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honeybunhalo · 6 hours ago
So I’ve been thinking about that Supercorp AU where Kara and Lena raise Kon-El...
Anyway, I’m moving forward on that happy Supercorp + Kon au I have that I was repressing for so long because I was convinced no one would care but you know what. This is for me. Welcome to my self indulgence where I work through things via giving this pseudo clone child a good home and Kara and Lena the domestic life they deserve.
Y’all out here trying to power through the final season of Supergirl (rip your patience and sanity, you brave souls) because I gave up on it like 2? years ago knowing where they weren't going because of the queerbaiting. I can’t withstand watching the end first hand. So I'm peacefully writing an AU where Kara and Lena adopt and raise Kon-El (ie Superboy/Conner Kent Luthor my sweet 90′s punk styled boi) together and get married somewhere in the process because I love their dynamic and I want them to be happy and I might as well give them Kon so he can be properly raised by somebody. I’m always so sad seeing him sidelined in the family by Clark in the comics and Kon doesn’t feel like he really fits into the Kent family. I might as well fuse these two concepts I’m passionate into one thing.
Think about it: Kara and Lena being cute domestic wives and getting to share everything they have with each other and a child who is not only tied to both of them by blood, but wasn’t wanted or immediately accepted by his biological parents (I’m keeping him as being made from Superman and Lex Luthor’s DNA because I think that assists in the storytelling more. and also he’s so ashamed of his ties to Lex in canon and that he was born “wrong” that i feel like changing him to having different bio parents goes against the spirit of his story. He should be loved for who he is not who he’s made from). They get to adopt the kid and give him a place where he is wanted and loved which helps them overcome their own childhood traumas. THAT’S THE GOOD SHIT
I already made a meme to convey my passion for this idea
Tumblr media
I would die for this AU (that I need to give it a name at some point) and I have no one I know who likes Supercorp to share it with. I have so many sketches and little bits of writing for this that I never posted. Please let me know if anyone is interested in this.
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averagelonelypotato · 9 hours ago
Kara: You are an abomination of the house of el, a Kon-el
Superboy: she gave me a name. I’m Kon now :)
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matsketches · 11 hours ago
Congratulations!!! 🥳 For the 800 follower requests (if you’re not busy): Tim/Kon at pride please?
Tumblr media
Thank you!!
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maswartz · 11 hours ago
I can’t be the only one still wishing we got a series with the three Superboys, right?
Conner would be Superboy Chris would be Superboy Red Jon would be Superboy Blue
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incorrectyj · 12 hours ago
conner: i’m making a documentary about my life. robin you should be my father
dick: I don’t wanna be your dad
conner: perfect you already know your lines
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cissathebookworm · 17 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: NCIS, Red Robin (Comics), Batman - All Media Types Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Tim Drake/Kon-El | Conner Kent, Tim Drake & Jason Todd Characters: Tim Drake, Timothy McGee, Jethro Gibbs, Ziva David, Anthony DiNozzo, Jason Todd, Kon-El | Conner Kent, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson Additional Tags: Tim Drake is Tim McGee, Tim Drake is Red Robin, Identity Reveal Summary:
OR the time Jason visited his little brother wearing a red helmet. Team Gibbs finds out that Tim is Red Robin and chaos runs rampant as they meet Tim's boyfriend and two other family members.
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dailydccomics · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bart and Conner reuniting is so precious omg 
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sashthesloth · a day ago
What do you mean Conners now in the suicide squad and is back to wearing the T-shirt and Jeans outfit?? I'm inconsolable
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Look at what we lost
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silverpriince · a day ago
my ADHD!Bart: So on the news, you'll see me punch an Autism Speaks supporter, it's cool because I was in my Impulse suit and now it shows I don't take bullshit from them.
Kon: now I put that card somewhere- Ah! here you go babe, your Punk card.
Bart: Awesome!
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dailydccomics · a day ago
Tumblr media
Kon-El/Conner Kent by Jorge Jiménez Young Justice vol 3 #1 variant cover
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kaohukaohu · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The blue eyes and pectoralis that do not belong to the earth✨
Clark, Conner, Jonathan, Conner, Chris
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silverpriince · a day ago
Kon: stop sassing me!
Tim: never!
Bart: momma, daddy please don't fight 🥺
Cassie: not until I get my popcorn!!
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dovelywind-writes · a day ago
Hi there! I was wondering if you could write Timkon with Catlad Tim and 90s Kon? (two big flirts getting together would be really interesting). I read your recent fic and your Timkon absolutely captures my heart ^-^
Hi! Thanks for the prompt! I had to do a little research on Catlad! Tim and wow, so many other really cool fics. I don’t know if I did it justice, but I took my own spin on the situation.
Hope you enjoy!💕
Halloween Bash
by dovelywind
Tim Drake/Kon-El |Conner Kent (Pre-Slash)
Rated: M for Mature scenes & swearing
Tim Drake, Kon-El | Conner Kent, Bart Allen
Flirting, Teasing, Teens
Words: 1012
“I look ridiculous.”
“You could say that again,” Bart scoffed as he did a quick zoom around Tim to take in the absurdity of his costume.
Tim grimaced. “You weren’t supposed to agree with me.”
Bart shrugged, zipping over to the kitchen island to grab a candied apple. He took a quick bites out of it, eating it before the melted caramel hit the floor. “Just being honest, dude.”
Bart was lucky. He only had to wear uncomfortable cowboy boots to finish off his scarily accurate Sheriff Woody ensemble.
Whoever decided that it was smart for the team to bond on Halloween by dressing up in lame costumes should be kicked out the league. It was probably Dick getting in someone’s ear. Maybe it was the Batman in him, but this was stupid.
