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He Meets Your Family ~ Jung Wooyoung
Tumblr media
For some time, the topic of meeting each other’s parents had hovered over the two of you, slowly beginning to realise that your relationship was almost at that stage. Whilst Wooyoung couldn’t wait to meet your side of the family, you were terrified, especially knowing the high expectations that your parents had for you.
“Do you think that they’ll hate me?” Wooyoung asked as yet again you refused to talk about arranging a date for him to meet your parents, “you think it could be a dealbreaker?”
After being pushed and pushed, just a couple of weeks later you found yourself driving across the city to your parent’s home, with Wooyoung by your side. You were terrified, especially as he was so confident beside you that things would be just fine.
Wooyoung knew he had his charms, he had a wide big enough smile to impress anyone when he needed to, and as the two of you pulled up to your parent’s home, his grin couldn’t have been any wider as he bounced around in his seat, excited to get in and explore your family home.
The sound of your car pulling up was enough to bring your parents to the front door, opening it up before either of you had gotten out of the car. “Things will be alright,” Wooyoung whispered across to you as he heard you let go of a sigh before opening your car door.
“Come on you two, you’ll catch a cold staying out in that freezing car.”
“It’s nice to see you too mum,” you mused, walking across to her open arms at the door.
From behind you, you could already hear Wooyoung chuckle as he quickly caught onto the dynamic that you had with your parents before taking the time to introduce himself to them both properly too.
As your mum opened up the door for the two of you to walk in properly, your eyebrows immediately furrowed. The place looked different, you couldn’t quite put your finger on what it was, but it was as if something was missing, something that you knew you had always seen before.
However, as you walked into the living room behind your dad, a loud groan soon came from you. “Are those all of my baby pictures?” You questioned, noticing plenty of frames scattered across the coffee table.
The laughter from Wooyoung grew louder as your dad nodded in reply to you, proudly inviting Wooyoung to take a seat right in front of the table.
“It’s tradition, isn’t it?” Your mother grinned from the doorway.
“To embarrass me?”
Your eyes looked apologetically across to Wooyoung who could only shake his head. “Don’t look at me like that, I think this is going to be great.”
You felt yourself sink further and further back against the sofa as your parents sat either aside of you and Wooyoung, one by one taking him through the photos that they had of you, making sure each one had an embarrassing tale to go with it.
“When we took her to the park on this day, she ended up at the top of the slide for half an hour because she was too scared to go down,” your mum informed Wooyoung.
“She’s always been a bit of a scaredy-cat,” Wooyoung agreed.
By the time your childhood stories had come to an end, you knew your cheeks were a dark shade of red, relieved when your parents excused themselves to the kitchen to prepare some food.
As soon as they were gone, you reached across and hit gently against Wooyoung’s bicep, “stop playing into their hands,” you scolded, shooting him a glare, “why are you encouraging them to humiliate me further, you’re supposed to be on my side.”
“I am on your side,” he tried his best to encourage, “but look at all of these photos Y/N, how could I not pay attention to them when you look so cute in all of them.”
Luck was on Wooyoung’s side as you opened your mouth to reply, only for your parents to enter the room with several plates of snacks in their hands, lining them up on the coffee table in replacement for your photos that were now hung back up on the walls.
After your grilling, attention soon turned to Wooyoung as your parents sat back down each with a mug of coffee in their hands. “Y/N tells us that you’re a performer Wooyoung,” your mum began, shifting so that she was facing him properly, “that must be a very busy schedule for you, do you ever even get any time off?”
Wooyoung nodded confidently in reply to her, “I get enough time off to be with Y/N, it is busy, but I absolutely love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world.”
“I get to go to a lot of his schedules,” you added, unsure why you were continuing to give your parents such a good impression of Wooyoung after he jumped ship to their side. “Whenever he can, he makes sure that I go with him so that I can be with them all.”
The smiles on your parent’s faces grew as Wooyoung told them more about himself. “I’m sure you’re probably worried about Y/N settling down, but I wanted the two of you to know that I’m really fond of Y/N, and I’ll take good care of her too.”
It was impossible for your parents not to be impressed by Wooyoung as he continued to find the right things to say. You knew that it was the idol in him, but as he reacted to every single thing that they did, they soon found themselves adoring how attentive he was.
The love they had for him only increased as the rest of the evening passed by, the conversation flowed better than you could have ever expected, leaving your parents gutted when Wooyoung suggested that you started to think about heading home.
His schedule left him little time, and as much as he wanted to spend more time getting to know your family, duty called for him. “I wish we could have spent more time with you.”
“We’ll come and visit you guys next time, visit your dorm and your group.”
At your mother’s suggestion, Wooyoung immediately accepted, more than welcome to introduce your family to his busy world. “When I’ve got a break in my schedule next, I’ll make sure that Y/N lets you guys know.”
After Wooyoung’s promise was made, the two of you stepped back outside into the cold, racing to get into the warmth of your car, quickly turning the ignition on to start the heater, waving out of the windows as you began to drive away.
“That was…interesting,” you trailed off as you turned out of your parent’s street, “I don’t know whether I enjoyed that or not.”
“Because your parents loved me so much?”
“You did everything right and that’s so annoying.”            
Wooyoung couldn’t help but chuckle at the pout on your face, “I told you that I would be able to impress them, trust me, I think with this smile I could probably get away with murder if I tried hard enough.”
Your head shook back at him, “I think you might be their new favourite child.”
His eyes rolled with an exclamation at your dramatics, “your parents adore you, but I will be more than happy to be their favourite in law.”
“I think you’ve definitely claimed that title after today.”
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introduction pt. i | pt. ii
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ch. xvii - petty grievance
seonghwa × reader
you believed that childhood friends can stick together through thick and thin. you believed that nothing could get between you and your childhood friend, seonghwa. at least you used to think that before things changed.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
taglist :
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Tumblr media
‎‎‎‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎♡ pairing: Jaehyun x reader ‎‎‎‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎♡ genre: fluff ‎‎‎‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎♡ length: 157 words
Tumblr media
"It feels like a dream..."
Jaehyun whispered, pressing your foreheads together. You smiled, looking up at his face. Candlelight was flickering in his deep, loving eyes.
"What about this makes you think you're dreaming?" you asked. You gently stroked the nape of his neck, playing with his hair. He smiled shyly, and that sight was enough for you to feel warmth spreading across your chest.
"It's..." he looked down on your feet, just to look up and stare into your eyes a second later. "It's because I've dreamed about this before. I've dreamed about you."
You felt a shiver going down your spine, your heartbeat accelerating.
"And how do those dreams compare to reality?"
A deep chuckle rumbled in Jaehyun's chest. He raised one of his hands to stroke your cheek and connected your lips in a warm kiss. He took his time, pulling away only after you both got out of breath.
"They are no match."
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TonyMoly Lip tints
(A/N: one definitely blast from the past)
The moment you heard they were doing modeling for the famous brand you couldn’t wait to be able to try them on. The day when Hyunwoo came over with the tiny bag with his examples you almost hit the door on his face as you rushed to the nearest mirror. “I’m glad to see you too” he said and sat down in the sofa. “I’m sorry, teddybear.” “It’s okay, tell me which one you like.” You had tried the tints on your arm first. They had differences, and you definitely wanted to try them all on you, just in case. You ran to the bathroom and applied the first one. You rushed back to you boo and made an innocent face. “How you like this?” “It looks nice, you like that the most?” he looked little hopeful. “I don’t know, I need to try them all on. I’ll be back.” You ran back, rubbed the tint off with make up remover, and repeated. This time you entered in a sexy way in front of him. “That is nice too.” You smiled and ran back. Repeated. With each tint. You saw Hyunwoo get a little more and more blushed each time. It kind of excited you and with the last color you stripped in your underwear, told him to close his eyes before you appeared. He was obedient, you walked in front of him and took a sexy pose. “Okay.” He opened his eyes and he blushed as red as your tint was. He held the pillow in his lap tighter in his grip. “Yeah, that is also nice. And sexy.”
Tumblr media
You had an important interview in the morning. You had your white shirt and black skirt on as you checked your hair. It was as good as it could be. You searched for your lipstick, from your make up bag, regular bag, back up bag, nowhere to be found. “Darling have you seen my red lipstick?” you shouted hoping Wonho would hear you over breakfast. You heard him mumble and chair moved. You waited and after he dug something he walked in with a small red item. “Here, use this.” You looked at the fiery red color. “It’s the new make up product we’re modeling for” he explained. “Okay…” you shrugged, it seemed close enough to the red you had. You looked yourself in the mirror as you put in on. You saw Hoseok stare at you the entire time. You looked at yourself and though it was actually better than your old color. You turned to him and smiled. “Thank you.” “Can you wear that some time when we make love cause you look stunning” he said holding his breath. You couldn’t help to glimpse at this crotch. “Whatever you say, baby” you tried to sound flirty.
Tumblr media
“Is that my Tony Moly?” he asked as you took off each other’s clothes. “Yeah, is that a problem mister?” you glanced at him and threw his shirt on the floor. “Not at all, madam” he smirked. You synchronized your movements as the pants came off. “Good god” you sighed as you admired his now rather lean body. “Same atcha” he tried to grab your butt, but you were faster and pushed him on the bed. He smirked wider. “Am I in for a ride?” “Hell yeah” you admitted as you crawled on the bed. “But before that, I’m gonna…” you tenderly kissed his knee with the scar. You heard him take a deep breath. You moved to his thigh, kissed it, bit it and licked the mark. His breathing was heavy. Next was his faint v-line, there was a mark of the tint left as you bit him. You marked a tiny hearts all over his abdomen. You almost heard a grunt escape from him. “Can you hurry up?” he whined making you smile. You felt his dick twitch against your skin. “Maybe I should smear this fella with the new lip stick?” you playfully poked the tip of his penis. He didn’t even try to hide his moan. “Do whatever, just as long as you do something.”
Tumblr media
Kihyun He lost a bet. For Halloween. For couples costume. Beauty and the beast. Kihyun was Belle. You couldn’t wait to see him as you giggled in excitement on your bed while he changed in the bathroom. You heard him curse several times making you laugh even more. “Okay, should I put make up on?” “Of course” you shouted back. You heard make ups being used and the excitement grew. The sounds stopped and up sat up to wait. “Kihyun?” there was no answer. “Kihyun sweetheart, are you okay?” “Yes, I’m coming out now.” The door opened and yellow dress first he appeared awkwardly smiling. The dress swooshed as he let if flow from his hands and he waited for you to say something. You stared at him. He was always beautiful, but somehow he looked stunning. He bit his lips while he waited. His lips were nice pinkish tone, glossy and inviting. “Y/N, can you please say something?” he begged. “You look beautiful.” “You sure this doesn’t make me look fat?” he pointed at the poofy ballgown. You laughed. “No, but we can take it off right now.” He looked confused til he saw the glint in your eyes.
Tumblr media
You sat on your knees and watched Hyungwon take out something from a small paper bag. You couldn’t see what it was until he strutted back towards you holding the item in his long fingers. The Tony Moly lip tint. Your body shivered and it wasn’t cause you were completely naked. You tried to move, but the restraints holding your arms and ankles together didn’t allow it. You looked at him as he leaned down and took a grip of your jaw. "I’m gonna put this on your pretty lips. Then you will suck my cock. Try not to be messy. I don’t wanna apply it again.” He opened the tiny bottle and without a sound he gently applied the color on you. He did it slowly, watching how your lips moved as the tip of the applied slid across your soft lips making them more red and glistening. He let out a small groan. “I can’t wait to see that around my cock.” He threw the tint on the bed and unbuckled his belt.
Tumblr media
You walked in the bed room in your underwear. Ready to get to bed. Jooheon came in from the bathroom in his t shirt stopping for a moment to look at you. You continued to com your hair. “You look pale” he said walking behind you. “It’s just the lighting, honey.” “No it’s not, you look paler than normally.” You stopped to look at yourself closer. Maybe he was right. “But you also look divine in those” he hooked your bra strap and let it go making a pop sound. “You’re in mood” you smiled. “Very” you stared at each other through the mirror. “Are your lips still red from the tint?” you asked. They looked awfully red this evening. “Yeah, do yu like it?” You nodded. “You need to get some blood flowing in your body” he said leaning in closer. He kissed your shoulder and unhooked your bra. He scooped you in his arms and lead you to the bed where he gently took off your panties. His hungry look lingered between your legs. “Put more of that tint on and make me your red carpet” you said squirming seductively and reached for the bed posts.
Tumblr media
You were backstage after the concert. You were as hyped and touched as every other monbebe but couldn’t wait to personally hug the sweaty rapper. He did so well. You waited in a room with few other top secret girlfriends, after few words you didn’t know what else to say. Soon the few members came to greet their lovers and so did Changkyun. He took you in a huge hug and gave a deep kiss. “That was quite something” you breathed out. “I always give my best when kissing” he joked. “I mean the concert” you swiped off a little bit of smeared lip tint on his lips. That was a little more rough kiss than you meant.
Tumblr media
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myunghoehoehoe · 17 hours ago
for nsfw sleepover, mingyu and rough sex, just spanking and multiple rough orgasms 😭😭
Tumblr media
sometimes mingyu gets a little too excited when he’s having fun with you, which can lead to him being more...dominating then usual. most of the time he’s sweet and fun and giggly, other times...well, that all gets thrown out the window
i can picture him using some kind of rope or handcuffs so he can have you in one place and not wriggling around everywhere. his hands are absolutely huge so u kno they’re gonna give you huge red marks on your ass when he spanks you.
when he gets excited, he kinda just zones in to what he’s doing and doesn’t stop unless you give him your safe-word! he’s got his hands firmly planted on your hips to reduce movement, and is just sending you through orgasm after orgasm, lapping up every single bit of juice he can
even when you’re shaking and begging him to stop, he can see you want more by the way your hips move. he loves eating you out and also loves watching you fall apart on his cock, he just loves seeing how your eyes roll and your body grow weaker with each orgasm
he loves having the power over you, loves watching you crumble and cry out for him and it only spurs him on further to give you as many orgasms as your body can handle
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gamerguk · 2 months ago
make you scream | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing. jungkook x camgirl!reader
rating. mature, 18+ only.
word count. 9k+
genre. smut, humor, friends to lovers.
warnings. swearing, alcohol usage, jungkook gets his balls waxed, smut ( rough sex, role-playing, dirty talk, choking, protected sex, voyuerism, mask kink, oral sex (m receiving), spanking ).
summary. in which jungkook fucks you while wearing a Ghostface mask for thousands of people to see.
taglist. @mwitsmejk @yoongiofmine​ @mrcleanheichou​ @dprssdgal​ @kookiejiminlovely​ @jollypainterroadeagle​ @beforemoonr1se​ @blckjeon​ @tae165​
unable to tag. @lovepity @dollpoutzz @k4rl1n4s
a/n. happy halloween!! stay safe and have fun <3
Tumblr media
jungkook [ 5:57 PM ]: okay lets see the ring!
Jungkook tosses his phone on the couch, watching it bounce aimlessly for a few moments before it falls face-down. He slumps down next to the clump of metal, tossing his head back on the armrest and letting out a sigh. “See? I told you I was happy for her.”
Jimin is in the kitchen with Taehyung only a few feet away, preparing a small dinner for the three of them to enjoy. At the sound of Jungkook’s voice, he shakes his head. “I never said you weren’t happy for her. She’s your best friend, of course you’re gonna be happy if she gets engaged. I said that you just might be a tiny bit jealous of her soon-to-be-fiance.”
“But I’m not!” His voice cracks, earning him a strange look from his hyungs. He clears his throat and repeats his statement, having less confidence in its believability.
With five years worth of dating along with a dainty little promise ring (that was beginning to rust), your current boyfriend hadn’t given you much to fantasize about as far as a future together. Aside from him occasionally making jokes about wanting you to carry his children, that is. You weren’t sure where your relationship was headed, but earlier that day when he sent a vague, sudden text saying he had something important to talk to you about, all you could envision was him getting on one knee and finally asking you to marry him.
You told Jungkook the good news first, and he ignored the twinge of jealousy in his heart long enough to tell you how happy he is for you, and how you must allow him to help you plan the wedding. He tells Jimin and Taehyung the news and all they do is give him the ‘I’m so sorry’ look, which doesn’t help at all. So to prove to them that he’s truly happy for you and not at all jealous, he’s just requested you send a picture of the engagement ring you should’ve gotten by now.
Like clockwork, Jungkook’s phone dings, and your contact name is lighting up his screen.
“That should be her now.” He sighs again, sitting fully upright as he retrieves his phone.
He takes a brief moment to prepare himself, which later seems to be completely unnecessary, because the message you had sent in response was far from what he had been expecting you to say.
you [ 6:00 PM ]: there’s no ring. we broke up.
Jungkook furrows his brows as he reads over your text, rubbing at his eyes a few times to make sure they weren’t deceiving him. The both of you had been so sure tonight would end with a proposal, hell, he was still half-expecting you to send another text saying you were just joking. But that text never came, all he can do is watch your text bubbles disappear and reappear for two minutes straight.
He’s conflicted with emotion. He’s angry with your boyfriend for dumping you, but over the moon that you won’t be marrying him. ‘Maybe I finally have a chance with her’ the devil on his shoulder says, and the angel tells him he’s being selfish.
It’s all too confusing.
jungkook [ 6:02 PM ]: what happened? where are you?
you [ 6:02 PM ]: home
Jungkook is on his feet in an instant, fully prepared to leave his apartment barefoot if his sneakers hadn’t been nearby. “I have to go!” He shouts in the direction of the kitchen, slipping his shoes on as fast as he can.
“What?!” Taehyung whines in disappointment, still mixing the pot of food on the stove.
“We’re almost done with the food! You can’t leave now!” Jimin adds, sounding as equally disappointed as Taehyung.
“I’m sorry guys but I really have to go.” Jungkook quickly explains, frantically searching for his car keys. “Where are my damn keys?”
“They’re on the coffee table,” Taehyung answers, “Captain Save-A-Hoe.”
His eyes instantly land on his set of keys, sighing in relief as he grabs them. “Don’t call _____ that, she’s our friend.”
“I told you this was about _____!” Taehyung exclaims, pointing his wooden spoon at Jimin, who raises his hands up in defense.
Jungkook shakes his head, already making a bee-line towards the front door. “I’m really sorry, I promise I’ll explain everything later.” He shouts as he exits, “Save me a plate?”
“No!” They shout in unison.
Tumblr media
Your condo is only a few minutes away from Jungkook’s apartment, but it feels as if it’s taken him hours to finally arrive.
He knocks on your door with a sense of urgency, growing nervous when he doesn’t hear any sort of movement on the other side. He knocks again, this time calling out your name in hopes you would recognize his voice and open the door. Yet, it remains closed and locked.
“_____ come on, let me in.” He pleads, jumping out of his skin when he realizes you’re standing right next to him. “God, _____, you scared the shit out of me.” He dramatically clutches his heart, using his free hand to hold onto the wall to steady himself.
“What’re you doing here?” You question.
Jungkook points to your door, “You said you were home so I came to check on you. Where were you?”
You sigh, gesturing for Jungkook to step aside so you can unlock the door. “I was on my way home then decided to stop by the grocery store, Captain Save-A-Hoe.” You explain.
“Why do— I— you’ve been hanging around Taehyung too much.” Jungkook musters up, looking down at his shoes while you fumble with your keys.
“He’s funny.” You comment, finally managing to unlock the front door, leaving it open for Jungkook to follow. He closes and locks it behind him, watching as you make your way into the kitchen and set your grocery bag onto the counter.
“So, do you want to talk about what happened?” Jungkook asks, keeping his distance. He’s not quite sure how to approach the situation, especially considering the fact that you don’t seem visibly bothered by it. He’s trying his best to be careful and kind, allowing you to set the pace.
