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#kpop fluff
nctsplug02 · 2 days ago
Hi! I really like all your story and finally your request are open again yeay!
Could you do secretary doyoung/jaehyun with ceo reader with lot of nipple play?
Thanks before!
genre: smut
You sigh as you listen to one of your employees ramble, your hands rubbing your forehead as your eyebrows furrow.
“A—and I, I panicked and sold it to them, whic—,” you look up at them through your lashes. “You what?” You remove your hand away from your face. “I—I.. sold it to them..” the employee says slowly in a quieter tone. “Oh my..” you sigh deeply, annoyed by the fact you said to not sell the building to them without you there.
You lean back in your chair with your eyes sealed shut. “Get out.” The employee whimpers. “Get out this instant, you’re fired, pack your things and leave!” You lift your head to watch the sobbing employee run out.
You wait a few moments before standing up to leave the room. You stuck your head out the door and saw your secretary, his desk neatly organized, a sign that named ‘Jeong jaehyun’, a coat rack to hang his coat(s), and lastly him, just him.
“Jaehyun,” you whisper to him, he looks up from his computer and hums. “Come in here for a moment.” He stands up and walks over to your office. You open the door for the male and when he walks you, you shut it.
“Is there something you needed, ms. Y/n?” You roll your eyes at the name and make your way to the sofa sitting in your office. “Didnt i tell you to drop the formalities? Please don’t call me Ms, just call me y/n.” Jaehyun apologizes.
You pat at the empty spot next to you. “Take a seat, pretty boy.” Jaehyun gets flushed by the name and takes a seat next to you.
He freezes when you throw a leg over his lap, straddling him with your arms wrapped around his neck. “Y—y/n,” he whimpers. “Can I do this, pretty boy? I need your consent, love.” He nods and blinks repeatedly. “Please..” he whispers.
You lean forward, crashing your lips onto his, they were plumped and tasted like peach. “Mmfuck.” You moan against his lips, rolling your hips on his bulge. You pull away, quickly getting rid of your top and jaehyun does the same. He gently pushes you off him and strips himself and you follow, stripping yourself until you’re naked.
You go back to straddling once he sits back down. You stroke him a bit before holding him up and sliding down on him. The both of your groans mixing into the air. “Oh fuck.” You cry out, bouncing on his cock that was nearly centimeters away from your g-spot.
You whimper when he smacks your ass roughly. “Ride that dick, baby.” Jaehyun growls, smacking your ass repeatedly, his hand prints quickly forming on your ass. “Cmon, baby. Make me cum, cmon.” His hands finding their places on your hips, helping you by lifting them and pounding them down.
“Oh god, im so close!” You bite down on your bottom lip, hands gripping tightly at his muscular shoulders. “Cum, baby, cum. Cum on my dick.” You comply to his command, creaming all over his cock.
Your bounces stop so he lifted your hips and began fucking himself up into your cunt. Your limp body leaning forward onto his chest. His eyes watched as your breast bounced in front of his face, he took your breast into his hand and stuck your nipple in his mouth.
You gasp and hold his head against your chest, pushing your boob more into his mouth. Your hands gripping at his soft brown locks, his hair was so fluffy and light.
He starts getting tired so he slams your hip down which makes his cock instantly reach your g-spot. A loud moan ripples from your throat, it was so unexpected.
He pulls off your breast with a pop and chuckles. He pats your ass and huffs. “Bend over the arm rest.” He instructs and you listen. You bend yourself over the arm rest which had you on your tiptoes. He positions himself behind you and slowly pushes in.
He runs his hand down your back and grips on your shoulder. He starts ramming his cock into your pussy, your hands barely able to hold you up. “God, if i had known your pussy felt this good, i would’ve fucked you long ago.” He groans at you clenching around him.
Jaehyun has been working in your building for several years, he was usually the quiet one and the unbothered one.
Jaehyun repeatedly pounds into you, trying his best to chase his high that was hanging off the tip. “Oh god, I’m so close.” He grunts and holds his breath. “Gonna let me cum in you? Yeah, good.” It takes a few more seconds until the youngster releases himself inside you. His hot cum spluttering on your walls and once he pulls out, his cum oozes out.
He cleans himself off before cleaning you off and then getting you dress back up. “Hey,” you turn your head to him while clipping your blouse up. “Let’s go on a date.” You grin and his request. “A date?” He nods, fixing his button up.
“Yeah, I’ll pick you up from your house at.. I don’t know, 7? And then I’ll take you to a fancy restaurant, yeah?” You scrunch your nose, starting to get shy. “Okay.” He chuckles at you and walks over to you, pulling at your hips and then pulling you into a kiss.
a/n: posting early because we hit our 2K milestone! <3 thanks again loves! <3
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koalitypop · a day ago
Lee Know as your boyfriend
Requested! Warnings: NSFW-themes
a/n: Thank you so much for the request! I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for your time! 
Before the actual relationship and the confession:
he would be rather quiet around you
he would avoid being alone with you at all costs
but if someone says something about you he'll immediately take part in the conversation
if someone dares to express something the slightest bit negative about you, he will make sure that they regret it
this would make you so weirded out, like he never speaks around you, why is he so concerned
from time to time he'll decide that this silence would never illustrate his feelings for you, absolute genius
so when that happens, he will start talking to you about something super random all of a sudden
which would weird you out even more
(but like, you lowkey are in love with him, you do not really mind)
don't mind him, he would just be scared by the fact how strong his feelings for you are
the members would be so tired of him not acting on his feelings
when they finally figure out that teasing him would not work, they would literally ask him to confess
he would super serious and cold yet absolutely flustered during the confession
"Y/n, I know you don't expect this, but I am in love with you"
well, you really didn't expect this
when he figures out you are surprised, to say the least, he would start blabbering about all sorts of things
"me too, Minho"
"you too? about the rubber ducks? you collect them too?"
"no, about the being in love thing"
"wait, you are in love with me?"
this oblivious genius is in total disbelief, he would literally turn red
"can I kiss you then?"
before you can even answer him, he would start blabbering again
"yes, you c-"
your first kiss would be so passionate, he would kiss you like he would die if he didn't, hug you and get you as close to his body as possible
you look at each other for a while afterwards, your lips centimetres apart
yes, you would be making out for hours after the confession
The relationship overall:
people would probably think that you are taking things way too fast, but you two would be super comfortable with the pace
in just a few months you would find it impossible to sleep without Minho beside you
you rarely talk about your feelings, yet you understand each other so easily
just by the way he walks and breathes, you can figure out how he feels and what he needs, the same goes for him with you
your relationship can be described as "quiet and passionate"
you fascinate the others around you with your love
you're not very affectionate in public, at least you do not think you are
but putting your legs on his lap at the dorm while all the other members around you, him kissing your forehead when you leave, even if it's just for a moment, constantly holding hands, these things are all so normal for you two, you don't even consider it PDA
Minho would like it when you call him by his name, there is just something about the way you say it that makes him melt
despite that, he never calls you by your name
calls you angel on the streets, but you are his baby girl in the sheets
(I am so sorry, this was bad)
it wouldn't take Minho too long to figure out that you are the love of his life
your love is having a person to be your home
being able to be vulnerable without justifying it is super important to both of you
the presence of the other makes you feel comfortable and safe
as already stated, you two are very affectionate, but you don't realise it?
that is probably why you two would never get shy or agitated when having the other by your side
the touch of the other person is incredibly comforting to you
you two subconsciously look for it every time
when you are at home, there are even more acts of affection
a lot of hugs, kisses, lots of cuddling and make-outs
you would probably even shower together daily
you always fall asleep hugging each other, his lips touching your forehead
he is unable to pass by you without putting a hand on your waist
Minho would probably leave little notes at random places in your home when he leaves
he would take you to work and pick you up whenever he can
he would hold your hand even when he's driving
(that sounds pretty dangerous to me)
if you are eating at a restaurant and you are not sitting next to each other, you would have to sit directly in front of each other
that is because your legs would be touching under the table, probably in a very strange way
in the evening you almost always watch some true crime shows, you sitting on his lap, him playing with your hair
although you two would be very quiet, even when you are alone, Minho would find a way to praise you
"you have done this so well, angel"
he would sometimes watch you do something domestic like washing the dishes, wearing a dirty old shirt, your hair in a very messy and not cute bun and he would smirk and say "you are the most beautiful person on this planet, you know that?"
it would be pretty rare for you two to go on a date to a fancy restaurant
there are overall two types of dates: indoor- and outdoor-dates
indoor dates would include cuddling, it's a must
sometimes you would cook or bake together, but not too often, because that means less cuddling time
board game dates and movie nights would be the most frequent ones
you would order a lot of food on these dates, you would always have some leftovers
also, there would always be some music playing silently, even on the outdoor dates
you would also take walks on the beach or just in a park as dates
picnic dates!
Minho would feed you while you are lying in his lap, his hand protecting your face from the sun
he would drink on half of your dates and when he gets tipsy, he would get really talkative
"Angel, I am so lucky to have you by my side"
"I think there are stars in your eyes, angel"
he would take a lot of photos on dates and would have a separate album for them
Minho might give off the vibe of a very easily irritable person, but he would be very patient, at least with you
even if he gets angry with you, which would take you quite some effort and time, he would never even think about yelling at you or anything like that
he is unable of doing something like that
he might say something snarky
if the worse comes to worst he would leave the room to cool off, but nothing more
if he gets you angry, he would beat himself over it till you forgive him
silent treatment would kill him
even if you do not talk much, not hearing your voice at all would be life-threatening
if you refuse his affection, he would straight up start crying, please don't do this to him
he would suffer a lot when you two argue
which would not happen often, your relationship would be super smooth
absolute dominant, this cannot be questioned
also, praise kink, high key
there would be pretty much three things that he enjoys most apart from actual fucking
those would be dry humping, fingering you and you giving him a handjob
you two would be kissing about 95% of the time
he would be eating you quite a lot for a person who prefers fingering though, pretty suspicious
when it gets steamy, he would talk a lot and very dirtily
as previously stated, he would call you babygirl
Minho would not expect you to call him daddy or master or anything of this sort, if you want to call him like that, he would not mind, but he obviously would have a thing for you using his name
his touch might be soft and gentle, but his thrusts surely would not be
don't get me wrong, you two might have some soft, vanilla sex, but most of the time it would be rather rough and low key kinky
Minho is not really into toys, but he does have a pair of handcuffs and a vibrator, just in case
both of you would be fully naked, he would never allow any clothes, he would need to have you as close to him as humanly possible
a well-established rule would be that you always come first
9 out of 10 times you would have at least two rounds
aftercare would be super sweet
a lot of kisses and cuddling, of course
would ask you about 10 times if you feel alright
would most probably include a bubble bath, but only if you want
Minho would watch you as you sleep
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pr0dbeomgyu · 2 days ago
[3:30 am]
pairing: bf!taehyun x reader
you woke up from your alarm, sighing. the only reason you've set your alarm this early was solely to do your revision for your upcoming test. you cant risk failing it, cause you felt like studying is the only thing you're good at.
disentangling yourself from taehyun's arms as gently as possible not to wake him, you smiled at how cute he looked, unable to resist your little habit of carding your fingers through his silky hair. you saw him huff softly, eyes squinting open in response to your movement. rubbing his eyes to chase the sleepiness away, he smiled at you. this had your hands swiftly went to caress his cheeks, thumbs gliding over his cheekbones softly.
"go back to sleep, love. im just going to study," you placed a kiss on his forehead.
"im accompanying you,"
"it's okay, you should get some sleep,"
"no, baby. i insist," he assured, tiredness still evident in his voice, but you knew better not to stop him anymore, so you just nodded, pulling him up to a standing position by the hands.
both of you made your way to the study table still hands in hand, taehyun's hand never leaving yours, not that you'd want to, either. this is one of the little things you cherished about taehyun, his gentle touches that had your stomach filled with butterflies.
he took the seat in front of you, as you started giving your attention to your revision. it was a tough subject, but you loved it, so you endured it anyways. your eyes flickered to taehyun for a bit, seeing how he's just staring at you.
"are you planning on just looking at me while im studying?"
"why? cant i appreciate my girlfriend's beauty?" he said, a silly smile plastered on his face.
"you're so cheesy,"
"but you love me,"
"well you're not wrong,"
about an hour and a half in, your neck felt stiff so you decided to take a break. that's when you saw taehyun nodding off to sleep, his head moving up and down slowly, sometimes left and right. you smiled at the view, finally deciding to abandon your revision, you have plenty of time left anyways.
creeping up next to your boyfriend, you gently stroked his hand with your thumb. "taehyun baby, let's go to sleep,"
"huh? hmm okay, you done already?"
