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Ateez reaction to you asking for your hair to be pulled(S)
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Tumblr media
Hongjoong had you bent over his studio desk as he was “getting inspiration” for you impromptu visit. His name slipping from your lips as he thrusts inside you and has his hands roaming up your back close to your head. Your mind starts spiraling and before you can even stop yourself you beg for Hongjoong to pull your hair. He stops for a second asking sure he heard you right, suddenly you feel his body is closer to yours and his fingers graze your scalp
“You want me to pull your hair baby?” You hear him whisper-growl in your ears. He still has his hips crashing into you making you dizzy and unable to properly think.
“Y-yes please!” You beg out grasping the edge of the desk making your fingers turn white as you feel your legs start to shake.
“Mmm of corse” He giggles as his grip shifts to grab a fist full of your hair and pulls enough to make you gasp, subsequently making you tighten hard around him.
“Fuck” You cry out as he picks up his pace chasing both of yours releases. Your orgasm sneaks up on you and you legs start shaking violently. That doesn’t stop hongjoong though as he pulls your hair tighter and forces your head back so he can kiss you as he cums inside you.
He releases your hair as he slows his movements and as you both take a second to breath he places his fingers back on your scalp and gently massages now to help any soreness.
“Was that ok?” He asks in between breaths.
Tumblr media
Making out with Seonghwa was always a trip. Making you complete putty in his hands and he knows this so when you started taking control surprises him.
His hands are on your neck and back keeping you as close as he could but he looks confused when you pull away. His confusion makes you giggle but as you are about to ask him your confidence wavers so you look down at your hands on his chest
“I-I was wondering…” You start but feel your cheeks start to burn and you bite your lower lip.
“Y/N, look at me” Your eyes venture back up and he smiles at you “tell me, don’t be scared” he consoles you as he rubs your arm.
“Can…can you pull my hair? I’ve always wanted to try…t-to see if I like it” You say with wavering breathe. His smile grows more.
“I’ll be gentle” he says before he pulls you back into his lips. His tongue slipping past your lips,distracting you enough to grab a handful of your hair and as he gets you to the point of gasping for air. Pulling your hair tightly enough to shock you and make you release a moan.
“Was that ok?” He asks, keeping your hair in his hand, and head tilted back.
“Y-yes…harder” you pant out and grab his t-shirt in a desperate attempt to ground yourself.
He releases your hair a bit and allows you to look back at him, the sight making you weak in the knees. His eyes are hooked on yours like you’re his prey.
Crashing his lips on yours even harder, giving your scalp a bit of a reprieve. Distracting you with his tongue once again your shocked when he pulls your hair again harder this time and instead of wincing you smile and moan higher.
Hearing this he growls and kisses your neck, not wasting time in laping his tongue over your skin.
“Seong-Seonghwa! Fuck…” you whimper out.
“Yes my naughty little princess?” He says against your neck.
“F-feels so…” you try to say but your mind is so gone, words can’t form.
“I know baby”
Tumblr media
You and San haven’t been dating long so everything was new as you both where figuring each other out.
So far you two have been pretty vanilla in your actions. That was until he got home after not seeing you for about 3 weeks. You where having fun teasing but San was getting to frustrated. Reaching a boiling point he corners you in the hallway as you left the bathroom and turns you so your facing the wall. His body is against yours so you subconsciously move your hips against his bulge.
“If you keep teasing me,” he starts and pushes your hips against the wall,stilling them so you whine. “I will not hesitate to throw you on the bed and pull your hair as I make you forget everything but my name” He warns in satori, hoping to make the warning stick.
“Please San” you whine out before you can stop yourself. This is really the first time he has fully dirty talked to you and it makes your heart race. You want more!
“Please what?” He says with a hint of actual confusion but that doesn’t stop him from roaming his hands up your sides slowly.
“Pull my hair as you fuck me san, please, I want it so bad” you confess, turning your head the best you can so he can hear you better.
Saying this really sets him off. He pulls you back against him and wraps his hands around your stomach as his other one is under your shirt grasping your breast.
“You need to be careful about what your asking here baby” he tries to warn.
“I know what I’m asking” you say back determined.
“Good” He growls in your ear. His hands are suddenly not on you and his body is off yours. Just as you are about to complain he grabs your hand and quickly ushers you into your bedroom.
Tumblr media
“What did you want sweetheart?” He teases seeing your lips pucker and eyebrows furrow. You felt so close to coming but knowing Wooyoung he wasn’t going to let you have it that easily. He loves edging you and hearing how you want your hair pulled just gave him more leverage.
“Wooyoung!” You cry out feeling your orgasm slipping away slowly. Childishly you kick your feet against the bed, making him smirk.
“Mmm you’re so needy, I was just surprised to hear that and wanted to make sure I heard you right” He says bringing his body back down in between your shaking legs.
“I doubt that” you tease back. His mouth was peppering gentle kisses on your neck but he stopped to look at you to fake offense
“Oh to think I was going to be nice and pull your beautiful hair as I made you cum around my cock…maybe I won’t anymore” He says resting his forehead against yours. You tighten your legs around his waist and arms around his neck to hold him against you.
