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sukunababy · a day ago
Tumblr media
— stepdad!Tengen Uzui x f!reader
» req. Mina can i request prompt 60. “No, I'm going to make you feel good ” for Uzui Tengen? Thank you 💕 — @cursedmoonchild
» req. So my request is for stepdad Tengen Uzui. He decides to marry y/n's mom. Out of spite, y/n doesn't do any chores that is assigned to her, sneaks out of their home and refuses to listen to anything any of the other wives tells her to do. Tengen decides to take matters into his own hand — @tojibreedingme
cw. mdni. age gap (Tengen is in his 40s — reader in her 20s), step-cest, daddy kink, deepthroating, gagging, mating press, degradation — use word slut just one, cervix kissing, belly bulge
an. thanks for your requests babies 🖤☁️ — m.list
Tumblr media
Maybe you should have listened when his wives asked you to do something around the house, whether it was laundry or dishes, sweeping the floor or working in the garden.
Maybe you should have listened when your mother told you that you were now a family and you had to abide by their rules too, even if their rules forced you to come home too early or not invite boys over.
You were no longer a kid, but maybe you should have asked to be allowed to go with them instead of staying home with your new stepfather.
Or maybe not.
Tears fill your eyes as you choke on his cock stuck in the back of your throat. You look up at him from under your lashes as Tengen slips his fingers through your hair, pulling you to him once more, "now, look, this wouldn't have happened if you'd just followed our rules, brat" he murmurs holding you still with your nose pressed against his crotch.
Drool drips down the sides of your lips and onto your chin as your gags echo through the room, and he can't help but smirk at your smutty appearance as you swallow his fat shaft, again and again.
When you pull off the drool keeps you glued to his head, and as sore as your throat is you can't stop your lips.
You're relentless as you suck on the tip of his cock, your hand sliding on his balls and caressing them as you bob your head back and forth in a slow, sloppy, lewd rhythm while little moans of pleasure escape you, because yes, it gives you pleasure to suck his cock, it gives you pleasure to choke on his long shaft, it gives you pleasure to hear how he moans low and rough.
And then his hips jerk forward slamming deep into your throat, his hand presses behind your head as your eyes snap open and tears wet your cheeks, "mmhp daddy" your voice almost not audible as you roll your tongue out to get more room for his throbbing cock.
Tengen quickly thrusts back and forth and when he pulls off you give him one last long tongue roll and smile at him lasciviously, "this wasn't a treat for you" he whispers pulling you to your feet and pressing you to the mattress.
Your gaze travels down his body and you stare unashamedly at his pecs as he climbs on top of you, his mouth is hot as he hums in your ear, biting your earlobe and moving down your neck leaving red wet marks, "you're just a whore aren't you?" he asks with a smirk.
You meow lewdly as you spread your thighs wide, "what now?" you tease him wrapping your thighs around his hips, "are you going to punish your naughty little girl?" and Tengen can't help but giggle pushing his shaft heads between your glistening folds, "no, I'm going to make you feel so good you'll want more and more, and to get more you'll have to follow everything daddy says."
You moan obscenely when Tengen hooks his arms under your legs and lifts them up, pushing your knees up to your shoulders, his cock working its way into your dripping hole and his swollen balls slamming into your ass.
Your warm walls wrap around his cock as his thick head repeatedly kisses your cervix, you're biting the back of your hand and your eyes glisten with tears as you stare as his white hair falls back over his face, "feels so good" you whimper taking in all that Uzui is giving you.
He thrusts his hips forward in short, sporadic jerks, watching you scream every time his cock comes out of you, and he can barely think straight as he pushes himself back in and fucks against your cervix, slamming his tip against it.
"Shit, like this" he growls through gritted teeth as your back arches under his thrusts and the knot in your stomach unties bringing you to orgasm.
Your mouth opens wide, your eyes grow hot as you stare at him and Tengen's thrusts slow as he empties himself inside you, your belly swelling with his sticky seed and his words echoing as he strokes your tired, trembling legs, "since you can be such a good girl for Daddy?"
Tumblr media
🏷. @spicybunnyxp @matssuncxmslxt @shigamiryuk @narmisseite @semisgroupie @hannas16 @Kurtaclangobrrr @misandrybrat @daoyuu @itsmesephy-blog @awkwardchick87
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hashiiras · 2 days ago
feat. giyuu, tengen, rengoku, obanai, sanemi, gyomei
! warnings are displayed throughout post
! female reader
! minors dni
ride him in his own shirt!!!! It will kill him!!!! xxx
! contains riding
the slow start, the buildup, the lewd sounds of your cunt squelching around his movements is all too much for tomioka to handle xxx
! contains fingering
gosh he absolutely destroys your guts in this position, the one leg up combo is lethal xxx
! contains penetration
a shameless quickie before the hashira meetings, locking yourselves in the bathrooms and being unable to keep your hands to yourselves because uzui just looks too good when he’s talking business xxx
! contains faster paced sex
hnnnnngggg nothing beats a hearty thigh ride for him, tread carefully as you rock your hips, seeking a beautiful pleasure from creating friction off of your boyfriend because he’s 10 steps ahead of you, ready to grip and control your speed xxx
! contains thigh riding
you can feel the passion and love in the way he touches you, fondling your clit and getting his digits all messy with your pussy juices stopppp xxx
! contains costumes and pussy play
handles you with upmost care, massaging your skin and kissing every inch of your body to make your body temperature heat up, to prepare you for what he wants to do with you xxx
! contains heavy kissing
in conclusion, it’s just impossible for obanai to keep his hands to himself :(( xxx
! contains light choking, hand around and in mouth
no thoughts, head empty, just a late night with ‘mi where the two of you get a little hot and bothered with hazy minds, playing with yourselves for each other <3 xxx
! contains mutual masturbation
a nice, sensual titty fuck will bring this man straight to his knees xxx
! contains tit fuck
:((( your size doesn’t matter at all because he will make you feel tiny in his hold, caressing your sopping pussy with his thick fingers, rolling your clit around and getting your sticky mess all over you xxx
! contains size difference,
are you fucking kiddingggg??? Gyomei 100% fucks exactly like this, the intimacy level is beyond the roof xxx
! contains penetration
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tengensblackwifey · a day ago
Hashira NSFW links
Tengen uzui 
1. Manhandling you 
2. Taking his big cock deep
3. A video you send him while he’s on a mission 
Obanai iguro
1. Dripping all over his cock
2. Throwing that ass back on him while he catches it all. 
3. Letting him kitten lick your clit 
Kyojuro Rengoku 
1. Riding him in the backseat of his car while creaming on him so good.
2. Pounding you in a mating press
3. Squriting so much becasue he fucksyou soo good. 
Giyu Tomioka
1. Riding him so good you get to hear his cute moans 
2. Hitting it from the back for the first time 
3. Missionary is so good with him 
Sanemi Shinazugawa
1. Fucking you rough on a table 
2. Slutting you out
3. Trying to ride his big cock before he takes control 
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mitsuriloverush · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Giyuu x reader pt.2- short nfsw ( not proofread)
“ 𝐺-𝑔𝑖𝑦𝑢𝑢! 𝑃𝑙𝑒𝑠𝑎𝑠𝑒... 𝑁𝑜 𝑚𝑜-𝑚𝑜𝑟𝑒! ”
You pathetically squirmed under Giyuu placing your shaky hands on his broad chest, in a attempt to make him stop. Which was no use. He just pushed your hand away and made his thrusts more brutal and faster, even though you were overstimulated and tired. This side of Giyuu is what you needed and wanted more. You felt your body tense up as you felt yourself close, your tired eyes scanned over Giyuu’s frame. Sweat dripped down his face and his face, his eyes were squeezed and his teeth clenched together. He was trying his best not to let out a grunt knowing how much you like to hear his deep voice.
His rough hand held on to your neck giving it squeezes from time to time. His thumb rubbing your abused clit roughly while his pace quickens. He lowered his down to your chest and began to start licking and pinching the buds in between his teeth, his hand that was supposed to be on your neck was now pinching and pulling at your other nipple. Your hands pulled and tugged at his raven locks pushing your bruised tits in face more while your legs tighten around his waist more than they already were. “ M’so close G-giyuu!” Your tongue lolled out your mouth as you squeezed your eyes shut.
Giyuu abruptly came came to a stop and pulled out of you. You choose to ignore the ‘pop’ sound your pussy made as Giyuu’s dick left your warm and gummy walls. “ W-why’d you stop?” You whispered out as your tear stained eyes looked at his. “ You told me to? Don’t you remember?” He huskily said as he looked down at you like a lion looked at it’s prey. “ B-but I was so close!~” you pathetically pleaded as you held onto his arms. “ Well then, you might just have to beg for it.” He kissed your neck and rubbed your hips as his dark eyes peaked at yours.
“ What’re you waiting for? Start begging.”
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vlyntage · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
𝘧𝘦𝘢𝘵𝘶𝘳𝘦𝘥 𝘪𝘯 @misss-chrisss ‘s 𝙜𝙚𝙩𝙖𝙬𝙖𝙮 𝘤𝘰𝘭𝘭𝘢𝘣 !
¡! summary: after your honeymoon with tengen starts to come to a close, he and his wives plan to make your last night on the beautiful shores of cancun memorable…
¡! warnings/notes: nsfw (-17 and ageless blogs dni), fem ! reader + race and ethnicity neutral, praise kink, group sex, modern au setting, sub! reader, beach sex, size kink asf!!!
¡! wc: 2.8k
¡! tags: @sauza , @oblxvion , @loyenne
a warm, kissing breeze passed over you as you stepped out into the shore’s opening. all the noise and commotion coming from behind you began to melt into the soothing sound of the waves pushing over the sand.
the sky was stunning, clouds gradient with purple, pink and orange hues. meanwhile, the sun was piercing as it gradually sunk below the horizon, encasing the entire beach area in a warm, dim haze.
now away from the crowded resort, you felt your body relax. your feet planted into the freshly cooling sand, the thin cloth of your bathing suit cover freely dancing within the gentle breeze. with the heat slowly dying down, the near stifling warmth in the air began to fade into a soothing coolness.
behind you back at the large courtyard, there was a bustling crowd watching a large fire show being performed on the side stage. large wand-shaped poles whirled all over like flags around the flashy performers, earning excited cheers as they tossed them up and the flames continued to swirl over them.
at some point, you had lost hinatsuru somewhere in the crowd. the two of you had just gotten back early from a dinner with tengen, makio and suma, and wanted to get a head start on enjoying the last bits of the resort on your last night here.
even though the place was beautiful in and out, you had to admit the wide clearing the shore offered right outside of the resort was your personal favorite part. even if there were people all around, the serenity of the crashing waves and clear winds made it seem like pure solitude for you.
“there you are.” a familiar soft voice from behind you silenced your thoughts.
turning around, your eyes met with hinatsuru again. her thick hair flowed down her shoulders, warm violet eyes locked upon you now. seeing her in front of you now caused you to smile.
she was dressed in a lilac and white floral pattern bathing suit cover, one that was a similar style to yours. underneath, the wind kicked up to reveal her dark purple two piece that hugged her body perfectly. truly, she was a sight to behold. as she always was.
“i was certain i lost you in there,” she took your hand into hers, gently grasping it, gaze turning to the sight of the now dying sun on the shore in front of the both of you.
“good thing i know this area well by now.” she chuckled.
you admired the softness of her palm intertwining with yours. the two of you stood together, watching the gentle waves roll by as night fell over the sky.
slowly, her arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you close to her. the rhythmic, whispering crashes of the shore kept both of you practically hypnotized in your embrace.
it was amazing to think such clear waters and light air could have such a beautiful affect on you and all the people here. it was almost as if this entire shore, this entire city was something alike to a dream. which made sense, due to all the people who came here every year for vacation.
yet, your reason to be here felt so much more special than anything else. being married, especially to tengen and three beautiful ladies, was a different type of love.
it felt deeper, and certainly more adventurous than any other relationship you’d been apart of. even after the wedding, which was relatively private, it was a lot for you to get situated with.
even though you felt like you were finally breaking through the ice and getting used to being with all four of them, there was still something lingering inside you. something that just wouldn’t go away, no matter how many times you tried. a nagging feeling of what you could best describe as anxiety.
even if you did feel good and relaxed around them, especially during this amazing week-long vacation, there was always something you felt you were unnecessarily worried about. as if something was missing, or just not right within your mind.
while you knew it could just be overlapping thoughts, it still didn’t stop you from lying wide awake at night, even with both of tengen’s arms snaked around you, his other wives sound asleep next to you as well.
it took you a few moments to notice hina staring at you as you zoned out into your thoughts, a visibly concerned look dressing her expression.
her hands slipped up beneath your chin, hands directing your face to look at her.
“are you alright?” she asked, feeling how the heat increased in your cheeks. “you’ve barely said a word since dinner.”
you let out a small sigh. it’d be no good to just nod and say yes at this point. she knew you too well for that by now.
“i just haven’t felt my best, specifically today.” you admitted.
her hands lowered to grasp your own, tilting her head curiously. “how so, love?”
your eyes avetred, glimpsing the early sprout of the full moon deep in the horizon ahead of you. it was near splintering to try and voice your feelings, yet you knew you had to. otherwise, this feeling would only fester onwards.
“well, i know its early on…but i don’t really feel like i’m really married to you.”
hinatsuru’s taken aback expression that followed your words was what made you panic instantly.
“n-not that i don’t want to be married to you! that’s not it at all! i just don’t feel completely–”
you were interrupted by her laughter, hina playfully swatting at you. she abruptly cleared her throat and met your confused expression with a soothing smile.
“[name], you’re too cute..” she chirped, stroking your now burning face with familiar tenderness. even if it was amusing, she remained with a certain seriousness, even with such a gentle personality.
“you know that’s normal, right?” she said, thumb gently stroking the surface of your cheekbone. “i can tell you, since i felt that exact same way when i first married tengen.”
you shot her a confused look. out of what you’d seen, her and tengen’s bond seemed to be so deep. even though he adored every single one of you the same, him and hina were another kind of bond that you didn’t even fully understand when first getting together with them.
“i never quite knew why, but it never felt real.” she said, turning to look at the dazzling moon above you now, its light glittering upon the water.
“it felt a little isolating and even scary at first, but that was normal at the time.” she turned back, still smiling at you. “you’re still so new to this. so don’t beat yourself up for not feeling all there.”
it was like a completely different weight had lifted off of you now that she’d said that. you couldn’t help but smile at her, your hands intertwining together again. it all made so much sense now, thankfully.
“there’s my girls!” you heard a familiar, booming voice call from behind you both.
turning around, you caught glimpse of tengen and makio walking towards you, as suma dashed through the sand to come greet you.
suma’s eyes were lit up with that same fiery excitement as she ran towards you both, arms bundling you and hina in a large embrace. the three of you were left giggling at the sight, struggling to recompose yourselves.
though, suma pulled back with a slight pouty look on her face.
“now why did you head off without us?” she asked, hands now on her hips. “you know this is a honeymoon, meaning we’re supposed to be spending time together!”
“oh give them a break, suma. can you blame them? this view is incredible!” makio exclaimed, eyes wide with amazement as she looked at the sky. “plus, we’ve had all week together!”
suma admired the view with a smile. “i guess you’re right, then.” she chirped.
“well, its our turn to enjoy it now!” she chuckled, running ahead to enjoy the rush of the shore alongside makio, where they proceeded to remove their bathing suit covers and venture deeper into the shore together.
you glanced back behind you, eyes meeting with tengen’s. he stood in front of you and hina, that same handsome smile on his lips. his long hair was barely past his shoulders, giving him that naturally scruffy look you loved so much.
he leaned down suddenly, hands bringing your face to his, kissing you warmly. the gesture admittedly took you by surprise, the warmth rushing to your face again.
tengen pulled away gently, eyes still staring into yours with a soft intensity, paired with something else you couldn’t quite read in the moment.
“how are you?” he asked quietly, thumb gently rubbing against your cheek.
