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  1. 말하다: to say, speak, tell
  2. 맛없다: to taste bad
  3. 맛있게 드세요: enjoy your meal
  4. 맛있다: to be delicious, tasty
  5. 맵다: to be spicy
  6. 먹다: to eat
  7. 멀다: to be distant
  8. 멋있다: to be stylish, elegant
  9. 메뉴판: menu
  10. 멕시코: Mexico

Happy learning! ^^

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1. 딸기: strawberry

2. 떡볶이: tteokbokki

3. 라면: ramyeon (ramen)

4. 러시아: Russia

5. 마시다: to drink

6. 마트: mart

7. 만: 10.000

8. 만나다: to meet

9. 만들다: to make

10. 많다: to be a lot of, much of

Happy learning! ^^

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2020년 11월 21일

No updates for Japanese this time. But finally first post ever about Korean. (I’m not sure if I told before that I actually learn Korean)

If not, here I am to tell you… I’m learning Korean currently 🇰🇷

Today I had my 2nd class with a teacher and I’m so happy, because I feel that I’m learning a lot faster (especially grammar + pronunciation)

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to learn additional grammar, but I’ll try to learn additional words. I seriously need them.

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Saying the date in Korean

Here is a separate post explaining how to form the year, which is definitely the only difficult part about saying the date in Korean.

You write whole dates as ‘year(년) month(월) day(일)’. The day part is written in Korean characters, the rest is in numerals:

2012년 4월 십육일 (십육 is 6)

You say this as the actual numbers:

이천십이년 사월 십육일

e.g. 15th of January 1993 = 1993년 1월 십오일 = 천구백구십삼년 일월 십오일

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Saying the year in Korean

This seems like a longwinded way to say the year, but once you know a few numbers it is quite straightforward. Also, in English, they way we group our years into pairs (e.g. 1990 = nineteen ninety, 2020 = twenty twenty) is way more illogical.

In Korean you will see it written in digits like ‘1990년′. But you say the whole number like ‘one thousand, nine hundred, ninety’. For this you use the Sino-Korean numbers, and all you need to know are numbers 1-10 (which form any numbers up to 99) and 1000 and 100 to make any year. 년 on the end means ‘year’.

1852 = (written as) 1852년 = (said as) 팔백오십이

= 1000      팔백 = 800 (백 is 100)      오십이 = 52 (오십 is 50, 이 is 2)

1966 = 1966년 = 천구백육십육년

천 = 1000      구백 = 900        육십육 = 66

2013 = 2013년 = 이천십삼년

이천 = 2000      십삼 = 13

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병원 Hospital

의사 Doctor

간호사 Nurse

주사 Shot

응급상황 Emergency

환자 Patient

진단 Diagnosis

치료 Cure

질병 Illness

예방 Prevention

재활 Rehabilitation

입원 Hospitalization

퇴원 Leave the hospital

의학 Medical science

약 Medicine

약국 Pharmacy

진료 Clinic

병 Disease

세균 Virus

응급실 Emergency room

수술 Operation

Written by Admin Na

Edited by Admin Yu

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How to say ‘I think…’

There is a more indirect way of saying this using -것 같다 but here is a literal way to express what you ‘think’. The verb for ‘to think’ is 생각하다.

When saying ‘I think something is (descriptive verb)’, add -고 생각하다 to the unconjugated form of that verb:

그 남자가 똑똑하다고 생강했어요 - I thought that man was smart

중국어가 어렵다고 생각해 - I think Chinese is difficult (This sounds very certain/literal. If you want to express it less directly, 중국어가 어려운 것 같아요 - Chinese seems difficult)

When saying ‘I think something is (noun)’, add -(이)라고 생각하다 after the noun:

그녀가 선생님이라고 생각했어 - I thought she was a teacher

이 동물이 고양이라고 생강해요 - I think this animal is a cat (since cat ends with a vowel, just add -라고. Again, you can use 것 같다 to express more casually ‘this animal seems like a cat)

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This is actually kind of specific to if you want to actually live in Korea but I was revising this topic today and thought it would be useful to share some of my learnings - of course there are going to be a lot more things you might want to ask or tell the realtor, but this will be a good starting point:

Things a realtor/estate agent might say to you:

  • 어떤 집을 구하세요 - What kind of house/home are you looking for?
  • 월세를 구하시나요? 아니면 전세를 구하시나요? - Are you looking to rent (monthly rent)? Or are you looking to lease?
  • 금액은 어느 정도 생각하고 있어요? - Approximately what total cost are you thinking?
  • 원룸은 어떠세요? - What about a one room? (a studio apartment)
  • 한번 보러 가실래요? - Would you like to go to see it?
  • 주인에게 연락할게요 - I will contact the owner
  • 계약금을 가지고 오셨어요? - Did you bring the contract fee?