“I’m sorry, please Wooyoung please” You beg pathetically, mentally kicking yourself but god dammit you need him.
“Don’t worry baby, you know I’ll take care of you”
Tumblr media
Yeosangs favorite position is you on top. Your breast on full display for him, his hands free to roam your hips and a better view to see you take control and taking the pleasure from his body.
Seeing you cum on him always makes him snap and sit up so he can hold you close to him as he chases his very close high.
"Ye-yeosang" You pant out as he starts to pick up his pace, making you bounce against each other. Yeosang responds by kissing you, interpreting it as you moaning for him. You slow your hips and look him in the eyes, your sign of wanting to stop for a second. his hands slide around your waist and he slows,looking at you confused.
"What's wrong," he asks between ragged breaths.
"C-can you pull my hair?" you ask sheepishly trying your best to keep eye contact with him. His cheeks turn a bright pink but he smirks and caresses your jaw.
"I can certainly try, please tell me if I hurt you though, that's the last thing I want to do," He says as he gently grabs a fist full of hair then looks at you for a go-ahead. You smile and look at him with hooded eyes. Pulling lightly you gasp a bit and he feels you tighten around him.
"Harder!" You moan out in a deeper octave. He doesn't hesitate and pulls even harder.
"Fuck!" he says as you squeeze his cock ultimately making him cum deep inside you
Tumblr media
It would take a lot of convincing to get mingi to pull your hair. He really wants to help you feel better but he finds it hard to do, he is too afraid to hurt you. That was until you took control one night.
"Mingi baby I really need you to do something for me," You say as you lightly brush your fingers against his intensely sensitive cock that you've edged like crazy. along with some teasing you've gotten mingi to the point of doing anything to get his release.
"What? please! ill do it I promise if you let me cum"
"I am going to ride you," you pause as you hear mingi groan in pleasure. "But then...I want you to grab my hair and pull hard" you say bringing your mouth close to Mingis ear making him gulp. "Then I want you to cum deep inside my pussy" you say slowly as you straddle him and slide him inside you. "Don't you dare cum yet I want you to feel how tight I will be around you"
He whimpers as he shakes his head yes. his hands rake up your back and he quickly grabs your hair. He looks at you with puppy eyes. You stop moving above him and that's the last thing he wants so he pulls your hair and you urge your chest forward as you pick up your pace.
"I-I am coming!" he warns as he feels you tighten
"Yes! good boy" You moan out as you crash into your orgasm as well.
Tumblr media
Yunho was having a really rough day and he was taking it out on you. Everything was so intense but you really wanted more so you asked him to pull your hair. He stops mid-thrust and you can feel him twitch inside you. He doesn't think twice and grabs your hair.
"You know the safe word if it's to much" he warns before he yanks back and continues to thrust inside you.
"Fuck!" you moan out and squeeze around him so tight he falters in his pace. "Fuck! You like that baby?" he asks leaning down and pants in your ear, making you get goosebumps
"Love it," You whimper “so fucking much”
“Good girl”
Tumblr media
Out of all the boys, Jongho would be the one that really not comfortable at all with pulling your hair.
He can be lost in pleasure and he would still deny the request. He understands that you are comfortable with it but he would be to scare to hurt you, not trusting his strength enough
So he starts pulling the bottom of your scalp when making out to give you some pleasure but anything beyond that he couldn’t do.
And of course, you respect his limits. He’s willing to give a bit and you are so happy he would. He never pushes you past your comfort zone so it would be horrible if you pushed him
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stray kids reacting to your father being emotionally abusive/hyung line
TW// mentions of anxiety, panic, suicidal thoughts, emotionally abusive family, gaslighting, troubled childhood, an asshole dad, eating disorders, reader who recovered from binge eating disorder so mentions of weight gain and loss, swearing, mentions of physical fighting
pairing- slightly chubby female reader x stray kids member
requested- yes
reactions masterlist, taglist, main masterlist
“as if, look at her. i remember her taking gym during high school. haha! she would be out of breath in like, minutes.” you dad laughed, a glass of alcohol in his grip as he roared around the dinner table. “her and workout with a man as fit as you? impossible.”
your mother sent weak looks at him, then looked down, unable to say anything.
you sighed, rolling your eyes and sipping on some water while you dug your nails into your palm. old habits do die hard it seems.
after months of talking, you had finally agreed to come to one family dinner to introduce your boyfriend. however, you hadn’t expected your dad to be that much of an idiot and still joke about your sensitive points.
Tumblr media
chan frowned, licking his lips as he assessed the atmosphere. he knew all about your past where you had been battling with binge eating and you had a lot of weight. he did not expect your dad to bring such a sensitive matter to you, out so openly.
he knew how much you were affected by comments on your fitness levels or physique, he knew you had battled with low self esteem and body dysmorphia. he knew that you still, felt affected by such comments, long after healing too.
he saw your clenched had and his eyes softened, immediately enclosing your hand in his, he shot your teary eyes a small smile. 
