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it’s cute how non blacks think their aspersions on anna diop’s kory isn’t at all laced with racism.

she threatened a child!’ - bitch, where?

she’s too violent!’

she’s not that attractive’

she looks like a cheap hooker’

she looks like a monkey’

tta starfire is more accurate’ - lolololol okay then

she’s poorly developed’

she’s the worst starfire’ - ttg fucking exists you fucking jellyfish

like, at this point just say that you’re pressed that a dark skinned black woman is playing her, and that she’s challenging white as the default race you fucking cunumunu.

i just need these clowns to just shut the entire fuck up because it’s evident that some of y'all don’t know how to criticize characters of colour without being gross assholes.

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Dc wanted Kory and babs to be Betty and Veronica so bad…..


I hate this damn annual so much like they were very clearly trying to invoke a Betty and Veronica, Gwen Stacy and Mary-Jane, Madonna and whore complex with the way babs is drawn like a good girl next door and Kory is drawn like a vampy mean girl. It does such a disservice to Kory, babs AND dick.

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they got a dark skinned black woman and an east asian man in their main cast, who’ve been there since day 1 and instead of giving them proper care and respect in the series, they throw all their focus on a character who was never a titan, who’s red hood arc has literally nothing to do with the titans and whose actor is a c*p sympathizing tr*mp supporter

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the red hood suit looks really good and they have my attention for this bc jason is my favourite batfamily member after dick but this is coming at the expense of anna and i’m sorry but i can’t get over that. if they wanted to do red hood so badly they should’ve made a fucking spin-off, not shove that into kory’s season.

and with a different actor too, plain talk bad manners.

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