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jimmeo-kookliet · a day ago
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just jimin helping jungkook work out, passionately
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kanmom51 · 22 hours ago
Hi Kanmom, an ask to brighten up the Jikook tag! Hopefully!
Looking back at Jikook, if you had to pick your favorite Jikook moment of each year, which ones would you pick?
BTB 15 August 2013.
This photo shoot. The interaction between them. The way JK looks at JM. No, I don’t think that JK was crushing on JM at that point, but he looks to him with affection. They clearly get on together, laugh together. You can kind of sense at this point already that they get each other. The way JK places his hand gently on JM’s head. The way JM says: “you really don’t see me as a hyung, eh…” and the way JK kind of ignores it and moves on, not answering the question. Even then there was something different between them.
2014 is packed with Jikook crushing on each other. JM with his over the top ‘throwing’ himself at JK and JK’s lingering stares and touches (some that clearly even get RM’s attention). We have them in AHL, we have JK being sneaky getting rid of the competition (Tae) to sit by JM’s side.
But the moment that I love to go back to every single time, one that I think I can say is my favourite would be their 15th May 2014 log together. In this one we have JM questioning himself why he likes JK so much (and I felt this was him genuinely struggling with his feelings for the maknae, what were they? What did they mean? Why was he feeling that way?), while we also see JK giving into JM’s touch. Nothing sexual here, but the way he leans into JM’s touch…
This is, I would say, pre the start of the crushing on JM stage. Before he was obvious about it, in any case, which would be after AHL, that’s when JK becomes way obvious about it, checking out JM on several occasions, feeling up JM’s muscles, biding for his attention.
Again, JK & JM are close. They have been close pretty much from the start. But this moment, I like it so much because we are getting a glimpse into JM’s mind, for real. We are also seeing JK liking JM’s touch, enjoying the affection he is getting from JM (which again, contradicts all those “JK hated JM” theories).
I guess you are going to hear this from me time after time: there is tons of Jikook content this year, and as always choice making is super hard. But I think this would be the easiest one for me, especially as from 2016 on it’s gonna be pretty much impossible, ugh.
Anyway, 2015 clear choice for me would be 29 August 2015 Hong Kong concert. This was a defining moment for me and as such it is my favourite choice for 2015 (although KBS back hug comes in real close behind).
JK in that concert, that assertive “I know what I want and I’m going for it” look on his face, and then JM’s “omg, is this for real? Is this really happening?” face in return. Clearly things happened there between them, there was a shift, and they pretty much scream it out loud with those long ass stares of theirs.
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Tumblr media
OMG, 2016. How, oh how am I supposed to choose here?
This was their push forward we are going for it year. 2015 was the beginning, but 2016 was them clearly going for it. We have JK’s coming of age dance (including the practice content), we have the famous crazy sus Osaka and Tokyo Vlives, we have their Vlives together, including the sus selfie Eat Jin Vlive, BV1, fan meets, Run BTS, what to choose?
I think that Own it will be my choice for 2016, and don’t come at me for it. Posted the same night as the Tokyo Vlive (ooh yeah), their choice to make this clip and to post it, yeah, not sure of the thought process that went on there, lol, but who cares, because we got to see them alone in a dimmed out studio dancing to a saucy soundtrack, having a private moment and letting us in on it. They were clearly having a good time. JM was clearly having a problem, trying to cover it up, but still noticeable, and yet the decision was to share this clip with us. Perhaps it being posted on that Tokyo Vlive night is all the explanation we need.
Another big year, but then, has there been a not big year for Jikook, and even more so 2016 and on?
2017 gave us BV2, JK’s graduation, Run episodes, JK almost fainting in their Chile concert, JK’s Vlive with JM: “I was good at playing games last year”…, more Eat Jin Vlive, JK wanting policeman JM to arrest him, Summer package dreamcatcher necklace tiff, Serendipity (You are me I am you), Japan concert documentary (JK’s holly water sweat…) and so so much more.
