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i got a man, but i want you —♡
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creds: ooreonii
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Kimetsu no Yaiba Fanbook Two, The Demon Corps Info Book, Two Specially-Drawn Manga, Part I  Interview with the Demons from Hell: Voices from Beyond the Sanzu River 
Thanking N for the commission and cleaning. PLEASE DO NOT REPOST ANYWHERE. Part II will be uploaded either tomorrow or this week.
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The not holy trinity 
The upper moons
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Soft Upper/lower Moons headcanons
AN: Any art/gif found in my post that does not have my name does not belong to me! If you wish for it to be removed I will remove it
Muzan Kibutsuji
Tumblr media
-This man has lived for a thousand years and never in his eternal life would he believe he was in love. Until you came around to mess up his feelings.
-As soon as he's home the first thing he wants is your hugs. He has to work 24/7 and having some form of affection always made him feel somewhat human
-He likes being the small spoon for once. He loves to lay on your chest when he's home as he doesn't know when he'll be back.
-He's introduced you to both lower and upper moons as well, although you don't get to join his meetings as he doesn't want to 'taint' you from his punishments.
-You best believe he's going to spoil you, he doesn't care if you said no he will spoil you (and you better like it)
-He will eventually turn you into a demon as he doesn't want you to die like his many previous wives
Tumblr media
-He will turn into a puddle of incoherent words if you praise him. He's never been praised before so this will take him by surprise.
-He loves to play with your hands, you're so tiny in comparison to him and that makes you all the more cuter in his eyes.
-He does not trust leaving you alone with other demons if you are a human (aside from muzan), espcially with douma.
-He will carry stuff that belongs to you, it could be a ribbon or your earrings, he will keep that shit.
-Although he doesn't like to bring you in public spaces, (Mainly from the fact that you are a human and demons) he will carry you out to festivals for you to enjoy yourself.
-Eventually he will ask you if you wanted to become a demon that way you both could live happily and if you say yes, his spoiling will amplify to the max.
Tumblr media
-Douma was a lost cause when he first met you, you looked so innocent in comparison to the cruel world and he knew he had to keep you as his claimed trophy
-He purposefully leaves his shirts out in the open for you to wear them cause you looked so cute whenever you wore his shirts. They were much bigger than you.
-He knows fully well that if he carried you into a meeting they will kill you so he kept you at his place for now.
-If he notices any small behavioural changes in his servants after your appearance he will kill them. He doesn't like when they say such rude and disgusting remarks about you and he doesn't want you to be insecure about your selfworth.
Tumblr media
-Akaza was a philogynist, everyone knew that, he was well behaved whenever he was around women and was always a lady pleaser.
-So when you two started dating that amplified up to 50 percent. He would always check in on you, making sure you were well fed, listening to your rants and keeping you busy if you were bored with your normal stuff
-He also likes to craft little stuff for you, it could be a little wooden toy he recently made or even carry you gifts like flowers, or even a stuffed animal he obviously didn't stole.
-He loves it when you give him surprise hugs, it always made him feel somewhat content.
Tumblr media
Srry if I made him too ooc I've never read the manga
-Even though he does have a cruel nature he has a soft spot for you the most, You were his s/o and he loved you dearly
-He likes to carry you out into the forest for star-gazing or mess with people that went into the woods past midnight.
-Don't be surprised if your small stuff like jewellery or hairpins suddenly turn up missing, He likes to keep stuff that remind you of him
-He is rough around the edges in romance but you can't blame him, he's never felt any form of love from his human life.
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"Wow, you are very strong, hu? You know your appearance is something that I've never seen before, you would be beautiful in my paradise."  You frown your eyebrows, while watching him approach you, smiling at you. Without causing you any damage Douma takes you in his arms, easily, as he continues in a monologue.  He holds you with one arm, bridal style, and with the other he goes on gently running his nails over your cheeks.  You look him in the eye and so close you can see all that color. "It's a rainbow?" You ask yourself, on your thoughts and by looking for a while it's impossible to not get lost in that dance of colors. You are wondering why you can't even move a finger.  When you arrive at the infinite mansion, on the upper moon two, everyone thinks you'll be savored later, but all Douma does when he finally puts you in his place is brush your hair while talking.  And you think at any moment you can be killed.  And look around studying the environment around you.  "- That's disgusting."  You speak when you see members scattered around the place.  Douma makes a sad expression.  "- Oh, don't you like it? It's okay I will provide a place of your own."  Without delay he gets up and transports you.  Douma has an amazing posture, so elegant.  And you are fighting yourself in your mind.  "- You can't be shitting this y/n...Come on, this guy is a lunatic, look at him...just look...Look...at HIM...Damn. He's so damn handsome."  A beautifully decorated bedroom is laid out for your own use.  In a bed fit for a queen he puts you. And for the first time Douma has a serious expression, and leans over you.  "-Y/n, you know what's weird, I've never felt anything, nothing at all, no anger, happiness,  fear… But this unpleasant feeling of the idea of ​​you leaving under my eyes doesn't want to leave me, you'll be here, forever, you understood? And if you try to leave..." He opens a beautiful smile along with the fan. Leaving a clear message…. You with your arms on the sides of your head just sigh in answer.  
Tumblr media
He's got his sword millimeters from your neck, you were very unlucky to find the upper moon in the hot spring that surrounds the forest, because it's an open place you thought you'd be prepared, and the reason you're naked inside from a hot spring at night is because you just had to return from a difficult mission.  Your blood colored the water around you while you thought you had time to regroup.  And suddenly a six-eyed creature is in front of you, beside your clothes on the other side of the hot spring. Your chest rose and fell, breathing shortly from reading the message in his eyes that would stun any unprepared pillar.  Upper moon one.  Before you had Kokushibou's sword around your neck, moments before he was like a statue with his arms crossed staring at you, but with an incredible speed he came out of his retracted position and extended the blade against your fragile flesh.  He is kneeling behind you, as moments before you had unknowingly walked backwards until you reached the opposite ledge.  And in your ear a whisper commands you. "- Just do not try to resist."  You nod.  Kokushibou pulls you out smoothly from the warm water, you're now exposed and naked, and puts your hands over your private parts, covering your breasts and groin while you avert his deep gaze, waiting for your death.  Kokushibou looks at you indecipherably and  approaches you slowly. Now taking off his own kimono he extends over your body,  covering it , you're shivering, all your being.  He gently lifts one of his hands and removes your hair, dripping water from your neck. And getting his face close to the point you feel his hot breath he says.  "- Excuse me Miss."  And with that Kokushibou slowly sinks his teeth into your neck.  It was supposed to be extremely painful, but for some reason all you feel is a sense of dissociation from reality.  He is sucking on your neck and meanwhile he puts a hand on your back as he feels your body starting to get weak at his touch, he holds you tightly, keeping you upright.  As he drinks from you, a soft moan escapes Kokushibou's lips.  Finally without so much delay he finishes.  He gives some final touches wrapping your body in his Kimono and ties it around your waist, giving you a full view of the beautiful chest he has.  And when he recomposes you, he sensually looks at you and says.  "- Thank you ma'am."  And with a polite gesture bowing before you, so with this, Kokushibou withdraws.  It's hard to tell who's more dizzy if it's you or the number one.  And after watching the ravishing farewell, while watching the wind blow Kokushibou's beautiful hair that gradually disappeared from your sight, you regain your senses.  And running to the other side of the fountain grab your belongings and head to the butterfly mansion.  Upon arriving Kocho looks at you intrigued.  "- Y/n, what happened."  Because let's say you arrive naked in a kimono that when you tell Kocho whose it was, you were stunned.  She applied the proper dressings while drawing your blood to see if she might have something to study.  But both Kocho and you were thoughtful.  From your head every second was replayed like a stubborn slide show, the sounds he made, that steady touch, the smell of that sweet breath, just turned your mind into a mess.  Besides the beautiful mark that Kokushibou insisted on leaving on your neck.  "- Y/n, this will heal but this purple color will stay, something was done here, it's like he's branded you. I don't know how"  You felt fearful and warm with what you heard, and after that, and after you recovered enough, you went home.  Upon arriving a beautiful bouquet was left at your door, you bent down and picked it up and entered into your house wondering who could have done such chivalry.  And when lighting your room there was the creature that had tattooed your neck.  This time it wasn't fear that made your heart leap.  "- Upper moon one."  You claim with a low sigh.  Kokushibou remains serious, and very slowly, graciously and practically painfully he approaches you.  "- I'm sorry Ma'am, but I'm thirsty. Could you
use your human mercy and satiate me?"  And whispering he completes.  "-Please?" All you have the power to do is take your hairs all over from your neck like an offering to who you belong to now. 
Tumblr media
"- Hahaha, you are fun to fight with, so weak?"  What's your name, cutie? I want to remember you forever, before I kill you." The first moment you saw him you knew you'd need at least two more of your pillar friends to fight this beast, he didn't even carry a weapon, only his fists. But why during every attempt to cut him he who was clearly faster and stronger than you let us say modestly almost infinitely let himself be hurt. Never returned a blow at any height that could hurt you. you say "- You're not taking me seriously." "- Don't call me you, I'm Akaza."  He said with a mischievous smile.  "- Why would I tell you my name?"  "- Because it's not polite not to introduce yourself in a conversation, don't you have manners Miss?"  "- Hmmm manners... Look who's talking, you don't even cover yourself straight, you're half naked."  Akaza looks at his chest and looking back at your eyes he smiles again.  "- Does that bother you?"  Woman." ( We know you notice that pectoral at the first moment) "- Y/n...My name is y/n." You say as you lower your sword realizing that your opponent doesn't seem to want to fight you. "- Y/n, a name that wears well, your face .” You blush. Akaza smiles more widely. “You have my permission to leave y/n.  I don't like to spend a lot of time talking with the weaks.  Even if they have a beautiful face like yours." "- Akaza, you have a strong body, and a weak mind." You said turning around and walking away, when you realize, Akaza is in front of your face with his eyes open wide. "- Remove what you said, or I'll kill you here and now." You playing with death responds. "- I wouldn't stand a chance against you anyway Akaza.  And you killing me just because you can't control your anger just proves my point." Akaza stops for a while and suddenly smiles at you, and takes you in his arms and puts you on his shoulders." - Y/n, so I'll make you stronger physically and you'll make me strong in mind, we have a deal now, let's be together and complete each other forever.  Y/n, stop struggling hahaha, come on sweety, you know you can't escape, let's go home."
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Upper Rank Demons... their ranks haven’t changed for a hundred years. They’ve buried mountains of slayers. Even put Hashira in their graves. Their strength is out of this world.
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Tumblr media
The gang is all here
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Tumblr media
Basically some headcanons about the upper moon three and if they would prefer receiving or giving👀 A big thanks to my good friend @myrulia for helping me out with this, if you like kokushibou you should totally check their blog out!
This cleary is NSFW, MINORS DNI TYVM⚠️ Just a reminder that these are my opinions & people can think differently! Also the Douma one is kinda long- I apologize.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kokushibou would absolutely love receiving, there’s no discussion about that.
He especially loves it when you struggle to take him fully and choke on his length, it helps his big ego & inferiority complex.
