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kaohukaohu · an hour ago
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bgsdraws · 3 hours ago
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heyo, I orginally started this on may 24th but school made it so hard to actually finish it- I orginally skecthed this at a starbucks with a friend actually
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rainbow-graves · 5 hours ago
love it or hate it Jon Kent has taken the name SuperBoy and it looks like its going to forever be his, leaving Kon in that weird limbo accompanied by Miles Morales and Wally West. My solution to that... Give Kon a liiittttttle make over. Give Kon the mantle of PowerBoy, which has a little history behind it that I wont exactly go into here, but the most important parts, he currently doesnt exist/hasnt shown up and also the specific costume trait shared with the "Power" family -
Tumblr media
Tell me Kon woudnt rock his 90s black leather jacket, and the undercut with a white red and blue jumpsuit underneath to match closer with PowerGirls outfit to distance a bit with the questionable history of PowerBoy
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the-cult-of-aqualad · 8 hours ago
The plotline of Conner being scared to tell Clark he’s also Luthor’s son is an allegory for coming out, in this essay I will
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teddybearflash · 16 hours ago
School lunches with adhd!Bart and autistic!thad
Bart: you don't like it?
Thad: the texture...
Bart: I can trade with you-
Some jerk: looks like the stuck up princess can't handle peasant food huh?
Thad: don't say it, don't say it, don't say it-
Jerk: somebody is just too picky- *gets punched by Bart*
Bart: oh, sorry reflex when someone being an asshole.
Kon, from the other side of the school: MY BABY BOY CUSS AH THEY GROW UP SO FAST *sobbing in proud punk*
Tim: huh so this is a public school, do you think I'll get to see a front lawn fight?
Cassie: most definitely.
Cissie: should we tell Bart violence ain't the answer?
Cassie: later babe, I don't get see Bart this mad a lot.
Tim: my brother always said violence is not the answer, it's a question he asks repeatedly to someone face.
Kon: bats logic, I need to make more punk right cards.
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averagelonelypotato · 18 hours ago
I love him 🥺❤️
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thenorseloki · 19 hours ago
Thinking that in Batman: Urban Legends Tim borrowed Dick's clothes to go to the date with Bernard and I just imagined the scene:
Tim: hey dick, I need some clothes to go to the restaurant, can I borrow some of your old ones? Something that can fit me?
Dick: to the restaurant? With who?
Tim: it's just a guy that I don't see since quite some time
Dick: WAIT wait, so it's like, a date?
Tim: I told you, it's a guy
Dick stares at him:
*tim blushes*:'s just an old friend of mine!
Dick: okay okay calm down it's okay
Tim: fine. Now can I have something since I just have some t-shirts and the robin suit since I'm waiting for the laundry
*Dick gives him the clothes*
Tim: alright, these look okay...thanks dick
Dick: no problem Tim, after all I'm your big brother! Enjoy your meal with Conner
Tim: CONNER?! What the hell?? Why Kon?
Dick: oh OH sorry nevermind!
*Jason and Damian that saw all the scene because the door was open*
Jason: yeah Damian, you are 100% right. Tim is SO DUMB
*Tim rushing through Wayne manor to go outside*
Alfred: Master Tim, you are not having dinner tonight?
Tim: No Alfred, I'm sorry, I'm meeting with a guy at the restaurant
Alfred: oh! Then have a good date! Is he Conner?
Just an oblivious Tim as always 🤦🏻‍♂️
(they are not at Wayne manor in the comics but it was funny to imagine them together)
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incorrectyj · a day ago
conner: hi, can i have two movie tickets please
movie clerk: for romeo and juliet?
conner: no, for m’gann and i
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melennui · a day ago
today, i used my superboy knowledge to impress a hot girl and we ended up watching captain marvel together. finished just 20 minutes ago.
thank you, my stupid knowledge on comic books.
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darsky17 · a day ago
Batboys Headcannon:
Hey there! Just wanted to leave this here haha! These are just headcannons I think about cuz I have no self control lol! I hope you enjoy them!
