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#koutarou bokuto
luvboku · 21 days ago
feat. atsumu miya, hajime iwaizumi, keiji akaashi, kōtarō bokuto, osamu miya, suna rintaro, tōru oikawa, tobio kageyama
mdni or else i'll cast a spell on you
Tumblr media
pussydrunk!atsumu, who’s addicted to your essence. he laps it up like a starved man, his strong hands pinning your waist down against the bed as you tremble and sob from overstimulation after he’s made you cum for the nth time of the night.
pussydrunk!hajime, who wakes up every morning with soiled boxers. every night, his dreams are filled with fantasies of you, your body, and fucking into your pretty pussy in every which way. the images of your frame beneath his and the sounds; god, the sounds he knows you would make while two of his fingers are knuckles deep inside you – they drive him to the brink of insanity.
pussydrunk!keiji, who can’t do anything but stay still as he bottoms out inside you. he feels your plush walls grip and squeeze every ridge, every vein, and lets out labored breaths when your cervix brushes over the slit on his head; his most sensitive part. he's afraid to move, even in the slightest, because he knows if he does, he'll blow his load inside you right away.
pussydrunk!kōtarō, who shows up at your house in the middle of the night without warning and begs you to let him have a taste, having gone the whole day salivating at the thought of your sweet essence spreading over his tongue and coating his cock. how could you refuse when he asks so sweetly?
pussydrunk!osamu, who licks slowly and deliberately at your folds while his index and middle fingers quirk against the one spot inside of you that has you seeing stars as you spill all over his face. he doesn’t mind at all, though, and takes it down his throat like the smoothest of fine wines.
pussydrunk!suna, who grunts sweet praises against your ear as he kisses your cervix with every agonizingly slow thrust into your velvety walls. grunts of "such a perfect pussy," and "taking my cock so well, this pussy's made for me" has your legs tightening around his waist and fingers clawing at his back as your vision goes white.
pussydrunk!tobio, who ruts into you like he’s never been in pussy before. his face is buried in your neck, soft whines and breathy babbles of how he's gonna cum escape his lips as he shakily rolls his hips against yours, chasing his high. he drowns in the feeling of your walls clamping down on him and your own voice calling out his name as you writhe beneath his frame.
pussydrunk!tōru, who excuses himself to the restroom every half an hour while at practice, just to fuck into his fist imagining that it's your cunt. his pants and moans of your name bounce off the walls as he cums over, and over, and over again. of course, it doesn't feel as good as your pussy; nothing does, but it'll have to do until the evening when he comes home to the real deal.
Tumblr media
reblogs + comments are sooo appreciated (◕ᴥ◕)
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17-nadph · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy Birthday🖤💛
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shinomiis · 2 months ago
hq boys and things they do for you!
includes: koutarou bokuto, testuro kuroo, hajime iwaizumi, rintarō suna, keiji akaashi, tobio kageyama
warnings/contains: none
notes: i am a hopeless romantic can you tell
Tumblr media
BOKUTO!: gives you a piggy back ride whenever you say your feet hurt. he insists
KUROO!: always carries your favorite snack in his backpack just incase you get hungry
IWAIZUMI!: gives you his jacket everytime he sees you shiver. even if it’s below freezing he’d rather see you comfortable then think of himself first
SUNA!: asks you what colors you’re going to wear so he can color code with you. he always paints his nails to match and asks to take mirror pictures for his instagram
AKAASHI!: tells you when you need a break. pushes you to be more self-forgiving and gives you small lectures on why you need to treat yourself better
KAGEYAMA!: opens his arms up for you when he notices you’ve had a bad day, draws shapes onto your back to calm you down as he gives you occasional temple kisses
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sugawaraxo · 7 months ago
warnings: smut, bi threesome
characters: kotaro bokuto and keiji akaashi x reader
request from @bj4ndr3a
Tumblr media
if anyone had told you before this moment that you’d be laying in your best friend’s bed, legs spread and trembling while his tongue works wonders around your clit all whilst his boyfriend was expertly deep throating him, you probably would have referred them to the nearest therapist. but insanely enough, that’s the current situation you guys are in. there’s always been an awkward tension between you and the two guys but you never thought it meant anything serious. especially nothing serious enough for you to be lying here fully naked in front of them as an oral frenzy takes place, but here you are.
it all started with a simple question.
“have you guys ever had a threesome?” you asked nonchalantly as you scrolled past some twitter porn that someone had retweeted on your timeline, hence what sparked your question.
“no, why?” bokuto responds, completely unbothered by the question. this was a normal conversation for you guys. after knowing him for so many years, the two of you had built a comfortability with each other that makes even the most abnormal conversations seem mundane.
“just saw a video of one on my twitter timeline and was curious is all.” you shrug, continuing to scroll and like a tweet that makes you laugh.
“oo, let me see.” bokuto says, perking up at your statement from his end of the couch.
“i wanna see too.” akaashi says, lifting his head from bokuto’s chest to look in your direction. you had gone over to their apartment to help bokuto study for his upcoming bio exam, but that was immediately forgotten and you all ended up migrating to the couch to watch a movie. the movie is over now, but you’re procrastinating going back to your own apartment and attending to responsibilities you need to complete. you stand up and move towards your friends, scrolling up to find the video once more.
“there.” you say, showing them the screen.
“mm two guys one girl action, looks fun.” bokuto hums.
“that’s hot.” akaashi states, eyeing the video with full intrigue.
“i was thinking the same thing.” you agree, glancing at the screen too. you watched as one of the guys in the video began helping the girl give the second guy a blowjob. it was truly arousing and you couldn’t help but imagine yourself being the girl in that situation. your heart dropped when you imagined the two guys being bokuto and akaashi though. you choked at the thought, your throat suddenly losing every last drop of moisture within it.
“you ok?” akaashi asks, eyes averting from your phone screen to your face and you can’t bring yourself to look him in the eye.
“yeah, i’m fine.” you say, pulling your phone away from their view.
“hey, it was just getting to the good part!” bokuto pouts and you roll your eyes, sitting back down on the couch.
“i’m not gonna sit here and hold the phone while you watch the whole porn weirdo.” you laugh.
“what was the point in showing me then? now i’m horny.” bokuto frowns, crossing his arms dramatically. now akaashi rolls his eyes and you just chuckle to yourself.
“maybe you should go take care of that then.” you shrug, reinvesting yourself into your twitter timeline.
“maybe i should. and maybe you two should join me, we can remake that video.” bokuto smirks and you choke again, completely thrown off by the statement.
“funny joke.” you say sarcastically, trying your hardest to pretend the words that just left your best friend’s mouth did not affect you.
“i’m not joking.” bokuto says, tone assertive and lacking any sense of humor. yours and akaashi’s head both snap in bokuto’s direction in unison, confusion plastered on both of your guys’ faces.
