclusively missionary bc if he can鈥檛 see your face Inosuke looses it.
Seeking the praise he got for the trinkets he got you but instead your lewd moans as he snaps his cock inside you over and over.聽
Not stopping until the two of you are exhausted and Inosuke is back to quietly groping and sucking on your tits.
No matter who it is though they are always all but impressed how well behaved Inosuke is around you.
All you can do is smile and offer the explanation that he just likes your company. When in reality the second you two are alone Inosuke has your robes pulled aside and his mouth latched onto your tit at any given moment.
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銋 inosuke hashibira 銋ゐ煉!銋 demon slayer. 銋 like or reblog . . . 馃嵍
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KIMETSU NO YAIBA: Entertainment District Arc: Ep. 02
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Entertainment District Arc EP:1 - Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui
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( 喋 藱馃惤藱 )喋 隆! INOSUKE L0CKSCR3EN ... 鈿旔煉
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I thought of something that might be fun for all the boys of the Kamaboko Squad! Would you be able to write separate short scenarios or head canons for them each with an S/O who loves to try and surprise attack them with kisses or hugs? But since they all have heightened senses they aren鈥檛 always successful with the sneak attacks. Like Tanjiro can probably always smell them coming, Zenitsu can probably hear them at all times, and Inosuke has amazing spacial awareness so he can probably just sense them when they鈥檙e near. I just think it would be funny and cute! Like reader just continuing to try and surprise them with affection but they almost always get caught. I know it鈥檚 a lot since I鈥檓 asking for all three but take your time and have fun with it if you choose to write it! (Also I hope I worded this right because I do mean them separately x reader not poly, but I can be bad at words)
Hi hi !! Thank you for requesting again :D!! I absolutely love this idea and it鈥檚 nice and clear don鈥檛 worry <3 I threw Genya in there because my boy is apart of the Kamaboko Squad and no one can change my mind about it TT so I hope you don鈥檛 mind !! Please enjoy :D I think I might write longer scenarios for these in the future hehehehe Thank you again for requesting ! Sorry for any mistakes !! Oh! I made this one gn! So I hope you don鈥檛 mind that :D it was an assumption based on what you鈥檝e normally requested, but if you wanted female pronouns, I鈥檒l gladly go back and edit it <3!!
馃尲Surprise Hugs and Kisses HC ft. the Kamaboko Squad !
Pronouns: they/them
Tw: none !
Tumblr media
will always do his best to act surprised when his s/o tries to sneak up on him
He鈥檚 too pure to let them feel like they didn鈥檛 succeed even though they know they didn鈥檛
He鈥檒l occasionally catch them mid tackle and embrace them tightly with a light laugh
Even though they wanted to surprise him, they鈥檒l still be mega happy and smiley just to give him hugs and kisses
He sometimes feels bad that they鈥檙e unable to surprise him because of his heightened sense of smell but y/n you will tell him it鈥檚 okay and that one day they鈥檒l be able to catch him
Carefully stepping, they went around and climbed a tree that overlooked Tanjiro鈥檚 quiet sitting form. Y/n had taken the step to mask her scent with water with the essence of wild roses. They let out a muted hum in excitement at perhaps being able to catch him. Though they were beginning to have second thoughts of their mode to catch him because of the feeling of the cooler breeze of the high ground. Fearfully looking down from the tree, they almost hesitated to jump.
鈥楴o no, I can do this!鈥 They motivated themselves internally before closing their eyes to build the courage they needed.
鈥3...2..1!鈥 They counted down.
Immediately they jumped off the branch, diving into him.
Tanjiro鈥檚 eyes opened and he stood up, his arms ready to embrace their falling form. They landed in his arms with a 鈥榩omf鈥, their body in front of him.
鈥淎nd I thought I had you this time,鈥 they spoke with a pout, their arms crossed.
Tanjiro laughed, 鈥淚 can鈥檛 be-leaf you,鈥 he gently kissed their forehead, his cheeks a soft pink from embarrassment of the horrid pun, 鈥淭he smell of roses added to the sweet flowery smell you have so you made it easier to detect you.鈥
They sighed sweetly, 鈥淲ell thank you for catching me,鈥 they leaned upwards in his grasp and kissed his cheek, a light blush forming on their face.
He hummed happily, 鈥淥f course.鈥
鈥淣ow put me down so I can give you all the hugs and kisses you want.鈥
A deep blush set on his face as he braced himself for the fluttery feeling to build in his chest.
