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planetquest · 21 hours ago
according to a random twitter user it's been 8 years so happy 8 years to jihoon threatening to beat the shit out of mingyu with his guitar <3
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v-hope · 15 hours ago
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»part thirty six — wife material
»artist!kim taehyung x heiress!reader
one year to prove you can fend for yourself. one year to keep your parents from making the most important life decision for you. one year to still carry the perfect life for the media whilst carrying a simpler one for yourself... and way less than one year for you to realise you belong in the latter, with that cynical new roommate of yours.
a/n: i feel like a lot happened in this part. like not really but kinda yes? what do you guys think? thoughts? hope you liked it?
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blu-joons · 13 hours ago
He Helps With Your Night-time Routine ~ Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
A smile appeared on your face as soon as you felt your hairbrush run down from the parting in your hair, all the way down your locks. Jungkook’s hand clasped a handful of hair as he did so, making sure that all of the knots were out from your busy day.
Whilst he did so, you played with the ties of your pyjama set, trying to keep yourself upright from leaning back against him. Light murmurs came from him as he brushed through every single strand, smiling contently once he was finished.
His hands parted your hair, bringing it in front of your shoulders so that you could look down at it. As soon as you did, you spun in between his legs so that you could sit face to face with him, cupping either side of his face.
“It looks beautiful,” you complimented, swaying your head gently side to side to see the bounce back in your hair. “I still need to moisturise just yet though, so there’s not going to sleep just yet for you, or for me.”
His head nodded, standing up from your bedroom floor, extending his hand out for you to take a hold of. As soon as he began to pull, his arm wrapped around your waist to secure and stop you from stumbling around as you found your balance.
“Show me the way and I’ll do that for you too.”
“You’re far too good to me tonight.”
You led Jungkook into the bathroom, opening up your cabinet, reaching up to the top shelf to pull down your bottle of moisturiser. Jungkook leant himself against the sink as you did so, pulling you into him once you had fetched the bottle.
“Not too much though, I’m very specific about how much I use,” you warned as you handed the bottle over to him, settling your hands to relax against his strong chest.
“I’ve seen you do this plenty of times before,” he assured you, opening the bottle and tipping it upside down. With a gentle squeeze, the first blob of moisturiser came out, with Jungkook placing it against your right cheek.
Another blob was then placed to your left cheek, then your cheek, forehead, and the tip of your nose before being placed besides the sink. “Gently,” you reminded him as Jungkook took a closer look at you with moisturiser scattered around your face.
Your head shook as you knew that he was staring, pushing against his chest for him to hurry. His hands soon came up to either side of your face and began to rub in the moisturiser in careful circles, tapping gently against your face once the bulk of it was absorbed.
Without having to say anything, Jungkook then reached across to the sink and grabbed your toothbrush and toothpaste, placing a perfectly sized amount on the end of your brush. “You do it,” you frowned as he offered the brush for you to take.
“Open wide,” he laughed, placing his free hand underneath your chin to keep you in position as he began to move the brush around your mouth. Every tooth was brushed gently, making sure that he brushed your gums and the top of your tongue as well.
Your eyes stared blankly across at Jungkook as he concentrated, humming softly. “I nearly forgot to spray in my overnight spray in my hair Kook.”
After helping you over to the sink to spit out your toothpaste, Jungkook led you over to the toilet, pulling the lid down before sitting you down. Once he’d tidied your toothbrush, he went back over to your cupboard, finding your overnight spray straight away, popping the lid off of it, placing it to one side.
“Do I just need to spray it over the top of your head?” He asked, as your head nodded back at him. “I’ll give it a little massage too, make sure it sets properly.”
Your body was wide awake as he sprayed the spray into your hair, however as his fingers began to run over the top of your head, sleep soon began to hit you. Before you knew it, your eyes closed, feeling your body tilt to one side.
“How’s that?” Jungkook asked, only as he looked down, a smile graced his face as he saw your eyes closed, quickly pulling you back up to an upright position.
He left you there whilst placing your spray away before approaching you, placing his hands against your hips. A small hum came from you as you felt his presence in front of you, too tired to open your eyes.
“I think now it’s time for you to sleep,” he whispered, pressing a kiss against your forehead before tightening his arms around your frame.
You soon felt yourself be lifted from the toilet, curling into Jungkook’s chest as he carried you through into the bathroom, turning the bathroom light off as he did so. Your body was placed carefully on your side of the bed, with the duvet already pulled back.
“I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay awake for long,” he chuckled, walking across to his wardrobe to change into something more comfortable once you were laid out comfortably on the bed. “At least your hair will be in good condition tomorrow.”