“what? why are you guys looking at me like that? don’t pretend you didn’t both just say that video was hot.” bokuto huffs, throwing his hands up in defense. you look at akaashi who looks just as much at a loss for words as you feel.
“that doesn’t mean we want to have a threesome together?” you say, failing to sound convincing in any way. you know you don’t mean what you just said, not in the slightest.
“oh come on. don’t make me seem weird right now. i know you guys both feel this weird ass sexual tension whenever the three of us hang out. i know it’s not just me.” bokuto admits. there’s a pause of silence before akaashi speaks.
“i mean, i guess he has a point.” akaashi stares blankly at you, waiting for your response.
“you guys are fucking with me right now, right?” you question. disbelief is an understatement for what you’re currently feeling.
“i’m so serious. i’ve noticed it for awhile now but could never find the confidence to bring it up.” bokuto explains.
“same here, i thought it was just me.” akaashi chimes in.
you look back and forth between them, feeling as though a camera crew was about to pop out of nowhere and reveal that this is all some kind of strange prank. but it never happens and you realize that your friends are fully serious.
“so you guys actually wanna have a threesome?” you swallow harshly. are you actually considering this right now?
“i think it’d be good to finally relieve this weird tension.” bokuto shrugs.
“i don’t see why not.” akaashi states.
“wow, ok. um well, if you guys are down, i am too i guess.” you try not to sound too excited.
“alright, we should take this to the bedroom then.” bokuto smiles.
a rush of both nerves and excitement flow through you as you enter the shared bedroom of the two men in front of you. it feels awkward for a moment but bokuto instructs you to lie down on the bed, which you immediately comply to.
“this is gonna be so hot.” bokuto mumbles, almost more to himself than anyone else, before bending down to interlock his lips with yours. the act catches you off guard but you immediately melt into this kiss. bokuto’s lips are soft. extremely soft. and he’s gentle with you. the complete opposite of what you expected from him. you hear a low hum of content from akaashi who you can’t see since your eyes are closed, but you’re assuming he’s watching the two of you right now. the thought of it causes you to let out a quiet moan into the kiss, to which bokuto smirks at. he’s guiding the kiss with ease, gradually applying more pressure. his hand is now snaking behind your head to grasp the hair at the nape of your neck. he tugs it gently, your head tilting back ever so slightly but allowing him more leverage over the kiss. he takes this opportunity to lick your bottom lip which you take as a request for access. you open your mouth a bit more, letting his tongue explore you. you feel your body temperature begin to rise as the kiss gets more intense and you hear rustling coming from where akaashi was kneeling on the bed. what was he doing? touching himself? while he watched you guys? again the thought makes you moan, this time a bit louder than the first. bokuto moans back against your lips and your heat pulses at the sound of it. just as you were about to become fully intoxicated by the kiss, bokuto pulls away and it takes a lot for you not to whine. he looks unreal when he pulls back. hair messy where you were tugging on it, lips swollen, and a deep red tint dusting his cheeks. you almost moan just from looking at him and almost moan again when you look over at akaashi who is in nothing but his boxers, hand palming his growing erection. so that’s what the rustling was.
“kiss her, she’s so fucking good at it.” bokuto instructs akaashi and he does not hesitate to do as told. you giggle at how easily the two of you follow bokuto’s orders, but your laugh is cut short when akaashi’s lips attach to yours. if you thought bokuto’s lips were soft, you were completely mistaken. akaashi’s were impossibly softer and you didn’t think anyone could be more gentle than bokuto had been, but akaashi does not fail to prove you wrong. your brain is in a complete haze while he kisses you. the only thought occupying your mind is how you feel like you could kiss him forever and never get tired of it. he uses his thumb and forefinger to grab your chin, slowly deepening this kiss. before you know it, his tongue is gliding against your own and you can’t help the whimpers that are escaping your lips.
“fuck, i’m getting so hard.” bokuto groans which causes you and akaashi to smile against each other. he disconnects the kiss, leaving you feeling drowsy.
“tell me about it.” akaashi sighs, peeking down at the tent in is boxers. you follow his gaze, the bulge you saw earlier now scarily bigger. your eyes widen, the curios urge to learn how big he is begins to overwhelm you.
“you wanna see it? ask him then.” you hear from beside you. you snap out of your haze to look up at bokuto who was now only in his boxers as well. you felt uncomfortably overdressed.
“what?” you ask, not having fully grasped what he said.
“staring isn’t gonna do anything. ask him to show you how big it is.” bokuto smirks. you switch your gaze from bokuto’s golden eyes to akaashi’s deep brown ones shyly.
“can i see it?” you ask, your voice coming out much quieter than you intended it to.
“you’re adorable” akaashi chuckles “of course you can.” he slides his boxers down his body revealing a hard, throbbing cock that almost looked disproportionate in comparison to his slender frame.
“holy shit.” you huff unintentionally but you are genuinely caught by surprise.
“i know right? i had the same reaction the first time i saw it. still do honestly.” bokuto says. sometime during that interaction, bokuto had taken his boxers off too and now both men are completely nude in front of you and you have no idea what to do with yourself. thankfully, bokuto is there to provide instruction for you.
“sit up.” he demands, and unsurprisingly, you do exactly that. once you’re sat upright, bokuto grabs the hem of your shirt, pulling the fabric over your head and off your body in one swift motion. akaashi helps with the next part, moving behind you to unclasp your bra. the material slides off your chest with your help, exposing your breasts to your best friend and his boyfriend.
“so pretty.” bokuto compliments and you feel your face grow hot.
he takes one of your nipples into his mouth, akaashi following suit with the other.
“oh my god.” you moan, watching as both guys pleasure your chest. you feel your underwear dampen, making you hyper aware that you are still wearing them. trying your best not to disrupt the men attached to you, you maneuvered your way out of your shorts and wet panties. now you’re all fully naked and you can’t imagine feeling any more turned on than you are right now. akaashi is the first to pull away and get a glimpse of your now naked figure. you don’t miss how his eyes linger on certain areas as he looks you over, his bottom lip absentmindedly tucked between his teeth as he does so.
“stunning.” he says in an almost whisper and your heart flutters a bit. his comment was loud enough for bokuto to hear, making the man curious to see what exactly was stunning. he finishes the hickey he was placing on your chest before his eyes rake up and down your body. you feel slightly insecure and extremely vulnerable with two pairs of eyes staring at your naked form, but the way bokuto’s darken with lust reassure you that they like what they see.
“fuck y/n, lay down.” bokuto groans. you lay back on the bed, back sinking into the cool sheets on the mattress. two large hands find their way to your inner thighs, spreading them apart borderline painfully wide. you shiver at the cool air hitting your swollen clit. you’re desperate for some form of contact, and bokuto gladly gives it to you. his tongue has no trouble finding it’s way to your clit, immediately circling the sensitive nub. your back arches and a broken moan tears from your throat.