You remain silent, unloading the grocery bag (that only held one tub of ice cream along with waffle cones) with an unreadable expression on your face. “I’m not ignoring you.” You reassure Jungkook after a minute of silence has passed.
“I’m just…it’s embarrassing.” You admit.
Jungkook shakes his head, “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”
“Lying won’t make me feel better.” You respond, removing the plastic seal from the tub of ice cream before taking off the lid. “Do you want a cone?”
“Yes, and I’m not lying. People get broken up with all the time, it may suck but there’s no reason to be embarrassed about it.”
Shaking your head, you quickly manage to locate an ice cream scooper and begin working on Jungkook’s cone. “He gave me an ultimatum: either him or my job.”
Your job as a camgirl, that is. He had known of your job for years now, you were sure to tell him about it before you had even begun dating. He was fine with it for the most part, feeling more comfortable that all of your streams were solo work. And, of course, seeing how much money you were making.
And though not much had changed with your career, after five long years he’d finally decided he couldn’t be with someone who does sex work; deciding to make you choose between himself or your career.
You chose your job, of course.
Jungkook rolls his eyes, “You’re better off without him. But still, I’m sorry he did that.”
Handing Jungkook his cone of cookie dough ice cream, you sigh. “I just can’t believe I spent five years of my life with him just for it to end like this. Literally everyone was expecting us to get married. Christ, this is so humiliating.”
Jungkook hums, but remains silent. He’s vowed to keep his thoughts to himself, allowing you to rant and let out any frustration without being interrupted.
“What? What is it?“ You inquire.
He shakes his head, “Nothing, go on.”
“No.” You place the lid back on the ice cream, taking a few steps to put the tub in the freezer once you’ve prepared a cone for yourself. “What’re you thinking about?”
Jungkook scratches the back of his neck, contemplating whether or not he should tell you what he’s thinking. He’s hesitant, it’s not his place to speak on your relationship, even if it is over now.
“I just…” he starts with a wince, “you just got broken up with which is awful, but you don’t seem sad about it; just embarrassed and a little bit angry.”
It’s true, the moment Jungkook had first seen you he searched for any sign that you were sad, whether it be running mascara or swollen eyes. But you hadn’t cried at all, not even once, and you don’t mention anything about being heartbroken. It’s strange. You’re strange.
You shrug, making your way into the living room. “I don’t think we were right for each other, anyway. Maybe it’s a good thing we aren’t getting married.”
Jungkook follows you into the living room, sitting beside you as you make yourself comfortable on the couch. “Then why did you stay with him for so long?”
“It just felt comfortable and safe. It’s kinda hard to maintain a relationship as a sex-worker, you know? Well, you don’t actually know but you get the gist of it, right?”
“Yeah,” he answers honestly, “I understand. But, you know--”
You interrupt him. “I don’t want to talk about this anymore, can we watch a show or something?”
We’ve barely talked about anything Jungkook thinks, but remains silent. His thoughts are replaced with a nod and you thank him for being so understanding. But he doesn’t understand anything, really, it’s like you’ve confused him even more. He knows how hard it must be to maintain a stable relationship while being a sex-worker, and how you and your ex weren’t exactly right for each other, but he doesn’t understand how you can still seem so calm.
He keeps his thoughts to himself, watching you retrieve the remote from the coffee table on turn on the television. You surf through the channels in an awkward silence, occasionally taking a lick of your ice cream before settling on a rerun of Modern Family.
Twenty minutes later and both of your cones had been devoured, and the only conversation that happens involves something that relates to the show.
Should I leave? It was kinda selfish for me to show up uninvited...what if she just wanted to be alone? Jungkook’s mind is racing, terrified at the thought that he may have unintentionally made your night worse, forcing you to talk about a situation you weren’t completely ready to speak on. Maybe he should leave.
“Maybe I should--” He starts, and is interrupted by your phone ringing.
You slide it from your back pocket, sighing in disappointment as Seokjin’s name lights up on your screen.
“It’s my manager, I’ll be right back.” You rise from the couch, and head into your room for privacy. When you return a few minutes later with a scowl on your face, Jungkook knows the conversation you just had did not end well.
“Everything okay?” He asks.
With great detail, you explain how your ex was supposed to star with you in your upcoming Halloween livestream that you had been promoting since early September. It was expected to surpass your record amount of livestream viewers, plus quite a few companies had sent you various items from their shop for you to promote during said stream along with a generous amount of payment. But with your co-star out of the picture, there was no way any of this was happening.
“Wait, he agreed to be in the stream with you? Like, actually having sex with you?” Jungkook is confused, if your ex didn’t want you doing porn, why did he agree to be in one of your streams? Both of you were confusing. Maybe you were a perfect match after all.
“It was all roleplay, we were going for Ghostface and a victim, so he’d be wearing the mask the entire time; no one would know it was him. Plus, mask kinks are a thing now. I’m assuming Covid may have contributed to that.” You joke, the two of you laugh.
“But Jin was just freaking out because it’s too late for me to find a replacement, so we’re gonna have to cancel the stream.”
“What?!” Jungkook exclaims in disbelief, “You can’t cancel the stream! Don’t you have any camboy friends? Can one of them be your replacement?”
You shake your head, “The good ones live on the other side of the country and this is super last minute, I don’t want to inconvenience them.”
“There’s gotta be something else you can do, you can’t just cancel the stream.”
You narrow your eyes at Jungkook, suspiciously looking him up and down. “You sure want me to do this stream, huh?”
The tips of his ears turn pink as he realizes what you’re implying, turning to avoid your gaze. “You’ve just put so much effort into this, it’d suck to have to throw it all away.”
Your phone rings again, this time from an unsaved contact. “Trust me I know, the sponsors are already starting to call. I’m probably going to be dealing with this all night, so…”
Jungkook can take a hint, he knows it’s best if he leaves.
“Don’t give any of these companies a definite answer yet, alright? I’ll text you tonight and we’ll figure something out.” He tries his best to reassure you as he stands from the couch.
“I wish I could be as optimistic as you, but I won't be able to find a replacement in less than two weeks.”
“How about we make a deal? If we can’t come up with a plan before midnight then cancel the stream, but let’s at least take the rest of the day to try to come up with something. Deal?”
Tumblr media
jungkook [ 11:26 PM ]: what about him?
jungkook [ 11:26 PM ]: Attachment: 1 Image
He’s been browsing Tinder for an hour now on your behalf, screenshotting and sending you any guy he may feel would be the perfect co-star for you. Maybe this wasn’t the best way to find someone, but he was low on time and needed to do something quick.
you [ 11:27 PM ]: no way
jungkook [ 11:27 PM ]: what’s wrong with him?
you [ 11:28 PM ]: his nails look so gross. seokjin says since this is my very first co-star he HAS to be perfect, even if he isnt showing face.
jungkook [ 11:28 PM ]: he could easily get them cleaned
you [ 11:28 PM ]: ill pass
He lets out a frustrated sigh, pressing his back into his wooden headboard as he switches from your thread of texts back to Tinder. He continues this for a while, sending you various options of men to choose from, only for you to somehow find a problem in all of them and respectfully decline. He thinks you’re being difficult on purpose, but he wasn’t giving up on you this easy.
you [ 11:55 PM ]: only 5 mins until midnight. got any more options or should i go ahead and pull back from the promotions?
He’s run out of options, already knowing there’s no one else on Tinder you’d be interested in. But then, he’s reminded of what Jimin said to him after he’s finished explaining your situation once he got home.
“Just fuck her yourself, you know you want to. And it’d really help her out.”
He’ll think of it as a favor; doing you as a favor.
jungkook [ 11:56 PM ]: how about this guy?
jungkook [ 11:56 PM ]: Attachment: 1 Image
It’s a selfie, of course.
you [ 11:56 PM ]: very funny
jungkook [ 11:56 PM ]: i’m not joking
you [ 11:56 PM ]: wait what???
jungkook [ 11:57 PM ]: well u already know me, i’m available at the time of the stream, i’d say i’m pretty good in bed (good enough to be a co-star ig), u won’t have to pay me, i’ll be wearing that scream mask anyway, and…
He pulls his phone back far enough to take a picture of his nails.
jungkook [ 11:58 PM ]: Attachment: 1 Image
jungkook [ 11:58 PM ]: clean nails :)
you [ 11:58 PM ]: i must say ur nails do look nice. but u srsly don’t have to do this for me. i love u and appreciate u being so helpful but i can’t ask u to do this.
jungkook [ 11:58 PM ]: but u didn’t ask, i volunteered. plus i genuinely do want to do this i think it’d be a lot of fun
you [ 11:58 PM ]: jungkook are u 100% sure about this?
jungkook [ 11:58 PM ]: positive.
you [ 11:59 PM ]: then…okay!! obviously we will have to speak more abt this but i’ll go ahead and tell seokjin i’ve found someone :)))
you [ 11:59 PM ]: i can’t thank you enough ur the best person on the planet
you [ 11:59 PM ]: oh and we r obviously gonna pay u lol but ur so sweet i love u
Jungkook hasn’t exactly realized what he’s signed up for, all he knows is that you’re happy, you won’t have to cancel the stream and it’s only a minute ‘til midnight. It’ll hit him when he wakes up tomorrow.
Tumblr media
“I’m gonna have sex with _____ on camera for thousands of people to watch.” Jungkook says blankly.
Amused, Jimin and Taehyung sit comfortably at the edge of his bed. “Atta boy.” Jimin congratulates the younger, giving him a pat on the shoulder.
Taehyung shakes his head, “Bad idea, shouldn’t hook up with someone unless you know whatever you feel for them is completely mutual.”
“Liar,” Jimin argues, “when we first hooked up you had no clue what I felt for you.”
“Well we’ve been dating for a year so I can take a pretty good guess,” he pats Jimin on the knee before turning his attention back to Jungkook. “This is a bad idea.”
“How? Just two friends hooking up platonically.” The words manage to roll right off of Jungkook's tongue, yet he doesn’t even believe them.
Truly, he didn’t put much thought into it before volunteering himself to be your co-star. He knew he’d be wearing a mask the entire time, which is the main reason why he felt comfortable enough to offer himself. That was the easy part. What he can’t manage to understand is the fact that he’d be having sex with his best friend soon, the two of you had only ever kissed once as teenagers, so this was a huge jump in your friendship.
“You’re gonna keep telling yourself that until you believe it, huh?” Taehyung raises a brow, Jungkook looks unamused.
Jimin waves his hand in Taehyung’s direction, as if he were shoo-ing him away. “Ignore him, what do you have to do to prepare?”
Jungkook gestures to his phone on the nightstand, “I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure it was her who just texted me.”
Jimin reaches forward and retrieves Jungkook’s phone, gently tossing it in his lap as your notification lights up his screen.
you [ 10:10 AM ]: gm! so i told jin i found a replacement and he’s kinda hesitant since it was super last minute and he wants to meet u. also i haven’t actually haven’t told him U r the replacement so that should be interesting lol
you [ 10:11 AM ]: so are u free today to meet for coffee?
you [ 10:11 AM ]: also if u thought about it and want to back out then that’s ok i completely understand :)
His fingers dance around the keyboard before he even realizes it.
jungkook [ 10:20 AM ]: good morning, no way am i backing out.
jungkook [ 10:21 AM ]: i’m free all day, just send the time and place and i’ll be there
The place is a local cafe that’s not too far from Jungkook’s apartment. The time is one-thirty, but he arrives forty-five minutes earlier.
Waltzing into the cafe, he’s greeted by what he recognizes to be the backside of your assistant as she waits in line to place in order. “Hey Yoonji.”
She turns in place, her eyes going wide in shock as they land on Jungkook. “What’re you doing here?”
“I’m the replacement.”
Yoonji’s mouth drops, “No wonder why _____ wouldn’t tell us who the replacement was. I don’t know how Jin is gonna feel about this.”
“Well it’s either let me co-star or cancel the stream completely.” Jungkook says confidently, Yoonji nods.
She points towards the service counter, “I’m getting drinks, you want anything?”
Jungkook quickly scans over the menu, shoving his hands into his front pockets. “Just a small caramel iced coffee, thanks. Is _____ here yet?”
“She’s in a booth in the far back corner.”
It takes Jungkook a minute to actually find you, surprised to see you hunched over what appears to be a pile of paperwork with your dimly-lit MacBook in front of you. He finds it odd that you immediately shove the papers to the side as you notice him approaching, but he tries not to dwell on it.
“You’re early.” You comment, watching as he sits across from you.
He shrugs, “Wanted to make a good impression.”
You nod, impressed that he’s taking this whole situation so seriously. “Nice, Seokjin will appreciate that.”
“Well, I know he doesn’t like me so…” Jungkook trails off, he expects you to roll your eyes or say something along the lines of ‘of course Seokjin likes you’, but instead you nervously pick at your fingernails and avoid eye-contact.
“I wouldn’t take it personal if I were you.” You mutter.
Jungkook shrugs, “I’ve tried not to, but I can’t help it. I mean, I haven’t given him any reason to not like me. Have I?”
You start to tap your nails against the hardwood table, another tell-tale sign that you were nervous about something. Jungkook had picked up on your mannerisms years ago, making it easy for him to feel whatever it is you’re going through; so he knows you’re nervous. But, about what?
“Well, actually, he kind of does have a reason…” you trail off, your left leg beginning to bounce anxiously.
“What is it?”
“It’s the fact that you’re in my seat.” Yoonji appears, carrying three coffees as she stares down at Jungkook, who reluctantly rises from his seat and sits next to you.
Yoonji takes his place, “If you want Seokjin to like you, you have to stand up to him -- show him you’re not a pushover.” She slides Jungkook his requested iced coffee along with a paper straw.
“How am I supposed to do that? He’s terrifying.” Jungkook responds, using the straw to puncture the lid of his coffee cup.
“Don’t take no for an answer,” you chirp, “and don’t try to prove yourself to him -- that’ll just make you seem desperate. Just be confident and you’ll win him over.”
“Here, let’s practice.” Yoonji sits straight up, “Pretend I’m Jin.”
Jungkook shoots you a nervous glance, all you do is shrug. He clears his throat and straightens himself up, trying to envision Seokjin in Yoonji’s place.
“So,” Yoonji puts on a deep voice that sounds awful, “why should I let you be in the stream with _____? Have your balls even dropped?”
“Yoonji…” You gasp, raising your brows at her, to which she and Jungkook both ignore.
“I know how important this stream is, and I would love nothing more than to help _____ get--”
“Immediately no.” Yoonji shakes her head, Jungkook glares at her.
“You didn’t even let me finish.”
“You didn’t have to, that was going in an awful direction.”
Jungkook turns to face you, and you nod with a wince; clearly agreeing with your assistant’s statement.
“We all know you’re a nice guy, and it’s incredible that you’re willing to help _____ out like this, but you have to be tougher. No more being nice. Seokjin needs you more than you need him, keep that in mind.”
Jungkook takes a few moments to prepare, nodding to himself once he feels prepared enough to try again. “Okay, I think I’m ready.”
Yoonji puts her terrible deep voice back on, “So, why should I--”
“Listen,” Jungkook slams his fist down on the wooden table, causing both you and Yoonji to flinch in surprise. The two of you smirk at each other, knowing Jungkook’s confidence had grown in the matter of a few seconds. “_____ needs a partner and I’m the best option out there, probably even better than the mediocre idiot who was gonna do it in the first place. So you can either have me in the stream or have no stream at all, it’s up to you.”
You nod, “I think he’s good to go.”
The three of you spend the rest of your time preparing Jungkook for his conversation with Seokjin, until the devil himself finally waltzes in only a half hour later. He pauses once he reaches your booth, staring straight at Jungkook while giving him the dirtiest look you’ve ever seen.
“Absolutely not.” Seokjin shakes his head, as expected.
“Please, just sit.” You beg, gesturing towards the open space next to Yoonji.
Seokjin does as you ask with a sigh, crossing his arms as he settles into his seat. “Go on then.”
"Listen, I know you don't particularly like me and that's okay, but _____ is down a partner and I'm the best option she's got right now. So you guys can either have me or cancel the stream completely; it's your call." Jungkook crosses his arms on the table, leaning forward to make eye-contact with Seokjin, as if he were challenging him.
They stare at one another in silence for a few seconds before Seokjin hangs his head and sighs. Jungkook may have won this round, but the games were only just getting started.
“Fine by me.”
Yoonji, Jungkook, and yourself glance at one another in confusion; shocked that Seokjin would give up this easily. He barely even put up a fight.
“Uh, what?” Yoonji questions.
“He’s right, I may not like him but this isn’t the worst idea in the world. That is, as long as he’s willing to complete the mandatory tasks beforehand.”
Now Jungkook is nervous, and it’s evident with the way his shoulders tense up. Neither you or Yoonji had mentioned any sort of mandatory tasks; hopefully it wouldn’t be anything too difficult.
“What kind of tasks?”
Seokjin explains in great detail the testing that must be done to ensure that Jungkook is one-hundred percent clean, the amount of paperwork that must be signed and how it’s absolutely necessary for Jungkook to be waxed and stubble-free.
Though he’s not looking forward to that last part, he’s already dedicated himself to the task at hand, and fully-intended on following through with it. So he signs all the mandatory paperwork and sets up the testing appointment. And as far as the last task...he’ll figure that out another day.
Yoonji and Seokjin were long gone now, leaving the two of you alone in the booth.
“Can I ask you something?” Jungkook asks, letting his head rest against the brick wall behind him.
“Of course.” You turn in your seat to face him, “What’s up?”
“What do you wanna do after this?”
“Oh, I’m not sure. It’d be nice to go thrifting.”
“No, no.” Jungkook sits up, “I meant, like after you’re done doing the cam stuff; what would you want to do afterwards? Like, won’t you be able to retire sooner?”
Truthfully, you and Jungkook had never discussed your career in a serious light, it’d mostly be casual conversations about your upcoming streams and any questions he may have had. It was nice whenever he showed genuine interest.
You smile to yourself. “Well yeah, I do plan on retiring a bit sooner. But after that, I’m going to become a manager for other sex-workers, preferably newbies who need more help.”
“Really? Kinda like Seokjin?”
You nod, “Exactly like Seokjin.”
Jungkook nods back at you, “I think that's really great, you’re gonna be a perfect manager.”
“I hope so. But, uh,” you pull the neglected stack of paper from the side of the table, pushing them in Jungkook’s direction. He’d assumed this was all the paperwork you had to sign but for some reason it looked like...homework?
“I’ve been taking management courses at a community college, just to prepare myself.”
It’s odd, Jungkook feels tears brimming in his eyes, but he’s not exactly sure why. He’s proud of you, he knows that, but proud enough to cry? He knows at this moment that his feelings for you were starting to cross the line of friendship.
He clears his throat. “That’s incredible, _____! Why didn’t you tell me?”
You shrug, feeling a little flustered at all the compliments he’s been giving you. “I dunno, I just wanted to keep it a secret for awhile.”
“I’ll keep your secret then, pinky promise.” He holds his pinky out in your direction and you link your own with his, probably holding on a bit longer than you had to.
You pull your hand away from him, “Oh, and I’ll be getting tested with you; just to assure that we’re both clean.”
“Seems fair, now do you still want to go thrifting?”
“As long as you buy me something.”
Though you had only been joking, Jungkook decides to buy you something anyway: an antique heart-shaped locket. It’s empty on the inside, and you joke about putting a picture of the two of you in there before putting it back in its place.
That’s a pretty good idea Jungkook had thought, so he snuck the necklace in his items as he paid for it and made a mental note to find a nice picture of the two of you. He knows giving you a present like this would definitely go beyond the boundaries of friendship and would seep into the romantic aspect of things, but he doesn’t care. All he knows is that he loves you, even if he’s not sure in what way.
