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#kpop fluff

Summary: Eunwoo try to keep a poker face when he sees his girlfriend kissing another guy on TV for a role in a drama, but clearly can’t hide his jealousy.

Warnings: Slightly suggestive towards the end, 1 or 2 swears

Words count: 884 words




“Babe ! Hurry up it’s starting !” You shouted across the room, hoping that Eunwoo could hear from the kitchen. Apparently yes since he arrives a few seconds later, almost running with the bowls of chips. You giggle as you see him panicking to be in time. “Am I late ?” He asked, out of breath. “No ! You’re just in time !” You say in a little laugh before you slide your hand to the back of his head to cuddle his neck like you always does when you’re watching TV together.

You smile when the episode start in front of you. Next to you, your boyfriend was all excited to see you play in your first ever drama, he was your biggest fan really. He hasn’t missed any episode since it started and is planning on watching it all with you. But there’s something he didn’t know, in this episode, your character is going to kiss another guy. You thought it could be funny to see his reaction. Honestly, you had no idea of how he was going to react. Of course, he won’t be mad since he knows why it’s like to shoot those scenes as an actor himself but still, your boyfriend had a tendency to easily be jealous if a guy would get a bit too close to you. So to see your lips on another’s will probably provoke something in him.

It’s only half-way into the episode that the kiss comes up on the screen. Automatically, your eyes turn to Eunwoo who had his eyes glued to the TV. You could see him trying to stay as calm as possible. “My love ? Are you okay ?” You asked, worried that he might actually get mad. He nods not breaking the eye contact with the version of you kissing the other actor. “Mmmmh…yes.” He mumbles as you see his jawline clenching as he takes a deep breath. You can’t help but let out a nervous giggle. “You’re such a liar.” You tease pushing him slightly with your fist on his arm. His gaze then finally meet yours, and you feel electricity going through your skin. “You could’ve warned me !” He says before he crosses his arms on his chest, pouting.

You immediately reach him on the couch to hug him. “Aaaaw i’m sorry love !” You say, feeling a little guilty even his reaction was priceless. He starts to ignore you as a punishment. “Lee Dongmin ! Stop ignoring me !” You say in a complaint as you hit his arm as he winces when he heard his real name. “Go hug this guy.” He murmurs as he looks away. “Oh please !” You gently put your hand on each side of his face to force him to look into your eyes. “You’re the only one I want to hug, idiot !” A little chuckle come out of his mouth, and you can finally smile again.

Suddenly he grabs your hips and push you so you can fall on your back into the sofa. He gets on you and all of a sudden your heart start to beat superfast, that’s the effect this man has on you. “Am I a better kisser than him ?” He asks, really seriously, is clenched jaw can testify it. The answer was obviously ‘yes’ but you like to tease him. “Mmmh…i don’t really remember how you’re kissing me, don’t you think you should refresh my memory ?” You whisper in a sensual voice as you look directly into your eyes, but you realize his and looking straight to your lips. You take the opportunity to dampen them by passing your tongue slowly over them, without forgetting to pinch your lips afterwards.  

These few movements are enough to make him crazy. He suddenly put his lips on yours abruptly, moving them against yours into a frantic dance. Your hand almost immediately flew to the back of his neck to pull him close. You feel his tongue forcing her way in between your lips, so you open them, and the kiss can become hungry and languorous. You feel his hand all over your body which makes you push a little moan at of nowhere. You roll your eyes in your thoughts as you feel him smile against during the kiss, apparently satisfied to hear the way he makes you feel. You bite his lip as a punishment, and he quickly pulls away. “Ouch !” He winces as he brings a few fingers to his lower lip. “What was that for !” He asks. “It was to make you stop because you’re a terrible kisser !” You reply, never stopping to tease him.