“mm” akaashi moans as he watches in awe. he’s stroking himself slowly, completely wrapped up in the pleasure of watching his boyfriend go down on you. though he’s not too wrapped up to notice his boyfriend’s tip leaking precum. his cock looks painfully hard, like it’s begging for release and what kind of boyfriend would akaashi be if he didn’t help his lover out. you watch as akaashi shifts down the bed, near bokuto’s dripping length. akaashi licks up the precum pooling on the bed, mostly for your amusement since he knows you’re watching. he then kitten licks the tip, testing for a reaction from bokuto. bokuto groans against your clit, the vibrations making you arch against his tongue. you look down at akaashi who looks extremely content with both of your reactions. they give him the motivation to swallow as much of bokuto as he can, which may as well be all of it. your eyes widen as you watch, you don’t think you could ever take that much of bokuto in your mouth. he is definitely above average not only in length, but girth, and akaashi takes it all like it’s nothing.
“holy fuck akaashi, just like that.” bokuto takes a break to moan, glaring down at his boyfriend. akaashi looks back up at him almost too innocently considering he has a whole dick shoved down his throat. bokuto gives one good thrust into akaashi’s mouth before tending back to your needs. his tongue effortlessly finds its way back to your clit, but this time he pushes a finger inside of you along with it.
“nngh bokuto, fuck.” you breathe heavily. it’s just one finger but it somehow fills you up so well. the way he curves it inside of you at the same tempo that he’s moving his tongue against your clit is driving you insane.
“do you want more?” he asks, sounding just as breathless as you. you take a quick look down and see exactly why, he’s now gently face-fucking akaashi who is moaning around his cock while stroking his own. all you can do is nod ‘yes’ in response, completely unable to provide any verbal answer. but bokuto won’t accept that.
“i want to hear you say it, do you want more?” he says, pulling his finger out of you completely and leaving you with no more pleasure.
“yes, please bokuto. i need more.” you cringe at how needy you sound but every part of your body is aching for release right now.
“you sound so pretty all desperate like that.” he groans before placing two fingers at your entrance. he slides them in, curling them upward to hit the spot that has you gripping the sheets and calling out his name.
“so fucking hot.” he mutters, lowering his head to lick your clit once more. you were somewhat embarrassed about being the loudest one in the room until a loud, hoarse moan somewhat startled you. it came from bokuto you concluded, after looking down and seeing that akaashi’s throat had relaxed enough to take the last bit of bokuto that he couldn’t earlier. now bokuto’s entire length is fully down his throat with akaashi holding it there as if he doesn’t even know what the word gag reflex means.
“shit..fuck akaashi. you’re gonna make me cum. please make me cum.” bokuto practically begs. he sounds so needy and fucked out, it makes your hole clench around his fingers. between that and akaashi taking his full length again, bokuto is completely done for. 
“ahh fuck i’m-nngh, gonna..’m cumming.” he can’t even complete his sentence before he’s spilling into akaashi’s mouth with such breathy noises. akaashi swallows all of it and it’s all just so much, too much. you grind yourself against bokuto’s fingers that are still resting inside you. he takes the hint and begins curling them to help, though his pace is much slower since he hasn’t yet fully regained his composure. akaashi moves toward you, placing his middle and index fingers on your clit and rubbing them against it. your vision goes blurry before you clench your eyes shut, back arching off the bed as your orgasm consumes you and you feel a rush of liquid escape your body.
“holy shit, did i just-“
“squirt? yeah. all over my face.” bokuto says and akaashi chuckles softly.
“oh my god, i’m so sorry.” you hide behind your hands, completely embarrassed.
“don’t be, that was the second hottest thing that’s happened to me today. first being my boyfriend deepthroating the hell out of me. where did that come from babe?”
“i don’t know. it was hot watching how good you made y/n feel, i wanted to do the same for you.” akaashi smiles.
“aww.” you coo at the cute remark.
“i love you.” bokuto coos too, placing a chaste kiss on his boyfriend’s lips. “and i think it’s time for us to finishing making you feel good.” he adds, attention shifting to akaashi’s still very hard member.
“i agree.” you chime in, moving closer to akaashi and positioning yourself in front of his length. you lick a stripe along the side of his shaft, looking over to bokuto, indicating for him to join in. he follows your lead, licking the opposite side.
“oh my, fuck.” akaashi moans. he begins playing with both of your guys’ hair, occasionally using it to guide your mouths across his shaft. he’s a moaning mess above you two and you’re positive he isn’t gonna last much longer. you readjust your position so you can take akaashi’s tip into your mouth, slowly sucking down the shaft until you reach about halfway. akaashi trembles at the sensation, mere seconds away from completely losing control in your mouth. but you want bokuto to be the one to make him cum so you pull off. bokuto somehow knows exactly what you expect of him. he takes your place, taking all of akaashi in his mouth with ease.
“shit babe, i’m gonna cum. mm-“ akaashi’s whole body shakes with his orgasm. the low, broken moans ripping from his throat are something you want carved in your memory forever. 
there’s a short moment of silence with everyone coming back to their senses afterwards, but the silence is comforting.
“i can’t believe we really did that.” akaashi sighs after fully coming down from his high.
“i can’t believe how good everything felt.” bokuto adds.
“i can’t believe how good you guys are at sucking dick.” you say and the three of you start laughing. 
“am i the only one completely down to do that again?” bokuto asks after the laughter dies down.
“i’m very down.” akaashi says.
“round two?” you ask.
“yes please.”
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kjmalfoy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Messy Slut | K.Bokuto
Rough Sex, Spanking, Leather Kink, Car Sex, Praising, Degrading, Dominant, Submissive, Corruption Kink.
"Y/n, Darling. You have to get up." You heard someone whisper as they gently shook your body.
You let out a small mumble as you swatted the hand away, "I'm up, I'm up." You said as your eyes fluttered open. You saw Bokuto standing in front of you, wearing the same clothes he went to sleep in.
"Come on, Takeyuki is waiting for us." He said, ushering you to hurry up.
You swatted his hand away and sat up, looking out the plane's window. You noticed the plane had landed, a handful of other planes surrounding it. You also noticed all your bags and suitcase were gone. You looked at Bokuto, a puzzled look on your face. "Where are we?" You asked as you stepped out of the bed and grabbed your heels from yesterday.
"We're in Paris, Darling. We arrived a few minutes ago." He said as he slipped his shoes back on. "Takeyuki is waiting in the car with our bags." He added on as he saw you open your mouth to ask another question.
You made an 'ah' noise as you strapped your heels, looking utterly stupid since you still had Bokuto's sweatpants on. You went to grab the clothes from yesterday but they weren't there, guessing Bokuto already put them away, you grabbed your phone and walked out of the jet. Bokuto laced his fingers around yours as he opened up the car door for you. You both got in and closed the door, signaling for Takeyuki to begin driving.
"So, where are we heading now?" You asked Bokuto as you watched him pull out his phone.
