#kny kokushibo
Can you make Yoriichi and Kokushibo with a friend reader that is a shorty crazy that is aways trying to do new strategies with swords and aways end up saying "I can't belive that shit worked"
Tumblr media
Yoriichi would always admire you.
He thought the training with you was exciting.
Others try to learn breathing styles but you always try to come up with new ones.
It would be fun.
Even 90% of the time your breathing techniques don’t work.
However, sometimes you try ideas together.
Even sometimes Kokushibo joined.
Although he thought it was silly.
And you manage to create a one new working breathing technique.
Yushiro would be really happy for you.
You could become a really strong couple.
Maybe you can start a relationship.
You've known each other for a long time.
Tumblr media
Kokushibo would be really jealous of you at first.
He has a slight obsession with becoming the strongest of all.
At first, Kokushibo wouldn’t care so much about you.
You were just his silly friend trying to create a breathing technique associated with flowers.
He thinks it sounds silly.
But when you get it to work somehow he’s jealous.
How did you manage to create a whole new technique?
This jealousy intensifies if Yoriichi has already proven to be really talented.
Perhaps this could be the reason why Kokushibo is taking over Muzan’s power.
His two close people have already proven to be more talented than him.
He doesn't handle it well.
And when Muzan offers a way to strengthen Kokushibo will receive it almost immediately.
You’ll probably also face Kokushibo at some point.
Surely he would defeat you with his strength.
However, Kokushibo would not kill you right away.
He would like to give you a chance to become a demon.
However, you would be his important friend.
Maybe he once had a little fondness for you.
Who knows?
Now the choice is yours.
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muzanswaifu · 21 days ago
Kokushibo x Fem! Reader Faceriding 18+
Tumblr media
Ask: Can I request for whenever you have the time female Y/N faceriding Kokushibo and squirting on his face after he begs her to?
800 words
Nsfw Warnings: Faceriding (duh), coercion, slight begging, squirting, Koku likes to eat pussy, the end
"I-I can't"
"You can." His voice was muffled.
His teeth grazed across you thigh with his assurance, his command. The mauve nails of his hands dug into the plushness of your backside, divets of red forming at the incisions. Yet you couldn't feel them. You could hardly even think about them at all when his tongue laved up the seam of your sex with malintent.
That was his way of begging - feeding you piece by piece of his carnal desire until you broke down into a desperate mess seeking your release. Words meant little to him, far outweighed by the severity of action in his mind. He was gentle in his pleas, dragging his long demon tongue side to side through your folds, basking in the taste of your arousal that you were so, so shy to give away. He was a noble man you know. Were you aware how much your rebellion offended him? You should've been screaming for him, bouncing on his tongue like your entire life depended on it, and even then, you could've been doing more. You could've tore at his mane, told him how well he pleased you, hell, you could've suffocated him with your bodice and it would've been nothing but a compliment to his skill. Yet, you ceased to do any of it, instead pulling away from his thorough petting with tears in your eyes and a quivering lip.
"I c-can't," you repeated, "it's too m-much." He frowned, displeased with your answer.
"Sit, woman."
With an effortless tug at your hips, you were fully-seated again, your weight set completely on the demon's awaiting mouth. You squirmed as he continued his avid work, his head waving side to side with his precision and his claws preventing any further escape on your part. He crept to the peak of your sex, taking your twitching bundle of nerves in his mouth and giving it a strong suck. You whined loudly, collapsing over his head entirely and clutching at his locks in a futile attempt to find balance, purchase, mercy. He bobbed his head under you, tugging at the delicate bead between his lips and making your eyes roll back into your brain. After letting you scream for what had to have been ages, he finally let go, releasing with a pop and snaking his tongue back between your lips. Your thighs shook around his head and pressed up against his face tightly. His eyes, the lower pair, were rolled shut, a result of drowned bliss. the other two pairs were both fixated on your face, taking in your dumbed expression, the one that had him ravenous for more.
He could tell you were getting close again, your previous orgasm ruined by your own failure to take what he gave you. He gave your backside a push, rocking your hips to and fro on his face and encouraging you to seek out your pleasure as much as he was. You shook hard, yet couldn't help but follow the guided motions. Each rock had your nerves curling like thread over a flame, coiling and coiling until each had gathered into a tight knot that was pulled at either end. The seconds became warmer, his hand coming around to press at the lower part of your belly where all your control lie. You sobbed as he pushed on it.
"M' gonna - hnnn - it feels l-like-" Feels like you're gonna pee. Kokushibo sucked your clit in and out of his mouth impatiently, wanting already to taste the fruit of his labor.
"You won't," he assured, "Just let go."
You whimpered at his promise, the knot in your belly too strained to bear. You weakly humped at his face, tears flowing freely down your cheeks, your cunt contracting in heady anticipation around his tongue that passed it over and over and over again.
"Let go." he told, called, pleaded. And you obeyed, tensing above him and shaking before going lax. Juices sprayed across his face, soaking his lips, chin, nose, everything. He eagerly lapped at it, keeping his mouth open wide for your sweet, delicious nectar to seep into. His tongue cleaned over you thoroughly, enough that every inch of your sex was left sopping with saliva. You cooed pathetically as he devoured you, as if your juices were meal enough to last him centuries.
He didn't beg. Not in his previous life. Not in this one. Begging was a sign of weakness and resign. Nothing was worth showing one's desperation - not money, power, or death.
But this? This scent of arousal and womanhood? This taste of sweetness and pleasure? This... you?
For this... he could make an exception.
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o3o-aya · 2 months ago
YANDERE YORIICHI. ADD A SPRINKLE OF FLUFF THEN ANGST AND THEN GORE. YANDERE YORIIICHIIIIIII. ok, I am calm now. <33 maybe like michikatsu's wife/best friend aka the reader which yoriichi falls a little too deeply for. scratch that, he has started living down there now. take care!! 💖💖
Tumblr media
You met Michikatsu when you began working at the Tsugikuni household. The two of you became close, and when his father passed, the two of you married.
When he become a demon hunter, you urged him to be careful, if not for you. Then for the son that you bore him. And he gave you that promise.
Every night, you would light a lantern for him. And when he returned, you blew it out.
This repeated.
Now here you were... Pregnant with your second child when you got the news... Your husband.... Turned into a demon...
You practically fell to your knees sobbing, your tiny son crying as well, though he didn’t understand why you were crying.
It felt like years ago that it happened... But it was a few months ago...
It hurt, when your son continued asking where his father was.
But one day....
“Father!!” Your son shouted as he ran over to the gate.
You paused before you looked over, your eyes wide.
Michikatsu.... Your husband...
You paused as you realized that it was day light....
“Kiyoshi wait!” You cried out before you quickly grabbed your son.
You slowly looked up at the stranger.... Even if he looked identical to your husband... You knew it wasn’t him....
Your shoulders dropped. “You aren’t Michikatsu.....”
The man looked at you as he slowly shook his head before he dropped to his knees and bowed to you. “I apologize... It’s my fault my brother has been turned into a demon....”