He giggles slightly and you frown. “The noises you made told me otherwise princess…” You feel your face going red after he pronounces those filthy words. “Shut up !” You say in a pout that makes him giggles adorably before he lets himself fall on your little body, his head now resting on your chest. You smile as your hand make their way up to his hair to play with his soft black hair. “I love you Y/N.” He then said in a whisper, making you shiver. “I love you too Eunwoo. More than anything else.” You murmur as a sigh of ease get out of your loved one’s mouth.

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 *+:。.。 ice cream and fries 。.。:+*

✧ prompt 84: “I think you might be pregnant.”

pairing: Soobin x reader

genre: fluff | drabble

word count: 551


You shuffled uncomfortably in bed, sleep disrupted by a distinct but familiar scent that lingered at the door. “Good morning!” Soobin cautiously walked through the door holding a tray, carrying your usual morning coffee, matched with a small pile of pancakes topped with maple syrup.

This was no different from your usual weekday mornings. Soobin usually brought you your favourite breakfast in bed, only on days you woke up later than him. Though almost instantly, your face scrunched up in disgust as soon as Soobin settled the tray on the space beside you.

“Aw, what’s wrong, Cupcake?” He raised his hand to stroke your head, fingers delicately combing through loose strands of your hair while he stood in front of you.

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☆ 𝐦𝐞𝐞𝐭 𝐤𝐨𝐤𝐨 ★


koko is a japanese singer and one half of the duo doublek (second member will be introduced soon). She is known in the kpop industry for her amazing vocals, dancing and her cold, confident persona

stage name


birth name

kono Nakamura


rapper, vocalist


14 february 2001 (20)

zodiac sign



165 cm

more info!

koko was born in Nagano, Japan and grew up with her dad and younger brother. she started dancing when she was 8 and always had a knack for singing. Koko moved to Korea when she was 13 to start her training under cube entertainment.

Koko was set to debut as a solo artist but fortunately last minute she debuted at the age of 18 as a duo with on of her friends in the company, choi kyung-jae

her main features
  • light brown eyes
  • sharp canine teeth
  • freckles

. koko loves the colours pink + purple

. is an extrovert

. has a very loud laugh

. naturally has a deep, raspy voice

. never met her mum

. finds it hard to filter what she says

. really bad at cooking

. dyes her hair a lot

. knows how to play the guitar + drums

. koko has a very loud fashion sense

face claim: @/radvxz

idol face claim: chungha


yay! i’m so happy to finally be writing this <3!! i wouldn’t say i’m very skilled in writing so this might be all over the place lol :p but i will try my hardest to make this as good as possible!!

though the second member of doublek will be included in the storyline, this will mainly be based around koko and her experiences <3 ily!! requests are open

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Taglist -> @bbyyangiex2 @gayboiyuto @jisungs-ubb @flowerfallinsvt @midnightmoi @sunflower-euphro @haechanisnctssun @cherrykunhang @staysstrays (let me know if you want me to add you to the taglist!)

Previous chapter - - - Masterlist - - - Next chapter

Pairing: WayV (hendery) x fem!reader

Genre: comedy, fluff, social media AU (based on the game “Mystic Messenger”)

Plot: Finding a random message in your inbox from a stranger with a password to enter a groupchat with 7 boys wasn’t the best plan for spending the beginning of the year. Although it wasn’t your favorite plan, you will soon fall for these 7 boys and won’t be able to reject their offer of helping them to hold a party and meet them face to face.

Warnings: None!

A/N: Hendery in blue hair is just another level of softness 🤧💚

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pretty in peach


genre: fluff, established relationship

word count: 250+

requested? yes

pairing: sunoo x reader

prompts: 2 - “is there a reason you’re blushing like that?” 12 - a kiss against a wall

note: finally getting some sunoo content :D


“is there a reason why you’re blushing like that? but to be fair, you do look quite pretty in peach… it’s a nice shade on you.”

you almost knock his teeth out.

kim sunoo was always full of surprises, sure. but one thing you didn’t expect from him was a kiss against a wall. maybe hes been into ‘true beauty’ too much recently, but it definitely took you off guard.

