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#kobori kouji

I was watch Acchi Kocchi episode 6 and i think maybe i can use this as a scenario :3

Pool cleaning on summer day~!

Nakamura : *sits beside the pool. Busy with something*

Hayakawa : *cleaning the pool with brush excitedly* UWOOHHH…!!

?? Nakamu®a, what a®e you doing up the®e…?!

Nakamura : it’s done…! *get down into the pool* Kasamatsu-san, try these. *shows the captain two brush that tied into one so the both ends are brush*

Kasamatsu : why the hell this brush tied as one? *raise a brow and frown*

Nakamura : please just twirl it around and all the mess will be clean faster. *look at Kasamatsu with hoping eyes and sparkling aura*

Kasamatsu : it’s very rare to see you excited like that. But okay. *twirl the brush on his hands. And the mess on the pool is clean with one or some twirl*

Kise, Moriyama, Kobori : oohh… *amazed*

Kasamatsu : like that? *stop twirling*

Nakamura : yes, like that, Kasamatsu-san.

Kasamatsu : *twirl the brush again. Suddenly it’s slipped from his hand so it start to attacks fly to someone*

Moriyama : HEY…!! Why me-?! *try to run away but already fly into sky because the brush*

Kasamatsu : *look at the sky with guilty faces* i hope sky willingly to accept Moriyama. Amen. *clap his hand*

Kobori : THAT’S NOT THE PROBLEM, HOI…! MORIYAMAAA…!!! *shout to sky*

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Can I get a small cute one shoot of Kobori with a short S/O. You can deiced the scenario because this cinnamon roll needs more love.

Awe!!! I love that center soo much… he really needs more loving! I hope you enjoy this little scenario I came up with!! ^^

It barely dawns on Kobori you’d need his assistance until he walks around the corner. He vaguely hears small grunts, and he feels his lips turn in confusion. He recognizes your voice the moment he listens more intently, but he realizes, with the two of you being in the library, you’d be quiet.

He doesn’t see you in the next aisle, but he can still hear your grunts, along with a tiny noise, he’s not sure if it’s a whimper or cry. It urges him to move faster, searching each aisle carefully but quietly, not wanting to cause a disturbance.

He finds you in the second last aisle, fingers clenched and teeth digging into your bottom lip, as you once again, jump. The first thing coming to mind is you’re dared to do this, but when he sees your bag laying on the ground, he puts it together.

You need a book.

At this point, he’s unsure what to do.. He wants to help you, but he knows you’re self-conscious about your height, bringing it up numerous times. He could always reach up and grab it, but he doesn’t want you thinking you would need his help all the time.

Which is why he chooses to pick you up carefully, and put you on his shoulders.

There’s a yelp, which you immediately muffle with your hand, before a blush overtakes your cheeks, and you stare down at him wide-eyed.

He feels your hesitation, and rubs your legs soothingly, giving you a smile.

“You can reach it now.”

You open your mouth, wanting to sputter something incoherent, but choose to look away, ears burning in embarrassment. You finally grab the book, searching around for a couple more, before grabbing them almost too quickly. You must give some sign, because your feet are touching the ground, and Kobori already has your bag in hand, along with his own, holding out his free one.

“You ready to go, ___?”

You take a breath, hoping your cheeks have cooled to a decent temperature, before grabbing his hand, swallowing the small lump in your throat.


You quickly check out the materials, before walking back to your dorm with Kobori, unsure of what to say… Obviously you should thank him, since he didn’t have to help you.. But the words wouldn’t form in your throat…

“I… T…Thank you… K…Kobori…”

He blinks, staring at you with slight shock, before shrugging, a soft chuckle leaving his lips.

“It’s what boyfriends are for, _____.. There’s no need to thank me.. Though seeing you getting flustered over books was cute.”

A tiny squeak leaves your lips, before you bury your face in his chest. His laugh warms you in all the right places, though you were secretly wishing he would’ve held you on his shoulders longer.