Maybe he’ll just keep the necklace for himself and not tell you about it.
Tumblr media
It’s burning a hole in his pocket, the metal chain tapping against itself with every step he takes.
The locket is still empty, Jungkook vowed to keep it that way until he’s found the most perfect picture of the two of you to store inside. Still, he decides to carry it with him; using it as some sort of security blanket.
He’s sitting next to you in the waiting room of the doctor’s office, having small talk while patiently waiting for the doctor to return with your results. A few more minutes pass before the older woman enters the waiting area with a small stack of papers cradled in her arms.
“Congratulations, both of you are clean.” She handed both of you your test results, which confirmed what she’d just informed you of.
This was no surprise.
“I must say, it’s always nice seeing couples getting tested together despite being each other’s only sexual partner. That’s very responsible of you two.” She compliments.
This wasn’t the first time a stranger had mistaken the two of you for a couple, and it certainly won’t be the last. It never really bothered either of you or made you feel uncomfortable in any way; but this time was different. Jungkook’s feelings for you were confusing, and he finds himself often thinking of what a relationship with you would be like.
But still, he doesn’t know how you would feel about this; if you would even be okay with him thinking of you as his girlfriend.
“Oh, we’re not actually--” Jungkook starts.
“Thank you!” You interrupt, “I think this is something all couples should do, right babe?”
The word repeats over and over in his head so much that he’d probably be dizzy if he hadn’t snapped himself out of it.
Don’t be stupid, he thinks, she’s just kidding around.
He smiles, “Definitely, now let’s go home.”
Tumblr media
Unknown [ 11:45 AM  ]: This is an automated text message from Lunchbox Wax to confirm a 1:00 PM Brazilian Wax appointment for JEON JUNGKOOK. To confirm the appointment, reply with OK.
jungkook [ 11:47 AM ]: OK
Unknown [ 11:47 AM ]: Thank you for confirming your appointment! Your esthetician is JUNG HOSEOK. To prepare for your waxing session, please make sure to shower and gently exfoliate. Taking a painkiller 20-30 minutes beforehand is recommended but not required. We’ll see you soon!
Jungkook frowns at the text message, anticipating all the pain that came with getting a Brazilian Wax.
It’d been a few days since he had sat down with you, Seokjin, and Yoonji; he’d already signed all the necessary paperwork along with the testing. All that was left to do was get the waxing done; and with the stream only being a few days away, he couldn’t put it off any longer.
He’d been laying on his bed when the automated texts had first been delivered, alone with only the sound of lofi music playing from his Alexa robot.
“Did you hear anything I just said?”
Or so he thought he was alone.
“Huh?” Jungkook looks up from his phone, surprised to see Jimin standing in his doorway.
“I asked if you wanted to get lunch later.” Jimin repeats, leaning his head against the doorframe.
“Oh, I can’t.”
“How come?”
“I have plans.”
“What kind of plans?”
Jimin suspiciously narrows his eyes at Jungkook, causing him to gulp nervously. There’s probably a beam of sweat trickling down his forehead.
Jimin nods towards Jungkook’s hands, “What’re you looking at?”
“Porn…?” Jungkook lies.
“Yeah, right,” Jimin is across the room in a split second, snatching Jungkook’s phone right from the palm of his hands before he even has the chance to pull away. He takes a moment to read the text thread thoroughly, going over it a few extra times for good measure. “You’re getting your dick waxed for her?”
Jungkook’s so embarrassed he can’t even look at Jimin, doing whatever he can to avoid his burning gaze. “It was one of the mandatory tasks.”
“Shit, I guess you really are in love with her.”
“What makes you say that?”
Jimin looks at the younger as if he’s just asked the dumbest question in the world. “You’re literally getting your dick waxed just because she asked you to. I’m sure if she asked you to cut your balls off so she could keep them in her purse you’d do that too.”
“You’re acting like this is an unreasonable request, hyung. It’s porn, they just want me to look nice.” Jungkook stands from his bed, quickly managing to snatch his phone back from Jimin.
“Looking nice would just be putting on a layer of foundation, this is a bit excessive.”
“You’re just being dramatic.” Jungkook comments, “I love _____ as my friend, and I agreed to help her out. And even if I was in love with her, which I’m not, why would you care? The other day you said it wasn’t a big deal to hook up with someone if you guys don’t feel the same way about each other.”
“I thought what you had for her was just some tiny crush, but clearly I was wrong.”
“You and Taehyung were both wrong, and I’m sick of the both of you trying to tell me how to feel.” At this point Jungkook was beyond frustrated, him doing you one small favor had turned into a shitshow of his feelings for you.
“We’re just--”
“You’re just being annoying, and me being in love with _____ is none of your fucking business.”
Uh oh.
“What?” Jimin mumbles.
Jungkook had a habit of letting his mouth run on autopilot whenever he was angry, the words come pouring from his mouth without a filter. That’s probably why Jimin likes to rile him up so much -- he knows that’s the easiest way for Jungkook to reveal his true feelings.
“I have to go. Don’t tell Taehyung about this.”
“I won’t, I promise.”
He keeps his promise.
Tumblr media
“So, how bad is this going to hurt?” Jungkook lays down flat on the massage table, trying his best to remain calm. But how calm can you be when you’re laying down half-naked in an unfamiliar room with a stranger?
His esthetician, Hoseok, pulls on a pair of latex gloves. “I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s pretty painful. But it’ll be over before you know it.”
Jungkook silently nods, anxiously watching as Hoseok prepares the melting wax.
“Can I ask you something?” Jungkook questions.
“Sure.” Hoseok responds.
“Would you ever get a Brazilian wax for someone if they asked you to?”
Hoseok pauses, clearly caught off guard by this question. He’s been asked many strange things, but this was definitely at the top of the list.
“Maybe, it would depend on the person.” Hoseok answers honestly, using a small wooden stick to stir the wax.
“What if that person is a friend?”
“A best friend?”
“Maybe, but probably not.”
“A partner?”
“Eh, maybe.”
Jungkook clears his throat, “Someone you’re in love with?”
“Absolutely. Actually, a lot of my clients are people who are only getting waxed for the sake of their partner. I don’t exactly recommend that, but it’s up to them.” Hoseok pulls up a stool near the massage table and sets the melted wax somewhere nearby.
That’s the exact opposite of what Jungkook needed to hear.
“Is that why you’ve decided to get waxed? Because someone asked you to?”
“Yeah, my best friend.” Jungkook closes his eyes.
“Do you think you’re in love with them?”
“I definitely am.” Jungkook snaps his eyes open wide, completely shocked at himself, because this is the first time he’s ever admitted out loud. He’s in love with his best friend. You. And all it took for him to realize that was getting his dick waxed.
“Congratulations.” Hoseok hands Jungkook a wet rag.
“What’s this for?
Hoseok begins applying the wax to Jungkook’s skin, who flinches at how hot it is. “To bite down on.”
“Why would I need to bite down on-- OH FUCK!”
He answers his own question.
Tumblr media
The wax session comes and goes, Jungkook bit down on the rag to mask his screams; and it truly wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be.
He hadn’t talked much to either Jimin or Taehyung in the past few days, locking himself in his room whenever he came home and thinking of every reason as to why he had to eat dinner separately. He’s not mad, he just needs his space. He knows deep down his hyungs only want what’s best for him, but it started to feel like they were treating him like a helpless child.
But there’s no time to dwell on that now, it’s Halloween night and Jungkook is standing right outside your front door. He’s done everything to prepare both physically and mentally, but still can’t help the anxious butterflies that form in his stomach. And him realizing he’s in love with you doesn’t help much.
He rings the doorbell, and it only takes a few seconds for it to swing open.
“Trick or...blonde?”
“It’s a wig!” You shake your head around, “One of the companies who sponsored me was a wig company, what do you think?”
He couldn’t care less, he thinks you look perfect with any hairstyle.
“Looks really nice, suits you well.”
“Thanks.” You open the door wide enough for Jungkook to enter and close and lock it once he’s inside.
He says hello to Yoonji and Seokin, who are sitting on your couch with laptops in front of them.
“Good, you’re on time. You’ve read the script, right?” Seokjin asks, rising from his seat.
“Yeah, I memorized it.” The script was a strange little thing that had been sent to him a few days ago, which mostly consisted of a lot of dirty talk and him being rough with you. The lines were cliché, as most porn scripts were, but he had no room to judge.
“Great, now let’s test the set so _____ can finish her makeup and start the pre-stream.” Yoonji says, following behind as Seokjin begins to head upstairs.
“Pre-stream?” Jungkook looks directly at you.
“You don’t have to be in this,” You respond, “but before every stream, I get on for a few minutes to talk to the audience and help get more viewers. It makes them like me more, thus getting them to send more tips.”
“Smart.” Jungkook gives you a high-five and you both head upstairs.
Jungkook was impressed that you always used a separate bedroom to stream in, making an effort to keep your personal room as private as possible.
The queen-sized bed was covered with a red, velvet duvet that had been made up neatly. In front of the bed stood a camera on a tripod that was connected to your laptop, WEBSTARZ.COM’s homepage lighting up the screen.
“Okay,” Yoonji moves to stand behind the camera, “both of you need to get on the bed.”
“I thought I wasn’t gonna be in the pre-stream.” Jungkook says, still following Yoonji’s order.
“You’re not, we just need you two to test out some poses and make sure the camera is adjusted properly.” Seokjin explains, peering over Yoonji’s shoulders.
Jungkook nods, feeling the bed dip as you sit beside him. “How does it look?” You ask.
“So far it’s okay. Now _____, lay on your back so Jungkook can straddle you.”
Jungkook tries his best not to feel awkward as he climbs on top of you, putting his knees on either side of your waist as you tilt your head up towards the camera.
Seokjin shakes his head, “I don’t like this position.”
“Me either.” Yoonji agrees, “_____ can you try laying on your stomach please? You can stay where you are, Jungkook.”
Jungkook hovers himself over you for a moment, giving you the room to flip over and get in position. “Like this?” You question.
“Excellent,” Seokjin compliments. The four of you spend the next ten minutes trying out different positions and seeing which ones work best until it’s time for you to finish up your makeup and prepare for the pre-stream.
You exit the room in a hurry, leaving Jungkook alone with your manager and assistant. “Your outfit is in the bathroom, you can go ahead and get dressed.” Yoonji says.
His costume consisted of a black wife-beater, ripped black jeans, a matching leather belt, and of course the infamous Ghostface mask. When he returns from the bathroom, he’s met with the sound of the three of you discussing something in the bedroom.
“He’s gonna be great.” You whisper.
“He’s way too nice, how do you know he’s able to be rough? You have to remember he’s playing the role of a villain, this nice guy shit has got to stop.” Seokjin says, matching your tone.
“He read the script, Jin, he knows he has to be rough. I’m confident he’ll be able to pull this off. And anyways, it’s too late to back out now.” Yoonji responds, ending the conversation.
Jungkook doesn’t feel insulted in the slightest, he knows Seokjin doesn’t have much faith in him; and he was one-hundred percent certain he’d be proving him wrong.
Jungkook enters the room silently, the grip on his mask tightening.
“Oh, you’re dressed. Does everything fit okay?” Yoonji questions, looking him up and down.
“Yeah.” He turns to you, “You about to start the pre-stream?”
You nod, “We’re just testing out the mics and earpieces.”
Yoonji attaches a small mic on the collar of Jungkook’s top, flicking it a few times to make sure it stays in place. She then placed the earpiece in for him, “Seokjin and I have the mics for the earpieces, so we’ll be giving you some commands during the stream, and reading some lines back to you in case you forget.”
Jungkook nods to confirm that he understands everything as you take a seat at the edge of the bed, crossing your legs. “Wait, Jungkook, come take a picture with me.”
He can never say no to you.
He sits on the bed next to you as you hand Yoonji your phone, wrapping an arm around his shoulder and pulling his face close to yours. “Smile.” Yoonji commands in a monotone voice, the both of you do as told.
She shows you the photo, and the smile stays on both of your face’s. That’s the one, Jungkook thinks, that’s going in the locket.
“Could you send that to me later?” He asks you.
“Sure, but right now it’s time for our good luck shots.” You reply.
“I’m already on it.” Yoonji says, fetching the bottle of liquor and shot glasses from your bedside table.
“You just keep that in here?” Jungkook chuckles.
You shrug with a laugh, “We take a shot before every stream, it’s basically tradition. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”
“It’s fine.” He reassures you, “It’ll help ease some nerves.”
So Yoonji pours a shot for everyone (and an extra one for Seokjin) before setting you up for the pre-stream. “Jungkook, you’re not gonna be in the pre-stream, but you still need to stay in the room until it’s time for you to enter the scene. Jin and I will be downstairs watching the stream and talking to you through the earpiece, got it?”
“Got it.” He repeats.
Yoonji nods at the both of you before heading downstairs with Seokjin, shutting the door on her way out.
Jungkook sits by the door, watching as you start the stream and watch the countdown timer appear.
There’s no going back now.
You’re silent at first, waiting for the viewers to roll in. You start by greeting everyone for tuning in, and sending thanks to the people who’ve already begun sending you generous tips.
“Wow, thank you so much for the donation ThickDickDaddy47!” You clasp your hands together in awe, taking in how Jungkook would laugh to himself whenever you read out a ridiculous username.
“Let’s see…” you try your best to keep up with the chat that was beginning to move fast. “I like your hair, thank you so much PussyCatQueen! It’s actually a wig that was sent over to me from LuxuriousWigs.com and they have so many different styles to choose from. Be sure to use my code _____20 for twenty percent off of your first purchase!” You give a thumbs up to the camera and respond to a few more questions before finishing up the pre-stream.
You step out of view of the camera for a moment, placing your earpiece in and glancing over at Jungkook. “You ready?” You mouth at him.
“Ready.” He mouths back.
“Can you guys hear me okay?” Seokjin says into the mic, you whisper back a confirmation.
“Okay, and…action.”
You get into place, laying down on the bed on your stomach, mindlessly flipping through a magazine. You twirl the end of your wig between your fingers, waiting for Seokjin to give you your first order.
“We’re about to make the bedside phone ring in three…two…”
The landline phone on your bedside table begins to ring and you turn completely around to reach for it, being sure to arch your back in view of the camera.
You return back to your original position dragging the corded phone along with you. “Hello?…No, I think you’ve got the wrong number…No problem, have a nice night.” You hang up the phone.
The scene is absolutely mesmerizing to Jungkook, because he knows there’s no one else on the other side of the phone, but you’ve managed to give the perfect illusion otherwise. He hadn’t realized how great you were at acting.
“About to make it ring again in three…two…”
The phone rings a second time.
With a perplexed expression on your face, you answer it again. “Hello?…I already told you that you’ve got the wrong number…You just want to talk? I dunno, we don’t even know each other…You don’t have anyone else to talk to? Well, okay then.”
You shut the magazine and push it off the bed, twisting the coil of the phone cord around your index finger. “What do you wanna talk about?…Me? Well, what do you wanna know? Oh, my name is _____…What’s my favorite position? That’s a bit vulgar, don’t you think?…No way am I answering that, ask something else before I hang up.”
“Nice job so far.” Yoonji praises through the earpiece.
“What am I wearing? Just a tank top and some shorts, nothing special…” Your face drops, and Jungkook is worried for a moment until he realizes this was a part of the script.
You slide your free hand across your chest, using your fingernail to harden your nipple through the material of your tank top. “How would you know that I’m not wearing a bra?…You know what? You’re weird. Bye.” You hang up the phone again.
“Get in position, Jungkook.” Seokjin says.
This was his que to jog over to the other side of the room, over by the window. He slides on the Ghostface mask.
“Phone ringing in three…two…”
The phone rings for a final time, and you answer it with an annoyed tone in your voice. “What do you want now?!…Hello?…Hellooo?…”
“Go ahead, Jungkook.”
There’s no backing out now.
With your back facing him, dips in the bed behind you, wrapping his hand around your throat and causing you to gasp in shock; dropping the phone on the floor. “You shouldn’t have hung up on me.”
“Why not?”
“Because now, you have to be punished.” He turns you around to face him, still holding you up by the neck, while still being careful to not apply too much pressure.
Your left hand creeps up to his own that’s wrapped around your throat. “Why should I be scared of someone who wears a dumb little mask and watches girls through their windows like a fucking loser?”
“Don’t act like you didn’t like it.”
You shrug, “So what if I did?”
“I know you did.” Jungkook releases his grip on your neck, cradling the back of your head and lowering you until you’re at eye-level at his crotch and ever growing bulge. “Doing all that big talk for nothing, that’s why I’m gonna make you eat your words.” Jungkook tries his best not to cringe as he recites the script perfectly, picking up your hands and placing them on the buckle of his belt.
“The tips are starting to roll in big time,” Yoonji comments, “keep it up, you two.”
You hurriedly start to undo his belt, “Won’t be eating much…”
“That mouth of yours is gonna get you in a lot of trouble.” Jungkook comments, his words coming to a halt once he feels you tug his jeans and boxers down past his waist, allowing him to spring free.
Wow, I can’t believe he actually got waxed, you think, I was just joking.
“Now _____, look up at him.” Seokjin orders, you do as told.
“Get to it.” Jungkook demands.
Without breaking eye contact, you gather up as much saliva as possible before spitting it into your dominant hand; wrapping it around the base of his cock and starting off with teasingly slow strokes that has him hissing at the touch.
Given the circumstance, it doesn’t take long for him to get fully erect in the palm of your hand. He did his best to strain himself for long enough, trying his best to keep in time with the pacing of the script he’d been given.
“You’re good for now _____,” Yoonji says, “the chat is ready for you to move on.”
“Take your shirt off.” Jungkook demands as you pull your hand away from him.
“What?” You ask, confused.
“What?!” Yoonji and Seokjin simultaneously shout into the microphones.
It wasn’t in the script for you to take your shirt off, at least not yet. Jungkook knew this and still decided to have you do so anyway, as if he were trying to prove a point to your manager: that he could be rough and demanding and play the role of a villain.  
“Don’t make me say it twice, slut.”
“JUNGKOOK!” There’s shouting through the earpiece, you both ignore it.
You smirk up at Jungkook, intrigued at how he was acting. You decide to play along for now.
You pull the tank top up and over your head, exposing your bare chest. You lean forward, using a hand to slowly guide the tip of Jungkook’s cock on the edge of your tongue. You circle your tongue around for a few moments, grabbing ahold of his thighs to steady yourself.
It’s evident Jungkook is growing, both as himself and in character. “You’re boring me to death, sweetheart.” With his right hand, he slowly pushes himself deeper into your mouth until he feels you choke around him, he eases up. Grabbing the back of your head, he stares down at you and asks: “Ready?”
You nod up at him.
His thrusts start off slow, getting the both of you used to the feeling. “Don’t pull the hair too hard! It’s a wig! It’s a fucking wig!” Seokjin shouts so loud that you don’t even need the earpiece to hear him.
Jungkook uses his own groans to drown out Seokjin’s yelling, but still tenses up the grip on your hair. He’s inscread his pace in thrusting now, causing you to dig your nails deep into his thighs. He’s not sure how much longer he’ll be able to hold out; but then again, he isn’t even following the original script anymore. He’s doing things at a different pace.
A minute passes and it’s like his speed has increased with each second. You don’t mind it though, actually feeling a little bit shocked about you much you’ve been enjoying this. But you know it’s time to move on, you hear Yoonji saying something about the chat wanting to see something more.
Jungkook tries to pull away, you swallow around him.
“Stop it.
”You swallow again.
“Fucking stop it.”