Your eyes widened, was this... This the twin that your husband was so jealous of? 
“You... You’re Yoriichi... Aren’t you?” You asked softly.
Yoriichi looked up at you as he nodded his head. “That I am...” He said softly.
You smiled as you helped him up. “You should not blame yourself... It was Michikatsu’s own fault for accepting...”
Yoriichi paused a moment. You seemed like... Such an angel... How did his older brother get so lucky in the wife department.
“It was wrong of him to abandon his wife and children...” He said as he looked over to your son who was hiding behind you, gripping your kimono as your baby was fast asleep on your back.
“It was...” You muttered before you smiled. “Come in... You must be tried from your travels..”
So you invited him in, you had him for dinner.
As much as Yoriichi hated to admit... He didn’t want to leave. The few days he spent with you, with your children... They were bliss....
“Won’t you stay?” You asked as you tilted your head to the side. 
“I must leave... Demons don’t rest..” He said before he turned his head and smiled at you. “But I promise to return...” He said as he looked at you.
You smiled as you nodded. “I’ll take your word for it...” You said softly before watching him leave.
And for the first time in months.... You lit that lamp... The lamp that was once praying for your husband’s safe return, now praying for Yoriichi’s....
As Yoriichi kept his promise, returning to you and the children....
He adored your flustered face when your baby daughter referred to him as her father, or when your son insisted on playing swords with him.
He would admit... He was growing fond of you....
“Yoriichi... I know you’ll most likely say no but... Will you live with us?” The moment those words came from your pretty mouth he quickly agreed.
The more he stayed... The more attached the grew to you and the children.
He was his brother’s identical twin... The children could easily be passed off as his....
Though... One certain night, as you were having dinner, laughing and smiling.
A figure in the courtyard watched the shadows that moved on the inside.
His grip tight on the blade as he heard your laugh, the outline of Yoriichi kissing your head.
His wife was being taken from him... And he wouldn’t allow that....
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f4iry-fl3sh · 7 months ago
a/n: as angelic as the title is, it really.. isn't. it's all about angst <3 basically how the 3 upper moons (kokushibou, douma, & akaza) react to your death. content: blood, death, murder, one mention of suicide but it's subtle, and reader is a human. this is short i know but if you wanna see more lmk
Tumblr media
Kokushibou: - In complete and utter denial, he has to see it to believe it. So when he does stumble upon your body.. he doesn't know how to process it. - Koku's holding you in his arms, eyes looking around your body for where the site of the wound is. In him there's still hope that you're going to be okay. - But then he checks and sees you've lost a lot of blood. That hope fades away. - He knows you don't have time, and he thinks it's selfish to turn you into a demon just so he didn't lose his lover. A part of him wants to respect this and let you rest in peace. But he's not ready to let you go yet. - "You weren't supposed to leave me.." A tear rolls down his face and plops on your pale cheek. "Please, Y/n, stay with me a little longer. Why did you have to leave so soon?" Douma: - Much like Kokushibou, he wants to think it's a joke. There's no way that you're dead.. right? It has to be some dumb rumor! But he starts getting worried and starts to search for you. - It's only until he's holding your body that he realizes he's going to lose his entire world. - No other person has made him feel loved or feel special. You made his heart beat. You made Douma, an emotionless man, feel something for you. - He's so utterly grateful for everything you've given to him, but it saddens him even more knowing he's never going to wake up next to your sleeping figure ever again. Or hear your cute laugh. Or run his fingers through your hair. Or kiss you. Ever again. - He puts his hand to his heart, listening for his pulse. He smiles sadly, unaware of the tears rolling down his face. "Ah... my heart. It's stopped beating. Y/n, if there's an afterlife.. after I die, can we go there together? Just the two of us? Please wait for me until then."
Akaza: - Hearing that you're dead almost makes him pass out. He can't stand still and he feels his hands go numb. He HAS to visit you right now. - He sprints as fast as he can looking around for you, hands shaky as he finally stumbles across your dead body. Akaza wants to believe you're still alive, but his heart drops when he tries feeling for a pulse and you're cold. - Then he starts to sob, bending over to pick you up bridal style. He sits down on the ground and holds you in his arms. "Who did this to you? Why’d they take away the love of my life..?"
- He feels like he remembered this pain, that it probably happened to him so long ago. But with you, the pain is even worse. Akaza feels like a part of him is missing.
- He cries into your neck until sunrise. Yet he stays out, knowing if he dies right now he’ll get to see you again. So when the sun starts burning his body.. all he does is smile.
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all-shriveled-up · 2 months ago
Hi hi! can I request headcannons for uppermoons 1 2 3 and 6 with a shy reader? Like would they tease or take advantage of their shyness ect? ty!
Hello and thanks for requesting! I really love this idea so here it is :D
Also I wasn’t sure if you meant Gyutaro or daki for number 6 so I just put them both! Hope you don’t mind!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I feel like he’d be more confused than anything.
In his eyes you’re perfect! You shouldn’t have any reasons to be shy!
If he were to be born in your body he would be nothing but proud! But he’ll never make fun of you for it.
You’re one of the only people who has ever gave him joy!
And since he doesn’t want you to leave him, he grows REALLY possessive.
And since he knows that you won’t speak up about it even if you were to recognize it, it continues.
But disregarding that, he’s surprisingly gentle.
He’s grown to have a soft spot for you in contrary to giving everyone else the cold shoulder.
But that’s not saying he won’t tease you just a little bit.
He’ll say some corny things to you just to get your classic flustered reactions.
It always works.
His favorite thing to do is fluster you when your face is pressed up against him in some way.
He loves being able to feel the temperature in your face gradually rise against his rough skin.
It’s a strange sensation but still.
“You really are the most beautiful work of art” kokushibo whispered in your ear, pulling you closer to his chest. He chuckled at the sudden temperature rise in your face. It pleasantly warmed up the exposes parts of his chest. “I love you, my dear” he sang admiringly. “I-i lov-love-lo-“ you were cut off by him shushing you, and simply pulling you under the blankets. The next thing you knew you were in a peaceful dream land.
A/n: sorry this is so corny lmao☠️
Tumblr media
Oml this mf.
Hes a bastard.
"Oh sweet y/n~ why can't you look at me? Are you to embarrassed, hm?"
Hes like the type of guy to pop your booty anytime you bend over.
He's honestly a satanist, an it definitely shows through when you're with him.
If he feelin a lil goofy he'll just randomly bite your collar bone, sometimes hard enough to draw blood.
He loves hearing you squeal anytime he does it. It gives him a feeling of full control over you. Almost as you are nothing but a measly pet, only here to satisfy his... Needs
But he also spoils you rotten with his followers offerings so it aint so bad.
Sometimes he'll ask you to just hit him.
Just randomly!
You'll be like ????
His excuse is normally like "i just wanna feel my beloved's hand on me~"
as soon as he says that, he watches as you slowly turn red and hide your face in your hands.
He especially loves sleeping with you though.
He compliments you on how warm you are all snuggled up against him.
He'd definitely be into public humiliation, just to see how you react. So he uses his cult to his advantage.