"uh-uh," you guided your half-asleep boyfriend to your bedroom, his arms hugging your back closely.
you tucked him in bed, laying down beside him not long after. drinking in his face features, you traced his long eyelashes with the pad of your finger, his pointed nose next and his full lips last. taehyun stirred in his sleep at your touch, securing his arms around your waist, mumbling something along i love yous and i hope you dont be so hard on yourself.
"i love you too," you're not really sure if he's listening but you said it anyways, giving him a peck on his lips before closing your eyes.
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ja3hwa · a day ago
Drink You Dry | Seonghwa [7]
Word count:  1.8k
Genre:  Thriller, Suggestive, Supernatural, Smut, Fluff, Some Angst/Dark Themes
Type: Hybrid!Seonghwa x Afab!Reader
Warnings:  Smart Yeosang ahah. Blood, drinking of blood, fangs, biting, mention of hard past. If i missed something please let me know.
Synopsis: Seonghwa takes you to Yeosang to figure out why you are seeing a ghost, but it turns into Seonghwa finally knowing something he's be dying to know.
<- Previous | M.List | Next->
Tumblr media
Sitting on the table in Yeosang's dungeon, The witch stumbles around looking through books that magically drifted to him and once he was done he threw them behind him, letting them float back to their spot on the shelf. You didn't really have an introduction to the man and the minute you entered with Seonghwa saying you saw his dead mother, Yeosang immediately went to his notes.
"Psychic..." The male cuts off the silences, making both you and Hwa look at him. Yeosang continues skimming through the book briefly reading allowed.
"Someone who is sensitive to psychic influences or forces... This can lead to the similarities of Mediums which can mean someone whom the spirits of the dead are able to contact with. This includes reading the middle state." Yeosang continues to ramble over and over.
"Translation, Yeo!"
"I think your mate here, is not fully human." He spoke bluntly, almost snapping his words out. They hit you like a slap in the face. 'Not fully human'... What is that supposed to mean? You turn to Hwa, seeing his expression is still, empty, unreadable. He was lost in his own thoughts for a moment after hearing the young male before asking;
"So what is she then?" Seonghwa looking over at the pages of the book, Yeosang had placed opened on the dark oak desk a couple of feet in front of you.
"A psychic is a form of Pagan witch, stemming from the Vikings. My guess is she's a half-bred. Human and pagan. Which now makes sense how she got through my protection spell on the house and why her powers are so minimal." Yeosang rubs his finger over his chin, looking at Seonghwa while he speaks. You look down at your hands that sit in your very exposed lap, having only Hwa long blouse on. You thank the stars it's long enough to cover most of you, falling just below your ass.
"Y/n." The witches voice snaps you away from your thoughts, looking up at him with glossed eyes, feeling tears forming again. Crying again?
Why does this keep happening...
"Do you know anything about your family history? Or if anyone, even your parents, that could be a pagan witch?" His words seeped, crawling under your skin. It was almost a laughable moment if it wasn't for the ball of saliva stuck in your throat. You didn't know any of your family history or even your parents. You were in fact, adopted.
"I don't know my real parents..." You stutter out, feeling almost embarrassed you couldn't help.
"You're adopted?" Seonghwa's hand lands on your bare thigh, making you feel a shiver of comfort flow through you. You nod at him, scooting a bit closer from the table to where he stands.
"Great! So we have no way in finding out if she's not human." Yeosang pinches the bridge of his nose.
"Actually there is..." Seonghwa spoke up, making you feel your uneasiness fade. His hand gripping a little tighter on your thigh. His fingers dig in your flesh lightly.
"Human blood all taste the same, with the exception of A and AB. But in the supernatural, each species is different. Wolves are bitter, vampires are rich, the list goes on. If she's half of something her blood will taste different." He turns to look at you in your eyes. His fingers leave your thigh before grazing over your chin.
"I've never had hybrid blood before. Especially one that's half-human. So this is gonna be interesting." His finger glides from your chin to your neck, until it reaches your collar bone peaking from the low blouse, not having the top button done up.
"Well, in that case, test your theory and get back to me asap. I too, find this discovery interesting and wish to study Ms Y/n. If that's alright with her." Yeosang's places his glasses on the bridge of his nose pulling them up as he looks at you with his crystal eyes. You just simply nod at him before looking back at Hwa who never let his eyes wander from you, not even for a second.
"Well, Princess, ready to test our theory?" He smiles softly, but under the smile was a lustful desire. The thought of tasting your blood, seeing the red flow from your skin, it made his own blood heat up, his body falling deeper into the toxicity of your scent, your feelings, you.
You didn't speak, afraid of what might slip from your lips if you do. Instead, you lean your head to the side, showing your neck to him. He gulps slightly, feeling tension in his jeans.
"Vampires have a special ability that's not mentioned in folk law. It's said that it hurts when a vampire drinks from a being. But in truth we only make it hurt if we want it to..." He pauses his words to bring his lips to the shell of your ear licking your lobe.
"Try to keep quiet Princess. Don't want Yeosang to hear you." He chuckles lowly, letting his head fall to your neck. Pulling your body close, your legs wrap around his waist. His left hand holding the back of your neck while the other sits on your hip. His tongue pokes out, sliding over your hot flesh. He can hear your heart racing, your blooding pumping faster. Your blue veins showing through your blushed skin.
Your hands grip the fabric on his chest. He smiles before opening his mouth letting his fangs free, slowly piercing your skin. It was like a shock to your system. Your lower stomach tingles, getting weak at the knees. You whimper at the feeling. It hurts but it was nothing like you've ever felt before. The pain was so pleasurable, you feel your body heat up. Your grip gets tighter, pulling him closer, if that was even possible, not even caring that he could drink you dry.
Your deep red blood spilled out like a waterfall into his mouth. He takes a gulp, getting a rush from the hot flavour. It was sweet, so very sweet. Like nothing, he has ever had before. You definitely had witch blood but the human mixing in with also you being his mate. You are intoxicating, you are the only thing he ever wanted to feed on from now on. Pulling away he bites another part of your neck, drinking more and more, not even caring that he could drink you dry.
Ateez Masterlist
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jjunry · 2 days ago
genre: idek warnings: ur mom 😰 wc: 573
━ niki
do i even need to explain :/ hes a teenager and he probably says it so much even if it doesn't make sense . just imagine the members are cooking and jay says "it needs some salt" niki will deadass look him in the eye and say "your mom needed salt last night" then you'll get members like jake , jungwon , and sunoo who will laugh but then the rest are just a mixture of confused and annoyed .
━ jake
throwback to the clip of him saying deez nuts on a live where niki and him laughed . doesnt say it as much as riki but when he sees his chance he will . definitely a firm believer in this . if you're his significant other, dont even think he'll spare you cause he cares for your mom . no mom is safe from jake 😰😰
━ jungwon
he's just slightly above the middle , the only reason i think this is because he'll learn from jake and niki and nonstop repeat it . PLS and then after he says it he has that devil face on . the only time jay laughs at these is when jungwon says it , deadass . the only time jungwon will say ur mom is mostly when it strictly applies , like he wont say it as much as niki or jake .
━ sunoo
sunoo also learned from mostly niki , mostly just laughs at the jokes not as much says it . but say him and niki are playing mario kart or something , and niki says "why do you always win" sunoo will most likely respond with "cause ur mom" or smth like that . if he's in a relationship , you both will say it to each other for sure .
━ sunghoon
firm believer that this is highly offensive . will laugh though . not sure if he would say it , maybe once or twice but if he's in a relationship he cares too much about your mom so he won't ever say it . probably would be offended if you joked like this . not much else to say other than that he would be caught joking around with jake and it'll slip out .
━ heeseung
since he's the oldest i feel like he wouldnt understand this 😟 how dare you joke about his mom 😱👎 he would also be annoyed by how many times niki/jake says it and would laugh just because he thinks its so dumb its funny , WOULD NOT say it maybe once or twice in his whole career . heeseung is not trying to get in trouble out here . especially if he's in a relationship , big no-no . if you said it he would laugh though , again cause he thinks its dumb
━ jay
dont even say it :| he gets ANNOYED and does that 😒 face . when the members say it he will legit slam his head into a wall or just walk out . niki definitely says it to irritate him . jay is a mom-safe zone 🥺🥺🥺🥺 he respects all the moms out there too much and halfly doesn't understand the joke since riki says it out of nowhere even if it doesn't make sense #moms4jay
@jjunry ━ thanks for reading ! no translations or reposts are permitted .
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jenzyaa · a day ago
it‘s nice to have a friend
jake sim x reader ♡ fluff [wc: 800+]
"I choose… y/n!"
your classmates' reactions mirrored yours as they turned to you with confusion and surprise evident on their faces. to say you weren’t offended at that would be a big lie, and yet, you couldn’t really blame them. after all, who were you anyway? the new girl that didn’t speak a word or even look at anyone.
honestly, how long had it been? three months? and most of your teachers still didn’t know your name. your math teacher would even go as far as to ask you who you were every single lesson. you were absolutely fed up, to say the least. and as much as you liked to stay out of drama, you were sick of being invisible. however, you didn’t know how to change that, so you had settled to accept and deal with it. high school was only temporary anyway.
with that said, p.e class was the subject you despised the most. every lesson you actually attended you spent alone, praying for time to go by faster. it didn’t help that your teacher was so keen on strengthening the dynamic between his students through countless group projects. it was absolute hell on earth, and in all honesty, you wanted nothing more than to curse your teacher for putting you through this mental torture.
today was another one of those excruciatingly long, stressful days filled with dread and anxiety on your part. three hours into the day and you were already about to pass out from all the overwhelming emotions you were experiencing on a daily basis.
and with p.e being the last class of the day, the need to run out of those doors had reached it’s peak by the time your class gathered in the middle of the gym. instead of listening to your gym teacher ramble on about his private life, you made and ran through a mental list of possible excuses you could use to leave early.
what you hadn’t expected, however, was for jake sim - model student and by far one of the most popular guys in your grade - to call your name with a bright smile and break your train of thoughts.
you were about to play another game in teams and jake had volunteered to choose a team. and the second the boy was called to the front, he had called your name without missing a beat. now, you definitely weren’t trying to feed your delusions, but he almost seemed genuinely excited at the mere idea of having you on his team.
so, with a clear of your throat and your head lowered in embarrassment, you walked towards him with quick steps. for the next five minutes or so, you were stood behind him, looking over his shoulder to see some students still glaring at you.
now, when you had wished to be the main character of a coming of age movie, this wasn’t exactly what you had meant. but you guess there had to be something good about it, too, because after all, this was the most attention you had gotten from anyone in your class so far. it might not have been the good type of attention, but it was something.
once the teams had been selected, you followed jake and your group into a corner of the gym, the feeling of uneasiness in your chest just increasing with every step. and as soon as your team had started exchanging ideas, you were forgotten once again.
you couldn’t help the wave of embarrassment washing over you as you stood there awkwardly, your eyes boring holes into the wooden floor.
eventually, the only one that paid you any attention was jake, who smiled at you as soon as your eyes met. you were quick to divert your gaze, but he had already stepped closer to you.
"hey y/n.“, he greeted with a soft voice. "I‘m glad to have you on our team!"
you shifted awkwardly and threw him a quick smile. "yea.. uh, thanks.", you replied with a tone that was laced with insecurity.
he seemed to pick up on this, as he threw you a reassuring smile before planting a hand on your shoulder.
the sudden contact startled you slightly and you managed to look up at him in confusion.
"I don’t want to overstep, but I can tell that you’re uncomfortable. I want to help you adjust, if you let me.“
your confusion only grew at his words, which he noticed. he chuckled at that: "I’m sorry. am I being weird?"
you shook your head. "ah no, it’s not that. I’m just wondering.. why?“, you asked after a beat of silence. after all, you had never properly spoken to each other before. you couldn't help but feel a bit wary.
"because I genuinely want to get to know you."
four months later and you could confidently say that jake sim had upgraded from a classmate that was way out of your league to your best friend.
it was a sunny thursday afternoon as you walked home together as usual. and as you walked side by side, eating strawberry ice cream and laughing at your silly inside jokes that no one else would ever get, you thought to yourself, it’s nice to have a friend.
and you were truly thankful.
a/n: inspired by taylor swift’s song. my queen. also this wasn't proofread and english isn‘t my first language so I’m sorry for any mistakes.
© jenzyaa on tumblr
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heenuna · 2 days ago
「 🖤 」 :braids
genre: fluff
pairing: reader x beomgyu
warnings: mommy kink
“wait, wait, wait, give me a kiss!”
“but this is the umpteenth time..”
“one more please!”
that's how beom keeps begging for kisses from you while you gently collect his hair before going to bed. they are long, slightly dry, but very pleasant to the touch, and braiding them is a special kind of relaxation for you. your fingers are neatly intertwined, throwing one strand of hair over another, and you smile when the pigtail, even if small, turns out well.
