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#kozume kenma
kirakirasaku · 2 days ago
A fastfood date with Kuroo and Kenma gone wrong... 🤦🏻‍♀️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
for both @paradise-creator’s “More Than Two Hearts” and @xmyshya’s “Three” collabs; the second pic’s based on this official illustration for a tie-up.
Tumblr media
Likes are okay, reblogs are better, reposts and plagiarism stuff are frowned upon 🥰
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teddy-draws · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
To Face The Sun.
Boy, sometimes a piece just goes RIGHT. I wasn’t fully confident in myself to pull this off but the idea was so stuck in my head that I had to at least give it a try and I’m so, so glad I did- this is the proudest I’ve been of my art in a long time. Hinata Shouyou: meaning to fly, to soar, to head towards the sun ☀️
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thighridingsamu · a day ago
HEYHEY MY SWEET BOY <333 congratulations on ur milestone baby im so happy for u!!! AND IM EXCITED FOR THIS REQ now feel absolutely free to disregard it or lmk if u want me to change it since it's a little different but ,,, i was thinking ab reader's first time w ennoken? could be first time in general or first time w them as a couple, but i think ab ur ennoken drabble on the daily so i thought it'd be fun!! however i know it's a lil different since its poly so lmk and ill send in something else <33
hq characters and your first time together
kozume kenma x gn!reader x ennoshita chikara | pt.1, pt.2, pt.3, pt.4, milestone event, ennoken drabble |
content warnings: polyamory, dominant kenma (obv), submissive reader and ennoshita, reader gets called sweetheart and baby, ennoshita gets called good boy (bc he is :p), kenma gets called sir, tease!kenma, bit of service dom!ken, pure self indulgence <3 also the smut is brief but in my humble opinion this is hot asf lololol
word count: ~1k
a/n: AAAHHHHH. AETHER. A E T H E R. i'm sorry to others that requested but this has to be my favorite. it just... ENNOKEN SUPREMACY!!!! FUCK YEAH!!! holy fuck. okay. i pour my feelings into writing this. it's a tad different from the other parts but that's alright. as always: these are just my perception of the characters. these were made with the idea that the character and the reader have had previous sexual experience. the event is closed but mutuals are welcome to continue to send in requests!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The three of you are in a place where the stares don't matter. The conversations behind your backs have stopped reaching your ears. You're in a place where you and Kenma are comfortable to head on over to Ennoshita's office and steal him away for lunch. You and Ennoshita could care less if you're spotted in the background on Kenma's stream kissing, only to lay one on the star of the show later on. You three feel secure and happy.
So why was this so awkward? As you sit on the bed with the two men across from you, your cheeks burn.
"Sweetheart?" It's Kenma's voice that breaks the silence, shifting yours and Chikara's gaze upon him. You spot Chikara's hand in Kenma's and you scoot closer, opting to grab Ken's free hand. "Why so nervous, my loves? Weren't you two the ones that came up to me, all sweet and precious... asking to be-"
"Ken." You're surprised at your whine and shift, squeezing his hand in hopes it makes the butterflies dissipate. It doesn't.
"It's just.. we, or I, don't want to give you two any reason to leave."
Kenma looks at Chikara with a raised brow, lips upturned in a mocking way, but you both know he doesn't mean it in the way it comes off. At least not exactly. "That's-"
"No, 'cause, that's exactly it. What if the sex isn't good?!"
"Well first of all," you pout when the hand in yours leaves, eyes widening when the same cold fingers tilt your head up and squeeze your cheeks together, "I'm gonna need you to stop interrupting me, baby."
You and Chikara simultaneously take in a sharp breath. The three of you have known that this would be the way it went, Kenma having the 'power' in bed. His passive nature everywhere else made this authority oh so enticing. He's the one calling the shots, the one that will inevitably be allowing you to-
"Yes, sir."
His smile makes your tummy flip. "Knew my good baby was still in there." Kenma leaves a light kiss to your forehead and drops his hand back into yours. You watch as he tugs you and Chikara in, pressing you two into both of his sides. "Now, I want you to listen and I want you to listen well. The sex won't be bad, ya fuckin' dorks."