“Thank you,” your voice hummed, still slightly conscious to what was going on around you as you rolled onto your side, sliding your hand underneath your pillow. Jungkook smiled softly, waiting until you were still again before continuing what he was doing.
With his outfit changed, he carefully slid into his side of the bed too. “I bet your face will be smooth too thanks to all my hard work.”
“No,” you hummed as he shuffled closer towards you. “My face is always smooth.”
His arms wrapped around your waist loosely, “that is true, but only because you take such good care of your routine, even when you’re tired.”
Your head shook as you rolled into his chest, “my routine wouldn’t be done tonight if it wasn’t for you helping me,” you informed him.
“I enjoyed doing it, there’s something quite relaxing about brushing hair,” he teased.
With that, one of his hands moved from around your waist to the top of your head, slowly running through the locks of your hair. Jungkook couldn’t deny what a good job he had done in keeping your hair soft and in good condition.
Your eyes remained firmly shut as Jungkook played with your hair, only helping you fall deeper into a sleep. As your body loosened, Jungkook knew you were on the verge of nodding off, encouraging him to keep doing what he was doing.
“Goodnight,” he softly whispered, glancing down at you before allowing his own eyes to carefully close too.
You hummed softly once again, propping your head against his chest, “thank you for taking care of me once again Kook.”
“Don’t mention it,” he laughed, “I’d be more than happy to do it again if you needed me too.”
Your head barely nodded in response to him, “I’ll hold you to that,” you voice spoke in the tiniest of whispers, “is that a promise?”
“It’s a promise, anything I can do to help you, I will always do.”
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tuanzie · 20 hours ago
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fandom · 19 hours ago
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Week Ending August 2nd, 2021
Stray Kids
Red Velvet +8
Dreamcatcher +14
EXO +1
NCT Dream -5
The Boyz +9
Tomorrow x Together -1
NCT 127 -6
SHINee -1
Monsta X -3
GOT7 -1
Sunmi -2
The number in italics indicates how many spots a name moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded names weren’t on the list last week.
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kpop-hive · 19 hours ago
Happy Birthday|Mark Lee
Tumblr media
The sound of the music made vibrations and echoes go through the room. The party you had planned for Mark had worked so well, you had enough time to give him his birthday present. So now, straddled across his lap, you began. The heavy petting and make-out you were both having finally affected Mark, his member hard underneath you tucked in his pants. You slid down to his neck, kissing it before licking a stripe with your tongue, you got up off his lap before moving back, standing in front of him before undressing yourself. Once your clothes were gone, Mark whimpered to himself seeing you in a white lace lingerie set standing just before him. “Fuck, I think this is my favorite present.” He groaned. You walked back up to him to kiss him one last time. “It’s your birthday baby, you can do whatever you want to me, and I promise I won’t complain or whine. I’m fully yours tonight daddy.” You said. Mark’s eyes went dark before gripping your waist and pushed you down onto the bed. He crawled up towards you and moved his hand down to rub at your clothed heat making you mewl. He smirked before leaning down to your ear to kiss it. “22 has never felt this good.” He said before kissing you and playing with the white lace lingerie on his pretty wrapped present.
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spaceyhee · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
⇢ pairing :: sunghoon x reader
⇢ genre :: fluff, suggestive
⇢ warnings :: cheating, making out, mentions of alcohol, light swearing
⇢ words :: 1404
The bell rang loudly throughout the school, meaning that the day was finally over. A sigh left your mouth as you watched your classmates pack up their stuff before they left the classroom, making you do the same. You took your time though, since your day at school sadly wasn’t over yet.
Being one of the top students in most of your classes, your teacher had assigned you to a student that was failing their classes. At first you didn’t accept the job, not wanting to spend your free time tutoring some random student, but once your teacher mentioned that he would give you extra points, you just couldn’t say no.
As you were making your way to the library, where you were going to tutor that student, you suddenly felt yourself being pulled backwards. Of course your first reaction was to scream, but that didn’t go as planned as a hand covered your mouth as soon as you opened it. You immediately pulled the hand off your mouth, turning around to see who the hell had pulled you in a random classroom. As your eyes met the culprit, you couldn’t help but sigh again. "Sunghoon, what the fuck?" you asked, crossing your arms as the expression on your face turned to an angry one. "Didn't we agree to go our separate ways? What happened to that?"
The black haired male shrugged his shoulders slightly, leaning back against the desk behind him. "I can't stay away from you, Y/N." he mumbled, his gaze shifting from you to the ground as if he was embarrassed of what he just said.
The confidence he had just a few minutes ago was now completely gone. He had already thought about what he was going to tell you after he had pulled you into the empty classroom, but he couldn’t remember anything. He was too nervous.