"Mmmmh.." you here him groan while shuffling next to you. He turned back to face you, pulling you closer. "You're so warmm..." he mewled. He began to wrap his arms completely around you. "Imagine if one of my followers were to walk in on us being so intimate..." he began. "I bet your face would be so adorable.." he said nuzzling you "p-please no.." you pleaded as he chuckled quite loudly. You were pretty sure he wouldn't go through with the subtle threat, but its douma you're with so you never know.
Tumblr media
Ok so completely opposite to kokushibo, he CAN understand why you’re shy
It's not because he thinks you’re ugly! That couldn’t be farther from it!
He knows you aren’t the strongest, and being in a world full of demons, that’s not the safest. So he can understand why you’re shy!
It also gives him a sense of pride knowing you trust him to protect you though!
He'll ask you to spar with you with the sole intent of helping you get stronger!
He thinks its adorable anytime you look away from him after he compliments you!
He just loves how domestic you are.
Hes probably asked you multiple times if you would've wanted to settle down with him if he wasn't a demon.
He would never admit to it, especially douma, but he's REALLY soft around you.
Like you just doing the smallest things for him could leave him puty.
After his battle with rengoku he began to rant to you about how strong he would've been if he accepted his deal.
It was really cute how passionate he was about the topic.
Hes grateful that you took the time out of your day to actually listen to him.
So what does he do with that greatfulness?
He asks you to spar.
"Ok y/n...come at me!" he yells across the field. You charge at him with no intent of actually hurting him just poking him with the stick thats currently in your hand. Once you close the distance hes starting to dodge, but awfully slow. He was clearly holding back. By a lot. As you keep on jabbing your stick towards him, his smile never breaks. After a while of constant movement, he noticed you were getting tired. If only you had infinite stamina like him, but alas you did not. Just as you took your last swing he grabbed the stick, pulled you to the ground with him, and layed you in his lap. "Great work today, dear" at that point you were looking everywhere but at him, trying to hide your creeping redness as he cooed at you.
Tumblr media
She literally bullies you.
No mercy just straight roasts.
For example, say you blushed from eye contact or something.
She'll be like "somone as ugly as you shouldn't blush from meer eye contact"
You know she doesn't mean it, but it still hurts man!
She knows shes pretty, and she loves seeing other people fluster at her, but she feels weird whenever you do it, thus making her act out rather rudely.
Maybe its because she finds you beautiful, but she hates it!
Unfortunately the relationship would be pretty toxic if you weren't able to recognize and say something about her harsh words, so to spare you the heartbreak, lets say you mustered the courage to speak up about it.
"Do you mean the stuff you say.." you say slightly above a whisper. The room was quiet, filled with no one but you and your harsh speaking lover. You heard a barely noticeable gasp leave her lips. she started looking down at her feet visibly uncomfortable. "I... Well no i..." she didn't finish her sentence, she simply walked over to you and sat down next to you on the soft cot. As she bumped shoulders she said "you're not to bad y/n.." for once she gave you a genuine smile... Or more like a smirk but still!!"
Tumblr media
He's literally obsessed with you.
No joke.
However he never understood why you got so flustered whenever he made a bold move.
He knows hes ugly, so he doesn't understand why.
Poor bby need a lot Reassurance.
Anytime you flush at his small actions it does boost his ego quite a bit.
While he’s not nearly as bad as douma (I don’t think anyone is) he will occasionally tease you.
Some small remarks such as:
“You’re so red y/n..do I make you that nervous?”
“Look at me y/n..I wanna see that beautiful red face of yours..”
Whichever it is it’s always followed by a passionate kiss.
One of his favorite things to do with you is to lay his head in your lap while you play with his hair.
He’s been made fun of by daki multiple times for it, but he couldn’t care less. His scalp always tingles afterwards!
“Nghh~” Gyutaro let out a throaty moan as you massaged his scalp, and occasionally messed with each individual strand of hair he had. "I'm glad that feels nice" you chuckled as you continued. Gyutaro eventually sat up, confusing you in the process. he closes the distance between the two of your faces giving you a very lazy kiss. Once he pulled back, you were a red tomato. He ignored your subconscious response. And wrapped his arms around your neck, and legs around your waste while he rested his head in the crook of your neck. "Mm.. Thank you" he purred in your ear. You almost passed out.
Tumblr media
Special credits to my biffle for helping me fix my grammatical mistakes... There was a lot lmaoo.
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getoswhore · 2 months ago
Okay I want to elaborate on the kokushibou thing what if he also had four arms like Sukuna like two arms spreading his s/o’s legs apart and the other arm choking her during missionary sex he also seems like the manipulative and overprotective yandere type
YES. I HAVE SAID THIS BEFORE OMFG. when i first saw him, i honestly thought he did have four arms!1! i was kinda sad finding out that he didn't, he just rlly looks like the type to have FOUR MF ARMS. AUGH.
ଘ. warnings ⸝⸝ yan!koku. monster fucking. koku has four arms. asphyxiation. choking. brainwashing. overstimulation. belly bulging. objectification (?) (koku is just possessive).┊(17+).
Tumblr media
“remember, that i alone am the only one to see you like this..” the two of his callused, veiny fours hands wrap tightly around the small of your ankles, keeping them still above his broad shoulders.
“that i am the only one who can make you feel like this.” kokushibo presses deep. his pelvic bone clashes against yours, sinking the fat of his heavy cock fully into your cunt, fully till it bulged against your tummy; the cute bump sporting your insides makes your mind boggle, the rough feel pulling you into his words as the truth.
“no one can do what i do for you.. because your body was created for the purpose of me..” you nod, simply nodding mindlessly with a loose jaw left agape.
“try to prove otherwise.. all ends will fall..” his cruel words ringing in your ears are followed with a sharp press of his other lithe fingers clasping around your bobbing throat. the grip he sheaths is vicious; stopping and robbing the air you try to suck in as if he's silently telling you this would be the way ends will fall if you tried anything against him.
koku settles his grip till your knocking back into reality, a plea bubbling in your glossy eyes for mercy, yet clouded with elation, confused and lost on what to feel.. the worry of death rising, the pounding of his cock ravaging your insides till they split.. your brain was mush, and that's exactly what wanted, wanting you to bat your wet lashes up to him for reassurance, to depend on him when you're lost.
“don't worry, love.. this is exactly what you want..”
Tumblr media
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rekreku · a month ago
Hello 💖✨
I just read your imagine with asking demon slayers for kisses, and I absolutely adore it 😄🌞💞💞
Can i request asking Tengen, Muzan and Kokushibo for kiss? 👉👈
kisses pt. 2
various demon slayer characters x gn! reader
type: fluff (sort of, debatable on muzan’s)
prompt: in which you ask the demons (and uzui) for a kiss.
note: but of course!! thank you so much for waiting patiently, and thank you so much for the request! <3 (might be a bit ooc, i apologize :’D)
characters include: tengen, muzan, and kokushibo.