He would grip onto your hair tightly and tug on it, often pushing you down on his length to take him all the way.
Kokushibou wouldn’t be too vocal but when you take him the right way the grunts/groans and cursing coming from his mouth wont be missed.
If kokushibou comes home angry, oh you’re in a ride. He would abuse your throat and use it however he likes, making sure you gag on his length.
He’s the type to slap his hard on against your face when he’s feeling himself, smirking a bit when you whimper and tell you to suck it with a dark glare in his eyes.
When he’s getting closer he would tug on your hair/the sheets and often close his eyes, his breathing becoming heavier and his chest rising up and down while his groans become louder.
He would release down your throat yet he loves to make a mess of your face too, smirking and taking in the view after.
Tumblr media
I feel like Douma would love both. I know most people say receiving but heard me out on this one-
Yes Douma would absolutely love it when you give him head.
He would be pretty vocal, clearly show that he’s enjoying himself when you’re going down on him.
Douma would look down at you and smirk at you when he hears you struggle, he knows he’s big.
He’s a big cocky fucker in general.
He would release down your throat m, face, basically wherever he could and wanted to. Taking in his view afterwards and loving the mess he made.
Now to the giving receiving part- oh this fucker.
He knows he’s good at it and he would continue until he leaves you shaking and squirming underneath his touch.
He would definitely overstimulate you and call you pathetic for reacting the way you do, leaving kisses on your thigh.
Douma would definitely keep eye contact with you while he’s going down on you and clean you up nicely afterwards, smirking at you when he’s done.
Tumblr media
Okay so I personally headcanon Akaza to be the type that absolutely loves giving.
He would always put your pleasure before his in general, no discussion about it.
Akaza could go from being gentle and slow to being rough and a tease, it really depends on his mood and if you’re “lucky” a certain someone might have pissed him off and he takes it out on you, leaving you shaking afterwards.
He would keep your legs in place and having a tight grip on your thighs while keeping eye contact with you as he goes down on you.
He gets off to the fact he’s the only one that can do this to you.
He might not look like it but he’s a very skilled man, especially with his tongue.
He would use his fingers if he felt like it but his tongue would be more than enough to give you pleasure.
Akaza can be the biggest tease though, he’d leave kisses on your sensitive spots and ghosts his lips/fingers on the places where you’d need him the most.
His face would be a mess afterwards but it would be worth it and he always asks if you’re okay after he’s done, even if you’re a shaking mess and it’s clear enough how you’re holding up.
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what would yandere Kokushibou and yandere Muzan look like With a short s/o
Yandere Kokushibou
Tumblr media
Kokushibou wouldn’t care so much about this.
About 90% of people in that time would be shorter than him.
It would be a miracle if you were taller than him.
But it is said that your height makes your kidnapping much easier.
Kokushibo just can carry you away while you sleep.
very easy.
Kokushibo understands that you are shocked by this new situation.
And he’s going to give you time and space in the beginning.
But Kokushibo would lie if he said you weren’t cute.
This would also make him a little softer.
He loves holding you in his arms while meditating and being able to stroke your head.
You’re just so small and pathetic so he’s bound to protect you.
Yandere Muzan Kibutsuji
Tumblr media
Muzan would literally live for this.
He would really love how short and small you are.
It would make him feel really strong.
And we all know for sure that this strengthens Muzan’s god complex.
( That is certainly not a good thing. )
Muzan also doesn’t want you to be able to increase your height somehow.
So if you wear high heels you can expect that one day they will just disappear.
Muzan also loves to lift things so high that you don’t reach for them.
Then you have to literally pray for his help.
Yes Muzan forces you to pray a lot.
He gets indescribable pleasure from it.
But this also serves as a punishment.
If you break his rules, Muzan really won’t help you even if you need it.
Muzan also often holds you in your arms during meetings.
You are his adorable little pet and Muzan loves it.
"Oh Y/n you need my help again right? Do you remember what you have to do? All you have to do is ask for it *smile* *Muzan raises your chin gently* Make it my pet. After all, you can't survive without me."
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May i request Kokushibou x demon wife reader where the reader is adopting kids that turned into demons
"Kids?" - Kokushibou x Reader Headcanons
╰┈: ̗̀· ͟͟͞‧✦Synopsis: Kids that so happen to be demons, how will Kokushibou react?
╰┈: ̗̀· ͟͟͞‧✦Warnings: Suggestive tones, fluff and lowkey crack
Readers decide the gender and overall appearance of the kids!
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ Expecting to return home to kids was the furthest thing from Kokushibou's mind. In the demon's head, he expected to enter the doors of your private space to kisses on his cheek from his loving wife who so happened to be you.
: ̗̀➛ Turns out that was not the truth.
: ̗̀➛ Upon walking inside the open space the two of you shared, he is immediately met with a tiny child running across the room in nothing but it's underwear. And needless to say, this left the poor Upper Moon shocked.
: ̗̀➛ ” Get back here you little monster!, ” is what you'd yell to the poor child trying to escape your wrath, followed by one slightly bigger child and yet another one smaller in scale.
: ̗̀➛ Kokushibou simply stood there in complete and utter silence wondering if he walked inside the wrong room upon many of the Infinity Fortress.
: ̗̀➛ But of course, he had not because you were there, looking as perfect as ever in his several eyes despite multiple things going wrong all at once.
: ̗̀➛ After you finally caught the little demon who was holding a special piece of jewelry of yours, you were just about to give the child a simple peck on the nose before you finally noticed your demon of a lover standing still and having all eyes on you... and the child in your arms.
: ̗̀➛ ” Oh! Welcome back love, ” you'd chirp while scurring over to him to instead give the male one of your signature kisses until he stopped you in your tracks with his ever so chilling - albeit confused - tone.
: ̗̀➛ ” Mind explaining the meaning of this [Y/N]? Why are there a bunch of children running around? ”
: ̗̀➛ Yeah, he was pretty upset. Never at you, but at the awfully confusing situation unfolding itself right before his very eyes. The small child in your arms reached to grab Kokushibou's face, which it ultimately succeeded in so you laughed unexpectedly, resulting in an adorably perplexed expression coming from the male.
: ̗̀➛ ” I adopted them obviously, they're our kids now! ” ” .....What? ”
: ̗̀➛ The other two small demon kids now joined you by your legs, one hiding behind your form and the other already waddling it's way to Kokushibou to embrace your demon so kindly.
: ̗̀➛ Of course, Kokushibou has had kids in the past before, but he is so used to his demon life that taking care of a child - let alone three - did not leave the demon too pleasant.
: ̗̀➛ ” Kids? ” ” Yes, kids, dear. They're ours now and they seem to be particularly fond of you. ”
: ̗̀➛ You were right at the end of the day, because one was already grasping at his leg and the one who was previously begging you for attention was now looking for it from Kokushibou.
: ̗̀➛ His eyes went from you, to the child in your arms, then to the child holding onto his leg, and the other who was quite shy and hiding behind you. The demon let out a sigh, still trying to grasp the whole situation as a whole and still confusing himself.
: ̗̀➛ You noticed the still perplexed look on your lover, knowing he was probably wondering how he would manage to serve Lord Muzan, while also protecting his now new found family, as well as you who seemed to eager to have children to call your own with him.
: ̗̀➛ Let's be honest, Kokushibou probably has let the thought cross his mind during nights where the two of you would ravage each other like wild creatures who had strong appetites for one another, and even with his words he'd suggest the thought of kids during these certain times. But never did he actually expect to have three little ones now to call his own.
: ̗̀➛ ” Pleasseee darling~ They are far too cute to not have them, and they've already grown attached! ” - More like you have.
: ̗̀➛ Yet another sigh came from the demon's lips, even so, he lifted the child that still had quite the grip on his leg, getting a better look at the small thing only to see that the little one enjoyed being so high in the air - after all your demon of a lover is quite tall..
: ̗̀➛ ” Higher higher!, ” the child squealed in excitement seeing how far away the ground was from its tiny little feet. The shy other child now came from its hiding spot behind your legs, also wanting to be lifted into the air by Kokushibou.
: ̗̀➛ ” See, they like you already, all the more reason to keep them. ”
: ̗̀➛ You did indeed end up keeping the three demon kids to yourselves.
: ̗̀➛ With all the adjustments needed to be made, it was rather a hassle for Kokushibou to get used to having smaller ones in his presence after not having them for so long, but over time he did learn to at least tolerate them - he was not one for kids as you had hoped - however as long as you kept that smile on your face, he could manage.
Tumblr media
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kokushibouwife · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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gomiworm · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
the daily drama between these four would be unreal and you can't convince me otherwise
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sassysaxsolo · 9 days ago
Life and Death. Death (Akaza's route.) Part.4
Tumblr media
TW: Cannibalism, gore, blood, masturbation, teasing, cum swallowing, smoking, un wanted touches.
“Come on! Show me a stronger kick!” my sire barks. I aim my leg up in an attempt to kick his head off but he grabs me by the ankle and flings me away like a rag doll. I gain my landing when I use my hands to stop and backflip onto my feet. Akaza charges right for me.
I duck and sweep his feet out from underneath him and deliver a kick to the abdomen. He soars backward and I charge for him, going in for a punch, he grabs my fist and throws me to the ground.
“Come on! Is that all I got!?” He roars. I take a deep breath and I feel electricity soar through my veins. I puff steam from my nose.
I zoom behind him and grab his arm. He tries to swing me off but it only helps in my goal. I flip over his head and wrap my legs around his head as tightly as I can and with all my strength, I flip us both over.
His body making contact with the ground, my thighs still gripping his head. “Grr!” He growls, attempting to pry my thighs from his head but I refuse to let go. “Tap out!” I ain’t letting go till’ I give up!” I cry out, determination filling my being, strengthening my desire to see him submit. I feel his fingers grip my legs tighter as I feel the vibrations of his growls course through my lower body.
Can’t say I wasn’t enjoying it. “ MMPPHH!” I heard him growl before I felt him rise to his feet. I almost lose my balance, almost falling off but I keep my fingers rooted through his fair, my legs firmly wrapped around him “Give up!” I cry, hoping that by chanting it out that he would finally heed my words and stop. But I forgot that this was upper moon three I was dealing with.
He grabbed my thighs again, although not to pull me off but to keep me closer. Just what was he planning? As I try to keep myself up, he starts spinning. On his heels, in a clockwise motion, he spins around, faster and faster. I can feel my brains turn to mush. He let go and in one fell swoop, I was tossed from his shoulders. “GOD DAMN IT!” I wailed as I was sent flying into a tree.
I felt the bark stick into my back as I tried to quickly regain my vision. Everything was fuzzy. “My My (Y/n)! That was quite the dirty move you pulled!” I looked up through my befuddled vision and saw my sire strut towards me. “Admit it! If I did that to a Hashira- There’s no way they would win!” I sputtered angrily. I couldn’t help it, I was mad.
It had been months since that upper moon meeting. Where the Great Lord of the Demon race himself had put me on trial to see if Akaza had been right to train me. He was right, I was strong but because I didn’t consume enough humans, he saw it as a waste to appoint me as Lower one.
From what I know, Upper one has been replaced by the previous upper two and a new position was granted for a new lower six. But that wasn’t what I was so mad about. I had no desire to join the twelve kizuki, none at all.
