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whoreforunrealboys a day ago
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My man Tengen's face is all bloodied but he still managed to stay hot as fuck.
No wonder Gyutaro is so envious of him 馃ぃ馃槀
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serodev 2 days ago
How well to each of the pillars cuddle?
I'm going to answer this the same way I answered this ask, so I'm sorry if you wanted to get proper headcanons </3!
If I were to put Pillars into a clear list where 1 is the best at cuddling and 9 is the worst, the list would go the following way:
1 - Mitsuri 2 - Uzui 3 - Rengoku 4 - Gyomei 5 - Giyuu 6 - Shinobu 7 - Muichiro 8 - Obanai 9 - Sanemi
禄 I believe that Mitsuri deserves the first place as the best cuddler because she's just so soft (plus, she's a Love Pillar)! And she loves to hold you in her arms! She doesn't squeeze you too hard, and her chest makes a perfect resting place for your head.
禄 It's surprisingly pleasant to cuddle with Uzui, thanks to his size. The only downside about him is the possible sweat you might smell if you get too close to his armpits, but otherwise, it's nice and warm!
禄 Rengoku falls into the third place because while it's nice to cuddle with him, he tends to get too excited about it, and he might squeeze you a bit too hard! He's one of those guys who love to pull you on top of him and rock you back and forth because he's so happy to be with you!
禄 I would say it's nice to cuddle with Gyomei, but he likes to hold you on his lap instead because he's kind of scared about his size. Of course, that doesn't mean that he's awful at cuddling with you! He happens to be really careful!
禄 I think Giyuu deserves the fifth place because while it takes a long time for him to feel comfortable enough to cuddle with you. The way he hugs you feels intimate, but also really safe.
禄 Shinobu isn't the worst at cuddling, as you can see from the list, but she's not the best either. I only have one reasoning behind this, and it's that I see Shinobu as a woman who'd instead pat your back while you hug her.
禄 Muchiro can be a nice guy to cuddle with, but only if you like stuffed animals! Muichiro has this same kind of problem that Shinobu has going on, but while he likes the feel of you cuddling with him, he likes it more when you spoon him.
禄 Obanai... I don't see him as a man who likes to cuddle. He's content to sit next to you, etc., but cuddling isn't something that he would love to do. That doesn't mean that you can't cuddle with him, though! You just shouldn't expect him to cuddle you back with the same amount of love.
禄 It's almost impossible to cuddle with Sanemi because of the way he acts. He's aggressive, and even when you manage to get to his somewhat soft side, he still doesn't like to touch other people, cuddling included.
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ella390-the-potato a day ago
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Uzui Unleashed
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jupitereleven 21 hours ago
Demon Slayer Ep14 season 2
Tumblr media
skip if you don鈥檛 want spoilers
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aoikita a day ago
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Good ep overall. I laughed,cried (alot) and hysterical. I think alot of people will go bezerk now Gyutaro has made his formal appereance. His voice reminds me of zenitsu in a crackhead way. I liked the ep but i love nezukos development overall so its probably going to be overshadowed by Gyutaro and Uzui.
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smol-ackerman 15 days ago
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KIMETSU NO YAIBA: Entertainment District Arc: Ep. 05
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mizurei 17 days ago
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Uzui Tengen // ep 1 鈾
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dandy-chickens a month ago
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everythingkny 14 days ago
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and this mf has the audacity to not be real 馃檮馃檮
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venjt a month ago
馃敟馃拵 yeah. They're boyfriends
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y6njin a month ago
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stop calling, stop calling, i don't wanna think anymore. (>o<聽 )
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o3o-aya a month ago
Can we see Uzui having a Tsukugo (she's black) who wears a Hannya mask (which she has never shown to anyone) and Uzui tries to use her ''authority'' to see her face?
Yesh yesh I can do that-
I had to do research wsdfg-
Tumblr media
When he takes you up as a Tsukugo he figured you would take off the mask for training.
Doesn鈥檛 happen and now he鈥檚 upset because he wants to see dat face!
at least you were polite and respectful towards him and his wives.
His wives loved you actually!
They were so interested about you and your culture!
They love to comb your hair, they think it鈥檚 so beautiful!
