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#koriand'r x reader
dc-x-readers · 3 years ago
Anxiety Attacks (Outlaws x Reader)
Request: Hey, I’ve been super stressed abut going back to school, could you write something where he helps you feel better after a panic attack? Please?
Request: Could you do a cute fix about The Outlaws (From Red Hood and the Outlaws)?
Trigger Warning: Serious mentions of Anxiety
One more Note, if you ever want to talk about anxiety, stress depression, my inbox is always open. I totally understand, I think I have had a anxiety attack the last three days because of school, so I can (hopefully) relate you you and try to help. Please know you are not suffering alone. 
Tumblr media
It had been building up all night, but none of them saw it, they just chalked your quieter than usual behavior up to being tired. None of them stopped to think about the black hole that eat away at your nerves and sucked in your chest everyday. Sometimes they forgot someone like you could have such bad anxiety.
None of them expected a sob to escape your lips mid rant about their newest job. None of your partner's expected you to stand from the couch so quickly the Chinese takeout you were eating spilled across the floor. Jason Todd, Roy Harper and Koriand’r did not expect you to race across the small apartment you all shared and lock yourself in the bathroom, where they could hear your panicked sobs, but couldn’t get into help you.
Jason knew that anxiety like yours was not something that could be caused by stressful events alone, it was an imbalance in your brain, and yet he had been so blind tonight he felt stupid. He was the worst boyfriend ever.
Roy was doing far worse, he felt useless as he  listened to your sobs echo through the wooden door. He wanted to punch down the door, and wrap you up in his arms, but he knew you wouldn’t want that. He needed to respect what you wanted and needed, before himself. He could do that much for you.
Kori was doing the worst, she was devastated that you were crying, but confused as to why. Were you hurt?
“My starshine. Please come out.” Kori spoke through the door quietly enough that you barely could hear her over you laboured breathing. Jason and Roy wanted to shush their other girlfriend, and let you have the piece you wanted, but they also agreed with Kor’s sentiment. They loved you, and wanted you to come out so they could show you how much.
“Y/N.” Roy whispered, his hand pressed against the door you were locked behind, as if he could somehow send a warm embrace through the piece of wood, “We love you. We just want to help you.”
Another loud sob racked through your body, and Roy cringed, knowing his words must have caused it, Jason put his hand comfortingly on Roy’s shoulder. It was not Roy’s fault, not entirely, you anxiety got the best of you sometimes and even words of love and compassion could sometimes make you feel worse.
“You don’t have to come out now Y/N.” Jason said quietly, listening to your sobs subside slightly. “Just know when you do, we are here for you.” He finished.
He didn’t lie, you remained in the bathroom for a half an hour longer, bawling and shaking from a panic attack, before you slowly unlocked to door, only to find the three people you love most in the world sitting outside the bathroom door for you. Jason held out a fuzzy warm blanket for you to be wrapped up in like a burrito, and Roy provided a cup of warm hot cocoa. Kori had no gifts, but the kisses she peppered onto your face every few seconds, reminding you of how much the alien princess adores you.
“I’m sorry.” You spoke brokenly and with a shuffle in your voice.
“Don’t be, anxiety is hard, I’m just proud that you were able to do so much on your own.” Jason said, before realising that it might translate to you need to do more on your own before adding, “Know that we care for you and love you so much. You are never alone, we will always try to help you as much as we can.”
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Finery: an intro
Warnings: swearing, violence, angst, some mafia stuff
You swear at your empty magazine, holstering the gun in your waistband again while continuing to take cover behind the crate, quietly trying to shuffle to the side.
“You are under arrest! Come out and we won’t harm you!”
Resisting the urge to snort at the cop’s optimistic demand, you instead scan your surroundings, eyes catching on an open window that seems only accessible by doing some insane climbing. And considering your arms and legs ache way too much from your earlier escape, that wasn’t happening. That left only one possibility, which you were very much trying to avoid.
“Fuck it,” you growl under your breath, getting ready to activate your ability. You raise your voice, roaring at the police, “You want me?” Cocking your head to the side, you flick a switch in your mind, power shuddering through your veins, making you shiver. 
“Here I am.”
“You were there.”
“I was taking out the garbage across the street!”
“Tell us what happened.”
“How many times do I have to tell you? I don’t know! This weird-ass noise came from the building and next thing I know, this person in a fancy-ass suit is strolling out like they own the place. That’s - ”
The man pauses the recording. He frowns at the compiled evidence scattered across the board mounted on the wall, the minimal information made even more obvious with the amount of empty space. An obnoxious ringtone prompts the man to pick up his phone and answer.
“Hey. Yeah, I’m still working on it, Kori. I’m not sure when I’ll have anything.”
A heavy sigh filters into the room.
“I don’t know if you guys can save them.”
You ignore the tiny voice in the back of your head that serves as what is left of your moral compass, continuing to stare the traitorous man in the eye, relishing in the fear showing in his entire kneeling form.
“Now, now, Sean, what are you afraid for?” you ask, sickeningly sweet, biding your time and wanting him to fully regret his actions, “What did you do?”
The man on his knees gulps as you lower your gun from where you used it to take out his hired protection, instead using the weapon to trace his jaw, knowing that his shivering wasn’t due to the cold metal of the firearm.
“I didn’t mean - “ 
You shove the gun against his jaw, hard, causing him to whimper and whip his head back suddenly.
“We both know that’s not true,” you purr, keeping up the condescending tone throughout the sentence before snarling your next words.
 “Now tell me what the fuck you did.”
“I have your next mission, Titans.”
The Batman’s tone is more grave than normal, alerting the team of superheroes to the severity of the situation.
“There’s been a new ring of organized crime that has sprouted up in Metropolis that has incapacitated Superman, as you well know.”
There’s a breath everyone in the room is holding, waiting, hoping their fears will not be confirmed. Batman takes a deep breath before continuing.
“Your job is to dismantle this crime ring. You will be more knowledgeable on its leader, considering - ”
An image flashes up on the holographic screen, sending the collective held breath to dissolve into horrified stares.
“ - they are your old teammate.”
The glaring image is you, dressed to the nines, a cold glare aimed at the camera along with a pistol that you seem to wield with ease. Starfire lets out a sob upon seeing you, hands clutching her mouth. She turns away from the image, no longer facing the Batman. 
“I know this will be hard,” the Gotham vigilante seems to hold sympathy in his tone, though it is still firm, “But you all are the only ones with any expertise with their abilities. You can do this.”
The older hero seems to betray some form of fear in his voice as he says the next words, shuddering through his words and on the visible part of his face.
“You are the only ones who can.”
New series here. Hoping to update once a week, but we’ll see.
Send me requests, my inbox is wide open!
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citrinesparkles · a month ago
☆ mobile masterlist ☆
reader is gender neutral unless otherwise specified!
Tumblr media
d c
multi-character pieces
flower power - blurbs about dick, jason, tim, duke, and stephanie’s reactions to their partner surprising them with flowers. word count: 686. warnings: n/a.
and so, my heart sings - blurbs about reader catching dick/jason/tim/duke/stephanie singing. fluff. word count: 849. warnings: n/a.
bruce wayne
sleep - bruce finally comes to bed. reader is comfy. fluff. word count: 555. warnings: n/a.
dick grayson
plastic wrap my beloathed - reader struggles with plastic wrap. dick is, as always, there to save the day. fluff. word count: 432. warnings: food.
that last wave - dick is tired. reader should be asleep. fluff. word count: 452. warnings: n/a.
sweet atlas. - dick got roughed up and came to reader for help. reader wants to know why. requested. angst/fluff. word count: 813. warnings: vague descriptions of canon-typical wounds, talk of blood.
all yours - dick finally gets home. fluff. word count: 305. warnings: n/a. i think.
donna troy
picture perfect - a walk in the park turns into a mini photoshoot. fluff. requested. word count: 268. warnings: n/a.
hair care - donna’s working. reader keeps her company. fluff. word count: 499. warnings: n/a.
duke thomas
cute keychain - you’re getting ready, and duke gets a little distracted when something familiar catches his eye. fluff. word count: 521. warnings: n/a.
jason todd
one in the morning - jason and reader are dorks in the kitchen in the middle of the night. fluff. word count: 526. warnings: food.
mah-scare-uh - makeup is difficult. harder when your boyfriend is an insufferable ninja. fluff. word count: 473. warnings: makeup application, discussion of food.
all he could do - unsurprisingly, jason gets nightmares. luckily, phones exist. angst/comfort. word count: 1,188. warnings: anxiety, panic attacks and discussion thereof, canon-typical violence, nightmares.
his apartment - jason’s apartment is becoming less of a “mine” and more of an “ours”. fluff. word count: 552. warnings: n/a.
by any other name - the different things reader calls jason. fluff. word count: 444. warnings: discussion of food, vague reference to injury.
minute long hug - reader is sad for vague reasons and just wants a hug. light angst/comfort. word count: 439. warnings: discussion of food, reader is sad.
too much - reader is just really full of love, and is pretty sure jason would self destruct if he actually knew. fluff, i think. word count: 478. warnings: n/a.
cupcake colors - jason brings home cupcakes, just like asexual!reader asked. requested. fluff. word count: 426. warnings: food.
pinched nerves and bruised eyes. - jason pinched a nerve. reader tries to strike the balance between helping and respecting boundaries, because someone is bad at accepting help. fluff with super mild angst. word count: 703. warnings: mild injury descriptions.
wherefore art thou like this? - reader has to convince jason to get out of bed and go get some food. jason is dramatic. fluff. word count: 784. warnings: vague discussion of food.
wake up call. - reader has a nightmare and a decent right hook. jason's doing his best. angst/comfort. word count: 664. warnings: clumsy communication, accidental punching.
patience, love. - four times he couldn't say i love you, and the first time he did. angst/fluff. word count: 1,317. warnings: food, patching up wounds, bad self doubt.
welcome home. - reader gets home early from a trip, jason comes home hurt, stuff hits the fan. requested. angst/comfort. word count: 2,086. warnings: arguing, reader gets threatened (accidentally), patching up wounds, discussion of danger.
milk the pig. - jason has a nightmare. reader... doesn't? blurb. fluff. word count: 433. warnings: anxiety.
moo - sequel to milk the pig. blurb. fluff. word count: 278. warnings: food.
doctor todd - vigilante!reader shows up in jason's window, wounded. requested. fluff, i think? word count: 1,875. warnings: tending wounds, mentions of food.
on masks and trust. - jason accompanies reader to an event, and on the way home, does some thinking. fluff. word count: 669. warnings: n/a.
hoodie haggling - jason's favorite hoodie is missing. requested. fluff. word count: 596. warnings: n/a.
