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NANANA GOT7, 2022.
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SEVENTEEN ☆ 'HOT' Official Teaser
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Chan: I just tried making a reservation at the library.
Minho: You don't need a reser-
Chan: But I couldn't get one.
Minho: Please stop talking.
Chan: It was fully...
Minho, softly: Don't.
Chan: Booked.
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BLACKPINK for Rolling Stone ✦
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introduction pt. i | pt. ii | pt. iii
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ch. xv - still don't feel so good </3
soulmate!yunho × reader
fated and marked, soulmates are supposed to be your destiny. you are connected to him by his heart and him to yours. but despite the cosmic or even divine intervention, you felt that he is not wholly yours. why is destiny so cruel to you?
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taglist :
@paralumanniluna @ikonic-loser @joonsthethicc @kodzukein @mirror-juliet @linhyyboo12 @theaufanartist @petitchou-t @bbymatz @rabbitlashpink @meowmeowminnie @eternalssanshine @hakuna-matata-ya @peachy-maia @pretty-pop-princess-hs @maddiebabyxoxo @hyvn-jaeee @shyfear @dreamlesswonder86 @choisandwich @kpopnightingale @swaneffects @starlixs @iknowyouknowlino @captainjoongiekissme @marsophilia @rubberduckieyourtheone @noonaishere @baguette-atiny @rdiamond2727 @diestheticu @atinct @hibuki-chan @ateezourstars @shinotani @blaaiissee @hwanchaesong @multihoe-net @seoulscenarios @potaeto-writes-on-wp
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NANANA GOT7 (2022)
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Day 358/548 of Taemin’s enlistment (210531 - 221130)
Taemin for Arena Homme+ March 2016
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Someone: so are you a top or a bottom
Jisung: I’m a threat
Minho, through a mouthful of food: he’s a bottom
Jisung: I'm both
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꒰ ˀˀ ↷ got7 ; homecoming ”♡ᵎ ꒱
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psd by: @harupsds
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Lisa & Rose ♡
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𓂋˚₊ 🎞𓂋˚₊👡𓂋˚₊ @wintys 𓂋˚₊🪡𓂋˚₊ 🐏𓂋˚₊
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Who adores you right now? (romantically)
꒰🌸 welcome to orchidrene's cottage”♡ᵎ꒱ˀˀ ↷ ⋯
✎ ☕ . . ⇢ ˗ˏˋ please check out my paid readings if you liked this reading and contact me if you wish to purchase one or donate. You can send me custom paid requests too! Those who purchased the paid services, I'm working on your readings, do not worry as I won't be scamming you. Also, every reblog is appreciated. Thank you for reading :)˖♡ ˎˊ˗ ꒰ 🥀 ꒱
Tumblr media
Pile 1 Pile 2 Pile 3
Pile 1
Tumblr media
The person who adores you has major water placements. A very promising individual. Also very dangerous when they have to be. I'm getting them being a Pisces sun or Cancer rising. Whoever it is, I feel like their eyes speak louder than their personality does, they might have really sparkly and watery eyes, the type of eyes that you just can't resist. They might have a very bright smile too. I'm getting sunshine energy from them. They might be someone who roasts others. I'm getting them being the moodmaker too, I'm getting cancer moon energy from them as well. Why do I feel like you might like them too or atleast they feel like you do 💀😭. They probably have a deeper voice doesn't matter if they're a guy or a girl. This might have been a person that you had a falling out with too though, I'm literally getting the korean drama 'descendants of the sun' kind of relationship dynamic here. "I hope it's not something that passes by with the wind." Your person might like roses. Damn, I just realized that I said 'your person' they might be like "sorry I'm y/n's" while joking around with their friends of the same gender 💀. I'm getting very fruity acting straight friends here LMAO. They create scenarios about you before going to sleep (I'm not getting anything 18+ though.) They might call you a piece of art. I'm getting you met them wearing a dress, it's very specific but I'm getting white cottagecore Aurora dresses (take what resonates, leave the rest.) They feel like you have a duality and you seem to have a very cute puppy/bunny like energy at times which conflicts your usually resting bitch face which is really intriguing. I'm getting for some of you, they saw you running and started liking you because of how good you looked while running. I'm getting some of these admirers seeing you with long hair at some point. Crabs and moon might be significant. I'm getting the vision of night skies on a beach. This person might think that your voice is seductive, you might make 18+ jokes with an innocent looking face and a really sweet tone. I feel like this person's love language is acts of service. You might have very unpredictable sides that really intrigue your person. 'For you' by CBX is what their feelings for you are going to be like. "You left me behind because you forgot about me, until you remember I'm going to wait for you. My love, look at me, do you still love me? Look at my eyes and tell me, a heart full of love can't be hidden. Don't ever forget the truth that I was there for you, don't erase my heart that could do anything for you." At some point, you're going to fall apart, not because of a fight or anything but because you are busy, they will be hurt because of you as they are simply just waiting for you. I got 'always' by Yoon Mirae as your feelings for them. "When I see you, everything stops, I don’t know since when, one day, you came to me like a dream, you shook up my heart, I knew that it was destiny." I feel like you'll be in each others' life again though.
