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Everyone hates on Korra, but I bet you wouldn’t say it to her face.


Originally posted by aangkorra

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I’m pretty sure most people know or have watched Avatar: The Last Airbender and enjoyed it. Well Legend of Korra is the disappointment that most people refuse to acknowledge but it actually isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. Yes LOK has it’s flaws but it has some amazing things to it, more specifically season 3. Most people stopped watching the series after season 2 and to those people I beg you too go back and finish watching it. Season 3 has some amazing character arcs and the villain that season was actually really good. the whole season was pretty entertaining and, dare I say, it was the best season. Season 4 was also pretty great not as good as season 3 but it was good. It dealt with Korra’s trauma about all that happened in season 3 while still having to face a new threat. Not only that but relationships between the new avatar team are given more depth like Korra and Asami. I don’t want to give too much away but for those who wouldn’t mind receiving a few spoilers watch this video that explains why it’s ok. A key thing to remember is that Nickelodeon did pull strings here and there plus we all know how they treat their shows. If you can get past all of the bad parts of the show it’s actually possible for it to be enjoyed. Of course take this post with a grain of salt since I’m just a dumb gay teenager who doesn’t know anything. Also to make the pain of watching season 2 easier on you just focus on Varrik, AKA the only good thing about season 2.

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Lin’s not happy with the air acolyte clothes and feeling a bit nauseous, but Tenzin’s feeling excited tho. Just a what if … 💔

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Here’s another little bit from my Korra fanfic! (Yes this scene is based off of the scene from atla where Toph thought it was Sokka that saved her when it was really Suki)

“A scuffle breaks out. I try to stay by Bolin’s side, but soon enough, we’re all separated in the chaos. 

“I know you’re hiding him! Where is he?!” Boulder man shouts. I don’t have to see him to know who he probably has cornered.

“‘Sami!” I exclaim. I punch the woman standing in front of me to clear the way. Another man is running towards me, clearly ready to keep me from getting to my friend. I use my running start to give me momentum as I drop down to slide under his grasp. I’ll worry about the pavement burn later. 

My friend is about ten feet away, being held against the railing by the guy that had given us trouble at the gym. He’s holding her by the collar as Bolin struggles with someone behind him. I can’t get to her in time before Bolin and his opponent stumble into Boulder man and he loses his grip on her.

“Asami!” I hear Mako yell right before a splash reaches my ears. “Asami, I’m coming!” He has one leg over the guard rail, but before he can finish climbing over, another guy tackles him to the cement. 

“Help! I can’t swim!” I hear from the river below. 

I know she’s on the other side of the bridge by now, which isn’t as crowded, so I jump onto the guard rail and use it to launch myself into the cold water. The current splashes around me, so I use it and my limbs to propel myself to where I see Asami. I grab a hold of her and kick to the shore, pulling her onto myself to get her out of the water. I’m laying with my back on the ground and she’s on her stomach on top of me now. Suddenly the cold water doesn’t bug me anymore. 

“Mako, you saved me!” she exclaims right before planting a kiss on my cheek. When she pulls back, she places her hand on my cheek, as if she’s about to pull me in for a deep kiss on my lips. 

My brain stops working as her lips come into view. I know I shouldn’t want this kiss so much. I know her hand on my cheek shouldn’t make me as warm as it does. There’s no way she could see me like that. She’s only doing this because she thinks I’m her ex. But I can’t help my lips from itching to feel her breath on them. She’s just your friend, I remind myself. 

Her small, green eyes get wide when they meet mine and her mouth gapes open when she realizes who had actually saved her and whose cheek she’d just kissed. “Korra.”

“Hey, ‘Sami,” I eek out, giving her a timid half smile. I can feel my cheeks getting hot. 

Asami looks mortified and her cheeks grow red as she turns back to the river. “I’m…. I’m just gonna go back and drown now.” 

I can’t stop from laughing as I embrace her, feeling shivers come on. “Let’s get you into some dry clothes.””

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Modern day Korra from the TV series The Legend of Korra. The base sim can be found on the gallery but the cc links are here. 

*I don’t claim to own any of the CC and I don’t make any profits off of the downloads. I give full credit to the talented people who made them, all I did was add the CC onto a base and provide a link to their respective download locations.*



Skin Details:

Eyebrows Skinblend


Lashes Belt Tattoo


Lips Eyes Blush Liner


Hair Top Pants 

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Originally posted by ettadunham


Originally posted by youngblood-182


Originally posted by youngblood-182

I honestly don’t get why the fandom gives so much hate towards Korra. Korra’s struggles and triumphs just proves that even though she’s not a perfect avatar she is just as good as Aang. She was willing to sacrifice herself to save the air nomads and she still gets so much hate. Her journey was a perfect arc because she found what it meant to be a true avatar and that is beautiful to me. Korra deserved better and I wish people would stop comparing her and took to atla as a way to hate on it.

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Korra in the avatar state doing what I call Cosmic Bending.

•Artist’s Note: I could not for the life of me figure out what I wanted to do with the background or with the space in between her hands. Both ideas hit me while I was in the bathroom 🤷🏾‍♂️

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☆ Rating LOK women(+opinions)

- a few of y’a asked for a pt 2 of rating LOK characters which i appreciate sm<3

- pt 1


Originally posted by imgayandgirlsarepretty

Korra: Now don’t get me wrong, Korra is such a powerful and impressive avatar but she has annoyed me SO many times. I understand that it’s a part of her growth as the avatar but some of the problems she’s more or less caused just seem so avoidable, is that just me? For example, when she literally inserted herself into the Beifong families’ personal problems which started years before she was even born.(However she is still hot, especially when she cut her hair in book 4!!)

Personality: 7/10       Looks: 9/10


Originally posted by mazoomlec

Asami: *chefs kiss* Hating her is a crime periodt.I think her character is super mature and caring, there’s no room for me to argue tbh. Rating her low ain’t even possible.

Personality: 8/10       Looks: 10/10


Originally posted by air-bend-er

Pema: SO underrated!! Rewatching LOK recently made me realise i need more of this women in the show, she’s so unintentionally funny to me. Her and Tenzin do be kinda cute sometimes <3

Personality: 10/10      Looks: 7/10


Originally posted by natalierushmn

Lin: loml, no words just love. The personality, the looks? We didn’t deserve it but here we are. As much as i just love her character, there are also parts of her that i can relate with which make me feel better about myself i guess? idk i just think having someone who i can reflect on just makes me feel good lmao :))

Personality: 100/10 Looks: 100/10


Originally posted by unicornspwnall

Kya: Different character? same feelings. She’s so fuckin’ pretty it hurts. Her and Boomy bullying Tenzin is all the serotonin i need for the day. She’s 100% on my dilf/milf list ,no questions asked.

Personality: 10/10 Looks: 100/10


Originally posted by youngblood-182

Eska: She is one scary ass mf BUT we like a girl who knows what she wants, okay? Other than the fact that she somewhat terrifies me, she’s pretty cute uno (and i find her brother real fine even tho they have the same face, couldn’t tell u why). Plus i love her purple eyeliner, really wanna try it on myself hehe.

Personality: 6/10(extra point for collars on men :p) Looks: 7/10


Opal: Ya’ll please do not jump my ass but this girl bothers me so much LMAOO. Like ik she’s a good person (i liked her in book 3) and she hasn’t even done anything particularly wrong,but in book 4 she just bothered me okay?? She’s real pretty tho :))

Personality: 6/10 Looks: 8/10

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A Korrasami college AU! (Well kinda)

Fun story with quite some smut, if I remember correctly.

To be found on AO3

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