They always invited you for tea after you trained.聽
He anticipated you to take off the mask while drinking tea but N O P E.
You managed to magically drink it without somehow lifting your mask.
His wives didn鈥檛 mind, but Uzui did!
He wanted to see what face lingered under the mask before he remembered....
He was your superior! He could just tell you to take it off and you had to!
He couldn鈥檛 do now because he would embarrass you in front of his wives-
He didn鈥檛 want that!
The next time you were training with him, you were surprised when he stopped the training.
But then he suddenly demanded you take off the mask.
You said no-
and then he said something about not seeing well during training-
It turns into a big argument actually.
You somehow magically manage to face palm so hard- that your mask broke in face.
Leaving a confused you and a shocked Uzui.
He鈥檚 starting to feel a bit self conscious about his own looks-
And it hurts his ego.
But you鈥檙e mad cause your mask broke and your face his showing!
He鈥檚 not, he鈥檚 not mad at all!
In fact he鈥檚 happy!!聽
he may or may not ask you to be his fourth wife a few times
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jupitereleven 15 days ago
Demon Slayer Ep.12 S2
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httptamaki 6 months ago
Tumblr media
First off, I wanna say that I feel like I characterized Tengen terribly, it鈥檚 my first time writing an actual piece for him outside from headcanons so I apologize and I really hope it lives up to the expectations馃ゲ
Tengen isn鈥檛 married to his wives in this, that should be clear. Also this is NSFW content, minors do not fucking interact馃グ
A/N: The reader is 20 in this and Tengen is 23.
edit: you guys came running for tengen smut after the new episode didn鈥檛 you guys? calm your horny asses down /j
WARNINGS: MINORS DNI - teacher!tengen - student!fem!reader - fingering - oral - swearing - nicknames - unprotected sex - degrading - rough - spanking - hair pulling - creampie / choking - 2,6 k words
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You sighed as you hurried over to your class, being late once again. You had stayed up, trying to finish several projects that were due today, yet you didn鈥檛 finish every single one. The project for art class still had to be done and if that wasn鈥檛 bad enough, you had that class right now.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry I鈥檓 late-鈥 You mumbled, walking into the class and not even bothering to knock, only to feel your teacher's eyes on you. 鈥淲ell sit down, you鈥檙e staying after class.鈥 He answered, continuing his class as he kept his eyes glued on you.
The male shook his head slightly and finally looked away from you, making you let out a relieved breath. Your teacher was young, he was 23 while you were 20 and you hated to admit it but his glares had some kind of effect on you, he had some effect on you.
聽When you started art college, you were genuinely excited to finally chase your dreams. It took you a while to be able to afford it but after many sleepless nights and shifts back to back, you finally had all the money.
It all went pretty well until you had your first art class, meeting your teacher for the first time. You were taken back by his age when he introduced himself, how could you not? You never expected someone that young to be a teacher, especially not someone like him yet you couldn鈥檛 help but to think that he was quite attractive.
Things started going downhill from there. Your teacher, also known as Tengen, was quite the flirt, especially or well, only with you since you were close in age. You didn鈥檛 mind though, as months passed on you found yourself staring at him in class, zoning out and sometimes even having certain thoughts about him, hoping he didn鈥檛 suspect anything.
He was one of the reasons why you hadn鈥檛 finished your art project yet. You couldn鈥檛 help yourself from getting distracted in his class and doing anything but the project. Sometimes you鈥檇 even end up drawing out your imagination, hoping he didn鈥檛 see it because it was quite the illustrations sometimes.
The male distracted you outside of school too and you hated it. You hated how bad you wanted him and how much he was on your mind. You hated how his flirting probably meant nothing yet you found yourself falling for him. You hated how he effortlessly made your heart skip a beat and you hated how good he looked.
How your mind wandered off as to how he would look on top of you, how he would look being close and feeling good, all because of you but of course it was nothing more than a silly imagination, right?
You slowly drifted away even more in your thoughts, squeezing your legs together and pretending to pay attention to class when your mind was somewhere completely different, thinking your little game worked but you were wrong.