“True. But let's be honest, No Hashira would let you get that close to them-”
“Yeah, that's why I attacked from behind! It's hard to swing your sword at something coming from behind!” I growled. He had reached out for me to take it but I smacked it away and stood up. I wipe the dirt off my clothes and stomp away.
I could hear him growl and he grabbed my arm. “Hey! What is up with your attitude?” He commanded. I tried to pull away but he just kept it in place. “It’s nothing-” He wasn’t pleased with my answer as he let go of me and I stumbled to the ground. “Number one, You don’t get to speak to me like some brat throwing a tantrum. Number two, never ever under any circumstance do you try to lie to me. I’ve lived for two hundred years. You can’t fool me.”
I huff. “Why?”
“Why what..?” He scoffed. He was getting annoyed but I didn’t care, let him get annoyed. I was furious. I was hoping he would come to me after the meeting, acknowledge what he did and explain to me why he did it. It was egging at me for months, I thought he would have brought it up eventually but Nope! Not a word from him!
“Why would you treat me like- Some kind of pet in front of the upper moons and ‘that’ guy!? like I’m some bimbo girl who needs to be told what to do.” I scowl. He grunts and turns away from me. “Well, You certainly like being told what to do.”
I felt my blood run cold.
I stood up but he didn't look back at me. “All you’ve ever done up to this point was obediently follow my commands. You do it so well with a smile on your face and the only thing expected in return is praise well done and a head pat.” He turns around with a smirk on his face and my face heats up.
“Well that's the problem! You humiliated me! In that arena, I could of been killed and-”
“And you weren’t killed. That’s the whole point of us training! SO you wouldn’t die.”
I sniffled, I refused to let myself cry in front of him, not like this! “Don’t you see!? What if I did. You spoke to me so cruelly, Akaza! I felt extremely vulnerable, knowing you wouldn’t have my back.”
“Why are you only bringing this up now then?! Why didn’t you confront me when we left!?” He barked. He marched over to me so he was in my face. “Because, I wanted to wait until YOU came up and addressed it yourself! You knew how it would affect me yet you didn’t speak a word to me.”
“Because it was blatantly obvious why I couldn’t! I'm in the upper three! I couldn’t afford to show weakness in front of the other moons, they could target you to get to me.” He tried to touch my cheek but I smacked it away. “It doesn’t matter if you had good intentions. You had me thinking that what we have isn’t real. That it's only a master pet relationship. I wanted to be your equal, not this. I only wanted an apology but you couldn’t even give me that.”
I turned around and walked away. I didn’t even hear him approach when he grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me into a tree. “Gagh!” I cried out as he gripped my neck. His other hand ravelled its fingers through my black and white hair as he put his face up to mine. “Listen, my little pet. Don’t get offended because that's what you are.”
I saw him lick his lips. I feel his forehead against mine. His eyes were like cracked glass while his pupils shone like pure gold. He held power over me. More power than just strength. “I made you a demon because I promised you I would help you achieve new highs. To make you stronger than you’ve ever been. But if you want that, You listen to what I say. When I say jump, you say-”
I tried to break free from his grasp but he grabbed me by my kimono and pulled me towards him before slamming me against the tree again. “When I kiss you-” I could react in time as he smashed his lips against mine. It was the first kiss I’ve had since I was human. His lips were soft, they melded with mine and I could stop myself from succumbing to his want and desire.
He was right. It doesn’t matter what I want, but it's the only kind of relationship I can respond to. I always listened to Sawao, I always listened to Kyojuro and now I listen to Akaza. I felt truly pathetic at this realization. Was I truly just a dog who wanted my master to give me orders?
Was that all there was to me..?
He pulled his lips away from mine, a lingering silence between the two of us. Her fingers gripped my chin tightly. The deafening beat of my heart was the only thing I could rely on as he closed the distance between us. “How high?” He finally said after a while.
He let go of me and began walking away. I couldn’t stop myself from slumping against the tree. I was in awe at what just happened. “Come on, The sun will rise soon!” He commanded. I stumbled to my feet to catch up to him. As we walked back to our hideout, I told myself things couldn’t possibly be like this forever. I wouldn’t be under Akaza’s thumb forever.
Was I lying to myself..?
AGGGH!” I stalked slowly. I had my eyes set on my target. A man in his early 20’s. He looked fairly young, but I didn’t care. As far as I was concerned, he was tonight’s meal. He thought it was a good idea to run further into the woods instead of back to his prefecture. A fool he was.
Tonight, I decided I would hunt separately from Akaza. He didn’t like the idea of me being away so I argued that wouldn’t grow if he kept coddling me. So here I was chasing down my breakfast. He tripped over an overgrown tree root. I caught up to him. He turned around, on to his back and tried to back away.
“P-Please! Please don’t hurt me! I have to get home!” He begged. He was crying at this point, many people start crying when they realise that there was no chance of them escaping. I kneeled down and grabbed his head. “NO! PLEASE-”
I let go of his head. He plopped to the floor, dead. I don’t care to torture my food, A simple neck snap and they’re dead. No need to prolong the meal, I was hungry. I rip the leg from the deceased man's body and peel the skin off. I learned very early I do not enjoy eating hair. Underneath the skin was fresh mouth watering flesh. I dig in and enjoy the tender flavorful flesh.
It's warm and warms my stomach. I remember the small sack I carried. I set the leg aside and tear open the man’s stomach and chest. I extracted his organs one by one and stored them in the sack. A little snack for me to enjoy later.
I suck off my fingers, one at a time. I couldn’t say I was a fan of the messes I would make nut then again, that sort of what comes with being a demon. “Well, I certainly didn’t expect to find you out here.” I spun around. Upper moon one, Kokushibou stood at the end of the trail. “Sir.” I bow before him as he approaches.
“Tell me, Where is Akaza?” He added. I look up at him from my bloodied position. “I don’t know sir, I last saw him after the sunset.” He let out a hum. He walked around and investigated my work. “How has your training been, little demon..?”
“Fine, Thank you for asking my lord.” I responded quickly. He seems to have gotten over my rudeness from when we first met. But then again, I don’t know how much I can trust him. He tears a limb from my prey and takes a bite. I’m not in any position to protest. “Excellent catch.” he comments.
“Thank you My lord.” He stands in front of me. “Rise.” I get to my feet , his face is inches away from mine. His eyes scare me. “How good would you say you are at combat..?” I gulp. Did he have to be so close? “What kind of combat sir? Sword fighting or hand to hand?” He ponders for a minute. “Sword.”
“I would say I’m good with a sword sir. I was Kinoe in the Demon Slayers.” I answered. He backs away and pulls his sword from his sheath. “I would like to test your strength then.” He wants to fight..? Oh fuck me. I can barely fend off Akaza and he wants me to fight him? “If that's what you wish.”
I remove my nichirin from its sheath and I direct it at Kokushibou, he stares at me with an intense gaze. “I’m ready when you are (Y/n) san.” I breathe. “Thunder Breathing, First form: Thunderclap and flash!” I zoom forward and strike at Kokushibou, His sword parries mine as he unleashes his technique. “Moon Breathing, First form: Dark Moon, Evening Palace.” He slashes at my sword and a fury of chaotic crescent shaped blades towards me. They tore at my skin but I stayed strong. Our swords were locked and so were our gazes.
“Strong grip.” He noted. I jumped away and clashed my sword with him again. “Thank you my lord!” We swung our swords at each other continuously. Neither of us were backing down.
“Moon Breathing, Fifth Form: Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy!”
“Thunder Breathing, Third Form: Thunder Swarm!”
“Sir..!” I gasped, laying on the ground. My sword still in hand, I was trembling. “What’s wrong?” He questioned. He walked over to stand over me. “It's been THREE WEEKS!”I bellow. He shifted his head. “Has it?”
I shook my head. “YES!”
It had been three weeks since we started to battle. Taking breaks when the sun rose and eating whatever human’s we grabbed before the sun burned us to a crisp. I was starving, I was tired and I stunk! I haven’t been able to wash the blood from my clothes and body in all that time. Kokushibou on the other hand seemed to have completely lost track of time, cause he’s acting it only been five minutes.
I’m only saying it now cause he was so deep in the fight, I haven’t had the time to say anything without him slicing my tongue off.
He sat down beside me. “My apologies…” He looked fine, The upper moons were incredible. “Tell me girl, Why did you become a demon? All demon slayers who become demon’s must consent to the transition.” I sat up and looked over at the six eyed man. Why was he asking me this?
“What’s it to you? I didn’t think you would care about something as trivial as that.” He hummed and picked a flower beside him. “Indulge me, Not many demon slayers would jump at the opportunity as becoming demons, even if it meant saving themselves.” I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose. Why? Why did I become a demon again? Because Akaza offered it to me. But why did I become a demon again?
“Stupid Sow!”
“Wipe that smile off your face! He was obviously waving at me!”
“Don’t think for a minute that anyone would spare you a second glance! You’re a fat ugly cow!”
Oh yeah …
“To make a long story short, my life was bloody miserable.” I wiped my eyes from any dust. Demon’s eyes were always moist so there was no reason for us to blink. “Give me more details.” He asked. God, he was gonna make me give him my whole life story, I’ll paraphrase. “My older sister is the devil reincarnated. My parents loved her while they hated me- My older brother died so I became a demon slayer. I fell in love with the Flame Hashira so my sister snatched him up and tried to marry him.”
“Tried?” He gave me an arm. I realized there was a whole body right next to him, when did he find the time to catch a human!? “Umm.. yeah. My sister was a slag. She thought she was careful, But I knew who all her lovers were and I exposed her to the whole town.”
“Then I assume the Flame Hashira called off the marriage.” He took a bite of the leg in his arms and I took a bite of the arm. “Yup.” He swallowed a rather large chunk. “If the marriage was off then why would you not try to reconcile what you had? If he was no longer committed to her, why not try to court him then?”
I could still feel the pain in my heart. The pain of Kyojuro’s betrayal. “Because he betrayed me! He saw behind my back, he never told me about her, I only learned of their relationship when I got home for the wedding. Even when they broke it off, things could never go back to the way they were.” I had to pause in my speech. Things were getting too deep.
“You ever know what it's like to love someone unconditionally and to have them choose someone else.” I gripped her chest, where my heart was. Pain was the only thing I had before Akaza… “My sister had beauty, love and treasures. She had everything she ever wanted, while I was left with scrapes. I know I was a mistake. My parents never wanted another child after Mikako..”
I heard Kokushibou shift. I look over and he scoots over closer to me. “I know what it's like to have an unwanted sibling..” He caressed my cheek and I didn’t know what to feel. “I can see why Akaza wanted to turn you. You are not unattractive.” He pecked my lips. I wanted to push him away but I knew that would only serve to aggravate him. “My lord! Why you-”
“If you must know, many among us find you quite- interesting. You should come with me. I would make a better companion than Upper three.” Man, this was a really bad position. What should I do? Think, Think. He was a demon slayer from the Sengoku. When he speaks, he sounds like a member from the upper class. From nobility.