Tumblr media
when you asked UZUI for a kiss, he was more than happy to oblige.
he simply thought you were too adorable as you struggled to ask him; he wouldn’t react otherwise until you fully asked him without stumbling over your words.
“why, of course!”
he’d scoop you up in his arms to kiss you, no matter how tall you were (considering he’s 6’6 and hella strong).
he loves taking your breath away when he does it. (‘it wouldnt be as flamboyant otherwise!’)
his kisses leave you wanting more, making him chuckle as he obliges to more sweet kisses.
after all, he loves being in the spotlight and keeping your attention on him.
Tumblr media
when you asked MUZAN for a kiss, he was irritated at first.
“is this your idea as some sort of prank?” he snarled at you, to which you nervously shook your head.
after you wholeheartedly told him you genuinely wanted a kiss, he studied you for a moment.
“make this worth my time,” he scowled before grabbing you and cupping your jaw roughly as you kissed, not caring how much taller or smaller you were than him.
the kiss was certainly breathtaking— all you could taste was him. and he made sure it was a kiss you’d never forget, that was for sure.
he seemed to enjoy the kiss as much as you though, seeing as the kiss lasted for much longer than was originally intended.
he pulled away with a grunt, staring you down with thoughtful vermillion hues for a moment before speaking.
“never forget who made you breathless like that, understood?”
Tumblr media
when you asked KOKUSHIBOU for a kiss, he was stoic at first.
you hesitated as you stared at him, chewing your lip. were you interrupting him during something?
however, wordlessly, he grabbed you and pulled you in for a kiss, gripping onto the back of your head for support with one hand.
he enjoyed everything about you, admittedly: the way you smelled, the way your heart beat rapidly in your chest— he found it adorable.
though, he pulled away just as quickly as the kiss had started.
“quite peculiar,” he purred, staring at you as if you were an object of mystery to him.
you didn’t quite catch the mischievous glint in his eye as he stared you down as you walked away, a flustered mess.
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mythixly · a month ago
Hey!! I have a request if you wanna do it.. can u write how kokushibo and Giyuu (separated) react to f!y/n getting bruises, scars, and cuts when she came back from a mission and how they treat her to feel better? Thank you!!
Coming home injured
Chef note: Finally a order for Kokushibo!!
Pairs: Giyuu Tomioka x Fem!Reader and Kokushibo x Fem!Reader
Genre: Pure fluff💕
Tumblr media
Giyuu Tomioka
Tumblr media
Giyuu was wrapping up the wound he just finished cleaning, you winced in pain because of the other wounds you have gotten.
"Don’t worry, I’ll get to those.." He whispered as he finished wrapping up the cut.
Turns out you got injured pretty badly while you were fighting a lower moon, this made Giyuu panic.
As the Water Pillar finished wrapping up all the cuts, he took your hand and brought it up to his lips, placing a gentle kiss on it.
"I don’t know what I would do if something worse happened, you have to be more careful." He said with love and worry filled in his voice.
You took your other hand, and placed a finger on his chin to tilt his head up so he would meet your eyes.
"I promise to be more careful, dear." You promised.
Giyuu let out a sigh of relief as he hugged your frame.
Tumblr media
Kokushibo came home with a bloody katana, and this made you sigh.
"Please tell me that you didn’t do something I think you did." You pleaded.
The upper moon approached you and kissed you forehead while holding your cheek.
"I apologize my love, but they hurt you and I cannot let that slide." He admitted.
You melted into his touch as always.
He then started to kiss every wound he could find and you chuckle.
"Aren’t you worried that he might find out you killed one of your kind?" You question.
"Not at all, I can talk to him and say that the mere lower moon simply annoyed me." He reassured you.
Kokushibo ended it with a kiss on your lips.
"Rest now, I’m sure you will feel a bit better in the morning." He says as he picks you up bridal style and is headed for the bedroom to give you the rest you need.
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kokushibouwife · 4 months ago
i got a man, but i want you —♡
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thefabulist · 2 months ago
Kokushibou X Child!Reader
Warnings: Death, angst without comfort, hints of wholesome sibling-like-bond, grief, Kokushibou crying, blood, some cursing
A/N: Remember that this is all platonic! Also this is my first time writing and I had this idea in my mind all day long! So please enjoy <3 This is a repost btw bc I accidentally deleted this some time ago and it’s also edited.
Tumblr media
Imagine Kokushibou’s expressionless expression as he looks down over your little corpse. Your eyes that were so filled with love and naivety are replaced with fear, terror and indecision. And when he takes your bony body in his arms, he accuses himself. He blames himself for not being able to protect you. That he couldn't comfort you when your last few seconds passed by. That he can no longer see how you ran to him at night with teary eyes while telling him between sobs that you had a nightmare. Kokushibou misses taking your tiny hand in his.
Kokushibou misses hearing your giggles and laughs.
Before you met him, you strolled in the deep night around and meet him out of pure coincidence. The Upper Moon 1 expected you to scream and run away
Just like every frail human being did
But that never happened. Instead you smiled at him and exclaimed with wide eyes how beautiful he looked.
It was a weird feeling. A compliment thrown at him so carelessly.
And he never planned on taking you under his wing. He took you in because he saw him in you.
His brother.
A nostalgic breeze washed over him as if his head was smashed in the ocean. You wore his brothers face. The face he despised so much. As if the heavens self send his long dead brother in a different way back to him. But why did he pick you up then? Who knows..
The first thing you did was ruffling his hair that apparently in your view was fluffy and soft. Kokushibou would never under any circumstances admit that it was a nice feeling.
A nice feeling since hundreds of years.
So when he came back to the home where you were hidden in warmth and joy he didn’t expect you to be gone. He expected you to greet him with half sleepy eyes, a blanket sprawled over your back. If he wasn’t home he would most likely find you slumbering in your futon. Sometimes you even prepare dinner for the two of you. Kokushibou loved to make dinner with you. He may was a man-eating creature but he still ate the nice food you both prepared.
The fresh smell of pure blood lingered in the air. A bad feeling gloomed in his mind.
He never ran so fast.
Kokushibou knows your smell. It was so sweet that it was aggravating. Sweeter than any sweets that were so well sold in the markets. And purer than any drug
could be. So it wasn’t difficult to find your long dead body sprawled out on the cold ground. Raindrops flowing down on the cold skin that used to be so warm. And of course the blood that hasn’t dried fully yet.
Kokushibou was holding your body as close as he can to his chest. One hand supporting your legs, the other hand laying it’s fingers on your head back. Your face was half pushed into his chest.
Six eyes lost several tears. One after the other. Again and again they fell on your cold face that will never again radiate that innocent smile that he has always loved so much, despite claiming that he hated it. And the tears won’t stop. New ones are replacing the dried ones.
Kokushibou already knew who has done this to you. God he knew it. And he swore to kill them. Vowed in your honour, defense and purity that he’ll avenge you.
He swore to tear the bastards to pieces who did this to you. The bastards who made you feel this pain. The bastards who dare to call themselves the Pillars.