You swallow one more time, he pulls you up by your hair and brings you directly to his mask. “You’ve got a listening problem, huh?”
“Maybe.” You respond.
He hums, “Lay on your stomach.”
You do as told, getting in the exact position you’d tested out not too long ago. Jungkook climbs over you, straddling you right below your ass. He slides your shorts off in a swift motion, tossing them somewhere off-camera and across the room. He reaches over the side of the bed, pulling the belt from the loop of his jeans. This wasn’t part of the script either, but you definitely don’t mind the change.
“How many times did I tell you to stop?”
“T-two.” You stutter.
“Eh, let’s make it three for good measure, shall we?” 
He folds the leather belt in half and swings it across your ass three times until you’re left stinging. “Don’t look so shocked now, I told you you were going to get punished.”
“I barely even felt it.” You lie.
“You’re about to feel something.” Jungkook mutters, reaching under the pillow behind him to grab the condom that had been placed there. He tears the wrapper off and tosses it across the room, pumping himself a few more times before rolling it on with ease.
Without warning, he harshly pushes himself into you, causing you to swear loudly. There had been no need for any prep, you had already been soaked just from giving him head only a few minutes ago. He doesn’t start off slow and he doesn’t stick to the script; his thrusts are already fast and harsh, and yet, so far from being sloppy. He might as well be a professional.
And he’s calling you every name in the book ranging from “Baby Girl” to “Fucking Whore”. It was confusing, yet felt so good.
As the minutes roll by, you barely even pay attention to your earpiece, all too much enjoying the feeling of Jungkook fucking inside of you. The stream continues on like this and your tips begin to increase, and when Seokjin gives you a warning about having to end the stream soon, Jungkook tilts your head up to face the camera as he pushes down on your arch, instantly making you climax with him only a few seconds behind.
He drops your head, discards the condom, gets himself dressed, and steps behind the camera.
“Phone ringing in three...two…”
The phone rings, you glance back at it, and Jungkook ends the stream.
“_____, that was…” He starts.
“I’m in love with you.” You say flatly.
“You...you what?” Jungkook is taken aback at your bold statement.
There’s a pounding at the other side of your door coming from Seokjin and Yoonji, Jungkook goes to open it but you stop it. “I wasn’t sad over my breakup because I knew deep down you were who I wanted to be with. And then the other day you asked about my future and...no one had asked me that before. No one has ever cared besides you. And I’m not just saying this because we just hooked up and I may be in my feelings, I just know that what I feel for you is real and I’m tired of keeping it a secret.”
It’s like you’ve taken the words right out of his mouth.
He smiles, “Can I tell you something?”
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nctsplug02 · 12 days ago
Pls do more of this and it would be nice if it's happening in their car and someone caught them😭
genre: smut
note: basically in this story, the nanny that watches their daughter has a huge crush on dilf jaehyun but he’s already married to you.
another note: this is completely different from the other post IM SORRY!!
“Jae, I, it’s..” you pant as your husband has your knees curled up all the way to your chest while he eats out your pussy. “Hm?” He hums which sends vibration up your spine.
“We could’ve, could’ve—, fuck!” You moan loudly when he sucks on your clit. “Finish what you were gonna say, baby.” He says against your pussy. You whine, hands tugging at his gelled hair that was now messed up. “We.. mmm, we could’ve done this inside!” You said in a hurry.
“Mm, I’ve had enough.. come sit on my dick, baby.” He says unbuckling his belt and shoving his pants below his knees.
You whine at his command but follow it, pushing yourself up and climbing over to him. You slowly lowered yourself on his cock only to have him slam you down.
You fell forward onto his chest with a breathy moan. “So fucking, tight.” Jaehyun said through his gritted teeth and his uneven pants.
He holds onto your hips and and guides you down his length. “Cmon, baby. You’ve got this, how else did I get you pregnant?” He says with a smirk which makes you whine in embarrassment. “Shut up.” You smack his chest making him chuckle.
You held onto his shoulders and began bouncing on his cock, his slick cock sliding through your slide hole. “Good job, baby. Keep bouncing.” He says still holding onto your hips.
“How does it feel, hm? How does it feel to be a dirty slut bouncing on her husbands cock in the middle of their driveway?” You whimper through your moans. “Feels s—so good.” You reply and jaehyun grins. “Does it?” You nod, hiding your face in his neck.
He hugs your waist and stops you from your little fun. You tightly hug his neck as he thrusts himself up, his cock hitting the right place.
“I’m gonna cum, baby.” Jaehyun grunts out.
His fingernails digging into your soft flesh. “P—please cum in my p—pussy?” Jaehyun groans at your plead. “In your pussy?” You nod with a whimper. “I can that, baby.” He plants a kiss on your shoulder.
A few more sloppy thrusts and the man gives you what you wanted, his cum. You guys stay in the position you guys are in for a few minutes until finally pulls out.
“Put your panties on, let’s go inside, yeah?” You nod, climbing back over to your spot and sliding your panties back on. You glance over to see your husband pulling his pants up and buckling his belt.
“You did so good for me, baby.” He says to you and leans in, giving you a smooch. “Thanks, i had a little help.” You wink at him.
Finally, you pick up your heels and leave the car that smelt like sex. “Oh, Jen,” you see the nanny standing near the car with her bag hanging off her arm. “Hey, what’re you doing out here, hun?” You ask the girl who stares in blank.
“I um.. was gonna ask Mr. Jeong for a ride home.” She said bringing her eyes up to you. “Oh, im sure he can give you one. Is Hannie asleep?” She nods at your question. “Okay, thank you for watching Hannie tonight. Goodnight, Jen.” You give a smile to the teen and make your way past her and inside you went.
Jen turns her head towards jaehyun who exits the car. “Oh, Jen. Hi.” He says locking the car and fixing his messed up tie. “Mr. Jeong, I was waiting for you.” She smiles up at him. “Sure, what did you need?” Jen giggles and looks down at the pavement. “Could you possibly give me a ride home?” Jaehyun sighs, deciding if he should or not.
“Well, im kind of busy at the moment so could I maybe call an Uber for you instead?” Jen frowns a bit. “That’s fine, I wouldn’t want to keep you away from your business.” She laughs awkwardly.
Jaehyun takes his phone out and orders an Uber for Jen. Jaehyun being a gentleman he is, he waits outside with her for her Uber.
He turns to her as her Uber arrives. “Get home safely, jen. Text me if anything goes south, alright? Have a good night, Jen.” Jaehyun says and then leaves inside.
Jaehyun walks into the kitchen when he sees you pouring yourself a glass of wine. “I really need to get my windows tinted.” He said as he grabbed himself a glass. “Oh, you scared me.” You sigh, putting a hand over your chest. “Why do you need your windows tinted?” You asked taking a sip from your wine.
“Well, because jen saw us fucking in the car.” You almost choke on your wine. “What? Are you sure she saw us?” He nods, tongue poking at his cheek.
“Didn’t you see that way she acted towards you when you got out? She obviously saw us doing it.” You hum, clinking the wine glass.
You checked the camera footage the next morning and it was true.
It showed her running outside a few minutes after you and jaehyun pulled into the driveway. She stayed there the whole time you and jaehyun did it.
Weird, you thought.
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huysmut · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
1. itch
2. blizzard
3. sound
4. caught
5. feels like summer
6. a game for two 
 01 | 02 | 03
7. room for dessert 
 01 | 02 | 02.5 | 03 | 04
8. by its cover
9. simply.cute97
10. three words
11. gravity check
12. over the edge
13. morning games 
 01 | 02 | 03
14. mr. jeon 
 01 | 02
15. stay quiet
16. movin’
17. bulls eye
18. swimming pools
19. oppa 
 01 | 02
20. cabin fever
21. take a sip
22. warm me up
23. room 109
24. dungeons and dick
25. sunny side 
01 | 02
26. steamy 
01 | 02 | 03 | 04
27. green room
28. no decency 
01 | 02
29. of skin
30. caught me
31. first time together
32. the view
33. peppermint kisses
34. mission impossible
35. gym
34. business ft. taehyung 
 01 | 02 | 03
35. chasing butterflies
36. melomaniac 
01 | 02
37. hot boy bummer
38. when it rains
39. stranded
40. netflix and chill
41. skirt chasers
42. distractions
43. late fee
44. some way, some how
45. cockblocked
46. sh.
47. cream and sugar 
 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06
48. cream and sugar: love you a latte
49. the jorts 
 01 | 02 | 03
50. savage love
51. quiet, baby
52. rough hands
53. tempo
54. deep six 
01 | 02 | 03
55. i dont mind 
01 | 02
56. cozy thief
57. come over 
01 | 02
58. overtime
59. last call
60. all the good girls go to hell
61. quarantine
62. see you around
63. crybaby 
 01 | 02 | 03
64. brother’s best friend
65. may 31
66. work it out
67. block party 
 01 | 02
68. yes, sir
69. something new
70. sour-mouthed cherry
71. the wedding date
72. blackjack
73. mind in the gutter
74. over the edge
75. banana milk
76. microwave (mis)adventures
77. peaches
78. possessed
79. jackrabbit
80. save me 
81. in your eyes 
82. golden daddy
83. tales of eros
84. bring the pain 
85. golden gills
86. pretty boy
87. tease
88. ruin the dress shirt
89. young god
90. lonely hearts club 
91. fairy of shampoo
92. bad influence collection
93. white lies
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agustdakasuga · a month ago
Still With You
Genre: Romance, fluff
Pairing: Jungkook x reader
Characters: Idol!Jungkook, Normal!Reader
Summary: He put on a smile, a mask to show the world how great he was, when he was crumbling on the inside. Until you pulled him out of the dark. You let him be a star in your vast sky. 
Tumblr media
A/N: Hello fam!! I know this upload came rather randomly but actually, I’ve had this draft for a bit!! All in preparation for my cutie badass queen bby @taegularities​ birthday!! Go wish her a happy birthday because she’s seriously the best and I love her so much, you have no idea. 
Also, you may realise this is written in a very different style than how I usually write. I’m just trying something new, seeing if this is something a new style I could incorporate into my current writing to improve it!! 
At the start, Jungkook never really grasped your significance in his life. He didn’t realise the impact you had on him. When your relationship first started, whenever the older members would tease him about you, he would either look away or blush, sometimes both. He didn’t feel the need to ever justify his feelings for you to others. He knew he had affectionate feelings for you, that was it. Everything else in your relationship has been kept private, which Jungkook liked and wanted to keep that way. It was more intimate that way.
It was late at night, the streets were mostly empty. Everyone else had gone home and encouraged Jungkook to do the same but he insisted on staying a while more to work on his solo routine. 
BTS had announced a new world tour last week and he definitely did not want to disappoint, he had to live up to his golden maknae name after all. 
He wants to do well. For his band, for his fans, for you. 
As the song ended, he fell onto the ground, letting out a frustrated huff. Nothing was working out for him. At the studio session with Namjoon yesterday for his mixtape, he decided to trash all his drafts. And his vocal practice earlier in the evening was terrible with his voice not allowing him to hit the right notes. Now, he was making mistakes in his supposedly flawless solo routine. It was as if his own body was against him. 
With such a major tour coming up and new routines to learn before leaving, he could not afford to be making rookie mistakes on a routine that he was supposed to already be an expert at. He helped choreograph his solo after all, so it should be a breeze for him. 
“Jungkook?” Was he so exhausted right now that he was hearing your voice call out to him? He didn’t respond, staying in the same position as he was in with an arm thrown over his eyes. 
That faint voice of yours that grazed me Please call my name one more time
“Jungkook.” It was your soft voice for sure, only you could make his name sound so perfect. Jungkook lifted his head this time to see you standing by the door of the practice room. You had a small smile on your face as he met eyes with you. He was frozen at your sudden presence, not expecting you at all. 
“W-What are you doing here?” He stuttered as he sat up fully. 
“I heard you hadn’t gone home so I came to see how you were doing.” You replied. From your tone, he knew you were masking your worry. But you weren’t angry or upset with him. 
As worried as you were, you still stood at the door, holding it open with a lean. That showed him that you respected his personal space and his work. You had always been always cautious of interrupting his dance or vocal practice. 
“Just practising… The tour is coming up, you know?” He shrugged, finally pulling his gaze away from yours to look at the wooden floorboards. Obviously, he didn’t mean it in a rude way but with the self frustration bubbling up within him now, it was hard to vocalise his thoughts calmly. You nodded your head with an understanding hum, not offended or hurt at all.
Jungkook waited a few seconds as silence swallowed the room, mentally debating with himself on what he should do next. He decided to stand up, walking towards you. You looked up at him, the smile never leaving your face as he towered over you. 
I’m standing still under the frozen light, but I will walk towards you, step by step Still with you
Without a word, he enveloped his arms around you. You did the same, your arms wrapping around his waist, not caring that he was sweaty. He leaned down, kissing your temple before resting his eyes against your shoulder. His hands bunched the material of your sweater. 
“Nothing is working out.” He confessed. 
“What isn’t? Talk to me.” You encouraged him to share, acknowledging that he was used to bottling up all his negative feelings.  
“I… My vocals… Then, my dance routine… I-I can’t…” He tried to form sentences but the sobs blocked the way. His body shook as he was wrecked with the emotions that just poured out all at once. 
“It’s okay, Jungkook. We know these things take time. Sometimes things don’t work out the way we want them to but we work through them, right? Don’t worry.” Your voice was always so comforting to him. If you ever asked him to do anything, he would do it in a heartbeat. You patted his back to try and soothe him but other than that, you didn’t interrupt his babbled crying. You were always so patient with him. 
Jungkook always had such high expectations of himself. He wanted, no, needed himself to be the best version of himself that he could be, and that was to be perfect. He hated himself whenever he fell short of his expectations. 
You knew all this. But you also knew that telling Jungkook ‘no one is perfect’ wasn’t going to comfort him or make him feel better, it made him feel ridiculous and worse. If he wanted to achieve something, your job is to be there to support him all the way and to pull him out of the dark. 
The darkness he has been harbouring for a few weeks now. 
A pitch dark room I shouldn’t get used to it But I’m used to it again
“S-Sorry.” He apologised, whispering in your ear. 
“Don’t be. Would you like to take a break for the night? Maybe feel better after some sleep and recovery?” You offered. He shook his head. 
“Alright.” You accepted his answer. Jungkook was shocked you didn’t force him to go home and rest immediately. Practice, dance and singing were important to him, you would never pull him away from it. You understood how he was frustrated now and you insisting that he stop and rest wouldn’t make him feel better.
When Jungkook separated from you, you cupped his cheeks with your hands, your thumbs wiping away the stray tears as he sniffled, nose slightly pink. 
“I’m going to run it a few more times…” He told you. 
“Okay. Remember, working hard is important but giving yourself time to recover is just as important.” You reminded and he nodded his head. With his hands resting on your hips comfortably, he leaned down again to give you a loving kiss. 
“I love you.” 
“I love you too. I’m always with you, alright?” You giggled. Jungkook felt you slip away from his hands, taking your warmth with you. Giving him a final wave and a fist pump of encouragement, you turned around the corner and made your way home. He stood there in the hallway even after you left, he already missed having you by his side. 
With a shake of his head, he hit his temple with the heel of his palm and re-entered the practice room. Jumping on the spot and shaking his limbs to get his head back into the game, he pressed play at the computer before starting his routine once again. 
He gave up. As the final remnants of the repeated song slowly faded out into silence, he sat on the ground, leaning back against his hands as he panted heavily. 
Standing up again, he went to the small bar counter outside to get more water to hydrate himself. After grabbing a bottle from the mini-fridge, he sat on one of the sofa chairs, preferring the cold air outside more than the stuffy one in the practice room. Being the only one there at that time, it was so quiet.
The low-pitched sound of the air conditioner If I don’t have this, I might just fall apart
Jungkook closed his eyes, listening to the sound of raindrops hitting against the windows. Turning his head, he saw the drops slowly cascade down the glass. 
Did you make it home before the rain started? 
His thoughts wandered to you before taking his phone out with the intention of contacting you. 
It was late. Maybe he shouldn’t disturb you in the event that you were already asleep. Placing the device beside him, he stared at the blank screen, resisting the temptation to call you to hear your voice again even if he spoke to you two hours.
From the start, this was how simple your relationship with Jungkook was. You never needed him to always be with you 24/7, for him to put you before anything else. Things were kept casual enough and comfortable. Not once did any of you feel pressured or suffocated from the other’s actions. Jungkook was grateful for that. 
You understood that he was shy and had a hard time opening up to people. Yet, you never rushed him. You stood by him through everything, he shared all the good times and bad times with you.
We laugh together, we cry together These simple feelings were everything I had
He knew what he had to do. 
Leaving the bar counter, he entered the practice room, grabbing his bucket hat and bag, slinging it over his shoulder. Standing at the door with his hand on the light switch, it took every ounce of willpower to flip the switch and walk away. He erased the desperate need to perfect his routine from his head. Now, all he thought about was you. 
Luckily, Jungkook could still catch the last bus after a short dash. And with it being so late, he didn’t have to worry that much about being recognised or spotted. But to be safe, he kept his bucket hat low and sat at the very back. 
While the bus moved through the city, his legs swung happily, feeling a sudden rush of happiness at the thought of seeing you and being with you again. 
When it was his stop, he got off with a respectful bow of his head to the driver, who tipped his hat back at the young boy. Jungkook stood at the sheltered bus stop, a couple of blocks away from your apartment building. From the looks of it, the rain wasn’t going to let up soon. 
So he ran. 
In a rapturous memory The rain pours even when I dance alone By the time this mist clears I'll run with my feet wet
The banging on your door startled you awake. Turning on the lights, you hurried to the door and swung it open. Your eyes widened in surprise, not expecting a soaking wet Jungkook to be standing at your door, grinning from ear to ear. 
“Jungkook?!” You couldn’t help the disbelief on your face. A part of you thought that you were perhaps still dreaming. 
So hug me then
Laughing, he hugged you tightly. You squeak at the feeling of his cold, wet clothes slowly drenching your pajamas. He lifted you up, his signature baby-like laughter filling your house. 
“Let me close the door first. We’re going to wake my neighbours.” You laughed, thinking it would convince him to put your down. But it didn’t. He simply teetered backwards and closed the door with his foot, making it slam with a soft thud. It was only when he felt you shiver against him then Jungkook pulled you down. Looking at your now wet clothing, he realised what he did. 
“Oops.” He laughed. 
“Nothing a change of clothes won’t fix.” You shrugged, laughing along with him. After ushering him to take a hot shower, knowing he couldn’t afford to fall ill now, you changed into a fresh set of clothes and cleaned the entranceway of your apartment. 
“I’m done.” Jungkook announced as you finished cleaning the floor. He came over and held his hand out to hoist you into a standing position again. 
“Sorry.” He apologised. 
“No worries.” You smiled and went to throw the rag into the wash. Jungkook trailed behind you, reaching out to catch your free hand so he could hold it. After putting the soiled rag into the washing machine for tomorrow, you turned to him. 
“Can I fix you some tea? To warm you up even more?” 
“Honestly, I just want to sleep.” He said honestly as he rubbed the back of his neck, a sheepish smile on his face. You nodded your head and he turned off your living room lights for you before following you into the bedroom. Laying on the bed, the both of you stared at each other, not saying a word. You reached out to run your fingers through his hair. 
“Can I hold you?” He asked. You nodded and he slowly put his arms around you to hold you close to him. It was as if he was worried you would disappear. 
He began to hum a tune and you looked up at him. 
“That’s nice.” You complimented. 
“It’s just something random I can up with when I was in the studio earlier. It’s nothing.” Jungkook was relieved that the room being dark so you couldn’t see how much he was blushing. Normal compliments made him embarrassed but compliments from you made him want to run away and hide. 