“yah! kim sunoo whats up with you today?” you enquire, brows raised in surprise. the kiss wasn’t anything sensual, it was a simple peck but you definitely weren’t exactly ready to be pinned against the wall by your sweetheart of a boyfriend? when you look back up at him, hes already smiling gleefully and making sure you were still caged in between his arms and the wall. as soon as you seemed trapped enough, he took his hands away and put them closer to his face.

“oh no…. you’re not about to do what i think you’re gonna do, right?” the hesitance in your voice spurs him on even more as he starts doing aegyo right in front of your face, purposely being disgustingly “cute”.

you take your chance at his hands being away from you and run for your life, yelling out a “KIM SUNOO HAS LOST HIS MIND PLEASE SAVE YOURSELVES!” as he chased behind you, yelling for you to comeback and get your reward for having the ‘best boyfriend ever’.

“what on the loving hell-“ jay should’ve never walked through that door.

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𝒏𝒐𝒕 𝒔𝒉𝒚

𝒘𝒉𝒚 𝒏𝒐𝒕? - 𝒍𝒐𝒐𝒏𝒂

“don’t kill my vibe, that’s a no no.” you rapped as you strutted across the stage, making the cheers grow louder in volume. the fanchants that were shouted by all the fans, filled the stadium in which the award show was taking place.

as the camera panned over to haechan, he was caught mouthing the lyrics and dancing in his seat. realization struck him when he saw his face on the screen and the other idols laughing at his reaction to being on screen. at the same time, his group mates pretended to not know him making haechan wallow in embarrassment.

knowing that this moment would be added to his ever-growing list of proof that he was a girl group stan, he was abashed. he usually took pride in being one, but this time he knew that the rest of the dreamies would never be able to let him live it down and that made him regret his actions.

it was all worth it, as long as you knew that he was a fan of yours. someday, maybe his wish to have a collaboration with you might even be fulfilled. for now though, haechan would have to be satisfied with what he had. in the future, he would love to be friends with you but in the meantime, making sure that none of his band members teased him later was his priority.

𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐜𝐢𝐭𝐲𝐬 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟎-𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏, 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐝 ©

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Not Good Enough


Originally posted by femaleidols

You and Jihyo have been dating for over 4 years and you’ve know each other for 6. You know how sensitive Jihyo is when it comes to confidence, expecially on stage during a performance.

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Word Count: 4,834

Disclaimer: This is part (56) of a Choose Your Own Ending!

List of Korean terms at the end* (Sorry there are a few sentences this time, basically cos I find it sexier when I imagine him speaking to me in Korean. Hopefully if other people don’t they can translate it from the bottom and then read it in English :))

Start here:

“Excuse me, Jimin-ssi. How dare you imply I will be anything but incredibly professional about this?” you ask him in as dignified a tone as you can muster.

“Well the fact that he keeps trying to kiss you for a start,” he provokes you airily, gesturing at Jeongguk who, despite the fact that he is indeed angling for a kiss, looks highly affronted at being called out on it.

Ma!” he reprimands Jimin indignantly. 

“Oh mianhamnida Jeong-ssi,” Jimin addresses him with elaborate politeness. “Please do tell us what you were doing then.” Jeongguk opens his mouth to answer, then closes it immediately, reverting to the spaced-out look you’re all familiar with when he wishes to remove himself mentally from a situation, but is unable to leave physically. Even Tae can’t resist joining in at this point.

“I see Kookie.exe has stopped working…” he mutters to Jimin with an involuntary snort of laughter. You shake your head at them both, rolling your eyes.

“Come on, JK. Let’s get you to bed before Namjoon sees what state you’re in and I get the blame for letting you go out on a ‘school’ night,” you tell him. You let him throw his arm around your neck for balance but just as you’ve got him sorted, his phone starts ringing. He pouts at you expectantly, so you sigh, fish it out of his pocket, glance at the screen, then hit answer.