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Kasamatsu, Moriyama, and Kobori are friendship goals!! Please make a story about these three's journey of friendship since elementary days (I headcanon this!) until the end of high school. I think Moriyama doesn't go to the same college as the other two so maybe include some sad/angst moments for that. Thanks^^

Hi dear! 

This ask was as beautiful as hard, it really took me a lot of time. Did I write it during the night? Yes. Is it OOC or not good enough? Probably. Am I going to post it, either way, hoping to make you at least smile? Obviously.

Sorry if it’s not the best thingI’ve ever written, I’m battling with myself right now! I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Have a nice day!

Kasamatsu Yukio & Moriyama Yoshitaka & Kobori Kouji

Friendship, Memories, Fluff, Slice of Life, Sad Moments, From Elementary School to University, Funny, Kaijou Trio, Long Post

Just Them

“You can’t play with us!”

“We don’t want you!”

Yukio, who was playing football with some boys from his class, stopped running and searched for the source of the commotion.

Another small boy, probably of his age but from another classroom, was surrounded by a group of older boys who laughed at him. He was hugging a ball to his chest, looking at the ground as he tried to hold back his tears.

“Why they don’t want him?” Yukio mumbled, furrowing.

“They say he always plays with the girls, so they don’t want him.” The sudden voice made Yukio jump in the air.

“What?” he turned, wide-eyed, and found one of his classmates. His name was…Kouji. Right, Kouji.

They had started their first year of elementary school two weeks ago, yet it was the first time Yukio’d heard him talking. And he was really tall for being the same age as him.

“They say he should play with girls,” Kouji repeated quietly, tilting his head.

Yukio frowned more and moved his gaze again to the poor boy. One of the other kids pushed him and he fell to the ground.

Yukio clenched his fists and his face became red with indignation.

He rushed towards them, screaming, “Hey you! What are you doing? Leave him alone!”

The boys turned to look at him, sneering, and their victim just widened his eyes, as tears ran down his cheeks.

Yukio growled, “Didn’t your mom tell you that you shouldn’t pick on others?” He glared menacingly.

They snickered, ready to pick on him too, when behind him appeared Kouji. He simply stared at them, expressionless. However, the kids lost the desire to argue with someone bigger than them.

“Tsk, do what you want,” they hissed, walking away.

“What losers…”

“Don’t show your face around us!”

Yukio was trembling with anger, ready to chase them and throw a good punch, but was distracted by Kouji.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly to the boy still sitting on the ground.

He nodded weakly as he tried to wipe away the tears, but it wasn’t very convincing.

Yukio sighed at him and held out his hand, “You shouldn’t let them bully you!” he scolded.

The boy grimaced, accepting the help, and stumbled up, “They were more and older…” he argued feebly.

Yukio shook his head, “Still, call for help next time.”

He nodded again, sheepishly.

“So, what’s your name?”

“M-Moriyama Yoshitaka…” he stuttered, fidgeting with his hands.

Yukio grinned widely at him, “Nice to meet you, Yoshi! I’m Yukio!”

“And I’m Kouji,” the other boy added.

Yoshitaka offered a small smile.

“Come on, let’s go playing!” Yukio said excitedly, pointing at the ball he was holding.

His new friend blinked, surprised.

“You want to play with me?” he asked, incredulous.

“Eh? Sure,” Yukio shrugged, “Kouji too.”

“Fine,” the other agreed.

Yoshitaka saddened, “But they said-”

Yukio cut him off, “ ’Don’t care!” he grabbed Yoshi’s wrist and started dragging him towards the garden, Kouji trotted behind them, “Come on! You’re going to play with me from now on!”

“A-are we friends?”

Yukio laughed and turned to look at him, “Yes, we all are now!”


“Yu-Kio-Chan!” Moriyama sang draping himself over his best friend’ shoulders, who roughly shook him off.

“I already told you to stop calling me that,” he growled, but the annoyance in his voice was nearly none and Moriyama knew.

They were walking in their middle-school’ corridor, eating some sandwiches and drinking juice. Kobori was with them, quietly watching over his two friends; he had grown so much that the other students couldn’t resist from glancing at him as they passed. Moriyama and Kasamatsu were now the same height, much to the second’s chagrin.