"We're heading to the condo I rented, then I thought we could explore the city." He said as he quickly sent a message then put his phone away.
"So wear something comfortable?" You joked as you rested your head on his shoulder.
"You can wear anything you want, but I'm sure Yukie packed you a few comfortable outfits." He said, wrapping his arm around you and pulling you closer.
You made an 'mhm' noise as you closed your eyes, your body still tired from last night's events. Bokuto let you rest while Takeyuki drove, he could tell your body was still worn out. He gently rubbed his thumb against your shoulder as the phone kept 'ringing' loudly. You could feel his body tense up and an annoyed exhale leave his mouth. He didn't bother to answer the phone, only put it on silent. Bokuto's body slowly eased up as he rested his head on top of yours as he admired the city of Paris.
Just as your eyes fluttered open from the small nap, Takeyuki was parking outside Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris. Before you could react, Bokuto was getting out of the car ushering you to get out as well. You got out of the car, your eyes still fixated on the high-end hotel. Bokuto laced his calloused fingers around your soft ones while looking down at you. "All for you, Darling." He said as he started walking towards the hotel's entrance door.
One of the workers held the door open for the both of you, you both thanked him quietly before walking over to the receptionist. The female receptionist's ears perked once she heard Bokuto clear his throat. She turned around and gave you both a smile, "Hello, checking in?" She asked.
"Yes ma'am. We're checking into the hotel's condo for the week." Bokuto said.
You looked at Bokuto, another surprised look on your face. He never mentioned how long you'd be staying in Paris. You silently tugged on his arm as the lady checked through the computer. He looked down at you and tilted his head, waiting for your motherload of questions. "One week?" You asked as you gave him the are you serious look.
"What? I can still keep surprises from you." He chuckled before turning back to the lady. You rolled your eyes and cursed him out mentally.
"Koutarou Bokuto, right?" She asked before handing him the key.
"Indeed." He said, opening his hand so she can drop the key. The lady nodded her head and gave him the key, "We'll have your bags brought up to you. Enjoy the stay." She said, giving you both a friendly smile.
You and Bokuto both returned the friendly grin then started walking towards the hotel's elevator. You admired the interior of the hotel, the walls painted with a soft beige color, abstract marble flooring, and extravagant chandeliers. The hotel was beautiful, the interior designers did a wonderful job decorating it.
You both walked into the elevator, hands intertwined together. Bokuto pressed the suite button, the elevator dinging as it started to lift. As you both stood there, Bo's phone kept buzzing loudly, vibrating in his pants pocket. You could feel his fingers tense up as he squeezed your hand, his jaw clenching up as well. He still didn't bother to answer the phone until the elevator stopped.
The metal doors opened, revealing the most eye-striking room. The windows were large, with nice off-white curtains hanging from them. There was a large king-sized bed in the middle of the room, a smaller grey couch in the middle of the room with a glass coffee table in front of it. You noticed a clear glass door, leading to the suite's balcony, where plants sat in every corner.
All your bags were already laying on the floor, waiting to be unpacked. You looked back at Bokuto with a proud beaming smile on his face, those small dimples appearing on his cheeks. He leaned over small, pressing a sweet kiss against your forehead.
"Do you mind unpacking while I handle a call? It won't take long, Darling." He asked, showing you a glimpse of the hundreds of text messages and missed calls.
You chuckled slightly and nodded your head, "Yes, go ahead. I don't mind unpacking our belongings." You said happily, as you tried to read the name of the caller I.D.
Tendou Satori.
Bokuto smiled gratefully, pressing another sweet and delicate kiss against your forehead. "Thank you, Darling. Don't forget about our plans tonight." He said, giving you a reminder of the activities he had in store for the first night in Paris.
You nodded your head, as he walked out on the balcony. He wasted no time calling the person who kept blowing up his phone. Once you saw his lips move you started unpacking. You placed all of Bokuto's clothes on the right side of the dresser, your clothes going on the left side and in the closet.
Just as you reached into Bokuto's suitcase, trying to grab the last thing, you felt the cool metal against your fingertips. You looked into the suitcase, your eyes widening as you saw Bokuto's box of toys. Your body shivered at the sight of it, remembering the night he had used them on you. You shakily grabbed the box and placed it on Bokuto's nightstand, then placed the suitcase under the bed.
Within a few minutes, you had finished your unpacking. You were in the private bathroom, placing your makeup and hygiene things on the sink countertop. Just as you placed the last thing aside, you heard the bathroom door creak open. You turned around and saw Bokuto standing there, a playful smirk on his face. He walked over to you, his hands brushing against your waist. He lifted you and placed you on the countertop, having a face-to-face level with you.
"I see you saw the box." He purred lowly, rubbing his thumbs against your skin. A shaky breath flowed off your tongue, traveling down Bokuto's neck. You heard him chuckle, "I'll take that as a yes. No need to worry, you'll be tired after exploring the city so I won't use any toys tonight." He said, almost sexually warning you.
You ignored his sexual threats and placed your hands on his biceps, squeezing the muscle. "So, how was your phone call, big guy?" You asked, playing along with the teasing.
A long dragged-out sigh pushed past his teeth, his jaw clenching up again. "One of my business partners needs me to attend a meeting tomorrow morning." He gritted his teeth, an exhausted feeling wiping over his casual facade.
You brushed your thumb against his bicep, trying to comfort him. "It's fine, Bo. I know how much your business means to you." You reassured, giving him a vibrant smile. Bokuto returned the genuine smile and leaned down, kissing your plump lips softly.
The kiss was short and sweet, Bokuto pulling away when he felt he had enough. "How about we get changed and walk around the city?" Bokuto proposed, still brushing his thumb against your cheek.
Your face instantly lit up with joy, a wide grin appeared on your face. "Yes! Sounds good." You exclaimed, kissing his cheek before walking back into the bedroom.
You grabbed the outfit you laid out on the dresser, knowing you would be going out today. It was a black skirt, a beige off-the-shoulder sweater, and a pair of worn-down converse. Bokuto wore a regular pair of black jeans with an all-black shirt, along with his converse. His silver chain hung from his neck, his rings still decorating his fingers. He left his hair in a messy state, his bangs still falling on his forehead. For once, you both looked like normal people.
Bokuto watched as you finished up the last bit of your makeup, watching as your steady hands filled in the winged eyeliner. "You look stunning, Darling." He said as he admired you in the mirror. You let out a chuckle and smiled at the mirror, Bokuto admiring everything about you.
You put the cap back on the eyeliner and turned to Bo. "Thank you, Kou. Are you ready to go?" You asked sweetly, grabbing your small Coach handbag.
Bokuto grabbed the bag before you could and gently handed it to you. "Yes. Come on, Darling." He said, lacing his fingers with your free hand.