cat (1, 2, 3, 4) - jason gets asked to watch a cat. he gets more than he bargained for. fluff with dashes of angst if you squint. total word count: 4,504. warnings: brief danger to kids, unrelated mentions of a couple arguing, food, animal illness, patching up wounds, some self doubt.
zombies - jason wakes reader up for breakfast. fluff. word count: 447. warnings: discussion of food.
quiet - reader has a headache. fluff/comfort, i guess? word count: 370. warnings: mention of reader having hair long enough to play with.
splish! splash! splosh! - jason and reader take a bath, reader spots a new scar. word count: 708. requested. fluff/hurt/comfort, mostly fluff. warnings: non-sexual nudity and physical touch, discussion of canon-typical danger and wounds.
kon el
in the kitchen, two’s a crowd - (poly kon x reader x tim drake) surely, tim’s partners (both of whom are notoriously bad at mornings) will be in bed when he gets home. fluff. word count: 576. warnings: sleep deprivation, food, mentions of canon-typical wounds.
super cute - kon picks a terrible movie for date night. requested. fluff. word count: 565. warnings: food.
pancakes first - reader tries to make breakfast in bed. kory helps anyway. fluff. word count: 357. warnings: food, suggestive comments.
exhausted, you? - after meeting kory's friends, reader is understandably a little tired. requested. fluff. word count: 522. warnings: vague references to food.
moon and stars - kory is a good gift giver. fluff. word count: 311. warnings: n/a.
stephanie brown
walk you home - steph’s a flirt, and you’re not immune. fluff. word count: 359. warnings: n/a.
spoilin’s the game - steph swings by. she brings food. fluff. word count: 239. warnings: shockingly, discussion of food.
tim drake
stoplight, stop bright - reader is a good driver, tim is a good passenger. fluff. word count: 362. warnings: n/a.
ketchup crimes - reader is short. tim is annoying. fluff. word count: 481. warnings: food, suggestive comments, one joking threat of violence.
in the kitchen, two’s a crowd - (poly tim x reader x kon el) surely, tim’s partners (both of whom are notoriously bad at mornings) will be in bed when he gets home. fluff. word count: 576. warnings: sleep deprivation, food, mentions of canon-typical wounds.
dance with me? - tim and reader dance in the living room of their apartment. fluff. word count: 328. warnings: n/a.
time to marie kondo this mess - reader spends a summer day cleaning up the apartment, tim comes home and is distracting. requested. fluff. word count: 744. warnings: brief mentions of food.
maybe that's why. - tim sees something gruesome on patrol, and it reopens some old wounds. requested. angst. word count: 653. warnings: discussion of parent death.
planted the stars - reader’s getting ready, and tim’s distracting. fluff. word count: 447. warnings: n/a.
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dc-x-readers · 2 years ago
Abused (Outlaws x Reader)
Finally not a super angsty Outlaws Fic. Bet ya’ll thought I couldn’t do it!
TW: Domestic Abuse, Violence, and Injuries
Tumblr media
You knew that you should be excited about getting a cheap apartment in Gotham, but once you moved in and saw the cracked walls, and the probably rat infested floors you couldn’t help but be disgusted. You moved to Gotham to become a hero, with your enhanced healing and strength you assumed you would be good at it. And if you were lucky, maybe the Batman might take notice of you.
The only upside of your new apartment was your neighbours. Across the hall was three really (really) hot people. You hadn’t met them, not really, just caught glimpses of them when you were moving in, but even those quick looks let you know they were smoking hot.
That night you went out, stopped a couple of muggings and an attempted shooting, you received a couple punches to the face and a broken wrist for your efforts. You knew it would be healed by tomorrow night, but damn did it hurt in the moment. So you slipped back to your apartment.
Your apartment was dark and lonely, and you were out of ice cream. How were you supposed to wallow in pain and self-pity if you didn’t have chocolate ice cream?
Sighing you left your apartment to go down to the small convenience store down the street, returning ten minutes later and toting three tubs of chocolate ice cream.
You returned to your floor, all but running into one of your super hot neighbours, this one had red hair and super big muscles.
“Oh sorry about that.” You mumbled, because attractive people made you very nervous.
Two large hands went to your shoulders, steadying you. You looked up to see his warm eyes. The man smiled at you, and you shyly looked back down.
“Nah it was my fault, got to look where I’m going.” The man said offhandedly. “You’re the new neighbour right? I’m Roy.”
Roy stuck his hand out, and you reached out with your broken hand, which was still bruised and swollen, to take his. He was staring down at your hand, so you dropped it, and hid it behind your back, embarrassed.
“Y/N” You said softly, “I really got to go, it was nice to meet you.”
You quickly escaped to your apartment, putting two of the ice creams into the freezer before eating your chocolate ice cream and thinking about how hot and dreamy your neighbour was.
It was about a week later that you meet a different neighbour. You were fresh from a fight, a large purple bruise on your cheek, and more down you stomach. You were pretty sure you had broken a rib.
You were lying on your sofa, a bag of frozen peas on your side, when you heard someone trying to get into your apartment. You groaned, because ‘seriously! You just got home.’
You slammed the door open to see the girl neighbour, with firey hair and brilliant green eyes. She was gorgeous and you had to look up to meet her gaze, but you had to look away, because she was too damned beautiful. It was like looking up at the sun.
“Oh.” The girl said her voice was ethereal, “It appears that this is not my apartment.”
“Nope, it’s not.” You supplied rather unhelpfully.
The girl looked down at you, blinking twice and staring at your battered face. “You are hurt?” She asked it like a question not a statement.
“No,” You answered quickly, too quickly, “It’s fine--I mean I’ll heal.”
The girl didn’t look impressed by your statement, and you shrugged into yourself, like the useless bisexual that you are.
“It was nice to meet you…” You trailed off realising that you had never been introduced, but you really wanted her out of your apartment so you could wallow in self pity and think about how you are such an idiot when a hot person comes within ten feet of you.
“Kor’i.” The woman supplied.
“Well it was great to meet your Kor’i, but I really got to get back to…” You trailed off, unsure what to say. You were really bad at lying, so you just pointed over your shoulder into your apartment. You closed the door in her face, then mentally cursed yourself.
It was less than a week later that you met your final neighbour. You had been out that day, you were dressed in layers and layers of sweaters. You were still healing from the night before, bruises and scrapes painting your skin purple, when you ran into your final neighbour in a coffee shop.
While the two of you had yet to be formally introduced, you knew who each other were. He was Jason, the third in the Jason Roy Kor’i trio. And he knew you as the shy bumbling neighbour, (one that unbeknownst to you, the outlaws assumed was abused: jumpy, constantly hurt, and always wearing layers).
“Y/N!” Jason smiled, waving at you, you waved back, not planning on going over to him, but Jason made his way to you.
“Hi, Jason.” You replied as he stood next to you while you waiting in line for the coffee shop. You weren’t sure how you became friends with the three hottest people in Gotham, but you didn’t really mind.
“So I’m cooking dinner tonight, we were wondering if you wanted to come over and eat?” Jason said.
You could feel the blush rush up to your face. As much as you would love going over to the apartment of Roy, Kor’i and Jason, you had to say no. You had been tailing a criminal for weeks and tonight you were going to catch him in the act. You couldn’t postpone, this might be your only chance to catch him.
“Sorry,” You said with a soft smile, tucking your hair behind your ear, “I am going out with a friend.”
Jason didn’t say anything, just nodded. You hoped he didn’t notice your lie, you knew you weren’t good at lying.
That night you grumbling returned to your apartment. Somehow the criminal figured out you were tailing him, and the entire meet up was a trap. He had left you broken and bloody, and now you were heading home.
You didn’t exactly know what it said about your neighbourhood that no one gave you a second glance as you limped down the street.
You were trying to unlock your apartment door when the door across the hall swung open. Jason, Roy and Kor’i were suddenly all in the hallway. You tried to unlock the door faster, hoping not to engage with them.
“Holy shit Y/N, what happened?” Roy said, catching sight of your face. You turned to look at the three of them and they audibly gasped at the site of your.
“It’s really nothing guys.” You lied, “I fell down the stairs.”
You wanted to hit yourself, because that was the worst lie you had ever come up with.
The next thing you knew the three of them ushered you into their apartment, and took care of you. Carefully wrapping your wounds and cooing over your injuries.
You had to avoid them for a week after that, because you healed all too fast and they couldn’t know that you were a meta-human.
Your friend, Dan,  came over to your apartment three months later, and in that time you were becoming closer to the trio across the hall. They were protective of you, every time they say you, they scanned you for new wounds, and because of who you were, they always found some.
“Dan?” You shouted across the small apartment, “I’m ordering the take-out now.”
Dan muttered something from your kitchen. Then you heard something shatter.
You ran into the kitchen to see Dan frantically trying to clean up a broken wine glass. You rolled your eyes good naturedly. You leaned down to help him pick up the shattered glass pieces. One sliced the skin of your palm.
“Oh, Shit!” You shouted, and Dan (the bastard) laughed at you.
It was normal best friend stuff, when suddenly your door crashed open. You screamed, and Dan jumped, dropping the glass pieces he had collected. Kor’i was standing in your apartment, both her hands balled into fists. You could hear Jason and Roy running over as well.
“Stop hurting Y/N!” Kor’i shouted, approaching Dan, who looked like he might piss his pants.
“What’s going on!?” You shouted, hiding Dan behind you, Jason and Roy were in your apartment now too, their eyes zeroed in on your bloody hand, with murderous looks.
“You do not get to hurt Y/N any longer.” Kor’i said as if it explained everything.
“Y/N, come here. We can protect you.” Roy spoke, pleadingly.
“Protect me from what? You are the ones who broke into my apartment!”
Kor’i actually stopped for a moment, as realising that wasn’t something she was supposed to do. But then she fixed a murderous look to Dan.
You wondered what Dan did to piss Kor’i off.
“I heard you in distress.” Kor’i gritted out, and you could feel Dan shaking behind you. “And I want this creature to stop… what was the word you used again Jason?”
“Abusing.” Jason said, his voice tight.
“Abusing?” Dan asked, “I would--”
“You don’t get to talk, not after everything you’ve been doing to Y/N.” Roy hissed.
You were examining all your interactions with the three through your head. You suddenly understood their intense protectiveness. You saw from their point of view, a jumpy young person, always bruised and almost never home at night. They just assumed you were in an abusive relationship, not that you were a vigilante.
You guessed you were a better liar than you thought.
“Guys,” You tried “He’s not abusing me. No one is.”
“Nice try Y/N.” Roy said, “But you don’t need to protect him.”
You threw a look over your shoulder at Dan, he knew you secret, and you could see in his eyes that he was pleading for you to share with these three.