“i’m good.” you murmured in response.
beside you, hinatsuru was smiling tenderly at you two. even if you were still struggling to find your true place of balance with them, she trusted it would all melt away tonight. after all, they had all arranged for this night to be all about you, the new wife.
but, you didn’t need to know that…yet.
the whole time the other wives messed about in the shore, tengen had you wrapped in his arms as hina laid snuggled beside you both. being the new wife, they wanted to make sure you were prioritized, especially on the last night of the honeymoon.
the sound of the gentle waves paired with the darkness of the sky was so soothing. you could feel yourself practically melting into tengen’s chest as you laid on top of him.
he smiled down at you. “you look so good in that bathing suit.” he murmured.
you gushed at his sweet words as his hand tenderly stroked your inner thigh.
“you really know my style by now.” you replied.
he hummed gently, fingers running through your hair.
“it’s too bad i’ll need to tear it off you.” he teased directly in your ear.
slowly, his hands begin to wander. from your thighs to your waist, he appreciated every part of your body. his hands seemed so large compared to practically all of you.
thinking about how much strength he had, he could simply wrap a single arm around you and be able to carry you that way perfectly.
you felt your breath hitch as his hands traveled to your protruding nipples, pinching them in between his fingers slightly.
you let out a small whimper, his hands proceeding to massage and grab at every part of you that he could.
“tengen…be gentle with her.” hina spoke softly, her hand interlocking with yours again.
“she’s our new jewel, after all.” she said proudly, eyes glimmering within coming into contact with yours.
you could feel your entire body heating up. having both of them praise and begin to touch you at the same time was so much all at one time, yet you relished the feeling.
tengen chuckled in response, turning your face to his.
“yes she is…so precious too.”
his lips once again interlocked with yours, tongue teasing the inside of your mouth hungrily.
you knew very well this whole time you were making him wait. this whole trip, you’d been so nervous around him. as if you weren’t already married to him, and like it was the first time you’d met him.
but now, he craved to see your true wild side. what was it like to see you at your messiest, loveliest way?
he had only one way to find out, and what better way to do it on the most romantic beach at night?
“well well, starting without us?” makio’s voice sounded from in front of you. her playful smirk was directed right at you.
suma was behind her by a few steps, peeking down at you. “as always.” she scoffed jokingly.
tengen glared at them, hands still all over you.
“don’t complain, you just weren’t paying attention.” he teased. “you’re here now, after all.”
suddenly, he started to sit up, causing you to do the same. tengen’s hands remained on your hips, leaning close to your face.
“sit and face me, princess.” he whispered.
you immediately obeyed. facing him now, sitting right on his lower stomach. you watched as he undid his robe, revealing his enthralling muscles.
even if you already knew what he looked like shirtless, this was even more of an amplifying experience. he especially noticed this in your expression.
“see something you like?” he chuckled, hands running up your bare waist.
from behind you, you felt makio’s hands begin to untie the string of your bikini top. the initial gesture caused you to flinch.
before you knew it, the thin fabric had already fallen to the ground. the heat in your body now felt blistering as all of you was revealed, especially out in the open like this.
as you nearly scrambled to cover yourself, tengen stopped you with his hands, a dazed yet still focused look in his eye.
“don’t.” he said gruffly.
“you look so pretty, baby.” makio purred from behind you, embracing you by your upper waist. taking a glance at her, she had also removed her top as well.
naturally, you began to grind down on tengen’s erection through the thin cloth of your bikini. even with separation, you could feel how just how big he was.
you let out a choked whine as she began to lick and suck at your neck, hands running up and down your waist.
suma was closer to you, smiling at your little needy figure as she massaged and grabbed at your breasts.
meanwhile, hina was in front of you, breasts and body fully exposed, the same soft smile dressed her lips as she laid back.
she patiently watched you, yet inside she was reeling at how good you looked. so entranced and in a pure, euphoric state.
“shit…” tengen groaned under his breath. his hands grappled at your hips firmly.
makio’s hand was shoved into the front of your bottoms, tending to your already wet clit. as your lips collided with suma’s you could feel yourself growing needier and needier each moment that passed.
you could also see he was getting restless as well. his hands were starting to leave marks on your hips, and it was evident he wanted all of you to himself now.
he looked to makio and suma, and gestured them off with a nod, which they immediately complied with, even if a little disappointed to leave so soon.
without wasting a minute, tengen clawed off your bottoms and tossed them aside, pulling you closer to him.
he looked up at you, positioning his large cock at the base of your entrance.
“let me know if you’re hurting.”
you gave him an understanding nod, making sure you were taking deep breaths.
slowly, he inserted himself in you. he bared his teeth only slightly, still gripping at your hips.
the way you wrapped so warmly around him was only making him have more of that almost unending hunger.
his pace quickened within you when he noticed you relaxed around him, grunting huskily as he teased the tip of your g-spot already.
your hands messily grasped around his neck, struggling to find your balance as he length fucked deeper into you.
“tengen…s’feels so good,” you whimpered, the slapping only getting faster the closer you grew.
he smirked against your skin, hands traveling up to bring your face to his.
“you’re so sweet, baby, fuckin’ amazing…”
his voice trembled as he thrusted harder into you. your breasts bounced with his rhythm, jagged sobs and moans escaping both of your mouths.
he then had to lay you down on the ground, thrusts pumping sloppily into your dripping pussy.
tengen let himself pull out of you momentarily, just to see the visual of his seed spilling into you. his dark eyes lit up at the sight, groaning in satisfied pleasure.
you laid on your back, trembling as your eyes watered. it was a bit of a struggle to catch your breath again, the soreness within you spiraling.
gently, tengen lifted you into his arms, leaning back as he made you comfortable again. he held you close to his chest, wrapping you around a beach towel.
hina was next to you, face flushed from just watching you. she snuggled up against you both, the other girls joining in as well.
“how do you feel?” he asked, smiling at you.
you exhaled, still trembling slightly.
“amazing.” you said with a smile.
“that’s all we wanted for you.” hina said, laying a kiss on your temple. “to have an amazing honeymoon with us.”
makio, leaning her head on suma’s shoulder, smiled at you. “it’s a shame we couldn’t do a whole lot together.”
“who says we can’t? the night’s still young, isn’t it?” suma chuckled, rubbing against tengen’s arm.
while enjoying the view of the night sky together, you finally felt secure. more secure than you’d ever had before.
it was that same near magical feeling you’d craved for so long, and felt so deprived of in your other relationships.
and now it was finally here, on the shores with your one and only loves.
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totally-true-smut · a day ago
Giving muzan bj after hard day at work, plsssssss🙌🏼🫂
Full disclosure, I've never written about muzan, but the more I write about characters the better I get
Muzan is always tired when he gets home, dealing with his demons can be tiring. Having to make sure no demon slayers catch onto him makes things even more stressful.
Each and everyday he has to deal with finding new victims to become demons to replace the ones that were hunted and killed by the demon slayers. Often times he either has to personally go clean up whatever mess was made and finish whatever task was dealt, or find the right lower moon to assign the task to.
Then he has to go spend time with his fake human wife and daughter to appease them, as to not rise any suspicion. Of course they know he often goes off on long "business trips" but he has to send them money, and visit them every month or so all the same.
When all of these things have been piling up it can often be tiring for the demon, no matter how powerful he is.
On one of these days he's come home, pulled off his jacket and draped it over the bed and layed down, his legs stretched out, socks still on. Noticing how tired and stressed he looks you begin to crawl over to him.
Your head pops up from between his knees as you look across his body, his head is covered with his hat, his coat is lying beside him, and his arms are draped over his chest. You can tell he isn't asleep, he's just resting his body and mind for a few minutes.
Slowly you begin to unbutton and unzip his pants, gently pulling them down when you've finished. His cock is soft as pleasure has not yet filled his body. He gives a twitch as your warm breath hits his skin. He's completely aware of what you're doing, what you're planning, and he lets you continue, not giving any hint that he even cares. You admire that about him, he knows how to keep his cool, not letting anyone in on the thoughts he's having, if he's angry, happy, sad, or even feeling anything.
You begin by kissing him, lavishing his cock in attention and love. Your actions give him a spark of arousal, you can tell when you feel him twitch under your kisses. As he begins to grow, filling out with both length and thickness, you begin taking him into your mouth. You can feel as he slowly grows in your mouth, making it more and more difficult to contain him as time goes.
When he has fully filled out and your mouth can't take anymore he finally brings his hand to your head. His face is still covered as he begins to gently pet your head. His pretting encourages you to keep going, to take him as deep as you can. As you run your tongue along his skin you can feel the veins along his cock, feel the blood moving through his skin as it rushes to his cock. Your saliva is coating him, pooling on his skin, dripping down getting his clothing wet and soaking his skin.
Muzan finally decides to take action, gripping your head and moving you on his own accord. Pulling you up and down his cock, all while keeping his hat over his face and his calm composure. At first he's gentle, barely pulling and pushing, only doing just enough so that you get the message. But as he goes he get rougher and faster, using you as if you were just a puppet and your hair was your string.
Your scalp burns, tears are running down your cheeks, and your face is covered in drool. None of it matters tho, as muzan continues to use you. The only thing he cares about at the moment is his own pleasure, not the uncomfortable pain in your knees, or the burning of your scalp.
When he finishes he presses you down onto him, forcing himself as far into your mouth as you can take. Your mouth fills with cum, it drips from the sides of your mouth, and forces it's way down your throat.
As muzan pulls you off of him you gasp for breath, your face is a mass and you're panting. You don't notice muzan sitting up as you try to catch your breath and swallow the cum filling your mouth. You only notice as he begins wiping off your face, cleaning the mess that covers you.
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unpopularbunny · a day ago
I had to go to my computer browser to get the rules finally lol but thank you!!
If I could kindly request some fluffy head cannons of Inosuke reacting to you playing with his hair??🥺 plus Tanjiro and Zenitsu if you'd like 😌 (I don't want to keep throwing just the pig man at you LOL)
LMAO pig man)
Warnings: None
pairings: TanjiroXReader/ZenitsuXReader/InosukeXReader
(Reader is fem unless requested otherwise!!)
All characters 20+
Leeeets start with the most physically deprived one, zenitsu:
He's never known the sweet soft caress of a girl
Sure, he's desperate and begging ALL the time
A whiny man he is
Your hands are so soft in his hair
you were sitting at a small table
reading a book to pass the time
he basically stormed into the room and flopped onto the floor next to you
he was whining and moaning about training and how hard it is for him
how he wishes to die because its FAR too much
he wiggles his way over until his head is in your lap
without thinking your hands are in his blonde hair
you're petting him while his dramatic ranting slows down, slurs even
His anger melts away so fast when you touch him, it calms him and re-grounds him.
He's still muttering about his woes, getting quieter and quieter
down to a whisper, then it stops
your hands feel so soft and before he can register anything else he's asleep.
It was the first time in a while that you woke up before him
he was always awake first for training, but this time he was exhausted from a particularly strenuous mission
He was sleeping peacefully, his lips partly open and occasionally he snored
His hair was so messy, it was getting long lately
long enough that he put it in a ponytail the other day
you couldn't help but touch his soft hair
running your hands through it gently and curling locks around your finger so often
Of course this wakes him up
but that doesn't stop you
He loves the sweet way you whisper for him to stay in bed with you a little longer
the petting is what really keeps him there
it pulls him back into sleep, not that he was really fighting it
not this time anyway
Aaaaaand inosuke:
He's never been touched like this, all he's known is fighting
well, the medics treating his wounds would be the gentlest he's been touched
He was complaining of a headache any type of medicine you offered was a hard NO
Eventually with some gentle prodding you got him to sit on the floor in front of you
you were in a chair of course
You started by running your hands through his hair, right against his scalp and down his neck
He jolted and before he could run you grabbed him by the shoulders and ordered him to sit still
He was loud and belligerent, demanding what you were doing
You explained you could get rid of the headache, but he had to trust you and be patient
it took some more arguing before he settled
You petted at his hair, it was surprisingly soft, given how feral he was
It was odd but he took a liking to it. So much so that he was damn near purring, his eyes half lidded as he relaxed against you
'See,' you chimed in, 'Didn't this help?'
it sure did
but he wouldn't tell.
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serenevenene · 15 hours ago
Any Bones (1/2)
Giyuu x Fem!Reader | Minors DNI | 01, 02
Requested by @muzanskimono I hope you like it! I wrote way too much so I'll post the second half next week.
After being saved from the Water Pillar, the only thing you could do to repay him was to let him stay in your little cottage as he recovered from the wounds he sustained from the fight. Giyuu found himself enjoying your company, and grateful for the care you gave him. He was even more grateful for the food you served him. Eventually the tables turned, and the Water Pillar found himself wanting to satisfy you.
Vanilla, slow, long, burn injuries and scars, cunnilingus, hurt/comfort
Tumblr media
“I’m so sorry,” you whimpered, crying into his shoulder as you sat at his bedside. You couldn’t hold in your emotions any longer – the man had saved you from a demon, and you were overcome with guilt over the injuries he suffered.
The man looked at you with those unwavering blue eyes, and you felt almost compelled to hold your breath. “Don’t cry,” the man whispered, unable to speak normally.
“Giyuu is fine,” Kocho cooed behind you, with an unusually chipper tone about her voice, “Even though he’s unlikeable, no one can deny his strength. There is almost no chance he would succumb to fire demon with no rank. He’ll survive. That said, he’ll be escorted to the Butterfly mansion to recov--.”
“No,” you cut her off, suddenly finding strength in your voice, “I’ll care for him in my home.”
The Insect Pillar’s eyes narrowed at you, but her tone didn’t change, “But we are surely better equipped.”
“No,” you rejected again, “It’s my obligation.”
Tumblr media
Giyuu found himself looking at an unfamiliar ceiling. His entire body felt like it was on fire, but…he was alive. Slowly, he was able to turn his head to the side – he had an instinctual need to scout out his surroundings.
There you were, slumped over in slumber. You had fallen asleep waiting for him to regain consciousness. Giyuu took a second to establish his Breathing, then sat up. The movement was enough to wake you. You were startled but once you realized Giyuu was awake you calmed down. A gentle smile graced your face. He didn’t return it, but you didn’t need him to.
“Where are we?” asked Giyuu, ignoring the throbbing pain in his head. His eyes catch his healing wounds, barely peeking out where the bandages couldn’t reach. He recalled his flesh being scorched by a demon.
“My home. You can stay here until you recover. It’s the least I can do.”
When Giyuu didn’t respond, you stood up and asked, “What would you like to eat?”
Already, Giyuu didn’t regret saving you. You watched him consider for a second, observing how little he expressed through his face. Finally, his eyes met yours and his silky voice left his throat. “Salmon Daikon.”
You looked at the ingredients you had procured from the marketplace with such unease that it made you nauseous. You weren’t sure how to make Salmon Daikon, but you couldn’t refuse Giyuu’s request. Biting your bottom lip, you pull your sleeves up and get to cooking.
Once you finished cooking, you brought a bowl over to Giyuu. You weren’t sure why you stayed to gauge his reaction, but you did. Although he gratefully kept your food down, he bluntly said, “You didn’t take out the fishbones.”
You gave him an annoyed look. “I guess I’ll have to practice filleting a fish,” you said with a smile. For a second, you reminded him of Kocho.
“Do you live with anyone else?” Giyuu asked.
You were slightly shocked that he was curious enough to ask, but you answered him anyway. “No. I live on my own.”
“It’s dangerous to live that way. It makes you an easy target for demons.”
This time, it was you that looked at him expressionless. “Sometimes,” you said, “People are the real demons.”
Later that day, you came back to the room with fresh bandages. Wordlessly, you pulled the blanket away from his body. Wordlessly, Giyuu pulled his robes away. In the silence, you undid the old bandages, crusty from his dried blood. You did so carefully, and skillfully, as to not further agitate the wounds. You kept your focus on the task at hand, ignoring the feeling of his gaze burning through your face.
Tumblr media
Weeks passed and Giyuu was fully recovered from his burns. There was a large scar on his side now. Once, you traced the newly formed skin that replaced the raw injury. Giyuu gently grabbed your hand. You caught his gaze. It’s not your fault.
