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xiaojun’s eNgLiSh (ot21)

[ nct/wayv group chat ]

mark: guys and gays, is anyone online?

doyoung: it’s 3am but yes hi mark

mark: hello

mark: i have something stupid and funny to share

taeyong: you wrote an autobiography?

jaehyun: i don’t think he’s smart enough for that

taeyong: good point

mark: okay one, fuck you

johnny: woah there sm is gonna ban you again

mark: sHuT uP

mark: anygays,

ten: who called me


mark: i’m gonna explode- do yall wanna hear the story or not??

taeil: yes please but let me ten’s 3am tea before he slaughters me wait

mark: better get it as i’m typing

jungwoo: just tell us- i didn’t wake up for nothing

johnny: yah spill the tea!

taeil: what’s up with tea being spilt so much, yall wasting a good drink

taeyong: hopefully it’s not being spilt all over my new rug

yuta: we are surrounded by internet fossils

ten: facts

jaehyun: we need to make ‘how to 2020’ for these two

jungwoo: i’ll help!

chenle: i’m in too

jisung: so am i

taeyong: no, you two are not. go back to sleep you’re like 5

jisung: no, i’m 18 and can beat your ass as much as jaehyun can

jungwoo: and i oop-

doyoung: jungwoo no

haechan: hi?? what’s happening

ten: be quiet

ten: i wanna hear the clownery mark came up with this time

haechan: good 3:26am to you too, ten..

mark: thank you

mark: s o,

mark: i was going to the store, to see if they restocked watermelon pizza

johnny: yeah i was with you

ten: ew delete those w-p words

mark: bE qUiEt tALl mAN aND mIdgET

mark: and, there was this chinese guy

taeyong: watch it be someone from wayv and mark’s just too dumb to recognise them

haechan: pffft

mark: istg-

mark: so, he didn’t know how to say “chicken”

yuta: like most non-fluent in english chinese people

taeyong: or it’s lucas

yuta: or it’s lucas.

mark: okay- he grabbed an egg and went to the cashier and asked “where mother”

johnny: how did i not witness this

mark: you were in the noodle section to surprise ten

ten: omg what

xiaojun: wait-

xiaojun: i-i was the chinese guy-


haechan: PFFFFT

yuta: it wasn’t lucas tho

taeyong: shut up japanese weirdo

yuta: excuse you, cotton candy hair man

jaehyun: shut up for both of you

johnny: xiaojun please tell me or anyone who can speak english to go with you next time

xiaojun: hey

xiaojun: i uh

xiaojun: knewn? english

renjun: yes, knewn.

johnny: hey that was my line

renjun: oops

kun: it’s okay you’re doing great sweetie

hendery: i’m sitting right next to kun and he read out his text like a weirdo and-

hendery: “sweet-tie”

lucas: like a sugar coated tie??- kun what the heck

xiaojun: i thought you knewn english

lucas: eomma lied he can’t english

kun: neither can you two-

taeyong: i really hope nobody else sees this

winwin: good morning or 3am ig. hi.

jaemin: me and jeno are done with overwatch what’d we miss?

jeno: lots of tea from what i saw in notifications

yangyang: aa i wanna play now

jaemin: tell us what happened i’m too lazy to read

jeno: same

yangyang: yeah sure i was ghosting anyways

taeyong: nevermind

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Guess Who? | 1 AM


taglist: @seesoftie @cheriechoerry @selzn @l3l3luvs @entitledtolove @bangchanspersonaltrashcan @strayyeets @desertofdessert (yay! i was able to tag all of you this time!)

a/n: the guessing game begins for #1 and #2! who do you think they are? #1 could really be anyone, so can #2. also, i forgot if i mentioned this or not in teaser 2, but each person is friends with another skz member! maybe that’ll help you out?

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Hey :) I’d like to request a selca ship for Dreamcatcher, Mamamoo, BTS and BigBang, please. Thank you very much in advance! ❤❤

@doralupin01​, thank you so much for requesting!


Kang Daesung


Originally posted by daesungindistress


Kim Taehyung (V)


Originally posted by dearbangtansonyeondan


Lee Gahyeon


Originally posted by dctchr


Jung Wheein


Originally posted by be-lis-mamamoo

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