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#kpop angst
fantaesize · 2 days ago
Deepest Desire [JJK]
—Pairing(s): Jeongguk X Fem!Reader
—Word Count: 3.7k+
—Genre: Smut, Fluff
—Warning(s): mature language and explicit description of intercourse, protected sex (wow is Niika okay??), vaginal sex, nipple play, breast play, pussy eating, soft sex🥲, reader cries due to emotional overwhelm, marking (hickeys, back scratching), poetic description of love/sex as a drug (like, one sentence)
—Summary: When Jeongguk is staying the night another casual Friday and there's a blackout, you're kinda bummed that the only thing left for you to do is cuddle and sleep. But that is until you both finally decide to break the bounds.
—A/N: i'm not even lying when i say i cried while writing this. bruh 'i' became the one being emotionally overwhelmed but thas possibly jus my weak heart. but yeah, this one piece will always stay close to my heart bc it's just. so intense. and i loved my writing in this lmao. so now i leave it to u guys for yall to decide. pls feel free to share your views <33 its a part of my 50 Shades of Bangtan series but you can read this part singly since the parts are unrelated. i hope you enjoy!!💖💖 (also, i didn't almost write taehyung at one point instead of jeongguk. nope. definitely not.)
Tumblr media
A mug of coffee in one hand and Jeongguk’s hand interlocked with the other, both of you cuddling and catching up on a series… well– mainly cuddling. You truly couldn’t ask for anything better than this on a Friday night.
Jeongguk has been your boyfriend only for a few months right now, but it feels like you’ve known him forever. He has opened up with you so quickly, likewise you’ve shared your secrets with him already too.
Lately, you’ve grown even closer, as you’d let him stay the night at your place, in your bed, and he would let you stay the night in his dorm, in his bed.
And this is just another night when he comes over, to ‘make your time golden’, he’d said, but you both know better. To just be in your presence, being in your calm after another hectic week.
“Wh-what the hell happened?!” you shriek all of a sudden when all lights are gone out.
Jeongguk is still with you, so it couldn’t be one of his silly pranks either, as you remember the one time you enter his and the guys’ dorm after having a call with Jeongguk and expecting them there, only to be met with a dark apartment and getting the jump scare of your life.
He grabs his phone, the light being too strong for your eyes causing the both of you to flinch momentarily. He’s dialling the number of the electricity guys before you get up, turning to get to the kitchen to keep your mugs. The moonlight peeking through the glass door to the balcony just allowed enough light for you to walk around.
“They’re saying it’s a blackout,” Jeongguk voices in the dark, staring at your dark shadows contrasting against the light.
You let out a huff, neither disappointed, nor pleased. Just, surprised. “Do they know when it’s gonna come back?
“Not before morning,” he answers, holding the edge of the kitchen island as he partially leans his weight onto his tattooed arm.
“Do they know we don’t really need lights in the daytime but do at this time?” you amuse.
“Considering the fact that it’s uhh…” he trails off as he takes out his cell from his pocket, clicking the button and glaring at the bright screen, “2:04 in the morning, when everyone’s asleep, I think they’re valid for considering no one needs light right now either.”
“People go to bathrooms. People can literally die in bathrooms,” you counter with a wider grin and big eyes.
At that, Jeongguk doesn’t really have anything to say, so he lets out a chuckle, proud of his smart girlfriend. “Alright, let’s move to the bedroom? We don’t have anything else to do anyway.”
True that. There’s a blackout– no electricity. You can’t afford to drain the battery of your cells, you’ve got to keep them alive for important things. Plus you both are kind of tired yourselves anyway. So it’s safe to conclude that there was no point for you two to do anything but retire to your bedroom.
“Okay but I’m not going without the candles. So help me out here,” you order before turning to the drawer at the end of the counter, the one that held all your candles for emergencies like these.
Soon you and Jeongguk enter your bedroom, lighting up all the candles and putting them on all the shelves and cabinets, enough for the room to be seen, yet not too bright to not be able to sleep. Jeongguk is lighting up the candles when you take a look at him– his face looks like it’s glowing with the candle light hitting all the right places on his face, his eyebrow piercing shining, the flame visible in his eyes as he concentrates on it, observing melting wax crawling up the wick and giving itself in flames.
Before he can notice, however, you move to your closet to take out the scented candles. You’ve always had a thing for scented candles– when the candle smells good, it automatically changes your mood to a good one, fixes all your problems, sorts all your fights, gets all your work done, and suddenly, you’re not dealing with stress anymore. And with Jeongguk staying the night, better yet, sleeping in your bed tonight, you partially wanted to light those mixed scents of lemongrass, sandalwood and jasmine to have a little ‘comfort’.
“Why more?” Jeongguk inquires as you keep the glass containers on the mantle against the front wall, lighting them up.
“These are the scented ones,” you answer, and that’s enough for him. He’s already aware about your obsession with those scented ones.
The next thing, you and Jeongguk are crawling together in your bed, him pulling you close with an arm while his other pulls the comforter over your legs, your other hand aiding him too.
You both sit in the comfortable silence, not finding any need to say something. Sometimes you just like being in each other’s presence and the only sounds that can be heard is of your calm breaths. Breathe.
But on the other hand you can’t stop averting your gaze to Jeongguk every two seconds. His face is exquisite, he’s beautiful. His doe eyes, his sharp jawline, the round of his nose, the way his lips move when he speaks, and that goddamn mole– that stupid mole that has looked totally kissable to you ever since you saw him for the first time in that French restaurant.
And you wonder if he’s the right guy, if he’s everything you’ve been looking for, if he’s–
“What was that for?” Jeongguk asks, flinching from the kiss you placed on his lips while you were still immersed in your thoughts.
“I, uh… you, an-”
And then Jeongguk’s lips on yours shut you up.
You both don’t move your lips at first, possibly both of you testing the waters, but when you finally know that this is something real, you waste no time in lessening the space between the two of you, crawling your hand to the back of his neck while your other finds ground on his chest. His hands move to your hips, not wanting to cross any unsaid boundaries. The kiss grows needier, both of your tongues interacting with the other’s, pouring your desires in the action.
“You can even go further,” you breathe out, breaking the intense kiss for just a moment.
But then he stops, to look at you, eyes searching your face. For a moment you think that it was a huge mistake, maybe he’s not there yet, maybe you’re not supposed to be there yet. But when you hear his request of ‘are you sure’ and nod your head and whisper a ‘yes’, you are convinced that it’s meant to be.
Jeongguk , though, is still a little unsure. He wants it, fuck he does. It’s you, afterall. But how does he go about it? What do you like? What do you not like? Who takes the lead?
But as if you read his mind, you take his hand in yours and keep it on your breast, squeezing his hand below yours to ease him a little. Boobs. He’s already at ease.
Though deeper than that, when he finally realises that it’s you, it’s intense, it’s happening, all connections in his brain short-circuit, letting him know that it’s all about the flow. He doesn’t need to worry. He’s here, You’re here. And so is the rest of the night.
His other hand travels to your back, snaking it inside your shirt and making contact with the soft skin of your back, eliciting a moan out of you. His breath fans your face, his hands on your body and the kiss growing more and more heated elicits a slight moan out of you, slowly getting turned on as you anticipate what’s to come.
When Jeongguk doesn’t find you complaining over how his hands are roaming all over your body, over or under your fabrics, he finds it safe to take your top off. And the sight in front of him is enough to send him on cloud nine.
You’re there in front of him, topless, white lace covering the swell of your flesh, decorating your body, a sight for Jeongguk to love. To find way better than any of his own paintings or M.F. Hussain’s.
You know what happened when he sees you with those doe eyes and mouth agape, frozen as if playing freeze tag. But you still decide to tease him, partly to relieve your own nervousness.
“What happened, Gukie?” you coquet, your fingers tracing your collarbones and the area beneath that, pushing your breasts outward.
He blinks. Once. Twice. And then he swiftly moves to hug your body, his big arms wrapped around your middle and fingers fiddling with the hook of your bra. He’s eagerly leaving wet kisses on the exposed skin, and soon, the lace is slipping off your body. And he can live in the moment forever.
He instantly attaches his mouth to your nipple, other attended by his fingers, causing you to throw your head back in air as you hold his neck. You panties are getting wetter and wetter, you’ve never felt a deeper desire.
“Jeongguk,” you moan, a proof for him to believe that you like it, and he’s doing fine. But that doesn’t help his growing member at all, already so hard and begging for attention. He is so turned on, and he blames you for it.
He stops for a short moment to take his shirt off, the material clinging to him with the heat. But when he does, oh wow, and proceeds to continue his ministrations on you again, he’s pushed by you before he realises it, making him lie down on his back.
You straddle him, leaving open-mouthed kisses on his body, admiring the beautifully sculpted golden chest, admiring every centimeter of flesh with your lips and fingertips. You rub your covered core over his covered dick, both moaning at the pleasurable contact. His hands travel along your sides, and you instantly crawl back up to kiss him. He finds your boobs and pinches the brown tip, you moaning in the kiss which he gladly swallows, which also causes his dick to twitch. He is so turned on he could come right there.
You move to his neck, kissing the veins covered with flesh before gently tugging at it with your teeth. You’re not sure if he is into marking, but you want to mark him so bad. Want the world to see who he belongs with.
“Oh I’m sure you can do darker than that,” he says breathily, and as if on cue you instantly bite him to leave a mark. He’s yours.
He groans your name, his hands moving to your ass. He kneads the flesh under his palms, jiggling them. You whimper at the touch, every step taken arousing you more and more.
It’s Jeongguk. Your love. Your lover. Your mans, as he likes to call it. This was your first time with him, but it felt like you’ve known his body forever. You’ve known him forever. Everything was so easy with him, even when it came to sex. It doesn’t mean you weren’t freaking out about the way his hands slide under your shorts and panties and so easily takes them off, or about the way his palms felt warm against your skin. But you were euphoric, on a drug, only being on the best kind of drug, better than any lucid dreams you could’ve imagined. You were there, on top of him, soon to be under him, and everything will be alright.
And then he does finally turn you over to land on your back, his tall body hovering over you. He looks at you with hungry eyes, the fire that you saw earlier as a reflection now fiercer, a reflection of you.
“You’re so beautiful, _____, so, so beautiful,” he says in a hoarse voice, throat dry from all the nervousness. When you suddenly feel shy, he is quick to bend down and kiss your neck before you can hide yourself in your cocoon.
Just the way you marked him a while ago, he marks you as his. Once, twice, thrice, and he doesn’t want to stop. You’re his.
Only that he does, when he feels your shaky hands at the skin of his abdomen underneath the hem of his sweats. And god do they turn even shakier when you feel his big bulge, hard, throbbing, searching for release and you feel Jeongguk slightly bucking in your hands. Just with a touch of your hand, you feel so good that he’s growing so desperate. He needs you so bad, he needs you now.
He pulls his sweats down, freeing his hard member from the constraint, and your eyes widen. His dick is huge, but it is pretty. It is hard, red, throbbing, leaking with precum, but you’re in love with it. It’s Jeongguk, there in front of you, all naked in your bed.
He leaves sweet kisses all over your front, taking your hand and trailing an ivy of kisses all the way from your shoulder to your elbow, and kisses you sweetly a bunch of times on the back of your palms, fingers; his eyes deep into yours. That makes you clench around nothing, eyes pricking with tears.
He crawls further to align his face with your pussy, and when his tongue makes contact with your heat, you arch your back incredibly, letting out a loud moan forming in the back of your throat. He smirks, and you can feel it, though you're too gone to care when his tongue swirls in and around your pussy. He’s so close, he feels as though he’ll burst and might not make it with you, but he is determined to make you feel good. Hear you moan for him. Hear you beg for him. Have all of you to himself.
“Jeongguk, please,” you draw out the last syllable, moaning. Because as much as you love the sight of his eyes looking at you from between your breasts and half of his face dipping into your core, you don’t want this right now. You want to feel him close, you want to feel all of him. You want to feel him inside you.
“What baby,” he mocks, knowing very well what you mean but still determined to please you with his mouth for he’s scared he might not last that long.
“Jeongguk I need you inside me, please,” you cry for him, the relief between your legs both pleasurable and aching.
“But I-”
“I don’t care, Gukie, I just want you inside me, right now,” you breathe out, enough for him to understand you and be convinced.
You instantly crawl to the bedside table, pulling the drawer out sharply and fumbling a condom out of the packed box. Your shaky hands only make the process clumsier and longer, and you hear him chuckling in the background.
“Don’t,” you warm, breathing heavily when you finally pull one out, throwing the foil packet to him.
With the smirk still prevalent on his face, he tugs at the foil with his teeth, spitting the torn foil on the floor. And that sight alone makes you almost come undone. That was so fucking hot, you think.
While tugging the condom along his length, he ponders, “these condoms… did you-”
“I brought them after the last time you stayed, don’t worry,” you assure him.
The last time he stayed, a smile on his face. When you both were being way too touchy and obvious, but neither was able to make the first move, nor able to read the other person, still unsure of where the other person stands in your relationship right now. But you felt that it’s time you at least buy a packet for safety purposes, for the ‘what ifs’ running in your head for Jeongguk staying over the next time. Good thing you did that.
Rubbing the latex covered dick along your wetness for lubrication, “_____, are you sure you want this? With me?” he asks for confirmation one last time.
“Yes, Jeongguk, yes, I’m sure, I trust you,” you breathe out, your heart blooming with emotions just with the simple gesture of him remembering to ask you one last time even in such a heated moment.
With no further delay, he enters inside your weeping hole, slowly making his way inside you. Your mouth is wide open, a moan making its way out. Jeongguk is big– blessed in length and girth, and you wonder if you’ll be able to make it to the end without being split in half.
“You good baby?” he whispers, looking at your face, searching your eyes.
“Yeah, keep going,” you respond.
And so he does, bottoming out and reaching your cervix, both moaning when his tip hits your back. He gives you sometime to adjust, also himself so he doesn’t come undone right there. And then after a moment or two of heavy breaths, he finally moves, slowly dragging out of you and pushing back inside you again. You both moan at the pleasure, the feeling of him so, so close to you causing an ache in your heart, but the best kind of ache.
He finds ground on his forearms, resting the either side of your body and your hands find their way to his back, gripping at the flesh with your palms.
He’s going agonisingly slow. Ironic, considering that it’s his first time with you. But also, understandable. He doesn’t want this to end, he doesn’t want this to stop. He has desired this for so long, the deepest desire you’ve shared with him. And now he’s finally in the moment. The feel of your soft skin against his, every light brush of your fingertips, the exhale of your breath contrasting against the sweaty heat on his shoulders, the scent of your hair, you velvety walls every-so-often clenching around him, sending him over the edge– causing him to take a moment to slow down and come down before moving again–, your neck covered in all the marks and bruises he gave. Your body is covered in a sheen of sweat under him, the candles doing a great job at pleasing his olfactory senses and lighting your body, the hues and contrast of your skin enough for him to be inspired for his next painting. No, he doesn’t want this to end, he doesn’t want his first time with you to end.
And likewise, you can’t stop moaning. There is a knot in your stomach, yes, but there’s an even stronger ache in your heart. The ache of finally, finally having him so close to you, feeling his thick length inside your walls, his tip touching your sweet, sweet spot again and again, feeling his arms snake around your back and all over your body, his mouth on your lips, your neck, your breasts. Beads of sweat forming on his face, shining against the bright candles, his face glowing with a spark only meant for you. You don’t want this feeling to go; even if it isn’t the last time, you know it will be the only time as your first time.
You’ve both shared this deepest desire for too long, much longer than you’d like, and now you can’t help yourselves as you burn yourselves in the flames of your love.
His eyes meet yours, and the look in them is enough for you to understand that he’s begging you to keep it. And so you do. You moan in response when he lets out a deep guttural groan, briefly throwing his head back in the air and you keep it locked in your head, your favorite sight ever.
His hands travel to your knees, crawling all the way up your thighs to your hips. And as if hooked, you move your legs along the touch of his hand, stopping them to hook them along his side, trying your best to not hook them all around him in your desperation.
When he finally turns a little vigorous, you can’t stop moaning. You're moaning, crying, whimpering his name, and despite trying your best, you find your nails scratching his back. You know it pains him, you know it might bleed. But the fact that it will mark him as your again only turns you on more, and apparently turns him on more too, for he doesn’t seem to complain.
“I can’t hold any longer, baby– fuck– I’m gonna come soon,” Jeongguk moans, and your shut your eyes, pulling him closer to you. At this point, you don’t care about the eye contact, your eyes are forming tears, blurring your vision anyway.
“I’m there... Imma come soon,” you whimper out, breathing in his scent as you nuzzle your face in the junction of his neck and shoulder.
He nibbles at your earlobe, and his promising whispers of ‘I love yous’ send you into emotional overwhelm, and let the string snap, causing your eyes to convert into a broken dam of tears, the salt and water trailing down your cheeks.
“Guk I’m coming…” is the last warning you can give before you chase your high and convulse around him like crazy.
His stuttering pace tells you that he’s almost there, and when he hears your moans and feels your walls clenching him, he comes undone with a loud, throaty groan of your name, spilling inside the condom.
His body slumps over yours after he pulls out, you both lay there in a sweaty mess, panting heavily. After a moment of being able to collect himself, he props himself again on his forearms, looking at you with soft, loving eyes. And he sees your crying state, unable to stop the stream of tears while you’re not actually crying at this point.
When his eyes widen, thinking of all the things he could’ve done to make you cry, you speak in a shaky voice, wanting to erase his doubts away, “I’m just overwhelmed,” you sniff, wiping your tears away, “I love you so much, Jeon Jeongguk.”
He swears he could feel his heart doing somersaults at your confession, getting an even higher dose of oxytocin than he did in the past 45 minutes.
Using his fingers to take the lose strands of hair falling over your face and tucking them behind your ear, he places a lingering kiss to your forehead, shushing you down.
“I love you so much too, _____ _____.”
Tumblr media
a/n: *shambles* lmk what you think🥲🥲
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nctsplug02 · a day ago
dom yuta with nipple sucking kink?? im craving yuta rn 🕴️🕴️
p.s i really love your works!! 🥺
genre: smut
This was supposed to be a sexy moment whatsoever but you being you kept cracking up jokes here and there as yuta sucked on your nipples.
“Should I put a cloth over you so it makes it seem as if I’m breastfeeding?” You joked.
“Bitch, im a mother. No drama.” You mocked the tiktok sound that went viral. “No, seriously. I’m a breastfeeding mother with a frown adult baby .” He pinched the other nipple warning you to stop making those jokes.
“Ouch,” you smack his head that hid under his shirt you wore. “I’m letting you suck in my tit like a baby stop pinching my nipple you dickwat.” He laughs at the name.
His tongue swirling and swiping over your harden nipple as you gently play with his hair. In all seriousness, your moans flowed through the seemingless air.
His lips moving as if they were making out with your lips. His hand squeezing your breast that was alone, his thumb swiping at the nipple.
His hand trickled down to your shorts and had slipped under there. You give his hair a tug when he slips two fingers in your cunt. The short gasps coming from you as he thrusts them slowly.
“Oh sh—shit.” Your hips bucked as he placed his thumb on your clit.
He was such a tease.
a/n: i usually like to make the nipple sucking one’s into funny yet sexy(???) stories…
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jerri-bae · 2 days ago
PAIRING: Jeong Jaehyun x Y/n
GENRE: Angst, Smut-ish?, Kinda gas lighting, Toxic relationship.
SUMMARY: Jaehyun decides to get angry on Y/n for the things she said in anger. Jaehyun follows her back home andddd you gotta read the story for more.
NOTE:  Hi! Met you guys sooner than expected. The plot kinda got a little longer and I apologize for not being able to make a smut as promised before. I am really new to this app so I apologize if I did commit any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. Hope you like the story.
WARNING:  Hi again! Whatever I wrote is not in any way an ideal relationship and something to look forward to in a relationship. If you're in a relationship of this kind honey you better run away from him or her or them. And kids below 18 years of age please refrain from reading this and even if you did which I know you will please try not to learn or get any ideas from this plot. I just wrote it for entertainment purposes and it is not healthy in real life.
You looked out of the window sighing heavily.  The day wasn't getting any better for you. You looked outside of the car window, you're almost home.
This is going to be a long lonely night, you thought. 
"Text me when you reach home." You said to your friend as he got inside of a taxi on his way back to his house. 
"Yes I'll call you after I reach. Good night, Y/n." He replied.
You waved him goodbye until you couldn't see his cab anymore. 
You walked inside your apartment. It felt empty and cold. You were untying the lace of your heel when you heard the lock pad of your front door beeping. A chill ran down  your spin. You know who it was from the sound of it.
You quickly slipped out of your heels hoping you could make it to your bedroom before meeting his eyes.
You heard the door getting opened. Your attempt in escaping turned out awfully bad.
You felt a strong pair of arms coiling around your waist trying to pull you towards them before you could even make it to the other room. You knew it was too late now. Yet you tried to get yourself out from the powerful grip until suddenly you couldn't feel the ground under your feet anymore. 
He lifted you and banged your body on the front door, closing every inch of distance between him and you. Even though you weren't exactly short but standing in front of him towering over you, the feeling of being undeniably tiny crept inside of you. His presence felt overpowering over you.
Everything happened so quickly that you didn't have enough time to think about what had just happened. 
"Jae." You said slowly, your hands on his shoulder trying to calmly get out of the situation. He looked at you, his face was so close to you yet it felt so distant.
His hand that was coiled around you let go of your waist and covered your mouth harshly.
"Don't call me like that." He said hoarsely. His voice sounded dark, as if it was soulless. It scared you. You can hear him breathing heavily, with each of his breath falling like a fiery fire on your face.
"You want to leave me?? Hmmm??" He said in his low husky voice, it felt scary. It wasn't the feeling of love that you always felt from him. His hand that was covering your mouth slid slowly to the crook of your neck.
You regretted saying that to him. You never mean to leave him but that time your anger got the better of you. You looked up at him, even though he was looking at you his eyes weren't focused on you.
"Jae." You tried again, hoping to talk it out like normal adults.
"Shut up Y/n. Don't say my name." He spitted, it almost felt like he was ready to hit you.
"You'll leave me? For that boy huh?" He asked again. You can feel his moist lips on your ears. The scent of the soft cologne that he used this morning still lingered around him.
You felt a knot forming inside of you. You know you loved him, but how far? How far can things go? Can he really be the man you always wanted?
This side of him scared you. It makes you hesitate, hesitate to hold him close, hesitate to embrace him.
"It was that bastard right? The one whom you were dancing with this whole evening?" He remarked bitterly, almost making you feel guilty for going out with your friends. 
His touches turned into licks, the wet sound of his tongue around your ears made you squirm on your feet. You tried to push his face away with all of your strength but it didn't even budge him a little.
"Did you love it? Huh? Seeing me like this? Tormenting me like this?" He wasn't even looking at you. You would've thought that he was talking to himself if you weren't present there. 
He trailed down to your neck, kissing sloppily as he left traces of his saliva on you.
He smelled like booze and him. Warm and soft, that's how you felt about him before. Warm and soft, your safe haven. But not anymore. 
You felt a sharp stinging pain on the crook of your neck. You instantly knew where it was coming from. It felt painful, not painful in a pleasant way. You knew it wasn't affection, it was anger or jealousy, there wasn't a hint of love in it. Tears ran down your eyes, you were scared, hurt and this was the last thing you wanted to happen tonight. 
"Jaehyun. Let me go." You said, finally gathering the courage to push him away. 
"Let you go?" He smirked, as he looked away from your neck. He finally was looking into your eyes. You couldn't even recognize those eyes anymore. Those weren't the eyes of the boy you fell in love with, those were the eyes of a man that'll stop at nothing to get what he desires.
"Never. You are never going to leave me Y/n. You're mine." He said slowly, taking his time to admire your face as if he was looking at you after an eternity. 
"Do you understand, baby?" He asked, kissing the tears that were rolling down your face uncontrollably. 
"Hmm? Answer me babe?"
His tongue now reached your lips. He breathed air into your mouth, sucking your lower lip, devouring them slowly. You tasted a metallic taste gush inside your mouth. You couldn't feel the pain anymore, but you were hurting and it was way too painful just than a bleeding lip. He scares you. 
You mustered all of your strength and kicked him on his shin.
"Fuck" He screamed, stumbling back a few step to take in the sudden pain. You turned on your heels to run away and lock yourself up inside your room. You were almost there but unfortunately Jaehyun caught up to you. He grabbed you from behind and lifted you up. You tried to kick him away but they all just hit the air.
He threw you on your own bed and bent over you, slowly crawling above you. He extended his arm over the night stand and pulled out the charger cable.
"No, Jaehyun." You pleaded, trying to wiggle away from him. 
"You are making me do it Y/n." He said in a low hurtful voice. You couldn't ignore the crack in his voice. As if it was your fault for running away from him.
Your phone buzzed. It distracted him away from you. He pulled out your phone from your coat pocket. He glanced at the screen once and he knew it. The sadness in his face vanished. It looked like the devil settled inside of him. His eyes turned darker than ever. 
"It's him right? That fucking bastard." He looked at you spitefully for a moment before smashing your phone on the ground.
"What the hell are you doing?" You yelled at him, hearing the scattering sound of your phone's glass.
"You'll see." He replied not looking at your face. He forcefully took both of your arms and placed them above your head, tying them tightly with the cable.
"You have gone crazy Jeong Jaehyun." You said, trying to unwound your hands. 
"Yes I have. I have gone crazy. You made me go crazy." He laughed in his low husky tone. The shivers came back running to you.
He started kissing you on your lips, it was harsh and invading forcing himself into your mouth. His tongue slithered into your mouth as he soothed your face.
You couldn't feel his kiss. It didn't feel real. It was just invasive, filthy, dirty. You couldn't even feel an ounce of affection coming from him, all you could sense was an overwhelming amount of desire and lust. But it was more painful to see him like this. To see him in his worst. It made you wonder, can you still love him the same? Can you still accept him after everything that is happening right now?
"Kiss me." You hear him say. His voice breaks you down.
You look into his eyes. The delusions were making you see the lust in his eyes as pain, the hunger in his eyes as love. Even though you knew it, you chose to believe in his eyes. 
"Kiss me baby." He asked you again, looking at you. You held his face softly. He looked tired, pained. You caressed his face gently and kissed him. You kissed him again. And again. Holding him closer to your arms feeling his warmth against you.
"I love you Y/n." He said.
You closed your eyes hearing him say the words, maybe this is how it feels to be tied down by love.
"I love you too Jaehyun." You whispered.
P.S - Hiii! So did you like it? I would really appreciate some feedback.
I have some ideas for PART3 and more. I will write more if any of you guys want me to. So please let me know.
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hvae · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
꒰ synopsis ꒱ jeonghan always believed he was never fond of children, especially when he took the job at your daycare. little did he know the child in him was playing hide and seek, finally revealing itself after growing to love the kids. oh, and you too
꒰ pairing ꒱ daycareworker!jeonghan x genderneutral!reader
꒰ genre ꒱ strangers to lovers, daycare au, slow burn, fluff, angst, features minghao and the rest of seventeen as children
꒰ warnings ꒱ children, car accident, major character death, descriptions of blood, sprinkled bits of profanity and capitalization, and an overall merry bad ending
꒰ word count ꒱ 26.9k+
꒰ perspective ꒱ 2nd person omniscient
Tumblr media
‘ author's note!! 🍃 — FINALLY AS PROMISED a seventeen, revised version of kidult :D i doubt this one will receive a fraction of what the original received, but i still really enjoyed seeing jeonghan take over changmin's position. the second part will be posted eventually because again, i doubt this fic would reach carats 😅 but if there's high demand, i'll work on revising the second part immediately!! a reminder that this is a revised version, so there may be mistakes as it was a tbz fic turned into svt. if you spot any, such as names/surnames, please inform me
Tumblr media
As the seconds on the clock progresses with every tick, you are already starting to lose hope in your only recruit arriving at all.
Not many liked to work at daycares— that much you knew—considering they didn’t like the idea of loud cries and touchy fingers from kids they weren’t even acquainted with, so it was nearly impossible to find anyone in the small town you lived in willing to help out. A person named Yoon Jeonghan was the only one that approached you at the front desk without a kid of his own, stating that he saw the hiring post on Facebook and wanted the job.
Ecstatic by the news, the interview took place right then and there immediately, and you began spurting out questions for him to answer. Though, while answering, he seemed so uninterested in the job, making you wonder if he really even wanted it in the first place. Unfortunately, your desperation took over your conscience, hiring him on the spot once the short interview had ended.
Now, here you are, waiting for him to come through the front two doors so you could show him around the playroom and help him understand the activities you plan on having the children do. But you were left with little to no hope as the seconds tick by, starting to believe that he bailed on both you and this job.
Right as you begin to sulk, the jingle from the glass doors rang through your ears, making your ears perk.
“I’m here.”
The familiar voice makes your head shoot up, looking at the person who had just entered. Your smile widens at the sudden sight of him, relieved that he chose to come after all. You fix your posture by the desk and bring the clipboard with your written notes into your hands, welcoming him.
“Sorry for being late,” he mumbles. Although he apologies, he doesn’t seem to be apologetic at all, his hands stuffed into the pockets of his sweater with half hooded eyes, looking like he had just woken up. “I slept in.”
It was impossible to prevent the snort from leaving you, but it didn’t even alarm Jeonghan in the slightest, the boy looking like he just wanted to get everything over with.
“Well if that’s the case, just make sure you don’t sleep in on your first day on the job,” you hum, walking out from behind the desk. “We really need you here.”
“We?” he asks, letting out a snort of his own.
Thrown off guard, you stutter. “Y-yeah, me and…”
He then nods, keeping his mouth shut as he stands there.
The happiness you received minutes earlier from seeing him is quick to vanish into thin air, making you press your lips into a firm line. “Well then, follow me.”
He does as he’s told, watching you open the only door that stood not so far from the front desk.
“Unlike most daycares, ours only has one playroom,” you sigh, pressing your clipboard up against your chest as you lead him inside. “I’m basically the only person that works here, from what I told you previously, so I truly do appreciate the extra help you’re offering this summer.”
Jeonghan, the only person deemed ‘interested’ in the job, trails after your steps with long, heavy strides, lazy eyes roaming around the new environment.
You show him around each and every nook and cranny of the room, from the round tables and the circle of big bean bags to the massive reading rug surrounded by bookshelves. It was hard to miss the way he pretty much yawns after every explanation you give him, but you ignore it to maintain your pride.
“These are the sinks that catch the paintbrushes after an hour-long painting session,” you introduce, obvious disappointment featured in your tone. “I always tell the kids to never put their brushes inside the sinks when they’re done rinsing them, but they never listen. It often results in me shoving my hand in and digging the brushes out of the drain.”
And for the first time that day, you notice his eyes widening from the corner of your vision at the sudden information. He peeks over your shoulder to get a glance at one of the sinks being completely covered with dried up splatters of paint, scrunching his nose. “You’re not giving that job to me, are you?”
His grimace made you laugh, shaking your head disapprovingly. “Trust me, I’d love to say no, but I’m afraid I’d be lying.”
He grunts, clearly expressing how much he really didn’t want to do any of the work you plan on assigning him. You brush it off, knowing that he is very much needed for the upcoming summer wave that will be hitting the daycare.
You gesture for him to sit down at one of the round tables, joining him a few seats adjacent. “Okay so, we’re going to have twelve kids for the summer. Specifically twelve boys. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but they’re quite the hassle when they’re together,” you explain, eyeing your notes while Jeonghan is just staring, maybe even spacing out, as you speak.
Despite this, you continue, speaking as fast as you could to get this entire thing over with. “We’ll be having five six-year-olds: Seungcheol, Jisoo, Junhui, Soonyoung, Wonwoo. Four five-year-olds: Jihoon, Seokmin, Mingyu, Myungho. And three four-year-olds: Seungkwan, Hansol, Chan.” Creases form on your forehead when you notice that Samuel wouldn’t be attending this summer, but you don’t mention anything about him to Jeonghan. Hell, you aren't even sure if he even got the names considering how fast you spoke, but it isn’t like he was paying attention in the first place.
“I think that’s-...actually all I have for you today,” you murmur, flipping through your notes to see if you truly have concluded the tour and introductions. You then pass the clipboard over to him by sliding it across the table, making him flinch and stumble to catch it. “Can you check to see if I missed anything? I’m kind of exhausted after all of this prepping.”
He shrugs his shoulders and skims through it in an instant before giving it back to you. “I think you’re good,” he deadpans, not giving you much of an expression to work with as he slides it back over to you.
You cock your brow at how quick he was with searching through everything but chose not to question it, bringing it back into your grasp. “If that’s the you perhaps have any questions?”
He slouches in his spot and averts his gaze out one of the bigger windows, attempting to suppress a yawn by raising a hand over his mouth. “...Not really,” he finally responds.
You eye his features, tilting your head in the slightest as you stare. You then stop when realizing that he caught your gaze, the male growing visibly uncomfortable afterwards. He was shifting in his seat, not sure what to say considering he doesn’t want to opt for a ‘can I go now?’.
“Sorry,” you apologize, straightening your back. “It just seems like you really don’t want to work here.”
“I do!” he counters with his eyes darting over to you, copying your actions by sitting up straight. It then clicks when he realizes that you saw right through him, giving up and allowing himself to surrender. “...Okay fine,” he mumbles, falling right back into his seat. “I really don’t, but I need the money.”
“That’s understandable.” You end the conversation by standing up and putting out your hand. “Even so, I am very excited to work with you.”
“Same here,” he blatantly lies, giving your hand a weak shake after rising onto his feet. “Uh, so when’s my first day here?”
“This upcoming Monday.” You pull your hand back and grab the clipboard, hurried steps making their way back over to the door. “Make sure you arrive at 6 in the morning. Sharp, please. I truly need all the help I can get.”
He takes one last look around the room with pursed lips before wearing one of the fakest grins you’ve ever seen when you open the door for him. “I’ll see you then.”
After aligning all the boxes onto the shelves, you exit the playroom to find Jeonghan resting against the front desk, elbow propped up against its surface as he scrolls through his phone.
“You’re here!!” you exclaim, making him startled at your sudden appearance. “And-...early?” You look at the clock, noticing how it was ten minutes before the designated time.
Unexpectedly, his laid-back attire has been replaced with a casual button-up shirt that is partially tucked into his jeans, looking quite presentable for someone who would be working with preschoolers, but the same uninterested expression from a few days prior still remain on his facial features, barely being able to remove his gaze from his phone screen.
“I couldn’t really sleep,” he sighs out, setting his phone face down onto the desk. He hums, tapping his fingers against the surface, allowing the silence to fill the room before continuing. “Hope I didn’t scare you, by the way. The doors were unlocked.”
“Oh uh, no you’re fine. I just really wasn’t expecting it, that’s all.” You smile warmly towards him before walking behind the desk, pulling out one of your drawers to search through your nearly empty files.
“Is there anything you’d like me to do?” He peers over the desk to see what you’re doing, watching your every movement as you hum in return.
“Could you go into the playroom and check to see that everything is organized? Just tidy up anything that looks out of place before our first kid gets here. After that, you can start greeting all the boys when they arrive.”
He visibly cringes at your last sentence but affirms your words with a nod, picking himself off the desk before dragging his feet over to the room, leaving the door wide open.
Meanwhile, your fingers tap against every file within the drawer in search of the one that would be needed for today, taking and setting it out onto the table once you retrieve it. You open the file to reveal a sign in sheet, making sure the paper will be facing the front door for when the parents and their sons start to file in.
You are bending over to find a pen to provide when you hear your name being called with a loud shriek, making you nearly scream.
“Teacher Y/N, Teacher Y/N!!”
The childish voice makes you look over your desk, gasping at the sight of the little five-year-old standing there with the brightest smile.
“What th- how’d you-...? Myungho?!?”
The door slams open and presents a disheveled mother panting, breathless concerns pouring out of her. “Oh dear, he’s here. Alright okay, oh my. My apologies, Y/N. Minghao got so excited to see you that he rushed out of the car when I was on the phone with my husband.” She frowns and walks over to her child to pick him up, holding him in her arms as she starts interrogating him.
“How on earth did you get inside??”
“I followed a man in,” he giggles, making grabby hands towards you before becoming distracted at the sight of a curious Jeonghan leaving the playroom to check on the disruption that was happening outside.
Though, he immediately regrets doing so when Myungho points at him, clapping his hands loudly. “Him!!”
His mother’s head turns toward Jeonghan, confused at the presence of another adult since she would always be the first one in the daycare with her child.
“Oh!! Mrs. Xu, this is Jeonghan, Teacher Jeonghan. He’s going to be helping me out at the daycare for the summer,” you introduce with a warm smile, urging Jeonghan over by motioning him your way.
Myungho is quicker though, jumping out of his mother’s arms to race over to him.
“Hi!!! I’m Myungho!!!” He reaches up and extends his hand, wearing the brightest smile Jeonghan has ever seen.
“Uh-...hi.” Jeonghan slowly brings his hand to Myungho, and the boy grabs it, shaking it aggressively.
“I’m five!!”
“I’m, uh, twenty-six…” His words trail off when he sends you a worrying look, one that said ‘I don’t know how the fuck to deal with kids’, but you ignore it, turning back to face Myungho’s mother.
“I’m really glad you have a helping hand this summer,” she comments. “I remember the amount of chaos you had to deal with last year.” A frown works its way back up to her lips when she pulls out her wallet, paying you beforehand. While she continues talking, you go back to looking for a pen, handing it to her in the middle of her sentence.
“I really do appreciate all the work and love you’ve given my son, especially since his father and I barely have time to even talk to him nowadays. It makes me so happy to see him continue being the bright and sweetest kid from the crowd ever since he’s joined this daycare.”
Her words make you grimace, knowing a majority of what she said was a lie. “Of course, but it’s really nothing,” you respond quietly, playing with your fingers.
“Ah, but it’s true!” she reasons, her frown disappearing as it’s replaced with a gentle smile, signing her name into the sign in sheet before reaching to hold onto one of your hands. “Trust me when I say this; many people who work at daycares absolutely despise being with children, but it’s clear that you absolutely love what you do, and I couldn’t be more grateful.”
Your eyes smile at her words, wishing her a warm goodbye when she leaves. You turn to see what Jeonghan and Myungho were up to, seeing the elder crouched down while Myungho plays with his cheeks, endless rambles leaving the child.
A grin forms on your lips at the sight of them together, and it took the two a while to realize that Myungho’s mother had left. Myungho halts his actions with Jeonghan and runs over to you, grabbing onto your hand to pull it. “Can we go into the playroom now? Pretty please??”
“I’m afraid you’re going to have to ask Teacher Jeonghan about that. He’s going to be the one in charge of you little guys.” You point back over to Jeonghan, flashing the teacher a bright smile.
Jeonghan raises a brow at this and holds back from scowling at you, eyes piercing into yours when Myungho sprints back over to him with a loud squeal. The boy grabs one of Jeonghan’s hands, looking up at him when Jeonghan walks him inside.
“I’m five!!”
“Yes Myungho, I know. You said that already.”
“You really weren’t lying when you said there would be twelve boys.”
“Twelve chaotic boys,” you correct, shutting the door behind you when you enter the playroom. There you could see all of them chasing each other, aside from Seungcheol and Jisoo. The two are playing with dolls and action figures, making up a story while mindlessly ignoring the other kids nearly running over one another. “But why would I lie?”
He shrugs, arms crossed tightly over his chest as he watches the kids, making no effort to stop their violence. “Just seems unlikely that you wouldn’t end up with at least one girl here.”
“Small town, I guess.” While Jeonghan stood around and did nothing, you went over to untangle Seokmin’s fingers from Jihoon’s hair, apologizing each time Jihoon cried out of pain.
“Right.” He watches you from afar, analyzing the way you handled the situation and allowed them to carry on with their chaos. “How do you even manage?”
“Honestly?” Your feet walk themselves back over to where you were standing with Jeonghan previously, accompanying him. “I don’t,” you respond casually. Only then did the adults notice Soonyoung chasing Myungho towards you two, a plastic toy train being held in his hand as he charged towards the elder boy.
“TEACHER JEONGHANNNN!!” Myungho screeches, begging for help as he ducks behind the male’s long legs in order to avoid the toddler.
Jeonghan just stands there, watching how Soonyoung’s waddles come to a stop before shooting a smile up at the teacher ever so innocently. He waves the toy train up in the air for Jeonghan, showing it off. “Look!!”
