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May I request a Hashira reader where our g/n reader keeps their distance because they have a secret and that is that they have wings? And they have a psychological trauma in the past because their parents thought they were an abomination so they cut them off. But the result is that they regrow every 6 months which further their hatred for our dear reader. As a result, the reader has developed a strong a disgust and fear of them. So after their parents died, our reader took over in cutting their wings and Shinobu just so happens to catch at the moment when they are going to cut them off much to the reader's horror.
Shinobu x gn!reader with wings
A/N: I don’t know if I should’ve made the reader human or demon so I guess you can decide. This is my oldest request in my inbox. 
This is headcannon kinda mixed with a oneshot. Mostly so I can write the scenes and all that. 
As usual, not proofread. I am again very sorry.
Tumblr media
🦋- You have always been a very unique child, but not in the way that people think. You had wings, fully grown out spreaded wings
🦋- Your parents were not fond of your wings, they despised it and thought you were an abomination
🦋- They told you that you’re wings are gonna be cut but you didn’t want to. You could just imagine how painful it was so you protested. 
“Mom, dad, no! Please I- I don’t want you to cut off my wings!” You yelled at them, backing further away from them, you jumped when your back hit the wall.
“Sweetie, it will all be over soon” Your mother said, speaking with a soft false tone. 
Your mother approached you like you were some rabid animal, when you think about it, that’s probably how they saw you. 
“Darling, hold her down” Your mother commanded your father and he quickly grabbed you, holding you down with an iron grip, probably because he was a former demon slayer. You yelled and thrashed, trying to hit him so he would let go but that man had an iron grip. 
Your mother brought out a very big scissors and that night, your screams echoed the dark night. 
🦋- To your very much dismay and your parents, your wings regrew every 6 months. That furthured their hatred for you and the same process happened every 6 months, they cut your wings. Sometimes they even did it earlier than they’re supposed to. 
🦋- As much as your parents hated you, you hated them more. You were convinced of that. How can they call themself a parent, when they put their child into physcological trauma for something they can’t even help? 
🦋- After your parents went out on an anniversery night, you noticed that they never came home, even when the skies turned black and the ground was coated with snow. You didn’t want to, but for some reason you went out to look for them
🦋- You don’t even know why you did it, they could die for all you cared. Your wish came true however when you saw your parents on the trail you were walking on, completely mauled into a bloody mess. Their clothes were shredded but so was them, your dads sword laying on the ground. 
🦋- You’re not suprised he couldn’t kill that demon, he retired from the corps 20 years ago due to an heavy injury
🦋- Suddenly you heard quick rustlings, some growling and all silent before you heard yelling and you threw yourself to the side. There in front of you were a disgusitng looking creature with your moms arm in his mouth. He pounced on you. You grabbed the sword and took off your jacket, using your wings to fly up
🦋- The demon looked least to say confused and you dove in, finishing the demon off quickly
🦋- Ever since then you realized that these disgusting demons will cause other families sorrow and you didn’t want that so you became a demon slayer 
🦋- You hated your wings, they were the reason why you never got love in your childhood or from the people that were supposed to love you so you took over and cut your wings
🦋- You rose up to Hashira rank real quick and that made many in the corps admire you, same like they did with Muichiro and Gyomei. You didn’t become a hashira as fast as them but it was still extremely quickly. 
🦋- When you met the hashiras they quickly noticed that you were just like Tomioka, you were quiet, didn’t interact alot with them and you kept your distance 
🦋- That lead to two pillars disliking you instantly but you were fine with that. As long as they don’t know your secret, you didn’t care
🦋- On a mission you got injuried and sent to the butterfly estate. But it was that time again were you had to cut off your wings. You had locked yourself in your room and decided to cut your wings there
🦋- Shinobu was accustomed to your anit-social behaviour. She knew you were in your room recovering but she got really concerned when she didn’t hear you respond despite her callings
🦋- She noticed it was locked and knocked the door harder. 
“Y/N, darling please open the door!” No response. Shinobu brought out a key and unlocked the door just to see you with your wings fully spread out and you about to cut them off
🦋- Shinobu dropped her keys, she was absolutely stunned to say the least. She slightly pinched herself to see if this was a dream
🦋- Your face paled, your motuh slightly agape before you quickly bursted to the window trying to flee. Shinobu was quicker and managed to pull you back in
🦋- “Y/N I want you to breathe, please. Deep breaths” She wished she could take her own advice because she was sure she was about to faint
🦋- Shinobu sat you down on the bed and asked you what this was about
🦋- You told her your story. If you began to cry then Shinobu would happily let you do so, she doesn’t care if her haori gets wet
🦋- After that Shinobu spoke to you reassuringly that she would come up with something to solve this
🦋- You thanked her and quickly hugged her, your wings automatically engulfing Shinobu. Shinobu tensed a little at first but tried to hide it, not wanting to distress you any further
🦋- If you want to keep it a secret and cut off your wings then Shinobu will respect your decision. She can imagine cutting off two limbs like that would be very painful so she will give you some pain killer pills. 
🦋- You might not like to cut your wings off but you still hate them then Shinobu will try to make you love them. She won’t force you but she will tell you what good things there are about your wings and then the descision is up to you
🦋- If you grew to love your wings then she will happily watch you fly with them, watching you with a smile on her face as you fly around the estate with a big smile on your face 
🦋- Shinbou will think that your wings are incredibly useful in fighting and slaying demons so if you decide you wanna use your wings for slaying demons she would be more than happy to help you, coming up with some great moves you could do. As a pharmasist she will throw some math calculations in there to ensure you that you will use your wings to slay demons with max efficency
🦋- She will also make you a cloak for you to hide your wings. 
🦋- If you don’t wanna keep it a secret anymore, please brace yourself how awkward the Hashira meeting will be. Imagine Shinobu having to explain you’re a human with wings to her comrades. If the hashira didn’t know better they would think you’re a demon with a very good human disguise, besides the wings
🦋- Also excpect her to wanna study and experimante with you. You are one of a kind, who knows what amazing discoveries Shinobu can make with you
🦋- Overall Shinobu would respect what ever descision you decide to make about your wings. Just know Shinobu loves your wings and she wishes you could love them too.
Extra (this is based on if you keep your wings) 
🦋- Never in her wildest dreams could she dream of being an s/o to someone with wings. Don’t worry, she loves it and so does the other girls in the butterfly resident
🦋- She loves the way you interact with the catterpillars (Sumi, Naho and Kiyo). You often let them ride your back while you fly, low height of course and always someone there to supervise you all. So far though, no accidents has occured
🦋- Shinobu LIVES for your hugs you give her after you or her have compleated a mission. She loves the way your wings engulf her whole form. First it scared her a little but she has grown to love it. 
🦋- Don’t get me started on the cuddling sessions. One of the things she loves the most most is when she lays on your chest as you engulf her in a hug, with your wings draped around her. She also like it when you lay on her chest as your wings are just stretched over the bed. She finds that sight adorable 
🦋- She loves you but you may be prohibited to enter her lab. Her lab is big but not enough for your wings fully stretched. She knows you will knock something down sooner or later and she rather not risk it 
🦋- Another problem is that your wings shed some feathers sometimes. Shinobu always store your feathers in a box, she takes your feathers as very dear to her. The other girl does the same. When your wings shed the catterpillars compeate on how many feathers they have of you.
🦋 - Trust me when I say this but if you wanna make Shinobu laugh go on a mission together and when you spot a demon let the demon run to you before you fly up. The different shocked reactions the demons make gets Shinobu every time.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a mutually arranged attachment. (yoriichi tsugikuni x reader)
Tumblr media
warning(s). mentions of nudity, sexual themes
word count. 4.7k
categories. f/m
relationships. modern college student au! yoriichi tsugikuni x f!reader
characters. yoriichi tsugikuni, koshi (oc)
author’s note. ahahahah hellooooo,,,,,,,,,,,,,, long time no see avid readers and new readers who have caught up to this part, this chapter is pretty short but thats because im getting yall ready for something big! so i needed to make things extra cliffhangy anyways i hope you like this new installment lol hopefully me copying and pasting this from google docs doesnt cut off any parts of the story cuz if it does i will cry ;;-;;
chapters » one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven
Tumblr media
『♡』 chapter twelve: breakdown
Tumblr media
“I need to talk to you and [name] about something…”
Yoriichi was silent for a moment trying to formulate his thoughts into words and rightfully so. It was a heartstopping sentence all on its own.
“Sure, Uncle. What’s up?” Not a single quiver in his voice.
“In person.” 
Yoriichi glanced over you and a wave of calm and solemnity washed over his perfect visage. You could tell that his mind instantly went to a far away place. He had to completely separate himself from the moment and go total business mode? You really couldn’t place his mien. It was odd. It’s like you had seen it before, but not exactly. It was another form of his many blank faced looks, but it meant business.
“When and what time?”
“Any time you two can.” 
“How does this weekend sound? The usual time?”
“Perfect, see you then.”
And with that the phone hung up and he placed his phone on the nightstand beside him. He leaned back against the headboard and you felt your anxiety starting to surge.
“Are you alright?” He asked, as he reached out to caress your cheek.
You put your hand over his own. “Are you alright?” 
“Why wouldn’t I be?”
His maroon eyes were fixated on you, but something about him was off. 
“Because you don’t seem like yourself.”
His eyes cast down for a moment before he glanced back up at you. “I don’t really feel like myself, right now.”
You squeezed his hand in yours and brought it to your lips to kiss the skin of his hand. His expression softened at your gesture and he tugged at you so that you collapsed against his chest. His arms tightened around your figure and you snuggled into the crook of his neck inhaling his scent. 
“I don’t know how to face him.” His voice was hushed as you played with the strands of his dark hair.
“I’ll be with you. Always.” You murmured back.
“Promise?” His voice cracked.
Cracked in more than just the literal sense of his voice. Cracked under the pressure of transitioning into the head of his family, the heir of his mafia and coping with his mother’s infidelity. Your heart shattered for him.
“I promise.” You stuck out your pinky to him and a small smile found its way on his visage. 
He interlocked them together and you stamped your thumbs together to solidify your promise. A sharp exhale escaped his nose as he leaned against your forehead.
“I don’t think I could ask for a better future wife.” He murmured as he traced patterns with the pad of his index finger against your thigh. 
It sent goosebumps across your skin and the smile on his face grew.
“I didn’t really do anything though.” You breathed out trying to keep your composure. 
“You do more than enough.” He stated, peering up at you and planted a firm kiss to the top of your head.
He threw the covers off of your forms as got up from his spot and stretched out his perfect toned form that was clad in only his red briefs that clung tight against his ass. His muscles flexed as reached his hands above his head and his long dark tresses cascaded down his back and honestly you couldn’t help but feel like you were the luckiest girl alive. 
“Are you just going to sit there and gawk at me or are you going to get ready?” He asked without turning around.
You blinked back several times and felt ashamed at having ogled him for so long, but how could you not? He had a perfectly sculpted body that you wanted to run your hands all over, but the notion of meeting Uncle Keshi this weekend made your stomach turn.
“Don’t be so cocky.” You threw a pillow at his head and he rotated his head so quickly it made a loud “eep!” escape you as you bolted out the door.
Although he was quick, you seemed to be a lot quicker as you slipped out the door and ran across the hallway that led to your bedroom. Your laughter echoed against the towering walls as you made your way into your bedroom and shut the door behind you.
Remember when I said you were quicker? I was wrong because this man managed to slip into your room without you even noticing you and placed you in an unbreakable bear hug that nearly made you shout in shock.
Your struggling and mirth had knocked him over on top of your bed and it was like the first day you had moved into here all over again. His form was towering over yours and you were underneath him feeling totally abashed. His strong arms tightened around you and a small gasp escaped your lips at the realization of his closeness. His nose brushed against yours and you felt your heart race against your chest as he closed in on your lips.
“Yoriichi! [name]!” You heard the familiar voice of Koshi call your names out.
You both sighed as you got up from your current positions, but you realized that you were completely indecent for any other man to come in to see you.
“Are you two done yet?” Koshi asked.
Tumblr media
Yoriichi peered over at your form that was only clad in your bra and underwear. An amused grin played on his lips and you felt yourself tense up at whatever shenanigans he was going to ensue in that moment.
“Well, I am. Decided to put on the real Koshi today, eh?” Yoriichi replied.
You hit his arm as he laughed and you began to search your room and finally got your hands on a discarded robe. You frowned at him as you quickly threw it on and poked your head out to see that Koshi had been standing outside the doorway attired in a clean navy suit and completely strapped up. He had looked much different from before. He wore his salt and pepper hair out and that fancy suit that could only indicate something was up. You almost didn’t even recognize him, nevertheless he looked handsome as hell.
He had peered over at the two of you who were now covered up (barely) and chuckled. 
“Well, today’s a big day after all. I’ll be waiting right here when you two are done.” He grabbed the newspaper that was tossed to the side of the bar and began to skim through it.
You turned to Yoriichi with a flummoxed expression and a low voice. “Is that Koshi? And what does he mean ‘big day’?”