Before you even realized, class was over and you were still sitting down in your chair, thinking about a few things until you got snapped out of your thoughts. 鈥淗ello???鈥 Your teacher waved in front of your face, his face being inches away from yours while a light blush crept up your face.
鈥淐lass has been over for 5 minutes and all you have been doing is staring in front of you.鈥 The male spoke, locking his eyes with yours as you swallowed a breath. You didn鈥檛 wanna react the way you did but you were frustrated, sexually. This tension that had been in the air for months didn鈥檛 help it either.
鈥淢ind sharing what you were thinking about?鈥 He whispered into your as he leaned closer to you, making goosebumps appear all over your body. 鈥淪orry I鈥檝e been just distracted lately-鈥 You mumbled, collecting yourself as he laughed a bit.
鈥淚 think you should drop the lies-鈥 Tengen started, glaring at you and shaking his head once again. 鈥淵ou have been late to class the past weeks, drifting off in class, not finishing projects- do you want me to continue?鈥 He continued and you didn鈥檛 answer, you didn鈥檛 know what to say.
鈥淒on鈥檛 think I haven鈥檛 noticed your little drawings or the way you鈥檝e been staring.鈥 He smirked and your eyes widened in shock. Tengen knew about everything all along?
鈥淚t鈥檚 not what it seems like-鈥 You answered quickly and he laughed. 鈥淗mm sure- Whatever you say. I think you deserve detention for not paying attention in my flamboyantly good art classes.鈥 He spoke, searching for eye contact with you.
鈥淢aybe you should let me show you what true art is, you know both of us want it.鈥 The male continued, lifting your chin up with his fingers, smirking a bit at the sight before him.
Tengen usually wasn鈥檛 like this yet he couldn鈥檛 help himself around you. It was a lie to say that Tengen didn鈥檛 have a single interest in you, to be fair, you weren鈥檛 the only one thinking of things he could do, Tengen did exactly the same.
That鈥檚 why you being a 鈥渂ad student鈥 in his class was perfect, he had an excuse to spend extra time with you.
鈥淭hen show me.鈥 You mumbled, being bold for once as you leaned in. Tengen smiled and closed the gap, closing his eyes and deepening the kiss as the two of you ached for each other hungrily.
You grabbed onto Tengen鈥檚 hoodie and pulled him closer. Tengen slowly pulled back, earning a small whine from him as he laughed. 鈥淛ust how needy are you?鈥 He breathed, lifting you off your chair and putting you down on his desk.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e been flirting with me for months- Just do something.鈥 You snapped, pulling him closer to you again as he stood between your legs, resting his forehead against yours. 鈥淚 think you鈥檙e forgetting who鈥檚 in charge here, whose class are you failing again?鈥 He asked, rubbing up and down your thighs slowly.
鈥淵-Yours sensei..鈥 You mumbled quietly, gasping for air when he rubs you through your clothes. 鈥淗mm that鈥檚 right-鈥 He smirks, pushing your panties aside and ghosting his fingers over your entrance.
鈥淪ensei please-鈥 You whined, watching his face and noticing the effect it had on him and smirking to yourself. Tengen didn鈥檛 wait longer as he slowly pushed two long fingers into your walls, watching your face in pleasure.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so wet already- Just what exactly have you been thinking about?鈥 The male asked, spreading your legs more as he slid in another finger. You covered your face slightly in embarrassment, knowing he was aware of your day dreams and letting out soft moans as he continued pleasuring you with his fingers.
鈥淣-Nothing much sir-鈥 You mumbled, throwing your head back slightly and leaning on your shoulders. 鈥淣othing much huh?鈥 He spoke, slowly moving down onto his knees as he looked up at you.
Before you even realized, Tengen was between your thighs, his breath ghosting over your wetness. You whimpered softly and shot your eyes open, looking down, only to be met with his eyes looking up at you. 鈥淪-Sensei what are yo-鈥 Without even finishing your sentence, you were cut off by a moan as he licked along your slit.
You were taken back by his sudden movements and gripped onto his hair, squeezing your legs around his head and biting your lip to hold your moans back, only to feel him smirk against you. How would you explain it to anyone if they walked in and saw your teacher between your legs?
