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hindi: i mean, i’m learning to read urdu and i already understand most of what is being spoken, why not? they are 90% the same language, the only thing truly different is the script. 

malay: i’ve always been fascinated with malaysia, its culture, and its beauty and diversity. i actually really want to pick it up sometime, it looks like a great language to learn. 

cantonese: i actually adore the sounds made by cantonese, they are so beautiful and interesting lol :) i really want to learn this too i’m actually so interested and i want to see the similarities between cantonese and mandarin (i barely started learning mandarin tho rip)

german: i can understand but also no??? it’s a really strong and pretty language haha, it’s got a lot of power and it seems like a difficult, but quite accessible language to learn ! might try sometime if i’m actually motivated. 

arabic: absolutely gorgeous. maybe it’s just me and my half-muslim heritage jumping out but every time i listen to it i get shivers. it’s just so freaking cool. ugh i wanna learn it 

spanish: my third favorite romance language lol, i realized that i love this language after i visited spain. i can’t stop listening to it. 

swedish: sounds really pretty, loving the accents in the alphabet. i feel like learning this would be a blast lol 

ahmaric: i heard this one guy speak it on youtube and i am IN LOVE. honestly all arabic-derived language is so sexyyyyyy gorgeous. can’t stop listening to it. the script is so beautiful too ! 

thai: i actually really love the sounds that the thai language makes and the beautiful script. the language overall is so interesting, and i am also fascinated with thai culture. :)

GAH there’s just too many i wish that i had enough time to learn all languages ever but you know… we live in a world 

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Heritage Challenge: draw or imagine yourself as being born in your place of origin hundreds, or thousands of years ago.

How would your current occupation or ambition translate to that time period?

Think of it as a historical self-portrait / bio.

Since I originate from Gyeongsang province of Korea, if I were to be born in ancient times, I would be living in the Kingdom of Silla. I suppose the the closest equivalent to my occupation would be soldier / officer.

Thought I’d think of a way to kill some time during this quarantine…

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just some random phrases that popped into my head that i thought would be helpful to keep track of, especially in conversation :)


Originally posted by tor-ta

行く:aller (to go)

する:faire (to do)

いる・ある・する: être (to be)

好きな:aimer (to like)

大好きな:beaucoup aimer (to really like)

きれいな:belle (pretty)

はい:oui (yes)

いいえ:non (no)

たぶん:peut être (maybe)

見える:voir/regarder (to look)

今日:aujourd’hui (today)

明日:demain (tomorrow)

天気:les temps (the weather)

いただきます:bon appétit (let’s eat sort of thing)*

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may I ask you how you managed to move to Korea? I have been wanting to go there and work as an English teacher for a while now but I am not sure how to start. I am scared of being scammed or something. If you could share your experience? Do you need to know korean to teach or is just english enough? Sorry for the long question 馃ズ

This really depends on where you are from. To teach English you have to be from one of the 7 English speaking countries ( Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK and Ireland, and the US), otherwise you are not able to teach English here legally (doesn’t mean some schools wouldn’t take you anyway and pay you, but that’s a whole other thing). If you are from an English speaking country usually you won’t need to know Korean (as native English teachers only need to teach in English and most likely have a Korean co-teacher doing the Korean part). Same can go for other languages too, but it’s harder to find things there (I’m teaching German e.g.). If you are a English native there are so many recruiting firms online (there are literally so manyyyy teaching jobs) one of the most popular is EPIK. 

If you are a non-English native, like me (they really only care about nationality here, they don’t care if you have a degree in english or lived several years in england, like me, i still couldn’t do it) then you mostly need to look remotely or search for schools that do teach your native language. And there language skills do mean something, because Koreans in general don’t speak English so if they say study German and don’t speak English than it doesn’t matter and they need Korean. Some schools take natives with general Korean knowledge (like where i work, i need to teach in Korean in beginner classes) or some school have a similar concept as schools for English studying where you only need to know your native language (and some english here or there can work) and you have a Korean co-teacher.

That said, when it comes to contracts in Korea, i think EPIK might be the safest?? Schools always try to do some illegal stuff.. (I’m speaking from experience as i’m living through it right now). So there is no guarantee in some things even if it’s one of the top recruiters for English teaching jobs. For other language jobs, you need to go out and find them on your own. Search on naver and find e-mails and send our your resume (that’s what i did). A lot of people wont respond some might. 

I’ll keep it at this haha, it’s super long. If you have any questions, please you can always ask me and i can help if i’m able to!! :) 

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I’ve been stuck inside and have been binging Netflix when I’m not rebuilding cities in Cities:Skylines. My finace got me really into this show called Kingdom. It’s an amazing Korean, Zombie, period piece. It’s amazing. SO I’m drawing a portrait of Ju Ji Hoon who plays the main prince in the show. Here is the the first step and I will post more progress as I go. 

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