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So I’m feeling pretty crappy right now, and I’m very bored, so I had a stab at making an organizational chart for Konoha. The chart itself is pretty huge, so I’m going to try and explain it here rather than posting it. Please note this is not canon, but I believe is as close to the structure of how the village operates as we can get based on the information available.

Top Level: Hokage’s Office – Currently Uzumaki Naruto

Fairly self explanatory – this is Hashirama/Tobirama/Hiruzen/Minato/Tsunade/Kakashi/Naruto’s office, which holds the power of the Hokage title. From here all village operations are co-ordinated. Policy is made and international relations decided upon. The Hokage can make most decisions on their own, but they must report to both the Land of Fire Daimyo and also:

Top Level: Konoha Council – Currently Mitokado Homura and Utatane Koharu

Yep, these two old asshats are still kicking around well into their 80s and 90s and have learned nothing. These two supposedly provide checks and balances to the power of the Hokage’s office and can scrutinize the Hokage’s every decision.

After the top level there are a number of Departments, which I have labelled as follows:

1.      Academic and Administrative – The Academy and Village Administration, which is closely linked to:

2.      Field – Responsible for issuing and carrying out most missions, save for those issued directly by the Hokage and those carried out by the Anbu and Special Units

3.      Research and Intelligence – Fairly self explanatory

4.      Medical – Also self explanatory

5.      ANBU Black Ops – as above

6.      Defense and Security – ditto

7.      Special Mission Teams – These are where niche teams are co-ordinated, usually with team captains reporting directly to the Hokage rather than other teams who would report to the mission desk

Academic and Administrative – Currently Umino Iruka and Nara Shikamaru

The Academy Head Teacher is responsible for all aspects of the Academy’s operation, from curriculum to how teaching and training is carried out, to running graduation exams. The Academy can be further split into:

1.      Teaching Division – All academic staff

a.      Advanced training – Jonin Senseis and Specialised Instructors, though only those whose students haven’t been through Chunin Exams yet. Yamanaka Sai and Morino Ibiki, although heading their own departments must report here for any issues arising regarding their students developments

                                                   i.     Rookie Genin report to their Jonin Sensei here

b.      Teaching staff – Homeroom teachers like Shino report here

                                                    i.     Academy Students are under the instruction of their teachers

2.      Administrative Division – Includes all bank staff, such as those who come in and out of the department to assist with exams, such as proctors and assistants. These staff are usually based in other departments such as intelligence but can be sent to the academy to assist as needed. Examples would be Kamizuki Izumo and Hagane Kotetsu.

a.      Advisory Staff – headed by Nara Shikamaru, the advisors currently also consist of Uchiha Sasuke, Hatake Kakashi and Tsunade. Yamanaka Sai and Shizune may also qualify.

                                                    i.     Advisory Administration – Yurito heads up Shikamaru’s admin Staff

                                                   ii.     Chunin Exam Staff – Working closely with the academy’s bank staff, this team is assembled twice a year to run Chunin Exams, overseen by Shikamaru.

Field – Currently Kannonji Suika and the Jonin Commander

Field is responsible for day to day missions and operations and is based out of the Hokage’s Mansion. From here almost all missions are graded and assigned, and mission reports are processed. The bulk of Konoha’s Shinobi belong to this division. It is arranged as follows:

1.      Mission Desks – there are different mission desks for different mission ranks. Jonin Sensei led-teams also report here for missions, details of which are sent to the academy:

a.      D Rank (Genin)

b.     C Rank (Genin – Chunin)

c.      B Rank (Chunin – Jonin)

d.     Reserve Missions (Reserve Genin and Chunin) – only in operation during times of crisis when retired shinobi are reactivated for missions

2.      Jonin Commander’s Office – The Jonin Commander is responsible for co-ordinating the Jonin, who operate more independently and carry out more sensitive missions. The Commander will also report concerns to the Hokage, and can attend council meetings as a representative of the Jonin. The Jonin commander also has a role to play in selecting the Hokage as Jonin are allowed to vote on the appointment and may follow the commander’s lead. Although no-one is confirmed to have this role, I think it’s a safe bet this role would fall to Shikamaru.

a.      A Rank

b.     S Rank

c.      Any other special missions or business not directly dealt with by the Hokage


Research and Intelligence – Currently Morino Ibiki and Tono Katasuke

Responsible for all research and Intelligence operations in the village. Their findings are reported to the Hokage by the department heads. The Hokage also closely monitors research operations.

