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[6:30 pm]: “can i take a picture of you?photographer!jongho asked you. Noticing your hesitation, he let out a sheepish laugh before urging you to look at the screen on his camera. “Usually I take off guard pictures of people for my portfolio but I was looking back at them all and—

“It’s me,” You responded with wide eyes, gently taking the camera from jongho’s hands to get a better look. No matter how many times you went back and forth within his gallery, all of the pictures were of you. He made you look angelic… other worldly even. Never before did you really see yourself as attractive or even average but the pictures jongho had taken of you made you look as though were a goddess on earth. “It’s really me.”

The scenery, the lighting, the camera angle, your expression, the quality, everything about the pictures were another form of perfect you didn’t even think could be accomplished with you as the muse. “I felt bad just… taking off guard pictures of you. So I wanted to know if you’d let me take a picture of you professionally— free of charge, of course, since I was taking pictures without your—

“Yes,” You immediately answered to him, turning to him with such wonder and fondness in your eyes it made him melt. jongho could barely reply to your words, flushing like a rose with a growing giddy smile on his face as he tried to compose himself. “I would love for you to take more pictures of me, I would be honored even.”

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It was supposed to be a joke gift.

Except she forgets about it. And, in true Jinyoung fashion, he finds it (because of course he would), and waits until the worst (or best, depending on how you look at it) possible moment to use it against her.

Pro tip: always tell your boyfriend about your sex toys. Or not, and let the consequences play out for themselves.

(Also, don’t date a doctor unless you don’t mind the possibility of constant interruptions to your sex life.)

  • pairing: jinyoung / unnamed (female) oc
  • genre: smut
  • warnings: suggestive adult content - there isn’t any smut in this particular sneak peek but i’d advise against reading this if you’re a minor. please i’m not looking to get arrested here thanks
  • word count: 382

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the way someone dmed me to saying he is hard over blackpink but then because I said no to his advances, he degraded me calling me a h*e and a sl*t

He also tried to pretend that he was Doyoung from nct 127 because I said he was my bias. I told him to prove it. He said how, I told him, dm me on insta to prove it. He said he deleted it, ah but Doyoung is really active on insta😌

Anyways he said sorry. But still what the actual fuck

But anyways be safe guys and don’t always answer dms even if you are trying to be nice

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✨LUCAS - “You don’t want to know me”✨

Warnings: mafia au! Swearing.

Genre: Angst.

Words: 1.7K

A/N: This is unedited. And I wrote one for Lucas but I thought of another story line. So here :)

『You stared at him with a scared look. Like who wouldn’t be scared in this situation. “Who?” You asked, your voice betraying you with a voice crack. “Don’t lie to me”』






It was just after midnight when the bar started getting packed. You’ve been her already 4 hours prior. Only because your close friend didn’t feel safe and wanted someone who could stick up for themselves. Which was you. Somehow. You weren’t the badass type but if someone put you on the spot you wouldn’t hesitate to show them what your and of.

“I’ll be done soon” Riko leaned over sliding you another glass cup with iced cold water. If it wasn’t a Wednesday night you would be drinking. But you have work, with little children. So having a hangover with children being as loud as they are wouldn’t be the best. You nod at your friend taking a sip of your water.

“Hey beautiful” you side eye the new person sitting next to you. His brown hair falling over his eyes that seemed to not waver from your own. “I’m taken” you shrug. It wasn’t true but he didn’t need to know that. The male straightened his posture leaning in close to your ear. His breath was filled with the strong scent of liquor.

“But I can make you forget him in-“ “who said it was a him? You know my girlfriend is pretty badass” you lie shrugging the man off like it was nothing. His eyes were now as wide as the moon. “Oh I’m uh sorry” he mumbled standing up and finally leaving you to be on your own. Riko looked at you with furrowed eyebrows. “He was cute though” you shrugged once more. “Not my type I guess”.


“Okay she is sitting by her self, in a purple sweater” Renjun spoke into the earpiece. Lucas looked at the bar seeing the girl he was after. Kim Yuji, one of the leaders of the east side. Well she wasn’t a leader she was just known. He made his way over to his target taking a seat right next to her.

You closed your eyes sensing another presence next to you. “Look what mor-“ you stopped seeing another person. Not the drunk fellow from before. “Sorry. Thought you were someone else” you smile lightly, flushing at how embarrassed you felt. You really thought he came back to get in your pants.

“Damn” he spoke loudly over the bass music. You turn back to him with the straightest face you could manage. “Damn what?” You ask. To be honest you didn’t care but being here for too many hours was getting to your head. To many drunk people coming up and flirting terribly with you. “Oh nothing. Want a drink” he asked calling the bartender over. You shook your head still staring at him.

His jaw line was perfect. That was all you could stare at for some reason. “Why are you at a bar if you don’t drink? Or do you not trust me?” You nod. “I don’t trust no one” you smile was fake and it dropped after only showing for a couple of seconds. The male continued to sit next to you. Already on his second drink before saying some more flirtatious words which you rushed off by ignoring him.

Lucas was getting agitated with how unfair you were being. Well actually you were doing the right thing, but he needed to get this information or god knows how mad Taeyong would be. “Is this the first girl to shut you down?” Renjun chcukled intro he earpiece. The terrible thing being Lucas couldn’t yell back at him because that would let of his intentions. “What’s your name?”

