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omg TEE im so pleased to welcome you to the gyutaro fanclub where we all kiss his dick and call him beautiful boy like he deserves <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
tags: gn! reader, hand jobs, blow jobs, cum swallowing, praise, mentions of insecurities, soft and needy gyutaro :(
notes: i am so excited to be greeted with open arms to this fan club, here is my contribution to the cause
Tumblr media
gyutaro is panting, harsher than he should, harsher than he thinks is probably normal, harsher than any regular individual—but then again, no one’s ever touched him like this, and he can’t exactly help it. you smile reassuringly, pressing a sweet kiss to his jaw, and he almost whines from the gentleness.
no one has ever thought to be gentle with him, and no one has ever looked at him in such awe either, watching him hungrily as he all but falls apart before your eyes. you brush loose strands of hair from his face with one hand, and the other strokes up his swollen cock, and this time, gyutaro does whine, desperate and needy and embarrassingly loud.
he hides his face in your neck when you chuckle, and your hand threads through his locks soothingly, soft kiss pressing into the side of his head as you work his pulsing cock languidly.
“baby, you look so pretty,” you murmur, thumb running through his slit, leaking with pre cum as his tip flushes a darker shade of pink. he chokes on a cry, hands gripping your hips with a bruising grip, and he’s never felt this good or this seen—he’s not sure if he wants to run away and never look back, or selfishly take more and more and more. “don’t hide, gyu,” you try to nudge his head out of your neck, but he buries it deeper.
“m-more,” he pants, hips canting upwards to meet the rhythm of your fist as it strokes his stiff length, and he moans at the way your thumb runs along the thick vein at the underside of his member. “need more—fuck. f-feels good.”
“oh yeah? you wanna cum, baby?” you smile, hand falling to the back of his neck, rubbing over it soothingly. and though he feels good, pleasure heightening with every drag of your hand along his cock and every squeeze at the base, he also feels safe and loved.
he feels loved, and he’s never experienced something so raw before.
“yeah,” he nods, eyes squeezing shut, “yeah, feels so good. wanna cum,” he mumbles, soft whimper bubbling from his throat when you pull away from his pulsing length. he wants so cum so bad, it hurts, and gyutaro doesn’t think anything besides releasing into your fisted hand and coating it with his cum will help lessen the ache between his legs.
“shh,” you soothe, kissing his forehead as he stares at you with wide eyes and wobbly lips, “i’ll make you feel good, pretty boy.”
his throat closes at those words—surely, you can’t mean that. it must be a sick, twisted joke, but even if you’re being cruel, the pleasure is too good to care in the moment. he wants you to mean them, he needs your words to be true, but deep down he knows they probably aren’t—and he’s okay with that for now as long as you take him over the edge.
but then your lips are searing soft kisses across his cheeks, along his jaw, down his neck, and he’s gasping at every press of your lips. they leave tingles across his skin, and he can’t tell if it stings or if it feels good. he thinks it’s the latter when your lips meet his pouty ones, and your tongue glides over his. you pull away all to quickly, flashing him a sweet smile.
“‘m not…’m not pretty,” he shakes his head, denying your words like he’s always been trained to, but you cup his face, and he shouldn’t, but he leans into your touch.
“of course you are,” you murmur, and your foreheads and noses press against each other’s as your lips brush once more. you don’t kiss him this time, however, and he feels like he’s going to fall apart if you don’t. “who told you that, baby? you’re the prettiest boy, aren’t you? my pretty boy,” you hum.
you say it so possesively, like the thought of him being anyone else’s is unimaginable to you, and tears well in gyutaro’s eyes. he’s never been desired before, and it leaves his heart yearning for every ounce of your affection. his aching cock is the last thing on his mind now as your eyes bore into his.
slowly, as you maintain eye contact, you sink to your knees before him, but not without slowly pressing a trail of kisses along his chest and abs. your hand eases his thighs apart, and he fights to close them on instinct. he almost thinks you’ll scold him, but you smile up at sweetly, patiently, comfortingly—like a promise. he doesn’t know what you’re promising, but he trusts you’ll keep it, and his legs spread open as you sit between them.
with a soft, purposefully gentle hand, you rub his thigh slowly as you lean down and kiss the tip of his weeping cock, and he gasps, choking on a whine.
“wha—what are you do—” he cuts himself off with soft pants as you kiss down his length, tongue running up his thick vein before kissing the tip once more. closing his eyes, he throws his head back, chest rising and falling erratically as he tries to control his ragged breathing.
“my pretty boy,” you repeat, and his lips are wobbling once more, and a tear or two leaks past his closed eyelids, cascading down his cheeks. words are so soft from you, so quiet and gentle and sweet—they’re not harsh, or abrasive, or angry. they’re meant to mend, not break.
“p-please,” he begs, and he doesn’t even know what he’s pleading for at this point. he doesn’t know whether it’s for your words or your touch or your affection—or maybe it’s for it all, he finds himself being a tad bit too selfish when it comes to you—but gyutaro needs more from you. he needs everything.
“i’ve got you baby,” you whisper, rubbing circles into his thigh, “i promise.”
and it’s a promise you end up keeping, much to his pleasant surprise. your lips wrap around his stiff length, the tip almost purple at this point, and his back archs and his hips buck as he moans loudly. he can’t bother to be embarrassed, not when your mouth feels even better than your hand—and he never thought it’d be possible, but he’s proven wrong time and time again with you.
“f-fuck,” he chokes, “fuck, ‘m gonna…g-gonna cum,” he pants, and your hand moves to fondle his balls, massaging them lightly as you bob up and down his length. your cheeks hollow, and he can’t help but slam his hips up in response.
his hand moves to clutch his thigh, nails digging and scratching red, angry lines into the pale skin, an effort to ground himself from the alien feeling. but almost immediately, your hand moves to gently pry his grip off. you rub over the red lines that mar his flesh, and he thinks your touch is enough to heal anything.
“close,” he cries, “i—i’m so c-close. please don’t stop,” he pleads, and you don’t. you swirl your tongue over his tip, taking his whole length as far as you can and pumping the rest that you can’t. with a strangled cry, he cums, hand reaching for his hair and tugging at his roots as his hips buck up and his mouth hangs open.
“fuck, fuck, fuck—feels so good,” he whimpers, hot spurts of cum painting the inside of your mouth, and you swallow what you can, working him through his high. gyutaro’s eyes squeeze shut, and a few more tears slip past his lashline as he empties his load.
you pop off his softening member, and his figure slumps as he catches his breath, eyes wide and watery and following your every move. he’s positive you’re about to stand and leave—not before throwing a few insults his way, and though his heart is clenching painfully at the thought, he’s prepared for it.
but then you crawl back to his side, and your arms are wide and open. they’re waiting for him. he waits a moment for you to change your mind—but you don’t, and he doesn’t hesitate to sink into your embrace instantly, head digging into your chest.
“i love you, baby,” you whisper against his head, like it’s sacred, “i love you, you know. so pretty, my beautiful boy.” he clutches your shirt, and you lay your palm over his fisted hand.
“stay,” he pleads with a sniffle, and you kiss the top of his head, stroking his hair slowly as you hum.
“always,” you murmur back, and gyutaro thinks that maybe words aren’t always meant to be cruel after all. not with you, at least.
Tumblr media
he is pretty. he is. you’re lying if you think he’s not. he is so hot i’m gonna have an aneurysm. i want to baby him. it’s what he deserves. sobsobsob
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Tumblr media
pairings: all x f!reader
cw: overstimulation, fat breeder balls, mating press, full nelson, use of toys, unprotected vaginal sex, kny boys being kinky and dom as hell, slight noncon
note: kny men overstimulating you!
"that's how you like it, huh? being folded in half like a dirty little whore."
douma's folded you into a mating press, his big and heavy balls slapping against your ass as you struggle to take in all of him. he's always had trouble fitting, but with your legs tossed over his shoulders and your ankles bound together, he was able to delve deeper inside of you. backing off, douma allows your legs a rest, his remaining spurts of cum still potent at your entrance. the demon admires your pretty pussy in his line of view, pinching at your clit where his semen collects. rubbing the nub between his finger tips, you arch your back in pure dismay, the overstimulation being too much for your fucked-out wreck of a body. your sweet tenor rings music to douma's ears as he slips the pad of his thumb against the apex of your clit. pleading for him to remove his fingers, his soon to follow insertion has you squirting miraculously. your overly sensitive clit still pinched between his fingers as you come down from your high, essences forming a puddle below your thighs.
"you think i need to give you a rest? remember who you're speaking to. i am a god, and i call the shots at all times."
"god, my balls feel so heavy tonight. i know how much you wanna get filled up, no?"
akaza's fat dick proves itself not to be enough for your resilient body. he puts his wits to the test, figuring out the best way to overstimulate you. once your body's contorted into a full nelson, akaza's fingers dance in circles over your nipples, piercing the buds with his fingers, only to move downwards towards your mound. you're frantic to cum, already having done so twice. you thoroughly enjoyed akaza's methods of overstimulation, responding in a snide, bratty tone of voice whenever he struggled in his rhythm. it felt too good, too damn good for akaza to think straight. cock settled between your folds and sliding up and around your wet hole, the demon pulled your thighs closer to your chest, with no intention of abandoning your erogenous zones. with each sudden clench, akaza refuses to slow down, slamming into that tiny spot inside of you that was sure to make you cum in an instant.
"you love being stuffed, especially when i'm at your most sensitive areas."
"you've been such a good girl today. would your pussy like a reward?"
koku's swift form of lovemaking is controlled by the rhythmic contractions of his hips, and those thick, semen filled balls meeting your bottom per thrust. he's eager to hold you by the neck, fingers entangling around your windpipe as he plows himself deeper, rubbing your clit with each soft jolt of his strong hips. koku will often go down on you before and after lovemaking sessions, your body going into sensory overload with each flick of his wet muscle. forcing you to look him in the eyes, he adores the way you clench around his tongue, only to slide it upwards towards your folds and settling itself to suck on your rosebud. whenever you feel you're about to cum, koku burdens your pussy with an array of lovebites, nipping at your folds as your stomach churns in bliss. his cock hardening at the sight of your contractions, ready to throw you into consecutive, rough rounds.
"i can tell you're ready for another round mentally. but what about your little clit, baby?"
"sluts don't get to decide when they cum. i'm the one in control, i'm the one with the power. you're nothing but a brat with a sly mouth."
muzan's a brute. most of his pleasure comes from overstimulating you until you're crying out for him to stop. he'll hold a vibrator to your clit and poise your legs together with rope. turning the toy on maximum speed, muzan punishes your cunt with angry, soulful thrusts. he's not quick to reach his end, and will hold off significantly by edging himself until he feels your hole begin to contract. following your session, he'll continue to hold the vibrator to your clit, not once giving you a breather. occasionally, he'll remove it in order to silence your cries, hushing to you softly and peppering you in sweet talk. muzan's sadistic side is compliant on your behavior, as he doesn't take a liking to brats. he'll suffer through a your manner of tone until you're ready to submit to him fully. the shimmer in his eyes unmistakably paired with a grimace.
"you're so easy, you know? just to throw around like a fuckin' ragdoll for me."
"there's so much passion in the way you roll your hips, baby."
yoriichi takes his sweet time with you, garnering enough tips and tricks to have you squealing from the endless cycle that leaves your body in shambles. he's hyperfocused on your nipples and the way they harden with ease in between his fingertips. he'll even hold a vibrator them, which resonates in a new feeling for your body. you've never felt as much pleasure as you've experienced with yoriichi, and he's keen on edging you as frequently as you wish; both before and after making love. yoriichi's a proficient brat tamer, getting off on the fear induced look in your eyes as he subjects your pussy to the wrath of a flogger, only to kiss you clit with affection after he's calmed down.
"you ready for one more succession? count for me... one, two, three..."
"i serve your body as your body serves me. you are not to take the vibrator off, you hear me, slut!"
tengen bases his pleasure off of his partner's, and what better way to worship their body than to position himself between your spread thighs and tongue fuck his way into your crevice. he'll do you the favor of holding a teeny tiny vibrator to your clit, applying the maximum amount of stimulation until you're about to cum. tengen edges you for hours, your clit a throbbing mess and your back contorted into a subtle arch. he's not satisifed until you're red and messy, cunt lips puffy and lewd panties slipped to the side. he refuses to tear them off himself, figuring the gesture is none other than filthy. and tengen will poison your body with sinful pleasure until your throat's caught up in hoarseness, tearing up in pleasurable arcs of pain which tengen bestows upon you. the man's fairly messy himself, cumming inside of you first in order to lubricate you all the better.
"oh, how i love cumming in that sweet, tight little hole before i play around with you."
"got ya all tied up, looking like a bitch in heat. how slutty are you, really? you wanna show me?"
the roughness of sanemi's thrusts are met with the generous slap of his giant balls. he's quick to tame a brat as soon as she crosses his field of vision. grinding your hips on sanemi's thigh, you angle your hips slightly in order for his fingers to fit perfectly near your clit. he'll flick at it, torture it, abiding by your screams in order to boost his ego. the talent in sanemi's fingers is beat only by the aggressive nature of his hips... which shatter your body into fragments as they clash with yours. fist around your throat, his cock planted hideously deep inside of you, he'll overstimulate your gspot with the head of his cock. you're inclined to make a scene at this point, claiming that if he doesn't stop you might as well squirt and cum, but sanemi's not going to let you. he's made himself clear from the start what he does and does not tolerate.