Tumblr media
馃尰 鈥斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺旔煂
even though he can hear them coming, he still gets scared
Poor baby will hear them running at him and will curl up in a ball until he realizes it鈥檚 for hugs and kisses
鈥淣/n~鈥 he鈥檒l coo their name and nuzzle into the hugs and be all floaty with kisses
When he is brave enough, he鈥檒l actually be the one running at them while they鈥檙e running
Often results in them crashing into each other and Y/n having to console his crying with the hugs and kisses they were going to give him
They gently caressed the red bump forming on Zenitsu鈥檚 head, 鈥淭here there Zeni, don鈥檛 cry,鈥 their voice was soft as they held him in tight embrace, feathery kisses meeting the small minor injury.
鈥淚-I鈥檓 sorry (N/n) this always happens!!!鈥 He sobbed out as he held them tightly, face reddened from crying so much.
They laughed lightly, earning a pout from Zenitsu, 鈥淢aybe don鈥檛 get so excited next time,鈥 they gently ruffled his hair, 鈥淗ow can I make you feel better?鈥 They asked sweetly as they cuddled him.
A shy smile was Zenitsu鈥檚 lips as his sobs became sniffles, tears becoming light dew on his eyelashes and a glittery flowery aura seemingly formed around him, 鈥淜isses, here,鈥 he pointed to his cheek, 鈥渉ere,鈥 he pointed to his forehead, 鈥淎nd here!鈥 He pointed to his lips that were already puckered up.
A light blush formed on their cheeks as they nodded.
Zenitsu floating away happily as he was fed all the attention he could want by his beloved.
Tumblr media
there is no sneaking up on this man
It鈥檚 like he has a whole sense designated to them
Just when they think they can catch him, boom, he鈥檚 already aware of your presence
鈥淥h so you鈥檙e approaching me with a surprise attack? That won鈥檛 work on lord Inosuke!鈥 Cue the loud laughter
He鈥檒l tackle back and make it a competition on who can be the most loving with his limited understanding
But then he鈥檒l let them take the reigns and relish in the attention they were giving him
Sometimes he鈥檒l willingly pretend that he doesn鈥檛 sense them just to measure their technique
He had them lying on the ground as he had tackled them before they had the chance to even jump him.
He laughed proudly, a lovely smirk that made their cheeks warm up was on Inosuke鈥檚 face.
鈥淭hought you could get the great Lord Inosuke today?鈥 He mused as his own face mimicking their blush at the sight of Y/n鈥檚 light smile.
鈥淲ell one day I鈥檒l be able to,鈥 they spoke happily as they reached their hand up to gently caress his warm cheek.
He felt his heart begin to float, a giddy feeling developing in his chest as he had all their attention.
鈥淣ow that I have caught you, treat me to all the affection I want!鈥 He ordered with an embarrassed blush on his cheeks.
They hummed happily as they pulled him into a hug, lips ready to pepper his face all over.
Inosuke was particularly giddy the rest of the day.
Tumblr media
馃崅 鈥斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺-鈥斺斺斺斺旔煃
someone help this boy T0T
Even though he senses their presence he literally still gets extremely flustered
He doesn鈥檛 react from the sudden surprise but does often catch them when they鈥檙e about tackle him down
His reddened face is extremely endearing that they can鈥檛 help but gush about how adorable he seems
鈥淵-Y/n..鈥 he鈥檚 just too cute (,: !!!
His body is often tense but he relaxes when he quickly melts into all the embraces and kisses
He鈥檚 about to pass out from embarrassment and praise from all the embraces and kisses
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so cute!!!鈥 They mused happily even though their plan to get get the jump on him had been foiled. Their hands caressed and gently would pinch his warmed up cheeks.
He was much taller than them so they stood on their tippy toes to reach him, even though he would crane his neck downwards to make it easier on them.The very action of him leaning down just for them made their heart flutter and made them feel all mushy and soft.
鈥淐ute,鈥 they pecked his cheek, 鈥淐ute,鈥 they pecked his other cheek, 鈥淐ute!!!鈥 They pecked his lips lightly.
His face became impossibly redder. He held their smaller form in a hug, his body was tense but then began to relax as he would gently stroke their hair.
They embraced him tightly with a happy hum, 鈥淚 still need to give you more kisses!鈥
The rest of that day Genya was constantly on the verge of passing out from all the affection he received.
岽浭溼磤纱岽 蕪岽忈礈 s岽 岽嶀礈岽勈 覔岽徥 蕗岽嚽礈岽噑岽浬瓷 <3 覔岽囜磭薀 覔蕗岽囜磭
岽涐磸 薀岽囜磤岽犪磭 蕗岽嚽礈岽噑岽泂/岽s岽媠/瑟岽呩磭岽s/岽纱蕪岽浭溕瓷! s岽囜磭
蕪岽薀薀 纱岽噚岽 岽浬磵岽 :岽
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Y/N, Playing with Inosuke鈥檚 hair:
Inosuke: Enough, you鈥檒l ruin my reputation!
Y/N: Then get off my lap.
Inosuke: no鈥
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