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*All verbs below are in original form(dictionary form).

자다 : to sleep

깨다 : to wake up

자르다 : to cut

접다 : to fold

구기다 : to wrinkle

찢다 : to tear

결혼하다 : to marry

이혼하다 : to divorce

사다 : to buy

팔다 : to sell

웃다 : to laugh

울다 : to cry

더하다 : to add

빼다 : to subtract

곱하다 : to multiply

나누다 : to divide

쓰다 : to write

읽다 : to read

일하다 : to work

쉬다 : to rest

노래하다 : to sing

연주하다 : to play an instrument

돕다 : to help

방해하다 : to hinder/disturb

준비하다 : to prepare

시작하다 : to start

반복하다 : to repeat

묻다 : to ask

답하다 : to answer

좋아하다 : to like

싫어하다 : to hate

심다 : to plant

뽑다 : to pluck/pick

얼다 : to freeze

녹다 : to thaw/melt

나타나다 : to appear

사라지다 : to disappear

쌓다 : to pile/stack

무너지다 : to collapse

담다 : to put in

쏟다 : to spill

줍다 : to pick up

Click here for Vocabulary - Verbs 1

- Written and edited by Admin Yu

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to listen the song on spotify click here

여정: journey, quest

소용: useful

- 소용없었어: it was useless

여전히: still

사막: desert

향한: towards

>향하다: to face towards

선물: gift, present

잡다: hold, take, grasp, catch

- 손을 잡고 있어요: holding hands

끝: end

무너뜨리다: destroy, break down, knock down

찾다: find, look for

영웅: hero

순간: moment

넓: wide

헤매다: wander / roam around

눈치하다: notice

향기 : incense, fragrance, perfume, scent

따위: etc. (et cetera)

아우성: shout, clamor

멀다: far away, remote, distant

- 먼 길: long road

bonus 잘했어! good job!

 sources: naver dict., bts trans, google translate, genius

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Meaning - First

Korean syllable - 선

Korean name - 먼저 선


先生님 - 선생님 - Teacher (님 doesn’t have Hanja)

先着順 - 선착순 - First come first served / order of arrival

優先 - 우선 - First, above all, preference, special treatment

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Meaning - School

Korean syllable - 교

Korean name - 학교 교


女學校 - 여학교 - Girls school

校內 - 교내 - Inside a school

母校 - 모교 - One’s old school / Alma mater

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시간: Time/Hour (1 hour)

시계: Clock/Watch

오전: morning (A.M)

오후: afternoon (P.M)

아침: Morning

점심: Lunch Time/Lunch

저녁: Evening/Dinner

밤: Night

새벽: Dawn

정오: Noon/Midday

자정: Midnight

오늘: Today

어제: Yesterday

엊그제: The other day/The day before yesterday

내일: Tomorrow

모레: The day after tomorrow

올해: This year

작년: Last year

재작년: Year before last

내년: Next year

내후년: The year after the next

날짜: Date

달력: Calendar

요일: Day of the week

월요일: Monday

화요일: Tuesday

수요일: Wednesday

목요일: Thursday

금요일: Friday

토요일: Saturday

일요일: Sunday

월: Month

일: Day

-Written by Admin Sun

-Edited by Admin Yu

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When you’re reading documents or stories, you might have noticed 하여 being used and wonder, hold on…. what’s this, I’ve never learned this before? [That was me]

Actually 하여 is super easy - it’s actually the shortened version of 하여서…. which is the formal, written version of 해서. This is used when connecting two clauses or verbs together (where the first verb is a 하다 verb). When the verb is not a 하다 verb it follows the regular Verb + -아/어/여서 rule (I promise this isn’t confusing - read on)

Verb + -// rule revision

There are a number of uses for this but here are the main ones:

  • Connecting two clauses or verbs that occur in a particular time order or sequence - one after the other (e.g. Event 1 happens AND THEN Event 2 happens. Event 2 cannot happen without Event 1 having taken place). The two clauses or verbs must be related to each other. Loosely translated to ‘and’ or 'and then’ e.g. 고기를 사서 요리했어요 - I bought meat and then cooked it
  • Used to provide a reason for something (e.g. Clause 1 is the reason for Clause 2). Loosely translated to 'because of’ or 'so that’ and is similar to -기 때문에 e.g. 사진을 많이 봐서 어떤 앨범 버전을 살지 정했어요 - I’ve decided which album to buy because I looked at a lot of pictures