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16 notes

A/N - I think I’m slowly growing out of this writers block! Writing for fun instead of feeling like I have to eek! I hope you guys enjoy this/


Chaeyoung – She LOVES when you invite her to play video games with you. I think she’d enjoy exploring different games and listening to you talk her through what to do. She strikes me as the type to help her S/O embrace any hobby and therefore she’d probably invest in one of those cool, light up keyboard’s and a proper headset for you! Sometimes you’ll even have a date night based around staying home, ordering takeaway, and playing your favourite games together. She adores it!

Sana – She’s often clueless but she always gives it her best shot. You’d notice her sitting beside you a lot of the time as you play and it would probably catch her off guard when you offer her a second controller. After some time, she’d get more and more invested till she was a natural at picking up on different games! I think she’d really like Overwatch, specifically, and would spend time practicing even when you weren’t around. She likes the idea of both of you having something to share!

Jeongyeon – She just wants to embrace and learn everything that you adore! I think at first she’d be hesitant to play anything and would insist she watches you till she has some kind of knowledge- then she’d jump right in and be unstoppable. I could see her somewhat enjoying horror games with you! Either you or her snuggled on the other’s lap as one controls the mouse and the other uses headphones. Although not as romantic and fun: it still gets the both of you together and playing!

Dahyun – She gets SO excited whenever you turn on a game! Dahyun strikes me as the type to ask to play before you can even start on verbally giving an offer. She’s not very competitive and has the attitude of “it’s the taking part that counts!” that’s just so endearing to you. Video games are always something she’s seen as fun and exciting- knowing you’re so into them would really make her happy. I think games like Mario Kart, Fall Guys and Among Us are right up her alley! Anything for giggles!

Jihyo – For me, Jihyo can either be “Yeah! I’ll play with you!” or “Maybe it’s best I just sit and watch?” if it’s a hobby you’re really passionate about then she’d try her best not to interfere. If it was something you did for fun, however, then she’d be more than happy to offer her company and help! You’d both have day’s where you just stay in your pyjamas and smash out as many games as you can together! Bonus points if you get to eat junk food and play music in the background!

Momo – Man, she’s just happy if she can support you somehow. Momo strikes me as the type to remind you to eat or drink if you were particularly invested with a game. Every now and again she’d pop her head round the door and just smile at how cute you look with concentration on her face. I think she’d also come in and ask for you to explain what the game’s about! She’s an inquisitive and open-minded person which tells me she’d really be open to any games you enjoy playing!

Mina – I could see her being somewhat nervous if you offered her to play with you. I see Mina as a perfectionist and someone who likes doing things correctly- she’d really have to pay attention to you or the games tutorial before hopping in a real match. You’d have to give her encouraging words and compliments in order to help her confidence grow as the game proceeds! Not that you mind since the smile on her face as she wins is your favourite thing in the entire world! Nothing could beat it.

Nayeon – More of a watcher than someone who actively wants to play. I don’t think it would be because she doesn’t want to join you; I see it as her simply allowing you to do what you do best! She’d sit beside you and rest her head on your shoulder- she’d be utterly lost but enjoy seeing you have so much fun. Similar to Momo in the respect that she’d get your drinks and bring you snacks if you were truly so engrossed with what you were playing. Anything to keep you happy!

Tzuyu – Like Nayeon, she’s lost with video games and would much rather leave it to the pro’s. She’d ask you questions and keep you talking just because she finds it cute how you adorably ramble on. I think Miss Tzuyu would be somewhat of a distraction, actually, and a good one at that! Kissing up your neck and giggling against your skin as you whine and pout over losing- Probably the wrong move since your endearing reaction would only be used as encouragement! Good luck, teehee.


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A/N - I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this but this is the best I’ve written since this burnout has come and wrecked havoc on my schedule. This is also dedicated to @decembermoonskz who’s been nothing short of kind & encouraging towards me during an otherwise frustrating time. I know how much you adore Chan and so i’m hoping you take this as a token of my gratitude. Thank you, Izzy. 