“Sleep.” He continued to hum, now knowing that you liked it. You slowly closed your eyes and was soon fast asleep for the second time that night. 
Jungkook adored the way the intruding moonlight cascaded on your face. You were so beautiful to him, you were perfection. With an endearing smile, he tucked a disturbing lock of hair behind your ear. 
The moon looks lonely Like it's crying in the bright night sky
He remembers the nights of crying himself to sleep after his members had turned in for the night, muffling his sobs with his pillow as he was unable to find comfort in anyone or anything anymore. He felt like he was alone, constantly battling with himself. And he was on the brink of giving everything up, tired of fighting. But then, he met you. 
You became his reason, his world. He was merely just a star in your vast sky. You brought light into his dark world and prevented him from drowning. He was able to navigate out of the darkness because of your light. 
And with each day that he wakes up beside you, Jungkook treasures every moment of your life that you so kindly share with him. 
Even though I always know the morning will come I want to stay in your sky like a star
It was tough when Jungkook went on tour. Initially, he brushed off his hyungs’ teasing about how much he was going to miss you. He believed he was tough, he wanted to prove a point. You weren’t offended when he said he would be fine on his own. All you did was nod your head with a supportive smile and send him off with a hug and kiss, the both of you promising to call each other every now and then. 
But as time went on, even with the video and voice calls, it wasn’t enough. Jungkook found himself missing you more and more every day. He longed for your warmth and security.
To keep your relationship as private as possible, Jungkook’s company advised him not to have any pictures or videos of you on his phone. He complied, your safety was always his priority. If you got hurt because of him, he would never be able to live with himself. 
But he was regretting it now. 
Every day, every moment If I knew this was gonna happen I would have remembered more of them
“I’ve been seeing fancams of your performances. You and the others are doing so well. The stadiums all look full of ARMY.” Your voice, complimenting him, broke his train of thoughts. Despite the time difference, he still made the effort to set an alarm and to call you at a time that was more convenient for you.
He smiled softly. He was happy to see the ARMY so pleased and excited with his performance. After all, it was what he worked hard for. But knowing you watched him as well made his heart swell with so much pride. 
“I miss you.” You said, shedding tears of your own as you faced Jungkook, who was lying in his bed, looking back at you.
“Ah stop, you’re going to make me cry too.” He whispered, fingers instinctively touching the LED screen of his phone. Curse his habit of wiping your tears when you cried. Of course, Jungkook played it off as a joke, not wanting to worry you by crying as well. 
“It’s almost over. We’ll see each other soon.” He comforted you. 
When will it be?
There were countdowns but soon enough, even you lost track of how many more days were left of the tour. It felt like an eternity and if you didn’t have other commitments, you would have used your savings to fly over for one of his shows. Jungkook did offer to send you a plane ticket too but you declined. 
“You’re working tomorrow, aren’t you? Why don’t you get some sleep? I’ll sing to you.” Jungkook knew you would never turn down a singing offer from him. 
“Are you sure? Shouldn’t you be resting your throat for the concert?” 
“Don’t worry, baby. I’ll always be able to fit in a song for you.” He chuckled. Jungkook watched you get comfortable, using another pillow to prop your phone up so you could still see his face. With you all tucked in, Jungkook began to sing.
It didn’t take that long for you to fall asleep. By the time Jungkook finished one song, he looked at the screen and saw your peacefully sleeping face. Smiling, he brought the phone closer to his face, lightly pecking the screen, as if he was pecking your forehead. He wished to be the pillow that you hugged. 
“Goodnight, my love.” He whispered before hanging up. 
As he laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling. He thought about the day that he would reunite with you. Where he could finally see you in real life and actually hold you in his arms again. 
When I see you again I will look into your eyes And say, "I missed you"
The day had finally come. It was time to head back to perform the final show of the tour, in Korea. Because of the fans, it wasn’t safe for you to be there to pick Jungkook up from the airport so you waited at home. 
You made a homecooked meal of all his favourite dishes for him, knowing how much he missed having Korean food while abroad. With your AirPods in your ears blasting music, you danced around as you cooked, not even noticing that Jungkook’s flight had arrived and that he was constantly trying to get a hold of you. 
One day without you contacting him. That made him worried. Days of not contacting one another only happened when you fought and from your last call, it didn’t feel like it ended on a sour note. 
To Jungkook, at least. 
After his manager dropped him off at your apartment building, having dropped the other members off at the dorm prior, he raced up to your apartment. The plan was for him to only come after settling down at the dorm but he couldn’t wait. 
Fishing out the set of keys that you had given to him before he left for the tour, Jungkook let himself into your apartment. 
What he was greeted with, he didn’t expect. So this was why his calls and messages were being ignored. You were singing one of his songs, dressed in one of his shirts without pants, hair tied up, cooking what smelled like heavenly food. You were completely oblivious to the male standing behind you. This was a sight that Jungkook continuously came home to and still fell in love with each time. In fact, he missed it so much. 
He didn’t approach you yet. Instead, he just stood there in awe, watching you get totally absorbed into your own world. You even did a silly little dance to the beat of the song, which he found absolutely endearing. Taking his phone out, he decided to record you. 
“Baby.” He called but you couldn’t hear him. He didn’t want to startle you too much. 
“Baby!” He called a little louder. You screamed and jumped, dropping the spoon that was in your hand, making it fall onto the ground and spill sauce everywhere. At least it wasn’t a knife. 
“Jungkook! You scared me!” You yelled, yanking the AirPods out of your ears. Jungkook threw his head back in laughter. 
“How long have you been standing there?” You asked, cheeks pink at the thought of him watching you perform his songs in an off-key voice and terrible, silly dance moves. In your defence, you sang and danced horribly on purpose. Jungkook came over, wrapping his arms around you. 
“I came in when you were doing my solo performance of Euphoria.” He chuckled, showing his phone, where the video of you played. You frowned and smacked his chest, reaching for his phone but he playfully held it away from you, being the taller one. 
“You’re a meanie.” You huffed, pushing him away. You bent down to pick up the spoon you dropped earlier, wiping the floor. 
Jungkook suddenly put his hands on your hips, lifting you up. You yelped in surprise as he lifted you onto the kitchen island, slotting himself between your legs to trap you. 
“Say hi to me first.” He insisted. 
“You’re mean.” You scrunched your nose at him. He ignored your comment and leaned in to peck your wrinkled nose. But instead of pulling away from him like he thought you were, you wrapped your arms around his neck as his hands settled on your hips again. 
“Welcome home.” You wished with a smile.
“I missed you.” One of his hands reached up to cup your cheek lightly, his fingers brushing against your jaw softly. Holding your chin gently between his thumb and index finger, he brought you in for a sweet kiss. You broke away first to breathe, hugging him and resting your chin on his shoulder as he stroked the back of your head. 
In a rapturous memory The rain pours even when I dance alone By the time this mist clears I'll run with my feet wet So hug me then
You were so happy that he was home and Jungkook was happy to be home. You were his home. The both of you just held each other, enjoying the peace in your own blissful world. 
While you finished cooking, Jungkook unpacked and took a shower. He was even able to do a load of laundry, not having had much time to do it while travelling around. When he came out, he heard you on the phone. 
“I’m glad you all made it back safe. Alright, I’ll be sure to let him know… Don’t worry, I’ll send him back to you guys soon. Make sure to rest up too!” You giggled as you moved around and put the plates of finished food on the table, phone pressed between your ear and shoulder. 
Jungkook watched you from the entrance of your bedroom. It was obvious you were talking to one of his members. He was glad that you cared for the members as well and had a good relationship with them. That was what he wished for, for the love of his life to get along well with his eternal brothers. You would often make sure that they are all well rested and taken care of when you were with them. 
When you saw Jungkook, you put the phone down and waved at him. He chuckled and came over, putting his hands around your waist and leaning down to give you a kiss on the cheek. You sat him down in front of the food. 
The meal you shared was nice. You asked Jungkook about moments during the tour but not excessively. Just coming back from it, you doubt that he wanted to talk about it all over again. 
You noted the slight weight loss and the tiredness evident in his eyes as he wolfed down the food. It pained you and you were glad that he was back. Once the Seoul concert is over and the tour has officially ended, Jungkook would be able to rest and do whatever he wanted to do to recuperate again. 
No more late-night dance sessions and vocal practices for a while. It’s just going to be you and him, like a normal couple.
“Why are you crying?” Jungkook was worried as he put his bowl and chopsticks down. Standing up, he rounded the table and bent down by your side to meet your eyes. This time, he was actually able to wipe your tears. 
“I’m just glad you’re home.” You smiled tearfully. You didn’t even notice that you had started crying, completely lost in your thoughts. 
“I’m happy to be home too. But don’t cry, baby. Please.” He continued to wipe the tears that fell from your eyes. 
After that little emotional moment, Jungkook would occasionally check on you to see if you were okay. You wanted to do the dishes, knowing he was tired after such a long tour and plane ride. But he insisted on doing them, ushering you to sit down and rest. 
When he finished, the both of you held hands and retreated to the bedroom to rest. 
“How have you been? You’ve lost some weight.” Jungkook noted as you sat on his lap, facing him while he leaned back against the headboard. His hands comfortably rested on the tops of your thighs.
“I could say the same for you. I’ll admit, work has definitely been busy but I am trying to manage it. Step by step.” You said, fingers tracing over the inked images on his arm. Jungkook hummed, glad to hear that you were coping and working through your hardships even when he wasn’t around. He admired that about you, your independence and resilience. 
“I love you.” He had a small crooked smile as he stared at you with shimmering eyes. You smiled in reply, reaching out to put your hand against his cheek, which he instinctively leaned into. 
Behind the faint smile that looked at me I will draw a beautiful purple shade
“I love you too, Koo.” You giggled. Moving his hands, they wrapped around you to pull you down so you laid on top of him and he could have you as close to him as he wanted. All the fatigue and longing that he experienced during the tour melted away. He felt grounded and safe because once again, he had his world back in his arms. 
“You work so hard.” Your whispers of acknowledgement made tears rush to Jungkook’s eyes. 
Even if you were not always there with him physically through the touch dance practices, vocal classes and tours, you always assured him that you were there with him in spirit, cheering him on. 
He nodded, resting his head in the crook of your neck. Jungkook always tried his best, he knew he was a hard worker but having you tell him that always made him feel a new level of acknowledgement. It made him want to work harder to improve himself, to be better for you. 
Looking at you, you were from such a different world compared to him. You were ‘normal’, you graduated with a university degree and you had a stable job. Your life plans were made and laid out right from the start, you knew what you wanted. 
And then there was him. Unlike you, he didn’t know what his goal was, he didn’t know his next step, he was still navigating. His life was constantly in the spotlight, his actions were always under public scrutiny. Even if he wanted to blend in, he couldn’t. He would always stand out. There was no way he could return to having a normal life. 
The chances of your worlds clashing was zero to none. But it did, fate decided to lead him to you and from the first time he held your hand, he knew that he never wanted to let you go. 
Though our footsteps may be out of step I want to walk this path with you
“I wish I could be here with you more. Do a better job and make you feel like I am worth your while.” Jungkook confessed. 
“You already work so hard and yet, you still make time to be with me. That effort is more than enough for me. And I think you do a perfect job, give yourself more credit. I’m not with you because I want you to prove your worthiness to me. I’m with you because I love you, Jeon Jungkook.” You patted his shoulders. 
Jungkook looks at you with fondness, “You’re okay, even if I can’t be here all the time?” 
Now with this beautiful silence you shared, Jungkook finally saw and understood the significance of having you in his life. 
You would never know how much you have changed his life and made him see things for the better. He could never explain it in words, they would never be enough to express his appreciation. 
All he could do was continue to treasure you and thank his lucky stars for all the moments he is able to spend with you, every day that you let him be the shining star in the vast sky of your world. With you, he never saw the moon as lonely anymore. 
“Even if we aren’t together every minute of the day, I’m Still With You.”
[bolded+italicised words: Lyrics from Still With You by Jeon Jungkook]
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devoidwrites · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Choi Yeonjun was a naturally flirty person, or so you thought. As it turns out you were just to dense to realize he had been flirting with you for the past six months.
Words: 2.6K
Genre: straight fluff
Pairing: Choi Yeonjun x Reader
Warnings: none.
“Truly, madly, deeply, I am foolishly, completely falling.”
You always loved winter, especially when it snows. The way the white snow falls to the ground so gracefully makes you feel as if your living in a hallmark movie. The only downside was you couldn’t feel your hands or your nose, but it was the price you were willing to pay.
“You look like rudolph.”
You looked over at Yeonjun, rolling you eyes at the small grin on his lips. He loved to tease you. He was a flirt, but you enjoyed his presence.
“It’s cold!” You exclaimed, nudging him slightly. “And I forgot my scarf at home.”
The two of you were heading over to a friends house for a small get together. Soobin had just bought his first house, so of course he invited all of you over for a movie night and some drinks.
Yeonjun lived close by you. He offered to walk with you to your shared friends house to keep you company. You couldn’t refuse. Walking somewhere was always better when you had a friend to talk to.
“Do you want mine?” He asked, already moving the dark brown scarf from around his neck.
You shook you head. “No thanks. I’ll be fine. We’re not too far away anyway.”
“Come on, you could get sick.”
“And so could you.”
Yeonjun pursed his lips, but his eyes lit up as the two of you walked passed a clothing store. He told you to stay put for a second while he ran inside to grab something. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, but did as asked.
Placing your hands in your pockets, you let the small heating packs in each pocket heat your hands up as best as they could. You looked up at the snow, watching with a smile as it fell all around you.
Yeonjun returned a couple of minutes later, a light gray scarf in his hands. He walked up to you, placing it over your shoulders. He made sure to bundle it up around you to keep you warm.
Before you could say anything, he gave you a smile. “There. Now we’re both warm and safe from getting sick.”
“You didn’t have to do that.”
He pulled the scarf tighter around you, making sure your nose was covered so it would warm you up. “I know, but I didn’t want you to be cold.”
He leaned forward, pressing his lips to the only bit of skin you had showing. His lips were warm against your cheek, and you wished he hadn’t pulled away so quickly.
He was like this all the time. You didn’t question it. You just thought he was a natural flirty person, and besides, it’s not like you didn’t like it. Your heart fluttered every time he done something like that, and you couldn’t help but yearn for more.
Yeonjun’s pulled away when his phone began to ring. He pulled it out of his pocket and answered. “Hello?”
You couldn’t really hear the other person on the end, just this side of the conversation. “Yeah… We’ll be there soon… Dude we’re almost at your place… Not our fault you decided to move on the other side of town… See you in a minute.”
By the sounds of it, it was Soobin wondering where the two of you were. Yeonjun hung the phone us and turned back to you.
“Soobin. Everyone’s already there and waiting for us.”
“We bette get going before they drink everything.” You said jokingly. You grabbed Yeonjuns arm to pull him along down the sidewalk once more. You tried to ignore the way your heart picked up at the close proximity. Maybe movie nights would help distract you from these feeling for a bit.
It wouldn’t.
“Hurry up!”
You couldn’t help the laugh that escaped your throat as Yeonjun pulled you towards his house. It was the day after Soobin’s get together, and the two of you were heading home. Unfortunately, as soon as you rounded the corner to head toward home it started storming. There was no more beautiful snow like yesterday, only cloudy skies and rain.
He didn’t hesitate to take off towards his house, pulling you along with him. His place was closer, and he didn’t want you walking in the rain.
Once the two of you were inside, he helped you take off your coat before removing his own. He placed them both on the coat rack as you discarded your hat and scarf.
You crossed your arms, trying to warm yourself up, but it wasn’t helping that much. Your pants were wet and it was keeping you cold. Yeonjun took note of the way you were shivering.
“You want some clothes?”
You snapped your head in his direction. You had never borrowed a guys clothes before. Sure you had borrowed Beomgyus and Kais hoodies before, but that was it. It was just a hoodie. Borrowing a full set of clothes felt a little intimate to you, but Yeonjun didn’t seem to falter at the idea of sharing his clothes with you.
You shook the thoughts out of your head. You’d have to think about it when you got warm. “Sure, if you don’t mind.”
He shot you a smile before walking towards his room. You had been over to his place a couple of times, but never alone. It felt somewhat awkward being here without Yuqi or Taehyun.
He came back with a shirt and a pair of sweatpants in his hands. “They might be a little big, but they should work until your clothes get dry.”
“Thank you.” He nodded as you walked passed him and towards the bathroom. As soon as the door shut you quickly stripped yourself of your clothes. The heat touched your cold body, making you let out a comet sigh.
The sweatpants weren’t that big. You had to roll the band up to get them to stay in place on your hips. The shirt was bigger than you expected. It must’ve been one of his oversized shirts, because it slid past your hips and to mid thigh.
You looked at yourself in the mirror. You looked a mess. Damp hair and rosy red cheeks. You tried to comb through your hair with your fingers to try and make it somewhat presentable, but you gave up halfway through.
You walked back out of the bathroom to find Yeonjun sitting on the couch. He had already changed clothes and was flipping through channels on the tv. Upon hearing the door open he looked up, and he swore at the sight of you his heart almost stopped.
He thought you looked beautiful in anything you wore, but there was something about seeing you in his clothes that made his heart race.
Ha patted the seat beside him, and you happily sat down. "What were you gonna watch?"
"I don't know. You wanna watch a movie? It'll give your clothes enough time to dry."
You shrugged your shoulders. "Sure, why not."
He took the clothes out of your hands and replaced them with the remote. You flipped through the movies, deciding to pick a random movie that looked somewhat good. You didn't press play until Yeonjun was seated next to you again.
At first you had your full attention on the movie, but your mind began to wonder when the main character began to confess his love for his female friend.
Your eyes traveled to the boy next to you and you couldn't help but wonder if he ever felt the same way about you.
When the now couple began to kiss, you cleared your throat. "Thanks for not making me walk home in the rain."
"Why would I do that?" He asked, turning his attention to you instead of the movie. He looked at you with furrowed eyebrows, almost as if he was insulted you'd even think he'd do something like that.
"You'd be surprised at what some guys would do." You told him with a soft chuckle. "One of my exes and I had a fight, and he sent me home in the pouring rain."
Yeonjun's eyes darkened slightly, and he turned his eyes to his lap. "Some guys are assholes."
"But not you." You reached over to grab his hand, making him eye you once more.
"I'd never do that to you."
You leaned your head on his shoulder, your eyes traveling back to the tv to try and finish the movie. "I know you wouldn't."
Your eyes began to get heavy, and it wasn't until you started to feel the heat from him did you realize just how exhausted you were. Staying up all night and waking up early takes a toll on someone.
When the movie ended, Yeonjun glanced over at you, only to find you sound asleep on his shoulder. He smiled at your peaceful face.
"Y/N?" He whispered softly, gently nudging you to get your attention. "It's already late, do you just want to sleep over?"
You nodded as an answer. He wrapped one of his arms around your back and the other under your knees. He stood up with ease, carrying you to his bedroom. He mentally thanked himself for cleaning up earlier that week. He didn't need you to see his room in it's normal mess.
He placed you on the bed and pulled the blankets over you. When he turned to leave, you reached a hand out to grab his. "Stay."
"What?" He asked. He wanted to make sure he heard you correctly.
"I don't want to run you out of your bed. Besides, It's cold and you're warm."
He nervously glanced around the room. "Are you sure?"
You nodded once again. Opening one eye to look at him, you gave him a smile for reassurance. "Yep."
You scooted over and patted the spot next to you. Yeonjun let out a small breath before getting in bed beside you. He pulled the blankets back over the two of you.
As the two of you slowly fell asleep, neither of you could control the way your hearts raced at the close proximity.