“I can hear you, you know?” He called out without looking up from his paper.
Yoriichi chuckled as you retreated back into your bedroom feeling embarrassed. He softly closed the door behind you two before telling Koshi that you two would be out in a moment.
“Koshi is a master of disguises if you will.” He said as he hopped onto your bed. “We’ve got a big meeting with all the sectors today.
You clung to your robe as you watched him fiddle with the things that you had left on your covers. The thought of Koshi and the possibility of his many disguises had been thrown out the window.
“That’s today?! You didn’t bother to mention that to me!” You huffed at him.
“It’s merely us making an entrance. Nothing more, nothing less.” He replied casually as he flipped through a magazine that was on your nightstand.
“You’re really irking my last nerve.” You marched over to your closet that was hardly even a quarter full with how large it was.
It was annoying how you could tell that Yoriichi was slowly starting to panic and in turn resulted in a cold and aloof man that was completely distanced from you. It reminded you of Izanagi. How standoffish his personality was despite wanting to come off as welcoming. It made your blood run cold just thinking about having to face him again. It was odd how much he despised his father and, yet they were like two peas in a pod.
A sharp exhale left your lips as you began to rummage through your hangers. The collection of yukatas and kimonos left you thinking about the past week you had had with him. How warm his smile was, how hot his body was—
You shook your head. He didn’t deserve to be in your thoughts right now. If he wanted to act uptight and distant after having such a heartfelt moment, so could you. 
“You should wear that dress.” You heard his voice pipe in and as much as you wanted to ignore it you turned to see that only his arm slipped through the crack of the door. 
You followed where his index finger was pointing at to see a crisp white midi dress with a round collar and a cute frill bottom hung outside of the clothes you were looking for. You were stunned by the elegance of the dress. It looked so damn expensive. 
“This is too expensive.” You shook your head at it trying to look for the price tag, but there was nothing. 
Only a white pair of Christan Louboutins that was in its box slightly ajar. The exact pair that you had been on your wishlist for literal years now was in front of your very eyes directly below where the dress hung. They were impossible to find and even more impossible to purchase and yet here they were.
There seemed to be a note attached to it. You picked it up.
For My Beloved [name]
You flipped over to reveal a small note:
Your first and not your last pair of Louboutins. 
-Love YT
It was hard not to smile at his cute little note despite being completely vexed at his attitude. You lifted the shoe to eye level and began to inspect it.
 “Sandale Du Desert 100mm Crepe Satin & Tulle Glitter Red Sole Sandals” You murmured to yourself reading off the tag. “Maybe he does have good taste.”
You pressed your lips into a thin line. “Or maybe his mother does.”
You sighed as you put the shoes back into their box and began to peel off your robe and discarded your bra and panties from last night. You need to freshen up and quickly at that. You peeked through the slightly ajar door and he seemed to have already exited your room. There were no traces of Yoriichi. The door had been closed so you quickly slipped out and entered the bathroom. 
Thoughts of the meeting that you were going to attend raced through your mind.Who would be there? What things would be said. Would you even have anything that you had to say? 
“Why didn’t he tell me?!” You exclaimed at the top of your lungs knowing that he wouldn’t be able to hear you since your room was practically sound proofed.
You smacked the top of your head in frustration as the water ran down your body. There was no use in trying to ask him all these incessant questions. You would have to just pull it together and wing it. Still, you couldn’t help but shake the nerves that were overcoming you. Something didn’t feel right, but you couldn’t place it.
You let out an exasperated sigh as you turned the water off and stepped out. The steam was opaque enough to cover up your whole body and luckily it had as you stepped out. You were met with a blindly flash followed by a camera shutter. The ones that sounded like paparazzi cameras when they used burst mode. You felt your heart drop to your feet, but you knew in times as dire as these there was  no time to not react. You quickly began to reach out for your robe and covered yourself. Another blinding flash had stunned you once again. What was happening?
“What the fuck?!” You exclaimed as you struggled to readjust your vision. 
You clung to your robe as you blindly reached out in front of you to find the door only for you to have realized it was wide open. As your vision came back you noticed that a shadow had appeared from the window across the room and suddenly vanished. 
You felt your heart stop as you took notice of what had happened. You didn’t know how to feel at that moment. It felt all too surreal. Had someone just taken multiple pictures of you naked? How the fuck did they even manage to to do that?
Yoriichi had burst through the door only in his towel that hugged so closely to his body followed by Koshi whose back was facing you.
“[name]! Are you alright?” Yoriichi exclaimed as he ran to you and held you in his arms. 
His wet body was soaking into your clothes, but clearly that wasn’t what you were focused on at that moment. You felt your body go limp in his arms as you began to weep. 
“No, I’m not okay! Some fucking freak took several photos of me naked! How the hell did someone even get on this property?!”
“I don’t know, but I am so, so sorry.” He slightly pulled away to peer down at you. “I am never letting you out of my sight again.”
And as much as it wasn’t appropriate to have even a single fleeting thought about being naked lying in bed with him at that moment. You really couldn’t help it with the way he was cradling you and looking at you in that moment. All the worry and concern in his expression and body language for you. Just for you and only you made you so incredibly turned on. It waas a stupid feeling to even have in a dire moment such as this and yet looking at him, that was the thought that your brain was starting prioritize. 
“I’m going to sweep the perimeter.” Koshi stated as he peered out the window and made sure it was sealed shut and the curtains were closed before he slipped on his suit jacket and headed out the room.
He pulled out a walkie from the inside of his jacket. “Code 3*. I repeat Code 3.”
*Code 3 - Intruder on the premises, require immediate attention and complete lockdown. No one comes in or out.
Not even a second later there was a wave of voices that came over the walkie as he shut the door behind him. The sound of the transmission echoed throughout the apartment until you heard the front door open and shut.
He never seemed to let go of you as he mumbled things to himself. 
“Yoriichi?” Your voice croaked as he started to check every corner of the room.
“Yes, my love.” He replied absentmindedly as started to peek from behind the curtains.
My love. God damn, does he ever miss?
You swallowed your saliva hard before answering. 
“Don’t leave me alone.” You padded up to him and tugged at his towel and it unexpectedly became loose and completely unfolded from around his waist. 
Your eyes broadened at the towel that was now hanging in your grip. His eyes cast down from his towel that was now on the floor to your hand, and then to you who was hardly covering yourself up with the loose fitting silk purple robe that hugged at your body. “I’m not leaving you.”
His lips found themselves on the top of your forehead and his arms wrapped himself around your waist. He began to leave a wake of kisses all over your visage. Your cheeks, nose, chin, jaw. His lips found your neck and a small gasp of surprise left your lips. 
“Yoriichi…” You breathed out grasping his bicep. 
He pulled away for a moment to look down at you as he gently fisted the cloth that covered the small of your back.
“Nobody is supposed to see you like this. I’ll never forgive myself for it.” His maroon gaze flickered to you. 
His eyes were sad, desperate. How could he have let this all happen to you?
You swallowed the saliva that had been pooling in your mouth and cupped his cheeks. “Stop being so hard on yourself.” 
“I can’t. I don’t–” He shut his eyes tightly as he shook his head. 
Your hands moved his face back to yours. “It won’t happen again. Don’t blame yourself for something that was completely out of your control.”
His body relaxed under your touch and your tender words. “I know.”
His hand enveloped yours. “I will protect you, [name]. Even if it costs me my own life.”
You slightly pulled away from him and raised your brows at him playfully. “Don’t get all chivalrous on me. That’s how you really end up six feet under and I don’t need you dying before our wedding day.”
He chuckled as he held you. “You’re right about that. Plus, you being an Heiress while my dad and Michikatsu played puppet master would be the worst thing that would ever happen to this clan.”
“Wait, you mean if you died I would be next in line? Not Michikatsu?”
“I didn’t make up the rules, but I would rather that not happen.” He glanced over at the window that was slightly open from him peering out earlier and tugged away from you to shut them. 
“We’ll make sure to have these covered up with one way window filters.”
You took a deep breath and sighed as he gathered his back around his waist. “Is the meeting still on?”
“No.” He ran a hand through his damp hair that was half blowdried as he glanced at his phone. He froze for a moment. His body had gone completely rigid as he stared down at his phone. He seemed to have been holding his breath as if to bottle in all the emotions that were threatening to spill out. “But, they want to make a press conference, too.”
“What the hell do you mean press conference?!” You shot out of your seat to see what he was looking at, but he quickly held his phone to his chest. 
“Why are you not letting me look?” You narrowed your eyes at him. 
“It’s getting taken care of.” His expression was as solemn as ever when he looked at you. 
You couldn’t believe that he was resorting to something so childish. Was he seriously trying to hide something from you? 
“What happened to no secrets?” You crossed your arms as you gave him a very offended look, but he wasn’t budging. In fact, this was probably the most serious you had ever seen him.
“It’s better if you don’t see and wait for everything to settle.” 
You rolled your eyes, shrugging him off and stomped away to try and locate your phone. You pushed away the thoughts that were starting to clutter your mind, but you didn’t think that your life would suddenly take a turn for the worst. Even more so than it already had. For fucksake you were already a walking target, but now, now–
[name]!! whatever u do don’t look at ur phone!! -M
my team is already taking countermeasures to deleting everything!don’t worry!! -S
Your phone had lit up and buzzed multiple times. You hadn’t even picked it up. It was literally just laying on your bed as text message after text message. Your heart dropped at the caller id that appeared on your phone:
Mom <3
Yoriichi appeared in your vision as he grabbed your phone. “It’s better if you wait for everything to cool down.”
You could only gawk at him in pure terror. The worst was yet to come and still somehow you felt this dreadful feeling creep up on you. Is this what he meant by shit hitting the fan when you guys came back? Creepy ass people who were definitely paid by other clans to trash your reputation and dethrone the both of you? Or was it the fact that you had clans that wanted to kidnap you for ransom? Or was it his Uncle most likely wanting to talk about the infidelity that had occurred? Which was it? 
“When is this ever going to end, Yoriichi?” You felt hot tears prick at your eyes as you clenched your fist over your chest. 
You could hardly take it anymore. A place that you thought was impenetrable suddenly was.  A place that was supposed to be your sanctuary, your safe haven no longer was. You didn’t feel safe anywhere.
“I want to leave.” The tremble in your voice hit a spot in his chest that he hadn’t felt for a very long time. 
Fat, salty tears ran down your cheeks as your breath began to become shallower and shallower. Yoriichi could only stand there and look at you petrified. Why was he always failing at protecting those he loved the most? His heart ached for you as you crumbled to the ground. All he could do was watch for a moment as you fell apart.
The more and more he thought about it, the more he realized his resolve was not as strong as thought it was. Protecting [name] all by himself? Fucking bullshit. He could hardly do a single thing for himself. Why did he think that even for a single second that he could take on the role of being an Heir to an infamous Yakuza clan? He could literally laugh at himself right now. 
“...Yoriichi…?” You rubbed at your eyes as you peeked up at him. 
He was absolutely hysterical. Tears sprung down his face as he laughed maniacally. His hands were fisted into his hair as he sat at the edge of your bed. He was having a full psychotic breakdown right in front of you. 
The cool, calm, collected Yoriichi that you knew had completely faltered. He was so vulnerable and your heart ached for him and yet you felt helpless in that moment. You had no idea how to comfort him. What would a hug do at this moment? An arm around his shoulder? 
You crawled toward him and laid between his legs and leaned your forehead against his knee. 
“I am so pathetic.”
“You’re not.”
“But, I am. I thought I could do anything and everything to protect you. I was way in over my head. I am pathetic. I am not worthy of you. I am a man with no worth.” He blubbered as his tears stained your robe. 
“That’s not true, Yoriichi…” You softly replied.
“You would probably be better off with Michikatsu.”
“That’s not true, Yoriichi!” You exclaimed as you held onto him. 
He fell silent. His cries went quiet and only the sound of his sniffling filled the room.
You shifted your position and you were on your knees cupping his face so that he looked at you. His cheeks were stained from tears and his eyes quivered as they peered at you. 
“Dammit, Yoriichi. Pull it together. Don’t you want to reclaim your right to your throne and destroy all the corruption from the inside out?” His cheeks were squished within your palms as he gazed at you.
He only nodded. 
“Then–then buck up. We’re in this together.Through all the bullshit and mental breakdowns–I’m here for you. I didn’t just promise you all that earlier for nothing. If you want to cry, then cry, but don’t sit here and talk about how pathetic you are or go on about how Michikatsu should take care of me.” You analyzed his face for some sort of answer, but his face seemed unreadable.
His hand gently lowered yours into the grasp of both of his hands that hung below his thighs. “[name].”
“I think I need to be alone for a little bit, if that’s okay with you.” He began to say. 
You felt the pit of your stomach do that thing that you hated when you felt fear give way, but you didn’t want to make it any harder for him at that moment. He was losing a battle in the concaves of his mind and you felt like you needed to respect that he needed space to rest, recuperate and rebuild. 
“Okay.” You felt tears start to prick at your eyes again. Even if it hurt you in the process, you wanted Yoriichi to become the best version of himself.