You locked your fingers in between his and shadowed his footsteps, walking silently behind him. You walked into the spacious elevator, soft classical music playing from the small speakers. You leaned against the beige marble walls, Bokuto's shoulder brushing against your small one. You both stood in silence, taking in the peaceful surroundings. Once the elevator stopped, the music did as well. You both walked out of the elevator, giving the receptionist a small grin before leaving the hotel.
You looked around, getting a better view of the surrounding buildings. Plants were placed everywhere, expensive and shiny cars parked along the street, along with quiet business people walking along the clean pavements. You and Bokuto stood out like a sore thumb. While everyone else was dressed in business attire, you and Bo were dressed like normal and innocent bystanders. Unknowingly, your feet were moving alongside Bo's. He was going west, further from the business side of town. The further you got, the harder it got to hear the classical music from the hotel.
You tapped your finger against Bokuto's hand, catching his attention immediately. Bokuto's golden orbs looked down at you, his head slightly tilted and eyebrows furrowed together. "What is it, Sweetheart?" He asked.
"Where are we going?" You asked him, looking around the area. Bokuto was taking you into the casual part of town. More cozy cafes, restaurants, and all-around a more lively scene.
"I thought I'd take you to a small cafe, then we can just walk around the city. I have Takeyuki settling some plans I have for later tonight." Bokuto explained, fixing his eyes back on the crowded streets.
You made a humming noise as you nodded your head. You continued to follow Bokuto, whose legs lead you down the small jam-packed streets. No matter how crowded it was, you couldn't help but adore the new scenery. You never once traveled out of Japan, this was all new to you and you loved every second of it. Every minute or so, Bokuto would look over at you, small cheeky smiles terraforming on his face as he saw your eyes light up.
The smell of fresh coffee and pastries flooded your senses as Bokuto opened the door to the local cafe. Small conversations and laughter filled the air as you admired the cream-colored decorations. The cafe was fairly small, but handfuls of decorations were packed into it.
Bokuto let go of your hand and turned to you. "How about you go find us a table, I'll order our drinks." He said.
"Okay!" You complied, receiving a small kiss on the cheek before Bokuto walked away.
You and Bokuto walked out of the cafe, still carrying the cardboard coffee cups. As much as Bokuto wanted to stay and relax at the cafe, your legs just wanted to keep moving. You were excited to see the new city, especially since it was the "City of Love."
As many travelers said, Paris was indeed beautiful. The sunsets were like no other, the old historical buildings spoke louder than any story in textbooks could. Paris itself was a story with defining and informing chapters and characters.
Bokuto led you around the city, visiting some smaller but informational buildings, in his words he wanted to save the best for last. Deep down, you knew exactly what he was talking about but you didn't want to ruin his "surprise."
Just as the sun finally set and the stars started filling up the sky, Bokuto finally thought it was time for his last surprise. His palm tightened around yours, and his soothing voice informed you to close your eyes.
"I'll guide you. Just trust me." Bokuto said, rubbing his thumb against your skin.
A soft giggle flowed off your tongue as you closed your eyes, "I already trust you, Bo." You said.
A small "Good' was heard from Bokuto as he started guiding away from the spot you were currently standing. Koutarou remained silent, focusing on the directions from the Paris tour guides. You stayed quiet as well, letting your other senses take over your body.
The air was chilly, making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. But the atmosphere smelled like vanilla and champagne. Classical and romantic music could be heard from shops and restaurants on the city streets. Although you couldn't physically see, this was by far the most beautiful thing you imagined.
Suddenly, Bokuto's feet stopped dead in their trail causing your body to stumble into his. You felt his hand drop from yours, only to feel him wrap both of his hands tightly around your waist. You could feel your body shift in front of him, his broad chest pressing against your back. His bourbon cologne washed away the scents from the city, forcing tense and heated emotions into your veins.
His lips pressed against your neck, the wet feeling making you shiver. "Open your eyes, Darling." He whispered gently.
Your eyes slowly fluttered open, bright lights clouding your hazy vision. Once your eyes became accustomed to the brightness, the sight of the Eiffel Tower reflected off the sparkles in your eyes. The tower was lit up by neutral lights, the yellow effect making it stand out in the dark blue sky. Smaller lanterns from the trees reflected from the tower's lights, only adding to the beauty.
You slowly tilted your head back, scanning the rest of the tall tower. You admired the architecture, each line and cross-over of the building stood out to you. You were starstruck. Not a single word left your mouth, no compliment or thank you.
The beauty and story behind it were truly striking. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes, taking a mental picture of the sight. You turned around, looking up at Bokuto with the most affectionate eyes.
"This beautiful, Koutarou." You said lovingly, placing your smaller hands on his muscular waist.
Bokuto smiled and caressed your cheek with his pinky. The silver ring grazed against your skin, the cold feeling making your heart skip a beat. "Y/n. Be mine." He blurted out, staring deeply into your eyes.
"Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked sincerely, cupping your flushing cheeks.
Not a word was said, your only reaction was to kiss him. You pressed your body into him, your plump lips melting into his. A struggling chuckle was heard from him as he kissed you back, adding to the passion. His hand traveled to your lower back, pressing you into him as much as he could. He wanted so hopelessly to feel your skin against his.
You felt like you were on cloud nine. Your body was burning with passion, your mind in a frenzy from the overwhelming kiss, and your vision a complete blur. Your head was spinning, trying relentlessly to process the order of events.
You could feel the air in your lungs shorten, forcing you to pull away and take a sharp inhale. Koutarou looked down at you, nothing but a lustful smirk resting on his face. "I take that as a yes?" He teased, his thumb playing with your swollen lips.
Your fingers bunched up his shirt, tugging him down to your height level. You moved your face towards his ear, your tongue flicking against his piercing. "Take me home, Koutarou." You whispered provocatively into his ears.
Within an instant Bokuto was lifting you into his arms, hailing the nearest cab. His hand couldn't wait to get your alone, they were griping, pulling, and tugging on every inch of your body. He was dying to get you alone, alone, and under his control.
Bokuto practically tossed you into the back seat of the cab. He was like a kitten in heat, touching you every minute he got. Before the driver could even speak, Bokuto told him to floor it towards the hotel. His palm wrapped around your thigh, sliding further up every turn the driver made.
If he had to wait, why not have fun.
His hand slid under your skirt, his fingers brushing against the fabric of your panties. Your eyes shot open, darting over at Bokuto. Bokuto held one finger to his lips, signaling for you to stay silent. You chewed on your bottom lip, giving him the okay to continue.
His middle finger hooked around the stretch of your panties, placing them in the crevice of your thigh. The cold air from the car's A/C hit your exposed cunt, your thighs already quivering. You wrapped your fingers around the armrest as you felt Bokuto's thumb rub your clit. Your eyes screwed shut, desperately focusing on remaining silent.
His movements were fast, his heart racing from the adrenaline. The thought of being caught only added to the pleasure. The humiliation you would feel from getting caught made the juices flood between your legs. This is exactly what you wanted, and he knew that.