Not knowing what to do, Jeonghan looks over at you, wanting you to control the situation at hand. He could feel Myungho wrap his arms around his legs, planting the teacher into the ground while letting out repeated whines about Soonyoung chasing him. By now, you already had walked away to watch the scene unfold from across the room, amused with the predicament Jeonghan was brought into.
“Uhm, Soonyoung,” he starts, turning back to the newly turned six-year-old in front of him, crouching down to talk to him properly. The young boy lightens up at him and his train being acknowledged by the new teacher, presenting the toy to him by holding it out in his hands. Myungho, on the other hand, resumes hiding behind Jeonghan, his arms wrapped around his back as he peeks his head out from the side, eyeing the boy that had just terrorized him seconds before.
“Soonyoung,” he repeats, slowly taking the toy train out of his hands. “We shouldn’t, uh, chase other kids with toy trains and say you’re going to run them over with it…” His cheeks flush up, truly unsure if he had handled the situation correctly.
Meanwhile, you burst out laughing, making all the kids look at you for only a millisecond before resuming whatever they were doing previously. Soonyoung is pouting, his bottom lip jutted out as much as it could, and yet surprisingly, he hasn’t started crying, nodding to show that he understood.
Satisfied, Jeonghan hands the toy back to the boy, giving him a small pat on his head. It takes a second for it to hit that everything from Soonyoung was an act, Seungkwan becoming the boy’s next target.
It makes your burst of laughter return, especially when Jeonghan’s face drops at the sight of Soonyoung tackling Seungkwan while ramming his train into the poor kid’s cheek.
“Well, at least you got him to stop doing it to Myungho,” you comfort, walking back over to him. Jeonghan rolls his eyes with a huff before telling Myungho to scurry off. As Myungho does as he was told, Soonyoung catches sight of your presence, screaming loudly while removing himself from Seungkwan. You chase after the small boy, hands being outstretched in order to pick him up.
When you did, his legs started flailing in the air, not even noticing that he had been raised from the ground.
“I still don’t get how you do this entire daycare thing,” Jeonghan mumbles, making his way over to you. Soonyoung has resulted in whining loudly when you refuse to put him back down, making him apologize to both Myungho and Seungkwan from across the room.
“Trust me, I don’t either, but amazingly, it’s pretty easy to calm them down.” You gently set Soonyoung back down onto the ground after hearing his cries of ‘sorry’, mentioning that you’ll be taking his toy train for the time being. He doesn’t fight back, only sulking when Seungkwan laughs at him.
That’s when Jeonghan goes over to one of the round tables, bored out of his mind. He sits on the edge of the table with his toes grazing the ground, analyzing every kid within the room in order to memorize the other half of their names.
“You know, Teacher Y/N says we should never sit on the tables,” Myungho points out after approaching him. Jeonghan dismisses him off with a wave, not willing to listen to whatever a child was saying.
“I’m not a kid,” he grumbles under his breath, not giving a care if Myungho even heard him. Though, he doubts the younger kid did. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to him, you heard Jeonghan say it loud and clear. With a scoff, you made your way over to the two boys, standing opposite from Myungho and adjacent to the teacher with your arms over your chest.
“Off the table,” you demanded.
All the kids in the room stopped whatever they were doing to look at the commotion happening. Though, Jeonghan chose not to budge from his spot, rolling his eyes.
“You heard what Myungho said. Loud and clear,” you click your tongue. “You’re being a bad role model to the kids by sitting on the table.”
“There’s nothing wrong with sittin-”
“Jeonghan, off.”
It was then when humiliation suddenly hit him, especially since he was the one that was being scolded in front of a bunch of preschoolers. He takes one last glance around the room while avoiding your stare before removing himself from the table. What you didn’t expect was for him to storm out of the room, pulling the door open just as fast as he slammed it shut.
“God, what’s his problem?” you mutter. A loud wail is then heard throughout the room, everyone’s attention turning to the person sitting down on the rug by the box of toys. That was what made you realize the severity of the situation, knowing that you had possibly gone too far.
“No no, Junhui, don’t cry,” you whisper after rushing over to him, bringing him into your arms. You rub his back, easing him down after the loud sound that had scared him. “I’m so, so sorry.” His hands are bunching up your shirt when you press him close to your chest, finding comfort in your hold.
You couldn’t stop yourself from looking at the door, wondering if Jeonghan would return.
After one week and three very tiresome days, you knew that Jeonghan wouldn’t be coming back.
It wasn’t like he had called to confirm that he would be quitting or any of that sort, but it was pretty obvious with the lack of his presence. It came to a point where you didn’t even bother checking outside the playroom ever so often anymore, knowing that he would no longer be the one entering those two glass doors.
It saddens you, in all honesty. The one person that was willing to help is now gone, and it went back to just you and the twelve kids you cherish the most. Though, all of them but one didn’t really mind, or more like comprehend, the lack of assistance in the playroom since you basically had all of their backs, but Myungho’s been alone, sitting by the bookshelves.
He would have his arms wrapped around his legs, curling up into a ball as he leans against the shelves, gazing off into the distance.
You did have to admit that the idea of him contemplating his life choices was kind of amusing, especially with him curled up into the fetus position, but you still approached him occasionally throughout the day, asking him if he was alright. It didn’t help much though, the boy turning away from you whenever you did so. After moments of silence, you decided that it would be best to give him space, apologizing each time before leaving to focus on the other kids.
Without a doubt, Myungho has always been the brightest one out of every kid you knew, getting along with absolutely everyone due to his expressive persona, and considering he was the mood maker, it did bring down the happiness within the daycare. Jisoo and Seungcheol were both old enough to understand what Myungho was feeling, joining him in the middle of their free time to give the boy a hug. They have always been the sweetest kids in the class so you were more than positive that Myungho would be okay in a week or two, but it still took a major toll on your heart.
In around ten or so minutes, it would be time for Myungho to arrive, so here you were, preparing everything. While searching through your drawers, a piece of paper falls out of your grip and onto the ground. You reach to pick it up and realize that it’s Jeonghan’s phone number written down, and you debate whether you should call him or not. It wouldn’t hurt to check up on him and see if he was doing alright, maybe even ask if he would be quitting for good. You could also toss in that Myungho has missed him immensely ever since the incident, but you decided against it all, figuring that it’ll be for the best for both sides. You throw the piece of paper back in the drawer, closing it shut.
Out of nowhere, you could feel small fingers wrapping around the hem of your shirt and you are about to let out the loudest scream, turning around on your heels to face the culprit.
“Holy sh-”
“Hi Teacher Y/N.”
You calm down your racing heartbeat by having a hand over your chest, taking a couple of breathers before facing the poor boy. The dejected look on Myungho’s face doesn’t falter, his fingers gently tugging on your sleeve.
“Teacher Y/N?” he tries again, so you prepare yourself for a talk and get onto your knees in order to reach his eye level, hands on your thighs.
“Is everything okay, Myungho?”
“Will Jeonghan be here today?” he asks, his voice breaking as he speaks softly.
The way he gazes at you with glossy eyes made you realize that even though you had lost all hope for Jeonghan’s return, Myungho was the one who still had some within him.
Without letting you answer, he continues, his fingers bunching up the fabric of your shirt into a fist. “You said he will be here all summer, right?”
Sucking in a sharp breath, you nod. “Yes, Myungho, he should be.” You pause, shutting your eyes as you utter the next few words. “But I don’t know if he will.” Your voice trails off into a whisper, but he pulls you into a comforting hug, knowing that he isn’t the only one missing your co-teacher.
“It wasn’t my fault, was it?” he mumbles, hiding his face into the crook of your neck.
“What? No, of course not. It isn’t your fault, okay?” You tighten your grip around him, tenderly rubbing his back with your hand.
He sniffs loudly, pulling away with a nod. He tentatively puts out his hands to cup your cheeks, the warmth of his hands bringing you tranquility. When you don’t pull yourself away from his grasp, he squishes your cheeks, just like how he did with Jeonghan when he first met him, a small smile forming on both of your lips.
“Minghao?? Y/N? Are any of you guys here??”
You mentally curse to yourself at the voice, having your eyes meet the preschoolers. “Please don’t tell me you ran away from your mommy again.”
He only grins at you, making grabby hands. With a sigh, you pull him into your arms and stand up, revealing both yourself and Myungho to his mother. “He’s here, don’t worry,” you reassure, removing all the visible distress featured on her face.
“Surprise!” he squeals, tossing his hands up in the air.
His mother rolls her eyes playfully. “He really keeps running off without me knowing.” Her playful demeanor turned into a sorrowful one, taking the pen from the desk to sign in. “But I guess that’s a good thing since he really adores it here.”
“I guess he does, doesn’t he?” You glance back at Myungho, taking a mental note of his fingers becoming entangled in your hair. “He’s made a lot of wonderful friends here, you know.”
His downturned expression is still present on his face but was easily missed by his mother, too busy talking as she wrote down the date. “He has! He’s always asking me if Jisoo could come and visit someday. Sweetest kid, if I remember correctly.” She sets down the pen back onto the paper, looking up to see her son. “Stay safe, Minghao!! Don’t cause too much trouble for Teacher Y/N today, okay?”
He perks up and goes to wave his mother goodbye but with his fingers caught up in your hair, he accidentally pulls on it, making you yelp.
Maybe having the boys paint with their hands was a really, really bad idea. Especially since you are the only one in charge.
“Wonwoo, no- no Wonwoo,” you snatch the tube of paint out of his hands. “We do not eat the paint.” He starts crying due to your glower, but your attention is diverted elsewhere when you hear your name being repeated.
“Teacher Y/N, Teacher Y/N!!” Chan calls, waving you over. “Look, look!!” He raises the printer paper up to show you his painting, bouncy on his feet.
“Oh Chan!! That’s a very nice-...uhm, cow-?” You tilt your head while squinting your eyes, trying to see it from a different perspective, but Chan’s already frowning, bringing the paper back down onto the table.
“It’s an airplane,” he mutters, slouching back into his seat. Seokmin, Soonyoung, and Seungkwan leave their chairs and rush over to the youngest, taking a look over his shoulder at what he painted. Seokmin brings a hand over his mouth to contain his laughter but fails when the other two loudly cackle, joining them both in a fit of giggles. Chan whips his head around, glaring at the trio while they practically trip over their feet due to how hard they were laughing, hands clutching onto their abdomens.
You put the tube of paint next to his artwork before crouching down besides him, bringing a hand to his shoulder. “It’s a really, really beautiful painting of an airplane. I mean it. I’m just legally blind.” You crack a smile before looking around the room, choosing to lean in and whisper into his ear. All sadness washes away when he hears you, perking up at the suggestion. He nods eagerly and claps his hands. Then he reaches to hold onto one of your fingers when you stand up, holding his painting in the other.
The three boys stop laughing when they see you bring Chan over to the bulletin board, their curiosity bubbling up within.
“Teacher Y/N?” the youngest out of the three hiccups, holding onto his friends’ hands before following after you two.
You ignore his call and bring Chan up into your arms, giving him a push pin. “Now be careful,” you whisper, watching his every movement cautiously in case something bad happens. Thankfully, Chan is careful enough to pin up his painting, dancing happily when you place him back onto the ground.
Soonyoung gasps loudly and sits on the ground with a huff. Seokmin and Seungkwan do the exact same, letting out a gasp of their own before seating themselves right next to their friend, all three crossing their arms angrily.
Chan skips over to the three, proudly puffing out his chest. He used both of his hands to ruffle up their already fluffy hair, regretting the action immediately after. It really wasn’t the greatest idea because one, his hands were covered in paint, and two, he only angered them further, so you didn’t bother saving him when the three boys started chasing him around, Chan screaming in terror.
Your attention was brought over to the calmest table in the room, at least from what it seemed, only to find Junhui and Hansol purposely shoving their paintbrushes down the drain, acting ever so innocent when you caught them red-handed.
“Now why would you guys do this? Where did you guys even get the paintbrushes? You're supposed to be using your hands to paint,” you groan, pulling the pair away from the sink.
“It was Hansol’s idea!!” Junhui blatantly accuses, pointing at his best friend. Hansol rolls his eyes and doesn’t say another word, claiming the blame as the two head back to their seats in giggles.
With an exasperated sigh, you look into the sink. They are most definitely shoved in there, at least from what you could tell, so you rolled up your sleeves, prepared to have your hands dive in to collect the dollar cheap paintbrushes.
“I could help you with that if you’d like.”
In your head, you fully expected a kid to offer their help, but you knew you couldn’t risk having a preschooler helping you out with something stuck in the drain, but to your surprise, the voice wasn’t squeaky or obnoxious like the others. It was barely a whisper that could’ve been missed if it wasn’t for the sound of the door falling shut, making the entire room turn their heads to the familiar voice.
Myungho’s mouth falls agape at the sight of your co-teacher, not believing his eyes considering how long it’s been. He drops the tube of paint that was in his hands and onto his painting, running over to engulf the teacher’s legs within his embrace.
“Teacher Jeonghan!!”
“Myungho!!- wait, no don’t-...C’mon man, these jeans are new,” he whines.
While he tries removing the boy and his hands from his pants, you resume to stay in your state of shock, unable to move a single limb as you look at him. You blink multiple times to see if you are truly just imagining things, but you are proven wrong when more of the boys gather around him, greeting the teacher with happy smiles.
He gives up when many fingerprints of paint end up on his jeans, his distress being replaced with a smile of his own when he sees the rest of the kids. He then locks eyes with you, freezing in his spot before leaning down to whisper something into Myungho's ear, earning himself a nod.
Myungho and the rest of the kids go back to their seats, obediently continuing what they were doing earlier, but Myungho couldn’t stop looking at Jeonghan in awe, eyes glued onto him. The male makes his way over to you and brings a bag into your view. “I hope you don’t mind, but I bought us lunch.”
He sets it down next to the sink you were standing by, hands on the counter as he looks in. He grimaces at the current state of the sink you had your hand buried in, almost regretting what he offered earlier but folded up his sleeves regardless. “I meant it when I said I’ll help you with it, so I’m going to help you with it,” he mutters lowly, hoping that you didn’t hear him talking to himself. He takes one last look into the sink before shoving his hand in, pulling out the brushes individually with a chuckle. “Who buried these in the drain anyway?”
“We did!!” Junhui yells out, waving over to him and then proceeds to point to himself and his seatmate. Jeonghan laughs at his boldness and sets the brushes aside before reaching for more.
Meanwhile, you are too occupied with gazing at him, looking at him with so much adoration. The smile he’s wearing today is genuine, and the sleep deprivation is nowhere to be seen on his face. Heck, it even seems like he did his hair, truly wanting to look presentable in front of the children.
“You okay?”
His voice snaps you out of your daze, struggling to find the right words. “Uh, I- yeah, I’m just- came back.”
He falls silent, focusing on pulling the last few brushes out while his mind wanders elsewhere. When he finishes, he nods, finally allowing his eyes to meet yours. “Yeah, yeah I did.”
Even with the laughter and screams from the surrounding students, the silence between you two overtook it, struggling with who should be speaking first.
“I’m sorry,” you murmur, being the one to break eye contact.
“No, no, don't apologize. It wasn’t your fault at all. I’m the one that should be sorry…” He takes in a deep breath, making your eyes meet his before he continues. “I’m sorry for not realizing that I’m now practically a role model to the kids. I know now that I shouldn’t do anything I wouldn’t want them to do.” He clasps his hands together, having them hang over the sink as he stares straight ahead. “I’m sorry for disappearing these past few days too.”
You smile, pursing your lips. “Myungho missed you a lot, you know.”
He laughs, and for the first time ever, it wasn’t bitter. “I missed him too.”
“Myungho!! Teacher Jeonghan misses you!!” Seungkwan yells, capturing the said boy’s attention.
You turn around to see that he and Soonyoung had been standing behind you guys all along, eavesdropping on your entire conversation, but it truly didn’t matter because the look on Myungho’s face made up for it. He was really eager to get out of his seat, his legs bouncing up and down with excitement but something Jeonghan must’ve said earlier had made him stay put.
Jeonghan shortly gives into his desperation, outstretching his arms for the young one. Myungho squeals and leaves his seat to run into them, laughing loudly when he’s picked up.
Soonyoung, being the jealous one he was, frowns and starts poking Jeonghan’s leg repeatedly. “Did you miss me too??” he asks, mustering up the biggest puppy eyes for your co-teacher.
Jeonghan looks down, and the grin he has on his face, along with Myungho’s, is something you wish to see for the rest of your life, truly not being able to describe how much happiness you were feeling in the moment. “Of course I did. I missed you and your little train,” he coos, reaching down to boop his nose.
Soonyoung lets out an exaggerated gasp at the newly found information, running away to grab his train for Jeonghan.
“Now look at what you’ve done,” you chortle. Seeing the way you laugh only made him happier, praising Soonyoung when he comes back with his toy. He then faces Myungho to pinch one of his cheeks, bringing his gaze back over to you.
“I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.”
“I can’t believe you made them paint with their hands before lunch,” Jeonghan guffaws, bringing all the dried up paintings from the tables into his hands.
“Clearly not one of my brightest ideas,” you sigh.
Your attention was brought away from Jeonghan when noticing two students that stood far from where they were supposed to be: by the sinks. Your eyes narrow at the sight of Wonwoo carelessly wiping the paint off of his hands with Mingyu’s shirt, covering the fabric in stains of the nauseating brown that were the result of multiple colors being mixed together.
With a groan, you place the paint tubes that were in your hands onto a nearby table before calling Wonwoo out for his action.
“Hey hey hey, none of that, Wonwoo.” You walk over to where he stood by the bookshelves and drag him away from Mingyu, and only then did the younger boy realize what Wonwoo did to his shirt, gasping loudly for the entire class to hear.
“Come on you two, let’s wash your hands before we eat.” You bring both of their hands into yours in order to tug them over to the sinks, having them join the other boys that were already cleaning up.
Mingyu being on the brink of tears shouldn’t have made Jeonghan laugh, but it does. He picks up the tubes of paint while smiling to himself, dropping them into a nearby basket that sat on one of the tables before heading over to the table with all the paintings he hasn't collected yet. He picks them up one by one, analyzing each one while acknowledging who painted what. Right when he picks up the last painting, he isn’t even given a chance to look at it when Myungho immediately sees him holding it, running over to him. “Do you like my painting?” he hiccups, gazing up at the teacher.
“Hm? Oh this is yours?” He looks back at the painting in his hand. “Are these your parents?” he asks, though he was left confused considering none of the people presented on the paper resembled Myungho’s mother, at least from what he remembers.
“Nope!!” he quips. He brings Jeonghan down to his level by pulling onto his sleeve so he’s able to see the painting as well, bouncy in his spot. “It’s you and Teacher Y/N!!”
“Really? Then...why does it say family at the bottom of the paper?” Jeonghan turns to look at the boy, confused.
“Because you and Teacher Y/N are my family! Well, kind of. In my dream you guys were!!” Myungho is looking at Jeonghan with the brightest set of eyes, smiling brightly. “You guys were married.”
Jeonghan coughs loudly at this newly found information, looking away from the painting to see if you had heard anything that came from the boy’s mouth. Thankfully you hadn’t, too distracted with helping Seungcheol wash his hands to notice him talking to Myungho.
He barely knows you, and yet here Myungho is, dreaming of you two as a married couple.
“I wanted to add the other boys and the daycare in the painting,” Myungho continues, kicking at the ground with his crocs, “but I didn’t have enough paint.” He frowns, eyes wandering over his painting.
Jeonghan turns back to look at the artwork, furrowing his brows. “Wait, so if this is me and Teacher Y/N, I’m guessing that’s Teacher Y/N?” Jeonghan points to the figure on the right before directing his finger over to the figure on the left. “...And that’s me?”
“Nope!!” Myungho repeats, snatching the painting out of Jeonghan’s hand. He then pointed to the figure on the right. “That’s you, oh and that’s me in the middle, and that’s Teacher Y/N!” he exclaims.
“Really?” Unable to hide the shock in his tone, Jeonghan lowers his voice so he wouldn’t bring any unnecessary attention to the pair.
“Yeah! Oh! And you see these wings behind Teacher Y/N? Those are angel wings! Oh! And you’re the devil.”
Jeonghan reaches to take the painting back into his grasp, glancing at it, and surely enough, there are poorly drawn devil horns adorning the top of his head in the painting.
“I got bored,” Myungho explains nonchalantly, truly finding no issue with what he drew. “And they make you look cool!!!”
“You are terrible,” Jeonghan sighs out, but Myungho’s frown at the comment made him completely switch up his words. “...-Terribly adorable!!” He coos, giving one of Myungho’s cheeks a pinch.
Your voice rips the two out of their momentary fit of giggles, adding to the ruckus being caused around the sinks. Not only were Jihoon and Seokmin splashing water at each other, but two other boys were huddled up by the sink in the corner of the counter, their backs hunching over the sink.
“Not again!” you cry out loud. “Junhui, Hansol, away from the sink, I beg.”
Both Myungho and Jeonghan turn to look at you out of curiosity, watching how you pull the pair away from the sink. The action reveals the bunches of paintbrushes gripped in their hands, giggles escaping the two boys. Jeonghan chuckles at the sight, shaking his head in disbelief at the two boys’ repeated antics before turning back to face Myungho.
“Do you want to help me hang these up?” Jeonghan raises the paintings in his hands, presenting them to Myungho. The boy brightens up at the sigh, rapidly nodding his head in response. Content, Jeonghan stands up and gives Myungho his hand to hold onto, leading the boy over to the bulletin board.
“That’s Chan’s painting,” Myungho points out, referring to the painting that was already pinned up. “Soonyoung, Seokmin, and Seungkwan were bullying his plane, so Teacher Y/N helped him put it up.”
“Those three were bullying him?”
Myungho shrugs, proving unbothered. “They’re mean.”
A laugh escapes Jeonghan when he hands Myungho the painting, moving on from the topic by bringing the boy up into his arms, picking him up. When he feels like he has a firm grip around Myungho, he uses his free hand to open the box of push pins.
“You’ll hold the paintings up to the board, and I’ll pin them in, okay?” he hums, looking at Myungho for confirmation.
Surprisingly, Myungho proves to be very cautious when holding the paintings up for Jeonghan. With every painting they successfully pin up, Jeonghan lets out a ‘woo!’ before scooting over a few centimeters to pin up the next one.
Once the two are finished, Jeonghan tells Myungho to hurry and wash his hands. The boy complies, running over to join you and the rest of the boys by the sinks.
Jeonghan follows after him with a satisfied grin, picking up the baskets of paint tubes on his way over to you. He sets them by the counter with the rest of the baskets before running his hands under the faucet. While all the boys rushed to take their lunch bags out of their backpacks, you had your arm buried in the drain, fishing out the paintbrushes the two rascals shoved in there for fun.
“Want me to help again?” he chuckles, drying his hands with a paper towel after turning off the faucet.
You shake your head, rejecting his offer. “You did a lot already,” you explain, turning your gaze back to the sink. A thin paintbrush was pulled out of the drain and set aside before your arm dived in once again, checking to see if there were any remaining ones left. You turn to look back at Jeonghan, eyeing him. “Thank you, by the way.”
“I’ve barely done anything,” Jeonghan pouts, leaning against the counter as he watches you.
This time, you pull out a slightly bigger paintbrush, that one joining the tiny one to the side. “Well, it’s the most help I’ve ever gotten since I opened this daycare,” you snort, avoiding eye contact.
Jeonghan notices the way your face falls when the realization of the lack of help dawns on you, feeling his heart drop as he knew he was part of that cause.
But before he could apologize for the nth time that day, you smile, slowly moving your head over to look at him. “You should go eat with the rest of the kids, by the way.”
Jeonghan bites the inside of his lip, his gaze flickering between your struggling hand and the kids scurrying to sit with their friends. “I mean...are you sure? I bought lunch for the both of us,” he reminds you, taking a glance at the plastic bag of take-out ramen placed by one of the sinks earlier. “It’d be pretty rude of me to start without you…”
“Oh,” you murmur, recalling the gesture. You’re unable to stop the heat from shooting up to your cheeks, trying to avert your attention back to the paintbrushes in the drain. “Right, uh, it’ll be okay. I’ll join you in a bit, then.” You send him a warm, reassuring smile and turn your attention back to the sink.
He nods and leaves you to bring the plastic bag into his hands, taking it over to one of the vacant round tables within the room, setting it down.
All twelve boys are quick to crowd Jeonghan in a matter of seconds once he has taken a seat, intrigued with what the teacher had brought for lunch. Specifically, Seungcheol was interested in the styrofoam cups being pulled out of the bag, scurrying his way through the elder boys to catch a glimpse of Jeonghan’s lunch.
Not being used to receiving this amount of attention, the teacher easily grows flustered with the number of kids surrounding him, not really knowing how to have them get back to their seats. So he opts to continue what he was doing, removing the lids from the cups and setting them to the side whilst ignoring the oohs and aahs coming from the children. It truly makes him flustered with every word that leaves the kids, avoiding eye contact with all of them.
“Boys, go back to your seats.”
Their heads shoot up towards you, doing exactly as you say in an instant at the sight of you. You are drying your hands with a paper towel as you approach Jeonghan, giving the relieved male a playful wink. Laughter escapes you when he avoids having his gaze meet yours, too embarrassed to send you a thanks.
But the remaining smile on his lips and the faint blush on his cheeks already does all the thanking, especially when you pull over a chair to sit right beside him.
Shyly, he slides over one of the styrofoam cups and gives you a set of chopsticks before focusing on his own meal. He pulls the chopsticks out of its paper covering, snapping the wooden sticks apart while you’re quick to dig into the ramen, eating happily while watching the other kids begin their lunch.
There are multiple conversations happening in the room, but with only twelve other students, it isn’t hard to differentiate each one. Seungkwan, Soonyoung, and Seokmin are all talking about their older siblings while Jisoo, Wonwoo, Hansol, and Chan are talking about cheese. Why? You don’t know, but somehow the conversation ends up being way more interesting than expected, and it makes you tune in, listening to each word that leaves that certain table’s mouth.
Meanwhile, the last table consisted of Myungho, Junhui, Seungcheol, Jihoon, and Mingyu. Both Mingyu and Myungho were the ones who did most of the talking, but only two boys were listening.
Before Jeonghan is able to dip his chopsticks into the ramen, Seungcheol somehow manages to slip away from his table unnoticed and makes his way over to the male with quick steps. He stands right next to Jeonghan when he’s about to take his first bite, staring at him. His eyes do all the talking, begging for Jeonghan to share it with him.
Jeonghan sits there, frozen as the noodles hang from his chopsticks. He locks eyes with Seungcheol, and only then does the six-year-old open his mouth, pointing to it.
The ‘ahh’ that leaves Seungcheol is what makes your attention from Wonwoo’s rant about melted cheese shift over to what was happening between Seungcheol and Jeonghan, almost choking on the noodles due to the sudden presence of the young boy. A burst of sudden laughter erupts from your throat, letting your chopsticks rest in your cup as you bring a napkin up to wipe your lips.
You’ve been used to Seungcheol always approaching you whenever it was lunch time ever since he started attending the daycare. You reacted the same way Jeonghan is reacting currently, but as time passed, you eventually learned how to say no to his puppy eyes. Though there have been times when you gave in, you made sure that he would ask politely before doing so.
But clearly, he forgot to do as such when it came to Jeonghan.
Well, either that or Seungcheol just didn’t care about being polite since Jeonghan was the new teacher.
“He wants to eat your food,” you hum, your insight snapping him out of his frozen daze. He notices the way you pick up your chopsticks and point them at his cup before continuing to finish whatever you had left.
“I figured,” Jeonghan mumbles. He isn’t even sure how to explain to a six-year-old that he himself was starving and truly needed this cup of take-out ramen to himself, so he gives up and easily caves in.
He sets the chopsticks aside before bringing Seungcheol into his lap. Carefully, he twirls the noodles around his chopsticks and brings it into the six-year-old’s mouth, feeding him while his free hand is placed below his mouth in case there would be any spills.
You watch the two’s every movement, continuing to stuff your mouth as you speak. “Do you not plan on eating?”
He loudly sighs with a pout overtaking his features, subtly shaking his head. Jeonghan then looks at Seungcheol, watching the boy eating his oh so precious ramen with the happiest smile on his face. The sight eventually brings a smile to the teacher’s face. “I’m sure this little kiddo is starving way more than I am, so I’ll be okay,” he reassures.
As Seungcheol chews, Jeonghan notices the sounds the boy was making while eating. He pokes his cheek with his index finger, the grin on his lips making his cheeks hurt. “Good job,” he praises after feeding him another bite. He then looks at you, deciding to mimic the noises Seungcheol made while chewing seconds earlier. “Nyam nyam nyam nyam nyam.”
You snort, holding yourself back from smiling. “Did you just- did I hear you correctly?”
The smile on his lips doesn’t falter when he brings his chin over to rest on top of Seungcheol’s head, leaning against the small boy in his arms with the cheekiest look on his face. “Nyam nyam,” he responds.
“...Oh my god, don’t start talking like that,” you groan, feeling embarrassed when he lets out a laugh.
Jeonghan continues to feed the boy in his lap, playing with him in the process. As continuous ‘ahh’s leave both of their lips, you choose to bring your attention back to the rest of the boys in the room. You watch as a majority of them become immersed into trading their snacks with one another, Junhui breaks out into whines when Jihoon scams him out of a bag of gummies.
Soonyoung hears the commotion going on and seeing Junhui triggered tears of his own, bailing while hitting his hands against the table.
With a sigh, you quickly pat your lips dry before standing up, ready to go over and calm the boy down. This easily captures Jeonghan’s attention in the middle of him playing airplane with Seungcheol, freezing with his chopsticks being held up in the air.
“Wait, Y/N.”
His words stop you from proceeding further, the wails only getting louder within the playroom. Seokmin is basically slapping Soonyoung’s back at this point to calm him down, but the action really doesn’t do much justice.
Jeonghan quickly turns to face Seungcheol and whispers a question along the lines of ‘you know how to use chopsticks, right?’ to him before having the boy occupy his seat despite Seungcheol shaking his head no. While Seungcheol starts creating a mess with the chopsticks he was given, Jeonghan goes over to you. “Just finish eating, I got it.”
“What? Wait what, no, Jeonghan it’s okay.” You remove yourself from the table, but he stops you, warily holding onto your shoulder.
“I’m serious. I want to redeem myself, I got this.”
Without giving you a chance to respond, he leaves you and rushes over to Soonyoung.
You are hesitant since Jeonghan really doesn’t know how to deal with kids, at least from what he’s told you, and you are debating whether to join him or not. You eventually ease back into your seat, wanting to make sure Seungcheol wouldn’t choke himself with the chopsticks.
By now, Junhui has fully shut up because of how loud Soonyoung was, the boy covering his ears as he no longer cares about Jihoon eating all his gummies. A loud groan comes from Seungkwan, telling his friend to shut up.
Jeonghan goes to stand in front of Soonyoung, crouching down to reach his level. There is visible panic that fills his vision, mind racing with ideas on how to calm a crying toddler.
You’re about to stand up again and step in but Jeonghan is quick to make a decision, taking action shortly after by grabbing the toy train from the table. He dashes away from Soonyoung as fast as he could with the train, running to the opposite side of the playroom.
Soonyoung’s cries come to an immediate halt when seeing how his train has been stolen, sprinting after the poor teacher.
It leads to Jeonghan being tackled onto the reading rug by not only Soonyoung, but his best friends as well, the three boys falling into fits of giggles when Soonyoung dances in victory after stealing his train back.
Seokmin continues to lie on top of Jeonghan as Seungkwan keeps the teacher in a chokehold, but the male makes no attempt to move, lying down on the rug with a satisfied grin resting on his lips as he accepts defeat. He shoots you a smile when he catches your gaze, making you look away in an instant.
But in the midst of Soonyoung dancing, the boy accidentally trips over Jeonghan’s ankle, falling right back into his sobs when he hits the ground.
“Not really fond of kids my ass,” you grumble after recalling Jeonghan’s attitude given on the day you showed him around. You are standing by one of the round tables while analyzing the way Jeonghan picks up the boys one by one to give them a warm hug as they begin to leave.
“Y/N!” he exclaims after hearing you, pressing Hansol’s head against his shoulder as if to cover his ears. “There are kids here!”
Hansol is too immersed in snuggling up into Jeonghan’s embrace to even care about you saying a curse word while Myungho is glued to Jeonghan’s side, holding onto his shirt while looking up at the two, or well, three, of you.
“Teacher Y/N always curses around us,” the one on the ground explains, making your co-teacher shoot daggers your way. “But it’s okay! Teacher Y/N even lets us curse!! Just not around our mommies and daddies,” Myungho hiccups, reassuring Jeonghan with the ecstatic smile on his face as he finds no issue with what he just uttered.
Jeonghan thanks Myungho for the newfound information, setting Hansol back down on the ground so the two boys can go off and play for a bit before having to leave.
“You let them curse? Seriously?” Jeonghan cocks his brow at you. “What do you teach these kids?”
“A lot,” you admit, shrugging your shoulders. “They’re my world though, remember? They’re all I really have in life, but trust me, they’re all very respectful. Plus only Seungkwan and Wonwoo curse! The rest just don’t care, and even so, none of them could hurt a fly.” You pause, your eyes looking around the room for the only blondie in your room. Both yours and Jeonghan’s gazes trace after Seungkwan’s actions when he removes one of his shoes from his feet, an excited Seungcheol and Chan tailing after him when he walks up to one of the bigger windows in the playroom.
“Except for Seungkwan,” you add. “I don’t really know about Seungkwan.”
Seungkwan tosses his shoe at the window, scaring the fly away that was there previously.
“Mommy!! Daddy!!” Jisoo exclaims, running over to his parents that have just entered the playroom.
You urge Jeonghan to follow after him, having him meet Jisoo’s parents as you watch over the rest. One by one as the children leave, Jeonghan waves goodbye to all the parents that enter the playroom to pick their sons up, sending a warm smile and a hug to the boys leaving.
“You like the kids, don’t you?” you ask when Jeonghan returns from the front door, joining you by one of the tables as you both supervise the last two boys in the playroom, watching Myungho excitedly show off the small building he’s made with legos to Hansol.
The smile on his lips doesn’t falter at the question, giving you a jest as a response. “Maybe I do.”
Though, the grin contradicts his teasing words, especially when Hansol leaves his spot to run over to Jeonghan, pulling the teacher over to meet his parents and younger sister that have just arrived.
When the playroom is finally rid of all the children, except for Myungho, you and Jeonghan begin to clean up, starting with washing the surfaces of the tables first.
“When will Myungho’s parents pick him up?” Jeonghan asks, curious since it has been ten minutes since Hansol has last left.
“That,” you sigh. “I don’t know.” You wipe the sinks clean of their paint, washing it all down the drain. You frown when you reach the last sink by the corner (the sink that keeps being choked with paintbrushes that Junhui and Hansol manage to pull out of their asses), noticing that the water wouldn’t go down the drain. “God damn these kids,” you mutter, making a mental note to call the plumber.
Once every table has been wiped down and all the sinks have been cleared of paint, you and Jeonghan move to the small shelves that hold the countless number of toys you had bought recently for the summer wave. As you help one another put the toys back into their respective plastic bins, Myungho is by the bookshelves, browsing through them for a book that he wants you to read to him.
“They really do adore you,” you comment, breaking the silence. You stay focused on organizing the toys rather than Jeonghan’s reaction to your sudden words, avoiding his gaze at all costs.
“Do they?”
“Of course they do. You’ve only been here for what, one full day? And it’s clear you’re wonderful with kids, or at least with the kids we have here. I don’t know why you said otherwise a week ago.”
His cheeks flush up at the compliment, shyly rubbing the back of his neck after snapping the lid shut onto one of the bins. “I, uh, never really worked with kids before. Not like this, at least. I’ve always just assumed I’d be horrible with kids because I guess I always found them irritating, like, very, so today was quite the surprise for me too,” he coughs out, darting his gaze anywhere else but you.
“Well, for someone who has never worked with kids, you did really, really well with handling the situations and getting along with the boys today. I mean it,” you hum as you stack one of the bins on top of the other, pushing them back into the shelves. “You brought so many smiles to their faces when you arrived.”
“Thanks,” he murmurs.
The silence that has returned would’ve been deafening to both of your ears if it wasn’t for Myungho singing along to the song Kidult by Seventeen while skimming the shelves. It’s the only sound that accompanies you when you two finish cleaning up whatever was left with the toys, but the question lingering in your mind threatens to break the tension between you two.
“Jeonghan, if you don’t mind me asking, what-...what made you decide to come back?” you whisper.
His head shoots up to look at you. He stands up when he sees that you both have finished with the toys, hesitant on how to answer. His mouth is repeatedly opening and closing every few seconds, unable to form any words as he thinks. “Uhm…”
He looks over at the boy by the shelves, watching him struggle to reach for one of the books on the top shelf while standing on his tippy toes, pausing his singing to focus on grabbing it.
“Myungho,” Jeonghan finally answers. “Myungho’s the reason.”
And you. He came back for you too.
“He’s the sweetest, isn’t he?” you sigh, walking over to one of the tables to sit down.
Jeonghan nods along to your words. “He definitely has my heart,” he adds.
Jeonghan does the same, choosing to sit in the seat next to yours as you both watch Myungho flip through the pages of the book, a frown making its way up to his face when he realizes that he’s already read it. He goes back to singing Kidult after putting the book back on the shelf, continuing to look for one that catches his attention.
You look over at the door of the playroom, it being wide open as it waits for Myungho’s mother to walk through the doorway. When you look at the clock, you frown, taking note of how it’s been an hour since Hansol has left, and there has been no message from Mrs. Xu about arriving late.
“You know how his name is Myungho?” you ask, sparking up a conversation about the little boy. You continue when Jeonghan nods. “Well, I don’t know if you heard his mother when she arrived on your first day here, but his actual name is Minghao.”
Jeonghan’s face morphs into pure shock, but he stays silent, urging you to continue with your ramble. He stares into your eyes while you look at the boy by the shelves, a smile making its way to both of your faces when you hear him attempt to reach Dokyeom’s high note in Kidult.
“When he first started attending the daycare, I mistook his name as Myungho. I always called him that in front of the other kids, and soon enough those kids also started calling him Myungho because he never corrected any of us. I didn’t actually know his name was Minghao until I had a proper conversation with his mother.
When I brought this up to Myungho, he explained that he preferred being called Myungho. He liked it especially because it brings him a sense of comfort and inclusivity. His parents never gave him a nickname growing up, always referring to him as ‘Minghao’. He says he always wanted someone to call him ‘Ming’ or ‘Hao’, so when he heard me calling him ‘Myungho’, he assumed it was a nickname I’ve made up for him. He said it was the first time since someone had ever given him a nickname like that and stated how special it was to him. So because of that, I never stopped and neither did the kids. I don’t think half of them even know that Minghao is his real name, but I doubt Myungho would like them to know anyway.”
Jeonghan listens to your story in awe whilst Myungho was completely oblivious to the talk you were having about him.
“The name Myungho really does suit him, though. As much as I love the other boys, he truly stands out. One of a kind, if you ask me. Like his name, he’s a gift to the class. Then again, more so a gift to me, if anything. I couldn’t ask for anything better. He’s always making the other boys smile, being the absolute mood maker of the daycare. Sometimes he appears out of nowhere and scares the shit out of me, but it all doesn’t matter in the end because I’m always thankful for his presence. ‘Surprise, it’s Myungho, your surprise present!’ used to be his catchphrase, but it’s been a while since I’ve heard it from him...” You chew on your bottom lip, heart already aching at the reason behind why he had stopped saying it.
“Myungho’s mother caught him saying it to me once and told him to never say it again-...Why? I don’t really know.”
With a gulp, you’re hesitant to continue, but you push forward, wanting to dump all your thoughts out, even if Jeonghan was still considered only a co-worker to you.
“His parents- they’re sweet, I’m sure, but they never give Myungho the time of day. In the years I’ve had Myungho here, I’ve only met his father once. Crazy, isn’t it?”
Your laugh is bittersweet.
“I love them, but there are days when I wish I could take care of Myungho myself, you know? Take him back to my apartment, feed him, read him a few books, tuck him into bed. Just do anything instead of having him go back to a home where he’s barely acknowledged. If he wasn’t at the daycare, he would be at home with a babysitter...It’s not only that his parents work a lot, but they also do everything without him. Shopping, partying, hanging out with friends of their own whenever given the chance, and a year ago, the babysitter quit. There really hasn’t been any changes in their habits except they would call me to ask if they could drop him off at the daycare in the middle of the night, treating me like I’m the new babysitter. I’m honestly positive they’ll do it again in the next few months.”