This year, they decided to all throw a Halloween party at Mount Justice. That Tim sincerely wasn’t opposed to. It was the part where every member was secretly given a teammate at random and they had to choose a costume for them. Cassie even made everyone repeat an oath so that no one could deny their costume choice. Stupid.
He wanted to just have a word with whoever chose his outfit. ‘A feline spandex suit with a plunging v-neck’…really?
The sooner he could get this off, the better.
“I don’t think you should worry too much”, Bart offered sincerely. “You got one of the tamer choices.”
Tim sucked his teeth, crossing his arms petulantly. “Tamer? This is as bad as it gets.”
“I don’t know man, Jamie’s a life sized hot dog. Scented. Real vendor fumes. He had dogs chasing him all the way to the zeta point.”
“Still better,” he muttered sourly.
“Cheer up,” Bart grinned cheekily. “After the competition, you never have to wear it again.” He patted Tim’s shoulder sympathetically before zooming off towards the more cheerful side of the party.
Tim tugged at the spandex bunching in his ass. It was too damn tight. How the hell did Catwoman do this? And flip around Gotham, for that matter.
“What, no tail?” Tim spun around, annoyedly, at hearing Kon’s amused voice. “I think that would’ve helped out your ensemble a lot more. I thought you were trying to win?”
Tim groaned, ignoring the shit-eating grin Kon was sporting on his face.
Most days he couldn’t stand Conner. This was definitely one of them.
“You aren’t even wearing a costume,” Tim sneered, standing his ground as Kon walked around him with a chauvinistic swagger. A toothpick was wedged between his teeth, glasses hanging low on the bridge of his nose while his blue eyes wandered down his frame.
“Sure I am,” Kon chuckled. “I’m Superboy.”
“Ah, so you admit your hero-ing is a sham.”
Kon raised his brows at that, seemingly shocked to the low blow. Well, he wasn’t taking it back. Showboating super strength was so different from actually being a hero. So yes, he could agree with him that his obnoxious clash of blues, reds, and yellows with a fitting leather jacket thrown over it was, indeed, a costume.
Kon straightened himself, standing up taller; at least a head over Tim. He looked down at him with a playful intent in his eyes.
“So, Kitten, we’ve got jokes now?”
Tim cocked his head, tilting his chin up at him. “Nope. But I’m certainly looking at one.”
Kon rolled his neck to the side, smirking as he flicked his toothpick off to the side.
Unexpectedly, he leaned down, invading Tim’s personal space as he lips moved too close to his own. His breath was warm and raising goosebumps on Tim’s neck.
“What,” Kon husked, his throat bobbing as he spoke. “Wearing a catsuit gives the little Kitty confidence now? Maybe you should wear it all the time. Suits you better.”
“You’d love that wouldn’t you?” Tim teased back. Surprisingly Kon was right. Any other day, he probably would’ve broken his hand trying to punch Kon in the face for nicknaming him Kitten of all things, but tonight was different. He wasn’t sure where this little surge of confidence was coming from to be so openly flirty and teasing with Kon, but evidently it was fun.
“You’d love that so much,” Tim continued walking forward to back Kon into the furthest most wall away from the others eyes. “To watch me kick ass better than you ever could.”
Kon shrugged, eyes never leaving his body. “Well, I’m not a try hard.” His voice was shaky.
Tim chanced a glance down between them catching sight of something that undoubtedly was hard. A heavy wave of heat pooled in Tim’s lower stomach at the observation.
“Conner,” Tim whispered amusingly, playing it cool by making his voice light and airy. “Do you like this tight, little outfit on me?”
“What?” Kon barked out an incredulous laugh. “Shut up. You look…I can’t stand—”
“Because I like how tight it is. It’d make it more difficult for something harder to get in.”
Kon’s jaw clenched, his stupidly beautiful neck craning away from Tim’s face. His back was pressed firmly to the wall, hands gripping his hips too without restraint. The only telltale signs he was getting to him was the fact that his face was tomato red and bulge was straining through his already too revealing suit.
Teasingly, and in a surge of unknown confidence, Tim balanced his hands on Kon’s taut chest. He felt his pebbled nipples raise beneath his palms as he went on the balls of his feet to lean and lick a stripe on the underside of his jaw. A heavy groan bellowed low from Kon’s throat as his tongue daringly journeyed down between the valley of his large chest, over a confined nipple, through his abdomen all the way over his restrained, throbbing member.
Tim teasingly pecked a kiss to it, staring Kon dead in the eyes as he did.
“You’re right,” Tim cheered. “I can pull off this suit.” He stood abruptly to leave Kon awaiting nothing more. “I just might win this competition.”
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hungry-hyena · a day ago
superman seems cool and all until u remember what a dick to kon he was
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averagelonelypotato · 2 days ago
Yj s1 would 100% do this (I feel like he would) :
Conner walking down the street in metropolis and accidentally bumps into and knocks over somebody: I’m really sorry! I wasn’t watching where I was going, are you okay sir???
Clark, the person he bumped into. On the ground shocked because he thinks Conner would recognize him: uhhh, no problem super- I mean kid. I’m okay. You don’t recognize me so you!!??
Conner, confused: sorry i don’t sir but I have to get going. Sorry about bumping into you!
Dick who witnessed the whole interaction: do you know who that is :) ?
Conner who just wanted Robin to take him to the ice cream place he was told about: No idea. I don’t know who this man is. He could be walking down the street and I wouldn’t know him.
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averagelonelypotato · 2 days ago
After s1 of yj when Clark accepted Conner:
Conner graduating high school:
Clark when his little brothers name is called: *proud brother noises*
Good Job Kon my little brother!!! <3
Conner on the stage: yes officer I do not know this man 😳
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averagelonelypotato · 2 days ago
I just know that Jon would be taller than Kon. The youngest siblings always get the tall genes
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