“i mean, i’m just being honest really, she was fa-” your dad continued, horribly oblivious to his indecent actions, or maybe he was aware and just enjoying it. however, before he could continue, chan cleared his throat.
“excuse me sir, i would appreciate it if we change the topic-” chan began politely, still keeping his respectful manner towards the elder who obviously didn’t deserve it.
“and why should we huh? does your pretty boyfriend not know about your disgusting past? did you hide it from him? hah! well i don’t blame you-” he rattled and chan’s grip on your hand tightened.
you took deep breaths, trying to calm your rising heartrate down.
this always happened. always.
he would say random shit and you would be fucked up for the rest of the day.
chan noticed your panicked state, unlike your father who was too busy saying things nobody wanted to hear and chan had had enough.
why the hell was making fun of your eating disorder? you had told chan numerous times that you and your father didn’t get along but he never knew that he was emotionally abusive towards you. who would make fun of someone- 
realisation sprang in chan’s mind. your parents didn’t even know you had suffered through an eating disorder.
chan was beyond angry, the fact that they neglected you so blatantly, even now when you were showing obvious signs of a panic attack and your father, continued making derogatory commenst towards you.
disorder or no disorder, what your father was saying was beyond acceptable and disgusting. such an elder did not deserve chan’s respect, and when he saw the tears threatening to spill from your eyes at his words, chan slammed his fist on the table, effectively shutting the man up.
“shut the hell up.” chan growled, looking at your father with a dark glint in his eyes.
“excuse me! what did you say to me?” your father glared at him.
“i said shut the hell up! don’t you see what you’re doing to your daughter? fucking hell, she was suffering from an eating disorder and still has panic attacks and you use that to bring her down? as if it was something bad happening to her? you make me sick.” you held on chan’s hand, trying to get him to calm down but he wouldn’t listen.
your father just chuckled. “oh so she fed you the same lies she was trying to get me to feel guilty about? there is no such thing as eating disorder, she was just fat and lazy-”
“and what if she was just fat huh? is it a bad thing? i think not. i wouldn’t find it weird that she was fat. disorder or not, she is not to be defined by her body you prick.” chan yelled the last part, standing up in one go and pulling along with him.
“i am so sorry you have such a dick for a father.” chan scoffed, looking at your parents rather than you. “lets go.” he turned to you, his tone opposite and sweet as he looked at you.
your father was ignored as you followed chan with wide eyes out the door. 
“im so sorry for the outburst-” he immediately turned to you in the car but you shut him up with a kiss.
“i love you, thank you.” you mumbled, teary eyed as you grazed his cheek.
“i love you too babygirl, and i’ll always be there for you okay, don’t take his words to heart.”
Tumblr media
as soon as minho saw you blinking back your tears, his gaze darkened and he clenched his fists.
do not lash out. do not.
it’s her father, she’s told me he’s an ass.
but when your father went on, minho found it harder to control himself. you were curving into a shell slowly, bringing your body closer to yourself as you tried to not be so affected by this.
“i mean she was so-”
minho had tolerated enough. he turned to your dad with a grim smile that was anything but friendly. “she was so what?” he interrupted and your dad smiled crookedly.
“does he not know y/n? how fat and disgusting you looked in school-” 
minho sighed loudly, “oh i know all about her past. from the disorders to the weight gain. and her panic attacks too. i assume you don’t. tsk, parents unaware of their child’s condition. i mean, i would just die from the shame this action would bring to any decent human.” minho tutted, pretending to be nonchalant about this but you could recognise the anger beneath his expression.
“what a rude young man have you brought over y/n-” your father began as your mother helplessly sipped her drink.
“and what an asshole of a dad you have y/n?” minho broke in, looking at you in mock curiosity. “does anybody know the penalties for ignoring a child’s emotional and mental needs? i hope he does.” he paused, eyes spitting venom like rain, turned to your father “you must be freaking lucky she doesn’t want to press charges cause if i open my fucking mouth to the public, your perfect reputation would crumble and police will be at your ass so i suggest that you shut the fuck up.” minho tilted his head lazily at your dad, as if he had just asked about the weather. 
“let’s go baby, we don’t need assholes like him to ruin our beautiful night.” he turned to you, softly holding your hand and helping you get up. “lets go gorgeous.” he smiled as your dad spluttered, sipping his drink furiously.
“just wait and watch y/n, this man would leave you too cause you’ll lie for attention to him as well, just like you did to us in childhood and -”
minho had heard enough, as you picked up your bag, minho snatched the glass of alcohol from his hands and jerked it towards him, splashing the contents on his face.
“stop fucking drinking and become a decent human first, you dick.” minho spat, grabbing your hands before turning for the door. 
your fathers protests rang behind you to which minho threw him a middle finger without turning back.
“are you okay?” he mumbled once you were away from the home, pulling you into a hug.
“thanks thanks thanks thanks, thank you min” you muttered againts his chest, tears now spilling as he stroked your hair.
“it’s okay, it’s okay, do not listen to him, i love you and always will, okay? you are not alone, i am here.”minho shushed you.