“I know this is going to sound odd, but…” He pressed his lips into a thin line as he squeezed your hands. “I have a lot of love for you. I know this isn’t an ideal time to say something like that, but I do. If I want to do that properly, I need to gather a proper team. A team of people that I trust, but before I do that I need to leave for a bit.”
“Where are you going to go?” You scooted closer to him as if to grasp onto his words a little tighter, just a little longer as if he was going to slip away from you at any given moment.
“It’s not going to be for long. Just a week. I need to get my shit together and there’s only one place that I can do that at.” He continued on and you waited for him to give you the answer that you needed.
“I’m going to leave for the States.”
Your eyes widened and you began to stand up from your seat, ready to dispute whatever other words that were going to leave his mouth. “What–”
“I need to, [name].”
“But where? Where in the States do you possibly need to be to get your shit together? I don’t understand.” You were beyond confused at this point. No part of what he was saying made any sense to you.
“Do you remember when I told you I had an off the grid plan?”
You only nodded. 
“Well, that’s the place I–we would go if we decided to go down that route.”
“I’m not going off the grid, well, not permanently. It’s just my thinking place. Nobody knows where it is. Not even Koshi, so please just trust me on this. Do you trust me?”
“Yes.” You didn’t skip a beat.
A ghost of a smile was on his lips. “Good. I need you to trust me on this. I feel like I keep making these empty promises to you and it isn’t fair. Not to you. Not to me. And certainly not the people who are depending on me. What kind of leader would I be if I weren’t dependable and resilient?”
He scoffed to himself. “Not a very good one. And that’s where I’m at right now. I need to be able to lead and protect my clan and right now, you’re my number one priority. I’ve been far too lenient with everything. I’ve been foolish and careless. I thought that as long as I was with you, I could protect you, but I need my people. I need people on my side more than ever. Tell me if that’s okay with you. If not, I wasnt to hear–”
You crashed your lips onto his as you felt hot tears cascading down your cheeks. Your fiance was truly an amazing and bighearted man. He wanted nothing more than to protect you, your name, his people–your people. He was exactly the man you knew he was. No part of that has changed. He was just evolving into something greater right in front of your very eyes. 
“Yoriichi.” You murmured against his lips.
“If you leave me for some skank, I’ll kill you so better come back and get your shit together if you know what’s good for you.” 
He softly chuckled at you as he wrapped his arms around your waist and leaned his forehead against yours. His facial features were soft yet drained of strength and yet he still held some sort of tender light on his face that made him look even more beautiful than before. It was a look of determination and love for you.
“I would never dream of it.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @scoven @salamiwrites @stxrryemxlys @luvkaku @the1dprncess
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the-lighter-jedi · 2 days ago
Akaza: ;-; Become a demon with me
Rengoku: °-°
later stare contest
Tumblr media
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honeybuv · 8 hours ago
𝓖𝓲𝓿𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓗𝓪𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓻𝓪𝓼 𝓱𝓮𝓪𝓭 
Tumblr media
Warnings: finger fucking, squirting, tag teaming, [mentioned] sadism, [fem] reader, subspace
Tumblr media
𝓚𝔂𝓸𝓳𝓾𝓻𝓸 𝓡𝓮𝓷𝓰𝓸𝓴𝓾
-Remember that scene where he strangled that kid? (that should've been me tbh) Imagine that but he's pulling on your hair.
-Flushed out face, clinging onto his thighs for dear life, and let's not forget the obvious loud plapping noises as drool drops from your chin to your chest.
-In my au, I see him as a bit of a sadist when it comes to the bedroom; So expect some very rough slapping and manhandling of your face, neck and body in general.
-But he's very willing to stop, calm down or switch positions if you ask him nicely; by either grabbing onto his hands or saying the 'safe' word.
-He also looks like the type of guy to be very loud and open about it, fucking you infront of an open window, or in a public space (forests, park, you name it). And a good majority of the time it's either Giyuu, Shinobu, sometimes Zenitsu (he doesn't see it, he hears it accidentally).
-If someone were to actually want to join in and tag team you, Tengen is always there and surprisingly, Giyuu as well; Sometimes all three of them jump you at an unexpected time which always leaves with your clothes torn up, face flushed and ruin of makeup and paralysis.
-Of course after this he's gonna be your average, cute sweetheart and help you; giving you cuddles, slow make-out sessions, feeding you food and giving you a nice, warm bath.
Roughness level: 7/10
Freakiness level: 8/10
Sweetheart level: 10/10
Horniness level: 9/10
Tumblr media
𝓣𝓮𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓷 𝓤𝔃𝓾𝓲
-Not really rough, but not really soft, just inbetween.
-There are times where he's just lazy and wants a bj so he just, asks nicely. By lifting you up and and carrying you to the nearest couch/bed and taking off whatever pants, skirt or dress you're wearing. Extra points if you're not wearing any panties underneath.
-What's a guy without his girls? is his motto, as you best believe you're sharing that cock with either one of the girls, whom of which is Hina.
-Suma is definitely gonna be the one eating you out while you suck him off; Makio is definitely going to town riding his tongue and Hina is sharing his cock with you.
-However if you just want him for a while he can deal with that; Petting your hair and comforting you as you take your time to stuff him in your mouth.
-He's willing to give you the same pleasure you give him back as well. Finger fucking you till you squirt, mess with your clit as he uses his fingers to drive you up a wall, basically anything.
-Who's a man to not please his woman?
Roughness level: 8-9/10
Freakiness level: ∞
Sweetheart level: 10/10
Horniness level: ∞
Tumblr media
𝓜𝓲𝓽𝓼𝓾𝓻𝓲 𝓚𝓪𝓷𝓻𝓸𝓳𝓲
-Very soft and it goes both ways
-She loves to give than to receive when it comes to giving you pleasure.
-Kissing up your scars, loves to grab n caress your ass. Basically a huge fan of touch in general.
-However, if you were to switch things up she'd go into subspace so fast that it's really adorable when she does.
-Major Pillow princess alert.
-Will hide her face in pillows if she can. Sometimes you have to move it from her face otherwise she might accidentally stifle herself hiding her adorable face from you.
-Also a major turn on for her is when you're praising her; Call her your good girl and pretty princess and she's total puddy in your hands.
-Very scared of hurting you or getting hurt; she doesn't wanna see bruises or scars that were inflicted by her :(
-Not really a freak; very tame for some reason which is kinda sad cuz you wanted to actually see her get angry and ravish you.
Roughness Level: 3/10
Freakiness Level: 4/10
Sweetheart Level: ∞
Horniness Level: 6/10
Tumblr media
©𝐇𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲𝐛𝐮𝐯 2022; All rights reserved
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sanjiros · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
pairings: all x f!reader
cw: overstimulation, fat breeder balls, mating press, full nelson, use of toys, unprotected vaginal sex, kny boys being kinky and dom as hell, slight noncon
note: kny men overstimulating you!
"that's how you like it, huh? being folded in half like a dirty little whore."
douma's folded you into a mating press, his big and heavy balls slapping against your ass as you struggle to take in all of him. he's always had trouble fitting, but with your legs tossed over his shoulders and your ankles bound together, he was able to delve deeper inside of you. backing off, douma allows your legs a rest, his remaining spurts of cum still potent at your entrance. the demon admires your pretty pussy in his line of view, pinching at your clit where his semen collects. rubbing the nub between his finger tips, you arch your back in pure dismay, the overstimulation being too much for your fucked-out wreck of a body. your sweet tenor rings music to douma's ears as he slips the pad of his thumb against the apex of your clit. pleading for him to remove his fingers, his soon to follow insertion has you squirting miraculously. your overly sensitive clit still pinched between his fingers as you come down from your high, essences forming a puddle below your thighs.
"you think i need to give you a rest? remember who you're speaking to. i am a god, and i call the shots at all times."
"god, my balls feel so heavy tonight. i know how much you wanna get filled up, no?"
akaza's fat dick proves itself not to be enough for your resilient body. he puts his wits to the test, figuring out the best way to overstimulate you. once your body's contorted into a full nelson, akaza's fingers dance in circles over your nipples, piercing the buds with his fingers, only to move downwards towards your mound. you're frantic to cum, already having done so twice. you thoroughly enjoyed akaza's methods of overstimulation, responding in a snide, bratty tone of voice whenever he struggled in his rhythm. it felt too good, too damn good for akaza to think straight. cock settled between your folds and sliding up and around your wet hole, the demon pulled your thighs closer to your chest, with no intention of abandoning your erogenous zones. with each sudden clench, akaza refuses to slow down, slamming into that tiny spot inside of you that was sure to make you cum in an instant.
"you love being stuffed, especially when i'm at your most sensitive areas."
"you've been such a good girl today. would your pussy like a reward?"
koku's swift form of lovemaking is controlled by the rhythmic contractions of his hips, and those thick, semen filled balls meeting your bottom per thrust. he's eager to hold you by the neck, fingers entangling around your windpipe as he plows himself deeper, rubbing your clit with each soft jolt of his strong hips. koku will often go down on you before and after lovemaking sessions, your body going into sensory overload with each flick of his wet muscle. forcing you to look him in the eyes, he adores the way you clench around his tongue, only to slide it upwards towards your folds and settling itself to suck on your rosebud. whenever you feel you're about to cum, koku burdens your pussy with an array of lovebites, nipping at your folds as your stomach churns in bliss. his cock hardening at the sight of your contractions, ready to throw you into consecutive, rough rounds.
"i can tell you're ready for another round mentally. but what about your little clit, baby?"
"sluts don't get to decide when they cum. i'm the one in control, i'm the one with the power. you're nothing but a brat with a sly mouth."
muzan's a brute. most of his pleasure comes from overstimulating you until you're crying out for him to stop. he'll hold a vibrator to your clit and poise your legs together with rope. turning the toy on maximum speed, muzan punishes your cunt with angry, soulful thrusts. he's not quick to reach his end, and will hold off significantly by edging himself until he feels your hole begin to contract. following your session, he'll continue to hold the vibrator to your clit, not once giving you a breather. occasionally, he'll remove it in order to silence your cries, hushing to you softly and peppering you in sweet talk. muzan's sadistic side is compliant on your behavior, as he doesn't take a liking to brats. he'll suffer through a your manner of tone until you're ready to submit to him fully. the shimmer in his eyes unmistakably paired with a grimace.
"you're so easy, you know? just to throw around like a fuckin' ragdoll for me."
"there's so much passion in the way you roll your hips, baby."
yoriichi takes his sweet time with you, garnering enough tips and tricks to have you squealing from the endless cycle that leaves your body in shambles. he's hyperfocused on your nipples and the way they harden with ease in between his fingertips. he'll even hold a vibrator them, which resonates in a new feeling for your body. you've never felt as much pleasure as you've experienced with yoriichi, and he's keen on edging you as frequently as you wish; both before and after making love. yoriichi's a proficient brat tamer, getting off on the fear induced look in your eyes as he subjects your pussy to the wrath of a flogger, only to kiss you clit with affection after he's calmed down.
"you ready for one more succession? count for me... one, two, three..."
"i serve your body as your body serves me. you are not to take the vibrator off, you hear me, slut!"
tengen bases his pleasure off of his partner's, and what better way to worship their body than to position himself between your spread thighs and tongue fuck his way into your crevice. he'll do you the favor of holding a teeny tiny vibrator to your clit, applying the maximum amount of stimulation until you're about to cum. tengen edges you for hours, your clit a throbbing mess and your back contorted into a subtle arch. he's not satisifed until you're red and messy, cunt lips puffy and lewd panties slipped to the side. he refuses to tear them off himself, figuring the gesture is none other than filthy. and tengen will poison your body with sinful pleasure until your throat's caught up in hoarseness, tearing up in pleasurable arcs of pain which tengen bestows upon you. the man's fairly messy himself, cumming inside of you first in order to lubricate you all the better.
"oh, how i love cumming in that sweet, tight little hole before i play around with you."
"got ya all tied up, looking like a bitch in heat. how slutty are you, really? you wanna show me?"
the roughness of sanemi's thrusts are met with the generous slap of his giant balls. he's quick to tame a brat as soon as she crosses his field of vision. grinding your hips on sanemi's thigh, you angle your hips slightly in order for his fingers to fit perfectly near your clit. he'll flick at it, torture it, abiding by your screams in order to boost his ego. the talent in sanemi's fingers is beat only by the aggressive nature of his hips... which shatter your body into fragments as they clash with yours. fist around your throat, his cock planted hideously deep inside of you, he'll overstimulate your gspot with the head of his cock. you're inclined to make a scene at this point, claiming that if he doesn't stop you might as well squirt and cum, but sanemi's not going to let you. he's made himself clear from the start what he does and does not tolerate.
"fuck! i love hitting your sweet spot, really makes my cock harden like nothin' else."