“Yukio!” he whined again, pulling his sleeve to have his attention, “What club are you joining?”

Keep reading

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Can you do a scenario with Kobori who has a longtime crush on his friend now, and he decides to confess to her? I'm such a Kaijou trash, and this guy needs so much love <3 hehe thanks c;

YES!! Kobori needs more loving!! ; A ; (All my Kaijou bbys do!)

He’s known you since you were young children.

The day he first met you, Kobori felt that attraction instantly.. it was as if someone opened his eyes for the first time, and he was only able to see you. It was instantaneous how you became friends, and he was fortunate to be close to you.

However, you were separated in middle school, and he thought he’d never see you again.

It wasn’t until his second year in Kaijou, when he’d been walking to Kaijou with Kasamatsu and Moriyama, that he saw you standing in front of the school, confusion on your face. He couldn’t believe it.. The ____-chan, the cute, small girl that had clung to him in elementary, was suddenly back.. 

It was almost meant to be…


Upon hearing your name, you whirl around, eyes wide at the man standing before you.. You didn’t pay attention to the flustered Kasamatsu or the flirtatious Moriyama.. No.. 

You were focused on your childhood friend..


And when you ran to hug him, jumping into his arms, he felt his heart race rapidly in his chest.

Oh.. So this is what love feels like.. It was nice… But despite that, he wasn’t sure if it was really love.. so he chose to believe it was infatuation.

He’d soon learn.. what he felt for you was so strong, so powerful, he had no choice but to act, before it was too late.


It was the last year in Kaijou, and it was around the time they were recruiting new members for the basketball team.

“Hey, Kobori-kun.. Is it true you guys got Kise Ryouta?”

Startled, he looked at you, eyes slightly wide before nodding slowly.

“Y…Yeah.. We somehow managed to recruit him, but Kasamatsu is going to have a hayday about that.. That boy’s manners… Well… they’re non-existent.”

You raised an eyebrow at his words, but shrug, before staring down at your paper, biting your lip.

“Why do you ask _____?”

You almost realize you’d been staring at Kobori for some time, and you fluster, trying to come up with some sort of response.. But truthfully, you were just curious…

“I… I don’t have a reason really..” you admit, shrugging, “I heard things about him and that ‘Generation of Miracles’ group.. so I was curious? I don’t really know them so it’s.. I just want to know about them I guess.”

He doesn’t see any sort of lie in your eyes, and he knows you’d never lie to him anyway. so he didn’t find it harmless for you to join him at practice that day.. 

At least.. Not until Kise met you.


“Hey… You’re pretty cute! What’s your name?”

You blink, tilting your head and stare at him, unsure of how to respond.. This.. This was Kise Ryouta? You looked him up and down, a frown on your lips..

This guy.. so flamboyant and dare you say, annoying, was getting on your nerves.. You weren’t sure whether to kick or trip the bastard.

“What’s it to you ? I’m your senpai, so you will address me as such.”

He hums, a light frown on his lips as he assesses you, trying to find any way to make you break.. He doesn’t see how Kobori is almost glaring at him, or how he tightens his hand into a fist, and he certainly doesn’t see the way Moriyama is whispering to Kasamatsu, eyebrows arching in surprise.

“No girl has ever talked to me that way…” he mutters, trying to intimidate you. But you weren’t buying it, a scowl deep on your lips.

“They clearly have no respect for themselves then.” you shoot back, gripping your bag tightly. “Any female who has an ounce of respect wouldn’t go flocking to a guy who has no manners..” 

You take a step back, casting him a glare, “You’re not that impressive.. Even if you’re some prodigy in basketball, your attitude and personality sucks.. You don’t even deserve to wear Kaijou’s jersey.”

As you turned around, Kise’s arm flew to your shoulder, and out of reflex, you threw him to the ground, stunning everyone in the gym. Dozens of girls freaked out, because their precious ‘Kise-kun’ was hurt, but you just stared down at him, watching his eyes widen in shock.

