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#kpop fanart

Chenle 💚

I’ve added a timelapse of this too on my IG here, in case you’re interested❣️

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DREAM Mystery Lab Na Jaemin was a cultural reset. 

If anyone wants to know, my ults in nct are Lucas, Chenle, and Jaemin! It was actually hard for me to choose istg every week I was changing wreckers (but never Lucas, i love my lion boy) until I decided that I was attached to nana and lele >< (not to mention my main group is dream)

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Just wanted to imagine Byul’s reaction if Yong told her this in front of her instead of on the phone~ 🤧

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haha it feels strange posting this now but i drew it at christmas,, the festive baking JCC is my favourite episode yet! JohnTenMark are best boys 🐱🐯🐱

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Going back through the eras with Red Velvet, part 3! Peekaboo is still my favourite Red Velvet song and era, how can I not love those rainbow dresses?? And Yeri with short hair and Joy in That Dress are just absolute perfection <3

I made these buttons for the most prominent Red Velvet eras, they’re available now to grab on my kpop etsy, link is in the source <3

Since it’s a new shop reblogs are appreciated, thank you!!

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Minhyuk, Monsta X from Beautiful photoshoot.

I love this photoshoot sooooo much but it was so hard to paint :c i hope you’ll like it ♡

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