“that's it, you'll be comfortable sleeping now.”
beomgyu nods excitedly and immediately jumps out of bed to rush to the mirror and see his reflection. his hair is neatly gathered, the bangs do not fall over his eyes, and the warm yellow pajamas perfectly match his eye color. handsome, nothing more to say.
you watch his reaction from the bed, but then you decide to come over to just hug him while he looks at his reflection. such a broad-shouldered boy, quite tall, but still incredibly cute.
“i love you so much,” you say softly and dreamily, looking at him as if for the first time, and not understanding how he can be so beautiful. how can his eyes be so shining? how could his skin be so soft and inviting? how can the whole thing be so incredible? riddle.
beomgyu, hearing your words, is noticeably embarrassed and laughs in a deep voice, pursing his lips immediately after. his arms wrap around you in response, and he bends down to put his head on yours, “and I love you. will you kiss me until i fall asleep?”
you nod, and he kisses the top of your head, blushing even more, “i'm so lucky to have you, mommy.”
sorry the author is just soft
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tyunsie · a day ago
Tumblr media
it had been another lonely night, tangled up in a cold bed that was big enough for two people but too big for just one person, you.
the only light peeking through the windows being the moon. you know that taehyun is busy, especially preparing for the new comeback and having to write or approach the producers with some suggestions or new lyrics. he's been working so hard and you are so proud of him.
but you missed feeling his head snuggle in the crook of your neck, his arm around your waist as you guys peacefully slept in each other's embrace. so you tiptoed to the studio, opening the door, your eyes laying on your comfortable looking boyfriend who wore the same black hoodie he usually did.
"what are you doing up so late?" taehyun mumbled, taking notice as you had managed to sneak your way onto his lap, tiredly laying your head on his chest. your arms and legs wrapped around his body, closing your eyes as you felt yourself relax at his embrace.
you hummed softly, exhaustion quickly taking over your body. "i sleep better when you're with me." you told him, slightly lifting up your head to look at him, his blond hair peeking through the black hood he had over his head. the faint smile on his lips growing as his eyes admired you, placing a soft kiss on the top of your forehead.
"you should've waited a few more minutes, i was almost done." taehyun spoke, his hands rubbing your back soothingly. you scoffed at his words, shaking your head. "no you weren't."
"you're not uncomfortable?" he asked, all focus for writing the lyrics were completely gone once you entered the room, but he didn't care. smiling at how tiredly clingy you had gotten, refusing to leave his lap. "no," your voice had gotten quieter, a tell that you had whenever you were slowly falling asleep.
"goodnight love." pressing yet another soft kiss on the top of your head, his hands continuing to stay wrapped around your waist, refusing to let you go. it wasn't the first time you'd done this and he would definitely prefer it if you started doing this more often.
Tumblr media
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inadaydream99 · a day ago
There’s No One Else Quite Like You
Friends to lovers, University au, light angst to fluff, Renjun x female reader, featuring NCT Dream
A/N - I got seriously carried away with this one, but I’ve been whipped for Renjun recently!
Disclaimer: mentions of alcohol/ being drunk. This does not represent any of the members in real life and is for entertainment purposes only.
Tumblr media
Refusing to talk to Renjun for the past week was slowly killing you, but that’s what he gets for ditching you when he promised he wouldn’t. You’ve been best friends forever and in love with him for just as long, all your favourite memories filled with him.
That’s why it hurts so much. Your heart clenches and twists in pain whenever you think back on Renjun standing you up. Jaemin and Jeno wouldn’t do that to you and they’re always busy with football practice. But they still find the time to hang out with you, because clearly they cherish your friendship more than your own bestest friend does…
Now, your reaction might seem a bit extreme. But it was the third time Renjun had cancelled on you last minute and he’d arranged meeting for dinner together to make up for it. It was quite a fancy restaurant too and you’d gone to all of the effort of dressing nicely and spending hours perfecting your hair and make up. Not that you minded because it was all to finally spend time with your best friend.
You felt humiliated, sat alone at the table for an hour with only an empty chair facing you. The staff had approached you a few times asking if you wanted another drink, or if you wanted some more bread while you wait. Each time with an increasingly pitying look in their eyes.
You’d sobbed the second you stepped through the threshold of your apartment, unable to believe the evening you’d had. But after your tears ran out you begun to feel the rage set in, making a promise to yourself that this was the final straw.
The next day Jaemin payed you a visit, wanting to make sure you were ok after the previous night. He didn’t want to tell you, but he felt you deserved to know the reason Renjun stood you up; long story short, he had a date. When the words left his mouth you felt your heart shatter, barely audible noises in shock leaving your mouth as you freeze on the spot. He chose someone else over you?
Now that hurt you even more. The realisation that he’d probably been ditching you for his “date” the first few times he was suddenly unable to see you…
“(Y/N)…” You snap back into reality, rolling your eyes for the millionth time as Renjun knocks on your front door, his call out to you now whiny and tired. “Please open up.”
Your aching heart wants nothing more than to see him, but you have to remain strong for your own sake. You’ve managed to refrain from giving in for 50 minutes now, so you tell yourself that you can keep up the silent treatment.
You shut your eyes and roll your head forward against the sofa, cuddling up into yourself as much as you can. Anything to block Renjun’s pleading out. And it seems to do the trick because a few minutes later the knocking stops and everything falls silent.
Making your way out of class you head directly to the football fields. Jaemin had messaged you during your lecture, telling you to meet him there as soon as you’re free and so the second your lecturer dismissed the class you’d wasted no more time in finding your friend.
Approaching the fields, you feel as though you’ve been tricked. The endless expanse of green grass, with the occasional goal dotted around, seems to be completely void of all life. That is until you hear someone calling your name, waving their hands in the air to catch your attention as they sprint to you from the back of the field.
The suddenness makes you freeze, feeling as though your heart stops as the voice seems far too close to the one you’ve been avoiding. But as he gets closer, you’re relieved to see that it is in fact Jaemin rushing towards you.
“Why were you all the way back there?” You chuckle in amusement as Jaemin slows into a jog, huffing for air as he approaches your side.
“I kicked the ball too far.” He breathlessly pants.
He’s obviously been practicing for some time before you arrived because his hair is stuck to his forehead from sweating. The ball he’d kicked too far is tucked under his arm, evidently so he doesn’t lose it again, and his free hand presses into the grass beneath him as he squats down for a minute of rest.
“Have you been practicing alone?” You raise a brow, looking down at him as he continues to squat.
“No, Renjun was just with me. He had to go to class though.” Jaemin smiles up at you, ushering you to join him on the grass as he finally decides to sit properly.
It doesn’t go unnoticed by him when you try to cover your distaste towards the mention of Renjun’s name. Clearly it’s still a sour topic. Not that Jaemin hadn’t just been subjected to hearing all about it from Renjun already…
But he is still interested in hearing your side of things, being fully aware that there is always two sides to a story.
“I heard he spent an hour outside your door last night.” Jaemin informs and you instantly scoff.
“Felt like an eternity.” You mutter, your head hanging low as you focus on the feel of the grass between your fingers.
“Must have been difficult for you to go thought that.” Your head instantly shoots up upon hearing Jaemin’s words. That fact that he is sympathetic towards you after evidently hearing Renjun’s sob story almost makes your burst into tears.
“You really think.” Your voice becomes restrained as you desperately stop yourself from spilling any tears.
“Of course. Renjun was completely in the wrong standing you up like that.” Jaemin nods. “And besides, he’s such a whiner.”
You can’t help but laugh at that bit because you know it’s true. Renjun can be such a whiner.
“How have you been doing?” He presses, being careful in his approach in case it’s still too fresh for you to talk about.
You shoot him a meek smile, eventually biting down on your bottom lip to suppress its quivering. Jaemin takes notice of this instantly and shuffles himself closer to your side, wrapping his arm around your shoulder before pulling you into him.
“I just- miss him.” Your wobbly voice confesses, pressing your face into his chest to hide your reddening face.
Jaemin doesn’t say anything more, simply acknowledging your hurt by allowing you to use him for comfort, which you are thankful for.
“Why’d you make (Y/N) cry.” Jeno sarcastically jests with Jaemin as he makes his way towards you both.
Jaemin shakes his head in response, subtly notifying Jeno that now is not the time for their usual joking about. “Renjun.” Jaemin mouths to Jeno as his brows furrow in concern. The latter’s eyes widen in realisation after being informed before nodding to confirm he understands.
“Well, I don’t mean to make things worse, but Renjun is actually on his way over here now.” Jeno pipes up after a few seconds of silence. At this, your head snaps up, abruptly moving away from Jaemin’s chest.
It’s typical really, you’d just gotten settled and calmed yourself down again. Mindlessly twisting the ring on your finger for comfort; a subconscious habit you have whenever your mind wonders.
“What.” You worriedly gasp before clumsily scrambling to your feet. You’re unable to get away just yet though, Jaemin’s hand firmly holding onto yours.
“I thought he had class?” Jaemin questions in confusion.
“Yeah, I’m in his class. Our lecturer never showed so everyone left.” Jeno casually shrugs.
You’re not sure what makes you more anxious, the need to get away before he arrives or him arriving before you get away.
“I need to go.” You plea for Jaemin to let go of your hand, which he does the second his gaze locks with yours.
You hurriedly grab your bag from the ground and rush away, so wrapped up in your frantic mind you forget to say goodbye to your friends.
And you don’t stop running until you’ve made it through campus, down your street and into your apartment building.
Renjun arrives at the football field to find Jeno and Jaemin packing their equipment to leave.
“I thought we were playing?” Renjun asks as he approaches them. He instantly notices something’s off with Jaemin, like his mind is distracted.
“If you hadn’t taken so long then maybe you wouldn’t have missed out.” Jeno teases, playfully whacking Renjun on the arm.
By this point Jaemin has already reached the edge of the field, bag slung over his shoulder as he tiredly trudges home.
As Renjun begins to walk with Jeno he steps on something “Oh, Jeno is this yours?” he moves his foot, uncovering the object.
The second he sees it his heart skips a beat, eyes widening in shock as he bends down to pick it up.
“This is the friendship ring I got (Y/N).” Renjun gawks. It’s undeniably yours because it’s got R&M engraved on the side and it matches his own, but Renjun’s has M&R engraved instead. “Was (Y/N) here?” He shoots a hopeful look towards Jeno who has been watching Renjun go through a million emotions within seconds.
Jeno just nods, sending him an awkward smile as Renjun studies the ring once again, before enclosing it in his palm tightly. And as they both finally leave together there’s one thought Renjun’s mind can’t shake. Why had you taken it off?
Monday rolls around quicker than you’d expected and you find yourself hectically trying to gather all of your books together for class. It’s been 4 days since your near encounter with Renjun at the football field and you’ve been hibernating away ever since.
On Saturday Chenle and Jisung payed you a visit and tired to coax you into getting some fresh air, which was incredibly sweet of them. They listened to you with patience and cheered you up with their bickering. You truly appreciated their friendship during this time.
Although, Chenle had bought a question to your attention which had remained circling your mind ever since. Why do you keep running away from facing Renjun?
Honestly, you’d not thought of you avoiding him as running away, but instead more of a silent treatment. You spend all of Sunday trying to rationalise this in your brain, each time coming to the same frustrating conclusion; you’ll need to face Renjun sooner or later.
You make it to class just in time, sliding into your regular seat just as your lecturer enters.
“What’s got you in such a mess?” Donghyuck leans over to whisper to you as the lecturer begins introducing todays topic.
“Life.” You huff, placing your laptop carefully onto the desk in front of you so you don’t make too much noise.
As your hand reaches out the lift open your laptop, you feel Hyuck lean into your side once again. Sometimes you regret your agreement to sit with him in class because he doesn’t seem to share the same fear of being called out for talking.
“Gone through a break up I see?” His comment instantly makes you confused, pausing setting up your things to give him a bewildered look. “You’re not wearing your friendship ring.” He clarifies.
Your eyes instantly go wide in shock, mouth hanging agape as you look at your hand, realising that you are in fact not wearing your ring. How had you not noticed? How long had it been gone?
“I know Renjun was a jerk but I didn’t realise it was that bad.” Donghyuck’s lighthearted comment falls on deaf ears as you begin to panic, digging around in the bottom of your bag, searching every pocket on you and scraping your foot around on the floor beneath you in case it had just fallen off.
“Oh no.” You frown, eyes glazed over in worry as you feel your heart sink at the thought of it being lost. “I don’t know where it is.”
“Where do you remember seeing it last?” Hyuck calmly asks following you out of the lecture hall. He watches as you stress out, desperately trying to think back. The only problem is no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to remember.