Your lifeless expression haunts him to this day. It hurts him to think about the confusion you felt when they stabbed their filthy swords into your belly and up to your chest. How terrified you must have been. How you waited for him to arrive and save you from these.. monsters just to be forced to face the fact that he’ll never come in time. It hurts.
He never thought nor did he realise how he deep down cherished those simple, bland, yet meaningful memories that soon will turn into a meal to pacify his desire to hold and see you again.
But he likes to think that you’re somewhere.. better. Somewhere warmer and more comfortable. Somewhere where hate doesn’t exist. Somewhere where war doesn’t exist. A place filled with sweetness.. He never questioned what you were doing on your own at night. That night when he met you. All he knew was that somewhere in the Universe, you’re safe and free.
And he will avenge you. No matter what. Even if it would cost his life.
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Tumblr media
This is for Akaza, Kokushibo and Enmu
Douma & Muzan are here
Tumblr media
Oh Enmu would definitely enjoy this.
Our masochistic sadist demon gets great pleasure from this.
( What a pleasure... I leave it to your imagination to decide. )
It was a bit of a boring train ride.
Enmu just wanted to talk about either Muzan or the trains and started getting bored with the topics of conversation.
So you decided to bring a little "excitement" to the situation and bite Enmu as he looks out the window.
You shouldn't have done that.
Enmu will bite you back.
Not only is Enmu bite much harder and sadistic than yours
Maybe you hadn’t expected just such a reaction.
This will be a new way to express love between you.
He loves when you do this and loves when he gets to do this to you.
Now Enmu’s most common topics of conversation are trains, Muzan and the desire to know when you bite him again.
"True love"
"Aaaaaaaah Y/N what lovely surprise. Oh you are really wonderful. Let me restore this love. I promise it won't hurt much."
Tumblr media
It was a quiet afternoon.
You and Kokushibo hugged together when you suddenly got the thought, "What do demons taste like?"
You had heard Kokushibo describe people’s tastes but you had never asked him that.
So you decide to take the initiative and find out for yourself.
And so you bit Kokushibo (It was the first and last time.)
Kokushibo would probably be really surprised.
If you weren’t his partner you would probably be dead.
But because you are his partner Kokushibo pushes you backwards and gives you a judgmental look.
( This man has six eyes so the look is really judgmental. )
Kokushibo is waiting for an explanation.
And when he hears the reason he just lets it be.
He may be blaming you but this is not a big deal.
"Want to know what a demon tastes like? Couldn’t you just ask like normal people do. No Y / N I don't know many people but I'm pretty sure they don't bite their boyfriends"
Tumblr media
This idea was because you wanted to see the Akaza reaction.
He had gone on to tell you that your surprise attacks were boring.
Akaza had asked you to make surprise attacks so he could practice dealing with them.
But your surprise attacks did not surprise Akaza.
So you wonder what the weirdest thing you can do and you got this idea.
You went to Akaza and asked for a hug.
Because you do so often Akaza didn’t suspect this at all and he bowed to hug you.
It was the moment you hit your teeth around his neck.
Akaza would just stare ahead in shock.
After that, he starts laughing.
This is exactly the kind of surprise attack he meant.
" Y/N this is exactly what I meant. That was really good. I am proud of you dear. Now you need just try it again"
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myrulia · 6 months ago
𝑅𝑢𝑡𝑡𝑠 - Cat!Hybrid!Kokushibou x Reader
╰┈: ̗̀· ͟͟͞‧✦Synopsis: On an unusually heated full moon night, a certain feline sneaks into the bedroom of an unsuspecting girl with one goal in his mind
╰┈: ̗̀· ͟͟͞‧✦Warnings: DUB-CON, Cat!Hybrid!Kokushibou, breeding implications, somnophilia, omega!verse, dark content-ish, cat references, cocky/manipulative Kokushibou
This may have been a day late but you know what enjoy<3
Tumblr media
A feline, black and slender, traversed throughout the peaceful night of the full moon, avoiding any peculiar human contact even if it was fully dark.
The truth is this certain night of the warm part of the year was anything but peaceful, in fact the cat had been in a great deal of pain for quite a few days. It became all too unbearable on this specific day, the flame settling deep within his core and eventually traveling throughout his entire nervous system which was the only thing that was on his mind during his night walk.
The cat had been dreading this specific week for ages, simply because it was that time of year for his annual rutts. Usually he would have had his pain relieved by now, already relaxing somewhere secluded, but his success rate of finding a potential person to feast his sexual desires on had been incredibly low.
Just as he was losing hope however, his nose picked up the familiar scent of a woman, young and barely hanging on to consciousness. The feline's tail perked up, all senses being heightened at the thought of finally being able to be rid of the heat taking over his body day by day despite him feeling cold all the while.
Without letting another second pass by, he allowed his nose to guide him all the way to the backyard of a rather nice estate. A window was left wide open directly to the source of the scent he picked up. It must have been his lucky day.
Climbing with ease, he eventually made it through and landed safely on the wood flooring of your bedroom. The scent got stronger and stronger as he navigated through the spacious room until he approached your bed in the dark, a glint in his eyes sparking once he noticed the outline of your sleeping body. 
He jumped on the bed while morphing into that of his human form, his muscles taking shape and long raven hair framing his dangerously handsome face, as well as the collar adorning an encrusted silver plate that read "Kokushibou" on the very front. A wide grin fell upon his features as the male slowly but surely peeled away the blanket and revealed your body and resting face. An ear of his ended up twitching in sync with his cock at the sight.
” Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes? ”
Kokusuibou asked despite confirming you were pretty much knocked out prior to having you beneath him. A large, veiny hand slid under your thin tank top to your breasts that seemed to lure his eyes in the more he gazed upon your body. Every curve, every mark, and even your little tummy made his cock erect. Everything about your body was absolutely stunning, but of course he'd also think you would look better coated in his essence instead.
You shifted once his hand began to grope your breast, and although he thought it would be better to stop, his desire-filled instincts told him that you needed the help just as much as he did.
The more he stared, the more his greed grew uncontrollable and untamed, forming an elixir of lust that settled deep within his abdomen that took over his entire nervous system. A low growl left Kokushibou's rather sharp teeth once he noticed how you were hardly in any clothing other than your tank top and thin underwear that was coated in a damp spot right where your hole was simply because of his mere teasing to your chest.
” How nice of you to prepare for me, however we wouldn't want these to get in the way, hm? ”
He taunted once more to your sleeping form, a nail of his free hand ripping open your clothing and leaving you bare just a few seconds afterwards, your already erect nipples being exposed to the warm atmosphere he created with his presence alone.
He lastly ripped your panties apart, discarding them and throwing the ruined fabric across the room with little to no regard, his eyes locking onto your glistening pussy the moment it was exposed. A thumb of his immediately ambushing the bundle of nerves with little pressure applied just to make you squirm, and that you did.
Your legs twitched ever so slightly, your lips parting to let out a huff but you still remained sleep somehow. The sight of your body jerking when the pad of his thumb pressed down just a little harder made the feline-male's tail sway side to side, a larger grin plastering itself onto his face.