Slyly, Bokuto inserted one finger inside you and pushed you into the sensitive spot. He teased your sweet spot, repeatedly pressing his finger against it. Your thighs trembled, your teeth digging into your bruised lips until blood broke.
Bokuto shifted his body close towards you, tucking his face in the back of your neck. His lips brushed against your skin, his breath trickling down your spine. "You're doing such a good job being quiet." He praised you in your ear as his grip tightened.
He pulled your thighs further apart, your cunt becoming fully exposed. Your thighs glistened in the dark car, your juices spilling everywhere. Bokuto pushed his curled-up finger fully inside you, his knuckle rubbing against your clit with every pump.
Your body turned to putty in his grip, melting perfectly for his dominance. Bokuto sped up his finger, quickly slipping in a second one. Just as wet noises could be heard, Bokuto requested the music be turned up, as a way to hide the events going on in the backseat.
The driver happily complied, leaving you both uncaught. Bokuto moved his fingers rapidly, both of his wet fingertips hitting your sweet spot continuously. Your body went numb, your head spinning like crazy from the pleasure and having to stay quiet. Blood could be seen coming out of your broken lip, your mind unable to process how heavy you were biting on your lip.
"You're making a mess, Sweetheart." Bokuto cooed softly, frowning at the sight of your cut-up lips. Bokuto replaced your teeth with his lips, pressing them softly against you, swallowing every whimper, moan, or yelp that threatened to escape your lips.
Your stomach tightened, your moans swiftly becoming louder. Bokuto dug his fingers into your skin, as a sign of punishment for making noise; but it still went unheard. You screwed your eyes shut, focusing on steadying your breathing and staying silent.
Bokuto hummed in satisfaction, moving his fingers again. Your body buckled, relying on his death grip to keep you still. He pressed your lower half back into the leather seats, softly smacking your thigh. "Keep still. You're so close." He growled lowly into your ear.
You lazily nodded your head, your grip on the armrest relaxing. You caved in and let the pleasure take over, slowly but surely, your orgasm was riding upon you. You opened your eyes, staring into Bokuto's. You moaned a small please into the kiss, only barely being heard.
Bokuto smiled and slammed his fingers inside you, your orgasm washing over you. Your body trembled like crazy, your cum coating Bokuto's fingers fully. He slowly pulled his fingers out, quickly removing his lips from yours and stuffing his fingers inside your mouth.
He nodded his head slightly, signaling you to suck on them. He placed the stretch of your panties back on your pussy, the cum spilling onto the fabric. You swirled your tongue around his fingers, swallowing the last bit of your release before pulling your head away.
Bokuto patted you on the cheek, praising you without words. "Just in time. We're back at the hotel." He said coolly.
Bokuto chuckled, yanking your body to the edge of the bed. The spread of your legs was directly in his face, the hem of your skirt brushing against his lips. He looked at you with hungry eyes, scanning the emotion pooling in your eyes. Your bright eyes welcomed him with nothing but passion and devotion.
Koutarou caressed your plush thighs, gently rubbing the faded bruises and prints. You winced slightly, Bokuto's eyebrow cocking in response. He looked back up at you, his intimidating look causing your juices to dampen your panties and inner thighs. He hooked his forearm around your right leg, spreading it apart.
"Y/n. My darling, do you like pain? Every time I hurt you, you get wet like a bitch in heat." Bokuto said, pressing his thumb against your damp panties.
Your body withered into the king-sized mattress, the humiliation of his comment sending pools of heat through every vein in your body. Koutarou lifted your skirt, laying it across your abdomen. He looked at you with patient eyes, almost thoughtful even. He licked his bottom lip, the blush tone now a shiny peach color.
"I'd like an answer, my love." He reminded you, hooking his rough fingertips around the sides of your panties. "Cause I can show you pain. Only if that's what you want."
You looked at him, your bottom lip quivering in nerves. You chewed on your lip as you watched him toss your panties aside, and push your knees to your chest. "Yes, I want that."
Bokuto looked at you, a grim smile plastered on his pale cheeks. Bokuto stood up, loosening his Gucci belt. "Stand up and undress." He said firmly, holding the leather belt in his hands.
You instantly stood to your feet, shaking the black skirt to your ankles. You kicked the skirt off, eagerly pulling your shirt over your head at the same time. Bokuto laughed at your hurried mess, pushing you back onto the bed once you were naked.
"You're such a pathetic slut, Y/n." He muttered, leaning down and gripping you by the chin.
You chewed at your lip, nervously looking up at him. Bokuto's aura was drenched with dominance and passion, almost dripping into your aura. The air was tight and intense, making your breathing hitch in speed. Bokuto's thumb played with your lips, pulling it away from the teeth that gnawed on it.
You opened your mouth slightly, your pink tongue peaking through sheepishly. Koutarou pushed his thumb into your mouth, pressing it on the back of your tongue, forcing you to gag. He chuckled in response, mocking the little innocence left in your body. You refused to leave his gaze, patiently waiting for his next demand.
He kept quiet, watching how you clenched your thighs together and sucked on his thumb. In his eyes you were nothing but pathetic and messy, but that only added to his arousal. His jeans tightened, his cock hardening by the millisecond. Without warning Bokuto pulled back, leaving you to watch him toss his shirt over his head.
"You gonna be a good slut and let me please you how I want?" Bokuto coked his eyebrow, kneeling below you.
He roughly gripped your thighs, your only response being a soft yelp. He pushed your legs apart, your dripping wet cunt exposed before him. Instantly, Koutarou pressed two fingers inside you, giving you no time before swiftly pumping his curled fingers. Your body buckled against the soft mattress, sloppy moans filling up the suite.
Bokuto smiled cockily, pressing the sly smile against your cunt. "Huh, Princess?" He mumbled against your bundle of nerves.
You gasped quietly, looking down at the cocky man. "Ye-Yes, sir."
"Good girl, Princess." He praised, rewarding you by pressing his tongue against your clit and swirling it in slow circles.
You didn't know which one felt better, his rapid fingers or his slow and passionate tongue. The pleasure was taking over your body, making you go completely limp. You withered, moaned, whimpered, and buckled into the bed; grabbing the pillow to muffle your moans. His face buried deep in between your thighs, his one arm hooked around your plush thigh.
He held you in place, keeping your body steady as he sucked on your swollen clit. Your vision faded, your eyes only being able to focus on his frost grey hair and those sparkling golden eyes. You watched him lazily in detail, how his jaw moved with each movement of his tongue, how his biceps flexed as he pumped his fingers, or how his eyes hooded slightly.
He looked like a God below you. His eyes were dangerous and intimidating, making your body go numb from one single look. You loved it though; you loved the rush he gave you. He made you feel alive. He made sure the passion within you was kept alive.