He scoffs at the huff you two let out in unison at the name calling. He notices your eyes are directed at his hand and flicks a finger up, grabbing your attention. You pout at the soft look in his eyes, body warm as you watch him give the same look to your other partner.
"But, I want you two to let me know if something isn't okay. I want you to be honest, safe, and comfortable. I want you to feel good. If we don't find our rhythm," he lowers his voice, "which I doubt because God my babies are to die for," you and Chikara roll your eyes, "I don't mind taking all the time we need."
Despite his advantage in height, Chikara looks small. He feels small. His eyes are glossed as he looks towards you and Kenma. And even if he has a playful smile on his face, his chest heaves with his breathing, uneven in excitement, arousal, anticipation. In his mind there's nowhere else he would rather be.
"I don't either," Chikara whispers, cheeks red. The kind of red you want him to be, flushed as the gears in his head are slowing. He's letting go of the control he feels he has to have.
They give you a look, Kenma's smirk soft and Chikara's eyes wide. You feel your cheeks burn hotter. You're lucky to have partners that care about you, that are willing to go above and beyond for you.
"I 'spose I have to say I don't either?" Your words are breathy and said with a smile, and you're leaning in to give Chikara a kiss. "I don't either. I love you both so much."
Kenma groans and removes his hand from yours once again, adjusting the crotch of his pants. You and Chikara give him a shared look, lips curled in feigned disgust. Now it's Kenma's turn to blush wildly, brows furrowed as he turns away and mumbles his defense, saying how hot the both of you are.
You're gasping as Chikara moves under you, hitting a spot so sweet that it makes your head fuzzy. What grounds you is Kenma's lips traveling up your spine, sucking and biting in a few spots.
Each other's names are being moaned and breathed, it's mesmerizing. It's dizzying.
Your focus shifts when you hear an especially loud moan of your name. You look down and see Chikara's face twisted up in pleasure, brows knitted tightly. His fingers dig into your hips and you throw your head back. Kenma takes the opportunity to nip at your neck, smiling against the skin when he sees Chikara's face. With a strong but gentle hand you're pushed down, chest-to-chest with the man under you.
You do what Kenma wants without further instruction, attaching your lips to his jaw as Ken begins to leave hickey.
"C'mon, Chikara. You can cum for our baby, right? They feel so good around you, you just can't take it, huh?" His words make even you whimper, though not directed at you. "Be a good boy, cum for us. You deserve it, baby."
You're overtaken by a warmth as Chikara lets out a broken moan of thanks, your orgasm coming quickly as he releases. You're moaning and panting, clinging to your boyfriend as he does the same. Kenma feels pride as he watches you two. His whispered praise makes the feeling better, as do his cool hands against your bodies.
"Good job, loves. Did so good for, sir," he hums quietly, leaving soft kisses on the both of you. "But you told me three. That was only two."
Tumblr media
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incorrectkuroken · a day ago
Kuroo, having an insecure moment: You know you can live without me, right? You don't have to stick around if you don't want to.
Kenma: Of course I can live without you. I just don't want to.
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9kenma · 18 hours ago
inconsequential intervals ; you and kenma keep busy by missing each other
Tumblr media
It’s late, you think, as you enter the room. Even so, you’re not surprised to find it empty.
You know the logical thing to do is go straight to sleep; you have an early day tomorrow. You also know the appropriate thing to do — ask Kenma to come to bed. He gets so engrossed in his work that he needs to be reminded to take care of himself.
Neither of the two options is more appealing than the other. 
You go through the motions: wash your face, brush your teeth, and finally tiptoe across the hall to his gaming room. You knock once, twice.
“I’ll be finished soon,” he calls back distractedly.
“Okay,” you say to the door, and tiptoe back into your room. Swathed under the covers, it doesn’t take you long to fall into dreamland. Your last conscious thought before you drift off is that you could’ve tried harder to get Kenma next to you.