Summer Shenanigans:
Dick and Wally: Over the years they found their own tradition. Ever since they were kids they would have pool days in Wayne manor of course. Much to Bruce’s annoyance and constant brooding. Alfred would set their own floaties a blue one for Dick and a green one for Wally. They would lounge in the infinity pool and also race each Wally always won of course. After that Dick would always have to peel Wally’s skin cuz he never did apply enough sun screen. Red heads are so sensitive . But regardless they both enjoyed it, but what was best of all were the hamburgers and hotdogs Alfred would whip up. Alfred always knew to cook extra when Wally came to visit he never did mind for he knew how the energetic boy made Richard happy. Once they were done the boys lounged in Dick’s room though they always forgot about the tv and or video games as sleep overtook them. They always seemed to drift to a deep sleep with Dick’s head in the crook of Wally’s neck and their legs entangled. And one of Wally’s arms protectively thrown over Dick’s waist. Bruce always checked on the boys he would come quietly to not disturb them. Though he would always cover them with a blanket and before he went off he would flash a fond smile. And left without a trace leaving both boys to sleep soundly.
Jason and Roy: Now for Jason and Roy it was more mischief and mayhem. Their summer fun comprises more of pranks than relaxation. Roy would often invite Jason to the lame family outings Oliver insisted on planning. Though they were never fun this one seemed the best so far. Oliver booked a trip to a water park in Star City. With an extra ticket Roy decided to string Jason along. Two rebel teenagers in a water park with children afloat what’s the worst that could happen? As they sped off right when they arrived they ignored Oliver’s protests on behaving. Dinah just looked at him hopelessly. The first rides they went on were fun and fast slides that go at high speeds. Others consisted of drop down slides, light up tunnels and pools. As they got bored fast they headed towards the kids sections of the park. Jason decided on scaring the toddlers by pretending there were sharks in the kiddie pools. As Roy thought that was lame he decided that it’d be fun to scare them shitless. So he proceeded to pretend drown those turds by pulling their legs and yanking them down. As crying and angry moms ensued Roy grabbed Jason’s hand and ran. Only to be met with security and detained in a ocean themed waiting room how fun. They were greeted by an angry Dinah and Oliver as they both got grounded. Both boys thought it was worth it. Roy thought this trip wasn’t as boring as he thought. So he figured bringing Jason along wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all as long as they don’t get caught.
Tim and Kon: For Tim and Conner it’s more relaxing and intimate. Conner had invited Tim to the usual family barbecue with the Kent’s. This time they had decided on going to one of the local beaches in Smallville. Tim had packed light the usual beach towel, sunscreen, and clothes. He also brought his camera and favorite book just in case the sun doesn’t cooperate. As Conner picked him up he was met with a stoic Bruce Wayne. Though he wasn’t good with small talk Conner just stayed there praying for Tim to be ready. Thank you Rao as Tim made his way down they were off. They headed to the family car. Tim was greeted by Lois, Clark Martha, Jonathan, Kara, Jon, and even Krypto. He felt right at home. After arriving they set their sights on a nice spot at the beach close to the water and away from the crowds. They settled and wasted no time on cooking they made hamburgers and hotdogs as well as Ma Kent’s famous chili. As they ate and played in the water Conner and Tim slipped away to a secluded hill not too far. There they made their own hideaway a blanket for two, and music playing from Conner’s phone. As they made sand castles and drew their names in the sand. Conner decided to take Tim in the water. They laughed and had a blast. As they decided it was getting late they got out and sat by the hill. They were covered in towels and dripping wet. Though they didn’t mind. As the sun went down they cuddled closer and gazed at the sunsets colors it’s mixture of pink, orange, and yellow casting down at the ocean. Tim saw it as a perfect scene to take a picture so he did. And to also make the moment last longer he took a picture of him and Conner. Tim sitting in Conner’s lap embraced by his strong arms he felt safe and sound with the person he’s come to love. So, Tim figured that it’s moments like these he thought that summer had began to be his favorite season.