"fuck! i love hitting your sweet spot, really makes my cock harden like nothin' else."
"i'm sure you want my tongue on your clit, no? would you prefer my fingers?"
giyuu's eyes meet your starfield orbs, applying pressure on each portion of your body as he fondles your most sensitive areas with care. giyuu's the most attentive partner he can be, fiddling with the hem of your panties before sliding the damp undergarments off, relying on your brattiness to take over. you'll spit words at him out of spite, just to urge him into letting your orgasm at least once. while you're sure to cum at least twice before he properly fucks you, giyuu takes time into consideration. the longer you wait, the stronger your orgasms may be. he's not a fan of using toys quite often, and will rely on his fingers and tongue across the soft buds of your nipples before gently suffocating you, hips stationed into the mattress with his free hand. his digits prove to be much more efficient than toys anyhow, sliping and sliding beneath your folds teasingly before you grab his wrist with vigor.
"there's multiple ways we can carry this out, but my cock is never to leave the confines of your cunt. is that clear?"
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shawtuzi · 5 months ago
Our Favorite Girl
i haven't been seeing enough fics with tengen AND the wives so you already know i had to make one myself for the girls so pls enjoy. 
minors dni obvi 18+ content warnings include: fem!reader, polyship, a whole bunch of praise, oral (female receiving), soft!dom tengen, barely any plot i went straight for the smut lol// word count 2.7k+ (if i missed any warnings so sorry)
It started off as a normal job it really did! You were simply a maid for a nice gentleman and his even nicer wives. Yes wives plural. It was a little odd at first but after a couple times being at their house you began to be intrigued by the way they interacted with each other. The wives are all extremely nice and caring about your wellbeing insisting that you work too hard when actually it seemed to be the opposite.
Whenever you broke  the slightest sweat scrubbing the floors Makio would get on her knees and help you, eventually in the process telling you to take a break while she did the rest. While you would be doing the dishes Suma would stop by shyly asking if she can help you, and of course you couldn’t say no so you gave her the job of drying while you washed. Trying to do any job in front of Hinatsuru was pointless. She used to be like Makio helping you then insist you take a break but now she would just simply do it herself. Tengen never disturbed you while you worked but every night when he bid you farewell he would always whisper a soft, “you’re too good to us truly…see you tomorrow Y/N.”
Today was no different. You were cleaning the pool while the three wives were sunbathing practically begging that you ditch the work and soak up the warm sun with them. “C’monnn Y/N we wanna hangout with you” Suma pouted sitting up straight her breasts bouncing lightly as she did so. You gulped looking at her perfect body shaking your head, “I-I really shouldn’t don’t you guys wanna go swimming in a nice clean pool?” you asked while skimming the water. Makio was the next to get up, she walked over to the pool and pushed her sunglasses up  inspecting the pool. “Looks good to me” she smirked turning her head to the other wives, “guys wanna get in the water feels amazing” she yelled, swishing her foot around in the water.
“That sounds like an amazing idea,” Hinatsuru smiled. Getting up she grabbed Suma’s hand bringing her over, “Y/N you should join us we don’t want you to overheat now do we?” she asked, quirking an eyebrow. “No we don’t and she’s already wearing a swimsuit!” Suma piped up hearts practically appearing in her eyes looking at you in your bikini and jean shorts with the button and zipper undone. “C’mon Y/N pleaseee” Suma pouted, giving you those doe eyes you can’t resist. You sighed a small smile coming onto your face, “I mean I guess it is beautiful today.” The wives broke into beaming smiles all getting into the water.
You got in immediately covering yourself with your arms. They were all so damn beautiful and perfectly in shape. Don’t even get me started with Uzui. “Don’t cover yourself love, you’re beautiful” Hinatsuru frowned, pulling your hands away “very beautiful… does your boyfriend ever tell you how beautiful you are?” she asked, referring to your now ex. “Uh we actually broke up” you mumbled, swirling your fingers around in the water.
“Ohh no Y/N what happened?!” Suma cried swimming over to you wrapping her arms around you tightly, she nuzzled her head into your neck and you couldn’t help but feel a warmness in your chest at the affection. Suma pulled away but moved her hands down to your waist keeping a slight grip. “Yes what happened honey” Makio frowned coming over as well, she tucked a strand of hair behind your ear making you shiver. All three women were huddled around you with frowns and sad eyes.
“He wanted me to quit my job here… kept saying I spent too much time here” the three of them in sync raised their eyebrows, looks of disgust washing over their once saddened faces. Before they could interject you spoke again, “it was either quit the job or break up and it looks like I made the right choice. You guys and Uzui care more about me than him” you said, making them break into smiles. “It’s true Y/N! It’s true we care about you so much” Suma spoke and the other wives agreed nodding their heads.
“We really do. Especially our husband, he may say much in front of you but just know you hold a place in all our hearts” Hinatsuru whispered, rubbing soothing circles on your back, toying with the strings of your bikini every once in a while. “Mhm you’re way more than just a maid to us Y/N, right guys?” Makio spoke not taking her eyes off of you.
The atmosphere was completely different now. It went from a comforting environment to there being tinges of sexual tension in air growing thicker by the second. “I-I care about you guys too and Tengen…so much thank y-” before you could finish your sentence Suma pressed her soft lips against yours making you gasp in surprise. She took the opportunity to shove her tongue in your mouth.
“Sorry about that, you know how Suma can be, she can’t help herself when she wants something” Hinatsuru laughed moving her body behind yours, she brought her hands to your breasts massaging them gently making you moan. “It’s true it's too cute” Makio giggled, pressing a kiss to the side of Suma’s head before bringing her attention to you. She left kisses up and down the side of your neck toying with the waistband of your bikini. “Do you want to go inside? I’m sure it’d be more comfortable” she whispered in your ear nibbling on the lobe. You nodded your head dumbly too distracted in Suma’s sweet kisses.
Fast forward to when they take you to their gigantic master bedroom. You sat on the bed and they made quick work ridding you of your bikini. Makio came behind you untying your top while Suma pulled down your bikini but the sight of your bare chest made her stop in her tracks stopping midthigh. “Oh wow Y/N they’re so pretty” she said bringing her hand up to your right tit brushing her thumb over your nipple. Seconds later she attached her mouth to it, swirling her tongue around your nipple. Suma pulled your bottoms down the rest of the way, once they were off she released your nipple with a lewd ‘pop’.
“Go on, spread your legs darling” Hinatsuru said, kneeling next to Suma. The look she gave you could’ve made you cum right then and there but you held it together slowly spreading your legs making Suma gasp. “O-oh! Y/N your pussy is so pretty isn't it Hinatsuru?” she squealed pressing kisses on the insides of your thighs. “Mhm it is baby” she whispered licking her lips at the sight of your soaked pussy. “May I?” she asked not taking her eyes off your pussy. You nodded slowly, your eyes fluttering shut when you felt Makio leave wet kisses on your neck. She gave you a small smile before licking a stripe up your cunt moaning at the taste of you.
“Mmm she tastes so good here Suma taste” Hinatsuru brought her hand behind Sumas’s neck bringing her in for a sloppy kiss. Hinatsuru pulled away a line of spit connecting their lips, “tastes good yeah?” she whispered and Suma breathlessly nodded, licking her lips. “C-can I have some more?” she asked, bringing her eyes to your dripping pussy. Hinatsuru nodded a smirk coming onto her face, “of course you can baby go ahead.” She pushed Suma’s head gently towards your pussy and Suma wasted no time wrapping her lips around your clit.
You let out a broken moan resting your head back on Makio’s shoulder. “Feel good Y/N?” Makio whispered in your ear leaving gentle kisses on it. “Y-yes oh-!” you squealed out when you felt fingers prod at your entrance. You looked down and saw Hinatsuru spreading your legs open even more, her fingers slowly pushing into you as Suma continued to lap and suck at your clit.
Little did you all know Uzui was leaning against the door taking it the scene before him. It was really a sight to behold. Makio was kissing and sucking at your neck leaving little hickeys as she did so, meanwhile Suma and Hinatsuru were kneeling on the ground playing with your pussy. Suma was licking at your pussy moaning at the taste and Hinatsuru was pushing her fingers in and out of you at a quick pace while rubbing Suma’s clit through her bikini bottoms. And you…
You looked completely blissed out. Your eyes were clenched shut and you hands were fisting the covers beneath you while grinding your hips against Suma’s tongue and Hinatsuru’s fingers.
“I-I’m gonna cum” you whimpered your legs starting to shake from all the pleasure you were receiving. Being the sadist he was, Tengen decided to step in the room ruining your almost perfect orgasm. “Well what do we have here?” he chuckled, taking slow strides towards the bed. “Suma got excited and kissed the girl” Makio giggled, pinching your nipples making you gasp. “My poor baby can never help herself can she?” he smirked, running his fingers gently through Suma’s hair before gripping it roughly pulling her back, “can you?”
“N-no I can’t” she whimpered, making Tengen’s smirk a little wider. “Oh leave her be Uzui, if anything we should be thanking her” Hinatsuru cooed pressing a kiss to Suma’s shoulder. “Now let her get back to what she was doing, poor Y/N was about to cum” she said, dragging her middle and ring finger between your folds. Tengen complied, releasing his grip on Suma’s hair, as soon as he did Suma returned to her place between your thighs licking up your wetness.
Between the wives toying with your body and Tengen’s hard stare you were cumming within minutes your thighs shaking at the intensity. Uzui hummed bringing his hand to your face to caress it lightly, “do my wives make you feel good Y/N?” he questioned brushing his thumb over your bottom lip before shoving it in your mouth. You moaned around his finger nodding slowly. “Would you ladies mind if I joined you?” he asked, quirking an eyebrow. “Yes of course you can!” Suma beamed standing up making quick work to undo his tie and buttoned down shirt. Hinatsuru joined in removing his suit jacket while Makio got on her knees undoing his belt, “my babies are always so helpful” he cooed, pressing a kiss to Hinatsuru’s lips while Suma pressed desperate kisses on his neck.
Makio pulled down his slacks and briefs allowing his already hard cock to be set free. “How long were you watching us perv?” Makio giggled, stroking his cock slowly. He groaned licking his lips, “not long but can you blame me?” he chuckled, patting her on the head. You watched them like you were in a trance rubbing your thighs together to ease the aching between your legs. “Y/N?” you heard Uzui speak up and you quickly brought your attention to him. “I want you to ride me” he bluntly said, making you gulp.
Fast forward once more to you straddling Tengen’s stomach as you hovered above his cock the three wives undressed as well. “It’s okay love we got you” Makio whispered, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek. You took a deep breath as you lowered yourself onto him, whimpering at the stinging stretch of him practically splitting you open. “Good girl” Makio giggled, gripping your chin between her fingers and pressed a loving kiss to your lips, “now can you keep being our good girl and make our husband feel good?” she mumbled against your lips and you nodded, grinding your pussy against Tengen making him groan.
Your slow grinding turned into frantic bouncing as you rode Uzui like your life depended on it. Hinatsuru took this as an opportunity to sit on Tengen’s face and he wasted no time licking and slurping at her cunt. “Mmm T-Tengen” she whimpered, finding balance on his hard chest. While the three of you were tangled up in each other Makio had Suma on all fours eating her pussy from the back like a woman starved. You looked over at Makio and bit your lip seeing her wet pussy on display begging to be touched.
You took it upon yourself to slip a finger into her pussy making her moan loudly into Suma’s pussy. “S-so wet” you muttered, sliding another finger in. Uzui wrapped his muscly arms tightly around Hinatsuru’s thighs before bucking into you roughly. “O-oh my gosh” you whimpered, squeezing your eyes shut but not once stopping your quick movements on Makio’s sopping pussy. Hinatsuru pulled you in for a kiss, shoving her tongue in your mouth without warning. The sounds in the room were downright disgusting but it was music to Tengen’s ears hearing his girls feel good.
With the way you were riding his dick he was fighting the urge to put a ring on your finger right then and there. “M’gonna cum” Hinatsuru whimpered against your lips grinding her pussy harder onto Tengen’s face practically suffocating the man. It wasn’t long before she was cumming all over his face, your orgasm soon following along. “Fuuuck” Uzui groaned, feeling you cum all over his cock, your wetness dripping down his balls. He lifted Hinatsuru off his face with ease, licking his lips “tastes amazing as always angel” he smirked winking up at her making her face flush.
“Suma baby come sit on daddy’s dick” he rasped slowly lifting you off of his cock and onto his face. Before he dove him he craned his neck to the other two women, “Hinatsuru take care of Makio my poor baby’s pussy has been neglected for too long.” Hinatsuru nodded obediently before laying next to Uzui she smiled at Makio, “on my face love.” Makio quickly crawled up her chest lowering her pussy onto Hinatsuru’s face, immediately moaning loudly when she felt Hinatsuru wrap her lips around her clip.
“That’s my girl’s” he smirked before bringing his attention to you burying his head in your pussy. He groaned when he felt Suma’s pussy on him, the vibrations making you shiver. “O-oh Uzui feels so good love you so much” Suma whimpered, bringing her hands to your shoulders for balance. “Love you more baby. Love all of you so fucking much even you Y/N wanna make you my wife” he grunted bucking his hips into Suma making her squeal. “Please marry her daddy she’s so fun we l-love her” Makio moaned, threading her fingers into Hinatsuru’s soft hair.