After all, a long time has passed since you two have spoken face to face. 
But you’re accustomed to how Kenma functions, and it’s been many years now that you’ve fallen asleep alone, anyway.
By the time Kenma finishes his stream, the sun is just about to come up. 
He can tell by the way the air has settled and gathered. It’s a weight bunched like a blanket around his shoulders that won’t dissipate even as he stands and stretches.
A glance at the clock confirms his hypothesis. In an hour or two you’ll be getting ready for work.
For a second Kenma debates staying up to send you off to work, and as he changes out of hypebeast apparel into comfier pajamas he practically commits to the idea. The two of you haven’t talked all week, it feels like, save for the two seconds worth of interaction when you knocked on his door. That was what, a couple of hours ago?
The more he thinks about it, the more it renders him incredulous, because the two of you live under the same roof. How is it possible that you’ve not had one conversation? He’s been talking with Kuroo pretty consistently. He’s even had more conversations with Lev than with you this week, for goodness’ sake, which he can’t fathom. 
He hasn’t actually heard you speak in a really long time, Kenma realizes.
The possibility that the stasis between you two might be intentional carves a path through Kenma’s mind and into his chest, where it steeps like poison. That has to be it. You’re mad at him, and you’re punishing him with your silence. 
To say that Kenma has amassed a number of gaming tricks and techniques by now is an understatement, but when it comes to you he’s still the clueless kid with a helpless crush on the neighborhood sweetheart. He sinks back into plush chair, gut churning with unpleasantries.
Another long day, another late night. Another episode of placing your dinner bill on the company tab, dozing off during the taxi ride home, kicking your shoes off once you enter the safety of your home.
Home is such a funny word. The luxurious apartment that you’re living in is definitely a “home”, but despite all your efforts — a bouquet of dying flowers here, a crookedly hung painting there — it still doesn’t feel very much like yours. You don’t recognize yourself in the tall, floor length mirror though you helped pick it out, nor do you see yourself in the reflection peering up at you that’s attributed to the smooth mahogany coffee table. 
You know you’re lucky. And it’s not that you’re ungrateful to be living here. It’s just that you’re out of your element here: a fish out of water, a stranger in no man’s land. In the morning you wake up and half-expect someone to materialize in the ceiling, telling you that you’ve taken over the wrong timeline. Somehow you believe that — that you’ve accidentally slipped into someone else’s shoes, that the life you are leading isn’t truly yours.
The comfort you associate with home has never come from a place, but from a person. You don’t know since when that feeling has started to fade. You don’t know how to get it back.
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fr0st-km · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
S/o gender? Gender neutral
Warnings? None
Summary? Them with an s/o who is a gadget addict and has similar traits to a cat.
Tumblr media
- Oh lord, we have an introvert AND an extrovert together as a couple??? NICE!
- You two are known as the phone addict couple! /hj
- Cater tries to get you out from your room but always fails! Though, if he DOES manage to, you’ll still be on your phone. It’s okay as long as your beside him <3
- You lay down here and there and even on the floor! Cater picks you up most of the time to get your reaction but no matter what he does, he still gets your stoic face that is always staring at your phone.
- Though, even if you’re a shut-in, you’re very smart and flexible. You also have very quick reflexes!
- Cater takes lots, and I mean LOTS of pictures of you. He thinks that you’re absolutely adorable!!
- He shows you off in MagiCam and let’s just say that a bunch of people is jealous of him- I mean,, who wouldn’t?? His S/o is the most adorable person in the world!
Cater: “( Y/N )! ( Y/N )! Look! You’re trending on MagiCam!”
( Y/N ): “. . .Cater why, you know how much I hate being in the spotlight.”
Cater: “Haha, you’re so cute that’s why!”
Tumblr media
- Hoho another introvert whom rarely goes outside and is always on their phone and an extrovert whom is naïve as fuck and is a sunshine baby? INTERESTING.
- Kalim drags you here and there and everywhere! ( except the toilet and that’s your only way to escape but you always fail ).