But I think that 2017 is rather an easy year, because it’s kind of a clear choice here. The Tokyo trip and GCFT to follow would have to be my faves for this year. JK arranging this private trip for them both and then documenting it in a clear couples trip clip to a clearly gay love song by a gay singer. The choice of soundtrack, the footage and editing choices, JK’s 2017 love ode to JM. Yeah, definitely my favourite 2017 Jikook moment.
Again with the tough choices. You had to make me choose, didn’t you? Lol.
2018 gave us many Jikook moments. We had BV3, Run episodes, the two reminiscing about their Tokyo trip non stop, GSF Osaka, GSF Saipan (I don’t wanna lie no more), interviews and interesting lives. We got a hell of a lot more Jimin-ssi’s, we got their “together forever”, fan meets, we got JK sharing how his favourite thing about JM is his shamelessness.
But yet again, I think for 2018 it’s a clear choice for me. Because this too was a defining moment for me. This was one of the first moments I saw of them together, and this was a moment where I knew JK was head over heals in love with JM. I’m sure everyone knows the moment I am talking about here.
2018 Melon awards, just the whole damn thing. They way those two were with each other. JM with his kiss to JK, the way they were glued to each other, JK singing Only then, and the way that JK was looking at JM. That was just wow.
Tumblr media
Difficult year with so many choices. RB, a huge one, JK’s birthday, JK’s tattoos, NJ Vlive, memories, them touring, practicing together, waiting for each other,BV4, and so so much more.
But here too, I will be going with a choice that whoever reads my content would have probably guessed already.
For me the last Seoul concerts of the LY SY tour, those last three concerts would be the pick for 2019.
We have them wilding, and enjoying themselves, we have their TTU change up (lyrics and staging), something they did only for these 3 last concerts, something obviously meaningful to them, sending us all a clear and loud message, if only people were willing to listen. We also have JM comforting JK during the last concert. That moment when JK turns around to see JM and just lets go, that was another wow moment for me.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Yeah, guess what the 2020 moment will be? Not too hard to guess that one. With everything that happened in 2020, Festa (discovering the rainy day fight & the karaoke), the MOTS ON:E concert and cute moments we had there, Dynamite moments, ITS 1, Melon Back swan performance (OMG!!!), Dynamite holiday mix, memories (the almost kiss and so much more), season greetings, and so much more.
But the cherry on top of it all, we got to see only a couple of months ago in the MOTS ON:E dvd. And although we got to see it only in 2021 it would be the 2020 moment for me. It’s loud, it’s definitely proud, it’s Hickey-gate of course. And what makes it even more in our faces is their reaction to the reaction to it. That was a bit complex, so I will explain. Hickey-gate brought hickey and Jikook a trending on the day, and both of them, consecutively, decided it was a great time to post a selfie. The choice on the day, both of them one after the other, yeah, no coincidence (there are pretty much none of those when it comes to those two). So, just in case you saw the content and still thought it was nothing, they came out to tell us it’s exactly what we thought it was, and good for them.
Tumblr media
My Mots ON:E masterlist.
2021 isn’t over yet. There is still so much more to come. We had plenty of Jikookery this year too. We had them in run episodes, in interviews. There was less content, less lives, but still we got them loud as hell in the Feb ot7 Vlive, and even when separated in the Butter Vlive. ITS2, I know there were many complaints about not getting much, but I’m sorry, within the understanding that this is ot7 content, we still got to get some very cute and even questionable moments with those two. We had their NY UN visit, JK’s birthday selfies, winter package, muster 2021, Festa 2021, their current LA tour (AMA’s etc.) and more.
For 2021 if I have to choose, and again this is so far, it would be Jimins birthday Vlive. Don’t think there is much of a surprise there. JM calling JK, that convo they have, JK turning up within 60 seconds to be with JM who was feeling awkward doing the live alone. Their whole interaction, the vibe, felt like we were looking in on a private moment, something we aren’t supposed to be seeing. JM all blushing and shy, giddy happy with JK there, and their reaction to Hobi’s comment asking why JM was doing the live in JK’s studio…
Tumblr media
Jimin's birthday masterlist.
This would be my pick for every year, for today that is. Ask me the same question tomorrow, maybe I will have a different answer, lol.
