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I’m not too sure about what companies are allowing their idols to post about it. But I’ve seen plenty of idols post and show their support. I’m sure they care, you can try reaching out via Twitter or Instagram. Maybe their VLive page. But know they do care whether they’ve posted or not.

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I’m sorry but no if you have a massive platform of millions of fans and all you did what post a black square without sharing links to donate, to petition, to protest, you did the bare minimum. And again we have fans who are not black trying to shield idols from criticism.  

Sharing that you donated (The amount doesn’t need to be disclosed) will encourage your fans to donate. 

Saying that what idols can say/show is limited, they literally already posted something that took a stance saying that they donated isn’t going to make their company revolt. 

Posting that black square while your peers continuously steal black culture and then make fun of it, has little effect and is just ironic. 

Opening your wallet to donate shows that you’re more than words, you’re about action. We don’t fucking need words. We need action. Sure empathy is great but if you’re not willing to go any farther than a black square, you are not doing much. It is performative at best. 

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An insider has revealed details on the manager who scammed BlackPink’s Lisa of 1 billion KRW. On June 2, a close friend of Lisa said of the manager, who’s only known as ‘Manager J.’

“J is a manager who’s been with BlackPink even before their debut. He’s been in charge of taking care of BlackPink since their debut. He especially took care of the tired members after their frequent tours overseas. J was always praised as very kind and sincere person. He was so kind people called him naive. The BlackPink members believed and relied on him. He was the person they trusted most after producer Teddy.” 

“Then J started to change. No one knew the reason why at first. I heard that he started going to entertainment establishment and overspent money, which caused debt issues with others. That’s how he first came to illegal gambling. I heard he got a lot of money, but after he lost it, he became more obsessed with gambling. As the debt grew bigger with no way to pay it back, he seems to have gotten his hands into Lisa’s money. Other members have parents in Korea, but Lisa seems to have been targeted because she came from Thailand. The damage amount is estimated to be more than 1 billion won. As it became known, as internal investigation and disciplinary action by YG Entertainment began, and that led to him quitting. He spent time alone and paid back some of the money. Not only Lisa, but all the BlackPink members relied heavily on J. J was the only one who could be trusted while they worked on frequent overseas schedules. As much as they trusted him, it seems the sense of betrayal and hurt is just as big.” 

As previously reported, the long-time manager was fired from YG Entertainment after it was discovered he requested 1 billion Won from Lisa to allegedly look for real estate purchase opportunities. It’s said he blew the full amount on gambling, and after settling the matter quietly due to Lisa’s wishes, he’ll be repaying her. Insiders say Lisa is currently struggling with fear and anxiety after the betrayal. 

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Cube Entertainment has advanced its venture into the Chinese market. The agency recently partnered with one of China’s largest music streaming platforms, NetEase Cloud Music. On June 2, Cube shared, “Today, with China’s NetEase Cloud Music, we acquired a music content license worth 7.5 billion won and agreed upon a partnered promotion contract using the IP (Intellectual Property) of Cube and Cube’s artist.” The cost of this partnership is around 25.14 percent of Cube Entertainment’s sales from last year of 29.8 billion won. 

NetEase Cloud Music is an online music streaming service with nearly 900 million users and is known to be one of China’s top streaming platforms along with Tencent’s QQ Music. Through this contract, music from Cube Entertainment’s artists will only be available in China through NetEase Cloud and the two companies will carry out partnered promotional activities across the country. Cube commented, “In addition to supplying our content services, this contract also establishes our strategic partnership and the joint venture development model that outlines our plans for promotional activities.” 

According to Cube, the length of the contract spans three years, from October 10, 2020 until September 30, 2023. Cube’s CEO Ahn Woo Hyung shared, “As NetEase Cloud Music has promised their full support, we have big expectations for the promotion of our artists as well as the development of their IP. Follow-up contracts utilizing Cube artists’ IP, such as for performances and management, will continue to proceed.” 

The large-scale partnership is especially garnering attention for being one of the rare contracts between Korean agency and a Chinese music platform following the 2016 ban China placed on the Korean Wave after South Korea established Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) with the United Stated. 

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A new MC has been chosen for “Music Core”! Following the recent departure of Gugudan’s Mina, it was reported on June 2 that IZ*ONE’S Kim Min Ju will be a new MC for the music show. 

In response to the report, a source from program confirmed, “IZ*ONE’s Kim Min Ju will be a new MC for “Music Core.” She will first join on [June] 13.” Kim Min Ju will be hosting the program with the current MCs SF9′s Chani and Stray Kids’ Hyunjin. 

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Game company Grampus has signed a global license contract with Big Hit Entertainment for the gamification of BTS’s IP (Intellectual Property). It was announced on June 2 that Grampus now has the right to develop a game using BTS’s IP. Kim Jee In, head of Grampus, stated, “We’re happy to be able to showcase the charming qualities of BTS, the greatest artist of our time, through a mobile simulation game.” 

A source from Big Hit praised their new partner Grampus for the quality of their simulation games, success in the global market, and excellent development and business skills. They went on to share that they’re looking forward to the mobile simulation game that will be created through the combination BTS’s brand with Grampus’s knowledge about the development and management of games for global users. 

The company Grampus was founded in 2014 and has developed and run cooking simulation games including Cooking Adventure and My Little Chef. Their new game, which they’re creating under this global license with Big Hit, is expected to be released in the first half of 2021. 

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Stop trying to force idols to talk about black lives matters, police brutality, and other important issues right now. I understand that the exposure would be great and that you want to be assured that your favorite idols are on your side but you need to understand that Korean artists and Western artists are VERY different. While Halsey can go out to protests and Becky G can openly criticize the police, Kpop artists do NOT have the same freedoms. They are shackled to their companies who have complete control over when they talk, what they talk about, and how they talk about it. 

Korean companies WILL silence idols that try to talk about these issues (as we have seen from the deletion of posts)

These are very sensitive issues and saying the wrong thing could incite a LOT of hate from fans and haters alike who are against the movements. 

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