You gasped when you felt Uzui suckle at your clit making your thighs shake, “y-yes wanna be your guys’ wife please make me your wife” you whimpered feeling your orgasm approach. Your words made each of them moan. The effect you had on them was crazy. It wasn’t long before Suma was cumming all over Tengen’s cock with a loud moan almost collapsing from pleasure. Makio and you followed suit cumming all over Hinatsuru and Uzui’s faces soaking them from the nose down.
“F-fuck I’m gonna cum you all know what to do” he rasped making them all squeal. “C’mon Y/N this is our favorite part!” Suma smiled as she got on her knees along with the other wives sticking their tongues out. You quickly followed behind doing the same as them while Tengen stood up aggressively jerking his painfully hard cock. He was cumming seconds making sure each of you had a taste. “Before you swallow I wanna do something” he said before quickly searching for his phone and taking a picture of the beautiful sight before him.
“Swallow” was all he said and you all quickly obeyed, making him smile. “My perfect girls, let’s get into bed Y/N will be staying with us tonight if that’s okay with her of course” he said, making you smile. You nodded quickly following the other wives into the bed. Uzui was in the middle with his arms stretched out and you snuggled into his side while Suma nuzzled her way into the other. Hinatsuru wrapped her arms around Suma while Makio wrapped her arms around you leaving a small kiss on your shoulder.
“Sleep tight angels, I love you all so much.”
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thelovethatgrowss · 4 months ago
You Saw Me
Tumblr media
Yandere!Gyutaro x Reader
In which you’re the first person to see him and it costs you.
You were so pretty so so very pretty. Maybe prettier than Daki but he’d never let her hear him say that. Gyutaro couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t help watch you as you worked you helped prepare the other girls.
You had a small scar on your eye. In his opinion it just made you even prettier. You were gorgeous and you never noticed him. It was okay though why would you ever notice someone like him to begin with. Until you did.
“Are you okay?”
“I-I’m fine.” You were talking to him.
“I always see you alone. You can eat with me if you want.” You noticed him and that was how it started.
Gyutaro followed you around like a lost puppy afterwards even if you weren’t aware of it but you were Daki’s. You helped apply her makeup when you weren’t busy. He’s always helped his little sister it wouldn’t hurt to ask for something in return would it?
That’s how you ended up in Daki’s room.
“You’ve been good to me y/n but I have an even better job for you now.” She beamed at you those unnerving beautiful eyes gleaming.
“It-it would be an honor to assist you in any way.”
“It won’t be you’re assisting.”
You wanted to scream but your voice seemed stuck in your throat. Another body was emerging from the young woman’s back, you were going to be sick.
You stumbled back as Gyutaro appeared from her body.
“Don’t tell me you’re scared of me now y/n”. He gave you a strained a smile spread across his face as he dragged his nails across his arms. You swallowed as blood poured from the would before it healed.
These things weren’t human. You had been living among demons.
“Please don’t hurt me.” He ran a bony finger down the side of your face before shaking his head.
“Hurt you is the last thing I’ve ever wanted just be good for me okay.”
You sat in the corner as Gyutaro devoured the girl in the corner. You had learned after trial and error Gyutaro craved to be praised even for the slightest things. You valued that he would at least clean himself up before he came to lay with you.
“Did you miss me y/n”. He squeezed your wrist just a little.
“I always miss you gyu how could I not.” You whispered caressing his cheek as his bony body cuddled into you.
He held all the power in your relationship but he still looked at you like you hung the moon in the sky.
“I can’t believe someone as perfect as you want to be with me.” He giggled excitedly.
“You do want to be with me right y/n.” You nodded as expectant yellow eyes peered up at you.
“Nowhere else I’d rather be.” He pulled you into a sweet kiss before laying beside you. Your bowl of food laying carelessly next to the bed.
Your prison was pretty, almost as nice as Daki’s room. As long as you loved him the way he wanted you to your life was okay still you tend to wonder how a random act of kindness got you here.
“Gyu why me?”
“Because you saw me. No ones ever saw me before.” He whispered petting your hair.
A/N: I tried hope you guys enjoyed it
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aztecdragonwarrior · 5 months ago
Hi girl ! How are you? I’m here for a request please ^.^
Can you write for Tengen falling in love with a woman and he discovers that she has a child from a previous toxic relationship? ❤️
Hello there Anon!
Yes of course, this is a fantastic prompt. I aimed for it to be short and sweet but I felt like the initial encounter needed more development, so I hope is not that long hahaha and also I tried a new way of writing dialogues in hopes that this made it easier to read .
With all that being said, I really hope you like it <3.
Tengen Uzui x fem!reader (Falling in love with a mother in a previous toxic relationship)
Warnings: Slight angst, mentions of abuse.
Tumblr media
It was a very chilly winter morning when he first came to your shop. You were a very skillful seamstress and designer. It was just reasonable that your Kimonos, Yukatas and Haoris were highly demanded as everybody knew who the author was just by staring at them. You had a wide range of clients, but one had managed to catch your eye the first time he came looking for a Yukata.
He was a really attractive; tall, muscular complexion showing off his black skin tight outfit, deep magenta eyes with a matching color art design on one of them, a very sleek ponytail that held back all his white hair and a silver jeweled bandana that tinkled at every step he took.
-“Good morning, are you already open? he said in a very thick voice as you hurried to the front of your shop for welcoming him.
-”We are, sir, how can I assist you?” He scanned your entire body as soon as he saw you with a very delighted expression, holding his chin with his right hand and holding up his elbow with his left hand.
-”I like what you are wearing, it is really flamboyant! I am looking for something exactly like that” You blinked in surprise, typically the Kimonos you wore were special designs that you never sell and this was a beautiful yellow mustard robe decorated with delicate white flowers with a big burgundy obi. So you quickly scanned yourself and answered him back.
-”It is an exclusive design, but I can work something up. I just need to know your girlfriend's sizing and preferences.” You said as you placed your full attention to him.
-”Girlfriend?” he chuckled “No dear, you totally misunderstood me, I want something like that for ME!” His answer puzzled you even more, did you get that right? He wanted a kimono like yours?
-”In that case, wouldn’t you like to see our Yukatas on sale?” You said as you showed him the way to the back section of your shop.
-”Unless they are as ornate as this” he said while gently rubbing some of the extra fabric of one of your sleeves with his fingers “I am not really into plain color Yukatas.” Your expression might have said it all regarding your confusion, so your customer gave you a small smile while you showed him all the Yukatas that were ready for sale.
He was very well versed regarding clothing, fabrics and ornaments; that man knew exactly what he wanted and how he wanted. At the end he decided to place a custom order and let you be responsible for the entire design. You had a really hard time thinking about what will fit him best as well as being of his liking. Actually you enjoyed every single step of the artistic process, you were venturing into combining new and different elements to your clothes that you have never used before. A lot of new designs turned out of this order, magnificent in your not so humble opinion and could not be happier when you finally completed the order of your intriguing customer Tengen Uzui.
He came the day and time he promised, you were really nervous to know what his opinion will be to what you considered to be one of your best works up to date. That day he looked entirely different, his hair was completely down, with no bandana, face makeup and with a green lime Yukata. He was stunningly handsome, but you were absolutely focused on your work to give him a second thought..
-“So, let's see. '' He said as he gently started to reveal the package you just delivered to him. His expression was ecstatic and full of excitement, his magenta eyes widened in delight as soon as he finished examining the entire kimono. Your final bet was placed upon a robe that matched his eye color, with an intricate floral pattern in gold and silver covering it almost entirely and you also added very deep plum fabric at the end of the sleeves and the neck section. He wanted to try it on immediately and he looked really good on it.
-”So what do you think?” He asked you flirtatiously, slowly turning around for you to be able to scan him completely.
-”I think it fits you perfectly, sir. I am really glad you like it.” You bowed in return with a wide smile.
-”Liked it? Are you kidding me? I LOVE it. It's so flamboyant, perfectly for me. You are indeed the best, as I was told about you. I’ll tell you what, I will come back tomorrow, with hunger for more.” He said this with a seductive wink, paid for his order and left. He was being sincere, he heard from one of his comrades that right in the city, there existed one shop whose seamstress was as gorgeous and delicate as the handsome clothes she created. He agreed right away with the stories regarding your beauty as soon as he saw you, but he was even more impressed with your talent and ability for creating such majestic pieces.
Just as he promised, he paid you a visit the next day, placing another order and trying to get a little bit more intimate with you. He was fascinated by your expertise, the way you could perfectly land every single time the color palette combination of your creations, how you skillfully sewed in your ideas into the garments and god, he adored the way your face looked when you were working.
Without much notice, he started to hang a lot in your shop with you; he helped you moving really heavy supplies, this made him feel important and masculine in front of your eyes, he loved scaring off persistent customers that blantly flirted with you: “As much as we are grateful for your purchase, I must urge to allow other customers equally important as you into the shop. Have a nice day!” He will say this with the most hypocritical smile his anger will allow him while gently placing his arm around your waist.
-”Seriously Y/N. What’s with these men? So thirsty about you, is there any respect left?” He said with a displeased expression. You thought it was cute and ironic at the same time, wasn’t he doing exactly the same? He madly fell in love with you, so delicate, so pure, so talented, so creative, so impressive. He thought that it was nothing better in the world than you and he was absolutely right about it.
One time when you were working on a wedding Kimono, he was fixedly observing you while sitting on the floor; big wide smile, with his chin resting on his right fist. He was about to talk but you interrupted him.
-”It must be boring to stare at me all day, isn’t it Uzui-san?” He stood up with a serious expression, gently grabbing the hand you were using for sewing to pull you away, placing his hand on your hip to delicately pin you against the wall. He smirked as he looked down at you observing the subtle blush that was covering your cheeks.
-”No, not at all.In fact you have no idea how much I enjoy it, doll” He leaned closer to you, a breath away from your lips, patiently waiting. So much for his delight you kissed him, with hunger and desire, he loved to stir all those feelings in you. He wanted you to desperately yearn for him as much as he did for you. He seized your chin to deepen the kiss at the same time your hands seductively slided around his neck, making sure to caress his beefy biceps and with a muffled moan you allowed his tongue inside your mouth.
He was heating up rapidly, touching the parts of your body you allowed him while enjoying every single minute of that erotic scene. Unfortunately your cuckoo clock snapped you out of that fantasy forcing you to stop and stand away from Tengen. He was staring at you with complete disbelief but you did not gave him the chance to ask you what was wrong.
-”Uzui-san I am really sorry. Is very late now, I totally lost track of time. Could you do me a favor and close the shop for me?” You ask him more like an order than a favor.
-”Sure, but what is going on? Weren’t we just..?”- He cluessly asked you while watching you getting ready to leave in a matter of seconds.
-”I… I’m really sorry, there is something… someone I need to… Please…I will see you tomorrow”. You stood up on your tiptoes to peck him quickly as you left. You’ve pleasantly surprised him with that kiss and by the moment he realized what had just happened you were gone.
He closed your shop, with bewildered thoughts. What had just happened? You were sharing a very intimate moment but out the blue you just broke that synergy… For someone else? He was pretty sure you had feelings for him, so why would you run away? Did you had an important appointment with someone else? More important than him? Who was it? A rich customer? Or someone that might be more interesting than him? But then again he knew how much you cared for your shop, so he must definitely be someone important to you if you entrusted him something as valuable.
He tried to wash off all these ideas from his mind until he met you the next day. He wanted to know the reason for your ‘sweet escape’ but he was thinking about the right words to use. He tried entering the shop but it was locked despite being already operating hours. He then knocked and waited anxiously; you took a deep breath, opened the door but stayed right under the door frame not letting him in.
He started to think the worst, especially when he saw how nervously you were twirling your hair with your fingers, not making any eye contact. He was afraid to ask but he had to.
-”So last night… What exactly…?” He said crossing his arms over his chest like an intent of protecting himself from what might come out from your mouth, but you interrupted him.
-”Uzui-san I am really grateful for you helping me with the shop last night, I was really in a rush. I had to be at some other place at that very time…” You were really nervous and that only made the Sound Pillar felt even worse “I wanted to tell you, but I was not sure when it would be a good time. She has been through so much…”
-”She?” He asked, perplexedly raising an eyebrow as you slightly moved aside to unveil a little girl gripping tightly to your kimono, hiding half of her cute face against your leg. Tengen was taken aback for a moment, stared directly at you and then to your little girl. He understood it in an instant, how much of a dork has he been? With all his ridiculous scenarios building up in his mind. He gallantly bent down to his knees to speak to your daughter with a very soft smile.
-”Oh well, who could possibly be this adorable young lady?”. She hesitantly looked up to you, gripped tighter to you and spoke in a soft voice, barely audible:
-”D/N Y/LN”. So he answered her with a surprised expression:
-”I see now. I beg your pardon my lady. I should have realized before, you are identical to your dazzling mom” He quickly stared up at you and returned his attention to your daughter. “This is actually perfect timing, I was planning to ask your mom if she would like to become the most important girl in my life but I definitely need to ask you first” He thought that your offspring was exactly like you and that drove him more crazy in love with you. Not only was he to have a gorgeous wife, but also the cutest daughter in the entire world.