Jeonghan finally speaks up. “Have you tried talking to his mother about it?”
You bitterly suck in some air, eyes roaming around the playroom as you nod. “Yeah, I have. Multiple times actually, stating that a child needs attention from their parents, even if it’s only every once in a while. She honestly...didn’t really appreciate me talking about it. Says it’s none of my business.
His mother has always been the sweetest to me and still is, but whenever I bring the topic up, she gets angry. She lashed out the last time I mentioned how important it was for her to be there for him and eventually yelled at Myungho for telling me about his personal life…H-He cried about it to me the next day, running into my arms to tell me all that had happened the night before, so ever since then I do my best to shut up about it around her.”
Tears start pooling up in your eyes when your mind replays what happened that day, wiping them away instantly. “It’s a shame, really, how she speaks so highly of him but treats him otherwise from what I’ve been told.” The topic saddens you the more you talk about it, resting your head in your arms on the table. Myungho has stopped singing, flipping through the pages of another book. “Your heart isn’t the only one Myungho owns.”
Once again, Myungho is shoving the book right back into the shelves, looking for another one that he would think you’d read wonderfully.
“I really do wish there will be a day where I can adopt him. I know it’s impossible, but it’d be a dream come true: to have a son like him, to give him the parenting he deserves. Though, Myungho’s mother loves him too much to give him to someone else, and it’s completely understandable.
I just wished that even if they couldn’t spare him a second of their time, they’d at least treat him well and call him by what he wants to be called instead of ignoring what makes him happy. He once tried getting them to call him Myungho, but they ignored it, sticking with Minghao, and we both know how that turned out. I guess that’s why Myungho’s mother didn’t like it whenever he used that catchphrase around me. ‘Minghao is his birth name’ is what she used to reason with.”
Throughout your entire rant, Jeonghan’s gazing into your eyes as you speak with so much love in your tone, resonating with the pain you’re feeling. He listens to everything with a broken heart of his own, wishing that he could pull you into your arms and tell you it’s alright. He fights back from doing so, allowing his hands to rest in his lap as listens to you continue.
“I really can’t express how much I want to be there for him when he isn’t at the daycare. I wish to be there for him on the weekends, but I guess this is the most I could do for him.” You suck in a sharp breath, slowing your breathing in order to calm your bubbling anxiety.
“Myungho—really means a lot to me. I’d honestly save him from the world if I’m ever given a chance. I’d gladly take a bullet for him any day, you know?” And for once, you finally turn to face Jeonghan, a weak smile being brought onto your lips as your eyes connect with his. “I saw the painting he made on the bulletin board earlier,” you add, “and it’s clear you mean just as much to him as he does to me, so thank you. Thank you for coming back. Thank you for making him so incredibly happy.”
Jeonghan is left speechless, especially when your eyes hold the starry nights in them. You look at him with such sincerity and vulnerability, truly thankful. The pain from leaving you and the boys has stuck with him ever since he slammed the door on you guys, making his heart drop to the pit of his stomach every time he thinks back to it.
“Of course. I’d do anything for him.” He looks right back into your eyes, reaching to bring one of your hands into his. The intimate moment causes the both of you to fall silent, and it has Jeonghan’s mind racing. He wishes that he had done better and had been more mature about the situation, but after a week of thinking about his actions, he knew he wanted to better himself. Not only for Myungho, but for you as well.
“I’d do anything for you too,” he adds through a whisper. He shortly realizes how weird it sounds for him to say that to someone he barely even knew, clearing his throat loudly before correcting himself. “I just feel really bad for ditching you...too.”
You sniff, laughing at his words. “It’s pitiful, isn’t it? How this is my job? I’m barely making a living out of it.” With a sigh, you gently pull away from his grasp and lean back into your seat. You shake your head, looking down at the ground in embarrassment. “I’m sorry for becoming so vulnerable in front of you. Everyone always becomes so- hateful when they hear about children, and it hurts my heart because these twelve boys own my everything. Even if it would only be me taking care of their chaos this summer, I couldn’t be happier. I’m just, really glad to have finally found someone that cares just as much for these boys as I do. Even if you don’t verbally admit it, I see it. Something changed you this past week.” You look at him with hope, wanting him to confirm your words.
And he does as so with a nod, eyes darting down to his fingers. “Yeah, something did.”
Before you could ask him what had changed him, Myungho is running over to you with a stack of books in his hands, making you shut down the conversation you were having with Jeonghan.
“Five books today?” you ask after counting the number of books he was holding, confused.
Myungho hugs the books close to his chest as he looks at the clock, creases forming on his forehead. “I don’t think mommy is coming soon,” he mumbles, setting the pile of books onto the table. He chooses one for you to read and hands it to you, climbing onto your lap. He waves to Jeonghan with a grin before getting comfortable in his spot by shifting into your embrace, clapping his hands excitedly when you open the book.
Jeonghan understood everything you said earlier, but he understands how you feel about Myungho even more as he watches you read the book out loud with the boy pointing to every picture that you two come across. He also notices every single detail about you as you continue reading. He sees the way your eyes glimmer when you look at the boy between your arms and the smile on your lips when Myungho perks up at the plot twist of the picture book. His loud gasp and commentary make both you and Jeonghan grin.
By now, Jeonghan should be at home on his couch, relaxing while scrolling through a list of shows because he no longer had a use at the near vacant daycare, but he refuses to leave you and Myungho alone.
So he continues to listen to the way your voice glides across the pages of the book, becoming immersed in the stories made for children.
And for the first time in forever, Jeonghan feels at home. Your voice brings him into so much ease, and he knew at that moment he would never want to leave either of your sides.
Soon enough, two hours have passed, and within those hours, you have read eleven books to the two boys. Although Myungho has fallen asleep against your embrace, you continue reading the twelfth book in your hands.
Your words come to a stop when you feel a head gently falling onto your shoulder, turning to see that Jeonghan has fallen asleep as well.
The snores that came from the two boys accompany your silence, and you decide that you’ll stop reading for the time being. You do your best not to move much so you don’t wake either of the boys up, placing the book back onto the stack of books Jeonghan organized on the table.
You move to rest your head against Jeonghan’s, letting your eyes fall shut after tightening your grip around Myungho.
You aren’t given one single apology when Myungho’s mother comes to pick up her son, and Jeonghan’s pissed.
It is one in the morning when she pulls the glass doors open, the jingle waking you up from your slumber. Myungho remains fast asleep in your arms while Jeonghan is standing by the bookshelves, occupied with putting the books back into their respective spots. He almost drops the few books left in his arms when Myungho’s mother rushes into the playroom, gritting his teeth at the sight of her.
She doesn’t give you nor Jeonghan a single explanation as to why she was late. She doesn’t give you a ‘thank you for keeping him safe for me’ or an ‘I’m sorry for arriving this late into the night’, and instead she dismisses it with a tired gaze washed over her features.
All she says is ‘I’m here for my son’, and before Jeonghan could speak up, you already have Myungho up in your arms, holding him close against your chest as you leave the room with his mother.
Jeonghan fumbles to get the last few books back into the bookshelves before rushing to follow after you, stopping in his tracks right when he exits the glass doors. He watches you intently, noticing how you give Myungho a kiss to his forehead while his mother wasn’t looking after buckling him into his booster seat. You wave her goodbye when the car drives off, turning to look back at Jeonghan.
“You’ve got to be kidding me, right?” His lips are pressed into a thin line after pushing out the words, arms crossed tightly over his abdomen with an intense gaze locked onto your eyes.
While it seems like you’re used to it, Jeonghan is extremely irritated with how the situation turned out to be.
Both of you knew this isn’t how a mother should be when picking up her child in the middle of the night.
Your rant about Myungho’s mother didn’t help Jeonghan’s thoughts whatsoever, his hatred for Mrs. Xu only increasing when you don’t give him a response.
The tears from before start returning to your eyes, your eyes becoming extremely glossy under the moonlight. You rush to push past him, ignoring the way he frustratingly tails after you inside.
“There’s no way you’re letting her do this to you. Y/N, seriously?? She’s basically using you to hold Myungho and chooses to pick him up whenever she feels like it. The daycare closes at a certain time, and she should know that. Hell, Y/N, she does know that.” You swing the door to the playroom wide open as Jeonghan speaks, blocking out his words.
“It’s whatever. It isn’t like this is the first time it’s happened,” you grumble, walking over to your desk.
Jeonghan stands by the doorway, leaning against it as his arms make its way back over his chest. “Doesn’t mean it’s right. You’re exhausted, and you know damn well she’s the cause. How many times has this happened??”
“It’s fine,” you spit, shoving your belongings into your bag. You don’t want to discuss the topic any further, knowing that it’ll break you if you continue, but Jeonghan doesn’t stop.
“You should’ve been home eight hours ago, Y/N. Eight hours ago, the daycare closed. Eight hours ago, Mrs. Xu was supposed to be here to pick. Myungho. Up.” You dismiss his words with the roll of your eyes, slinging the bag over your shoulder as you storm out of the playroom, Jeonghan trailing right after you once he turns off the lights. “And eight hours ago, both you and Myungho would’ve had dinner. But guess what? None of that happened.”
“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” you mutter.
“It’s so clear. If only you would open your eyes and see how fucked up this entire situation is-”
“Oh please,” you interrupt, stopping in your steps. You turn on your heels to face him. “You’re making a fuss right now because you didn’t get to go home earlier, aren’t you? Is it because you didn’t get to eat all day? Seriously, Jeonghan, knock it off. It’s fine, I’m fine. It’s not my fault you were the one who chose to stay.”
Your words make his features scrunch up due to confusion. “What??? No- what? It’s none of that. Y/N, don’t you understand? I’m concerned for you.” He stops to take a deep breath, calming himself down in front of you. “I care for you.”
You just stare at him, the expression on your face being unreadable.
You’re about to leave when Jeonghan speaks up once again, his question having you rooted to the ground beneath your feet.
“You- you walk home, right?” he asks, unsure. “I’m just assuming because...well, my car is the only car in the parking lot right now…”
Your feet kick at the ground whilst you let out a somewhat inaudible scowl, slowly turning back around to face him again. “I do,” you mutter.
“Then can I at least drive you home? It’s late.” His eyes are begging you, and you notice the sincerity his past few sentences held. “I don’t- want you to get the wrong idea, I just- please? Can I? You’ve already had to deal with so much, and I don’t want you to wear yourself out this late in the night.”
An exasperated sigh escapes you, and you give in with the nod of your head. Jeonghan is more than ecstatic when you accept his offer, helping you across the street and to the park. He surprisingly opens the door to the passenger seat of his car for you, and you’re given no choice but to thank him.
While Jeonghan moves to settle in the front seat, you’re busy pulling up the directions to your apartment complex, putting your phone up on the dashboard for him to see.
The car ride is mostly silent, the radio being set on a low volume to accompany the two of you. It takes a while for the both of you to calm yourselves down, avoiding looking at each other at all costs.
You allow Jeonghan to accompany you on your way up the flight of stairs and to the door of your apartment.
He whispers an ‘I’m sorry’ when you enter your apartment, and you look at him with a warm, forgiving smile when you respond with an ‘it’s okay’.
“I’ll see you in a few hours, Jeonghan,” you murmur, giving him a small wave goodbye. He reciprocates the action with a ‘goodnight, Y/N’ before finally leaving, preparing himself for the hectic summer he’ll be having in front of him.
You’re busy gathering materials for the next activity you plan on having the children do when Jeonghan calls out for you, running over your way with Jihoon in his arms. “Y/N!!”
“Do you need help with something?” you ask, on your tippy-toes in order to grab the baskets of colored pencils from the cabinets above the sink.
A huge grin is worn on his face when he approaches you, showing off the sleeping Jihoon on his shoulder. “Look,” he murmurs, keeping his voice quiet in order to not wake him up. He leans his head against the boy’s while proudly smiling at you, feeling ever so giddy within.
Your gaze shifts between Jihoon and Jeonghan, perplexed. “Is something wrong? Is he okay?”
“Wha- oh, him? Oh yeah, he’s fine.”
“...Then what’s the issue?” you question, closing the cabinet shut before bringing the small baskets into your arms, bringing them to the rounded tables.
Jeonghan follows after you, gently bouncing Jihoon in his arms as he watches you place two baskets in the middle of each table before moving onto the next. “Nothing! There’s no issue. I just think the boys are really starting to like me.”
Once you place down the last basket in your arms, you turn to face Jeonghan, searching his face for any sign of a teasing demeanor, but his eyes along with the bright smile plastered on his face makes you doubt he’s messing with you. The smile doesn’t even leave when he sees the two preschoolers behind you; if anything, it only makes his smile wider.
“You’re just figuring that out? It’s been a week since you’ve been here, Hannie, of course they like you.” You take a few steps closer to him before jabbing a finger into the middle of his chest, making him look at you. “They’ve liked you ever since your first day here, dummy.”
“Teacher Y/N just called Teacher Jeonghan a dummy!!” Soonyoung shrieks, alarming the class with his voice. Seungkwan cackles evilly, enjoying how his best friend is the tattletale of the class.
The two kids run away when you turn around, joining the rest of the boys by the circle of bean bags.
“Were- were they always there?” you stutter, slowly turning back to face Jeonghan.
He nods with a laugh. “Yeah, I didn’t want to say anything though.”
Jeonghan glances at the sleeping boy in his arms, bringing a hand up to the boy’s face to tuck a strand of hair behind his ear. “And in response to what you said earlier, sure, some of the boys liked me on my first day here, but it took a while for the rest to like me, like Jihoon!”
He then gently presses his hand up against one of Jihoon’s ears as if to deafen him temporarily (despite him already being fast asleep), leaning forward in order to whisper to you through the loud laughs coming from the bean bags. “Do you know how superior I feel?”
You chuckle, gently pushing him away from you. “I’ve told you many times that you work really, really well with kids. Honestly Jeonghan, you’re even becoming a kid yourself.”
Soonyoung interrupts your conversation by running back to the two of you, but instead of Seungkwan tagging along, it was Seokmin.
“Teacher Y/N!!” Soonyoung screams, waving up in the air to grab your attention. “Teacher teac-!! Oh-” he stops making a fuss when he sees Jihoon stirring in Jeonghan’s arms, one of the boy’s hands reaching up to rub his eyes open.
Jeonghan mutters a ‘darn it’, but wishes Jihoon a good morning, quietly asking him if he had a good nap on his shoulder.
“Teacher Y/N,” Seokmin calls out.
“Is there something wrong?” you ask, looking to see where the two boys came from. You realize that the room went dead silent, frantic gazes presented on both Soonyoung and Seokmin’s faces. Your eyes trail back to the bean bags, seeing Seungkwan’s body sprawled out while the other kids poke at his cheeks.
“Seungkwan fell asleep,” Seokmin explains, raising the water bottle he’s been holding in his head.
“Then let him sleep,” you sigh.
“Wasn’t he awake just a minute ago?” Jeonghan wonders, setting Jihoon down on the ground so the boy is able to join the rest of the children.
“He knocks out randomly,” Soonyoung explains.
Seokmin starts shaking the bottle in your face. “Teacher Y/N,” he pouts, finally garnering your attention.
“Oh what- holy hell, no Seokmin, we are not doing that again-”
“Pretty pleaseeee,” Soonyoung begs, Seokmin being quick to join his pleas.
“A no is a no,” you explain. “The last time we did that, Seungkwan threw a fit and caused all of us to go hide in the bathroom while he-”
“Thank you, Teacher Jeonghan!!” the boys thank in unison, running back over to the bean bags with the now opened water bottle.
You look at your co-teacher in disbelief, mouth fallen agape. His hands were on his hips, satisfied with what he had just done and the cheers heard throughout the playroom from the other boys.
Only then did he realize your wide eyes were staring into his soul.
“T-They’re going to pour the water on Seungkwan,” you sputter.
“Yeah, I kinda guessed.”
“...He’s four. He could drown.”
“I know CPR….kind of. But hey, YouTube exists!!” he beamed.
Both of your heads snap over to the group of boys when Seungkwan gasps for air, his piercing gaze darting towards the boys that had poured water on him.
“You really are a kid,” you mutter, taking his wrist in your hand before dragging him over to the closet in the corner of the playroom.
Jeonghan is too busy locking eyes with Soonyoung and Seokmin, giving the young boys a thumbs up before returning his focus back over to you. “Am not! I’m just the cooler teacher between the both of us.”
“You’re the bratty one if anything.” You pull the closet open and grab the mop after releasing him from your grip.
“Sounds like someone’s jealous,” he coos, letting out a huff when you hand him the mop. “Also, I’d prefer playful, not bratty.”
“Jeonghan? Playful? Well, isn’t that new?” You mimic his coo, shoving an empty bucket into his chest. “Fill it up with water.”
“Wait, how does cleaning water with water make any sen-”
“Oh just do it, Jeonghan.”
You’re busy playing bingo with Myungho, Mingyu, and Seokmin when Jisoo walks up to you, shyly standing next to you with his hands behind his back. “Teacher Y/N...I have a question,” he begins.
“Oh? What is it?” you ask, pulling Jisoo away from the table in case it turns out to be something personal.
You can hear Myungho saying ‘awh man’ in the background, and it makes you assume that Seokmin won with the loud ‘HAH’ that follows afterwards.
“Why hasn’t Teacher Jeonghan read us anything yet? Is he not going to read to the class?” Jisoo is kicking at his feet when he speaks, avoiding eye contact.
“That is a...very good question, Jisoo.” You look over at your co-teacher and find him brushing a doll’s hair with Chan, the two looking like they were in a very deep conversation. “Should we go over to him and ask?”
Jisoo nods and follows you over to the pair. You have Jisoo join Chan before taking Jeonghan into your grasp, pulling him up onto his feet before bringing him out of earshot.
Jeonghan still has the doll in his hand with the brush tangled in its hair, waving it in front of you. “I don’t know if you can see, Y/N, but I was busy playing salon with Chan.”
You roll your eyes. “Guess what Jisoo just asked me.”
“‘Why hasn’t Teacher Jeonghan read us anything?’” you repeat Jisoo’s plea word for word.
His face falls blank at the question, pushing away from you in order to avoid the question. You laugh loudly and pull him back.
“C’mon Hannie, he’s not wrong.”
“Says the one who calls me Hannie,” he grumbles, setting the doll aside on one of the tables.
“It rolls off the tongue easier,” you shrug. “But that’s not the point. July is almost approaching, which means you’ve basically been here for around three weeks, and you haven’t read a single story to the class.” You frown, loosely hugging yourself as you continue with your eyes slowly drifting away from Jeonghan. “I know you’re only here for the money, but it wouldn’t hurt to read to them, you know?”
Jeonghan internally flinches at the mention, wishing he wasn’t reminded of why he was here in the first place. “It’s not that I don’t want to,” he explains. “It’s just-...well, okay yeah, it’s because I don’t want to.”
“Exactly, but at least try it once! Just to see how it goes, and if it turns out traumatizing, then you don’t have to do it again for the rest of the summer.”
“I’m not reading a story-”
“STORY!” Soonyoung squeaks, running out from behind Jeonghan’s legs and over to the bookshelves to grab a book.
Seungkwan awkwardly steps out too, waving to the both of you before leaving.
Jeonghan’s left in shock. “Were they always there?”
He sighs, rubbing his temples.
Soonyoung trips over his feet when he runs back over to you two with a book in his hands, reaching up to hand it to Jeonghan. Jeonghan takes it and stares at the cover, his distressed eyes turning into shocked ones.
“You’ve got to be kidding me. Nope. Not doing this. The Three Little Pigs? More like not today!-”
“Great!!” you exclaim, clapping your hands. “Everyone, gather by the reading rug because Teacher Jeonghan has a story he’s going to read to us.”
Jeonghan glares at you, but you’re too busy moving the kids to the rug. You have them all sit down while facing the rocking chair you bought recently, motioning Jeonghan to come over.
Out of all the kids, Jisoo is the one most excited despite having already read The Three Little Pigs on countless occasions. He’s the one sitting closest to the chair, hand in hand with Seungcheol as they anticipate the new reader.
Seeing him makes Jeonghan give in with a sigh, walking over to sit in the rocking chair. Jeonghan’s never been a fan of reading, much less a fan of reading out loud, but considering they’re only kids, he convinces himself that it can’t be too bad. Not to mention it’s a children’s book and not a presentation.
Though, it doesn’t help that all twelve boys are staring at him in silence, waiting for the teacher to start.
You pull one of the chairs out from under a table, bringing it over to the rug to join the rest. You give him a warm smile to reassure his anxious state, gesturing for him to begin.
Mingyu catches your presence from the corner of his eye and stands up, almost stepping on Seungkwan as he makes his way over to you. The preschooler reaches out his hands, hesitantly asking if he could sit in your lap through a whisper.
A laugh escapes you as you nod, pulling him up into your lap. While you’re checking to see that Mingyu is snug in your embrace, Jeonghan is constantly clearing his throat in order to spare himself some time from reading.
“Oh hurry up,” Chan groans loudly, earning himself a slap from Hansol.
“I will throw this book at you,” Jeonghan threatens, eliciting a laugh out of the group of kids. The teacher clears his throat once more before opening it up to the first page.
When he begins to read, his voice comes off as shaky, but as time passes, Jeonghan grows to naturally read the words off the pages with ease, making sure to project his voice loud enough for the boys.
It all goes smoothly until Wonwoo stands up in the middle of the story to head over to you, asking you through a whisper if he could go use the bathroom. You nod as a response and give him the ‘go ahead’.
You turn your attention back to Jeonghan and notice his eyes looking into yours, the story coming to a halt.
‘Is he okay?’ he mouths, gesturing towards Wonwoo with a worried expression.
You reassure him by mouthing ‘he’s okay’ in return, and the stiffness in his posture fades.
So Jeonghan continues and even tries making it fun for the boys, mimicking the wolf by lowering his voice to the best of his abilities. The kids burst into a fit of laughter when Jeonghan starts to choke after attempting to recreate the wolf’s blow in the story, pulling a chuckle out of you as well.
The room is then filled with the sound of the phone ringing, making everyone’s head turn to the direction of the sound. You bring Mingyu down onto the ground in order to stand up, making your way over to the phone.
“It’s Teacher Y/N’s boyfriend!!” Soonyoung screams, causing him to be shoved over by Seokmin.
Jeonghan hears this and perks up.
“Boyfriend?” he murmurs, setting the book down before jogging over to you out of curiosity. “Since when do you have a boyfriend?”
“Since never,” you snort. “They just like teasing me about it because I’m single.”
When Jeonghan parts his lips to respond, you bring a finger up to your own, motioning him to hush as you bring the phone up to your ear.
“Hello, this is Y/N speaking.”
“Y/N! Goodness gracious, I’ve been stuck in traffic for the past hour now, and I’m nowhere near home. I’m afraid I won’t be able to pick Seokmin up in time today.”
“It’s no problem, seriously,” you respond while eyeing Jeonghan. “Thank you so much for calling in advance.”
The playroom goes back to being filled with the children’s laughter, but Jeonghan is still tuning into your conversation, leaning against the cabinets.
“Seokmin is doing great here...Mhm, yeah, seriously, it’s no worries...You too! Have a wonderful day, Mrs. Lee.”
The phone call ends with a smirk on Jeonghan’s face, and you blatantly ignore it while putting the phone away.
“So, you’re single?”
“You stayed here during the entire conversation just to ask that?”
“No, actually. I also wanted to bring up how that is exactly how a situation should be handled—unlike what Myungho’s mother has been doing for the past few weeks. She’s never consistent with picking Myungho up and never calls to inform you.”
“Yeah yeah, I know.”
You’ve heard enough of Jeonghan’s scolding for the past three weeks, and he’s used the excuse that although he has never taken care of children in the past, he knows enough about the rights and wrongs of parenthood.
‘Were you ever a parent yourself?’ was what you had asked when you wanted him to shut up, but it only made him point out that he doesn’t have to be a parent to know human decency.
“Hey, I’m just saying.” Jeonghan shrugs and follows you out from behind your desk, hands behind his back as he looks at you from over your shoulder. “ boyfriend?”
He’s grinning brightly, teasing you when you continue to groan loudly.
“You really enjoy the fact that I’m single, don’t you?” you say as you mop the floors.
“Huh? What makes you say that?” Jeonghan is also mopping with you; ever since Jeonghan started allowing the boys to pour water on Seungkwan in order to wake him up, you bought another mop just so he could help you clean the floors.
While you two were cleaning after the long day of making paper airplanes, Myungho, the only boy left in the playroom (again), is on the beanbags, humming to himself while reading a book you bought specifically for him.
“You haven’t stopped teasing me about it ever since Mrs. Lee’s phone call from a week ago.”
“I mean I just didn’t know you were single until then. I never thought about your relationship status, but if I ever had to think about it, I’d assume you were seeing someone.” He shrugs, setting the mop aside to pick up the bucket of dirty water.
“Why would you assume that?” you ask, curious. You set the mop aside as well, sitting down on one of the chairs to relax your feet.
“I don’t know. I guess because you work with kids.” The impact of the water from the bucket hitting the sink makes Myungho squeak at the noise, the book dropping from his hands.
“I lost the page I was on,” he frowns, picking it back up.
Jeonghan apologizes to the boy and brings the empty bucket back over to you, hugging it.
“Are you single?” you question.
He smiles at your sudden interest in his love life, nodding. “Yeah, I am.” He then gasps, putting the bucket down on the ground before leaning over the table to look at you. “Wait if you’re single, and I’m single, can I take you out on a date?”
If you were drinking water while he spoke, you would’ve definitely spat in his face.
“I- excuse me? Huh? You want to take me out on a date?” Your question is loud enough for Myungho to hear it, the young boy tuning into your conversation.
“Well it sounds weird when you say it,” Jeonghan huffs, scrunching his nose. “I mean since we’re going to be working with each other for the next two months, why not? It wouldn’t hurt to get to know each other more. It doesn’t even have to be the romantic kind of date, just something platonic between two friends.”
You can’t help but smile at his words, glad that you aren’t the only one that considers each other ‘friends’ instead of ‘co-workers’ now. The teasing grin on his lips also makes it incredibly hard to decline his offer.
“Okay, fine.”
His grin turns into shock, not expecting you to give in so easily. “Wait, really? You’re serious, right?”
“You guys are dating?” Myungho asks, voice raising as he shuts the book. He leaves it behind when he runs over to you two. “You guys like each other?”
The sudden question from the kid makes the both of you unintentionally flustered.
“No,” you deny. “Go back to reading your book.”
He frowns, sulking on his way back to the bean bags.
“Is that a yes to the date?” Jeonghan asks, his voice a bit lower so Myungho is unable to hear.
“Your enthusiasm is telling me you’ve been wanting to ask me out for the past three weeks,” you tease, standing up from your spot to gather the mops into your hands.
“Again, when you say it, it sounds really weird, but hey, it isn’t wrong for me to want to get to know you better.” He picks up the bucket and leads you over to the closet, pulling it open.
“I guess you’re right there. I kind of want to learn more about you too.” You set the mops inside of the bucket once it has been placed down on the ground, going back to sit at the table.
“Really? Am I that interesting?” Jeonghan pulls out the chair next to you and sits down, letting out a satisfied sigh after being finally done with cleaning the playroom.
“Yes, in fact, you are,” you scoff.
Despite working with Jeonghan for the past three weeks, you knew absolutely nothing about his life outside of the daycare. You don’t know the person he was (or is), and what he even needed the money for.
Though, you did learn about how cocky he could get, but you blame that on the boys in the daycare. If it wasn’t for them, Jeonghan wouldn’t be so comfortable teasing you whenever given the chance.
“What do you want to learn about me, then?”
“That-” you stand up when hearing the jingle from the front door, “-I’ll answer when we’re on our ‘date’.”
Myungho scrambles to put the book on the shelf when you go to greet Myungho’s mother, inviting her inside the playroom. She takes her son back into her arms with ease, rushing to leave the place right after.
She barely even gives you and Jeonghan a chance to say goodbye, but you shrug it off, knowing you’ll see him early in the morning tomorrow.
With everyone finally gone, you are about to go relax when you see Jeonghan already gathering his belongings, set to leave for the day.
The sight makes you feel uneasy, unable to stop the frown from appearing on your lips. Even when all the kids are gone, you and Jeonghan tend to hang around the playroom and have little talks before parting ways. Never has Jeonghan been this eager to leave the daycare, the corner of his lips turned upwards as he shoved his belongings into his pockets.
Your first impression of Jeonghan was that he was a dick, only here for the money, but he surely proved himself otherwise the past few weeks, causing him to not only grow on you but grow closer to you as well. He has been all smiles whenever he was around you and the boys, and you would be lying if you said it didn’t affect you in the slightest.
And perhaps your heart did flutter when he suggested the date earlier.
You wouldn’t say you have fallen for Jeonghan just yet; it has only been three weeks, after all.
But in those three weeks, he’s always brought a genuine smile to your face and helped you whenever you needed it. You felt like a preschooler again with the crush you had on him, and it was hard not to perk up whenever you heard his voice.
So to see him not wanting to spend any more time with you did unintentionally create a pit in the depths of your stomach.
“Going home already?” you ask, hesitant.
“Hm? Oh, no.” He laughs. “You’re not getting rid of me that easily. I’m stuck with you all summer, remember?” Jeonghan makes sure to check that he has everything before walking towards the doorway. He suddenly freezes, turning around to look at you.
“Wait, you’re available right now, right?”
“Huh? What- right now? Yeah...why do you ask?”
“...Holy shit, did I forget to ask?”
Your forehead creases, completely puzzled. “What?”
“The date. Let’s go on it. Right now. I meant to ask if we could go before Myungho leaves, but I guess I forgot.”
“O-oh....Right now?”
He sighs and re-enters the playroom. “Yes, right now. I remember seeing a diner on the way back to your apartment, and I was thinking we could have it there before I drop you off. I could also use a burger.”
You’re heated and at a loss of words, unable to move from your spot.
Jeonghan finally sees the expression you’re wearing, the excitement from his face washing away. “Uhm, I-I didn’t get the wrong idea, did I?”
His words snap you out of your daze, pushing the chair back as you stand up. “Not at all! Sorry I just-...I’d love to go on that date with you. Right now.”
Jeonghan stops you from pulling the door to the diner open, leaning against it as he looks at you. “So, what do you want to know about me?”
Your disbelief is evident in the scoff you let out. “Seriously Jeonghan? We haven’t even entered the diner. The date doesn’t officially start until we’re sitting.”
Jeonghan exaggerates his frown, becoming all pouty. “You’re no fun.”
He pulls the door open and follows you inside, looking around at the interior. There were only two or three other people in the diner, all sitting alone while on their phones.
“Table for two,” you hum to a waitress, soon being led over to a booth in the corner.
Jeonghan sits across from you and the excitement is back on his face, leaning over the table while you pick up the menu. “So, what do you want to know about me?” he repeats.
“Impatient, aren’t you?” you laugh, skimming through the menu to see what you would like.
“I got it from Soonyoung,” he gloats, flashing you a smile before picking up the menu himself. He already knows he wants a burger so it didn’t take long for him to choose which one, but it takes you a few more minutes to finally decide on what you wanted to eat.
After telling the waitress what you both wanted, you answer the question that he couldn’t stop asking.
“Well, for one, I want to learn about what you did before working at the daycare. Or is this your first job? Oh! I also want to know about what you need the money for and why you took the job.”
He cracks a smile at your rambling curiosity, slouching back into his seat with his gaze settling outside the window.
“You see, after graduating college, I applied for this elite dance academy. One of the best of the best. They accepted me in a heartbeat, but it turns out I didn’t have enough funds.” He tucks his hands into his pockets before turning his head back to look at you, deciding to maintain eye contact while explaining.
“So I worked many small jobs. Fast food, cashier, pizza delivery. Then last year, I finally found a decent paying job, and I was close to reaching my goal before it went out of business a month ago. Luckily, I saw your job offer and realized that the pay by the end of the summer is the amount I need left.”
He taps his foot against the ground, tilting his head as he looks at you. “So that means when summer ends, I’ll be off across the country, attending the dance academy I’ve always dreamed of going to.”
“Ah.” you nod, understanding. “So, dance is your passion?”
He clicks his tongue. “Bingo.”
“Okay okay, my turn.” Jeonghan then fixes his posture by sitting up straight, going back to leaning over the table with bright eyes gazing into yours. “What made you decide to open the daycare?”
Thrown off by the sudden closeness, you gulp, stuttering as you try to form your sentences. “Uhm, well, uh, I don’t know. I opened it a few years ago after uh- kind of running away from my parents. I always loved kids, so I figured a daycare would be perfect for the town we live in.”
A look of adoration takes over Jeonghan’s features. “You ran away from your parents?”
You sigh at the memory, nodding. “Yeah. I cut ties with them once I graduated high school and moved here after college.”
Jeonghan smiles lightly at your response, finally pulling away when he sees the waitress arriving. “I’m the same! Kind of. My parents never supported my passion for dancing, saying it was useless, so I left. Haven’t heard from them since.”
The crooked grin plastered on his face makes you laugh, shaking your head. “I guess we are similar in some aspects, huh?”
The waitress sets down the plates in front of the two of you, leaving after receiving your thanks. Jeonghan digs in instantly, having not eaten lunch yet once again due to feeding Seungcheol everything he packed.
“Do you like dancing?” he asks with a stuffed mouth.
You twirl your spaghetti with your fork, playing with it as you hum. “Never tried it.”
His jaw drops. “You’re lying,” he accuses, setting his burger down to pat his lips clean.
“God, I wish. I just never had a reason to.” You finally start to eat what was on your plate, ignoring the bewildered look Jeonghan has on his face.
“Let me change that.”
“Let me give you a reason to dance. You see, Y/N, a life without dancing is like, uh- it’s like a life without kids!”
You gasp dramatically, dropping your fork onto your plate to bring your hand over your chest. “You did not just go there!”
“Indeed I did!” He huffs proudly, going back to eating his burger.
“How would you give me a reason to dance?”
Jeonghan leans back into the booth and thinks, eyes wandering around the ceiling. “Hm. That’s a good question.”
You roll your eyes and shake your head, resuming to eat your spaghetti.
After five minutes of thinking, Jeonghan begins to whine. “I mean, aren’t I enough of a reason?”
“Not really,” you tease. “I mean, what? Are you going to pull me out into the middle of this diner just to get me to dance?”
“...I mean do you want me t-”
“We could be living the life of the main couple in a movie, Y/N,” he partially whines.
“Who says we’re not?” you retort, stabbing one of the meatballs on your plate with your fork.
Your words throw both you and Jeonghan off guard, becoming silent after hearing what you had just said.
“I did not mean to say that out loud,” you mumble, covering it up with a cough.
But a smile slowly grows onto Jeonghan’s lips, looking down at his burger as he can’t stop himself from feeling giddy inside.
July and August pass like a breeze. Because of this, it barely spares you a moment to even think about your developing feelings for your co-worker.
Your summer isn’t that eventful considering it was the same thing every day: go to the daycare at 5:30am, leave with Jeonghan at 6pm (or later if Mrs. Xu chooses to pick up Myungho later than usual), eat dinner with your favorite show playing at 7pm, and then sleep at 9pm.
Both you and Jeonghan have boring lives because of this set schedule, and there were no longer any talks about having a second date.
Maybe the first date was just platonic after all.
But you know your feelings for Jeonghan aren’t platonic whatsoever. The way he mimics Wonwoo’s lisp as the preschooler learns to form words always manages to give you a boost of serotonin, and the way he protects Chan from the others whenever the older boys do something to piss them off has you melting.
In all honesty, with how Jeonghan was able to steal your heart in only two months, you would’ve already confessed.
But something held you back.
You can’t tell if it’s because Jeonghan would be leaving or if it’s because you don’t want to be left heartbroken.
It’s been years since you last fell in love (yes, in love) with someone, so it comes as no surprise when you finally realize that you’re head over heels for your co-teacher.
On Jeonghan’s last day in the daycare, you and the boys threw him a surprise farewell party after having it in the works for weeks, and thankfully it was one that completely caught Jeonghan off guard.
And if you remember correctly, he did cry a bit as well.
So now, after Jeonghan has wished all the boys goodbye, the only people remaining in the playroom are you, Jeonghan, and Myungho.
At least this time you received a call from Myungho’s mother, stating that she wouldn’t be able to pick him up until later in the evening.
Jeonghan was quick to insert a quip when you hang up, joking around by saying ‘that’s her gift to me for finally leaving, isn’t it?’.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t stay longer for Myungho.” Jeonghan slings his backpack over his shoulder after zipping it up.
“I understand. You need all the time to go pack.” You walk over to him with an envelope in your hand, passing it over to him. “As promised.”
He slowly brings it into his hands and takes out the final check he’s been waiting for, and he’s unsure if he wants to smile or frown. “Thanks,” he murmurs.
Jeonghan doesn’t move from his spot, continuing to stare at the paycheck while his fingers fiddle with the paper. You took the opportunity to head to the bulletin board, removing one of the paintings.
After a minute of silence, Jeonghan sighs and puts it back into the envelope, holding it in one of his hands.
And yet he’s still unable to move, but that’s mainly because Myungho has his arms wrapped tightly around his legs, unwilling to let the older male go.
“You’ll come back one day, right? To visit us?” he asks, looking up at him.
He leans down to give his head a pat, running his fingers through the boy’s hair afterwards. “Of course I will,” he whispers, smiling warmly.
Jeonghan laughs and crouches down onto the ground, putting out his pinky. “I promise.”
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” you tease, returning with Myungho’s painting in your hands. You crouch down to join the other two just so you could poke at his shoulder.
“Who says I can’t keep promises?” Jeonghan cocks a brow at you.
“I was just testing you,” you coo, laughing when Jeonghan shakes his shoulder away from your finger.
“Once I graduate from the academy, I will come back to visit the daycare, and maybe I’ll get to see Myungho all grown up.” He brings his attention back to the five-year-old, noticing how Myungho has been tearing up. Jeonghan wiggles his pinky, urging Myungho to link it with his.
Myungho sniffs loudly and wipes away his tears with his sleeve before linking his pinky with Jeonghan’s. “I’ll miss you.”
“I’ll miss you more,” the teacher whispers, gently tugging on Myungho’s pinky to bring him closer. He presses a small kiss to Myungho’s forehead.
Jeonghan then looks over at you. “Link your pinky with ours to seal the promise.”
“Hey!” Myungho exclaims, making the both of you giggle.
Your dejected smile doesn’t go unmissed when you wrap your pinky around theirs.
Jeonghan gives Myungho one last, comforting hug before you’re walking him out the doors to the entrance.
As always, he pulls the glass doors open for you to walk out first, joining you shortly after.
Instead of walking to the parking lot, you two head for the bench that sits by the only active street in front of the daycare, watching the cars speed by while you sit there in silence.
The wind runs through his hair, and yet it still manages to look gorgeous as ever.
“You will come back one day, right?”
Jeonghan laughs at the question. “Are you really doubting my ability to keep a promise?” he looks over at you and cracks a wide smile. “Of course I will. For you, I will.”
You give him no response, and he clears his throat, going back to look at the cars. It takes a while for you to give him Myungho’s painting, falling right back into the silence as he stares at the paper in his hands.
A few minutes pass and you realize that you shouldn’t be leaving Myungho alone in the daycare for this long, so you stand up.
He shadows your action, standing up with you with both his paycheck and Myungho’s painting in one hand. Jeonghan doesn’t stop looking at you, like he was waiting for you to say something.
You knew it was now or never.
“Yeah?” he asks.
And you chose never.
“Give me a call when you make it to the academy. Just so I know you made it there alright.”
If you were looking, you would be able to see the sparkle in his eyes vanish, his gaze no longer holding a glint of hope for what he wanted you to say.
You have your back facing Jeonghan, refusing to even spare him a glance. You never did too well with goodbyes; it’s the reason why you always run from people in your life or ignore the ones that had to leave.
“Goodbye, Jeonghan,” you breathe out, and just like that, you’re gone.
The knock on your door grows increasingly louder each second, proving the person on the other side impatient.
Before stumbling out from under your blankets, you manage to capture a glimpse of the time on your alarm clock.
Who the fuck could be at your door at 2 in the morning?
It’s hard to keep your eyes open as you feel around for the lights, flicking them on before heading over to the front door.
You’re so tired that you forget to check who was outside your door, swinging it wide open just to get the knocking to stop.
And there stood Jeonghan dressed in his plaid pajamas, his chest heaving after running up the sets of stairs. His glasses look like they were put on at the last minute, and the mess on the top of his head is something you don’t even want to talk about.