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stormblessed95 · 9 hours ago
Jikook Dynamics Through The Years: 2014 pt. 1
Tumblr media
The posts for pre-debut and 2013 dynamics can be found in my masterlist as well as I'll link them here for you. We are now finally getting into 2014! This is a interesting year, and I'm probably going to say that for every year going forward now 😂 oh well. We get to see even more how much they were all already so close. Jimin and Jungkook included. Something important to keep in mind that I'll be sharing moments, AND my personal opinions, along with facts. My opinions are my own. You can agree or disagree. I encourage you to go and check it all out, see this content for yourself as well and form your own opinions during this time frame too. I will be splitting this up into 3 different posts probably to manage the length and be able to add more links/photos in each post.
We literally start the year of 2014 off with Jikook. On the second of January, the first BTB of the year is again, a minute of JK filming Jimin acting goofy and dancing. Jimin has always been one of his favorite models when JK is in charge of the camera 🥺 JK is singing/rapping and Jimin is dancing to whatever song he randomly starts singing. Both giggling their heads off the whole time until it abruptly ends with them both exhausted from holding the camera up high and dancing so much lol
Our next BTB of the year gets posted of the Maknae Line runway show. Lmao Jimin plays revolving door to Tae and JKs runway walks and it's silliness and rough housing and just fun. We see how they are all so playful together, it's good natured rough housing between friends. The video cuts off with Jimin grabbing Tae and then looks like he is about the grapple with JK.
On 140106, Jimin posts on Twitter a Maknae line photo. The caption saying "we started the day with some pumpkin. TaeTae ate it all though." And the look Tae is shooting him in the photo is comical 🤣 but they all look very cozy together on that couch sharing a plate 🥰
Followed up with our next moments being from the short BTB of JK dropping honorifics for JM. He went down showing all his hyungs on camera and calling them by name-hyung. And showed Jimin last with just a Jimin-ah. And immediately giggling as Jimin swatted at him for being a brat. JK did this a lot, being kinda bratty towards Jimin to get his attention. Jimin in turn, allowed this, thought it was funny and indulged his behavior. If it had truly bothered him, JK would have stopped. It brings me back to his statement on Rookie King, where he says he teases hyung because he likes him so much. It is a playful banter between them.
On 140119, we get the behinds of them receiving the best New artist award at the Golden Disc Awards. It's your general Jinjikook rough housing and brattiness, and then maknae line messing with their Suga hyung as he is talking the whole time too. I swear, JK tried tried inhale Yoongi with how hard he was sniffing him as Jimin laughed and pointed 😂 which gets followed up a few days later with a mostly Vhope focused BTB of the guys all dancing/singing to trot. Vhope dancing together and drawing the others into it. Jikook do a little "duet" together though too. Including it here mostly because it's insanely cute
On 140126, they post an OT7 log, giving well wishes to each other for the coming year of 2014. They go down the row. There really isn't anything happening here between KM, but I'm including it because I think it shows their general attitude approaching this year, things they had going on and their personal mindsets. And it was precious seeing their hopes for each other. It was also the first time mentioned about Jimin going on some extremely strict diets that ended up getting ARMY worried about how little he was eating. And Tae voicing that worry and telling him he just wants him to be healthy was very heartwarming. Young Kookie just listening to everyone very intently too. They are so hardworking and humble.
February kicks off with them dropping their Skool Luv Affair Showcase Making DVD. It's about 90ish minutes and has a few Jikook moments but is mostly just showcasing them working hard, being goofy together and their playful energy. They also had solo questions, and JM and JK both listed Love as one of the 3 things they felt like they needed in life for Happiness. The other moments I feel are worth mentioning from this DVD are their responses to the question about what would happen if the members all liked the same person. I think Jimin very affectively shuts down all those weird shipper theories and worries about him dating anyone else or liking anyone else if another one of his members also liked that person. If you know with this one, you know.
Tumblr media
And during a small segment of the DVD about JK loving his hyungs, it was tons of cute clips of JK hanging out with his older members while waiting to perform, the jikook one was adorable, holding hands and dancing backstage together. I won't lie and say it didn't give off a bit of a different vibe to me then the other clips, but maybe that's just my bias coming through.