- Kalim give your s/o a rest please- they want to finish the game they’re playing ffs 🤦
- You and Jamil are both so done-
- But hey, at least he bought a new PC set for you! He loves it when your eyes sparkle in happiness since he knows how much you love gaming!
- Kalim absolutely loves it when he sees you shift your face into (ミⓛᆽⓛミ) whenever you’re shocked! He thinks it’s adorable!
Kalim: “( Y/N )! Let’s go to—”
( Y/N ): “Absolutely not.”
Kalim: “But I haven’t said anything about my plans yet—”
( Y/N ): “NO.”
Tumblr media
- Potato, why are you always on your phone? It’ll hurt your eyes, no?
- Haha, Vil, how bold of you to assume that you can separate your s/o from their gadget.
- Even if Vil hides your gadgets, you’ll still find them!! Smh. . .
- He’s amused at how flexible you are and how you have very quick instincts. You’re quite the fast potato, aren’t you?
- He might as well drag you out of your room to get sunlight which you let out a hiss at how bright it is-
- Vil sometimes watches you play your games and ask what they’re about and what makes it so fun to play.
- Similar to Cater, he posts you on MagiCam but not too much. He made a whole-ass album filled with pictures of you tho
- Thanks to him, you’re smh a celebrity in MagiCam even though you did nothing but just stare at your phone all day-
Vil: “Potato, can you smile for me? I’d like to take pictures of you.”
( Y/N ): “Yeah…No thanks. Not interested.”
Vil: *snatches ( Y/N )’s phone* I’ll give this to you back if you smile for me.”
( Y/N ), muttering: “. . .fuck you.”
Tumblr media
- omg. . .
- He fell in love with you because:
1. You’re quiet.
2. You’re an aloof person.
3. You love playing games.
4. You spend most of your time playing games.
5. Refer back to reason no. 1
6. You prefer to stay in your room.
7. You—
- Now YOU’RE his s/o??? HELP??? He fainted when you accepted his feelings during your gaming night w/ him???
- He’s so shy around you AAAAAAAAAA BABY
- Sit on his lap nonchalantly while playing games on your phone, his face will flush pink and his hair will start getting hotter with the tip of his hair turning pink.
“P-P-Player two?!” Idia exclaims whilst being in a stuttering mess.
You glanced over your shoulder and tilted your head, “. . .What? Is there something wrong, Idia?” You asked.
Idia gulped and covered his mouth with the sleeve of his hoodie, refraining you from seeing his grin and blush “N-Nothing. . .”
- Ortho is so glad to see someone like you become Idia’s partner! Dump Idia and Ortho will make your life hell <3
- Okay,, kiss Idia on the nose, please. He LOVES IT and gets embarrassed when you do it.
- He lets you borrow his large-ass hoodie just so that he can see your fingers get covered by the sleeves <33 he thinks that you’re so cute!!
Idia: “I got chosen by an SSR character. . .!!! C-Calm down, Idia. . .NO! I-I CAN’T CALM DOWN! ( Y/N ) HAS MAX CUTENESS, MAX GAMING SKILLS, MAX SMARTS, AND MAX—”
( Y/N ): “Thanks. I appreciate your compliments.”
Idia: *Screams like a high school girl*
Tumblr media
Reblogs really help <3
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wrenrogue · 2 days ago
Kenma having entire face journeys while playing video games and one time Kuroo sees him do the nose scrunchy thing because something went wrong in the game and Kuroo just thinking "yep, he's the one."