“Don’t touch me.” you hiss, slapping his hand away. “If you know what’s good for you.”

You then walked to the three guys in your class, giving them all glares as you let out an annoyed huff.

“Way to pick out trash.” you mutter, “Make sure he knows what senpai means by the end of practice.. Or I’ll teach him myself..”

Then, you walked out, ignoring their astonished faces, and it was only after you were out of ear-shot, did Moriyama clasp Kobori’s shoulder.

“Your girlfriend is scary, Kobori.”

He wants to retort that you weren’t his girlfriend, but… He finds the words stuck in his throat, and clenches his hand.



Despite the night before, you find yourself waking in a happy mood, and you’re startled by your name being called.. The smile grows bigger when you realize it’s Kobori, and you run to him, giving him a hug like every other day.

He’s still in shock from what happened in the gym yesterday, but seeing you happy and smiling washes away that shock, and he finds himself dragging you to the roof, where it’s isolated and he can actually think without being pressured..

He saw you in a whole new light yesterday, but rather than be scared.. he felt… relieved..

If you didn’t like Kise, it meant you wouldn’t be stolen by him, and that was a slight fear he had when you asked about him in the first place. But the way you handled yourself.. 

“You’ve changed…”

His words surprise you, but it easily melts away, and a smile replaces it, leaning against the fence.

“Well.. You didn’t expect me to stay the same way forever, did you? Or maybe you liked when I clung to you?’

He lets out a soft laugh, but it barely reaches your ears, and when you turn around, you realize he’s right in front of you, hands on either side of the fence. His brown hues sparkled with a hidden emotion, and you weren’t sure what to make of it, and so, you watched, curiously and slightly shocked, as his hand cupped your chin.

“What if I DID like you clinging to me ____-chan?” he whispers, lips teasingly inches from yours, “What if I told you that I’ve liked you since we were kids, and after seeing how you handled Kise yesterday made me realize i’d have a chance with you?”

Your eyes widened further, lips slightly parted as a soft gasp leaves your mouth. But you immediately find yourself laughing, shaking your head in amusement, as you grabbed his hand.

“Then I’d say you were an idiot, and never had anything to worry about… Because i felt the same way, and when we were split apart, I kind of.. maybe , died a little… And i figured if we ever were to meet again, you’d like a girl who’s more.. mature.. and can take care of herself..”

At that point, you were rambling, cheeks flushed from embarrassment, but all Kobori did was stare, slightly shocked at your confession, but also finding his heart fluttering wildly in his chest.

Man.. he had it bad.

“If that’s the case.. then I don’t mind.. Because I’ve always liked you _____-chan.. So it doesn’t matter how you are now, or who you were before, my feelings for you haven’t changed.”

He sealed his confession with a tender kiss, and everything else ceased to exist.

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Scenario where Moriyama, Nakamura, and Kobori catch their s/o looking at baby/childhood pictures of the boys. Bonus if she remarks "To think, this cutie-pie grew up into such a handsome young man ? "

AH!! Some more Kaijou fluff?!  Of course I can do this :3

Kobori: As soon as he hears those words from your lips, he gives away his spot, coughing awkwardly into his hand. He watches as your eyes snap up to his, a blush also creeping on your cheeks at being overheard.. Because not once had you admit, out loud anyway, that Kobori was a handsome young man..

But he’s quick to join you on the couch, placing the drinks he’d grabbed before on the table. He then reaches for another photo album, replacing it with the one you just had.

“I..If you liked those photos a lot, ____-chan.. You’ll enjoy these..”

And then he proceeded to show you more photos of himself, all the while paying attention to the smile curling on your lips.

Moriyama: Curiosity had gotten the better of you, and although you knew Moriyama would freak, you chose to open the book anyway. Because who would pass up the opportunity to see their boyfriends as children? And see how they grew up without you?

You honestly weren’t prepared for the amount of cuteness in that one book though. Because every other photo had him smiling, and it wasn’t one of those flirtatious smiles.. No. It was a huge, blinding grin, like any child would have during their innocence.. And it was pure..