Damian and Jon: With Damian and Jon they’re just two shy boys in love. Their summer was spent at a lake house that Clark reserved. It was just him, Lois, Jon, and now Damian per Jon’s request. It was nice to get out of the suffocating lifestyle of a Wayne socialite so Damian was looking forward to it. He was happy to escape Gotham and hang out with dare he say friend? Jon was too happy of course cuz he texted him nonstop on how they’ll roast marshmallows, swim in the lake, and even star gaze. Now Damian wasn’t much for jumping in dirty possibly bacteria ridden lake water but he was proven wrong. For when they arrived he was met with a one stunning two story lake house surrounded by lush trees and colorful plants and two a mesmerizing crystal blue lake. As they settled in Damian was dragged by Jon to tour the house and it’s surroundings. After that they spent the first night in the lake lounging and having fun splashing around and having water fights. Damian found that perhaps Kent had a point and that it was fun. The second night they made marshmallows and told campfire stories who knew Lois was a scream queen? Let’s just say Clark had the couch that night. On the last night the boys stayed up late. They promised to stay awake after Jon’s parents fell asleep as they did they sneaked out to the back amongst the trees. They set their own fire and blankets. As they laid down they began to look at the constellations seeing the Big Dipper and Orion’s Belt. As it grew darker they moved closer together and at some point Damian held Jon’s hand. Their fingers intertwining and both boys stared at each other blushing. Damian blamed the fire, but Jon knew better. As they leaned closer Damian felt at peace where he can finally enjoy himself. Then he felt sleep take him and as Jon followed suit. He thanked Jon for bringing him along. And as they slept entangled with one another Damian’s last thought was that maybe he can get used to this whole friendship thing after all.
I’m sorry this is long! And again I’m sorry if this sucks haha! I hope you can at least enjoy it!
Feel free to reblog/like!
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charleswaterloo · a day ago
Tumblr media
this line of tim’s from red robin #5 breaks my fucking heart every time. he crawls in the window desperately, trying his hardest to save someone else while bleeding out himself, knowing he’s dying. and who does he think of? kon. to miss someone that much that you still think of them while in indescribable pain? that ruins me, man. he didn’t want to die, but he still found good in the possibility because he would be able to see the one person he missed most. 
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funnypages · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Connor trys on masks
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the-rebellious-one · 2 days ago
Superman: I bet Luthor is up to something no good again.
Lex Luthor: *is in genuine dilemma whether applying sunscreen on kiddo Kon is a good idea
Lex Luthor: Sun burns on children are no laughing matter.
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the-rebellious-one · 2 days ago
Since DC likes to shove Kon around the multiverse for no apparent reason other than not having the slightest clue how to give this poor fellow a decent story line which they don't ruin and reset just to ruin it again,
I figured Kon has an unrecognised time/space travel power and each time he reappears somewhere, he genuinely thinks he just woke up from another wild dream and this ordeal continues because he's not having any control of said powers.
In this essay I will continue to bitch about DC and their poor choices in writers for a long list of story lines.
Thank you for your attention and have a nice day.
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honeybunhalo · 2 days ago
That supercorp au sounds absolutely amazing, I need know just much I needed it *wheeze*
I’m all here for it. Two gay moms raising their punk kid, so lovely
Oh my god HOLY SHIT! It's you!
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for messaging me! I literally love your art so much I reblog your stuff all the time on my other side blogs! I’m so happy this grabbed your attention! I really really appreciate you showing interest in the Supercorp + Kon AU. I have so many little things planned for this and a timeline I’m still sorting out but I would also love to share it. If you wanna exchange ideas I’d be down too. I’m thinking of posting a bunch of unfinished sketches of the au. I have a short intro comic planned for it and wrote most of the ending story for it.
Short version of how the AU is structured so far:
Half this story takes place when Kara and Clark find Kon and a lot of Kon adjusting to life with Kara and Lena. Kon is rescued early from Cadmus so he looks around 8 to 9ish years old. (I wanna give him lots of time to be a kid relative to his canon story).
