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cloudiivity · a month ago
your comfort characters live in your mind rent free. my comfort characters live in my mind but they're tenants who don't pay the rent on time and I'm a long suffering landlord. You and me are not the same.
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arsonistblue · 3 months ago
wake up yall new uquiz dropped
let me judge you based on which random fictional characters you choose
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rhubarb-fandoms · 6 months ago
Excuse me, I do not consume media. Media consumes me.
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sofia-not-sophie · 6 months ago
Disney Adaptation (derogatory)
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eating-mooncakes · 6 months ago
Let’s have a talk about fandom gatekeeping.
We are going to be extremely welcoming to the movie fans. When someone comes in and says, “This movie is my favorite! Wait, there’s a book?” then what are we going to say?
“Fake fan”? Nope!
We’re going to say “We’re super glad to have you! If you’re interested, the original series is really great!”
And if they say “Oh that’s cool, but I don’t really read.” then what are we going to say?
“Fake fan”? Nope!
We’re going to say, “Okay! Who’s your favorite character?”
Because why would you throw away the opportunity to make a great friend just because you’re feeling superior?
Yes, we want people to enjoy the original books because we love them so much. But one of the great things about fandoms is how everyone loves different parts. You’d be hard-pressed to name a character that doesn’t have a diehard fan in this fandom (well, maybe Alina, but that’s it). So if someone fixates on the movie... what’s the problem again?
Yes, even if the movie is terrible. People romanticize the Percy Jackson fandom for their almost-universal rejection of the movies. I frankly don’t think that was a good thing. Because that means that all of the fans that came in that loved the movie were chased out.
So please. Welcome all of the new fans. Don’t be a gatekeeper.
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sophitz · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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theunmappedstar · 6 months ago
the entitlement and incivility i see in some of these posts is mindblowing to me.
did you go to film school? chances are, probably not.
you know who did? shannon messenger. 
messenger knows how the film industry works and this series is her everything. this is a major, LITERAL once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. shannon knows what she’s doing. she played her cards well. i mean, imagine writing a book that is good enough for you to get approached (not have to approach, no. to GET APPROACHED) by disney, the biggest entertainment company in the world, and batman.
please, take a moment to think about how many children and teens and young adults and, yes, adults will come to love this movie. 
think of the children who can only be calmed when their parents put on the KOTLC movie during the roadtrip. think of the teens who will get sad and run to this movie as an object of comfort during the rough times. think of the young adults who will share it with their family or friends or write heartfelt posts about it on the internet because it hit something in them they hadn’t felt in awhile. think of the adults who will watch it over and over because they find it to be fascinating, even if it’s classified as youth media.
i just... take a moment to think about how many lives this can touch. the book series is incredible - and that’s why it’s deserving of a movie and why shannon was approached. this is an opportunity to spread comfort and love and entertainment to more humans. it may end up a little inaccurate to the book, i get that. and yes, it probably will not fit the idea in your head! because this movie is not based off of your headcanons and your idea of the universe, but rather disney’s.
truly, no film adaptation has been a smash hit with the book fandom. no film adaption has gotten everything right - and they never will. there is not enough time in a film to indulge in each and every scene we see in the books. so expect some rough plot or some “missing” scenes and such. because it will come to pass.
and when it does, instead of the small details, think about the humans experiencing this for the first time. think about the children who become obsessed with a new storyline and all they can talk about is sophie foster for five weeks. think about the teens who want to draw and write and create for this new story. think about the young adults theorizing what could happen next, googling to see if there’s a sequel in the works. think about the adults trying out the books and gifting the books to the people around them.
this is huge and far beyond the fandom as we are right now. this is an installment to our story - i beg of you to look at the love it can produce, the lives it can touch, and the hearts it can change.
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catboyruy · 4 months ago
It’s the year 2030, KOTLC book 18 has just been released. Keefe has left the group to save them for the 7th time. Fitz has attempted to kill Alvar for the 5th time. Forkle dies again and it’s revealed he wasn’t a twin after all- he was a quadruplet. Sophie is all out of eyelashes. Every child at Foxfire and Exillium has a stuffed animal except Dex still. Tam’s silver tipped bangs have grown past his neck. Grady still hasn’t learned Keefe’s name. The Ballad of Bo and Ro is 8 pages long. We’ve lost 3 council members who were replaced by Exillium coaches. Cassius reveals he isn’t actually an empath, he’s just a really good guesser. We still don’t know what The Great Gulon Incident was.
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moviesbooksandfandoms · 6 months ago
don't worry guys, kotlc still has a chance to be gay in the spanish dub!
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queersofthelostcities · 6 months ago
shannon, writing full gender equality into the keeper series: okay, imma fight these gender norms!
shannon, having her female characters only wear dresses because it’s “emphasizing beauty” when the men don’t have to: damn! these gender norms got hands!
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ruewen-and-rising · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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lemontarto · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
ro because l*uras design makes me want to cry
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(come find me here)
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queersofthelostcities · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
i’m gay and laura hollingsworth is homophobic! therefore, to spite her, i have made pride flags by color dropping each stripe from one of her official portraits :D
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deweyducks · 4 months ago
okay so guess i’m going to make my first dive into the kotlc fandom a cannonball bc i am just. so. fed up. with the racism of canon kotlc
first case in point: the blue eyes
- there is no purpose to this?? the plot would be exactly the same without it
- it’s just so...glorifying eurocentric features like okay blue eyes are so exoticized and romanticized in media already even when the majority of the population has brown eyes
- the fact that all the poc have?? blue eyes?? tam and linh are described as having the lightest eyes when they are. poc. and would normally have brown eyes. idk seems like whitewashing to me
- the fact that only sophie (a white girl) is the only one with brown eyes. when the actual poc who’d naturally have brown eyes don’t. and the fact that her brown eyes are so romanticized
second case in point. the canon poc being sidelined
- wylie and maruca are black and they are some of the most sidelined characters AND wylie’s grief for his father and his whole arc disappeared about halfway through the series
- tam and linh song are asian and are also constantly sidelined in favor of the romance subplot
- tam and linh have trauma similar to keefe’s but theirs’ is not explored as much (this is not to negate keefe’s trauma. but. tam and linh deserve the same respect)
third case in point. the stereotypes
- tam and linh have overbearing, strict, and abusive parents which is a common asian stereotype
going to tag a few mutuals now: @artemiassamos @terranovas @hellshores 
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eszart · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sophie's room from kotlc, it's still to this day one of my favourite fanart I did 🧡💚
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fintan-pyren · 7 months ago
Do we have any info on what the Neverseen wear aside from their cloaks and armbands?
I can't find any mentions of clothing on the wiki or in the books so far. Did Shannon just not give us any details?
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