Before you can even part your lips to speak, he raises a hand up to your face, shutting you up with just that one gesture.
He’s leaning against the doorframe, trying to catch his breath.
“T-that has, oh my god, that h-has got to be the most exercise I’ve done in months.”
“W-what are you doing here?” you stutter, having your eyes frantically scan him all over.
“Sleep, I-I coul-couldn’t sleep.”
“Jeonghan, do you want to come inside to rest? Is everything okay? Why- why the fuck are you at my apartment at 2am???”
“Wait just- give me a few seconds,” he wheezes, bent over with his hand on one of his knees. “Holy shit I’m so out of shape.”
You glare at him, judging eyes burning straight into his skull. You’re now completely wide awake with your heart beating against your chest, still in disbelief how your crush was standing in front of you.
“Fuck, okay okay, I-I’m better. Listen Y/N, I’ll just say everything here, in front of you, okay?”
“Say what?”
“Just listen.” He pauses to stand up straight, leaning against the doorframe as he fixes his glasses. “Y/N, I couldn’t sleep because it’s bothering me. I—I don’t know how else to say this, but fuck it’s been bothering me so much, and I just–god, I really need you to tell me.” He has his fingers wrapped around the doorframe, gripping it tightly as he continues to breathe heavily. His eyes are searching through yours for some sort of confirmation.
You remain completely oblivious to what he means, your eyebrows furrowed as you try to figure out what he wants from you. “You...need Tell you what??”
Jeonghan shuts his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose, rubbing it between his fingers as he speaks.
“Tell me...tell me I’m not the only one who wants something….Us. I want us, Y/N. I wanted us for these past two months, but I was so stupid to hold off on confessing because I was afraid it was too early. I keep thinking I’ll eventually move on from this stupid crush on you, but I can’t, and I don’t think I will until you tell me straight to my face that you don’t like me.”
You try to interrupt him, but he doesn’t allow you to do so.
“Two months, Y/N. I’ve been feeling this way for two months, and I don’t want to move on from these feelings. I don’t want to. I can’t, and I came here to see if you feel the same about me before it’s too late.”
He’s biting the inside of his cheek as he waits for you to respond, but when you’re left speechless, he continues.
“Just—just tell me whether you like me or not, and-” he gulps, frustratingly running a hand through his hair, “and if not, if I completely misunderstood the hints you’ve been giving me in the daycare, then I’ll be on my way back. I’ll go pack my suitcases and prepare to leave for tomorrow. I’ll leave, I’ll go to the academy, and come back to the daycare in the next few years. Ju-just like I promised, but Y/N, if you do like me, please, please just tell me because I don’t know how long I can go on without knowing how you feel, and it’s bugging the fuck out of me.”
“Y/N, please, I’m begging you. I need closure before I leave.”
When you stare into his eyes, the desperation is clear. You’re struggling to figure out if this confession is real or not; if this wasn’t just some stupid dream you’re having.
So without thinking, your fingers reach to tug at the collar of his flannel, pulling him in to smash your lips against his.
The impact and the actual touch of his lips causes your eyes to shoot wide open, realizing what you’ve done. You push him away in an instant, gaping at him. “Fuck, holy fuck, this is real. You’re real.”
He stares at you in disbelief after stumbling backwards, blinking multiple times.
“...I didn’t run up seven flights of stairs just for you to say I’m real.”
“Holy shit, you’re real!” you exclaim. Your hand reaches for the door, slamming it shut with your back pressed up against it.
Now you’re the one left breathless, frantically looking everywhere as you try to process what the hell just happened.
It takes Jeonghan banging his fist on your door for you to finally open it up again, and you’re not even given time to think when he pulls you in by cupping your cheeks, pressing his lips against yours.
“I’m real,” he whispers once he pulls away, grazing his thumb over your skin.
You mirror the smile that formed on his lips, moving to wrap your arms around his waist to pull him in closer. “Are you sure?”
“...Do you need confirmation again?”
When you nod with the brightest look on your face, he doesn’t hesitate to bring you back in for the third kiss of the night.
“Good afternoon, darling.”
You roll your eyes at your co-teacher’s greeting after entering through the glass doors, setting your bag down onto the front desk.
“One night, Jeonghan. We’ve only known about how we felt for each other for one night, and you’re alr- wait. How the fuck did you beat me to the daycare?”
You shoot your gaze over to the open door leading to the playroom, entering the room to find Jeonghan standing on one of the round tables with something in his arms.
“I came here at 6am, actually. Forgot that the daycare opens later now because the kids have school, so instead of going back home, I went to go buy a projector!” He turns to face you and stretches his arms out towards your way, presenting it to you. “Look!”
“You sound exactly like Soonyoung whenever he wants to show off his toy train,” you chuckle, standing right next to the table he was on with your hands on your hips.
“Oh shut up. Aren’t you going to ask me what I’m doing with a projector? Or why am I standing on a table?” He becomes pouty due to your lack of curiosity, hugging the projector close to his chest.
Unfortunately for him, you just find him incredibly adorable. “Okay okay, fine. Jeonghan, why are you standing on the table with a projector?”
“Great question! I’m trying to mount it up onto the ceiling.” He brings his gaze up to the ceiling, pointing up at it. “I already got the wires taped up and the base screwed in, see? I just need to hook this thing up to that thing, and yeah—yeah it should work.” He gives the projector a gentle pat before looking back at you.
Skeptical, you narrow your eyes at him. “...Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”
“Nope!” he strangely replies enthusiastically. “But I’m sure the guys on YouTube know what they’re doing. YouTube is very helpful, you know.”
“Yes, I’ve heard….Are you sure that thing is sturdy? What if it falls onto one of the kids?”
“Easy. Just don’t put the kids under the projector.” Jeonghan tries to bring the projector onto the hook he’s connected to the ceiling, struggling to make it line up with the screen he hung up.
“Okay, fine. What if it falls on me?”
“...Don’t stand under the projector.”
You continue to pester him with questions as he adjusts the position of the box.
“Okay, but what if the projector flies across the room and then hits my head?”
Jeonghan bites the inside of his cheek, slowly removing his hands from the box before smiling proudly at himself. “Flies? I don’t think that’s possible, Y/N.” He turns to look down at you. “But if it ever does happen, I’ll kiss your head better.”
“...I kind of miss the old Jeonghan.”
He hums, taking the wires into his fingers as he tries to connect them to the projector. “No you don’t.”
You move to sit on the table Jeonghan was standing on, continuing to look up at him with a smile creeping onto your face. You couldn’t even get mad at him for the way he’s behaving; not when he’s here with you and not at the dance academy.
However, he notices this, and being the petty person he is, he nudges your butt off the surface of the table with his foot. “Y/N, off,” he mimics, reminding you of his first day here.
“We’re not in front of the kids,” you reason, watching him get him off the table.
He stares up at the projector to see if it would fall before looking at you. “Oh, so we’re going to play that game now?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
To Jeonghan, the question was taunting, so he doesn’t hesitate to peck your lips, catching you off guard.
“What was that for?” you ask, blinking when he rests his hands on your thighs.
“Just taking my chances while we’re not in front of the kids.”
“Gross,” Hansol deadpans, making your head turn towards the direction of the voice. Both he and Chan are standing in the doorway, staring at what you two have just done while holding onto their backpacks.
“Cootie alert,” Chan yawns, and the two make their way over to their designated baskets, tossing their backpacks into them before sluggishly waddling over to the bean bags.
You turn to look back at Jeonghan with wide eyes, and his expression mirrors yours.
“Do you- do you think they noticed?”
“Noticed the fact you’re back or the fact we kissed?”
Jeonghan huffs at your response before facing the two kids, noticing how they’re already knocked out with Chan’s snore filling the playroom.
“School tires them out,” you explain, removing yourself from the table to join the two, crouching down in front of them.
Jeonghan goes over to your side and sits down on the ground, poking Hansol’s cheek. “Hey buddy, no hello for Teacher Jeonghan?”
Hansol peeks an eye open and shuts it right after, shifting in his spot to face the other direction. “Later, ‘m tired.”
After a minute or two, Chan shoots up in his spot, wide eyes searching for said teacher. “Teacher Jeonghan?!?”
The laugh that escapes you warms Jeonghan’s heart instantly, unable to remove his eyes from you while Chan runs over to him, repeatedly poking his dimple.
“You’re here?? What are you doing here?”
By now, Hansol has also jerked awake, finally able to connect two and two. He excitedly wraps his arms around Jeonghan’s neck, almost choking him when he tightens his grip.
You watch as Jeonghan plays with the two boys after settling in Chan’s spot on the bean bag, unable to prevent the smile from forming on your lips.
“How was school?” Jeonghan asks, holding onto Chan’s arms when the four-year-old starts jumping up and down.
“I like my teacher.” Hansol smiles.
The difference between the two voiced opinions makes Jeonghan laugh, pulling both of them into his grasp. He then starts to attack them with tickles, calling it revenge for not being spared a single glance earlier.
Slowly, the other boys start to file into the playroom after being dropped off by their respective buses, many sharing gasps and screams at the sight of the returned teacher.
Myungho is the one who arrives last, kicking at the ground when he makes his way inside the daycare.
He stops when he sees Jeonghan, and the happiness that explodes within him is indescribable. He’s left speechless at the sight of his favorite person, and his backpack falls onto the ground when he stands frozen by the door. Myungho’s wide eyes are glued onto Jeonghan’s every movement, mouth falling agape.
The five-year-old rubs his eyes to make sure he wasn’t seeing things, but surely enough Jeonghan is actually standing right in front of him, waving.
“I cried over you yesterday!” he accuses, pointing his finger at the teacher.
But Myungho doesn’t hesitate to run over to him when Jeonghan crouches down onto the ground with open arms.
“I thought you were going to come back when I’m all grown up,” he whispers, burying his face into the crook of Jeonghan’s neck.
“I mean it’s your first day of first grade, isn’t it? I’d say you’re all grown up.” Jeonghan holds the boy close in his embrace, and Myungho pulls away, bringing the teacher’s cheeks between his hands.
“It was scary,” he whispers, squishing his cheeks.
“Well I’m here now, so you can tell me everything that happens in class.”
You’re pettily watching everything unfold from your seat on the bean bag, cuddling a tired Seungkwan to sleep while the other boys are scattered throughout the playroom.
“Where was this energy when I was sick for two weeks?” you mumble.
“I missed you when you were sick,” Seungkwan mumbles, unintentionally slapping your chest with his hand due to being half asleep.
“Bye Teacher Jeonghan!!”
Jeonghan waves Jihoon and his parents goodbye and returns to the playroom.
You have already begun cleaning up, and Myungho has his nose buried in the book you bought him, silence overtaking the room.
He walks over to you and sees that you’re dusting the cabinets, wanting to see if he could be of any use.
“There’s not much to clean today since we barely did anything.”
Jeonghan agrees, bobbing his head up and down. He chooses to lean against the counter, watching your every move.
This causes you to start a conversation, asking a question that Jeonghan hasn’t answered.
“You never explained why you bought a projector earlier.”
He tilts his head tenderly towards you, beaming at the topic you brought up. “Right! Remember when I said I’ll give you a reason to dance?”
You nod, slowing your movements just so you could spend more time listening to Jeonghan speak.
“I thought it would be a nice idea if every Sunday, we could have the kids do karaoke! I’m sure they’ll enjoy it. Right, Myungho?” He turns to look at the boy, but Myungho is so immersed in the plot of his book that he’s unintentionally blocking out the conversation you’re having with Jeonghan.
Jeonghan’s face falls. “He likes that book too much,” he mutters.
“It was one of my favorites as a kid,” you explain. “It’s a bit more advanced for a five-year-old, but his reading comprehension is pretty up there. Not to mention he’s mature enough to understand the topic it’s about.” You stop what you’re doing to bring the duster over to Jeonghan’s face, tickling the tip of his nose with it. “You should read it out loud to him one day.”
You laugh when Jeonghan gags, pushing the duster away from his face. “That’s disgusting, Y/N!”
“Anyway, we went off topic. So basically you’re saying you planned karaoke every Sunday without me? When this is my daycare?”
“Basically, yeah.”
You set the duster aside and fake a pout. “I’m feeling very betrayed right now, Jeonghan.”
“Hey, it’s a great idea! You would’ve accepted it anyway. I bought the microphones and speakers online, and I’m waiting for them to arrive.”
“...Where the hell did you get the money?”
He looks elsewhere, shifting his weight between his feet when he blows a raspberry. “The paycheck…”
You look at him concerned, your voice falling softer as you speak. “You’re really not going to the dance academy, huh?”
“...Not anymore, no.” His gaze falls to the ground, acting like a kid that’s afraid to admit wrongdoing. “I have no reason to attend when I want to share a future here….with you. Cheesy, isn’t it?”
His words bring a shy smile to your face. “Pretty much, yeah. Also, since when did you become so lovey dovey? We’re not even officially together.” You lean along the counter with him, wishing he would look up so your eyes could gaze into his.
“It’s hard to resist saying stuff like that around you,” he admits, scratching his nape. He looks up to find the cabinets still open. “Are you done dusting?”
“Oh! No, not yet.” You take the duster back into your hands and pick up where you left off, a blush forming on your cheeks when you feel Jeonghan’s eyes on you.
“ is karaoke going to give me a reason to dance?”
“Simple. We’ll give the kids the microphones and have them sing while we dance.”
You glance over at him. “You’re crazy.”
“What??” He stands up straight, getting defensive. “How? It’s a wonderful idea, if you ask me. They’ll be too busy singing to even notice us dancing.”
“Yeah, and my ears will be too busy bleeding.”
“Y/N!!” He looks over at Myungho to see if he’s heard anything.
“Listen, have you ever heard kids sing? Specifically, have you ever heard Soonyoung sing??” You shove the duster into the cabinet before closing it shut.
“In fact, yes I have,” Jeonghan bluffs, tilting his chin upwards.
“It’s horrendous.”
“It is not!” Jeonghan defends. “He’s only six!”
You roll your eyes playfully at him, walking over to join Myungho by the bean bags. “And I’m only being honest.”
Jeonghan scoffs, crossing his arms as he follows you. “You don’t deserve Soonyoung and his toy train.”
“What are you guys talking about?” Myungho asks, making a mental note of the page in his book before closing it.
Jeonghan sighs and plops down next to Myungho. “Teacher Y/N is being very disrespectful towards Soonyoung’s ability to sing.”
“...But Soonyoung can’t sing.”
“See!” You sit across the two, bringing your knees up to your chest. “I’m not the only one who feels that way.”
Shifting the topic, Jeonghan’s eyes dart down to the book in Myungho’s hands. “What page are you on?”
“I finished the book already,” Myungho says nonchalantly. He gives it to Jeonghan while you’re looking at the kid with wide eyes.
He nods. “The boy in the story, he….he dies, right?”
“That’s pretty much what’s implied, yeah,” you confirm. You lean over to ruffle up the boy’s hair. “I knew you’d catch on!”
“Great, you just spoiled it for me,” Jeonghan frowns, mainly messing around.
Due to his playful tone, Myungho slaps his arm, resting his head against it afterwards.
Jeonghan pouts and sets the book aside, wrapping an arm around the boy. “Are you tired?”
Myungho nods.
So Jeonghan brings Myungho into his lap, allowing the small boy to curl up in his embrace. “I’ll sleep with you,” he comforts, caressing one of his cheeks.
Jeonghan sends you a warm smile, and you give Myungho a small kiss on the head before standing up, leaving the two to fall asleep together.
“Can you believe today’s the last day of school for the boys? Time goes by fast, doesn’t it?” Jeonghan swings your intertwined hands as you walk down the sidewalk together.
“It does. Excited to have Myungho being the first kid at six am again?”
“Kinda. I’m really going to miss sleeping in and hearing stories about how Mingyu accidentally spilled paint on a girl.” He laughs, shaking his head. “Not only that, but the microphones haven’t arrived yet!! It’s been nine months since I’ve ordered them. Nine months!”
You cough loudly, immediately changing the topic. “Yeah, uhm, honestly? Nine months, and I still can’t believe–this–is a thing.” You gesture to your hand being held by Jeonghan’s, waving your finger.
“Hm? What? The hand holding?” He raises your hand up to his lips, pressing a gentle kiss onto your knuckles.
“I meant us, silly. I’m surprised none of the kids noticed a change in our relationship yet.”
“I mean there is a possibility that they’ve always seen us as a couple since the beginning. We do make a great one, if I do say so myself.” Jeonghan shrugs his shoulders, adjusting the glasses he was wearing.
You look over at him. “Are you considering us a couple?”
“...Are we not?”
“I mean not officially, no.”
He exhales loudly. “Nine months, and we aren’t even official.”
“I mean us being official won’t really change much.”
“Hey! Yes it will. I’d be able to show you off.”
“To who? Hansol and Chan? They’ve seen us kiss, stupid.”
“I have friends!” he retaliates. “Albeit friends I haven’t talked to in years, but friends nonetheless.”
You giggle, reaching over to pinch his cheek once you both stand outside the entrance of the bowling alley.
He pushes your hand away and grabs the handle of the door. “Ready to go bowling with your favorite person?”
“Oh you wish. Myungho still takes the crown as my favorite person.”
He pulls the door open with a huff, knowing he can’t beat Myungho in any aspect.
You both walk in, impressed by the neon lights illuminating off the glossy floors. The loud music is blaring through your ears, but it’s easily overridden by Jeonghan’s voice.
“There’s a roller skating rink here too,” he whispers, pointing over to it. You can easily tell by the pout on his face that he wants to go roller skating, so you choose to remind him why you two are here in the first place by turning him away from the sight.
“Another time,” you reassure.
You walk him over to the counter and give the worker both of your shoe sizes, clutching onto Jeonghan’s arm as you wait for your bowling shoes to be handed over. “It’s a nice place, isn’t it?”
“Definitely. Have you been here before?” He looks at you, bringing a finger up to brush a strand of hair away from your face. The tiny gesture doesn’t fail to bring a smile to your face, making you hum in response.
“Only once. Junhui had a birthday party here when he was four, and I was invited.”
Jeonghan thanks the worker once they have returned and collects the bowling shoes given, handing you your pair before leading you over to an empty alley.
“We should take the boys out for bowling one day. All of them. That’s possible, right?”
“This is supposed to be our date, Jeonghan, not you wanting the rest of the boys here,” you jest. “We already see them on a daily basis.”
“I’m just saying! Imagine if Seungcheol was here with us.” He sits down on the bench and starts removing his shoes. “He’ll honestly beat both of our asses. His precision is incredible.”
“That’s because he’s a six-year-old, and six-year-olds use the bowling ramp.” You copy Jeonghan’s actions after playfully punching his shoulder, taking your time with putting the bowling shoes on.
He rubs his shoulder and looks at you with a pout, dismissing your words with the roll of his eyes. Jeonghan then begins to input both of your names into the screen while you search for two bowling balls, choosing a green one for him.
You come back with the two balls in your arms, and he looks at you worriedly, quick to grab the green one from you.
“They weren’t heavy,” you pout, hating how Jeonghan underestimated your strength.
“You looked like you were going to drop them on your toe. I put my name first, by the way. I hope that’s okay.” But he doesn't allow you to respond, already walking up to the alley to begin.
“Oh it’s on, Yoon Jeonghan,” you mutter, taking your seat on the bench.
Out of the past year with Jeonghan, you’ve never once seen each other’s competitive side during your dates. Sure, there have been times when you two fought over who was the more liked teacher in the daycare, but it was mainly you two joking around and having fun.
Today proves differently, especially when you two are constantly neck in neck with each frame that passes.
Your desperation to beat Jeonghan is what makes you mess up on the ninth frame, knocking down seven pins instead of eight and it causes you to become tied with Jeonghan.
“May the best player win,” he yawns, sliding his fingers through the holes of the bowling ball.
The way he intensely stares at the pins doesn’t intimidate you in the slightest, a smirk cockily resting on your lips. You know he is going to mess up the last frame, he has to, so you’re not too worried.
But when he doesn’t and gets two perfect strikes in a row, you know you’re completely fucked.
He zooms over to you and bends down to shove his face in front of yours, gloating. “I won!!”
You shove his face away with your hand, standing up with a huff. “You don’t know that.”
“C’mon Y/N, there’s no way you’re going to get two strikes!”
And to your dismay, he’s right.
When you see your ball shift to the right, you know you're completely done for.
Jeonghan runs up to hug you from behind while you’re moping over your loss, pressing your back up against his chest.
“See? I know you too well,” he coos, planting a kiss on your neck.
You whine, pushing away from his grip to make your way back over to your shoes. “You’re treating me with ice cream after this.”
“I was the one who won! That’s unfair,” he grumbles. He runs to catch up with you, beating you to the bench.
His smile returns, and his eyes are bright when he looks at you. “Want to know my secret to winning?”
“What?” you groan, plopping yourself down next to him. You rest your head on his shoulder as you wait for him to pull out something from his pocket.
Between his fingers is a folded piece of paper, and when he unravels it, you see that it’s Myungho’s painting of you three.
He gazes into your eyes while he shows it to you, whispering.
“It’s my lucky charm.”
“Are you sure it’s hidden?” Myungho questions, a frown forming on his face when he comes back after searching the shelves.
“I’m positive, Myungho. Help me keep looking. There’s no way the microphones aren’t here.” Jeonghan is searching high and low when it comes to your desk, opening every single drawer.
He groans and goes back to searching, wanting to be of some use for Jeonghan.
“I’m telling you, I don’t have them!” you shout, putting legos together on the ground with Junhui in your lap.
“Liar,” Jeonghan mutters to himself. He takes one more check around your desk before moving to the sinks.
Jisoo is tailing the teacher around, mirroring Jeonghan’s exact movements.
“They’re not hereeee,” Myungho informs, referring to the bookshelves.
You laugh, shaking your head as you grab a handful of legos to dump onto the rug in front of Junhui.
Jeonghan pulls open one of the cabinets under the sink, and that’s when he finds a box (and it’s one he doesn’t recognize). He pulls it out and brings it onto a nearby table. He takes the lid off, and lo and behold are the missing microphones presented before him.
“I knew it!” he shouts. “I fucking knew it!”
“He fucking knew it!”
“...Go away, Jisoo.”
The six-year-old runs away and over to Hansol and Chan, joining them with their puzzle.
“Y/N!! Myungho!!”
You mutter a ‘shit’ and remove Junhui from your lap, taking your time before finally making your way over to Jeonghan.
Myungho trudges his way over to the teacher. “Do I still get my five bucks?”
“Yeah yeah, whatever.” He takes out his wallet and takes out five one dollar bills, handing them to the boy before turning his attention over to you.
“You’re paying him?”
“Oh don’t try changing the subject. What is this?” He picks up the box, showing you what’s inside.
“I have no clue what you’re talking about,” you sing-song, whistling as you look around the room.
He stares at you in disbelief. “You-...How long have you kept this here?” He kicks the cabinet door shut, referring to it.
“For like eight months,” you snort. You lean against the counter, nibbling on your lower lip to prevent a snicker from escaping you.
But it’s hard when Jeonghan is being brought into despair. “For the past eight months we could’ve been listening to Soonyoung’s angelic singing,” he whines, setting the box back down onto the table with a thud. “Eight months, Y/N!”
“It’s not my fault you couldn’t find them.”
He exaggerates a groan, slamming the lid back onto the top of the box. “I didn’t even know they were here to begin with!”
“I know,” you giggle, bringing a hand over your lips. “Honestly? I’m not even mad you’ve found them.”
Your collected composure and failed attempt to hold back your laughter makes Jeonghan fall against you, resting his forehead on your shoulder. “I can’t believe you’ve had them all this time,” he whispers, allowing his eyes to fall shut.
“I know I know.” You pat his back, resting your head against his. “I’m quite the secret keeper, aren’t I?”
“He fucking knew it!”
Jeonghan picks his head up from your shoulder to glare at Jisoo, watching the boy run away from the two of you and back over to the puzzle duo.
“If his parents start asking us why Jisoo won’t stop saying ‘he fucking knew it’, you’re taking all the blame,” Jeonghan grumbles, going back to keeping his head on your shoulder.
“I wasn’t the one who swore!”
“Personally, I think this is the greatest decision I’ve ever made.”
You look at him dubiously, swinging your connected hands as you make your way down the sidewalk with the twelve boys skipping in front of you.
“Wouldn’t that be the Karaoke Sundays idea?” you ask.
“...Okay, second greatest decision.”
You roll your eyes and let out a sarcastic ‘mhm’ as a response.
“What??” he looks at you whilst feigning offense, trying to read whatever is on your mind by staring straight into your eyes.
“How do you know this is your second greatest decision yet? I mean, we aren’t even at the park yet.”
Jeonghan points at the boys in front of you, raising his voice. “Look at them!! They’re already having so much fun. Not to mention how the day is gorgeous! the sun is gorgeous, the weather is gorgeous, you’re gorgeous-” He covers up his last few words with a forced cough but doesn’t hesitate to peek at your reaction.
“Didn’t know I signed up to be with a flirt,” you sigh.
Before Jeonghan is given a chance to respond, you hear Chan screaming.
“We’re here!!” he calls out, and he’s the first one to run out into the open field.
All the boys follow after him, starting an intense game of tag while you’re figuring out a spot to sit with Jeonghan.
He runs over to a tree and places himself under the shade, urging you to come over.
And you do so only to realize how far you two were from the boys, concern growing within you. “How are we going to watch over twelve boys?” you murmur, resting your head on Jeonghan’s shoulder with your hand still in his.
“You’re going to be watching them, not me.”
His nonchalant response throws you completely off guard, quick to pick your head up to stare at him. “What? You’re not leaving me, are you?”
Jeonghan doesn’t miss the way your grip around his hand tightens, and he clears his throat, distracting himself from the gaze that’ll only make him fall again for you once more.
Then again, he’d fall for you a thousand times, and he still wouldn’t mind.
“I’m not going to leave, dummy,” he says, flicking your temple.
“Then why would I be the only one watching them?” You rub your temple, pouting at him.
Jeonghan releases your hand from his grasp and chooses to wrap his arm around your waist, pulling you close against him as he stares at you. “Because I’ll be too busy watching you.”
You gasp loudly and shove him away from you, crossing your arms while he’s laughing his ass off.
Eventually he notices how you turn your back towards him and starts attempting to receive your attention, resting his chin on your shoulder while looking at you.
“I’m sowwy,” he whines, and when you don’t respond to his antics, he makes an impulsive decision to litter kisses all over your face after making you look at him.
“You guys are gross.”
“Hello to you too, Myungho,” Jeonghan greets, removing himself from you in order to wave the boy over.
The boy seats himself between the two of you, bringing his arms around his knees while pressing his back up against the trunk of the tree. Without saying anything, Myungho scoots over to lean against your side, and you immediately bring him into your arms.
“You okay, little man?” Jeonghan asks, looking down at him.
“No. Soonyoung tripped me.”
While Jeonghan’s laughing, you avert your attention over to the group of boys still playing their game of tag. Jihoon became the tagger ever since he fell face first into the grass but hasn’t moved a single inch. It’s the reason why Jisoo and Hansol start poking his sides with their toes, evoking a not-so-pleasant reaction from the boy.
“I knew this wasn’t a good idea,” you mumble.
Jeonghan calms himself down and moves to rest his chin over Myungho’s head, his eyes meeting yours. “Is now the time to say I suggested this idea just to spend time with you?” he whispers.
“Again, ew.”
Jeonghan removes his chin from Myungho’s head to gently slap a hand over the boy’s mouth, momentarily shutting him up.
Unfortunately for the teacher, Myungho is quick to lick his hand, bringing the two into a playful yet physical fight.
Jeonghan wins by capturing Myungho within his arms, falling onto the ground. He looks over at you, prepared to boast about his win, when he sees you watching the other kids instead.
Regardless, the bright smile on his face doesn’t falter, and he almost forgets Myungho is in his arms until he bit him.
“Okay, now that was uncalled for,” Jeonghan whines, rubbing at the teeth marks imprinted into his skin.
“You were choking me,” Myungho huffs, going back over to your side.
“You could’ve told me!”
“I did!”
“Okay shut up, you two. I’m tired.”
The two heads turn to look at you with worried expressions, noticing how you’re struggling to keep your eyes open.
“Want to lie down?” Jeonghan asks, scooting over to sit next to you. When you nod, he allows you to have your head in his lap, telling you to close your eyes.
He runs his fingers through your hair, playing with it as Myungho moves to hug one of his arms. The boy begins to ramble about the shapes of the clouds in the sky, and Jeonghan listens to every word with a smile on his face, agreeing with every single thing Myungho has mentioned.
Because of his mini ramble about clouds, the sounds from the other boys start to drown out, and minutes later they’re joining you three.
Seungcheol was the first one who got tired of the game of tag after being considered ‘it’ more than five times, inserting himself into the conversation about clouds by sitting next to Myungho.
All the boys are wiped out after constantly running and screaming, so none of them seem to question Jeonghan’s ever so loving gaze towards you. Either they don’t notice or don’t care enough to comment on the way he’s unable to stop looking at you, but it wasn’t like it mattered anyway.
Even if everyone in the world pointed it out, he still wouldn’t take his eyes off of you.
A year of Karaoke Sundays never gave you a reason to dance with him.
Jeonghan couldn’t tell if it was Soonyoung’s so-called ‘horrendous’ singing with Seokmin and Seungkwan hyping him up or Jisoo huddling into the far corner of the playroom due to his fear of loud noises.
You were always there to comfort the poor boy by pressing his ears up against your chest while Jeonghan occupied the others, hand in hand with Chan as they all sang their hearts out into the crappy microphones Jeonghan had bought. Wonwoo and Hansol definitely dominated every Sunday with their voice cracks, and eventually Jisoo grew comfortable enough to sing with the two.
But even with Jisoo gone as an excuse, you still remained by the bean bags, watching all of them have fun with a goofy smile adorning your face.
Occasionally Jeonghan would visit you and bring you up onto your feet, urging you to dance. He once even tried swooning you over by having Romantic Sunday playing in the background, whispering the lyrics into your ear while he tried to get you to sway with him.
Obviously, it didn’t work.
It wasn’t like you didn’t want to; you were just too embarrassed to do so.
You’re afraid you’ll pull a Mingyu and trip over your very own feet, so you refrain from moving a limb, only choosing to lean against Jeonghan’s touch when he brings you into his arms.
Because of this, he would never force you into joining him, even if it was just the two of you.
He would ask only once if you’d like to join him in a small dance, and when you give him the shake of your head, he’ll opt to pull you in for an intoxicating kiss, having your lips dance against his instead.
Myungho was always the main witness of the kisses you two shared, visibly cringing by scrunching up the features on his face, but deep down inside he’s happy for the two of you.
How could he not when he has wanted you both together since the very first day? It’s the dream of any kid to have their two favorite people together.
Not to mention Karaoke Sundays isn’t the only new idea that has been introduced the past year; you and Jeonghan have gotten so used to having Myungho around that the three of you would leave the daycare and hang out elsewhere, creating new memories.
Shopping, eating, exploring: the three of you did it all (without the consent of Myungho’s mother).
It was kind of like sneaking out, and the three of you would never stray too far from the daycare in case Mrs. Xu comes back early. If she ever called to ask where her son was, you would tell her that you three were on a walk and would come back immediately.
The fun little dates you all shared are the only reason why Jeonghan has given up on pestering you about talking to Mrs. Xu and her habit of picking up her son later than the designated time.
He taught both you and Myungho how to roller skate only for the young boy to skate faster than the teacher, leaving both you and Jeonghan confused about how Myungho managed to learn so quickly.
While your favorite place with Jeonghan and Myungho was the ferris wheel, Jeonghan’s personal favorite was the field of flowers hidden a mile or two behind the daycare.
You never saw the beauty in flowers after taking care of children for nearly four years, but that completely changed when you watched how Myungho and Jeonghan ran through them. Their sparks of happiness would always change into pure fear whenever catching sight of a bee, running far from you to the point where Myungho would start crying at the lack of your presence.
Jeonghan even got stung once, but he showed no sense of pain when taken back to the daycare, constantly making flirty remarks while you aided him.
Moments like these have always made Jeonghan think (something you would say he rarely did).
Silly as it is, these dates never prompted Jeonghan to ask you out. It wasn’t like either of you cared, but it would be nice to put a title on the relationship you both shared.
But rather than wanting to ask you out, the idea of proposing came to his mind.
Two years of being head over heels for you led him to meet every single side of you. You were great with kids, obviously, and he’s been there when you’ve brokedown or lashed out. You were real just like any other human being, and there was no doubt in his mind that he would love to be with you for forever.
He’s definitely joked about marrying you in the past, but he knew it was time.
It was time to finally give you a reason to dance.
Tumblr media
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sunnyjae · a day ago
Are your requests open? If so, then can I request #19 and #22 from your prompt list? Thanks! I hope you have a great day <3!
hiiiii because you forgot to mention who you wanted me to write about, i chose sunghoon!
prompts: #19 "i hope you hurt like you made me hurt," + #22 "every time i think about what i'm doing to you it kills me inside,"
Tumblr media
meant to be. ♡ psh [req]
Tumblr media
MINORS DO NOT INTERACT. I put my smut strictly under the smut tags on here to protect you guys so don't open anything with a warning like this one. Please.
pairing ♡ sunghoon x gn!reader
genre ♡ angst, non-idol!au, slice-of-life
warnings ♡ toxic behaviours, arguing, cursing, sunghoon blames the reader for his mistakes, use of the derogatory word ‘whore’, briefly discussed cheating
word count ♡ 0.8k
summary ♡ (literally just angst) after an argument, you're unsure whether you want to return to him
Tumblr media
"We're both toxic to each other." he spat, slapping his hand down on the table.
Your eyes were blank as you stared at him, now completely used to the way he acted whenever he chose something obscure to be mad at. Feeling pathetic for having to listen to his bullshit again, one time too much, you turned away from your spot next to the counter. “Where the fuck are you going now?”
“I’m leaving,” you were already at the door, picking up your car keys from the small bowl near the door.
“No, you’re fucking not.”
“Do you have a better word other than fuck to scream at me?” your laugh was humorless, your back to your once again furious boyfriend.
“You’re avoiding this conversation.”
“Listen. I’m not avoiding this conversation, I’m just leaving before it escalates.”
Pinching the bridge of his nose, Sunghoon paced back and forth in his slippers and you now leaned on the door to face him. “Well it’s going to escalate if you don’t hear me out.” he stopped.
“I honestly don’t feel like listening to you freak out today-”
“Just fucking- shut up.” he gritted, nostrils flaring. At this point, his pacing had stopped and his breathing was heavier. You on the other hand had forgotten what the argument was about.
You swallowed, not expecting something like that to spill from his lips, but of course, it was him. He dropped his arms down from his hips and your voice faltered in your throat with a comment you were itching to make.
He pointed at you with a single finger - something he always said he hated when other people were mad. The hypocrisy was making you fuzzy in the head. “I’m tired of you. You never want to hear me out. You never listen!” he growled.
“Listen to you excuse yourself for neglecting my needs in this relationship? Yeah, sure like I haven’t done that before-”
“I neglected your needs?” he laughed, eyes crazy and glazed over with melancholy. “You’re the one who doesn’t acknowledge every fucking thing I do for you!”
“I work! I need time to myself!” exasperated breath after tired breath, he lifted his arms for effect. “I can’t even breathe without you having all your hissy fits at me at how I’m never at home. You fucking wonder why I’m never here.” he paused. “You’re just dense - it’s pretty obvious why I don’t come back here often.”
“Say it.”
“You want me to say why I’m not at home? Fine.” he added a humourless chuckle again, “I’d rather be in any other whore’s presence than yours.”
“Are you saying you’ve been sleeping with women?” your tone was incredulous despite your suspiscions. You weren't sure whether he was being genuine or not - but it still fucking hurt.
“Figure it out.” he gritted.
"I hope you hurt like you made me hurt.”
Sooner than he could answer, you were out the door and speed walking down the fire exit stairs and down to the car in the carpark. You didn’t even have your things with you other than your phone, charger, and car keys.
Driving anywhere would be best. You could go to Miyeon’s house - she always knew something was up between you and Sunghoon anyway.
Tumblr media
“What the fuck?” Miyeon gasped, bringing you into a bear hug - you noticed her hands trembled, but yours were still, and you weren’t crying like she was. Your phone pinged with the next messages Sunghoon was sending you.
i’m sorry baby [19:23]
i said that in the heat of the moment [19:23]
i didn’t actually mean it [19:23]
i was wrong [19:24]
please reply to my messages [19:24]
or at least read them [19:24]
where are you???? [19:24]
baby please [19:24]
every time i think about what i’m doing to you it kills me inside [19:25]
please reply - just an okay will do [19:25]
oh fuck, are you safe???  [19:25]
please fucking tell me you’re safe  [19:25]
“Is it him again?” she whispered. Your only answer was a tired nod, and she took your phone with an upset huff. A few taps and she’d turned your phone onto aeroplane mode, knowing your password since you hadn’t changed it for years.
“There.” she smiled at you sadly, “Stay here for the meantime. I can send Jake and Jay to collect your stuff from the apartment.” Jay was Miyeon’s boyfriend and Jake was your other friend from high school. Your personal relationships with Jake and Miyeon began falling apart soon after you and Sunghoon started dating.
You were grateful. Sad, but grateful.
“I wish I would have known. But at least now I know.” you whispered, head hanging low.
She nodded, bringing her soft hand into yours. “Maybe it’s not meant to be.”
Tumblr media
i hope this turned out okay!
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prettywordsyouleft · 2 days ago
Out Of The Shadows - Part 14
Tumblr media
Summary: Singing was the only thing that kept you breathing. To Kihyun, you were too talented to step away from. And by a cruel twist of fate, because of him, you became a singer - except you only sang in the shadows.
Pairing: Yoo Kihyun x female reader
Genre: idol au / angst / drama / romance
Warnings: Y/N has a serious injury, and ongoing implications from it that might trigger some people. In this part: jealousy, cursing, an argument and a fair amount of emotional angst.
Word count: 2292
Out of the Shadows will be shared Thu-Fri each week from 12th August until completed.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15
Tumblr media
“You’re back later than I expected.”
Glancing at the girl on the couch, you nodded softly. Normally, it had been the other way around. When your career had started, Nina was out doing long hours of work, both in the practice rooms and on location. You had eventually stopped going to every schedule with her, Terry even encouraging you to leave her to it.
You had your role in this duet, and it consisted of singing and making sure you didn’t mess up behind the curtain, so Nina remained the star.
But lately, your schedules had switched around. You spent more time in the studio for vocal lessons and recording new songs, whilst Nina’s appearances grew limited with the downtime of no promotions. Your name had been called upon more often to sing several OSTs and even the new opening song of a variety show.
It was a little overwhelming to be highly sought after.
“I had to do an extra hour in the studio tonight,” you admitted, heading for the refrigerator where you stored your honey water. Your throat felt a little dry from how many high notes you had to sing.
“Tomorrow too, huh?”
“Yeah. It’s never-ending.”
“I don’t think you’re complaining,” Nina announced, and you glanced over at her as you took a slow gulp of water. Her expression was unreadable for a change.
It bothered you a little.
“No, I guess I’m not. But are you okay?”
“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?”
“I don’t know. I was just asking,” you cautiously answered, placing the lid back on your water. “I’m uh, going to take a shower.”
Nina didn’t respond as you scuttled off to your bedroom and shut the door behind you. Sitting down on the edge of your bed, you went over the interaction with her. Normally, Nina was bright and cheerful to be around. She thrived on all the work she was doing, and every time she was up on stage or invited on a show, she was always bouncing around with infectious energy. Even with Midnight Idol two weeks ago, she had enjoyed the experience in the end. And no one had been none the wiser, thanks to Kihyun’s effort to bridge the gap between them.
“I hope she’s alright,” you murmured to yourself, trying not to go to the worst-case scenarios that Nina might be facing and not tell you about.
You convinced yourself that she was just tired and went to have your shower.
Tumblr media
Except, the mood continued. Days went by, and Nina’s smiles stopped shining altogether. You had racked your brain for every possible reason and asked her multiple times about what was wrong. Not only did Nina cut you off every time, but she was also curt whenever talking to you.
“I used the last of the bread,” she announced after you had spent over five minutes looking on the counter and in the cupboards for the loaf you had bought. Looking back at Nina, you were surprised when she met your gaze defiantly.
It made no sense, and you swallowed slowly. “That’s okay. I’ll just pick up a new one.”
“Or I could. Since I’m only at the company for half a day.”