Pile 2
Tumblr media
A very patient person, might have a calmer aura. I feel like they don't come from a very financially stable family though. They might have trouble moving on from the past too. It's really scary when they express their anger though. Definitely someone who's been betrayed in the past, I'm getting them trusting easily while still being afraid of getting hurt. They seem to have difficulty starting over, mostly because people might push them around. They're a very relationship oriented person, they care a lot about having good relationships that they can rely on. They just want someone to return the same amount of energy and effort that they give away to others. They might have a colder aura too though, I think it's because of the past heartbreaks maybe. I'm specifically getting Elsa from Frozen. Blue might be their favourite colour. They might still be very contemplative regardless of their giving nature, I'm getting them trying to carefully monitor and control their own actions. They'll have to be really persistent and resilient if they want to end up with you, that's what they think. They might have leo or taurus placements and you might have water or air placements. 'Future' by Red velvet played when I shuffled. "You are my future, future, all the time, I want to go through the hard times and hold your hand,you are my sunshinе, sunshine, sunshine, all the day, show mе, like the sun that turns the night and makes another morning." 'Another day' by Monday Kiz and Punch played when I shuffled to find out which drama storyline/plot/personalities, etc. Might be reflected in your relationship. You might have a sad personality or might be going through a sad phase, this person is going to support you at a time like that (you might be crying over your ex but not be able to show vulnerability outside, this person will still understand how you feel and take care of you.) I got 'this love' by Davichi when I drew their feelings towards you "For me, only times that are colored by you, are passing by, I love you, I thank you, for holding me so warmly, I can live because of this love." This is how your person is going to feel towards you. At some point you might push them away and they might not be able to take care of you even when you're hurt or sick. I got 'done for me' by Punch when I shuffled for your feelings towards them. "Please leave from my memories, take away all your memories, erase it all, even your longing, so even if you miss me, so you won’t miss me, let me forget all our moments, even the smallest traces, let me erase all the memories you left behind, let me hope that none of the memories remain, I can’t get any closer to you, I’m so afraid of these feelings, so take away all of your memories, erase it all, done for me, I have no choice but to leave, no choice but to go far away, please forgive me, I hope we can meet again some day." Damn, I'm not sure why you're so afraid but I don't see you both getting together anytime soon after this seperation. You might've been drawn to pile 1 as well.
Pile 3
Tumblr media
They might have prominent cancer placements. This person might give really good advice. They might have trouble with accepting change. I feel like there was recently a revelation that hurt them a lot. Their family might be going through a financial crisis right now. They might not have a good relationship with their family as well. They might want to make a move towards but have trouble initiating it right now. They're scary when they're angry. I think that they like mint chocolate ice cream. They might have fox like facial features. I feel like they're more on the extroverted side. They are very cute and have a very youthful appearance. I'm getting campus crush vibes from them. They have a lot to offer so they try to get closer to other people and love them but those people being the ungrateful people that they are put them off as 'too much' or 'try hard.' You might talk to them casually and actually make them feel seen, heard and understood which is why they adore you so much. One more hint: they might've lost a lot of weight since the last few months and it's very obvious. For some reason I feel like you're not quite ready to date anyone yet though and even if you are, the outside forces might affect this relationship negatively, like it's not in either of yours control. You are going to be confused because of your own thoughts and emotions. Other people or outside forces (might be something from the past) might cloud your mental clarity or action. You might end up following what the crowd says regardless of your feelings. You're going to lack vision and going to be there like "it's going to end someday anyways." I feel like at some point you're going to be very content with yourself and for you money might be important when dating someone so you will block your own relationship with this person. The new beginning between the both of you is going to be blocked for quite some time, you guys might also be stuck in the talking stage for quite a while. You both might have 1st house sun synastry, I'm getting the connection between the both of you bringing in a lot of creativity and confidence into each other. The relationship might make you question your self worth. Even when the relationship ends, you'll always think of each other because the passion never really dies💀. I'm getting there being some kind of physical distance, maybe even though you live near each other, you meet only once three months or so. Might be a long distance relationship too though. You might be skilled when it comes to being romantic but your follow through is very week. You might be overconfident and take them for granted in the beginning or something. They will always see you as the one that got away, you might've had 12th house synastry (I'm getting moon) but I feel like you're going to be the one who's going to regret the situation more, they tried to very loving towards you, while you treated them like crap, they were still patient with you. I feel like you might chase them for a really long time after your seperation and they're going to reject you because of how bad things got between the both of you. You might've met/dated them under a water moon (pisces, cancer, scorpio.) Your person might like cars too.
