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romanifucker · 2 days ago
First kiss headcanons with Haikyuu!! boys
Tumblr media
wow two posts in one day who am i 😳
this was a request by @culpa-fate <3 tysm for the cute request! i hope you enjoy :)
cw: fluff, kissing, gn reader
characters: bokuto, osamu, kenma, oikawa
wc: 700ish
Tumblr media
Bokuto Kotaro
i feel like a first kiss with kotaro would be clumsy and awkward, but in the sweetest way
he would be so excited to kiss you that he would miss and only kiss your upper lip, probably clash teeth a little bit
you both pull back and look at each other for a second before breaking out into laughter
god if you could capture his face at that moment; flushed, wide-eyed, and practically oozing with adoration for you
he would insist that he needs more practice, so he’ll keep asking you to kiss him over and over
you can feel his smile against your lips as you kiss him again and again
he’s trying to play it off as being his usual goofy self, but you can feel his heart beating hard and fast under his chest
he will request a kiss before every game now (even practice matches) just ‘for luck’
in reality he just can’t get enough of you and wants to kiss you 24/7 (please let him)
Miya Osamu
a first kiss with osamu would be super romantic
the setting would be perfect, a nice picnic at sunset with food made by him
he would be the type to take it slow, bringing a hand up to your face and caressing your cheek before kissing you softly and sweetly
and then immediately ruining the mood by blowing a fat raspberry on your cheek
i’m just imagining the corners of his eyes crinkling as he smiles, watching you get after him for ruining the mood, but the smile on your face tells him you’re not really mad
he makes it up to you by kissing you on both cheeks, and then planting an overly dramatic ‘mwah’ on your lips
he didn’t think he could fall in love any more than he already had, but when he sees your blushing and smiling face he knows he’s wrong 🥺
mom help i think i fell in love with a block of text 😭
Kozume Kenma
a first kiss with kenma would be hesitant and shy at first, he doesn’t know where to put his hands or how long he should kiss you
his whole face would be red, averting eye contact but still refusing to let go of your hands
he finally lifts his head to look at your face and oh no you’re so pretty and cute and perfect aaaaand he’s blushing again
but he slowly gets the hang of things and kisses you again more properly and confident this time, putting his hands around your waist
run your fingers through his hair while you’re smooching and he will melt 😩
big fan of body kisses; shoulders, hands, foreheads, you name it
he will ask for a kiss in nonverbal ways, like hugging you from behind and draping himself over you
if he’s playing a game and beat a level/boss, he’ll just turn and look at you, asking silently for a reward
please give it to him 🥺
Oikawa Tooru
a first kiss with tooru would be intimate and tender, but not too serious
he would try to make it as perfect as possible, creating a romantic atmosphere and making sure you’re alone
caressing your face with one hand and the other holding yours, he leans in slowly…
only to be interrupted by his phone ringing, the one thing he forgot to address in his master plan 😭
poor guy would probably be so embarrassed, just laugh it off and tell him it’s okay and he’ll fall in love with you even more
you can practically feel the smile on his lips when you kiss him for the first time, he can’t help himself from smiling because he is completely smitten 🥰
immediately pulls you in for a hug, squishing your face against his chest so you can’t see how red his face is
later he’ll fuss at iwaizumi for calling him (to which he responds “you shoulda just muted your phone dumbass how is that my fault”)
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skellyjingles · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Click for captions
Just another HQ doodle dump!
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incorrectkuroken · a day ago
Kenma, looking at one of Kuroo's selfies: I hate this photo.
Kuroo: I’m cute as fuck in that photo! I’m smiling kindly.
Kenma: You’re not smiling kindly; you look like you’re up to something.
Kuroo: Up to kindness.