“How important is honour to you my lord?” He hums. He may be a demon but at his very core, he is a samurai. That much I knew for sure. “Why are you asking, girl?” I shift away from and bow down. “I am humbled by your proposition my lord, truly. But when Akaza made me the offer to become a demon, He promised to be my eternal companion. It would be dishonourable of me to abandon him after we made a promise.”
So basically, I said- It's not you, it's me. He hums and accepts my answer. I can tell he is displeased by the outcome but at least I didn’t say no, I can already imagine what would happen if I did. “If you don’t mind me asking, girl. What drew you to Akaza in the first place?”
How can I answer that? Akaza wasn’t the one who drew me in, I was the one who drew him in. He stalked me for two whole years. That was obviously no healthy way to start a relationship. What should I say?
A sudden crash landed on the earth. Vibrations rattled the earth I landed on my back, Kokushibou of course was perfectly fine. Through the dust, I saw him. Akaza. He marched forward, he was clearly angry. I knew this wasn’t going to end well. “I let you go to hunt and you go missing for THREE WEEKS!”
He grabs my arm and yanks me to my feet. “You’d be surprised what I got done in three works sir………!” I yelped. His brows knotted together and his teeth grinded together in anger. He wasn’t happy. “Stay. here.” He pushed me behind me and looked down at Kokushibou.
“I don’t care if you are my superior, Never take my girl again! Understand, or I swear, I will kill you.” Kokushibou clearly didn’t feel threatened by Akaza, he simply huffed. “I’d be more careful with your woman if I were you.” He didn’t say anything else. He just kept eating his food.
Akaza growled and grabbed me by my arm. “Come!” He tossed me over his shoulder. “Akaza!” I protested. He ran off with me and I could only give the six eyed demon a wave as we disappeared into the forest. In truth, I didn't know where we were, I had lost track of direction during the fight. “Do you have any idea how stressed I’ve become!? How dare you run off with the upper one of all demons!”
“It's not like I wanted too! He found me and demanded I spar him! You remember what happened the last time I disrespected him!” He pinched my thigh and I squealed. “So!? You’re a demon! You easily regenerated your head before.”
“Do you have blatant disregard for my well being Akaza? Not even a ‘You okay?’ or a ‘How are you?’ That man had me clashing swords with him for weeks, the only breaks I got was in between sunrises and sunsets! Do you know how hard it is to eat when you barely have time to hunt!?” That was true, Those organs I had collected from that one guy had to be used sparingly to keep me from starving, although some of them had rotted.
“So? It's your fault for indulging him! The only person you should listen to is me!” He cursed before slapping my butt and I yelped. How come I was only now coming to the conclusion that my sire was a jealous man? I can’t believe this is what I signed up for.
He kept going until we stumbled upon a house, he banged on the door until someone answered. A woman with several arms opened the door. She was pretty and her cheeks went rosy at the sight of Akaza. “Good evening my Lord! Will you spend the night with us..?” She welcomed us into her home.
I could hear the moans and groans of other people- or well, other demon’s in the house. “Yes, a room for one.” We passed by shoji doors with voices vibrating against the wall, it didn’t take a genius to guess what they were doing. The female demon led us to a room with one futon and bowed. “Will I bring you food sir?”
“Yes.” Akaza gave a one-word reply as she shut the door. “What is this place..?” I queried. “Madam Ringo allows demon’s to take shelter from the sun in her house. Think of it as an inn for demons.” He plopped down on the futon and took his hoari off and began to slide his pants off.
“W-What do you think you're doing!?” I gasp. I blush, and look away. “Well, I’m tired. I’ve been searching for you for weeks. All this stress is bad for me. So I’m gonna enjoy myself.” What? No. He wasn’t going to do what I think he’s going to do. Oh my god…!
Turn my head and I am shook when I see my sire laying on the futon. His clothes were casually tossed on to the tatami mats without a care. For the first time, I am witnessing my master in all his full glory. His cock sprang in semi erection. He spits into his hand until a big glob of saliva sits in his hand. He smears it against his manhood and begins to pump it.
“You stay right where you are.” He commands. I freeze as I feel a heat form in my core. I feel my pussy flutter with tingles as I watch him masturbate. “You have been a bad girl. An extremely bad girl. You’re welcomed to watch but you aren’t allowed to come over and touch me. If I see you touch yourself, believe me when I say, those arms are coming off.” He threatened.
I had no choice but to watch him stroke himself, I felt my cunt leak with wetness and my face felt warmer and warmer. His cock was about 8 inches long, 6 in girth and quite veiny. I was surprised he was able to wrap his hands around it. He had three horizontal blue stripes circling his dick. I was surprised his cock was also tattooed.
It had a seductive curve and the tip of his penis was flushed red. Pink hair sat at the base of his manhood and even though I was only a few feet away, It radiated a primal and musky scent. I watch him fondle his bell end lightly with the tips of his fingers.
“She should see the look on your face.. I never imagined you being such a lewd girl~” He watched him with a hypnotic expression as he stroked his cock, pre cum leaking for the tip. “Akaza…” I moaned in anticipation. God, this was torture! I never thought I would get so worked up over him masturbating.
I rub my thighs to quell the impending heat. He took notice and gave me a devious smirk. “What’s wrong my lady? Have you never witnessed a man pleasure himself? Not even Kyojuro..?”
I shy away and look down in shame. “No..” He chuckles before sitting up and stroking his cock faster. “Really? Has the naughty student never peered through her master’s window to watch him change..?” I shook my head and scooted up to the shoji doors, where the sounds of other demon’s reverberated through the walls.
“Aw… My cute little girl. You really are innocent despite your horny little thoughts. Adorable. So adorable-” He choked, He was speeding up his pace going faster and faster in his movement. Was he about to come undone..?
“(Y/n)! You want to make it up to me..?” I quickly nod my head. I had no idea why I was so eager? Maybe it was the hope that he would help me release the painful ache in my clitorus or maybe it was the hope I would fall back into his good graces.
“Use your words little girl, or else.” He used a hard tone. I quickly replied while shaking my head. “Yes sir!” He stood up and strutted over, his cock bounced with each step and he stood in front of me. “Swallow my load.” He grabbed his cock and started pumping it as fast as he could.
He grabbed my chin and forced it open.
His swollen red tip looked so cute when it gushed out his special white fluid, I gasped. It landed on my tongue. He pushed my head up, essentially closing my mouth, I swallowed all his cum, it had a sweet tang to it but then again. I didn’t exactly know how to explain how his cum tasted since the fluid itself was such a foreign concept to me. It dribbled down the side of my face but he used his thumb to scoop it back into my mouth. “Good Girl, Very good girl.”
A knock resounded on the door, Akaza put his pants back on before answering. “My Lord, Your food.” She handed in the plates of organs and what not. Akaza placed a boiled stomach in front of me with a side dish of sliced hearts and lung chucks. “Eat,” he commanded. The food smelled good. Like it had been cooked, seasoned and prepared well.
I ate well that morning and after dinner was over Akaza commanded me to get in beside him. I was hesitant. I was annoyed by Akaza’s mind games. First he gives me a show and doesn’t offer to help me with my own arousal, makes me swallow his sperm and then turns around and acts charming again.
“Stop being difficult.” He grunted. I stayed put in my corner. “No. I’m fine here.” I argued. He got up from the futon and stomped over to me. “Akaza! Don’t you dare-” he picked me up by the waist and carried me over. I struggled the whole way over. “Akaza! Stop-”
He stuck me into bed and laid the comforter on my body. “Shut up.” He tucked me in and laid close to me, his arm over my waist and his dead snug on his pillow. Looking at his face confused me. He was being so indecisive lately, just what was he up to?
“(Y/n), let's not argue anymore, ok?”
His half lidded eyes that read ‘upper three’ gazed into my eyes. He seems sad. He seemed tired and I think he’s confused about something as well. I was once told that Kibutsuji was able to read the thoughts of demons close to him. The upper and lower ranks and other demons under his servitude.
I occasionally wonder what's going on in my beloved sir’s mind. Sometimes I wish I could read his thoughts. Maybe if we were more open with each other, we wouldn’t have this issue.
“Ok, Good morning Akaza…”
“Heh, Good morning (Y/n).”
Me and Akaza feasted on the remains of drunk men stumbling about in the woods, acting like fools. It was a quick and easy catch. Something simple after tonight's training. “How’s your food sir? I inquired, half way through someone’s brain. I was currently holding a decapitated head, the top sliced off, I fished my hand into their skull to pick out the brain matter one pinch at a time.
“Eh- Would have preferred someone more healthy.” he replied. Finishing off a lung before fishing for the liver. He ripped it out of the body and took a bite. He casually munched on it before his eyes widened with disgust and he spat out the chewed up pieces, coughing and throwing the liver to the ground. “Yuck!” He croaked.
“What’s wrong?!” I crawled over to him as he wiped his hands off his tongue. “That guy had liver cancer!” He stuck his tone out in disgust before kicking the body away from the others. “We can taste cancer..?” I was shocked when he nodded his head. “Yup. And you can take my word for it. It is revolting. It’s why I usually stick to healthier targets.”
“Even healthy people can get cancer sir.” I articulated. He gave me a deadpan face. “Really?”
“Yup, my aunt of my mother's side had breast cancer, she was the healthiest person I knew.” I informed. He tilted his head. “Was?” I nodded my head. “She lost her battle to cancer.”
He shrugged his shoulders and ripped apart the stomach of the next guy and pulled out another liver. He seemed satisfied with the taste of the other guy's liver. “Also, Good job with training today. You’ve improved.”
I groaned at the mention of training or slumped to the ground. The only reason I got better was because I was fighting Upper one non stop for three weeks. It had actually been a few weeks since our night at Madam Ringo’s Inn. After a few days, Akaza had been summoned by Lord Muzan for a special mission.
Of course, It was classified. But I guess it was okay. I spend the next few nights within the reach of our little base. Fighting with Kokushibou had actually given me better reflexes and I had become much quicker on my feet. I do believe my sword fighting improved quite a lot after fighting him.
Next time I see him, I really need to thank him.
“Thank you, Sir-”
I heard the approach of slow footsteps. I went quiet and Akaza took notice of the footsteps. “Go see who it is.” He whispered. I crouched down and slowly went to the bushes where our horrendous activities were hidden. I peered over the bushes and there I see an elderly couple walking down the path.
“Who is.”
“Just two old people.”
He scoffed and shook his head. “Nothing to worry about then, they won’t hear us.” He went back to eating his food. I heard the elderly squabble over something insignificant “Now, Tomoko dear, Are you sure you have the leftovers-”
“I know I have the damn left overs Kichirou! For the past thirty years you keep asking if I got the leftovers and I keep telling you I got the leftovers!” The old woman fumed as she held a large box wrapped up. She spun around and went to walk away when the old man spanked her. She let out a gasp as the old man chuckled.
“Kichirou! By the gods- Imma wallop you dirty old sleaze!” She made due on her promise and hit him in the shoulder repeatedly. He laughed humorously at the woman’s fury. “I can’t help it dear, Even it has been fifty years, you are still the sexiest woman I know.”
She stopped dead in her attack, looking up at him. “You truly mean that dear..?”