"i'm sure you want my tongue on your clit, no? would you prefer my fingers?"
giyuu's eyes meet your starfield orbs, applying pressure on each portion of your body as he fondles your most sensitive areas with care. giyuu's the most attentive partner he can be, fiddling with the hem of your panties before sliding the damp undergarments off, relying on your brattiness to take over. you'll spit words at him out of spite, just to urge him into letting your orgasm at least once. while you're sure to cum at least twice before he properly fucks you, giyuu takes time into consideration. the longer you wait, the stronger your orgasms may be. he's not a fan of using toys quite often, and will rely on his fingers and tongue across the soft buds of your nipples before gently suffocating you, hips stationed into the mattress with his free hand. his digits prove to be much more efficient than toys anyhow, sliping and sliding beneath your folds teasingly before you grab his wrist with vigor.
"there's multiple ways we can carry this out, but my cock is never to leave the confines of your cunt. is that clear?"
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scandescent · 5 months ago
[6:29 PM] — Tengen Uzui + jealousy
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤷ CW. AFAB reader, Size k!nk, dirty talk, dacryphilia, degradation, choking, doggy style (bc I refuse to write mating press in a quickie), possessiveness, voyeurism, brat taming(?), clothed s3x (naked female, clothed male), daddy k!nk, dni
⤷ Synopsis: You get punished for being a brat and flirting with another Hashira before a Hashira meeting.
⤷ Note. Pfft, imagine whoever you want as the "other Hashira". I'm going with Sanemi. Not proofread lmao.
Part 2 (rengoku's route) :: Part 3
#tags. @festive (viv imagining giyuu ik it) @i4nanami @manjiken @r1nf4iry
Tumblr media
You could hear Mitsuri's chatter through the thin walls,"You're getting wetter," Soft silver strands caress your skin while his deep voice falls melodically on your ear,"Does it turn you on to know that they could hear you if you're not quiet?"
You whimper at his jab, nails digging into the carpet and a sweet plea falls from your lips. A breathy chuckle sends shivers tingling through your spine,"Not much of a brat now, are you?" Painted nails left tiny crescents on your skin as his hips pressed flush to your squirming ones,"Just needed a good dicking down." He muses, strumming his fingers around your waist till he reached in between your legs,"And you're back to being an obedient slut for daddy." Tengen presses the pads of his fingers on your aching clit, rubbing deft circle on the puffy nub.
Your hands trembled under the weight of his broad chest against your back, the material of his vest flush on your bare back. A loud moan breaks through your restraint as you tumble over with a sudden hard thrust from Tengen,"Careful there," Teeth pull your earlobe in a teasing bite when you bury your face behind your folded arms, chest pressed to the scratchy carpet now, "Wouldn't want them to find out what a slut their fellow hashira is for the God of flamboyance, hm?"
A scoff bubbled up in your throat but it died as soon as Uzui's cock knocked at your cervix with the new angle,"Daddy! T'deep, please!" Your mewl satiated the burns of jealousy in his chest that were alight ever since he saw you flirting with the other Hashira. It might be hypocritical of him to be envious if you want another man, because he's got three wives but the insecurities in his veins won't let him admit it, that he's scared you'd leave him. So, he's here taking out his green sparks of anger on you, thick cock abusing your cunt in an unrelenting pace. Your kneecaps ached from kneeling on the floor, skin scratching with each thrust from the man behind you.
"Shhh," A huge palm covered your mouth, thick fingers draped over your lips. Eyes saturating with salty drops as you cry out in his hand,"Oh-fuck- you want them to find out, don't ya'?" Tengen bites back a grunt, faltering to grasp at the tiny tendrils of restraint he had to not cum right away because your cunt is gripping his length tighter than ever before,"Or maybe you're hoping he'd come over and fuck you." His words made you moan, the coil in your belly ready to snap.
"What a fucking whore you are, y/n." The hand slides down your jaw, the metal of his rings burning cold on your skin as his fingers wrapped around your neck,"Then I guess I'll have to fuck you like one," You yelp when his cock head kisses your cervix again, bruising your walls with such powerful deep thrusts,"Let them hear you getting fucked like you deserve." His voice is almost drowned out by the filthy wet slaps and you're sure if the other Hashiras didn't hear you yet, they absolutely can hear you now,"Like the whore you are."
"Maybe he'll hear you too." Tengen is merciless with his taunts,"And he'll realise that he can never fuck you like I can." He growls, hunky body lurching over your tiny one. You press your cheek to the bulge of his bicep as you feel his veins pulse against your gummy walls. You won't deny that having him all possessive over you turned you on but will you let him know? "Maybe he can fuck me better than you," Your eyes meet his with a turn of your head,"Daddy." Fuchsia orbs haze into darkness upon your words,"We'll see about that." Thumb and index finger pinches your clit harshly, a smirk tugs at the corners of his lips as your face twists, the coil snapping with wet warmth drenching his throbbing cock.
Tengen's gaze locks on the intruder's eyes, his hand gripping your jaw to tilt your face up to display the expression of ecstasy,"Doesn't she look pretty when she cums?" Through the ringing in your ears from the blissful orgasm, you register your boyfriend's strained growl before your tear hazed eyes focus on the other man at the doorframe.
Tumblr media
2021 © all content belongs to druighoney. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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tatorthots · 7 months ago
KNY | Waking Up Before You
↳ Characters: Tanjiro Kamado, Inosuke Hashibara, Zenitsu Agatsuma x fem!reader | BONUS: Kyōjurō Rengoku
↳ Warnings: slight angst (only Tanjiro), mention of scar
↳ a/n: idk what it is but something about Tanjiro makes my brain go ‘angstangstangstansgt’ and I can’t stop it hELP but the rest is fluffy and cute so enjoy !
It’s been over 40 min since Tanjiro’s been awake, and though he knows he should be up getting ready for training, he really couldn’t do it — one glance at your peacefully sleeping face and he found himself slipping back underneath the covers
He’s not quite sure what it is; if it’s the way your eyelashes flutter each time he brushes stray strands of hair from your forehead or the warmth your plush body radiates under the pads of his fingertips as he traces the dips of your curves — whatever it is, it’s enough to keep him planted in bed all day
‘She looks so calm…’ Sighing, Tanjiros smile faltered, ‘Maybe it’s selfish of me to keep her by my side. The danger I constantly put her in just to keep her with me, it’s not fair.’
His fingers find their way to the discolored scar you got when fighting an unexpected ambush of high-ranking demons. The mark on your rib cage served as a constant reminder of what you sacrifice to be with him, it always made his usual soft eyes darken with guilt and anger. Gently circling over the scar his mind clouds with insecurities
‘She deserves more, better.. she-‘
Before Tanjiro could continue his self-sabotaging thoughts, he felt nimble fingers interlace with his. Maroon irises widen as they dart up, only to land on you as you bring his hand to your lips, pressing a loving kiss on his calloused skin
“Good morning, my love” A sleepy smile settled on your lips, “How long have you been awake?”
“G-good morning—! I.. I-um haven’t been awake too long...” His brows gently knit as he meekly glanced down at your interlaced hands. His thumb rubbed small circles, hoping praying you didn’t notice the solemn glint in his eyes
But you knew Tanjiro well. You’ve memorized every little quirk he has, noted each of his habits and what emotion they’re linked to. He was easy to read, which is why you knew exactly what he wanted to say
“Yes?” He stopped his movements
“I love you. Never forget that, okay?” Reaching your hand up to caress his cheek you saw his eyes slightly water
So you did what you always do whenever he’s fighting his own demons — you hold him under the covers as you whisper sweet nothings and praises into his ear, kissing and cuddling him until you were sure he felt reassured enough to start the day — together
It was currently 5 A.M. The sun had barely started to rise above the horizon and this wild boar was already rummaging around the room to get ready for another day of training with Gonpachiro
Given any other day, he’d rather be caught dead before waking up any time before 10 A.M, but after the battle with the spider family — and his struggling encounter with the ‘Father’, he made it his mission to train even harder
“C’MON C’MON C’MON—!! Rest time is over! It’s time to start training until our bones shatter!” Bouncing up and down the bed, this King of the Mountains already had his swords in hand and boar head on
“Mmph Inosuke give me... 5.. more....” and there you go falling back asleep for the nth time
With a frustrated gaze and a heavy sigh, he got an idea. An awful idea. Inosuke got a wonderful *awful* idea. With a light hop off the bed, he sauntered over to the furthest corner of the small lodge, his chest held high and lips etched into a smug smirk. Reaching the corner he swiftly turned on his heels and ran full force — heading straight for you
With a loud thud and a harsh punch to your stomach, your boyfriend had tackled you off the bed — or more like flung you to the wall. Groaning and clutching your side you shot up, seething with anger you glared at the direction of a swinging door, watching as your lovers figure slowly got smaller and smaller in the distance
“IM GOING TO KILL YOU—!! YA HEAR ME?!” Quickly changing into your uniform and grabbing your sword you raced out the door, intent on actual murder.
Inosuke still running full speed to the training grounds, raises one of his swords triumphantly in the air
To say you were a beautiful gracious sunshine goddess to this Demon Slayer was an absolute understatement — a pathetic one at that
Zenitsu loves you, he practically worships the ground you walk on, and he has every intention of letting you know how deeply his affection runs
“Y/n-chaaaann~!” Zenitsu cooed as he gently rubbed his face on yours, “It’s time to wake up my angel. I already made you breakfast!”
“Mm..?” Fluttering your eyelids open, you were met with the sight of a beaming Zenitsu holding up a tray of eggs, toast and fruit. “Ah. Good morning sweetheart” rubbing the sleep off your eyes you gently smiled, “You didn’t have to go through the trouble of doing this, Zen.”
“That’s what makes wanting to that much better, doesn’t it?” He placed the tray on your lap , kissing your forehead before leaning back
“Have you eaten?” You questioned as you placed an egg on top of your toast
“Hm? Oh no, not yet. I spent more time than I thought trying to take eggs from the food basket Inosuke sleeps with…” Looking to the side in an almost grimly manner, “I mean, I know he was raised by boars in the mountains but does he really have to act this way?”
A light giggle escaped your lips as you watched your lover groan at your wild friends antics
“Well this certainly won’t do.” Placing an egg on another slice of toast you continued, “I can’t have you missing breakfast, now can I?” Gently lifting the half-sandwich, you raise it up to your boyfriends lips
Zenitsu stared at you wide-eyed for a second before a feverish blush makes its way to his pale cheeks, “O-oh.. um ahh~” he opens his mouth as you place the toast between his teeth
“Oh? You got a little something on you” Zenitsu hums in question before you place a kiss on his soft lips, “Got it!”
It wasn’t new for Rengoku to wake up before you, in fact, it was almost routine
Though you never knew how much longer you stayed asleep, mostly because he always insisted on letting you rest unless something urgent has happened
Softly groaning you flutter your eyelashes open, moving to stretch before a certain someone caught you by surprise
“… Hm? EH W-WHA-” Looking straight ahead, you immediately locked eyes with golden irises staring intently at you
To most, this would’ve been a sweet scene to wake up to — had he not been 2 inches away from your face peering bright-eyed right into your soul with a beaming smile adorning his features
“Rise and shine, my angel!,” Rengoku’s voice boomed as he swiftly stood up, “It’s time to get dressed! We have an important lead to follow today” Walking around the bed he began readying your clothes, “Oh! There’s also this tea shop nearby that sells breakfast. The shop opens up at 8 and it’s currently 7:32 so if we hurry we’ll be able to get all the fresh fruit we want before everyone else gets there.”
“Ah. I see you’ve finished scouting the village?” Throwing your legs off the bed you took the clothes Rengoku prepared for you with a quick kiss in exchange. Honestly, you questioned where he even found the time to scan the area — if you recall correctly you didn’t reach the village until late last night, and it was barely morning. Does the man even sleep?
“Of course! The earlier I finish scouting, the more time we’ll have to enjoy our morning together.” With a cocky smirk, Rengoku walked up to you as you buttoned up your uniform, “You should know that time spent with you is worth losing rest over, my little flame.”
Your heart swelled at the sound of your pet name, blushing you looked up at your towering boyfriend before he leaned down to place a passionate kiss on your lips, his hands snaked around your waist as he pulled you closer to his broad chest, “Hm… maybe we can spare a couple minutes extra as well?”
On your way to the tea shop Rengoku spotted a vibrant singular flower laying on a merchants table.
“Excuse me, how much for the flower?”
The old merchant eyed him before his eyes flickered to your form, currently bent down talking and laughing with a couple of curious kids ooo’ing and aah’ing at your uniform.
“Take it, consider it a congratulations gift.” The merchant smiled as he handed the wrapped flower to the young Hashira.
‘Congratulations gift..?’ It didn’t take long for him to figure out what the merchant meant by that, after all, it’s definitely something he’s been long prepared for.
“Um.. so how long do you think it’ll take before he wakes up?” A worried Tanjiro asked, scratching the back of his head.
“She... she’s a demon.. there’s no other explanation..” With Zenitsu starting to fall into a spiral of despair, he took cover behind Tanjiro, fear stricken as he peers at his poor friend — who’s been out cold all morning
“Guys it’s not that bad,” you matter-of-factly state as you gently drag your victim boyfriend underneath the shade of a tree.