“I’m not being abused, I’m just… a vigilante.”
It was four months later that you were laying on the Outlaw’s sofra. Jason’s hand carting through your hair. You were so happy for the original misunderstanding, because now you were happily dating all three of the Outlaws.
“What are you thinking about?” Roy asked from the kitchen, it was his turn to cook.
“What we should get for takeout.” Jason teased, knowing Roy would find a way to ruin water.
“How we got together.” You answered at the same time.
Roy said something indignantly, but Jason smiled down at you, leaning down to kiss you softly.
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crazyfreckledginger · 2 years ago
Part 2 To Prompt 32 And 154 With Roy Harper
Tumblr media
[Part 1]
Requested on Wattpad: “I wanna see a part 2 where Jason meets reader as a vigilante and is jaw dropped by reader’s fighting and Roy is just smirking in the background lol”
"You're such a dork!" I chuckled as I pulled his head back to mine, capturing his lips in a passionate kiss.
Summary: Reader wakes up alongside her boyfriend and tells him how worried she is when he for his nighttime escapades, and somehow, he convinces her to restart her hero work with him.
A/N: This turned out to be a lot longer than anticipated!
"You sure he's going to like me?" I asked him as we trudged along the dirty pavement.
"They'll both like you okay? Don't worry about it!" He chuckled.
"You have to be a 100% sure because-"
"You're the most likeable person baby girl," He interrupted, 
"Fine," I grumbled.
"Now give me some sugar," He demanded, I giggled and slid my arms around his waist, staring up at his tall frame.
"You're cute," I whispered, pecking his lips.
"Oh come on cupcake, I didn't even taste the sugar that time," He whined. I rolled my eyes, a small smile tugging at my lips as we locked our lips together. His arms found their way around my waist, pulling me closer as our lips moved against each other. I released a deep sigh as we parted, placing my forehead to his.
"Now that time was better," He chuckled. I lightly punched his chest and continued walking down the street. His hand found mine, interlocking our fingers together as he stopped me in front of a building.
"This is it, their apartment, my old one," He informed.
"O-okay," I stuttered, squeezing his hand more and hogging his bicep.
"Baby chill," He laughed as he entered his old key in the front door.
"If it's on the last floor could you carry me up the stairs?" I asked.
"Like a cliché married couple?" 
"Yeah," I chuckled. We entered the narrow hallway and quickly found the staircase, following after him, we climbed up the stairs quickly. Roy stopped in his tracks once we arrived at one of the third-floor apartments. 
"You ready?" He whispered.
"As ready as I'll ever be," I answered, locking my arm in his. He knocked on the door, waiting for it to open. My eyebrows furrowed as I heard shuffling inside. Soon a handsome black-haired man peeked out. 
"Hey, Roy," He smirked, stepping out fully and engulfing him in a bear hug. "Who's the cutie?" He scanned over me.
"Bro code Jaybird," The ginger reminded him, "she's my girl," 
"Really? You're (Y/N)?" He chuckled, taking my hand in shaking it.
"Yeah, that's me" I grinned.
"Well come in," He gestured, opening the door for us.
"Kori!" He called out once he shut the door behind us.
"Yes, Jason?" A calm voice asked. I gasped once an orange skinned girl with fiery red hair flew into the room. 
"Kori, this is my girlfriend (Y/N)," Roy presented.
"It's a pleasure to finally meet you (Y/N)," She smiled, setting herself back on the ground. 
"It's nice to meet you too," I nodded to her.
"So," Roy started, pulling me closer to him and pecking my cheek.
"She's back in the vigilante business," He cheered.
"Nice," Jason smirked.
"Does that mean she will be on the team?" Kori asked. Roy and I glanced at each other as a smile spread on my face.
"Hell yeah," 
"This is so exciting, finally there is another girl on the team," She squealed, flying up to me to hug me. My eyes widened in surprise but I hugged back out of politeness.
"We're going out, we have to be there in about half an hour, see you tonight?" Roy asked.
"Yeah man," Jason agreed, "Same place, same time," 
"See you guys later," I waved.
"If you like tonight, would you consider officially joining the team or would you stay as a solo vigilante?" He mumbled.
"I don't know, I'll have to see," I smiled at him.
"They're late," My boyfriend groaned as he stared at his phone," They're always late," I laughed at him as he rolled his eyes.
"We're not that bad," A familiar voice chuckled behind us. Our head snapped towards the voice. A small grin appearing on my face.
"Nice outfit," Jason nodded to me. 
"Thanks," I smiled back.
"Ready babe," Roy nodded to me.
"Born ready," 
"Let's move then" Kori informed.
I jumped down behind Roy, right on one of the men that had lifted his gun up to my ginger. I rolled onto the concrete floor as he groaned in pain, quickly back on his feet. I kicked him in the face and flipped him over my back.
"He's down," I informed as Roy turned back to me.
"Wow, you guys are like the ultimate power couple," Jason gasped from the rooftop above.
"Well, we have history," I smirked. We climbed back onto the rooftop and followed them.
"There's this deal about drugs that is going to be made just outside of town and we have to stop it, it's too dangerous to the public," Red Hood informed from his motorcycle.
"Loud and clear," I responded, hugging Roy's waist as we sped down the street, behind Jason and alongside Kori's flying figure.
After about fifteen minutes, we arrived at the location. After parking our motorcycles somewhere excluded, we scurried into the building stealthily.
"The shipment will be accepted in about 30 minutes if you sign here," A voice stated. 
"Alright make sure to be on time," another one agreed. We crouched down over the fencing, inspecting the scene below.
"Three men, left," Jason started.
"Two on the back exit," 
"One big one at the front," I continued.
"(Y/N), take him down, Roy, take the back exit, I'll take the ones on the left, Kori, make sure the 'shipment' doesn't leave," Jason ordered. We all nodded at his instructions before jumping down. 
Roy shot a single electric arrow before fighting his assigned men as I kicked the big man in the legs in an attempt to make him lose his balance. As I punched him in the gut, I perceived a man trying to creep up on Jason, to which I took a dagger out of my belt and threw it at his head, the butt of the knife making him fall to the ground and engulf him in darkness. Red Hodd turned to me and nodded before continuing what he was doing.
After a few good hits, I lost my patience and took my gun out, slamming its butt in the side of his head. he collapsed instantly. I raced to another man that had somehow appeared and kicked his gun out of his hands before he could shoot Jason, the latter being too preoccupied in swinging one last punch before the enemy would fall to the floor. 
I grabbed the man's arm as he groaned in pain and pulled him over my shoulder, making him slam into the ground. I breathed out, watching his body relax before flicking my hair out of my face. I turned back to the team, to see Roy smirking at me, beside a now helmet-less Jason and Kori. They both stared at me wide-eyed.
"What?" I asked, walking up to Roy and kissing his lips.
"Holy shit," his best friend muttered under his breath.
"Aren't you a bit out of Roy's league?" He asked
"Maybe," I chuckled as my boyfriend slid his arm around my waist, "but I love him!"
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Finery: push all my buttons
i’m only like two days late i call accomplishment
warnings: swearing, angst, implications of rape, implications of sex trafficking, seriously i got kinda dark
You step into the restaurant, head held high and cognizant in the fear that permeates the room once you have made your presence clear. Striding to the bar, you make a beeline for your already identified contact, whose face is flat against the surface, taking a seat right next to him. You motion to the bartender, allowing a tiny smirk to creep across your lips as he gulps severely before moving towards you.
“Refill this gentleman’s drink,” you request airily, “And I’ll have a Bentley.”
The man next to you snorts into the wood of the bar at your words, turning his head to face you. The worn police officer glares at you half-heartedly before sitting up.
“You run one of the most dangerous crime rings in the world,” he mutters, “but you don't drink alcohol because you're underage.”
“I have to have control over myself, Reese,” you place a fifty on the counter as you converse, “It's important.”
“Tell that to the two of my boys you put into a coma.”
The air, that was previously just tense, turns icy after the cop coldly iterates the fact. You cock your head to the side, squinting at him.
“They were in my way.”
“They were doing their jobs.”
An awkward cough from behind the counter prompts you to tilt your head to face the bartender. The man, who looks much paler than before, sets down your drink with a visibly shaking hand. You give him a grin, nodding at the money on the counter for him to take. Bringing the glass to your lips, you murmur, “They shouldn't have been there in the first place.” You pause. “Maybe you should give up on trying to take me down.”
You swallow down some of your drink, the sour lime sending a shiver through your body. Glancing back at the man, whose posture is still slumped, you sigh, downing the rest of your drink with ease, slipping off the bar stool.
“Why did you come here?”
Instead of stopping at the question, you merely turn your head to reply, “To give you your last warning.” Your airy tone betrays a threat that you fully intend on enforcing. “Don't fuck it up.”
You continue to stroll out of the establishment, people parting to make a path for you, not keen on getting your way. Smirking slightly, you pull out your phone, dialling a number. It rings a few times before a groggy voice echoes through speaker.
“Chrys!” you say cheerfully in greeting, the cold night air not affecting your mood as you step out of the building, “Sorry if I woke you. I just tied up a loose end with the lieutenant. Wondering if there’s any other major disruptions.”
Sounds of scrambling and muffled cursing reach your ears and you feel the right corner of your lip lift in a more genuine smile before you force it away. “No, you - shit - didn’t wake me, don’t worry, I - ow, fuck -” you patiently wait for the person to recollect themselves, “- I was reading into other leads and Asshole Mc-Can-Go-Fuck-Himself is back, apparently, doing a bunch of disgusting shit.”
“Oh?” you inquire rhetorically, voice turning sickeningly sweet, “Really? I might want to talk to him about that, hm?” Chrys’ own voice, now matching yours in terms of restrained abhorrence of this individual, vibrates back to you.
“I’ll send you the location.”
“I can't believe we're doing this.”
The green-skinned boy voices what everyone is thinking. Silence envelopes the young heroes as tension sets in the vehicle again, evident in the stiff set of Damian’s posture and Raven’s clenched fists. Starfire has been abnormally silent the entire time, tears obvious but not commented on, Victor leaning his thigh slightly into hers in a show of compassion. Jaime’s jaw is clenched, anger evident in his form, condensing into an grunt of effort as he slams his fist on the inside of the jet. No one moves at the action, but Raven looks rather tiredly at him.
“That helps nothing,” the quiet girl comments, but looking like she kind of wants to destroy something herself. Jaime opens his mouth to retort, before closing it and leaning his head against the window with his eyes closed. Another hush follows this exchange, until Victor clears his throat.
“I hate to ask this,” he iterates carefully, “I really do. But is it even possible for us to stop them?”
“You heard Father,” Damian snaps, the first he’s talked the entire ride, “We know them better than anyone. We have to.”