“Of course I do, you silly goose! You’re my wife after all! I would rather be with no one else if I couldn’t be with you.” He proclaimed. He was old and clearly frail but he had such bravery and confidence in his voice, as if challenging the gods to strike him dead if what he spoke was a lie.
She shook her head and pulled him in for a hug. “I love you Kichirou.” He embraced her in his arms and kissed the crown of her head. “I love you, Tomoko.”
As the couple walked away, I felt my eyes become blurry. My lower lip pushed up over my top one and I covered my eyes. Why? Why am I crying? Why was something so insignificant as an old couple embracing making me upset?
“What’s wrong (Y/n)?” Akaza affirmed, getting up from his spot on the ground and approaching me. “I- I don’t know… Its stupid.” I confirmed. He looked around and wiped the tears from my face. “Hey, no more crying, okay? Tears are for the weak, You ain’t weak, are you?” He smiled, holding my face in his hands, I shook my head. “No.”
“Good girl.” It was times like this I truly enjoyed being with Akaza, even though there were times I didn't get him or understand him but I know he’s always looking out for me. After all, Isn't that what good sire’s do?”
“Are you heading off?” I asked, as he made his way to the front door. “Yup, I’ve been assigned another mission.” He confirmed. I decided that tonight I was going to give the house a good sweep and dusting. I’ve cleaned the windows, repaired damaged clothes (While giving them a needed flare of colour and design) and I’ve aired out the bedding.
If you're going to live long, you should live well.
“Should I hunt for some food later?” I offered, standing up and putting down the hoari I had in my hands. And stood up and went to the door to see him off. “No need. I doubt I’ll be back tonight, get something for yourself though, I don’t want you starving.” He slid open the door and I joined him outside. “Best of luck.”
He smirked and patted my head. “You're so sweet.” He pecked the crown of my forehead and nearly died on the spot. My face went red at his heartfelt action and slapped my face as he zoomed away. “That man..”
I giggled and went back inside the house. There was more to do and if I was quick enough, I could get some training in for later. I hope Akaza does well on his mission, whatever it may be.
Tanjiro sat down at the seat next to the window as the flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku sat beside him. He and the others, Zenitsu, were still super hyped about Rengoku’s power and strength. The demon they had just faced was squashed under his food as if he were a mere bug.
“Rengoku san! You’re amazing!” he cheered as the Flame Hashira kept his arms folded. I know! You’ve told me so twenty six times!” Rengoku still had that big smile on his face as Tanjiro shied away at Rengoku's claim. “Ah! Really? I’m sorry Rengoku..”
“That can't be the end of it! I need more action!” Inosuke roared, sticking his head out the window. “HEY DEMONS! IF YOU’RE OUT THERE, COME AND FIGHT ME!!!” Zenitsu cried, pulling him back from the window. “Stop it you Idiot! If there are more demons, don't call them here!”
They fell back into the seat in front of the water breather and sun breather, causing a ruckus before Inosuke got up to hang out the window again, Zenitsu being forced to put an end to the boar like teen.
“Mmmh! Mmmh!” Tanjiro’s eyes focused on the shaking of Nezuko’s box and bent down to hold it still. “Easy Nezuko. Zenitsu and Inosuke are being silly, You can relax.” The box ceased shaking and Tanjiro smiled. “I take it you and your sister are close.” Asked the Flame Hashira.
The boy with the checkered Hoari nodded before sitting back in his seat. “Uh huh. Nezuko is my only family left. The reason I became a demon slayer is so I could find a way to turn her back into a human.” He stroked the box with his calloused fingers.
Rengoku saw hope and love within Tanjiro’s dark red, an emotion he often carried months ago before everything changed. “Your sister is a demon, so I can not speak for her behalf, but I like you Kamado shounen! So I will offer you some advice. If you care about your sister, you would do your best to not let her go.”
Tanjiro tilted his head, left with a muddled expression. “What do you mean by that Rengoku san?” The boy watched as the fiery haired man pulled out a locket from beneath his clean ironed blazer. It was new and made from gold metal. He opened it and from within the confines of the locket was a picture of a woman.
The picture was black and white. She had very long dark hair tied up in a half note, a spider lily hair pin keeping it in place. She wore a regular demon slayer uniform with a Hoari covered in butterflies and a long dragon. Her picture looked like it had been cut out of a much larger photo.
Tanjiro could tell by looking, she was very beautiful.
“I actually had Tsugoku before. Her name was Agawa (Y/n). She was the only one who put up with my training and she always did it with a smile on her face.” Tanjiro felt a foreboding feeling settle in his stomach. “Something tells me it didn’t end well between you two.” He could smell the sadness from Kyojuro despite his smile.
“Yeah, I didn’t realise sooner that she and I had similar feelings for each other.” Tanjiro blushed. “S-similar feelings, like l-love!? But she was your-”
“Tsugoku? I know. It's your reaction that proves I was right. A romantic relationship between master and student is taboo. It is why I set my sights on someone else, her sister. At least in that way, I could be closer to her. What I didn't realise was how cruel her sister was….”
There was a silence between them.
“What happened to her… Rengoku san..?” He didn’t like where this was going.
“She quit the demon slayers and planned to run away. When I pursued her…. It was too late..” He squeezed his fists together in his lap. “She was killed…. By an upper rank demon who happened to be in the area..”
Rengoku could feel the swirl of emptiness corrupt his heart once again, talking about her was hard, very hard. It would be a regret that Kyojuro would have to live with for the rest of his life. He hoped that one day, he would be able to see her again.
“I’m sleepy..” Zenitsu groans.
“Sweep! Sweep! Sweep!” I sang as I swept all their dirt out of the house. After lighting a few scented candles I stole from a target's house, The place already felt like home. Now, To hunt for today’s dinner! I wonder if I should cook today? I can’t get the taste of madam Ringo’s food out of my mind. It was so good!
I have a feeling I will never get used to saying that. I was technically eating people. An idea that once disgusted me to my core. It's only been a few months since my transition anyway. So much has changed, for better or for worse? It's still too early to tell.
My head piped up from my place by the dying fire, who could be at the door? Certainly not a human. I could hear the sounds coming from beyond the front door, as time went by, I was able to distinguish the sounds of everyone around me. This person was… familiar but I couldn’t place where.
I stood up and grabbed my katana. It's a good thing I didn't swap it for a flesh one. You never know when you need to kill another demon. I approached the door and pulled the sword from its sheath. “Who’s out there!? Don’t fuck with me!” I threatened.
“Chill. It's just me.” I heard the hoarse voice speak. Now I definitely knew who that voice belonged to. I slid the door open and was confronted with the slightly deformed figure of Upper six. “Gyutaro sama?”
Then he stood with his arms folded and a slightly bored expression on his face. “F- Forgive me for my rudeness my lord-” He held his hand up as a slightly annoyed expression on his face. “Don’t address me like that! I ain’t no snob like the upper ranks. Just my name will do.”
Well, this was certainly a first. Besides Akaza, I have never really addressed people informally. It was bad manners and I never spoke any other way with my superiors, not even Rengoku and Kanroji, despite how close we were.
“A-Alright… Gyutaro san..” I gave him a slight bow to show even the tiniest bit of respect. “Fuck.. you’re cute.” I stood straight and resheathed my blade. “Have you come to see Akaza? I’m afraid you just missed him. He’s on a special mission for that man”. He already knew who I was referring to and shook his head.
“No, I’m not here for him. I’m here for you.” I blinked once. I blinked twice. “Me? What could you possibly want with me?” I questioned. I stepped outside and shut the door. “Daki wants you to come play with her. Now usually I do things with force but you seem chill so I’ll give you the option to come quietly or I can do things the hard way.” He revealed.
Of all the nights Akaza had to be gone, it was tonight. Actually, They must have none he was leaving me otherwise Gyutaro probably wouldn’t dare show up. At least he was honest about his intentions. I didn’t want to start anything with upper rank six and his sister so it would be in my best interest to comply. Hopefully, They weren’t planning on making me a yujyo.
“Alright, Can I at least leave a letter for Akaza to let him know where I am?” He grunted and shuffled his foot into the floor. “Yeah, we won't keep you for long.”
I have never been to the red light district before. Yoshiwara was like something out of a dream. The smell of human food which would have me drooling and the scent of flowers watered through the air. Pink lights, red lights and purple lights lightened up the streets like a festival and within the yukaku’s of Yoshiwara, Yujyo stood from their balconies, waving at all the men.
Their kimonos are made from the finest silk, their hair done up majestically and their make up done to perfection. Both me and Gyutaro walked down with him wearing kaza and mino as I wore a tenugui around my head like a veil. I had no real reason to walk around in public up to this point so I thought it best to use a tenugui I stole to hide my demonic features.
I looked up at the gorgeous women and couldn't stop the sense of insecurity planting inside me. “Don’t be jealous, most of the women here are miserable. Consider yourself lucky.” He whispered. I nodded my head. “I know, but it would be nice to look as pretty as them.”
I wish I could. Women only became yujyo when their family was in debt or if they had committed a crime. It is a sad reality. I’m sure many people wish they could have been born as I was. In a rich family with a myriad of servants at my beck and call. If ‘only’ money could buy you happiness.
“This way” He stopped by a building. He hopped up until he was at the highest window. I followed him. We entered a room covered wall to wall in the most expensive fabrics. Sitting by a small table, doing her makeup was Daki in her human disguise. She looked well.
I was very surprised by how human she looked. I didn’t know demons could disguise themselves so well. “Stunned? I know, I’m flawless.” She spoke, looking at me through her mirror. I noticed Gyutaro was no longer with us as she sat up from her little cushion.
I bowed down in respect. “Thank you for having me here my lady.” She scoffed at my politeness and walked over to her closet, where she pulled out a large glass bottle. Inside was a crimson liquid that swished and swirled. “You can drop the formal act. Akaza isn’t here. By the way, while we’re here, don't refer to me as Daki. Right now, I’m Warabihime sama.” I nodded as she gestured to me to sit down.
I did as commanded and she brought out two cups. She filled them with the stored blood and gestured for me to take it. I sniff it and for a minute, I’m nearly taken with fatigue and desire. I felt as if I had gone paralysed by the scent itself and had to stop myself. “W-What? What is this..?” I breathed out heavily.
She cackled at my reaction. “Marechi. The rarest blood there is and quite frankly, the most exquisite sample a demon can get their hands on. Consider this a gift from me to you.” I gulped it down, I felt every vein in my body go alive and I shiver in delight. It was akin to something like alcohol but it was so much more addictive.
“W- Why are you giving me this… Warabihime sama?” She shivered in delight from her own cup. "I want to know why Akaza sama is so entranced with you.” She finished her own drink before continuing. “That night at the infinite fortress, I thought you would be a little lamb, thrown to the slaughter when our lord and master sicked that pathetic excuse of a mongrel on you."
I sighed. “Akaza was right, The upper moons really do hate the lower moons.” She scoffed and nodded. “Well, Why wouldn’t we? Their weak fools who get replaced so often it's ridiculous. There's no real need for them, They don’t even do anything useful. Its is most fortunate that our lord disposed of them when he did.”
Now that has caught my attention. “He got rid of them?” She shook her head. “Why yes, you set it in motion, the idea to get rid of the lower class. It was the master’s final straw when that pathetic spider demon… I don’t remember his name. He was the lower five. He was almost killed by a mizunoto of all things! Before Hashira came along.”