By the end of the day your daughter absolutely felt fond of him, to the extent of excitedly talking about how much she loved horses and why she would love a sakura hair pin. You explained to Tengen how much hardships you both went through with her father; being abusive and absent to D/N and getting away from him was what impulsed you to open your workshop. He immediately understood the logic behind hiding her but complained about you not telling him sooner.
As he was walking you both home, with your child seated in this shoulders he spoke:
-”Hey D/N will you be ok if I kicked off your dad if he ever comes to bother you or your mommy?”. He said with a grin
-”Uzui-san! Don’t tell her that! You reprimand him with some joy in your voice, but as your daughter nodded he burst into laughter and claimed:
-”That’s it, I will protect my girls from everything and anything, from now on”. As you felt flattered, he tenderly kissed you on the lips and so, you were now sure that he was going to be the man who you wanted to love for the rest of your life.
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imhereiguess420 · 8 months ago
Y/N: I joined the Demon Slayer corp for the same reason people go to the zoo!
Tanjiro: And that is?
Y/N, points behind her: Look….
*Inosuke beating the shit out of Zenitsu*
Y/N: Nature is beautiful
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milflvrr · 3 months ago
# : i caught up with the kny anime and tengen has filled my mind so this is what he deserves!!!! @novaresque
tags : MDNI, f!reader, dom!tengen, voyeurism, maid!reader, size difference, breeding, praise, his wives is included so girls x girl, mention of/and tummy bulging, oral (m & f receiving)
Tumblr media
tears stream down your warm cheeks as gags continuously escape your full mouth.
tengen’s hand feels heavy on the back of your head as he helps you bob your head up and down on his thick cock. white tufts of hair tickle the tip of your nose as he helps you deep throat his whole cock, almost using you as a mere cocksleeve.
the way he’s holding onto your hair and moving you up and down as your spit and tears spreads across your face and his dick makes you feel like you are just there to pleasure him.
but his words of praise helps you keep your mindset at bay, because tengen is not gonna let you tumble down into subspace just for him to get his dick sucked.
“you make me, fuck, feel so good baby.” he’s not shy to keep his moans and groans quiet, not caring if your neighbors or other people hear what the two of you are doing.
you hollow your cheeks, laying your tongue flat against his cock as you bob your head up and down - still with his help. coming up to give his sensitive tip some licks before you start sucking it.
looking up at him you meet his hooded eyes, he’s clearly fighting the urge to throw his head back and just start bullying your throat with his cock.
“‘m gonna cum if you continue with that baby.” he moans, “so fucking good for me.”
“just my dirty slut to use, ain’t you?” to answer his question you just him around his dick, the vibrations affecting him as he starts stuttering out all kinds of stumbled words. all mixed together and barely making any sense.
you would’ve smirked smugly if your mouth wasn’t occupied at the moments, but you settle for mentally patting yourself on the shoulder for being able to get this big 6’6 man to crumble just from getting his dick sucked.
“i-i’m gonna give you so many, oh, orgasms for being su-.. such a good girl.”
Tumblr media
“fuck, you are so small i could do whatever i wanted to and you wouldn’t be able to do anything.” tengen moans, hands on your hips tightening as he can feel your cunt drip cum down his cock.
a cock that is almost too big for you, not even the whole thing is inside you and yet you feel so full that it’s on the brink of too much.
“p-please daddy! you-.. you’re too big!” your wails only gets him going, dick almost getting harder as your smaller hands wrap around his wrists. nails digging crescent moons into his skin.
he hums and presses a big hand on your tummy, pressing down when he can feel himself inside you and ignores your squeals. tengen is quick to slap away your hands that comes to wrap around his that is pressing on your stomach, the pressure being just enough to be pleasurable but also too much.
before you have time to react however, the world is spinning as he pulls you beneath him instead. your thighs come up to lock behind his lower back as he leans down towards you.
he presses a quick but passionate kiss on your lips before he smiles scornfully, “be good for daddy and i will fuck you like you deserve, little one.”
Tumblr media
it’s almost hard to breathe, at least comfortably, as tengen got your legs pressed against your bouncing tits. his big figure pressing you so snugly against the bed as he pumps his cock in and out of your filled cunt.
almost too full from all the rounds you have had so far this night with him, tummy almost bulging from how much he’s got to cum inside you. it almost felt like he’d never run out of cum, especially not with the way his balls seems to have gotten even bigger since you started to fuck.
“aren’t you such a good cumdump for me, hm?” he asks you, as if you have the energy or even breath saved to answer him. “a little cumslut just for me to breed, ain’t that right?”
he chuckles mockingly at how quick you are to nod a yes, face so close your noses are almost touching, but he seems to think it’s fun when you whine as though you want him to kiss you.
instead he presses a quick kiss to the corner of your mouth before straightening up, keeping a tight grip behind your knees. “i hope you are aware that i won’t stop until i have filled you enough.”
before you even get to think of an answer he’s thrusting his hips into your with a wet pap, cock reaching so deep in you that it strokes all your sweet spots just right and just misses your poor cervix.
if he continues like this there’s probably an guarantee his cum will start to just fill your womb instead of only your sensitive and swollen pussy.
Tumblr media
“look at my pretty girls!” tengen exclaims, a proud smirk on his face as he watches his three girls fuck you - their maid, laid open on the bed.
they all got their eyes on you since when you first came over to their house to just clean it. them all pretty busy with work and no one has the time to really clean the big house they are living in.
which made them come to the conclusion to hire a maid. it’s just that they didn’t expect her to be so pretty, dolled up in a maid dress and everything with a shy smile on her face.
the lower half of your face is covered in suma’s cum, three of your fingers thrusting deeply into hina’s cunt as she grinds back onto them and makio has her face buried in your messy cunt. your thighs painted in your cum and spit as they have each taken at least one turn in licking your cunt until you cum.
only one who hasn’t touched you yet tonight is tengen, though he seems to be okay with it as he looks rather comfortable in the chair at the end of the bed - watching and observing all the pretty sounds you make, and his wives.
one of his big hands is stroking at his big and thick cock over his underwear, the tip of his dick on the brink of escaping the tight underwear he’s still wearing. a wet patch visible in them from his oozing precum.
“one round each again, then it’s my turn. dear wives.”
he winks at you when you meet his eyes over suma’s thigh.
Tumblr media
a/n : hmm yeah i have to practice peepee sucking more. reblogs and comments are appreciated hihihi
2022 © all content belongs to milflvrr. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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getoswhore · 3 months ago
Thinking about Gyutaro always pitying his bimbo gf :( and he makes fun of her for always thinking about his cock and how big he is but he actually like it the way his bimbo gf lights up every time she sees him fighting
ଘ. warnings ⸝⸝ blow job. praising. (17+).
Tumblr media
you knew gyutaro was showing off for you the whole time.. knowing he was just trying to get you all rilled up and ready to pounce on him once he was finished with that lout who dared to challenge him. and you knew he loved it, even more, when you praised him right after, admiring his strength and courage, with peppered kisses to the soft purple tip of his cock..
“so silly, you always look so silly when you yell out–fuck–when you yell out to me while fighting.” he can't help but choke up that whine scratching at his throat soon as you wrap your pretty lips around the crown of his cock mid-sentence.
his jarred hips jerk beneath you, the sharp bone twisting in sweet agony. squirmy he was, he couldn't help it, he was always the hip jerker type, flinching at just subtle touches from you.
you pop your glossed lips off of him to let out a silent praise, “because you deserve it. you deserve to know that you are so strong, handsome, big, and scary.” you giggle.
gyutaro almost pops in your mouth front your warm words, feeling your sweet breath fan against the fat tip of his cock, as his heart just swells from the praise.
Tumblr media
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gaiath · 4 months ago
Being in a relationship with Tengen Uzui...
Tumblr media
Let's get this clear and out of the way, dating him means also being in a relationship with his lovely wives.
All of their personalities mix together in just the right way.
They are all so loving and protective (in the right way).
Hinatsuru enjoys humming as she cooks and is so thrilled if you offer to help.
Tells you what spices go in and how they benefit the dish. She knows everything about cooking.
She brings the wooden spoon up to the ur mouth for you to taste the remaining food on the utensil.
Uzui's arms are quite literally perfect for cuddling, they're secure and warm for when winter comes around.
Makio enjoys when you read to her and her head is on your chest, sometimes she just needs the calming atmosphere.
Suma adores holding hands with you, swinging them back and forth.
She also enjoys cuddling up to your side.
Uzui and them would get all of the supplies you need to fulfill your hobbies.
Dinners with them are filled with laughter, slight gossiping, planning dates and talking about work.
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sakusins · 3 months ago
i want needy frantic sex with uzui while he’s got dried blood on his forehead after a fight, just you clinging to him because he came home to you and him grasping you closer because he’s back while his hips snap into you desperately 😩
Tumblr media Tumblr media
tags: afab! reader, fingering, unprotected sex, creampie, mentions of blood, we’re gonna pretend his wives aren’t here because i’m not one to share jfjajf
notes: moaning right now bc i want this too
Tumblr media
your nails almost have a mind of their own, they want to dig into uzui’s skin so badly—but he’s already pretty tattered, and you don’t want to add to the list of injuries. instead, your hands run over his skin slowly, feeling the ripples of his muscles underneath your touch, feeling him near and safe and whole.
“missed you,” you whisper, clinging to him tightly. he groans, head falling to the juncture of your neck as his strong arms wrap around you tightly, hips snapping to sink his cock into your walls. “missed you so much. w-was so—fuck—so worried,” you gasp.
uzui presses a kiss to the skin of your neck, trailing up until he meets your jaw. your head sinks into the plush of the pillow underneath you, silent cry as your mouth hangs open when his thumb finds your clit. it’s desperate, the way his hips rut into yours, it’s frantic and needy and somewhere in the mix, there’s relief.
relief he’s home, relief he’s okay, relief he’s still the same uzui you sent off. you’d wanted him to bathe first, wanted him to clean off the caked blood and soothe his tense muscles in the warm water. but you know from the second your back meets the mattress, from the moment your hands tangle with his, from the instant his mouth is on yours and his hardened length is rubbing against your thigh, uzui doesn’t have it in him to wait.
he’s quick to strip you of your clothes, quick to undress himself and sink his fingers into your heat. his stiff cock is pulsating, slit weeping with pre cum against your thigh by the time you’ve cum on his fingers, and you know he needs to be in you more than you need him in the moment.
it must’ve been a tough one. it must’ve been one he didn’t think he’d come home to you whole from—or perhaps even alive. the thought makes you cling to him tighter, legs wrapping around his hips and arms finding purchase securely around his neck. you glide your palm over his skin, feeling the scars under your touch from over the years. uzui shivers, groan lilting to a whine at the end.
“‘m right here,” he pants—almost like he’s telling himself rather than you—grunting as your walls clamp down on him, all but sucking him back before he can pull out to thrust back in. “can you feel me? can you feel my cock?” he asks through a breathy moan, and even someone as skilled and trained as uzui finds he can’t help but fall apart and lose his composure as soon as he’s sliding past your folds.
it aches. he can feel an ache everywhere—his limbs and muscles, his heart and soul, but then there’s also an ache that’s pleasant. there is one in between his legs, the throbbing, borderline painful feeling that makes his hips thrust into you greedily, his tip swollen and red and angry. it’s a dull ache, but it’s euphoric more than anything.
he chokes on a gasp when your hands trail over his hardened nipples, thumbs rubbing over them in slow circles. he’s always been sensitive, and the added attention makes his hips stutter and his breath hitch. he lets out a long, drawn out moan, eyes closed shut as jolts of pleasure burn through ever nerve. he wonders for a moment if his arms have the strength in them to keep himself upright for much longer.
“t-tengen,” you mewl, hips raising to meet this thrusts half way, making him skink deeper into you. you whimper at the way his tip kisses your spot, and he groans at how you squeeze even tighter around him.
“i know,” he rasps, “me too. ‘m s-so close. you close? wanna feel you—fuck. need to feel you,” he’s almost begging. almost trying to convince himself this is real. you’re real, under him, in his arms. he hasn’t failed—not anyone else and especially not you. he’s back and he gets at least one more night to spend with you.
and maybe he’ll go to sleep stiff and sore, but he’ll sleep beside you nonetheless, and the realization makes his hips angle into you deeper, faster, harder.
“close,” you whine, “so close.” his thumb finds your clit once more, rubbing circles as he pants harshly into your ear, and with a few more thrusts, your back arches off the mattress, walls fluttering around him as your orgasm rips through you. you whine, eyes closing shut and mouth hung agape as the prettiest of needy cries fly past your lips, and he watched entranced.
each sound shoots right to his painfully stiff cock, and with a sight so obscene before him, uzui doesn’t last long either, a loud, choked cry of his own tumbling from his lips as thick, hot spurts of cum fill you up. he stills, shuddering for a moment before his hips thrust sloppily to work himself through his high, eyes screwed shut and bottom lip tugged between his teeth.
your hands cup his cheeks, cradling his face as you murmur sweet words to him. “let go, baby. please fill me up, need it so bad tengen, please.” there’s a soft whine that bubbles in his throat at your words, and with a last few ropes of cum, he all but collapses. he has enough control to land beside you, though, half a mind not to crush you under his weight.
your bodies mold against each other instantly, perfectly slotting against the other. your fingers are threading through his locks as you both pant, and he’s wrapping your figure in his arms and nuzzling his nose into your hair. the tension and despair seems to dissipate, rolled off of your bodies as the air shifts into something much more serene.