The second half is Kon a few later when he’s in early high school and recounting life to this point. You get to see how a kid who grew up with Kara and Lena as their parents would see how much they complement and love each other. Then other more nefarious things happen.
There’s an intermediate story between those two above with Kon and Jon. Kon still knows the boy who is technically his half brother and they spend some weekends together. Even if ties with Clark are strained that doesn’t mean the rest of the Superfamily has to suffer with that. — I left out a lot but that’s the general gist.
(I wrote this before the Lois and Clark show that I refuse to acknowledge because I’m so angry about the family set up as if Clark doesn’t have other kids that could have been Jon’s older brothers like Kon or Chris. It genuinely saddened me so much. I guess that’s why we make fan content right?)
It’s a pretty expansive AU at this point because I need it for my soul. There are a lot of things that could be one-shots but I still wanted to make this universe lived-in (does that make sense?) I like to take a lot of time with emotional pacing because that’s what I like to read. Very indulgent introspective works. — also the core four exist as cameos later on. (I wrote this without watching the flash show since season 3 so idk what’s going on there. It’s gonna be more comic based versions of characters that aren’t important CW!Supergirl cast members)
I also have text document notes of me rambling on about the character themes between these three because I have lost control over my life. I’ll stop there because I will go on forever if I don’t.
I can give you a little sample of one of the things I’m working on. Specifically drawings I’ve made in the past two years but never posted.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That last image was literally part of a slideshow I made in 2018.
Childhood trauma on main with a healthy half course of Sapphic suffering spawned this into being. My asexual ass over here making domestic family au. This is my comfort AU
I'm definitely going to post more now that at least a handful of people seem interested
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awhitehead17 · 2 days ago
100 ways to say I love you - TimKon edition:
Number 31: “Don’t worry about me.” 
Enjoy! :D 
“Kon sit down before you pass out!”
Ignoring the hands trying to pull him in the opposite direction that he wants to go in, Kon continues going forward. He’s fine. He doesn’t need to sit down. There’s still a whole bunch of robot things that need destroying before he can rest. Sitting down and not doing anything won’t achieve that.
The hands on his arm are more persistent, trying to get him to turn around. Kon grits his teeth and pushes them off. He breathes out when they disappear but then glares sharply as Tim steps right in front of him and blocks his path.
Kon huffs and tries to sidestep around him so he could re-join the fight. Tim follows his movement and blocks him off again. He does it a third time and Kon’s had enough. There's a battle going on no more than six feet away from them! This is ridiculous.
“Tim, knock it off.”
Tim’s face contorts in anger, his lips pressing into a tight line. “No. Kon you’re injured and have lost a lot of blood. You need to sit down before something happens.”
They glare at one another for a long moment, neither of them willing to back down. In the back of his mind Kon knows that Tim is right, but he’s not accepting that he can’t fight the rest of the battle.
Early in the fight Kon took a hard blow to the head which left him completely disorientated, he lost his concentration and dropped his guard. In that vulnerable moment, as his telekinesis shield was down, Kon got hit again and that time it was a blow to the back. Instead of just being hit, something slashed across his shoulders, splitting his skin open.
Sometime after the attack, Tim had grabbed him and pulled him away from the main fight into an abandoned alleyway where he’s attempting to get Kon to sit out the rest of the fight.
The wound has been steadily bleeding since then and yeah, he has lost a lot of blood. He’s currently lightheaded, whether that was from the blow to the head or lack of blood Kon wasn’t sure, probably both, but he isn’t admitting that to Tim.
He’s not sure why he isn’t healing as quick as he normally would either, the only reason he could come up with is that his body is completely exhausted. He’s running low on fumes, he’s lost a lot of blood and it’s almost in the middle of the night therefore no sun and no sunlight radiation to give him a boost.
Two hands push at his shoulders, forcing him backwards. “Kon you look like you’re about to pass out. Please for the love of god just sit down. The battle’s almost over now anyway.”
