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moshimoshibe kobeni 」 ☆
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I uh just finished reading chainsaw man uh yeah so that. Did not expect it to punch me in my feels and then drag around my dead corpse like that.

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Chainsaw Man green light for animation!

Great news for all Chainsaw Man readers, it’s been confirmed that Chainsaw Man will receive an anime adaptation!


The studio in charge will be MAPPA

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おんこ コベニちゃん 」 ☆
⊳ kobeni (chainsaw man)
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besto girls..

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how fucking funny would it be if Kobeni would be the one to kill Makima?? The bait, the butt end of the joke, the one constantly out of luck and out of hope being the one to finally kill the one who has been pulling her and everyone around her along like toys?

like, Denji has been trying so hard to just be a normal fucking person, to be happy. So, what can be more normal than asking for help from someone just as down as you are? What can be more human than seeing someone hopeless and giving them a reason to stand up?

Kobeni doesn’t need a hero, she needs a friend, just like Denji. 

She doesn’t need Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw man needs her.

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