Tengen didn鈥檛 give you much time to think about it though. The male slowly started to work his tongue on your clit as he moved his fingers a little faster, somehow making it feel like he knew your body like the back of his hand.
鈥淪-Sensei-鈥 You whimpered, only to be met with him humming against you, sending vibrations throughout your whole body. Tengen was enjoying every single second of it, the way you moaned out for him sent vibrations straight to his cock.
He was the only one you fantasized about and that made you feel like that after all.
鈥淚鈥檓 c close-鈥 You warned him, tugging on his white locks as he groaned against you. Curling his fingers as he was knuckles deep inside of your hole, making sure to keep his eyes locked with yours.
Your legs slightly trembled as he started sucking on your clit, his free hand gripping onto your thigh tightly and holding you in place.
鈥淔-Fuuck-鈥 You breathed out, almost choking on a moan as you squeezed your thighs around his face, releasing all over his fingers as you breathed heavily.
Tengen grinned a bit, saliva dripping down his chin as he helped you through your high, leaving small bites on your inner thighs.
You tried to catch your breath as you still held onto his hair, your legs slightly trembling. 鈥淭-Thank you sensei-鈥 You thanked him, looking down at him, only to be met with Tengen sucking his fingers clean while looking up at you.
鈥淒on鈥檛 thank me just yet.鈥 He warned you, getting up and hovering over you, making you whimper a bit. 鈥淚鈥檓 nowhere close to being done with you, pretty girl.鈥 The male whispered, grabbing your face harshly and pulling you in a heated kiss, making you taste yourself on his tongue.
Squeezing your legs as your hands traveled down his chest, slightly moving his shirt up while you felt his abs, only you were pushed back on the desk even more. Your curiosity continued as you ghosted your fingers over the bulge in his jeans, making Tengen pull back as a breath hitched in his throat.
There was a string of saliva connecting the two of you while you breathed heavily, his forehead resting against yours. 鈥淲ell can I take it out then sir?鈥 You asked innocently, rubbing him through his jeans.
鈥淔uck you鈥檝e been waiting for this haven鈥檛 you?鈥 He groaned, pushing his jeans down to his knees whilst your hand slipped into his boxers, stroking his length a bit and swallowing a bit, being taken back by his length. Tengen bit his lips slightly, whimpering a bit when you pulled his boxers down and his hardened length got hit with the colder air.
You continued stroking him as you spread your legs slightly, looking up at him with a begging look. 鈥淥h you thought everything would go your way? After you fail my classes and drift off in your thoughts, thinking about slutty things like that?鈥 He spoke, slowly putting your hand away and grabbing your hips, pulling him closer to him.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 gonna happen is, you鈥檙e gonna be quiet for me while I fuck you nicely okay?鈥 The male whispered into your ear and goosebumps appeared all over your body as you nodded slowly. 鈥淪uch a desperate slut-鈥 He grinned and without realizing it, you were bent over the desk, your chest against the desk.
鈥淪-Sensei?鈥 You whimpered, only to be met with a harsh spank on your ass. 鈥淪hhh, I got you pretty girl-鈥 He smirked, teasing his length over your slit. 鈥淧-Please-鈥 You begged as he slowly pushed the tip in. 鈥淥nly because you鈥檙e asking nicely-鈥 He answered, pushing in in one quick thrust, making you moan out loudly.
Tengen groaned loudly, loving how he got swallowed by your warmth, holding onto your hips tightly, slowly spreading you open. You sure weren鈥檛 a virgin still your teacher was bigger than you had imagined, almost being too much for you to take.
鈥淔uck-鈥 Tengen cursed out, slowly starting to move as he watched his cock dissapear into your body, slapping your ass harshly again, only to be met with a loud gasp. 鈥淪-Sensei!鈥 You cried out, holding onto the desk for support.
The male slowly picked up his pace, watching your ass bounce with every thrust and loving your moans and small mines every time. He had been waiting for this for so long so he was going to make it last.
His thrusts started being rougher as he fucked into you at a brutal pace, making you arch your back slightly. You bite your inner cheek to hold back your moans from his deeper thrusts, your eyes rolling back slightly.
Tengen smirked at your reaction and pulled you closer, hitting that spot buried deep inside of you over and over, waiting for you to scream out his name. 鈥淪-Sensei!鈥 You choked out, clenching around his length from all of the pleasure.