Though you will admit that perhaps throwing your sword at Inosuke hard enough to hit the back of his head with the handle was a bit much.
But then again, he did basically fling you to the wall this morning so *ahem* feels pretty justified to me
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aztecdragonwarrior · 5 months ago
Hi girl ! How are you? I’m here for a request please ^.^
Can you write for Tengen falling in love with a woman and he discovers that she has a child from a previous toxic relationship? ❤️
Hello there Anon!
Yes of course, this is a fantastic prompt. I aimed for it to be short and sweet but I felt like the initial encounter needed more development, so I hope is not that long hahaha and also I tried a new way of writing dialogues in hopes that this made it easier to read .
With all that being said, I really hope you like it <3.
Tengen Uzui x fem!reader (Falling in love with a mother in a previous toxic relationship)
Warnings: Slight angst, mentions of abuse.
Tumblr media
It was a very chilly winter morning when he first came to your shop. You were a very skillful seamstress and designer. It was just reasonable that your Kimonos, Yukatas and Haoris were highly demanded as everybody knew who the author was just by staring at them. You had a wide range of clients, but one had managed to catch your eye the first time he came looking for a Yukata.
He was a really attractive; tall, muscular complexion showing off his black skin tight outfit, deep magenta eyes with a matching color art design on one of them, a very sleek ponytail that held back all his white hair and a silver jeweled bandana that tinkled at every step he took.
-“Good morning, are you already open? he said in a very thick voice as you hurried to the front of your shop for welcoming him.
-”We are, sir, how can I assist you?” He scanned your entire body as soon as he saw you with a very delighted expression, holding his chin with his right hand and holding up his elbow with his left hand.
-”I like what you are wearing, it is really flamboyant! I am looking for something exactly like that” You blinked in surprise, typically the Kimonos you wore were special designs that you never sell and this was a beautiful yellow mustard robe decorated with delicate white flowers with a big burgundy obi. So you quickly scanned yourself and answered him back.
-”It is an exclusive design, but I can work something up. I just need to know your girlfriend's sizing and preferences.” You said as you placed your full attention to him.
-”Girlfriend?” he chuckled “No dear, you totally misunderstood me, I want something like that for ME!” His answer puzzled you even more, did you get that right? He wanted a kimono like yours?
-”In that case, wouldn’t you like to see our Yukatas on sale?” You said as you showed him the way to the back section of your shop.
-”Unless they are as ornate as this” he said while gently rubbing some of the extra fabric of one of your sleeves with his fingers “I am not really into plain color Yukatas.” Your expression might have said it all regarding your confusion, so your customer gave you a small smile while you showed him all the Yukatas that were ready for sale.
He was very well versed regarding clothing, fabrics and ornaments; that man knew exactly what he wanted and how he wanted. At the end he decided to place a custom order and let you be responsible for the entire design. You had a really hard time thinking about what will fit him best as well as being of his liking. Actually you enjoyed every single step of the artistic process, you were venturing into combining new and different elements to your clothes that you have never used before. A lot of new designs turned out of this order, magnificent in your not so humble opinion and could not be happier when you finally completed the order of your intriguing customer Tengen Uzui.
He came the day and time he promised, you were really nervous to know what his opinion will be to what you considered to be one of your best works up to date. That day he looked entirely different, his hair was completely down, with no bandana, face makeup and with a green lime Yukata. He was stunningly handsome, but you were absolutely focused on your work to give him a second thought..
-“So, let's see. '' He said as he gently started to reveal the package you just delivered to him. His expression was ecstatic and full of excitement, his magenta eyes widened in delight as soon as he finished examining the entire kimono. Your final bet was placed upon a robe that matched his eye color, with an intricate floral pattern in gold and silver covering it almost entirely and you also added very deep plum fabric at the end of the sleeves and the neck section. He wanted to try it on immediately and he looked really good on it.
-”So what do you think?” He asked you flirtatiously, slowly turning around for you to be able to scan him completely.
-”I think it fits you perfectly, sir. I am really glad you like it.” You bowed in return with a wide smile.
-”Liked it? Are you kidding me? I LOVE it. It's so flamboyant, perfectly for me. You are indeed the best, as I was told about you. I’ll tell you what, I will come back tomorrow, with hunger for more.” He said this with a seductive wink, paid for his order and left. He was being sincere, he heard from one of his comrades that right in the city, there existed one shop whose seamstress was as gorgeous and delicate as the handsome clothes she created. He agreed right away with the stories regarding your beauty as soon as he saw you, but he was even more impressed with your talent and ability for creating such majestic pieces.
Just as he promised, he paid you a visit the next day, placing another order and trying to get a little bit more intimate with you. He was fascinated by your expertise, the way you could perfectly land every single time the color palette combination of your creations, how you skillfully sewed in your ideas into the garments and god, he adored the way your face looked when you were working.
Without much notice, he started to hang a lot in your shop with you; he helped you moving really heavy supplies, this made him feel important and masculine in front of your eyes, he loved scaring off persistent customers that blantly flirted with you: “As much as we are grateful for your purchase, I must urge to allow other customers equally important as you into the shop. Have a nice day!” He will say this with the most hypocritical smile his anger will allow him while gently placing his arm around your waist.
-”Seriously Y/N. What’s with these men? So thirsty about you, is there any respect left?” He said with a displeased expression. You thought it was cute and ironic at the same time, wasn’t he doing exactly the same? He madly fell in love with you, so delicate, so pure, so talented, so creative, so impressive. He thought that it was nothing better in the world than you and he was absolutely right about it.
One time when you were working on a wedding Kimono, he was fixedly observing you while sitting on the floor; big wide smile, with his chin resting on his right fist. He was about to talk but you interrupted him.
-”It must be boring to stare at me all day, isn’t it Uzui-san?” He stood up with a serious expression, gently grabbing the hand you were using for sewing to pull you away, placing his hand on your hip to delicately pin you against the wall. He smirked as he looked down at you observing the subtle blush that was covering your cheeks.
-”No, not at all.In fact you have no idea how much I enjoy it, doll” He leaned closer to you, a breath away from your lips, patiently waiting. So much for his delight you kissed him, with hunger and desire, he loved to stir all those feelings in you. He wanted you to desperately yearn for him as much as he did for you. He seized your chin to deepen the kiss at the same time your hands seductively slided around his neck, making sure to caress his beefy biceps and with a muffled moan you allowed his tongue inside your mouth.
He was heating up rapidly, touching the parts of your body you allowed him while enjoying every single minute of that erotic scene. Unfortunately your cuckoo clock snapped you out of that fantasy forcing you to stop and stand away from Tengen. He was staring at you with complete disbelief but you did not gave him the chance to ask you what was wrong.
-”Uzui-san I am really sorry. Is very late now, I totally lost track of time. Could you do me a favor and close the shop for me?” You ask him more like an order than a favor.
-”Sure, but what is going on? Weren’t we just..?”- He cluessly asked you while watching you getting ready to leave in a matter of seconds.
-”I… I’m really sorry, there is something… someone I need to… Please…I will see you tomorrow”. You stood up on your tiptoes to peck him quickly as you left. You’ve pleasantly surprised him with that kiss and by the moment he realized what had just happened you were gone.
He closed your shop, with bewildered thoughts. What had just happened? You were sharing a very intimate moment but out the blue you just broke that synergy… For someone else? He was pretty sure you had feelings for him, so why would you run away? Did you had an important appointment with someone else? More important than him? Who was it? A rich customer? Or someone that might be more interesting than him? But then again he knew how much you cared for your shop, so he must definitely be someone important to you if you entrusted him something as valuable.
He tried to wash off all these ideas from his mind until he met you the next day. He wanted to know the reason for your ‘sweet escape’ but he was thinking about the right words to use. He tried entering the shop but it was locked despite being already operating hours. He then knocked and waited anxiously; you took a deep breath, opened the door but stayed right under the door frame not letting him in.
He started to think the worst, especially when he saw how nervously you were twirling your hair with your fingers, not making any eye contact. He was afraid to ask but he had to.
-”So last night… What exactly…?” He said crossing his arms over his chest like an intent of protecting himself from what might come out from your mouth, but you interrupted him.
-”Uzui-san I am really grateful for you helping me with the shop last night, I was really in a rush. I had to be at some other place at that very time…” You were really nervous and that only made the Sound Pillar felt even worse “I wanted to tell you, but I was not sure when it would be a good time. She has been through so much…”
-”She?” He asked, perplexedly raising an eyebrow as you slightly moved aside to unveil a little girl gripping tightly to your kimono, hiding half of her cute face against your leg. Tengen was taken aback for a moment, stared directly at you and then to your little girl. He understood it in an instant, how much of a dork has he been? With all his ridiculous scenarios building up in his mind. He gallantly bent down to his knees to speak to your daughter with a very soft smile.
-”Oh well, who could possibly be this adorable young lady?”. She hesitantly looked up to you, gripped tighter to you and spoke in a soft voice, barely audible:
-”D/N Y/LN”. So he answered her with a surprised expression:
-”I see now. I beg your pardon my lady. I should have realized before, you are identical to your dazzling mom” He quickly stared up at you and returned his attention to your daughter. “This is actually perfect timing, I was planning to ask your mom if she would like to become the most important girl in my life but I definitely need to ask you first” He thought that your offspring was exactly like you and that drove him more crazy in love with you. Not only was he to have a gorgeous wife, but also the cutest daughter in the entire world.
By the end of the day your daughter absolutely felt fond of him, to the extent of excitedly talking about how much she loved horses and why she would love a sakura hair pin. You explained to Tengen how much hardships you both went through with her father; being abusive and absent to D/N and getting away from him was what impulsed you to open your workshop. He immediately understood the logic behind hiding her but complained about you not telling him sooner.
As he was walking you both home, with your child seated in this shoulders he spoke:
-”Hey D/N will you be ok if I kicked off your dad if he ever comes to bother you or your mommy?”. He said with a grin
-”Uzui-san! Don’t tell her that! You reprimand him with some joy in your voice, but as your daughter nodded he burst into laughter and claimed:
-”That’s it, I will protect my girls from everything and anything, from now on”. As you felt flattered, he tenderly kissed you on the lips and so, you were now sure that he was going to be the man who you wanted to love for the rest of your life.
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kreiitsuuuu · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
🌸 ANON:: hi i can’t write as well so i can’t do this but can u do the upper three reacting to reader being stronger than them and refuses to spar tyyy if u can 😘😘🍼
💌 A/N:: Sure thing! I'll add in the rest of the upper moons as well for a bonus! :] (Though, not adding Nakime, Hatengu and Gyokko since I seriously have no idea how to write them :[ I'm so sorry..) And I didn't catch you state a gender, so the reader will be gender neutral!
☆ warnings: possible spoilers, mentions of limbs being decapitated, blood, swearing for kaigaku's part
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's been centuries since he's encountered such a strong being like you, but never did he expect for you to NOT draw your sword and fight.
Rather, you instead, had boldly invited him for tea at your place.
Are you mocking him? Seeing how pathetic and weak he is just because you over power his whole entire being?
Very confused as you just tried to engage in mundane conversation, and simple tasks. Reminds him of a certain someone from long ago.
Had asked if you wanted to become a demon and join the Upper Moons, but to his dismay, you declined immediately.
" Why won't you raise your sword and decapitate my head? Aren't you one of the Demon Slayers? And, you know your strength much proceeds mine. So.. why? " Kokushibo asked as you only continued to pour tea, sitting on the kotatsu with him.
" Simple. I have no intentions to kill nor do you harm. It's up to faith to see what happens now, and I would rather spend this moment together drinking tea. " Proceeding to hand the Upper Moon a cup, you gazed upon his eyes — six of them, all fixated on you.
That's another thing — his strange looks also did not cause you fear, in which the demon took note of quickly as your calm expression stayed the same.
Kokushibo was beyond perplexed as he took a sip of his tea. Needless to say, it's nice to have tranquillity for once in awhile.
" You are a strange yet an interesting being, though, I will not pester you any longer. "
" More tea? "
" ...Perhaps. "
Tumblr media
Is absolutely thrilled to meet you! Like Kokushibo, it's been years since he had met a strong slayer like you!
In one of your hiking sessions, you managed to stumble upon a cult — which lead you to Douma.
But once you declined his invitation to spar and overall stay with him and his cult for just a little while longer, things got a little out of hand as he tried to land a surprise attack from behind.
You leapt out of the way to avoid the attack, twisting your body mid air & swiftly drew your blade out — decapitating his arms in the process.
Douma, on the other hand, was surprisingly struggling to regenerate. But nevertheless, this did not stop him from showering you with compliments as like nothing bad had happened entirely throughout your whole interaction.
" Amazing performance! Please, tell me your name! "
" Y/n. And you are? "
" Call me Douma! "
After he had regenerated his arms back, he'll drag you around and order his servants to fetch you some miscellaneous gifts.
He has never met such a strange slayer like you. Mostly, every member from the Corps would try and kill him immediately as he was an Upper Moon — a great threat to humanity. But here you are, helping some of his servants carry certain objects around his abode and agreeing to eat sweets with him.