Seeing him with his puppy, seeing him smile big when he was an older brother.. It made your heart race in your chest, and the entire time, you didn’t notice him watching you.

“To think.. this cutie-pie grew up into such a handsome young man…”

It was only when he attacked you with kisses and hugs did you feel the embarrassment. When you got yourself together, you saw that innocent smile once again, and damn…

It was as if time stood still..

Nakamura: He was never good with compliments.. Honestly, Nakamura tells himself he’d be perfectly happy living without hearing someone compliment him because he never knows how to respond. So when he walks in on you going through an old photo album, his cheeks immediately burst in colour.

Without meaning to, he grabs the book from your lap, holding it above his head. A light sheen of sweat drips from his forehead, and why he’s sweating, he doesn’t know.. But he can feel his nerves twist and churn in his gut.

It’s silent in the room, and neither of you break eye-contact, but you can see he wants to.. And you almost feel sorry for your boyfriend, because he looks ready to faint.. Without thinking, you stand up, wrapping your arms around his waist, and rest your head on his chest, as though you were cuddling on the couch.

“To think… this cutie-pie grew up into such a handsome young man..”

He swallows, unable to hold back the squeak from leaving his throat.. It’s only after a few minutes does he realize you’re not letting go, and he returns the hug, while trying to think of something to say.. But he finds everything’s okay when you ask him to watch a basketball game, because it’s something that not only makes him happy, but calms his racing nerves.

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Can I request Susa and Kobori and Kiyoshi (just because I know you love him :) having a girlfriend who doesn't really like physical affection initiating a cuddle session out of the blue after they'd been together for a while? (Like she'd had a bad day or they'd had a bad day or smth.) You're a beautiful human being, Jam, and I love you! <3

This ask is so sweet I think I might cry a little! I love you too anon!

At the slight, yet clearly deliberate brush of your fingers against the back of Kiyoshi’s hand, he perked up, brown eyes searching for something in your dazed expression, which he seems to find in the way your face falls a moment later.

Interrupting your train of thought, he entwines your fingers and squeezes, touch lingering for only a second. “___-chan? Is something wrong?” He asks.

You pause, watching his deep eyes gleam in what was unmistakably concern and finding yourself lost in them. “I just had a bad day.” You murmured, pulling your gaze away from his and instead looking to his hands as you entwined your fingers with his.

He picked up on the unspoken request, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you to the expanse of his chest. He couldn’t help but smile to himself as he felt you hug him back, sighing against his shirt from the gentle warmth of his embrace.

“Bad days are a part of life ___-chan, but they don’t change the person you are,” He spoke, stroking the crown of your head. “B-but that doesn’t mean the day’s over yet! Why don’t you let me teach you hanafuda this time?”

Kouji, can I hug you?”

Kobori’s eyebrows raised as he looked at you over his shoulder. “Is something wrong?” He asks, sitting down beside you on his bed. He sounded worried. It was an unusual request coming from you.

“No, not really. I just felt like it. I promise I’m not doing it just to get out of studying.” You try to reassure him with a smile, which seems to work when he laughs quietly, eyes soft and bursting with affection.

He wraps an arm around your shoulder, bringing your body against his with a gentle touch that borders on hesitant, prepared for you to pull away from him at any moment.

But you don’t. You relax into his arms, resting your head on his shoulder as you tightly gripped his waist. Basking in comfortable silence, you heard a cheerful hum resonate from your boyfriends’s lips as he stroked your shoulders.

“This is nice every now and then.” You sigh happily, arms tightening around his waist.

His expression was tight and his eyes glazed with tears that threatened to spill once again. Your heart twisted and turned at the sight, but you stayed quiet for a little longer, knowing how pity was most likely the last thing Susa wanted.

You weren’t sure exactly what to say, you were sure that he’d heard everything that came to your mind from the coach already, and he probably wouldn’t want to think about such a sour end to high school basketball. But you couldn’t just stand by and watch him struggle on his own. 