“If it’s not too much of a hassle,” you agreed, still frowning as you put away the condiments you had pulled out for your toast.
“Of course it wouldn’t be. I’m not busy, like you.”
“Have I been slacking on something around the house because of my increase in work?” you wondered, blinking several times as you tried to figure it out.
“No. You’re not home enough to leave a mess.”
“Right. But if I were—”
“Melody’s here,” Nina flatly announced, getting up from the barstool and went to let your manager in.
On the car ride to Starship, you continued to watch Nina in the seat beside you, your worry overriding your awareness of your surroundings. You were so deep in thought as you trailed behind Nina and Melody that you didn’t even see the person you walked into until they were righting you both.
“Easy there – oh!”
You blinked back into focus and matched Sewoon’s grin. “Hello!”
“If it isn’t the angel’s voice I’ve come to know and love. How are you doing, Y/N?”
You managed to swallow back the giddy squeal that rose in your throat at the idol remembering who you were, let alone complimenting you. Grinning over at Nina, who had stopped to look at the sudden outburst of voices, you gestured for her to come back to you.
“Sewoon, this is Nina. Nina is—”
“It’s nice to meet you,” Sewoon said quickly, nodding once in Nina’s direction before smiling back at you. “Y/N, when do you have a free moment? I want to work on a duet with you.”
“Uh, I doubt that would be feasible,” you edged, glancing back at Nina. You swore you saw her face fall at Sewoon’s easy dismissal, and a sense of loyalty to her had you stepping around him. “But if you’re ever in the studio and want to bounce ideas, I’m happy to help when I’m free.”
“I’ll hold you to it. I need another White moment!” he called after you as you started down the corridor again.
“How many others are there?” Nina asked as you both rounded the corner into your department. You hummed curiously at her, and Nina sighed. “You know. The people you’ve got – never mind.”
“The people I’ve got what? Oh, like Sewoon? The reason I was recruited here was because I covered his song one time in Kihyun’s studio. Wait. You know that. Anyway, I met him the day I signed the contract, and so he knows who I am that way.”
Nina merely stared for a moment and then brushed past you silently into her studio space. You went to follow her in, but Melody shut the door with a quick, “You’re needed in the recording studio, Y/N.”
Letting it go again, you slumped off to where you were required to be.
Tumblr media
Another week of struggling to connect with Nina had passed. You were beyond exasperated by it, and even after confessing to Kihyun how things were, you couldn’t decipher what was going on.
Furthermore, you were exhausted.
Stepping through the front door of your apartment, you didn’t bother to call out for Nina upon arrival, knowing she had stopped waiting up for you to get home days ago. Not only that, she didn’t respond to anything you had to say about your day whenever you tried. You didn’t like being so defeated, but you weren’t the confrontational type. For others, you would fight in their stead in the past, but for yourself, you’d much rather pretend you didn’t see the problem unless you knew how to fix it.
And clearly, you were at a complete loss right now.
Surprisingly, Nina was on the couch instead of holed up in her room when you stepped up into the living space. You attempted to smile at her and sighed when it wasn’t returned. “Hi,” you said, all the same, heading towards your bedroom door to strip off your layers.
When you were home, you took off as much clothing as you could to help your skin out. And considering how busy you had been lately, and with the stress of whatever was wrong with Nina, your body was giving you hell.
Stopping in the doorway when you saw her laptop’s screen, you frowned. “What are you looking at?”
“Doesn’t look like nothing. Is that a forum? Oh Nina, please tell me you’re not monitoring comments about you.”
“You mean, you,” she replied flatly, and you cocked your head to the side in confusion. Nina laughed. “You always act like this.”
“Like what.”
“How am I oblivious? Aside from whatever is eating at you, because even after all the silent treatment or bratty remarks, I cannot figure what the hell is wrong with you.”
“It’s you! You’re the problem!” she announced breathily, and you jolted back into the doorframe, wincing as if she had hit you in the process.
“What have I done?” you whispered, trying not to let your rising emotions run freely down your face. “I’m sorry if I’ve-”
“Do you know how hard it is to be around you? To see how everyone fawns over you?”
You balked at her statement. “What? Who the hell fawns over me?”
“Everyone does! It’s all ‘Y/N is so talented’ or ‘I cannot believe that was only one take to get’! People are always telling you how wonderful you are. How your voice is a miracle.”
You choked back a sob. “My voice is all I have to give.”
Nina was undeterred, clearly ready to unleash all that she had been withholding. “Or let’s talk about how all of Monsta X protect you like you’re too fragile to do anything?! Don’t act like they don’t. They swoop in whenever there seems to be an issue. Sure, Kihyun makes sense since you’re fucking him, but the others? Do you even see the way Changkyun looks at you? It’s as if he’s taken it on personally to protect you from all things nasty in this world.”
You were so stunned. You didn’t know what to say first or even refute her bitter claims over Kihyun.
“And what about how Sewoon disregarded my existence the other day?! He didn’t even care that I, the person who thousands of people associate as Starlet, was standing there!”
“So, this is what it’s about? Because Sewoon didn’t—”
“I’VE DONE NOTHING FOR WEEKS!” Nina erupted, panting afterwards.
You didn’t dare say anything, especially as the tears that ran down your face started to stream down hers.
“I worked my butt off to get our name out there. All the variety shows, all the performances. All the hours I spent practising dances for our songs. But are they even ours?! All that comes in now are requests for your voice. All the comments online are about how beautiful your singing is. Hardly anyone comments about me! And yet, all you do is just stand there!”
“Stand there?!” you echoed, feeling the coil within you snap at how insulted you felt even though you were aware of Nina’s pain. “How do you think it feels to have to stand behind a fucking wall?! To be backstage and sing to a camera monitor so I can make sure I’m in sync with you? Everyone thinks that my voice belongs to you! That no matter how good my voice is, how everyone praises it, no one will ever know that I’m not under that precious limelight that you’re so greedy for! Just once, I wanted to succeed. How can you say that I am when it’s all fake?!”
Swinging back for the doorway as you trembled from head to toe, you reached for the bag that you had left there and blindly stepped into a pair of shoes, not even turning around to face the person who had hurt you the most just now. The one you had housed and cared for. The one you had felt you had given too many sacrifices for.
“As for my friends, they’re protective of me because, in case you’ve forgotten, the company we signed up to are absolute assholes who have created this rift between us. We’re fighting over jealousy of each other that came from the shittiest of all deals that we were too stupid and went through with. And they, having experienced the wrath of Starship’s ruthlessness before, are guilty that both of us fell into this trap, Nina. I’m sorry that I knew them first and that they struggle to be close with you too. I thought that would come, especially after the dinner we had with Minhyuk, Changkyun and Kihyun. Who, by the way, isn’t fucking me. Yet!”
Storming out of the house as a veil of tears fell down your face, you made it as far as the street before you dropped to the ground and hugged your legs to your chest, fumbling for your phone.
“What’s wrong?” Kihyun’s voice was urgent as soon as you tried to speak.
“Can you come and get me, please? I can’t stay here tonight.”
“Where are you?” he asked, and you managed to give your location before the phone call ended.
You didn’t feel the time slip by. Your body was suddenly pulled up from the wall you had slumped against, warm, familiar arms gently encasing you to his chest. Kihyun held you as you sobbed on him, breathing consoling words into your hair before urging you to get into his car a moment later.
“What happened?”
“Nina and I fought,” you whispered, glancing up at Kihyun’s worried expression. “It was… I guess it was eventually going to happen. I want out, Kihyun.”
“Out of your house? Why not tell her to—”
“No, I mean, I can’t keep doing this. Being just a voice. She’s right. I’m nothing special. No one knows I’m the voice of Starlet. And it’s not fair on her to be putting in all this effort to—”
“Don’t. For the love of God, please don’t say that you’re not worthy right now to me.”
“I don’t want to sing anymore,” you whispered, meaning it too.
Kihyun cursed before pulling you into his arms again, kissing you on the forehead gently. “Don’t make decisions when you’re this upset. Come on. I’ll take you back to mine tonight.”
It’s funny how things go. Amid all the chaos within your heart and mind, the relief of Kihyun’s comfort was short-lived.
Neither of you had expected your entire embrace to be caught on film.
Part 15
All rights reserved © prettywordsyouleft
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
LO♡E$ICK — character profiles (1/2)
➸ character profiles (2/2) // masterlist
summary: you have a crush on the cute barista but how ever are you going to work up the courage to talk to him?
a/n: more details under the cut ! the last image includes yn and yeonjun's private twitter accounts. the taglist is open & will start with part one :)
y/n l/n:
a third year at BH University, majoring in literature and art history.
works at the BH art museum on campus and occassionally writes for the campus newspaper.
best friends with kim junkyu and jeon somi.
kim junkyu:
a third year at BH University, majoring in media studies.
lives with his grandparents who own a bakery that he helps at.
jeon somi:
a second year at BH University, majoring in communications.
BH non-profit student activities president.
currently lives in the dorms with son chaeyoung.
na jaemin:
a third year at BH University, studying kineseology, pre-med.
a member of the student body association and the manager of the swim club during the summertime.
works at a rec. center on campus.
bae jinyoung:
a third year at BH University, majoring in architecture.
lives in an apartment on campus; his roommate is studying abroad this semester.
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kevs-armpits · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
title : it's not you
pairing : park jongseong x gn! reader
requested : nah i brought this suffering upon myself
genres : angst af teeny tiny bit of fluff if u squint extremely hard
warnings : one use of the f-word, crying, mentions of fighting, kinda toxic relationship ngl
note : this is my first time writing in a while so i rlly hope this doesn't flop-
my shoulders slumped involunterily as i read over the 50 text messages that i had sent to my boyfriend, jay. he hadn't replied and there was no indication that he had read them, which was frustrating since the last text i sent was over 3 hours ago. i was used to this, though. it's pretty much become a routine by now; we have one of our stupid fights, he walks out and returns 2-3 days later with an apology and a smile.
what an odd word to use for this situation. normal. absolutely nothing about this is normal. normal used to be him waking me up in the morning with a warm cup of coffee. normal used to be him sending me 'i miss you' texts whenever he was at work. normal used to be us having deep conversations late at night about our darkest secrets and childhood memories.
what an odd word to use for this situation. normal. absolutely nothing about this is normal. normal used to be him waking me up in the morning with a warm cup of coffee. normal used to be him sending me 'i miss you' texts whenever he was at work. normal used to be us having deep conversations late at night about our darkest secrets and childhood memories.
what an odd word to use for this situation. normal. absolutely nothing about this is normal. normal used to be him waking me up in the morning with a warm cup of coffee. normal used to be him sending me 'i miss you' texts whenever he was at work. normal used to be us having deep conversations late at night about our darkest secrets and childhood memories.
of course, we do have our good days. we go on cute dates, we cook our meals together and watch movies while cuddling on the couch. we generally get along really well, we laugh together and have fun. however, when things start to go badly, i mean things get really, really bad.
the stupidest little comments or statements could set either of us off. the arguments usually escalate insanely quick, our voices getting louder and louder as we fight over whatever idiotic topic had happened to be brought up.
unfortunately, after the first big fight occured, they started happening more frequently, the central focus of each of our disagreements more preposterous than the last. i remembered when we had a really big fight where he didn't come home for over a week, all over the fact that we couldn't agree on which sheets to put on the bed.
this relationship was never meant to last. i knew that. however, i just can't deny and push away the one fact that's keeping me from leaving him; i love him. i love him so, so, so much. but.... it hurt more. it hurts so much so that it feels like i've forgotten how to care. these days, when he storms out, i find a small part of myself hoping that he wouldn't come back. it sounds horrible, i know, but it would just make everything so much easier on the both of us.
jay would find someone he fits better with, someone who is calmer and sweeter and more sensitive. i would find someone else.... probably. although, there is only really one problem with this.
whoever i end up with won't be jay.
i furrowed my brows, scrolling through the messages i'd sent him. it had been 4 days since he'd left. this fight had been quite big, if i'm honest. i don't even remember how it started. although, i remember it ended with jay saying he never wanted to see my face again before slamming the door and driving away.
to be honest, i don't even know where he goes when this happens. his parents live ages away and the only friends he has are our mutual friends who have all said they don't know where he is. i try to not think about what he does when he storms off, the mere idea makes my stomach curl.
my head shot up at the sound of a car pulling into our driveway, followed by the familiar slam of the car door and the jingle of the keys. then there was a knock at the door.
that's strange, i thought as i rose from my spot on my lounge chair. jay never knocks, he always just uses his keys.
i took a quick breath, before opening the door to reveal a rather disheveled looking jay. his hair was sticking up all over his head, he had red bags under his eyes and his clothes were all messy and he smelled kind of gross.
"where have you been?" i questioned, stepping aside to let him walk in. "i've been worried! i-"
"wait!" he puts up his hands to stop me from talking anymore, resulting in me heaving a sigh before closing my mouth. "i'd like to speak first, if you don't mind."
i nodded slowly, swallowing hard as i had no idea what was to come.
"look, i've been doing a lot of thinking. about us, about our whole situation and our relationship in general," he started, visibly unable to meet my eyes as he glanced out the window. "we fight all the time, we say things that we often don't mean. even if we wish we could take back the things we've said, we can't. we hurt each other and we can't help it."
i frowned at his words, knowing exactly what he was going to say next. although i knew then what was about to happen, i couldn't help but feel a small wave of relief wash over me.
"so, y/n," he gulps before taking my hands in his and looking me straight in the eyes. "i cannot believe i'm about to say this, but..."
i forced a sad smile, mentally preparing myself for the words i was about to hear.
"will you marry me?"
i was shocked.
my eyes widened as i felt my mouth go dry. did he really just-
"did you really just say that?" i asked in utter disbelief.
"yes, i'm confused too," he chuckled and rubbed the top of my hands with his thumbs as he continued. "it's true that we fight a lot and have a hard time agreeing with each others views but we don't have to agree about everything all the time! even though our fights are, well... probably more intense than any other couples', that doesn't mean that we can't make this work! furthermore, through all of our arguments and quarrels, i have never stopped loving you, and i will never stop loving you, even if we break up later on!"
his words made my heart ache. not only did he have such a bright tone full of hope, but he had that big goofy grin plastered across his face that i usually couldn't help but mirror. today was no different. accept that this smile was paired with hot tears streaming down my cheeks.
jay's face fell instantly upon seeing my reaction. i guess they didn't look like the tears of joy he was hoping for.
"i'm sorry," i choked out, hiding my face in my hands.
he took a step towards me and went to wrap his arms around my frame before i stopped him.
"please, jay, don't...." i trailed off, pushing him backwards softly as i averted his gaze, the guilty feeling bubbling in my gut proving too much to be able to look him in the eye.
"what is it?" he asked, concern seeping through his words.
"it's just.... it's too much!" i raised my voice, my emotions finally getting the better of me as i let everything out. "we fight too much! we aren't right for each other! this whole cycle, this vicious fucking cycle is an absolute joke and a complete waste of time, for the both of us! don't you see? we don't belong together! we never belonged together! the person you're meant to be with is not me! and the person who i'm meant to be with...." i took a breath, lifting my head to look at his face. "i don't know who it is, but it's not you!"
he looked at the ground, his features covered with a solemn expression that nearly had me crying all over again. he looked like a sad puppy.
after what felt like an eternity, he met my eyes with a sad smile. "i understand," he offered with a small nod. "i... i'll leave..."
i watched in silence as he turned on his heel and walked out, closing the front door softly as he went. i stood frozen in place as i listened to his car reverse down the driveway and drive down the street.
you did the right thing, i mentally kept repeating to myself. you did the right thing.
oh lord that was intense-
uhm so requests r still open..
im like lost for words atm
i didnt mean for it to be that deep oh my god
lowkey sobbing over here pls-
reblogging would be much appreciated!! :D
have a good day / afternoon / night yall!!!
byyeeee :p
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yoongssweetnight · a day ago
Spring - KNJ (PREVIEW)
Tumblr media
Word Count: 1.1k
Pairing: Namjoon x Chubby!reader
Genre/AU: Fluff, Teenmom!reader, highschool!AU, Pregnant!reader, the reader is scared to be vulnerable, Namjoon just wants to love her <\3
Ratings: PG-17
Warnings: Mentions of sex, neglect, sexism, fatphobia, abandonment, abuse(?), Suicidal thoughts, self hatered, insecurities, unwanted pregnancy, thoughts of abortion, etc.
Synopsis: You didn't plan on getting pregnant, it just kind of happened, and your family is more than elated to kick you to the curb for you to fend for yourself. You had planned on just going through the new school year by yourself, knowing that when you began to show, you'd just scare away any friends that you had somehow managed to make; meaning romance is definitely off the table.
Tumblr media
When you were growing up, you were put on many different types of diets and work out plans, but as you got older, you still maintained your weight, and even gained more if possible. They felt that no rich guy would ever be willing enough to marry someone like you, so by the age of three, your mother found out that she was pregnant again and this time it was with a boy that she yearned for.
You knew that your parents hated you, and you had an idea as to why. It was because you weren't the skinny, beautiful heir to their company that they desperately wished for while your mother was pregnant with you.
While you and your brother grew up together, you two were in constant competition for your parents love. They ended up throwing you to the side themselves, initially deeming your younger brother more worthy of their love; even saying that when he got older he would take over your father's company instead of you. It was clear that you only got in their way of having a perfect little family, so when they found out that you were pregnant, they finally had a reason to kick you out.
It was like they had it all planned out already.
They said that if you didn't want to have an abortion, you would be forced to move in with your grandma and finish out my pregnancy there, only being able to come back if you were to put the baby up for adoption. If you didn't, you would have to stay with your grandma and raise the thing there. If you were being honest, you had no idea what you wanted to do yet, you hadn't even been to the doctors yet to know how far along you were.
You sighed as you pulled out the last couple of shirts before putting them away in your suitcase, zipping it shut.
You were pretty sure that those were the last of your things, deciding to take a break since it felt like your knees were on fire, sitting down on your bed. Your eyes couldn't help but drift back to the positive pregnancy test that was sitting on your dresser. Everything seemed so.. surreal. You couldn't believe that any of this was happening. It caused you to feel conflicted, like you didn't know wether you should be happy or sad. You didn't even like kids as it is, so it was crazy to think that you was going to have one of your own.
Well.. if you decided to, that is.
You were so lost in your racing thoughts that you hadn't seen your mom leaning against your door frame, an annoyed look plastered on her face. "Your plane is leaving in about an hour. Your designated driver is waiting for you outside, so you better hurry up."
You could only muster an exhausted glare at her. "Okay." You grumbled. She turned around, walking out as the sound of her stupidly expensive heels clicked behind her.
You would think that since she went through two pregnancies herself, she would understand and try to at least help you out, but nope, she couldn't even choke up enough respect for you. What happened to helping a bitch out now in days?
You felt aggravated now, getting up and making sure you had all your things before shoving the positive pregnancy test deep inside of your suitcase, zipping it back up again. You stopped for a moment to look around your childhood room. You didn't know if you were ever going to see it again, let alone be able to come back to it. Since you had no clue on what you were gonna do, this might've been the last time you be able to would see it.
You grabbed your backpack that was filled with other stuff as you threw it over your shoulder, your heavy suitcase rolling behind you. Sometimes you hated living in a big house like this simply because of the stairs. If you knew that your knees would be begging for mercy, you would have never allowed yourself to get knocked up. You had to hoist your heavy ass suitcase up and try not to fall on your way down the steep steps. When you had reached the bottom, you were already winded.
When you opened the front doors, you were not only greeted by the cool night air, but also by your personal driver who was there waiting with a soft smile.
Mr.Kim had been with your family for a long time, probably even before you were born. He would always take you to the park or to get ice cream whenever your mom and dad made no time for you. You could only guess that he felt bad seeing you on all of those diets, because he made you promise him that you wouldn't tell your mom. It was the small things like that, that made this man feel more of a dad to you than your biological one.
Even though he looked all big and scary on the surface, he was actually the biggest softie ever, especially when it came to little kids. So making your pregnancy known to him didn't make you feel ashamed or uncomfortable, it made you feel safe and accepted. You knew that he wouldn't judge you because he would understand why you did what you did and why you were in the position you were in now.
He rushed to grab your bags from you. "It's lovely tonight, isn't it?" He asked. "That it is." You sighed happily, breathing in the chilly air.
He put both of your bags in the trunk, walking around to the passenger side of the car, opening the door for you. Growing up you never sat in the back, so of course he already knew not to ask you if you wanted to change your seating arrangements.
"You know me so well," You teased, getting in. He made sure you didn't hit your head on the top of the car and chuckled, smiling a bit.
He got in and started the car, heading to the airport.
You both made small talk during the ride, but as it quieted down, you both opted to enjoy each others company instead. The sadness that you were desperately trying to push away begin to settle deep within the pit of your stomach when you realized that after tonight, you were gonna be alone. It wasn't even because you weren't going to have any friends; you were okay with that, it was that you were going to have your pre-built childhood friend growing along side you. Maybe it was the pregnancy hormones fucking with you, but you began to tear up, staring outside of your window so that Mr.Kim couldn't see your face.
You could tell he knew that you were crying, because his usually stoic face softened at the sounds of your pitiful sniffles. You watched as the cars rushed past you to their destination, yours getting closer with each minute that passed.
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asinnersfinest · 2 days ago
[ can’t you hear me?]
word count: 0.9k
pairings: ghost!yeonjun x gender neutral!reader
warnings: mentions of a fatal car crash, pushing mourning away to help someone else, shock.
a/n: I really have no reason to write this oop—
have something you want me to write? my requests are open!
This was what would make Yeonjun break: listening to the never-ending sobs racking out of your raw throat as the doctor told you that he wouldn't make it. He didn't make it. He opened his mouth, to speak, to comfort, but no sound came out. He drew his eyebrows together, looking down. He went to place his hand on your shoulder, to hopefully tell you that he was there, right beside you.
You shot up, wiping at your wet cheeks and runny nose, turning into one of his best friend's, Taehyun. He wrapped his arms around your shaking shoulders, whispering into your falling hair. Yeonjun felt a pang in his heart, blaming himself for not being there for you.
Technically, it was his fault for dying.
Damn you, fragile human body.
Yeonjun sat in the chair you'd leapt from, watching as the doctor kept his face into a schooled neutrality. To his right, Kai sat, staring at the speckled tile in front of him. It wasn't only you who'd lost someone today; it was everyone sitting here, his family. Yeonjun closed his eyes, the ache in his chest more prevalent.
"I'm so sorry for your loss." The doctor bowed his head and turned, leaving the group to mourn, in shock.
Yeonjun pressed a hand against his stomach, a dull throb there. He looked up, to where Soobin had wrapped his jacket around you. Onlookers watched, faces pinched in either sympathy or annoyance. Those ones had just walked in.
Your sobs cut right through him, breaking his non-beating heart.
Yeonjun walked over as Soonbin glared at one of the men staring a little too long. "Do you mind? She's just lost her boyfriend." The man immediately looked towards the floor, rushing away. Yeonjun wanted to thank Soobin, but knew he wouldn't be hear it. Yeonjun closed his eyes, before leaning against your shaking back. A flicker of warmth passed through him, and he wondered if you could feel him as well.
The way you shuddered to him that you, too, could feel him.
He placed a hand on your back, tapping his fingers along your spine, a code you'd both used as a way to say I love you to each other. You sobbed harder, and Taehyun started pulling you towards the exit, Soobin walking on your other side. Yeonjun stood there, watching as two of his friends, and his girlfriend left the hospital. Yeonjun turned and looked at Kai, who Beomgyu was trying to get to move.
Kai was still staring at the tiled floor in front of him. He was in shock. They all were, Yeonjun himself, and he knew it was coming. Ever since the blinding lights and the loud horn echoed throughout the city block. He knew. He knew.
Yeonjun knelt in front of the younger, placing his now-cold hands on his knees. You gotta get up, Kai. Get up and get out of this hospital. Go mourn with the others. Kai didn't move. A nurse came over, moving to stand where Yeonjun squatted. He stood up, moving. He'd have to get ued to the fact that humans could go though him now. She handed Kai a water cup and Beomgyu took it, smiling a sad smile in thanks and put the paper cup up to his lips.
Kai didn't react.
Yeonjun sat next to him, leaning his head back. Can’t you hear me? Feel me? I’m right here, I’m not leaving you guys that soon. He turned his head to look at Kai, who was staring at him, eyebrows drawn together. “Kai?” Beomgyu asked, dismissing the nurse with a nod. The nurse walked off, her dark, her afro moving with her gait.
"____ needs us." Beomgyu tried again. Yeonjun looked towards his hand before reaching over and putting his hand on Kai's knee. I'll always be there, let's go. Kai looked to his knee before looking at Beomgyu. "You don't feel him?" He whispered, eyes searching Beomgyu's. He shook his head. "I... I don't."
Kai turned back towards Yeonjun, eyes sad. “He’s here.”
Beomgyu chewed on his lip before standing up and pulling Kai out of the chair. "Let's go. ____'s waiting for us. So is Taehyun and Soobin." Kai let himself be pulled from the chair. Yeonjun followed them, sneaking past the automatic doors before the shut, though, he was sure he hadn't needed to do that.
Soobin waved them over, a solemn look on his face. "____'s in the back with Taehyun. Gyu, put Kai up front, I want you on the other side of them."
Yeonjun watched as Beomgyu nodded, pulling Kai to the front of the car and opening the door for him before jogging around the side and getting in beside you.
Yeonjun knew that he would allow himself to break when he was alone.
Yeonjun side, pressing his hand against the back windshield. Soobin stared at him without actually seeing him. Why can't I speak to you, to them? Yeonjun watched as Soobin blinked back a few tears before wiping at his face. He turned around and got into the driver's seat. He started the car, pulling out of the parking spot.
Yeonjun's hand slid off the back windshield, leaving five lines in the dirt. He looked down at his hand, scowling. I can touch things and leave prints but I can't talk to them? He shook his head, turning back towards the hospital, where they were most likely prepping his body for the funeral, whatever that entitled. He sighed, moving to sit on the concrete ledge on the sidewalk.
How did he end up with this fate?
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iheartjaehyun · 15 days ago
First kiss | Jung Jaehyun
Tumblr media
-hi baes requests are open if ur interested!! i didn’t proofread so excuse any mistakes lol hope u guys enjoy :)
words: 392
genre: semi smut (?)
warnings: some dirty talk
part 1 part 2
Tumblr media
“i’m nervous” you tried hiding your face in the crook of jaehyun’s neck but he pulled you back so you could look at him. “you have nothing to be nervous about, it's just me baby,” he chuckled, showing his cute dimples.
not only were you nervous that you were about to have your first kiss but you were also nervous just because it’s jaehyun. you thought it was embarrassing you never had your first kiss before but jaehyun thought it was cute. the fact you’ve never had your first kiss and you want it to be with him? made his heart flutter.
“i’m ready whenever you are,” you nodded at jaehyun, sitting up a bit with his hands on your waist. he leaned in kissing your cheek first “okay i’m gonna—“ before he could even finish his sentence, you kissed him on the lips quickly. jaehyun touched his lips laughing to himself. not the exact reaction you thought he would have.
you frowned, crossing your arms “why are you laughing?” “you did it too fast baby” you groaned out of frustration about to get off his lap “this is embarrassing jaehyun just let me go” he held you closer to him with your lips practically brushing against each other he finally kissed your lips catching you by surprise.
you quickly kissed him back, your lips now moving in a familiar pattern. he pulled back from the kiss making you whine “please” he ran his thumb across your lips enjoying how desperate you were for him. “so needy” he smiled “please kiss me jaehyun” you tried to kiss him again but he stopped you making you whine again.
“i can’t believe how needy you are just from kissing? i bet your little panties are soaked huh” you felt your face getting hot wanting to squeeze your legs shut. a small “s-shut up” was all you could manage to get out. “cute” he pressed a quick peck to your lips gently moving you off his lap.
“i promised donghyuck i’ll help him set up his new TV” you sighed. donghyuck can’t put up his own damn tv? “i’ll see you later, yeah?”
you thought he was gonna give you another kiss but he quickly pecked your forehead and shouted ‘love you!’ before leaving you alone on the couch with ruined panties. what a tease.
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nctsplug02 · 2 days ago
Can I request for cheating jaehyun and yn but with smut?
genre: smut
You and jaehyun had been best friends since middle school, you guys grew up together ever since. He was your first kiss and you were his, ever since the first kiss nothing else happened… maybe.
First kiss went to making out, making out went to dry humping, dry humping went to each other’s first time, ever since you and jaehyun lost each other’s virginity to each other, you guys had stopped there.
The reason why it stopped was because jaehyun had gotten a girlfriend out of the blue and she had constantly tried making jaehyun cut you off.
You were at work when jaehyun called you saying that he needed to speak to you, so you told your boss that you’d be leaving early because of an emergency. You drove to jaehyuns penthouse where he shared it with his girlfriend.
When you had knocked on the door, jaehyun opened it and straight up pulled you into a kiss. It got so heated that you ended up on your knees in front of him, sucking him off while he groaned with his head tilted back.
“Holy shit, your mouth still feels the same as the first time.” He groaned and ruffled with your hair. “Gosh, baby.. fuck, swallow my cock, pretty girl.” He praised and bit down on his bottom lip.
He used both his hands to hold your hair up into a ponytail. “That’s a good girl,, swallowing my cock like a good slut.” His cock sliding down your throat with an easy ease.
His cock twitches in excitement. “Shit, ‘m gonna cum, baby.” He grunts and holds your head in places before bucking his hips upward and fucking your face. Your throat gargles as he forcefully shoves his thick cock down your throat. Hot tears streaming down your face as your throat burns. “Shitshitshit!” He curses and then cums down your throat.
His hips slow down, the grip on your hair loosens and he lets his head fall back onto the couch cushion. You tuck your hair behind your ear and start bobbing your head again.
“What the fuck?!” You hear from behind you. “Oh, Cassie.. hi.” Jaehyun lifts his head and smirks at the shocked women standing by the front door way. As you’re about to lift your head, he pushes you back down. “No, no, no, keep sucking my dick, baby.” He coos at you.
His words tick his girlfriend off. “What the fuck, jaehyun?!” She screams and throws her keys to the ground. “Hm, what’s wrong?” He acts innocent with a smile. “What’s wrong?! Whys this slut sucking you off in the middle of our living room?!” His girlfriend on the verge of tears.
“Well, I don’t see a problem with it?” Jaehyun shrugs. “You don’t see a problem—?! Jaehyun! You cheater!” She starts to sob which jaehyun just laughs at. “Oh, cmon Cassie.. don’t act so innocent.” He pouts and laughs at her confused face.
“You cheated on me first.” You look up at jaehyun who just maintains his eye contact with his girlfriend.
“How do i tell jaehyun that I slept with BamBam? No, i slept with jungkook when I snuck out two weeks ago. I slept with BamBam at the party last week when he was out of town… I know I’m in deep shit so that’s why I’m asking you for help!”
His mind replayed the moment of when he overheard Cassie talking with her friend.
Jaehyun sighs and looks down at you. “Good job, baby. You’re doing such a good job.” He coos and rubs your cheeks.
Cassie starts screaming at how he talks to you and throws herself on the ground. She starts kicking her legs like a kid throwing a tantrum. “I fucking hate you, Jeong!” Cassie yells on the top of her lungs.
“Oh i hate you too.” Jaehyun coos at the crying women. “Mmm, ‘m gonna cum again, baby.. fuck.” Jaehyun grunts and grips onto your hair before face fucking you again.
After cumming down your throat for second time, he cleans you and him up before kicking his girlfriend—, now ex girlfriend out. Now it was yours and his place to share.
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kpop-hive · a month ago
Boy Next Door
Tumblr media
Hot Neighbor!Jaehyun x Reader
Warnings ⚠️: Shower Sex, Heavy Makeout, Dirty Talk, Fingering, Hair Pulling, Big Dick Jaehyun, Slight Size Kink
His lips peppered light kisses around your neck as he held your body with his large hands, you whined as he grinder himself into you, your warm bodies were in contrast to cool air of your bedroom. “Do you want this baby?” He asked pulling out his length. “Stuff me full.” You whimpered…
The sound of an alarm clock awoke you with force, the loud tone ringing through your ears. You shut off the alarm before staring at the time of 10:00 a.m. What a great way to wake up yet another dream of your hot neighbor who lived right next door to you. That neighbor was none other than, Jung Jaehyun. A twenty-four year old man who you were literally infatuated by. He would always keep you dreaming at night about how he would be as a boyfriend, whether it was kissing, chilling, dream dates, or sex. It was no secret that he was a rather sexy human being, and you were not afraid to admit that you think about how he would be in bed every night, to hear his deep voice, feel his hands and kisses, or how well he fucks.
You went downstairs to go make some breakfast. Grabbing two slices of toast, a skillet and some eggs and the rest of the ingredients to make French toast. You blended the ingredients and made the French toast in a few minutes flat before grabbing some orange juice and some berries along with whipped cream and a little cinnamon sugar for your tasty breakfast. French toast with cinnamon sugar and fruit was your favorite thing to have on your good days.
You sat down and ate your breakfast quietly while turning on the TV to hear about the weather for today. “So today’s forecast calls for sunny skies along with the continued heat wave we are experiencing this Summer, expect temperatures to be up in the 100s today, the highest calls for 104 degrees.” The weatherman issued. You sighed to yourself, you knew that when temperatures get that high, the AC sometimes cuts out, luckily you have a backup generator.
You had just finished your breakfast, and washed your plate and cleaned up the kitchen before heading outside of your house in your oversized tee to get the mail. As soon as you opened the door, you were greeted with a sight that pleased your eyes, Jaehyun in a white muscle tee with a hose and a bucket of soap and a rag washing his car. The white tee was soaked showing the outline of his pecks and abs and strong build. His biceps flexed as he moved the hose up and down across the car as he went around it. His hair wet against his forehead from the water making you completely hot and bothered. You were so focused on his entire frame you didn’t realize that he was waving at you for the past fifteen seconds.
You gave him a small subtle wave before scurrying back into your house. You were also so focused that you didn’t even realize how hot it had gotten in the moment due to the hot weather, sighing, you head upstairs to take a shower and throw on some chill clothes.
After the shower, you decided to throw on tank top and short shorts matching set, since it was so hot. You brushed your teeth fixed your hair, and went downstairs to relax.
As time passed, it was getting tremendously hot, your AC was on full blast, but that didn’t stop the heat from flowing into your house, as you watched the TV while fanning yourself, you heard a loud bang from the neighborhood, realizing the AC had cut out around the entire block. You huffed, and finally got the generator for your AC out of your storage room. You set it up, and finally had your AC back on. You were going to sit back down, but you heard the doorbell ring. Groaning, you got up to answer the door, it was probably one of the silent neighbors who never talks to you, but is always over here to use your AC. You got to the door and opened it, but was shocked to find Jaehyun standing there. He looked like he was exhausted from the heatwave. He was still in the same outfit you saw him in earlier.
“Hey (Y/n), is it okay if I chill here for a bit, I just got done fixing up my car, and I was going inside to chill, but then the AC cut out, if you say no it’s fine, I understand.” “No, it’s okay, you’re not a freeloader, you can stay as long as you need to, come in.” Jaehyun smiled at you showing his deep dimples making you melt.
He walked inside and was greeted by the cool air that went through your house, he instantly got comfortable as he finally began to cool down. He took a quick glance at your home realizing how nice it looked inside, smiling due to the comfort.
“Your house is nice.” He commented while turning around.” “Thank you.” You smile. You both don’t say anything making it awkward as you two just stand there. “Do you want to take a shower?” You ask. “Do I smell?” He jokes. “No! No! It’s just t-that I figured y-you were h-hot and sw-sweaty so I assumed y-you wanted a shower.” You stammer. “(Y/n), I’m only joking, I would love a shower.” Jaehyun replied. “Oh.” You sigh with fake laughing. “I’ll show you up, follow me.” As you both walked up the stairs you couldn’t help but think about him joking to you like that. Obviously your crush was more than just a casual one. You definitely needed to tighten up, and not act so scared to be near him.
“Here we are.” You say opening the bathroom door up. He looked at the guest bathroom and smiled. “This will do perfectly, thank you (Y/n), you’re a great neighbor.” He smiles. Yeah, it seems all I’ll ever be is a neighbor to him. “I’ll leave you to shower, towels are in the closet across the hall.” You say. “Or you could stay?” He said in more of a question. “You’re joking right?” “Y-yeah, only a joke.” He says rubbing the back of his head, and looking down. You smile before walking out and closing the door.
As you walked away, you heard the sound of the water finally start in the bathroom. Sighing to yourself, you walked into your bedroom, jumping on the bed, you laid there, contemplating your thoughts. Soon enough, you decided to call your best friend, she could probably help with all the questionable thoughts you were having.
“Hey, (Y/n)! What’s up?” Your best friend asked. “I’m having a huge dilemma.” You told her. “Why what’s wrong?” She asked. “Jaehyun is here and I don’t know what to do.” She squealed. “You mean the hot, tall, deep dimpled guy that lives next door!?” “Yes!” “Ahh!” She screamed. “Ow!” You exclaimed when her yell rung in your ear. “Sorry, I’m just excited for you.” “How so?” “Well, this is one of the only guys that can get miss (Y/n) (L/n) to look their way when you’re in the area, and plus, did I even mention that he was hot!?” She said. “Yes, multiple times actually.” “Sorry.” She giggled. “No problem, it’s just that I don’t know what to do, he’s in here taking a shower and I-” “Hold up, he’s in your shower?” “Yes!” You exclaimed. “Oh, this is serious, okay, okay, once he’s done, don’t let him leave, try to chill with him, but don’t make it seem to obvious that you are interested in him, don’t be clingy, and start with small talk. You’ll be fine.” She reassured. “Thank you.” You said. “No problem bestie.”
All of a sudden, you heard a thump against the wall, and you were curious as to what it was. “I’ll call you back.” You said before hanging up the phone. As soon as you opened the door, you witnessed a damp Jaehyun standing there with nothing but a towel on, making you shield your eyes.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to see you like this!” You yelled. “You’re apologizing in your own house, and I also have a towel on (Y/n).” He chuckled. “Oh yeah, I forgot.” You giggled. “I just needed to find a towel, and I guess you couldn’t here me call your name to bring me some, so I just walked out here and found the towel closet.” He explained. The fact that he walked out naked, and the thought of him naked in your closet made your ovaries explode with need.
“Anyways, I found the towels, and I will be in the bathroom if you need me.” He smirks before walking away. You were about to walk back to your room until you realized that Jaehyun’s phone laid on the floor next to the towel closet, you picked up his phone and went to the bathroom door. You knocked on the door before Jaehyun opened the door, and not only pulled you in, but kissed you on the lips passionately as your body was dragged into the bathroom.
“Jaehyun, what the hell!?” You questioned. “I knew you were into me, the moment you first met me!” He pointed out. “Psh, who told you that?” You asked, your eyes slightly shifting. “I just knew, the way you would look at me, how you would get flustered anytime I was shirtless, and besides, you really shouldn’t talk about people when you’re on speaker when the person is in the same house as you.” Your eyes went wide, it all made sense as to the noise outside, Jaehyun wasn’t getting a towel, he was eavesdropping to see what you and your best friend were saying.
“Hey, that was an invasion of privacy!” You exclaim. “Yeah, but if I didn’t invade, I wouldn’t have known that you were that into me.” He said as he moved closer to you. He lifted your head up, your chin between his fingers. “God, you don’t even know what I want to do to you.” He groaned. Jaehyun picked up your hand, and placed it against the bulge in his towel causing you to gasp. “You feel that gorgeous? That’s what you do to me.” He removed his hand from yours that was still placed on his towel covered bulge. “Don’t be shy baby, I won’t bite.” He smirks. You squeeze his bulge slightly before moving your hand up and down causing Jaehyun to groan. He removed your hand before picking you up and setting you down next to the bathroom sink before making out with you again. The scenario made you think of a super hot sex scene, Jaehyun in nothing but a towel, you in a hot short set while you two made out in a steamy bathroom, it would be a lie if someone wasn’t turned on at how you two were so intimate.
“I wanna fuck you.” He moaned against your lips. “I want you fuck me too.” His lips trailed down to your neck peppering wet kisses on it making you whimper. His hands moved up to your breasts fondling with them through your top, his hands felt nice, but you were looking for some more skin to skin contact. He moved his hands down to the hem of your top before looking you in the eyes as a way of consent. With the nod of your head, Jaehyun removed your top, your chest now exposed.
