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[ Image Description: a digital drawing of a character from the kagerou project named konoha. konoha is a tall and lanky boy with white hair tied into a ponytail and red eyes. he is sitting, staring at the camera with one leg folded in and the other leg extended out on top of it. he’s wearing green headphones, a black scarf, a baggy white shirt, green overalls with the front down and gray boots. His red eyes are glowing and he is looking disinterested at the camera. end ID ]

konoha! i propped him up like a ragdoll.

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short image description, longer more detailed on under the cut

[ Image Description: a digital group shot drawing of 10 characters from the kagerou project, all standing next to or behind each other. from right to left, the characters are Kido, Seto, Mary, Kano, Ene, Momo, Shintaro, Hibiya, Konoha and Hiyori. end ID ]

it’s the kagecrew! the gayng! i just really wanted to draw everyone together :)

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[ Image description: a digital reference of two characters from the kagerou project. on the left the character konoha is standing and looking tiredly off screen. konoha is a boy with white hair tied into a ponytail, red eyes, a black scarf, a white and black shirt, lime green overalls with the top part hanging over his legs and gray boots. on the right is a character named is a boy with curly black hair wearing a white button-up shirt, a green cardigan, blue and black tartan pants and white sneakers. he has his left hand up, waving it at the camera and is holding a black and orange sketchbook at his side in his right hand. end ID ]

i’m still thinking abt konohas color pallet being just awakening eye’s mistake and i can assure you post STR konoha, when he isn’t haruka, has harukas skintone because haruka can actually correct awakening eyes. i just found the idea of uncolored being so funny and am emotionally attached to mixed race haruka and did Not want kuroha to have a dark skin tone that’s Really Not Good.

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