” I should stop torturing you, no? After all, you seem to be so enraptured. ”
Just as he said, his hands retracted from your sensitive parts and now holding onto your waist, the ends of his nails poking into your soft flesh. Your body movements ceased to a stop, your face going from scrunched to neutral once more now that whatever odd friction you felt was over.
Little did you know that was far from the truth. 
Kokushibou stroked his now fully erect and throbbing cock a few good times, biting his lip as he imagined how your insides might feel when they squeeze around him.
He then spreads your legs slowly so as to not wake you just yet, lining up with your entrance until he's pushing inside of you. His fat and thick head proved difficult to plunge into your pussy until in one single thrust he managed to bottom out entirely within you. The male struggled for breath, his nails now digging into your hips to keep a shred of his self control.
” You are one tight beauty ar-aren't you? Fuck.., ” He muttered under his breath, painfully biting his lip until blood emerged but he could not help it. The way your walls swallowed him so keen sparked erogenous waves to overtake his head. The pain of his rutt was long forgotten now that he had a little bit of satisfaction, but he was long from finishing. 
You yourself let out a whimper from the feeling of something vehement invading your lower regions, your somewhat normal dream shifting into something entirely different because of the lewd things being done to your body without you knowing. 
Once Kokushibou felt as though you were adjusted enough despite him not having an ounce of care, his hips pulled back before slamming into yours again, a wanton moan emitting from his mouth that bounced off the walls. His ears that were alert were now down, redness spreading across his cheeks once his pace picked up slowly but surely. The situation would be vile to anyone else, but to the desperate kitty, this is what he longed for. 
” So good..- fuck so good, ” He moaned again, the sound of skin slaps now overtaking his eardrums and the splatter of your pussy coating his cock in your slick overtaking his eardrums. Your body jerked several times each time his hips met yours, your dream being overtaken by something lewd and scandalous.
The male however could hardly pay any attention to you stirring and writhing every which way, he had waited so viciously long to finally relieve himself that any shred of self-control left was withered away. The succulent way your walls fluttered transported the feline into pure thrill at the thought of you waking up to getting your womb fucked and claimed. All he was doing was marking his territory.
You shifted a few times, the painful yet salacious feeling of something probing at your insides so deliciously snapping your head back to reality. Your eyes fluttered open but they seemed to remain glued shut at the mere force of thrusts being inflicted, so much so you felt lightheaded but ravenous for more at the same time.
Your hands gripped onto the sheets when you felt an atrociously dirty throb against your sweet spot that caused you to intake a sharp breath of air suddenly, gaining the attention of the being hovering above you.
” Well look who's awake, I wondered how long..hnngh.. it would take you. ”
Your voice was caught in your throat for all you could do was stare at the male's luminescent golden irises that bored into yours, half lidded as his hips rutted into yours sensually. You did indeed want to say something but your legs seemed to have a mind of their own wrapping around his waist creating an entirely new euphoric sensation with the fiery heat building up in your depths. The creature with the cat-like ears released a hair-raising chuckle, his pace never faltering when his hands reached to your wrists, holding them above your head so you truly had no means of escape.
” You seem just as needy as me huh? Want me to help you, beautiful? ”
Not even a second later you nodded frantically against your will. It was as if your mind had no say in your body's actions because you were giving in to the aphrodisiac passion, all the while whimpering and small moans that you tried to hold back leaving your lips.
” If you want my help then keep making those cute sounds why don't you? It's the only way. ”
Yet again his words were your command seeing as the volume of your divine wails increased. The grin Kokushibou sported grew to being sadistic now that his temperature was slowly rising now that your warmth had enveloped him so shamelessly, inviting him with ease. 
Your head tilted back, and just as instantaneous as that was, a pair of sharp fangs attacked the exposed flesh of your neck, biting not only to  mark you forcefully but to silence his unusually loud mewls and groans into your supple skin. The sensations of your cunt left him in such delirium it should be labeled a sin within itself. 
Kokushibou withdrew from your neck, heavy lecherous puffs being evident. The sheer lewdness of your slobbering cunt overtook his ears and sooner than expected a leg of yours was being raised to his shoulder, his chest brushing against yours once his pace quickens rapidly. You whined audibly in gluttony, but you were quickly silenced by two fingers invading your mouth.
” Don't be too loud now, I'm sure you wouldn't want my dick stuffing your throat now would you? ”
You shook your head no, hot salty tears of pleasure rolling down your face when your core started to burn for a release.
” That's a good girl, for being obedient I'll claim you as mine beautiful. ”
His words may have been laced with the sweetness of honey but the inhuman lust with each plunge proved otherwise. Your eyes had shut and your back arched, your hands trying to escape the tight grip to touch, to feel at least something.
” Y-Yes! Yes please keep-keep goin- hahh!~ ”
Your orgasm had finally washed over you, your cum being mixed with Kokushibou who had also came just a few seconds after you did. Your nails were digging into your palms painfully from how full you felt all of a sudden. The mix of a thick cock kissed directly at your cervix and claiming your womb flooded your senses, hot ropes of cum still being released deep inside your fluttering pussy.
” You don't want my precious cum to go to waste right? Think you can keep it in for me? ”
” I d-don't know..- ”
You replied with a broken tone, your voice almost being stuck in your throat once more as your body shuddered and twitched every few seconds. The luscious warmth in between your legs clouded your mind until you felt something fuzzy and slender brushed against your face. 
” I know you can do it beautiful. Give me a few kittens while you're at it? That would please me so much. ”
It was true. The thought of your stomach swelling with his own litter of kittens did indeed send an electrifying wave of scorching pleasure to cock. You did so well for him after all it would only be fair for him to bless your womb by marking every inch of it with him.
You simply nodded because you could not give a coherent answer, but that was all the cat-male needed to see, so he grabbed your cheek tenderly, stroking your skin with the back of his finger.
” You are mine now, beautiful. ”
Tumblr media
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o3o-aya · 6 months ago
Hoi! How would Kokushibo, Doma and Akaza flirt/seduce their crush? (Take care, I Hope youre doing well!)
Ooo! :0
I also used a g/n reader, I hope you don’t mind :)
kjhgf also sorry it’s so short! I wanted it longer but my mind decided that it didn’t work-
Tumblr media
Mans is to old fashioned to actually do it the newer way-
So he does it the old fashioned way-
And he doesn’t even ask you out, he just asks if you want to get married-
And you’re like “???”
Cause like- he wants to what? 
Marry you?
That’s... You didn’t even know how to feel about that!
You felt flattered but you told him that you wanted to get to know him better before making an quick decisions! 
He was hesitate to agree but he did anyways.
He doesn’t care as long as you belong to him.
His plan worked! And now he had you! :D
Tumblr media
See- See this one- 
He’s a bastard, he’s so obsessed with you!
He’s got it engraved in his head that he’s already with you.
Expect to be lavish with expensive gifts and clothing.
You’re hella confused until he calls you a nickname, then you’re even more confused!
But you just continue letting him be.
Douma is always calling you, trying to woo or seduce you.