The next morning, Yeonjun woke up first. The sunlight peeping through his blinds hit his eye, and he groaned at the contact. His annoyance quickly went away when he felt you stir from beside him. With a quick glance he found you were a lot closer than when he went to sleep last night. Instead of on the opposite side of the bed, you were snuggling into his chest.
His heart began to race, and he only hoped you couldn’t hear it beating inside his chest. Instead of waking you up, and probably embarrassing you, he slid out of the bed easily so he wouldn’t disturb you.
Yeonjun moved to the kitchen to prepare a quick breakfast for the two of you. He wasn't the best cook, but he knew the basics and could cook simple meals.
The smell of the food woke you up, and you were out of the bed and in the kitchen within minutes. Yeonjuns eyes met yours, and he couldn’t contain the smile upon seeing your morning face.
Your hair was tousled, and the clothes he gave you were somewhat twisted around, indicating you moved around in your sleep a good bit. In short terms; he though you looked absolutely adorable.
“Good morning.” He greeted you, settling the two plates on the small table in the small dining area. “I made breakfast.”
“Good Morning.” You returned the smile. "It smells good."
"I hope it tastes as good as it smells." Yeonjun said truthfully. He pulled your chair out before moving to his own seat across from you.
Looking down at the dish, you chuckled at the simplicity of it. It was nothing more than pancakes and eggs, but that was your favorite. Whether he realized that, you had no idea.
Luckily for Yeonjun, the breakfast did taste as good as it smelled. The apartment fell quiet as the two of you ate your breakfast in peace.
It wasn't long before you found yourself walking outside once more, this time one the way to your house. Yeonjun walked beside you. He offered to walk you home, even though you told him there was no need. He had done enough for you already, but he persisted.
The two of you walked along the sidewalk, coming up to a small park. A couple of children could be heard laughing as they ran around playing tag.
"Thanks again, for letting me stay over last night." You spoke up for the first time since leaving his apartment.
Yeonjun looked over at you, the beautiful smile still gracing his lips. "Of course. My door's always open for you."
He always knew what to say to make your heart flutter. You turned away to try and hide the blush on his cheeks. "Thanks, but why?"
He shrugged, confusing you. You half expected him to have a flirty comeback, but he continued to walk, keeping his hands in his pockets. "I care about you. Probably more than I should."
The last part was more of a whisper, but you still caught it. You stopped walking, grabbing his arm to keep him beside you.
His eyes widened, almost as if he wasn't supposed to say that out loud. He sighed, knowing you had heard him. This was not how he pictured confessing to you, but it was now or never. "Y/n, I'm pretty sure I'm in love with you."
His hand reached out to caress the side of your face. You could only stare up at him in shock as he looked at you with such adoring eyes. "Truly, madly, and deeply in love with you."
His thumb brushed your cheek as he waited for you to say something- anything. His heart was already racing, but your silence was making it worse. "Y/n-"
"I'm just trying to process this." You told him quickly. You pointed at him. "You, love me?"
It was kind of hard to believe truly. A guy as sweet and flirty like Yeonjun was in love with you? He could have anyone he wanted.
"I absolutely do."
"Since when?"
He furrowed his eyebrows, somewhat amused at your rapid fire questions. "Couple months now."
You gasped, reaching over to smack him softly on the arm. "Why didn't you say anything?"
He had been in love with you for months and he didn’t say anything? So all of those times girls were flirting with him you were on his mind? The idea alone made your heart race.
He grabbed the arm you hit, laughing. "I didn't know if you felt the same way."
"I've let you endlessly flirt with me since we've met!" You exclaimed, looking at his with wide eyes. You were somewhat shocked he didn't already know.
"Well, why didn't you say anything?" He asked you, making you fall silent. You didn't want to admit it, because out loud it would sound stupid and you'd be embarrassed.
"Well..." You trailed off. He looked at you expectingly, making you sigh in defeat. "Okay fine. Girls are always flirting with you, and you always flirt back. How was I supposed to tell you that I loved you if you were flirting with other girls?"
"Say it again."
You finally turned to face him as he cupped your face once more. "Say it again."
Your eyes met his, and you knew what he was talking about. He wanted you to confess to him again. He wanted to hear it once more.
"I love you, Yeonjun."
His lips met yours in an instant, your confession being the confirmation he needed to finally place his lips on yours. The kiss was short, but it was filled with everything the two of you wanted to say for months, but never could.
He pulled away when he realized the two of you were in a public place- a park no less. He trailed his hand from your and down your arm, straight to your hand. Your fingers laced with his as he spoke.
"I love you too, Y/n."
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spilledtee · 6 months ago
𝐒𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐒𝐞𝐱
Word Count: 1.7k
Warning: smut, unprotected sex (wrap before you tap), swearing, fingering (f. receiving), mentions public sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism, hair pulling, established relationship, dom!Hyunjin
Synopsis: You decided to sleepover in the dorms and Hyunjin just can’t help taking you for himself
A/N: I revamped version of a scrapped fic of mine, tis the similar idea almost. Also I didn’t not proof read this. I didn’t proof read this so I apologize in advance. Hope that this fic doesn’t disappoint and you all enjoy it :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Jinnie…” You whispered. “We can’t. Minho and Seungmin are here.” That didn’t seem to phase him though as he didn’t seem to acknowledge the words that escaped for you. Instead, he simply pushed, crashing his lips against yours, swallowing your words to stop you from protesting further. When his tongue slipped into your mouth, you couldn’t help but thread your fingers through his hair. You yanked at the tendrils, trying to suppress whatever sounds that would spill from your lips into something else. Again you tugged at his hair, this time hard enough so that he withdrew from you slightly. “Hyunjin-”
You words disappeared from you again. His tongue was already winding its way around the inside of your mouth. The heat of arousal immediately surged through your body as he tongue touched yours. Soft, passionate, ever more determined to have you give into him. He let out a quiet groan, muffled by the hot touch of your mouth. Your eyes snapping open looking at the two other men who had been sleeping peacefully just a few feet away from you. His hands had come from your sides, slowly finding their way to your ass, squeezing. One hand descending past the waistband of the shorts, ones that he had left you borrow to get comfortable, into your panties. 
You felt as a smirk was drawn on his lips, even though he was observant to your concern of his friends. “Relax…” He mumbled against your lips. “They’re asleep.” Another kiss. “Better make sure you keep quiet then.” As the words left his mouth in a whisper, a single digit pushed passed your already wet walls, causing you to let out a hushed gasp. The sound stirring Seungmin in his sleep but there was no other further reaction. 
You buried your face in his neck, unable to do much but try to get through this without making little to no noise. You couldn’t bear the idea of Minho and Seungmin relentlessly teasing you and eventually letting the other members know of this as well. Although, despite the fear of getting caught, you couldn’t help but find the feeling of Hyunjin’s finger stretching you out was exciting. You had always been weak for him, next to Minho, Hyunjin was definitely the king of teasing. Ever since you started dating, he had made it your goal to fluster you in front of his members. It pissed you off. Well you claimed, Hyunjin knew that and if reading your mind his finger curled within you, making you curse out. “For fuck’s sake Hyunjin. Stop teasing me and fuck me already.”
A chuckle escaped his lips, as he withdrew from you slightly, hand finding the shorts and pulling them down in one swift motion, your panties soon following. He held you in place, his free hand going to pull his boxers down. Even in the dark you could see that he was throbbing, the neediness he had been feeling all day evident. With the hand that had freed himself from his boxers, he aligned himself within you, watching as you squirmed in his grasp. Rolling you into you, his other hand clamped over your mouth to keep you quiet as he pushed himself inside of you. Each inch more pleasurable than the last. 
“So tight.” He whipsed, leaning down to let his hot breath tickle against the ear, trailing his tongue along your earlobe. “Let’s see if you can keep quiet, yeah?” He questioned, his tone full of mischief.
Before you can let out a remark, he sheathed himself within you. Fully, deeply inside of you, right to hilt. Without giving you time to adjust, he pulled out of you, nearly all the way before repeating the process of completely bottoming out into you. You arched into him, writhing under your boyfriend as you attempted to remain quiet, but Hyunjin was making it difficult for you. Making a mess of you already. The action had you going crazy. The feeling of each thrust causing your eyelids to flutter, your mouth hanging open beneath his hand, wetting it as your body begged you to scream. He was pounding you without relent, holding your hips close so as not to escape him with one hand while the other was ghosting around your bundle of nerves. He smirked, seeing you glare at him through the dark. He looked as though he was daring you to make a sound. As if he wanted to be caught. As if he wanted his friends to see that he was making a mess of you. 
You were stubborn though, not wanting to give him the satisfaction. A small annoyed sound escaped him as the hand that was on your mouth freed it, going to squeeze your breasts. You didn’t have time to wonder what he was doing because a scream almost tore through your throat. Instead, it was a strangled sound, one that made the two men in the room stir once again. Hyunjin’s nimble fingers had found your clit, working tight circles on the sensitive nub. Your eyes rolled back, head lolling back as you attempted to resist the urge to mewl from the touch. However, your boyfriend was already accustomed to your body. This would have you coming within seconds. It would have you screaming for him in seconds.
Screwing your eyes shut as began to whisper out a plea, begging him to give you the release you so desire, however you are stopped dead when a particularly loud snore escaped Minho. Your heartbeat thumped through your ribcage, the blood rushing to your ears as you prayed that Minho wouldn’t wake up. Slowly, Minho turned over his side, muttering something in his sleep.
You sighed in relief, hoping that Hyunjin would withdraw from you. Instead, he was pressing a sweet kiss to your lips. “See, you don’t need to worry.”
“I don’t want to make any more noise though.”
Your boyfriend nodded. “Alright.” His hand went to clamp around your mouth once more, as you felt him tap his cock right against your click. You were about to tell him to hurry, but Hyunjin had already slammed into you without warning. Slowly he retracted, again slamming into you fully. He wanted you to feel all of him. After all the teasing, you thought you deserved to have him after. Each time his hips met yours, you sore that your nerves were lighting with fire.The sound of skin on skin filled the night air as Hyunjin sped up his pace, feeling you clench against him. Rough, sloppy, harsh, relentlessly pounding into you as you could only let out muffled screams against his hand. The sight of his cock stretching you out was enough to send you over the edge.
With all the strength you could muster, you tapped at his hand. His hand let you breath, the wave of air hitting you as you nearly cried. “Jinnie…” That name was the indicator that you were close, one that he loved so much.
An almost sinister chuckle came from the man above, his hand squeezing your hip. “So fucking tight. You’re gonna cum aren’t you?”
Arching into him, you pushed your hips into his. You wanted nothing more than to reach your high. “Please!” Your voice had come out as a high pitched moan. It seemed that you had given up on being quiet. It wasn’t the sound of his bed creaking, the sound of your skin slapping together that would wake his roommates, it would be your voice. You had little care for it though, only wanted him.
He smirked at your reaction. “I don’t think I can hear you. Maybe you should again, yeah? Let me hear you.” The command came, his eyes wondering slightly before locking back to you.
You wanted to cum just for him, in this dark space, just as he wanted. Just like you had wanted as well. “Please! Please, I want it so badly. Wanna cum!” 
That seemed to satisfy him enough, thankfully. Usually, Hyunjin would have you like a mess, have you crying for your orgasm. You were happy that he was at least having mercy. Although, it seemed that you spoke too soon as his hand found your clit once again, nimble fingers beginning the work they had started before the two of you had been interrupted. He rubbed furiously at the seinstive bud, continuing to thrust into you. It was as equally as hard, if not more, than before. Each thrust jolting you forward onto the bed. You couldn’t help but let out a sinsul, lewd sound, clenching around him. You screwed your eyes shut, feeling your abdomen tighten, moans of pleasure filling the small space, as your release wracked your body. That was enough to spur his own, Hyunjin following you into ecstasy as he removed his hand from you. Pressing his lips against yours, letting your mouth muffle his own pleasured cries. His hips never stopped, continuing to thrust into a few more times before his body shuddered to a halt. Completely slacking, falling down in the space next to you in the bed.
“Are you fucking done?” Minho’s voice growled from where he had been sleeping.
The two of you jolted hearing his voice. Your face instantly flushing more from embarrassment, knowing that his friend had just heard him. “You’re-you’re awake?”
“We both are.” Seungmin's voice sounded as well. “You know some of us have to sleep right?”
Hyunjin chuckled, attempting to check his breath. “I know I saw you guys.”
You face immediately went from pure astonishment to anger, hearing your boyfriend say that. “And you didn’t tell me?”
He shrugged. “You felt too good.”
A chorus for groans sounded through the room. “Can you just clean her up so we can get some sleep. I am tired.”
“ ‘Can you just clean her up’ blah blah.” Hyunjin mocked back.
“What was that?” Minho pulled the covers over himself, practically pouncing at Hyunjin for even thinking it would be okay to mock his words.
Your boyfriend shrunk back, practically begging his older brother that he was simply joking. You couldn’t help but chuckle at their antics.
Tumblr media
© All rights reserved to spilledtee. There is no copying or modifying of writing. Translating and reposting work is prohibited. Please inform me if you see anything similar to my work.
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blu-joons · 19 hours ago
We Got Married ~ Lee Junho
Tumblr media
His heart pounded as Junho looked across to you at the table, weakly smiling as he met your eyes, hand fumbling with the stem of the wine glass that was just beside him.
“Why do you look so nervous tonight?” You asked him, struggling to keep his attention as his eyes flickered all over the place, “I thought you said it would be nice to have one last dinner.”
“I did, but I didn’t think that it being the last dinner between the two of us would bother me this much,” Junho replied, taking an anxious sip from his glass of wine as he tried to compose himself.
For months the two of you had been shooting together as a part of the We Got Married relaunch, getting to know one another. As with everything, all good things had to come to an end though, as you decided to celebrate the season in the very spot that you met.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Junho,” he nervously spoke, extending his arm out for you to shake, “I’m sorry, I’m a little bit nervous about all of this.”
Your head shook as you took his hand, “I’m Y/N, and don’t worry, I’m nervous too.”
“It took you ages to even tell me your full name,” you laughed as you thought back to your very first moments together, “I had to wrestle it out of you so that I could find out about you.”
Junho’s head nodded as his cheeks flushed at the memory, “I wasn’t sure how the two of us would be together, the production crew didn’t tell me anything about you, so I just took it as a bad sign that things were going to go wrong.”
“Do you still think they went wrong three months down the line?” You enquired, “or did I exceed those expectations that you had of me right at the very start?”
“Why don’t you tell me a bit about what you do? You’re an actor as well as an idol, aren’t you?” You asked Junho as the two of you snuck away from the cameras of the production crew, “do you have any bits that you enjoy doing when you’re not working?”
“Plenty,” Junho coldly replied, “I tend to enjoy my own space, I’ve got cats too, so hopefully you’ll get on with them too.”
A loud chuckle came from you as Junho informed you how meeting his cats was the dealbreaker for him, knowing that as you bonded with them, things would be fine.
“When I told you that I had my cats, I was desperate to see your reaction,” Junho laughed with a wide smile on his face, “the moment you walked into my home though, it felt as if you had always been there with me and my cats.”
Seeing how well you took to Junho’s world was inciteful for him, especially as you quickly bonded with all of his members too. They were the ones that pushed Junho into doing the show, and as they met you, they were incredibly pleased that they had done too.
“What do you think we’ll do when we go back to being without each other?”
“It’ll be strange,” Junho weakly smiled, quickly turning shy again, “I don’t quite know what I’ll do, I’m used to checking my phone for a message from you first thing in the morning or meeting up with you whenever I’ve got a spare hour or two.”
“We’ll still be friends, and we can still do all of those things,” you assured him.
Junho’s head nodded lightly as you spoke, although the thought of still being friends with you was great for him, there was still a little more that he wanted, a little more that he wasn’t sure if you would want as well.
He had tried his best to control his feelings throughout the entire shoot, but as the days came to an end, Junho knew that time with you was slipping away, and as a result, his feelings were becoming more and more difficult to control.
“You don’t sound so sure,” you replied, picking up on Junho’s anxiousness.
His eyes went wide as he began to realise that you were getting the wrong end of the stick, fretting opposite him that in fact Junho would want nothing more to do with you after the filming rather than at least a friendship.
Your concerns only left Junho more flustered as he took another sip from the glass of wine in front of him. “It’s not like that at all,” he whispered, trying his hardest to find the courage to be able to look across to you.
You offered Junho a look of confusion as you tried to understand what was going on. “You’re going to need to give me a little more than this to be honest Junho.”
His head nodded as he let go of a shaky breath, “I don’t want to just be friends with you Y/N, I know this whole programme has been fictional, but we’re humans, and we’re real, and you might not feel the same, but I do have feelings, not for television, but in real life, for you.”
“Has anyone ever told you that you’ve got beautiful eyes,” Junho smiled as you passed him by, taking a seat on the sofa, “it’s a miracle you’ve not pulled with those and settled down.”
“The cameras aren’t rolling now,” you joked, “you don’t have to be nice.”
Junho nodded in reply as he looked around the room, “just because the cameras aren’t rolling doesn’t mean I have to stop being nice to you.”
“Anyone would think you were my boyfriend with these compliments,” you chuckled.
“Not everything that I said whilst we were filming was said for television, quite a lot of it was true,” Junho explained to you, “there was a lot of honesty in what I had to say.”
You didn’t quite know what to say as you shuffled around in your chair. You were sure that Junho was just being kind for the cameras, he was an actor after all, and with such a mindset, you were convinced that he wouldn’t like you too.
“I appreciate that this was probably just a programme for you,” Junho assured you, “I just knew that I had to tell you how I felt before we ended up calling a day on all of this.”
“This was so much more than a programme for me too,” you quickly responded, dismissing any doubts that Junho had, “I’ve made real friends doing this, and most of all I’ve met you.”
You weren’t quite sure if it was just you falling unnecessarily as time went by with Junho, but now that you knew how he felt too, you realised that you hadn’t been blindsided at all.
“I know it’s not what’s supposed to happen on this programme, but I can’t just walk away after all of this,” Junho smiled as he met your eyes across the table, sheepishly glancing across at you, “I don’t have it in me to carry on back to normal without you still a part of my life.”
“I agree, I don’t want this to actually be the last dinner between us,” you admitted.
The smile on Junho’s face grew as the more you spoke, the more he realised that you were just as into what was going on between the two of you as he was.
“Maybe this could be the midpoint instead,” Junho suggested, “the end of filming, but the start of something different between the two of us.”
“I like the sound of that, we’ve closed one door tonight whilst we’re here, but I think we’ve opened another, right?” You asked him.
“Absolutely, this isn’t the end after all,” Junho joked.
“I don’t think it ever was going to be,” you smiled, “it was just going to be a case of who spoke about their feelings first.”
“Did you plan on saying something tonight too?”
“Of course, I couldn’t let you go Junho.”
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songmingisthighs · 6 hours ago
introduction pt. i | pt. ii
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ch. xviii - beyonce is technically not a god
seonghwa × reader
you believed that childhood friends can stick together through thick and thin. you believed that nothing could get between you and your childhood friend, seonghwa. at least you used to think that before things changed.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
taglist :
@paralumanniluna @mirror-juliet @eternalssanshine @simplyxlea @rdiamond2727 @hakuna-matata-ya @peachy-maia @dear-dreamie @nycol-ie @seongsanniehwa @wasteitonserendipity @diorwoo @linhyyboo12 @joti17 @dreamlesswonder86 @teti-menchon0604 @theaufanartist @gayliljoong @bangchu-choi @se-onghwa @baguette-atiny @atinystray @th84u @camillelafaye @kpopnightingale @rubberduckieyourtheone @hannahdinse8 @peachyho @nymeriaaa @ggukieseok
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beanct · a day ago
Tumblr media
‎‎‎‏‏ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎♡ pairing: Jisung x reader ‎‎‎‏‏ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎♡ genre: fluff ‎‎‎‏‏ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎♡ length: 172 words
Tumblr media
"Y/n! Congrats!"