Despite Renjun not being in your good books right now, you had never once thought of taking your friendship ring off because it is so special to you. You remember the day he gave it to you, a week before you found out if you’d gotten accepted into university together. He wanted a way for you both to still feel close in case you’d ended up going to different schools. Although, luckily you never needed to worry about that in the end.
You’ve both worn your matching rings ever since that day. So much so, its become a part of you and you feel lost without it. You guess that spending so long wallowing in self pity prevented you from noticing it was gone.
“I can’t think properly right now.” You confess to Donghyuck, shaking your head in defeat.
“Well, who have you spent time with over the last few days? Maybe one of them can help.” He gently places his hand on your shoulder, hoping to at least provide some comfort.
Retracing your steps, Hyuck had called both Chenle and Jisung to see if they remember anything. Only, neither of them could. Meanwhile, you had been trying to get through to Jaemin.
“Come one Jaemin. Pick up.” You whisper to yourself, sighing out of frustration when the call goes to voicemail for the third time.
“Maybe he’s practicing and hasn’t heard his phone.” Hyuck suggests and you could almost slap yourself for being so dumb.
Rushing to the football fields you instantly find Jaemin and Mark practicing, a huge smile adorning your face in relief to finally be able to speak to him.
“Jaemin, have you seen my friendship ring?” You breathlessly ask as you jog over to him. “I can’t find it.”
“I’m sorry (Y/N), I haven’t.” Jaemin frowns. You can tell he wishes he could help, as he knows the sentimental value behind it.
“Renjun’s gonna hate me forever isn’t he.” You can’t help but feel glum at the thought. Because although you aren’t currently speaking, you know that you’ll encounter him at some point soon. And despite him having hurt you, you’re sure that he will think you’ve deliberately thrown it away out of anger… and that’s the last thing you’d ever want him to think.
Renjun solemnly looks at the ring, watching as he twiddles it between his fingers. How could you have done this? Did it mean you’re no longer friends? He’s not sure, but he feels like there must be some symbolic meaning behind it.
“I just thought our friendship was strong enough to get through this… that I meant more than my mistakes.” Renjun mumbles to Jeno.
“I doubt (Y/N) did it on purpose.” Jeno tries his best to console his hurting friend. Although he was there with you and Jaemin before Renjun arrived, he couldn’t remember you saying anything about a ring. He wishes he was able to help resolve things, but he also has no way of knowing what really happened.
“I just wish I could see her.”
So Jeno may or may not be feeling extremely proud of himself right now. After seeing how much Renjun misses you, he had the perfect idea; to throw a party and invite you both. He managed to rope Jaemin into getting you to go, telling him to not say a thing about Renjun being invited. And everything seemed to be falling into place.
“Ok, go to Jeno and give it 10 minutes. Then I’m gonna find you and say I’m not feeling well.” Jaemin just laughs, shaking his head at your plan to leave early.
“I’m not helping you leave.” You pout, sending him your best puppy eyes. “You need to let loose, have a little fun.”
“You promise Renjun isn’t here.” You stare him down, hoping to convey your seriousness.
“I promise.” Jaemin lies through a forced smile. Of course he hates that he is lying to you, but he also knows that it’s for your benefit. He just hopes you see it that way once you find out the true plans for tonight…
Although, it seems Jaemin’s words do the trick and, as time goes by, you become more and more relaxed. Actually enjoying yourself far more than you thought you would.
You freeze when you meet his gaze. He shouldn’t be here. But there is he, stood with Mark at the opposite end of the room. Mark clearly hasn’t noticed that Renjun isn’t paying him any attention, talking away to him in his drunken little bubble.
The audacity he has to show up to a party he wasn’t invited to is sickening.
Unless… he was invited and you haven’t been told.
As soon as you realise this you feel like the biggest idiot alive. Of course he was invited, you both share the same close friends. You feel dumb for believing Jaemin earlier. And even more so for unquestioningly accepting the fact that your friends would choose sides when reality is this argument doesn’t involve them. Regardless of how much you wish Renjun wasn’t in the same room as you, you reason with yourself that it’s unfair for you to expect him to be outcasted. After all, Jeno is as much his friend as he is yours and he can invite who he wants to his own party.
You give Renjun a once over, unable to resist admiring him. He looks good, great even. You take note of how he’s swept his hair to the side, revealing a little of his forehead. It’s like he’s done it on purpose, knowing fully well that it’s your favourite look on him and you suppose he knew beforehand that you’d be here. Because why would there be any reason for him not to know?
Has he done it on purpose? You feel your heart rate pick up at the thought. Maybe he really has. Maybe he finally decided that he wants you, needs you and only you.
But your little fantasy doesn’t last long, disintegrating into thin air when you see a girl approach him and link arms. The way his face lights up, showing his perfect smile, makes you wish it was because of you. Because that’s how it used to be…
So this is what rock bottom feels like. You’d really thought he would have wanted you back.
“What’s up (Y/N)!” Mark happily calls to you, his intoxicated smile and hazy gaze making you lightly laugh in amusement. Mark is the most endearing drunk, like a cute babbling boy who’s never had alcohol before.
“Having a good time I see.” You tease, playfully nudging him with your elbow. This makes his smile grow further, a pearly giggle erupting from him in response.
“You.” Mark hiccups. “You should come join our game.” He wiggles a finger in your direction before grabbing your wrist and pulling you into the living room. You don’t even have time to answer before you find yourself pushed onto the sofa, falling into the small gap between Jeno and Chenle.
You notice that there’s only a few of you in this room. It almost seems like a secret branch of the party that it exclusive to only a few of you. Other than you, Jeno and Chenle, there’s Mark, Jaemin, Jisung and Donghyuck. No Renjun or his date in sight. Which is honestly a relief for you because if they were here right now you’d feel suffocated.
“So what are we playing?” You lean into Chenle’s side. He sends you a knowing smirk, one that makes you wish you’d never asked the question.
“Truth or dare.” He grins. You nod, mumbling a light “ok” in response before your attention is drawn onto the opposite side of the room.
“Okayyyyy.” Mark excitedly flails his hands around in the air, capturing everyone’s attention. “Who wants to go first?” His eyes scan the room and you slowly try to submerge yourself further into the cushions. “(Y/N)!” He exclaims when his eyes land on you.
You cringe inside, swallowing your self consciousness as you sit up normally again and reach out to spin the bottle on the table in the middle. You’re relived when it lands on Jaemin.
“Truth.” Jaemin states before you have a chance to say anything.
“Ok, why’d you lie to me earlier?” You fire at him sassily. You’re not really mad at him for it, you just want to know his reason why.
“Because you deserve to enjoy yourself for once.” He explains sincerely. You send him a warm smile, thankful for his honesty. “My turn.” He beams. “Please be Jisungie!” He shouts, earning laughter from around the room.
A few more rounds of later, the bottle finally chooses you and it’s Jeno’s turn to ask you truth or dare.
“Truth.” You confidently nod, knowing that it can’t possibly be worse than picking dare.
“How do you really feel about Renjun?”
“Umm.” You nervously ponder for a moment, battling inside your mind on what to say. You have to be honest, you know that much. But how do you really feel about him?
“Right now, I hate how much I love him.” You exhale. “Because no matter how much he rips my heart to shreds, he’s also the only one that can put it back together.”
The room remains silent as your words reverberate the air. You look to Jaemin for support, noticing the sympathy that radiates from him. No one was prepared for such a raw and honest answer from you, particularly Jeno. You’d even surprised yourself.
But the most astonished of them all? Renjun. He’d been eavesdropping for a while, no one knowing he was even there. He had no idea how you really felt about him until now. And it stirred up an odd feeling inside of him.
You wake up the next morning in your bed with no memory of how you got back. After your confession during truth or dare, all you wanted to do was forget about it. So you spent the rest of the night drinking until you could no longer remember.
Groggy eyes peer around your room as you force yourself to sit up properly. Looking to the side, you notice a glass of water and a post it note.
I hope you don’t feel too hungover today, lots of love R x
You gulp upon reading the message, realising that the only person R could be is Renjun…
After hearing your truth, Renjun rushed away in a panic. Locking himself in the bathroom to try to calm down away from the party.
He couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed, his heart racing out of his chest. He hadn’t been drinking much throughout the night because he had every intention of trying to talk to you, and he definitely wanted to be sober for that. But now, he almost wishes he was drunk, just so he wouldn’t have to be so rational.
The first thing he was going to do was break things off with his date. Not that she wasn’t a great person and he wasn’t enjoying spending time with her. But knowing his dream girl reciprocated his feelings? He could never turn down that opportunity.
Next, he was going to find you.
But by the time he’d finished breaking up with his date, you were completely wasted.
His heart couldn’t take it when you drunkenly locked gaze with him, the fuzzy smile etched onto your lips and your rosy cheeks making him feel things he knows no one else could ever make him feel.
He was a little taken aback when you stumbled over and wrapped your arms around his neck, leaning all of your body weight onto him. But he hugged you back regardless, holding onto you until you’d regained your balance. It was the first time he’d seen your smile in what felt like forever. He had missed your smile.
For the rest of the night, Renjun kept an eye on you to make sure you were ok. And when the party started to fizzle out and the sun was making its first appearance on the horizon, he took you home.
Sluggishly, you drag yourself into your kitchen in search of something to eat. Your half-awake senses springing alert when you hear a low noise coming from the living room.
“What are you doing here?” You gasp when you find Renjun sat comfortably on your sofa, the tv lightly playing in the background.
“I uh-” Renjun, caught off guard, remains tongue tied. “I bought you back last night.”
You nod, still waiting for him to explain why he is still here. You’re thankful that he’d helped you get home safe in your drunken state. But you aren’t currently on speaking terms, so the fact he decided to stay feels wrong to you.
“And I wanted to make sure you are alright this morning.” He adds, finding the fact that you aren’t showing much emotion to him a little unnerving.
“Well I’m fine. Thank you.” You mumble. You want him to think you are unaffected by his presence, but on the inside you are a mess. You want nothing more than to rush over to him and cuddle into his side. To feel his warmth and affection, but the barriers you’ve built up against him won’t allow you.
“I was hoping we could talk?” He timidly questions, casting you a hopeful look. This, you allow yourself to give in to. Silently making your way to sit on the other end of the sofa.
“Go ahead.” You remain composed. It’s time you hear Renjun out, after all he is your best friend and you don’t want to lose him over this. You’ve been through so much together that you can’t imagine not having him in your life and the last few weeks have felt empty without him.
“Well, first of all, I’m so sorry for standing you up.” Renjun begins. “And for all the hurt I caused you. I don’t blame you for not wanting to see me. And I don’t blame you for not wanting your friendship ring anymore.”
Your heart almost stops when he fishes your friendship ring out of his pocket and places it onto the sofa cushion between you. Renjun hadn’t gone anywhere without it in case he got the opportunity to speak to you. Ever since he stumbled across it he’s wanted to give it back.
You can’t believe he has it. So many questions rushing through your mind in one go. But most importantly, you want to know how it managed to end up in his possession.
“How did you get that?” Your wide eyes look at him once again, your hand reaching out the pick up the ring. You instantly put it back on your finger, finally feeling complete again.
“I found it on the football field last week. Jeno said you were with him and Jaemin before I arrived and I thought you had taken it off purposely.” He explains. Suddenly it all makes sense, it must have fallen off when you rushed away that day.
“I didn’t mean to take it off, in fact, I’ve been looking for it everywhere.” Your eyes brim with happy tears, relieved to have your favourite ring back.
“So you don’t want to stop being friends?” You shake your head no at Renjun’s question. The fact that he must have thought that makes you feel so upset. Although, you understand him thinking that way under the circumstances you have been in.
“How could I, you mean everything to me.” You laugh as your tears spill over and run down your cheeks. You allow for them to flow freely now, your heart feeling so many emotions its as though it could burst.
Renjun scoots closer to you, reaching his hand out to gently wipe away your tears with the pad of his thumb. He hates seeing you cry, especially when it’s over him.
“So what you said yesterday, that you love me, that’s all true?” His eyes pour into yours, making you breathless with their intense adoration.
You’re suddenly confused as to how he knows about that when he wasn’t part of the truth or dare game. However, it seems that Renjun can telepathically sense what you are thinking, jumping in before you can ask him yourself.
“I may have been listening in.” He sheepishly admits. “But is it true?”
Unable to form any words, you vigorously nod your head yes, a huge smile on your face when you see the elated beam that overtakes Renjun’s expression.
“I love you too.” He whispers, simultaneously leaning in to rest his forehead on yours. He’s so over the moon that you reciprocate his feeling he just wants you as close as possible, his hands instinctively moving to your waist to keep you near.