Will also offer to make you into a demon, but again, only a ' no ' came out of your mouth.
" Can you stay for awhile longer? Pleaseeee?? You're so fun to be with, and I bet my whole head that Akaza would love to meet you! "
" Please do not bet your head. "
Tumblr media
He had underestimated you at first, especially since you did not have a battle spirit — which made him think you were weak and not capable on calling yourself one of the Demon Slayers.
But oh boy, does he retract his words.
A being without a battle spirit, can fight in great feats as he could not sense their presence. Not a single will to kill, nor anything had interlaced with their movements. It was like he was fighting a ghost.
If you have not gave him mercy, the Upper Moons will definitely need another place holder for the 3rd spot within the 12 Demon Moons.
Again, you did not want to spar nor inflict any harm — but you had to at least keep yourself intact. Only defending yourself from the fury of attacks he had unleashed.
This had only fuelled his anger even more, as you presented no will to inflict any sort of harm onto him.
" Fight me! Behead me! Unsheath your sword! Why aren't you doing anything?! "
" I have no reason to. "
Upon hearing that answer, Akaza had sworn he saw a fraction of his memories flash beyond his eyes. Making him halt in his attacks to look at your eyes.
" What is your name, strange swordsman? "
" Y/n. And you are? "
" Akaza "
The demon took note of your strength, and yet again, offered you to become a demon — only to decline once more.
You were really strange, and yet refreshing to Akaza. Unlike the other Hashira and Slayers he had passed by and killed during his time on being a demon — you were the only one who exceeds his strength yet refuses to use it against him.
" It's a waste of time. Plus, I believe that someone will come and behead you on their own. " You said, quietly munching on your ohagi as the two of you walked endlessly under the moonlight.
" Before they could even land a blow on me, I'd punch a hole through their stomach first! Let's see who dies the fastest. " Akaza exclaimed, as he raised his fist up into the air, making you chuckle from his actions. Needless to say, he had made a new, yet strange ally that night. He'd like you have your company from time to time on quiet nights like this, even just to waste on mundane day to day activities.
Tumblr media
Not so thrilled to meet you.
Probably just sees you as another hindrance in her way.
Also like Akaza, she had underestimated you as well. Not only did you not draw your sword out, but you had only been swiftly dodging her sashes — not one laying even a scratch on you.
Immensely pissed off as she saw you unharmed, and still standing.
" What's your deal, ugly?! Too scared to use your stupid sword? " Daki's words were interlaced with annoyance and anger as you only kept running away. What's your deal anyways?!
Only then you actually started dashing towards the demon, she picked up an unusual aura around you. One that had her frozen in place as you went closer to send a kick to her stomach, making her face scrunch in pain as she flew away.
" Don't call random people such offending words if you don't know what's coming towards you. "
Your words had burried into her skin, you were terrifying. And the blow you did wasn't even made by a sword yet she felt weak and pathetic.
From what Daki knew, she thought it was going to be another time to call Gyutaro for saving — but you had only helped her up by pulling from her arm.
" ..Apologies, I didn't mean to— "
" DON'T TOUCH ME! Ugh, you're so annoying! "
In reality, she's just very ticked off to the fact that she had been solo-ed by a person who merely even brought out their true potential.
She'll never admit you were more powerful than herself, and will probably just flee after you try to engage in mundane conversation.
" Don't even try to get me to talk! I have no time for people like you! "
I guess there was no chance for you to invite her for mochi.
Tumblr media
Who in the world is beating up his sibling??
He had only come out as his sister was calling him like it was the end of the world. There's no way she's actually struggling to a singular target, right?
Well, if his eyes does not deceive him, he had found Daki struggling to get out of her own sashes that were tied up around her.
There, he spotted a figure in the distance — dusting their hands as their hair waved around with the wind, how their eyes were narrow, and gazed upon the two siblings.
" Hey hey.. you're the one messing up my little sister eh..? You think bullying will do you any good eh? Having good looks and a great life eh?! " Gyutaro wasted no time and threw his sickles, he had targeted straight for your head — but to his surprise, your blade had stopped the both of his weapons and only then to get swinged back to him with speed.
" Sorry. She was causing the children trouble, now will you excuse me, I don't want to initiate in a battle.. "
Were you joking him? Mocking, perhaps? Or maybe even being sarcastic? There's no way he's letting you go after screwing with his little sister — but it seems like you had other plans.
Instead of attacking, you had only kept dodging the attacks he'd been sending out. He knew it was futile to keep fighting, but no way in hell was he letting you off the hook. Or should I say, off the sickle. Help me
Gyutaro had eventually stopped as he saw no point on continuing this never ending battle, sickles back at hand, and you nowhere to be found.
His eyes eventually trailed towards his sister.
However, the sight he had seen had made his eyes dilate in surprise.
You were helping Daki out of the sashes you originally tied her up in, also apologizing in the process.
It was like you were her older sister, but of course, you weren't.
You were just some stranger who had the unfortunate chance on meeting the two them.
" Daki, was it? The name's Y/n, my sincerest apologies for causing you trouble.. you were giving the children a bad time yknow.. "
The female demon only pouted and punched the air as the other upper moon watched their interaction.
If only things were different.
Tumblr media
💌 A/N:: might be a bit self indulgent </3
Don't even get me started, this man already hates your guts as soon as he laid his turquoise eyes on you.
He despises weak people, and your overall aura reminded him of someone he loathes the greatest.
As Kaigaku removed his blade from its sheath, he had immediately took his fighting stance in and leapt towards you. Well he thought he leapt towards you.
His eyes trailed above, as you twisted your body midair — stepping on his back, sending his chin to the ground.
" The fuck is with your shitass moves?! You have a sword! USE IT FOR FUCKS SAKE! DON'T LOOK DOWN ON ME!!! "
Only silence greeted him as the figure before him was picking fresh peaches from the trees. He picked himself off of the ground and started at you intensely.
Did you just.. completely ignore the fact that you were in the presence of THE Upper Moon 6?
Well, it was only in this moment did he catch wind of your strength. But it didn't make him less angry that he used to be.
Kaigaku was beyond pissed at this point as you even offered him the pink coloured fruit in the palm of your hands, waving it around like it was some toy.
" I don't NEED your sympathy! Fight me like a true slayer and stop slacking off Zenitsu! " The name had accidentally fell out of his mouth.
" I don't believe that's my name? "
The Upper Moon slapped a hand onto his mouth as he mentioned the name, which only made Y/n curiouser every second that has passed.
Only the silence grew more intoxicating, but you decided to break it.
" Hey, peach boy, why'd you turn quiet? Did I say something offensive? "
" Don't call me that. "
Swinging down the tree you were on, and two peaches in hand — you made your way to the boy and handed him one.
Surprisingly, he actually took the fruit and took an aggressive bite whilst leaning on a tree with you. The action made a small chuckle leave your mouth as you bit your peach as well.
The two of you shared a comfortable silence as the both of you had snacked together, as the stars in the pitch black sky lit up the night.
" Kaigaku. "
" Hmm? "
" That's my name, idiot. "
" Oh! Well, I'm Y/n. Nice to meet you in this pleasant night, Kai. "
" For a person stronger than me, you sure are stupid. "
A dramatic gasp left your mouth. " So rude! "
You really need to stop with the nicknames...
As the night was still young, the both of you wasted your time conversing under a peach tree. The Upper Moon might take some time to get used to you and your nickname callings, but at least he knows he is in the presence of a stronger being.
And well.. maybe a presence of a friend if you're lucky enough.
Tumblr media
💌 A/N:: HEYYY im sorry if this isn't the best :'( I really tried to write this but I was just too stupid to think something up and I kinda made the writing a bit off compared to my other headcanons and it kinda looks like my planned long scenarios.. well, I hope you guys enjoyed reading anyways! Likes and reblogs are always appreciated! <3
Tumblr media
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imhereiguess420 · 8 months ago
Y/N: I joined the Demon Slayer corp for the same reason people go to the zoo!
Tanjiro: And that is?
Y/N, points behind her: Look….
*Inosuke beating the shit out of Zenitsu*
Y/N: Nature is beautiful
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brightymir · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
cw: language
genre: fluff
characters: tengen, kyojuro, sanemi, yoriichi x fem!reader
author's note: school is draining me and i needed to let out my frustrations through writing but i do not have the time to write full headcanons or scenarios so have this poorly constructed smau for the meantime. have a wonderful day <3
Tumblr media
❄︎ tengen uzui
Tumblr media
he takes you on a date after this confession, ending the night with a lot of jewelries for you. his ego is a little bruised because he foolishly confessed first, and that was not flamboyant of him. but all that matters is you also like him back.
"will you marr-"
❄︎ kyojuro rengoku
Tumblr media
joins u for lunch, was pretty nervous because he wasn't sure if you'd like his bento box but he masked it well. conversed with you like nothing happened. after training though, he talked to you about what happens from here on and asks you how you'd like it to go.
"so, i'm yours now, aren't i?"
y/n.exe has stopped working
❄︎ sanemi shinazugawa
Tumblr media
it took you 10 minutes coaxing and talking to him through the door before he finally let you in. he was red in the face and refused to keep eye contact with you, and you were almost hit by a pillow in the face when you asked about whay the two of you were right now.
"does that make you my boyfri-"
"SHUT UP! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" don't, cuddle him actually
❄︎ yoriichi tsugikuni
Tumblr media
(he IS the hotter twin, i'm not accepting complaints)
he was very chill on your date while you were stuttering, tripping, and making a mess all over again. he found it cite and amusing but you were cursing deep inside. the finest gentleman and will make sure to know your wishes and understand your boundaries
"i wish you a pleasant rest, my love"
Tumblr media
additional a/n: i'm rereading the manga and why is yoriichi so hot and powerful and strong and gentle and perfect like ¥÷¥×¥$*#$,@(#(@(×**+#**@ i'll be vanishing again for a few days to finish some school works, pls wait for me!! stay safe nd happy, darlings <3
Tumblr media
© 𝐁𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓𝐘𝐌𝐈𝐑 2021 - all rights reserved. please do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or share my work on other platforms. thank you.
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getoswhore · 3 months ago
Thinking about Gyutaro always pitying his bimbo gf :( and he makes fun of her for always thinking about his cock and how big he is but he actually like it the way his bimbo gf lights up every time she sees him fighting
ଘ. warnings ⸝⸝ blow job. praising. (17+).
Tumblr media
you knew gyutaro was showing off for you the whole time.. knowing he was just trying to get you all rilled up and ready to pounce on him once he was finished with that lout who dared to challenge him. and you knew he loved it, even more, when you praised him right after, admiring his strength and courage, with peppered kisses to the soft purple tip of his cock..
“so silly, you always look so silly when you yell out–fuck–when you yell out to me while fighting.” he can't help but choke up that whine scratching at his throat soon as you wrap your pretty lips around the crown of his cock mid-sentence.
his jarred hips jerk beneath you, the sharp bone twisting in sweet agony. squirmy he was, he couldn't help it, he was always the hip jerker type, flinching at just subtle touches from you.
you pop your glossed lips off of him to let out a silent praise, “because you deserve it. you deserve to know that you are so strong, handsome, big, and scary.” you giggle.
gyutaro almost pops in your mouth front your warm words, feeling your sweet breath fan against the fat tip of his cock, as his heart just swells from the praise.
Tumblr media
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gaiath · 4 months ago
Being in a relationship with Tengen Uzui...
Tumblr media
Let's get this clear and out of the way, dating him means also being in a relationship with his lovely wives.
All of their personalities mix together in just the right way.
They are all so loving and protective (in the right way).
Hinatsuru enjoys humming as she cooks and is so thrilled if you offer to help.
Tells you what spices go in and how they benefit the dish. She knows everything about cooking.
She brings the wooden spoon up to the ur mouth for you to taste the remaining food on the utensil.
Uzui's arms are quite literally perfect for cuddling, they're secure and warm for when winter comes around.
Makio enjoys when you read to her and her head is on your chest, sometimes she just needs the calming atmosphere.
Suma adores holding hands with you, swinging them back and forth.
She also enjoys cuddling up to your side.
Uzui and them would get all of the supplies you need to fulfill your hobbies.
Dinners with them are filled with laughter, slight gossiping, planning dates and talking about work.
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honeybuv · 6 months ago
Squirting Hcs || Ft. the hashiras
Tumblr media
Anon asks: Oh my gosh I loved the squirting headcanons with the boys! Do you think you can do one with Rengoku and how he reacted and what he did abt it, please? 🥺🥺
🍯-Of course! This is going to be a two part series btw if you don't mind!
Kamado ver
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojuro
✦He was surprised at first.
✦Like when your legs clasped themselves around his face and fucked his tongue only to feel your slick liquids squirted all over his chin, nose and lips
✦Your soft teary face made you look so cute when you squirted too, making his already erect cock painfully swell.
¶Tears fell to your chin as your husband sucked on your clit whilst his skilled fingers fucked your cunt, making you babble incoherently
When suddenly you felt something weird in your tummy. Rengoku didn't help either as he kept sucking, his fingers fucked your cunt faster as he felt your pussy throb
Only to feel your squishy legs cling to his face as you rode him. Your slick liquids spraying onto his face as you cried out in bliss.⁋
For a damn virgin he knew how to pleasure a woman.