“Will you leave?” you asked, trying desperately not to look sad about it. Despite your general aversion of other people, you found that it had been nice having him around to keep you company. Sure, he was a little awkward, but so were you.
“I have duties to attend to,” Giyuu answered flatly, his hand gripping the sword that hung at his waste (A/N: Not innuendo, I promise), “Thank you…for taking care of me.” He opened the door to take his leave but stopped in his tracks when you called his name.
“Giyuu,” you said, “Visit often.” You intentionally avoided phrasing it like a question or request so that Giyuu wouldn’t misinterpret your words as an optional thing.
And just as easily as he came into your life, he was gone.
Tumblr media
Giyuu had left you for about a week now, and you were beginning to think he had forgotten all about you. You tried pushing back the disappointment, but that proved difficult. You chastised yourself for having mastered that stupid Salmon Daikon dish for the man – you were never the type to do something so…so…domestic. But why did you care so much? What were these feelings?
Knock, knock, knock.
Someone was at the door. Your chest tightened, your heart about to burst. Was it him?
Quickly, you sped through your small cottage at found yourself pausing at the front door only to brush your hair back before opening it. Your eyes fell on those familiar dark blue ones.
“Giyuu.” His name left your lips without your consent.
“Y/N,” Giyuu greeted you.
“You’re out of luck – I don’t have the ingredients for Salmon Daikon today,” you said with a sigh. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you thought he wouldn’t stay if you couldn’t make his favorite dish tonight. “I can run to the market--.”
“No need,” Giyuu retorted, “I can eat other things – you’ve cooked different things for me before.”
You moved out of the way so he could enter your humble abode. You hoped he didn’t notice how weird you were being around him. He moved passed you and headed straight for the kitchen. After washing his hands and pushing up his sleeves, he took a knife and started cutting up some vegetables. You read his movements and started doing the same. In the silence of your small, isolated cottage, you and Giyuu created a new dish.
“I hope it’s good,” you said, filling two bowls with rice and what you made and setting them on the wooden table. Giyuu sat across from you.
“Across from me? We’ve known each other long enough to sit next to each other, don’t you think?” You didn’t give him time to respond. You placed your bowl at the seat adjacent to his. For some reason or another, you wanted to be a little closer to him. You almost cravedit.
You watched as he took his chopsticks from the dish to his mouth. A small smile crept on his lips. Your heart leapt in your chest. It was then that you realized that it was that small smile that you had missed in his absence.
“I’m glad you like it,” you said teasingly. You took a bite out of your bowl. Your eyes immediately shot up to look at him. “It is good.”
“You doubted me.”
“I did,” you said laughing and leaning against him as you did. You knew it made him feel a hyper-aware of your presence. You also knew that he didn’t exactly hate it. However, he was caught off-guard when your laughter faded and you looked at him with such a serious face. “It hasn’t been the same without you here.”
Giyuu turned his body on the chair so he could give you all of his attention. He felt the same away about you. It was your eyes – they were so sure. Unwavering. It made him…weak. He wasn’t accustomed to such feelings. “I…I…”
You rolled your eyes. “I always do the hard work,” you complain as you lean towards him, closing your eyes. Your lips locked onto each other’s. You only opened your eyes when he pulled away. If you didn’t already realize you loved him, you did then. His face was beet-red, and he couldn’t look you in the face. But since he didn’t pull away or push you away completely, you knew he just needed time to process his own feelings.
The two of you continue to finish your dinner. “I think it needs a little lemon,” you said, getting up from your seat to cut a lemon in half. You squeeze the yellow fruit over his plate and yours.
After much pestering, Giyuu finally gave in and told you about his latest mission. You were enthralled by his heroic stories, but you were also a little frightened for him. He had warned you against living alone in the woods, but he was living a dangerous life himself.
“Will you still be here in the morning?” you asked. You watched as Giyuu swallowed the last bite on his plate.
“Do you want me to be?”
“I do.”
Giyuu looked at you intently. Slowly, he leaned his head towards you. He paused just before your lips touched. “Then I’ll stay.”
You closed your eyes and closed the gap between you and the man who saved you. His lips were soft, his kiss gentle. Slowly, his hand found your shoulder and moved up to cup you head, right where your neck met your jaw. His touch felt…nice.
Suddenly, you felt the blood rush to your face. You weren’t usually one to blush, but you were sure you were just as red as he was a few minutes ago. You needed to regain some control. You pulled away from the kiss, and pulled him out of the kitchen and into the bedroom.
You slowly pulled your robes away from your body. Slowly, you looked up at Giyuu to gauge his reaction. You honestly thought his eyes would be on the areas he hadn’t seen before, but they weren’t. Giyuu eyes were glued on your own. You could hear your heartbeat ringing in your ears.
Giyuu gently laid you down on the bed, your legs dangling over the edge. He kissed you right under your jaw, down your neck to your clavicle. The sensation sent shivers down your spine. He moved down to your chest, where he sucked on your nipples for a few seconds before continuing his descent to your slit.
Suddenly feeling insanely shy, you couldn’t help the reflex to close your legs. He looked up at you, surprised that you attempted to squash his head between your thighs.
“Sorry!” you said, embarrassed.
A small smirk graced Giyuu’s face – an expression you’ve never seen him make before. It was oddly sexy. He parted his mouth, and his tongue started to work on your clit. You took a sharp breath, your fingers finding themselves looping around his hair. You tried to regulate your breathing, but you couldn’t stop it from becoming heavy, ragged. You tossed your head back, writhing in the pleasure of his wet tongue playing around the most sensitive spot of your body.
So focused you were on his tongue, that it came to a surprise to you that he’d slip his fingers into your warmth. It felt a little awkward at first. He worked fast to find your spot, and once he did – confirmed by your squirming – he kept striking it. It was starting to become too much. Your jaw slackened, your hands gripped at your sheets. You were close. He must have known, too, because he only hastened his ministrations on your clit and g-spot, the increase in pace sending your over the edge.
You let out a loud groan, your hips bucking against his face, which was now wet with your slick. He had grabbed a hold of your thighs to push them away from his head as you rode out your high. Once he felt that you had settled down, he let go of your legs and stood up. You watched as he wiped his face down with his sleeve before stripping down.
You were still catching your breath when he kissed you, his fingers lacing through your own. You could taste yourself on his tongue…and a little bit of lemon.
Tumblr media
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diaphanoso · a month ago
IF THREE'S A CROWD... // uzui tengen + his wives
summary: tengen was gone for a little while and hinatsuru, makio, and suma wanted a new toy to play with to satiate their own desires. then tengen arrived...
word count: 2.5k
mature content warnings:
polygamy, fivesome, finger fucking, thigh riding, cunnilingus, scissoring/tribbing, face-riding, tongue fucking, impact play/slapping, breeding kink, creampie, size kink, objectification of reader [being called a toy], praise + degradation, overstimulation
from em: currently catching up on kny manga and i can't get their relationship out of my head, hinatsuru specifically makes my heart go brrrr. so here's the four of them sharing you <3 as always, minors dni and enjoy! hope i did them justice <3
Tumblr media
it was all so sudden - hinatsuru's sweetly parted lips meeting yours, her skin soft and covered with a sheen of saliva.
even without suma's mouth sucking gently on your neck and makio's smooth hands dragging under the hem of your shirt, hinatsuru's lips alone were enough to send you into a trance.
a very light, pleasurable, lust-glimmering trance.
coaxes of "c'mon, have some fun with us. tengen won't be back for a little while," in whiny, pleading pitches was what brought this all on.
the three of them couldn't satiate their own lust, and their own willing desires to indulge in their fantasies prompted you to become their new little adventure.
your fingers trailed through hinatsuru's silky, dark hair as you free hand held suma's cheek, who was still nipping and sucking softly at the crook of your neck.
"doesn't it feel good?" makio smiled meekly, her hand grazing through your hair. she whispered onto the shell of your ear, "being touched by all of us at once."
shudders tingled down your spine, your tongue flicking against hinatsuru's as you felt it all get slowly more desperate. "mhm," you murmured into the kiss, watching a sliver of saliva fall on her chin as she pulled away.
their gentle smiles were so genuine and kind, but the resonating lust glimmering in their eyes shook you to your core - it intoxicated you.
everything about them was so enamoring - the sweet yet sharp scents of their skin, the depth and emotion held in their eyes, and the gentle and matronly tones dripping like honey from their voices.
it drew you in slowly, ensnaring you in the moment until you felt just as desperate for pleasure as them.
"you're getting hot, too," hinatsuru muttered, her lips grazing against yours. "i can feel it."
you nodded slowly, finding suma's hand on your jaw craning your neck towards her. she had a meek expression on her face, seeming significantly shyer than her co-wives. but it wouldn't stop her from getting her fair share.
"c-can i get a turn?" suma queried, moving to sit beside you on the couch you'd been perched on. "hinatsuru's been hogging..."
suma's lips felt smooth in a different way, her every movement laced with repressed desire. your hands slithered through her hair, needy pants ensuing each time your lips broke apart before connecting again.
makio's hands slid over your waist, grasping the bottom hem of your shirt only to pull it over your head. your watering mouth found suma's yet again, whimpering into the kiss as makio sucked and licked the flesh of your breast.
"such a beautiful body you have," makio murmured, her hands groping and massaging your breasts as her mouth found your nipple.
you gasped into suma's mouth, her tongue making its way to dance along yours. makio's tongue flicked and swirled wetly around your nipple, heat slithering like snakes through your veins.
"let's see that pretty pussy of yours," hinatsuru cooed, her fingers flirting with the waistband of your panties under your skirt. "my co-wives can't have all the fun, can they?"
you felt so vulnerable, so exposed - yet, they made you feel safe. you found yourself in a state of eagerness, your repressing desires fully fleshed as you were surrounded by three enamoring women.
more, more, more. you just wanted... more. more touching, more groping, more sucking, more kissing, more licking. more. give me more.
hinatsuru pulled your dainty panties off of your legs, her eyes widening softly as she stared in focused cognizance. "look how pretty," she murmured, her fingers gracing your folds and relishing in the slick feeling. "and wet, too. the three of us turn you on, don't we?"
"i can't wait any longer," makio whined out, her thighs rubbing together to get any kind of friction on her cunt.
"let me help you, then," you responded, slipping off her own panties to reveal her nude cunt, eager and smothered in slickness. she spread her thighs bashfully, a slight blush on her face as your fingers moved skillfully in circles on her clit.
"oh, f-feels so good," she whimpered, grinding her hips slowly in desperation.
"what about me?" suma muttered meekly, her eyes flicking downwards in overt shyness. "can i at least ride your thigh?"
hinatsuru slipped her fingers into your wet cunt, delving them as far as possible and curling them forwards against a spongey part in your walls. you whined out airily, suma's lips hovering over yours as she straddled one of your spread thighs.
you slipped your own fingers into makio's cunt, her hips bucking against your hand as you curled them again and again. suma's lips met yours, her breath whiny as she dragged her wet cunt against your thigh desperately over and over.
slick was smothered on fingers, whimpered moans filled the air, and pleasure was bursting through each of your bodies. it was so dirty, so undignified. so desperate.
hinatsuru's mouth found your nipple, swirling her tongue around it as she fingered you again and again relentlessly. your fervent moans and gasps filled suma's mouth, her hips grinding even quicker against your thigh.
"i'm g-" makio mewled, her head throwing back as her cunt pulsed around your fingers. "gonna cum, please don't stop."
you didn't dare, curling your fingers faster against the front of her walls as she shuddered on the couch. she gasped once, her cunt tightening and releasing around your delicate fingers as she came, wet sounds flooding the quaint living room.
"oh, look how much you came," you cooed, slipping your slick-smothered fingers into your mouth and letting the taste roister on your tongue. "tastes so sweet."
hinatsuru's own desire enveloped her, possessing her to drape her thigh over yours and bump her wet cunt right up against yours.
suma was still relentlessly grinding against your thigh, slick liquid smothering your skin as she dragged her cunt against you. "jus' a little more," she whined out in neediness.
"ah, shit," hinatsuru cooed, her hips rolling against yours as her clit throbbed from the friction. "feels so good."
your own slick and hers tangled together, painting your folds as your own pulsing clit bumped again and again against hers.
"oh, my god," suma whimpered, her lips crashing against yours in desperation. the pants and shallow breaths leaving her lips brushed against your skin, her body starting to shudder on your thigh. "gonna cum on your pretty thigh."
"good girl, c'mon, cum for me," you murmured against her cheek, grasping her hip as she rolled it again and again. her body shook immensely, her head craning back in ecstasy as she came. her hips continued their grinding, riding out a long-overdue orgasm.
pleasure was bursting through the air like lightning strikes, little whines and heavy breaths flooding the air before a loud noise came from the front of the house.
the women each gasped, eyes lighting up in roistering excitement.
and there he saw you - sprawled out on his couch, hinatsuru's cunt pressed right up against your own needy, slick-dripping one as suma straddled your thigh.
"oh, who's this?" tengen let out a pearled sneer, his muscles rippling enigmatically with each step he took towards the living room. "a new little toy you picked out?"
"mhm," suma nodded, her eyes still mildly half-lidded from coming gloriously on your thigh.
"just having some fun," makio responded, a small giggle leaving her lips. "you shouldn't leave for so long, y'know..."
"but i'm here now, aren't i?" tengen spoke, his fingers finding suma's chin and pressing a gentle kiss on her lips that left her mind boggled. "at the right time, it seems."
there was something enamoring about him - his brawny shoulders, enrapturing suave, and biceps so swollen that they could simply crush you.
you felt meek, exposed - your body naked and writhing against hinatsuru's cunt so desperately to cum.
"let me help," tengen smirked, eagerly admiring the position that you and hinatsuru were in. "why don't you lie down for me and let my wife ride your face, hm?"
you nodded mindlessly, lying back on the couch and spreading your thighs apart sheepishly. tengen knelt before you, freeing his cock from his pants - and your face dropped.
it was so big - girthy and veined, enough to stretch you out so relentlessly. but fuck, you wanted it so badly.
it was all so new, indulging shamelessly in such a dirty act with four other people. the throbs and sears of pleasure burned with vulnerability, making you hotter by the second.
makio's lips found the head of her husband's cock, slipping her tongue in circles before bobbing her head up and down. then she stopped, letting spit dribble from her mouth onto the shaft and fisting it with her hand.
and she did it all in preparation for you.
hinatsuru straddled your face, her knees pressing onto the couch on both sides of your head. the look on her face was sweet, yet her eyes were glittering with lust for pleasure, lust for more.
"sit, darling," you told her, wrapping your hands around her hips and forcing her to let all her weight lie on you. you squeezed the plush flesh of her thighs, letting her wet cunt smother your gaped mouth.
it tasted so good - the slickness dancing on your tongue and setting your taste buds ablaze. you whined out, the sound muffled against her cunt as you slipped your tongue between her walls.
"ah- i love your tongue," hinatsuru murmured breathily, her hips starting to buck against your chin, her clit bumping against your nose. "tengen, she's such a good toy."
"i'll have to see for myself, won't i?" tengen sneered brashly, grasping your inner thigh as he let the head of his cock slip through your folds. "such a slutty little fuck toy you picked out."
you gasped against hinatsuru's cunt, tengen's cock starting to stretch you so elegantly. you whined and ground your hips eagerly, tengen's light grunts flooding the room as he bottomed out in your cunt.
it was so fucking big - you couldn't figure out how these women took it so easily so often. but you couldn't get enough.
tengen wrapped his broad hands around your waist, his hips going into motion and forcing his thick cock deep into your smothered cunt. a jolt of pleasure shocked your nerves as the head of his cock bumped against your cervix, any and all whimpers muffled by hinatsuru's cunt on your face.
"she's doing so good," makio cooed, her mouth leaving delicate kisses and flicks of tongue on your breast. "takin' all of your dick like that, tengen."
"you picked out a good one," tengen sneered, his grasp forcing your thighs to fold against your chest to fuck you even deeper. "such a wet little pussy."