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SEVENTEEN  ☆   'HOT' Official Teaser  
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Happy Ending | Felix x FemReader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairings: Lee Felix x FemReader
warnings: semi public sexual activities, unprotected sex, vaginal penetration, boob play, oral (fem and masc receiving)
summary: you need to relax so Felix gave you a happy little ending at his spa.
word count: 2.7k
You’ve been working at a restaurant, waiting tables for about 3 months now. After work, you would come home with aching feet and a sore back, all while being incredibly exhausted and worn out. After every shift you practically sped home and flopped down on your bed to finally get some type of relaxation but it is just not satisfying you enough. 
When you came back home from work yesterday, your roommate, Hyunjin, was blasting music in the living room while scrolling on his phone. It aggravated you to see that he wasn’t doing anything productive all day while you were out working your ass off. 
“Will you please turn that mess down?? I have a massive headache and you're seriously not helping.”
“Girl you look an actual mess. I know you have been working very hard and I know I need to try harder. I've got a few free coupons for this like underground massage therapy spa. There are usually only one or two employees working there but I go there often. It's amazing, go ahead and treat yourself, you deserve it.”
You decided to take up on his offer and you scheduled your appointment for later that evening. You got in the shower and freshened up. Once you arrived at the spa, it was very quiet, but it was also somehow very warm and comforting. All of the sudden you saw a figure come from behind the counter in front of you.
It was a man and he was utterly beautiful. He has a chiseled jaw with plump, pink lips. He had gorgeous dark eyes with a large trail of freckles plastered under them. He had black hair with bangs that almost covered hia eyes. You just stood there and took in his beauty for what felt like hours. You have never met anyone this attractive before so you did not know what to do or say. 
“Can I help you?”
His voice took you by surprise. You wondered how someone with such an angelic face could have such a deep and dark voice. He was just perfect in every way. 
“I have this coupon for a free massage and I would like to use it please.”
“Well alright! Let me have a look at it please.”
You slowly handed him the coupon and he began studying it thoroughly. Did he think it was fake? I mean seriously, who has enough time on their hands to fake a free massage coupon? That would just be sad and unnecessary. 
“Unfortunately this coupon expired 6 months ago.”
“I'm sorry, I didn’t know.”
You felt your face warm up. Hyunjin was so lazy to the point where he couldn’t even check to see if the coupon he was giving you was expired or not. You were so embarrassed. You apologized and made your way to the door until the man spoke again.
“Hey wait, I can still give you a massage as long as you let me use a new technique I have been practicing.”
You turned around to look at him and did not hesitate.
 “Sure I would love to help you practice!”
He walked from behind the counter and gave you a short stack of clean, warm towels.
You followed him to one of the rooms. There was a massage table in the middle of the room. The lighting was dim, there was a fireplace burning on the wall and the room smelled like a variety of flowers that had already relaxed you and even made you a bit sleepy.
“Just take off your clothes and wrap up in these please."
You knew that was a completely normal thing to say but even so, his words sent so much arousal to your body. He left the room to give you some privacy as you began to take off your clothes and wrap the towel around your body. 
He came back into the room, rubbing oil on his hands. 
You laid on your stomach on the table so he could get started.
"What’s your name? I'm Felix and I'll be taking care of you tonight. Try your best to relax and if you feel uncomfortable at any moment just tell me and we'll stop right away. I'm here to help you relax and make you feel good. You are here to be safe and comfortable so I really hope you will enjoy your time with me." 
Hearing those words honestly made you incredibly horny. It sounded like what a boyfriend would say during your first time with him. You began to relax more and more.
“I’m y/n.”
“What a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl.” He cooed.
“Oh my gosh thank you so much!”
“And how old are you y/n?”
“I’ll be 19 in 3 weeks!”
“Beautiful, happy early birthday!! I'm going to start touching you now so I'm just going to lower this towel a little below your shoulders so I can get more access to your neck, shoulders, and back to release a lot of the tension right there."
The feeling of his hands on your body was so addicting. His touch was so soft and gentle, you just had to close your eyes and completely immerse yourself in the pleasure. 