“i missed you too, you know,” he murmurs, “i’m okay. of course i’d win,” he chuckles lowly against your scalp, pressing a soft kiss against your temple. with a weak slap to his bare chest, you lean up to return the gesture and kiss his jaw sweetly.
“and you still need to take a bath, you know,” you roll your eyes. his arms tighten their grasp around you, pulling your impossibly closer, and you think if you could, you’d melt right into his skin and be a part of him—one and a whole.
“maybe later,” he hums, “let’s just stay like this a bit longer.”
Tumblr media
this my first time writing uzui be nice to me i’m sensitive
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sanjiros · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
pairings: all x f!reader
cw: unprotected vaginal sex, unrealistic cervix fucking, belly bulge, multiple orgasms, squirting, breeding, handjobs, blowjobs, some violence (muzan bites you) some noncon
a/n: gah i just LOVE pleasing men (also virgin yoriichi)
"fucking hell, y/n, i think i've already knocked you up by now!"
when douma cums hard, you can feel the cute little bulge in your tummy start to enlarge, and sweet tenor rings that leave his lips increase in volume. the demon commonly loses control of his hips, thrusting in a stutter of sporadic bucks. he tends to pant rapidly, chest heaving as he empties the last of his sperm inside of your cervix. throwing his head back in ecstasy during the last few spurts, douma wriggles his hips to the sides, accompanied by a loud smack on your cherry red ass to compliment his vocal demeanor. beads of sweat run down his red-tinted forehead as he begins to withdraw, savoring the feeling of your slick popping him out. his senses go into overload if you're unfortunate enough to be pursued into a second round, cock instantly twitching the moment it glides over your cum-glistened hole. initially gentle thrusts transform into hips and balls smacking against the realm of your ass, douma proceeding to empty every last drop of his seed inside of your cock-hungry pussy, his hips giving out once more as he ejaculates for a cruel second time.
"i'm not going to stop, you hear me? this pussy is mine and mine alone, and i'll make it very clear to you."
"ah, you're so adorable, y/n. it feels so damn good between your pussy lips."
akaza ditches his tough, rugged demeanor the moment he becomes a whiney mess inside of your pussy. constantly slipping his cock between your folds to create a delicious friction, he's just as quick to bully it back inside of you. akaza can be quite vocal at times, especially when he's growling in a solid attempt to make you cum. he adores it when you squirt all over the base, a round ring of cream forming all the way to the center his shaft. the demon is hesitant to cum anywhere but inside of you, getting off on the idea of impregnating you. his voice, once wretched and full of sin becomes reduced to a series of high pitched cries and deep, guttural groans... his hips refusing to still until he's reached his sweet release. with hands positioned on both sides of your ass, akaza lets go, breaking past your cervical barrier with one final thrust. with your creamy essence coating his cock, he reacts with a snarky grin. sooner or later, he'll find himself planted deep within your womb, hips faltering once again as he attempts to hold back his oncoming orgasm.
"fuck, fuck! gonna cum, ah it feels so good, my cock is just aching to cum."
"pretty maiden, this is not only about me. but about you, too."
kokushibo turns into a mess when he's orgasming. he absolutely loves being pleasured, but does not believe that women are tools for his own desires. his favorite position is 69, allowing him to make love to your pussy with his tongue while you go down on him. cock pistoning in and out and his tip bulging into your throat, you continue to lower yourself again and again until you feel him twitching. kokushibo adores being between your thighs, his face enamored by your liquids as he laps up your juices happily. it's as if he never tires of pleasing you, to the point where he's getting off on your pleasure, becoming vocal with you. his entire body begins to lose feeling as he nears his climax, although he prefers a good edging. each twitch of his cock notifies you of how to adjust your rhythm. you're more than hesitant to ruin his orgasm, although koku's been through numerous ones due to his constant edging. he cums with a strained groan the moment he decides to, chanting your name as he pummels into and wrecks your throat, face sloppily covered in your following orgasm.
"y/n, y/n! i'm so close to cumming i can feel my balls just tightening..."
"fucking whore, you are. letting a demon brutally rip you to bits."
muzan isn't much of a vocal lover most of the time, unless he feels particularly good. if that's the case, his entire body will endure a sensory overload and he'll cum inside of you repeatedly, his stamina a force to be reckoned with. after his first orgasm, he'll inquire about a blowjob, allowing you to suck off both of your essences until his cock is clean and ready to go for another round. muzan's cock refuses to soften, urging orgasms out of his partner repeatedly, whose stamina isn't nearly as wicked as his. muzan abides by fast paced, brutal love making sessions that leave bruises and lovebites scattered on both of your collarbones. the demon king growls as he rips off portions of your flesh, forgetting that you're merely human and cannot take such bloodloss. with crimson streaming down your neck, muzan slowly nurtures the wound with his tongue, as if it wasn't already applying salt to it, both in a literal and figurative sense. your poor body wrecked from previous orgasms and the earthshattering affect of his erotic violence, muzan will say the most filthy things to you, eliciting such a pretty, fluttering reaction of your cuny around his shaft.
"you're a pathetic little cocksleeve, aren't ya?"
"i've... never done this before, does it feel good?"
yoriichi's had no clue what he'd got himself into, considering his libido is fairly low. he was used to pleasuring himself in his own time instead of participating with a partner. that was, until he met you. you're eager to please your boyfriend, starting off with some gentle foreplay that causes his bones to shudder and his nerves to be set aflame. his chest slightly heaving as you nuzzle over it with your nose and relay kisses with your cherry tinted lips. yoriichi lets out soft mumbles as you reach his collarbone and neck, slowly dotting around his chin and up towards his lips. planting a heated kiss on them, you straddle an overwhelmed yoriichi, who's just as eager as you are to enter himself between your wet folds. slipping past said folds, yoriichi pats your clit with his cockhead, knowing prior that women enjoy it. it isn't until he's seated inside of you that he begins to get vocal, bouncing his hips in sync with yours in order to receive the best stimulation. virgin yoriichi feels himself about to reach climax in a matter of minutes, and does so with a final roll of his hips. your name leaves his lips as he pushes his cock past your barrier, feeling your walls and cervix clench simultaneously, accepting the warmth that leaks from his cock.
"i love the way you made my cock feel just now, it feels as if i'm right at your little womb."
"ah! pretty princess. time to get covered in my cum again, i'll pump out as much as you like."
tengen will ram the head of cock in the confines of your throat, past your cervix and into your fist any chance he can get. the man is insatiable when it comes to sex, and will make sure you never waste a precious drop of his seed. he's fond of cumming on your body, growling deeply as he hovers over you. in doggystyle, tengen is quite loud, filling the atmosphere with low grunts of pleasure with each smack of his strong hips. receiving a blowjob becomes a daily routine for tengen, along with or paired with the occasional handjob, only adding to the pleasure. tengen has moments where he's overstimulated, and when it's all gotten to be too much, he'll cum early with a loud, tenor cry. he'll leave your lips drenched in his semen, or your womb coated in his sticky seed from all of the abuse it's taken. poor tengen's a mess, length throbbing from the intensity of his orgasm until you manage to calm the harsh jolts of his body with your rhythmic, sensual clenching.
"fuck, gonna fuckin' cum all over these pretty tits, feels so damn good baby, lemme stroke myself..."
"so filthy, fucking your mouth is my favorite thing! second best to your pussy, i'd say, actually. just feels so tight and wet."
the look of pure admiration on sanemi's face is prominent once you're between his legs. toying with his balls and taking each one between your lips carefully, the man has no choice other than to be vocal about it. he lets out series of toughened grunts and masculine growls as he attempts to stall his orgasm. in a fit of pleasure, sanemi will yank at your scalp and tangle his fist in your hair, pulling you closer until your nose interacts with his dark-greyish pubic hair. the man's writhing at this point, hips bucking uncontrollably into your mouth until a noticeable bulge forms in the center of your hot, wet throat. he's not satisfied until he's got you into a full on chokehold, hands accomodating your neck and fingers spreading your lips open as you struggle to fit all of him inside. poor sanemi will go ballistic if you try to tease him, kicking his legs involuntarily as his hips intend to buck. you'll take a minute to swirl your tongue on his cockhead, devouring his sweet precum in the process until your lips are nonetheless smeared with it.
"right there... keep doing that, right on the head- ah! you're doing so fuckin' well baby, don't you dare come up!"
"clean your fuckin act up, you want me to keep abusing this sopping pussy?"
the moans of pleasure that leave this man's mouth when he's inside of you are legendary. they're consistent, and can range in pitch from high and scratchy to faulty groans as he pounds into you from behind. wrists pinned behind your back and nails inducing crevices at your sides, giyuu's thrusts become a menace to your cunt. he takes note of your puffy lips and how abandoned they've been, fingers nudging your clit until they're eventually battering it with seamless, harsh strokes. once giyuu's had enough of abusing your clit, he'll switch you over to missionary, hips stilling at the feeling of his length sliding into your warm cavern, not being able to control himself once he picks up a steady rhythm. his legs begin to shake mid orgasm, hips refusing to slow down until all of his load is emptied. the feeling of asserting dominance overtakes him as he lets out one last high pitched cry, finally claiming your cunt as it's flowed with sticky globs of white.
"that felt beyond this world, baby. my legs are still shaking!"
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moonfishcake · 4 months ago
Hii!! Can i requests hurt/comfort! Uzui scenario with s/o she! pronouns which is insecure because of all his wives she has the smalles chest and she thinks Tengen likes her the least because of that. Like she thinks that's the only reason she's the least attractive wife. It can be either nsfw or sfw whatever to your preferences
Thank you and have a nice day!!
thank you for your request - tengen is *chef's kiss*
warning: a tiny bit of smut'ering
Tumblr media
You really tried not to think about it.
And yet at the same time, it was too difficult to ignore. Whenever you stood next to Suma, Makio, and Hina, the difference between your builds became glaringly obvious. And while the three women stood proud and tall, you were often hunched over, fiddling with the ornaments adorning your sleeves.
It’s a particularly nasty remark from one of the lower rank demon slayers that stings particularly hard.
“Tengen seems to have a type,” he jokes. “All three of his wives are gorgeous!”
“There’s four of us, actually,” Suma pipes in.
The recruit turns to look at you with a dumbfounded expression, quickly getting flustered. “O-Oh, my apologies! I, uh, I did not realize you’re one of the wives too. Y-You’re very pretty, as well!”
You nod meekly to acknowledge his half-hearted compliment, but your eyes are already welling up with tears.
It hurts. You swallow painfully, darting off before Makio can pull you back by your sleeve. You don’t want anyone to see you crying. That recruit was right - they’re all so wonderful, so beautiful, and well, with certain assets that you lack. Why did Tengen even marry you? You’re clearly not his type. He must be forcing himself to be nice to you, because he is so considerate of your feelings. He probably doesn’t even find you attractive.
Isn’t it only natural to have the least favorite one among his wives?
You find yourself near an abandoned warehouse when you finally collapse from exhaustion, tears welling up in your eyes. Pulling your knees to your chest, you sob into the fabric of your clothes, but those awful thoughts keep gnawing away at your sanity. At some point, you pass out, too heartbroken and exhausted to carry on.
It’s late into the evening when you finally stir, and you gasp when you meet Tengen’s eyes, shining sharply in the moonlight. It’s already too late to hide from him - your eyes have been rubbed raw with tears, and your hair has turned into an absolute mess.
“Suma, Makio, and Hina caused quite the ruckus earlier,” he says, in an uncharacteristically serious tone. “Can’t believe my girls just jumped a single recruit and beat him bloody.”
You hang your head. Now they will be in trouble - because of you. Perhaps you really are a misfortune to this family, you think as new tears prick at the corners of your eyes.
“To top it all off,” Tengen continues, as he crouches down to look you in the eye. “When I come back, I hear that my (Name) has run off somewhere. Not exactly flamboyant of you lot.”
He waits for you to talk patiently, but you’re unable to face him, counting the old floorboards that line the terrace. There are so many things you could tell him, or you could just brush it all off. Perhaps that would be for the best. And yet as soon as you open your mouth, all reason leaves your sense.
“You should divorce me,” your voice comes out choked, your shoulders shaking from pitiful sobs.
You don’t have the heart to gaze up at Tengen, but you can try to imagine how his face looks. Relieved? Surprised, but thankful you were the one to suggest it? Happy he does not have to pretend to like you anymore?
He’s quiet for a moment, and completely still.
“Divorce?” he mirrors your words, his tone flat and void of emotion.
“Y-Yes...” you sob, burying your face in your palms. Before you know it, all of those ugly thoughts spill from your lips like curses. “I know that you don’t like me... I-I’m not your type... I’m nothing like them, so you- you must hate me. I hate that you’re forcing yourself to be with me because you have to. And I-"
“Force myself to be with you..?” you see his fist clench. “(Name), where is this coming from? Was it that... rascal? Did he say something foolish to you?”
Tengen's springing to his feet in an instant, and you recognize a murderous aura surrounding him. You’ve known him long enough to realize how dangerous it would be to let him go now - so you rise to stop him, your small hands clinging to his muscular arm.
“Tengen, please...” you plead with him, gazing up through your wet eyelashes.