"oh, fuck, fuck," hinatsuru whined, your grasp on her hips taut as she ground her hips onto your tongue. you pushed your wet tongue as deep as possible, letting her clit drag against your nose.
you peered up at hinatsuru to find suma sucking on her neck, making her whine and buck her hips even faster against your face. "you look so pretty riding her face," suma whimpered to her co-wife.
the way they all knew each other's bodies so well was enticing, working together to coax the two of you into a well-deserved, shaking and stuttering orgasm.
tengen's cock rutting into your tight cunt left your mind boggled and thoughts strewn about, your breath hitched and shallow against hinatsuru's pretty pink cunt.
"fuck her harder, tengen," makio cooed, her lips smothered in saliva after sucking on your breast. "see how much she can take."
tengen groaned, adjusting his hips and digging his thick fingers into the plush flesh of your thighs. he stopped moving, then altogether started rutting his hips at almost an inhuman speed.
your body shuddered, grasping hinatsuru's hips even tighter in response and leaving red imprints. she whined, moving her hips faster against your face as you dug your tongue into her cunt.
"ah- don't stop," hinatsuru whined, her hands grazing through your hair and pulling at the roots. "gon- gonna cum on your pretty face."
"mmf," you murmured whiningly, begging for it. tengen's cock filled you up euphorically, your chest burning and roistering as you felt your own climax boiling in your body.
each thrust of his thick cock brought swelling pressure into your gut, feeling filled to the brim and your body shuddered in ecstasy.
"ah-" hinatsuru panted against suma's lips, her body stuttering on your face as her cunt pulsed and released around your tongue. you thrusted your tongue in and out, not daring to let a drop of her cum go to waste.
the taste of her on your tongue was heavenly, a sweet slick that left you gasping and shuddering.
hinatsuru freed your mouth of her weight, allowing you the pleasure of breathing. her thumb dragged along the saliva and cum smothering your chin, admiring the fucked-out look in your eye as you took all of tengen's cock.
"look at her shaking," makio admired, her fingers gliding across your breasts and lightly flicking your nipples, making you whine. "you can tell she's gonna cum soon."
your head craned back, a hitched gasp flooding the living room as tengen slammed his hips again and again against yours.
"what a good girl, takin' all of us," tengen sneered, wet noises ensuing as your cunt tightened around his shaft. "how 'bout i cum in that tight pussy? i'm sure my wives wouldn't mind."
"not at all," suma cooed sweetly, brushing her hand through your hair delicately. "fill her up. wanna see it drip out."
your mind was hazed, fully immersed in the moment of unbridled pleasure searing like boiling water through your skin. you couldn't last any longer, it was too much.
"gon- gonna cum on your cock," you whined breathlessly, your vision blurry from the overstimulation. it was hard to form coherent sentences, your thoughts scattered, "so... big."
"you can take it, though," tengen grunted, his palm slapping your thigh as he rutted his hips into your fucked-out cunt. "such a good little fuck toy, cum all over my cock."
those words sent you reeling over the edge, your body shuddering on the couch as your cunt pulsed around his shaft. it was simply euphoric - a heavenly build-up leading to a wave of pleasure crashing down on you.
"oh, so fuckin' tight," tengen groaned shakily, his cock throbbing desperately inside of you as your cunt squeezed him so eagerly. "think i'm gonna fill you up real nice."
"give it to me, give it to me, please," you pleaded and begged mindlessly, clutching harshly onto the cushion. "fill me up, i want it."
"dirty girl, huh?" tengen smirked, dragging his tongue along his bottom lip as his face tensed harshly. "i'll oblige."
tengen snapped his hips forward, the head of his cock bumping against the hilt of your cunt - and then you felt it.
a hot sensation flooded against your walls, his cum seeping so far into your cunt and your gut bulging in response. you whined and gasped, his cock revealing again, smothered in both of your cum.
"c-can i taste it?" suma pleaded, her eyes widened and mouth watering at the sight.
tengen stood, allowing suma's lips to greet the head of his cock, her tongue catching the slick liquid covering every inch of him. makio soon joined, their tongues working gently to let the taste roister on their tongues.
"mm, tastes so good," makio cooed out.
"look at it drip out," hinatsuru admired, her finger slipping along your folds and catching the white liquid painting your skin. she sucked on her finger, indulging in the taste of the two of you. "maybe we'll have to bring her over more often."
"we did pick out a good one, didn't we?" suma smiled.
Tumblr media
tagging: @cherrykamado <3
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lazysimp · a month ago
Little Slayer /// Uzui Tengen x Fem reader
✧Click HERE to read Male version✧
Tumblr media
Rating: Explicit
Summary: After a difficult slaying you find yourself stumbling to a familiar mansion to be taken care of for the night
✧Click here for part two✧
Word count: 4k+
Warnings/tags: !Some Spoilers from manga! Exhibitionism, reader is bisexual, Poly ship, She/Her pronouns, All characters are adults, SMUT 18+ Only
Being one of the newest demon slayers meant being sent on missions no one else would ever consider. On your way home for a very taxing slaying, you depend on your crow to guide you to the safe house for somewhere to sleep for the night as you were in no condition to defend yourself. Stumbling your way through a dense forest you nearly sobbed when you were able to see the brilliant purple flowers surrounding a familiar mansion.
Barely able to stand let alone walk you use your blade as a cane, hobbling down the dirt trail that opened up to the estate. You wander through the maze of wisteria trees leading to the arched entrance, not having enough energy to stop and admire their beauty.
The stone path to the house was hard to navigate using your sword as a cane, the small gaps in stone trapping your sword when you pressed your weight down. This made the short journey take longer than you wanted to admit.
The mansion ahead was built in the traditional Japanese style letting you see light through the shoji. When you squinted your eyes you could see vague shadows moving around in one of the rooms near the center of the house. You let out a sigh of relief knowing at least someone was still awake to let you in.
When you reach the steps leading into the home you immediately strip off your blood-soiled outer clothing not wanting its stench to get anywhere near the inside of their home. You fight back tears bending down to remove your zori and bandages covering your legs. The rush of surviving another demon has worn off leaving you to feel every cut and bruise marring your skin.
You could hear mumbling inside the home but did not want to yell out your arrival just yet, needing to take a minute to gather your emotions. The last thing you wanted to do was cry in front of them.
“Tengen!” A loud feminine voice yells inside the home, “Someone is at the door, are we expecting visitors.”
You could hear nothing else inside the house before the door slammed open revealing the retired Hashira. He was wearing his night robe, his hair free around his face. Despite the pain you smile weakly, happy to see him again, “Sorry for the interruption.” You wince, pressing your hand to the wound on your abdomen, “But I need some assistance.”
Behind him, three pairs of eyes peek around his body. You could hear a quiet gasp as they take in the state of your body. Before Uzui can open his mouth to respond six hands immediately descend onto your body.
“What happened!” Makio yelled, gently poking the blood-soaked bandages around your left arm.
“You look awful, how long have you been out on your own?” Hinatsuru questioned at the same time. Her gentle hands grab ahold of your upper arm and lower back to help you support your weight.
Poor Suma already had fat tears rolling down her cheek, wailing as she fell to her knees to wrap her arms around your waist. You use what little strength you had to pat her on the shoulder and try to reassure all of them.
“I am alright, it looks worse than it really is,” You coo, plastering another weak smile on your face, though you were sure it looked more like a grimace.
Uzui scowled looking unconvinced. He walked over to where the four of you were huddled and crossed his large arms over his chest as he looked down at you with one eye, his other covered by a jeweled patch. You shift your weight under his gaze, ignoring how small you felt around him. He towered over all of you, your head not even coming to the middle of his chest.
He bends, tilting his head as he takes you in, “How long have you been traveling in this condition?”
You cough to clear your throat, “I’m not sure,” you wince at how gruff your voice sounded, “The demon I was sent after was much stronger than was expected.” You gesture to your bloody clothing, “It took a few days to take him down.”
Uzui's lips lift into a snarl, “If the demon was stronger than your level you should have aborted the mission and had another slayer complete it instead of putting yourself at risk.”
Your gaze falls to the ground, your eyes growing heavy with unshed tears, “I thought I could handle it.”
Soft reassuring words were mumbled around you as his wives tried to bring you comfort but he was right. The second you lost the fight the first time you should have sought reinforcements. If the demon had not slipped on your blood when running towards you there is little chance you would still be on this earth.
He sighed, his shoulders slouching, “I will ready a bed for you for the night,” He turns and enters his home without another word. You bite your inner cheek to prevent yourself from letting the tears fall.
“He is just worried about you,” Hinatsuru said, petting your back, “When you left the last time we were all so worried. Every night we made sure to have one of us stay awake in case you were to find your way here again.”
Your heart swells, knowing they cared so much about you was one of the greatest feelings in the world. Your first visit to the retired Sound Hashiras estate had been much less eventful than tonight. You were returning from a small mission taking out a newly turned demon. Your crow insisted you take the rest of the night off, leading you to the estate. You would have never guessed how one little action could have changed the entire course of your life. The nights you spent with them were some of the best of your life.
Hinatsuru had made sure to cook for you every night, she claimed it was to get your strength up but you were almost positive she enjoyed watching you eat as much as you enjoyed eating her food. When you were not eating Makio was testing you, constantly finding new ways to improve your skills. All the while Suma never left your side, attached to your hip as you explored the estate.
Uzui watched all of this with amusement, even taking the time to show you a few of his own moves when Makio was taking a break. At the end of each day, you all gathered for dinner, telling each other stories and listening to Uzui reminisce about his time in the demon slayer corps.
When dinner had long finished and talking turned into yawns you retired to your room, saying goodnight to your hosts as they filed into their shared room. When you laid your head to sleep you never got any rest, instead, you were blessed with the sounds of rapture emitting from the room next to you.
Makio, always so eager, was usually the first to initiate their lovemaking. Her rough and aggressive nature fell away as she begged her lovers for attention. Suma, so eager to please would answer her calls first, taking the time to bring Makio pleasure while the other two also worked each other up.
After the first round of cries died down it was not long until the entire house filled with moans once more. Uzui, always the overachiever, made sure each of his wives was screaming out his name before he let out his own groans of pleasure.
The first night you were able to resist the temptation to bring your hand down and stroke your needy cunt but listening every night for weeks broke down your will to resist until your soft moans started to bled with theirs, making a beautiful symphony.
But when it was all died down and the unique family held each other close you rested alone, the feeling of emptiness suffocating. How you wished someone loved you how they loved each other.
Your days continued as normal, the five of you falling into a schedule leaving little time for you to dwell on your single status but when the time came for you to be called away for another mission you instantly were filled with dread. You did not want to leave the safe paradise you had come to privately call home.
You waited to tell them about your departure until dinner that night, not wanting the last day you had with them to be full of tears. In the morning when it was time to leave the wives helped you pack your bag making sure you had plenty of food and bandages. Makio had even insisted she would come with you to assist but thankfully Suma and Hinatsuru managed to talk her out of that idea.
Saying goodbye was unbearable, they each held you tight in their arms taking the time to say a private goodbye. When it was Uzui’s turn to bring you into his arms he pulled you close, resting his hand on the back of your head. “Do not do anything foolish while you are gone,” he brought his hand around to settle under your chin, “Be sure to return here after you finish this mission.”
You smile, “Is that an order?”
He smirks, squeezing the fat on your cheek, “Yes I, the God of flamboyancy, command you to return to me once your mission is complete. After all, there is still much I must teach you about being flamboyant, you are still only a beginner.”
You laugh bowing slightly, “Oh mighty one your wish is my command.”
They all waited outside the house as you left, only going inside when you were long gone. Three months would pass before you would find your way back to their home covered in blood.
“But he is right,” you mumble, thrusting yourself back into the present, “I should have called for help earlier, the only reason I am even alive right now is that the demon slipped when he ran after me. It was a freak accident that kept me alive not skill.”
Makio laid a punch onto your unbandaged arm, “That is ridiculous! It still took skill to take down a demon. So what it slipped and fell, you still had the mind to use the opening to make your move.”
“She is right!” Suma cried, wiping the tears off her cheeks, “You are a skilled slayer, anyone can see that.”
Hinatsuru hemmed in agreement, “While it was not the best move to pursue a demon much stronger than yourself, it does speak to your skill that you are still alive.”
You slouch your head, “I guess,” you look to the door, “Do you mind if I have a bath before bed I do not want to soil your sheets.”
“Of course,” Hinatsuru gently guided you into their home, the other two following close behind after gathering your belongings.
They each file into the small bathroom, helping you remove the stick bandages as well as the rest of your clothes. You were too tired to care as they removed your undergarments leaving you with nothing to hide your nakedness.
At the sight of the many cuts to your skin Suma once again began to sob, “We should have let Makio go help,” she cried, helping the others gently scrub the dried blood from your skin.
“If the demon was not already dead I would rip its head off with my hands,” Makio growled, scrubbing the skin of your leg aggressively. “How could any being be willing to hurt someone as sweet as you.”
Hinatsuru took to washing your hair, her delicate fingers patiently working out the filth that had gathered in the strands. Your eyelids grow heavy with each soft touch as the women lavished you with attention. Soon each blink was a small battle your head falling forward, too heavy to hold up.
“Don’t fight it,” Hinatsuru gently ordered, letting you rest your back against her chest, “We will take care of you while you rest, you are safe now.”
You weakly bring your hand up to brush your fingers across her cheek, appreciating the care she gave. She brought her own hand up to meet yours, intertwining your fingers to hold them there a moment longer. “Sleep,” she placed her hand back down on your stomach, “we will all be here when you wake up.”
You close your eyes, only for a second but when you open them again you are in a completely new room. Feeling surprisingly warm for your condition you try to lift your upper body and look around the room but a heavy weight on your chest stops you. Squinting you could make out the soft black hair of Suma as she rested her head on your chest. Turing your head to the right you also have another presence behind you. Judging by the length of the hair you were almost positive it was Hinatsuru.
You try to keep your breathing calm, ignoring how your heart pounded against your chest. They were just making sure you were ok that is all, there is nothing weird about this. They do not really want to share a bed with you, this is all just a sweet gesture from friends.
You needed to escape before your thoughts started down a path of no return. Maneuvering out of their hold was nearly impossible. Suma when you started twisting to move down wrapped her surprisingly strong arms around your waist anchoring you in place.
Hinatsuru was no better, her hands were wrapped around your upper arm and tightened with even the slightest movement. There was another hand settled across your hips but the blanket prevented you from making out who it belonged to.
You lift your head to peek over her shoulder and your heart nearly stops. Uzui was lying on his side, his arms resting around Hinatsuru’s waist. You follow the large arm and your heart nearly burst out from your chest. The large warm hand resting on your hips belonged to the retired sound Hashira.
Your chest started to rise and fall rapidly, wheels in your mind moving so fast they created smoke. This could not be happening. You squeeze your eyelids closed trying to rationalize what was happening. This is normal right? You were sure they were just making sure you were alive, after all your wound had looked rather scary.
Yeah, that’s it. They were not cuddling you for pleasure. But that did not mean you could not pretend for a minute? You relax into their hold and for a minute allow yourself to imagine a life where this was your normal.
A soft smile appears on your lips picturing how after every mission you would return to them. Suma would cry when she sees your wounds, taking the time to kiss every one of them insisting it will make you feel better. Hinatsuru would cook for you while Makio finished applying the bandages.
Tengen would watch this all with soft eyes, waiting for them to patch you up before taking you gently into his arms, pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead, and listening closely to your recollection of the slaying.
When you all finish dinner you would retreat to bed like you were now only it would not be to sleep. You wonder if Makio would beg you to touch her as she does to Suma, tightening her callused fingers into your hair as she lowers her hips to settle on your face, letting you use your mouth to tease her sweet cunt.
Tengen would join in on the fun, using his thick fingers to stretch your hole open for him while you were distracted, smirking as you whine into Makio’s pussy.
Makio would squeeze her delicious thighs around your head as you explore her soft sex, using your nose to tease the engorged bud while your tongue thrusts into her hole, trying to focus as Tengen added yet another finger.
Hinatsuru would join next, bringing her soft fingers around Tengen’s length to pump her hand in time with the fingers in your tight hole watching as he stretches you open.