It felt so good you almost let out a small whimper but you had to control yourself before you do something embarrassing. 
"Is this alright? This feel good?" 
You hummed as a yes, feeling too amazing to produce actual words.
To be honest, it has been a while since you've had someone touch your body so, Felix touching you like this definitely did make you a bit sensitive. 
"So the new technique I was telling you about earlier, it's a full body massage. It goes into great detail and helps relax every part of your body, just for a more thorough relaxation experience. I would love to practice this on you as long as you're completely comfortable with it."
No one has ever blatantly asked to feel you up like this so you did not hesitate to answer.
"Sure, go right ahead please."
"Very well then, let's get started. 
You couldn't see his face but you could hear the smile on his face in his voice.
"I'm gonna unravel the towel from behind you to get full access to the back of your body. If you don't feel comfortable, feel completely free to tell me to stop, push me away, or get up and walk away at any time." 
His hands started at the back of your neck and trailed down to massage your shoulders and rub your back. Your breathing picked up rapidly at the pleasure he was already giving you. 
He stopped touching for a few moments and you heard a bottle open and close. When he started touching you again you felt the cold, wet, feel of oil rubbing on your shoulders and back. 
His hands went down further to touch your ass. His touch made you shudder and tremble for a second. He rubbed up and down, making sure to loosen up any tension that might be there. 
"Wow this spot is so soft I could just sit here and rub it for hours!" He chuckled.
You wanted nothing more than for him to rub and feel up on your ass like that for hours but you knew there were other parts on your body that needed attention too. 
His hands went down to the back of your thighs and firmly rubbed and squeezed them, removing all of the tension and soreness. He reached up and gripped your inner thighs which made you squirm.
He came back up to touch your ass a few more times, rubbing up and down squeezing it in his hands just making sure that you're completely satisfied. 
Slowly, his hands slid down a bit further until he reached your sloppy wet pussy. He glided his finger in between your slit which made you tremble. He rubbed the palm of his hand over the entire area of your pussy. It took everything in you not to hump and grind against his hand. 
"Wow this spot is so wet…I think that means I'm doing a good job, eh?" 
"Y-yes keep going, ugh oh my god."
He giggled and went down to touch your clit that was just aching for attention. You couldn't control yourself and let out loud moans, needing him to keep touching you like this. 
He hummed and put more pressure on your sensitive spot which made you clench on nothing and grib the edge of the table. 
At this point you just gave up on trying to be quiet and unfolded into a needy little moaning mess. 
"Open up your legs a little more for me just so I can get complete access to this pretty little spot right here." He said. His voice sounded a bit strained but you didn't think anything of it. 
You opened your legs and then you felt the cold oil from earlier dripping all over your pussy which made you clench around nothing once more. 
"Wow what a sight. I don't mean to be unprofessional but you have such an amazing body and the noises you keep making, oh my god it is so hard to control myself right now."
You couldn't believe the words coming out of his mouth. It made you a thousand times hornier for him. You kept imagining him just taking you and fucking you right there.
He started touching your pussy again and you just couldn't take it and started grinding against his hand. 
"You're so needy, let's just take this slow okay? You'll get what you want I promise." He dragged his hands down to your thighs and gripped and squeezed at them, the feeling making you squirm and tremble under his touch. He then drug his hands up to your ass again and rubbed it up and down again making you desperate for more. 
“Go ahead and flip over for me please. The other side of your beautiful body needs attention too, right?”
You nodded as you laid on your back. You looked up to see Felix's beautiful face looking down at you with pure lust in his eyes. He opened the bottle of oil from earlier and drizzled the cool oil all over your body, making you shiver slightly.
He started squeezing and grabbing your tits which made you moan and whimper. He then reached down to continue touching your pretty little pussy while still playing and prodding at your tits. You looked to your left to see that Felix’s hard cock was staring right at you through the thin fabric of his pants. 
You wanted more so you decided to take it upon yourself to take his aching cock out of his pants. You began stroking his cock in your hand which made him start thrusting into your hand. To you, this was a signal that he wanted more so you opened your mouth and took him in with ease. Felix yelled out in pleasure as he began thrusting, fucking your face. 
‘Holy- y/n oh my god. Ugh fuck! You’re so good at that, mm oh god.” He said with a breathy voice. The sounds of his cock swishing in your mouth, you moaning and smiling around his cock, proud of how good you were making him feel. He was so close to cumming right then and there. “Please let me make you feel good,” Felix said, grinning slightly, out of breath. He took his cock out of your mouth with a pop, and climbed onto the table with you. He leaned down to kiss, lick and, suck on your pussy. 