"We can't be seen together, Hoon. Your girlfriend will literally kill me if she finds out that you’re talking to me again." you said, your lips forming into a frown as you thought about the situation you had brought yourself into.
It was never your intention to fall in love with Sunghoon. You knew better than to interfere in his relationship with the class president, but after hanging out with the male and a couple drinks later, you found out that he had taken interest in you. Once you found out about this, you tried your best to avoid Sunghoon, not wanting to cause any problems, but the boy had other thoughts about that. He wanted you, and only you.
He began hanging out with your friend group, in the hopes of getting closer to you. You didn’t want your friends to know about the whole situation, so you couldn’t avoid him anymore. As time continued to pass, you eventually began to enjoy his company. And even though you knew it was wrong, you didn’t have it in you to push him away when his lips met yours for the first time…or the times after that.
Of course your secret didn't stay a secret for long though. One day, while you were getting your books out of your locker, you suddenly felt ice cold water running down your back. A shriek left you as turned around to see at who had done it, seeing one of the class president’s friends standing in front of you. "If I ever see you near Sunghoon again, I will do something worse than this." she said, before leaving you there in your drenched uniform. You were confused as to why the girl’s friend had threatened you, but then you realized that she couldn’t have done it herself. She could’ve lost her position if she had done something like that.
After the incident, you had called Sunghoon and told him about what happened. He was furious, which was understandable, but when you reminded him that it was your own fault, he began to realize the mistake both of you had made. Sunghoon didn’t regret getting intimate with you, but he did regret that he had done it while he was still together with his girlfriend. When you told him that you thought it was better if you stopped talking to him, he knew he needed to do something to make sure that didn’t happen.
The day after the incident, Sunghoon met up with his girlfriend and instead of hanging out with her like he usually did, he met up with her to break up with her. If she was angry before, she was even angrier now. She should’ve dumped him as soon as she found out that he had cheated on her, but she thought the two could’ve talked it out and stay together. Seems like she was wrong though, because after Sunghoon had told her that he wanted to end things with her, he told her that there was no way they could ever get back together again. After those words, he left, leaving his now ex-girlfriend alone and heartbroken.
Now that Sunghoon had finished things with the class president, he needed to find a way to tell you about it. He knew that if he just walked up to you, you would probably ignore him, which is why he came up with the ‘brilliant' idea of pulling you into an empty classroom after your last class. Though as soon as he had done that, what he had practiced to tell you had completely disappeared from his mind.
Hearing you call his ex-girlfriend his girlfriend made him shake his head, walking over to you and pulling you closer to him by your waist. "She won't. I broke up with her." he mumbled, looking down at you as he brushed a strand of your hair behind your ear. Your hands instinctively went up to rest against his chest when he pulled you towards him. With furrowed eyebrows, you glanced up at the male after you heard him mumble.
"You did what?" you stuttered, even though you had heard him very clearly, you couldn’t help but be shocked. Sunghoon had confessed his love for you many times before, but for some strange reason, you still thought he would choose the class president over you. If he broke up with her…it meant that he chose you over her.
"I broke up with her." Sunghoon repeated, looking into your eyes. "I can't be in a relationship with her when my heart belongs to you, Y/N." he continued, both of his hands going up to cup your cheeks before he rested his forehead against yours.
A light blush appeared on your face at Sunghoon’s actions, his words making you feel butterflies in your stomach. You backed away slightly, eyes meeting Sunghoon’s for a few seconds before you pulled him towards you by his tie and smashing your lips on his. Sunghoon’s hands made their way down to your waist again, his grip tightening when he felt your hands travel from his chest to his hair, which you had began to play with.
The kiss started of innocent and sweet, but soon it became more passionate. Sunghoon tried to pull you even closer than before, liking the feeling of your body against his. "Jump." he whispered against your lips, making you immediately do what he said. He lifted your legs, wrapping them around his waist before he began walking towards the nearest desk and placing you on it. His lips left yours, placing feather like kisses on your jaw before they slowly traveled down to your neck.
His actions made you let out a sigh of contentment. You were so caught up in the kiss that you had completely forgotten that you were still in school and that there was a student in the library, waiting to be tutored by you.
As soon as you heard someone cough behind you, you pushed Sunghoon away from you and got up from the desk. Sunghoon’s eyes widened when you pushed him away, about to ask why you had done that until he saw a familiar student standing at the door. He immediately raised his hand to fix his messy hair, glancing at you to see that you were straightening your clothes.
"I suggest you two go make out somewhere else, I have a meeting here." the class president said, making you and Sunghoon grab your bags and leave the classroom with red faces.
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