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reverie-starlight · 2 days ago
{streaming with kenma thoughts}
this is literally just a bunch of plot points for myself for a full one shot I want to write using some of these details later. but i’m super busy rn and don’t have time to write the full thing, so this is just so i don’t forget anything!! but i thought i’d share them with you :)
major time skip spoilers! idk if I still need to add a spoiler warning at this point but I will just in case
you, kenma and kuroo have all been friends since you were kids, but you and kenma were the same age (and you were nekoma’s team manager at his request)
you started dating in university after years of pining and lots of teasing from kuroo
obviously when kenma said he wanted to start streaming, you were supportive. it was something he really loved after all, so you knew he’d work hard
and work hard he did
it made you so proud to see what he had accomplished and how far he’d come from when you were kids
and like, that’s a lot of stuff- you were dating a YouTuber, stock trader and the CEO of Bouncing Ball Ltd (his own company)
all of that and he was still in college
like kenma how do you do it 😐
and he always supported you, too, obviously- you never had to doubt that
you didn’t normally love being in his videos or on his streams, but sometimes you would make an appearance at either his request or his viewers’ 
your presence was especially appreciated on streams where he played horror games
you guys just got so into it and the commentary was hilarious
and the yelling and purposefully scaring each other, too
“what are you doing?!” “what do you mean, I’m running away!” “yeah and leaving me behind, why am I the sacrifice for this monster?!”
no major pda on stream or in videos, but everyone can tell you’re head over heels for each other
whenever kuroo joins in he makes sure to point it out when you lean into kenma a bit more
kenma will either remove him from the call or flick his arm when that happens
one time you were on a work trip or something and you had to be away from him for a bit
so you kept up with everything he did of course, cause you missed him
kuroo helped you surprise him a day earlier than you told kenma you’d be back
so when he’s streaming that day he takes a water break and leaves the stream running
so everyone sees you rushing into the room to sit in his chair
when he comes back he’s surprised but he’s very happy and he gives you he biggest hug, which is like??? the most amount of affection he’s ever shown online
kuroo’s kinda just there
but all in all streaming with kenma is never a dull moment
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hoperenae · 2 days ago
Chapter 12: The lonely bro
SYNOPSIS: You’ve been close friends with Kenma and Kuroo for years. You grew up in the same neighborhood as them until you moved away a few years ago. You could count on them to be there for you through anything, so when you break up with your boyfriend and seek their comfort, they are right there to dry your tears (via texting, but still). But what happens when one of them develops romantic feelings for you? Is the trio in jeopardy?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
+ This is a week after the previous part
+ Kenma purposely hasn't started a conversation in the group chat bc he wanted to see if his prediction about Kuroo and y/n breaking up the trio would come true
+ Writing angry Kenma makes me sad. We don't like to see friends fight :(
TAGLIST: @celcero @sugaslilsugabby @soudahearts @marveloussupernerd
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lou-struck · 6 hours ago
Kenma Kozume x Reader
~ Carnival games pull you in with big prizes without yielding many results. Kenma is aware of this but your optimism can get you in trouble.
This is yet another part of my 300 followers event which you could find HERE.
Tumblr media
Your city's annual festival has come at last and you are more than excited to drag your boyfriend out of the house to be your date for all the festivities. Normally he would’ve objected to walking around in the hot sun surrounded by thousands of smelly people but the minute he saw the pleading look in your eyes you knew he wasn't able to reject your invitation. Especially after you promised to buy him an Apple Pie Funnel Cake at one of the booths.
So here you are walking around the fairgrounds eating your funnel cakes trying to decide what to do next. 
Suddenly you see something big and fluffy out of the corner of your eye. Turning your head to get a better look you see the biggest stuffed bear you have ever seen in your life. Its big eyes track you as you walk past, begging you to take him home with you,
“Ken ken,” you say tugging on his sleeve and stopping him in his tracks.
“What is it?”
“Look at that big boy,” you say pointing to the bear with literal hearts in your eyes. “We have to take him home with us.”
“Y/n,” he sighs looking at the adorable mountain of fur that has seduced you with its pretty red bow and stitched smile. “That won't fit in our car and those games are always rigged.” “I’ll make it fit, Ken Ken.” you plead, looking into his golden eyes ignoring his warning about the integrity of the carnival game in favor of the prize.
“Fine, but you'll have to carry it.” he relents pulling out his wallet and heading towards the booth. 
The bright colors of the balloon darts are a straight contrast to the operator. His dark smile and candy-striped waistcoat make you feel uneasy as you approach. 
“Well hello there little lady, want to try ur luck at the balloon darts?” he coos using his wooden cane to bat at the dangling prizes above his head. 
“Yeah, I think I wanna try it out.” you chirp as your boyfriend hands you some money for your first attempt at balloon darts. 
“Wonderful, well all ya have ta do is hit three of them little balloons with these darts to win a prize.”