1.      Intelligence Division – Run by Morino Ibiki – It is responsible for all intelligence-led operations that do not take place in the field, such as interrogations and autopsies.

a.      Analysis Team – They deal with extracting information from captured troops, usually using Yamanaka Hijutsu. In the past this was headed by Yamanaka Inoichi.

                                                    i.     Medical Analysis Team – run in conjunction with the Medic Corps – they will autopsy bodies to learn about the enemy’s jutsu, an example being Pain’s Animal Path.

b.      Torture and Interrogation Force – They step in if the Analysis team is unsuccessful and use psychological terror, torture and brute force to make subject co-operate

c.      Cryptanalysis Team – Codebreaking team run by Mitoku

                                                    i.     Konoha Aviary – Still in operation as some shinobi do not want to use modern technology for fear it could be compromised or in case they have no phone signal

d.      Special Advisory Team – Cover any other intelligence areas on an ad-hoc basis, such as when the Astronomer was needed when the moon fell out of orbit.

2.     Research Division – Headed by Tono Katsuke, they carry out all kinds of research to make Shinobi’s lives better

a.       Ninja Weapons Division – Weapons research

                                                  i.     Scientific Ninja Weapons Team – Develop ways that new technologies can be applied to Ninja tools, eg. tools that allow shinobi to use ninjutsu without exhausting chakra

2.      Medical Research – Prosthetics and other aids are developed here. They work in partnership with the hospital.


Medical – Currently Uchiha Sakura

Responsible for the running of the hospital and its clinics as well as ensuring there are advanced medical units available for emergency dispatch. Also provides training to medical-nin assigned to Field.

1.      Medic Corps – Emergency teams that can be mobilized to assist teams in medical distress. They also provide the medical support during Chunin Exams and report directly to Sakura.

2.      Medical Support – Less specialized Medical teams that provide backup to the hospital and Medic Corps in times of crisis, such as during the Fourth Shinobi World War when they aided the Logistical and Medical Support Division. Their members are normally former field Medical-nin.

3.      Nursing Staff – tend to be civilians who run the hospital wards and do the bulk of general administration. They also assist with physiotherapy, first aid and many other tasks.

4.      Team Medical-nin – these are the Medical-nin assigned to Field units. They report to the hospital for training. Current examples would be Mitsuki and Yamanaka Inojin. In future if their units dispand they may end up in the Medical Support team, or if they prove particularly adept at medical ninjutsu they may wish to join the Medic Corps.

5.      Veterinary Staff – provide medical aid to summons and animals used by shinobi such as Ninken. Inuzuka Hana works here.

6.      Mental Heath - Set up after the Fourth Shinobi World War by Sakura and Ino, this unit provides support for mental health issues, particularly for children.

ANBU – Currently Yamanaka Sai

Responsible for the bulk of Black Ops, they carry out tactical missions on behalf of the village and never undertake the missions the village is paid for like those issued in Field. The identity of all Anbu should be secret except to the Hokage and Advisors. While its public knowledge that some Shinobi are in the Anbu (e.g. when Kakashi was), their Anbu identity and mask design are classified.

1.      General Anbu Forces – A collection of teams who report to Sai who issues missions to them on the Hokage’s Behalf

2.      Hokage’s Personal Anbu – A small collection of Anbu who report directly to the Hokage instead of Sai, Sarutobi Konohamaru is among them. They are available for quick dispatch for any emergency assignments the Hokage needs them for.

Defence and Security – Currently Yamanaka Ino (as she’s head of the barrier team) and Fuma Kotaro

These are the Shinobi who stay in the village at all times to keep the village and its infrastructure safe. It does not include Shinobi on general guarding duties (like gate duty), since these roles seem to be filled on a rotational basis by Field Shinobi.