It gets to the point where you’re uncomfortable-
He does NOT get the hint-
The only reason you say yes to him is to get him off your back.
He is very happy, he spoils you so it isn’t so bad.
Tumblr media
You gotta be hella strong to get his attention so I imagine you’re a demon slayer.
His way of flirting is asking if you want to fight him for all eternity-
He wants you to know he cares so he’ll bring you flowers, candy, and demand you fight him. You know, the usual stuff-
After a while, you get charmed with this strange demon man.
And you finally accept his offer.
surprised Pikachu face Akaza
He’s shocked but happy! 
When you finally become a demon, this mother fucker never leaves your side.
Lucky you
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all-shriveled-up · a month ago
Tumblr media
𝙺𝚘𝚔𝚞𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚋𝚘 𝚡 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛
Tumblr media
Eternity. Thats the word that crossed kokoshibo's mind anytime be glances down at you form. So helpless. Trapped underneath him, willingly. A meer mortal willingly offering affection to him. A demon. Number one at that. What was wrong with you? Ne needn't care. All he focused on was you. All snuggled up against him, subconsciously nuzzling deeper in his chest every few minutes. He stroked your hair with each of your soft breaths. If anyone were to take you, his reason for living, away from him, they wouldn't live to see sunrise. You were his everything. He looked forward to you, Seeing you. Coming home to you after a long day or frustrating meeting. He couldn't have someone as important as you leaving him could he? No. No he couldn't. If he had to break you to keep you in his possession, so be it. After all, thats why he's turning you into a demon, right at this very moment. As you were drifting off into a realm of unconsciousness, he was drifting you away from your humanity. The human body is weak. It can withstand barely anything, a demon is almost impossible to kill, so that would be his best option if he wanted to spend every second of his pitiful life with you. He wanted you to stay with him forever, he didn't care if you were mad at him for not asking. You would get over it soon enough. All he cared about was that you would be with him. Be with him for all eternity.
"Till death do us part, my dear."
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teddy-yandere · 7 months ago
How about reader being a skilled and master escapist and always managing to escape from the place somehow only to just go grocery shopping and try cooking new dishes for yanderes Tanjiro, Yoriichi, Rengoku and Kokushibou (Separate) And TYSM for liking my work, it really means a lot 💖💖
- Escape Artist -
⚠️WARNING⚠️ will contain dark themes
Characters = Tanjiro , Yoriichi , Rengoku , Kokushibou
A/N = You guys can start sending in some Halloween requests !! Feel free to request any character you want. For some reason this request made me think about Harry Houdini. I am pretty sure he died in Halloween. I hope you enjoy Darling !
* .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚・ ✧.。. *.
• When you first escaped from his house he had a panic attack and was curled up in a ball just crying his guts out. So imagine his surprise when all you do is return with groceries. He is just there like ~-~.
• He then rushes up to you and starts checking you frantically asking you if you were hurt or anything. He then starts crying again asking you why you would ever do something like that to him. He then remembers the groceries. And you guys start to make super. Tanjiro was holding your hand the whole time.
• That night before you went to bed , Tanjiro apologized before putting a chain on your ankle. To his amazement you did not seem to care much ( probably because you knew you could find a way out of the chain ).
• To his horror the next day you were gone again. Tanjiro burst out crying shouting your name , begging you to come back and just like the day before you came back with more stuff from the town nearby.
• Tgus time however he scolded you and begged you to please stop doing this to him. When you started saying that the only reason you did it was because you were bored he became a little more understanding. But not completely. He told you that if you ever wanted anything you can just ask him and he will bring it home. He told you that it was way to dangerous for you to be leaving the house all alone and that there are demons who might want to hurt you.
• To your sulfide the next day when you woke up you saw Nezuko snuggled into your side sleeping. Tanjiro put her there to keep a close eye on you. He can’t risk you leaving ever again.
• Yeah this man is probably one of the easiest to escape from at first.
• He noticed almost immediately your little habit of escaping and he did not like it one bit. Unlike some of the others he can be surprisingly rough with his darling when they have done something bad or just misbehaved in general . That being said when he came home one day and found you missing he felt like his entire world was crumbling into dirt.
• Similar to Tanjiro he started crying .. very hard. When you walked into the house after a few minutes with groceries he wasn’t even mad at you. He pulled you into a very tight hug and cried into your shoulder. To be honest you were kinda annoyed at this because he is the one who kidnapped you. He should be grateful that you came back to him. Oh well. At least you get to be spoiled by him now.
• When you escaped for the second time , let’s just say that Yoriichi was very far from pleased. He felt like you were playing with his heart. When you just stood there staring at him , that’s when he knew he had to do something about this bad habit of yours.
• After dinner he had a very long talk with you about why what you did was wrong and how the outside world is very scary and dangerous. He knows that he can’t blame you for it but he has lost some very important people in his life before and he does not want you to get hurt or killed. Don’t you know that there are many demons he would want to eat you for a snack??
• To his unfortunate luck you did not seem to care very much about his worry. That night when you were fast asleep he made sure to tie you up. He could not risked you leaving unattended ever again.
• Because Rengoku is a very delusional Yandere , he fully believes that you live him and want to willingly be with him forever. Because of this , he tends to think that you can do absolutely no wrong in this world that we all live in.
• Whwn he first came home and found you missing , he tries not to think to much of it. But as time began to pass , he became more and more worried. It is around this time that he started to aggressively tear the house apart looking for you even though he knew he would not find you. That’s when he started crying and panicking. Maybe you were just going outside to look for some flowers … right??
• He was about to go outside and look for you when you casually entered through the front door carrying groceries. He immediately ran up to you and practically tackled you to the floor. Instead of sobbing like the other two , he began to harshly scold you about the little stunt you decided to pull. You had never seen him so mad.
• After he cooled down a bit he hugged you again. Then he said that he expected more from his partner. It took everything inside of you not to slap him. This man your captor , had the nerve to tell you that he expected more?!! He should be happy you came back.
• When Rengoku saw that your expression did not change , he got mad and dragged you to the room where he forced you to cuddle him. And I mean he really forced you to stay still while he pulled you into his chest. When he still weren’t behaving if he ties you up and snuggled into you. All you could do was try to hold in your tears.
• From now in , Rengoku made sure to make the house escape proof so that you are stuck with him forever.
• Yeah about the fact about you being a master escape artists it is going to be extremely difficult to escape this upper moon. Because he is probably the most patient Yandere to be stuck with , he will most likely just watch you try to escape before he comes from behind you and drags you back to your room. You will be left in a moment of shock for a split second.
• It is very hard to tell but he is not mad at you. Like I have said before he is a very patient Yandere to have. You could attempt to escape a dozen times and he still will drag you back and tie you up without saying anything.
• I am sorry this is so short. I just see it as nearly impossible escape Kokushibou. It would be a waste of time to even try.
* .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚・ ✧.。. *.