Suma would rest her head on Tengen’s other shoulder, her own fingers making lazy circles around her engorged clit, watching you with fascination.
Only when he was sure you were relaxed enough would Tengen bring the head of his cock to your entrance, pressing into you slowly to give you time to adjust to his girth. When the head of his cock kissed the end of your hole he would draw his hips back, watching his slick cock leave before slamming his hips forward his eyes hazy from pleasure.
Your moans would be muffled by Makio now grinding against your tongue, her juices coating your face as Tengen used your tight hole. There was no need for him to use his hand on you as he fucked you senseless, Makio’s eager fingers were already stroking your clit as she rode your face.
They would all watch you fall apart, your mouth falling open in a silent scream as your back comes off the bed. Tengen would continue to thrust into, only slowing when his fat cock finally released inside you, filling you to the brim with his cum while Makio convulsed above you.
He would not say in you for too long, his stamina higher than anyone in the room. Poor Hinatsuru was his next victim, her sweet high pitch moans filling the air as Suma cleaned your sloppy cunt with her tongue, letting you recover from having your world turned upside down.
A soft snore shot you back into reality. Fuck, you bring up one hand to cover your eyes, ashamed about your thoughts. You had no right to think about them like that, they had been nothing but kind to you, spending hours caring for you, feeding you, even clothing you. It was wrong to insert yourself into this complete family.
With renewed will you inch your way out of the entanglement of limbs, slipping down under the blanket where you could leave from the end of the bed. The cool air assaults your skin, your body already too cold from blood loss. Your heart ached, wanting to return to the warm safe cocoon you were in earlier.
You quietly scramble around the house, searching desperately for your soiled clothing. They had to be around here somewhere, you could not go into the freezing night weather wearing only a sheer robe.
You let out a sob of relief when you spot the clothing strung up over embers, clean from the blood that had stained it earlier. You did not deserve their kindness.
You fold the robe, place it on a chair so you can change into your uniform. Putting on the clothes of a demon slayer made it easier to dissociate from the fantasy earlier, it reminded you what your true life was like. You were not a housewife of a retired Hashira, you were an active demon slayer who needed to be on the top of their game.
Gathering your sword from the stand by the door you attach it to the wrap on your hip, ignoring how the added weight placed pressure against the wound on your hip.
Opening the door without making noise was a tricky task, you had to inch it open, sliding through the small opening you made. You push down the grief at leaving, this was for the best, nothing good could come from being around them.
“It is not very flamboyant for a guest to leave without thanking their hosts,” Uzui unmistakable voice chided from above.
You spin on your heels looking up to see him perched on the roof, his hand resting on his knee as he crouched. “The girls will be very upset tomorrow when they wake up to find you gone without a word.”
“I-I still need to complete another part of my mission,” you lie, looking down at the ground, “You all looked so peaceful I did not want to disturb your sleep.”
Uzui leaped off the roof landing directly in front of you, “Do not lie to me,” he brings his hand to under your chin forcing you to meet his gaze, “Tell me the real reason you are leaving and I will explain it to the girls when they wake up.”
You open your mouth to give another lie, one more believable but his all-knowing eyes stopped you in your tracks. Nothing you could say except the truth would get you out of this.
“I needed some air,” you finally answer hoping it was enough of the truth to satisfy him.
He stepped in closer, his body blocking out the entire world, “So why did you change back into your uniform and sneak out of the house?”
You try to look away again but his hand held you still, “I want the full truth little slayer.”
“Uzui,” you whisper hoping he will give you mercy, “please let me go.”
“Did it have something to do with your sweet whimpers from earlier?”
Time stands still, your mind racing to understand what he was saying. Your eyes widen in horror as you realize what he was talking about.
He laughs, “Don’t look so distraught, we all enjoyed listening to you while you had your little fantasy.”
“I don’t know what you are talking about,” you screech, trying to back away from him.
“What a flamboyant dream that must have been to make you moan like that.” A large smile spread across his face. “Were you dreaming us? Imagining how we would each take turns playing with your breedable body making you sing our names over and over until you were too fucked to move?”
“I was not moaning, Uzui, you must have been hearing things”
“Tengen,” He corrects, “I want you to call me Tengen.”
“Tengen,” a shiver runs through your skin saying his first name for the first time, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”
“Ah little slayer that is the second time you have lied to me,” He points to his ears, “It seems you have forgotten who you are speaking to, lie again and I will have to remind you.”
You grow desperate knowing he can read into every small movement you made, “Tengen, please, I do not want to go down this path.”
“Oh but I do, this is the most interesting thing to happen since my retirement.”
“This is not a game,” you hiss wrapping your arms around your waist, trying to focus on your breathing.
“I know it is not a game,” his eyes soften, “Do you really think we would do all this for just anyone? You are precious to all of us. Suma sobs when you leave waiting by the door for hours hoping maybe you will come back. Makio spends hours training hoping to distract herself until your return. Hinatsuru will retreat to the kitchen, cooking foods she knows you enjoy to have ready in case you come back.”
Your chest squeezing making it hard to breathe, “And you?” you ask before you could stop yourself, “What do you do when I leave?”
He smiles weakly, “wait for your return. Sometimes I will join Makio in training, I have a reputation to uphold after all. Other times I will join Hinatsuru in the kitchen, she has taught me quite a few tricks in the kitchen.”
“Though when we all miss you the most is when we retreat for the night to the bedroom.”
Your breath hitches waiting for him to continue.
“Our lovemaking is not the same without you serenading us with your divine moans from the next room.”
“You could hear me?” you whisper, too entranced by his words to feel embarrassed.
“Yes little slayer, we could hear everything. Every little moan you tried to muffle with the pillow,” he smirks, “ You always gave up hiding it by the end of the night, it was always my favorite part, listening to you find your own pleasure.”
He steps in closer now only inches from you and leans over, his face now directly in front of yours, “If you were in my bed we would play with you for hours, listening to you cry out our names over and over again until your voice was too hoarse to speak.”
“Then when we are all too tired to move you would rest in our bed warm and safe. This is my dream little slayer, so tell me, what is it your desire?”
He was offering you everything you had ever wanted all you had to do was tell him the truth and yet when you opened your mouth to answer nothing came out.
“Tengen I-”
“You do not have to answer now, take some time to think about what you truly wish for because once we get a taste there is no going back. I will never let you leave my side again little slayer if you agree to become mine.”
He pulls a small bag out of his robe and lifts your hand placing it in your palm, “A small gift for your travels.” He closes your fingers around the bag, “Something to remember us while you are traveling.”
You look longingly behind him were the three others are resting. You did not want them to think you abandoned them.
“Don’t worry I will explain to them why you left,” he releases your hand “The sun is rising so you should be safe to travel but do not push yourself too hard.”
“I won’t,” you mumble, placing the bag into a small pouch on your belt.
You back away from him and bow unable to think of anything to say to show how you were feeling.
“I expect an answer soon,” he orders returning to his boisterous attitude, “and at least one letter a week while you are traveling otherwise I may have to refresh my tracking skills.”
For a second the image of Tengen hunting you filled your mind sending a tingle to your lower stomach, “I promise.” you choke out, your face burning once you realize he most definitely noticed the distraction.
His red eyes gleamed watching you squirm, “I will hold you to that.”
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tenrichouku · a month ago
𝐫𝐞𝐠𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐞 𝐧𝐨𝐮𝐬
Tumblr media Tumblr media
your husband struggles with the consequences of his recent fight. the sudden change to his usually flamboyant demeanour drowned by insecurities. it caused him to withdrew from his loved ones until one night you let him know exactly how beautiful he still is to you
Tumblr media
— pairing: uzui tengen x female reader
genre: smut, comfort, mdni
wordcount: 3k
warnings: major manga spoilers, body insecurities (not reader), description of wounds and blood, lots of praise, pet names, size difference/kink
Tumblr media
Not a day goes by where you don’t feel appreciated by your husband. Not a single cycle from morning to night passes without him telling you how much he adores you. In the form of words, touches, and acts. You feel loved; loved and beautiful.
Yet over time, and especially after his last battle, you have sadly noticed a shift in his demeanour. Not much remains from his flamboyant persona amid your privacy. You often find him sitting at your small pond or out on the veranda, especially at night when he was supposed to share your bed.
Yes, it’s been long since you were last able to touch him. To feel his muscles shift beneath the tips of your fingers or drag beautiful red streaks over his broad back thanks to the pleasure he inflicted in your body. Even longer since you last moaned his name in bliss, felt him pressed against you with his lips exploring your body like a hidden treasure.
The ring of the wind play tears Tengen out of his thoughts and makes him aware of the small shadow watching over him. He takes a moment to smile to himself, before he inhaling deeply and finding his composure again. His broad figure turns to you, wide chest open for you to claim as he reaches out his right hand toward your reaction.
“If you think you’re sneaky, I must sadly inform you, that you’re doing a poor job, love.” The words are delivered with a wide grin of his, charming. You used to describe it. But by now you see the sadness behind his mask.
“I wasn’t aware I needed to hide in my home, love.” You shoot back as you take his hand and let the man help you sit down, beside him.
You yearn to sit in his lap. To feel his embrace around your frame and his lips on yours.
He leans towards you, looming a little above your smaller frame with a playfulness softening his features. “You do. Better to hide from the big old monster than letting it catch you.” He winks at you, acting off his insecurities with another smirk as he gives his best to seem unbothered in front of you.
Yet your soft sigh has his shoulders slouch, the love and tenderness in your eyes something Tengen wasn’t able to watch for weeks now. Turning away, he once more stares off into the night as silence falls over your bodies.
“What is keeping you up at night?” You finally dare to ask as your chin finds rest on top of his shoulder, seeking to comfort him even for the smallest amount.
“Nothing for you to worry about,” Tengen answers, lifting his left arm in search to cradle your cheek, if it wasn’t for his eyes to look at nothing but the sleeve of his kimono.
The touch he wanted to give to you is repaid by your own hand. Cold fingertips contrast the warmth of his body as you direct his face to meet your gaze, a small smile softening your features. “You’re so beautiful,” you quietly confess as you look at his features and carefully brush his silver strands out of his face.
“Lying should not become a habit of yours just to make your husband feel better.”
You fight back by placing a gentle kiss to his forehead and cradle his face in your hold. “Aren’t you an expert at that already?”
“I’m not lying to you, blossom.”
“No, but you’re also not speaking the truth. Always putting up an act of being unbothered until the sun settles and the moon rises. Every night we find you anywhere but inside. Strolling around in odd places, meditating for hours or staring into the night for what? Your hand to grow back? Your eye to suddenly be fine again?” Anger boils over inside your body as you stare Tengen down and you bite your tongue. You’re really not here to fight with him.
What you completely in this moment is the fact that he doesn’t even argue back. Opting to let you hold him as he melts in your care, touch-starved found a new representative after he withdrew himself for months.
“I didn’t mean to…” you sigh quietly while thumbing the apples of his cheeks. “We’re worried. I’m worried.”
His eye opens upon your confession, yet he stays quiet. There are too many thoughts running through his mind to find the correct one right now.
“I miss you,” you pressure while your soothing touch brushes through his hair and down his neck. “I miss you so much, Tengen.”
Truth be told, there is much he can endure. Pain, sorrow, losing his limbs. But not bringing pain to his loved ones. So it should barely come as a surprise to you that your body is now fully pressed against his chest. He’s all too eager to pull you in his lap right away if it wasn’t for your inconvenient seating position.
The pressure applied by his chin resting on your shoulder reassures you. It causes a smile to adorn your features as you lean into his touch while your arms snake around his neck.
“A pretty flower shouldn’t be forced to look at ruined art.”
You chuckle over his sentiment and shake your head, hold growing stronger around him to keep his body close. “You’re not ruined. You just have some newly added quirks, hm?”
Feeling him pinch your butt has you giggling in return. Faking a whine as you drawl his name and pull back, to once again look at his face. “You’re beautiful.”
“You may stop stealing my lines.” He shoots back upon holding your cheeks and squishing your lips into a pout. Upon the cute view Tengen blessed himself with, you witness his signature grin finally return as he adores you. “Silly girl.”
“Yours,” you add through the pout and bat your lashes at the man.
Tengen complies by loosening the hold to your face and closing the distance between your lips. Giving you a gentle kiss but breaking away far too early for your liking.
“Not yet,” you whine once more. Knowing just perfectly how to get anything you want from your husband. “Way too short, miss you so much…” you add as you lean in again.
Your hands hold on to his kimono, balled fists resting against his chest as you seek his lips once more for a deep kiss. It feels so sweet whenever you get the chance to be the dominant part with a man like him, as he simply lets you do whatever you please.
Soft lips move effortlessly, skilled and in perfect tandem with another and distracting Tengen enough to finally have his hand rest on your body. Thumbing over your hip bone before his touch travels north and grab onto your waist, to finally pull you into his lap and have your bodies touch.
You grow small beneath him, being dwarfed by his sheer size difference compared to you. That leaves you yearning for more.
There is no excuse to your squirming, to your curious hands dipping between the space of his kimono and run over his firm chest. You place a gentle kiss on his exposed neck and smile upon witnessing the effect you still have on his body.
You watch the shiver course through his veins, hear the shaky exhale next to your ear and feel his lips repaying your favours tenfold once Tengen cranes your neck. Allowing him to kiss you repeatedly, gently sucking and licking on your skin and grinning to himself as he watches you turn needy.
“I miss you as well, princess.”
You know he must feel ashamed to admit it, judging by how quietly he confessed his feelings against the crook of your neck. Tengen’s forehead rests against your shoulder, eye shut while rubbing your back in gentle patterns. “But showing you this…”
You cut in upon hearing his first few words. The frown on your face is evident while your shoulders slouch. “Showing me your body, not this.” you murmur, and bring the man out of his make-shift hiding spot.
You face another as you remain seated on top of his thighs, lips close enough to almost touch, yet your focus lies on something else as you search for his gaze. “Don’t hide from me. You told me the same thing when I felt too insecure about myself. You told me I’m perfect to your eyes, didn’t you?”
The repetitive poking of your fingertip against his chest makes Tengen smile, nodding along to your words and stealing a quick kiss from your lips before he speaks up. “Help me?”
The question has your heart swell in warmth and you hum along to his words, while your curious fingers already loosen his kimono. “Of course,” you giggle and meet his eye with a mischievous grin on your lips. Leaning in once more your kisses now reach Tengen’s neck and collarbone with the added pleasure of your fingertips dipping beneath the fabric of his kimono and brushing over his pecs to reach his shoulders; where you finally push the clothing item off.
The hesitation of your actions follows by Tengen pulling out his intact arm, palm coming up to cradle your cheek and redirect your gaze to look at his face. Kissing you once more as the other sleeve drops to reveal his upper body. His left arm is wrapped up in bandages, everything gore-y hidden beneath white linen. Regardless, the moment you part from the kiss, Tengen still feels the urge in his arm, wanting nothing more but to hold your face between his hands and admire your own beauty.
The frustration shows as he tries to bite back his anger, the fingers of his right hand now curling around the fabric of your kimono as he once more fails to meet your gaze.
“Tengen…” Upon your touch, in the teasing drag of your nails over his chest and upward his neck, he looks at you. Turning putty beneath your hands while goosebumps bloom over his skin. “Let me take care of you,” you whisper against his lips. Rendering the man defenceless the moment you adjust your seating for your hips to touch his. A soft groan escapes him over the newly found pleasure, hand tugging your hip even closer.
You can’t help but grin beneath the kiss. The grip he holds on your body so demanding and needy as your hips grind down on him.
Soon, Tengen tugs on the wrap around your waist. Loosening the band with expertise where he doesn’t even need more than one hand to undress your body. The warmth of his touch has you arch against him, pressing yourself further into his warmth as you whimper softly into his mouth.
It’s been so long since he touched you that every little gesture ignites little sparks under your skin. Your shared kiss turns deeper, seemingly never breaking if it wasn’t for the little pants for fresh air in between. Until his palm nestles around your breast, long fingers ghosting over the subtle flesh and teasing your nipple. Lips parting for Tengen’s kisses to ruin your neck and décolleté with gentle sucks and kisses.