Tumblr media
changbin had been trying to keep his cool around your dad. he knew all about your past battles but it seemed like your parents did not.
you sighed deeply, choosing to stare at the food rather than do anything to stop him. it would just proceed into a deeper arguement and you really didn’t want changbin to fight your dad. and you knew changbin would not draw back when it came to you and your happiness.
“i mean, i’m just being honest really, she was fa-” your dad continued, horribly oblivious to his indecent actions, or maybe he was aware and just enjoying it. however, before he could continue changbin got up from the seat, glaring at your father.
your eyes widened, immediately making your hands reach out for his. you knew his temper, especially when it involved you. “you stupid excuse of a man-” changbin growled, the threat in his voice leaking like blood. “shut the hell up before i rearrange your face.” changbin spat, eyes daring your father to fight back.
it must’ve been the terrible anger in changbin’s eyes or the horrified fear in your father’s that made you realise that your father, in fact, was scared of changbin.
“you- you” your father spluttered, pointing to your lover. “this man is horrible y/n! i forbid you from dating him anymore! he is so rude-” 
changbin chuckled before slamming his hands on the table and leaning to look your dad in the eye. “you forbid her?” he glowered, his stance resembling that of a panther. “who the fuck are you to forbid her?”
“her father! and i do not allow for such a horrible man to be in her life-”
“and you are just a saint aren’t you” changbin yelled at him. you knew you had to intervene now or changbin really would rearrange your dad’s face. “who the hell do you think you are to-”
“binnie.” you called out softly, dragging at the ends of his shirt and he quikly turned to you, toning down his anger.
“you should be grateful you have her as a daughter, you got lucky tonight man or i really would’ve sent you to the ICU.” changbin spat, glaring at the man you called father.
“come on baby, lets get out of here.” he mumbled, taking your hand and pulling out from your chair. “and we won’t ever come back to this place.” he yelled over his shoulder, pulling you close to him as you walked out.
“are you okay baby?” he whispered, placing a kiss to your temple.
“yes, thank you bin.” you smiled, squeezing his arm in gratitude. “i love you.”
“love you more.”
Tumblr media
hyunjin silently counted till ten, twenty, thirty and when your father did not stop saying shit about you, he sighed loudly.
“y/n, baby, let’s leave.” he turned to you, slowly caressing your hand and trying to not get angry and lash out at the other man. your teary eyes were not helping.
“excuse me what-” your dad questioned but hyunjin turned to look at him with such a look at he stopped. 
“we are leaving, with all due respect, you do not deserve our night, time or our respect. so we’ll leave. don’t bother inviting us ever again, we won’t come. try contacting her once more and i’ll sue your drunk ass.” hyunjin finished in one go, making you get up from your chair.
you watched his composed anger in awe as he quickly picked his stuff up, motioning for you to hold his arm and leave.
“y/n-you, you, you bitch- come back right this second-” your dad yelled at your back but hyunjin prevented you from turning.
“i warned you once didn’t i?” hyunjin mumbled before rolling up his sleeves and gearing to punch him but you held his hand.
his eyes softened and he was even angrier at your dad, you were out here still caring and respecting him while that asshole deserved nothing. you shook your head, telling him to not and hyunjin sighed.
“only because she still respects you.” hyunjin glared at him one last time before leading you out of the house.
he engulfed you in a hug immediately,” i am sorry, we won’t ever come back here. it’s okay now, okay? i love you.”
“i love you too jinnie,”
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Empty Promises ~ Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
The sound of Jungkook scoffing was the first thing that you heard when he returned home from his day at the studio. His head shook as he spotted you resting on the sofa, with a rumble of his tummy soon following, almost as if it knew.
The smile on your face as you turned round to greet him only frustrated Jungkook more, making his way straight through the room and into the kitchen. You tried your best to speak to him, but your words fell on deaf ears with him.
As he returned to the living room with plenty of snacks in his hands, you continued to make an effort to see how Jungkook’s day was, but he didn’t respond. His phone was in one hand, food in the other, without any space for you in between.
Eventually, your questions pushed Jungkook’s patience too far, letting go of a sigh before looking across to you. “Do you have any idea what day it is today? What you promised to do for me, and for the boys too?”
Your head shook as you grabbed your phone to check the date for yourself, “it’s Wednesday, right?”
Jungkook’s eyes rolled, unable to quite believe what he was hearing from you, “and what did you say on Monday that you’d do on Wednesday, it was only two days ago Y/N.”
You tried your best to think, but you had no idea what Jungkook was going on about. For once, you had the day off, and you’d been looking forward to doing nothing, having spent all day laid on the sofa and catching up on all of the sleep that you had missed out on.
“Does the fact that I’m starving not give you even the slightest clue?” Jungkook pushed, holding up the packets of treats in his lap, “have you really forgotten?”
“Why can’t you just tell me what I’ve done?” You asked of him.
It wasn’t the first time that you’d let them all down, empty promises were becoming quite the habit from you, even if the majority of them were unintentional.
“Remember on Monday when you visited the studio and said don’t worry about bringing food on Wednesday, I’ll bring some and we can eat together?” Jungkook nudged, letting go of an ironic chuckle as finally your eyes went wide, remembering exactly what you had said.