You brushed your fingers through his hair, tugging and pulling on the ends as your orgasm grew. Bokuto slipped a third finger inside you, giving you a new feeling of pleasure. The pleasure took over your body, your thighs clenching around his face and stomach tightening. He showed no sign of stopping, in fact, he got quicker.
He swirled his tongue around your clit hastily, as if it would be his last day. He pumps his three fingers continuously, curling his fingertips to reach deeper inside you. Your body trembled, your hips buckling in the air as your eyes rolled back.
Koutarou admired your fucked out state, his cock tightening in his pants as he heard your whimperish pants and huffs. He pulled away slightly, his nose brushing against the swollen bundle of nerves.
"I want you to cum all over my face, Princess," He said, his minty breath hitting your clit.
On command, your orgasm washed over you, Your cum covered his fingers and coated his lips. You moaned his name into the pillows, begging him to stop moving his fingers. He kept finger fucking you, milking every last bit of your intense orgasm.
Once your body went completely limp, he pulled his fingers out and stuffed them in his mouth. He sucked on his cum coated fingers, swallowing every last bit of your release. You watched in ecstasy, your cunt throbbing for more of him.
Your body craved him; relied on him even. You lived and worked under his command, you were devoted to being his and only his.
Those hickory brown eyes flickered towards you, almost eating at your soul. That cocky and lustful smirk was plastered across his face as he tossed his shirt aside. "Tell me what you want."
You licked your lips, trailing your hands between your legs. "You and only you."
Bokuto watched as you rubbed your release into your folds and cunt, the slickness glistening off your body. You were so nasty for him, he truly loved it. He loved the fact that he was responsible for your corruption. He made you in his perfect little slut, and he was going to abuse every bit of his power.
Swiftly, Bokuto unbuttoned his pants; tossing them aside with the rest of the clothes. He lifted your body, sitting himself on the edge of the bed with you over his knee. He grabbed the leather belt and lightly brushed it against your asscheek. You shivered at the cold material, screwing your eyes shut and waiting for his next move.
"You look so pretty bent over my knee." He commented, bringing a soft spank across your ass.
You jolted in response, receiving another spank for moving without his permission. Bokuto brushed the leather against the belt mark, raising his hand with force and swinging it against your bare ass. You yelped loudly, tears forming in your eyes from the constant stinging.
Koutarou tossed the belt aside, rubbing his rough palm against your sore asscheek. The fresh wound stung as his hand rubbed over it, making you cry even more. Bokuto gripping onto your skin, his nails digging into your plump ass.
"I bet you look so pretty with your tears strolling down your cheek." He said, flipping you over to face him.
He cupped your face, collecting your tears with his thumb. He shook his head playfully, "I'm always right." He whispered, dragging his thumb down your cheek.
Bokuto adjusted his body, now sitting in the middle of the bed. You could feel his cock rub against your folds, your wetness dripping onto his dick. Bokuto laid back, resting his head on the pillows. You placed your hands on his chest, twirling your finger around the owl tattoo.
"Ride me," Bokuto said, spanking your ass one more time.
"Yes, Sir." You cried out, digging your nails into his skin.
Bokuto lifted you, letting your line his cock up to your entrance. Slowly, he guided you onto his dick; your drenched cunt making it easier to guide yourself. Bokuto gripped onto your ass again, letting you get to work.
You used his chest for support, bouncing yourself on his cock. Wet noises filled the room, along with Bokuto moans and grunts. You moved fast, the inner of your thigh starting to ache. With each bounce you moved your hips in circles, only adding to his pleasure.
Bokuto threw his head back, melting into the pillows. His fingernails sunk into your plush skin, making your arousal grow even stronger. You looked down at him, your cunt throbbing at his pleasurable expression. His eyes were hooded, looking at you lazily. His cheeks were flushed with redness, his teeth only barely chewing at his bottom lip.
You ran your nails down his abs, digging into the hard muscle. Bokuto grunted under his breath, flashing you a dangerous look. You chuckled and let your nails sink into his skin as you continued to bounce in his lap. Bokuto gritted his teeth at the pain, roughly spanking you with all the force he had.
"Watch it, Princess. You obey me, not the other way round." He warned slowly, watching you with careful eyes.
You gulped in fear, removing your nails from his abs, placing them above his pecs like before. You moved slowly, taking your time with his orgasm. You sat in his lap, moving your hips counter and clockwise. Bokuto's cock twitched against your walls, his orgasm sneaking upon him.
Bokuto's hands snapped to your waist, holding them securely as he guided your movements. He held you with no effort as if you were light as a feather. He lifted you up and down, gently bouncing you on his dick before rocking you in circles.
You moaned softly, leaning down and pressing your chest into Koutarou. He held you delicately, gently meeting his hips with yours. You softly moaned his name, begging him for more. You needed more; you needed it rough. He took his time, he was no longer chasing his orgasm; he was chasing yours.
He wanted you in the wrecked state again barely able to talk; only mumble his name. His hands tangled into your hair, yanking your body upwards. He lifted his hips, pounding into you relentlessly. Your loud pants and huffs filled the room, making Bokuto go feral.
You held onto him tightly, his rapid movements making your body shake. Your legs tangled into his, helping steady the bed from rocking. Bokuto paid no mind, just continued to fuck in your while whispering small praises.
Your body flushed with heat, your heart fluttering from his gentle words. Bokuto started getting sloppy, his orgasm beating through his body. He kept his brutal pace, whispering your name and pet names as he fucked into you.
"Fuck, Y/n."
"God, you feel so good."
"Shit, you're gonna make me cum, Princess."
Bokuto's voice was rough and scratchy, his voice slowly draining. Your body relied on him, your entire body melting into his grip. You tucked your face near his neck, your pleads flowing right into his ear. You could feel your orgasm about to explode as he passed past your cervix, fucking you into complete oblivion.
"Fuck! Yes- Bo." You moaned into his ear, your orgasm washing over you like a flood.
Broken whimpers slipped past your teeth, forcing Bokuto to chase after his orgasm. He fucked you like a wild beast, making the entire bed shake and creak. You were sure at this point the whole hotel could hear how much of a slut you were.
"Fuck- Please, Bo. I need you." You begged, looking into his eyes as his cum squirted deep inside you.
Bokuto let out a string of hoarse curse words, slowly letting go of the grip around your hair. You immediately dropped onto Bokuto, rising up and down as he took sharp breaths. You inhaled deeply, as Bokuto slid his cock out of your exhausted cunt.
Bokuto brushed your hair out of your face, caressing your heated-up cheek. He soothingly kissed the top of your head, "You did so well, My Love." He whispered.
Koutarou got out of the bed, lifting you in his arms bridal style. You cuddled into his bare skin, the sound of his heartbeat calming your overworked body. Bokuto carried you into the master bathroom and placed you in the full-size tube.
He turned on the hot water, adding just a bit of cold water so it stays at room temperature. You laid your head back, staring at Bokuto as he scooped up some water and poured it down your shoulders. The hot water helped ease your tense muscles, letting your body fall into a relaxed state.