“You look gorgeous.” He said. “Thank you.” You replied shyly. He began to pull down your matching shorts making you shy, hiding your smile as his fingertips tickled your hips. You lifted yourself from the counter as he attempted to move the shorts down your legs along with your underwear, you were now completely naked in front of him, his eyes staring your body down as he licked his lips.
“I knew I had a hot neighbor, but you’re body is amazing.” Jaehyun complimented. You smiled before pulling him down and kissing his lips. Your hands moved to his waist feeling the damp skin above his towel, you attempted to unravel his towel when his hands stopped you from doing so. “I can’t keep my towel on in peace?” He joked. “Not when I’m naked.” You giggle. “Please, you don’t want to see my dick just yet…I don’t want to scare you off.” He implied making you shudder.
“Spread your legs.” He commanded. You opened your legs showing him your glistening core, Jaehyun’s eyes automatically wandering to your core. With his hand on your thigh, he slowly moved it down towards your core, fingers dancing around your entrance, before he finally pushed one finger in, trying to stretch you out.
You whimpered at his touch, as his middle finger went in and out of you slowly. “You’re so wet.” He stated. Too focused on how his finger moved in and out of you, you gave him a small nod as a gesture. He understood what you meant as pleasure began to take over your body. He then inserted a second finger, this time picking up the pace as well, his fingers began to thrust into you, stretching you out getting you ready for his cock, he also took the opportunity to move his thumb up to your sensitive nub, making you cry out in pleasure.
“Oh, Jaehyun!” You moaned. “You take my fingers so well (Y/n).” He replied. Your name rolled off of his tongue like honey, his deep voice gave you an eargasm for sure. He inserted his third and final finger, and your body jolted on the bathroom sink. Automatically reaching for his damp hair, trying to hold on to something as he fucked you hard with his fingers. His thumb never stopped either, the harsh rubs on your clit was enough to throw you over the edge. Your body shook as you released on his fingers you felt like you were in heaven. You pulled on his hair as his fingers never stopped until you calmed down from your release, once he did, he pulled them out of you and immediately put them in his mouth humming at the satisfying taste.
Your eyes had immediately closed as you were trying to regain yourself back to reality, your hot neighbor had just fingered you. All of a sudden, you felt something hit your clit making you jolt, you looked down and you were awestruck at what you saw. Jaehyun’s cock.
“It’s so big.” You stated. This man was definitely packing, not only did it have length, it had girth, a few veins on the shaft and it throbbed with need to be stuffed inside you. “Will it fit?” You asked. “Well with the way you took my fingers, I’m sure this won’t be an issue.” Jaehyun reassured. He lined it up with your entrance, ready to insert himself, you gulped as you looked down, not fully ready for the pain, and finally he eased in, and it stung like a bitch.
“Fuck!” You winced in pain. Jaehyun moved towards you, holding your hand and kissing it as the tip of his cock pushed into you. “Are you okay baby? Do you want me to stop?” He asked calmly, breath shaking at your tightness. “N-no, just keep pushing in, I’ll be fine.” You replied. Jaehyun kissed your cheek before moving his dick in some more, with the small cries and Jaehyun pants, it was very obvious that you needed a little time to adjust. Even your pussy gripped Jaehyun like a vice while he waited.
“Even though this is not the best time to say it, you’re really tight (Y/n).” He panted. “No, you’re just big.” You giggled. Finally after moments of waiting, the pain subsided, turning into small amounts of pleasure. “Jaehyun…move.” Jaehyun nodded his head as he began to thrust in slowly, his lips coming down to kiss yours. His hands gripped your waist feeling the wet steam coming from the mirror you had your back on for the time being. His thrusts were slow and deep, taking his time with you, he felt really good.
He began to pick up his pace, as you wrapped your legs around his waist shamelessly, drawing him in closer as he pounded into you. “Jaehyun you feel so good!” You moaned. “You too, I told you it would fit.” He panted. His hands now came down to your thighs, fingertips grazing the connection between where your thighs met with the damp counter. Jaehyun moved his hands underneath your thighs before picking you up, your arms wrapping around his waist immediately.
He began to fuck you as you held onto him like a monkey, trying to showcase his strength, this position making you feel every inch of him as he fucked you dumb, but not dumb enough because an idea had quickly popped up into your head.
“Wait Jaehyun, I’ve got an idea.” You said. He slowed down his thrusts, making you whine at the loss of speed. “Take me to the shower door.” You commanded. He nodded his head as he walked towards the shower, you moved one hand from his neck and closed your thighs tighter not wanting to fall. You opened the glass door, and turned on the shower, warm water beginning to cascade down your arm. “Fuck me in the shower, please.” You whined. “I thought you’d never ask.” Jaehyun smirked as he stepped in while you closed the door behind him, still attached to his waist. He moved your bodies close enough to where your bodies connected with the water. He started to thrust into you again, the water seemingly made the entire situation more appealing.
“Ahh, this feels so good.” You moaned clenching down on his cock. “I’m glad I’m making you feel good, does it feel nice to be stuffed full (Y/n), making your little pussy take all of my cock?” He said, thrusts getting faster. You nodded your head, the pleasure taking away your ability to speak. “Use your words.” “Yes! Yes, I love being stuffed full.” You moaned. You body began to convulse on Jaehyun, you were close to your release. Jaehyun felt how hard you clenched on him and he knew so too.
“Are you gonna cum (Y/n)?” “Yes, I’m gonna cum, please let me cum.” You whimpered. “Go ahead and come on my cock (Y/n), let go.” He replied. Finally, you came, body shaking in Jaehyun’s arms as you came around his dick, you let out a small squeal as you did so, your moans echoing off the bathroom and shower walls, you arms never leaving Jaehyun’s as you pulled him in tighter. Jaehyun felt the way your pussy clenched on him, and because of that, Jaehyun short pants turned into louder moans as he came into you, you milked him for every last drop he had, his face looked so beautiful as he came, water cascading down to his body as he rode out his high, it was definitely a great scene to see right now.
After you both calmed down, Jaehyun slowly put you down, legs wobbling as you tried to regain your balance. He noticed this and picked you back up in his arms again before turning off the water, he walked out of the shower, still carrying you, picked up his towel and walked out of the bathroom taking you to the towel closet. He opened the door and grabbed another towel for you before taking you to your bedroom and placed you down on your bed.
“Thank you, I may have to take a day off to rest while regain strength in my legs.” You giggled. “I know, I’m sorry if I was too rough on you.” He replied. “Nope, you were perfect.” You said kissing his cheek. “Where’s your closet?” He asked. “Right there, there should be a few oversized shirts in there to the right.” You pointed out. He walked over and opened the closet grabbing a purple oversized shirt. “Is this okay?” He asked. “Perfect.” He gave you your oversized shirt and you put it on, then you reached over to your underwear drawer and grabbed a pair of undies to put on.
“If you want, you can stay here for awhile until the guy comes and fixes everyone’s AC.” You suggested as Jaehyun put on his clothes, once he finished, Jaehyun bent down and kissed your lips, as you sat on your bed. “Yeah, I’d like that a lot.”
Tumblr media
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yangsrose · 2 months ago
Could you do an ATEEZ reaction to doing the “Hide my boyfriend is coming” prank on them?
this... got too long but it's okay ;-; i had too much fun writing this ajdbkfn
Do not.
And I mean do not.
Do this prank on Seonghwa.
Mans will literally panic with you while you’re pushing him into a room
Just like Hongjoong he’ll probably take a minute to register what you said
But unlike Hongjoong he wouldn’t burst out of the room
He’d stay in there and pace back and forth while muttering “boyfriend?”
Probably would stay in there until you came and collected him ahkdbjfnlk
Once you told him it was just a prank he would be relieved but would pout for a very long time
Probably doesn’t understand what’s going on at first
Just stands there like “Your what? Who?! Someone’s coming?!”
Complies with you pushing him into the closet and stays there contemplating your words until it clicks in him like two minutes later
Once he understood what you were trying to tell him he would slam open the door and probably run out while screaming “bOYFRIEND?!”
Definitely calls you out on it teasingly in the future ahdkfjn
Yunho’s probably going to hear what you said, but he’s going to stand there like “what” while you drag him into a random room
Stops right before you pull him into the room and goes “boyfriend?”
Starts pouting and refuses to move until you explain to him why you were saying that your boyfriend was coming when he was standing right in front of you
Once you explain to him that it was just a prank he would laugh it off and compliment your acting skills because he was actually fooled
Yeosang would just stand there
While you were attempting to drag him across the room he’s just stand there and go “But I’m your boyfriend what do you mean your boyfriend’s coming over”
Refuses to move and says that he’ll answer the door for you when your boyfriend comes
He will actually stand there for as long as he has to
It wasn’t until you broke composition and started laughing that he realises that you were just pranking him and that you didn’t actually have a boyfriend coming over
Will definitely sulk and would probably make so many sarcastic comments throughout the day when he remembers the prank ahkdfjnk
San’s another member to never play this prank on
He’s too sweet for that please don’t do it :((
Once you started pulling him into the room he would start panicking with you but wouldn’t understand the jumble of words that was coming out of your mouth
It wasn’t until he got into the room that he was able to comprehend the word “boyfriend”
Stops himself from running out of the room at that moment and decides to go outside once he hears talking
When he hears you trying to hold back your laughter he would probably run out and go “who are you and why is y/n calling you their boyfriend”
Only to his surprise, he’s met with you holding your stomach because you were laughing so hard at his reaction
Another member to panic with you
Rather than you dragging him into the room he’s the one to practically drag you in and shut the door behind the both of you
Tries to come up with a plan as to what to do but once he says the word “boyfriend” out loud he’s going to stop everything
Literally there’s a record scratch sound inside his head when he says that
Looks at you with the most surprised expression ever
Runs to the front door and throws it open to find no one standing there
He will pout so much after you explain to him that it was just a prank and that there was no other boyfriend coming over
The only way to successfully pull this prank on Wooyoung is to do it when he’s half asleep
So when he decided to fall asleep while watching a movie with you, you violently shook him awake while shouting at him to go inside because your boyfriend was coming
He’ll wake up and look around with a confused expression while shouting “EH?!” back at you while trying to make sense as to what you were saying
He’ll probably comply with you pulling him into a room because he does not understand what is going on
He’ll understand after he’s in the room and then you’re just faced with Wooyoung running out while screaming “BOYFRIEND? WHERE IS HE I NEED TO TALK TO HIM BECAUSE HOW DARE HE CALL HIMSELF YOUR BOYFRIEND WHEN I’M R I G H T H E R E”
Once he sees you laughing at his reaction it would click that the entire thing was just a prank
Just stares at you with the most disappointed expression ever
Definitely makes plans to get his revenge soon >:D
All Jongho would hear from the gibberish coming out of your mouth was the word “boyfriend” while you were pulling him into the room and would stop there
“Wait what do you mean boyfriend”
He would probably keep protesting the entire time while you were pulling him into the room and would probably be another member to just stand there and refuse to go into the room
Once you explained to him that it was just a prank he would stand there and pout so much ahdbkjf
“You scared me so muchhhh what do you mean it was just a prank”
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hwaflms · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𖥻 pairing. idol!bf!san x idol!fem reader <3
𖥻 genre. angst
𖥻 wc. 1.7k
𖥻 warnings. uhh swearing, mentions of storms, just poor writing in general, this is my first fic 👍
Tumblr media
[𖤐 12:00 a.m] the time was exactly 12 am when you reached the entrance of ateez's dorm. though your umbrella had saved most of your clothes from the raging storm outside, you were still concerned that you could catch a case of hypothermia from the water collected in your boots. you had got here through great difficulty, having had to sneak out, lie to your managers about where you were going and braving the heavy rainfall, but even with all that trouble in your way, you still got here.
but now, you realize just how much you dreaded going in there, the thought of facing your boyfriend making you freeze in place. the pouring rain outside was loud, but these thoughts managed to overpower it. though you had been a witness to many storms in your life, you were never able to adjust to the way it changed the atmosphere. and you most definitely did not understand people who enjoyed it. it created such a horrible, gloomy feeling to the world around you and at this exact moment, it did nothing to help the anxiousness you felt.
you and your boyfriend, san, had planned a date that was supposed to take place a few hours ago. you were going to go to the cafe that he had taken you to on your first date; a place where many memorable moments had occurred. this date was especially important because it was to commemorate your six month anniversary. but you missed it due to having practice for your upcoming comeback. the hectic practice left you no time to inform san that you weren't going to make it to the date.
so you were here, to apologize and to make up for the lost time.
the pressure of balancing an idol life and dating an fellow idol often left you crying in the practice room after hours. not only did you have to hide this relationship from fans and the press, you had to hide it from your managers. you and san both knew that your managers wouldn't let you date him, thanks to your company's strict dating ban, so you ultimately decided to keep everything a secret. but in the last six months, that task had proven itself to be exceedingly difficult.
trying to come up with new excuses as to why you were late to a meeting or why you keep looking over to ateez's table at award shows was indeed hard, but for san, you did it. the two of you knew the dangers of dating in the kpop industry but you truly wanted to be together, no matter how challenging it was.
but at this point, you had lost count of the amount of dates either one of you have been unable to attend because of your busy schedules.
this might just be the last straw.
finally, you build up enough courage to knock on the door. and with just two knocks, one of san's members, jongho, opens up.
"y/n?" he pokes his head out of the dorm to see if there was anyone accompanying you. "it's twelve am, what are you doing here?" he asks, letting you in when he notices you shivering. "i missed my date with san, so i came to see him." closing the door the front door, jongho follows behind you. "well, he's in his room." he points to the shut door that you've been through countless times. "thanks." you start walking but stop to ask jongho a question. "did he say anything when he came back? like did he seem upset or anything?" jongho scratches his head, trying to recall the events that happened only hours prior. "he didn't say anything, he just went straight into his room. i guess he looked upset?" you let out an audible sigh before going towards san's room.
you inhale deeply as you open the door, not allowing yourself to exhale until you're fully inside. darkness covered the room, taking over every inch. the only light was emitted from san's phone, shining brightly on his face. you make eye contact with your boyfriend, who was lying on the bed, scrolling through his instagram feed. you leave your bag next to the door before walking towards him.
"san, baby, i'm so sorry." you sit on the side of the bed, placing your hand on your boyfriend's leg. "staff made us stay longer for practice because of that special stage i'm having with minho soon." you adjust your position, trying to move a little closer to him. san allows his phone fall from his hand, letting it hit the sheet covered mattress. he looks over at the window, breaking the eye contact you tried so hard to keep.
"you could've at least called me."
"i tried but they wouldn't let me use my phone!" you try to explain yourself. "they said i didn't need any distractions." san sits up in his bed, looking into your eyes.
"oh really? then you just stole someone else's identical phone, posted a mirror selfie on your story and then went back to practicing?"
san picks up the discarded phone, opening up instagram to back up his accusations towards you. he goes straight to your story, showing you the photo on it.
it was a simple mirror selfie of you and minho, your closest idol friend. the picture was taken on your phone, you could tell by the phone case. and to make matters worse on your behalf, it was posted at the time that san was waiting for you at the cafe.
"pretty sure that's your phone." he scoffs, visibly irritated. "san." you say his name, trying to get him to focus on you rather that his phone. "that's for promotions. you know they make us post shit when we're having a comeback! they told me to put my phone away right after, i swear." rolling his eyes, he switches his phone off once again.
"that sounds like bullshit to me."
"what are you talking about?" you narrow your eyes at him, moving slightly away. "why would i lie?"
"this is like the tenth time you haven't showed up!" he raises his voice as he stands up. "i'm starting to think that you don't fucking care about this relationship anymore."
you decide to stand up too, your blood boiling at the fact that he was yelling at you for this. "san, what the fuck?!" you yell. "i know i've missed a few dates but that doesn't make me a bad girlfriend? you miss dates too, you know? but i'm not gonna fucking blame you because i know how hard it is with your schedule." san groans in annoyance as he massages the bridge of his nose. "first of all, i never said you were a bad girlfriend. and second of all, i'm not blaming you." he emphasizes on the "blaming". "really? because it sounds like you are."
"well, i'm not. i'm just saying that if you want this relationship to work, then you're gonna have to put in effort."
"how am i not putting in effort? i didn't come because i had work." san murmurs something that you can't quite understand but you don't think it's anything nice. "okay y/n, i just don't think you care."
"obviously you don't have an argument anymore cause you're just repeating shit." you chuckle, crossing your arms as you look at your boyfriend. "you know, i came here to apologize but seeing that you're acting like a fucking ten year old, i don't think you deserve it."
"then don't apologize. go talk to fucking minho or something." he rolls his eyes. you scoff, an exasperated smile staining your face. at this point, you're not sure whether to laugh or yell at him. "you are so fucking immature. we're doing a dance together because we're professionals and we have to."
"well it seems like you enjoy his company, considering how much you talk to him." the tone of his voice irks you even further. "he's my friend, i can fucking talk to him if i want."
"i didn't say you couldn't talk to him." he exhales loudly. "it's just that you were spending all the time you were supposed to spend with me, with him. so yeah, it bothers me a bit."
"how many fucking times do i have to tell you that it's for work?!"
an uncomfortable silence fills the room. you finally manage to shut san up, hopefully making him realize that he is in the wrong. in this awkward moment, you can do nothing but stare at each other. you purse your lips, trying to look for any emotion other than anger in his eyes. and when you find nothing, you decide it's time to leave.
"okay, you're being so unreasonable right now, so call me when you feel like being an adult." you go to pick up your bag, ready to walk out that door as soon as possible. "wouldn't count on it." he lies back down on the bed, no even making eye contact with you. "wouldn't count on you being an adult?" an infuriated laugh escaping you.
"wouldn't count on me calling you."
"why are you being like this?" you whimper softly, turning back to face san. "being like what? you're the one who doesn't have any fucking time for me!" his voice raised so loud, you're sure the other members heard. "we both clearly don't have time for this relationship. so if it isn't gonna work, then we should just break-"
"happy anniversary, san." you interrupt him, not wanting to hear the end of that sentence.
and with that, you left, slamming the door behind you. you inhaled deeply, differently than how you did when you first arrived in front of san's room. tears threaten to pour out of your eyes as you walk towards the front door.
san's irrationality was clouding his mind. he didn't really want to break up, did he? you left him there to think about what just happened. you left so you could think about what just happened. you left.
the clear path between you and the exit soon becomes blocked as jongho stops you. "y/n, hey. you okay?" his face painted in concern. "i'm fine, jongho. i gotta go." your voice comes out shaky as you struggle to hold back tears. you push passed the sweet boy, wanting nothing more than to go cry in your bed right now.
how could something like this happen over something so small?
"y/n." he shouts out. you stop in your tracks but refuse to turn around, tears now pouring down your face. "will i see you so-"
"goodbye, jongho."
Tumblr media
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prettywordsyouleft · a day ago
Out Of The Shadows - Part 15
Tumblr media
Summary: Singing was the only thing that kept you breathing. To Kihyun, you were too talented to step away from. And by a cruel twist of fate, because of him, you became a singer - except you only sang in the shadows.
Pairing: Yoo Kihyun x female reader
Genre: idol au / angst / drama / romance
Warnings: Y/N has a serious injury, and ongoing implications from it that might trigger some people. In this part: cursing, scandal aftermath, slight awkwardness from a boner, and light mentioning of wonho.
Word count: 2699
Out of the Shadows will be shared Thu-Fri each week from 12th August until completed.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15
Tumblr media
Stirring from his slumber, Kihyun was temporarily confused by the added warmth along his side. As his brain grew more alert, and he chanced the morning sunlight that he knew was shining through the gap in his blinds to crack an eye open, last night began to form in his head again.
You had stayed over.
Although he was still struggling with how destroyed you were all night after your fight with Nina, Kihyun had to admit that waking up next to you could be something he’d like to do more often. A lazy smile crossed his lips as he took in your messy hair, one arm flung over his chest whilst the other was reaching to the headboard. As he worked his sharpening vision down the rest of you until the blankets cut you off midriff, Kihyun started to rely on feel. Your legs were tangled in his, one knee nestling rather close to what he realised could potentially be embarrassing for you to wake up and find.
Sure, it was human biology, but having his girlfriend discover a morning wood before he’d even been intimate with you wasn’t high on his list to tick off just yet. Scooting free from you, Kihyun slipped out of the room and into the bathroom, showering for the day and brushing his teeth before returning to his room. The apartment was still silent, and Kihyun wanted to keep it that way for as long as possible.
For once, he didn’t want to be an idol. Just a guy who happened to have a girl he harboured some really strong feelings for in his bed. Responsibilities and schedules be damned. If he could, Kihyun would stay here all day and just watch you.
Which, with a small chuckle, he realised sounded kind of creepy.
Just as he eased back onto the bed, you stirred, and Kihyun was simultaneously disappointed and anxious to see how you’d react to waking up here. You blinked slowly, stretching your body a little before letting your gaze stop gliding around your surroundings when you found him.
And then you smiled.
“Well, I think I might have just died a little,” he mused, grabbing at his constricting chest as you sat up and patted at your bed hair mindlessly.
He nodded solemnly. “Being the first person to see that smile of yours for the day was an honour. And the fact that you’re wearing my clothes…”
“I swear, it’s too early for you to charm the pants off of me, Kihyun.”
He grinned wickedly. “You don’t have any pants on right now.”
“Sinful man,” you muttered behind a hand that you tried to hide your delight over. Scooting closer to him, you leaned your head on his shoulder. “My head is pounding.”
“That’s what nonstop crying does to people,” he murmured, brushing a concerned hand to your head. “Thankfully, you’re not sick. There’s no fever there.”
“My skin hurts, though,” you confessed with a sigh. Looking at his face, you pouted. “Sorry. I doubt the last thing you want is to hear me complain so early in the morning.”
“The last thing I want is you hurting,” he corrected, brushing his lips against your forehead before reaching for the nightstand. He had fed you a pain reliever before you fell asleep last night, and the bottle of pills and water had remained there. Silently, Kihyun assisted you with taking the medication before scooping you up in his arms.
“I’m not hurting anymore,” you said into his neck, and Kihyun laughed softly. “What? I’m not.”
“Medicine doesn’t work that fast.”
“Your touch does,” you replied, wrapping your arms around him and nestling in. “Thank you.”
“Everything you did last night. I… I shouldn’t have called you.”
“No. You should call me. I’m your boyfriend.”
“You’re Yoo Kihyun too,” you whispered, and he groaned internally.
“Still your boyfriend,” he persisted, and you nodded.
“The best boyfriend.”
“Now that I can get used to hearing.”
“How about seeing this instead?” a new voice asked, and you both turned to see Minhyuk standing in just his PJ bottoms holding out his phone. Kihyun took in the pale expression of his friend before accepting the phone he held out.
You went rigid in Kihyun’s arms.
Minhyuk let out a wild laugh. “Yoo Kihyun consoles Starlet’s manager? What a title.”
“How… I didn’t see any…”
“A fan spotted you get out of your car and went to film you. She was going to ask for an autograph until you picked Y/N up and stood there holding her. A whole minute of you just holding her was captured on that film, Kihyun. And then you were caught kissing her forehead too. Dispatch are pissed that some school-aged fangirl got the scoop before they did.”
“This is not needed right now,” Kihyun warned in a strained voice.
You tried to get out of his lap, but Kihyun held you still. “Kihyun, I better go.”
“No, you don’t.”
“You’re in trouble because of me now.”
Minhyuk cursed. “This situation only gets worse.”
“I’m sorry,” you said, and both men looked at you incredulously. “I’m not trying to make you annoyed with me for apologising like some weak little victim. I didn’t think about the consequences last night when I called you. I didn’t think to wait until we were somewhere private. After everything I’ve been taught about idol—”
“You know the shittiest part about all of this?” Kihyun interjected, still staring at the video on the screen. “It’s not that I’ve been caught in a scandal. It’s that they think so poorly of you. That you’re Starlet’s manager. If that ain’t the kick in the gut of it all.”
No one said anything after that.
Tumblr media
The scandal was handled swiftly by the company. Some excuse was given that didn’t sit well with Kihyun, and he had endured more than enough screaming from higher-ups to make him numb inside. The only thing that mattered was that he had been told to avoid you at all costs.
It didn’t sit well with him.
Still, he knew he had to ride out this storm, and giving more ammunition to the firing squad would be foolish.
When the door to his studio opened, Kihyun looked up desperately. “Did you get to see her?”
Changkyun nodded. “She’s… coping.”
“Tell me the truth.”
“Terry laid into her. Nina looked scared but was silent when he did so. Y/N is accepting all the blame. I have no idea how she’s going to cope tonight when she has to go home with all the pain from the scandal on top of the Nina stuff.”
Kihyun groaned loudly and slammed his hand down on the desk beside him. “I was the one who knew better. I should have just got her in the car and left.”
“She was crying. You acted like a man in love first,” Changkyun replied, and Kihyun glanced up at him through his tired eyes. Changkyun’s jaw was tense, but he didn’t avoid his gaze. “Last night was hard for me.”
“Hard how?”
“I’ve known that you love Y/N for some time now. Probably longer than you have. But since that day with Terry and I punched you, I don’t know. I’m a little too invested in Y/N. It’s not the same as how you feel. You don’t have to worry about that. I think it stems from Hoseok-hyung. I couldn’t – we couldn’t – do anything to help him. Even when I fought and tried to get management to listen. Watching them be shady with Y/N always makes me want to shield her.”
“We all want to.”
“Yeah, but Nina isn’t a bad person and yet last night I associated her with the likes of Terry. For the things she’s been thinking and saying to Y/N. She has feelings too. God, we all know I’m sensitive to others and how they feel. Yet I didn’t care for her last night. It was hard for me to let you be the only one to fully comfort Y/N.”
Kihyun smiled sadly. “You just went now and did what I can’t. You’re going to be the one protecting her for some time. You heard that they’ve banned me from even going to a toilet near her department.”
Changkyun grimaced. “I got kicked out when Terry spotted me. He went off at me for being there to cause more trouble. I uh, might have told him to go fuck himself.”
Kihyun didn’t stop the laughter that erupted from his hollow chest. Instead, he reached out and fist-bumped Changkyun before going back to the one question he couldn’t seem to answer.
What now?
Tumblr media
“Today’s your lucky day,” Joonhyung said to Kihyun when he walked into the main Monsta X studio, smiling at him broadly.
Kihyun didn’t understand how it could be. He’d been on a communications lockdown with you for three weeks now. If Minhyuk hadn’t managed to get Nina’s phone number the other week, he would have gone completely insane. Knowing that you were doing as best as you could and that things with Nina had been spoken out and mostly resolved was the only thing that kept him going right now.
“Lucky how?” Hyungwon wondered, shooting Kihyun a worrying look.
“Management has decided on a duet for Kihyun and Starlet.”
Jooheon spluttered out his drink. “What?! How does that even make sense? Sure, the scandal has mostly blown over now, but putting them together again doesn’t sound right.”
“I don’t care,” Kihyun said, standing up immediately. “I get to see Y/N, right?”
“Well, not unsupervised. It’s just for planning and recording. I doubt you’ll have overlapping sessions if Terry has anything to say about it.”
“As long as I get to see Y/N,” Kihyun repeated, picking up his coffee cup and gesturing for the door.
Joonhyung told him which studio to head to, and he briskly made his way there, his heart thudding in his chest. Kihyun didn’t understand how he could go from uncaring to this alert so fast, and it was somewhat overwhelming to bounce back from the emptiness he had been experiencing of late. He hadn’t been tardy or thrown a fit once. Instead, he turned up to every schedule and did what was expected of him. Nothing less, nothing more.
Fans had noticed, though. He wondered if they had petitioned over you and him as they had with Hoseok.
Knocking on the door, he waited for it to open before entering, his gaze darting around the space until he found you. Stopping mid-step, Kihyun raked his gaze all over you. Whilst he hadn’t expected you to look a mess, he was surprised to find how well kept you were too. It was almost as if you had the same response as he had for all of this. To give no one room to fault you on anything else.
He smiled knowingly, and you mirrored it.
“Terry’s running late,” one of the staff member’s mentioned, glancing to the other in the room. “I reckon we ought to get some coffee, so he’s not raging when he gets here. You two will be alright for five minutes, right?”
Kihyun grinned and nodded once. There were some hidden gems still working for this company, after all.
Once the door was shut, Kihyun placed down his coffee and took a step closer. “Can I?”
“Why are you even asking?” you breathed out quickly, falling into his arms that you beelined for.
It was so familiar and foreign at once to take you in. Holding you as tightly as he could without harming you, Kihyun inhaled your scent, refamiliarized himself with your soft curves, and noted the subtle changes to your body. You felt rounder than the last time he held you, and he was relieved not to find the opposite. You’d also cut your hair, and he liked the change.
Mostly, Kihyun just liked holding you where you belonged.
“I was told today would be the only session I have with you,” you mentioned into the skin on his neck and then sighed. “The rest will be with Nina.”
“The duet will be a live performance,” you continued, and he pulled back to take in your bleak expression. “The most you’ll see of me that day is waiting for you behind the stage.”
“Do you feel as if Terry scheduled this to punish us? Because that’s what I’m starting to think.”
You shrugged, attempting to smile. “Hey. At least we’ll record a song together. And if this works, I’ll get more duet opportunities. Sewoon will be screaming from the rooftops in euphoria.”
Kihyun shook with laughter. “As long as I get the first one.”
“You’ll always be first to me,” you told him, diving back in for another hug before stepping away.
You were both a picture of complete professionalism when Terry walked into the studio and remained that way for the whole planning and recording session. As you had mentioned, any follow up moments were recorded separately, and then Kihyun was scheduled time with Nina to set up the atmosphere of the performance. The song, Out Of The Shadows, which he felt was ironically named, was a power ballad that highlighted both his and your singing strengths. Outside the pressure of everything going on around him, Kihyun loved it. He’d listened to it more times than he cared to announce and couldn’t wait to unleash it on the world.
At least, the digital version of it.
Because it was a ballad, there wasn’t much need for practising with Nina. He would have his spot on the stage, and she would walk out to meet him just after the first chorus. It was mostly him teaching Nina how to look absorbed in him as they sang, the right way to act during the song, and when to allow the music to overwhelm her. She also had to appear as if she was the one belting out that exceptionally high note with him before the last chorus.
And so far, she had failed every time.
“It’s not that hard, is it?” he wondered, and Nina glanced at her feet before nodding.
“I don’t know what it would feel like to sing so boldly. Most of those moments in our songs are the ones I don’t perform.”
“But surely you know how it feels to belt out a note or two, Nina. You auditioned to be a singer.”
Nina chewed on her bottom lip. “I’m tone-deaf, Kihyun.”
“So, I can’t sing.”
“You can sing,” he remarked, and Nina shot her wide-eyed gaze to his face. “Everyone can sing. I bet you sing in the shower.”
“So just belt it out.”
“Right now. I’ll replay it. Just sing it out loud so you can feel how it overtakes you,” he urged, and Nina shook her head. “Why not?”
“Ever since I got told I’m a horrible singer, I don’t do it out loud anymore.”
“I’ll kill him,” Kihyun muttered, referring to Terry, before going over to Nina’s side. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re horrible. We all have the ability to learn. To improve. Instead of being told what you’re good and bad at, Terry should be encouraging you to try. But because he’s an asshole, allow me to be the voice of reason. You don’t deserve to sit in the mold he put you in. Yes, this industry is cutthroat, and I’ve heard and been told things that are soul-destroying. I was useless at dancing, did you know? I’m still not the strongest in my group, but I’ve improved because I tried. Now, you try.”
“This will be embarrassing,” she admitted but nodded once. Kihyun went over to replay the song and pointedly closed his eyes, so she didn’t feel any scrutiny on her when she started to sing.
He worked on keeping his face schooled to neutral as her voice cracked offbeat but opened his eyes to watch Nina take the note. She threw herself into it, and Kihyun grinned. “That was a perfect reaction to how you should hold it on stage. Let’s work with this, shall we?”
Part 16 will be posted 2nd December
All rights reserved © prettywordsyouleft
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otptings · 18 days ago
Heya can you write a Nct reaction on how they would react when seeing the readers self harm cuts and/or scars on their thighs when getting intimate?? thanks and if your not comfortable writing about this that’s okay
This'll probably only be two posts so I'm choosing the members that I feel I "know" the best for this, if I miss a member that you really wanted just request it and I'll write for them ⬆️read the ask, that is the tw ⬆️
Wouldn't verbally say anything, but his behavior would change after he notices them. If he felt the raised scares he'd softly run his fingers over them, kissing them when he's in between your head. Being careful to not squeeze them, just in case they still hurt even if they're healed. He wouldn't be rough or aggressive like normal. The whole night would be filled with body worship, making sure your okay. Will treat it like your first time, just because he's overwhelmed with the fact that you self harmed. After your cleaned up and settled into bed he'll bring it up. Isn't a crier, so will probably stay dry eyed while comforting but you can tell he's hurting.
This man did surgery on his fish, take of that what you will. When he feels them his blood will run cold, and he'll turn the light on. He might make the situation worst at first because he cares so much and just doesn't know what to say, which causes him to just stare at the scars until you pull a blanket over yourself and place your hands over top of them to cover them up. Once you do that it'll break him out of his thoughts and he'll pull you onto his lap, praising you continuously and letting you know just how you care. If you cry he'll wipe your tears and place kisses over your face. It might ruin the mood, but if you ask him to continue he will. Would be a night filled with you riding him just because he's worried about hurting you more, and him asking for consent and if you're okay every step of the way. He's also a crier, so this man would be absolutely in tears at first.
He wouldn't even acknowledge it because he knows there is a time and place for everything. He might react the next day, or a week later but when he reacts just know you aren't getting away or using any excuse on him. Won't be accusatory when he asks you, or judging, will be simply questioning you although he might corner you against the kitchen counter so that you can't escape. Will listen wholeheartedly to your reasoning, ask you if you want help to stop or if you want advice with your problems that are causing it. Incredibly helpful in letting you know that he loves you, and that this doesn't stop him from loving you. Is the type to ask you if he can you how much he loves you, then shows off his exhibitionism and possessiveness by pulling your pants down and giving you head on the kitchen counter while also bringing up how anyone would kill to see you like that. 10/10 will give you the best orgasm and advice.
You'd know that he felt them because his hand would stop over you thigh, and he might tense up. Would get over the shock pretty quickly, but his hand would stay on his thigh as he leaned down to kiss you. The kiss would pretty much say everything that he wanted to say, it'd be gentle and passionate his way of saying he wouldn't give up on you, or leave just because of this. I see Renjun as someone passionate as is, so he wouldn't do much different. He might please you for longer than normal, making sure your thighs are shaking due to the many hickeys he left and just how long he gave you head. Afterwards might not even say anything to you, but wait for you to come to him. He knows that you know he knows, so he'll leave the ball in your court but his kisses will become more frequent, will always kiss your wrist or hand, or let his hand linger over your thigh when you're sitting together.
Would absolutely tear up. You'd know that he saw/felt them because he'd lift his hand up as if he was burned and stare at your thigh intently. Y'all know the dream concert where they all cried? this the sequel, Jisung would most definitely tear up but not cry only because he knows he needs to stay strong for you. Might not say anything in the moment but his hand would go back to your thigh, rubbing over them gently before smothering your face in kisses. Mumbling about how he loved you, and would always be there for you. Isn't the oldest, and doesn't have the most experience with things of these matter but his heart will show through his actions and he will easily make you feel loved, even if he did unintentionally ruin an orgasm.
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xofanfics · 3 months ago
Honey (M)
Tumblr media
Genre: slight angst, fluff, SMUT
Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader, ft. Chanyeol
Word Count: 4k
Summary: Baekhyun is content with being single but, apparently no one else is. So his friend talks him into going on a double date and he agrees.
“When’s the last time you went on a date?” 
Baekhyun rolled his eyes. His friends had been trying to get him to go on dates since he broke up with his ex. Truth be told, he was beginning to get annoyed. Why was the assumption that people have to start dating just because they’re single? Why couldn’t he just live as a single man and enjoy it without women being involved? He was having a good enough time with what he had–his work, his friends, his hobbies, and his family. 
But, apparently, he couldn’t possibly be satisfied. Unfortunately, he was living in a society where you were seen as lacking if you were single. In addition to his friends being on his back, his mother had also asked him when he was going to start dating again. Like most mothers, she was hoping that he would get married and have children quickly. But Baekhyun wasn’t ready; he wanted to take his time and he didn’t understand why everyone thought he needed to be dating.
“I haven’t been on one since Taeyeon,” Baekhyun replied, taking a sip of his water. 
Chanyeol said, “Really?”
“Is it really that hard to believe?”
Chanyeol shrugged, pulling a piece of edamame out of the bowl in front of them. “I’m just a little surprised. I mean, since you were the one to break up with her…”
Baekhyun and Taeyeon had simply grown apart. They had loved each other but, sometimes, love wasn’t a good enough excuse to stay around. They met when they were fresh out of college, coming off of the high of campus life and ready to explore what the real world had in store. A couple years down the line, both of them had become so different. Their goals were no longer aligned, the relationship no longer serving them. Baekhyun broke up with her first because he knew she would want to stay together. And despite her initial protests and tears, she listened and could understand Baekhyun’s explanation. It was difficult but she understood where Baekhyun was coming from. Not only was he doing it for himself but for her, too. 
Baekhyun’s friends seemed to think of him as “free” but Baekhyun never considered himself in a prison when he was with Taeyeon. There seemed to be this idea that relationships had to end a certain way but, whatever it was, Baekhyun didn’t believe in it. Baekhyun was perfectly content being single and not pursuing another woman. It’d been six months already but dating just wasn’t on his priority list. Other guys, he assumed, would start dating around right away. But Baekhyun didn’t think that it was that important. He was the kind of person that preferred quality over quantity. 
“I know someone,” Chanyeol said. “What do you say to a double date on Friday night? My friend Yujin is single and she’s been having bad luck with guys. I think you’ll like her.”
Baekhyun sighed. “Fine.”
One date wouldn’t hurt, right?
Baekhyun hadn’t been on a date in a while. And certainly not with a new person. He was a little rusty. What things should he talk about? Would they really have a lot in common, like Chanyeol suggested? From what Chanyeol told him so far, he’d gathered that Yujin was the same age, had a pretty good job, and liked guys that looked somewhat like Baekhyun. So, essentially, Baekhyun was her type. But was she his? Baekhyun didn’t exactly have a type but he enjoyed women who weren’t into material things and money the most. That wasn’t to say that Baekhyun, himself, didn’t enjoy material things or expensive fashion pieces to hang in his closet but he liked when money wasn’t everything to the woman he was seeing. He enjoyed women who could have conversations that went beyond gushing over the new Gucci release. He liked to pick someone’s brains to find out what they were passionate about. 
Chanyeol was waiting inside, with two girls. Baekhyun entered the restaurant and joined his friend. He recognized the girl Chanyeol was with; they’d been seeing each other for a couple weeks now. 
“Hi, I’m Baekhyun,” he said, sticking his hand out.
“Yujin,” she said with a shy smile. She was pretty, he noticed. She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous but Baekhyun found her attractive. Her hair was cut short, into a bob, and she had bangs that stopped just at her eyebrows. 
“Hey, Baekhyun,” said Chanyeol. “You remember Eunji, right?”
“Yeah,” Baekhyun said, turning to her. “How have you been?”
“Taking it one day at a time,” she said. “I’m so relieved it’s the weekend. One of my team members quit recently and we have so much work to do, I’m going to die.”
Yujin said, “Yeah I can understand. My work has been so stressful, too.”
Baekhyun said, “Where do you work?”
“I work at Woori Bank as an executive assistant to the CFO,” she explained. “He’s out of town for business so things have been a little crazy this week. I’m hoping he doesn’t call me at all this weekend.”
“I hope you have a stress free weekend,” said Baekhyun. 
“Me too.”
Dinner went smoothly. They ate until they were stuffed and drank a good deal. The conversation among the group of four had been pretty good. Yujin was a nice woman but Baekhyun didn’t think there was much of a spark between them. She was an attractive girl and even had some qualities he was sure that other people would like. But the reality was that she had pretty much nothing in common with him. And he certainly couldn’t see himself even going out with her on a date with just the two of them. They’d have nothing to talk about. 
As Chanyeol and Baekhyun took care of the check, Eunji and Yujin went to the bathroom to reapply their lipstick after dinner. Chanyeol said, “So what do you think?”
Baekhyun shook his head. “She’s sweet but she’s not my type at all.”
“Ah, really?”
“I thought maybe it could work out between you two.”
“I think we’d be better off as friends, honestly. If we all go out to dinner, it’s fine but I don’t think we should go further than that.”