The male slapped your ass once more, smirking when you whimpered a bit and yanked you by the hair, pulling you closer so your back was pressed against his chest, making you gasp out for air.
鈥淒idn鈥檛 I tell you to be quiet?鈥 He whispered into your ear as he wrapped a hand around your throat, choking you slightly. 鈥淚鈥檓 s-sorry sir-鈥 You barely got out, struggling to keep yourself up from the rough thrusts.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e sorry now?鈥 Tengen laughed, thrusting up harshly as he pulled on your hair, ruining your hole. The sound of skin slapping and your loud moans filled the room as you held onto the desk for the slightest bit of support for the way your legs were trembling.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry please-鈥 You apologized once again, clenching around his length. Tengen noticed you were getting closer as his cock twitched inside of your warm walls, holding onto your side tightly while his other hand moved down your body.
鈥淕onna cum for me, pretty girl?鈥 He whispered into your ear as he started rubbing your clit just the right way. You closed your eyes and leaned on his shoulder, choking on your moans while that nickname went straight to your heat.
Tengen hit that spot one more time and you came undone, releasing all over his length as your legs slowly gave out and you fell over the desk, your legs trembling like crazy while Tengen continued moving, riding out your high and catching his own.
鈥淔uuuuuck-鈥 He groaned, looking down at his view and running his hand through his hair, spilling his load inside of you as he continued riding out his own high and breathed heavily.
鈥淪ensei-鈥 You mumbled brokenly and Tengen smirked, knowing damn well that he taught you a lesson. The two of you caught your breaths and Tengen fixed you up, he slowly pulled your panties up as you looked at him in shock.
鈥淪hhh- be a good girl and hide our little secret okay?鈥 He spoke sternly and you nodded, squeezing your legs together a bit.
He continued fixing your school uniform, running his hands through your hair and rubbing the tears off your face with his big hands, pecking your lips after and smirking a bit.
Tengen gave you time to calm down, holding you in his warm embrace for as long as you needed. The male knew you deserved better aftercare but this was all he could give you at school right now.
鈥淵ou look so good all fucked out-鈥 Tengen told you, helping you with standing up straight and laughing a bit when you struggled. 鈥淥h shut up-鈥 You answered, slapping him playfully as a slight blush crept up your face.
鈥淢eet me after school鈥檚 done- I think you need more help with art class.鈥 He smirked, writing something on a little note and putting it in your bra. 鈥淏ut we can鈥檛-鈥 You answered quietly and Tengen shook his head.
鈥淚 think you haven鈥檛 learnt your lesson yet. We鈥檙e gonna need many more.鈥 Tengen winked, hinting at other times while watching you leave the room while you struggled to walk normally, smirking at the sight as it was feeding into his ego.
Tumblr media
Tags: @bunny-babey @lonelyweeb77
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irlplaguerat a month ago
Tumblr media
found the three weed-smoking girlfriends
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tonaken 10 days ago
Training hard | UZUI TENGEN
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: i鈥檓 posting this because i鈥檓 procrastinating on the other piece i鈥檓 writing *sigh*. But yea, Tengen has been occupying my mind and i think it鈥檚 safe to classify it as brainrot so here you go!
content: as a new year鈥檚 resolution, you decide to hit the gym and adopt a heathier lifestyle. You hire a personal trainer to make your goals easier to achieve. You definitely don鈥檛 expect anything more than that. Let鈥檚 just say that Uzui isn鈥檛 a man that can be ruled as one who follows expectations...