Tumblr media
On 140212, Jimin posted a series of 4 photos of him with jikook on Fancafe, with the caption "Real Men Brushing Teeth." It was super cute.. They were all quite obsessed with this real men, manly men type of attitude in these first few years. Jimin being named the most manly among them during the showcase DVD mentioned above. And on the 18th they appear in a video message together for Hobi's birthday, everyone else filmed solo and the other members even question why they did it together with no response. Lol the whole video is emotional and cute as heck. Watch if you haven't! 😭 always makes me tear up. The beginning of them sticking together through many video messages and ending remarks even though they really don't have to be doing it together at all. Lol
Also on the 18th is this 60 seconds Interview. This is the first time (I believe) that JK gets asked to give his rating of the members on their looks as the Maknae and ranks Jimin last (himself 6th) and this then sort of becomes a running gag joke in the group. One that Jimin laughs off well here.
We get another interview on the 22nd, this one not as silly as the 60 second one, but clearly still them Goofing off. Jimin spends a lot of time with his hand on JKs thigh. Jungkook again gets asked for his ranking of the members looks. He again, ranks Jimin last here too and Jin first. Jimin does seem a little disappointed, but still definitely is willing to joke about it with everyone else too and laughs it off.
The next moment we get is a Jikook log, our first in a while. It's posted on the 24th and is very sweet. Jimin gushes over JK a lot in this one and there is also a lot of talk over how close the two of them are, how they sleep outside in the living room together, work out together, practice together. He also talks a lot about how JK has grown up. He also mentions here the past 2 interviews where JK ranked him last in looks repeatedly. Jokingly shaking him and saying he is going to kill him while JK giggles.
My opinion is that JK isn't actually ranking Jimin last in looks. I think he doesn't think ANY of them are last in looks. I think he was a young kid here who was put on the spot in an interview and didn't know what to do. I don't think he wanted to rank anyone last and I think he thought Jimin would be the best able to handle the jokes and teasing, not realizing that he was hitting on Jimins own insecurities a bit there too. It falls in line with the way they teased each other back then. So I really think it was more of a "I think Jimin can handle the joke the best" thing. JK looked up to him a lot and Jimin was always giving off a very confident and secure vibe. Where as others, such as the rapline, had expressed insecurities before and had plenty of haters attacking their looks at that point. I think he just thought Jimin would brush it off the easiest. It was never something he seriously meant anyway and the joke took on a life of its own after all this anyway too with JK and all the others because Jimin himself played into it and laughed it off. And then once the joke became a thing for them, it spiraled out of control and feelings weren't *really* considered a whole lot. They were young, that happens between all of them at times when jokes jokes too far. That's my take on this whole weird dynamic there anyway.
Posted by Big Hit:
Tumblr media
I'm including this video link, not because there is a jikook moment here, but more to "disprove" a jikook moment. BTS did a skit for Mnet before their Just One Day performance on the Mnet stage. And I've seen the moment of Jimin pushing Tae away from JK in sooooo many jikook jealousy moments. Using this as proof of Jimins feelings for JK, that he didn't want Tae to be pretending to kiss him. It's taken out of context though. When you see the whole thing, it's obviously all scripted. And right before that, there is a moment basically exactly like it with Jin pretending to go kiss JK and Suga stopping and pushing him away. No one was jealous, no one was trying to actually kiss or seduce JK either. They were all just following the script for this little skit. Which was... weird, yes, but it was all acting between all of them here. BTS does weird ass skits sometimes. We all just need to accept this 😂
I'm also including this link to their radio show interview with Jungchi and Harim, not because of any moment that stands out as something more than anything else, but because around 40 minutes in, they all talk about how JK is more carefree, playful, loud, etc with them then he is on camera, where he gets more nervous with his interactions and is a little more quiet and solemn. Adding it for those who want to watch, and because it's something we get told often about JK over the years and speaks to recognizing how it may have affected his actions and dynamics with his hyungs that we see.