Except there’s one more thing you need to clarify before you really allow yourself to be happy.
“Aren’t you already seeing someone?” You pull away a little to question him, almost unsure if you really want to know the answer.
“I ended things the second I found out how you felt.” He informs and you instantly feel yourself relax into his hold. It feels like you are living in a dream world right now and you’re going to wake up any second.“Now, can I take you out on a real date?” Renjun brings you back into the moment, nervously waiting for your response.
“Only if you promise to not stand me up again.” You tease, coy smirk on your face.
“I promise.”
Luckily enough for you, Renjun really does uphold his promise of a date and it turns out the be the best evening you’ve spent with him.
It’s funny how you went so long having undisclosed feelings towards each other. You both find it so funny how ironic it really is. Yes, Renjun may tease you from time to time about your confession during truth or dare. But you never mind. Because if Jeno hadn’t asked you that question and Renjun hadn’t been spying on his friends, he never would have known how you felt and you might not have gotten together. So soon anyway.
Although, Renjun always like to remind you that he believes you would have ended up together eventually. Because, as he always says, there’s no one else quite like you.
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[STRAY KIDS] Imagine telling Chan about your stressful day when you come home, saying you need a wellness trip and him drawing a bath for you immediately and giving you a massage to make you relax a little bit
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tastyykpop · 15 hours ago
Hey i really liked your nct 127 and Straykid’s reaction to you offering to pay. Could you do one with wayv? Thank you :D
tysm💕 I hope u like this one too :))
127 reaction is here
ᴡᴀʏᴠ ʀᴇᴀᴄᴛɪᴏɴ ᴛᴏ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡᴀɴᴛɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ᴘᴀʏ
"babe you're broke"
"what the fuck" *throws wallet on the table*
"I got it"
"I'll pay"
right when you spoke, he started crying
you couldnt tell if they were real or fake tears
"winwin what's wrong?"
"your wallets so fucking dry, y/n. it's hurting my eyes"
"dont worry, I got it"
lucas just sits there
like a kid
"the waiter has a mickey mouse shirt on and I wanted to show him my minnie mouse credit card"
"youre done"
"i can pay"
"i-i wasn't asking I'm-"
the check is placed on the table
you and hendery give each other a look
it's like a race to who can grab it first
yall are just wrestling each other
kun rolls his eyes and looks at ten "we're never taking them out again"
"I'll pay"
"You know- you're quite bold for someone who spends all her money on kpop albums"
"did you- did you just call me out?"
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nctsplug02 · 2 days ago
I see your request is open again. Can i request for a Ceo!Sugar Daddy! Yuta/Jaehyun getting you pregnant. Make it filthy smut as possible
genre: smut
a/n: this was so rushed and i was so confused on how to write this… but thanks for the request 👑 anon! <33 im so sorry if this is confusing LOL…
Yuta waits at your door with a bouquet of flowers in his hands, he was nicely dressed in a expensive tux. Tonight was a special night, it was yutas day off which he promised a date out.
You were still getting ready in your room, picking an outfit out to match your body shape. Yuta waited patiently, every now and then checking the watch on his wrist.
He looked to the side when hearing the elevator ding and a few footsteps coming his way. He was confused to see another man with an envelope in his hands.
“Uh, hey, is y/n home?” The mysterious guy asked. “She’s getting ready for our date.. why?” The mysterious guy tilted his head. “She’s going on a date?” Yuta nods at the man. “Yeah.. with me.. her boyfriend..” the mysterious man’s face drops.
“She, she said she was single.. what?” The mysterious man rubs his forehead. “Who even are you?” Yuta asks, his eyebrows fully knitted together. “I’m jaehyun, her sugar daddy.” Yuta’s’ eyes slightly widen.
Silence had taken over for a few seconds. “Are we getting played?” Jaehyun huffs with widen eyes. “Should we team up and get her back?” Jaehyun looks at the elder. “How so?”
After a few moments, yuta explains his little plan to the younger one and jaehyun agrees.
“Hey babe—, oh shit.” Your tone and face drops all at once. “Hey love,” Yuta says, “hey pretty girl,” jaehyun says. Your face had gone pale while theirs had smirks written on their lips.
“Who knew you had a little sugar daddy, hm?” Yuta hums, inching closer to you which makes you inch backwards back inside your penthouse. “L—look, I,I can explain, please?” Yuta scoffs and shakes his head.
You slightly jump at the sound of jaehyun slamming the door shut. “Jumpy, hm?” Yuta tilts his head. “Y—yuta, i, ahh!” You yelp as you fall back into the couch. “You what? Words, baby.” He hovers above you.
“Let’s have some fun, yeah?” Jaehyuns voice chimes in, yuta steps aside so jaehyun can join. “Wait, I can explain, please?” Jaehyun hums, talking at his freshly shaved chin. “Explain? Explain what, pretty girl? That you’ve been fucking us both behind our backs?” You whimper at his tone.
Yuta was a busy man, he worked and worked constantly which caused you to rarely see him.
Your sex drive went crazy as yuta was gone overseas for work, so you went onto his app which you had met jaehyun on. He was good looking and had money which you weren’t worried about.
One day you and jaehyun had met up at this café and you guys ended up going to your place and fucking on your kitchen counter. The relationship between you and jaehyun was, he paid you for everything and you gave him sex.
He didn’t want the sex but was soon attached to it after the second time. Ever since then, he’s been paying you a day later after having sex.
“It’s not like that, let me explain please?!” You pleaded which they both shake their heads. “I think have some fun would be better, yeah pretty girl?” Jaehyun asks and then looks at yuta who just crosses his arms with a nod.
Yuta clears his throat and uncrosses his arms, he pushes his hands in his pockets and looks down at you. “Get on all fours, baby.” Yuta commands. “W—what?” You look up at him. “Up on all fours, now.” He demands again.
Slowly, you got up and got onto your knees and hands. “Heads or tails?” Yuta asks jaehyun. “Heads, her mouth is gonna look pretty wrapped around my cock.” Jaehyun says pushing past yuta and sitting himself in front of you.
Yuta positions himself behind you and pushes up your dress. “Such a pretty dress, did you use jaehyuns money to buy you it?” Yuta coos and smacks your ass which implied a hushed whimper to escape your lips. “I bet she did, naughty girl.” Jaehyun says pulling his cock out and smacking your cheek with his harden cock.
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” You start tearing up but they don’t buy it. “Stuff her mouth with your cock, jaehyun.” Yuta says and jaehyun listens. Jaehyun pushes his cock between your pretty lips and starts by thrusting his hips.
“Fuck, her mouth feels amazing.” Jaehyun groans as he feels your warmth.
Unexpectedly, yuta pushes himself in you causing you to fall forward onto jaehyun, his cock being pushed down your throat. Yuta didn’t hold back and he started pistoling his hips into yours, his thrusts making your body jerk forward repeatedly.
Jaehyun watched as yuta smacked your ass repeatedly until it turned red. Tears streaming down your cheeks as the burning sensation spreads throughout the places where yuta smacked.
“Aww,” jaehyun pulls you off his cock and cups your messy face with one of his hands while the other held his cock. “look at this poor slut, she got all dolled up just to have it messed up, mmm.” Jaehyun poutted and mocked you by using his cock to smear the saliva that dribble down your chin.
“You look so pretty with your mascara running down your cheeks, baby, no wonder I call you my pretty girl.” Jaehyun says and then pushes his cock back into your mouth.
Yuta was missing out, all he saw was jaehyuns facial expressions and your red ass jiggling with his thrusts. Yuta reaches down and finds your clit, whiney gasps can be heard by you, it was so muffled by jaehyuns thick cock that was sliding down your throat.
You reached behind you and grabbed onto yutas arm, your hand begging him to stop. “Oh, she’s getting close.” Yuta warned jaehyun. “Fuck, im gonna fuck cum inside her pussy.” Yuta says with a grunt.
His hands on your hips gripped desperately, almost as if they were pinching you. “Fuckfuckfuckfuck— oh shit!” Yuta moaned as he released himself inside you. Your hips stuttering as you reach your high as well.
Yuta peels himself away from you and falls back onto the couch, his breathing unsteady. Jaehyun takes this as an opportunity to take you from behind, so he pulls his cock away from your mouth and positions himself behind you, he pushes himself in and starts thrusting.
You squeal from the overstimulation. Jaehyun goes quick, his thrusts going at an insane speed as he tries to reach his high.
It takes him a few minutes to finally release himself inside you. “God, baby.. now your pussy if filled with my cum and yutas cum.” Jaehyun pants and falls next to yuta who was asleep.
Jaehyun was trying to get his breathing steady but ended up falling asleep.
You on the other hand were too tired to move, your body was sore and weak, your pussy oozed out the mixture of yuta and jaehyuns cum.
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enfinity · 19 hours ago
what’s a cafe lmao??!!!?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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heeseung × fem!reader × jay
when a crush on your literature seatmate meets halfway with an infatuation for the dance team captain, that wrong number you’ve texted seems to be your only loveline left.
Tumblr media
TAGLIST ♡͢ @enhy9ens @nikisboxysmile @honeyju @fairytheo @enheun @ncityy04 @yutaeminnie @hoonculture @rainbowmagicpixecorn @alitap-tap @chewy-jioung @enhypemen @csbverse @disco-funk-and-soul09 @ye0ncore @adoreyeonjun @ch3nj1 @jaywonweb @99outros @thenoceurgirl @softkons @envirae @nctufh @jongsaengseong @hobistigma @leejeneo @sunbokie @heelariously @luvrseung @kac-chowsballs @jwonz (open! please send an ask or msg to join!)
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parkjiminiemouse · a day ago
The Minuscule Things
“So that’s it? We’re over? All because of this?” He scoffs at you, eyebrows furrowed as he tries not to look into your tear filled eyes. It was the minuscule things that broke up your three year relationship. 
Meeting up with Hongjoong two years later was not something you had planned but apparently the universe liked to surprise you both. Typing away on your laptop you saw someone staring from the corner of your eye. Turning to look your eyes widened as you quickly averted your gaze back to your computer screen. You hoped he would just go away but that wasn’t in his plans. 
Sitting down across from you he offers you a small smile to which a meek “hi” escapes your lips. Everything felt so awkward around him, contrast to how your relationship used to feel.  
“Hey.” He says softly, eyes glistening as he looked at you. He really did miss you. Looking at you now, he didn’t understand why he didn’t fight harder to make your relationship work out.
The conversation you both held was awkward but you couldn’t say you didn’t enjoy it. There were little things Hongjoong did that you missed so much to the point that you didn’t even realize you missed it. The way he looked at you, fully engaged in your conversation, it had been a long time since someone had paid close attention to you.
Laughing softly, you both walked out of the small homey like cafe. Unbeknownst to you, Hongjoong practically lit up when he heard your laugh. “How about…” he was hesitant for a moment. Giving him a raised eyebrow, you glanced at him curiously. “Hm?” He bites his lip, “How about I take you on a date this Saturday…o-only if you want too- you don’t have too-“ Holding your hand up to stop him from speaking and offer him a small smile. “Sure, I’d like that.” The look of pure excitement and joy appeared on his face before he realized that you both had arrived at your destination. His smile faltered a little which you did notice. A giggle escapes your lips as you peck the male on the cheek.
“See you Saturday, Hongjoong.”
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absentcaryatid · 2 days ago
Our First Time
An ATEEZ Mingi x Reader Fanfic by AbsentCaryatid
This takes place in the JC Saga world sometime between chapter 12 and the epilogue but none of that background is needed to enjoy this story.
Content note: polyamory mention, food. 1.7K words.
The ATEEZ dorm was quiet except for the increasingly active sounds of you and Mingi. You had not planned for this to happen but you had been struck by the idea and could not help yourselves. Perhaps it would have been better to have used your nearby apartment instead but the mood had seized you both and you were betting on being done before anyone else came home.
“No, we are not lined up, this won’t light me up.” Despite the thrill of the activity you began with a litany of complaints. “You have to reach the right hole. It has to get it all the way in or it doesn’t work.” Your instructions to Mingi made it sound as if you had some experience but this was your first time too. “It is too loose, it will fall out again if you don't shove in enough.”
“To the left a little. Okay, now hold still, I will never get inserted if you keep moving about.” Mingi’s frustrated directions were interrupted by a long, drawn out snore and you stared at each other in astonishment before separating.
Creeping over to the couch you peered over the back of it and saw Hongjoong fast asleep bundled in a blanket. “I did not even realize he was there until he made noise. You were right when you once said he could sleep through anything. It feels weird to be doing this with him present. What if he wakes up?”
Mingi was reassuring. “He won’t, I promise.”
