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rumble-bee-art · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your buddy went to study in Italy and came back realllly hot and now you have ~gay feelings~ and you’re panicking, how is that for just one afternoon???
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shaky-mayhemm · 21 hours ago
Idk bout anyone else but for RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY I need to see Kojiro with a small kitten
Tumblr media
whoa it’s been a minute since I did sk8
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biancablack2474 · 2 days ago
Okay, I'll cut right to the chase! I saw your requests are open so please give me some third-wheeling with Matchablossom and Renga hcs! Also, just being a mood with Miya.. (and maybe how Adam would react after I kick him in the balls?) <3 I know you will do a really good job so GOOD LUCK!!!
Third Wheeling with Matchablossom and Renga
(+Hanging out with Miya and kicking Adam in the balls)
[Warning: Slight swearing but mostly fluff, a bit cringe]
(Pairing: Sakurayashiki ‘Cherry Blossom’ Kaoru x Nanjo ‘Joe’ Kojiro)
Tumblr media
First off, they would never want to let you third wheel. They do not like it. At all. So they assume the three of you would hang out as friends.
Except they can never help the “subtle” touches and the “obvious bickering” they’re flirting.
Not that you’d mind of course. They’re waaayy to cute and entertaining for you to be mad or awkward about it.
If you’re out shopping, then Kojiro would subconsciously slip his arms around Kaoru’s waist as he checks out a couple of clothes on the rack.
While walking around, if Kaoru sees something he wants or likes, he would latch onto Kojiro’s hand to pull him along and then conveniently forget to let go.
You obviously would take pictures of this from the side or behind because if you take it from the front Kaoru would notice, pull away blushing and smack Kojiro’s arm which would result in another round of bickering (which is still entertaining XD).
(Kaoru secretly loves those pictures and would make you send all of it to him)
The only time they wouldn’t make you feel like you were third wheeling is when the three of you are eating a meal together.
Kojiro likes to sit opposite Kaoru when eating a meal so you would be sitting next either one of them.
This means they can constantly see you so they involve you in all of their conversations and tell you a lot of stories.
The only form of touching during that time is kicking each other under the table because one of them said something dumb (although Kaoru would NEVER admit that).
The only person who is “allowed” to third wheel with them is Miya because (i) he’s too busy on his phone or doing something else (ii) they’re actually going out as a family and Kaoru and Kojiro treat him like their son (although none of them would admit that either).
Keeping up with them skating is HARD. They’re always bickering and trying to beat each other that sometimes you have to slow down on purpose to save yourself. 
(Pairing: Kyan Reki x Hasegawa Langa)
Tumblr media
They don’t mind anyone third wheeling. 
You really don’t feel like it either……. If you ignore the fact that they are almost always holding hands.
But that’s really only because Reki has a lot to show and he wants Langa to keep up.
They never forget that you’re there though.
Reki likes to take Langa to a lot street shops, for shopping and eating because Langa doesn’t know about a lot of these places.
So during meal times (unlike with Matchablossom) they sit next to each other as Reki excitedly feeds Langa and waits for his reaction.
And since Langa eats a lot in general, Reki is either feeding Langa for a while giving you time to take a lot of pictures after you’re done eating or if Reki is done eating and isn’t feeding Langa, he rests his head on Langa’s shoulder as Langa’s eating to take a break from his hyper active state.
They sometimes ask you to take some good couple-y pictures of them (apart from the candid ones you have)
You don’t mind because they stand in a lot of cute and obviously chaotic poses.
The only other person who third wheels often apart from you is Higa ‘Shadow’ Hiromi because they ask him to drive them places. 
He complains of course, but he doesn’t mind as much as he says he does. He thinks they’re cute because he’s a big soft romantic on the inside.
Skating with them is always fun. The three of you constantly try and try to come up with new tricks. It involves a lot of laughing and playing around.
Reki and Langa don’t try couple tricks when you’re there. No, they do that alone. 
You only stumbled upon them doing that on accident. You doubled back assuming you left something, only to find them practicing and giggling softly.
You walked away without disturbing them (not bothering to look for your thing) and with a precious video of them in your pocket.
Hanging out with Chinen Miya
Tumblr media
Hanging out with him means you definitely pick some good comebacks and a lot of tips on how to be salty.
The boy could probably write you a beginner’s handbook on all of this.
He doesn’t swear…. At least not too much.
He was raised that way and constantly being around elders or in the presence of the media, he quickly learned to control himself.
There were also Cherry and Joe who were quick to reprimand him when he did it in front of them once (parents amirite:|).
This means you get to teach him quite a few creative ways of swearing without actually saying the words.
Miya gets insecure sometimes despite acting like nothing people say about him affects him but it’s usually Reki that boosts his confidence.
You on the other hand either crack a lot of jokes with him or take him someplace to do an awesome prank with a foolproof plan.
Y’all have NEVER gotten caught.
Miya also loves some good gossip. He tells you a lot from his school and you tell him loads from your school/work.
If you two are in the same school then this exchange usually happens during lunch break.
Kicking Adam in the balls
Tumblr media
Let’s just say that anyone and everyone who’s ever known him would be happy.
Except Tadashi of course. He would find it a bit funny because he knows Adam had it coming but he would feel bad immediately after.
You would kick him with the intention of aiming for his shin but you would be so blinded by anger that you accidently knee him in the balls.
Not that you regret it.
You hear a loud “FUUUUUUUCKKKKK” come from him as a keels over, one hand on his balls and the other on the floor.
Just as he looks up, Joe and Cherry stand in front of you protectively, Joe smirking and Cherry glaring after seeing the look in his eye.
Miya wouldn’t stop laughing, especially after seeing how Reki is cheering.
