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#kojiro nanjo
sk8theinfinityzine · 49 minutes ago
Tumblr media
We're looking for a mixture of artists, writers, and dedicated merch artists to help us put this project together!
Application Requirements:
🐱 Credit name and link to at least one social media site.
🍵 At least three complete samples. Additional portfolios are appreciated but not required.
🌸 At least one pitch for a piece. This is a short description of a dream piece you'd love to make for the project. Only a short text description is required, but sketches/drafts in addition are welcome!
🧨 If you'd like to apply for multiple positions, our flexible form allows you to do so with one submission.
APPLY HERE by May 16th, 2021!
Schedule - Ask - FAQ
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meowyachinen · 2 hours ago
broke my phone after hitting a pebble during a coconut wheelie
so i dont have a way to pretend i dont hear joes bad jokes
send help
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wizardstove · 2 hours ago
Request from insta but Tadashi with snake bites supremacy babyyyyyy
Tumblr media
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tasteslikedamnation · 3 hours ago
No I will not take any criticism
Slytherin: Miya, Adam
Gryffindor: Joe, Langa
Hufflepuff: Shadow
Ravenclaw: Reki, Cherry
Ok let me explain: Miya speaks for Himself, dude's determined and the most ambitious one without a doubt, same goes for Adam and both are very aspiring to win
Joe's brave and a daredevil, so is Langa (althought he's a little lost sometimes but that's ok) I mean he literally jumped of a cliff and wanted to race Adam despite knowing how dangerous he is
Shadow is undoubtedly the most friendly and loyal out of them, even despite dealing with annoying little shits he manages to stay at east a little patient and he deserves an award for that, so biggest Hufflepuff energy
Now, when it comes to Reki, I will not take any criticism. Dude's a Ravenclaw. He is quite intelligent, knows like everything about skating and we don't even have to talk about how creative he is. He's also insanely original and funny as hell.
Cherry might as well be a Slytherin, but I put him into Ravenclaw because he's super clever (Carla literally exists) and Observation as well as logical thinking and great Knowledge are some of his other abilities
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puddinginjection · 3 hours ago
anybody ready to talk abt how much a pearl by mitski is a matchablossom song. anybody. the song was made for them??? Possibilities are endless??
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tasteslikedamnation · 3 hours ago
Joe: I'm having a baby
Miya: That's good for you-
Joe, slamming down adoption papers and a pen: It's you, sign here
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tasteslikedamnation · 4 hours ago
Langa: Come on Reki, be the bigger person
Reki: Ok, first of all I'm 0,131234 feet smaller than you
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i-am-very-not-aight · 5 hours ago
Cherry: Give a man fire and he's warm for a day, set a man on fire and he's warms for the rest of his life.
Joe: that's... not how it works.
Miya: I mean, technically-
Langa: No.
Reki: I volunteer to be warm the rest of my life.
Langa: NO!
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curelaura · 5 hours ago
Reblog if you are sk8 fan and is ok with you to be asked from anyone to talk with you about sk8 the infinity all the time
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asmallnerd · 5 hours ago
Some sk8 stuff from a bit ago <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yes, their outfits are ugly as heck, I do not care I don't know fashion and I think they look funny :)
Reki Kyan: Bisexual
Langa Hasegawa: Gay
Kaoru Sakurayashiki: Nonbinary
Kojiro Nanjo: Trans
Miya Chinen: Pansexual
Hiromi Higa: Agender
[These are based on my headcanons so don't come for me on this]
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matcha-blossombrainrot · 5 hours ago
Welcome back everyone, sorry I kinda died for a while. I’ve been working on a full fic (expect an AO3 link sometime soon) but I was still able to get this done
Soft moonlight filtered through the window, gently framing Kaoru’s face with a pale blue glow. Kojiro tapped his fingers against his arm as he watched over his friend. It was all he could do not to break down, start sobbing. But he has to stay strong. It’s always been what Kaoru looked up to him for. He never said it expressly but Kojiro knew. He knew that he was supposed to be the one that Kaoru could depend on to never crack. He was supposed to be the one who Kaoru went to when he needed stability. The one to fill Kaoru’s heart with joy and warmth. So why did he feel so cold? Like his very soul had been ripped from his body and all that was left was the bitter shell of someone who’s supposed to be the brightest.
“I’m so sorry, Kaoru.” Kojiro held his head in his hands, his shoulders shaking. “Everything that happened to you. I should’ve done something. I should’ve been the one to take that hit, not you.”