Thanks for reading Darling !! <3
Feel free to request any character you want. I write for all genders. If you don’t tell me what gender you want then I will just make it gender nuetural. I write for many different fandoms such as:
• Demon Slayer
• Haikyuu
•Attack on Titan
• My Hero Academia
• Death Note
Have a nice Day / Night ~
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haru-chan702 · 4 months ago
𝓡𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓸𝓶 𝓱𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓬𝓪𝓷𝓸𝓷𝓼 (𝓭𝓮𝓶𝓸𝓷𝓼) {𝓰𝓷!𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓻}
• Lady Tamayo.
She has you as a disciple together with Yushiro and for this reason, you and the boy often fighting for who "will have the honor of winning Lady Tamayo's heart". Each time, she calms you down and strokes your hair telling you that you don't have to care much about what the other demon says, since you've already conquered her.
• Yushiro
How to say ... he is very, very jealous of you and anyone who looks at you risks losing a limb, man or woman. You don't care that much, but sometimes this situation gets a little out of hand, and whenever you point it out to him, you and he always end up fighting. In the end you make peace with absurd ease, since then he comes to apologize and want to cuddle.
• Muzan
He's the most megalomaniac and self-centered person you've ever met and when you pointed this out to him it didn't end very well for you. As you well know, he doesn't like very much that imperfections are pointed out to him and, since he knows that for you his megalomaniacal status is a defect, he had to «teach you who's boss and what happens when you play the bad child~» and, of course, we all know how it turned out that night.
• Enmu
Whenever you have nightmares about your human life, you go to him who throws you into a beautiful dream and you immediately collapse hugging him. Knowing that you get very upset when you have bad dreams, he doesn't even wake you up in the evening, letting you sleep until he thinks you're rested enough. And often, this "rested enough" comes two nights later.
• Rui
He has a tarantula as a pet and gave it your name. Whenever he calls the arachnid, you think he is speaking to you, but when he is speaking to you, you think he is calling the tarantula. Therefore, you end up never understanding each other and go to him when you shouldn't.
You've asked him several times to change the tarantula's name, but he always says «now that she's used to this name, changing it would just make her go into confusion.» innocently ignoring that you go into confusion too.
• Kokushibo
Do you know when a person says "Look me in the eye"? That thing they tell you when you are sad or have to figure out if you are lying or not. Well, now imagine this thing with one person has 3 pairs of eyes for a total of 6 eyes. Here is the situation between you and Kokushibo.
Being that you like to make up excuses not to tell him where you've really been, even when it comes to an innocent thing like taking a walk, whenever he asks you where you've been he has to make sure you are telling the truth. When he asks you to look him in the eye, you never know which ones to look at, so you stare at an indeterminate point with an "And in your opinion which eyes should I look?"
• Douma
Sometimes you are a little scared by his masochistic behaviors, but you are not afraid he will do it with you too, since he knows you don't like the idea very much. While it would be a way of expressing affection for him, he is aware that you are not an upper moon and that it could really hurt you, so he limits himself to just a little bit every now and then, just to reiterate that you are his.
• Akaza
Let's start by saying that defining him jealous is little. It is not overprotective, more so! Being that you fill the role of the Upper Moon 4 and Muzan gives you different missions, he is always anxious. Not so much because he’s afraid of you cheating on him, but because he doesn't know who you might meet and what he might do to you. He knows that if you need him, he won't be there to protect you.
Whenever you come back from a mission, he sings to hug you and you cuddle him until he calms down and both of you fall asleep.
• Hantengu
When you are sad he never knows how to cheer you up, so he makes one of his clones, Karaku, "be born". You get along very well with him and he is a kind of psychologist for you, so much that, whenever something is wrong, Hantengu asks you if you need him. When he asks you, he is a bit sad. Whenever this scene happens, you look at Hantengu and remind him that you love him and not his clone, so if something is wrong you talk to him.
• Gyokko
He gives you vases, but a large amount. The reason? You love the motifs on them and have an unstoppable passion for plants and flowers. Every time he gives you a new vase, you are the happiest person in the world.
• Nakime
She knows the sound of her biwa relaxes you. So when you're angry, stressed and need to calm down, she starts playing trying not to mess with the Infinity Fortress. When you have calmed down, if you want to tell her about your problems, she listens to you without saying anything.
• Gyutaro
Since everyone has always found him horrible, he has developed a huge inferiority complex. He doesn't want to be like that, in fact you and he are trying to get over this, but whenever he sees you talking to someone and being happy, he starts to think that this person is the best for you, that he has to leave you to get engaged to other people...
Knowing that his doing bothers you, Gyutaro always keeps everything inside and then explodes screaming all over your face, until you calm him down and make him understand that the only guy you want is him.
• Daki
She loves when you compliment her and the more you give her, the happier she is. The only way to really hurt her is an insult on your part and, when it happens during your quarrels, she is able to sulk and ignore you for weeks, until you apologize to her on your knees.
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kokushibouwife · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
黒死牟 % . . . 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗺𝗼𝗼𝗻 𝗸𝗻𝗼𝘄𝘀 𝗮𝗹𝗹 𝗺𝘆 𝘀𝗲𝗰𝗿𝗲𝘁𝘀 ☽ 🔮🗯
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ineedavirtualboyfriend · 8 months ago
Delusional yandere douma has been haunting my mind for days
❥︎He willing to do anything to make you happy
❥︎act like a puppy waiting for his master to praise him
❥︎ "y/n-chan~~~!!"
❥︎ " ne ne i love you "
❥︎and of course will pleasure you till your limit
❥︎ tend to cum inside you "ack-!! y/n-chan f..feels s..so good♡︎♡︎!!" literally can't
❥︎ isn't that so cute to see him begging to be touch
❥︎ grinding you your thigh to finish himself if you're lazy
❥︎ no need to waste your energy , he will take care of it °•°
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Hello :D
Im not sure if your requests are open but if they are:
May I request some valentines day kokushibou headCanons?maybe he want to ask his crush out on that day
Fem or gn pls :)
Take care ♪~(´ε` )
Tumblr media
Kokushibo would not have had time for a relationship before.
Because of this, a demon over 500 years old has never heard of Valentine’s Day.
You need to explain the Valentine’s Day idea to him.
Kokushibo is not very excited but he is ready to try for you.
Kokushibo would try to make you a Valentine's Day card.
That would look really weird.
But others say nothing because they don’t want Kokushibo to hit them with a sword.
Kokushibo would try to be gentle on Valentine’s Day.
More hugs and kisses.
Kokushibo also tries to express his verbal love more.
Maybe he'll give you some nickname.
He usually calls you by your own name.
If you give Kokushibo a gift he will be really happy.
You can even see him smiling.
Kokushibo thinks spending Valentine's Day with you is nice.
He is looking forward to next year.
This is the only day since he is not fully available to Muzan.
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i-need-sleeps-blog · 5 months ago
Rengoku: Yo is Douma sleeping or dead?
Akaza: Hopefully dead, I hated their guts.
Kokushibu: Yeah, so did I.
Douma: Okay first of all, fuck you
Kokushibu: Why are Rengoku and Akaza sitting with their backs to each other?
Douma: They had a fight.
Kokushibu: Then why are they holding hands?
Douma: They get sad when they fight. In
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