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#koa gillespie
mouse-fantoms27 days ago
In the time Jatp has been released and still waiting for a renewal, they all have become parents 馃ズ
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julie-thefatones2 months ago
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Endless Gifs of Charlie Gillespie 14/ 鈾撅笍
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perfectlywrongformend3s18 days ago
Mini Gillespie-Charlie Gillespie
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鈥淚 can鈥檛 hide my bump any longer. I think we need to tell people.鈥 with Charlie Gillespie
Requested: Yes
Words: 1271
Warning: None
A/n: Thank you so much for the request. I am so sorry I am getting it out so late. I just haven鈥檛 really been motivated to do much writing but I am back. Enjoy.
Your POV
I was in the kitchen just chillin on my phone when I felt arms wrap themselves around my belly. I smiled and put my phone down. I grabbed his hands and messed around with his fingers.
鈥 Hey baby.鈥 Charlie said
鈥 Hi.鈥 I said
He let out of me so I could turn around and placed his lips on mine for a quick kiss. I smiled into the kiss before I felt something lean against my leg. I looked down and saw Koa leaning on me for attention. We both let out a laugh and Charlie picked him up and messed with him. I smiled at them before asking.
鈥 Okay, what should we have for dinner?鈥
Charlie looked up and looked me in the eyes. 鈥 Y/n/n, you go relax and I got dinner covered.鈥
I went to protest but he waved his hands for me to go out of the kitchen. He put Koa down and gently pushed me over to the living room. I let out a giggle and held my hands up making my way to the living room. Koa was following my every step. I then sat carefully on the couch while petting Koa when he joined me.
Charlie鈥檚 POV
I was watching her and Koa for a little before going over to the stove to make some dinner. I wanted to do something nice for her because she鈥檚 been doing so much lately and it's not good for the baby if she鈥檚 doing so many things.
I was about half way done making dinner when I heard little paw prints walking around to the kitchen. I looked over to find Koa near the doorway. I bent down to greet him, but he wouldn鈥檛 move away from the door.
鈥 What鈥檚 wrong Koa?鈥 I asked the him
I saw him tilt his head and wag his tail which made me laugh. So I double checked the food in the oven before following Koa over to Y/n. I saw her looking through her phone with a look on her face. I let out a sigh before sitting next to her and wrapped my arm around her from the back of the couch.
鈥 What鈥檚 on your mind bub?鈥 I asked her
She let out a sigh and then laid her head on my shoulder. 鈥 Do you think people can tell that I鈥檓 pregnant or I don鈥檛 know.鈥
I looked at her and gave her a look. 鈥 First of all, don't talk like that. Please, you're gorgeous and stunning鈥︹ Before I could continue Koa nudged both of us which made us laugh. 鈥 I think Koa agrees with me. But Y/n/n I don鈥檛 think they can tell yet but when people start getting suspicious we can tell them okay.鈥 I told her
She gave me a smile and placed her sweet lips against mine. I smiled into the kiss and was about to make it a little deeper until the timer for the food went off. I groaned but got up to get them food with both Y/n and Koa following me.
I was bending down to get the food when I could feel eyes on me which made me smirk. When I stood up again I placed the pizza on the stove and turned around to face her. 鈥 I know I鈥檓 beautiful, but no need to stare.鈥 I said
She rolled her eyes 鈥 Oh so you think you're beautiful well I don鈥檛 what to say this but you're not all that.鈥
I placed my hand over my heart and said 鈥 Ouch! Well you don鈥檛 gotta be so mean about it.鈥 聽Which got her to crack a smile and let out a giggle. 鈥 Haha, not you quoting your own character.鈥
I let out a chuckle before we both dug into the pizza I made, well just placed a frozen pizza in the oven.
After I helped Y/n with the dishes from dinner I fed Koa and then the both of us went into the living room to watch a movie. While we were watching the movie I moved my arm to go around her which got her to move her head to lie on my chest. I smiled down at her and kissed the top of her head. Koa then came over and joined us.