Tumblr media
Uzui Tengen
⤵He did it on purpose.
⚀You're not safe in that house with him in there, hell his wives would lock you in on purpose.
⚀The damn man is skilled with his fingers. Hell it's even worse if you're sensitive.
⤴His wives probably would be in there with your lmao.
⤵Your small hands grab hold of your husband's arm. Clinging on for dear life as he fucked your cunt with his fingers. His smile not altering when you squirted for a third time.
How long is it? three-four hours? He didn't know nor did he care as one of his arms grab hold of your breast.
While you were underneath him, teary-eyed and swollen, your chubby thighs clasped around his fingers for mercy. Your lips spewed out babbles and incoherent words.
While his wives just sat there, smiling and cooing out praises to you, pressing the button on the pink vibrator that was tapped to your clit.
⤴Finally you came a fourth time before passing out, both from dehydration and excess pleasure, you probably won't be able to walk for a while after this.
Tumblr media
Shinobu Kocho
⤵She would do it on purpose. And she'd be so mean about it too.
❦Vibrators, dildos or straps. Hell her hands are enough to make you squirt.
❦She's a doctor so it's pretty obvious she's good with anatomy
⤴Be grateful she even lets you rest as soon as you squirt for the fifth time this evening.
⤵Shinobu's chin nested against your shoulder as she forced you to look at yourself in the mirror. Her sultry gaze looming over you as tears fell from your face.
When suddenly you felt weird, to which she whispered that what you're feeling was completely normal. When you finally relaxed, your fluids squirted onto the mirror as your upper body shook slightly.
⤴Her arm clung to your stomach to keep you from not falling onto the dark wooden floors of her room.
Your first time with her felt amazing, and you can't deny it.
Tumblr media
Tomioka Giyuu
⤵Poor baby was so confused, but when he saw your face he thought it must've felt really good from how you shook above him.
♡He didn't want to ask shinobu on what it was cus she was gonna bully him but asked her since she's the only one that knows the female anatomy better than uzui.
⤴So when she bullied taught him what it was and how to do it he understood and wanted to try it again.
⤵Giyuu's soft praises left your tummy in a fumbling mess as his slender fingers messed with your cunt. Kissing your cheek as he continued to praise you.
Suddenly your body started feeling weird, the new found pleasure was building up on your insides and he could feel it from how you suddenly clench around his fingers.
'Shinobu was right' he thought as your thighs clamped around his arm, you begged for him to stop when he fingered your pussy faster to which he didn't reply.
⤴"Just let go hun, everything's fine" he whispered, to which you learnt to control yourself and finally let go, letting your body go limp as you squirted all over his fingers. Your liquids dripped from off his fingers to which he licked up. Your mind in a haze as you fell limp in his arms.
©honey-buv Do not steal, repost or copy my works without my permission!
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sanjiros · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
pairings: all x f!reader
cw: unprotected vaginal sex, unrealistic cervix fucking, belly bulge, multiple orgasms, squirting, breeding, handjobs, blowjobs, some violence (muzan bites you) some noncon
a/n: gah i just LOVE pleasing men (also virgin yoriichi)
"fucking hell, y/n, i think i've already knocked you up by now!"
when douma cums hard, you can feel the cute little bulge in your tummy start to enlarge, and sweet tenor rings that leave his lips increase in volume. the demon commonly loses control of his hips, thrusting in a stutter of sporadic bucks. he tends to pant rapidly, chest heaving as he empties the last of his sperm inside of your cervix. throwing his head back in ecstasy during the last few spurts, douma wriggles his hips to the sides, accompanied by a loud smack on your cherry red ass to compliment his vocal demeanor. beads of sweat run down his red-tinted forehead as he begins to withdraw, savoring the feeling of your slick popping him out. his senses go into overload if you're unfortunate enough to be pursued into a second round, cock instantly twitching the moment it glides over your cum-glistened hole. initially gentle thrusts transform into hips and balls smacking against the realm of your ass, douma proceeding to empty every last drop of his seed inside of your cock-hungry pussy, his hips giving out once more as he ejaculates for a cruel second time.
"i'm not going to stop, you hear me? this pussy is mine and mine alone, and i'll make it very clear to you."
"ah, you're so adorable, y/n. it feels so damn good between your pussy lips."
akaza ditches his tough, rugged demeanor the moment he becomes a whiney mess inside of your pussy. constantly slipping his cock between your folds to create a delicious friction, he's just as quick to bully it back inside of you. akaza can be quite vocal at times, especially when he's growling in a solid attempt to make you cum. he adores it when you squirt all over the base, a round ring of cream forming all the way to the center his shaft. the demon is hesitant to cum anywhere but inside of you, getting off on the idea of impregnating you. his voice, once wretched and full of sin becomes reduced to a series of high pitched cries and deep, guttural groans... his hips refusing to still until he's reached his sweet release. with hands positioned on both sides of your ass, akaza lets go, breaking past your cervical barrier with one final thrust. with your creamy essence coating his cock, he reacts with a snarky grin. sooner or later, he'll find himself planted deep within your womb, hips faltering once again as he attempts to hold back his oncoming orgasm.
"fuck, fuck! gonna cum, ah it feels so good, my cock is just aching to cum."
"pretty maiden, this is not only about me. but about you, too."
kokushibo turns into a mess when he's orgasming. he absolutely loves being pleasured, but does not believe that women are tools for his own desires. his favorite position is 69, allowing him to make love to your pussy with his tongue while you go down on him. cock pistoning in and out and his tip bulging into your throat, you continue to lower yourself again and again until you feel him twitching. kokushibo adores being between your thighs, his face enamored by your liquids as he laps up your juices happily. it's as if he never tires of pleasing you, to the point where he's getting off on your pleasure, becoming vocal with you. his entire body begins to lose feeling as he nears his climax, although he prefers a good edging. each twitch of his cock notifies you of how to adjust your rhythm. you're more than hesitant to ruin his orgasm, although koku's been through numerous ones due to his constant edging. he cums with a strained groan the moment he decides to, chanting your name as he pummels into and wrecks your throat, face sloppily covered in your following orgasm.
"y/n, y/n! i'm so close to cumming i can feel my balls just tightening..."
"fucking whore, you are. letting a demon brutally rip you to bits."
muzan isn't much of a vocal lover most of the time, unless he feels particularly good. if that's the case, his entire body will endure a sensory overload and he'll cum inside of you repeatedly, his stamina a force to be reckoned with. after his first orgasm, he'll inquire about a blowjob, allowing you to suck off both of your essences until his cock is clean and ready to go for another round. muzan's cock refuses to soften, urging orgasms out of his partner repeatedly, whose stamina isn't nearly as wicked as his. muzan abides by fast paced, brutal love making sessions that leave bruises and lovebites scattered on both of your collarbones. the demon king growls as he rips off portions of your flesh, forgetting that you're merely human and cannot take such bloodloss. with crimson streaming down your neck, muzan slowly nurtures the wound with his tongue, as if it wasn't already applying salt to it, both in a literal and figurative sense. your poor body wrecked from previous orgasms and the earthshattering affect of his erotic violence, muzan will say the most filthy things to you, eliciting such a pretty, fluttering reaction of your cuny around his shaft.
"you're a pathetic little cocksleeve, aren't ya?"
"i've... never done this before, does it feel good?"
yoriichi's had no clue what he'd got himself into, considering his libido is fairly low. he was used to pleasuring himself in his own time instead of participating with a partner. that was, until he met you. you're eager to please your boyfriend, starting off with some gentle foreplay that causes his bones to shudder and his nerves to be set aflame. his chest slightly heaving as you nuzzle over it with your nose and relay kisses with your cherry tinted lips. yoriichi lets out soft mumbles as you reach his collarbone and neck, slowly dotting around his chin and up towards his lips. planting a heated kiss on them, you straddle an overwhelmed yoriichi, who's just as eager as you are to enter himself between your wet folds. slipping past said folds, yoriichi pats your clit with his cockhead, knowing prior that women enjoy it. it isn't until he's seated inside of you that he begins to get vocal, bouncing his hips in sync with yours in order to receive the best stimulation. virgin yoriichi feels himself about to reach climax in a matter of minutes, and does so with a final roll of his hips. your name leaves his lips as he pushes his cock past your barrier, feeling your walls and cervix clench simultaneously, accepting the warmth that leaks from his cock.
"i love the way you made my cock feel just now, it feels as if i'm right at your little womb."
"ah! pretty princess. time to get covered in my cum again, i'll pump out as much as you like."
tengen will ram the head of cock in the confines of your throat, past your cervix and into your fist any chance he can get. the man is insatiable when it comes to sex, and will make sure you never waste a precious drop of his seed. he's fond of cumming on your body, growling deeply as he hovers over you. in doggystyle, tengen is quite loud, filling the atmosphere with low grunts of pleasure with each smack of his strong hips. receiving a blowjob becomes a daily routine for tengen, along with or paired with the occasional handjob, only adding to the pleasure. tengen has moments where he's overstimulated, and when it's all gotten to be too much, he'll cum early with a loud, tenor cry. he'll leave your lips drenched in his semen, or your womb coated in his sticky seed from all of the abuse it's taken. poor tengen's a mess, length throbbing from the intensity of his orgasm until you manage to calm the harsh jolts of his body with your rhythmic, sensual clenching.
"fuck, gonna fuckin' cum all over these pretty tits, feels so damn good baby, lemme stroke myself..."
"so filthy, fucking your mouth is my favorite thing! second best to your pussy, i'd say, actually. just feels so tight and wet."
the look of pure admiration on sanemi's face is prominent once you're between his legs. toying with his balls and taking each one between your lips carefully, the man has no choice other than to be vocal about it. he lets out series of toughened grunts and masculine growls as he attempts to stall his orgasm. in a fit of pleasure, sanemi will yank at your scalp and tangle his fist in your hair, pulling you closer until your nose interacts with his dark-greyish pubic hair. the man's writhing at this point, hips bucking uncontrollably into your mouth until a noticeable bulge forms in the center of your hot, wet throat. he's not satisfied until he's got you into a full on chokehold, hands accomodating your neck and fingers spreading your lips open as you struggle to fit all of him inside. poor sanemi will go ballistic if you try to tease him, kicking his legs involuntarily as his hips intend to buck. you'll take a minute to swirl your tongue on his cockhead, devouring his sweet precum in the process until your lips are nonetheless smeared with it.
"right there... keep doing that, right on the head- ah! you're doing so fuckin' well baby, don't you dare come up!"
"clean your fuckin act up, you want me to keep abusing this sopping pussy?"
the moans of pleasure that leave this man's mouth when he's inside of you are legendary. they're consistent, and can range in pitch from high and scratchy to faulty groans as he pounds into you from behind. wrists pinned behind your back and nails inducing crevices at your sides, giyuu's thrusts become a menace to your cunt. he takes note of your puffy lips and how abandoned they've been, fingers nudging your clit until they're eventually battering it with seamless, harsh strokes. once giyuu's had enough of abusing your clit, he'll switch you over to missionary, hips stilling at the feeling of his length sliding into your warm cavern, not being able to control himself once he picks up a steady rhythm. his legs begin to shake mid orgasm, hips refusing to slow down until all of his load is emptied. the feeling of asserting dominance overtakes him as he lets out one last high pitched cry, finally claiming your cunt as it's flowed with sticky globs of white.
"that felt beyond this world, baby. my legs are still shaking!"
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scandescent · 17 days ago
thirsts? sorry it’s tenten again bc i lied about being over him
(also why does it feel so dirty sending in an ask when I have no problem DMing u this i-)
ok but hear me out: I’ve been getting into like…him teasing you with just the tip, like writing his name on that pussy with his dick but never properly fucking you with it. makin you grind on it but holdin your hips still when you try to impale yourself on it :( evil corona man :(
Tumblr media
CW — fem! sub! reader, edging kinda, dacryphilia, manhandling (?), size kink, dumbification (?), creampie/breeding kînk, clit slap, kinda mean tengen, slight spanking, bitsy overstim.
WC — 1k+
Note — I... I need a minute I haven't written for tengen in a loooong time and I wrote this in a haze. Reblogs & interactions r always appreciated!!
# : @fvshguro @bxnten @touyaphoria @festive
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's no secret that 𝐓𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐧 𝐔𝐳𝐮𝐢 is insufferable. He has no qualms in edging you to madness, watching you descend to nothing but a whiney mess of tears and babbles of just his name. And even then he'd not give you what you want— not yet at least.
“tengen,” you sob, hands clawing at his broad shoulders, digging your nails in his skin to leave tiny crescent indents, “'s enough just fuck me already,”
He chuckles at the desperation in your voice, “not yet, princess.” the tip of his cock lays heavy against your clit, right there and yet not close enough, “please!” your hips buck up involuntarily, a plea ripping from your lips.