“Even that one? you say pointing up at the bear that enticed you to the stand.
His gaze follows your finger over to the plushie “Oh you mean Honey Pot? Well, he and I have been together for a while. But if you can pop a balloon with each dart then he’s all yours.”
“ Really! Do you mean that?“ You say happily moving over to the starting platform where a plate of darts sits. All the while Kenma stands back and carefully analyzes the booth with a cat-like gaze that sends shivers down the vendor's spine.
“Whatta bout you, young man, ya gonna give it a shot?” the man says, can I respond with a nonchalant sugar his shoulders turning attention back to you.
You pick up the first dart feeling the cool metal between your fingertips as you throw it towards a balloon. Whether it be skill or luck, somehow you manage to strike a low-hanging blue one and a bit of glitter comes out and sprinkles down to the pavement as you smile to yourself.
“Good throw, just a few more, and Honey Pot up there is all yours” the man cheers.
 Feeling confident you throw another dart, It nails a smaller green balloon as glitter rains down again. “One more,” you murmur clenching your fist. 
Picking up the last dart you take a deep breath in, as you exhale and release the dart simultaneously. It seems to be traveling in slow motion heading towards a small pink balloon in the center of the board
The dart strikes the center of the balloon but bounces off. It falls to the ground clanging against the pavement.
“Oh you were so close too!” the man tsks jutting out his bottom lip
“I hit the balloon… but it didn't pop, you had to have seen it,” you say pointing at the dart.
“Sorry, you’ve gotta pop the balloons to win the prize, wanna go again? He smiles holding out his hand.
Just as you are about to fork over more money Kenma finally makes his presence known. He gently grabs hold of your wrist and looks at you.
“I'll go this turn, you'll get your bear,” he murmurs into your ear taking his money from your hand. “I’ll play this time,” he says giving the money to the man and stepping up to the booth.
He carefully picks up the replaced metal darts and examines it carefully. “I’m ready,” he says staring at the man with an unblinking gaze.
Without a word, he picks up the first dart and carelessly tosses it to the floor. You look on in shock as he does the same thing with the other two.
“Oops, would you look at that I guess I lost” 
“Ken, what was that for?” you ask gently reaching out to touch his shoulder. Your fingers grip his sleeve. Tugging him around you see a smirk has twisted over his features that has the booth operator shaking in his leather shoes. 
His features soften when his eyes meet your own “Could you go and get us some drinks?” Kenma says before stepping towards the man with the smirk fully returned to his face “I’ll just be a minute.”
With a nod, you awkwardly step away from the booth wondering what in the hell just happened. 
Kenma watches as you walk away. Once he is sure you are out of sight he turns his attention back to the con man in front of him.
“ you know just as well as I do that she would’ve won that prize.” 
Bees of sweat drip down the man’s forehead “I-I don’t know what you mean.”
“Yes you do, well she may not call you out on it but I will. You dulled the darts and the balloons in the center are elastic not rubber. No matter how many darts hit them they will not pop.” Kenna’s calm intensity turns into something more predatory.
The man nervously looks around, “hey, shuttup. If people hear you they’ll shut me down.”
“Give me the bear and I will.” you boyfriend barters.
A few minutes pass as you head back to the booth drinks in hand seeing Kenma lean up against a wooden sign.
“Hey Ken ken, I got the drinks,” you say as he turns his head and greets you with that soft smile of his.
“And I got you this..” he says pushing aside the wooden sign to reveal the large stuffed bear you tried to get earlier.
Your eyes widen in shock“You won the game?” 
“Not exactly, I just had a nice talk with the man, and after we were done,”
“I seriously doubt that,”
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reineydraws · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
akaashi is so tired
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tamoru · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
oneshot doodle compilation
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luvbub · 4 months ago
Oh I've just read the "Surprising your long distance boyfriend" and I love it so much! Can you do the same for Hinata, Kenma and Suna. It's okay if you don't want to and just ignore my ask. Love u! ❤👉👈
surprising your long distance boyfriend - part two
feat. Hinata, Kenma, Suna
part one
Tumblr media
“I miss Y/n” Hinata sighs, slumped over on the restaurant table. He and his teammates had gone out for dinner, but his mind was only on you and how long it’s been since he’s last seen you.