You closed your eyes, just listening as Bokuto grabbed your shampoo and poured some into his large hand. He lathered and massaged the honey-scented shampoo into your hair, humming a sweet melody as he did so.
You opened your eyes, smiling peacefully at your boyfriend. "Bo, I can do it myself. Go get some rest." You said lightly.
Bokuto shook his head, scooping up some water and rinsing out the shampoo. "I'm not leaving until you are taken care of." He said, sliding the soap bubbles off your hair.
You sighed, "You have a very important meeting tomorrow."
Bokuto stayed quiet, just focused and lathering the conditioner through the ends of your hair. Bokuto wrapped your hair in a small bun and sat in front of you, placing a towel over his lap. "I'll rinse it out in a few minutes."
"Bo, your-" You started, getting cut off by his deep voice.
"No. You mean our. It's our meeting." He explained, looking at you with a serious expression on his face.
Bokuto reached for your hand, rubbing his thumb over your ring finger. "You are the Queen of this empire I built. Everything I know, you do too. I will never withhold information from you." He said, leaning down and pressing the sweetest kiss against your hand.
"Now let's wash that soap out and get my princess in bed," Bokuto added on quickly, not giving you the chance to reply to his earlier statement.
Bokuto scooped up some water, pouring it down the ends of your hair. He washed out the conditioner, playing with the silky ends of your hair before lifting you into his arms. He grabbed one of the hotel-issued towels and wrapped it around your wet body.
He carried you back into the bed and placed you on the edge of the bed. He grabbed another towel and lightly rubbed your body down, collecting any water from the bath. You did nothing but sit and look pretty. Bokuto treated you like an absolute queen; rubbing your lotion over your body, wiping the remaining of your makeup off, dressing you, and even brushing your hair.
He made sure your body was relaxed and calm, making sure not to overdo it. He barely let you move a muscle as he picked up the clothes on the floor. You just watched him work as a maid. He fixed the bed, put the clothes away, and fluffed your pillow before laying you against the bed.
He tucked your hair behind your ear, leaning down and pressing a kiss against your cheek. "Get some sleep, Darling. We have a big day tomorrow."
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sugardaddykenma · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
daichi sawamura ➝ abovethelaw
koushi sugawara ➝  mr bad bitch
asahi azumane ➝ 𝒶𝓈𝒶𝒽𝒾 𝒶𝓏𝓊𝓂𝒶𝓃𝑒
yuu nishinoya ➝ parkwhore
ryuunosuke tanaka ➝ trapgod420
tobio kageyama ➝ kageyama 🧃
shoyo hinata ➝ little giant stan
kei tsukishima ➝ 𝕥𝕤𝕦𝕜𝕚𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕞𝕒 𝕜. | 𝕗𝕦𝕔𝕜 𝕠𝕗𝕗
tadashi yamaguchi ➝ smokeseshshawty
ennoshita chikara  ➝ gaslightersanonymous
kiyoko shimizu ➝ kshimizu
hitoka yachi ➝ stream folklore💕
Tumblr media
tetsuro kuroo ➝  CEO Kuroo
morisuke yaku ➝  comrade yaku
kenma kozume ➝ applepi
lev haiba ➝ theslavic69
Tumblr media
tooru oikawa ➝  grandSXCking
hajime iwaizumi ➝ dopplsaySWOLE
issei matsukawa ➝ hung(ry)
takahiro hanamaki  ➝ urlocalplug
kyoutani kentarou➝ do not message me
akira kunimi ➝ lil ritalin
Tumblr media
koutarou bokuto ➝ AceOfYourServer
keiji akaashi ➝ kaashicereal
akinori konoha  ➝ jackofallbabes
Tumblr media
wakatoshi ushijima ➝ uwakatoshi
satori tendou ➝ satans sexy solider 
tsutomu goshiki  ➝ mommysboy (tendou made it and he has no clue you can change it)
shirabu kenjirou ➝  dr feel bad
Tumblr media
atsumu miya ➝ f4m0u5miya
osamu miya  ➝  bettermiya
rintarou suna  ➝ ꜱᴜɴᴀʀɪɴ
shinsuke kita ➝ KitaShinsuke🌿
Tumblr media
takanobu aone ➝ A(l)one
kenji futakuchi ➝ futacunti
kanji koganegawa  ➝   kogane :3
Tumblr media
yuuji terushima  ➝ kiyoko pls unblock me
sakusa kiyoomi ➝ Deleted User 8y28213
Tumblr media
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tteokdoroki · 5 months ago
bokuto who, when he catches one of his teammates looking at your panties, takes you to the nearest restroom and makes you cum in them.
he takes your soiled panties and leaves it in their locker so at least they have something to jack off to </3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bokuto knows everyone’s listening when you’re bent over the bathroom sinks— nasty boys probably got their ears pressed against the doors listening to him pound away at your ass so hard the slaps of your skin start echoing down the halls :(( !!
your face is wet with tears sink water as he pushes your head down, holding one of your arms to yank you back onto his cock— occasionally letting go of one to push your skirt up or grab the roots of your hair to fire you to look at how messy you are in the mirror !!!
and when bokuto’s creamed inside your sex and then again in your pretty panties— he smooths your skirt back down and kisses the base of your spine !! making you giggle and asking which teammate you wanna leave your panties for as they scramble away from the bathroom door!!! trying to commit your sweet moans to memory !!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tendousfingers · 6 months ago
! fpe, chubby girl thoughts , mentions of being chubby !
just a thought , but ..
fpe bokuto who loves to run his hands over your stretchmarks , feeling the ridges beneath the thick skin of his fingertips. you've always hated them, but bokuto has always loved them. he always thought that they were so pretty and unique, and they made you special, to him they show growth and change, and he likes that.
wide palms that splay over your belly when you're feeling the most insecure, he'll drop down to his knees and press a kiss right on the pudgiest part and tell you, "you're beautiful babe. don't be so hard on yourself."
and he's right because, while you're looking at pictures and posts by women who are much smaller than you, more petite and dainty, all bokuto can think about is how breathtakingly beautiful you are. how ethereal you look with your face scrunched up as he splits you wide open on his cock, round n chubby cheeks so soft and kissable. how you look when he presses your knees to your chest n squishes your tummy, coming down on you so heavily you feel as if you're becoming apart of the mattress.
bokuto who takes his sweet sweet time worship every inch of your body, every last fat roll, hip dip and curve, cause he'll never let you forget how much you drive him wild.
bokuto who has always been bigger and thicker than most guys, bokuto with stretch marks on his inner thighs and back, even near his armpits too. bokuto who can really take the time to appreciate your body, because he knows what it's like.
he will never take for granted the beauty and perfectness he finds within you, because bokuto koutarou is a real man, and he knows what it takes to love a big woman.
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