Kon could feel his resolve breaking and he hates it. He should be out there with the team fighting! He continues to glare at Tim. “You keep arguing about me, but what about you huh? I saw you take a hit, you’ve been favouring your right leg for majority of the fight.”
Tim grits his teeth and Kon knows that Tim realises he can’t deny it. Kon reaches up and gently but firmly removes Tim’s hands from his shoulders. “We can stand here and fight about injuries all day but there’s a battle to be delt with. Don’t try and force me to do something you won’t do yourself Tim…”
Kon sidesteps Tim again and this time his boyfriend lets him past. However as Kon looks forward the world suddenly tilts and blurs, it catches Kon off guard and he stumbles into the wall having to lean against it for balance. Behind him he hears Tim yell but he couldn’t focus on it.
He clenches his teeth and takes a deep breath to try and control himself. “Dammit.” It’s a lot worse than what he had thought.
“Kon please, just sit down.” Tim’s by his side but this time not touching him.
“There you are! We were looking for you!” A new voice interrupts them. They both look over to find Cassie standing a few feet away with her arms crossed over her chest. “While you two were too busy bickering, the rest of us finished off fighting. Thanks for the help.”
Tim sighs. “Cassie…”
Cassie makes a slashing gesture with her arms. “I don’t want to hear it. If you both weren’t injured I’d make you do clean up. Now get back to the Tower and get checked over, especially you Kon.”
“That’s an order.”
Before either of them could protest again Cassie turns around and storms off. If Kon wasn’t feeling like shit he would been feeling rather guilty instead.
A long sigh gets his attention and Kon blinks at Tim, trying to focus on him. “I guess we better get back. Don’t want to make her even more annoyed.”
Tim snorts and shakes his head. He moves towards Kon and gently wraps an arm around his waist, Kon immediately throws one of his over Tim’s shoulder’s in return. Tim takes most of his weight and keeps him upright as they make their way out of the alleyway.
Not liking the tense silence that’s fallen between them, Kon sighs and softly speaks into Tim’s ear. “Sorry for arguing with you, I know you were trying to help.”
“I know Kon,” Tim replies back just as quietly, “it terrifies me when you get injured.”  
Kon’s heart skips a beat at his words, knowing the depth of those words and what they really mean. “Are you okay though, seriously?” Kon questions. He’s the one losing blood, sure, but Tim is also injured and Kon’s not letting that go.
Tim sends him a small smile. “I’m fine Kon, don’t worry about me. You’re the one between us with the more severe injury. We need to focus on you.”
“I’ll make you a deal,” Kon says in the end, knowing it’s the only way they’re going to solve this injury business between them, “once I’ve been looked at, you too have to get checked over. Then we spend a couple days together doing fuck all.”
Tim laughs lightly. He turns his head and presses a kiss against Kon’s cheek. “Unbelievable, but if it gets you checked over then yes you’ve got a deal.”
Kon sends Tim a grin in response. Despite being injured, he knows he’s going to enjoy some quality time with Tim as they chill and rest by doing nothing.
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campog · 2 days ago
batfam incorrect quotes
Dick: I told Damian his ears blush when he lies.
Jason: Why?
Dick: Look.
Dick: Hey Dami! Do you love us?
Damian, covering their ears: No.
Dick: See!
Jason: We need to get through this locked door. Bruce, give me your credit card.
Bruce: Here.
Jason, putting it in his pocket: Thanks. Dick, kick down the door.
Titus: *Barks loudly at Damian*
Damian: *Barks back louder*
Alfred: Should we stop them, master Todd?
Jason: No, I wanna see how this ends.
Bruce: *Trying to fill out legal paperwork* Were you guys born AMAB or AFAB?
Damian: Bold of you to assume I was born at all.
Kon: I, personally, was created in a lab.
Jason: I just straight up spawned lol.
Jason: I learned some very valuable lessons from this.
Bruce: I’m guessing they are all horrible distortions on the lessons you actually should’ve taken away.
Jason: Death isn’t real, and I’m basically God.
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