You tried to apologise, but Jungkook quickly waved you off, he’d heard it all before, listening to you remind him again and again how much you cared about him.
“We waited ages for you to arrive, we were exhausted dancing on empty stomachs,” he began to explain to you, “I kept telling them that you’d show, but you let me down.”
“I really did forget; you should have text me or something?”
Another chuckle came from him, shaking his head too. “Why is it up to me to text you Y/N? Why can’t you just actually show you care for once?”
“I am trying Jungkook.”
As you spoke, he stood up from the sofa, grabbing his phone and the various snacks that he had picked up, heading straight for the staircase, keen to be alone as he made up for the meal that he had missed out on throughout the day thanks to your clumsiness.
It a was an honest mistake, but you knew it wasn’t your first time forgetting about Jungkook and the boys too. You hated letting them down, especially when they were working so hard, time had run away with you, digging you a huge hole to climb out of too.
You knew it was going to take much more than an apology, not only had you forgotten to feed Jungkook when you promised, but you had left him embarrassed in front of his friends yet again and left them desperate for food just like Jungkook was too.
After giving him a little while, you knew that you couldn’t spend the night hidden away from one another. Once you had taken the time to compose yourself, figure out what it was that you wanted to say, you began to make your way up the stairs.
The sound of the floorboards creaking caused Jungkook to shoot up, knowing that you were on your way. He was still angry, disappointed, having already apologised to the boys once, he made sure to send them a text too, apologising on your behalf.
As the door opened, Jungkook didn’t react, keeping his eyes staring down at his phone instead of towards you. It was what you expected from him, but it didn’t stop you from walking in and sitting yourself down at the end of the bed, refusing to let things carry on.
“I really am sorry for not coming today,” you told him, hearing him grunt in reply, “I know it’s becoming a bad habit, but you know that I’d never do it on purpose.”
“We were relying on you Y/N.”
“I know,” you sighed, running your hand messily through your hair, “and I know that I’ve left you and all of the boys down too, I want to say I’d make it up to you, but the last thing I’d want to do is let all of you guys down again, I’ve probably made enough mistakes already.”
“I get that you would never set out to forget on purpose, and maybe if it was just me then maybe I wouldn’t mind, but you keep promising to look after me, and you don’t.”
It broke your heart feeling as if you weren’t doing enough for Jungkook, but at the same time, you knew he was right. Each time you promised to be there, you weren’t, each time you said that he didn’t need to worry because you’d get a job done, you wouldn’t.
“I’m trying my best, and that’s not a lie, I wish I could be a better partner for you Jungkook, to be honest, I’d understand if you wanted to be with someone else, someone who took better care of you,” you admitted, watching his expression drop too as you spoke.
“I would never want to be with anyone else other than you Y/N.”
“But so many other people could do a better job of looking after you,” you tried to explain to him, but Jungkook wasn’t listening at all.
He didn’t care about others, and he certainly didn’t even want to imagine his life with anyone else too. “For all of the things you do wrong, there are thousands of things that you do right Y/N, I don’t want you to ever feel bad, you do enough that you can do, and in my eyes, that’s more than enough.”
You smiled sheepishly as Jungkook reached across, extending his hand out for you to hold. Slowly, you moved yours across too, relaxing your hand into his as his longer fingers wrapped around the back of your hand and squeezed against it gently.
“I know you never meant to upset any of us today, and maybe it’s the hungry part of me that’s ended up being as I am,” Jungkook acknowledged.
Your head nodded slowly back to him, “are you sure you don’t want to find someone else? Someone who can keep their promises, and really do enough for you?”
His head shook, not even having to think, “please don’t ever think that I feel that way, because I promise that you are the only one for me.”
“Are you really sure about that?” You asked one final time.
“Of course, I’ve never been surer.”
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byu-t · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀to: @yongboo / gif by me
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jeunnie · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🐰 kep1er's rabbit line: yujin, chaehyun & yeseo 🐰
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wonwoosthetic · 16 hours ago
hello 😁 can i request minghao for S55 and s77 ? thankss
Minghao (Smut): 55. “Are you fucking him?” “That’s none of your business.”, “Answer the damn question.” & “You’ve been thinking about me, huh?”, “Only when I need to come.”
K-Pop Masterlist
Word Count: 3.5k
A/N: THANK GOD I FOUND IT OMG, Tumblr hates me apparently and didn't upload it properly, but anyways, here it is! :) it looks like logging out of tumblr and back in solves a few things 🙃
Tumblr media
While taking off your shoes in the hallway and hanging your coat back into the closet, you noticed a dim light in the living room, making you wonder whether you had kept it on by accident. But when you left, it was still light outside, so it wouldn't make sense if you actually did. Before you could even take a step further into the room to investigate, a voice let your ears perk up, "It's me! I'm here," he assured you in his calming voice.
A heavy but relieving breath left your lips as you walked into the living room, coming to sight with your best friend on the couch, reading his book while holding a freshly made cup of tea.
"What are you doing here?" You wondered, letting yourself fall onto the couch next to him.