“Yes okay we get it Sho, you miss your s/o, let’s talk about something else now” Atsumu rolls his eyes, clearly sick of how much he’s heard his teammate complain about missing you. But he had a point, so Hinata did his best to shake off his longing for you.
The boys continued to chatter as the waiter came by with their plates, with Hinata being the most rapt by their talks. And as the waiter left, Bokuto couldn’t help but burst out into laughter.
“Hmm? What happened?” Hinata asks, taking a bite of his food.
“No, no it’s nothing” Bokuto wheezes, sharing a knowing grin with both Atsumu and Sakusa.
Hinata thought nothing of this- as far as he knew, this wasn’t far from their normal behavior. And so dinner continued like normal for the four. It wasn’t until Atsumu called the waiter over, asking if they could refill all of their waters.
And as Hinata picks up his cup to hand over to the waiter, he finally glances up, his gaze casually trailing to the waiter. His eyes widen, the empty cup slipping out of his hands.
Because why on earth were you standing there, refilling his teammates’ cups. Still in shock, Hinata hurriedly stands from his seat to rush over to you, embracing you in his arms.
“Please tell me you just showed up now, and that you weren’t our waiter this entire time” Hinata murmurs, moving his hands up to cup your face.
“Will lying make you feel better Sho? If so then yes, I definitely showed up now. And I most definitely was not the one who brought out your food” you chuckle, placing your own hands on top of his.
Hinata had no way to hide the flustered look on his face. He was just going on about how much he missed you, and for him not to notice you was quite embarrassing.
But honestly, he couldn’t care less if he looked liked a fool in front of others. You were the only one on his mind now.
Just kidding he feels bad for not noticing you earlier.
When Kenma returned to his stream from his bathroom break, he was greeted by a large box in his stream room.
“Oh yeah, while you were gone a delivery man came and dropped this off. I think unboxing it would make for great content” Kuroo says, lounging on his chair like it was nothing.
Kenma shrugs to himself and takes out a little pocket knife, ready to open the box.
“I- OKAY we don’t need to use sharp objects on a box that says fragile on it, now do we? Look, you can just peel the tape off. So let me just...” Kuroo says, quickly taking away the knife from his best friend.
“You see that chat? I’m a grown adult and I’m still being treated like a child” Kenma rolls his eyes. But he complies with Kuroo’s wishes, peeling the tape off the top of the box. And when he does open the top flap, he sees you balled up inside the box, looking back up at him.
“I’m so glad you didn’t use the knife to open the box,” you joke, waiting for some sort of reaction from your boyfriend. Kenma goes speechless, reaching out a hand to help you stand up. And when you do, he pulls you in for a hug, still in disbelief.
“I- when did, how, I... oh my god” he sputters out, his embrace tightening ever so slightly. You were here. Right in front of him. He honestly didn’t know what to think, but he still held onto you tight. Part of him thinks that this is some sort of prank and that when he lets go of you, he’ll discover that it actually isn’t you.
But he eventually does scoot back to look at you, confirming his sights.
“Kuroo helped me plan this” you explain, and when the two of you turn to Kuroo, he gives two thumbs up.
“Yes I did and you’re welcome. But I kindly ask that you save the PDA for when I leave please” Kuroo awkwardly chuckles.
Unfortunately for him, Kenma refuses to break contact with you- even going as far as having you sit on his lap for the rest of his stream. He still needs to have you so close to remind him that you’re actually here.
Suna’s days are more or less the same. They’re not necessarily bad- he surely is enjoying his life, but he’s just living day to day. And today is no exception as he trails along with his friends towards a restaurant for dinner.
He nods along to the conversation about how this restaurant is seemingly all the rave these days. Suna even mentions how he heard getting a 30 minute wait is considered lucky.
But suddenly, Suna stumbles forward a bit when a passerby bumps into him from behind.
“Ugh, can you watch where you’re going” they sneer at him.
“I didn’t even-” Suna starts to retort but he pauses midway. There was familiarity in that voice. His hand quickly reaches out to grab the stranger’s arm, his thoughts scrambled as he surely hopes that his intuition is right. And when you turn to face your boyfriend, a grin adorning your face, you watch as his eyes widen ever so slightly.