You were confused. You just made your way into NCT Dream's dorm to hang out with Jisung, your brand new secret boyfriend, and you didn't expect there to be anyone else but you two. Surprisingly, when you came into the living room, all seven of them run up to you and started congratulating you on your new relationship status, while Jisung stood awkwardly on the side.
"Wait- how do you all know that we...?" you asked. Chenle laughed, visibly amused, and pointed his finger at Jisung.
"He told us EVERYTHING" he snickered and Jisung blushed, visibly uncomfortable.
"I didn't know they would make such a scene... I-I was too excited to keep my mouth shut" your boyfriend explained, ashamed. You blinked.
"What...? How many people did you tell??"
Jisung looked you straight in the eyes for the first time that night, but instead of saying anything he only shook his head. Uh-oh. It was Chenle, again, who decided to answer your question.
"Basically everyone."
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minmindreams · 3 months ago
Monsta X feeling themselves through your lower stomach
Like all lazy mornings you had, it began with more or less lazy morning sex. He was getting less lazy with his thrusts and sweat began to gather to both of you. He was on his elbows on top of you, your legs tightly around his waist. His hand drifted down, you figured he was getting so close he wanted you to come first with some finger play. Then his hand laid on your lower tummy and you could feel your skin between his hand and cock. It was wild and made you look. Shownu did too. “Fuck…” you breathed. “That’s hot, I might come soon.”
Tumblr media
You saw his thick cock disappear into you through the mirror. Your legs spread wide and his muscly thighs underneath you. You weren’t sure if he was helping you to bounce on him or you were helping him. His other hand wandered around your body every now and then. Usually finding your nipples to squeeze them, other times he found your folds and made you moan louder and near the edge before pulling away. He was on his tease moods. You were not prepared him to hold his and on your lower stomach and he moaned deep and loud. Just hearing him get such pleasure out of something made you finally come so hard you briefly saw white. Your body squeezed him harder than either of you expected and while you were still on your high you heard him moan out your name and spill his load into you.
Tumblr media
The pillows felt nice under your back, his fingers had the perfect grip on your hips and his loud pants and whines made you want to squeeze your walls to hear his deep moans. The pillows made the thrusts hit you just right and it was hard for you to not to come while listening to him. “You sound and feel so good, Minhyukah.” You kept praising on him and he was getting more erratic with his movements. Suddenly he took your hips from the pillows comfort. You felt the tip of his dick hit your walls in the lower abdomen. It felt blissful.  “That feels so good, baby" you moaned closing your eyes. He let out such a deep groan you had to look at him, staring at you, not quite where his dick went in and out. “Hold your leg around me, sugar pumpkin" he told you. You did as you were told as he kept thrusting in to you. As he put his free hand on you, he let out a noise you weren’t sure groaning, moaning or a wail. “You have to feel this too, gimme your hand.” Once again you did what he told. His crooked sweaty fingers guided you to there you unmistakably felt his cock. You couldn’t hold in longer and came squeezing hard on him, moaning out his name like a prayer. He wasn’t far behind his bliss cursing out when he did.
(I’m so biased I’m sorry)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were sure your leg would have a hand print around your leg the way Kihyun held on to it to keep it on his shoulder as he banged into you. He kept leaning into you stretching your leg even further as he tried to get his dick deeper into you. He leaned in just a notch and you screamed as he hit deeper. “Oh my GOD!” You gripped the sheets. “Yeah, you felt that too, fuck that feels so good.” You couldn’t keep your moans down and voiced it all out. Finally the grip on your leg loosened but the angle didn’t change. You saw him land his hand below you belly button, searched for a while as he thrust sharply. “Oh hell, I can feel myself. Can you feel that?” “Yeah” you sounded more like a dying animal. At that moment you felt him moan and come inside you. “Fuck, that was…” he let your leg down and laid on top of you.” Give me a minute and we’ll go for round two and I’ll make you come at least twice.”
Tumblr media
You were not exactly comfortable bend in half under Hyungwon, but it wasn’t uncomfortable either. Your legs on his shoulders and his face hand width away from yours. His hair was damp on his forehead, just like it was on yours. He hit in you harder and you felt his cock hit the walls of your uterus. And again. “omygod, Hyungwon” you were little panicky about the new kind of pain. “Hold on” his voice was raspy and his hand felt warm on your skin as he felt his dick poke your skin. “So hot. I wanna come in you right now and watch my sum come out of you. Fuck, your pussy is so magical.”
Tumblr media
Things got a little too heated in the studio as you were just trying to cutely sit on his lap, but ended up being bend over on his desk. You had to use all your strength to not to move and crash his computer. The slapping was rhymed by the pants from both of you. You were losing your grip and Jooheon took a hold of you around your waist. His hand got lower, you weren’t sure why he held such a weird position. “Can you feel that?” he spoke. You didn’t know what he meant. “That’s sexy as hell.” “You’ve fucked me in doggy before” you breathed out. “I can feel my dick, sweet cake” he slapped your ass.
Tumblr media
He loved when you rode him. He loved it even more when you ride him in the morning. Your hands stood on his chest while you worked on making him feel good. He moaned and praised you. For fun you decided to lean on back and using his legs for support. He looked at you in wonder and reached out to play with your folds making you whimper. You had decided to stay strong, but he was not making it easy. Your hips were hard to keep at a steady pace. Then he placed his other had above your shaved lady parts. He seemed like he was trying to grab something. “Wha-” “That’s my dick” he said and smirked at you. His fingers rubbed your nub finding just the place and pace that made you scream.
Tumblr media
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myunghoehoehoe · 18 hours ago
For the sleepover - idk if you have answered this before or not so in case you haven't...... What pet names would the members of svt give you and what would they want to be called in return - 🦋
i tried to make these as gender neutral as possible!
Tumblr media
what they would call you // want they want to be called
seungcheol: baby, sweetheart, love // baby (love this), handsome man
jeonghan: my love, dummy (affectionate) // sexy, baby
joshua: apple of my eye, dumpling, baby // sweetie, darling, baby
junhui: hot lips, love of my life, darling // stud muffin, dream boat, lover boy
soonyoung: angel, doll, baby // baby, sweetie pie, mi amor
wonwoo: darling, pumpkin, sweet pea // my love, my everything, sweetie
jihoon: doesn’t use them often but! baby and my love // loves being called your one and only
seokmin: cutie patootie, queen/king, angel // baby, other half, bub/bubba
mingyu: precious, my everything, love // baby, hottie, sunshine
minghao: beautiful, my love, dearest // baby, beloved, one and only
seungkwan: snookums, doll, angel // stud, pumpkin, my dear
vernon: other half, babe, sweetheart // hunk, baby, prince charming
chan: one and only, angel, sugar // casanova, my love, lover boy
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gamerguk · 3 months ago
nowhere with you. (m)
pairing. jungkook x reader
word count. 2.6k
genre. smut, light fluff, light angst, secret relationship.
warning(s): swearing, brief smut, angst.
summary. in which your father owns an auto repair shop and hires jungkook as his newest employee, who’s willing to assist you in more ways than one.
a/n. quick little blurb!!! not an official fic or anything just something that came to mind. not proofread so i apologize for any mistakes.
Tumblr media
to: TheCarGuys@gmail.com
from: angelyn@gmail.com
subject: my car is broken :(
my engine has been making a really weird noise :( and i think i need an oil change too. ill stop by tomorrow around 3 to have it all fixed. oh and there’s something else i want you to check out, ill add a pic of it.
see u soon.
_____ <3
Attached: 1 Image
to: angelyn@gmail.com
from: TheCarGuys@gmail.com
subject: RE: my car is broken :(
Hi _____,
That is a photo of your boobs.
You’re lucky your dad doesn’t know how to use emails or this could’ve been very awkward haha.
I literally just left your house and I already miss you, so you better be serious about stopping by the shop tomorrow. Also, why are we emailing? I’ll text you.
Tumblr media
Your car was completely fine, in perfect shape actually, but you took any opportunity you could to see Jungkook.
Your labeless, undefined relationship with him was difficult to navigate, mostly due to the fact that it shouldn’t exist (with him being your father’s employee and all). Longing for him whenever you’re away has become a vital part of your daily routine, it’s like he’s permanently engraved himself in every aspect of your day-to-day life.
His lucky handkerchief is still laying idly in the backseat of your car, the glimpse of it you catch in your rearview mirror never fails to remind you of how he had it wrapped around his forehead only a few weeks ago; the way it soaked up his sweat as he peered up at you from between your legs. The way he eventually had wrapped it around your mouth because God you were being so loud, and he wouldn’t risk losing the best job he’s ever had just because his boss’ daughter can’t keep her moans in.
His silver chain hung loosely around your neck, the cold metal contrasting against the warmth of your skin. It feels like it was yesterday when Jungkook held you steady on top of him in the comfort of his bedroom, gripping the chain as if you were holding onto dear life until you rode out your orgasm.
He was everywhere yet nowhere. You wish you could be nowhere with him.
So you text him more in hopes that it will make you miss him less (it doesn’t), and you only go to see him when you have a reason to (you never do). You try your best to do anything to avoid catching feelings for Jungkook, but that was a nearly impossible task. Which explains why you show up to your father’s auto repair shop promptly at three, as promised, with a perfectly fine car.
You drive up to the garage slowly, slightly sitting up in your seat in hopes that Jungkook is already inside waiting. And, much to your luck, he’s kneeled down working on the most beautiful motorcycle you’ve ever seen.
Hearing your car approach, he rises to his feet with a grin on his face, immediately gesturing for you to pull your car all the way in. You follow his instructions, parking next to the motorcycle and shutting your car off completely.
Jungkook doesn’t even give you time to take off your seatbelt before he’s at your car, opening your door and lifting you in his arms.
You hate this, it feels too much like a relationship you know you can never have. But still, you allow yourself to indulge in it, loosely wrapping your arms around his neck as he spins you around.
“I missed you.” He says when he’s finally let your feet touch the ground.
“We literally saw each other yesterday.” You cock your head to the side, leaning against your car as you gaze at Jungkook.
He raises his hands in defense, “Sue me for being a little clingy. So, are you really having issues with your car? Because--”
“My car is fine.”
“Yeah, I figured. But I’m glad you stopped by anyway, your dad wants me to rotate your tires.”
You try not to make your disappointment obvious, but the way your shoulder’s hang may have given it away. “Is that the only reason why you’re glad I came?”
“Of course not, babe.” He says matter-of-factly, taking a few steps to plant a kiss on your forehead. “I’m always glad to see you. These tires really do need to be rotated,” he taps his shoe against one of your front wheels, “but that can wait.”
You nod. “Good, because I mentioned in my email that there was something else that needed to be checked.”
Jungkook raises a brow at you, a smirk playing on his lips as he sinks his teeth into his bottom lip. “Oh yeah, I’m gonna have to get a better look at that. But uh, sometime later.”
“Wow, I thought you said you missed me.” You respond sarcastically, crossing your arms over your chest.
“Believe me, I did.” He returns back to the motorcycle he’d been working on, “but there’s someone here who missed you way more than I did.”
You stand up straight, feeling a bit perplexed. “Who?”
“_____!” Your dad’s loud voice rings throughout the garage, causing both you and Jungkook to flinch in surprise. “What’re you doing here?” Your dad asks, giving you a brief side hug as he approaches.
“Oh… uh… I…” You sputter, glancing at Jungkook for assistance.
“I asked her to stop by so I could rotate her tires like you asked me to, sir. Plus I wanted to show off my new bike, if that’s okay.” Jungkook saves you from lying to your father, proudly tapping his motorcycle with a smug look on his face.
“That’s more than okay,” your father joins Jungkook to gape at the bike, “this thing is a real beauty.”
You couldn’t be more bored.
You clear your throat, “Were you headed somewhere, dad?”
“Huh? Oh yeah, picking up a pizza for lunch. Hey, why don’t you stick around so we can all eat together?“ He suggests, Jungkook’s eyes light up and he’s back to smiling.
Forcing yourself to smile, you mutter, “As long as you get me a can of grape soda.”
Your father claps his hands together, “Consider it done, I’ll be back.” And he leaves.
Jungkook crosses his arms, “I’m delighted you’ll be joining us for lunch.”
You roll your eyes, “I’m not, and why didn’t you tell me this was your bike?
He shrugs, “I dunno, I wanted to keep it a surprise; show up to your house one day and take you for a ride. I even got a helmet for you.” He steps over to one of the garage’s many cabinets, opening it to reveal a motorcycle helmet.
“Wanna try it on for size?” He questions as he approaches, you nod.
He slips the helmet on you with ease, and it fits perfectly. “How does it feel?” He shouts, using his fist to knock on the head of the helmet.
“Fine, now take it off before you give me hearing loss.” Jungkook chuckles but does as told, taking the helmet completely off you and trying his best not to ruin your hair in the process.
“Oh, my chain,” he says while staring down at your chest, “you’re wearing it.”
“I’m sorry,” you apologize, “I should’ve asked first. I’ve been meaning to give it back to you but then I tried it on and—”
“I want you to keep it, it looks good on you.” He interrupts.
You can hardly believe your ears. If Jungkook didn’t want you to fall in love with him then he was doing a really bad job at it.
His index finger has moved to trace the metal against your neck, his nail lightly scratching your skin in the process. You keep eye contact with him as he does so, your heart beating faster with each passing second.
“As long as it's okay with you…”
“More than okay.” He barely gives you a chance to finish your sentence before he responds, his fingers now trailing down your neck. “Y’know, we have a few minutes before your dad gets back...”
In an instant your lips are on his, fingers gripping his hair as he pushes you up against your car, banging your head in the process. “Sorry! Oh my God, I didn’t mean to do that. Are you okay?” Jungkook pulls away from you with worry in his eyes, gently holding the back of your head with his right hand.
“I’m fine, seriously. I barely even felt it.” You grab a hold of the backseat’s door handle, “Get in, and be gentle this time.” You tease pointing a finger at Jungkook.
He shakes his head, following behind as you crawl into the backseat of the car. “I’ll try my best.”
You lay flat on your back and Jungkook crawls on top of you, not even bothering to close the door behind him. There’s no point, you have the shop to yourself for a few minutes and this is only a quickie. A temporary fix, though you know you’ll be back for more.
“Condom?” You ask, not even realizing you had been panting. Everything was moving so quickly, with so much secrecy. You love Jungkook deeply, but you can’t keep sneaking away with him like this. It’s not healthy for either of you.
He nods, “In my backpack, but it’s in the office. I can go grab it.”
You shake your head, “There’s no time, we don’t need it.”
“Are you sure? We don’t have to do this, I’m just glad to see you.”
It’s crazy, you know it’s crazy, but your love for Jungkook has clouded your ability to consider the consequences of your actions. Maybe things would be different if you had a normal relationship, and not the kind you have to hide from everyone.
“I’m sure.” You confirm, and he’s kissing you again, his right hand already reaching down to unzip himself and slightly tug his pants down. He presses himself up against your thigh, and it’s no surprise that he’s already half-hard.
“_____, are you sure about this?” He questions, and you both are panting, and you can’t believe you’re getting frustrated at him for asking so many questions. But you know he’s right, he knows you’re feeling rushed and not thinking clearly; he knows you so well and you really can’t stand it.
“No. I’m not even on the pill.” You admit, squeezing your eyes shut out of pure embarrassment. “I just...I want to do something.”
“Why does this matter so much to you?” You think any desire Jungkook may have had to do anything sexual with you may have disappeared, but his fingers trailing up your bare thigh tell you otherwise.
“Because it’s oh-” you gasp as his fingers move up your thigh and in between your legs, lightly grazing over the crotch of your underwear. The tip of his nail traces over your clothed clit, your legs tremble at his touch. “It’s all we can do.”
“That’s not true,” he tugs your underwear to the side, “I try to do other things with you, y’know. I don’t how many times I’ve asked you to go on a date with me only for you to say no. Or how many times I’ve wanted to tell your dad about us.” He punctuates his sentence by using his thumb to stroke your clit, moving it around at a teasingly slow pace that has you frustrated.
“‘What is there to tell him? All...all we do is hook up.” You grab ahold of Jungkook’s bicep when he’s finally sped up his movements, digging hard enough into his skin that you leave crescent-shaped indents.
“Do you even listen to me? I want to do more with you, I want to go on dates and kiss you in public and be able to tell people I’m your boyfriend.”
You squeeze your eyes shut again, and this time you feel like crying. Maybe from pleasure since he’s finally started teasing at your entrance with his middle finger, or maybe from the pain of wanting something you know you can’t have.
“We can’t, Jungkook. My dad would fire you.”
“Who cares? A job is a job, I’ll just find another one.” He punctionuates his sentence by slipping a single finger in you, your built-up wetness making it a smooth process.
“You said this was the best job you’ve ever had, I don’t want to ruin this for you.” Your voice comes out in a tremble once he inserts a second finger, steadily starting to thrust them in and out of you.
“You’re not ruining anything, all I want to do is take you on a fucking date. And you know what I just realized? It’s not like your dad specifically said he didn’t want us together, we just automatically assumed. We could at least talk to him about it.” You try your best to focus on Jungkook’s words but it’s no use. All you can concentrate on is how he’s pushed his fingers all the way in you, and is now using the palm of his hand to rub against your clit. The friction is too much, it takes you a while to even form a response.
“It’s too risky, you don’t understand.” You feel closer to your high than ever, amazed at how Jungkook knew your body as if it were his own. He knows you too well.
He nods, but you can tell he’s annoyed. “You’re right, I don’t understand anything. I don’t understand how I’m willing to risk a great job for someone who doesn’t even wanna be with me.”
“That’s not what I meant! I do want to be with you, but--”
“If you truly wanted to be with me, there would be no ‘buts’. You won’t even give us a chance.” Your dad’s car is approaching, you can hear it from all the way inside. Jungkook gives you one last look before he pulls away from you, grabbing his red handkerchief from the floor of your car on his way out.
You straighten yourself out as quickly as possible, not even caring about the fact that you didn’t even get to orgasm.
Jungkook is back at his bike when you hop out of your car, acting as if your presence were never there. You feel like crying again, this is all too much.
“Alright, I got your soda and a large meat-lovers.” Your dad waltzes through the side door, completely oblivious to the situation at hand.
You take a look at Jungkook, only for him to completely ignore you. “I’m going home.”
“What? I thought you were staying for lunch.” Your dad pleads, watching you climb into the driver’s seat of your car.
“I’m not hungry.” You shut the door, “I’ll see you at home.”
He’s about to protest again, but Jungkook stops him. “Just let her go.” He says blankly, pulling the lever that makes the gate rise so you can leave.
Your father waves as you drive off, still confused as to why you wanted to leave so suddenly.
“Sometimes I feel like I just don’t know her, but she never wants to talk to me about anything. Maybe she needs someone to talk to, like a therapist or something.” Your dad complains, shaking his head.
“Sure,” Jungkook responds.
“Or a boyfriend.”
“Sure,” Jungkook repeats, this time clenching his teeth.
“Hey, what about you? You’re not dating anybody, are you?”
Jungkook narrows his eyes at the older man, not quite sure if this was some sort of evil little joke. “What do you mean?”
“You’re a good kid and _____ seems to like you. I think it’d be nice if the two of you got together. I’m kinda surprised you already haven’t.”
Oh, but you have.
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nctsplug02 · 7 days ago
genre: suggestive and fluff
“mr. jeong, is this shirt too inappropriate? are my boobs covered enough?” jen asks while leaning forward onto the counter. “your shirt is fine.” she huffs a little at his reply. “you didn’t even look—?” she starts to whine until you pop out of nowhere.