"The dorm was too loud." Minghao simply answered, eyes focused on the words in front of him. You chuckled at the statement. It wasn't a rarety that he would randomly show up at your place, considering he was the only other person who had a second key, to relax or get away and spend some quiet time. He could trust your apartment to be calming and silent most of the time as you weren't known for having people over usually or throw parties but prefered to live a quiet life as well. "Do you want a cup of tea too?" He asked, turning his head to see your head thrown bag against the headrest of the couch, eyes closed as you tried to relax.
"I can make it myself, but thank you," you told him, still not getting up from your position.
Instead, he got up, stepped over your extended legs and tapped them as he passed, "If I ask you, that means I'm making it for you," before walking back into the kitchen, where he had only been a few moments earlier.
You sighed, a smile playing on your lips, and got up to join him. Slow in your steps, you took a seat on of the stools at your dining table, "Thank you," smiling sweetly at him, making him chuckle.
Only before you sat down completely, he got to have a good look at your entire outfit, "What are you so dressed up for?" Lost in your thoughts, gazing into thin air, your brain to a little while to register his words. Snapping your head to look at him approaching you, placing the cup down in front of you, you answered him, "I was out."
"With?" He wanted to know, getting his cup from the living room, before joining you again at the dining table. You hadn't told Minghao about your new acquaintance just yet, not wanting to speak too highly about this new man in your life, just in case something wouldn't go the way you expect them to go. And thank god you didn't.
"A guy from work."
After sitting down, his eyes immediately drifted down to your exposed legs, raking them up and down before meeting your eyes, "Dressed like that?" He laced his voice with a sense of dislike, making you scrunch your eyebrows,
"What's wrong with my dress?" Looking down at the black mid-thigh bodycon dress you decided to wear, that only exposed half of your arms. Minghao brought the cup up to his lips with a sigh, "Nothing..."
You sat up straighter, fixing the hem of it which rose up a bit, "No, that's not nothing. I heard it in your voice," you pointed out, "What's wrong with it."
Just as he was about to answer, your phone's ringtone echoed through the room. You got up and walked into the living room, where you had put your bag on the couch next to where you had sat down before. Picking it up and turning it around, you found the mentioned man's name on the screen. For a second, you contemplated whether to pick up or not, but decided to do so anyway.
"Hii," your cheeringly answered it, making Minghao lean back in his chair to try to get a look at you.
While you kept on walking through the room, making small talk with whoever was on the other side of the phone call, your date he assumed, the dancer tried calming his heart rate down and getting the blood back in his system, away from the growing erection in his pants. Ever since he had laid his eyes on your form in that dress, shifting around in the chair didn't help anymore with hiding what was happening. If he were to stand up, you'd get a clear view of the bulge. It was no secret that Minghao had had the hots for you for quite some time now. His friends knew for a longer time and he was surprised you hadn't figured it out yet... but he was kinda thankful for it because it kept your friendship simple... but it also made moments like these absolutely unbearable. He didn't want to admit it, but his jealousy was close to breaking through the roof. How was some man from your work allowed to see you all dolled up like that, but he, your best friend of six years, wasn't?
As he was still trying to get his thoughts and mind back straight, running a hand through his hair and chucking that tea quicker than he had ever taken a shot, you came back into the kitchen, this time, a smile on your face.
"Who was that?" After clearing his throat, Minghao turned his attention back to you. You placed the phone on the dining table, screen side up, and walked over to the sink to place his empty mug into the dishwasher right next to it, "Hyunsik." Bending down gave the '97 Liner a perfect view of your ass, while you didn't even think of your underwear possibly showing... but it did.
Before asking further questions, the screen of your phone lit up, and he couldn't help but to glance over at the text message you had just received:
Next time your place?
Good night, darling.
Minghao scuffed at the text, "He's seriously inviting himself over to your place." You quickly snatched the phone off the table, "Stop reading my messages," and set it aside on the kitchen counter next to you, screen down.
Noticing that his pants felt looser again, he stood up and slowly started approaching you, "Since when are you keeping secrets?"
"I'm not keeping secrets," you defended yourself, washing your hands in the sink and drying them.
"Then why haven't you told me about him yet," he raised an eyebrow as you turned around, jumping at how unexpectedly close he suddenly was, "Huh?"
"Because," you started explaining, unable to look away from his stare, "it was just a few dates... nothing serious." Just as you were about to step aside to free yourself from his deathly glare and closeness to your body, Minghao rested both of his hands on the counter on either side of you, leaning in slightly.
"A few dates?" He wondered, "You usually call me even before the first one."
Truth be told, you didn't want to tell him. Mingyu had called you at 11pm once, and suddenly spilled the entire tea he had gathered from your best friend to you. You had found out about stuff you never wanted to know anything about, and you doubt that he did it on purpose since he sounded slightly drunk on the phone. He was mumbling all sorts of things, but the statements that stuck with you were about Minghao and his feelings towards you. His jealousy whenever you would actually call him before a date, asking for his opinion on certain outfits and makeup. Since you had found out about this, you didn't want to be a bad friend and let him go through that again, when you, at that point, knew about his real feelings towards you.