“So pretty,” slips out of his mouth as you moan for him. Feeble fingers eager to untie his waistband and bare him. “And so greedy,” Tengen muses. Fingertips dragging along your heaving chest and stomach as he watches you, eye contact never breaking while his hand travels further south.
Your thighs flex and clench upon the familiar feeling of his fingers as they brush over your sensitive pussy. Spreading your lips to tease the swollen area and coat himself in arousal, easing the glide of his digits.
The moment two of his fingers push against your entrance and stretch your gummy walls has you moan for him, upper body leaning against Tengen with your arms around his neck.
“Feeling good?” he murmurs while kissing along your shoulder, pumping his finger inside your cunt while growing eager to feel you around his girth. “So, so good,” you sigh, before biting your lip and burying your face in the crook of his neck. Hips rolling against his palm, letting his fingers reach deeper, while you’re already so eager to finally welcome an orgasm again.
It actually brings Tengen to chuckle, humming into the crook of your neck and kissing your temple not before long his thumb pressures your clit. Circling the nub and swiping over it to watch your legs starting to give out and hear more of your moans.
Yet your voice has him stop. Angelic tones begging him to “want to cum with you, please. ‘s been so long, wanna feel you.” Of course, only a madman would deny you of your wishes.
So he complies by withdrawing his fingers, making you highly aware of just how wet you are as he smears your juices along your inner thigh and beams at you. Content clear as day, even in the depths of night. “Do you think you can handle an old, crippled man?” he asks, and tries to make it sound lighthearted. Yet you refuse to let him off the hook. Frowning at him before pushing his back against one of the many posts of the veranda, forcing him to be quiet with a kiss while your hand finally unravels his robe. Fingers wrapping around his cock to pump him for him to falter and have his head fall back against the wood as breathy moans leave his lips.
The tip of his cock drags along your folds, jerking over the pleasure you ignite throughout Tengen’s body while the man in question looks up at you. Mesmerised by your blown wide pupils illuminated in the moonlight as you meet his gaze and smile for him. That is, until his stretch makes you moan. Body crumbling and seeking his support as you lean against your husband, hips sinking down further on his cock.
How exactly could he go without your heavenly body for so long? Withdrawing himself from listening to your sweet moans of his name for weeks just because of his silly little injuries?
“Look at you,” he groans in utter bliss, grinning like a love-drunk fool over the delicious feeling of your gummy walls around him. Tengen offers you his hand and soon entwines your fingers, allowing you extra support to help ease your body’s movements. “My beautiful wife,” he rambles on, “looking so heavenly on top of me.”
It brings a smile to your lips and tears to adorn your lashes. You truly missed him and his praise. Him and the perfect stretch of his cock as you sink down on him again and again. “I love you,” you breathe while your nails dig into the back of his hand. Your fingers squeeze his and your moaning and whines in bliss are drowned by his kiss. Whispering his own reply of “I love you,” against your soft lips. Until you graze just the right spot inside your soft walls and your head falls back, praising his cock in the form of further moans while pressing your eyes shut.
You grind down on him, sighing over the sensations ignited by the stimulation his pelvis offers on your clit. Remembering to clench around his girth to steal further pants and groans from your husband to motivate you further.
And once your free hand drags over his neck and shoulder; nails painting his skin in red streaks as you worry about nothing but the perfect feeling he pleases you with, Tengen truly loses himself in you. Abandoning the hold he shared with you to grab your hips, guiding your body to arch further anytime your hips roll forward or sink down again.
His high isn’t far off, weeklong withdrawal as well combined with a pretty woman like you rendering him defenceless to his human needs.
“More, give me a little more,” he speaks into your neck, returning to suck on the fragile skin as he helps you to bounce in his lap. The feeling of your small hands on his broad shoulders, the familiarity of your weight on top of him and the and your silky soft skin beneath his rough palm all he needs to focus on as he feels himself twitch inside your cunt.
Timbre moans ripple along your skin when he presses your body down, holding you in place while he paints your walls white.
You use the moment for your own pleasure, returning to grind your clit against him while his cock throbs inside you. Making sure to tighten around his girth, tempting and teasing his sensitive cock until his nails dig into your skin and his teeth bare your shoulder. Yet he lets you move, lets you fuck yourself on his cock beyond overstimulation and helps you reach your high with the gentle stroke of his thumb over your clit.
You crumble ever so flawlessly. Brows knitted together while the cute little ‘o’ to your lips turns to moans of Tengen’s name and thank yous, although you did all the work this time.
The safest place to ride out your high is in his arms, pressed tightly against his flexed and sweat-covered chest, which is heaving against yours. You hide your face in the crook of his neck, nuzzling him and humming in content when you feel his embrace. Two arms holding you tightly against your husband accompanied by his lips lingering on the crown of your head. “My little blessing,” he murmurs to himself as his fingers run along your spine, lulling you in to let your heavy lids fall close as the thumping of Tengen’s heart echoes inside your ears.
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sukunababy · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Thinking about giving Uzui Tengen head on your wedding night.
You still in your pretty white dress, kneeling in front of him as you choke on his fat cock
Eyes glistening with tears and mascara staining your cheeks, lipstick smudged and drool running down your chin as you swallow his thick, throbbing shaft deeper and deeper
Him moaning in a raspy voice as your puffy lips suck on his tip, continuing to tell you that you're cute with your mouth full with his cock, — calling you his good girl as his fingers work their way into your hair.
Tengen holding your head pressed against his crotch making you swallow his huge dick as his thick, sticky cum runs down your throat while he takes polaroids that he'll put in your wedding album
Tumblr media
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uzuiz · a month ago
this concept was heavy on my brain….. & im typing in lowercase because it’s 1am while i’m writing this and idc.
tengen uzui + mirror sex + fingering + kinda praise? idk • 18+ minors dni
Tumblr media
UZUI’s so big. it’s so easy for him to envelop you completely in his arms, and tonight is no different.
he has you cradled between his legs, one heavy hand holding your chin in place to face the mirror across your bedroom, the fingers on his other hand circling lazily and sloppily against your clit. he smiles wider as you whine, and any attempts to hide your face or look away are feeble. his hand just won’t move.
“why don’t you look at yourself, pretty thing?” he coos into your ear, and your eyes meet his own gaze in the mirror. it’s lewd — you’re practically gushing against his fingers. he’s just too good with his hands.
you shut your eyes as he slips his fingers inside you, panting out as the familiar sting of him stretching you out hits.
“so pretty, all for me,” uzui whispers, leaving a kiss against your temple. “look at the mess you’re making.”
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to uzuiz. do not repost, distribute, translate, or plagiarize my works. do not repost or recommend my works on other platforms.
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druighoney · 15 days ago
She prefers me
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tengen Uzui x reader x Kyojuro Rengoku
Part 1 :: Part 3
⤷ CW. AFAB reader, oral (m. Receiving), possessiveness, jealousy, daddy k!nk, degradation, dumbification, belly bulge, cucking, breeding, unprotected s3x, size difference, MDNI
⤷ Synopsis: You get interrupted during your rendezvous with your silver haired lover— by the flame Hashira.
⤷ Note. This is about how rengoku was everyone's favorite during the movie and now everyone's simping for tengen- because SAME.
#tags. @gabzlovesu @httpmikey @zeninade @ztoji @sukunasbabymama @festive
Tumblr media
reblogs and interactions are appreciated!!
Tumblr media
"Doesn't she look pretty when she cums?"
Wide golden eyes stared back at your wrecked state, a pretty pink tinting his cheeks. You whimper as Tengen's balls slapped on your clit. He's unrelenting, fucking into you even though you got company, even through the throes of your orgasm,"Enjoying the show, Rengoku?"
That's a rhetorical question, everyone in the room knows it. Rengoku gulps, there's no denying it because the bulge in his pants made it evident,"The meeting's gon- gonna start soon, y- you should- you should get dressed." His words tripped on stutters.
"Hm? But we're not quite done yet," The hand around your throat loosened to slip into your hair,"Aren't we, baby?" You're pulled up with a hard yank,"Aw, looks like she needs someone to take care of that loud mouth," Tengen coos in your ear when you yelp at the sting,"what d'ya say baby? Need him to shut you up?" His lips pressed hot on your ear but eyes locked on Rengoku's.
The blond can't refuse the offer, it's too tempting— the way your breasts bounce with each thrust from the ex-ninja, the pretty tears cascading down your cheeks— he shouldn't but he's walking up to you, cupping your chin,"Need me to fuck your mouth, darling?" His thumb strokes your swollen lower lip as he gulped down all the previous shyness,"Yes, please daddy." Tengen's chest rumbled with a growl against your back as the title slipped past your lips, fuschia orbs darkening. White hot jealousy sparked in his chest when you called the other man "daddy".
But he didn't stop the other man when he tapped his cock on your lips because that's what Rengoku is, the other man. And Tengen is going to prove that he's the only one who can fuck you so good, he's the only one you need. Rengoku's cock pushes past your lips with a content sigh from him,"Feels amazing, y/n," His hand curls around the back of your head, fingers digging into your scalp as he fisted your hair,"Don't stop, ah- what a perfect warm little mouth you got, darling."
Your moan vibrated muffled on Rengoku's cock as Tengen's hand caresses your lower abdomen, lips moulding into a mean smirk when he finds the bulge on your belly. Fingers dancing on the outline of his cock through your skin, he breathes in your ear,"Ready f'me to fill you up, baby?" You might've responded but the hand behind your head is unwavering, pushing your face down on his cock till the tip of his leaky cock kisses the back of your throat,"Ah fuck fuck-"
Tengen pressed down hard on the bulge in your belly, ripping a scream from your occupied mouth. His other hand wrapped around your neck yet again. A low chuckle fanned your neck when he felt Rengoku's cock through the skin of your throat,"C'mon, tell me you're ready, whore."
Rengoku threw his head back, blond locks swaying softly as he muttered curses under his breath. His hips thrust into your face roughly, heavy balls hitting on your chin,"Tell me how badly you need it or I won't give you what you want." Tengen's victorious laugh when Rengoku pulled out of your warm mouth with a grunt send a fresh gush of arousal to your tight hole,"Please, please daddy, please, need you to cum inside me, please-"
Tengen pinches your nipples while his cock swells inside your pussy,"Fuck, make sure to keep it all in, you asked for it after all, you horny little slut." His hips thrust into yours in a sloppy fashion, voice wavering as he started cumming,"Daddy," Your eyes locked on Rengoku's as your walls convulsed around your albino lover's shaft,"You're mine, mine, all mine." He chanted while pumping you full of his thick cum.
"Yeah, darlin'?" Rengoku knelt in front of you, cradling your face in his palms,"Need me t'fuck you? Hm? That it?" His nimble fingers moved away the sweat drenched locks of hair sticking to your forehead, smiling down at your blissed out expression as you grabbed the collar of his uniform and pulled him in for a searing kiss. Tengen growled at the show of intimacy, huge arm winding around your waist to pull you into his chest and away from the other Hashira,"She's mine, Rengoku."
"Are you forgetting that she was mine before she was yours?" Golden orbs met ruby ones with a challenge,"Need you, Kyo." Your mind's drunk of the ecstasy— more more more, that's all it can think of. Rengoku rests his hand on the small of your back, urging you away from Tengen,"We'll be late for the meeting." The taller man hisses on which Rengoku chuckles,"What? Scared that she'll prefer me over you?"
"Kyo," You mewled, tugging on his shirt again,"'M right here," He pulls you into his embrace, stroking your hair while fisting his red aching cock,"Darlin'." His eyes remained locked on your albino lover's, breathing unsteady when you pressed kisses on his neck. You hummed as you sucked a red mark on the flame hashira's neck,"Fine." Tengen's jaw clicked as he pulled out from your sensitive cunt,"But you don't get to finish inside her."
With lips stretched into a grin, Rengoku pulled you on his cock, watching as your soiled pussy dripped Tengen's cum on his cock. His hands gripped bruises on your hips as he slammed you down, forcing you to take his whole shaft in one thrust. Eyes rolling back at the feel of your tight cunt,"God, y/n, still s'tight as ever." The sting of his words had Tengen's brows creasing while he adjusted his uniform.
"Kyo-" Rengoku kisses your lips, biting your lower lip,"Daddy." He corrects, throwing a smug smirk at the sound Hashira,"Too much, daddy, yer' being too rough," Tengen crosses his arms over his chest, biceps clenched as anger ran hot through his veins,"Shh," The blond hushes you, bucking his hips up sharply into your cunt,"You can take it, do it for daddy, yeah?"
"You asked for this, darling." Rengoku's onslaught didn't lessen, his huge cock kept hitting your sweet spot till you're a babbling mess. A bit of drool ran down your chin,"Aww, going dumb on me, pretty girl?" His thighs flexed as he neared his release,"Please, daddy," With your hands gripping his shoulders to maintain balance, you didn't even bother to hold back your screams,"Then go on and cum on daddy's cock." His lips muffled the loud moan you let out as you came with a wet gush, body going almost limp on his lap,"Fuck darling, you're squeezing me s'well," His dick throbbed against your tightening walls, aching for a release but you wrapped your arms around his shoulders,"Please cum inside me, daddy."
"Ah- as you wish, fuck-" Head thrown back, he spurt his seed deep inside you. Panting to catch his breath, he glanced at your boyfriend. His mocking smirk met with Tengen's seething jealousy, hands balled into tight fists.
"Well, looks like your girl prefers me, Uzui."
Tumblr media
2022 © all content belongs to druighoney. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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cielinde · a month ago
heathen chemistry
Tumblr media
tengen uzui x fem reader smut (pic creds to @/ringorenji88 on twt) synopsis: tengen's mission in the red light district solely consisted of slaying the upper moon demon and that alone. he totally won't get distracted and develop an attraction to the cute oiran he met. right? word count: 2.5k notes: no 3 wives in this; cheating doesn't sit right with me (minors dni, more under cut!)
* ‧ ⨯ . ⁺ ✦ * 𓂂 ꙳
in a district glazed with lust, love, and tears, the sound hashira uzui tengen had never thought of engaging himself into the services it provided. he found several aspects of it repulsive; not the act itself, but the amount of abuse and mistreatment of women that went overlooked by all its residents.
and if not for the alarming number of disappearances and death rates, he certainly would have never stepped foot into such a place. beautiful it was, with its stringed lanterns, flavourful foods, and alluring women, but ugly were the assaults, diseases, and… demons.
with a mission at hand to behead said demon, along with having the slight responsibility of overseeing the three boys (and one demon sister) he had brought along for assistance, tengen was sure that he was only there for the kill, and for nothing else.
not even for a certain oiran that had caught his eye.
he groaned against your clit as you arched your back, fingers running through his silver locks. you gasped sweetly as he flattened his tongue against your aching core, running it from top to bottom and top again with an agonisingly slow speed.
“please…” you whimpered.
ah, yes. totally not there for anything else.
he knew it was selfish of him to be indulging in his carnal desires while his companions were settled into their respective houses and gathering intel on the potential upper moon, but the moment he saw you right after securing a spot for zenitsu in the same house you worked in, he knew he just had to have you for the night.
“ah!” you moaned, biting down on your lip as his strong hands squeezed each of your thighs, which were wrapped around his head. he could hear your heavy breathing and rapidly beating heart, your hands trembling with every stroke of his tongue against your wet core.
flicking your sensitive clit with the tip of his tongue, tengen smirked at your cute squeal. he could feel your peak rising as his skillful tongue coaxed more of your sweet juices straight into his hungry mouth, your skin flushed with sweat and your hips involuntarily bucking into his face with the need to release.
“sir!” you gasped, squirming in his strong grasp held you in place, his lips wrapped around your bud as he sucked it, a low hum emitting from him which sent you closer and closer to the edge.
he removed a hand from your thighs and insert it inside your wet cunt, long fingers curling inside and stroking your sensitive walls as you cried out louder and louder, the fire in your lower regions close to snapping at any moment.