So, far too trustingly, you got back to your fun with the added thrill of knowing Hongjoong could awake and catch the two of you at any moment. “I wish I could see what I was doing. I get too close and have to go by feel alone.” Suddenly you yelped in pain, “Mercy!”
“You felt that?”
“It was shocking! I am never doing that again.” Even your cry did not disturb Hongjoong still sleeping peacefully nearby. This was more difficult than you expected and you let out a tired sigh. “Perhaps this will get easier with practice, it is all so new to me. Even when we align properly you aren’t getting in.”
“It is my first time too. Movies and TV make it seem so easy.” Mingi looked resigned. “Did your parents teach you anything about it? They have done this before, right? Can you ask them for advice?”
“What do you want me to do, call them now?” You both laughed at the idea. Muddling through as best as you could on your own was a better plan.
Several more attempts left you both weary and neither of you noticed that the snoring had come to an end. “Okay, stop. This is really not working for either of us. Let's take everything off and start from the beginning again. This time let's do it on the floor, it will be much easier to connect with less poking and gooeyness.”
Mingi’s words left Hongjoong wide-eyed, certain you did not know of his presence. It came as a relief when he heard you say, “Maybe we should take a break.” However, he missed his chance to make himself known and began debating if he should say something or pretend to be asleep as the conversation quickly resumed. “My arms are really getting sore and sticky too. I did not think this was going to require strength.”
“That is because the fit is so tight. I thought it was all made to go together smoothly. Ideally we would be finished by the time the others have gotten back but maybe we need more hands. Shall we wait for Jongho? With his strength he could really push it in. Yunho would be good at this too, he has a longer reach so could slip it in easily.”
“You are right,” you agreed. “We have friends who would be happy to help out, we do not have to do it alone.” A smile crossed your face. “As close as I feel to those two, I would be comfortable with them in on our fun.”
At this point Hongjoong was shaking his head wondering if there was any tactful way to get out of the situation. It was one thing to know your friends were polyamorous but quite another to hear them openly discussing involving other members. Apparently you were one of the asexuals who were okay with having sex even if it was not from a sense of attraction. Perhaps pretending he was unaware of the conversation around him was the tactful way out. A massive yawn with eyes firmly shut to draw attention then wandering off to his bedroom without looking back could work.
“No, wait, let me try again. I think I am getting close. Just a little more.”
Hongjoong covered his ears as best as he could to block out your voice. He really should have done something sooner but now he regretted it was far too late.
“That’s it, that’s it,” you whooped with joy. Mingi held you close as you came down from the excitement. “I never thought it could be so beautiful,” you murmured in wonder.
Standing outside on the doorstep Seonghwa almost dropped the takeout tray of apple cider at what he had been overhearing through the door. He was mortified and admittedly a little turned on. You and Mingi were a committed couple after all so this was not a complete surprise but surely this activity was better suited for the privacy of your own apartment rather than the dorm’s living room. Knowing some people were into that sort of thing he wondered if you two were trying to be caught deliberately. He debated coming back later but this was his home too so he angled his elbow to reach the doorbell. This saved him from putting the drinks down to open the door himself but more importantly announced his presence.
Your moment of bliss was interrupted by the door buzzer. “Uh-oh, caught in the act,” you grinned. “What should we do? There is no time to hide.”
“It ruined the surprise but I am glad we can do it together in a way.” Mingi picked up the now glowing holiday lights strung along the floor and began to artfully drape them around the branches while you answered the door and helped Seonghwa in due to his full hands. The newcomer kept looking around as if expecting an altogether different scene than the one before him of two fully clothed people, a tree, and suddenly Hongjoong’s head now making an appearance over the back of the couch with an open-mouthed expression of understanding that mirrored Seonghwa’s.
When Mingi was done with his task you used a paper towel soaked in rubbing alcohol to get some of the tree’s tacky pitch off his arms and your own. Cleanup job complete you wrapped your arms around your boyfriend, on tiptoe kissed his cheek, then sighed lovingly against his chest. “It is our first time putting up a Christmas tree together as a couple. This means a lot to me, Mingi. Thank you for making some space for it in the ATEEZ dorm.”
“The guys will love it. We still have to add the decorations, lights alone are not enough.”
You shook one hand and began to blow on the fingers. “The way we struggled getting the strings connected I am going to celebrate even reaching this point.” Mingi looked at your fingertips that were still reddened from the accidental touch to the live connection between plug ends earlier. Bringing your hand to his lips he gave a gentle ‘get better’ kiss and you smiled at the caring touch.
Hot drinks in hand, Hongjoong and Seonghwa looked on grateful the situation had turned out to be nothing like it had sounded. Mingi took a steaming apple cider from Seonghwa and passed it to you then reached for another of his own while placing the other arm around your waist. Raising the drink in a salute to his friends he then took a long sip and smiled at the taste. “We wanted to surprise the rest of the team by putting a tree up while everyone was out. It was a lot harder than expected. We barely even managed the light strings.” Still, Mingi looked on his work with pride.  
Soon afterward, Yeosang, Wooyoung, and San got home hefting a large wreath they had picked up while out. Jongho and Yunho came in a little later also feeling festive and starting the season off early with a big box of Christmas cookies to share from their favorite bakery. Seonghwa put on some carols and Jongho sang along while you and your eight friends joyfully decked the tree. Yunho found permanent markers and he and Hongjoong reformed some of the reflective plastic balls into new designs celebrating each member, yourself, Yeosang’s girlfriend Betty, and not to be forgotten, ATINY. Wooyoung lifted San to place a star on top but there was one item remaining, an early present you had hidden in Yeosang’s room with his permission.  
Mingi teared up unwrapping his first gift of the season as it revealed a delicate glass ornament painted with the words “Our first Christmas together” and the year over a snowy landscape background. Turning it around he saw your names thanks to Jongho’s beautiful calligraphy joined by a plus sign and surrounded by a heart. He was so pleased by the ornament that when the time eventually came to take down the tree the gift was moved to a prominent place in his bedroom. Mingi liked to look at it from bed while you would talk late into the night over the phone knowing one day it would be on a tree in your own home together and in time that was exactly what happened.
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bluejaem · 2 months ago
⌗ calling them by their name ( ver. dreamies )
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
not requested, warnings. mentions of food (jaemin)
Tumblr media
(✿) —; MARK LEE. “hey mark? could you please pass me the tv remote?” mark hums in response as he reaches out to grab the remote. but something stops him. and that’s when the word “mark” echoes in his head. “wait, did you call me mark?” snickering at his question, you answer, “yeah, isn’t that your name?” handing you the tv remote, he looks at you with his emoji-like puppy eyes, “yeah, but you usually call me baby or markie.”
(✿) —; HUANG RENJUN. “i missed you so much, gosh,” renjun softly said, pulling you into a hug. you were meeting him after so long, of course you’d try to make it memorable— “i missed you too, renjun.” (however, renjun doesn’t exactly respond like how you wanted him to). he pulls back from the hug, his eyebrows furrow in confusion, but the smile returns soon as he intertwines his fingers with yours, “hearing you say my name makes it even more special to me.”
(✿) —; LEE JENO. “jeno, can we order take-out today?” jeno’s head lifts up from his screen when he heard you speak. “yeah, sure i’ll— did you just say jeno?” he asked, doe-like eyes waiting for you respond. “because you are jeno?” you chuckled. jeno slightly pouted at your response as he got up from his seat. he wrapped his arms around your waist and said, “but i prefer honey or baby.” then completing his sentence with a short peck on your cheek.
(✿) —; LEE HAECHAN. “can you pass my phone charger, haechan?” just as he was about to hand you your charger, he looks at you, bewildered, “that’s not my name.” you take your chances and try to take the charger from him, but he stops you from doing so, “but i’m baby, or sunshine, or honey— or even hyuck,” he pouts. “okay, but my charger—” he cuts you off mid-sentence, “call me hyuck, maybe then i’d give it to you.” he keeps the charger back and smothers you with kisses until you finally give in.
(✿) —; NA JAEMIN. pulling out a chair for yourself, you took a seat at the dining table— silently watching jaemin cook in the kitchen. “so, what’s there for breakfast, jaemin?” you asked. but with his back turned towards you, you couldn’t really see his reaction. he switched the gas stove off and turned to look at you, greeting you with that lovable smile of his. “your favorite, eggs and bacon, y/n,” he replied, putting emphasis on your name. looking at your reaction, he lowly chuckled, “feels weird, doesn’t it?”
(✿) —; ZHONG CHENLE. “chenle, can you call my phone? ‘cause i can’t seem to find it anywhere,” you said as you entered the room, pretending to look for your phone. upon hearing this, the corners of chenle’s lips perked up as he switched off his phone and kept it on the desk, “sorry, my phone doesn’t have any charge right now—” making eye contact with you, he continued, “—y/n.” putting pretty obvious emphasis on every syllable in your name. oh, how the tables have turned.
(✿) —; PARK JISUNG. “can i borrow your hoodie, jisung?” opening the cupboard, you searched for a comfortable hoodie to wear. his head shoots up at the mention of ‘jisung.’ “are you okay?” he inquired, eyebrows furrowed. “why wouldn’t i be?” you asked, now facing him. “i don’t know, it’s just weird when you call me jisung,” he said, slightly tilting his head. your lips curve into a smile, “but you said that you didn’t like getting called baby or sungie.” jisung smiles sheepishly at this comment, “i mean, sungie’s kind of cute, i guess— but only when you say it.”
Tumblr media
© BLUEJAEM, 2021
Tumblr media
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fantaesize · 5 days ago
Deepest Desire [JJK]
—Pairing(s): Jeongguk X Fem!Reader
—Word Count: 3.7k+
—Genre: Smut, Fluff
—Warning(s): mature language and explicit description of intercourse, protected sex (wow is Niika okay??), vaginal sex, nipple play, breast play, pussy eating, soft sex🥲, reader cries due to emotional overwhelm, marking (hickeys, back scratching), poetic description of love/sex as a drug (like, one sentence)
—Summary: When Jeongguk is staying the night another casual Friday and there's a blackout, you're kinda bummed that the only thing left for you to do is cuddle and sleep. But that is until you both finally decide to break the bounds.
—A/N: i'm not even lying when i say i cried while writing this. bruh 'i' became the one being emotionally overwhelmed but thas possibly jus my weak heart. but yeah, this one piece will always stay close to my heart bc it's just. so intense. and i loved my writing in this lmao. so now i leave it to u guys for yall to decide. pls feel free to share your views <33 its a part of my 50 Shades of Bangtan series but you can read this part singly since the parts are unrelated. i hope you enjoy!!💖💖 (also, i didn't almost write taehyung at one point instead of jeongguk. nope. definitely not.)
Tumblr media
A mug of coffee in one hand and Jeongguk’s hand interlocked with the other, both of you cuddling and catching up on a series… well– mainly cuddling. You truly couldn’t ask for anything better than this on a Friday night.
Jeongguk has been your boyfriend only for a few months right now, but it feels like you’ve known him forever. He has opened up with you so quickly, likewise you’ve shared your secrets with him already too.
Lately, you’ve grown even closer, as you’d let him stay the night at your place, in your bed, and he would let you stay the night in his dorm, in his bed.
And this is just another night when he comes over, to ‘make your time golden’, he’d said, but you both know better. To just be in your presence, being in your calm after another hectic week.
“Wh-what the hell happened?!” you shriek all of a sudden when all lights are gone out.
Jeongguk is still with you, so it couldn’t be one of his silly pranks either, as you remember the one time you enter his and the guys’ dorm after having a call with Jeongguk and expecting them there, only to be met with a dark apartment and getting the jump scare of your life.
He grabs his phone, the light being too strong for your eyes causing the both of you to flinch momentarily. He’s dialling the number of the electricity guys before you get up, turning to get to the kitchen to keep your mugs. The moonlight peeking through the glass door to the balcony just allowed enough light for you to walk around.
“They’re saying it’s a blackout,” Jeongguk voices in the dark, staring at your dark shadows contrasting against the light.
You let out a huff, neither disappointed, nor pleased. Just, surprised. “Do they know when it’s gonna come back?
“Not before morning,” he answers, holding the edge of the kitchen island as he partially leans his weight onto his tattooed arm.
“Do they know we don’t really need lights in the daytime but do at this time?” you amuse.
“Considering the fact that it’s uhh…” he trails off as he takes out his cell from his pocket, clicking the button and glaring at the bright screen, “2:04 in the morning, when everyone’s asleep, I think they’re valid for considering no one needs light right now either.”
“People go to bathrooms. People can literally die in bathrooms,” you counter with a wider grin and big eyes.
At that, Jeongguk doesn’t really have anything to say, so he lets out a chuckle, proud of his smart girlfriend. “Alright, let’s move to the bedroom? We don’t have anything else to do anyway.”