Silence enveloped the room once again, broken only by the soft beeping of various machines. He wasn’t sure when it started, but Kojiro found himself furiously wiping away his tears. Everything hurt. Why did everything hurt so much? Why was it so hard for Kojiro to breathe?
Stiff sheets rustled loudly and an ever so slight whisper drifted across the room. “Kojiro? Oh, honey, please don’t cry because of me.”
Kojiro’s head snapped up immediately. Beautiful gold eyes stared back at him, full of worry. And he broke. The tiny fractures that he tried desperately to cover up and fix before anyone saw split his heart and he broke. He broke because Kaoru, the man who always held his head high and stood firm in his decisions, who always seemed so untouchable, was so broken. He looked fragile. Like he could collapse at any moment. And that made Kojiro’s world shatter.
“I’m fine, Kojiro.” Kaoru winced and grabbed his shoulder.
Suddenly Kojiro was back at S, moments before the collision. He watched in agony as the twisted form of the monster he used to know as his friend lifted his board above his head and swung with terrifying accuracy. The only thing Kojiro could hear was the resounding crack as the board collided with Kaoru’s head. He hit the ground and wasn’t moving. Oh god why wasn’t he moving. Kojiro sprinted towards the track, Kaoru still wasn’t moving. Kojiro shouted something at him, he couldn’t remember what it was. Kaoru didn’t respond. Adam spoke to him, he couldn’t remember what he said. Kaoru still didn’t move.
A soft hand gently pulled him back to the present. “Kojiro, my love. Where’d you go?” His smile looked so broken.
“I should’ve done something.”
“No, darling. It was something I had to see for myself. I wouldn’t have listened to you no matter how much you begged me to stop.” Kaoru messed with Kojiro’s hair.
“You could’ve died, Kaoru.” Kojiro turned just enough to put Kaoru’s hand on his cheek.
Kaoru simply ran his thumb across Kojiro’s cheek, wiping away the stray tears that fell. “But I didn’t. It’s a miracle I made it out with just these minor scratches, considering what could’ve happened.”
Kojiro leaned over and placed a soft kiss on Kaoru’s cheek.
“How about after this whole tournament thing is over, we go back to Europe? Just take some time for us.”
Kojiro gently helped Kaoru lay back down, seeing the fatigue in his eyes. “That sounds great, Princess. Just make sure you’re fully healed by then, okay?”
Kaoru simply hummed in acknowledgment and closed his eyes. Kojiro offered a warm smile and kissed his hand before laying it across his chest.
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i-am-very-not-aight · 6 hours ago
Miya: Can I have another cookie?
Joe: What did Karou say?
Joe: Then why are you asking me?
Miya: Because he's not the boss of you?
Joe, internally: It's a trap it's a trap it's a trap it's a trap-
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stellarsonline · 6 hours ago
things I've said while watching the last few episodes of sk8:
why are you like this Adam, why can't you just get some d and leave everyone alone
weird ass p*dophile bitch (adam)
i hate those fucking palm trees
"aRe YoU gOiNg tO rUiN yOuR liFe oVeR a SkAtEboArD?" probably.
how the hell are you gonna land that, you just yeeted yourself off a cliff spike
oh no how are you gonna stroke your ego now?
Langa's never gonna like you, HE 'S NOT YOUR FUCKING EVE BRUH
Is that a fucking cross now?
Can you stop going into the gay rainbow eyes zone *please*
Head empty, no thoughts, just reki
"Are you having fun, langa" more like "aRe yA wInNiNg SoN"
Gay gay homosexual gay
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mysockmonkey · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
This is definitely fruity 🍒🍓🍇🍎🍉🍑🍊🍋🍍🍌🥑🍏🍈🍐🥝🥭🥥🍅🫐
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i-am-very-not-aight · 7 hours ago
Joe: Young Miya here is at that ripe ol' age where there's only one thing on the mind.
Oka: Girls?
Miya: Homicide.
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i-am-very-not-aight · 8 hours ago
Joe: How do Reki and Langa usually get out of messes?
Miya: They don't, they just create a bigger mess that cancels out the first one.
Reki and Langa, clinging to eachother as they go down the track at high speeds, both of their boards broken and only 5 working wheels between them but miraculously still moving:
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Joe is only fit and muscular because cherry broke his heart when they were teens
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i-am-very-not-aight · 8 hours ago
Shadow: If you took a shot for every bad decision you've made, how shitfaced would you be?
Miya: Maybe a little tipsy
Cherry: Drunk
Joe: Wasted
Reki and Langa: Dead
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