“please, please,” you closed your eyes, muscles tightening as tengen thrusted his fingers in and out of you faster, tongue lapping on your clit and juices as you finally reach your climax, your moans of pleasure filling the room as you tightened your grip on his hair, thrusting against his face as your thighs quiver on his shoulders, the burning tension unfurling and your cunt buzzing from the shockwaves of pleasure.
you moaned softly when he pulled away from your core after your orgasm subsided, a damned handsome smile on his face.
“i can tell you’ve never been with a proper man before,” he smirked, licking up the last of your juices from his fingers. you blushed furiously, and settled yourself on your elbows so you could see him better.
“y-you’re the first one who’s ever been…eager to please me,” you tried to keep your voice steady, but gods, it was hard when such a beautiful man was maintaining eye contact with you from between your legs.
“what a shame,” he hummed, pressing a kiss to your right thigh. you inhaled sharply, and he nipped on your flesh. “you’re too beautiful to belong in a place like this,” he ran his tongue against your skin, and gently bit down onto it.
you fisted the bedsheets, pussy throbbing once again as he harshly sucked on your thigh, sure to leave a bruise.
“well, you’re too handsome to be visiting a place like this, too,” you giggled breathlessly. it was true. while you had seen many handsome men come and go, you hadn’t ever seen one as majestic as the man before you, and you silently wished you could have known him under better circumstances.
“am i, now?” he purred, a low chuckle vibrating against your thigh. “that makes the two of us worthy of leaving this place, doesn’t it?”
your eyes widened. he couldn’t possibly mean..?
your thoughts were cut off with a surprised yelp coming from you as he pushed your upper half back down onto the sheets, lustful eyes staring down at you as he used another hand to knead and grope your breast.
you bit your lip, wrapping your legs around his waist to pull him closer to you, and you rolled your hips against his cock, feeling a drop of precum kiss your cunt. tengen groaned, and you ground yourself against him again.
“don’t you think it’s unfair that you’re holding back, sir?” you purred, trailing your hands on his muscular build. gods, why was he sculpted so perfectly? you felt his cock twitch against your wet core, and he licked his lips.
“don’t you think it’s unfair that you’re teasing me, miss?” he leaned closer to you, both your foreheads touching.
“please do elaborate,” you whispered, kissing the corners of his mouth, just ghosting over his lips.
“hm, for one…you make me want to fuck you senseless,” he kissed you with force, lips rough against yours as he slipped his tongue into your mouth, his hands pinching and pulling on your hardened nipples.
you moaned into the kiss, grinding onto his cock with even more need, and he smirked as he nibbled on your lower lip, the head of his cock already parting your lower lips, which were swollen with lust.
“sir…” you whimpered, wondering if you should beg. a lot of men liked that. and at this point, you would do anything to have him inside you already.
“tengen,” he grunted. “my name’s tengen.”
“tengen…” you looked into his eyes pleadingly, “please?”
“fuck, you’re irresistable,” he chuckled. “why don’t you fuck yourself on me, pretty girl?”
“don’t mind if i do,” you smiled, and once he rolled over beside you, you easily straddled him, a hand on his toned chest for support as your other guides yourself to his entrance, and once his tip is pressed against your cunt, you slowly sink down on him, a satisfying moan spilling from his lips as you whimper at the feeling of his thick girth stretching you out.
“you’re so tight,” he teased, and you roll your hips, earning another groan from him.
“and you’re so hard,” you teased back, gritting your teeth as you shakily lifted yourself up slightly and slammed yourself down on his cock. the feeling of him filling you up was so sinfully blissful, and you moan loudly as you continue to ride his cock, every tentative movement and the way your cunt clenched around him just barely teasing your sweet spot.
“holding back on me, now?” tengen slapped your ass, hands squeezing your rear as you mewled softly. your reaction most likely egged him on, as you could now feel the slight strain in your abdomen from the way a small bulge had formed.
“impatient, tengen?” you picked up your pace, advancing your hands on his chest where you could feel his breathing gradually get heavier.
“only for you, little temptress,” he moved a hand to rub at your clit, and you threw your head back, thighs shaking as you tried to continue your ministrations.
“getting weak in the knees?” he chuckled, pressing a finger harshly against your bud, and you let out a strangled moan, nails digging crescent moons into his skin.
“not yet,” you whispered, reaching further up to support yourself on his shoulders. the slight position change helped bring ease into riding him, but you still knew your dominance over him was withering. not that you minded.
“want me to fuck you?” he palmed your chest, and you slammed your hips especially hard on him. tengen let out a loud groan, and you pressed a kiss to his neck, hips rolling slower against his.
“why don’t you fuck me yourself?” you murmured against his skin, gently biting down as you lightly squeezed his nipple.
“your wish is my command,” he smirked, and effortlessly overpowered you, flipping you over and holding your hips as his length never left your pussy. you looked up at him, a fresh wave of lust rolling through you at the sight of his dishevelled white hair framing his face above you. your breath hitched as he pulled out to thrust against you, and you locked your ankles together around him, wanting more and more of him.
you could tell he wasn’t holding back anymore from his thrusts alone. with all his raw strength, tengen fucked you rough and hard, every deep thrust that kissed the entrance to your womb making your pussy clench deliciously around him, trying to pull him deeper into you.
“oh-oh gods!” you cried out at the feeling of his tongue teasing your earlobe.
“there are no gods but me,” he said, hot breath against you as you squirmed, helpless whimpers spilling from you akin to prayers as he continued to fuck you languidly, every long stroke of his cock making your pussy throb and ache for release. his length was so thick and long; you had never felt this pleasurable in all your years working in the district.
your walls continued to tighten around his twitching cock, a sign he was close. taking notice of this, tengen dipped a hand to mercilessly flick at your clit, the roughness of the pads of his fingers making it all the more pleasurable as you furrowed your brows and closed your eyes, holding onto him tighter as you felt an intense orgasm close to swallowing you whole.
“look at me,” he grunted, and you cracked your eyes open to look into his maroon ones.
“i want to see you cum,” he nibbled on your jaw, peppering it with kisses as well. your thighs trembled as your body involuntarily writhed under his, your back arched into his chest as you could feel his heart beat directly against your breast.
“i want everyone in this damn house to know you’re mine,” he kissed you again, and your moans were muffled against his lips as his tongue dominated yours, spitting into your mouth with a smirk as he grabbed your jaw, cock fucking deeper into you with every rock of his hips. you were sure you’d be bruised come morning, but it didn’t matter.
“tengen…” you moaned his name in bliss once he pulled away, every thought in your mind full of nothing but him. he drove you mad; you had never wanted to cum this badly.
“louder,” he groaned. his touch was bringing you to the brink of an orgasm, and you’re already a panting, trembling mess underneath him.
“t-tengen!” you whined loudly, feeling his cock twitch even more against your sweet spot. close, so close. he growled into your ear as he continued to rut into you, and you held him closer to you.
“cum for me,” he pinched your clit especially hard, cock abusing your most sensitive spot inside you until you finally reached your long-awaited climax.
his name left your lips in a cry from deep within your throat, your pussy clenching around him tighter than ever until you could very much feel the prominent veins along his length pulsate against your walls, your climax racking through your body as tengen held you down, his cock hardening within you as he finally shot ropes of thick, white seed into your pussy, your walls milking him of his essence as he let out a guttural groan, his cum filling your cunt to the very brim as he slowly fucked you through both of your dissipating orgasms.
he breathed heavily as he propped himself on his elbows just above you, not fully placing his entire weight on you. you twitched and whimpered softly, feeling his hot skin against yours as his face remained a mere few inches away from you.
“tengen…” you whispered, running your hands along his perfectly toned muscles. you felt slightly too tired to do more rounds, but you didn’t want the night to end just yet. no other man had ever treated you this way; none of them had ever given a moment’s thought about your pleasure. you had no idea the handsome man who dropped off an unsightly girl hours earlier would have you wishing for countless nights with him. hell, you could even do it with him for free.
and it was the same for him. tengen knew that he wasn’t supposed to feed into any distractions during his time in the district, especially not get entangled with an oiran, yet here he was, filling you up with his cum, still balls deep inside your cunt. he didn’t know the last time he had felt this good either, or if he had ever felt it in the first place.
with a huff, he peeled himself away from you, his cock slipping out and freeing the spew of hot cum that leaked out of your over-sensitive cunt.
you twitched, slowly closing your legs together. you’d need to take more contraceptives in the morning, just in case.
“will you be staying overnight or will you take your leave?” you turned to look at him, eyes plastered on the ceiling as he laid on his back beside you.
“unfortunately, i’ll have to take my leave for now,” he replied, and you had to resist the frown that threatened to betray your neutral expression.
“alright. payment is with the house mother downstairs; i’ll stay behind to clean the room once you’ve left,” you forced a smile, sitting up and stretching your now-bruised legs before standing up, but his voice stopped you.
“so, how much to take you home?”
you turned to him, eyes wide as you stared at him agape.
“you look like you’ve seen a demon,” tengen laughed, sliding himself to a sitting position as well.
“i-i’m sorry?” you stammered. you couldn’t be hearing him right. there was no way…
“forgiven. but will you tell me how much it’ll cost to have you as my wife?” he placed his hand on yours, and you couldn’t stop the flow of tears that formed in your eyes.
“sorry,” you laughed nervously. “i-it’s just, i never really thought i’d be…you know,” you wiped your tears quickly, your heart thumping in your chest as your thoughts raced in all directions.
“aw, don’t cry,” he smiled warmly, pulling you into a warm embrace. “once my job here is over, i’ll come back for you. better start packing,” he chuckled against your hair, and you hugged him just as tight, the first real smile in ages finally forming on your lips.
you would finally have a home.
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shawtuzi · 24 days ago
Our Favorite Girl
i haven't been seeing enough fics with tengen AND the wives so you already know i had to make one myself for the girls so pls enjoy. 
minors dni obvi 18+ content warnings include: fem!reader, polyship, a whole bunch of praise, oral (female receiving), soft!dom tengen, barely any plot i went straight for the smut lol// word count 2.7k+ (if i missed any warnings so sorry)
It started off as a normal job it really did! You were simply a maid for a nice gentleman and his even nicer wives. Yes wives plural. It was a little odd at first but after a couple times being at their house you began to be intrigued by the way they interacted with each other. The wives are all extremely nice and caring about your wellbeing insisting that you work too hard when actually it seemed to be the opposite.
Whenever you broke  the slightest sweat scrubbing the floors Makio would get on her knees and help you, eventually in the process telling you to take a break while she did the rest. While you would be doing the dishes Suma would stop by shyly asking if she can help you, and of course you couldn’t say no so you gave her the job of drying while you washed. Trying to do any job in front of Hinatsuru was pointless. She used to be like Makio helping you then insist you take a break but now she would just simply do it herself. Tengen never disturbed you while you worked but every night when he bid you farewell he would always whisper a soft, “you’re too good to us truly…see you tomorrow Y/N.”
Today was no different. You were cleaning the pool while the three wives were sunbathing practically begging that you ditch the work and soak up the warm sun with them. “C’monnn Y/N we wanna hangout with you” Suma pouted sitting up straight her breasts bouncing lightly as she did so. You gulped looking at her perfect body shaking your head, “I-I really shouldn’t don’t you guys wanna go swimming in a nice clean pool?” you asked while skimming the water. Makio was the next to get up, she walked over to the pool and pushed her sunglasses up  inspecting the pool. “Looks good to me” she smirked turning her head to the other wives, “guys wanna get in the water feels amazing” she yelled, swishing her foot around in the water.
“That sounds like an amazing idea,” Hinatsuru smiled. Getting up she grabbed Suma’s hand bringing her over, “Y/N you should join us we don’t want you to overheat now do we?” she asked, quirking an eyebrow. “No we don’t and she’s already wearing a swimsuit!” Suma piped up hearts practically appearing in her eyes looking at you in your bikini and jean shorts with the button and zipper undone. “C’mon Y/N pleaseee” Suma pouted, giving you those doe eyes you can’t resist. You sighed a small smile coming onto your face, “I mean I guess it is beautiful today.” The wives broke into beaming smiles all getting into the water.
You got in immediately covering yourself with your arms. They were all so damn beautiful and perfectly in shape. Don’t even get me started with Uzui. “Don’t cover yourself love, you’re beautiful” Hinatsuru frowned, pulling your hands away “very beautiful… does your boyfriend ever tell you how beautiful you are?” she asked, referring to your now ex. “Uh we actually broke up” you mumbled, swirling your fingers around in the water.
“Ohh no Y/N what happened?!” Suma cried swimming over to you wrapping her arms around you tightly, she nuzzled her head into your neck and you couldn’t help but feel a warmness in your chest at the affection. Suma pulled away but moved her hands down to your waist keeping a slight grip. “Yes what happened honey” Makio frowned coming over as well, she tucked a strand of hair behind your ear making you shiver. All three women were huddled around you with frowns and sad eyes.
“He wanted me to quit my job here… kept saying I spent too much time here” the three of them in sync raised their eyebrows, looks of disgust washing over their once saddened faces. Before they could interject you spoke again, “it was either quit the job or break up and it looks like I made the right choice. You guys and Uzui care more about me than him” you said, making them break into smiles. “It’s true Y/N! It’s true we care about you so much” Suma spoke and the other wives agreed nodding their heads.
“We really do. Especially our husband, he may say much in front of you but just know you hold a place in all our hearts” Hinatsuru whispered, rubbing soothing circles on your back, toying with the strings of your bikini every once in a while. “Mhm you’re way more than just a maid to us Y/N, right guys?” Makio spoke not taking her eyes off of you.
The atmosphere was completely different now. It went from a comforting environment to there being tinges of sexual tension in air growing thicker by the second. “I-I care about you guys too and Tengen…so much thank y-” before you could finish your sentence Suma pressed her soft lips against yours making you gasp in surprise. She took the opportunity to shove her tongue in your mouth.
“Sorry about that, you know how Suma can be, she can’t help herself when she wants something” Hinatsuru laughed moving her body behind yours, she brought her hands to your breasts massaging them gently making you moan. “It’s true it's too cute” Makio giggled, pressing a kiss to the side of Suma’s head before bringing her attention to you. She left kisses up and down the side of your neck toying with the waistband of your bikini. “Do you want to go inside? I’m sure it’d be more comfortable” she whispered in your ear nibbling on the lobe. You nodded your head dumbly too distracted in Suma’s sweet kisses.
Fast forward to when they take you to their gigantic master bedroom. You sat on the bed and they made quick work ridding you of your bikini. Makio came behind you untying your top while Suma pulled down your bikini but the sight of your bare chest made her stop in her tracks stopping midthigh. “Oh wow Y/N they’re so pretty” she said bringing her hand up to your right tit brushing her thumb over your nipple. Seconds later she attached her mouth to it, swirling her tongue around your nipple. Suma pulled your bottoms down the rest of the way, once they were off she released your nipple with a lewd ‘pop’.
“Go on, spread your legs darling” Hinatsuru said, kneeling next to Suma. The look she gave you could’ve made you cum right then and there but you held it together slowly spreading your legs making Suma gasp. “O-oh! Y/N your pussy is so pretty isn't it Hinatsuru?” she squealed pressing kisses on the insides of your thighs. “Mhm it is baby” she whispered licking her lips at the sight of your soaked pussy. “May I?” she asked not taking her eyes off your pussy. You nodded slowly, your eyes fluttering shut when you felt Makio leave wet kisses on your neck. She gave you a small smile before licking a stripe up your cunt moaning at the taste of you.
“Mmm she tastes so good here Suma taste” Hinatsuru brought her hand behind Sumas’s neck bringing her in for a sloppy kiss. Hinatsuru pulled away a line of spit connecting their lips, “tastes good yeah?” she whispered and Suma breathlessly nodded, licking her lips. “C-can I have some more?” she asked, bringing her eyes to your dripping pussy. Hinatsuru nodded a smirk coming onto her face, “of course you can baby go ahead.” She pushed Suma’s head gently towards your pussy and Suma wasted no time wrapping her lips around your clit.