True that. There’s a blackout– no electricity. You can’t afford to drain the battery of your cells, you’ve got to keep them alive for important things. Plus you both are kind of tired yourselves anyway. So it’s safe to conclude that there was no point for you two to do anything but retire to your bedroom.
“Okay but I’m not going without the candles. So help me out here,” you order before turning to the drawer at the end of the counter, the one that held all your candles for emergencies like these.
Soon you and Jeongguk enter your bedroom, lighting up all the candles and putting them on all the shelves and cabinets, enough for the room to be seen, yet not too bright to not be able to sleep. Jeongguk is lighting up the candles when you take a look at him– his face looks like it’s glowing with the candle light hitting all the right places on his face, his eyebrow piercing shining, the flame visible in his eyes as he concentrates on it, observing melting wax crawling up the wick and giving itself in flames.
Before he can notice, however, you move to your closet to take out the scented candles. You’ve always had a thing for scented candles– when the candle smells good, it automatically changes your mood to a good one, fixes all your problems, sorts all your fights, gets all your work done, and suddenly, you’re not dealing with stress anymore. And with Jeongguk staying the night, better yet, sleeping in your bed tonight, you partially wanted to light those mixed scents of lemongrass, sandalwood and jasmine to have a little ‘comfort’.
“Why more?” Jeongguk inquires as you keep the glass containers on the mantle against the front wall, lighting them up.
“These are the scented ones,” you answer, and that’s enough for him. He’s already aware about your obsession with those scented ones.
The next thing, you and Jeongguk are crawling together in your bed, him pulling you close with an arm while his other pulls the comforter over your legs, your other hand aiding him too.
You both sit in the comfortable silence, not finding any need to say something. Sometimes you just like being in each other’s presence and the only sounds that can be heard is of your calm breaths. Breathe.
But on the other hand you can’t stop averting your gaze to Jeongguk every two seconds. His face is exquisite, he’s beautiful. His doe eyes, his sharp jawline, the round of his nose, the way his lips move when he speaks, and that goddamn mole– that stupid mole that has looked totally kissable to you ever since you saw him for the first time in that French restaurant.
And you wonder if he’s the right guy, if he’s everything you’ve been looking for, if he’s–
“What was that for?” Jeongguk asks, flinching from the kiss you placed on his lips while you were still immersed in your thoughts.
“I, uh… you, an-”
And then Jeongguk’s lips on yours shut you up.
You both don’t move your lips at first, possibly both of you testing the waters, but when you finally know that this is something real, you waste no time in lessening the space between the two of you, crawling your hand to the back of his neck while your other finds ground on his chest. His hands move to your hips, not wanting to cross any unsaid boundaries. The kiss grows needier, both of your tongues interacting with the other’s, pouring your desires in the action.
“You can even go further,” you breathe out, breaking the intense kiss for just a moment.
But then he stops, to look at you, eyes searching your face. For a moment you think that it was a huge mistake, maybe he’s not there yet, maybe you’re not supposed to be there yet. But when you hear his request of ‘are you sure’ and nod your head and whisper a ‘yes’, you are convinced that it’s meant to be.
Jeongguk , though, is still a little unsure. He wants it, fuck he does. It’s you, afterall. But how does he go about it? What do you like? What do you not like? Who takes the lead?
But as if you read his mind, you take his hand in yours and keep it on your breast, squeezing his hand below yours to ease him a little. Boobs. He’s already at ease.
Though deeper than that, when he finally realises that it’s you, it’s intense, it’s happening, all connections in his brain short-circuit, letting him know that it’s all about the flow. He doesn’t need to worry. He’s here, You’re here. And so is the rest of the night.
His other hand travels to your back, snaking it inside your shirt and making contact with the soft skin of your back, eliciting a moan out of you. His breath fans your face, his hands on your body and the kiss growing more and more heated elicits a slight moan out of you, slowly getting turned on as you anticipate what’s to come.
When Jeongguk doesn’t find you complaining over how his hands are roaming all over your body, over or under your fabrics, he finds it safe to take your top off. And the sight in front of him is enough to send him on cloud nine.
You’re there in front of him, topless, white lace covering the swell of your flesh, decorating your body, a sight for Jeongguk to love. To find way better than any of his own paintings or M.F. Hussain’s.
You know what happened when he sees you with those doe eyes and mouth agape, frozen as if playing freeze tag. But you still decide to tease him, partly to relieve your own nervousness.
“What happened, Gukie?” you coquet, your fingers tracing your collarbones and the area beneath that, pushing your breasts outward.
He blinks. Once. Twice. And then he swiftly moves to hug your body, his big arms wrapped around your middle and fingers fiddling with the hook of your bra. He’s eagerly leaving wet kisses on the exposed skin, and soon, the lace is slipping off your body. And he can live in the moment forever.
He instantly attaches his mouth to your nipple, other attended by his fingers, causing you to throw your head back in air as you hold his neck. You panties are getting wetter and wetter, you’ve never felt a deeper desire.
“Jeongguk,” you moan, a proof for him to believe that you like it, and he’s doing fine. But that doesn’t help his growing member at all, already so hard and begging for attention. He is so turned on, and he blames you for it.
He stops for a short moment to take his shirt off, the material clinging to him with the heat. But when he does, oh wow, and proceeds to continue his ministrations on you again, he’s pushed by you before he realises it, making him lie down on his back.
You straddle him, leaving open-mouthed kisses on his body, admiring the beautifully sculpted golden chest, admiring every centimeter of flesh with your lips and fingertips. You rub your covered core over his covered dick, both moaning at the pleasurable contact. His hands travel along your sides, and you instantly crawl back up to kiss him. He finds your boobs and pinches the brown tip, you moaning in the kiss which he gladly swallows, which also causes his dick to twitch. He is so turned on he could come right there.
You move to his neck, kissing the veins covered with flesh before gently tugging at it with your teeth. You’re not sure if he is into marking, but you want to mark him so bad. Want the world to see who he belongs with.
“Oh I’m sure you can do darker than that,” he says breathily, and as if on cue you instantly bite him to leave a mark. He’s yours.
He groans your name, his hands moving to your ass. He kneads the flesh under his palms, jiggling them. You whimper at the touch, every step taken arousing you more and more.
It’s Jeongguk. Your love. Your lover. Your mans, as he likes to call it. This was your first time with him, but it felt like you’ve known his body forever. You’ve known him forever. Everything was so easy with him, even when it came to sex. It doesn’t mean you weren’t freaking out about the way his hands slide under your shorts and panties and so easily takes them off, or about the way his palms felt warm against your skin. But you were euphoric, on a drug, only being on the best kind of drug, better than any lucid dreams you could’ve imagined. You were there, on top of him, soon to be under him, and everything will be alright.
And then he does finally turn you over to land on your back, his tall body hovering over you. He looks at you with hungry eyes, the fire that you saw earlier as a reflection now fiercer, a reflection of you.
“You’re so beautiful, _____, so, so beautiful,” he says in a hoarse voice, throat dry from all the nervousness. When you suddenly feel shy, he is quick to bend down and kiss your neck before you can hide yourself in your cocoon.
Just the way you marked him a while ago, he marks you as his. Once, twice, thrice, and he doesn’t want to stop. You’re his.
Only that he does, when he feels your shaky hands at the skin of his abdomen underneath the hem of his sweats. And god do they turn even shakier when you feel his big bulge, hard, throbbing, searching for release and you feel Jeongguk slightly bucking in your hands. Just with a touch of your hand, you feel so good that he’s growing so desperate. He needs you so bad, he needs you now.
He pulls his sweats down, freeing his hard member from the constraint, and your eyes widen. His dick is huge, but it is pretty. It is hard, red, throbbing, leaking with precum, but you’re in love with it. It’s Jeongguk, there in front of you, all naked in your bed.
He leaves sweet kisses all over your front, taking your hand and trailing an ivy of kisses all the way from your shoulder to your elbow, and kisses you sweetly a bunch of times on the back of your palms, fingers; his eyes deep into yours. That makes you clench around nothing, eyes pricking with tears.
He crawls further to align his face with your pussy, and when his tongue makes contact with your heat, you arch your back incredibly, letting out a loud moan forming in the back of your throat. He smirks, and you can feel it, though you're too gone to care when his tongue swirls in and around your pussy. He’s so close, he feels as though he’ll burst and might not make it with you, but he is determined to make you feel good. Hear you moan for him. Hear you beg for him. Have all of you to himself.
“Jeongguk, please,” you draw out the last syllable, moaning. Because as much as you love the sight of his eyes looking at you from between your breasts and half of his face dipping into your core, you don’t want this right now. You want to feel him close, you want to feel all of him. You want to feel him inside you.
“What baby,” he mocks, knowing very well what you mean but still determined to please you with his mouth for he’s scared he might not last that long.
“Jeongguk I need you inside me, please,” you cry for him, the relief between your legs both pleasurable and aching.
“But I-”
“I don’t care, Gukie, I just want you inside me, right now,” you breathe out, enough for him to understand you and be convinced.
You instantly crawl to the bedside table, pulling the drawer out sharply and fumbling a condom out of the packed box. Your shaky hands only make the process clumsier and longer, and you hear him chuckling in the background.
“Don’t,” you warm, breathing heavily when you finally pull one out, throwing the foil packet to him.
With the smirk still prevalent on his face, he tugs at the foil with his teeth, spitting the torn foil on the floor. And that sight alone makes you almost come undone. That was so fucking hot, you think.
While tugging the condom along his length, he ponders, “these condoms… did you-”
“I brought them after the last time you stayed, don’t worry,” you assure him.
The last time he stayed, a smile on his face. When you both were being way too touchy and obvious, but neither was able to make the first move, nor able to read the other person, still unsure of where the other person stands in your relationship right now. But you felt that it’s time you at least buy a packet for safety purposes, for the ‘what ifs’ running in your head for Jeongguk staying over the next time. Good thing you did that.
Rubbing the latex covered dick along your wetness for lubrication, “_____, are you sure you want this? With me?” he asks for confirmation one last time.
“Yes, Jeongguk, yes, I’m sure, I trust you,” you breathe out, your heart blooming with emotions just with the simple gesture of him remembering to ask you one last time even in such a heated moment.
With no further delay, he enters inside your weeping hole, slowly making his way inside you. Your mouth is wide open, a moan making its way out. Jeongguk is big– blessed in length and girth, and you wonder if you’ll be able to make it to the end without being split in half.
“You good baby?” he whispers, looking at your face, searching your eyes.
“Yeah, keep going,” you respond.
And so he does, bottoming out and reaching your cervix, both moaning when his tip hits your back. He gives you sometime to adjust, also himself so he doesn’t come undone right there. And then after a moment or two of heavy breaths, he finally moves, slowly dragging out of you and pushing back inside you again. You both moan at the pleasure, the feeling of him so, so close to you causing an ache in your heart, but the best kind of ache.
He finds ground on his forearms, resting the either side of your body and your hands find their way to his back, gripping at the flesh with your palms.
He’s going agonisingly slow. Ironic, considering that it’s his first time with you. But also, understandable. He doesn’t want this to end, he doesn’t want this to stop. He has desired this for so long, the deepest desire you’ve shared with him. And now he’s finally in the moment. The feel of your soft skin against his, every light brush of your fingertips, the exhale of your breath contrasting against the sweaty heat on his shoulders, the scent of your hair, you velvety walls every-so-often clenching around him, sending him over the edge– causing him to take a moment to slow down and come down before moving again–, your neck covered in all the marks and bruises he gave. Your body is covered in a sheen of sweat under him, the candles doing a great job at pleasing his olfactory senses and lighting your body, the hues and contrast of your skin enough for him to be inspired for his next painting. No, he doesn’t want this to end, he doesn’t want his first time with you to end.
And likewise, you can’t stop moaning. There is a knot in your stomach, yes, but there’s an even stronger ache in your heart. The ache of finally, finally having him so close to you, feeling his thick length inside your walls, his tip touching your sweet, sweet spot again and again, feeling his arms snake around your back and all over your body, his mouth on your lips, your neck, your breasts. Beads of sweat forming on his face, shining against the bright candles, his face glowing with a spark only meant for you. You don’t want this feeling to go; even if it isn’t the last time, you know it will be the only time as your first time.
You’ve both shared this deepest desire for too long, much longer than you’d like, and now you can’t help yourselves as you burn yourselves in the flames of your love.
His eyes meet yours, and the look in them is enough for you to understand that he’s begging you to keep it. And so you do. You moan in response when he lets out a deep guttural groan, briefly throwing his head back in the air and you keep it locked in your head, your favorite sight ever.