I nodded my head as she laughed humorously.
She poured more blood and I hesitantly took my cup. “So what about that night..?” I questioned, taking a sip. “It's clear to me he sees you more than as a little companion to train with. Trust me, As an Oiran who has lived for hundreds of years, I know what a man feels by looking at their face.”
She took a sip before continuing. “Have you and Akaza been.. intimate.. ..like…ever?” Oh crap! I can’t tell her he’s a virgin! I have no doubt in my mind that she would make fun of him. They would all mock him and it would all get back to me! Besides, I can’t betray his trust, It would destroy him.
Looking into Daki’s eyes, I know that she’ll catch a lie if I dare tell it. There’s only one thing to do. “He… um..” I stuttered. I could feel my face go red, she was obviously getting annoyed by my slowness. “Wel!?”
“I um.. Gave him a… blowjob..”
She dropped her empty glass. “OH MY GODS!!!” She squealed. She grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me around. “No! Stop! You're joking!” I was getting dizzy and my neck was beginning to hurt. “N-No..!” technically, it was a lie but he did make me swallow his seed so, at least I can identify something if she asks.
“I always thought he was a virgin- what does his dick look like? Is it tattooed like the rest of his body? Give me details!” I held my hands up in peace. “Hey- listen. I don’t think Akaza would appreciate me telling you this-”
From out of nowhere, a pink obi belt came from a myriad of different angles and wrapped around my body, it had wrapped itself around my lower face, preventing me from calling out. Around my waist, thighs, calves and held my arms above my head. It was so quick, I had no time to react.
“I said. Give. me. Details.” She growled. She released the obi from my face. “Ok! Ok!” He had a big… A big…… ‘phallus’. It's tattooed. Three horizontal lines near the tip!” she scooted closer. “See, that wasn’t so hard.” SHe released me from the obi and I fell backwards.
“Now then, let's see what we can do about your wardrobe?”
“Hold still.” She commanded as she applied the make up to my face. She painted my lips red while I tried to look anywhere else but straight at her so as to not be awkward. “Hey, sis. I’m back, I brought some food-”
Gyutaro came in through the window, holding a few bodies over his shoulders. “What-”
I was dressed beautifully and elegantly as Daki. I wore five silk kimonos and an oversized obi. My hair had been done up and Daki had added many hairpins. My make up hid my demonic marks. “Hello Gyutaro.” I greeted as he jumped down from the window sill.
“I’m…um.. I’m gonna cook us something.” Gyutaro said slowly. He had a blush in his face as he exited the room. “I wished I had known about this cooking thing a lot sooner.” I noted. Daki just chuckled.
She finished my face and nodded in satisfaction. “You would make a good Oiran, you are a bit too bulky.” She commented. I didn’t really appreciate her commenting on my body. Does she forget I was a demon slayer in my human life? Of course my body isn’t gonna be as feminine as others would hope. “If you wanted an Oiran, you should have come for my sister.” I grunted.
Now that I think about it, Mikako would’ve made a perfect Oiran. Daki brought her board game- wei chi and set it in front of me. “Are you familiar with this game?”
“Yeah, I know how to play.”
As we each took turns, so ensued our conversation. “So tell me (Y/n), are you familiar with the male body?” She stared down at me with such a fierce intensity as she took her turn. I simply shook my head. “Well, only from the one time Akaza… The rest of what I know is from reading books on human anatomy.”
She finished her turn. “So I take it you’ve never known another being’s touch? Why was that?” I began my turn, carefully analyzing the board. “Well, I was so focused on becoming a Hashira, I put all my wants and desires behind me.” As I finished, she scoffed.
“I don’t get it, It's obvious you come from a wealthy background. You have the mannerisms of a noble woman. You could easily have any man you want. But besides that, what exactly is the relationship between you and Akaza?” I stopped my head before the piece I was about to pick up.
“I’m still trying to figure that out, Warabihime sama. We train all the time but there are times where we are sort of intimate..” I make my move as she analyzes the board. “It's clear that you two have some sort of feelings for each other, I mean, you did suck his dick.” She took out a pipe and lit it.
I blush and pout. “I know, but its was more as a punishment-”
“Punishment? What did you do?” She perked up, smoking her pipe. I rolled my eyes and sat my chin in the palm of my hand. “I was training with Kokushibou-”
“Kokushibou dono!? OOohhhhh!” she squealed, shaking her fists together. “Tell me, what happened between you too?”
“We were just training-”
“DON’T. Lie to me.” She growled, pointing her pipe at me. I sighed. “He… kissed me.” Daki looked like she was going to fangirl again but I shook my head. “It was completely unwarranted though! I didn’t want him to kiss me.”
“Oh my gods! You have the attention of Upper moon one and three! Just what are you doing?” I shrugged my shoulders. Like I was just as confused as her. “I don’t know- I mean- I train every hour of every single day!” I mean, I think that's why they like me so much.
“But the real question is, do you like Akaza?” She inhaled a puff from her pipe and exhaled slowly. I knew what I was feeling but with everything that happened, I don’t know if it's right or not. To feel the way I do.
“I think so. He treats me in a way no one else has ever done. He’s like a real life prince charming. But sometimes, he doesn't want to draw the line of our companion relationship. He doesn’t want to show too much weakness around me and others but at the same time, I can tell he wants this as much as I do…”
She giggled. “There is a way to show him..” She put her pipe down and crawled over. “How…?”
Daki was an extremely beautiful woman, anyone could tell. She sat beside me and held my face. “Why sex of course. It's my nightly profession for the right price but for others, it can be the rawest form of emotion. Sometimes the best way to show him how you feel is to me… straightforward.”
She leans in and pecks me on the lips. I felt taken aback but the way she did it felt so natural. You could tell she had practice. “Warabihime sama..” She pulled down the collars of my kimonos and examined my neck. I felt nervous, but not scared nervous…
“I’ll teach you the many ways on how to please a man, and it all starts with a bit of foreplay…”
She proceeds to kiss my neck slowly, her lips are so soft and it sends vibrations throughout my body. Her nail traces my body as my face turns red. She cups my breasts and gives me a bite on the neck. I moan out, the air is cold but my body feels like a furnace. Daki knew what she was doing as she reached up into my ear.
“Now then…” Her breath is hot and my ears go red. “Let's get started..”
Tanjiro looked up at the Flame Hashira in awe. After the defeat of the lower one, Rengoku had advised him to stop the bleeding vein in his stomach using full concentration breathing. Rengoku was incredible. He had single handedly put a stop to lower one’s final attack before he fully died by Tanjiro’s blade.
Where would they go from here? Surely when the Kakushi come and help the wounded, they’ll head back to demon slayer headquarters. Tanjiro knew he wanted to take Rengoku up on his offer and become his Tsugoku. It would help advance his training and help him find a way to turn Nezuko back into a human.
Surely, Rengoku will help him achieve this.
“Thank you.. I will.” He breathed.
Rengoku smiled. “Good.”
Just then. A dark and ominous presence entered their field of hearing. A smash vibrated on the ground a yards away from the, A cloud of dust and dirt forms. Rengoku grabbed the hilt of his sword as Tanjiro could only lay back in fear. Who was it? Who was approaching them?
In the distance, as the dirt and dust cloud cleared up, a figure of a crouching man appeared.
He took the form of a muscular young man with skin so fair, it appears bright green-tinged white, decorated by a pattern of thick blue lines, which resemble the criminal tattoos. He had short, bright pink hair that fluffed out around his head, and inward-tilting yellow eyes with pink eyelashes and blue sclera that looked somewhat like cracked glass. The kanji for "Upper Rank" and “Three” are etched into his irises as well.
He wore little, only sporting a short, sleeveless dark purple-pink haori that was cut off at his waist, left open to expose his chest, that was decorated by a square pattern on his back. Below this, he sported a pair of baggy white pants that he rolled to just below the knee with a blue rope belt to secure them at his waist. He was barefoot, but wore a chain of large round pink pearls around each of his ankles.
Kyojuro stared him down with an intensity in his gold and red eyes. His smile was completely gone. Tanjiro smelt something he thought he would never smell off Rengoku. Pure unbridled rage.
Tanjiro had to tilt his head to get a better look at the upper moon, after squinting his eyes he gasped. ``Those eyes, he's upper three! What’s he doing here?”
The upper moon squinted his own eyes in turn as he pounced. He was flying through the air, towards both him and Rengoku. As his tattooed fist got closer and closer, Rengoku finally reacted.
“Flame Breathing, Second Form: Rising Scorching Sun!”
The Upper moon’s arm was split in half before it could make contact with Kamado’s face. He backflipped away from the Hashira until he was at a safe distance. He lift his arm as the two sliced parts folded in different directions, making a squelching sound that deeply disturbed Tanjiro’s ears.
The upper moon had a malicious smirk on his face. The two parts came back together with such haste, you wouldn’t have thought they were cut in the first place. As he licked the blood away from his hand, he had only one thing to say.
“Lovely to see you again, Flame Hashira.”
OOOOOHHH SHIT! The confrontation between Akaza and Rengoku at last! Y'all thought Kyojuro would meet a Demon (Y/n) but bitch- I ain't that predictable. Nope, this is my story, we do it my way and let me tell you, your in for some ANGST
Taglist: @mind-of-the-gremlin @loevngyuno @nightxraid @simpforerensattacktitan @phoenixica24 @thelovehashira143 @strawberry-lemonade-kisses @msvalkitty @smikys-stuff @yorhax2b @simp-for-rengoku @gffufugjfufjfccghu @witchymermaid12 @motzgurke @totalistreborn @iuuper @lapisdeisleeps @somekindofreverie @yandere-writer @dreamerdahlia @venombane98 @yaesflorist @eezybabe @izzytimes
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cielinde · a month ago
aaaa ik u just did a akaza size kink fic but what abt a kokushibou size kink ? he’s such a big man
i'm so sorry this took so long, it was a bit of a challenge on characterising him! if you'd like a different situation/kinks etc, feel free to send in another ask <3 MINORS DNI + more under cut!
* ‧ ⨯ . ⁺ ✦ * 𓂂 ꙳
“k-koku…” his name leaves your lips breathlessly, strong hands encompassing you in his old as you feel him kiss and nibble on the skin of your neck, your hands trembling as they grasp the fabric of his kimono.
“yes, my love?”
you shiver at the feeling of his hot breath against your skin. his large hands grip and roam on your form, gently kneading your breasts and earning a soft groan from you.
“please?” you look at him with pleading eyes, and he pecks you softly on your forehead, twisting a nipple and making you squirm underneath him. your thigh shifts, and your eyes widen at the feeling of his erect member.
“you’ll be patient, won’t you?” he lifts your chin, and despite being gentle, you can sense the authority in his voice. you nod silently, and he locks his lips with yours. his gentle touch is no more. his hot tongue presses against yours in something short of a dance as you feel his fangs scrape and bruise your own. you moan softly against him, and when he growls into your mouth you feel a tremble up your spine.
your precious kokushibo.
a powerful demon he was, but to you, he was your love.
he slides your kimono off effortlessly, and you gasp softly at the feeling of the cold air making contact with your skin.