Things you might want to say to a realtor/estate agent:

  • 아파트를 구하고 싶은데요 - I want to look for an apartment
  • 월세를 구해요 - I am looking for a monthly rent (apartment)
  • 방이 2개 있는 아파트를 구해요 - I am looking for an apartment with 2 rooms
  • 지하철 역에서는 거리가 얼마나 걸리나요? - How far is the distance from the subway station?
  • 몇 층이에요? - What floor is it on?
  • 건물에서 엘리베이터가 있나요? - Is there an elevator in the building?
  • 보증금은 얼마나 되나요? - How much is the deposit?
  • 조금 비싼데요. 조금 더 싼 아파트는 없나요? - It’s a little expensive. Do you have a slightly cheaper apartment?
  • 그 아파트는 특징이 있나요? - Does the apartment have any special features/characteristics?
  • 관리비가 있나요? - Is there a maintenance fee
  • 계약하려면 어떻게 하나요? - How do I sign the contract?

Image from: 구해줘! 홈즈 (Where Is My Home - MBC)

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존재: existence

새로운: new

의미: meaning

찾다: to find

빛: light

밤: night

알다: to know

어둠: darknesss

끝: end

아침: morning

걸: girl (they sound similar)

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1/100 days of productivity

Hi everyone! My name is Giulia (she/her), I’m 20 and live in Italy. At the moment I’m a second year uni student and I major in Chinese studies. I’m also very new to the studyblr world (this is actually my first real post haha) so pls bare with me.

Today was a very busy day, it’s only 3pm and I’m already exhausted. I attended three online lessons (Chinese grammar, Korean and history) and I still have Chinese tutoring to do. I also went grocery shopping. Tonight I’m probably gonna eat Korean food and I’m very excited!!

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여권 : passport

트렁크 : suitcase

비행기 : airplane

기차 : train

지도 : map

표 : ticket

호텔 : hotel

사진기 : camera

멀미 : motion sickness

이정표 : sign post

나침반 : compass

휴게소 : service area

선글라스 : sunglasses

특산물 : specialty

기념품 : souvenir

여행사 : travel agency

예약 : reservation

렌터카 : rental car

고속도로 : highway

가이드 : guide

배낭여행 : backpacking

요트 : yacht

당일치기 : a day’s trip

편도 : one way

왕복 : travel back and forth

체크인 : check-in

체크아웃 : check-out

전망대 : observatory

해변 : beach, seahorse

랜드마크 : landmark

Written by Admin Sung

Edited by Admin Yu

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Today I woke up with a sore throat and feeling drained which means I’m probably getting a cold which is not what I want so I stocked up on stuff and hopefully I can keep some energy to make it through this week. I’m staying home so no worries. Today I used the energy I did have to read some of the research I’m using for my final paper in my prevention class. I chose to take a therapy model and adapt it to treat depression in korean teenagers. So I’m just reading a lot of research articles to get information for my essay and figure out the best way to create a treatment plan for my fake patient I have one more final essay and In community mental health that I’m doing on how Korea’s dependency on hospitalization and lack of efforts in de-institutionalizing is harming the mental health care system and ways to fix it (we each had to choose an issue, analyze it and propose a solution based on what we learned this semester ). I’m going to start writing both this weekend unless I’m too sick because they need to be in korean and it’s going to take me some time. Just for clarification I write my essays in English first, translate what I can in korean on my own, use Papago to translate the korean to English to make sure it makes sense. And what I can’t figure out I just use Papago and pray for the best. It’s not the best way but my korean is not at a level to write 10-15 pages on my own yet.

I hope if it’s cold where you are you’re staying warm and healthy and having a good week!

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학교 school

칠판 blackboard

분필 chalk

가정통신문 newsletter

교복 school uniform

교과서 textbook

책상 desk

의자 chair

식판 food tray

급식 school lunch

선생님 teacher

학생 student

수행평가 performance assessment

기말고사 final exams

중간고사 midterm exam

수학능력평가 college scholastic ability test

교장선생님 principal

교감선생님 vice-principal

규정 rule

대회 meet

무단 결석하다 be absent from school without excuse

수업일수 the number of school days

성취도 achievement test

학적 a school register

Written by Admin Ju

Edited by Admin Yu

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My classmate got off work earlier on campus and asked me if I wanted to go with her to get ice cream from CU so we sat outside together and ate and talked (I’m getting so much korean practice in I swear) we talked about our projects , stress, what we want to do when the semester ends and basic student life type conversations. Finals are dec 8th for me and then the semester will end on dec. 15th though I won’t know my grades til the 28th which sucks. These days I’m a bit quiet here but it’s just because I’m working really hard on school work. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish next year and next semester these days and just general life stuff and the direction I’m going, want to go. Re- evaluating language goals and methods (not dropping or adding any languages in 2021 don’t worry), and what I want for this account moving forward also. I think it’s normal to get very introspective this time of year. Anyways happy Monday everyone !

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