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21 “The moon is pretty tonight… It frames you well.” N.Pirate!AU


“Captain!” Jungkook yelled up at you, “Land ho!”

You frowned as you looked from him back to the open waters. He was right, How had you missed that?

You gave the men the order to get ready to dock there, whatever it was, maybe there was something to be found. 

The anchor was thrown overboard, the dinghies were lowered, and the men already started fighting about who stayed on the ship and who’d go to the island. They all shut up as you walked closer though.

You stood still in front of the group, inspecting them all with the most judgemental face you could manage.

“I’m not going to need a lot of assistance on an island as small as that. You, you, you and you can come with me. The rest of you stay here and clean up all this mess.” The only one you’d deliberately pointed at was Jungkook. You didn’t know what it was about him, but you just wanted to spend time with him more than with the others. It was strange, and you would never let him know.

You all got into one dinghy and you appointed one of the men with you to peddle to the island. Something about the island felt strange. It was like every cell in your body refused to go there. You ignored that feeling.

You were the first one to get out of the boat and into the shallow water at the beach. Up close the island was gorgeous: It had this mysterious vibe, a strange aura that on the one hand made you want to explore, yet on the other made you want to flee, and never look back. The trees were gorgeous, very tropical. On the ground were ferns and bushes, blocking your view to the rest of the forest. The beach was almost gold, some shells laying here and there, and from here the water seemed a gorgeous blue. It was truly like you had arrived in a different world.

“Alright,” You turned to the men, who were also taking in the scenery, “It’s a small island so we should be able to check everything out before sundown. Let’s regroup by then.”

They all nodded, but you were the first one brave enough to make your way through the leaves and the vines, and start exploring.


You hadn’t found anything but foliage. You really hoped the other found anything more interesting. You had been walking for what felt like hours, and still hadn’t found anything. The island couldn’t be this big.

Annoyed by everything, blaming it on the foliage, you hit yourself through some more leaves before ending in a clearing you hadn’t seen yet. It was quite beautiful like this, in the twilight. There was a little water stream running through it, surrounded by some rocks. The grass was greener than any grass you’d ever seen before, the flowers more beautiful, the stars were becoming clearer and clearer as the sun slowly lowered. The whole scene enchanted you. 

You had no idea how long you’d been standing there before you heard someone else walk through into the clearing. 

“Captain!” Jungkook sounded more surprised than ever to see you. You turned around, tears still on your cheeks. Had you cried? You didn’t remember.

Jungkook seemed as relieved to see another person as you were.

Without thinking you ran to embrace him, clearly surprising him. Once you realised what you were doing you stepped back, straightening your back.

“My apologies. I’m just very glad to see another person.”

Jungkook smiled “Don’t worry about it, I know exactly how you feel. This island is… weird. I’ve walked hours, but there’s no end to it. You’re the first person I see since we left…”

“Same. This whole island gives me the creeps.”

Jungkook nodded in agreement “I’m just glad I found you. I was terrified that maybe I was the only one late to the beach and y'all would leave me.”

You frowned “Of course not.”

He shrugged “The men sometimes joke that’s how it works.”

“Not on my ship. Let’s see if we can find our way back to the beach. Maybe being together will keep our heads calm.”

The both of you went back into the forest together, where more hours passed as you talked about things. Home, food, what it’s like being on the sea so much and more things.

And then you ended up on the same open field the two of you started on. The moon was high at this time, clearly visible along all the stars.

The both of you fell silent as you walked onto the field.

“This… this is where we started…” you exclaimed desperately, “We’re never going to find our way out of this place, are we?" 

You sat down on your knees, tired of all the walking, of the mental exhaustion this place caused.

Jungkook sat down beside you, sighing as well. How did he stay so calm?

"We’ll make it out. I know we will.” He reassured you.

You turned your head at him. Crying? When did you start crying again?