His hands travel to your knees, crawling all the way up your thighs to your hips. And as if hooked, you move your legs along the touch of his hand, stopping them to hook them along his side, trying your best to not hook them all around him in your desperation.
When he finally turns a little vigorous, you can’t stop moaning. You're moaning, crying, whimpering his name, and despite trying your best, you find your nails scratching his back. You know it pains him, you know it might bleed. But the fact that it will mark him as your again only turns you on more, and apparently turns him on more too, for he doesn’t seem to complain.
“I can’t hold any longer, baby– fuck– I’m gonna come soon,” Jeongguk moans, and your shut your eyes, pulling him closer to you. At this point, you don’t care about the eye contact, your eyes are forming tears, blurring your vision anyway.
“I’m there... Imma come soon,” you whimper out, breathing in his scent as you nuzzle your face in the junction of his neck and shoulder.
He nibbles at your earlobe, and his promising whispers of ‘I love yous’ send you into emotional overwhelm, and let the string snap, causing your eyes to convert into a broken dam of tears, the salt and water trailing down your cheeks.
“Guk I’m coming…” is the last warning you can give before you chase your high and convulse around him like crazy.
His stuttering pace tells you that he’s almost there, and when he hears your moans and feels your walls clenching him, he comes undone with a loud, throaty groan of your name, spilling inside the condom.
His body slumps over yours after he pulls out, you both lay there in a sweaty mess, panting heavily. After a moment of being able to collect himself, he props himself again on his forearms, looking at you with soft, loving eyes. And he sees your crying state, unable to stop the stream of tears while you’re not actually crying at this point.
When his eyes widen, thinking of all the things he could’ve done to make you cry, you speak in a shaky voice, wanting to erase his doubts away, “I’m just overwhelmed,” you sniff, wiping your tears away, “I love you so much, Jeon Jeongguk.”
He swears he could feel his heart doing somersaults at your confession, getting an even higher dose of oxytocin than he did in the past 45 minutes.
Using his fingers to take the lose strands of hair falling over your face and tucking them behind your ear, he places a lingering kiss to your forehead, shushing you down.
“I love you so much too, _____ _____.”
Tumblr media
a/n: *shambles* lmk what you think🥲🥲
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keehosduh · 11 days ago
bf!txt reaction to your calling them by their first name.
‘have you seen my wallet, yeonjun?”
“yeah it was on the-”
does a full double take
“what did you just call me?”
he’s a big one for pet names and feels instantly weirded out by the sound of his own name coming from your mouth
“i’d prefer babe or darling.”
sassy walks over to where you’re standing
doesn’t stop annoying you until you call him by one of your normal pet names.
smiley and does a lil happy dance before pulling you into a soft kiss
“please dont do that again,” he whispers against your lips
“soobin, can you get my phone please?”
instantly worried
“did i do something wrong?”
when you explain it was to just get his attention, he was still slightly on edge
pouty :((
you better kiss the pout away
big baby just wants to hear you call him love
it makes his heart do a flip every time
clingy for the rest of the day
back hug central
likes to put his hands under your shirt when hugging to feel closer :(
the type of boyfriend to drag you to a sink and attempt to ‘wash your mouth’
“you better fix that before i get the soap out”
when you continue to call him by his name, he gets slightly anxious
we know he bottles his feelings a lot
gets quiet and keeps a little distant from you 
“what if they are loosing feelings”
you notice his distance and immediately tell him it was a dumb tiktok trend
gets emotional and gives you a big hug, before placing a kiss on your forehead
“call me anything but beomgyu”
“so i can call you asswipe?”
“you little-”
taehyun doesnt use a lot of pet names
he usually resorts to the classics like babe or honey
i feel like in this situation the both of you would result to using nicknames like “hyunnie” and him calling you baby
he probably doesn't even notice at first when you call him taehyun
it take you three times for him to even notice properly
he’d give you a side eye out of confusion, and analysis the situation before concluding that you probably did it by accident
however, when you continue to call him taehyun, he’d straight up ask you
“why are you calling me taehyun?”
you didnt think he’d care too much but he is clearly disturbed by your actions
after explaining he lets out a relaxed sigh
he gives you a hug and burries his head in the crook of your neck
“i like your pet names” 
Huening Kai
:(( baby doesn't know what to do
probably calls one of the other members and ask them what to do
gets clingy with you 
like a koala on your hip
starts mumbling whilst talking to you
pouty baby pt. 2 
“are you mad, baby?” he asks softly
you can see he’s upset and you hate seeing him like that
immediately, you return his affection by pressing kisses all over his face
“i’m sorry sweetheart, are you okay,”
gets smiley and pulls you into a deep bear hug.
probably scatters kisses on your shoulders
or rubs his nose into the crook of your neck
or both ;-;
thank you for reading! you are loved.
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tyunsie · a day ago
GORGEOUS — one: hobo shaming
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MASTERLIST | previous ⋆ next
alcohol does many things, such as making you forget all the stupid shit you might've done. but, it can't say the same for others. and, in this case, lee heeseung is definitely not going to forget the person who kept hitting on him the entire night.
taglist ➭ @ncityy04 @jongsaengseong @rinyx @nyfwyeonjun (pls send an ask to be added!)
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inadaydream99 · 2 days ago
Best Friends
Chapter Four - Rainy Days
A/N - Here is the fourth chapter of Best Friends! This has honestly taken so long to write and I’ve been so busy with assignments…
Disclaimer: This is purely fictional and does not in any way represent the members in real life. This fic is a rewrite and so will seem familiar in plot if you have read the original (which will remain linked on my masterlist). I have modified the plot for the purpose of not being identical to the original.
Tumblr media
Monday sees more torrential rain batter down onto the earth. And you awake to Yunho whistling some random melody as he pulls open the curtains in the living room. You really miss your own bed, but you’re kinda trapped at your friends until it’s safe enough to make the journey home.
“Morning (Y/N)!” Yunho chirps, bright eyes sparkling as he springs around with lots of energy. Too much energy for the morning…
“Morning.” You yawn, “I really need some caffeine.” You groggily mumble through a tired smile, sitting up on the sofa and stretching out your arms as far as they can go.
“On it.” Yunho runs into the kitchen. You chuckle to yourself at his enthusiasm, never knowing just how much of a morning person Yunho was until now.
“Oh good, you’re awake.” Yeosang lazily flops into the seat beside you, resting his head back against the cushions as his eyes flutter shut momentarily.
“And why are you awake?” You furrow your brows in mild concern.
“Yunho’s my roommate.” Yeosang sleepily mumbles, sighing in content as he allows himself to relax further into the soft pillowy cushions behind him. And that’s all the information you need to put two and two together. “I don’t know how he’s going to contain all his energy being trapped in this apartment all day.” Yeosang adds a moment later. This earns an amused puff of air through your nose in response. But it’s something you hadn’t considered until now…
“And it’s my day with him too.” You inform, throwing your head back in uncontrolled laughter when Yeosang simply responds with a sarcastic “good luck”.
Just as the silence begins to settle around you both, Yunho brings you a coffee and places it on the table beside you with a tender mutter about being careful because it’s hot.
“Thanks.” You shoot him a smile, wasting no time in taking the first sip of your drink.
You watch as Yunho takes a seat by the window, watching as the rain trails down the side heavily. He ponders for a moment, deep in thought, and you wonder what is going on in his head.
“We were meant to go to the theme park today.” He sighs, turning his attention back to you once again.
The evident disappointment on his face makes you melt; the way his eyes seem to become wider by the second as his pout grows, only making his look even more puppy-like.
It’s sometimes difficult to believe that when you first met Yunho he made you feel shy. It’s not that you didn’t like him, the opposite in fact. He was just so bouncy and full of energy, like he effortlessly gained the whole rooms attention from his infectious smile alone. But it’s times like these, when he seems to become more subdued and thoughtful, where you are reminded that you’re not too dissimilar from each other. Yunho is just better at handling attention. Which is a good thing because he receives a lot.
Countless times when you hung out with him alone, you’ve noticed other men and women eyeing up your friend. And then their gaze lands onto you in judgement. You even overheard two girls whispering to each other “why is he with her?”. Most likely in jealousy, because it’s no secret that Yunho is incredibly handsome. But, despite being aware of that, it didn’t make their words sting any less…
It’s not like you’ve got very high self esteem to begin with, but adding on the fact that you somehow managed to become friends with people that are jaw droppingly attractive didn’t help.
And observing the way Yunho looks so ethereal just by watching the rain reminded you of this.
“(Y/N) doesn’t seem too fond of your idea, so looks like the rain did you a favour.” Yeosang’s quip brings you back to your senses, watching as Yunho moves to sit beside you to gain your attention.
“Is that true?” He practically whispers as he silently begs you to answer honestly.
“Maybe…” you trail off. I mean, you have never really liked big rollercoasters and theme parks are always so loud and crowded anyway. Plus there’s the fact that Yunho would have persuaded you to go on all the fast rides by holding your hand for comfort, which would have made you even more nervous.
“Oh.” Yunho mutters in disappointment.
“But I love spending time with you, so I would have still enjoyed it.” You try to console him by gently patting his shoulder and this seems to make him smile once again.
“Is there anything you want to do instead?” He questions, giving you the opportunity to decide on your days activities with him.
“Well…” you trail off, evil smirk adorning your lips. This makes Yunho feel unsure, but he trusts you, right?
“Aaaaand, done!” You finish placing the last few pieces of Yunho’s hair, taking a step back to view your work of art.
“How do I look?” He peers up at you, watching as you take your time to scrutinise the finished product.
Despite having his worst fears coming true when you’d suggested to do his hair and makeup, Yunho couldn’t say no to you. After all, he wants his day to be your favourite and he had no better ideas to suggest.
“You look like a beautiful princess.” You confidently beam. “Oh, wait!” Yunho pauses when you suddenly remember, placing the plastic tiara on his head. “Now look.”
“Oh… wow.” You can tell Yunho is taken aback by his appearance, clearly not wanting to hurt your feelings but also not knowing what to say.
You stifle your giggles, finding so much amusement in his reaction. Of course, Yunho isn’t aware that you’d purposely tried to do his makeup as interesting as possible; a colourful mix of light blues and pinks swirled together all over his face, and two little piggy tails standing bolt upright on the very top of his head.
You continue to watch as Yunho begins to lean his face, tilting his neck in different obscure angles to see if he can find one that makes him look the best. He pulls of the look flawlessly.
“I like it.” He nods affirmatively after a few more minutes of concentrated assessment.
“Really!” You’re eyes light up excitedly.
“I mean, it’s definitely unique and I like unique.”
The fact that Yunho is so kind to you even though you have made a mess of his head makes you unbelievably flustered. And you know it’s his natural way of being, that he’s not forcing himself to be nice. So much so, that just the thought of making him angry scares you. Because you know that if he became mad over something, it’s serious.
“Thank you.” Yunho stands up from the desk chair that you’d pulled into the middle of his room. His arms are outstretched, as he wordlessly invites you for a hug, which you gladly accept.
Being squished into his body, his arms securing around your smaller frame, you feel safe. It’s like hugging a giant teddy bear. Yunho gives you the same warmth and heart racing joy that your favourite plushy did as a child. It’s addictive and you never want to leave his embrace.
“Can I do your makeup now?” He whispers, only audible to you because you’re literally squished into him. He laughs when you make no effort to move your head from being buried into his chest, simply nodding it up and down to signify your agreement. “You’ll need to let me go then.”
And you reluctantly do… after clinging to him for a few more seconds…
“What on earth happened to you?” San blurts in disbelief when you and Yunho causally walk into the living room. Or so you’d tried to be causal. You’re both actually failing to suppress your amused giggles, knowing that you look ridiculous.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Yunho jests, the fact he is unable to hide is cheesy smirk giving everything away.
“Oh, wait, I think I know what San’s talking about.” You suddenly turn from smiling at San to face Yunho. He stares at you bewildered for a moment. “You have a little something here.” You inform, simultaneously reaching up to wipe the corner of his mouth with the pad of your thumb.
Yunho remains in stunned silence while you do so, his hands grabbing onto your waist as you stand on your tip toes in order to reach his face, just so you don’t loose your balance and fall into him.
“Thanks.” He timidly smiles down at you, seemingly forgetting your silly joke as he becomes seriously engrossed in how you just made his heart soar.
“Well… you keep doing you but I’m gonna go.” San breaks your little bubble, reminding you both that he is in fact a witness to what has just happened.
Despite this, neither you or Yunho make an effort to move, his hands still settled on your waist as you remain close.
“See you.” Yunho mumbles in response to San, although his gaze doesn’t flicker away from yours. An elated chuckle bubbling up and out of his mouth when your smiles grow even more.
You’re just so infatuated that you are unable to look away from each other.
[Chapter Three] [Chapter Five]
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