His expression softens immediately, tense muscles relaxing under your gentle hold. Before you can lower your gaze again, he snatches your chin and pulls you against his chest, eyes soft, but focused.
“Then tell me,” he frowns. “What about you could possibly not be my type?”
You try to wiggle away, but his hold is firm.
“(Name),” he cautions, and you realize there is no getting out of this.
“M-My chest,” you spill, squeezing your eyes shut in embarrassment. You hope the ground will open up and swallow you whole.
“Your... chest?” he tilts his head to the side in confusion. “My sweet girl, have you gone mad?”
“I-It’s small!” your hands clench at your sides, your bottom lip quivering as you refuse to face your husband. “Compared to the rest of the girls, I-”
Tengen presses his thumb against your lips and hums in contemplation.
“I see,” he hums. “There has been an oversight on my part.”
You’re about to ask what he means, and yet before you know it, Tengen’s grabbing you and hoisting you over his shoulder. You squeak, hitting him on the shoulder weakly, but he merely chuckles.
“I’ll just have to show how much I love you... in the most flamboyant manner possible.”
He doesn’t bother taking you home as he strolls to the abandoned warehouse, dropping you off on one of the crates. You squeak as you fall and tremble as he looms over you, a trademark smirk gracing his features.
“T-Tengen...” you whimper as he nuzzles the crook of your neck, his rough hands raking down your body. “We can’t... Not here... What if someone walks in?”
You gasp when his calloused hands slip under your clothes, kneading and caressing your chest. “All the better,” he grins. “Let the whole world know how much I love my wife.”
When his rough kisses trail down to your chest, you’re already a whimpering mess, cheeks impossibly red. He’s biting, nipping, licking, and sucking, content to just worship you like this for the rest of the evening. He loves how soft you become in his hold, pulling gingerly at his hair, soon turning into a blubbering mess from his undivided attention.
Ever since that evening, he’s become even more attentive towards you! He flaunts you around at every chance he gets, he buys you gifts like cute kimonos that suit your figure and gorgeous lingerie and compliments you every chance he gets. He’ll spoil you until you learn to love your chest as much as he does, and he loves it a lot. At least initially, when the two of you are intimate, he will be surprisingly gentle and romantic, as much as his disposition allows anyways.
When you grow a bit more confident, he’ll dress you in the most exquisite, lewd lingerie and have you face the mirror as he has his way with you. Even when you’re out in public, he’ll sneakily grope you and whisper something very inappropriate into your ear, making you turn beet-red. Overall, he sees it as his duty to remind you how much he loves you, and make sure you love yourself too!
All of the girls will make sure you grow more confident in your body, too! Whether your relationship is platonic or romantic, they care about you a lot, and they find you absolutely stunning. Suma is always there to nuzzle you, remarking how you’re so cute, so soft, so stunning; Makio will jump at anyone who ever compares you in an insensitive manner; whereas Hina will give you the most heartfelt compliments.
Overall, everyone in your family adores you so much, any kind of insecurities you have will be rooted out with love and care before you know it!
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kreiitsuuuu · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
➡ [PART 2]
ft. Tanjiro, Inosuke, Zenitsu, Genya, Kanao
☆ warnings: slight swearing
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro, at first, thought it was so amazing that even you, a swordsman that hunts demons for a living, can have a peaceful hobby to do in your free time.
But this one time.. oh boy.
He absolutely loses his marbles when he saw you drawing him on your sketchbook.
You haven't even spoke a word yet, but he's already a bashful and stuttering mess! Tanjiro never had someone illustrate him, until you magically showed up in his life.
" T-THAT'S ME! WOAH! You draw so well, Y/n! "
He'd try.. keyword: try to draw you back somehow but his skills are limited. You don't mind though, it's the thought that matters and you absolutely love him for even trying in the first place!
Will watch you draw quietly, dropping compliments here and there while he enjoys the silence you two provide eachother. And will probably sneak in pecks of kisses on your cheek because he really does appreciate your work.
Tanjiro honestly loves and cherishes everything you do for him. And, if you let him keep the little drawing you made of him — oh you bet he's keeping it safe, and will frame it if he gets the chance!
Tumblr media
Inosuke Hashira
Man is literally losing his absolute shit, how did you do that? Fucking wizard bitch
Will try to challenge you and say he's the better artist. But will fail eventually.
Doesn't admit defeat but he definitely does finds your hobby very interesting!
If you tried to draw him, his ego would fucking skyrocket into the sky, and he'd jump all around the place — very happy about it!
I mean why wouldn't you draw him?! He's so pretty! Pretty boy <3
He would have like comical stars all around him, watching you make figures with only strokes of a pencil. His head resting on your shoulder as you took hold of your sketchbook.
" Does it look good, Inosuke? "
" Hell yeah it does! "
Oh, you don't need to give the drawing to him. He already took it beforehand hand! Will he give it back? Nope! But he will keep it safe, and that's a promise!
Tumblr media
Zenitsu Agatsuma
This boy had already fell for you because of your complex swordsmanship skills, now he has you being a complete artist now?!
Would compliment you every moment he can, and ask you little questions like when did you start drawing or is it fun to draw :]
But one day, as you sat on his bed at the Butterfly Estate — and just started sketching him out, he'd cry.
HAPPY TEARS! Very happy actually!
You???? His absolute sunshine in the rain???? The light in his life??????? Draw someone like him????? Please just accept his marriage proposal at this point.
Will sit beside you, being all interested and amazed by every pencil stroke you make.
He would have this dork ass smile across his face as you compliment on how he looks so handsome.
" Y/n-san.. C-Can I keep that? "
" Oh? Why of course, Zenitsu! This was made for you afterall! "
Immediately cries again after you'd just comforted him and his sobs earlier. Embraces you into a tight, warm hug while hot tears evidently falls on his face <3
He just loves you so much!
OH and you bet this boy got some surprises up on his sleeve and drew you too! (Heavily using your art as references) But it made you cherish his work even more!
Tumblr media
Genya Shinazugawa
He didn't even know how you became his awesome significant other
Would love any hobby you'd have to be honest, he loves you either way :]
Wil be shy to ask you about it though </3
Thinks it's really cool! Appreciates every illustration that you make
He secretly loves the small and quick doodles you make, thinks they're real goofy looking and captures your personality well!
Genya would have this little spark of confidence that ignited inside of him to ask you if he could keep it.
Of course you said yes!
" ..Thank you for drawing me.. I promise to— to keep it safe..! "
You embrace him in your arms as you pecked his forehead and he just melts again, face red like a tomato.
He did, and had attempted to return the favor by doodling you back — though he kept it to himself because he was too bashful to show you it </3
Tumblr media
Kanao Tsuyuri
Kanao has appreciated you since the start, and still will!
Is very amazed by how gentle you are with the pencil strokes yet is complex and dangerous in the battlefield. How your hand hovers delicately upon the piece of paper, and yet how rough and reckless you grasp your weapon and slash it with great strength.
She definitely asks if she could try, and you let her draw too!
Butterflies and flowers are all she could manage to draw for now, but it doesn't stop you from loving her and her work deeply.
Will make a “ ⊙.☉ ” face when she noticed you sketching her.
Would definitely ask if she needed to stay still, but you reassure her that it's alright to just act natural :]
Loves your work so much!
Hesitatingly asks if she could keep the piece. Wouldn't mind if you don't let her keep it!
NONSENSE! of course you'd let her keep it!
Will be very happy about it and gives you a gentle smile and a cheek kiss while your hands and hers intertwine together :]
" Thank you so much, Y/n. "
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dandy-chickens · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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tsukasalvr · 6 months ago
If you're still taking requests for demon slayer, I was wondering if I could get some headcanons for the pillars reacting to more modern items that their s/o (from current year) has. (Phone, tablet ,laptop, switch etc whatever works best for you) please and thank you also I love your writing :)
AN: anon my limit is 5 characters so if you want the rest of the hashiras then send in another request! BACK FROM MY BREAK YA
Tumblr media
; 𝙨/𝙤 𝙛𝙧𝙤𝙢 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙛𝙪𝙧𝙪𝙧𝙚/𝙢𝙤𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙣 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙡𝙙 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙚𝙡𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙧𝙤𝙣𝙞𝙘𝙨
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝗔𝗻𝗶𝗺𝗲/𝗳𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗼𝗺: 𝗗𝗲𝗺𝗼𝗻 𝗦𝗹𝗮𝘆𝗲𝗿
𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀: 𝗚𝗶𝘆𝘂𝘂, 𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗲𝗺𝗶, 𝗠𝘂𝗶𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗿𝗼, 𝗦𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗼𝗯𝘂, 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗥𝗲𝗻𝗴𝗼𝗸𝘂
𝗔𝗡: 𝗺𝗶𝘁𝘀𝗸𝗶 [𝗰𝗿𝘆]
𝗪𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: 𝗶 𝗱𝗼𝗻𝘁 𝗽𝗿𝗼𝗼𝗳𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱
𝗣𝗧 𝟮: 𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲
Tumblr media
; ɢɪʏᴜᴜ
Very confused
He grabs your phone carefully and gets shocked and scared when it turns on
Imagine a cat tapping something because they’re curious about what it is
Yep, that’s Giyuu
Asks you small simple questions about what it is but other than that is very quiet while looking through it
He sucks at switch games
Mf literally would die so quick so he likes to play more calmer games
Sometimes you’ll catch him playing animal crossing very late at night just fishing, all he does is literally fish in that game
Needless to say, he has everything in the museum
His reasoning is, “It’s so much more calmer, this is the kind of life I would like to have.”
Tumblr media
; sᴀɴᴇᴍɪ
He glares at the devices as if it’s going to be scared and cower back
Is like an old man trying to figure out how to use a phone for the first time
It’s embarrassing to look at, please help him
He absolutely loves playing games on your switch or phone
But he’ll always get easily mad at any game and get really hyped up for literally no reason.
Mf could literally be playing cooking mama, animal crossing or stardew valley and you’ll just hear him yelling at the game
The volume is as loud as a call of duty lobby
I like to think he sucks at Mario Kart and whenever you beat him he’ll demand to play again and blame it on something random
“I’m literally like five feet away from you.”
You might want to watch over him so he doesn’t accidentally break something
Tumblr media
; ᴍᴜɪᴄʜɪʀᴏ
Those weird electronic you have will always pique his interest
It doesn’t matter how many times he’s seen or used it, he’ll never get bored of it
He might look disinterested because of his face but don’t be fooled since he’s really into it
He’s especially good at games
Loves to play any Mario game, stardew valley or Splatoon because of the bright colors
He’s good at games without even meaning to- he can probably still win while asleep
Loves to play with you since he can lay on your lap while doing so
Loves the new music- sometimes he finds it funny and says how some music is shit- but there’s some he really likes!
He loves songs where you literally can’t understand what they’re saying because of the auto tune or really calm songs- by songs I mean rain or calming forest sounds
Sometimes when he’s playing while laying down on your lap and he’s really sleepy the console would fall on his face and he’ll still be asleep
He also seems to me, to like playing sally face and ddlc- and also if this was a modern au, he would def have a creepypasta and undertale phase and no, I don’t take criticism
Tumblr media
; sʜɪɴᴏʙᴜ
Inspects every electronic you have with you and has many questions on how they work
With more and more of her questions getting answered by you, her questions will get more and more complex and difficult to answer
So get ready to use your big wrinkly brain to answer her questions
She’s secretly very competitive when playing games and likes to let out snarky comments whenever she wins
But whenever she loses, you’ll notice her grip on the controller gets a little bit more tighter and how her her smile literally doesn’t change
She loves playing any fighting games (super smash bros) or Mario kart because of the different characters powers or because she loves hitting others with shells or letting the plant bite them in Mario kart
It always makes her giggle and will boost her ego a bit every time she hits them while playing
Tumblr media
; ʀᴇɴɢᴏᴋᴜ
Very intrigued by the electronics you have
Likes asking many questions and is always fascinated by each answer- even if it’s just a simple answer
“Why did the numbers change?”
“It cause’ a minute went by.”
Modern music will always confuse him but he lowkey vibes with it
It could be the shittiest of shittiest music to ever exist and he’ll still fuck with it
He likes rap and only because he’s shocked at how they can say words so fast- he gets even more shocked if the music talks about mature things
Mf will look so astonished
But other than that, he still likes the music and will even show it to Uzui and Mitsuri and together, they’re a rap trio with Muichiro sometimes joining in
Muichiro lowkey got some fire bars ngl like if he was ever in roast/rap battle he’ll fucking obliterate them, he’s a little menace
Rengoku and Uzui listen to carti
He loves playing games with you!
He doesn’t like playing alone since it makes him feel lonely
Likes playing super Mario deluxe with you and sometimes you won’t be able to pass through the levels because he won’t stop jumping and moving back and forth when he’s riding a yoshi
Likes carrying you around on his head so you don’t have to do anything and will throw you up on top of the flag pole to make sure you get a 1up
Tumblr media
People who like, reblog or follow= hot asf💕😍
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madamxrose · a month ago
Hello :D how are you?? I hope you're doing well and having a great time as well <3
If you don't mind can i request for demon slayer hashiras meeting a demon child (reader) around 5-6 and the child is like nezuko, tamayo...ect. headconens? :>
I hope it's not much and if it is don't be bothered by ignoring it :) have a great day <3
Giyuu, Obanai + Gyomei meeting a demon + child! reader
♡ Word Count: 882
♡ Warnings: minor/vague spoilers for Obanai and Gyomei (if you feel that it’s obvious spoilers, do lmk!)