He looked back at you, love in his eyes. Love? Did you see that wrong? Were you imagining things?

“The moon is pretty tonight… It frames you well.” he said in a soft voice.

You blushed. This island… what was with it? Why did it make you feel these things? This… shyness.

You looked down as he got a little closer, his hand on your leg sweetly “We’ll get out of here. Together.”

You looked into his eyes. He looked into yours. What was this…feeling? A weird feeling in your stomach, your cheeks turning red.

The both of you seemed to lean toward each other, but just before your lips could actually touch, he turned his head away.

“It’s very late.” He whispered, “We didn’t run into any animals so I bet it’s safe to sleep a little. Maybe the morning will clear things up.”

You agreed.

He laid down on the thick grass, you followed his example. It was way softer than you had imagined. Quite comfortable even.

“Maybe we should stay very close to each other,” you said softly, “you know, in case it gets cold.”

He nodded, clearly trying to hide a smile “Of course.”

That caused the both of you to scoot a little closer to each other, hands slightly touching, bodies close enough to feel each other’s warmth. 

Before you knew it you woke up, a strange feeling in your stomach, like you’d dreamt of kissing him. 

He seemed to wake up at the same time, sitting up to check up on you. The sun framed him, having you squint. It brought hope, love.

You sat up “‘Morning.” 

He nodded in response, his stomach growled. 

You stood up. Your head felt less cloudy than the night before, things seemed clear now. Jungkook jumped up, taking your arm to hold you in place.

“Wait, Captain…” 

You turned to face him, he seemed shy.

“Yes Jungkook?” 

“I… Well, I just wanted to say that, you know, being stuck on this island sucks, but I’m glad I’m stuck here with you. I’d rather be stuck here with you than with anyone else.”

You smiled, “I feel the same way.”

He took a step closer to you, pressing a soft kiss on your cheek.

“Captain!” you heard someone else scream from behind you.

You turned around quickly.

“Thank god! We thought we’d lost the two of you.” two of the men you didn’t take with you to this island came running through the bushes.

“When Jones and McFLy came back last night, not knowing where you two had gone, the whole ship was in a franty. I’m so glad we found you.”

“Why did you stay here all night..?” the man frowned suspiciously at you and 


You and Jungkook looked at each other, before walking past the two who came to find you, “That’s not important. Let’s go.”


masterlist | warm winter masterlist | warm winter prompts

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Chained to You | Bang Chan


Originally posted by changif

Genre: fluffy fluffy fluff fluff, established relationship au,

Pairing: bang chan x reader

Synopsis: Your fingers needed to be doing something every time you cuddled with Chan, but this time you something else to play with that wasn’t his hair

A/N: Dedicating this to @peachy-beomie you’re welcome Emma ☺️


Cuddles with Chan, your favourite way to end the day. The scent of his cologne tickling your nose, his arms secured around you as if, if anything else touched you, you would shatter into an uncountable amount of pieces, and his right hand always finding a way to play with your hair.

You fidgeted a lot when cuddling, never being able to find a comfortable place for your hands. Normally, this would be cured by you mirroring your boyfriend and playing with his hair, gently wrapping your digits around his curly locks on top of his head, but this time, his soft hair couldn’t satisfy your digits.

Pressed close against his body, a cold sensation pricked your skin, disrupting the warmth on it. You scanned around to see what it was, your eyes settling in the thick silver chain around your boyfriend’s neck. Was that always there?

You knew Chan was one for wearing necklaces but he always took them off before he went to bed. He must’ve forgotten to this time. There wasn’t anything special about, no pendant with a deep meaning behind it, no dog tags hanging from it, just a simple chain, but because it was wrapped around the neck of the man who loved so much, to you, that was special. Your fingers were itching to touch it, satisfy one of your five senses, but something in your body was holding you back. What if you break it? What if Chan gets annoyed?