“Have and can are two completely different scenarios,” the cyborg says calmly, “Think about this. Even before, (Y/N) was smarter than all of us. How are we supposed to even get close to them when they have that -” tension ripples across the team in the car, “- thing helping? We couldn’t -”
“Be quiet.”
Five pairs of eyes turn to Starfire, from where a croaky voice, broken from crying, originated. The Tamaranian, face drawn with stress, glares at Victor before she softens, opening her mouth to speak again, regret overflowing from her words.
“We’ll burn that bridge when we come to it.”
Staring up at the warehouse, you raise an eyebrow at the lack of a lock on the huge doors, unbuttoning your blazer in preparation for a fight. Mentally loosening your grip on the dark rage that festers in your form, you step forward and slide open the door, disgust twisting your face and only feeding the rage that continues to ferment at the sight you see.
The man in question, Sean-fucking-Burrows, is lounging in a chair, seemingly waiting for you this entire time, as two (and you note this with fury) young girls are kneeling at his sides, holding up platters for him, faces blank of any emotion.
The energy bubbling, boiling within you is hard to keep from lashing out from beyond your skin, the containment of emotions resulting in all its intensity coiling in your core. And the only thing stopping you is the idea of giving this fucker an incredibly painful death, one that’s far better thought out than letting out uncontrolled rage.
“Sean,” you grit out in, somehow, a sweet tone that you spoke to him in last time, “Would you look at that! You’re back in town.” You shove your clenched fists into your blazer’s pockets, walking forward slowly.
“I like the scenery here better,” he states casually, picking up some sort of device off a platter, eyes scanning the girl holding it with something you do not want to think about. You have to dig your nails into your palms to stop from launching yourself at him and wrapping your hands around his throat.
“Is that fucking so?” you question, eye narrowing at him, “I thought I made myself crystal clear last time, Sean. You were supposed to stop this, never return, and I would let you go with your life.” You allow a tendril of power to swirl around your form, just for intimidation factor. “But now that seems to be a mistake. One that I intend to correct.”
“Ah, ah, ah,” the despicable excuse of a human being waves his finger condescendingly, “I don’t think so. I have this now -” he waves around the device in his hand, “- and with Superman gone, Metropolis will be mine again.” With a dramatic flair, he points the device at you and flicks a switch.
You brace for some sort of impact, some sort of energy pulse, but you feel nothing. Cocking your head and smirking at the man, you take steps forward, slowly. You allow more energy to spin around you, tearing through reality.
Absolutely nothing, you decide, is more satisfying than seeing the disgusting man before you finally allow fear to enter his eyes, as he frantically clicks the switch again and again, looking back and forth between you and the device.
“What - why isn’t it working? It - no, no -” He screams as your powers engulf him too, vanishing him and dissipating the streaks of energy along with it. You nod in satisfaction, now kneeling next to one of the girls who is staring at you, open mouthed. Observing them, you deem them okay enough to wait on their own, prompting you to take your gun and shoot it three times in the air. The young females are startled by the noise, now looking at you in a little more fear than before. Regret gnaws at you when you see their expressions, almost making your face betray your emotions. You whirl on your heel, calling over your shoulder.
“Cops are coming soon,” you state airily, but not particularly warmly, buttoning up your blazer once again, “And don’t worry about him. He’s not getting off that easy.”
With barely any effort, you raise your hand to tear open a new scrape of power, waving a hand in goodbye before stepping through the portal, falling into your own reality.
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if you came for unedited angst wOOoow you are in for a fuckin ride my dudes
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iwritethat · 3 years ago
Jason Todd: Sitter
Request: Not really???
A/N: I dunno, it just happened. I’m sorry luvs. 😭
"(Y/n). Help. Me." Every word was punctuated, suggesting this was a matter of severe urgency.
"Hmm... I dunno Jase, what's in it for me?" Your tone on the other hand was playful and mocking, you knew exactly where and what he was doing tonight and knew it couldn’t be that bad.
"Whatever you want, please get over here ASAP!"
"Sweet, see you in a minute~" To you that was a good bargain so you hung up and made your way across town.
Almost as soon as you'd knocked on the front door you were greeted with a troubled Jason Todd, who allowed a smile at the mere sight of you - until he ducked at an all too familiar windrush.
"AUNTIE (Y/NNNN)!" A high pitched voice sang, as they shot through the air with a bright glowing aura, only to pummel into your unsuspecting form and embrace you in a loving hug.
The impact alone sent you a few paces back and practically knocked the oxygen out of your lungs but despite the situation you could only smile in response.
"Hello Mar'i. How has Jason been treating you?" You sent a cocky grin to the aforementioned ally who only rolled his eyes.
"Good but it'll be even more fun now that you're here! C'mon, mum and dad won't be back till late so we've got all evening to play." The youngest Grayson joyfully informed you, tugging at your hand.
It settled shortly after, yourself and Jason leaning on the kitchen counter with mug of hot liquid each in your hands overlooking his niece set up whatever storyline she had concocted.
"Thank you for coming." His voice was sincere, an underlying tone of gratefulness present.
"You're welcome, besides like I'd pass up hanging with Mar'i Grayson over there. Although I don't quite get why she calls me-" You started, only to be interrupted by the girl you spoke of.
"Auntie? It's because of Uncle Jay silly!" The young ravenette giggled, floating in the air.
"That doesn't make much sense but thank you." You nodded in agreement, why argue?
The girl rolled her eyes, before explaining. "You're partners, like Uncle Tim and Auntie Steph. They're a pair, they come together like you."
"They're dating." Jason stated a matter of factly, as if disproving her ideology.
Mar'i however simply raised her brow expectantly, almost offering a ‘your point is...?’ look, causing yourself and Jason to pale.
"No no no noooo, we aren't - he's my - we..."
"What she said???"
"Anyway, I have a game! I'll be the princess, (Y/n) will be the Knight because she's super cool and strong -“
"Ouch." Jason mocked hurt, thinking he’d have that role.
"Which makes you the dragon." Mar’i continued, prodding Jason’s shoulder as she said so.
Mar'i quickly flew around the place, landing herself on top of the couch with a degree of dramatic flair - no doubt from her father.
"Oh help me knight! Please save me, and hurry or else I'll have to save myself and you'll never have a darling little sister to accompany your travels." Her storyline almost made you laugh but nonetheless you went to save her until your perilous path was blocked by 'a ferocious dragon'.
You sighed politely, in honesty you were not expecting him to participate but then again the Red Hood was a bundle of fluff under that beaten leather jacket. However, you were quick to react, picking up a discarded chopstick from the takeaway the two must've eaten before you arrived and pointed it at him much to the princesses’ amusement.
"Come at me bro."
"That's how you address a dragon? Guess I gotta teach you some manners doll." Soon enough, once in a vice grip, you accepted that a feeble stick was no use and neither were your struggles.
"Tch, your knight failed princess. I'll crush her and then you'll have to save yourself." Of course Jason was kidding, the only way he would do so was via bear hug or tickling you into submission.
"I think not Dragon, don't underestimate my Knight." Mar'i cheered for you despite how deflating your situation was, you were thinking of pleading with him but decided otherwise.
Jason's original smug expression morphed to that of utter surprise and embarrassment when you carefully wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed his cheek in a gentle way, one that added sparks to the everbuilding tension.
"What is it you're always telling me Jay? Ah yes, expect the unexpected." You kindly laughed, Jason playing along by falling to his knees with a hand over his heart.
"Ah, well played beautiful Knight."
"Kill 'em with kindness!" Mar'i rejoiced as you picked her up and spun her around in your victory.
"Alright its been fun kids, but I'm out."
As soon as you heard his voice, you ceased in your mocking ballroom waltz with the youngest girl as you both stopped to stare quizzically at one another and then at him. A wave of realisation hit you however, that bag Jason threw onto his back no doubt held his Red Hood gear - he was going on patrol. The last thing he needed was...
"Hey! Give me my jacket!"
"So you can just leave me on your job? Yeah right Jase." Instantly you threw it to a flying Mar'i as you justified your actions and it became a fast paced game of super keep-away.
"Great you two, keep it." He radiated defeat and was ready to leave without it until you full on tackled him to the couch.
Mar’i let out a shocked gasp, one which soon morphed into a cheerful squeal as you pinned Jason - the amusing part that he made no move to fight back despite being able to overpower you easily.
The tall toned vigilante you grew rather fond of simply sighed defeatedly underneath your glaring form, a gentle twist of his wrists encouraged you to loosen your grip and sit up in surrender. Although, as he leant up on his elbows, Jason was met with your stern finger.
“You aren’t leaving me, we’re doing this job together. I came to help not take over Jason, so the three of us are having the best night ever.” Your statement or rather order was finished with a charming smile.
A smile that had your friend unknowingly wrapped around your little finger.
“Fine.” Jason breathed with a smirk.
Hours had passed, by this time Kori and Dick returned to their peaceful home only to be greeted with the light snores of their two friends. Jason and yourself were entangled in each other rather cozily with that leather jacket draped over your tired form to keep you that much warmer. It was cute, the way Jason’s arm draped over your torso protectively with you snuggled into him like it was natural being together this way.
Just as Dick went to wake you, bright green irises appear to stop him.
“You’re supposed to be in bed Mar’i, I thought at least one of them was responsible.” Her father sighed, Kori smiling at the sight.
“No no, they put me to bed on time but I haven’t completed my mission yet Dad!” Mar’i whined, saluting her relatives with vigor.
“Mission... what?”
“Muuumm, I’m trying to make (Y/n) my auntie. Properly.” The youngest stated a matter of factly, glancing at the two of you briefly.
“That is delightful! How can I help?!” The sudden excitement of Starfire caused both Dick and Mar’i to cling to each other out of shock and mock fear - they knew how the princess was when it came to playing matchmaker.
The abrupt joyful noise woke the slumbering pair also, you carefully rubbed your eyes, focussing them on the handsome yawning male beside you. At first you were content with it but then realisation came and you went to move a little too quickly accompanied by a yelp.
Jason was hovering over you within seconds, an arm looped behind your back to prevent you from falling off of the edge of the couch - which probably would’ve resulted in less noticeable blushing.
“I could get used to waking up like this, kinda.” His voice was deep and husky, honestly you could’ve shivered because waking up next to a sleepy Jason Todd was quite an attractive sight. With a tilt of his head, you understood that he meant waking up elsewhere and probably not having to save you as the first thing. In response you simply exhaled with a guilty expression, in that moment you were both so lost in one another that you’d forgotten the presence of the Grayson family.
“Morning to you guys too, or rather night.” Dick graciously chimed, Mar’i eloquently held a hand over her father’s bemused smile only huffing in annoyance at his untimely disturbance of her OTP.