In one clean swoop, Suna has your wrapped into his arms amongst the cheers of his friends. He buries his face into the crook of your neck, silent as ever. Lingering around are his friends, and after taking an abundance of videos and pictures, they continue their walk, leaving you and your boyfriend in each other’s embrace.
“Hey Y/n, we’re gonna head to the restaurant first to grab a table, we’ll meet you two there. Suna knows where it is” Osamu says.
As they walk away, you notice how Suna still hasn't lifted his face or moved from his spot.
“We should probably catch up with the rest of them” you murmur, but you feel Suna shake his head.
“Rin, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, can I at least see your face?” you chuckle.
And like that, Suna slowly lifts his head, a small smile forms the moment he locks eyes with you.
“C’mon, let’s go to-”
“It has been so long,” Suna interrupts you, earning a cute pout from you, “So I am kindly asking that I get to have a little bit of alone time with you right now. Please.”
And so the two of you stay on the sidewalk for a bit, simply enjoying each other’s presence. Suna’s days may be more or less the same, but on ones where you’re with him, they become his best days.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
your honor, it’s them!!!!!!!!
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koutawoo · 26 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
haikyuu!! 10th anniversary ☆ our loves in 2022!
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zohanimenthusiast · 5 months ago
New Haikyuu illustrations from the Haikyuu x Right On collab!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(I reblogged this with Kita and Konoha because I couldn't fit all 12)
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sukunababy · 10 months ago
Hi Mars i know you don't typically write for Haikyu but I wanted to ask you if you could do a nsfw visual with just your favourite characters. If you don't want to it doesn't matter thank you anyway
Tumblr media
Haikyū!! NSFT Visual
Part 2 / Part 3
Tumblr media
DAICHI SAWAMURA: link link link link link link
ASAHI AZUMANE: link link link link
SHŌYŌ HINATA: link link
TOBIO KAGEYAMA: link link link link link
KEISHIN UKAI: link link link link link link
Tumblr media
TETSURŌ KUROO: link link link link link link link link
KENMA KOZUME: link link link link link
ALISA HAIBA kinda hot so I add her in too: link link link
Tumblr media
TŌRU OIKAWA: link link link link link link link link link
HAJIME IWAIZUMI: link link link link link link
Tumblr media
KŌTARŌ BOKUTO: link link link link link link
KEIJI AKAASHI: link link link link
Tumblr media
WAKATOSHI USHIJIMA: link link link link link link link
EITA SEMI: link link
Tumblr media
RINTARŌ SUNA: link link link link
ATSUMU MIYA: link link link
OSAMU MIYA: link link link
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incorrectkuroken · 2 days ago
Kenma, from behind his locked door, so no one can open it and bother him: State your name, rank, and intention.
Kuroo: Kuroo, Kuro, fun.
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whitlingerdoodles · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
happy belated birthday kenma, loved your glow up!
(follow me on twitter)
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froagie · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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magicmooshka · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
haikyuu boys at karaoke but they’re singing MONTERO
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wuyus · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
when setters do The Thing
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luvbub · 4 months ago
when their relationship gets revealed
feat. Kenma, Oikawa, Suna
Tumblr media
Kenma kept his life as private as he could. While you didn’t particularly care one way or the other about being known as Kenma’s s/o, he wanted to keep some aspects of his life to himself.
Tonight, Kenma was exhausted as he was ending a particularly long stream. He set down his headphones, burying his face into his hands. Out of frame, you saw just how tired he was and thought about ways you could help him unwind.
When Kenma lifted his head up again, he looked straight at you, beckoning you towards him. You tentatively walk towards his desk, pointing at his computer- he was still streaming.
“It’s fine” Kenma replies before muting his mic. You walk to your boyfriend and into the view of the camera. But because you were standing, his audience would only be able to see your neck down.
Kenma wraps his arms around you, pulling you close so he could rest his head against your stomach. You chuckle, resting your own hands on top of his head as you play with his hair.
“You shouldn’t stream for so long, you know” you hum, glancing over at his stream. The chat was going absolutely insane.
I knew kenma HAD to be dating someone
okay but why are their hands kinda......
You wave to the camera, allowing his audience to grow even more excited at your presence. Lowering your hands to cup Kenma’s cheeks, you lift his face so he’s looking up at you.
“Looks like your fans found out” you chuckle, watching as Kenma’s tired expression brighten up.