It felt way too good. You threw your head back in immense pleasure as he sucked on your clit. You started to thrust onto his face as he hummed and groaned on you which sent vibrations straight to your clit and you moaned out so loud for him. 
“He pulled away from you, gently biting on your clit, which made you shriek.
“I can’t wait anymore I need you y/n. Please let me fuck you. I need it so bad. My cock is just aching to be inside you.” His eyes were drunk off of lust, his hands were holding your legs in place so tight, you could barely move.
“Have your way with me felix. Take what you need from me.” You said, looking directly into his eyes.” As soon as those words left your pretty lips, Felix was on it. He pulled your body closer to him. He pushed his hard cock into the tight entrance of your pussy. The feeling was absolutely euphoric. You both let out loud moans for each other. You could not believe how good you were making each other feel. He began thrusting into you harder and faster. He was going so hard, rutting into you with absolutely no mercy. The two of you were just a moaning mess. You felt around looking for something to grab on until you reached Felix’s back. You dug and scratched your nails into his back which made him yelp out in pure pleasure. 
He leaned down to play with your tits while thrusting into you.
“I want to make you cum on my cock over and over. Don’t hold back, just keep cumming on me. Let it all out. I want to make you feel good. Come on.” He said in a worn out voice.
Those words made you clench on his dick, so ready to cum for him. “Ugh Felix fuck fuck fuck, ugh oh my god im gonn- gonna cum please!”
He looked down into your eyes and gave you such a devilish smirk, that it drove you nuts as you reached your high on his cock. 
“That’s it you did so good for me. I want you to cum one more time for me. Let’s cum together this time. I’m just gonna ask you to get on all fours for me and I'm gonna crawl behind you like this and hold your hips like this.” He cooed.
He pushed his cock into your pussy from behind and immediately began rutting into you as fast as he could. You could barely take such a pleasurable feeling. Now you were screaming and calling out for Felix. “More more more Felix please oh god ugh please please please.”
The sounds of his body clapping and slamming against your ass filled up the entire room and it turned you on even more.
“I’m so close y/n please cum with me now I’m so ready for you. I'm gonna count down from 10 and then let’s both release together okay?” 
You nodded your head frantically at the idea.
You moaned for him, as he reached down to hold your hand. 
He took your hand in his and leaned down to kiss the back of your neck.
His dug his fingers into your hips.
His starts moaning and becoming needier and louder as he grabbed your hands tighter. 
His thrusts became harder and sloppier, you knew he was just so close.
“You’re doing so well, sweetie. We’re halfway there, just hold it a little longer for me.” He cooed.
You became a needy, moaning mess, desperate to cum for him again. 
Felix reached under you to grab at your tits one last time, cupping them with his hands.
You both let out loud moans for each other. Felix’s thrusts became hard and slow, still holding your hand. He flipped you to lay on your back again, then reached down to kiss your lips.
“That was absolutely amazing y/n. Please come here and visit often. I will never get enough of you.” 
Felix kissed your forehead a final time before leaving the room to give you some privacy while you collected your things to leave. 
When you walked out of the room, Felix was standing at the counter again with his phone in his hand. He showed you the screen and it was the add contact page.
“Hey, y/n? Could you maybe give me your number? I had such an amazing time and it would be great if we kept in touch.” A huge smile plastered on his face as you gently took the phone from him and dialed in your number.
“Thank you so much for that. I have never felt that great before. Let’s meet up next Saturday? I can text you the details.”
His smile grew even bigger. “Saturday it is!” 
You both gave each other one last smile before you walked out the door. When you sat down in a car you got a message from an unknown number.
“Hi :3” 
You giggled and took off for home.
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Not to brag or anything but Got7 is really about to usher in a new era when it comes to Kpop. Quite literally being one of the few if not the only groups to ever continue on almost immediately leaving one of the biggest Kpop companies in the industry. Got7 is about to prove to a lot of people that the standards and expectations set within Kpop are not finite and can change. And the fact that they did this with the literal power of friendship (plus Im Jaebeom just being such an amazing leader) is beautiful and gives me a little faith in humanity
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s-heon · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⟡ ˚ 🌱 𓏸 ⁺ @menhpy ⁺ 𓏸 🪡 ₊﹒ ⟡
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⟡ ˚ 💿 𓏸 ⁺ 𓂋 ⁺ 𓏸 🪞 ₊﹒ ⟡
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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꒰ ˀˀ ↷ got7 ; nanana ”♡ᵎ ꒱
like/reblog | @jynani
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Seulgi moodboard♡
Like or reblog♡
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SEVENTEEN 'Face the Sun' Highlight Medley - Gyuhao
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