Both your eyes widened, Jason moving away out of embarrassment and to give you space, thus resulting in you tumbling the ground with a groan. Your sleeping buddy leaned over to check on you instantaneously since it was partially his fault. Strands of hair were gently brushed from your face by his calloused fingers to reveal a playful smirk as you tossed Jason his jacket that once covered you and stood to brush yourself off with a laugh as if the event never occured.
Farewells and grateful ‘thank you’s’ were given by your old friends with both you and Jason ending up stepping onto the street in an awkward silent atmosphere. A guilty smile was offered, Jason running a hand through his hair before speaking.
“Sooo... Want a ride home?”
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dc-x-readers · 2 years ago
Fine (Outlaws x Reader)
This one is just all around depressing
Trigger Warning: Blood, violence and death
Tumblr media
When you fought you always felt a rush, it is exhilarating and scary. Maybe because of how scary it is, it’s more exhilarating. But you had become a superhero because you enjoyed the rush, the heat of the fight.
An arrow whizzed past your ear, as you fought. You didn’t even bother to turn around and face the culprit, just screamed annoyed, “Arsenal!”
“Sorry babe.” Roy shouted back, knocking another arrow from his bow, as you shot your gun at the baddies. You and the Outlaws moved as one, completely insync with each other. A full year in a polyamorous relationship does that to a group.
A fireball hit an assassin which was coming towards you, and Kori winked from above you.
This fight was harder than usual, the League of Assassins were far better trained than the normal criminals in Gotham.
The fight was going fine, perfectly fine until you saw an assassin with a fancy gun, pointing straight to Roy. And Roy, that beautiful idiot Roy, didn’t see him at all, too busy trying to show off trick shots. It must have been the heat of the battle, because you didn’t stop to think, didn’t even yell out, you simply pushed Roy out of the way, and let the bullet piece your stomach instead of his.
You didn’t feel the pain, at all.
You turned to shot the man, and he toppled down in a heap.
Roy shouted something witty to you about not being able to keep your hands off of him, even in a fight. Jason told the two of you to shut up and get back to fighting. He hadn’t seen the shot you had taken, none of them had, and if it were hurting, you probably would have told them all, but you felt nothing, actually that was wrong, you felt energized as if you could finish the battle by yourself.
The battle raged on for about fifteen more minutes until most of the assassins were either dead or running off with their proverbial tails between their legs. Jason smiled, slinging an arm around Roy, “We won.”
“We won.” you and Roy chorused back together, and Kori settled down next to the three of you.
“We should get the food.” Kori suggested, but you were finally starting to feel tired, so you sat down on the hard floor, letting out a shaky breath.
“Yeah, we should probably go soon, we don’t want cops arriving at this scene.” Jason nodded, gesturing around at the dead bodies strewn about in the middle of the forest. You wanted to scoft, and exclaim that no cop is coming this deep into the woods unless they need to, but you just wanted to sit down for a moment more.
“Hey, Y/N.” Roy said, gently kicking your leg to get your attention, “you doing okay?”
And just like that the pain hit. It felt like you entire side was on fire, that you were burning up. You wanted to scream, but you gritted your teeth and placed your hand to side, feeling warm wet blood over your hand.
“Shit.” You murmured feeling the world shift, as you leaned back into the grassy ground. Suddenly three very concerned vigilantes were around you: their hands all over, trying to stop bleeding, keeping you awake.
“Y/N!” It was Roy’s voice, or maybe Jason’s, you weren’t sure.
The world had a black haze around it.
“I’m sorry.” You whispered.
“No!” That sounded like Jason for sure, “You aren’t sorry, because you’re fine.”
Everything hurt, but you turned to look at Jason, his hand held yours, tightly, as if his hand would magically keep you awake, alive. You tried to smile, but it came out as a pained grimace.
“Fine.” You whispered feeling your consciousness fading.
“Yeah baby, that’s it, you’re fine.” Roy spoke he held his leather jacket to your side, trying to save you.
A loopy, hurt smile crossed you face as you focused on him.
“I’m fine.” you repeated, because it was true, you had saved Roy, and that meant you would be fine. You would rather die than live a moment without him, without anyone of them.
You slipped away into the darkness with a smile on your face.
You were fine.
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Finery: one little promise
sorry i’m late here it is
warnings: swearing
one year earlier
“Don’t do this, I swear to god if you do this I will kill you.”
You grin deviously at the Garfield, holding the instrument of his destruction in your hand. You look at the rest of the occupants of the floor, Raven holding a faint little smirk on her face while Robin had nothing but furrowed eyebrows that emphasized his piercing eyes. Kori’s face holds a neutral expression, but in complete contrast, Jaime and Victor are leaning forward with shit-eating grins, mouthing ‘do it’ at you repeatedly. You shrug your shoulders in an nonchalant way before gleefully slamming the card down on the table.
“Draw four, shit dick!” you roar triumphantly, victory rippling around the circle in laughter and shouts. “And I’m making it green!” The shapeshifter cries out in disbelief as slumps forward to draw his cards.
“What is this discrimination?” he wails, cheek smushing flat on his hand as he collects the new additions to his deck. When the only replies are snickers he sits up, setting his cards down before pointing a finger at the floor and jabbing it at the surface. “This, this exact game right here, is why god has abandoned this timeline.”
Giggles and howls of hysteria erupt from your group, making you hold your stomach, cradling your cards to your abdomen. Cackles are most prominently issuing from Victor and Jaime, but you can see Robin smirking more heavily than you had ever seen him do so. Your cackles slowly die out, breathlessness almost sending you into giggles again before you wipe away your tears of joy.
“Incoming transmission.”
The all-too-familiar glorified-Alexa voice vibrates from the walls, startling everyone out of the game and into a more serious persona. You fight your emotions and settle for a straight expression, as opposed to a gay one, and listen.
“There’s an incident at American Museum of Natural History that we believe is centered around a Greek exhibit. Hold off the invading entities. We’ll get a hold of Constantine for help.”
You fight a heavy sigh as you watch everyone run off to suit off aside from Victor and Jaime, who barely need any preparation for missions. The man partly made out of technology turns to you, head cocking in an inquisitive manner.
“Did you do the upgrades for the monitoring system?”
You scoff at the question, slipping back into your old cover of jokes and pride. “Of course. I’ve got you completely wired in and made proper adjustments to Robin’s mask so I can watch what you guys see.” You frown at a rediscovered frustration that you uncover in your mind, turning to Jaime to address this topic. “Though I’m not sure what to do for Jaime. Don’t want to mess with the whatsit and accidentally make Jaime a killing machine or something.”
“It’s a scarab.”
“M‘kay, blue bug,” you tease gently, tilting on your heel, “I’m going to go make sure the ship is okay to fly, I’ll meet you guys in there.”
Static. That and complete blackout is all that shows up on the monitors when you check them and you don’t think your heart has ever beat this fast or this loud since you almost died. You start slamming your hand against the control panel before coming to the conclusion that faulty tech is most definitely not the reason you can’t reach anyone on your team. You curl in on yourself in the pilot chair, trying to overcome the coagulation of fear and panic stuck in your chest, breathing becoming an action you have to think about as terror compacts your lungs.
“Shit,” you mutter, abruptly standing up and walking about the jet, pacing as your press your hands on the sides of your head, attempting to relieve the pressure building at your temples. You attempt control of your breathing, letting your mind organize events logically so you could hopefully grasp the situation better.
No contact with the team, no way to know if they’re okay, and absolutely no way to even know if they’re alive. Complete isolation from the team never happened without a warning, and even then, that was in wild places that not even the best technology could navigate. This was New York. Manhattan.
An explosion echoing from the building that hopefully had your alive friends in it makes you jump, startling you out of your daze. Reality suddenly crashes around you like a wave of water, making you aware of civilians screaming and cacophonies of destruction, and you immediately hate what you have to do next.
Inputting some directions into the jet’s system, you direct it to take you to the museum. You jump out of the aircraft, not bothering to land properly and continuing to run regardless of the pain that immediately shot through your ankle, brushing it off as a minor problem. You sprint through the wide open doors of the museum, (already out of breath because, honestly, fuck running and everything to do with being fit) and you follow the sounds of violence and marks of a fight to a room with a eerie white glow.
“Oh fantastic,” you breathe out, “Just what I wanted.” Your ribs tighten around your lungs, terror gripping your form as you walk into the room. You immediately have to duck behind a stone display platform (that somehow still holds an ancient spinning wheel) to avoid a bolt of energy you recognize to be Victor’s, sending your lungs into a whole new state of dysfunction. “Fuck’s sake,” you pant out, “I hate doing things.” You peer around the corner of your cover, eyes taking in Victor and Jaime who are working their asses off to distract the wispy, vaguely-humanoid figures who seem to have ensnared the rest of the team in a glowing silver mass.
“Cy!” you barely remember the discretion to use Victor’s alias, causing his gaze to catch on you, eyes widening in shock. Unfortunately, that also took his attention away from the fight, energy whipping him and Jaime against a wall with a sickening crack. Looking on in horror, you watch as the silvery wisps entangle them, drawing them into the tangle of your friends.
And then the tendrils spread toward you.
“Oh fuck no,” you hiss, scuttling backward, “Exactly none of this is good.” You look up at the writhing mass of your friends, your mind starting to put together about twelve percent of a concept for you to get out of this mess.
The energy issues an extremely strange noise before lashing at you, causing you to yelp and dance out of the way. The concept clicked in your head, urging you to follow your gut. You leap over to the display you were hiding behind previously, grabbing the artifact roughly, holding it up to the light streaking toward you, yelling -
“Moíres symfonía!”
You shut your eyes, bracing for some sort of impact. When a few seconds have passed, you conclude you aren’t dead, opening your eyes to gasp at the more defined humanoid form that has materialized in front of you, peering at you curiously.
“Interesting,” the high-pitched voice reminds you of a really patronizing teacher, sweet and sickly, “Your grammar is wrong, but I am impressed you managed to figure that out.”
“Let go of them,” you demand, holding the spinning wheel tightly in your grasp, “Or I break your tie to here.”
“Don’t be rash,” the figure shapes out to be a curvy figure, draped in light robes, but the face still blank, “We both have something the other wants. We can make a deal.”
“The only deal I’m making is one where you go fuck off,” you snarl, a growl ripping from the lower reaches of your chest, “Leave.”
“Please, you think I can’t see you’re smarter than all of them?” the entity scoffs, the sentence making you freeze, “You figured this situation out far faster than they did, but you were left behind. A poor judgement if you ask me.”
“Shut the hell up,” you snap, but your tone turns less harsh and more fearful, “Just give them - “
“I can make you more,” she exploits the opening she finds, eagerly continuing, “I can make your intelligence matter more to them. I can make you powerful.”