When looking at 하다 verbs, people often drop the -서 and it means the same thing…. so often so 해서 ends up being left as 해, which when written = 하여

Sample sentences

  • 샤워하여 전화를 안 받았어요 - I didn’t answer your phone call because I was having a shower - (This is the same as 샤워해서 전화를 안 받았어요)
  • 일하여 Epik High 콘서트를 볼 수 없었어요 - I couldn’t go to the Epik High concert because I was working - (This is the same as 일해서 Epik High 콘서트를 볼 수 없었어요)

People don’t actually use 하여 or 하여서 in speaking but you will still see it written in literary text like novels and poems and also in official documentation. So don’t worry about it too much

TL;DR - here’s a summary:

하여 = 하여서 = 해(서)


Originally posted by sasshunontheloose

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Originally posted by mayfifolle

Listen to Butterfly(Youtube)
Butterfly(Prologue ver.)

생각하다 to think
꺼내다 to take out
웃다 to smile/to laugh
아무 any
말 words

아무것도 생각하지 마 : Don’t think of anything
넌 아무 말도 꺼내지도 마 : Don’t say anything
그냥 내게 웃어줘 : Just smile at me

믿다 to believe
사라지다 to disappear
아직 yet/still
모든 all
다 all
꿈 dream

난 아직도 믿기지가 않아 : I still can’t believe
이 모든 게 다 꿈인 것 같아 : Everything seems like a dream
사라지려 하지마 : Don’t try to disappear

아름답다 to be beautiful
두렵다 to be scared/afraid
너무 too/so

Is it true? Is it true?
You You
너무 아름다워 두려워 : So beautiful that I’m scared
Untrue Untrue
You You You

머무르다 to stay
약속하다 to promise
날아가다 to fly away
부서지다 to shatter
겁나다 to be afraid
곁 nearby
손 hand

곁에 머물러줄래 : Will you stay by my side
내게 약속해줄래 : Will you promise me
손 대면 날아갈까 부서질까 : If I touch, it might fly away or shatter
겁나 겁나 겁나 : So I’m afraid, afraid, afraid

멈추다 to stop
지나다 to pass
되다 to become
잃다 to lose
시간 time
순간 moment
일 incident

시간을 멈출래 : I will stop the time / Would you stop the time
이 순간이 지나면 : If this moment passes,
없었던 일이 될까 : It might become something that didn’t happen
널 잃을까 : or I might lose you
겁나 겁나 겁나 : So I’m afraid, afraid, afraid

마치 like
처럼 like

Butterfly, like a Butterfly
마치 Butterfly, bu butterfly 처럼 : Just like butterfly
Butterfly, like a butterfly
마치 Butterfly, bu butterfly 처럼 : Just like butterfly

닿다 to reach/touch
밝히다 to light up
칠흑 같은 어둠 pitch dark
속 inside
나비효과 Butterfly effect
손짓 gesture
현실 reality

넌 마치 Butterfly : You are like a butterfly
멀리서 훔쳐봐 : I peek you from a distance
손 닿으면 널 잃을까 : in fear of losing you if I reach
이 칠흑 같은 어둠 속 날 밝히는 나비효과 : Butterfly effect that lights me up in this pitch dark
니 작은 손짓 한 번에 : With your one small gesture
현실을 잊어 난 : I forget the reality

쓰다듬다 to stroke
표류하다 to drift
바람 wind
먼지 dust
거기 there

살며시 쓰다듬는 바람 같아 : It’s like a wind stroking gently
살포시 표류하는 먼지 같아 : It’s like a dust drifting softly
넌 거기 있지만 왠지 닿지 않아 : You are there but somehow I can’t reach you
꿈 같은 넌 내게 butterfly, high : Dreamlike you are a butterfly to me