So you didn’t say anything. You pulled him into a hug instead, grip tightening around his large frame as you drew languid circles into the small of his back.

“Did I really worry you that much?”

“I just felt like it. Do you want to go to that cafe you always study at with Imayoshi-san? It’s on me.”

“As long as you don’t recite any of his jokes.” He retorts, his voice just a little bit more lively and your heart pounds in relief.

“Sure, sure.” You whisper, smiling. “Mine were always better anyways.”

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Kobori, Fluff and number seven please? :')

Does she notice that I can’t breathe?

Kobori was used to being unnoticed. When you’ve got someone like Kise in your team, you kind of get used to being in the sidelines.

Him? He was just quiet, came from a rich family, had average grades, liked stargazing: that was a bit of a unique hobby of his.

And it was a bit of a lonely hobby too, when no one else was interested and sometimes he felt just about as extraordinary as every other star up there, dim and hopelessly outshone by the moon.

He noticed you when you came into the gym during basketball practice once, along with a group of other girls clamoring for Kise’s attention - and that was exactly what you weren’t doing, and instead you promptly sat down at a bench, opened up a book, and waited for your friends.

Kobori, out of curiosity, approached you and asked, “Not interested in him?”

You looked up at him and smiled. “Who, Kise? He’s not really my type. Bit too flashy.”

Kobori blinked. Shit, you were even prettier up close. “So, uh…what is your type?”

Was he flirting? Unconsciously?

You chuckled. “Someone more…down to earth. They don’t need to be overly special or talented. Just have mutual understanding, and maybe we’d like the same things, too. That’s all.”

“What do you like, then?”

“Stars.” You smiled. His heart almost stopped.


“You know, if most people had to choose the moon or the stars, they’d choose the moon any day. I think the stars are pretty unique, too. Even though the moon shines more brightly than them, the stars still burn anyway, and someone out there appreciates them. Why else do people wish on stars?”

Kobori took a sharp intake of breath, his chest light. “You know - I never asked you what your name was.”

You smiled. “How about I give my number along with it?”

“I’d—like that very much.”

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Kise: Back when I was in middle school, our gym got vandalized. A team we beat was mad or something. They just wrote some dumb things on the walls, is all. Nothing big, but it did piss us off. So, Akashi went out into the fields and-
Kasamatsu: …Oh my god, did he murder someone?
Kise: Yeah, he killed a guy.
Nakamura: Holy shit! Was… was he someone you knew?
Kise: Yeah. Well… Yeah, “knew” past tense. He’s dead now.
Kobori: S-so… What was he like?
Kise: He was… I mean, gosh, what was he like? Well, he WAS alive.
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Susa, kimura, kobori, okamura, eikichi reaction when a cute tiny adorable girl, the school most beautiful girl head over heels for them? She was so nervous and please make it fluffy! Is it okay for the side char? I think they need more love~

Used she/her pronouns as requested.

If Susa found out someone like that liked him, he’d blush terribly and rub the back of his neck, feeling suddenly very shy. He’s someone who doesn’t like to be in the spotlight, so to have the school’s most beautiful girl suddenly confess to him would leave him a bit overwhelmed. Still, he’d very happy and would treasure her a lot.

Like Susa, Kimura’s someone who doesn’t feel comfortable in the spotlight and avoids trouble. He’d appreciate the girl’s feelings, but as someone who’s very hardworking towards his goals perhaps would not accept her confession. Despite that, he’d treasure her feelings and thank her for liking him.

Kobori is a very calm individual, often having to stop fights from breaking out in the team, so he’d handle the situation very well. He’d blush all the way to his ears and might stutter a bit, but would be very happy. He wouldn’t mind giving the girl a chance, but would have a bit of trouble accepting someone like that likes him.

Okamura might explode tbh. He wouldn’t believe something like that is happening to him, and he def would be quite overwhelmed. He’d readily accept the girl’s feelings, feeling extremely happy himself. They’d def be that one lovey-dovey couple everyone can’t stand, but all his teammates are happy for him.