“I know this cliche, bitch, I’m not giving into the dark side,” you seethe, anger flooding your voice in full force again, “Now, I’m going to break your glorified whatever-face, and your are going to give them back.”
“No, darling,” she purrs, finger reaching under your chin and tilting it up, “You are going to be my new tie to this world, and you are going to help me, or your friends - “ her other hand twitches and you faintly hear screams that you recognize as the team echo in the room, “ - are gone.”
You can’t lose them. Irrationality overrides your mind, pesky emotions placing a pressure behind your temples and before you know it, you’re fighting the urge to cry, a dam building right under your sternum.
“So do we have a deal?”
The sadistic voice comes again, the whisper bringing you back to glare at the blank face with unrestrained disgust. You clench your teeth together to attempt delaying the inevitable, but wrench open your jaws to choke out a reply.
“Consider it a promise.”
lmao roll credits amirite
super sorry for the late update, ap euro sucks and has way too much homework but i hope this is good??? idk i just wanted a flashback bit to clear things up a tiny bit
here’s hoping for less homework my dudes
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Dick: From now on, we’ll be using code names. You will be addressing me as Eagle 1 Dick: Barbara, code name ‘Been there, Done that’ Dick: Kory, you’re ‘Currently doing that’ Dick: Y/N. Code name ‘It happened once in a dream’ Dick: Wally is ‘If I had to pick a dude’ Dick: Tim is ‘eagle 2′ Tim: Oh, thank god
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mvltifandcm · 9 months ago
♡ imagine… ♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine Kory flirting with you upon first meeting.
When you entered Dick’s motel room, you weren’t exactly expecting to see anyone but him there - yet, instead of him, there were three others. One was a teen girl, hair so dark blue that it was black, with a look of surprise and fear in her eyes. You’d seen that look before in the eyes of many kids while you worked your . . . night job with Dick. Another was a teen boy, hair an electric green like grass on steroids, who perked up almost like a startled puppy when he saw you. And then there was the woman. Magenta curls cascaded down to her shoulders, contrasting against the striking green of her vaguely mischievous eyes, and between her looks and her outfit alone, you knew she could catch the attention of everyone just by walking into a room. That, and with heels, she was about six foot, easily. Her purple-painted lips quirked in a slightly amused, cavalier smirk as she surveyed you, standing up in front of the teens in a subtly protective manner, one hand on her hip.
“So, you’re back-up? Dick didn’t tell us he was calling a supermodel.” 
requests are open. let me know if you think i should make this into a longer one shot! :)
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rynne311 · 2 years ago
Meet the Team
Request:A fluffy koriandr x shy fem reader where she meets the outlaws for the first time and she’s hekka nervous
Requested by: @bloatedandlonly
Word Count: 423
Requests are Open HERE.
“They’re going to love you.  You’re a human, just like them,” Kori assured you as you continued to fret over the idea of meeting her teammates for the first time.
“You see, to me that sounds like reason enough for them to hate me.  Most other people seem to, so I’m not sure how different these guys will be,” you quipped.  You’d already lived your life under a shroud of insecurity, and now dating a beautiful alien princess you were sure that those who loved her would not extend that same feeling to you.  “People always want me to change and not be true to me, and I don’t believe in living behind a mask like that.”
“The mask thing was on purpose, wasn’t it?” Kori questioned.  She always liked your sense of humor, making stupid puns, and she knew that was a coping mechanism for you.  You always tried to put others at ease when you were dealing with your own discomfort.
“Couldn’t resist,” you shrugged.
“And that is not only why I love you, but why Roy and Jason will love you too,” she consoled. “Besides if you feel uncomfortable once we get there, then we’ll leave.  Just please give them a chance.”
You hadn’t realized how much you’d knotted your own fingers together, trying to physically ease your anxiety until you looked down.  Kori seemed to notice just as you did, resting a hand reassuringly on your forearm.
“Okay,” you agreed.  “I’ll go in with no expectation for how they’ll respond to me and we’ll go from there.”
Kori hummed in acknowledgement before wrapping an arm around your shoulders and pulling you close as you waited for your subway stop to come up.  You let her warmth wash over you, letting you know it was going to be okay.  You loved that Kori would guide you just far enough out of your comfort zone to grow, but never so far that you felt alone and helpless.
As you approached your stop, you could see her teammates waiting for you on the platform.  One smiling ear to ear, happy to see his friend so happy, the other with a small smirk, letting his body language do the talking for him.  Even when they spotted you, their demeanors didn’t sour, instead they seemed to grow warmer, ready to accept you like so few people before had.  You may still be running on nerves about meeting the team, but you knew with Kori at your side, it was all going to be okay.
Everything: @societiesholyskittle @pickyblue12 @icycoldbeanieweanies @thoughtfullychaoticdreamer @bloatedandlonly
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shattersstar · 10 months ago
Could I request Spots to kiss #7 with Dick Grayson? Thank yiu!
a kiss on the eyelid or the undereye + dick grayson + koriand’r
a/n: listen,,.,dick x reader x kori is self indulgent shit I only ever write for myself but here,,,y’all get some too. feedback is always appreciated! 
You sat on his stomach, knees dipping into the mattress as your face hovered close to his. You two  were taking up far too much space, diagonally strewn across the bed. Dick had fallen onto it twenty minutes ago, curious to what Kori was up too on her laptop. She quickly shushed him, flashing her screen that had a lecture rolling. You three were supposed to discuss plans about going out, and it seemed she’d forgotten about one of her classes and was skimming through her...Three. Hour. Lecture.
You had followed in suit, Dick quickly pulling you into his embrace as you wondered about the plans. “Later.” Was all Kori supplied, deciding her headphones were needed if you two were going to stay in the room. You snickered against Dick’s chest, untangling yourself from him to sit up on the bed. His hair was getting long, splayed in a messy dark halo against Kori’s soft floral sheets. You picked up the hand that rested near your knee, neatly slotting your fingers with his, knowing he enjoyed the contact.
Needed it even.
You and Kori were always at the mercy of his touchiness, even as it waxed and waned with the tumultuous course of his life, when Dick wanted to be close, feel the warmth of either of you, there wasn’t a lot stopping him. It made you smile down at him, bringing his knuckles to your lips before easily sliding over his body, straddling his slender frame. Kori quirked a brow at you, and you sent her a smile that assured her, no Dick and I aren’t about to have sex. He let out a long breath, tilting his head back to grin at Kori who was smiling faintly before looking back at you. “Whatcha doing?” He hummed from underneath you.
“Can I do your makeup?” You asked suddenly, earning a shake of his shoulders.
“I dunno, I’m bored, we might go out, might not, it’ll give us something to do.” You shrugged, back of your fingers grazing along his jaw.
“You mean it’ll give you something to do.”
“And it’ll get you to sit still for a bit.”
He fidgeted underneath you at your words, prompting an eye roll.
“Fine.” You didn’t wait for anymore words to fall from his lips before you were swinging yourself off the bed and into Kori’s bathroom. She had barely glanced your way when you emerged with her makeup bag, climbing back onto the bed, and onto Dick. You sat a little higher on his torso, one hand dipping into the mattress next to his head as you steadied yourself. That had been fifteen minutes ago, time slowly ticking by as you carefully brushed some hairs away from his face, rummaging through the contents of her bag and starting.
Dick listened well, closing his eyes when you asked, turning this and that way, trying his best not to blink. It was a little hard not to get distracted by the way you looked at him, studying him from above, the ceiling light glowing around your head as the soft brushes danced over his skin. He commented on how nice they felt as you dusted blush over his cheeks.
“That’s because Kori has no concept of money and buys the really expensive ones.” You murmured, the two of you looking at her up and at her, respectively. She pulled at earbud out,
You both giggled as you sat up, reaching over with the hand you’d used to balance and gave her knee a quick squeeze.
“Sorry, its nothing. Go back to your lecture.” She gave you one single nod in response, diving back into her schoolwork with a sigh.
You returned your attention back to Dick, this time dropping to your elbows to now frame his head. He tilted his chin up to be more levelled with your face, watching you take in the work you’d done.
“Pretty.” You murmured, fingers toying with his hair. Dick’s face warmed at the compliment, one hand moving to rest on your side, fingers digging into the soft flesh. “Would you go out like this?”
“I have before haven’t I?”
“True, but that’s when Kori’s done it.”
“Donna once too.”
“Hm yeah, she had that foundation that matched you well.” You commented distantly, leaning closer so your nose nudged his. You kissed the soft bend in the bridge of his nose, lips moving to the tired bags under his eyes. You could smell that distinct makeup scent on his skin, something chemical and chalky about it. You were attempting to be careful, trying not to disturb what you’d done as you felt his lashes, now coated in mascara brush over your nose before you pecked a soft kiss to the highlight of his cheekbone. Some of the glittery pigment brushed onto your lips, golden and honeyed against his skin. Dick reached up, wiping it off the soft plush of your bottom lip, sighing at the contact of your body pressed to his and Kori’s hand now aimlessly toying with his hair.
“Let’s not go out.” Dick decided just as Kori closed her laptop, pausing her movements to slip out the bed. You both stayed quiet at his suggestion, a little confused by the sudden choice of the person who had insisted on going out a few hours earlier. “It’s nice—I mean us, like this is uh nice.” He mumbled, voice distant with guilt and hesitancy.
You and Kori shared a knowing glance; with all the love in his heart, it was hard for Dick to let himself relish in it. He was always the one to bite his tongue, push himself to the edge of discomfort for someone else. It wasn never easy for him to voice his wants, to let himself be a little selfish in the grand scheme of things. Kori and you had grown far accustomed to his habits, good and bad. It took only a soft nod from you as Dick let his eyes fall closed, likely ready to refute his statement when Kori set her laptop aside and sunk into the space by his head. “This is nice.” She agreed in the sweet cadence of her voice, urging Dick to rest his head in her lap, fingers finding his long locks yet again.
You moved from where you sat atop him, letting yourself fall against his side, head resting on his chest and arm tossing over his torso. Kori reached over with her free hand to just hold your cheek for a moment, her undeniable warmth spreading across your skin like a prolonged kiss. She let his thumb swipe over your cheek before settling back into her spot.
The evening sun dripped red through the blinds, a languid haze falling over the room as the three of you took a moment, a breather together—you and Kori holding onto Dick with all the love you could fit onto her bed. Sometimes he just needed to be held.
Loved too.
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krysalla · 2 years ago
moonlight from the dreamy prompt list with koriand'r please?
There’s something off-putting about seeing Koriand’r soak in moonlight, bathing in the cool light. You associate her so much with the sun, the brightness and warmth that it’s rays wrap you in, that she wraps you in, that the thought of the pale light is almost unbearable.