메마르다 to dry up
알다 to know
가다 to go
심장 heart
소리 sound
해변 shore
숲 forest

심장은 메마른 소리를 내 : My heart makes dried sounds
꿈인지 현실인지 알 수 없네 : Can’t know whether it’s dream or real
나의 해변의 카프카여 : My Kafka of the shore
저기 숲으로 가진 말아줘 : please don’t go to the forest there

까맣다 to be black
녹다 to melt
흐르다 to flow
증발하다 to evaporate
마음 mind(heart)
조각 piece
사랑 love
영원 eternity -> sounds like 0 won(Korean currency)

내 마음은 아직 너 위에 부서져 : My heart(mind) is still shattered on you
조각조각 까맣게 녹아 흘러 : melting down to pieces in black
난 그냥 이대로 증발하고 싶어 : I just want to evaporate like this
내 사랑은 영원인 걸 : My love is eternity / My love is 0 won
It’s all FREE for you

-Written and Edited by Admin Yu

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안녕하세요 여러분~~

I have some good hiatus is over!! I decided it was time to put the bad things behind me and to do more of what I enjoy,,which is learning Korean! So to get the ball rolling I’m gonna try my very best to make and post a new vocab list tomorrow!!


I NOW HAVE OVER 1.5K FOLLOWERS??? THATS SO CRAZY!! TYSM!!! I honestly love and appreciate every single one of you and I hope you’re all staying safe and well at this current time 💘 please do continue to look after yourselves aswell as supporting my blog and I’ll continue to help you learn as much Korean as I can in return!!

I’ll see you very soon,,

Lots of love 💗⭐️ - 엘리

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2020년 5월 20일

다시 왔어요, 여러분, 안녕하세용~! 이번주에 기말고사가 봐서 좀 바쁘고 스트레스가 많아요.. 여러분들은 어때요? 학기가 끝나요? 방학기가 빨리 오면 좋겠어요 ㅎㅎ 

pictured: [left: 이석원 보통의 존재; i’m translating stories from it for an independent study! right: neighborhood near my university]

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Korean hangul printable workbook~

This workbook includes:
~Study checklist for all the hangul characters
~Hangul charts, including a blank copy for you to complete as part of your studies
~Connect the character activities
~Hangul word search
~Fill in the blank word puzzle
~Writing practice and space to write your own characters
~3 character tests for you to take and track your progress
~Flashcards for each of the 40 hangul characters

Available to download now!

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Hello! This is admin Do. I’m going to talk about some Korean proverbs today.

The boughs that bear most hang lowest.

열매 많은 가지는 밑으로 쳐져 있다.

+ A similar Korean proverb : 벼는 익을수록 고개를 숙인다.

-열매: Fruit

-가지: Bough

-벼: Rice

-익다: Ripen

-고개: Head

-숙이다: Bow

Many hands make light work.

+ A similar Korean proverb : 백지장도 맞들면 낫다.

-고통(≒문제): Trouble

-백지장: White paper

Once a thief, always a thief.

도둑질도 한번 맛들이면 끊을 수 없다. 

+ A similar Korean proverb : 바늘 도둑이 소 도둑 된다.

-도둑질: Theft

-도둑: Thief

-바늘: Needle

-소: Ox

The skin is nearer than the shirt.

셔츠보다는 피부가 가깝다.

+ A similar Korean proverb : 팔은 안으로 굽는다.

-셔츠: Shirt

-피부: Skin

-팔: Arm

-굽다: Bend

To teach a fish how to swim.

물고기에게 수영법 가르치기

+ A similar Korean proverb : 번데기 앞에서 주름 잡는다.

-물고기: Fish

-수영: Swimming

-번데기: Pupa

-주름: Wrinkle

What’s learned in the cradle is carried to the grave.

요람에서 배운 것은 무덤까지 가게 된다.

+ A similar Korean proverb : 세 살 버릇 여든까지 간다.

-요람: Cradle

-무덤: Grave

-버릇: Habit

-여든: Eighty

Talk of an angel and he will appear. 

천사에 대해 이야기하면, 천사가 나타난다.

+ A similar Korean proverb : 호랑이도 제 말하면 온다.

-천사: Angel

-이야기: Talk

-호랑이: Tiger

-오다: Come

참조 : 네이버 영어 사전

-Written by Admin Do

-Edited by Admin Yu

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