The only problem was... you weren't mad about any of the things you had found out about that night. You just wished the man in front of you would finally have the balls to tell you himself. Because God knows you didn't.
"I-I didn't... I didn't really think it would turn into something serious," keeping your cool was definitely not working at this point.
Minghao noticed the way you shifted your legs slightly, pressing them together more and your eyes not being able to leave his. This gave him all the confidence he needed.
"Sounded kinda different in his text messages, don't you think?" You couldn't help but notice his slick tongue running over his front teeth, making you gulp, "He's a weird texter," and so you decided to play with him a little bit. Keeping Mingyu's words in the back of your head, added to his actions... you were ready if he was. But you weren't going to let everything happen too easily. For too long had you been waiting for this. Meeting up with other men, but never even kissing them because they all disgusted you, had made you become more and more desperate but also willing to play along with someone who decided to do so as well.
"Are you fucking him?" His voice was suddenly quieter and closer to you than before. The question shocked you, making you suck in a short breath, but his jealousy that you could clearly hear through it made you smirk,
"That's none of your business." Raising your eyebrows slightly in a teasing manner. Thinking the conversation and heated moment was over, you took a hold of the arm next to you with your right hand, wanting to put it away to step out of the place you had been trapped in. Minghao's next action shocked and made you gasp out loud as his hand suddenly grabbed your neck, making you look at him again, "Answer the damn question."
After a few seconds of only sharing the looks of both of your eyes, you not even daring to let out any words as you crossed your legs. His eyes drifted down, finding your new standing position and letting it amuse him as a chuckle escaped from his lips. After he raised his head again and had leaned in, your lips almost grazing, he whispered, "Fine," a confident smile on his face, "I can make your mouth do better things than talking." Before leaning in completely, letting you finally feel his lips on yours.
With his hand still on your throat, while the other pulled you in closer by your waist, a moan escaped your lips - getting touched after months of having to do it by yourself does that to you.
Your lips moved against each other harshly, filled with desperation and passion when he surprisingly leaned back slowly, letting your lips part and his thumb graze over your bottom one.
"You have no idea how long I've been waiting to do this," he whispered, you feeling his hot breath on your lips. His comment made you smirk,
"Then why are you wasting more time by talking?" Looking up at him with big eyes. With a deep chuckle and both of his hands on your ass, he lifted you up, making you wrap your legs around his hips, "Bedroom," you breathed into his lips.
Minghao turned around and brought you to the room, only to lay you down on the bed. You breathed heavily, sitting up, leaning back on your elbows as you watched him taking off his pants hastily. The action made you smile as you stood up to stand in front of him, grab his belt and pull him closer to you to let you feel his lips against yours again. The sudden movement made him snatch his and away from his pants in surprise and bring them up to cup both of your cheeks. While you busied your hands with opening his belt and pants, his thumb caressed your right cheek, while his other hand grazed over the back of your head, grabbing your neck and holding you closer.
With a few steps, you turned the both of you around before pushing him away from you to sit on the edge of the bed. His feet removed his jeans completely as he was then sitting down naked from the waist down, letting your eyes quickly drift to his erection that was close to hitting his stomach. A slow walk brought you closer to him, but Minghao was too impatient and grabbed the back of your thighs to pull you in, making you gasp and hold onto his shoulder to steady yourself.
"And why do you think it's fair that you're still wearing anything?" He looked up at you, letting his hands wander underneath your dress, feeling the outline of your panties and quickly getting a hold of them to pull them down. With a smile on your lips, you let him and stepped out of them, only before getting your hands on the rim of your dress, holding onto it and pulling it over the top of your head. In the meantime, he had also gotten rid of his shirt, now sitting completely naked in front of you. His lips quickly found your lower torso, placing kisses all over it but not even getting close to your core as you suddenly lowered yourself onto your knees.
Without letting him question anything or even dare to pull you back up, he licked a long stride from the bottom of his erection to the top, making him throw his head back and groan. Once you twirled your tongue over his tip and let your lips engulf the entire top of his cock, his hand went to hold onto the top of your head by your hair. Slowly, you let him slide deeper inside of your mouth, not getting him in in his entirety, so you used your hand to cover the rest of him. When you started feeling his hand grasp onto your hair tighter, you began coming back up, making sure to run your tongue around his length.
"Fuck, (Y/N)," Minghao moans rang through your ears, making you smile. Just as you looked up, his the tip of his cock still in your mouth, he groaned, "Don't look at me like that," and ran a thumb over your lips once you freed his dick from your mouth, "Or I'm not gonna last long."
Instead of saying something, you just smiled at him shyly and got back to wrapping your lips around his length. With the spit coming from your mouth as hell as his pre-cum running down, you used your hands to help you out.