She smiles at you from across the balcony, holding out a hand for you. You’ve broken her reverie. 
Her hair is like fire, burning bright against the night sky and makes her a beacon for you when you get lost in yourself. You can’t help but admire her unearthly beauty as you take her hand, giggling at the sudden way she wraps you up in her arms, holding your back against her chest and pressing kisses to the top of your head. 
“What are you doing out here?” you ask, stroking your fingers deftly over the top of her hand. Her fingers curl slightly into the soft skin of your stomach.
“Admiring the sky. It reminds me of you,” Kory rests her chin on the top of your head, “It makes me feel safe.”
You can hear it, the unspoken words that she leaves hanging in the air. You make her feel safe. Little old you makes the nearly six and a half foot tall woman with powers feel safe. 
You raise one of her hands to your mouth and press a gentle kiss on her knuckles.
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teen-titans-imagines · 2 years ago
No Pairing
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/n: This was something I cooked up on the spot. lol. Dick is your dad, Starfire is your mom. What else be new bwahahaha
Genre: Angst Rated: Everyone Warning: Angst, Blood, Graphic Depictions of Blood
Author: Teen-Titans-Imagines
Life. A concept twisted and knotted within the tresses of space, time, and fate. A concept that has never been able to exist just as itself. A component of a much bigger picture, and a story that you wish you could never tell.
For all your life, you had felt a pull to the stars. Your heart yearned for the things that dwelled within the sky, and for years, you wondered why. Your father simply told you that it was a fascination with space, but you knew it to be more. There was more to this feeling of loss and melancholic need than just a child-like fascination with the galaxies and nebulas that made up the universe.
However, the more you grew, the more this yearning became just a dull, throbbing hole within your chest. Forgotten, but seemingly aware. 
Your life had strange ways of twisting your fate to fit its’ macabre agenda. Your father was Nightwing, and your mother was dead, a dead star within the sky; swallowed up by the ones that had taken her place. And unfortunately for you, you hadn’t been blessed with her ability to soar between the rivers of space. You were simply half of her DNA. 
But despite you being half Tamaranean, you were still human. Being human, to you, wasn’t defined by what a person was. It was by what a person did; how they felt; how they acted. And right now, you wanted to believe that you were being human. 
Despite being thrown around like a rag-doll, you wanted to believe that what you were doing for your family was right. That what you were doing was human. 
Was it human to sacrifice? Without no sacrifice, there can be no victory, right? Was it human to give yourself to the one who wished to do harm in order to save the ones you loved? Was it human to be broken, to not know where this road was leading, and to do it all on your own? Was it human to have never known what a mother’s touch felt like, what a mother’s warm embrace felt like, what a mother’s sweet kiss felt like?
You wanted to believe so, yes. 
As your body was thrown into another cement structure, the force of the blow causing you to break right through the wall like a hot knife in butter, you were aware of the blood rushing through your ears. You were aware of the blood rushing down your body, through your chapped and parted lips, and out of the holes and cuts that littered your body as if Bane was a painter, and you were his canvas. 
There was an electric hum within the air, quiet and low like an old Tibetan monk throat singing to your demise. In your mind, you wondered where it was coming from, but there was no way to place where the source was. 
You were so tired. 
You were so exhausted, and you just wanted to lay down and allow the pain to lull you to sleep. However, you had to stay awake. You had to continue to buy your team time to get out of their binds and to get away from this place; away from this Hell that had been created for you. So, with shaky limbs, you slowly sat up on your hands and knees, almost falling to the ground as your muscles gave out. 
You had to face the truth, no matter how much you wished you could ignore it. You weren’t going to survive this. You were not going to live to see the light of tomorrow. However, you were ok with that. Perhaps, your mother would be waiting for you with her arms wide open, ready to whisper you tails from beyond and of how she had been watching you the whole time. 
Would she be proud of you if she saw you now; allowing yourself to be thrown and beaten, cut and broken, for the sake of your team? 
“You are nothing.”
His voice carries through the air, backed by the menacing breeze that rolls through the broken warehouse. 
“You are but a speck upon this earth. Your life has no meaning. I should just put you out of your misery now.”
And despite the truth within his words, you still lifted your head up to glare at Bane and to simply state. 
“I am a speck, that is true....and my life may not have meaning in the end, but I know who I am: I am human, and that is what soothes my misery.”
His eyes were dark, conditioned by the years of evil that ran within his blood, and he simply scoffed, picking you up by the neck. The pull to the stars became more noticeable as you struggled to get released.
“Your philosophical words will not save you, little one.”
“But they will allow me peace, and that is enough for me.”
You were thrown to the ground, and aware of the ache that bloomed within your chest. You were bruised and battered, bloody and sore, physically broken and mentally content. What you were doing was right. What you were doing was human. 
At least, that is what you told yourself. 
As you were slammed up against another wall, blood rushed from your mouth, hot and sticky as you coughed. Every breath you took, you could feel your body die. Every blink of your eye made the desire to fall into the sky more noticeable. Bane stood before you as you sat up against the wall shakily, losing feeling within your legs and arms, unable to move. 
“Being human is your greatest weakness.”
“Being human was my greatest accomplishment.”
But in the end, no amount of words would stop the pole from being impaled into your stomach. No amount of fighting would stop the soft touch of Death gently caressing your head and whispering into your ear that he was going to make things better; that he was going to take away the pain and make you feel human again. 
You were aware, however. You were aware of the screaming of your father, of Wally and Artemis’ cries that echoed around you, of the angered yelling from Conner and Kaldur, of the prayers passing through the rest of the team’s chapped lips, and of the bright green light scorching down into the broken building. You were aware of the yearning pull within your chest becoming stronger as the light became brighter, and of sounds of Bane’s agonized yells. 
But you knew that fire. You knew that green light. But from where? 
When it had become quiet, you could feel someone caressing your face, calling to you.
“My sweet, sweet child. It is going to be alright. Mother is here.”
Yes, she was, and still as beautiful as ever. You truly did not deserve to have someone as beautiful as Koriand’r as your mother. Your eyes were trying to stay open, but you were growing tired. Your voice simply whispered. 
“I’m here, my love. I’m here.”
You could feel blood rising from your throat, and unable to hold it, you allowed it to pump out of your mouth and down your chest. Your mother was crying, but you could only inform her of how you felt. 
“Momma, I don’t feel so good.”
She was cradling your head to her chest, her lips kissing your head repeatedly as she cried to you. 
“It is going to be alright. You are going to live. I will not allow my child to perish. Not when we still have so much to much to catch up on.”
Black dots were invading your vision, and you told your crying mother. 
“I felt you...I felt you within the stars...I always knew you were there...Daddy didn’t believe me. He didn’t believe me, Momma.”
Koriand’r shook her head, sobbing out to you.
“He had every right to believe that I had perished. But do not fret now, my dear child, we are going to be alright.”
You were ready to fall asleep. You were ready to give in to the darkness. Why shouldn’t you? You had done your part. You had done what you had needed to do. You had shown that you were human, and you were content. You had saved your team’s life. You had saved your fathers life. 
But you did not answer. You did not cry, you did not scream, you did not breathe. You simply allowed yourself to become stardust, and to fall into the sky, giving into the soft touch of Death and allowing him to hold your soul dear to his heart as you became one with the universe. 
Because in the end, Life was just a concept twisted and knotted within the tresses of space, time, and fate. A concept that had never been. A concept that only the ones who knew the universe understood. 
And you finally understood. 
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batwngs · a year ago
me about to ruin ur entire life with the big words i obviously got from some sites i googled: insouciance, penumbra, inure, and of course, mellifluous 🤡
joy. I can’t fuking r e a d
insouciance: the reader has a big crush on kory (who doesn’t) but she’s in a relationship with dick. the reader, of course, tries to talk themselves out of their crush saying that it never really meant much, but they realize quickly that isn’t the case. they pretend it doesn’t bother them, that kory is infatuated and in love with another, someone that isn’t them (and with their close mutual friend on top of all that too) the reader really tries to play it off especially when they’re all hanging out together and dick is looking fondly at kory as she looks back with loving eyes at him, but at one point it just becomes too much so the reader attempts distancing themselves to try and dull the pain/heartbreak/yearning but kory notices (yea they’re gonna talk it out, might end inchrestingly)
penumbra: this is basic but there’s a black out, bunch of candles are lit, good time for confessions, or you know bringing skeletons out of the closet. the reader could be walking around the apartment trying to light as many candles as possible, trying to busy themselves while kate is following the reader around trying to ask them why they’re upset/won’t talk. the reader could just be like I miss spending time with you, being with u, just they miss kate. the two just kind hold each other and sway together in the dark/flickering light of the apartment all while someone conveniently plays their guitar or sax (there is always someone who’s playing music/their instrument during power outages) the ‘penumbra’ image, besides being reflected in the candlelight could also be shown through the music: partly hearing it and sort of in and out of the music since the reader’s head could be resting on kate’s shoulder, half the world muffled 
inure: loosely based off of a conversation me and vani had but jason has been out for a mission or whatever, it’s been some time (or at least feels like it) since the reader last saw Jason. they’re trying to get used to how hard it is without him there, just having his presence makes everything seem a bit easier and Less Stressful. the reader definitely has this weight on their shoulder as they’re worried about jason and the other things going on in their life at that time, thoughts echo louder when ur alone. it would also be interesting to have it the other way too, wherein the reader is the one that has to go for extended periods of time instead of jason; it’ll be a nice way to explore how jason deals with loneliness and how he misses the reader
mellifluous: sweet and pleasant to hear, musical the reader and cass making pancakes! she’s more like a spectator while the reader is actually stirring and making the pancakes, but she’s kind of like there for support. she’s eating the sliced fruit/chocolate chip pieces and feeding the reader some as they cook; cass is hugging the reader from the back, kissing their bare shoulder as they cook; and cass is like dancing in the kitchen at some point and takes the reader with her. (the music of the pancake cooking and the random movements of cass is like an orchestra) maybe the pancakes burn..maybe the smoke alarm goes off…just kitchen shenanigans with the one u love! I’ve actually been writing something like this (but under a different title) so keep an eye out for it! 
send me a made-up fic title and i’ll tell you what i would write to go with it
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tgwltw · 2 years ago
Too late, bro.