Despite these thoughts, your fingers brushed across the metal, carefully twirling it around your index finger. Chan noticed how your eyesight trained to the jewellery around him and smiled. “Do you like it?” He asked, his hand coming up to touch yours. You nodded, not really paying his words a second thought and being more focused on your fingers.

Chan chuckled, reaching behind his neck and unclasping it. From there, he brushed your hair to the side, pinched the ends on the chain between his index finger and thumb, circling it around your neck, hooking one of the chain loop through the hook of the clasp and shut the clasp.

He resisted the urge to coo at you and take a photo, smiling at you as he traced the chain around your neck. “It looks better on you.” He said with a cheeky smile, his dimples on full display.

How could anyone ever say no to him?

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painting their nails ~(⁰▿⁰)~


genre: fluff

word count: 1k

requested? yes

pairing: enhypen x reader

note: i’ve had this on my mind for so long and now it’s the perfect time to write it i love it here



  • hed be silently watching you paint your nails and hed probably think back to txt having their nails painted during puma era and he thought why not
  • so he kinda like slinelty goes up to you and stares up at you with big eyes and goes
  • “pls paint my nails for me”
  • OGNWIFIAODOSK you combusted right there and then
  • you stop painting yours in an instant and bring out all the colours already asking and teaching him about everything 🙄✋
  • i can see him wearing pink polish idk why but i can and i’m here for it

rest of the boys under the cut !

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⇢ Pairing: Hongjoong x Reader (gender neutral)

⇢ Genre: Fluff

⇢ Word Count: 885

⇢ Synopsis: College is frustrating and you’re falling apart.


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Genre: fluff

Warnings: none!

Ofc babes!! Also, this made me extremely soft, I just want head scratches rn 👉👈

You threw yourself on the couch at the WayV dorm once you entered, Bella gave a small bark and bounded over to your lap where she setlled her head on your thigh and huffed in content. You smiled wide and scratched her head and ears and sunk further into the couch. You turned your head to your best friend Lucas who stood off to the side watching you pet Bella with adortion.

“She likes me more than you I guess,” You shrugged your shoulders and looked down at Bella again, “must suck.” you looked back up at Lucas who strolled to your other side and sat down on the couch. His perfect smile shone on his face and his long limbs stretched themselved over the couch to lay his head in your lap.

“I want scratches too, please.” He closed his eyes and tilted his head up towards you with a satisfied grin. You rolled your eyes and let out a small laugh and settled your other hand into his hair as well. From being an idol, his hair had gone through hell itself with multiple hiar dyes, toners, and bleaches. However, you still found comfort in running your hands through his hair, making it dishevled. Lucas kept his eyes closed with the grin still on his face while you scratched his scalp and ran your digits through his brown hair. You studied his features intently, memorising every indent and groove of his features.

Soon, soft snores left the two on your lap. Bella now curled into your side and Lucas now fast asleep on your lap. You still ran your fingers through his hair, and not long after you found yourself getting tired as well. Sleep pulled at your eyelids and fogged your thoughts.

You felt the soft and light touches on your scalp. The lingering scratches at your scalp slowly traveled to your face with light traces of your features. The fingers ran over your eyes and nose and over the apple of your cheeks, and they slowly moved to your lips which you spread into a smile. Your eyes remained closed but the sound of laughter made you open them to see Lucas smiling down at you, his messy hair hanging down in front of his face.

“You fell asleep so I switched places with you,” he whispered to you. You were now lying on Lucas’ thigh with his hands tracing over your features.

“Aren’t you sleepy?” You questioned, also in a whisper. Lucas shook his head and looked over at Bella who was fast asleep in her dog bed in the corner. “Are you sure?”

Lucas looked down at you again with a gentle smile. “Not unless we can go cuddle…” His voice was small with his question. You nodded and sat up, Lucas stood up and grabbed your hand quickly before dragging you to the bedroom. With giggles, you both pulled the covers over and tangled your limbs together in a tight hug.

Not even a couple minutes later you and Lucas were asleep under the covers with Bella curled up at the end of the bed.


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