“Why do you want to know?” You ask leaning your chin in your open palm. “I’m Lucas” he shouldn’t be saying his real name but it accidentally slipped out. You nodded not really caring. “Well Lucas. It was fun-“ he grabbed onto your wrist before you could get up and leave. “I’m sorry. I’m being awkward, this is my first time at a club without my mates and your the prettiest girl I’ve seen. So uh. I’m sorry” he mumbled. You but your tongue.

He was just shamelessly flirting with you a minute ago. Now he was acting like a shy kid in the playground. “That’s alright. But I should-“ “ugh I’m so stupid” he finally let go of your wrist making your hand fall to your side. Riko stared at you and the boy who was now laying his head in the cold bar table.

You shrugged not knowing what to do. But your friend nodding her head towards him indicating for you to console him. Which was weird. “Look if you came on a good day maybe it would of been better. But today-“ Luca scut you off with flinging his head up, the back of his head hitting your nose. Making you fly back, clasping your hand over to nose. “Shit” you swore feeling the crimson substance run into your hand.

Lucas quickly stood up, not meaning to do that. “Are you okay?” He asked but not really caring. You’ve probably been through worse knowing your job. “I’m fine. It just - hurts” you mumbled. Your hand still cupping your nose. “I’ll take you to the hospital” this was great. He could get you away from so many eyes, get you to spill the information your hiding, then bang. Kill you. It was his plan and it was going to work.

Lucas walked you to his car which was parked out the front like it was waiting for you. “I left my phone inside” you say. Riko told you to go with Lucas to the hospital because she still had an hour left of her shift. “Your friend will bring it with her I’m sure” he said starting the engine.

The drive was quite but not to Lucas. So many thoughts filled his mind. And also Renjun and Tens voice in the earpiece entertained him for a bit. “You missed the turn” you say as Lucas continued the way down the dark street. As it was planned, the street lights started busting out as the car drove further down. Which it was planned, Renjun did it.

“What the” you mumbled looking out your window up at the pole. Lucas slammed on the breaks. Your head flung forward almost hitting the airbag. “What the fuck” you swore still not taking your hand from your possibly broken nose. Lucas turned his head turning the lights of in the car. You gulp down, his eyes were no longer soft as they were back at the bar. But it was like something sinister was taking over his body.


“Kim Yuji”

You stared at him with a scared look. Like who wouldn’t be scared in this situation. “Who?” You asked, your voice betraying you with a voice crack. “Don’t lie to me” you were about to retort and try to get out of the car. But a cold metal object started poking into your leg harshly. You looked down, your eyes getting sort of used to the dark. You saw the outline of a pistol. A gun. He had a gun, pointed at you.

“What did I do? Because i didn’t -“ Lucas scoffed pressing the gun harder into your thigh. “Your leader. Park Youngmin” tears started falling down your cheek, which took Lucas back a bit. You were a gang member why were you crying? Why weren’t you fighting? Something wasn’t right.

“Who’s that?” You choke out gripping the tissue in your hand harder, as if it was some sort of comfort. “Somethings not right” he spoke his mind still pushing the object into your leg. “Oh really” you were even amazed how that came out in a sarcastic way.

“Who are you?” He finally asked, pulling the object away a bit but still had it pointed your way. “I- I’m-“ “Lucas. Fuck. Wrong girl. That’s not Yuji” Renjun yelled into the earpiece making Lucas sigh loudly with a couple of curse words slipping form his lips.

“Your not Yuji? What the fuck” he chucked his wha doorways making it meet with the steering wheel. You watched as he basically had a breakdown infront of you. Maybe this was your chance. Just as you raised your hand to open the door. Luca swung the gun at your forehead. Making straight eye contact with you.

“Please” you said, more salty tears making their way down your cheeks. Lucas watched as you closer your eyes, waiting for the gullet to go through. “I have to kill you” he was more telling himself than anything. Lucas wasn’t innocent? Far from it actually. But never in his life has he killed an innocent person.

“Have you stolen?” He asked still holding the gun at your head. You opened your eyes to make eye contact with him once again. Why was he asking such a weird question. “What is your job?” He needed a reason to kill you, he couldn’t just kill an innocent girl, he mistaken as a target. It wasn’t your fault. It was his- actually it was Renjuns.

“I’m a kindergarten teacher” you mumbled now staring at the barrel of the gun. Lucas punch the steering wheel with hsi free hand. “Why? Why’d you have to be that? Why not a thief? Why not a murder? Why ?” He screamed at you making you in more confusion. “I can’t kill her” he pressed his ear which you finally can see the black device sitting in it. Renjun heard his words and understood. But you saw. You couldn’t just get off with it.

“If- if you let me go now- I. I promise I won’t tell anyone” you moved your head to see his face more properly. Lucas snapped his head to you. He wanted to believe you but he can’t. “Kill her” another voice added to the earpiece making Lucas shutter. “No” a females voice said which was weird. Who was the female? “She didn’t do anything. Taeyong” Hyunri whined making Taeyong nod and press the button to speak back. “Let her go. But if she tells anyone I’m sure Jungwoo can get his sister involved or something” the leader spoke and his girlfriend looked awfully happy with his choice.

“Get out” Lucas finally spoke, placing the gun in his lap. You stared at him blinking the blurriness of your tears away. “Are you letting me go?” You ask a bit scared on all the emotions he is going through. “Yes. Now get our before I change my mind” he scream suddenly made you quickly grab for the handle pulling it. “Ar- why are you? Huh?” You asked before getting fully out. For some reason you felt the need to ask him. Lucas stared at you with a raised eyebrow.

“You don’t leave I’ll fucking shoot you dead here”


I hope you enjoy it ✨

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