warnings: MDNI 18+ content, Uzui Tengen x fem!reader, smut, dubcon??( it鈥檚 not specified, but you鈥檙e okay with what鈥檚 happening), unprotected sex (practice safe sex kids!), semi-public sex, voyeurism, oral sex (male receiving), facial, cum eating
w/c: 500+
Tumblr media
Thinking of personal trainer!Uzui who is a former bodybuilder. He鈥檚 all big and strong, easily towering over you
Thinkinking of personal trainer!Uzui who shows you around when you first tour the gym, ready to get healthier this coming new year
Thinking of personal trainer!Uzui who is so flashy with his veiny muscles, colourful tattoos, always the center of attention when he walks is the room
Thinking of personal trainer!Uzui who is always there encouraging you through your hardest sets, readily behind you to spot you if necessary
Thinking of personal trainer!Uzui who starts getting a bit too close when he鈥檚 correcting your form. He鈥檚 so touchy when he shows you the correct foot placement, or how you should be laying on the bench
Thinking of personal trainer!Uzui who is not shy and loves putting his body on display. He鈥檚 not a bodybuilder anymore, but he has to show off that impressive physique of his, right? He鈥檚 always wearing a shirt that is probably a bit too tight for him and he loves when people drool after him, especially when it鈥檚 you
Thinking of聽personal trainer!Uzui who loves making you run, just to watch your sweaty body bouncing each step you take
Thinking of personal trainer!Uzui who pats your ass after a good set, not worrying too much whether you like it or not, because he knows you do, judging by how you keep looking at him
Thinking of personal trainer!Uzui who offers you a massage because 鈥測our muscles seem fatigued鈥
Thinking of personal trainer!Uzui who has you naked on the massage bed, mouth full of his cock. He鈥檚 seen you lick those pretty lips of yours after a sip of water way too many times. It鈥檚 time to put them to good use, right?
Thinking of personal trainer!Uzui who then flips you around and fucks you, painted nails sinking in the soft flesh of your hips
Thinking of personal trainer!Uzui who is so fucking loud about how you good you feel around him. He鈥檚 so filthy with his words and he muses at how you clench at anything that leaves his lips.聽
Thinking of personal trainer!Uzui who is slamming into you with so much force that the massage table rattles and his earrings dangle from his ears in time with his thrusts. He doesn鈥檛 give a shit if someone heard: if anything, he鈥檇 be proud 鈥榗ause they鈥檇 hear how good he鈥檚 making you feel
Thinking of personal trainer!Uzui who cums on your face with a loud groan, loving the way the white globs slide down your face and drip on your tits. He wipes it off you and asks you to suck everything off his fingers, cheekily playing with your tongue
Thinking of personal trainer!Uzui all sweaty and panting standing above you, heavy dick inches away from your face. He runs his tongue over his smiling lips and bores into your eyes with his fuschia ones, quickly winking at you
鈥淭hat鈥檚 what you get for being a good girl and training hard. You鈥檒l be a good girl for me, right?鈥
Tumblr media
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dilliearts 9 months ago
Tumblr media
cant wait for kny s2
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mizurei 5 days ago
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Uzui Tengen // ep 2 鈾
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everythingkny a month ago
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serodev 3 months ago
Can I have a uzui + his wives x a sick reader? It can be nsfw or sfw, your choice.
Warnings: None, but there's a bit of spice by the end of this
Pairing: Uzui + his wifes x gn!reader
Note(s): This request is really cuteee... I'm not going to include anything outright nsft in this one, but I'll insert something a bit spicy just for you <3
Tumblr media
禄 Cuddle pile. That's one of the most simplistic words I can come up with when Uzui and his wives notice that you don't feel well. It won't matter that they risk getting sick as well because they want you to feel better!!
禄 It's so easy to feel hot while being wrapped into this giant hug by four different people, but hey, at least you won't have any problems if you're feeling cold! It's next to impossible to be chilly when you're literally being crushed against the bed cushion by your loved ones.
禄 I love to headcanon that while Suma's not the best at making food, she's absolute Godness when it comes to soups and hot drinks. I suggest you be ready to taste-test her different recipes that range anywhere from gentle vegetable stock to spicy chicken soup.
禄 Uzui's the guy who will pull you into his lap and play with your hair while his wives take turns feeding you. It might be a bit embarrassing at first, but please let them do it because it can make you feel better as well in the long run!
禄 Uzui can't help himself, though, so be ready to feel him run his hands up and down against your skin while you're being pampered. I'm sure that you can get pampered other ways as well if you just happen to speak up your mind.
Tumblr media
Author's note: I really wanna be taken care of by Uzui and his wives because I love their polyamorous relationship, you know? I'm more than sure that they can make you feel better even if you're really sick!
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