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malewifeminato · 2 days ago
what if kenma hates asmr. it overwhelms him and the sounds are just too much. can't stand it. and so, when he's streaming, since he has such a gentle and soft voice everyone is like "omg, you could do asmr" and kenma just stares at the chat for a moment and then is like "I hate to break it to you guys this way, but I'd rather die than do anything related to asmr"
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sukunababy · 4 months ago
Hi Mars i know you don't typically write for Haikyu but I wanted to ask you if you could do a nsfw visual with just your favourite characters. If you don't want to it doesn't matter thank you anyway
Tumblr media
Haikyū!! NSFT Visual
Part 2 / Part 3
Tumblr media
DAICHI SAWAMURA: link link link link link link
ASAHI AZUMANE: link link link link
SHŌYŌ HINATA: link link
TOBIO KAGEYAMA: link link link link link
KEISHIN UKAI: link link link link link link
Tumblr media
TETSURŌ KUROO: link link link link link link link link
KENMA KOZUME: link link link link link
ALISA HAIBA kinda hot so I add her in too: link link link
Tumblr media
TŌRU OIKAWA: link link link link link link link link link
HAJIME IWAIZUMI: link link link link link link
Tumblr media
KŌTARŌ BOKUTO: link link link link link link
KEIJI AKAASHI: link link link link
Tumblr media
WAKATOSHI USHIJIMA: link link link link link link link
EITA SEMI: link link
Tumblr media
RINTARŌ SUNA: link link link link
ATSUMU MIYA: link link link
OSAMU MIYA: link link link
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whitlingerdoodles · a month ago
Tumblr media
happy belated birthday kenma, loved your glow up!
(follow me on twitter)
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incorrectkuroken · a day ago
Kuroo: I actually have a black belt.
Daichi: In what, karate?
Kuroo: No, from Gucci.
Kuroo: Kenma bought it for me as a present.
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9kenma · 15 hours ago
kkenma8: y r u still up
godisayn: HIII also its bc im so screwed kenma fuck me i feel like shit. i haven’t DONE shit. this past weekend literally i have not done shit and uni applications are due 2 days from now????
kkenma8: :(
kkenma8: but cramming essays when ur tired means ur not gonna output quality work
kkenma8: sleep now and ill help u with them tmrw
godisayn: KENMAAAAA !!!
godisayn: have i ever told u how fine and sexy u are?? bc u r so fine and sexy.
godisayn: oh im not writing essays rn though im scrolling thru pinterest hehe but also obviously still really stressed by the state of my apps
kkenma8: …
kkenma8: i hate u. go to bed NOW
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ara-mitsue · a month ago
The Hand
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary; the time you almost broke the internet
♡ pairing; k.kenma x gn!reader
♡ genre; fluff
♡ w.c; 1.9k
♡ warnings; swearing
a/n; happy belated birthday kenken <3
*this fic is a part of my ‘five ways to say i love you’ mini-series. check out the other stories here!
Tumblr media
You are lovingly dubbed as “The Hand.”
The almighty mysterious being that appears on and off-screen whenever Kodzuken needs something— water, snacks… a poke on the forehead. The fans have never seen your face— not even heard your voice. The only parts they’ve been privy to are the little scar on your arm from a bike accident when you were a kid, and the bombass manicure you’re sporting that week.
Until now, that is.
The stream starts off like any other— the only difference being the unusually early start time. It’s Kenma’s first charity event, a 24-hour stream that starts at 6 am and ends at 5:59 am the next day to raise money for children who didn’t have access to sports or fitness opportunities.
“Hey everyone,” Kenma says around a yawn when he starts. He’s in a hoodie (his own merch) and sweats (also his own merch) and he rubs one eye while sipping on his first coffee of the day. “Hope you’re ready cause I’m not.”
You stifle your giggle as you walk over to him, a blanket in hand. You reach around the back of one of the monitors and drop it on his head. He grunts on impact. “Thanks,” Kenma says with a smile when he pulls the material into his lap, remnants of sleep still stuck along his lashes. You nearly coo and the chat bursts to life.
look at him smiling!! kjdfhsdkfkasjdlaks
It’s The Hand! Good Morning Hand! 👋👋👋
loving the new mani 🥺
sleepy ken-ken is my fav omgggg
i luv rage ken-ken more lol
His golden eyes flicker across the screens, coffee clutched in his hand. “The chat says good morning,” Kenma says and you wave. He reads a few more messages with a small quirk of the lip. He peers at you over the rim of his cup. “Can you wave to the viewers?”