“so beautiful,” you feel him murmur against your exposed chest, and you stifle a moan when he spreads your legs, your wet core in full view for him.
“koku…” you weakly whimper, clutching onto his shoulders. your face heats up as his hypnotising eyes drink in every inch of you, his hands moving to squeeze and grope at your thighs. a soft moan escapes your lips when he trails his fingers up to your core, swirling your slick juices before inserting one of his fingers into your sopping cunt.
your thighs twitch as you avert your eyes away from his. just one finger and he already fills you up.
“you’ve been anticipating this,” he curls his finger deep inside you, and you mewl softly when you meet his gaze, eyes piercing your very soul. you feel sweat form on your brows as he inserts yet another finger into you, and you struggle to respond as he starts thrusting them in and out of you quickly, gathering more of your sinful juices onto his hand.
“i expect you to answer whenever i ask,” kokushibo’s thumb circles on your clit, and more pleasure shoots throughout your body, tears of pleasure brimming in your eyes.
“y-yes,” you nod, biting your lip as his fingers massage your tight, wet walls. you wonder how he’ll feel fully sheathed in you; his two fingers alone were enough to send you into a drooling mess, but the thought of his large cock being too much for you was enough for you to tighten around him, squirming in his grasp as you closed your eyes in embarrassment from hearing the sounds of his ministrations, the squelching sound of his fingers thrusting into your hungry cunt darkening your blush.
as if reading your thoughts, kokushibo inserts yet another finger inside you, and you let out a loud whimper as he finger-fucks you with an even greater speed.
“already this tight around me,” he hums, curling his fingers once again, and you shake as you open your eyes just slightly to see the small bump in your stomach as a result from his long fingers inside you.
“you’re exquisite, my love,” he applies pressure onto your clit, the sensitive bundle of nerves electrified as you fail to hide your moans anymore, tightening your grip on him as the burning pleasure inside you snaps, thighs shaking as he coaxes you throughout your climax and you roll your eyes back as your orgasm ripples throughout your body.
he brushes your hair out of your face in a gentle manner as you feel him withdraw his fingers from you, emitting a small whimper from you as he licks your essence, eyes never leaving your flushed body.
“k-koku!” you gasp.
“you taste just as divine,” he says, disrobing his purple yukata. you bite your lip, hands trembling as you looked at his muscular structure, your heart rate increasing as he loosens his pants which revealed his erection.
you whimper softly at the sight of his cock alone, your breath caught in your throat as you feel another heat pool between your legs.
he’s large.
very large.
it’s long and veiny, and its girth was one to be drooled over. you nervously crawl closer to him, trying not to tremble too much as you look up at him, kokushibo gently caressing your cheek tenderly.
“don’t force yourself, love,” he says, and you nod. gods, just from your kneeling position you can feel his cock tower you. swallowing your doubts away, you move your hand to the base of his cock, and pump it up along his shaft.
he lets out a satisfied sigh, and you tighten your grip around his length, a little more confident this time.
you press your tongue flat against the bottom of his cock, just above his balls, and make your way all the way up to the head of his cock, gracing along his prominent veins until you wrap your lips around the very tip of his length, the taste of salty precum rewarding you as kokushibo grips at your hair, letting out a soft groan.
you braven up, and descend your mouth down his shaft slowly, slightly wincing as you try your best to adjust to his thick length.
you look at kokushibo again, eyes slightly squinted as a faint blush dusts his cheeks, his breathing heavier while his grip on your hair tightens. you’ve never seen him this way, and it sends you moaning lightly on his cock.
“you’re doing good,” he says, and you grasp onto him as your gag reflex kicks in. tears swell in your eyes, and you look down only to realise you’re only halfway through his cock. your jaw is sore already, but you still want to try.
“you’re so beautiful,” he wipes your tears, cock twitching in your mouth as you whimper. “you’re such a pretty thing, taking me in your mouth like this,” he groans, and you train yourself further along his cock, until his tip hits the back of your mouth. you haven’t taken every inch of him in your mouth, but you want to please him already.
bobbing your head up and down, you feel the mix of spit and precum stain your lips and trail down your jaw, and when he jolts just slightly, a soft groan escaping him, you press your thighs together as your pace quickens, his hands tugging on your hair while you try your best to keep yourself steady, the feeling of his cock throbbing in you making you even wetter by the second.
“keep going,” he says, and you find a sense of pride from how strained his voice is. you move your hand to stroke the lower parts of his cock where you can’t reach, and you don’t stop taking his cock. he thrusts into your mouth, holding your head in place by your hair, and you whimper as you feel his tip make its way down your throat. you can’t breathe, but you do your best as he lets out soft grunts and curses, fucking into your mouth to his own pleasure as you feel his legs quiver under your touch.
his cock twitches inside your throat, and you whine, looking up at him.
“swallow for me,” he groans, and pulls back just slightly so you can taste his seed. when you feel the warmth of it spill into your mouth, you close your eyes and stay in place until he finishes, and then you finally swallow, catching your breath once you’ve pulled away.
“you did good,” he breathes, and you rub your thighs together, your hot slick staining the sheets as you plop yourself down on it.
“koku,” you whisper, instinctively spreading your legs for him as he towers above you, his still erect cock in his hand.
he gently pushes you down onto the sheets, thumb tracing soothing circles on your shoulder. when you feel the head of his cock part your lower lips, you grasp onto him tightly.
“koku, wait! i-”
“i’ll take care of you,” he grips your waist, holding you in place.
“i trust you,” you nod, eyes darting lower to where the two of you connect, and you suck in a gasp as he kisses you, his length slowly pushing into your cunt. you whimper and dig your nails into him, his large cock splitting your pussy apart with every inch, and though you know only a fourth of him has been sheathed inside you, you can’t help the involuntary tremble of your thighs as you feel your core being so stretched out already, your walls clenched around him so tightly already.
you hear him groan, a droplet of sweat forming on his forehead as he moves his other hand to grasp your thigh over his shoulder, giving him better access to your core.
you let out a cry of pain, and kokushibo kisses your cheek. he whispers sweet nothings into your ear as you wrap your arms around him, breath heavy with every feeling of his large cock filling you up.
“koku, it hurts,” you gasp, the feeling slightly too much as you wonder if you’ve soiled the sheets with blood, but you know he wouldn’t mind.
“relax, love,” he tells you, pressing kisses along your jaw and cheeks, his hand that was on your waist now moved to toy with your nipples, twisting and gently pulling on the sensitive buds. “it will feel pleasurable soon,” his lips ghost over yours, and you pull him into a kiss.
the feeling of him inside you is indescribable. you feel so full, and though you’re not sure if he’s fully in you or not, the physical feeling of your stomach being filled to the brim is more than enough for you to be rendered dumb-fucked already.
he starts thrusting, telling you how beautiful you are for him. you can’t respond, the pleasure and pain muddled together creating a euphoric feeling you’ve never felt before. your pussy is tight around him, milking him and clenching around him with every thrust that gradually increases with speed, rocking your body along with his as kokushibo eventually lets go of your thigh to flick your clit, and you’re moaning his name loudly like a prayer.
“you feel so good, love,” he groans, and with every piercing thrust, you feel the closer you are to coming undone in his arms.
you writhe beneath him, “koku, i’m coming, i’m…”
“then cum.”
you don’t have time to think; his dizzying thrusts that perfectly hit your sweet spot every time his cock kisses your womb drives you mad with pleasure, coupled by his fingers on your clit, the coil of pleasure snaps within you once again for the second time of the night, and you cry his name out as you reach your orgasm, pussy convulsing around his cock as you arch your back against him in pure ecstasy.
your muscles go slack after the climax, and you whimper into his shoulder as he continues to fuck you, not giving your sensitive cunt a break.
“k-koku,” you mewl. “too much…please,” you look at him pleadingly, and he moans, his cock twitching inside you. you buck your hips, another wave of bliss pooling in your nether regions. you were still so sensitive, but the feeling of his length dragging through your warm, wet walls was too much yet again.
“aren’t you a needy girl,” he playfully clicks his tongue, and you moan. the lewd sounds of his cock pounding into you and your mixed juices splattering out with every thrust brought more heat to your body.
your muscles were going sore, but the yearning was too much. you could tell kokushibo enjoyed your unfocused eyes and weakening grip on him; he loved it when you were so docile for him. such a cute little lover, filled up with his cock and so, so easy for him to pleasurably break.
he grits his teeth, and you feel his iron grip on you tighten as he continues to rut into you, breath getting heavier as you feel his cock harden even more inside you. his long, harsh strokes fill you with yet another realisation of an oncoming orgasm, and you cry his name out as he holds you down, cock twitching and shooting his hot seed deep inside you, sending pleasure rippling through your body as you cream around his cock once again.
your body burns, the previous climaxes lingering within you still fresh as ever, and his cum filling your hungry cunt only fueled the fire.
“i love you,” you whisper, looking into those beautiful many eyes of his, and he kisses you, rough yet sweet.
“i love you too,” he says softly, and when he rolls his hips against yours and you feel your belly swell once again, you writhe delicately.
and your lover pleases you throughout the night. you don’t know how long it’s been, but it doesn’t matter. every new position and thrust has mixed with your moans of overstimulated pleasure, your cunt buzzing and sore from being used so harshly. you don’t mind. your mind has gone hazy, but all you can really think about is how well kokushibo fucks you and stretches your dripping cunt out.
whispers of love ring softly in your ear, and when he pulls out of you, seed leaking out your core, he kisses you tenderly and you smile softly, laying in his arms.
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cricketsjunk · 15 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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demonxlove · 3 months ago
douma + akaza + kokushibo ( separately ) with a human male s/o that randomly sleeps a lot headcanons
for example : the reader’s eating food , all of a sudden he falls asleep ( he doesn’t go down on the table , he just sits up with his eyes closed , sleeping )
so sorry if this request’s confusing 😅
thanks in advance ! ! ! have a wonderful day / noon / night
✎ continuous apologies how long its taking me to get to yalls asks 😭 but don’t worry the request isn’t confusing at all!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🌙 Kokushibo w/ Male S/O that Falls Asleep at Random
Oh, lord help him. He has no idea what happened the first time you fall asleep on him like that.
He’ll worry that you’re dead at first, but immediately toss that notion out the window when he sees your chest rising and falling.
Part of him wants to wake you up to make sure you’re okay and question why you fell asleep so randomly, but he’s quick to get the idea you must be absolutely exhausted. He’ll carry you to bed and let you sleep it off for now, and will ask questions later.
Admittedly, he’s a bit like a nagging parent when you do wake up. He wants to make sure if you’re okay, but also was pretty convinced you pushed yourself past the point of exhaustion and he’s gonna make sure you know that’s not okay and extremely unhealthy!
Once you explain everything to him it does calm him down a bit, but he’s still probably gonna be a bit annoying about it.
The type to read up the best he can on what he needs to know and ask plenty of questions so he knows how to handle the situation if it pops up.
He’ll act like it annoys him and it’s a huge trouble for him, but don’t believe him too much. He doesn’t genuinely mean it but he’s gotta keep up his big scary demon persona. 