❥ A/N: Hi! Thanks for requesting <3 Part 2 and 3 will be out later.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➷ After slaying a demon, Giyuu makes his way through the forest
➷ He finds you wandering about; remaining silent as he wraps his hand around his sword's hilt
➷ When both of you make eye contact, you rush behind a tree, staring at him as you peek behind it
➷ As he unsheathes his sword, he notices your teary eyes as you plead him to not harm you
➷ He's frozen; his heart and mind are at war, and he's too indecisive to follow one
➷ While he ponders his decision, he observes you — ready to strike if you make a false move
➷ The air is thick with tension; neither of you are sure of the other's move. For what seemed like the longest minute of your life, he releases his grip on the sword
➷ He's not the best at socializing, especially with kids (who's also a demon), so he'll do his best to coax you from your hiding spot
➷ His cold stare doesn't help his case either, but after he promises to not hurt you, you cautiously approach him
➷ He won't ask whether you're alone, since he's sure you would've cried for help long ago. So, he opens his hand for you to hold
➷ He's still on guard since you're a demon, but you remind him of Nezuko; so, he's not too worried
➷ The both of you aimlessly wander for some time until you find a cave. He'll check to make sure there's no signs of a bear or something else inhabiting it  
➷ He'll look down at you, asking that you remain here
➷ When you thank him with an innocent, genuine smile, it pulls at his heartstrings. He's taken aback at first, but the way he feels warm all over helps him make a decision. When he said he'll come back for you, it was a promise and nothing short of it
➷ Kanzaburo has a habit of sometimes not relaying his messages; so, he'll return to the Demon Slayer Corps, informing Kagaya of you. When Kagaya requests your presence, Giyuu will be sure to find you: a pure, loving smile still on your face as you hug his leg
⋆ ˚。⋆❀♡˚ ˚❀♡⋆。˚ ⋆⋆ ˚。⋆❀♡˚ ˚❀♡⋆。˚ ⋆⋆ ˚。⋆❀♡˚ ˚❀♡⋆。˚ ⋆⋆ ˚。⋆❀♡˚
➷ When Kagaya introduced you to the hashira, Obanai was already plotting your demise
➷ Despite his devotion to Kagaya and the Demon Slayer Corps, he finds it difficult to accept you into the group
➷ Although you're just a kid, he won't refrain from pointing a finger at you before threatening you
➷ Chances are, you'll run off wailing to Mitsuri — which earns him a scolding from her
➷ He watches you afar, warily eyeing you as you interact with the others
➷ If you attempt to converse with him, he either ignores you, or the spine-chilling glare in his eyes remind you that he wants nothing to do with you
➷ Mitsuri adores you; so the only time he'll even consider being within a few feet of you is to ensure her safety
➷ With time, he has this odd attachment towards you. He'll realize that despite being a demon, you're still a child. Your unfortunate circumstances might even remind him of his past
➷ Becoming a demon was the byproduct of circumstances out of your hands. Even if you want to move past it, your physical state is irreversible and serves as a constant reminder of your traumatic childhood
➷ After he comes to that conclusion, he might even believe that both of you aren't that different after all
➷ He'll probably still watch you from afar, but instead of cautiously watching you, he's instead looking out for your safety
➷ At that point, whenever you interact with him, he still has an intimidating look on his face, but his eyes seem much more gentle; he may even respond to you for once
⋆ ˚。⋆❀♡˚ ˚❀♡⋆。˚ ⋆⋆ ˚。⋆❀♡˚ ˚❀♡⋆。˚ ⋆⋆ ˚。⋆❀♡˚ ˚❀♡⋆。˚ ⋆⋆ ˚。⋆❀♡˚
➷ Initially, he avoids you
➷ He views you as a hybrid of his past
➷ He's wary of your intentions because you're a child, and being a demon didn't help either; so he has a bad impression of you for some time
➷ He's on his guard when you approach him, suspicious that you'll betray him and the group at any moment
➷ Like Obanai, time is your best friend. The more you interact with him, the more he ponders his opinion towards you
➷ Greetings and gifts will tremendously sway him over. Whenever you greet him while crossing paths, he'll be sure to remember your innocent, jovial voice. If you bring him little gifts, like a flower or a drawing for him, he'll reluctantly take it, but still thank you with a smile caressing his face…may even shed a tear when you're not looking
➷ He slowly lets down his walls
➷ Once he's warmed up to you a bit, he'll let you hug him or hold his hand, just to test the waters
➷ When he concludes that you're nothing like the children from his past; he's gentle and loving towards you
➷ Loves to spend time with you
➷ Teaches you how to meditate
➷ Lets you hold his hand when you ask, or carries you on his shoulders
➷ Treats you just like any other kid, except he wholeheartedly trusts you
Tumblr media
comments and reblogs are always appreciated! ♡
Tumblr media
main masterlist︱kny masterlist
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getoswhore · 2 months ago
mmmh, I was thinking abt this at work! you said such mean and lewd things to uzui over text, and then the next day at school, you’re acting so innocent! he hates to admit it but he’s already leaking inside his pants
you’re just a cute lil bimbo that doesn’t know what’s coming next!! before you know it, he has you on top of a desk with your cute lil legs spread apart as he fucks you with no mercy whatsoever
poor you, you’re in tears, but you gotta admit you love it 🥺
ଘ. warnings ⸝⸝ public sex. spanking. degrading.┊(17+).
Tumblr media
“such a filthy slut.” the tight grip tengen clips around your sides is cruel, already feeling the prick of his clipped nails digging into the smooth of your skin, feeling the pads of his fingers printing hard welts of bruises to already blossom.
“y’know that? yeah.. y’know you're such a whore, yeah you do.” he grunts through gritted teeth as he clashes his hips against yours, each hard buck sending you forward with jolts of elation.
“te-tegen, ‘m sorry—!” you try to plea but quickly fall to no avail, a mean swat to your ass cracks down against your sensitive skin, whittling your cry into a silent whimper. it's cruel too, the drag of his hand raking against that soft mound of flesh bouncing roughly against his pelvic bone creates long strides of welts to rise, feeling tengen clasp around your ass till it printed with his hand.
“oh! now you wanna say sorry after acting like a little cock hungry whore?” tengen scoffs, almost laughing at your whimpers and yelps at each long, deep, and langued stroke he plunges with into your sopping cunt.
“yeah, i don't think that's gonna work now baby, so shut that filly little mouth up before someone hears ‘n take this fuckin’ cock like you've been begging for.” he pushes the fat of his cock deep, making sure you feel every inch of him, making sure to press hard enough to kiss that soft spot in your gummy walls.
Tumblr media
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aztecdragonwarrior · 4 months ago
Hii! Can I make a request for Uzui and Kyojuro having a very insecure s/o that needs a lot of reassurance? Especially when it comes to appearance
Thank you and have a nice day!!
Hi dear Anon, of course! I think these boys will die to be able to let you know how precious and beautiful you are in his eyes. I totally understand feeling insecure about our appearances. But please remember that you are beautiful, strong and worthy <3
I have combined your request with other similar, hope you like both of them!
Kyojuro Rengoku x reader (Reassuring S/O being insecure about her looks)
Tengen Uzui x reader (Reassuring S/O being insecure about her looks)
Warnings: Slight smut
Tumblr media
It has been a really long and rough week. You have been waiting for your boyfriend to come back from his last mission, which took him longer than expected. Being alone in that immense state sometimes affects your peace of mind. When Tengen was around, the state was full of life, full of laughter and you could swear that sunlight was brighter at your now shared home.
Despite missing your beloved Pillar, you truly enjoyed your time alone; since the moment you accepted moving in with Tengen, he made sure to not only cover your basic needs to full extent, but to pamper you with anything your heart desired. Even the smallest request will be flamboyantly fulfilled.
Wanna learn how to play Shogi? Here, the best teacher in the Kanto area. Wanted a new kimono? Only the best pieces with imported silk directly from China. Do you love the sound of a Biwa? All your meals would be enlivened by a very skillful Biwa player. Were you interested in calligraphy? A brand new luxurious and expensive calligraphy kit will be waiting for you in the studio.
You were happy, really happy, he was everything you have ever wished for; but indeed, solitude can play the worst tricks to the mind. Insecurity started to grow in your chest like a water ripple in a dead still ocean. These intrusive thoughts always lowered your morale but you were really good at dissimulating them, it was more of Tengen's natural ability to help you brush all ideas off your head with a kiss.
But this time it was different, he had been gone for so long, that all the insecurities about your appearance were now controlling your ability to fake being ok. Tengen knew immediately that you were having a hard time; as his loyal, super beefy, ninja mice informed him and so, he prepared everything to expedite his return home.
There was nothing more precious or important to him than you, even though being a Pillar, you were always his priority. When he arrived home he yearned nothing more than to see your gorgeous face first than anything else.
-”I am home!” He claimed loudly, eagerly waiting to see you at the entrance, with a wide grin which started to disappear as you were nowhere to be found.
-”Y/N?” He asked, now with a more concerned tone, plunging deeper into his state looking for you.
-”Te… Tengen-san, welcome back.” Your voice was low and blue, as you appeared in front of him. You gave the best small smile your current state could manage but your boyfriend knew immediately that something was wrong, so he gently took your hand to pull you closer to him:
-”Here you are. Come, I want to show you what I bought for you in my last mission.” He said as he softly guided you to a very cozy studio, full of pillows and blankets, where you would warmly spend most of the cold winter days of the year.
His heart ached little by little seeing how the light of your face vanished by every second passing, he sat down over his favorite big pillow pulling you down in order for you to sit on his lap. And as he tenderly stroke your back he kindly said:
-”Y/N, you probably know it very well by now, but you are the most precious person to me. My heart aches when your expression shows so much sorrow…” He was now caressing your cheek with his thumb, rapidly switching his gaze from your eyes to your lips. He liked you so much that you made him go crazy; kissing you and feeling your body was the only thing he could think of while being so far away from you. So he continued:
-”So please have mercy on this man who is so madly in love with you and let me make you feel better.” He leaned over to deeply kiss you and since you were so close to him you could clearly sense how both of your fast racing hearts beat against each other chests.
You perfectly knew that there was no use in lying to the Sound Pillar, by now he knew you better than anyone else, but you were unsure of how to explain to him what was causing your insecurities. So with your face entirely flushed by a beautiful pink tone you took your best bet:
-”The thing is… Tengen-san, sometimes I don’t… Sometimes I am not really comfortable with what I see in the mirror. Sometimes I wish I'd look different, to look better…” And as you rested your head in the crook of his neck, he felt his heart break after hearing your words.
He was so taken aback for realizing how much he had failed in not letting you know how beautiful you were to him. How could you not know how every single trait of your face was pure poetry to his eyes?
How could he have failed you to let you know how he had developed an insane addiction to touching your body? He failed so terribly, that you could even consider the idea of wanting to look different. Different from how attractive you looked in his wildest fantasies.
He then thought that this was probably not a new feeling and he also knew that the tricky part would be to make you look at yourself the way he looked at you. So having a good idea he raised your head by gently grabbing your chin and speaking with a very deep voice, he said:
-”So tell me, what would you like to change?” You looked at him startled, feeling down little by little.
-”My hair, Tengen-san, it is not...” He interrupted you
-”You mean these precious locks, the softest I have ever caressed?” He said gently stroking the closest hair strand he got on hand and starting to feel as warmness invaded your face, you continued:
-”My face. Sometimes it looks like…” He interrupted you again
-”You mean this face with the most stunning profile I had ever laid my eyes on? You see, this face matches perfectly with these lips and hair. Perfect combination, so Darling, changing any of those won’t work at all” With a wide grin in his face he kissed you again. Really starting to like where this was going you continued, slowly feeling better.
-”My body, Tengen-san, it's just…”-
-”Now, isn’t that interesting…” he slightly opened your kimono right in the section of your cleavage “A body less attractive will help me to better keep my lust at bay, making easier the nights I am not with you” He concluded depositing a kiss in your right chest at the bare minimum skin exposed at your cleavage, working all his way up to your neck.
By the time he had covered all your neck skin, you felt heat expanding to the lowest section of your body, he then faced you with his signature seductive stare and asked you;
-”So please tell me, would you also like to change another part of your body? Such as, I don’t know, your thighs maybe? Or perhaps something deeper like…”
-”Tengen-san!!!” You said with your face absolutely red, feeling your arousal increasing every moment you kept sitting on his lap. Your boyfriend exploded in laughter and kissed you again to later whisper to your ear:
-”Please let me show you the reason why I wouldn’t want to change anything from you” as you agreed, he passionately made love to you all night long. Making sure to remind you why every part of your body was perfect and how perfectly it fitted his body.
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khione-arc · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
words: around 2k
warnings: none!
prompt: “not knowing about demons, never running into one- there’s no better way to live out your life!”
a/n: i love this man so much istg
a/n #2: i still have no idea how tumblr works (how do i reply to something?? yall are absolutely sexy to comment on this btw mwah) one guy who asked about uzuis retirement, it was a mistake on my part lets just let it slideeee
Tumblr media
You see, when Kyojuro asked him to marry you, it was a complete accident. He had just come home from his exhausting job, and you were tending to his wounds. You had chastised him the entire time, with every jab becoming more evident that you were upset. 