You raise an eyebrow but lean over to sway your arm from side to side in front of the camera as he slips on his blue light glasses. You can see the dual screens reflecting off of them, the chat is going crazy. You eventually leave the room, blowing Kenma a kiss and a thumbs up.
You amble to your bedroom and settle down into bed, face buried into your pillow and one arm wrapped around your cat Rover, who mewls and snuggles deeper into the comforter. You wake up a few hours later and open the streaming app on your phone to see what Kenma is up to. You grin when you see he's playing Animal Crossing. He’s working on your shared island, de-weeding, and figuring out what to do for his fall/Halloween theme. After watching for a few more minutes, you stretch then roll out of bed.
You peek your head into the streaming room after swinging by the kitchen to find Kenma focused on one of the monitors. You lightly tap the doorframe to get his attention. He glances up. “Hey,” he says as you pick up his empty water glass and replace it with a fresh one. You take his coffee mug and place a bowl of apple slices on the table. The corners of his lips curve upward. “Thank you.”
The day progresses as such— you check up on his stream before appearing every once in a while to give him water, energy drinks, or food. Kenma comes by and gives you a kiss or a hug during his bathroom breaks, and once he takes his first fifteen-minute break, he collapses on the couch next to you.
“How are you doing?” You ask, brushing away his bangs. He sighs and turns his head to kiss your palm.
“M’tired,” he complains. “I don’t know how I’m going to do this for another seventeen hours.”
You chuckle as Rover jumps on him and kneads his stomach. “Take a nap.”
Kenma shakes his head. “If I do that, I won’t wake up,” he says. “I’m regretting this already.”
“Think of the children,” you say, pinching his cheek. He swats at your hand.
“Yeah,” Kenma grumbles, “It’s for the kids.”
He gets off your lap when he has five minutes to spare, leaning forward until his lips are barely touching yours. “Thanks for taking care of me while I do this,” he murmurs. You grin.
“Of course, Ken-ken. I’ll get another pot of coffee going.”
A few more hours go by— your hand pops in and out of the screen, the chat says hello. Kenma blinks up at you when you come by to switch his cups. Despite the copious amounts of caffeine, he looks tired and you frown at him. He notices the look but shakes his head. “I’m fine,” he insists.
And before you know it, it’s 5 am. You can barely keep your eyes open as you stand in front of the kettle. You’ve decided to power through the last bit with Kenma, keeping the streamer engaged with tea now that he’s passed your accepted limit of coffee and energy drinks. The whistle of the kettle makes you jump and you quickly move it off the burner. You pour the hot water into two mugs and add a teabag to each. You carefully carry them to the gaming room.
Kenma jolts when you place the mugs on the table. You narrow your eyes at him and mouth ‘are you okay?’ He nods, though it takes him a minute.
“Almost done,” he sighs, taking off his glasses and leaning back in his chair. Kenma lifts one of the cups to his lips. When you roll his extra gaming chair over, just out of frame, he quirks an eyebrow at you. “Are you gonna camp out with me?” You smile at him as you nod, leaning forward to grab your mug before settling down.
“You sure? We still have…” he checks the time. “Fifty minutes.” You nod again and motion to his computer— he's forgotten about his audience in the midst of talking to you. He winces. “Sorry guys,” he says, turning back to his monitors. He squints as he reads. “Yeah, it’s my partner… they will be here for the last stretch.” He chuckles at one of the messages and reads it aloud. “Will The Hand finally be The Face Reveal?”
You place your hand over your mouth to silence your laugh before taking a sip of your tea. “Hmm let’s see…” Kenma taps his finger on the rim of his drink. “Since we already hit the regular goal, if we can reach the stretch goal, then they will make an appearance.” He glances at you for confirmation and you shrug.
Though Kenma had raised a considerable amount, there was still a substantial amount left to meet the stretch goal, especially for the last forty-five minutes of the stream. It probably wasn't going to happen so you agree and kick the floor, slowly twirling in the seat as you scroll through your phone, and half-listen as he plays Minecraft, the last game of the stream.
