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Solo Tuesday

So this was a fun one, I guess cause I don’t have as much solo artists as groups lol.

40 mins in i broke Alright by Lim Kim and I listened to Bol4’s Hard to Love.

An hour later after starting over I broke Like You by Hoody and listened to Strawberry by Twice

Finally getting some time between lol. 2 hours and 40 minutes later I broke Cold Night, You Were Warm by Koh Nayoung and listened to BTS, Boy With Luv. It’s much more satisfying to me the longer you wait cause them you finally hit that song and it’s like yes!

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Koh Nayoung - Cold night, You were warm (2017)

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Koh Nayoung - ‘Cold night, You were warm.’ (2017)

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After the heavy hitters last week … well, I was gonna say this week lightened up, but it really didn’t, so here’s a bunch of song reviews.

Honorable Mentions:

I like the contemplative mood of NO.11′s B1. But I think that is more because of the video than the song, which captures the world in such a stark visual tone, and uses the contrast of a blue filter to a yellow well really well. That’s not to say I didn’t like the song, which was simple but good.

A lot of time, a sweet voice is associated with a high tone. But I can’t think of a better descriptor for Han So Ah’s voice than sweet. And her range and control puts her right in my favorite female vocal range. A Day Prior To Moving is really really simple, which lets Han So Ah be the focus as she sings her heart out with enviable control. Also who isn’t a sucker for a key change.

I love Koh Nayoung’s voice, and a lot of her songs. I am glad to add Clumsy to that list. While she doesn’t get to be quite as powerful with her vocals in this case, she fits the sound really well. The beat drop is nice, and I even like the ear worm weaving in and out for most of the song. And in a year where plot based MVs have been pretty uncommon, or incredibly confusing, Clumsy manages to pull it off with a concise plot, interesting directing and pretty good acting all around.

If you need a dance track that only has vocals so that a verse exists, SM’s Station channel has you this week.

I really like the verse of Red Velvet’s Peek-A-Boo, as well as the video, which is creatively creepy. Sadly, the chorus is just a little too now, and a little too not my thing.

If you like trap, New Champ’s got you with Training Zombie. If you don’t like trap, but want to feel what it is like to be on a slight acid trip, you should still watch it. And if nothing else, the rappers all kill their parts. I also enjoy Sleepy towering over everyone in group shots.

There is a song called Boat this week. Listen to the chorus. Then listen to this. Then you will understand why I couldn’t stop laughing.

I don’t really know he purpose of putting kittens on your base drum. But I like it.

Remember those overly confusing plot videos I referenced earlier? Wanna One has one now with Beautiful. They decided in 6 minutes they would have: a reuniting old friend plot, a falling out of those same friends plot, a fight that kills someone plot (which may have caused the friends to grow apart), a boxing plot, and the rest of the members being bffs plot. Oh, and it ends with Sungwoo presumably dying from falling off a staircase, and Daniel losing his boxing match, but still smiling? I just don’t get it. There are makjang dramas less complicated.

Hey, do you remember those songs for charity that had approximately 5 million people in them, and never really made sense, and had a lot of underwhelming melodies? Fly Day is the equivalent at least in the number of artists. They include: Park Ji Young, Sunmi, DIA’s Jooeun and Jaeyeon, Jin Sewoon, Eunhyuk (yes from Suju), NRG, Astro’s Moonbin and MJ, Halo’s Wowoon Jaeyong and Heechan, B.I.G’s Heedo and Geonmin, B.A.P’s Jongup and Youngjae, Deowon, and Kim Johan. The time it took me to write out all those names was the length of the song. Or maybe just how long it will take me to forget it. Oh, and at the very end, they let you know it is for the Olympics, which gives me high hopes of seeing all of them at the opening ceremonies next year. Or maybe the closing. Or maybe both.

I really want to like Swing’s Clock Out. And the chorus is strong with Crush at the helm, and Jay Park’s rap is solid. Hell, Swings himself is solid too. I just can’t bring myself to care. Maybe it’s just a little bit too relaxed?

At least BtoB’s plot video is easy to follow. Way Back Home may be a bit of a boring ballad, but the video passes the standard of having an actual plot that makes sense. I also may have fallen in love with Hyunshik. And by maybe, I mean definitely. Have you seen him smile recently?

If you like your MV actors famous a pretty, Soyou and Sung Si Kyung’s I Still has you covered with a brooding Lee Dong Wook.

I actually like the jazzy sound of Samuel’s Candy. At least, it is a huge step up for me after his debut.

When I see the names Nell and Groovyroom on the same track, I start getting hopeful. And when I started listening to Today, I grew more hopeful. And more hopeful. And it is basically as amazing as I expected, while being totally the opposite of what I would expect from Groovyroom. Basically, listen to it now, and thank me later. It only didn’t win because of how much I love the song AND video of the first place winner.

So, confession time: I write my little write ups as I am listening, and choose a winner at then end, at which point I cut and paste that song’s review into the end. But this week, I can’t because it is referenced in like 3 other reviews, and I like the referencing, so it is staying.

That is to say, Koh Nayoung won. Go back up and read that one if you didn’t read it the first time.

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koh nayoung, bucket list (2016)

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