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#korra x asami

Finally getting around to this comic.

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anyone know any fics on ao3 where korra is comforting asami 😀 not that i don’t like asami being the one to comfort korra it’s just that i’ve read a lot of those and i just wanted to see what would happen if the roles were switched

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Ch. 7 - Game Day

Chapter 7: Twelve plus Hours

A/N: “I can feel you guys thinking, ‘How come Korra doesn’t have a dishwasher in that luxury apartment of hers?’. I guess she does, but opted to wash the dishes for some quality time with Asami. Maybe we’ll see Asami find out. Maybe not.

Anyways. Thank you for reading. As I’ve said before: school. Yeah, that’s starting up and it’s promising to be a lot. This chapter took me quite a while to write too. I’m hoping for some time soon to write, but I can’t promise you guys anything about a next update. Though I am looking forward to publishing again. It brightens my lockdown days getting messages from you.

Have a great morning/day/night where ever you are! Greetings from Europe.”


*not my photo, duh

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another one! my anatomy skills are lacking but i will get there lmao

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Korrasami Playlist

sports - beach bunny

just like a movie - wallows

lover - taylor swift

green eyes - coldplay

just the way you are - billy joel

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I call this “The many faces of Asami Sato”.

Might colour it in eventually.

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Whenever Asami is stressed out and can’t fall asleep because of it, Korra strokes her hair to make her feel safe and relaxed.

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Chapter 4: One step at a Time 

“It’s the day after their date. They spend it apart and see some of their friends who desperately want to know how the date went.”

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so pmore boy is watching korra for the first time and it’s so funny watching him think asami and bolin are going to be endgame just because korra and mako are together rn

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I did this one in like, 10 minutes 2 weeks ago and only just colored it now, but hey it’s better than my last attempt at drawing ship art!

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“Korra, stay behind me. We can’t be sure about what brings him here. You shoul-”

“Asami, I can handle this. I’m the Avatar”

A power couple indeed.

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