“I can’t believe you would let a disciple beat you up this badly.” You huffed, letting your fingers spread ointment on his bleeding forehead. “You have your limits, Kyo.”
“It’s completely alright! It doesn’t hurt one bit!” Kyojuro responded, even though the way his grip tightens on your other hand says otherwise. 
You had shook your head in an exasperated sigh, but there was a smile on your lips. From his stories, you knew Kyojuro loved his students dearly; he was never shy to dish out compliments about them, and his hair always fluffed up in pride. “How’s Senjuro doing?”
“Quite well, I would say!” Kyojuro’s left eye twitched a little at that. It was an obvious lie. 
The stern tone snapped him out of his facade, and his polite grin faltered. 
You also knew that his family was quite… a mess at the moment. All you could decipher from his words is Senjuro was a kind-hearted young brother, and his father was a piece of shit. Someday, you would love to march to his residence and use him as a punching bag.
Whether you can survive, however, is a very different story. As much as you’d like to say you’re strong, you could never compete with Kyojuro’s strength. Plus, his father was mentioned to be a former martial arts master. You’d probably ascend to the heavens before you could get a single insult out.
Still, a woman can dream.
“… Father is still reluctant to see both of our potential.” Kyojuro decided to say. “But it is alright! I told Senjuro that I would be proud of him, no matter what! Because unlike me, he has a brother that believes in him!”
Kyojuro always wanted to open his very own dojo, but from what you can tell, his father was immensely reluctant. Senjuro didn’t have the potential to become his own student, and he received countless harsh words because of it. You have never met Senjuro in your life, but you have a strong urge to try and shield him from his father.
You’ve never met any acquaintances related to Kyojuro, but that was because his residence was miles away. It took at least a week for him to get back to you. Yet, he always makes sure to write countless letters to fill in the lonely silence in your home. You always found solace in his words.
You couldn’t help but smile. Kyojuro is always so kind, so bright, and even though night looms over your home, you feel like you’re in a sun’s embrace. You were sure if you were in his position, you would have long since given up already. His sheer will and determination never fails to surprise you.
However, something doesn’t sit right with you.
You took his hand in yours. There are countless scars on his body; you have yet to understand how his disciples could inflict such damage onto him. Perhaps he was always wandering around looking for a brawl with drunk men? No, he would never intentionally provoke anyone outside training. You knew him; he was always defending, protecting, as if he was shielding innocent people from death itself.
“Senjuro is lucky to have a brother like you.” You said. “And I’m sure you feel the same way.”
“I do!” Kyojuro chirped, his eyes burning with passion. 
You chuckle. “But unlike him, you have me.” You placed his hands onto your chest, smiling wider as Kyojuro’s breath hitches. 
“You have a lover that believes in you, and would go to the moon and back for you. I would travel across the entire galaxy to make you happy, because you don’t deserve the shit your father gives you.”
Kyojuro opened his mouth to speak, but you placed your finger on his lips, efficiently shushing him. “I’m sure your father has his reasons. Nobody drowns themselves in alcohol without feeling some sort of hurt. But that doesn’t excuse him for not trying to love you and Senjuro, you’re his sons, someone that he should treasure with his life.”
You didn’t know why you were rambling, but you saw his downcast expressions that he thought no one knew of. You saw him looking so lost, so hopeless, it hurts you to the very core. You needed to let him know.
“You’re amazing in every way, and I know having the chance to stand by your side is a privilege on its own. So please…” You gripped his hand tighter. “Let this lucky woman love you, for the rest of her life, if you allow it.”
Kyojuro was, for once, rendered speechless, and you bit back the urge to laugh. He’s so adorable, with his eyes widened and his jaw slacked. You had expected this reaction; after all, if it were the other way around, you would be red all over. 
What you didn’t expect, though, was him pulling you into an abrupt kiss, with his arms wrapped around you so tight you almost forgot how to breathe. Kissing Kyojuro reminded you of the kindle of fire you’d find near a fireplace- warm, comfortable, and safe from the world’s dangers.
When he pulled back, he looked like he had stars in his eyes. “Marry me.” He blurted out.
It took a second for you to register his words, and your cheeks flared into a dark shade of red. 
That was how you ended up planning out your future with him, in the dead of night, with your arms wrapped around his waist. You had never planned a future with him; he always managed to evade the topic, and at the early stages of your relationship you always chalked it to him not wanting one with you, and you accepted that.
After that sudden marriage proposal, though, you were confused. Was it in the spur of the moment? Was he trying to one-up you? Surely, since nobody would know how to respond to such a long speech of a declaration of love.
In any case… you’re happy he’s allowing you to love him, to cherish this bundle of flames that has comforted you for so long. All you want to see is his smile, and anything else might just kill you.
“Five?! That’s far too many!” You say, a blush creeping onto your cheeks.
Kyojuro laughs, loud and so full of love. “I have always wanted a big family!”
So far, you two have decided to settle down in a little house in a quaint, sleepy neighborhood, with maybe a dog, much to Kyojuro’s persistence. You could find a better job there, washing clothes or selling fruits, or maybe even become a teacher- anything your heart desired. You could finally see Kyojuro daily, without him setting off on long journeys just to get to his dojo, and come back beaten up and bruised.
Yes… it sounded like a good plan. You had a couple of friends here, so maybe you could send them letters from time to time. Maybe you could even make more when you move.
“Sounds like a plan. Minus the dog part, anyway…”
Kyojuro lets out a whine, looking far more childish than he’s ever been, but you let it slide besides a laugh. “How could you say no to dogs? So cruel!”
“Ah, and this cruel woman shall dance upon your grave when said dog infects you with his sharp, drooling fangs!”
Kyojuro lets out a dramatic gasp. “I’m engaged to a witch!”
You cackle. “You have fallen for my spell, dear Kyo! You are bound to me for the rest of eternity, and I am bound to you! Mwahaha!”
“Oh, dear! How shall I break out of such a spell, I wonder?”
“There is only one way.” You continue to act, with a big grin on your face. “You shall give me a lifetime of kisses! Then, will you truly be set free!”
Kyojuro roars with laughter, and your act falls apart as you are also dissolved into giggles. He cups his hands onto your cheeks, his eyes shining brighter than ever before.
“I wouldn’t mind being bound to such a beautiful woman such as yourself.” He admits, and you splutter. “Your spell wouldn’t need much convincing after all,” He brings your hand up to his lips, and gently kisses its knuckles, a teasing grin blooming on his face, “because you’ve already enamored me, my dear.”
You only huff as your cheeks turn red, lightly shove his chest. “You’re such a sap sometimes.”
“Only for you, darling.”
“Oh my god-”
Kyojuro only smiles, as your red cheeks have yet to fade. Don’t you understand? He’s the lucky man. He wishes to see your highs and lows, your smiles and your tears, your bests and your worsts, and he wants to see it to the end.
His one and only regret is lying to you. You’re a fierce woman when you have to be, but you wouldn’t stand a chance against any demon that comes your way. You don’t deserve to be exposed to the harsh reality of demons, and especially not meet your end in the hands of one.
The place he wants to move in with you is rumored to have countless wisteria trees to match the aesthetic of the village. He’s willing to give up his residency, and perhaps even his father, because he loves you so. 
He knows as a Hashira, any day can be his last. He’s nowhere as strong as the twelve Kitsuki. There are plenty of innocent people that are involved in Muzan’s scheme to conquer the sun, and that fact alone makes his blood boil with hatred. He knows a war is bubbling on the surface, a war that will determine whether decades worth of blood, sweat and tears of dead and alive slayers alike will eradicate the existence of demons.
He knows leaving at such an important moment will be considered a huge blow to the Corps…
Your smile. It would be worth it to see your fragile, weak smile that could be gone at any moment. 
So… maybe… he’ll be selfish, just this once. He’ll throw away his katana and never look at it again, if it means he could be with you for another day.
He’ll send Oyakata-sama a letter stating his retirement first thing after his mission. Apparently, an alarming amount of people have gone missing on a train, and he can’t ignore that, no matter how desperately he wants to claim you as his.
But when he comes back, he’ll marry you, and give you all that he has. 
When the first rays of dawn peek from behind its mountains, he kisses your cheeks, and parts from your sleeping figure.
He’ll come back.
This, he swears.
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sakusins · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
“quit moving so much.”
the words come out in a quiet grumble, your lips curled into a pout, and uzui thinks he’s inclined to do exactly the opposite of what you say if you say it like that.
“i’m not moving. i’m a shinobi, i can stay still,” he hums, and just to prove his point, he twitches his thigh—the one you’re sitting on—just enough to make you lean a bit too close, making you gasp and throw him a glare. “that was clearly you losing balance.”
“tengen! you messed it up, see?” you hold up his hand for him to inspect, and sure enough, he has messed it up. a fresh, wet streak of green polish paints across his skin, very much outside his nail bed to your dismay.
he lets out a quiet snicker, and you huff, pouty lips looking a bit more plump—and kissable—now that you’ve licked them. he leans in to press a soft peck, and you pull away before your lips can touch.
“c’mon, baby,” he grins, eyes laced with amusement, “don’t be like that. give me a kiss,” he insists.
“you ruined them,” you remind him, staring at the flawed nail in disappointment. “they were looking so pretty too.”
“they’re still pretty,” he murmurs, reaching his free hand to pinch your nose. you place the bottle of polish down, wrapping your arms around his neck as you sigh in defeat.
there’s no winning with uzui, he’s always a step ahead, and he always knows just what buttons to push.
“i told you we needed a table,” you mutter, refusing to meet his eyes—it’s a last resort, really. the last bit of defiance you can show just so he doesn’t get what he wants.
but you should know by now, uzui tengen always gets what he wants.
“i like it this way better,” he hums, arm wrapping around your waist and rubbing up and down your back slowly. “i get a better view. and, a chance to do this,” he adds the last bit as his hand trails down your back to find your ass, squeezing slightly.
you gasp, finally meeting his gaze. “tengen,” you scold, slapping his chest gently—and it’s pointless, he’s only that much more amused now. “next time you ask me to help you with your nails, i’m going to—”
“going to what? say no to me?” he snorts, pressing his forehead to yours, “you can’t say no to me, baby. you’d never.”
“i would,” you counter, turning your head away indignantly.
“you’d never say no to me,” he shrugs, and you have half a mind to climb off uzui’s lap and walk away, but he seems to be reading your mind. his arm pulls you flush against his chest, and your foreheads meet once more.
“i can and i will,” you say firmly.
“so, next time i ask something, you’ll deny me?” he challenges. and you shouldn’t entertain someone like him, uzui’s always got something up his sleeve—and it’s always you who ends up paying the price, but you can’t help it.
you nod, a determined look setting on your face. “yes, i will,” you say simply. uzui chuckles, blowing on his still drying nails casually as though your words are boring. it only makes you that much more determined.
“then you should marry me,” he murmurs, as though it’s the most normal statement—and he bites back a smirk when your breath hitches.
you try to pull away, but he only brings you closer. and truth be told, you want nothing more than to tie the knot, to wake up each morning and kiss him on the lips, to bump hips as you brush your teeth together, to fold laundry and knock down each other’s piles—to live in bliss, a life where you’re his and he’s yours and it’s for good.
but this isn’t serious, and uzui’s only pushing your buttons, so you clear your throat and look down.
“that’s not funny, tengen,” you mumble quietly.
“i’m not trying to be,” he says simply, fingers running over your bare skin as his hand sneaks under your shirt.
“are you really gonna tell me no?” he breathes, nose brushing against yours, breath fanning across your lips. and even if you wanted, you couldn’t retract, so you lean just the tiniest bit closer. he smirks. “that wasn’t me, by the way,” he grins.
“i guess i just lost my balance,” you tease, rolling your eyes. your hands cup his cheeks, and he closes his eyes, leaning into your touch. “this isn’t a trick?”
“just what do you take me for?” he asks, and this time, there’s a slight pout to his own lips. you chuckle, and it’s the tiniest bit watery, and something in uzui’s heart clenches just a little. “don’t say no to me. you can’t,” he mumbles, opening his eyes to look into yours.
“you’re right,” you agree, hand clutching the material of his shirt tightly. “i can’t say no,” you breathe.
“so you’ll marry me?”
“i’ll marry you,” you nod furiously.
uzui’s eyes brighten, and when his lips brush against yours, pressing deep into your mouth and drinking in the air from your lungs, you can’t bring yourself to warn him about his wet nails as he wraps his arms around your waist. his lips are warm, soft and plush, molding against yours flawlessly.
you pull away first, but not before he plants a quick peck to your lips as you do.
“knew you could never tell me no,” he says cheekily, flashing you a smug grin, and you roll your eyes, brushing a loose strand of hair from his forehead. your thumb traces the lines of his features, and his rubs small hearts into your hipbone.
“i’m a bit shocked. that wasn’t the flashy proposal i was expecting from you,” you raise a brow.
this time, he chuckles a bit louder, leaning close and scattering pecks all over your face—and there’s a bit of giddiness in the way his lips sloppily kiss your skin, in the way he squeezes your figure tightly into his. it makes you let out a breathy giggle of your own.
“we’ll have the flashiest wedding,” he assures, and when your hands slide against each other, fingers entwined, you don’t care that his nails are smudged and ruined. you can only imagine how perfect a wedding ring would look on his finger. “this moment is just for us.”
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