“Eh, it was going to happen eventually. I just thought it would be better to slowly ease you in, yknow?” he shrugs. He removes one of your hands from his cheek, watching carefully as you raise an eyebrow at him. And without even breaking eye contact with you, he kisses the back of your hand before turning off his stream.
Honestly, Kenma was glad your face was cut off from the camera view- your flustered expression was one he wanted no on else to see.
Oikawa knew one of his ‘so called friends’ was an absolute rat. The infamous setter was careful with what he would share to his general fans- so of course he had two accounts. One was his public one, curated to build up a favorable impression to his fans and the general public. He posted scenic photos wherever he was at, fun clips from practice, and the occasional selfie.
His private one, on the other hand, was probably the closest thing to his personal journal. Nights out with friends, adoration towards his family members, and of course you. Lots and lots of photos of you.
So when a particular set of photos he had recently posted on his private account found their way onto the trending tab, Oikawa was both furious and worried. There wasn’t anything wrong with the pictures, it was just a photo set of you grinning, holding up a cute birthday cake.
One of his friends had leaked those photos. And for what reason? What did they have against the two of you to put your relationship into the spotlight like this? Oikawa was betrayed- but first and foremost he had to make sure you were alright.
He walked into the bedroom to find you scrolling on your phone- and sure enough you were reading all of the tweets about you.
“Y/n, I’m so sorry about what happened. I never wanted you to have to go public and I’ll find a way to fix this!” he pleads, taking a seat next to you on the bed.
You raise an eyebrow at him for a second before resting your head on his shoulder.
“..It’s fine. I mean I was caught off guard at first but honestly, we go out so often- it was bound to be revealed. Plus, your fans are saying super sweet things about me!” you show Oikawa some tweets from his own fans. They clamored on about how adorable you were and how they weren't sure if they were jealous of you or Oikawa.
“Still! Someone I know decided to leak these photos to the public! I’m lucky things went well, but I can’t forgive the person who decided to expose our relationship like that” he shakes his head, truly frustrated at the whole ordeal. Just who was it that betrayed him like this?
You took a deep breath, wondering what would be the best way to tell him.
“Tooru....no one leaked it. You’re the one who accidentally posted it to your public account...”
When pictures started popping up on the internet of Suna with his arms wrapped around someone, sports fans went wild with wondering who this person was. The pose was ambiguous- no one could tell whether or not this was a casual acquaintance or Suna’s potential lover.
So when the EJP Raijin game ended, reporters flocked to Suna’s side.
“Suna, great game tonight- was there anyone in particular you were trying especially hard for?” one reporter asks, beating around the bush.
“Yes, I was playing for my team. They really wanted to win.” Suna answers with his usual deadpan expression.
“What about the leaked photos of you embracing another person? Who were they and are the two of you dating?” another reporter cuts straight to the point.
“I literally have no idea what you’re talking about” Suna shrugs, much to the dismay of the journalists. They were absolutely positive that Suna was trying to hide something from them. 
At that moment, you manage to squeeze through the crowd, making your way to Suna’s side, handing him a water bottle.
“Here you go Rin!” you grin at him. You look around, slightly confused at the crowd who were all staring at you with recognition in their eyes.
And for the first time, reporters and journalists alike see Suna’s lips curl up into a smile at the sight of you. He leans down, pressing a kiss to your cheek.
“Thanks babe” he says, wrapping one arm around your shoulder before turning away and walking off with you. The reporters start clamoring about, fumbling over their words, trying to confirm your identity and relationship to Suna. But you and Suna continued walking ahead, effectively ignoring them.
“Suna is that your s/o?” one journalist yells loudly above the rest.
Suna stops in his tracks, and before he turns back around to the reporters, you hear him let out a small chuckle. The eager reporter looks wide eyed at Suna, watching as the volleyball player glances back and forth between you and the crowd.
“I have absolutely no idea who this person is,” Suna answers before turning back to you, “okay let’s go home babe”. The two of you walked off, unbothered.
Reporters stopped bothering Suna after games. And honestly, Suna wasn’t even trying to hide the relationship in the first place- nor was he even aware there were pictures of the two of you together in the first place.
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lizethdraws · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
genderfluid kenma for the win
original quote from @haikyuu-incorrectquotes
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