Around 10 the movie was finally showing the credits and I had two sleeping pals on me. I smiled and moved Y/n鈥檚 hair out of her face and gave Koa a quick pet before picking Y/n up bridal style and watched her curl up to me. I carefully made my way to the bedroom and laid her down. I then quickly changed before joining her in bed. Before I could close my eyes I felt Koa coming up closer to us. I watched him lie near my feet and then I felt my eyes close.
Third Person POV
Three months go by鈥
Y/n was sitting on the couch scrolling through instagram when some of the comments on the new post that Charlie and her posted. Everyone kept saying that she has to be pregnant which made her a little nervous. She was scared of what else she would find. She was about to get up when she heard Koa come running up to her. She then saw Charlie walking in the apartment from the walk he took Koa on. He looked up and smiled but then looked at her with worry on his face. Charlie picked up his pace and got right in front of her.
Your POV
I watched him pick up his pace to where he was kneeling in front of me with his hands resting against my knees.
鈥 What鈥檚 wrong angel?鈥 He asked
I looked at him and then down. I felt his hand lift my chin up and looked me right in the eyes.
鈥 You can tell me anything. You know that right.鈥
I sighed and nodded my head. I grabbed his hand and messed with his fingers before starting up saying鈥 鈥 They know Charlie.鈥
He just gave me a puzzled look, so I elaborated on my statement. 鈥 聽The fans are getting suspicious of us.鈥 He nodded his head. He then let out a sigh.
鈥 What do you want to do? I mean it鈥檚 up to you and how you feel.鈥 he said while gently rubbing the back of my hand
I smiled and said 鈥 I mean let's do it. I can鈥檛 hide my bump any longer. I think it's time to tell everyone.鈥
He smiled and leaned in to give me a quick kiss before the both of us started a plan on telling his fans about the upcoming mini gillespie on the way. While he was posting the announcement on his instagram I could help but study his features. I guess I must have zoned out a little too long because I heard Charlie say鈥
鈥 Y/n/n you good.鈥
I smiled and nodded. He smiled back at me. I then opened my mouth to say鈥
鈥 I just love you and I can鈥檛 wait for mini Gillespie to come.鈥
Charlie leaned in and gave me a hug. 鈥 I can鈥檛 wait for mini Gillespie too. And I love you to the moon and back.鈥
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fanaticalfollower2 months ago
Charlie being so cute with Koa (the cocker spaniel) during his live. 馃挋馃惗馃挋
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alexspinkhoodie2 months ago
*Taps mic*
Koa Gillespie
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bexiiia month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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charliesfantom2 months ago
The fact that Charlie put Koa in what looks like a baby carrier has me dying....
Charlie is killing it with the parenthood stuff
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put-yourself-on-the-linea month ago
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I had to Do it..
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bexiii2 months ago
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mouse-fantoms2 months ago
New Koa's picture :3
Tumblr media
HE鈥橲 GOT A COLLAR NOW LOOK AT HIM 馃槶 he looks so big too 馃ズ馃ズ
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jonmercer2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Charlie Gillespie via @decormom and @julia.m.j.o instagram
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put-yourself-on-the-line2 months ago
Tumblr media
Charlie and koa
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bexiii2 months ago
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faithie-brock-gillespie012 months ago
Same Koa鈥. Same鈥. Yo daddy double cheeked up on a Tuesday鈥.. 馃槀
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jonmercera month ago
Tumblr media
Charlie Gillespie via @jesicabanker instagram story
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fanaticalfollower2 months ago
Oh, good grief. 馃檮 Those people have clearly never had a puppy, or probably any animal, before or they would know that puppies don鈥檛 get all of their vaccines at once and it鈥檚 perfectly fine to 鈥渢ake your puppy outside鈥 before they鈥檙e fully vaccinated. That might be the dumbest thing I鈥檝e ever heard.
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willowfae822 months ago
no thoughts, head empty.
just Charlie Gillespie singing 'you'll be in my heart' to Koa.
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