Before he could add any additional reasons, the girls returned from the bathroom. 
Eunji sat down and linked arms with Chanyeol. “Babe, can we try that dessert place I saw on tiktok? It’s nearby!”
Chanyeol shot his friend an uncomfortable look and asked, “What should we do?” with his eyes.
And before Baekhyun could try to make up an excuse as to why he was going to leave, Yujin said, “I love desserts. Let’s get something good.”
And with neither man wanting to say no, Baekhyun was thrown into a second part of a date that he wasn’t exactly interested in. 
You heard the door of the cafe open and you rolled your eyes. The cafe closed in thirty minutes and you’d been hoping to wrap things up early tonight. The group that you thought would be the last had just left. However, as the group of four came in, you prayed to God that they were planning on getting to go orders. 
Your prayers weren’t answered, you realized, as you watched them sit down at the table you’d just cleaned. Your coworker, Jihwan, giggled as he came into the kitchen. “Remind me to make a sign that says to go orders only.”
You laughed. “Guess I’ll go take their order. The sooner we get them their dessert, the sooner we can get them out of here and go home.”
“I’ll start prepping. Odds are one of them wants the sugar honey toast.”
With a sigh and a smile that wasn’t so genuine, you went out with your iPad. “Hi, welcome to Sugar Honey Ice Cream. What would you like to order?”
“We’ll split an order of sugar honey toast. Thanks.”
“A taro ice cream sundae for me, please. Do you want to split it, Baekhyun?”
“I’ll just taste a little,” the man called Baekhyun said. “I’m still pretty full.”
The other man at the table said, “I’ll take a honey latte, also.”
And with a nod, you were on your way to help with the orders in the kitchen. 
As you prepared the desserts, you said, “That guy is kinda cute.”
“Which one?”
“The shorter guy with the black hair. Too bad it looks like they’re on a double date. Although it looks like she’s more interested than he is…”
“That must suck,” Jihwan said. “Imagine being on a date like that…”
“Yeah,” you said, “no thanks.”
Baekhyun had never been more ready to go than he was now. The taro ice cream was amazing and he didn’t mind splitting it with Yujin but he was sure it would’ve tasted better sharing it with someone he was actually interested in. Chanyeol cast him apologetic looks for the duration of the dessert whenever the girls weren’t looking. 
It wasn’t the worst date ever but it wasn’t the most ideal situation. He hated it because Yujin was genuinely nice and he didn’t want to hurt her feelings, especially since she had apparently texted Chanyeol saying that she’d love a second date. The last thing on the list of things Baekhyun wanted was a second date. He’d figure out how to let her down later but right now he wanted nothing more than to go back home or even meet up with other friends. 
After the waiter took their dishes, Baekhyun excused himself from the table to use the bathroom. On his way out and around the corner, he almost bumped into the woman that took their order. 
“I’m so sorry,” Baekhyun said. “I didn’t see you coming.”
“It’s okay. Neither one of us got hurt, right?”
Baekhyun chuckled before heading back toward the table. He took his seat. Chanyeol said, “I think we’re gonna head out.”
Eunji said, “Yeah, I’m kind of tired. We can drop you off, Yujin. Chanyeol’s driving.”
Yujin nodded. “Are you coming, too, Baekhyun? I’m pretty tired, too.”
He shook his head. “You guys can go ahead. I live in the opposite direction and I think I’m going to get a milkshake to go. Next time we should go to dinner and karaoke?”
Yujin smiled as the four of them got out of the booth. Baekhyun gave her a hug and said, “See you later. I’ll text you later.” She nodded and headed out with Chanyeol and Eunji after Baekhyun offered his goodbyes. 
Baekhyun let out a sigh of relief as everyone left. As you noticed he was alone, you walked over toward the table. “Are you okay? Did you want to order something else? The kitchen is technically closed but I can make something quick.”
Baekhyun slid his credit card toward you. “Could I just have a vanilla ice cream with honey drizzle? And also, if you want something too I’d be happy to buy it for you.”
“You’re sweet. Thank you. I’ll have the same thing,” you said. 
In a few minutes, Baekhyun was sitting across from you at the counter. He watched you as you cleaned the counters. You were really pretty. For a reason he couldn’t quite put his finger on, he felt drawn to you. 
“You don’t wanna take that home?” you asked. 
“Why do you ask?”
“I mean it’s a Saturday night and, I don’t know, I guess most people wouldn’t choose to sit in the dessert shop with the staff?”
He smirked. “I’m not most people. Plus, I’m talking to a really pretty girl right now.”
You smiled, putting your head down so that Baekhyun couldn’t see. “Thanks.”
Baekhyun took a scoop of his ice cream, smiling to himself. He thought your sudden shyness was cute. “I wanna get to know you a little better. Do you mind if I stay for a while?”
Baekhyun had more fun with you in the thirty minutes you’d spent closing up shop than he’d had all night with Yujin. This was what it was like to get to know someone. This was what it was like to finally click with someone. He hadn’t felt these feelings in a long time and it felt refreshing. He wanted to talk to you more, beyond just tonight. He wanted to take you on a date, to wine and dine you and make you feel special.
You closed up shop and Baekhyun waited for you outside. You stood, shifting your weight from one leg to another. Baekhyun said, “So do you have plans for the night?”
“None,” you said, “unless you have plans for us…”
“That’s what I like to hear. Did you eat?”
“I could use some food.”
“I know a place,” he said, holding out his arm. And with no hesitation, you grabbed onto it.
Baekhyun was two drinks in and he was feeling more confident than before. He found himself staring at you longer than he should’ve been at times but either you didn’t notice or you didn’t mind the extra attention. Either way, he was fine with it. 
He liked talking to you, genuinely. He’d had a couple deep conversations with you, about your passions, about art, about music. From what he’d gathered, you were more of a creative type. He liked that about you; if anything, it opened up doors and gave him ideas for the kinds of dates he wanted to take you on. And, thankfully, you’d said that you were interested in getting to know him too. 
Baekhyun had learned so much about you. He knew what your favorite color was and where you went to school and what kind of books you enjoyed. He learned about your favorite foods and you even talked a little bit about your family. He learned that the dessert shop was your older sister’s and that you were covering for one of the staff members that had called out sick. Baekhyun was grateful for that because if that person wasn’t sick, they might not have met in the first place. And, with the way things were going, Baekhyun couldn’t stand the thought. You were everything he would look for in a woman and he didn’t want to miss out on that.
“Weren’t you on a date earlier?” you asked suddenly.
Baekhyun chuckled, taking a sip from his glass. “My friend convinced me to go on a double date with one of his friends but, honestly, I don’t like her like that.”
You stirred your drink with the little red straw they provided in your mojito. And you looked up at Baekhyun, who met your eyes. “So what about me? Do you like me like that?”
“Of course. She wasn’t my type...but you are.”
“You’ve been complimenting me all night,” you said, biting your lip.
Seeing that made Baekhyun’s body heat up. The last thing he needed was to get hard in this bar right now. But he was so attracted to you, it was driving me crazy. He said, “Stop that.”
“Stop what?”
Baekhyun couldn’t stand this sexual tension. He wanted to take you on dates and treat you like a princess but, at the same time, he wanted to take you home and rip off all your clothes. Baekhyun hadn’t felt this turned on in a while. 
He said, “Biting your lip.”
You caught on, smirking. You decided to play along. Baekhyun seemed like a decent guy and you’d be lying if you said that you weren’t interested in potentially taking things further with him. And by further you didn’t mean a date. By taking things further, you absolutely meant to get him in bed. “And if I don’t?”
“Then you’re going to make things hard for me.”
“Literally, huh?” You had the audacity to wink at him.
Baekhyun sighed. You were being such a tease all of a sudden. He knew that you knew exactly what you were doing. And clearly you were having a good time doing it. “Yes.”
You bit your lip one more time, tugging the bottom lip with your teeth. “Do you live nearby?”
Baekhyun pulled you into his apartment and shut the door. He had kept his composure and hadn’t touched you in all the ways he wanted to in the taxi ride over. They’d had normal conversations, which he enjoyed. It was a much better option than feeling each other up in the taxi, giving him a boner he’d have difficulty hiding.
The two of you stared at each other for a moment, taking each other in. Baekhyun was undressing you with his eyes and you did the same. You were more of the relationship type and rarely slept around but, for some reason, you wanted to be a complete slut for this man. 
Baekhyun stepped toward you, looking you in your eyes. He wrapped his hands around your waist, pulling you close. In turn, you wrapped your arms around the nape of his neck. And Baekhyun leaned down and kissed you. He could taste you; he could taste the liquor on your tongue and he could taste the gloss on your lips. He could smell you, the scent of your floral perfume enveloping him in the best way. He wanted to taste every inch of you. 
The two of you stared into each others’ eyes when he pulled away. You raised your eyebrows as you realized how intense his gaze was. 
“Is this what you want?” he asked, taking your hand in his. 
You nodded. “Yeah.”
“I don’t want you to think that sex is all I want from you. I do want to take you on that date. And if everything works out, I would like to date you.” You didn’t say anything for a moment. It was probably the liquor delaying your response a bit. “Was that too much?”
You shook your head. “No, I’m sorry. I’m fine with what you said. I mean, I appreciate your honesty. Most guys give you the run around and never tell you what their intentions are.”
Baekhyun smiled. “Good thing I’m not like most guys.”
You took off your jacket and placed it on the closest door. “It’s okay if we skip the first step.”
Baekhyun’s lips were back on yours before you knew it. He wanted to absolutely ravish you. It’d been so long since he felt this...crazy. He needed you badly. He picked you up and you wrapped your legs around him as he carried you into his bedroom. He placed you on the bed gently and tossed his own jacket to the floor. The two of you quickly started undressing each other, eager to see each other’s naked bodies. 
You were so beautiful and he wanted to kiss every part of you. He wanted to know what turned you on, what made you tick. Every time your body shivered or jerked, Baekhyun’s dick jumped in his boxers. As he played with your nipples, he heard soft moans that drove him crazy. You helped Baekhyun out of his clothes and before you knew it, you were both fully naked.
“Fuck,” he mumbled, staring at your body. “You’re so perfect.” He licked his fingers and brought them to your clit. Your lips parted and made an “O” shape as he finally made contact with the spot that you’d been dying for him to touch this whole time. He rubbed your clit in small, teasing circles that drove you absolutely insane. He wasn’t putting in as much effort as he could’ve been, yet he was driving you this crazy? Baekhyun smirked; he loved having this much power over you. He loved being able to make your body shake.
“When’s the last time you’ve been touched like this?”
“Never,” you said, gasping for breath. “Baekhyun, please…”
“Tell me what you need.”
“I need you inside me.”
“Are you sure? I didn’t even get to taste you yet…”
Baekhyun couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that you didn’t want him to eat you out but he supposed he’d just do as you asked. Seeing you this desperate turned you on but Baekhyun at least needed a quick taste. He rolled on a condom and got down on his knees. He licked up and down your clit, just for a moment. Baekhyun loved the way you tasted, sweet like honey. And you seemed to be gushing already. 
You were ready for him. You said nothing when he stopped and removed his fingers, still more desperate for penetration than anything else. 
Baekhyun climbed on top of you and kissed you. He plunged into your wetness slowly. The tease was agonizing for you; you needed him and you needed him now. You wrapped your legs around him and pushed him in further. 
“So impatient,” he whispered into your ear, thrusting into you deep. You choked on your moan as you felt him pushing deep inside you.
You let out a moan with each stroke. It had been a while since you’d felt penetration outside of your own toys at home. This felt great, perfect. You could feel every inch of him inside you. You wrapped your arms around him, your bodies pressed perfectly against each other. Baekhyun was in complete bliss right now. And you could tell by his heavy breathing and occasional grunts. 
He pulled away from you, leaving you on your back. He put your legs over his shoulders and started pounding you, sending you into a frenzy of moans that couldn’t be held back so easily. Baekhyun could tell that you’d been holding back and that you were quite loud in bed. He, of course, didn’t mind. He pulled your body into his, hitting your sweet spot over and over again.
“Fuck,” he said. “I’m not gonna last much longer.”
“Cum for me.”
“Ride me,” he said, pulling out. 
You bit your lip as Baekhyun laid on his back. He propped himself up on the pillows as you got on top of him. “That’s it. Sit on your throne, baby.”
Hearing him say that turned you on. You wanted to drive him as crazy as he was making you. You sank onto him and bounced on his dick, nice and slow. He filled you up so nicely, you thought, as you sat down on his dick as far as it could go. 
Baekhyun gasped as you started bouncing up and down on him, harder, faster. If this was how sex with you always was, he wanted it—he wanted you. You were absolutely gorgeous and he loved seeing you on top of him in such a vulnerable state. He loved the sexy faces you were making and the way you were moaning and the way your tits bounced in his face. You could feel yourself getting close. His dick was hitting your g-spot, over and over again. The buildup left you speechless and you found yourself biting your lips. 
“Come here…” Baekhyun pulled you closer, unable to stand it much longer. While he enjoyed having a break from having to move his hips, he still wanted to pound you. Your lips found each other and soon after, so did your tongues. His tongue swiped back and forth on yours as you made the transition. He pulled away and grabbed onto your hips to pound your pussy. Your moans became louder and louder until you came on his dick. He could feel your pussy pulsing through the condom and that was all it took for all of Baekhyun’s cum to start filling the condom. He grunted and groaned in your ear as he came undone into the condom. 
As the two of you recovered from the passionate sex session, he started kissing you. A moment later you rolled off of him and laid there, your head on his chest, and his arms around you. Baekhyun laid there with you, for several minutes and in silence. It wasn’t an awkward silence; there was something peaceful about it. He loved just being in your presence.
Baekhyun rolled the condom off and got up to toss it in the trash. He got back on the bed with you, rolling onto his side. “Please tell me you’re not planning on leaving me tonight.”
You smiled. “I can stay.”
“Do you have plans tomorrow?”
“Nothing planned.”
“Good,” he said, planting a kiss on your forehead, “because I already have the day planned for us in my head.”
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yoongssweetnight · 12 days ago
My favorite feeling - JJK
Tumblr media
Rule: 3
Word Count: 5.2k
Pairing: Jungkook x Chubby!reader
Genre/AU: Angst, fluff, smut, fuckboy!Jungkook, bestfriendsbrother!Namjoon, Jungkook is a confusing mf, the reader just wants to be loved man, jealous Jungkook (as always), Jungkook kinda loves your ass.
Ratings: 18+
Warnings: Car sex, unprotected sex, sir kink (slightly used), degrading, praising, vaginal fingering, brat!reader, slight switch!Jungkook (for a split second), spanking, marking, swearing, cum control, multiple orgasms, nipple play.
Synopsis: Of course you tried to be the bigger person as you seperated yourself from him, knowing that your feelings meant nothing. After an impulsive plan to make him jealous presents itself to you, you can't say no.
Tumblr media
All you had to say was fuck you Jeon Jungkook and your ridiculously hot body, and face.. and tattoos.
You couldn't help but glare at him as he flirted with other girls at the house party that you had begrudgingly agreed to attend. It had been a little while since you and Jungkook had hooked up, and that was all thanks to you putting distance between one another. Yeah, remind you to never fall in love with your fuck boy of a sneaky link ever again. You don't even know how it happened, but you somehow ended up getting eaten out in the back seat of his car at yet again, another party. You put a stop to things at first, not wanting to be another girl that he hooked up with, but you somehow kept ending up in that same back seat again, and again, and again.. before you two just went back to his place and finally fucked.
You told him that was only a one time thing.. until it wasn't. There clearly was a pattern here, and you were pretty good at consistency. Of course many things didn't go as planned, and soon enough you found yourself ending whatever arraignment that the two of you had unknowingly set up. Your emotions had caused you to be unable to think straight, so you ended up confessing. It truly was a bad decision on your end that Jungkook held over your head constantly.
Your friend had recommended that you try and hook up with another one of the guys here, but most of the guys that were into you were ugly. You guessed that you could just lay face down while they did everything from the back, but that would just be boring.
You were perched in the very corner of the room, looking at everyone distastefully as you made the most of the shitty liquid that swam around in your red solo cup. You knew that he was doing this on purpose, that he grabbed the girl that he was dancing with in your favorite ways, locking eyes with you in a gaze that caused your mouth to dry. You forced yourself to look away, to look at something else, like maybe that fancy looking painting on the wall. Yeah, that was good.
As you actually ended up getting deeply lost in the abstract forms of the painting, someone tapped you on your shoulder, startling you.
"Oh shit!" You shouted. You turned to look at the person with a scowl, your face quickly softening at the sight of Namjoon's dimpled grin. "Oh shit!" You said more excitedly this time, pulling the muscular man into a deep hug, his musk invading your senses. Namjoon was your best friend's younger brother, but since he had went abroad to America to study Advertising & Media, you hadn't seen him in a hot minute. He had gotten handsomer if that was even a word. I guess what you were trying to say that he definitely got older, and hotter. His strong hands pulled your bigger body into his buffer one, rocking you from side to side almost causing you to drop your cup.
"Oh my god, Namjoon! When did you fly in?" You attempted to ask him over the booming music as you pulled away from him. "I just got here yesterday! Sana told me that you were going to be here so I figured I'd just surprise you!" You laughed. "By scaring the shit out of me?" You teased, causing him to nervously scratch the back of his head. Even though he looked all intimidating, he was still the same old nerd that he once was, just with a bunch of muscles this time.
"I'm sorry about that." He said shyly. You reached up to pinch his cheek, twisting the skin in between your fingers. "I'm just fucking with you. So, how have you been?" He rubbed at the stinging flesh, "I've been alright. It's a huge relief to finally be back home. Enough about me, how about you?" Since everything that had happened with Jungkook, you've grown to highly dislike that common conversation starter. "Uh- If I'm going to be honest, I haven't been doing the best with my personal life, but everything else is fine." He smirked slightly. "Oh? So ____ finally decided to get a boyfriend?" You lightly hit him on his chest, scoffing.
"No, Joon. I didn't. I just- got involved with somebody that I shouldn't have." He moved closer to you, his lips brushing up against your ear, his hot breath slightly fanning against your jaw. "Would it just so happen to be that really intimidating guy that's glaring at us?" You peeked to look at Jungkook out of the corner of your eye, and there he was, shooting daggers at the man close to you.
"Would you maybe.. want my help?" That question caught you off guard.
"What do you mean?" He chuckled. "What I mean is that he clearly wants to make a move, but something is holding him back. But.. what if we did a little something that would give him the push that he needed?" The offer was tempting, but you couldn't ask your best friends brother to do that. But then again, he was the one that offered. "What would this entail?" He hummed, his hands turning you so that your body was pulled into his, taking the cup out of your hand he set it down, throwing your arms around his neck. "And then.." He whispered, his hands resting above the swell of your ass. You couldn't believe that this was happening, but you would be lying if you said you didn't like it.
"I don't think we'll get much of a reaction if we just stand here." You teased, getting lost in the moment. "What do you suppose we do then?" Namjoon asked airly. It was as though he was out of breath. "Kiss me? But only if you're comfortable." You didn't have to tell him twice. His lips locked on the side of your neck, sucking harshly before trialing his saliva soaked appendages up the side of your cheek until you both locked lips. You allowed yourself to close your eyes and indulge in the feeling of his warm, plump lips that seemed to envelope your own.
While you were busy sucking face, Jungkook was filled with the overwhelming feeling of rage, jealousy, and a bit of envy. He pushed the random girl off of him and charged towards you and the buff man, his fist clenched at his sides as the boy's hand slipped from the small of your back down to finally squeeze your ass. If this man didn't get his grimey hands off of you, he was going to beat his ass.
You gasped when you felt someone grip your forearm, snatching you out of Namjoon's grip. Jungkook glared at the dazed man one more time before pulling you outside with him, the loud music fading from behind the both of you. His grip was beginning to hurt as he dragged you to the passenger side of his car, roughly tearing the door open.
"Get in." He said coldly. Adrenaline rushed through your veins as you looked up at him with mischievous eyes, the overwhelming urge to be disobedient shook you to your very core. "No." You said simply. He raised a pierced brow at you, "No?" He asked darkly. "Yeah, no." You crossed your arms, cocking out a hip. You were in full brat mode and there was no going back. He chuckled, looking down briefly before slamming both of his hands next to you, trapping you in. The loud noise caused you to jump, your confident stance faltering as his face inched closer to yours. You could see all his scars, and blemishes, everything that was perfect to you.
"Are you gonna be a good girl and get in the car, or am I going to have to take you right here in front of everyone? I would be okay with it, but I'm not a big fan of sharing." He smirked as you trembled, your knees growing weak at the show of dominance. You both knew that what he was saying was an empty threat unless he had your full permission to do so, but there was just something so exciting about having an audience.
You threw him one last look before getting in the car, his hand helping you not to hit your head as you settled down on his dark, leather seat. The interior was covered in the smell of his intoxicating cologne, causing your body to slightly tingle. So much for not wanting to just be another girl that he hooked up with. He shut the door not so lightly and stomped to the driver's side, ripping the door open and getting in. You both sat in silence as he put the key in the ignition, the music that he was originally listening too quietly playing out of the radio. You could feel the anger radiating off of him, which made you wanna push him even father.
"What the hell?" You asked in faux irritation. His head whipped around to look at you. "What do you mean what the hell? You were practically humping the guy in front of everyone." You snorted and crossed your arms. "But I'm having a hard time seeing how that's any of your business." He huffed and turned his body back to face the steering wheel. You were right, it really wasn't any of his business and he knew that. "What?" You asked mockingly, a condescending smirk on your face.
"Mad that someone else wants me?" You added.
"Yes, I'm mad. I'm mad because you're fucking mine." He said frustratedly, not looking at you. You sat there shocked, but also extremely angry. Who the fuck gave him the right?
"No, Jungkook I'm not yours! And you sure as hell aren't mine, you've made me well aware of that." You added the last part silently, hoping that the pierced man didn't catch it, but he did, and it hurt his heart a little. He had never felt the way he does for you before, so when he had first seen you, he knew that he'd had to have you, either that be having sex or actually attempting to initiate a relationship with you. But when that time came when you confessed to him, it was as though his mind went blank, panic mode setting in as he harshly rejected you even though that was the last thing he ever wanted to do.
"Who said I wasn't yours?" He asked quietly.
Before you could give him a retort, he started his car, the engine reving up loudly as he pulled out of the parking lot. He sped down the highway, the trees quickly passing by you. By the looks of it, you already knew where you were going, and you weren't sure if you were ready to face it yet. You sat in silence though, looking out the window to watch the flashing lights. When you had first started messing around with Jungkook, you used to hate how he drove, the speed of the expensive vehicle causing you to become nauseous. But as you began to find yourself in his car on the daily, you grew to love it. Not that you'd ever tell Jungkook that.
You soon came to a stop. A beautiful area on top of a hill that over looked your city. Most of the locals didn't know that this placed even existed, only the people that had lived here all their life, which was mostly old people, so you had no idea how Jungkook knew.
You both sat in silence, your eyes fixed on the blinding lights.
"You're mine." He repeated. "You always have been, and you always will be, no matter how hard you try to deny it, no matter how many guys you kiss, your body is conditioned for me and only me." He said, once more, shoving it in your face. "You think I don't know that?" You whispered, looking straight forward over the cliff. "I hate it. I hate it because I know you're right. I became just another girl that you slept with, and I don't know what to do. I've tried to stay away from you but.." You trailed off. "But?" Jungkook asked, now looking at you. "But I can't." You looked at him too, tears now threatening to fall down your face.
He reached out to you, his hand briefly stroking the side of your face. "I know. And I don't want you too." He leaned in dangerously close, his breath fanning over your lips. "I want you all to myself," His hand slid from your face down to the dark red spot that was forming on the side of your neck, his thumb pressing into it. "And I don't know what the fuck that guy thought he was doing trying to mark what was mine." His gaze was burning as you felt yourself squirm under his touch, his thumb not letting up on the newly forming bruise.
"I want you laid over my lap in the back seat, got it?" All you could do is nod as he got of the car, slamming the door behind him. You quickly followed suit. You didn't want any punishments ensuing tonight, seeing as though you had tested his authority earlier. He slid in the back, spreading his legs as he looked at you expectantly, but before you can get in, he stopped you by lifting up a hand.
"I want you to take your pants and panties off." You stood there stunned, your grip on the open car door tightening. You'd be lying if you said that the idea didn't excite you, the idea of being spanked out in the open went straight to your core, your arousal staining your lace panties. You nodded but that caused Jungkook to tsk.
"Use your words, baby. I know you can." You gulped. "Yes, sir." He let out a deep, satisfied chuckle. "Good girl. Now come here." You quickly shrugged your pants and underwear off, throwing them somewhere in the front seat as you laid yourself over his lap, your heated pussy right over his thick thigh. The car was quite spacious so he had no problem shutting the door behind you, his hands coming to massage your meaty ass, watching the fat spill out from in between his fingers. His cock jumped in interest at the sounds of your tiny whines and sighs. Without warning, he landed his smack on right ass cheek, the impact causing you to jump slightly as you cried out. He was quick to sooth the inflamed flesh.
"Now, are you going to tell me what you were doing making out with that guy?" You breathed out a stuttery breath. "I wanted to make you jealous." He hummed, landing another hit on your ass. Tears were threatening to fall down your face because of the delicious impact. "And why is that?" You sniffled quietly. "Because' you were dancing with another girl 'nd I was upset, so he offered to help me get your attention." You slurred, hiding your face in your crossed arms as your slick dripped onto Jungkook's black jeans. Your face was burning in shame as he sighed from above you.
"Ah~ so you just wanted my attention, huh?" He grabbed your face, tilting it towards his so that your noses nuzzled against one another. "My needy baby, always wanting her sir's attention. Well now you got it." You moaned as he gripped your bruised cheek harshly. He landed another one after another until you were squirming. He smoothed your bottom gently, the pain causing a gush of arousal to drip down your thighs onto his leather seats. He gently brought you up so you were on your hands and knees.
"Are you okay, love?" He whispered into your ear. "Yeah, I'm okay." You breathed. You were more than okay, if anything, you were extremely horny, feeling as though you were going to explode if he didn't do something. "I need- I need you to touch me. Please." You begged as you looked into his eyes. A dark look took it's place on his face as he moved you so that you were straddling his lap, your arms wrapped tightly around his neck. His hands rested on your hips, his grip almost suffocating as his jaw tightened.
"Do you think you deserve to be touched? Have you been a good girl for me?" You nodded rapidly, becoming desperate. "I've been a good girl, so so good. " You slurred. It was apparent that you were slowly slipping in to your submissive headspace. He just hummed, his fingers lightly trailed up the side of your neck until it landed on the dark spot on your neck once more.
"This here.. I don't like it." He said distastefully. He pushed your head to the side so your neck was forcefully bared to him. His tongue trailed up the side of your neck, a line of saliva being left behind before he sucked right over Namjoon's hickey. You gasped in pain as he rolled the piece of skin in between his teeth, sucking hard as your fingers locked in the expanse of his baby hairs. You attempted to grind down on his growing bulge, but you were sadly locked in place. You choked as he continued to suck spots on your neck, making his way down to your clothed chest. He growled, his hands reaching for the bottom of your shirt to tug the bothersome article off of you.
He threw it somewhere in the front seat just like you had done. Now all you were adorning was a thin, black laced bralette that barely kept anything to the imagination. He groaned at the sight of your hardened nipples that poked through the material, his fingers coming up to tease one of them as he left marks all on your heaving chest. You cried out as his lips locked around your nipple, spit seeping through the lace, his hand coming up to tease your right one. You two had barely even started and you were already a mess for him. Jungkook loved knowing that only he could do this to you, that this was only a sight for him to see, like a hidden gem.
He didn't feel bad for teasing you to no end, you did kiss somebody that wasn't him after all. You had your fun now he was going to have his by playing with your body; his most favorite toy may he add. Since you couldn't grind down on him, you took it upon yourself to slip a hand down to play with your aching clit yourself. Jungkook must've sensed your movement because he grabbed you by your wrist, his gaze boring into yours as you sucked your bottom lip between your teeth.
"You aren't allowed to touch what's mine, or am I going to have to remind you?"
There's two ways this could end. Either you could be a good girl for him and not touch yourself, OR you could see how long it takes for him to finally fuck you. You sat there in thought, mischief swimming in your eyes as you looked at him innocently.
"I think it's been awhile. Don't you think.. sir?" Ah, the sir kink. Your greatest advantage that you just loved to hold over his head. He let out a primal growl, smashing his lips on yours as he gripped the cups of your bra, snatching them down so your breasts spilled out, his left hand coming collecting both of your wrists into a tight grip as he pinned them behind your back. You were now fully restrained as his fingers began to ghost up and down your leaky slit, tiny gasps escaping you when he put slight pressure on where you wanted him the most.
"I should just leave you just like you are right now. Maybe I should just let you get off on my fingers, hm?" You shook your head 'no' which caused him to cock an eyebrow. "No? Then what do you want, sweetheart? I won't know if don't tell me. I'm no mind reader." It was true. He was no mind reader, but he did know how to read your body, he just wanted to hear those filthy words fall out of your mouth. "I want.. I want your cock. I want to come on your cock, please.." All you were able to do was beg, which was extremely humiliating, but it turned you on at the same time. Being at the mercy of Jungkook as he decides on if you get to cum or not.
Finally, his middle finger circled your clit lazily as his mouth encircled around your left nipple. You cried out, the feeling of him touching was already becoming to much in the short amount of time. Your hips bucked against his pesky finger as he added a second, his circular motions becoming harsher as his suckling became unforgiving as he sunk a finger into slowly. The drag of his slender, tattooed fingers rubbed up against your walls exquisitely as the sounds of lewd squelching sounded throughout the vehicle. You moaned loudly, Jungkook easily slipping a second finger into you. You attempted to ride them, your hips rutting down pitifully as his lips were locked on the junction of your sensitive neck, drawing out even more euphoric noises from you.
When it came to expressing yourself while he pleasured you, you never faltered or attempted to keep yourself silent. Jungkook loved your noises, so you had no reason to try and hide them from him; like right now would be a great example. His cock was threatening to burst through the zipper of his jeans at the sight of you indulging but also trying to fight the pleasure that his fingers gave you. His hand was beginning to hurt from holding him from behind you so he let go, your hands instantly going to hold onto his shoulders. He cupped the side of your face with his free hand, your lips joining together in sync as you began to advance closer to your high. He swallowed your whimpers and whines, your high pitched moans that seemed to grow lighter and lighter as you became dangerously close to coming undone.
He angled his fingers to rub up against that spongy part inside of you, his palm coming up to rub against your clit. You wailed as he kept you in place, your body twitching and convulsing as you were forced to take everything that you were given. As you came down from your high, you slumped forward, your slightly worn body relaxing against Jungkook's still clothed one. He rubbed your back, placing kisses in your hair as he whispered sweet encouragements.
"Are you still okay too keep going, love?" You breathed heavily, your head digging into the crook of his neck. "Yeah, I can keep going." You said as you nodded. Your trembling hands went to grab at his fly, successfully unzipping it as you teased the clothed thing with the tips of your fingers, Jungkook's hips slightly twitching at the ticklish feeling. You bit the bottom of your lip at your hands slid up to his shoulders, reaching to slip off his leather jacket. He helped you shrug him out of it, followed by his shirt. Your hands rested on his sunken in stomach, your hands dragging themselves up and down his chest, lightly brushing up against his nipples. As much as he hated to admit it, they were always sensitive. You leaned forward, your breath fanning over the junction of his neck this time around. You smirked against his skin as you palmer him through the material, squeezing it every now and then to get a grunt of Jungkook.
"You gonna let me leave a mark on you too?" You asked against his skin as he shivered, "I mean it's only fair." He rasped. You smirked your lips locking around his neck, determined to make a bruise to show everyone that he was yours, that you stuck your claim on him. The marks didn't stop there; infact- you continued to leave them all around the base of his throat, even right on his jaw where everyone could see. You began to grind your tricky hips down against him, his cock pulsed around nothing, desperate to find home within your warmth. As cute as he found it that his girl was marking her territory, he needed to be inside you. Now.
"Baby.." He groaned, his head falling back at the feeling of your fingers slightly teasing his perky nipples. "Please.. I need to be inside you." He whined. The duality of this man never failed to amaze you. "Okay, baby." You helped him pull his jeans as well as his tight boxers that were definitely stained at where his tip sat.
His dick stood tall and irritated, precum continuously beading at the tip only to drip down the side of his throbbing cock. You licked your lips, hovering over it as you lined it up to your entrance, slowly sinking down as Jungkook's large hands held your hips, just to keep you steady. Your nails dug into his bare shoulders as you took him all in one go, Jungkook moaning as he fully bottomed out. You shook, your body trembling at the feeling of being full, the man under you soothing achy bottom as you waited to become adjusted to his girth. You felt like you were being split in half and god- wasn't that your favorite feeling. You slowly gyrated your hips, stuttery breaths being forced out of you as you picked up the pace.
Soon you began to fuck yourself on his cock, your head tilting back as your mouth hung open, silent moans escaping you. Jungkook's hands fell onto your ass, guiding you up and down as his head fell back as well, the windows of his expensive car fogging because of your shared body heat. He landed a slap on your ass before making you go faster, hearty moans booming out of him as he landed a harsh slap on your right as cheek, squeezing the fat.
"Jungkook~" You mewled, your fingers scratching down his smooth chest, red welts being left behind in their wake. "So good, baby. So fucking good." He grunted, his hips now bucking up to meet you in between each bounce. "Such a fucking slut. Talking to another guy just to make me jealous. I bet you wanted this to happen, to be fucked silly in the back of my car while anyone could pull in and see that the car is shaking because you're taking dick like a cheep whore." He chastised, mockery laced deep within his voice.
He landed another rough slap against your ass.
You loved being treated like this; like you were only good for being stuffed full of cum. His dirty words really got you going as you felt close to your orgasm, your walls clenching around him. It was as though he could sense it, pushing you so that you were pinned against his chest, his arms looking around you before fucking up into you at a brutal pace. You were damn near screaming as you could clearly hear his moans in your ear.
"I'm gonna- I'm gonna cum!" You cried out, thrashing against his hold as he didn't let up, continuously driving his hips in and out of your tight cunt. "I know, I know." That was code for not yet. Your head fell onto the seat in front of you, your back itching to arch as his hips found a whole new angle to fuck you at, the tip of his cock brushing up against that same spongy spot. It was oversensitive because of your first orgasm, the constant abuse bringing you closer and closer to bliss.
"Please- I-" His thrusts began to get sloppy. "Cum for me, darling." You instantly let go, your body shaking as he shot his load deep inside you, his grip suffocating you. You whimpered uncomfortably as he worked you through your climax. You two sat in silence for a moment, basking in each other's presence before he carefully pealed you off of him, your sweat merging together causing you to stick together like glue.
"You okay, baby?" He held your face in his hands, his thumb gently massaging the damp skin. You looked ethereal, your hair sticking to your forehead, his marks littered all over your skin in beautiful purples and red hues. " 'm alright, just a bit tired." You mumbled, melting into his touch. Your eyes were slowly drooping closed, "Let's get you cleaned up and back in the front seat before you fall asleep, okay love? Then when you wake up we have a lot to talk about." He said faintly.
When you had awoken, you were made abundantly clear that it wasn't your apartment, but what you could tell by the heavy weight that was settled over you, it was only obvious that you were at Jungkook's place. You looked down to stare at him lovingly, galaxies being held in your eyes as he let out tiny puffs of air. He didn't look as intimidating when he slept, and much more easier to tolerate as well. You weren't mad that you had fallen for him, you were just mad that things hadn't gone the way you had wished for them too.
Your finger tips pushed some of his bangs out of his hair, causing him to stir awake. He sleepily propped his chin in the middle of your chest, just below your blanket covered breasts. His lips were puckered out as his eyes were puffy, your eyes catching the dark spot on the side of his jaw. You flushed a bit as last night's events flooded your mind.
"Good morning, princess." He said groggily, his voice raspy. You had to stop yourself from squealing because of his sexiness. "Good- good morning.." You said unsurely. You honestly had no idea how to react in this situation, you were usually up and out of here by the ass crack of dawn, not waking up in his bed.
"What's wrong?" He asked, propping himself on his elbows. "I- I don't know. I'm supposed to be mad at you but then here I am, in your bed cuddling with you. It's all so confusing, kook." He sighed in understanding. "I get it, but I want you to know that I'm not going anywhere, alright? I really meant it when I said that you're mine and I am yours." He grabbed your left hand that laid uselessly by your side, pressing loving kisses onto your knuckles. "Promise?" You asked childishly. He let out a chuckle, a bunny toothed grin popping out. "Yes baby, I promise."
The rest of the day the both of you laid there together in domesticated silence, just indulging in the time that you had together. You were nervous about this new chapter in your life, but you were sure that you were making the right decision, and that's all that truly matters.
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sparklingchim · 8 months ago
[your] love's the only hoax i believe in; 01 (m)|jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x you
word count: 9.5k
genre: fuckboy!jungkook, angst(kinda broke my own heart while writing ngl), smut, college au
warnings: gguk is really mean in the end, dom!jungkook, sub!reader, swearing, oral (m receiving), fingering, cum eating, groping, dirty talk, rough sex, mentions of vibrator, brief spanking, size kink, multiple orgasms, protected sex, names calling, mentions of exhibitionism, jungkook kinda insults taylor swift (but oc defends her!)
summary: not in a million years you would have guessed that you'd find yourself in the arrangement of giving the biggest fuckboy on campus free tutor lessons in exchange of letting him fuck you. so, how exactly did you end up here?
a/n: i put a lot of effort and time (despite having to learn for exams 🤡) into this piece so i hope you like it!!🥺
index: one | two |
The squeaky sounds of your sneakers ricochets off the walls as you're marching through the hall of the university facility. You walk fast, not only because you have somewhere to be, but also because you always stroll everywhere in brisk motions. Life is rushing past your eyes just like how you are walking past the tranquil students that saunter in the hallway. The apathy that dwells upon those people were something that you secretly hankered after.
However, you really have no time to think about how they - or perhaps even everyone that surrounds you - come off as so composed and mellow because you're already two minutes too late to your study session with Jeon Jungkook. Why did past you think that you'd be able to get from your class to the library - that's in another faculty - in only five minutes? It was impossible.
After some more sprinting you find yourself in the library. It doesn't take long to spot the dark-haired guy that was gifted with those captivating eyes. He sits somewhere near the huge windows, reading something in a book before typing on his laptop. You pretend that you don't notice the small buckle of your knees when you take his whole appearance into observation, while walking towards him.
Jeon Jungkook is utterly gorgeous. He looks splendid, magnificent, imposing and so much more. Which was also the reason why you were such a stuttering mess when he suddenly approached you to ask if you could help him with some classes a few days ago. His beauty literally snapped your breath away.
,,Y/n!" an unfamiliar voice shouts into the chilly spring air, when you just left the library, a few books stapled in your arms.You turn around and search for that someone that called your name. You don't expect to be met with a pair of hooded eyes that make you gulp.
It was Jeon Jungkook in his full splendour, his prestige radiating something electrifying in the air. Despite the impressiveness of his visuals that you get to ogle from up close your mind drifts off to why he knows who you are. Why does Jeon Jungkook know that you exist?
,,Uh, y-yes?" In spite of trying to come off as nonchalant your voice gives you away. There was just something about him that intimidated and let uncertainty mingle inside you.
,,You do one on one tutoring sessions, right?" he asks, expectantly waiting for your answer. The wind that picks up and sweeps his cologne into your nostrils doesn't help to organise your thoughts, they only get fuzzier.
,,Yeah..I-I offer some."
,,Good. I need some help with a few classes and Namjoon recommended you to me, said you were the best in your shared classes." Jungkook's gaze never shifts from your eyes, unlike yours because - oh wow look, what a beautiful leave there is on the ground - holding eye contact with this handsome men was just too much. ,,Of course only after him," he chuckles and that soft sound makes your eyes dart up again, the beauty of his scrunched features when he chuckles now embedded in your memory.
You try to compose yourself without him noticing that he somehow has so much impact on you without even doing something distinguishing. ,,I have a lot to do at the moment, so I have to check my schedule first." - you clear your throat to get that annoying layer of nervousness away that encases your voice - ,,It could take a while tho, because I already have a few tutoring lessons going on at the moment."
Jungkook looks baffled for a moment. He didn't think that there was a chance of you rejecting him. He wasn't aware of the fact that your were so engaged in the whole tutor thing, but it seems like you were kinda well-known for that on campus. How would he know though? Jungkook had very little interest in anything that had to do with studying. But here you are, in some extent turning him down, saying it straight into face. Jungkook couldn't pass it off like that.