Bobbing your head up and down, it didn't take long for Minghao to begin twitching and pushing your head down. Just moments before he was about to come, he pulled you back up and swiftly turned you around, switching positions. You gasped as he threw you onto the bed again, with him now hovering above you. His eyes raked up and down your body, focusing on every inch of your skin like a predator looking at his prey. He lowered his upper body, supporting his weight with his lower arms as he kissed around your still covered breasts, letting his right hand run over them before travelling to the back, making you arch your back. Like that, he was able to open the clasp of your bra easily, letting the straps fall down your arms. With you now naked underneath him, his lips didn't leave your skin, only slowly going up until he reached your neck,
"I knew you were beautiful," Minghao breathed out, "But damn...," making you chuckle.
"You've been thinking about me?" You wondered with a smile as his face stopped right in front of yours, looking deep into your eyes,
"Only when I need to come." Making your smile drop at the sudden confession. Not wasting any more seconds, the dancer got on his knees, pulling you by your thighs, before diving into your core with his tongue.
"AH," you shouted out and sudden contact, your hands immediately finding their way to his dark hair. As his tongue circled around your clit, you couldn't control the moans falling from your lips anymore. Hearing your voice desperately cry out his name was a sound he most definitely had been missing in his life. Getting to listen to you calling out for him was something that would stick with him for a longer time and something he'd like to hear more of.
"Min-Minghao," you whimpered, feeling his tongue enter you, "P-Please... fuck me." Your plead made him look up with a smirk. He pushed himself up, back onto his feet to hover above you. Minghao put a strand of hair behind your ear, the grin not leaving his lips,
"So polite," he commented before initiating another kiss slowly. Your impatience got the best of you as you pulled him closer to you harshly, making him chuckle. "As you wish," he breathed into your mouth, before holding his cock and directing it to your core, entering you easily with the lubrication of your wetness.
Just like earlier when you had taken him into your mouth, you were still surprised about his length - you already thought he would be kinda big because... it's always the quiet guys... but... wow. Now, not only feeling him in your mouth but actually inside you, quickly hitting the right spots, made you arch your back and lift your hips, trying to get even closer to him.
As you wanted to pull Minghao in by wrapping your arms around his shoulders, he had a different idea and stood up fully, slipping out of you, making the two of you groan. By standing by the edge of the bed, he was able to grab you by the back of your knees and pull you towards him, not letting go of your legs as he entered you again.
Right away, he picked up a quicker pace than before, hitting slightly deeper as the new angle made you lift your hips. You tried looking for something to hold onto as he fucked you hard, letting his cock almost leave your core, only before slamming it back into you. Minghao's hands found yours, letting you hold onto his. You began digging your fingers into the back of his hands, making him hiss but enjoy the pleasure he was giving you. With the moans coming out of your mouth, higher-pitched, the deeper he entered you, made the dancer come closer and closer to his releaser,
"Keep on moaning like that," he groaned, "Fuck...(Y/N)..."
As his name fell from your lips once again, he released his left hand from your grasp, letting his thumb graze over your clit before rubbing it in circles after layering it with your wetness.
The newly added stimulation made you rock your hips harder onto him, not caring if it was in the rhythm he was going at, as you were just eager to finally get to your release. Minghao seemed to notice your impatience but was feeling just the same as you, so he picked up the pace, holding onto your hips even tighter, making your hands able to wrap around his wrists.
"Minghao," you dragged out the last letter, your voice shaking by the impact of his hips with yours, "ugh... fuck, I'm gonna come!"
"Come for me," he demanded, "Let go (Y/N), I got you."
Your, as well as his, breathing became irregular, trying to fit moans and normal breathing into one.
"Yeah," a few moans and you'd be there, "Fuck yeah..." your moaning supported Minghao as he rammed into you the last few times before emptying himself inside of you, coming with a groan and tight grip on your hips. The feeling of his cock twitching added to his ongoing movements, made you finally reach your own orgasm and your walls tightened around Minghao's length, earning you another deep moan from him and a loud whimper from you. Your fingers dug into the skin of his wrists as you rode out your high, still breathing heavily and whimpering at every contact.
"Oh, Jesus Christ," he cursed out, wiping away the sweat that had formed on his forehead.
You looked up at him with a smile, still, in the bliss of the orgasm you had just had, and him inside of you. The dancer noticed your eyes on him and lowered his gaze to meet yours, leaning down as he copied your facial expression, "You might want to rethink that next date, huh?"
The smirk on your lips widened as you admitted, "There wasn't gonna be one anyways." Minghao nodded his head slowly and smacked his lips before you felt a harsh slap on your ass, making you gasp and the sudden action, but him chuckle at your reaction.
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220121 (SOOBIN VLIVE) 🎵
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We lay down face to face And share stories that aren’t sad
[MV] IU(아이유) _ eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS) 
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flower girl chaehyun 🌺
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Imagine you’re Seokjin’s cousin and Jungkook’s girlfriend and they’re asked how they all first met you.
“She’d flown to Seoul to visit me and I was planning on introducing her to the guys the day after she arrived. But little did I know her and Jungkook had already let’s say, become acquainted, the night before.” Seokjin explained.
“Okay, but in my defense I didn’t know she was your cousin at that point.” Jungkook defended himself, “...and we were a tiny bit drunk.”
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I just want to put him in my mouth
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Like the colors of the rainbow
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