The streamer stifles a yawn as he checks the time. “Five minutes left…” he looks over at the fundraising website pulled up on the other screen. “Wow guys, this is amazing.” He smiles sleepily at the camera. “We didn’t make it to the face reveal goal but that's cool. I’ll be giving away merch to the highest donator and have a random draw—“ His eyes grow wide as he immediately pauses. “Wait… guys don’t donate if you can’t afford it, it’s okay.”
You look up from your phone to find Kenma staring at his computer, hands hovering above his keyboard. You click on the streaming app. Last-minute donations are flooding in, the notifications won’t stop.
do it for the face reveal!
don’t feel obligated to donate, if u can’t afford it!!
The hand’s face the hand’s face the hand’s face the hand’s face
What a fucking mess 😂
hi from seoul! 🇰🇷
omg lol this is so chaotic
You watch as the donated amount goes up, up, up...
It’s silent as the number on the screen bursts into a cloud of confetti. Balloons fill the screen as the words "CONGRATULATIONS!" stare back at you. Kenma looks at you. You look at him. And then you burst into laughter. The chat explodes once more.
Did you hear that?! Was that them???
omg they sound so cute im already sobbing 😭
Kenma mutes his mic and turns to you. “You don’t have to do this,” he says. “Really, I kind of threw you in without asking first.”
You tug on the collar of your hoodie, Kodzuken merch, and smile at him as you brush your fingers through your hair to hopefully look more presentable. A flutter of butterflies frantically beat around in your stomach, anticipation waking you up better than any amount of coffee and energy drinks can. “It’s fine,” you tell him. “We were going to do this at some point so I don’t mind." You grimace when you catch a knot. "Sorry I look like a mess.”
Kenma smiles softly at you, hand reaching out to detangle the strands. “You always look beautiful to me.”
“Wow, sleep-deprived Kodzuken has reached a new level,” you tease and drag him closer to press your lips to his. You can’t even imagine what the chat must look like right now. “Go ahead, I’ll come on whenever you want me to.”
Kenma nods then give you one more kiss. He turns back to the webcam. “Alright,” he breathes. “I don’t know how you guys pulled through at the last minute, but we did it. Firstly, thank you so much to everyone who donated. This charity means a lot to me so I’m grateful to everyone who contributed, whether it was a dollar or a hundred.” He glances at you and you roll your chair closer to him. “As promised, I would like to introduce you to, 'The Hand.'”
You stick your hand out and wave, laughing after a moment of reading through the comments. “I’m kidding,” you say as you roll your chair in the frame. It's weird to be on this side of the monitors.
The chat nearly breaks, unable to keep up with the multitude of comments that flood in. You respond to a few, tittering and bantering as Kenma leans his head against your shoulder, slips his hand into yours. You reach around his head to pet his hair. “We should probably end it here,” you whisper. “Maybe we can do something like this again. Thanks to everyone who participated!” Kenma lethargically waves before ending the stream. He groans and pushes his chair back.
“Bed. Now.”
You allow him to drag you out of the gaming room and to the bedroom. Rover is already there, curled up on Kenma's pillow. He moves out of the way when Kenma nudges him gently to the side, curling around the streamer's head when he settles. You giggle and slip in as well. He wraps his arms around you, pulling you to him until you're flush against his body.
“I know I already said this a lot, but thanks again for taking care of me today," he says, squeezing you a little tighter. "Promise to return the favor later."
You grin against his collarbone. "No worries, just get some sleep."
He murmurs something incoherent, fast asleep when you whisper, "Night, Ken-ken.”
You're awoken several hours later to your phone blowing up. When you tap on the screen and check the first notification, the title makes you chuckle.
New Video!! Koduzen and The Hand nearly break the internet.
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated <3
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wrenrogue · 2 days ago
kuroken headcanon that when they go to an amusement park, kuroo tries to win kenma prizes but kenma ends up winning all the prizes for kuroo instead
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