You let out a broken moan resting your head back on Makio’s shoulder. “Feel good Y/N?” Makio whispered in your ear leaving gentle kisses on it. “Y-yes oh-!” you squealed out when you felt fingers prod at your entrance. You looked down and saw Hinatsuru spreading your legs open even more, her fingers slowly pushing into you as Suma continued to lap and suck at your clit.
Little did you all know Uzui was leaning against the door taking it the scene before him. It was really a sight to behold. Makio was kissing and sucking at your neck leaving little hickeys as she did so, meanwhile Suma and Hinatsuru were kneeling on the ground playing with your pussy. Suma was licking at your pussy moaning at the taste and Hinatsuru was pushing her fingers in and out of you at a quick pace while rubbing Suma’s clit through her bikini bottoms. And you…
You looked completely blissed out. Your eyes were clenched shut and you hands were fisting the covers beneath you while grinding your hips against Suma’s tongue and Hinatsuru’s fingers.
“I-I’m gonna cum” you whimpered your legs starting to shake from all the pleasure you were receiving. Being the sadist he was, Tengen decided to step in the room ruining your almost perfect orgasm. “Well what do we have here?” he chuckled, taking slow strides towards the bed. “Suma got excited and kissed the girl” Makio giggled, pinching your nipples making you gasp. “My poor baby can never help herself can she?” he smirked, running his fingers gently through Suma’s hair before gripping it roughly pulling her back, “can you?”
“N-no I can’t” she whimpered, making Tengen’s smirk a little wider. “Oh leave her be Uzui, if anything we should be thanking her” Hinatsuru cooed pressing a kiss to Suma’s shoulder. “Now let her get back to what she was doing, poor Y/N was about to cum” she said, dragging her middle and ring finger between your folds. Tengen complied, releasing his grip on Suma’s hair, as soon as he did Suma returned to her place between your thighs licking up your wetness.
Between the wives toying with your body and Tengen’s hard stare you were cumming within minutes your thighs shaking at the intensity. Uzui hummed bringing his hand to your face to caress it lightly, “do my wives make you feel good Y/N?” he questioned brushing his thumb over your bottom lip before shoving it in your mouth. You moaned around his finger nodding slowly. “Would you ladies mind if I joined you?” he asked, quirking an eyebrow. “Yes of course you can!” Suma beamed standing up making quick work to undo his tie and buttoned down shirt. Hinatsuru joined in removing his suit jacket while Makio got on her knees undoing his belt, “my babies are always so helpful” he cooed, pressing a kiss to Hinatsuru’s lips while Suma pressed desperate kisses on his neck.
Makio pulled down his slacks and briefs allowing his already hard cock to be set free. “How long were you watching us perv?” Makio giggled, stroking his cock slowly. He groaned licking his lips, “not long but can you blame me?” he chuckled, patting her on the head. You watched them like you were in a trance rubbing your thighs together to ease the aching between your legs. “Y/N?” you heard Uzui speak up and you quickly brought your attention to him. “I want you to ride me” he bluntly said, making you gulp.
Fast forward once more to you straddling Tengen’s stomach as you hovered above his cock the three wives undressed as well. “It’s okay love we got you” Makio whispered, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek. You took a deep breath as you lowered yourself onto him, whimpering at the stinging stretch of him practically splitting you open. “Good girl” Makio giggled, gripping your chin between her fingers and pressed a loving kiss to your lips, “now can you keep being our good girl and make our husband feel good?” she mumbled against your lips and you nodded, grinding your pussy against Tengen making him groan.
Your slow grinding turned into frantic bouncing as you rode Uzui like your life depended on it. Hinatsuru took this as an opportunity to sit on Tengen’s face and he wasted no time licking and slurping at her cunt. “Mmm T-Tengen” she whimpered, finding balance on his hard chest. While the three of you were tangled up in each other Makio had Suma on all fours eating her pussy from the back like a woman starved. You looked over at Makio and bit your lip seeing her wet pussy on display begging to be touched.
You took it upon yourself to slip a finger into her pussy making her moan loudly into Suma’s pussy. “S-so wet” you muttered, sliding another finger in. Uzui wrapped his muscly arms tightly around Hinatsuru’s thighs before bucking into you roughly. “O-oh my gosh” you whimpered, squeezing your eyes shut but not once stopping your quick movements on Makio’s sopping pussy. Hinatsuru pulled you in for a kiss, shoving her tongue in your mouth without warning. The sounds in the room were downright disgusting but it was music to Tengen’s ears hearing his girls feel good.
With the way you were riding his dick he was fighting the urge to put a ring on your finger right then and there. “M’gonna cum” Hinatsuru whimpered against your lips grinding her face harder onto Tengen’s face practically suffocating the man. It wasn’t long before she was cumming all over his face, your orgasm soon following along. “Fuuuck” Uzui groaned, feeling you cum all over his cock, your wetness dripping down his balls. He lifted Hinatsuru off his face with ease, licking his lips “tastes amazing as always angel” he smirked winking up at her making her face flush.
“Suma baby come sit on daddy’s dick” he rasped slowly lifting you off of his cock and onto his face. Before he dove him he craned his neck to the other two women, “Hinatsuru take care of Makio my poor baby’s pussy has been neglected for too long.” Hinatsuru nodded obediently before laying next to Uzui she smiled at Makio, “on my face love.” Makio quickly crawled up her chest lowering her pussy onto Hinatsuru’s face, immediately moaning loudly when she felt Hinatsuru wrap her lips around her clip.
“That’s my girl’s” he smirked before bringing his attention to you burying his head in your pussy. He groaned when he felt Suma’s pussy on him, the vibrations making you shiver. “O-oh Uzui feels so good love you so much” Suma whimpered, bringing her hands to your shoulders for balance. “Love you more baby. Love all of you so fucking much even you Y/N wanna make you my wife” he grunted bucking his hips into Suma making her squeal. “Please marry her daddy she’s so fun we l-love her” Makio moaned, threading her fingers into Hinatsuru’s soft hair.
You gasped when you felt Uzui suckle at your clit making your thighs shake, “y-yes wanna be your guys’ wife please make me your wife” you whimpered feeling your orgasm approach. Your words made each of them moan. The effect you had on them was crazy. It wasn’t long before Suma was cumming all over Tengen’s cock with a loud moan almost collapsing from pleasure. Makio and you followed suit cumming all over Hinatsuru and Uzui’s faces soaking them from the nose down.
“F-fuck I’m gonna cum you all know what to do” he rasped making them all squeal. “C’mon Y/N this is our favorite part!” Suma smiled as she got on her knees along with the other wives sticking their tongues out. You quickly followed behind doing the same as them while Tengen stood up aggressively jerking his painfully hard cock. He was cumming seconds making sure each of you had a taste. “Before you swallow I wanna do something” he said before quickly searching for his phone and taking a picture of the beautiful sight before him.
“Swallow” was all he said and you all quickly obeyed, making him smile. “My perfect girls, let’s get into bed Y/N will be staying with us tonight if that’s okay with her of course” he said, making you smile. You nodded quickly following the other wives into the bed. Uzui was in the middle with his arms stretched out and you snuggled into his side while Suma nuzzled her way into the other. Hinatsuru wrapped her arms around Suma while Makio wrapped her arms around you leaving a small kiss on your shoulder.
“Sleep tight angels, I love you all so much.”
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honeymaki · 2 months ago
M thinking of a big big daddy🥺 who sits you in their lap nd plays with your sweet slippery clit with their big big fingers till your creaming and shuddering in their arms, makin’ a mess all over their shiny dress pants:(( their lips pressed to your temple cooing at you,
“S’my good girl, gotta get you ready don’t I? Gotta get you soft nd easy to fuck don’t I pretty baby?” All sweet and condescending cause you’re tearing up at the swell at their crotch nd pawing at their big big broad chest:(( daddy please, want it so bad daddy, want your cock:(( nd they bully their way in there, s’too big, way too big with a fat mushroom tip nd slippery bulging veins that you can feel catching on your puffy folds. Big rough hands squeezing the fat of your hips, lifting you up nd down, up nd down all shallow cause s’such a tight fit:(( all fat nd thick; creamy rings gathering up nd down as you whimper nd claw at the back of their neck, trusting them to take your weight nd sit you pretty on their cock, so big nd so heavy in your tummy💕
“There we go, there’s a good girl, s’my pretty pretty baby all stuffed full of daddy’s cock hm? Feel it deep? Taking it so well for me, always take my cock so well - taught you so well, shaped your pretty princess cunt to fit my cock didn’t I? S’all mine, all mine,” nd they press their big big fingers back to your clit nd makes you shake nd shudder nd gush nd squeal on their big mean cock🥺
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cherub-corre · a month ago
Squirting Hcs || Ft. the hashiras
Tumblr media
Anon asks: Oh my gosh I loved the squirting headcanons with the boys! Do you think you can do one with Rengoku and how he reacted and what he did abt it, please? 🥺🥺
🍯-Of course! This is going to be a two part series btw if you don't mind!
Kamado ver
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojuro
✦He was surprised at first.
✦Like when your legs clasped themselves around his face and fucked his tongue only to feel your slick liquids squirted all over his chin, nose and lips
✦Your soft teary face made you look so cute when you squirted too, making his already erect cock painfully swell.
¶Tears fell to your chin as your husband sucked on your clit whilst his skilled fingers fucked your cunt, making you babble incoherently
When suddenly you felt something weird in your tummy. Rengoku didn't help either as he kept sucking, his fingers fucked your cunt faster as he felt your pussy throb
Only to feel your squishy legs cling to his face as you rode him. Your slick liquids spraying onto his face as you cried out in bliss.⁋
For a damn virgin he knew how to pleasure a woman.
Tumblr media
Uzui Tengen
⤵He did it on purpose.
⚀You're not safe in that house with him in there, hell his wives would lock you in on purpose.
⚀The damn man is skilled with his fingers. Hell it's even worse if you're sensitive.
⤴His wives probably would be in there with your lmao.
⤵Your small hands grab hold of your husband's arm. Clinging on for dear life as he fucked your cunt with his fingers. His smile not altering when you squirted for a third time.
How long is it? three-four hours? He didn't know nor did he care as one of his arms grab hold of your breast.
While you were underneath him, teary-eyed and swollen, your chubby thighs clasped around his fingers for mercy. Your lips spewed out babbles and incoherent words.
While his wives just sat there, smiling and cooing out praises to you, pressing the button on the pink vibrator that was tapped to your clit.
⤴Finally you came a fourth time before passing out, both from dehydration and excess pleasure, you probably won't be able to walk for a while after this.
Tumblr media
Shinobu Kocho
⤵She would do it on purpose. And she'd be so mean about it too.
❦Vibrators, dildos or straps. Hell her hands are enough to make you squirt.
❦She's a doctor so it's pretty obvious she's good with anatomy
⤴Be grateful she even lets you rest as soon as you squirt for the fifth time this evening.
⤵Shinobu's chin nested against your shoulder as she forced you to look at yourself in the mirror. Her sultry gaze looming over you as tears fell from your face.
When suddenly you felt weird, to which she whispered that what you're feeling was completely normal. When you finally relaxed, your fluids squirted onto the mirror as your upper body shook slightly.
⤴Her arm clung to your stomach to keep you from not falling onto the dark wooden floors of her room.
Your first time with her felt amazing, and you can't deny it.
Tumblr media
Tomioka Giyuu
⤵Poor baby was so confused, but when he saw your face he thought it must've felt really good from how you shook above him.
♡He didn't want to ask shinobu on what it was cus she was gonna bully him but asked her since she's the only one that knows the female anatomy better than uzui.
⤴So when she bullied taught him what it was and how to do it he understood and wanted to try it again.
⤵Giyuu's soft praises left your tummy in a fumbling mess as his slender fingers messed with your cunt. Kissing your cheek as he continued to praise you.
Suddenly your body started feeling weird, the new found pleasure was building up on your insides and he could feel it from how you suddenly clench around his fingers.
'Shinobu was right' he thought as your thighs clamped around his arm, you begged for him to stop when he fingered your pussy faster to which he didn't reply.
⤴"Just let go hun, everything's fine" he whispered, to which you learnt to control yourself and finally let go, letting your body go limp as you squirted all over his fingers. Your liquids dripped from off his fingers to which he licked up. Your mind in a haze as you fell limp in his arms.
©honey-buv Do not steal, repost or copy my works without my permission!
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chosophilia · a month ago
your fave saying, "fuck, i'll make it fit inside you." after skipping prep and just sliding his cock inside you without any after thought.
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diaphanoso · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
mature content warnings:
meanie!tengen, thigh riding, degradation, teasing, orgasm control, humiliation, fingering, squirting
Tumblr media
tengen thinks he could stay this way forever.
with your sloppy, needy cunt dragging on his muscular thigh over and over, your hands fisting his hair with no end in sight.
"jesus, look at the mess you made," tengen sneers, his pants dark and damp from how long you've been grinding on his thigh. "you gettin' close? seems like it."
you nod mindlessly, digging your fingers into his shoulders as he watches your body shudder and fall apart spread over his thigh. "wanna- wanna cum so bad," you breathe out airily.
"too bad, not midnight yet," tengen shrugs carelessly, that cocky rasp painting his voice. "you did this to yourself, darlin'."
his brawny arms are resting behind his head, his expression riddled with arrogance at the power he holds over you - just a few words and a simple touch and you're already eagerly waiting at his disposal.
he knows the influence he has and he fucking loves it.
"you got 4 more minutes," tengen chuckles, eyeing the time on the television screen playing a countdown. "too hard for you? can't wait? that's too bad, isn't it?"
you groan out frustratingly, letting your hips stop their motion despite the erratic throbbing of your clit - your body so desperate for release.
"ah, ah," tengen utters out dissentingly, grasping your plush hips and forcing your hips to roll again. "i didn't say you could stop, did i?"
"fuck," you sighed out under your breath, irritating impatience wracking every limb as he kept your body in motion. "please, just let me cum, i can't wait."
"you can cum," tengen smirks out the words, pressing hot kisses into the crook of your neck as his fingers dig into your ass. "in 3 minutes, though."
the next two minutes were pure hell, your body shaking and spasming, your thighs squeezing and hands digging into his muscles with each moan, whine, and whimper. it was sheer torture for you, which tengen eagerly relished in.
"oh, c'mon now," tengen mocked, bouncing his thigh underneath you and driving pleasure up your spine. "another minute, just one more. you can do that for me, huh?"
"mmf-" you stifled a moan, your head resting on his shoulder from the fatigue of an excessively drawn-out buildup.
"i could make it harder, y'know," tengen cooed into your ear, nipping at your neck softly. "i think i'm bein' pretty nice, don't you?"
you gritted your teeth, your cunt starting to tighten around nothing as your hips dragged sloppily over his now wet pants.
"30 seconds," tengen eyed the time on the television screen, watching the numbers flash brightly before him. "better make it a good one."
tengen stopped your hips, slipping his thick fingers through the slick painting your folds, "fuck, you're a mess," he commented brashly, delving his fingers into your needy cunt. "guess i'll make the mess a little bigger."
he curled them again and again, fucking against your g spot and driving sears of buzzing pleasure through your body - fuck, did he know how to push all the right buttons.
"ah- s'too much," you whine, burying your face in the crook of his neck.
"nah, 15 more seconds," tengen groaned out, his free hand forcing your cunt to drag along his palm. "you can do it."
it was near impossible to hold back, your body tensing and jaw clenching as you choked down the pleasure. tengen wouldn't stop, bouncing his thigh and fucking your cunt so harshly, his mouth hot on your neck just to be an asshole.
"8, 7, 6, 5..." tengen sneered, his movements altogether getting more fervent and pushing your body over the edge. "4, 3, 2, 1."
"ah- fuck," you shuddered, your body stuttering on his as you felt your cunt tighten and release so harshly around his fingers.
"oh- big one," tengen grunted out, feeling your walls taut around his fingers and squeezing them as you panted whiningly in his ear. flicks of liquid doused his fingers and coated the fabric of his pants, which were already beyond ruin. "what a good girl."
tengen met your hazy, half-lidded eyes, pressing a soft kiss onto your lips.
"happy new year."
Tumblr media
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