Langa would be looking at you, impressed, making a mental note not to mess with you.
Tadashi would just quietly help up Adam.
Once Adam gets up, off the ground and notices how everyone is protecting you, he laughs a bit creepily and says, “You’ll pay for that. I challenge you to a beef.”
You would laugh and call him an asshole or a son of a bitch and decline the challenge because you know better than to accept that crazy motherfucker’s challenge.
Joe would offer to do it instead of you but Adam would blatantly ignore him and walk away.
I'm sorry it took so long lol but here it is!💞
I enjoyed writing this a lot and I hope y'all like it too! Enjoy 😚
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reki-of-the-valley · 22 hours ago
I'm just.... Reki and Langa being in that weird period where they aren't dating, but the yearning has become unbearable. So Reki will be all up in Langa's personal space, half hugs from behind as he talks to whoever they're both talking to (or he's talking to, Langa's mostly just nodding and listening to them). Langa, out of the blue, middle of the conversation, will just praise Reki on whatever's just been said (like they're talking about the latest race? "Reki, you're so amazing when you skate. You're the best teacher I could ever ask for.") And of course at some point they'll both turn their heads to look at the other and their noses will brush and they'll pull back, blushing like mad and being awkward around each other because they're dumb and so deeply in love with each other
And Miya will be there. Miya is always there. And Miya hates it. He'll just glare at them and go "I hate them. I hate them and their stupidly obvious crushes on each other. I hate romance and love and when I'm older, I'm just going to adopt 3 cats and live happily with them. No romance. No other humans. Because I refuse to look like---!" And he'll just gesture the mess that is Reki and Langa averting eyes and nervously fiddling with whatever or whatever their nervous tick is. And Joe will be there too, patting Miya's head as he laughs because "if that's what you want, kiddo. But maybe you'll find yourself a best friend too and fall in love with them. I mean, I-" and Cherry hits Joe upside the head to get him to shut up
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yk what? I like you *tells you my SK8 the Infinity headcanons*
he’s bi. like Rich Goranski bi. (yes this was a Be More Chill reference, who do you take me for?)
what made him find out, you might be asking: he had a crush on James from Team Rocket when he was like 10 (I do think he watched Pokemon as a kid)
he’s a HUGE disney nerd
he made Langa watch all the old-school disney movies with him (yk, Robin Hood, The Sword in the Stone, The Three Musketeers, all that good stuff)
he also adores Tim Burton’s animations and anything by Studio Laika (his favorites are Coraline and The Corpse Bride)
he has adhd
he knows how to braid hair, and braided Langa’s hair multiple times
has multiple makeover sessions and tea parties with his sisters
skateboards are not the only thing he draws, he’s actually really good at art in general
plays rpg with Miya
a demisexual homoromantic
he can cook, and helps his mom whenever he can
likes watching horror movies with Reki, cause he knows his friend (and “secret” crush) will get scared and cling onto him
but he does actually enjoy horror
his favorites are the ones based off Stephen King books (mainly The Shining and Misery)
had a Harry Potter phase
is a Griffindor
also had a Percy Jackson phase
child of Tyche (goddess of luck)
convinced Reki to read The Lightning Thief and actually got him hooked into the series
is a gay man
went through a middle school emo phase
knows Kojiro and is friends with him since they were little kids
had a thing for Adam during high school, that obviously ended when he threw a guy off a cliff during a beef
bickering and insulting are his love languages
no, but seriously, he almost never means an insult
practically lives at Kojiro’s restaurant
programming became one of his main hobbies during freshman year high school, that’s when he started developing Carla
noticed his feelings for Kojiro a little bit after high school graduation, but only confessed after his beef against Adam that resulted in a skateboard to his face
Bi. no more comment needed
has pictures from Kaoru’s emo phase, which he jokingly calls “his blackmail pictures” (he’d never show them to anyone without Kaoru’s permission, and Kaoru knows it)
realized his feelings for Kaoru in sophomore year high school, but also realized Kaoru liked Adam, so he let them be, with the thought that Kaoru’s happiness was more than enough for him
was so surprised when Kaoru confessed that he almost fell off his chair and needed like 5 minutes to process what just happened
he only pretends to be annoyed every time Cherry shows up at Sia la Luce, on the inside his so fucking happy
knows how to cook since childhood, used to do it with his family
he also enjoyed baking for his friends
has sort of a dad-like feeling towards Reki, Langa and Miya
demiboy, aro/ace
he/they pronouns
his rpg characters are always warlocks, rogues or druids, change my mind
the type of person to stop on the street to pat a stray animal, causing everyone to stop and wait for him
called Joe “dad” by accident on multiple occasions, and it actually became a thing
now Joe’s number is saved as “Father” on his phone
on the subject of contact names, Reki is “Slimy Boy”
and Shadow is “Scary Old Guy”
helps Reki and Langa with math homework, jokingly makes fun of them for needing a 13 y/o’s help
the local straight ally
knows a LOT of flower meanings/symbolism
has sent “fuck you” bouquets to multiple people
uses the “Shadow” persona to let out all his pent up anger
and tries his best to hide it from his manager (it doesn’t really work)
at this point he has accepted his role as the local babysitter
he’s kind of the kids’s “cool uncle”
does his job of hiding where he works so poorly that multiple people from S showed at his flower shop
he’s happy for getting new costumers, but annoyed that they are “blowing his cover” from asking for a guy named Shadow when they come in
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ikimaru · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
some matchablossom and their lil shit cat son :^)
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crimson-chains · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More draw over Sk8 things! ^W^ Memes memes memes~
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cryptidmullet · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
joe told reki horror movies get girls to cling to you. it didnt go the way either of them expected
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sinfulhime · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is their dynamic right? 😂
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