Nebuya might think it’s some sort of joke at first, because there’s no way a girl like that could like him for real. Once she convinces him, he’d grin widely and puff out his chest a little. There’s no doubt he’d treasure her a lot, but she has to understand he won’t change who he is for her.

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Cuddle headcanons for the Kaijo regulars and Nakamura if you're up for writing him? :)

Kise: He is a huge cuddler. Honestly if he ever goes a day without cuddling you, he just feels incomplete. This boy literally sets up cuddle dates together and just loves the feeling of holding you and you holding him. Literal child when it comes to getting attention. Just love this ray of sunshine he deserves it. 

Kasamatsu: He can be kind of tense when cuddling in the first few minutes or so, but after some time he starts loosening up and draping his arms over you. He really likes stroking your hair while cuddling or rubbing circles in your back. When he’s feeling bold, he’ll lean down and give you a kiss on the top of your head. 

Hayakawa: Enthusiastic, just as he is with everything else. He can give pretty bone-crushing hugs, but then he’ll just nuzzle his face in to your shoulder like the pure boy he is. He especially loves it when you pat him on the head while he lays on your chest. Expect lots of kisses from him. 

Nakamura: He takes off his glasses when the both of you cuddle that way he can have free reign to hide his face in the nape of your neck or nuzzle your cheek. He occasionally finds himself humming a light tune when the both of you cuddle just because he can’t contain how happy he gets. 

Moriyama: He can be kind of silly when the both of you cuddle. He’ll sometimes flirt with you even though the both of you are already in a relationship but he finds it necessary to keep the fire going, so he likes doing unexpected things like perhaps tickling you or peppering you with kisses during cuddling. 

Kobori: Can be a bit of a blushing mess when the both of you cuddle but - like Kasamatsu - it dies down eventually and suddenly everything seems very natural and comfortable. He would really love cuddling while reading a book or playing video games or something. He tends to get so comfortable he falls asleep. 

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3rd years: visit kaijou when they have time and giving pointers to the players, even the kouhai they don’t know; kise crying because he’s always happy to see them and kasamatsu kicking him because; kasamatsu, kobori and moriyama are just impressed by how far their kouhai have come (hayakawa being a good captain, kise improving fast and nakamura being a level-headed reliable teammate). also kise is embarrassing because he shows them off to his own kouhai (‘look look they were my awesome senpai and awesome captain!!’).

3rd years: kasamatsu&moriyama are in the same college and moriyama actually helps kasamatsu in his studies; they meet with kobori once a week and they share their college misadventures.

gen: the regulars go basket shoes-shopping but it takes forever because there’s always an obstacle (kise’s fans, moriyama’s flirting, hayakawa being too loud and they get kicked out of the shop).

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Can I request the Kaijo team being yanderes?

Hayakawa Mitsuhiro: Hayakawa completely lives in a fantasy world where the two of you are together, at times having vivid images of you cheering for him in the crowd during a game, or rubbing his shoulders when he’s stressed out over work. He can’t hide his crush on you but from the outside looking in, it’s completely pure, although on the inside he’s mind is constantly revolving around you, what you’re doing, and what you could be doing if you were with him.

Kasamatsu Yukio:

Kise Ryouta:
Here, here, here and here

Kobori Kouji:
Kobori has a good handle on his emotions, and thus, it’s near impossible to tell who he has feelings for and who he doesn’t. He uses basketball as an excuse to focus on something that’s not you, as he can’t help but want to follow you around like a puppy, wanting to do whatever he could to be noticed by you even if it meant throwing one of his own under the bus. He has urges to press you against walls and ravage you but knows that will only hurt you and his chances, thus pondering how to approach you to make the encounter mutual.

Moriyama Yoshitaka:
Moriyama had never verbally introduced himself to you, but had started to stalk you from the very beginning, following you home and watching you from behind any object he could to see what you were doing. He got his thrills by peeking in his windows late at night, often going for those walks after practice was over with, sometimes tempted to enter your home without your permission but not knowing how stealthy he could be, refrains from doing so until he feels confident you won’t notice him.

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