This was totally written very quickly so there are definitely a lot of mistakes! Didn’t have the time to proof-read because I had to go visit a shrine to pay respects to the Gods (or something like that). Since it’s already 2019 (from where I am), happy new year! May 2019 be better than 2018 for all of you!
requested by anon: His i was wondering if i can request a dick grayson x reader imagine? Where the reader is in love with dick but dick is head over heels for kori ir si he thinks. The reader walk in on them having some private time and feels heart broken. The reader tries to get over dick so jason takes the reader out on a date to make them feel better which makes dick jealous its kind of lame im sorry the plot sucks have a nice day ❤
Jason had been a little bit too late in stopping you – if only he had been faster, he would have been able to save you from seeing such a sight. It wasn’t like Jason was not aware of your feelings about his older brother, Dick, because everyone but the actual object of your affections knew about your feelings.
A part of Jason wanted to go inside the room and throw a few punches for causing such a heart wrenching expression to appear on your face, but Jason remembers clearly how you were frozen stiff, standing by the doorway. All Jason could have done right at that time was to grip your wrist lightly and gently pulling you away from the room.
(The room where the love of your life was currently kissing the love of his life, probably).
The rest of that night went by a blur, mostly because Jason had been busy taking care of you. He had decided against bringing you back to your own apartment – knowing very well how you would just drown yourself with countless of alcohol and cry your eyes out the entire night and then some – and brought you over to his instead. He did give you some alcohol and you definitely consumed more than he thought you should have but you had relented when he told you to stop and that was when you had begun crying your eyes out.
But that had been two weeks ago. Jason thinks that is enough time for you to grieve – or at the very least, get over your initial hurt – over your unreciprocated love. Dick had been none the wiser, simply wondering where you had gone – Jason both likes and dislikes how you are able to avoid almost everyone for a good two weeks now, him included. But enough is enough and Jason was never known for being extremely patient, especially when it comes to something that he wants and, in this case, he wants you.
If someone had asked Jason when he had started liking you, Jason would not have been able to give you. Solid answer. Maybe it had been that one time where you had slapped him for his crude comment or maybe that one time, he had saved you from getting shot or it could have been that time when you had handed him his own ass. Jason can’t decide when he began having feelings for you at all.
So here he is now.
Jason clears his throat, catching you by surprise and you almost drop the book you had been browsing. Out of all the places, Jason definitely did not imagine finding you here in this bookstore. It should have been the first place he had looked at – considering how much you loved reading books – and the sheepish smile you gave him is almost enough to melt the annoyance within him.
“You are really hard to track when you don’t want to be found.” Jason points out as he steps toward you. You give him a sheepish chuckle, placing the book back at its place. He leans slightly against the bookshelf, making sure not to put all of his weight into it lest he wants it to fall. “I’d like to ask how you are, but you obviously look physically fine to me so how are you feeling?” But before you could even answer, Jason quickly adds, “And you better not tell me you are fine.”
You sigh, copying Jason’s pose and leaning against the bookshelf as well. “I’m healing, I guess. It doesn’t hurt as much because I think, deep down inside, I knew he had feelings for Kori. I was just deluding myself in thinking that I have a choice when I obviously didn’t.” You shrug your shoulders: the first few days had been rough for you. There was a lot of self-loathing and blaming but after a while, you had slowly come to your senses. Although deciding to avoid all of them had purely been a selfish thing.
Jason nods his head. “Do you want to have lunch with me?” He pushes himself off the bookshelf and turn to look at you. You obviously hadn’t been expecting that question from him because your elbow slipped and hit one of the shelves as you startled. He clears his throat, feeling a blush starting to rise and he curse the day he had decide to ask you without the cover of his mask. At the very least, you wouldn’t see him if he blushes – and Jason hopes he doesn’t.
It takes your brain a while to process what Jason had just said and you cannot help the blush that appears on your cheeks. Blinking a couple of times, you wet your lips before slowly nodding your head. Jason’s eyes widen the slightest bit before he schools his expression and gives you a stern look.
“You do understand that I am asking you out on a date right and not just lunch between two friends?”
The blush on your cheeks deepen the slightest bit and you nod your head, curling your hair behind your ear. “Yeah, I know.” You tell him weakly – your heart is starting to race, and you honestly don’t understand yourself right at this moment. You have always thought Jason to be really handsome and a really good friend too, considering how close in age the two of you are. “But I don’t want you to think I am doing this because I am settling, or you are my rebound…”
Jason shakes his head. “I have waited this long. I can wait a couple more to have you fall in love with me.” He smirks, draping his arm on your shoulders and you squeak the slightest bit when he pulls you to him. “Making you fall for me would not be that hard,” Jason tells you smugly, causing you to chuckle and roll your eyes. “Is Pho alright for you?”
You nod your head. Pho was not something you would normally eat but since you are already doing things you never thought you would be doing, might as well continue the streak. “I just so happen to be starving. You have impeccable timing, Todd.”
Jason snorts, rolling his eyes at your light jab and pulls you out of the bookstore. What he hadn’t count on was seeing Dick and Kori right as the two of you step outside. He feels you tensing up and Jason almost cursed out loud when Kori sees the two of you and that meant Dick’s attention was on the two of you as well.
Dick calls out your name in surprise and he is even more surprised to see Jason acting so affectionately with you. “I haven’t seen you around in a while! What are you doing here with Jason?” He pulls Kori towards the two of you and before you could even open your mouth to answer, Jason drops his arm from your shoulder to your waist – something that doesn’t miss Dick’s attention.
“We’re going out for lunch.” Jason tells him tersely. He really wished the two of you had stayed inside longer now, until Dick and Kori had gone. Dick shares a look with Kori before he turns back to Jason and you.
“Kori and I are about to go for lunch too. Maybe we can join?” Dick offers and before Jason could even open his mouth to reply, you spoke up, surprising everyone.
“Jason and I are going on a date.” You piped in, relaxing your body against Jason. You can feel all of their eyes on you and this causes you to blush slightly. But you clear your throat to continue talking. “Maybe some other day, sorry.” You tell them hurriedly and Jason nods his head.
“Oh.” Dick frowns but nods his head. “Yeah, maybe next time, right?” He turns to look at Kori who slowly nods his head. “It was nice seeing you, Y/N.” You give him a curt smile, nodding your head.
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jaybirdxarsenal · 3 years ago
Opss? (Jason Todd x Reader)
Description: Your three years old daughter makes her uncle’s wedding a little bit more funny than it supposed to be.
Like, I swear, I can’t stop writing about Jason having kids because I strongly believe he would be such a great dad. I LOVE JASON WITH KIDS
This was inspired from a comment on Facebook. Yeah.
Words: 1004
Permanent tags: @redrobynhood, @jasonsredhoodie, @fangirlnova, @thelittlestsnart  (if you want to be tagged just ask ^-^ )
You always had a plan and a schedule to follow. You were that kind of person who is always there in time, the kind of person who has in mind the exact time of doing almost everything in your life on a daily bases or on long term. You knew where you will go to college since the second week of high school. 
Probably it was because you over think that much and making a schedule was actually making you feel in charge of your thoughts. It feels more safe and you have control over your life.
When you found you were pregnant that messed up your long term schedule. Like a lot. You knew that night you and your boyfriend (now husband) didn’t have any condoms but still there was hope and the next day pill, but that didn’t do shit for you. 
And there you were, a month later waiting for your period that wasn’t going to come any time soon.
Having your daughter was a bless, and you couldn’t be happier. But that doesn’t mean that deep inside maybe you wanted a child to be more like you or your husband and less like her uncle Dick.
But of course, in life you don’t get what you want.
Months ago when you found out that Dick and Kori are finally getting married you couldn’t be more excited and when Kori asked for your help with the wedding your leader senses activated and you put everything behind, wanting for you best friends to have the most beautiful wedding ever (not as beautiful as yours, of course.)
You checked everything ten times that day making sure everything is at its place and everyone is doing what they should do. You wanted this wedding to be perfect, probably even more than the bride wanted. 
You were a little bit nervous that someone is going to ruin anything and not even Jason’s hands massaging your back weren’t helping. 
‘‘Babe, everything is going to be fine, trust me.’’ Your husband tried to cheer up your spirit. ‘‘And if not, we still get to drink and eat cake.’’ You punched him in the arm making sure he is feeling it.
‘‘Stop joking about this. I worked so hard, okay? And they deserve the best wedding after all they went through.’’ 
You sighed watching as Dick was standing at the aisle waiting for his bride.
‘‘Just calm down.’’ He giggled and then placed his hand over yours. ‘’Babe, babe! There she comes!’’ He said excited as your daughter, who was the flower girl, was about to walk down the aisle with her little basket full of roses petals.
‘‘Oh, babe! Look how adorable she is in that dress!’’ You sighed at how sweet your daughter was. 
With her white and pink princess dress, her black hair all curled and the necklace with a bright blue diamond from her father that was making her eyes pop. She looked just like a princess.
When Kori asked your daughter to be her flower girl she couldn’t be more excited. You told her that everything she has to do is to spread the petals while walking towards her uncle. It was so simple and you made sure to tell her about a hundred times only to be sure she got it right.
And you thought she did.
You really thought she did.
But as some people started to cheer at the sight of your daughter, she forgot about the petals and walked down the aisle like a diva towards Dick. She even waved at people like she was the queen of England. 
Jason was laughing so hard she could barely breath and you just gave up trying and joined him. 
‘‘She is too spoiled.’’ You laughed.
Of course she was. She was Batman’s only niece and the first baby in the Bat family. You and Jason didn’t spoiled her because you wanted her to know that in life you have to work hard to make your dreams come true but everyone else spoiled her before she was even born.
When she finally reached to her uncle (after letting everyone know that she doesn’t give any autographs) Dick let her know that the petals are still in her basket and just looked at it and an ‘’Ouu, yes.’’ came out her mouth.
She couldn’t do the walk again so she just took all the petals from her little basket and threw them in the air. Picked them up and threw them again and repeated that two more times. Everyone cheered and she ran towards you seconds after, blushing, with the biggest smile on her face.
The ceremony was so beautiful and even though Dick was looking really handsome as a groom, Kori was slaying it as a bride. She looked like the most beautiful bride in the entire world and you couldn’t be more happier that finally she and Dick are getting their happy ending.
The moment your husband and daughter were waiting for the entire night (of course she demanded to stay the entire night even though she was tired) was the cake. That 5 floor cake with strawberries that looked too delicious to be real. 
It had some small fireworks on it when it was the time for Kori and Dick to cut the cake and everyone stopped cheering when your daughter began singing.
‘‘Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear uncle Dick and auntie Kori! Happy birthday to you!’’
She thought it was a birthday party.
Everyone was laughing quietly so they could listen her singing. Some people (most of them) pulled their phones out making sure to film every moment, including your husband. Dick and Kori laughed so bad while cutting the cake that the pieces were looking like anything but pieces of cakes. 
At the end she applauded the newly weds and yelled ‘’Happy Birthday!’’. She was so happy and your cheeks hurt so bad because you had the biggest smile on your face.
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