Link again to JKs entrance to high-school video. He brought all his hyungs out with him for this one along with his mom and dad. Everyone was soooo proud of him and doting all over him. "Our pretty Jungkookie" and talking about how proud they are. It was adorable. And they all went out for a meal afterwards too. No big KM moments in this video, but it leads us to these 2 posts over this day, also posted on the same day 140304. Jimin made a Twitter post about not only their performance that day, but about being proud of JK doing his entrance ceremony. He also made a fancafe post featuring a photo of the back of JKs head. The caption about being proud of their youngest and saying that he is "very close with Kookie now." And finally the photo they posted all together on Twitter. That we know they recreated later on in 2017 after he graduates too
Tumblr media
Playful JinJiKook BTB once again showcasing JKs love of girl group dances and Jin being very fond of his dongsaengs. And when they all did am activity about how God made the members for each other, JK got Jimin and his was very cute. Lmao they were all teasing each other a bit with it. JK said that God made Jimin with cuteness, abs, dance and spilled/forgot all of the height 😂 Link to full video of them "presenting" their papers over the members. And Link to the translations for all the members!
Tumblr media
Mnet posts BTS on their twitter for a countdown. It includes 4 photos of jikook being very cute together. Jimin and Jungkook on 140321 host a special MC on Music Bank together Link below. They also had an official Twitter post announcing their MCing together, with the photo I used at the very top of this whole post. Lol
And on 140322, Big Hit posts photos of Jikook together being cute. JKs smile in the first one and Jimins smile in the second one 🥰 they were trying to be tough manly men I'm sure
Tumblr media
At the end of March, they did an Interview with Haru Hana Magazine Vol. 23. Here is the full translation of their solo interviews. And here is the full spread of the Magazine with their interviews and photo spreads. The only parts I want to mention here is that both JM and JK mention the other as the sporty guy when assigning "school roles" to the members (they click!) and that Jimin twice brought up JKs shyness with the female lead in the MV. Once in his own Interview mentioning how that was supposed to just be shot with JK and the female lead actor. But that JK was so shy and so Jin and Jimin ended up taking parts of the shot so he had less to do. And he interjected in Jungkooks own solo Interview to say it as well. JK saying that his facial expressions in the MV were because he was trying to show that he wanted to opposite sex to become his woman. Lol to which Jimin interrupts and giggles saying that he only 16 and wants them to be his woman, but that he couldn't look the female lead in the eye at all. You can see the exact translations in the links above. But Jimin! Let him breathe! Lol
Jimin makes a Twitter post with a photo from a Thai photoshoot they did back at the end of 2013. His caption translated would be: "While looking through the photo gallery I discovered a photo during our Thailand photoshoot hehe I want to throw my body into a swimming pool again.. Oowah~~ If only Summer would quickly arrive ㅜ the hyungs look stuffed hehe." (Not my translation.) This Thailand photoshoot and DVD get released later in April
Tumblr media
April kicks off with the release of Hanryu Pia Japan Magazine, April Edition. With them being interviewed over their Boy In Luv MV. When asked at the end about what other attractions were in the MV, both Jimin and JK mentioned each other's parts in a teasing manner (JK teasing Jimin about cleaning the toilets scene and Jimin again teasing about JK being shy and having a hard time during his scene with the female actor). Full Translation here.
Photos posted on Facebook from the behinds of filming for Thailand photo book. My personal favorite of the Maknae Line 🥰 photo again from their shoot back at the end of 2013
Tumblr media
Then we get this BTB, nothing major really. Just then having fun together, but their smiles while looking at each other and the giggles are precious. It's all just very cute.
BTS took over MBC Show Champion's Twitter before their performance and its JK who posts! And he takes and posts a photo of Jimin. His caption translated is: "How it’s Jimin he’s so cute right?!Today will be broadcast 6PM KST Pleased be looking forward to us !!Writer BTS Jeon JungKook." (Not my translation).
Tumblr media
This bangtan bomb has nothing to do with jikook really. Im only including it for the one line that is more coming off a Vmin moment. Very early on, like 9 seconds in, when about to start their dance, Tae decides to make a grab for Jimins *area* lol. Jimin very quickly deflects him and they all laugh about it, but Jimin laughs and points at the camera awkwardly saying "in front of the camera...." before they all get back to the dance. I think if nothing else, it shows they are aware of and adjust their behavior a bit while they are in front of the camera. Not saying they are groping each other off camera, but the jokes are probably rauchier/dirtier, the skinship and physical intimacy is probably higher, their comfort level is higher, the guards are down, etc. It goes hand in hand with the comments from all the members about the difference in how JK acts/treats them on and off camera too. Something to keep in mind.