1.      Hokage Guard Platoon – Not clear if this unit is still in operation, but in the past it was headed by Namiashi Raido They provided guard duties to the Hokage at all times.

2.      Barrier Team – Responsible for security from external threats, Ino co-ordinates its two divisions:

a.      Detection Division – Maintains the barrier around the village and report any security breaches to Ino, the Hokage and the Interception Division. Kakoi is a member of this Division.

b.     Interception Division – The advance unit who move to intercept any intruders while other units are mobilised. Tasuki is a member of this division. Umino Ikkaku and Umino Koharu may have been members of this unit.

3.      Military Police – Reinstated after a lengthy absence, they deal with issues arising within the village population such as petty crime, violent crime as well as more serious crimes such as murders and hostage situations. Fumo Kotaro often works directly with the Anbu when more complex cases arise. Unlike when the Uchiha ran the police, the new force also tackles civilian crime within Konoha.

Special Mission Platoons – No Department Head – Platoon leaders report to the Hokage

These platoons change based on the needs of the village and are usually headed by the most skilled and experienced shinobi in the village. Many of these units act in the capacity of light infantry. Past and current units have included:

·        Infiltration and Reconnaissance Party – Headed by Mitarashi Anko this unit was assembled to gain vital intelligence on Akatsuki in the weeks before the start of the Fourth Shinobi World War

·        Long Term Mission Platoons – Any critical missions that may run for long periods of time. Examples include Yamato’s surveillance team in Otogakure, and Mugino’s three year peacekeeping mission in the smaller countries.

·        Special Mission Platoons – Any short term critical missions that requires more elite shinobi and expertise than normal. Examples would be Team Guy (two Jonin, taijutsu specialist team), Team Kakashi (depending on formation this team had up to two Anbu and a Jinchuriki in it at the one time), and the Niju Shotai (20 x 4 man platoons co-ordinated by Sarutobi Asuma)

·        Tracking Platoons – These teams were specialized to track. An example would be Team Kurenai.

·        Surprise Attack Platoon – This team consisted of Shinobi skilled in the art of ambush. They were seconded to the Allied Shinobi Surprise Attack Platoon during the war.

·        Suicide Corps – This team comprises multiple Eight Gates users for a variety of purposes. They are trained and co-ordinated by Rock Lee.

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#16 — things you said when there was no space between us

You were 18 years old and laying across your best friend’s lap when the question first comes across your mind.

There was a movie playing on the TV then, your bodies molded into the cushion of his couch. What was playing you can’t remember, but what you do remember is the heartbeat of a moment it took when you shifted yourself up to look at Konoha, the way his face gleamed against the harsh light of the television screen, hair falling delicately over his forehead. 

He’d raised a brow, feeling your gaze on him. Looked back down at you silently in anticipation of your incoming question.

“Do you believe in soulmates?” You asked. 

He paused. And quietly, you watched as his lips pursed in thought and he looked back to the screen briefly before returning to look at you. You felt the steady movement of his breathing against your skin, the warmth of his body spreading to your own. You willed your heart to settle down.

“I dunno,” He replied.Maybe.”

You only blinked in response, nodding slightly before turning yourself back around to continue watching the movie. After a minute, he asked you if you believed in soulmates too. You told him that you did.

Now, you’re 23 and resting your head upon his chest when he puts on a movie that sets off your memories like a Pavlovian bell. 

You’re no longer laying in the middle of his childhood home, no longer squished together on his old couch that has long since grown past being uncomfortable. His hair is no longer styled the same, your heart no longer hiding in fear. Nearly everything has changed since then, but the way his skin feels against yours still manages to barrage your chest with butterflies. The way you continue to trade secrets every night feels the same. The question that rings in the back of your mind still has you turning around to look up at him, his face still lit beautifully beneath the television light.

“Do you still not believe in soulmates?” You inquire.

Konoha slings an arm around your back. Decides to hold you a bit closer.

“Nah,” He replies. “I think I do now, actually.”

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