Too bad he sucks at it though considering he’ll rush to help you the second he sees you falling asleep.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🌙 Douma w/ Male S/O that Falls Asleep at Random
He’s so annoying about it I swear to god. Like he thinks it’s hilarious!
Well, once he figures out nothing is wrong with you. 
The first time it happens he’s just like, “Oh shit, is he dead?” and would be the type to start poking you until you wake up. Not even check for a pulse he’s just that annoying.
Once you do wake up though, he gets a laugh out of it. “Are you that tired?” He’ll question in between his laughter. He assumes it to be just a one off thing, like you didn’t get enough sleep.
Now the more it happens, he’ll ask you if you have a genuine serious issue. But as long as it’s nothing life threatening, he’s bound to tease you about it.
He’ll jokingly complain about you falling asleep in the middle of a conversation and be like, “Am I boring you that much? How mean.” With a fake little pout.
He’ll laugh about it as he does, but he means well. And you can tell that by his actions. He’ll always carry you to bed to let you get more rest whenever you do this, unless you’re in the middle of eating. He’ll wake you up only then to finish eating first since food is important to keep your strength up!!
He’s also gonna be a bit annoying on making sure you get enough rest. Not in his joking way though, well he does try to make you sleep in his joking tone, but what I mean is he is serious about it. He worries about you exhausting yourself out so even if he makes a joking comment about you sleeping you know it comes from a genuine place of caring.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🌙 Akaza w/ Male S/O that Falls Asleep at Random
Please, you’re gonna scare him so bad the first time this happens. Of course, he finds out pretty fast you’re okay but his instant reaction for some reason is to panic, he’s not even sure why. But he practically shakes you awake in fear.
He’s checking you over, making sure you’re okay, asking like ten thousand questions. You’re gonna have to help him calm him down before you can explain (trauma he cannot remember got him fucked up badly, truly).
Once he’s a lot calmer and you explain things properly, he’ll feel a lot better about the situation, and will likely let you just rest when it happens. 
Ya know, unless he just happens to “accidentally” wakes you up while carrying to you to bed and flexes a bit how strong he is that he can ‘carry his boyfriend like he’s nothing but a feather.’ You knew this already very well but just pretend like you’re impressed, give him a confidence boost.
Will ask you questions on how you’d like him to handle these situations of course, and even if there’s ways to help you out.
Say you don’t know any though, good lord any slayer that fights him is gonna be so confused because this man will not just pick up a book to try and understand issues. 
“Hey, you’re really strong, wanna become a demon? Also this guy I’m in love with falls asleep at random and I wanna help him, tell me what you know about this condition and maybe I will consider you keeping your life.”
Why are all these bitches so annoying in their own way? 😭
Genuinely though, he means well and just wants you to be happy and healthy. Even if he struggles a bit with learning how to help you be so.
Tumblr media
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lexacoolfox · 6 months ago
~I'm really sorry if i always requested something from you^^;~
But i have an idea, what about "upper moon demons with s/o who's close with muzan"?
You can ignore this!!^^ and don't worry!!i don't mind:D i just like to give an idea for demon slayer headcanons too<3♡♡
Ok ok, so I thought this idea would be fun to do.
Upper moon demons with a S/O who is close with muzan. Part 1
‼️also spoilers so don’t read if you don’t want spoilers‼️
A little bit of detail.
For some situations, your rather his sibling or a friend that’s been with him since the beginning. Ok that’s just what I’ve wanted to clarify. Also you don’t have a moon rank. Cause your a friend or sibling to muzan not a subordinate.
Tumblr media
🌙how you got with this man I’ll leave to your imagination…
🌙But he himself is confused on how a demon like yourself caught his attention. But nonetheless he really does love you. You knew he was an upper moon demon because of his eyes. He didn’t know you knew muzan he just thought you were a random demon.
🌙you guys have been dating for at least over 3 years. On your guys 3 year anniversary he got you a really pretty and expensive bracelet.
You and muzan are really good friends. You know him better than anybody. He doesn’t love you romantically, you don’t love him that way either. You both really just enjoy each others company and care for each other.
“Hey Y/N. How you been lately?”
“I’ve been good. How about you?”
“Honestly terrible. progress on the blue spider lily has been going terrible! Those demons slayers are making everything just so much harder!”
“I’m sorry to hear that.”
“But you being here is making me more relaxed.”
You smile.
“That new bracelet looks good on you. Where did you get it?”
“Oh koku got it for our anniversary-*slams hand over mouth*”
“Did you just say kokushibo got you that for your anniversary?”
“Hehehehe…I guess the cats out of the bag.”
“You have been dating kokushibo and you never told me.”
“I was going to tell you. but. Then I thought how awkward it would make things.”
“How long?”
“3 years.”
Later that day after you left. muzan order nakime to summon kokushibo to the infinity fortress.
“Yes master muzan.”
“Is it true that you have been dating y/n for the past 3 years?”
“…yes master muzan.”
“…do you really love them?”
“Yes master muzan…with all my heart.”
Muzan could read his mind he knew he wasn’t lying. He also knew kokushibo was thinking that he thought muzan was going to strip him of his ranking or punished severely. In reality he wasn’t, kokushibo was the oldest and strongest moon member losing someone like him, would be a huge loss for his army. But muzan really cares for you deeply, your the one thing that makes him happy.
“Take good care of them then.”
Kokushibo was quite surprised by this
“They’re a very good friend of mine. So if they come to me, crying cause of something you did. You will be receiving the most extreme punishment or I’m killing you. Honestly depending on my mood or on what you did.”
“Yes I understand master muzan. I promise to take care of them and love them.”
“That will be all.”
🌙later sometime that week. Kokushibo questioned you on how you knew muzan. You told him you knew muzan since he was a human and when you two became demons.
🌙kokushibo told you what had happened between the two. You laughed at your friends protectiveness and how kokushibo was scared to death.
🌙now anytime there’s a upper moon meeting. Muzan will give kokushibo a slight glare, and read his mind to see if he’s done anything to his beloved friends. No one dared ask the two about it, to scared of the two.
🌙but muzan does trust kokushibo the most, so over time he stops with the glares. But still reads his mind ever so often.
Tumblr media
✨doma loves you more than anything! You’ve given something, that nobody could give him! Emotions!
✨he treats you as some kind of goddess. He showers you with gifts and affection. He does it so much that it kinda worrying in some ways.
✨he loves giving you love but he loves it more when you give him love and affection. In fact he craves it, not in a yandere type way more of a clingy type way. Can’t really blame him though, the guy has never felt emotions before meeting you.
✨he’ll get your attention anyway he can. either he asks for attention, cry to you about how his ‘friend’ akaza is mean to him, or annoying you until you give him attention.
✨you knew he was apart of muzan upper moon. But you never said anything about you and muzan, you didn’t feel as if it was important.
✨during the night when you weren’t with him. (Cause you went to go visit muzan.) he is quite curious where you go.
Now onto how muzan found out you two were dating. Let’s be real doma is the one who let it slip that you two are dating. It was an upper moon meeting. Muzan was doing his thing looking terrifying, telling them about the blue spider lily and other missions. Muzan notice doma wasn’t really paying attention so he decided to read his mind to see what was distracting him
‘I wonder what y/n is doing right now? Probably still being the wonderful goddess she is. She’s so amazing. I think I’ll bring her a gift when I go over to her place’
Muzan now wasn’t just annoyed but straight up angry. Why? You might be asking?
It’s because you were muzan’s sister.
That’s right your the sister of the great Muzan Kibutsuji!
“Doma, you are to stay here after this meeting.”
Doma has probably never been more scared than he’s ever been than at the moment. He was dreading when the meeting was coming close to an end. What could he have possibly done, for muzan to keep him here after the meeting.
After the meeting…
“Y-yes master muzan.”
“Why during the meeting we’re you thinking about y/n?”
“Um well their my girlfriend-”
He ordered nakime to immediately summon you.
You were minding your own business when all the sudden your were summoned to the infinity fortress. You saw Doma and muzan. Doma looking like he was about to pass out, from fear and your brother looking about he about to commit mass genocide.
“Why am I here?”
“When where you going to tell me you were dating Doma!! AND WHY DOMA!”
“Ouch” said you and doma
“Well you never asked. And I don’t know. Something about doma just attracts me.”
“Aww y/n!”
“You stay quite!”
“Yes master muzan!”
“Why must you be so mean to him. Big brother.”
“What did I just say!”
“Sorry master muzan!”
✨After a while you calmed your brother down. Making sure he didn’t end doma’s life. You two explained how you meet each other, and feel in love. Even though muzan wasn’t happy with it, he let you two continue dating. He liked seeing you so happy. But muzan threaten to give doma the worst death imaginable if he did anything to upset you!
✨you and doma are now still together and very happy. But now anytime muzan sees him veins basically pop out his face.
✨poor poor doma. At least he has his goddess
Tumblr media
❄️Akaza is one the best lovers.
❄️he’s very protective of you, even though you can take care of yourself just fine.
❄️he fell for you because of how strong you were and your personality. He loved having training fights with you and nice conversations.
❄️your were the person he came to when he wanted to complain about a certain upper moon demon (doma).
❄️he brings little gifts here and there.
❄️Even thought he’s good at hiding it. He absolutely in love with you. Your his everything.
❄️you knew he was an upper moon. You weren’t even though you were so strong. Which confused akaza.
One day. You were hanging out with muzan, talking about old memories. You guys were really good friends then he wanted to ask you something.
“Hey y/n?”
“I’ve notice lately you’ve been wearing new jewelry and new clothes?”
“Is it wrong to change my style once in a while old friend?”
“No no it’s not that, it’s just you haven’t been in any areas that sell clothes like that.”
You both knew where each other are, just in case of emergencies. If one of you needs help. He was right you haven’t been in any areas that have clothes or jewelry like the kind you currently wearing.
“You could say a special someone has come into my life.”
“Please don’t tell me it’s a human.”
“Oh no! You know that wouldn’t work. It’s a demon in fact. You probably know him.”
“Yeah. Upper moon 3 Akaza!”
“Oh…that’s a relief. When you said upper moon I was so afraid you were going to say doma!”
“From what akaza has told me about him there’s no way that’s happening.”
Any other demon he would’ve been considered. But akaza is a different story, he a very serious and honest demon. He trusted akaza to treat you properly and would not do anything to upset you.
But one day the two pasted by each other.
“You better take care of y/n very good. I already know that you’ll treat them very well already. But I’m just telling you, they are a dear friend to me. I’m won’t hesitate to kill you if you hurt them.”
“Do practice fights count?”
“No, I meant emotionally.”
“There is no need to worry. I love them to much to hurt them like that.”
“That’s all I wanted to say. Carry on with your assignment.”
“Yes master!”
I know it wasn’t as dramatic as the other two but that’s honestly how it would go.
Anyway you and akaza have a great relationship that luckily doesn’t effect your twos work life.
I hope that was to your liking, really tried. I don’t know how muzan would act with somebody he would actually care about. Anyway I mostly did the first three. If you want me to do some more demons. I won’t mind. Any way have a nice day.
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lavender-rosa · 5 months ago
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Demon Slayer:Kimetsu no Yaiba + Eyes
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Tumblr media
bunch of icons 
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