BTS at KBS2FM Super Junior Kiss the Radio official interview on 140414. You can find the translations here. The only one I'm wanting to draw attention to is Jimins call out response to JK and Hobi. He says "Jungkook, why is hyung always 7th place in terms of looks rankings?! Is hyung really that ugly? J-Hope hyung, When you’re bored, you’re always messing around with your dongsaeng, always dissing me. Do you take me for a fool??" Its the first time we see him really give a hint that it bothers him, this 7th in looks rankings ongoing joke. It's the first time he says that he IS insecure about that, even if it's said in a more joking way, it's still the first time we see him bring it up and not just totally blow it off and laugh it off. And he mentions Hobi teasing him a lot too. He brings up teasing between 3J again in later interviews this year as well that I will get to eventually.
140425 brings us back to M!Countdown and a backstage interview. Clips from this interview are again very popular in jkk compilations. So I'm sure you've seen it, but if you haven't seen the whole thing, make sure to watch. This gives us our first video of Jimin jokingly asking JK out on a date and claiming he wants to spend their next day off together. JK doesn't really reciprocate this desire in this video. No, I don't think this is Jimin confessing his crush. I think this is him playing it up a bit for the camera, but also needling and pushing at those walls that JK still always has up in front of the camera. Wanting to push his boundaries a bit more while still expressing his want to be even closer to the maknae then he already is.
Link to video with English Subs:
So this wraps up the first 4 months of the year. I think it's important to remember and keep in mind that this is not everything they all did these 4 months nor is it even all the jikook moments of the past 4 months. This is a lot, yes, but it's the ones I felt like drawing attention to. My opinion here is that this really doesn't give us too much of a shift in dynamics from 2013. What it shows us is that Jimin and Jungkook were close in 2013. And in 2014 they started to get even closer. Jimin very much so also wanted us to KNOW that they were even closer now then they were before. And he very much so wants to continue to get even closer than they already are too. Hence the teasing and asking for more time spent together too.
Add in that we know JK isn't as shy or withdrawn from his hyungs off camera as he sometimes is on camera, it becomes even more clear how close they already were and just getting closer and Jimin pushing for that closeness a lot.
Add in again that they teasingly complain about JK teasing his hyungs too much and how a lot of that is centered towards Jimin. How Jimin is already letting him get away with everything. How JK already seeks out Jimins attention and affection and how Jimin already has a soft spot a mile wide for his maknae and wants to be even closer still then they are. He clearly loves JK a lot and loves spending time with him, and vice versa too.
So in conclusion, no, I'm not seeing any shift in feelings between them during this first part of the year. It's all still very friendly, but they also clearly are special to each other already too and find a happiness and comfort in each other and playing together. It's all very very sweet and I love seeing it so much! We start seeing a bit of a possible shift in their behavior with each other I the next coming months of this year too, especially in Jimin, which we will talk about in part 2!
Thanks for reading all this and getting this far if you did! I know it's a lot!💜💜
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potato-an0n · 2 days ago
Bro the jikook hashtag on tumblr used to be such a peaceful place, until antis in disguise start coming in (srsly why pretend to be a shipper just to destroy them like, don’t you have something better to do)
And now the toxicity from twt is starting to seep in.
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kmgoogiemin · 2 days ago
Nothing with jikook has changed at all, they are not distance what so ever, and the only reason why people are saying this is because of how much other ships get hyped compared to jikook, and it’s because they are so used to Jikook doing those things every day that it’s nothing special, however when another one suddenly does it everyone talks about it. Jikook is set to such a higher standard by non shippers that they refuse to scream about them unless it’s something massive like the hickey, the almost kiss etc, and even then people still ignore them. Everyone knows Jikook is the only plausible and possible couple, and if they deny that it’s only because they don’t want them to be real.