A large hand curled around your hip, shoving you down against the mattress harshly, “I said not yet.” fisting his cock, tengen pumps it at the sight of you squirming under his hold, tears dewing at your eyes from frustration, “can't take it anymore, need you inside me now,”
“Spread your legs, princess." Your knees shut together— out of instinct— as soon as he slapped the cock head against your puffy clit.
He's now dragging the tip of his cock against your cunt, smearing your slick all over. Through your glassy vision you noticed how his red eyes were focused on your pussy and you realize it— he is spelling out his name on your pussy, T-E-N-G-E-N, with swift strokes of his cock,“what a pretty pussy you have,” tengen muses at how your pussy flutters from his teasing, “look at her, she's dripping all over for me,”
“did I get you all worked up, baby?” by the time he got to the G, your thighs were shaking, your back arching off the mattress while your hips bucked up- more, you needed more. Tengen's hand came up to rest the palm flat on your belly, weighing you down, “so impatient,”
Impatient. Tengen was usually the more impatient one but he'd hold out for as long as it takes to have you a begging mess under his touch. Because you make the sweetest sounds when you're fucked at the brink of desperation and the sound hashira thrives off it, “how bout a change of pace, hm? Let's make this more flamboyant.”
With strong arms, he's soon guiding your body above his so that you're straddling his hips, your pussy hovering right above his cock but his hands gripping your hips won't let you move. The amusement in his eyes at your plight was undeniable, “what? Not begging for me anymore?”
“you're such a meanie,” you heave, breathless from being edged like this. His bare chest rumbles with a loud laughter at that, “tell you what,” folding his arms behind his back, he leans against the headboard, “you can take what you want.”
You lower yourself on his cock slowly, shaky palms pressed against his shoulders for balance, “lemme help you out there,” you're impaled on his cock with a sudden thrust, tengen's thumbs dipping into the plush of your hips as he held you against him for a moment, letting you feel how his thick cock throbbed inside you.
“go on, ride me now,”
Your eyes roll back and your jaw hangs open, he's so big and you feel so full that you didn't hear his command, “don't be ungrateful,” a loud smack echoed in the room as he brought his hand down harshly on your ass. You yelped at the sting, fresh tears welling up in your eyes.
Cupping your breasts in his large palms, tengen snickers while pinching your nipples, “weren't you begging for this, princess? For my cock?” leaning forward, he licks away at the salty tears rolling down your cheeks, “So why are you whining now, hm?”
With trembling thighs, you prop yourself up against him, raising your hips and slamming down on his cock, “that's it? That's all you can do?” the mockery makes you squeeze your eyes shut in shame. Bringing his hand to your clit, he lays a light slap on the swollen bundle of nerves, “go faster,”
You're struggling just from having his cock inside you and he's asking you to ride him when you're feeling so full, “can't!” you cry out in a meek voice, “need your help, tengen sama,” the title you addressed him with made a low chuckle vibrate at the back of his throat,
“yeah you can, princess, if you try hard enough,” biting your lip, you thrust yourself down on him again, eyes rolling back when you felt his thick cock hit impossibly deep inside you, nudging right against your sweet spot, “fuck, you're so fucking tight, you're gonna milk me dry aren't you, baby?” your toes curl from fucking yourself on him, whimpers tangled with moans falling free from your lips
“Cum for me, use me and make yourself cum.” his hand squeezes at your breasts, the other one rubbing your clit while your thrusts grew sloppy as you neared your orgasm, “tengen tengen tengen—” your walls clamp down hard around his pulsating cock as you topple over your high with his name on your lips like a prayer.
“atta girl.” tengen's eyes are a shade darker when he grips your hips after you slump against him, tired and fucked out. Groaning, he lifts you up and slams you down hard against him, pounding into your poor abused cunt relentlessly. Using you like a rag doll to get himself off, “fuck fuck— I'm gonna cum,”
“please cum inside me, please,” you're pleading through the throes of overstimulation, desperate to feel him fill you up. cursing under his breath, tengen buries his face in the crook of your neck, muffling his loud groans as he cums deep inside you.
“there, wasn't that tough now, was it?” tengen's fingers tilt your chin up, laying a gentle kiss on your lips, “you did so good f'me, princess. Now let's get you cleaned up.”
Tumblr media
© novaresque. do not repost or translate.
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dandy-chickens · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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kreiitsuuuu · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
➡ [PART 2]
ft. Tanjiro, Inosuke, Zenitsu, Genya, Kanao
☆ warnings: slight swearing
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro, at first, thought it was so amazing that even you, a swordsman that hunts demons for a living, can have a peaceful hobby to do in your free time.
But this one time.. oh boy.
He absolutely loses his marbles when he saw you drawing him on your sketchbook.
You haven't even spoke a word yet, but he's already a bashful and stuttering mess! Tanjiro never had someone illustrate him, until you magically showed up in his life.
" T-THAT'S ME! WOAH! You draw so well, Y/n! "
He'd try.. keyword: try to draw you back somehow but his skills are limited. You don't mind though, it's the thought that matters and you absolutely love him for even trying in the first place!
Will watch you draw quietly, dropping compliments here and there while he enjoys the silence you two provide eachother. And will probably sneak in pecks of kisses on your cheek because he really does appreciate your work.
Tanjiro honestly loves and cherishes everything you do for him. And, if you let him keep the little drawing you made of him — oh you bet he's keeping it safe, and will frame it if he gets the chance!
Tumblr media
Inosuke Hashira
Man is literally losing his absolute shit, how did you do that? Fucking wizard bitch
Will try to challenge you and say he's the better artist. But will fail eventually.
Doesn't admit defeat but he definitely does finds your hobby very interesting!
If you tried to draw him, his ego would fucking skyrocket into the sky, and he'd jump all around the place — very happy about it!
I mean why wouldn't you draw him?! He's so pretty! Pretty boy <3
He would have like comical stars all around him, watching you make figures with only strokes of a pencil. His head resting on your shoulder as you took hold of your sketchbook.
" Does it look good, Inosuke? "
" Hell yeah it does! "
Oh, you don't need to give the drawing to him. He already took it beforehand hand! Will he give it back? Nope! But he will keep it safe, and that's a promise!
Tumblr media
Zenitsu Agatsuma
This boy had already fell for you because of your complex swordsmanship skills, now he has you being a complete artist now?!
Would compliment you every moment he can, and ask you little questions like when did you start drawing or is it fun to draw :]
But one day, as you sat on his bed at the Butterfly Estate — and just started sketching him out, he'd cry.
HAPPY TEARS! Very happy actually!
You???? His absolute sunshine in the rain???? The light in his life??????? Draw someone like him????? Please just accept his marriage proposal at this point.
Will sit beside you, being all interested and amazed by every pencil stroke you make.
He would have this dork ass smile across his face as you compliment on how he looks so handsome.
" Y/n-san.. C-Can I keep that? "
" Oh? Why of course, Zenitsu! This was made for you afterall! "
Immediately cries again after you'd just comforted him and his sobs earlier. Embraces you into a tight, warm hug while hot tears evidently falls on his face <3
He just loves you so much!
OH and you bet this boy got some surprises up on his sleeve and drew you too! (Heavily using your art as references) But it made you cherish his work even more!
Tumblr media
Genya Shinazugawa
He didn't even know how you became his awesome significant other
Would love any hobby you'd have to be honest, he loves you either way :]
Wil be shy to ask you about it though </3
Thinks it's really cool! Appreciates every illustration that you make
He secretly loves the small and quick doodles you make, thinks they're real goofy looking and captures your personality well!
Genya would have this little spark of confidence that ignited inside of him to ask you if he could keep it.
Of course you said yes!
" ..Thank you for drawing me.. I promise to— to keep it safe..! "
You embrace him in your arms as you pecked his forehead and he just melts again, face red like a tomato.
He did, and had attempted to return the favor by doodling you back — though he kept it to himself because he was too bashful to show you it </3
Tumblr media
Kanao Tsuyuri
Kanao has appreciated you since the start, and still will!
Is very amazed by how gentle you are with the pencil strokes yet is complex and dangerous in the battlefield. How your hand hovers delicately upon the piece of paper, and yet how rough and reckless you grasp your weapon and slash it with great strength.
She definitely asks if she could try, and you let her draw too!
Butterflies and flowers are all she could manage to draw for now, but it doesn't stop you from loving her and her work deeply.
Will make a “ ⊙.☉ ” face when she noticed you sketching her.
Would definitely ask if she needed to stay still, but you reassure her that it's alright to just act natural :]
Loves your work so much!
Hesitatingly asks if she could keep the piece. Wouldn't mind if you don't let her keep it!
NONSENSE! of course you'd let her keep it!
Will be very happy about it and gives you a gentle smile and a cheek kiss while your hands and hers intertwine together :]
" Thank you so much, Y/n. "
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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zeniiin · 5 months ago
Yandere Tengen Uzui x Reader
Tumblr media
TW!: yandere Tengen, pervert Tengen, mention of deaths.
Tengen feels so lucky to have you.
Tengen kidnapped you a few months ago, he said it was love at first sight. He saved you from a demon on a very snowy night and you thanked him by letting him stay in your house for a few days while the snowstorm died down.
Tengen fell in love with you in that short amount of time, you were so motherly. Your kind smile, your soft skin, your beautiful hair, your delicate form. He loved everything about you, your curves, and all you represented.
He got mad when he saw you treated everyone in your village the same, he thought that only he should be allowed to be treated in that way by you. Maybe even his wives could get a bit of your attention.
When the snowstorm died down, he said his goodbye to you, but you just had to go and see him off with that beautiful smile and a special bento made just for him for his journey especially. He wants you to see him off like that for the rest of his life, and get welcomed by you whenever he arrives home.
His thoughts were going crazy, he tried to remain sane, but he couldn't. He led demons to your village to kill everyone there except you. He hated the idea that they had received your attention longer than he had, he hated the look the men of the village will give to you. He hated them, they don't deserve you. But he does.
So he led the demons and killed them, and became you knight in shining armor for the second time by saving you.
Ah, how delightful.  Feeling your soft body press against his as you whimper softly against his shoulder by the death of your so-called village.
He hugged you for hours, feeling every curve of your clothed body as you were too busy crying to even realize what was going on. Ah, how beautiful, you fell asleep on him. He can feel your soft breath on his neck. How much he wanted to feel you like this while he watched you sleep. But worry not, as he was a gentleman and didn't give in to the temptation of watching you bath. He did take some of your dirty laundries while you were bathing and return them right after you were done.
Tengen took you that night to his residence and his wives all had the same look when they saw you. They had the same look Tengen had when he first saw you.
Pure love, pure obsession.
Ah, y/n... your life would have been easier if you had died that night alongside your village.
Maybe a pt2? Idk lol
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demonbanger · a month ago
Tumblr media
summary: Kyojuro is famished for dessert. His choice? Your thighs and plush pussy.
smut warning: one shot, oral (fem receiving), mild food play, teasing.
words: ~400
“Umai,” your boyfriend rumbled between your trembling thighs, licking your sensitive skin and seemingly avoiding the tender place between them that you wanted his mouth to touch the most.
You had gone out to dinner tonight and the waitress asked if you wanted any dessert, to which his hand squeezed yours and he chuckled warmly, saying he’ll have some at home. He seemed so innocent and sweet that no one questioned it.
They thought he’d have ice cream from the freezer.
Little did they know he’d have it with you on top of the counter with it dripping down your thighs and near your soft pussy lips making you shiver, with warm honey and chocolate syrup drizzled on top. He hooked his elbows around your shins and admired the sight of your thighs topped with sauces just for him and your pussy glistening with arousal, eyes filled with more hunger than you’ve ever seen from him for any meal. And that was saying a lot because Kyojuro was the biggest foodie ever (besides yourself ;)).
He was lapping at you with reckless abandon now, hands holding your thighs up and apart so he could lick every last drop of dessert. His kisses and nibbles and periodic whispers of “umai, umai, umai” was making you go feral, fingers pulling his long flame-colored locks, squirming under him pulling you apart with just his tongue.
“Mm-babe, slow down,” you whimpered, as he licked your pussy as quickly as a raging fire, and he held you down from bucking your clit further into his nose. His wet tongue was stimulating your poor little bud so much, flicking and swirling as he seemed to drink your juices like the sweetest pastry filling, trying to especially get it all out to taste.
He grinned and licked his lips, going up for a hungry kiss. You tasted your sweet-and-salty juices on his tongue along with the ice cream and toppings on his lips while they clashed on yours messily. His tongue explored your mouth and it was like he was trying to devour you before he pulled away, a string of saliva connecting your mouths.
“How could I slow down when my dessert is so messy and delicious? I can’t let a drop go to waste,” he grinned, gold and red eyes twinkling with lust. And then he dove back down, “Oh darling, so excited. I had to save the best part for last,” and your whimpers filled the air as his tongue dipped into your dripping center, eating you out like a starved man. Taking all the deliciousness you had to offer, your moans and his “umai,” against your wet core, filling the room.
Hopefully you saved room for dessert too, because he was definitely going to fill you up and give you plenty of servings of creampie. ♡💦
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