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So this is another one of the many ways on how I study Korean.

Product name: Logitech K380 (pink)

Other colors: White and Black.

Backlit: No.

I ordered this keyboard along with the Logitech Pebble M350 wireless mouse (not in the picture) so I can use it on my iPad 7th gen.

There is actually a Korean version of this keyboard with Hangul and English characters on it but it was available on Gmarket only and since Manila is still under quarantine, the shipping might took weeks. Months even.

Anyway, I got this from Logitech official store in Shopee. Delivery time usually takes a week but mine arrived four days after I placed my order.

You can type in Hangul but I’m not really used to typing virtually so I decided to customized my keyboard instead of buying another one. 

Materials I used:

1. Cherry Blossom washi tape

2. Black pen

3. Single Hole Puncher

I made small circle stickers using the single-hole puncher. They weren’t really the sticky type but it sticks perfectly to my keyboard. I tried it on my laptop, but it easily falls out. After I stick them in, I wrote the Hangul characters and let them dry for a bit. It is important that you stick the washi tape first into the keyboard before writing on it because the ink might gets smudged.

Until next time! 🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🤍

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Ethels club (found on Instagram and Twitter ) will be holding group sessions with licensed black therapist for free on both of these days . If you are in need to just be in a safe space with licensed professionals please check this out

Please reblog Incase others may find this helpful and tagging @blackgrad just in case

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Joy - Introduce me a good person(from Hospital Playlist)

좋은 사람 있으면 소개시켜줘

때로는 물처럼 때로는 불처럼

진심으로 나만을 사랑할 수 있는

성숙하고 성실한 사람이라면 좋겠어

때로는 - sometimes

성숙하다 - mature

성실 - faithful, sincere

좋은 사람 있으면 소개시켜줘

사랑에도 연습은 있는 거기에

아주 조그만 일에도 신경을 써주는

사랑 경험이 많은 사람이라면 좋겠어

조그맣다 - small, little, tiny

신경 - care, concern

경험 - experience

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서른 번째 날:

오늘은 오월 이십구일 이에요. 저는 두 시에 밥을 먹었어요. 어머니는 저의 남둥생과 저을 위해 요리핬어요.

my first attempt at making longer sentences and i managed to recall 번째 and 위해 !! (please do correct me if i’m wrong)

also if my photo appears way too sharp i apologize… i can’t really see the accurate quality when i’m editing so 😭😭😭

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넌 지금 무슨 생각해?

나는 너를 생각해

내 세상은 온통 너로 가득해

기억나? 이맘때 설레던 너와 나 babe

Exo - Wait


온통 - all, wholly, entirely, altogether

이맘때 about[around] this time, at this time[moment, point] of day[night, year]

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tu peux me faire du mal, mais à la fin de la journée, je t'aimerai toujours


넌 날 해칠 수 있지만 결국 엔 여전히 널 사랑할거야

Ты можешь сделать мне больно, но в конце концов я все равно буду любить тебя

Puedes lastimarme, pero al final, aún te amaré

you can still hurt me, but in the end, i’ll still love you ✨🌙🍄

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You can now use your ❤️/💙 to vote! It takes 3❤️/💙 and you can vote 3x a day! Please refer to the images below so you won’t get confused to where you should vote! ✨ Let’s go Monbebes!

Click on ‘Vote’ beside the Community tab on the lower part of the app and look for “PICK THE CHAMPION SONG OF THIS WEEK”:


Click FANTASIA - MONSTA X up to 3 times:

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