Anyone saying they’ve grown distanced is either highly insecure and influenced by other people, or people trolling. Whenever Jikook are quieter (which they haven’t even been recently if you actually decided to pay attention), Jikookers will get hounded by haters and antis saying it’s proof they suddenly hate each other, and Jungkook is cold towards Jimin and prefers someone else. It just shows how much they want that to be true, when it could not be further from it.
Jikook are what we believe to be a closeted couple, they are so much louder when it’s them backstage, behind the scenes, off schedules, and when people say that’s fanservice for cameras it shows how pathetic they are. Jikook have always been louder infront of cameras backstage rather than infront of cameras with audiences or fans watching, and that’s because backstage is their safety, it’s around staff they all know, they know anything can be cut out if it’s too much, compared to when they are in other situations. Of course there are situations which have been infront of audiences/fans where they have been very loud, but in general Jikooks loudest moments happen off camera where they have been spotted by someone, or when they’ve told us about something they’ve done alone, or in behind the scenes content where they have the safety of knowing things can be edited out if it’s too much.
I have absolutely no doubts that Jikook are a couple and that they are very happy and very stable. Jimins Birthday Vlive, The group Vlive, PTD online rehearsals all have shown they are absolutely inseparable, in love and very real.
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gukxcviie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— in your hands;
pedido pessoal ✨
Em caso de inspiração, dê os créditos <3
[Abra para melhor qualidade]
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lokisasylum · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Awww their smiles 🥺
Tumblr media
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jimmeo-kookliet · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
day after tokyo
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kanmom51 · a day ago
5 May 2015.
Tumblr media
All that.
Now fast-forward to 26 November 2021?
Tumblr media
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serendipitybegins · a day ago
Some things Never change:
Tumblr media
If RM grabs Jimin's hand then he will also grab JKs hand.
Tumblr media
Also Jikook found each other in this moment:
Tumblr media
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chimgirldaegu · 2 days ago
Vmin is really close in these days. I'm not complain. I like jikook and vmin. I hate to admit that jikook are distant. I mean, I never saw them interact (only when jk took jm pizza but jk was hungry so ..) I don't want to say that something is happened, but clearly they're avoiding each other. And don't bring pics of them standing next to each other, they work together. But if you see real content, you will notice that jm doesn't want to leave tae side, he is really close to joon too, he hugged hobi and jin. Jimin is really shy in these days but he doesn't find comfort in jungkook. I find this really sad and weird.
You must be new here.
Vmin have always been super close, they’re the OG popular ship before international fans got ahold of Jungkook and Taehyung and decided Jimin was the spawn of satan (I do miss old army)
Jungkook has always been “cold” he’s never been one to engage that often… even with Taekook it is mostly Taehyung engaging.
I think you’re probably new and only watched a bunch of Jikook videos thinking they’re like “that” 24/7 when they never have been.
There’s literally nothing off about 2021 Jikook I think y’all are just experiencing BTS interactions live action for the first time.
Anyway they’re all really close, Jungkook is Jungkook and he shows he cares in his Jungkook way he always has like showing up for Jimin in Jimin’s birthday vlive… he didn’t have to. In fact Jimin never mentioned who he was calling until he asked JK of it was okay, JK could’ve said “no” and we would’ve never know he even called him but JK showed up.
We see them interact for a very small portion of the day and while a camera is in their faces and while their working… like??
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magicxbane · a day ago
[ Best of #Jikook • Jimin praising Jungkook for 8 minutes straight ]
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tokyokookmin · a day ago
We only see like a small % of their life on a daily basis.. we can’t say anything unless the behind the scenes or actual content filmed during this time period is released…
Remember memories 2020 lmao
We don’t know anything, so break or no break- all we can do is speculate
I personally just think jikook aren’t being absolutely lovey dovey cos they’re here on a work trip lol? and also they’re probably super nervous about performing in front of actual real life people for the first time in 2 years
They probably have enough going on, they don’t owe us anything re: their interactions or their relationships
"They probably have enough going on, they don’t owe us anything re: their interactions or their relationships"
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kpop-er · 6 days ago
That is my new absolute favourite speech from them, you could feel that they meant every word - I was literally crying and laughing
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