,,What a shame. I was looking forward to it. I think we'd have so much fun. Y'know, you seem like you can teach me a lot." You blink. You'd have so much fun? You can teach him a lot? What was he trying to imply? ,,But I guess I should've come to you sooner, huh? At least the people you're tutoring get the bless to have you as their study guide." Why was he suddenly looking down at you with those big innocent eyes? This wasn't what you imagined him to be when you heard everyone gossip about the infamous fuckboys newest escapade at the frat house. Something softens inside you.
,,Do you mind giving me your number? O- of course only for the purpose of texting you if the tutor sessions work out!" you blurt out, gulping when you await his answer.
A grin tugs on Jungkook once he understood the meaning behind your words. ,,Absolutely."
That day you couldn't forget your little intervention with Jungkook and how his whole energy exhibited smugness and sublimity in such an effortless way - that kind of enticed you, but you wouldn't admit that - until a dreamless sleep washed over you.
So now you stand at Jungkooks table, ready to start the first tutor lesson with him. He was lucky that this one girl ended the study session two days after Jungkook approached you - because you taught her well enough that she didn't need you anymore - so you were able to slide Jungkook into her slot.
You hawk, trying to gain Jungkooks attention. You're not sure how he could be so immersed into whatever he's typing on his laptop or maybe he's mad because your 5 minutes too late, but that couldn't be the case, right? Jungkook looks up at you, a gentle smile tugging on his lips. Nope, doesn't seem to be mad at all. Good. Because your not up for a debate about how your were already so unprofessional before the study lessons even started. You weren't usually like this, you were always on time but Jungkook insisted on having the first tutor lesson on Wednesday at this time, so there wasn't even a chance that you would be punctual if you didn't get out of class earlier.
,,Hi," you greet him, tone sounding meek. You settle yourself in the seat in front of him. His eyes follow you, that grin never leaving his face. And that buzzing feeling - that flooded your bones once you saw Jungkook sitting here - doesn't leave too.
,,Hello, Y/n." Is it normal to feel shivers down your spine after someone says your name? Perhaps the essential thing is that it wasn't just someone that said your name - it was Jeon Jungkook to be clear.
,,Uh, have you sorted out some specific topics where you're lacking the most, so that we can start there?" Talking about studies and university stuff gains confidence in your voice.
When you start talking about why you're both actually here, Jungkook sighs and that sluggish smile is nowhere to be found. He thought that you'd maybe be up to some talking first, perhaps getting to know each other because Jungkook finds your shy persona somehow interesting. But as soon as you sat down you were immediately doing your job, no indication to talk to each other to at least try to establish a solid relationship to see how things are working between the two of you or whatsoever. You don't care about things like that - you're only here to help this boys difficulties that he has with getting through university.
Nonetheless, Jungkook would not settle with this kind of distant relationship. He wants to have more fun if he was already going to do something so boring voluntarily. Jungkook needs a bit more thrill at this sessions and he was glad that he reached out to you, because your innocent and timid manners oddly attract him. ,,I wrote some down," he answers.
You start grabbing your stuff from your bag, placing them on the table. ,,So," - you open a few books while your laptop powers up - ,,Where do you want to start?" Jungkook hands you a paper and you examine it briefly. ,,Aren't these like... all your classes?" you ask.
,,Yeah," he admits, rubbing his neck.
Sigh. You didn't know that Jungkook would be such a difficult case.
,,Hey, do you wanna grab takeout with me? You can choose where," Jungkook offers when you're both done and are packing your things.
,,Uhm, I pass," you retort.
While you're occupied with still packing your stuff, Jungkook freezes. He blinks several times. Did you just reject him so...casually?
When you turn back to him you perceive Jungkooks bewildered state. Oh no. That probably came off as rude. ,,It's- It's just that I'm gonna meet up with Hoseok," you clarify.
Hoseok? Jungkook recalls having someone with that name in a class. ,,You both are....?" Of course a pure and beautiful girl like you would have a boyfriend.
,,Wha- Oh, no- no! Nothing like that. He's working on a project and asked me to help him out a bit." Jungkook feels relieved. Despite having some interest in you, he would never do something with a taken girl. That was under his morals. But then again, it was already evening and you didn't plan on going home after this? How much stuff do you manage to do within a day?
,,Okay then, see you next time, gorgeous," he says, throwing his bag over his shoulder and granting you his signature smirk before strolling off.
There was a weird tingly feeling inside your stomach that you couldn't quite decipher.
Bizarrely you end up in the same situation as last time. You're coming late to your meet up with Jungkook again.
You rush to the library, pushing the heavy doors open and relishing in the warmth of the building. Then you sprint to the same desk as last time, hoping he had chosen that same spot again and yes, he luckily did. In quick steps you plump your ass on the chair in front of him, panting heavily.
,,Hi, we're gonna start from where we stopped last time?" You quickly open your bag and swiftly take your notes and books out.
,,Wow, slow down there. Maybe we just wait till your not hyperventilating anymore?" he humours.
,,I'm fine, did you open your file so we can start?" You open your books, trying to find the page, but suddenly two hands dart to yours, wrapping themselves around your wrist. You immediately stop in your tracks. Jungkooks fingers glide down to your hands and wreathes them over yours.
You don't dare to look up at him. Truthfully, you don't want to know what kind of look he has on his face. Jungkook's warmth from his hands conveys into you, your body relaxing and your agitated emotions settle themselves somewhere deep down. It takes a while for your breath to calm down since you were never actively doing any sorts of sport - despite you rush through life like you're never going to be able to finish off everything that you want to accomplish in your span of life.
Why couldn't stressing over life count as some mental sport? You're sure stressing over something burned some calories.
Jungkook notices you dark rings under your eyes, he had already seen them when he first approached you and after that, when you had your first meeting. You seem tired, worn out, but it also looks like that you don't take a break from anything. A tiny bit of guilt mingles inside Jungkook, but if the tutoring lessons that he asked you for were too much you wouldn't have accepted his request...right? ,,You're okay now?" he asks softly. You lock your eyes on his face, his caring manner confusing you.
,,Why are you being like this?"
,,Whatchu mean?"
,,You're like...really nice to me."
,,You don't give me a reason not to be," Jungkook answers, his thumbs softly grazing your skin. The soft gesture overwhelms you, making you feel a lot of good emotions all at once so you pull your hands back, fidgeting with your fingers on your lap. Jungkook nibbles at his bottom lip, withdrawing his arms from table and leaning back on his chair. ,,Why do you think I wouldn't be nice to you anyway?"
,,People talk a lot. Especially about you and your friends. And they say that you're not really friendly towards other students."
,,And you're judging me based off on other people's opinion?" Jungkook folds his arms, suddenly looking so intimidating.
,,I guess so..."
,,At least you're honest," he humours, a small smile displayed on his lips.
,,I think we can start now," you say, opening your books.
Jungkooks smile falters. He wants to learn more about you, wants to study you instead of these boring things. However, it doesn't seem like you have any interest in encountering with Jungkook if it doesn't have to do with studying. And somehow that triggers something inside him. Jungkook felt some kind of attraction towards you, but his reputation makes you back away from him.
He sighs loudly. Why is he feeling so frustrated?
,,I'm heading to the frat party, you wanna join?" You're both occupied with packing up your stuff after your fruitful session.
,,I don't really have time for that," you answer. And even if you would have time, you'd never go to the frat house. You absolutely hate parties.
,,It's Friday. Where do you possibly have to be except at home and enjoying the weekend?"
,,A guy needs my help to revision some stuff," you answer, putting your last item inside your bag, but you don't stand up yet. Jungkook had packed his things too and stays seated.
,,Just cancel him then."
,,I can't."
,,And why is that so?"
,,He recently got a letter that said he would get kicked out if his grades are not gonna get better. He's writing an exam on Monday, so I gotta help him."
,,You need to stop feeling responsible for other people's doom."
,,It's not like that," you defend yourself, even though there was a little voice in your mind that told you that Jungkook was right.
,,Yeah it is. Why are you being so delusional?" Delusional? Why was he getting so intrusive all of a sudden?
,,I just don't want him to fail. I'm just being nice, that's all. Maybe you don't know what that's like 'cause you're treating everyone like shit."
There it was. You're confronting him about his reputation again. And maybe you are right. Maybe Jungkook treats everyone like shit, but he couldn't be like that to you. Somehow Jungkook finds you different than all the other people in this stupid university and he hates the fact that you don't want to have something to do with him. It's not like he didn't notice the stares you give him when you thought he wouldn't notice because he was occupied with something. He noticed every single glance of yours. And he also hates how you drown yourself into work when it's not even your work. You're so immersed into helping other people, that you forget to take care for yourself.
,,Your levelheadedness gives one the impression that you'd be capable of having an organised life, but your not even reserving some time for you in your own damn life."
,,I am organised!" you exclaim.
He rolls his eyes. ,,Your gonna focus on that part and ignore the other stuff? Because it was true and you don't want to admit it?"
,,I don't know why my personal life should be your concern." You absolutely don't like to be confronted with how you live your life.
,,Just saying. I don't wanna pay money for study session when the tutor keeps coming late."
Jungkooks sudden offensive words infuriates you. ,,It won't happen again," you snap and grab your bag to rush out of the library.
It happened when you met Jungkook at your third meeting. (Jungkook apologised through a text message the same day he started that unnecessary fight with you and as long as he wasn't gonna come at you like that again you were fine with tutoring him.)
While you walk up to him - this time not having to rush - he notices you before you had to announce your appearance. A polite smile graces your lips while he watches you walk over to him.
,,Did you do the few tasks that I wanted you to do last time?" you ask while sliding onto your usual chair. Perhaps a little hesitance lingers in your voice, because you're still a bit awkward after that little fight you had with Jungkook. But Jungkook seems like he had already forgotten what happened and acted all natural. That soothes you a little.
Jungkook hums, eyes flickering to your cute outfit that you're wearing. Some tight fitted t-shirt - Jungkook loves the way your boobs look in it - and a regular pair of skinny jeans - Jungkook would love to see your ass in it. In conclusion; Jungkook finds you hot. ,,Yeah, I have, but there's something more important," he answers.
,,What is it?" You don't look at him, too caught up in finding your notes in your bag, but still curious as to what he is about to say.
,,I have an assignment due today and it's not finished yet."
You sigh and glance at him. ,,How far are you?"
,,I just named the google doc."
You cock a brow up. He has to be shitting you. You take another deep breath, calming your senses. ,,How much time is left?"
,,Like 3 hours?"
You're well aware of the fact that these tutor lesson do not mean that you're gonna help them doing their homework. But this idiot was really something else. You could make an exception for him, right? And by the way his eyes are looking so intently into yours you can tell that he's hoping for the same thing. ,,You know that I'm not here to do your homework with you, right?"
,,I know, but I really forgot that I had to hand it in today," he clarifies. He really did. Jungkook is glad that you were here to - hopefully - help him.
,,Okay, we can do this. Yeah, just" - you sway your hand in fast motions to gesture him to turn his laptop around - ,,Let me see what you have to write about. You're gonna hand it in on time, we just have to be quick."
,,Sit next to me," he suggests and moves the chair next to him back. You don't even think about the proximity that you're gonna have by sitting next to Jungkook, the only thing that's on your mind is to finish that essay with him.
So when you sit next to him and you're literally able to smell his intoxicating scent, a thick layer of fog loops around your mind, reminding you of your mixed emotions that you felt towards Jungkook - even though the most prominent one was the indisputable enthrallment that drew you to him.
Throughout the whole event of writing Jungkooks essay as fast as possible there is a strong tension going on between the two of you. First you misinterpreted it, thinking that the heavy air is the outcome of the little quarrel that you had. Then you thought he might be in distress because he's afraid of not being able to finish his work on time, but you quickly throw that thought away. If he would be that worried he would've started sooner with it.
You only come to the right solution when Jungkook and you stare at each other and both of you are not able to look back. The reason why the strong tension dwelled in the air are the two of you. You both are responsible for the sizzling and electrifying environment that you're in.
You're the first one to withdraw your eyes from his warm orbs, looking back at the table and being greeted with the sight of his fingers laying on yours. Oh. That's why you looked at Jungkook in the first place. You both wanted to grab the book and ended up in this situation.
You pull your hand from under his bigger one. Your cheeks are probably flushed now, but you can't force the embarrassment back. The gap between your chairs was somehow also non-existent anymore. At some point either Jungkook or you moved closer to the other one. ,,You can have it," you say, chin pointing at the book. You can feel Jungkook's burning stare from the side, but you can't look at him now. What you don't anticipate is his hand reaching down to your thigh instead of grabbing the book.
,,I have an idea," Jungkook whispers, ignoring the book completely. His deep voice triggers goose bumps all over you.
,,What is it?" You slowly dart you gaze back to him.
,,Would you let me fuck you in exchange of free study lessons?"
,,Y'know, we hook up and I get free lessons?" Okay, but that was really not what you expected when you agreed on being his tutor. But you can't deny that his questions thrills you and you actually start to ponder about it. Was there anything that could go wrong if you'd agree to fuck Jeon Jungkook? You can't come up with something, so you look into his eyes, determination set in you.
When Jungkook observes your features he knows that he got you; you would agree to the arrangement that Jungkook offered. He smirks. ,,I see, the thought of hooking up with me caught your interest, huh?" Jungkook teases. Of course he'd never loose his arrogant attitude. Asshole...really hot asshole.
,,And what benefit would I get from that? I don't have a lot of spare time anyway, so why should I give you free tutoring lessons?"
,,When was the last time you got dick?"
,,Huh?" You cheeks flush instantly. Maybe you shouldn't have asked...You relent when he doesn't stop staring at you with his brow darted up. ,,Uhmm" - you ponder about his question for a long second - ,,More than half a year?" you answer in a meek voice.
,,Oh fuck."
,,Just because you get some everyday doesn't mean that half a year is a long time," you roll your eyes.
,,No, I didn't...It was..," Jungkook trails off. He only cursed because the thought of splitting your tight little pussy open hit him. But he couldn't tell you that. ,,Just- Look, you constantly have work to do, so I think spending some time occupying yourself with something else than helping others would actually help you. And I just kinda need the money that I'm spending for this study lessons, because I'm broke...So are you up for it?"
Jungkook was broke? And despite that he still wanted the tutor lessons? You could already tell that Jungkook was mostly lost in your first session - he wasn't dumb though. It was probably because he never listened in any classes which resulted in him not knowing what was going on in any of them. Nevertheless, Jungkook is a quick learner.
,,And you don't only want this for free because I keep coming late, do you?"
,,Nah, definitely not cause of that. Just a few minutes that I had to wait for your beautiful face to show up."
Your face crimsons. ,,I mean...I could like pay-pay you back for that? Maybe with..." Your eyes shoot to his groin before settling back to to his warm orbs.
,,Are you offering me a blowjob?"
,,I mean...uh, yes?" His candid words make you feel insecure again, despite what you literally just offered him. You fidget with your fingers before huffing. ,,Why do you always have to be so direct?" Jungkooks blunt nature was making you really nervous.
,,Why? You don't like it? You don't want to hear how badly I wanna have your innocent lips wrapped around my cock?" Oh God. How did everything escalate so quickly? But you couldn’t deny the fact that you panties were dampening. Thank God that you both had finished the essay already. You hastily grab your phone from the table.
,,Your or my place? Or do you have an exhibitionism kink?" While typing on your phone you quickly shoot him a look that says something along the lines off 'You think so?' to which he responds with a chuckle.
,,I'm just gonna cancel my roommate. We were supposed to go to the cinema today with some of her friends, but...I changed my mind." Jungkook smiles at that. Finally you found him good enough that you didn't turn him - but your friend down. He's not sure why, but it felt good to know that he was currently placed high in your priority list.
,,Let's go to my place," you announce while standing up. Jungkook grins, relishing in the fact that you're hurriedly packing your things because you can't wait to get his dick between your lips.
You didn't think that you could end up in a situation like that. Feeling giddiness manifesting as you think about all the things that you could to with Jungkook once you're both at your place.
That tingly sensation that you felt in your stomach a few days ago made an appearance again. This time it felt more like some little caterpillars in your stomach, creating tingles inside you as they get ready to transform into butterflies.
,,Look at your small mouth wrapped around my big cock."
You're currently occupied with bobbing your head up and down Jungkook length, taking him as far as you can without gagging around him.
The rousing heat that lodged between the two of you never slackened when the two of you went to your place as quick as possible. Frankly, it did the quite opposite.
That's how you ended up so quickly on your knees as soon as you both got inside your room and Jungkook sat down on your bed. You didn't hesitate a second before dropping down on the carpet between his legs and watching him discard his pants and boxers with hungry eyes.
,,Can you take more? Hm?" Jungkook combs his fingers though your hair, the soft gesture sending shivers down your spine. You try to get more of him inside you throat, gagging when you reached your limit. You've never had someone that was as big as Jungkook - his size made your eyes nearly fall off because he is so massive - so it was no surprise for you that you weren't able to take all of him. The sounds you made while chocking on his cock spurred Jungkook even more on.
,,You're too big," you answer after pulling off, hand jacking him off in fast motions. Some strands fall onto your face as you slightly lean away, but Jungkook is quick to hold them back with his hand, creating a makeshift ponytail.
He grins down at you, enjoying to have the pleasure of seeing you in such a submissive state. ,,Too big for your little mouth, huh?" he coos, but his actions are quite the opposite from his tone when he suddenly puts pressure on your head and forces you back onto his cock. You take him willingly, opening your mouth and taking him as far as you're capable of. He holds you there, not allowing you to start bobbing your head. When you start swirling your tongue and swallow around him Jungkook throws his head back, the pleasure that you give him feeling excruciatingly good. ,,Where'd you learn to suck dick so well?" he asks through gritted teeth.
Your eyes start tearing up and soon he tugs at your hair. With a strangled moan you pop his length out of your mouth, panting heavily. Jungkook watches the graphic scene in front of him; tears brimming in your eyes, your mouth swollen from your sucking and a string of saliva connecting your full lips to his hard cock.
He already found you hot, but now you just became a thousand times more attractive in his eyes. Jungkook didn't know that you'd be up for such a messy blowjob, but the fact that your pure and innocent being had such a dirty side was doing something to him.
You duck down again, holding his cock up with your little hand and peppering kisses over his length. Then you start swirling your tongue over his sensitive tip, causing him to breath loudly through his nose. You start sucking and licking his tip while your hand picks up its movements again.
,,Fuck, feels so good, babe," he curses and perhaps if you wouldn't be sucking his dick you would have flushed at the pet name, but you're literally giving him head right now so there isn't much left for you to feel embarrassed about. You moan around his cock, making him hiss. ,,You like that pet name? Hm?"
You pop his cock out of your mouth. ,,Yeah," you mutter, ogling the way his brows are scrunched in rapture.
,,Come here," he says and grabs your arm. You hastily comply, getting up and straddling his lap.
You don't expect him to kiss you as soon as the proximity between your faces is close, but he does and you feel like you've never kissed anyone like that before. The languid movements quickly turn into a sloppy mess, consisting of lots of tongue and sharing saliva but you're just as eager to feel everything from Jungkook as he is. You moan into the kiss when he starts groping your ass through your jeans with both of his hands. The grinding on his hips come naturally when you feel your core getting wetter and wetter by the touch of his hands.
,,Get these pants off," he tells you after retracting from the kiss.
You stand up, discarding the tight pants and jumping on his lap once you threw it away somewhere. Now that there isn't much of a barrier left between his cock and your aching core - only your flimsy panties - the longing to finally feel his dick buried inside of you gets almost agonising. That's why you start grinding your hips on his groin again, relishing the feel of his hard member sliding against your clothed heat.
,,Shy girl is so turned on, isn't she?" God, yes. You weren't turned on like this for such a long time.
When you feel his finger pushing you panty to the side and starting to slide it through your folds you squirm above him. Jungkook watches how you whole expression switches into pure pleasure and he didn't even start touching the most sensitive parts yet. Jungkook starts toying with your swollen clit that ached to get attention. ,,Oh," you squeak and close your eyes. Your hands that are wrapped around his shoulders wander to tug at his hair on the nape of his neck.
,,Fuck, you're so responsive," he utters and doesn't stop drawing circles on your clit. Two fingers slide down to your hole, his thumb still flicking on your bundle of nerves while he slowly plunges his fingers in. You're tight. You're so fucking tight. Jungkook has to gulp. He zests in the way your walls make room for his fingers and asks himself how your little pussy is going to take his cock later on, but he has a feeling that your gonna take cock as good as you give head.
You whimper when his fingers are as deep as they can go. ,,Want me to make you cum?" You open your eyes and are met with his brown orbs already staring back at you.
,,Uh-huh," you nod. He doesn't wait any longer. Jungkook picks ups a steady rhythm with his fingers, his thumb never stopping the circling on your clit. He crooks his fingers, finding that sweet spot of yours that makes you cling onto him, pressing your body against his. The slick sounds of your pussy getting fucked by his fingers tinkles in your room. Jungkook movements are rapid, eager to make you come undone before he's going to fuck you brainless.
The consequence to your receptivity is that you reach your high pretty quickly. You're not entirely sure if it's really because it had been a long time since someone else than you had gotten you off or if it was due to Jungkooks skilled fingers that found all the right spots inside of you. ,,Jungkook!" You squirm on top of him, head resting on his shoulders and clinging onto him with dear life. You need a few seconds to calm down from that high.
,,You made such a mess on my fingers," Jungkook comments when he withdraws them from your quivering hole. You lean back, watching how he stares at his fingers that are covered in your arousal. You bite your lip. That was a lot. His digits are practically shining. Jungkook suddenly wraps his lips around his fingers, cleaning them with his mouth. Oh fuck. That looks so hot. ,,Taste so sweet." You smile coyly at his compliment. Once he's done with cleaning his fingers, he pulls your shirt over your head, making quick work in getting your bra off too before throwing them both away. ,,Shit, look at these tits."
He stares at them with amazed eyes, instantly groping your flesh. After squeezing, rolling your nipples between his fingers and teasingly tugging at your them, he leans down to flick his warm tongue against your hardened bud. You moan, fingers cascading through his hair as he gives your breasts attention. ,,How do you want it?" Jungkook asks after sucking on your bud, leaning to your other boob to give it the same recognition.
,,Uh, I don't know...," you mumble, the unexpected question making you feel jittery.
,,Any preference?" he mutters against your flesh.
When you feel the fan of his breath against your sensitive nipple you take a shaky breath before answering. ,,I like it rough...," you admit.
As if on cue Jungkook suddenly holds your by the hips and pushes you on the bed, your back landing on the soft duvets. You squeal at the sudden movement. Jungkook tugs your panties down and spreads your legs to make room for himself. He sits back on his heels, tugging his shirt from his body in a swift motion. Oh wow. His abs.
Then he comes down again, aiming for your neck and places wet kisses over your skin. He nibbles on your skin, gently sucking at it. You sigh in contentment. His mouth feels so good. You graze your hands over his chest, your fingers sliding over his abs. But then he abruptly stiffens above you.
,,Fuck, please tell me you have condoms," he says after retracting from your neck. You think you have never seen him that desperate before.
You chuckle at his expression. How fun would it be to say that your have none? But his expression tells you enough to know that he isn't up for teasing right now, because he's genuinely concerned that he's not goonna be able to fuck you.
,,I have some in my nightstand," you answer, watching how his whole face lights up in relief. Jungkook bends over to your nightstand, his shoulder coming very close to your face. You wrap one arm around his neck, skimming your digits over his skin till they stop at his shoulder. The sounds of his impatient hands rummaging through your drawer rings through the room.
,,You have a vibrator?!"
Your head shoots to him. What was his hand doing in that drawer? Once you realise what's happening your whole being gets drenched in downright mortification.
,,Oh my God," he utters as he grabs a hold of your pink little vibrator and sits back on his heels.
,,Not that drawer you idiot!" you yell, clasping your hands on his body to get him away from your nightstand, but of course you have no chance against his weight. Jungkook looks at the vibrator completely astonished while you're cheeks flush in a really dark shade. ,,Get your dirty fingers away from that, Jungkook."
He darts his eyes to you. ,,Am I the one with the vibrator or you? Who's the dirty one now, huh?" The desire to whip that stupid smirk on his face away is really strong.
,,Why would you open the second drawer before looking inside the first one? Why do you have to be like that?" you whine.
,,Well, it's your poor choice of finding a hiding spot for it," he retorts, that stupid thing still in his hand.
,,Just put it back and open the first drawer," you roll your eyes.
,,No, wait- can we please use it?" he asks, like a little kid trying to persuade his mum to buy him a toy.
,,But we could have so much fun with it," he tries to allure you.
,,We're not using a vibrator, Jungkook. Put it back."
,,Fine," he sulks, reaching for the drawer to put it back to its place.
Once he grabs the condom and wraps it around his member, he is finally where you long for him the most. Jungkook grazes his mushroom tip over your folds, spreading your arousal all over your pink pussy lips. He nudges your clit, causing you to arch your back at the sensitivity. ,,Please," you pant, eyes closing when he doesn't stop toying with your clit.
,,Want my cock? Hm?" You nod vigorously, but that's not enough for him. He lets go of his hold on his cock - making you shudder when the friction on your bundle of nerves is gone - and squishes your cheeks between his fingers. ,,Use your words." Jungkooks finger loosen their hold so you're able to talk properly.
,,Please fuck me."
,,Mhm, shy girl knows how to use her dirty words, huh?" he teases and you bite your lip in embarrassment. Jungkook coaxed words out of your mouth that you never said out loud before. His hand leaves your face and starts aligning his throbbing cock against your entrance. Jungkook slowly pushes in, his thick tip pushing your walls apart. He intently watches how his dick vanishes in your quivering hole, moaning once your warmth is swathed around his entire length. You whimper beneath him, his big member reaching spots that you didn't know of. ,,Look at this tight pussy taking my cock so well," he breathes, leaning down to kiss and suck on your neck while you adjust to his size.
,,I think you can move now," you say after a while, wrapping your legs around his body. You arch your back when he teasingly rolls his hips into you.
,,You think you can take this?" he asks and places kisses along your jaw. Before you could say anything he already bottomed out and snapped his hips back again, the sharp thrust jolting your body up but Jungkook is quick to hold you down by your waist. You moan loud, his cock stretching you so deliciously.
Jungkook doesn't stop once he started thrusting his length in fast motions inside your greedy warmth. Your walls clench around him in a desperate attempt to keep his throbbing cock inside of you.
,,Fuck, you're squeezing me so hard." Jungkook peers down, eyeing the heavenly sight of his dick vanishing inside your hole before bottoming out and seeing your arousal sticking to the condom. Your fingers claw on his biceps, creating little marks with your nails on his glowing skin. Jungkook nuzzles his face in the crook of your neck, his loud breathing right next to your ear. His tones sound so sinful and hot, causing to shoot a new gush of arousal right down your core.
,,Feels so good," you mumble, eyes rolling back. The lush titillation that Jungkook provides, fosters the knot in you stomach to flourish in a rapid way, even though you came only minutes ago. Your words cause Jungkook to sit back on his heels, determined to make you feel even better. He grabs your calves, pushes them your legs to your upper body and practically bends you in half. His rattling tempo never slows down, only changing into harder thrusts. Jungkook brings both of your ankles on his shoulder and then leans down to capture your lips in a languid kiss.
The new position allows his cock to go deeper, creating pleasure in places where you've never felt anything like that before. 
When Jungkook withdraws from the kiss he gets mesmerised by the way your boobs jiggle in owing to his harsh jolts. You're a moaning mess beneath him, your body intoxicated by all the sensations that Jungkook is able to give you.
,,Who would have thought that you're so dirty in bed?" Jungkook asks as he palms your breast, kneading the flesh in his hand. You only mewl at his words, the pleasure overtaking everything of you. ,,Pretending to be shy and then wanting to get fucked like a dirty slut," he spits, pinching your nipple.
And when Jungkook suddenly start fondling with your little clit, there are no coherent thoughts in your mind anymore. There's only Jungkook and his huge cock ramming inside you. ,,Fucking look at you- are you enjoying this? Enjoying being a little slut for me?"
,,Yes," you keen, eyebrows furrowed. ,,Yes, yes, yes!"
,,That's what I fucking thought." His thumb picks up on speed, the slippery sounds of your pussy mixing so well together with the sound of his skin slapping against yours. ,,Are you gonna cum for me?" You look into his orbs filled with lust -  your sight shimmery due to the tears that brimmed your eyes - and nod at his question. You were so close to finally fall from the edge and reach pure felicity. ,,Use your fucking words," Jungkook scolds you.
,,I- I'm close," you whimper, hands grazing over his back. He grunts, loving the way your nails scrape at his skin.
,,You're gonna cum all over my cock? Cream all over me?" You try to utter something like 'yes' but when that particular push of his hips hits you so deep, you're not able to say any intelligible word. At this point your a stuttering and whimpering mess under his athletic body, your mind fogged with clouds of pure appetency. Your legs shake uncontrollably and Jungkook lets them fall back on the bed again. He's fucking you through your high while your squirming beneath him, the pleasure overtaking all your limbs.
,,Fuck, that's it. That's it, babe," he praises, placing kisses on your collarbone. His thumb still flickers on your clit and you reach down to push his hand away, the friction on your clit too much for you to handle after your high.
You pull his head up to your face, pressing your lips against his. His soft lips feel like they're meant for you to kiss. Somehow kissing Jungkook felt oddly right. He moans into the kiss, his deep tones weirdly calming your senses. When the post-orgasm bliss gradually fades away, you notice the unsteady rhythm that Jungkook  fucks you with and you know that he's about to cum too.
,,Can I cum on your ass?" he asks, his eyes roaming over your features. Your fucked out state elicits the urge to cum so badly, but Jungkook  doesn't want to cum in this stupid condom.
,,Uh, sure," you answer and within a second he grabs your hips and turns your around, his cock slipping out of you in that procedure. Jungkook pulls you up by the waist and you steady yourself on your elbows, arching your back for him. You're not sure why Jungkook wants to cum on your ass and maybe you feel a tiny bit exposed to have him behind you without seeing him, but at this point you don't care anymore.
,,Shit, this ass looks so damn hot," he mutters through gritted teeth while jacking himself off. You tilt your head - staring at your headboard seemed quite boring while he finishes off behind you - and the sight that greets you makes you bite your lip.
Jungkooks eyes are focused on your ass, one hand kneading your flesh before spanking it. His other hand is tightly wrapped around his length, moving in rapid motions. He doesn't need long till he reaches his high too - the white spurts hitting your ass cheeks after a few seconds. Jungkook was on edge since you oh so innocently offered him a blowjob in the library.
His head falls back, a low moan leaving his mouth. Oh fuck. He looks so ethereal, like the most beautiful boy that only existed in your dreams. But he's right behind you - that boy that you secretly wished for is not in your dreams anymore, he's with you.
Jungkook slows his movements on his cock and soon he collapses next to you. Your elbows also yield in and you lay down on your belly, chin propped up on your forearm. You watch how his body moves due to his hard breathing, until he shifts and lays on his back. His eyes immediately catch your stare and a shy smile tugs at your lips.
,,I'm still lowkey sad that we didn't use your vibrator," he admits. That was definitely not what you expected to hear and definitely not what you wanted to be his first words after you both finished with what you just did. You mumble a 'Please be quiet' and close your eyes. That situation was already embarrassing enough, you don't want to talk about it now. ,,But like- that caught me so off guard. That doesn't fit in with the image I have in mind of you." His hand tucks a strand of hair behind your ear.
,,And what did you think about me?" you ask, genuinely curious to what he is about to say.
,,Do you listen to Taylor Swift?" When you only give him a confused stare he explains himself. ,,I don't know, I kinda thought you would listen to someone like her. Y'know country music and stuff like that."
,,Wha- if you don't want me to write a ten pages essay about how Taylor's music is one of be best in the whole music industry, please shut your mouth," you answer offended.
,,Getting feisty? Do you want a second round?" he teases and nudges your arm with his hand.
,,Jungkook!" you chide. He chuckles, enjoying how easy it was to tease you and make your cute cheeks flush.
Suddenly you hear the door of your dorm opening and then closing again. You're immediately alarmed. ,,Put your clothes on!" you whisper in a firm tone, pushing him out of your bed.
He scrunches his eyebrows in confusion and your pushing caught him so off guard that you're actually able to make him fall out of bed.Thomb. ,,Ouch," he hisses. You don't even pay Jungkook attention as you get out of bed yourself - not falling ass first on the floor unlike someone else - and search for your clothes. Jungkook stands up and does the same, still not quite understanding why your roommate coming home means that you have to stop laying in bed naked.
,,Y/n!" Jia - your roommate - exclaims.
You already have your underwear on - not like Jungkook who's still occupied with getting his boxers on - and duck your head through a random shirt just as the door to your room opens.
,,I brought a burger and-" Jia stops in the middle of her sentence when she takes the current situation in. ,,You...," she trails off. Jia  looks at Jungkook - who is still shirtless - and then at you, hair a complete mess. Her eyes suspiciously linger a tiny bit longer on Jungkooks abs. ,,You cancelled me so you could hook up with him?" Her tone sounding accusatory.
You're speechless. How are you gonna tell her that you couldn't say no when Jungkook  offered that arrangement and then you kinda offered a blowjob and then you...ended up in this weird situation. You look at Jungkook , hoping that he maybe has something to say, but he doesn't indicate to say anything. ,,Uh-"
,,I taught you so well, Y/n," she suddenly beams. Oh? Your dumbfounded state makes her giggle. ,,I brought you some burger and fries. I'll put them on the counter. Sorry for interrupting!" And with that she's gone.
You feel Jungkooks stare on you, so you quickly explain your behaviour. ,,I just didn't want her to see... You know...We were bed."
,,There are duvets on your bed, did you know that?" he mocks and pulls his shirt on.
,,I know, but I don't want her to see us in bed."
,,You're an adult, y/n. Of course she knows that you have sex life." You nibble at your bottom lip. He's right, but you'd still get embarrassed of that regardless. ,,Fuck, why do I find it so hot when you get shy?" You look at him surprised. He chuckles when he retorts your expression. ,,I'll get going now, yeah?" Jungkook steps closer, petting the back of your head. You nod, mesmerised by his eyes. He smiles, leaning down to give your forehead a little kiss.
As you watch Jungkook leave the room you feel butterflies freely flying around in your stomach.
A few weeks pass. In those weeks Jungkook and you...fuck a lot - without your vibrator. Jungkook still reacts sulky every time he asks if you'd could use it though, doe eyes and pursed lips intently awaiting your answer. Nonetheless, you never changed your answer.
The study sessions weren't held in the library anymore, you both decided that your room was much more comfortable. Which was also a reason why you both neglected studying a bit because it seemed like when you both are alone inside a room you can't concentrate on the studies. Though you scolded Jungkook a lot of times - telling him to focus on what you're trying to teach him - your nagging didn't have an effect for a long time. Approximately 5 minutes after pretending like you both were able to ignore the burning desire you were all over each other again. You both just couldn't resist each other.
,,Fuck, you need to be on top way more often," Jungkook pants. You don't say anything to that, pushing his body down as you try to wiggle out of his hold he has on your hips, but he doesn't budge. ,,Let me hold you," he mutters and nuzzles his head in the crook of your neck, hands wrapped around your back.
You try to control your breath, toying with the hair on the nape of his neck. ,,Why are you still hard?" you question after realising that his cock didn't soften despite cumming like two minutes ago.
,,Do you realise how good your tits look when you're on top?"
,,I'm not up for a third round," you say drained and ignore his compliment. You already felt exhausted after the first time. He grumbles something against your neck. ,,Jungkook, we already had two rounds," you remind him. He says something like 'want more of you' but stills relents and lays you down on the bed beside him. You close your eyes and feel Jungkooks fingers tracing over your ribcage. 
The past weeks were surprisingly pretty chilly and calm, despite having spent so much time with Jungkook. Jungkook gave you a reason to really let yourself take a breath. Slow your pace, slow your rhythm and finally slow down your excessive need in burying yourself under so much work. You are a work alcoholic, never learned to take a break from your duties. You know you need to suspend from your proceedings sometimes, buy you just couldn't. Not until you met Jungkook. He showed you how to live normal again.
,,Do you want to come to the frat party with me?" he asks after a while. Jungkook's voice is soft, finding a way to wrap itself around your heart. It doesn't need to search for your heart tough. Jungkook was already embedded in there, whether you like it or not.
,,Parties are not really my scene, you know that."
,,Well, studying wasn't mine either and look were I am now."
You roll your eyes. ,,I just don't fit in there. I don't even know anyone there."
,,I could introduce you to some people," he offers.
,,No, it's fine. I already went there a couple of times when I started my first year here, but...I don't know. Most of the people here are just different than me and no matter how much I  tried to make myself fit in it just didn't work...I tried to be nice to them and know, give them my love but there was always nothing in return."
,,I see, that's why you only have nerdy friends?" his hand reaches up to cup your cheek. You only roll your eyes at his comment. It wasn't even like you would call these people actual riends. ,,Namjoon's practically always up your ass," Jungkook says.
You giggle. ,,That's no true."
,,Yeah, think whatever you want," he retorts, a small smile on his lips. He withdraws his hand from your body and gets up to gather his clothes. A questions lingers in your mind. Something that you already wanted to ask him so many times, but always backed away because you were took afraid of the outcome.
You slip under the covers when your naked body started to freeze due to the lack of his warm body next to yours. When you watch him put on his last piece of clothes - his abs vanishing behind his white shirt - you can't prevent yourself from asking. You just don't want Jungkook to go now. ,,Do you want to stay over?"
Your questions hangs heavy in the air. Jungkook's body stiffens while he waa occupied with putting his laptop back into his bag. He turns around to face you. Jungkook never stayed over before. He always left after you both were done. But after a while you secretly wished that he would stay with you.
You had slipped under the covers to warm you up, but somehow your body only gets colder.
He looks at you and you look at him. The expression on his face is unreadable, but you can't back away now. The air that once had that ecstatic and giddy feeling whirling around the room was no longer there anymore. You had ruined it with your intrusive behaviour. ,,You know that this whole arrangement is only fucking right?" His face representing nothing but coldness.
,,Y-yeah, of course I do." You gulp.
,,Good." Jungkook grabs his bag, scooping it up his shoulder. ,,I'm gonna head to the frat party to have some fun," he announces. ,,See you." He doesn't spare you another glance. Pure hurt buzzes through your body.
This time you watch him leave with a hollow feeling inside you.
You had started to like Jungkook. From the very beginning you felt some attraction towards him, but after being so close and intimate there was no way that you could stop your heart from beating faster every time his warm eyes looked at you.
A few hours pass. You don't do much. You occupy yourself with your phone to try to escape the reality, to forget in what kind of misery you brought to yourself. But then you make the mistake of checking Instagram after watching several YouTube videos.
It's Jungkook Instagram Story. First it's a picture of a random blonde girl that you don't know, a red cup with alcohol in her hand and the background full of people. The next is a video, the camera is pointed at a wall but then it turns around, showing Jungkook and that blonde girl heavily making out. The girl giggles after Jungkook palmed her breast with his other hand. There are more Storys that he posted, but you close your phone instead of watching them. There are already enough tears that started running down your cheek.
You aren't sure if this was the first time that Jungkook did something with another girl while your arrangement thing was going on or if he was hooking up with other girls for the whole time. You never really talked about it and you also never dared to ask. You were too scared of his answer. Jungkook wasn't yours. He could do whatever he wanted to do, but you just had this little feeling inside you that he somehow also shared your feelings. That his heart also started beating faster when he saw you looking at him. But apparently you were wrong with that assumption.
Why did it ever cross your mind that you both could somehow be compatible? It was ridiculous how you could trick yourself into a chimaera just because you were always hopelessly aiming for a secretly desired wish. So there was no surprise that your aspiration to get Jungkook like you back - really, just a tiny little bit that you wanted him to like you back - was immediately crushed. You couldn't pretend like it didn't hurt.
You put your phone away and close your lights. You try to sleep but instead you lie awake, wondering what the hell you're doing wrong.
The next day your not walking around campus like you have a specific destination in mind. Your walk is slow and you don't even care if you would come late to class. You're tired. So tired of everything.
You have a lot of time to think while you're sauntering in the hallway. And when you think back about the whole situation with Jungkook, you come to a realisation. The butterflies in your stomach are dead. His rejection burned down their silly hope for love.
Jungkook hurt you, but at least he proved you right in one matter; you'd never be enough for anyone.
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