“jae, sweetie. are you ready to leave?” jaehyun stands up from the stool and nods. “ready when you are my love.” he says tucking his hands in his pockets after collecting his keys and wallet.
“okay, let me put my heels on and I’ll be ready ready.” jaehyun nods and walks over to you leaving jen all alone. “honey, start the car and I’ll be out in a few minutes, okay?” jaehyun nods and gives you and little peck on the cheek before running outside.
after slipping your heels on, you turn towards jen who was leaning against the counter with her shirt now pulled up. “don’t you think it’s a bit cold outside to be wearing a tank top?” jen bites on her bottom lip and crosses her arms.
“uh, it’s okay, mrs. jeong. i brought a sweater with me.” she says with a grin and a slight laugh. “alright, just change the temperature if it gets too cold. hannie is asleep in her crib, she just fell asleep so she’ll be up in a few hours or so. thank you for coming in such short notice, i really appreciate it.” you thank the teen who blushes. “of course, mrs. jeong. anything for you and mr. jeong.” she tucks her loose hair strands back.
as you’re about to leave, you stop in your tracks. “also, stop hitting on a married man. mr. jeong isn’t interested in someone 7 years younger than him. he’s interested in me, his wife and the mother of his child. so im kindly asking you to back off from my husband, thank you.”
jen parts her lips in shock. “i... i dont, I have no clue what you’re talking about mrs. jeong..” she tries to lie her way out. “sweetie, i know you have a crush on my husband.” she looks down at her fuzzy socks.
“we’ll be back before midnight! snacks are in the pantry if you get hungry. thanks, jen.” you wink before walking out the front.
as you enter the car, jaehyun watches as you buckle yourself in and places his hand on thigh once you were settled.
“feisty mama.” he coos while rubbing his thumb in a circular motion.
“what?” you question confused.
“i heard you confront jen.” you lean forward, slightly laughing.
“well, a married man is a married man and im not gonna let some teen take my husband away from me?” you say and jaehyun notices you getting a little defensive. “yes yes, love.” he slowly nods.
“plus, it’s not like she can “take” me from you. there’s only one lady in this world that im attracted to and it’s you. im very much obsessed with you,, and that glorious pussy of yours.” he mutters the last line under his breath.
“i heard that you dirty man.” he laughs. “im your dirty man.” he clarifies with a toothy grin.
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enhais · 2 months ago
hiii can i please request yandere enhypen’s reaction to their s/o swearing at them and calling them a psychopath? thank youu
yandere!enhypen reaction to their s/o swearing at them and calling them a psychopath
┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄
pairing: yandere!enhypen x f!reader
genre: yandere, abuse, manipulation
a/n: i will most likely update a bare minimum of once a week… sorry to keep you waiting!
┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄
Tumblr media
he was not having it with you. you had been breaking so many rules and been bratty all day. like, he’s sorry he kidnapped you and took you from your “loved ones”, but he’s the only one you truly need. so, when he came to give you your dinner, he tried so hard to be as nice as he could. that didn’t work.
“i hate you! you’re a psychopath locking me in here! i want to go home!” you cried and bashed around as jungwon stood calmly with a tray of smoking soup, looking at your tantrum. “why are you just standing there?!” you sobbed, “please let me go, i’ll do anything!” he sighed, put the tray down on the table beside the bed and came closer - soft fingers running through your hair. “if you don’t get your act together you will regret it.” his hand slowly trailed down to your neck and squeezed, he was in control. so small beneath me, he thought, and your cries turned to sniffles, not wanting to upset him more. “good girl.”
Tumblr media
before he took you, he had everything planned. he knew how you were as a person: quiet, innocent, and nowhere near the person he stood in front of right now. you were screaming so loud he was sure people down the street could hear you. “you psychopath! let me go home!” your voice cracked, tears streaming down your face. this was not what he had planned.
heeseung looked at you sternly: he was the one with the power and you knew that even before he took you. the way he could make the whole room quiet by a snap of his fingers. “what did you say, sweetheart?” you looked down at the floor, trying to stop your crying, “i- i didn’t mean it.” he slowly made his way over to you, “yes, you did. it’s alright.” the way he towered over you made you scared, you felt threatened, “just know that it will be better for both of us if you are good. the punishments won’t be too bad then, yeah?” you nodded your head, still looking down, and he stroked his hand on your hair before leaving for practice.
Tumblr media
no, no, no. you wouldn’t be saying any of that in the first place. you knew the consequences too well.
it had been a couple of weeks after he took you from the warmth of your apartment. he said he couldn’t wait around any longer, that it took too long for you to love him the preferred way. you shared everything with him, but you wanted space. he had gone to work, but what you didn’t know was the camera and sound system he had put up in the apartment. so, when you strutted through the different rooms, muttering to yourself how you wanted to go home and how jay acted like a psychopath, you were shocked when he came home just a few minutes later with a look of agony plastered on his face.
“psychopath? really, y/n?! ive been nothing but kind to you, so it really hurts me hearing you say these things about me…” you gulped and got down on your knees to beg for forgiveness. an angry jay was not to play around with. “no. go to the bedroom. this will hurt.”
Tumblr media
baby boy would be hURT. he loved you so much, didn’t you see that? everyone else around you had left you to rot in your loneliness if it wasn’t for him. you should be grateful to have him in your life.
“no, this won’t do. a psychopath? that’s what you think i am?” he began as he pulled you into an alleyway, “what about you, huh? what are you? your friends don’t like you, they talk shit behind your back. your parents don’t love you as much as they love your siblings. but i? ive always liked you. ive always been here for you.” he came closer to you and you could feel his hot breath against your ear, “so think about those filthy words coming out of your pretty lips next time, and maybe the punishment won’t be too bad…”
Tumblr media
you’d be in for a ride, honey. you knew he could get mad, but this mad? you immediately regretted everything you’d ever said.
“you psychopath!” you screamed from the top of your lungs, warm tears falling down your cheeks. the punishment for not doing your chores led to being locked down in the basement for a couple of days with two meals a day and a bucket to do your business in. he had just come down with food for the evening, but with your ungrateful ass he just went straight back up.
an hour later of hardcore sobbing, he came back down, hands in his pockets and a small smile tugging at his lips. you didn’t even realize he was there before he grazed your wet cheek with the back of his hand, “you want to come up again?” you nodded slowly, looking at him with doe eyes, the sweetest sight he’d ever seen, “you ready to be a good girl then?” once again you nodded, not sure what had gotten into him. he hummed, “do what you’re told and don’t say filthy things.”
Tumblr media
he wouldn’t be happy about it… making him sob for hours and having a hard time forgiving you. you felt regret. seeing him cry made something break inside you. sunoo had always been the happy one, even putting a smile on your face before he took you. but this was his plan.
“a- a psychopath? really? that’s what you think o- of me?” he cried into his hands, sitting on the couch completely shattered as you had called him a psychopath just mere seconds ago. you noticed his reaction and immediately wanted to go back ten minutes, to before you had said anything. “im sorry, sunoo. that just came out of nowhere. i- i don’t mean it.” he smiled lightly in his hands, loving the way you reacted, “you better make it up to me.”
Tumblr media
his inner demon appeared. you knew better than to call him a psychopath and curse at his face - he had taught you from day one to respect and to look up to the ones with power.
“tsk tsk, little one, haven’t you learned your lesson since the last time, huh?” you froze in your track, immediately remembering what happened last time. no food for a couple of days, being locked up in the basement and him carving is his initials on your thighs so you remember him every time you look down. it was literal hell which you didn’t want to experience again, so why did you do that? why did you call him a psychopath? “it just- i didn’t mean it,” you looked up at the superior, fear obvious in your eyes, “really, it just came out, please…”
he gave you a pat on the head, “mm… beg and your punishment won’t be too bad.” so, beg you did, down on your bare knees until he was satisfied. which could take hours.
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yeostars · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
dom!joshua x fem!reader
summary: joshua accidentally overhears your conversation with your friend, and now he can’t help but act a little… different despite you hurting his ego a bit
warnings: degradation, oral (m receiving), slight possessive joshua
word count: 3.7k
a/n: remember besties there’s nothing wrong with being ‘vanilla’
Tumblr media
“there’s nothing wrong with that?” you speak into your phone, you had no idea how the conversation that was once about your weekend away with your parents turned into yours and your boyfriends sex life.
"it sounds like you are complaining." she teases you and you know she does not mean it but you cant help but feel bad that it looks like youre bad mouthing joshua behind his back.
"he always makes sure i orgasm." you defend him, not that you needed to disclose that much information to her, even if she was your best friend.
"i dont doubt that." she says almost as if she knows you are getting slightly defensive.
“we just don’t care about the dynamics in the bedroom.” and that was true, neither one of you focused on who took charge, always going with the flow.
“but he’s vanilla.” she says down the line and you almost wince at the way she says it, you didn’t mean to be so openly about your sex life.
“there’s nothing wrong with being vanilla.” you mumble embarrassed, not that there was anything to even be embarrassed about but you still fell onto your bed red in the face.
“of course not.” your friend says over the line “that’s just never been what you’re into.” she replies and she’s right, you’ve just never known how to tell joshua that. a conversation you wouldn’t want to bring up over dinner or something.
“how am i meant to tell him?” you ask more to yourself, you trusted joshua with your whole life but something like this was too much for you to just talk about without growing too shy.
“easily, just tell him what you like.” she says like it was the easiest thing in the whole world.
“right that’s so easy, ‘hey shua, just to let you know that it wouldn’t hurt once in a while to slap me around, tell me what to do and call me a slut’.” you muster up the most sarcastic voice you could that it had your friend giggling over the phone.
“listen.” she manages to squeak out after fits of giggles “if you want him to spice things up a bit, all you have to is ask.” she says before bidding you farewell and ending the call.
you let out a defeated sigh before walking back down the stairs to see joshua sat on the couch watching the simpsons without a care in the world.
Tumblr media
“do we have to go.” you whine, fixing the final pieces of your hair before making sure your lipstick hasn’t smudged. looking at joshua through the reflection of the mirror to see him leant against the door frame, all suited and booted looking gorgeous as always.
“you already know my answer.” he says simply, knowing that means that yes, you both have to go. you sigh as he pushes himself forward, walking towards you in front of the mirror.
you loved your friends a lot, but tonight you were really not feeling like going out. you knew that you and joshua were both too nice than to just abruptly cancel plans.
“we don’t have to stay for long.” he says reassuring you, warm hands zipping up the final part of your dress and your feel your face grow hot at the way his other hand wraps around your waist as you feel the dress grow tighter around your body “just have to make ourselves known.”
you nod your head before you’re about to pick up your purse and walk to put your shoes on, joshua’s grip on your waist tightens, halting your movements. he spins you around, your chest flush against his and you’re about to ask him what he’s doing, until his lips find yours.
you welcome the kiss, it’s soft and sweet, just like the man himself. your arms wrap around his neck like they always do, you’re about to pull away but he doesn’t let you. he kisses you faster and harder, hands gripping onto your body so tight you can’t help but gasp, giving joshua the perfect opportunity to slide his tongue between your lips.
you felt as though you were melting in his arms, wanting nothing more than to grip onto his hair but he had already spent so long trying to style it perfectly for tonight. you were already so shocked about his sudden burst, nothing prepared you for when his hand hooks under your thigh pulling your leg up to hook around his waist. large hand resting firmly on your ass and before you know it giving it a harsh squeeze.
“you look gorgeous.” he mumbles against your lips, his breath was hot against your face. joshua complimenting you was not uncommon, but there was something about this moment, his hand landing on your ass as he kissed you like a man starved that made the compliment shoot straight to your core.
“y-you look great too.” you manage to squeak out, hoping your compliment made him feel as good as his did for you.
joshua was a man who didn’t like to do anything before an event, always telling you that he wants a clear mind before having to go out. which is why you always made sure to not make any moves on him before you had to leave. which is why when he finally pulls away, red on his lips from your lipstick you couldn’t help but chase after his lips once again, needing him to kiss you like that again.
“don’t want to be late now, do we?” he says innocently, slowly pushing your leg back to the floor and you didn’t realise how much you were leaning on him until he moved his body away from yours.
he walked out the room and you manage to face the mirror once again, having to fix your lipstick and run your fingers through your hair before putting on your shoes and chasing after your boyfriend as you get into the car.
Tumblr media
“what’s wrong?” joshua asks you, concern on his features and you’re almost shocked at his naivety, trying to wrack your brains for any reason he would just act out randomly like that. despite loving every second of it, you couldn’t help but feel angry because now he was sat innocently next to you making conversation across the table while you only clouded your brain with dirty thoughts of him.
“you alright baby?” he whispers in your ear again, warm hand landing on your bare thigh. an innocent action that joshua always did to make you feel calm and grounded, but tonight it was only making you spiral further.
“yes thank you.” you reply, hoping he can’t hear the desperation in your voice as your hand lands on his momentarily before going back to fiddle with the bracelet on your wrist.
you both sit for some time longer, his hand still resting on your thigh as you look at him every now and then, plump lips often curved up into a smile while deep in conversion, sharp eyebrows furrowing every now and then. everything about this man makes you weak in the knees.
“we don’t have to stay much longer.” joshua whispers to you, probably confusing your fidgeting for being bored but in reality you just needed him. you simply just nod at him, a small smile on your lips that he returns making your heart skip a beat.
“do you want another drink?” he asks you looking at your empty glass that was in front of you, another drink was probably a bad idea. knowing that when you were tipsy, only made you even more touchy, so you simply shake your head.
the next thing you know, his fingers are dancing even further up along your thigh. but you know joshua, he always keeps a safe distance, he just had no idea how much you needed him right now. that his feather light touches against your skin did nothing to stop the ache between your legs.
“did i tell you how pretty you look tonight?” he smiles, a slight tilt of his head and you feel the heat rush to your cheeks for multiple reasons. watching his hair flop to the side slightly, making him look even more adorable
“yes, many times.” you tease him, causing him to chuckle lightly. a warm smile still on your lips but it soon falls when his fingers continue to reach higher on your leg.
you’re about to move his fingers back to the bottom of your thigh, tell him that he’s teasing you but you’re cut off when his fingertips dance along the out side of your panties.
“lace?” he whispers so quietly, or maybe your own thoughts are so loud you could barely hear him but you felt his breath run through your whole body. your skin grows hot when you look back up and remember that you’re still in a very public setting. all it took was a few touches for him to feel, slowly soaked, material and realise you wore his favourite.
“my pretty girl was sat so innocently knowing she’s wearing my favourite pair of panties on?” he hums but you’re just so shocked you cant even wrack your brains for a witty reply “how evil of you not to tell me baby.”
you feel his finger push past the fabric of your panties, cold air rushing against your heat and you feel your lower belly tighten as you grip onto his wrist so tight you feel your fingers go cold.
“what’s wrong?” joshua asks you, concern on his features and you’re almost shocked at his antics, this was just so unlike joshua. he still managed to look you in your eye when his finger traced a teasing line up your slit, only you were the one that caved in, mouth hanging open as a content sigh left your lips.
when he let his finger slide between your folds, pushing so far into you that you could feel the cold band of his ring, a soft whimper left your lips at the feeling. all before you bite the inside of your cheek to suppress any other noises that threatened to spill from your lips.
"shua what are you doing?" you manage you get out between small breaths, his finger moving at such slow pace in and out of your core that it was driving you wild. the look in your eyes was enough for joshua to want to take you right then and there.
this dimly lit restaurant was hardly full, it's not like anyone would notice joshua with his finger buried knuckle deep in your cunt, not unless you gave the game away.
"you have to be quiet baby." he says, his tone riddled with fake sympathy, his bottom lip jutting out slightly as he watches your eyes fall to his mouth "we wouldn't want everyone to see how much my pretty whore likes being touched in public." he whispers in your ear and you cant help but buck your hips against his hand.
"your needy cunt is taking me in so easily." your confused expression and your mouth hanging open slightly doesn’t halter his movements, not when your legs spread even further for him. feeling you clench around him just with his words.
“aren’t you mine?” he asks even though you thought it was a no brainier, you remind him almost every day that you’re his but you feel like there’s something to it so you humour him anyway.
“then don’t i get to touch you like this whenever i want to?”
what the fuck has gotten into him?
"c-can we go home?" you ask him, watching a smirk make it's way onto his lips.
after joshua pulling out and giving you a second or two to compose yourself, the pair of you manage to mumble some sort of excuse to your friends as to why you have to leave early. and they know you and joshua so to them, there’s nothing to sceptical about.
neither of you manage to make it out the door to go home because you find yourselves making out against the wall in the corridor to the restaurant that seemed to be empty. public fooling had never been up joshua’s street but you let him push you against this wall and kiss all down your neck.
“red looks really good on you.” you squeak out, referring to the red tie that rested on his body along with his black suit. you watch him lick his lips before smiling softly down at you, smile widening when he pushes his thigh between your legs.
“how good?” he asks you like you could even register what he was on about when his thigh comes in contact with your clothed pussy.
“you look so fucking good.” you mumble, head thrown back against the wall when his hands push your hips along his thigh, causing you to hold back the whine that wanted to bubble out.
you’re so lost in the feeling, loving the way he gripped onto your body tightly. nose nudging against your jaw as you felt his breath hit your neck for the millionth time that night, the laughter from the main restaurant pulled you soon into reality.
“what’s going on?” you manage to bring yourself back into reality, even though you were enjoying this moment a little too much, you knew this was a little too unlike joshua.
“what do you mean?” he asks you, his hands lose their grip on your waist and you half your movements against his thigh for a brief moment to watch him look at you like he had no idea what you were talking about.
“josh, this isn’t like you?” you raise your eyebrows at him and watch his dark eyes soften slightly, watching the tip of his ears burn red as he pulls his gaze away from your eyes like he was embarrassed “what’s going on?” you ask the same question.
“isn’t this what you wanted?” he asked you, tone filled with regret like he was embarrassed and you move your hands to cup his cheeks. confused was an understatement as you tilt your head to the side slightly, urging him to continue.
“i thought you didn’t want me to be vanilla” he says and it feels like a stab to the chest, he heard you.
“no joshua, what we have is perfect.” you say your heart rate increasing by the second at the thought he had been burdening himself with the thoughts that you weren’t satisfied with your sex life.
“that’s not what i heard.” he says calmly, he’s not angry or upset he simply just looks neutral. carrying on this conversation calmly like he doesn’t have his thigh resting between your legs.
“i just don’t want you to find our sex life boring, to find me boring.” he says dejected and you almost kick yourself for how stupid you have been.
“i promise you that’s not true at all, i love everything how it is.” you say rushed, holding his face even tighter in your hands and he knows you mean that, he knows you mean every word of it.
“i’m sorry if i upset you.” you say, chest tightening feeling the urge to hold back your tears but his soft hands cupping your cheeks is enough reassuring that he’s not upset.
“i’m not upset, i just wish you told me what you wanted.” he says, thumb stroking your cheek and you see the caring joshua, not the one that was touching you under the table telling you that you had to be quiet “i’m here to please you”
that’s what brings the mood back to what it was, his tone dripping in lust as he falls back into the role he was once playing before he went all soft. watching your eyes snap back to his face, you’re not convinced.
“do you want it too?” you ask shyly, biting your lip when you feel his thigh flex against your pussy, he wasn’t messing around tonight but you still had to make sure that he was happy.
“let me see.” he hums with a smirk on his lips, bringing his face closer to your ear so you could feel his warm breath touching along your neck
“how could i not want to ruin your pretty body?” your hands grip onto his shoulders as he places a small kiss onto your shoulder “pretty girl so needy she couldn’t wait till we get home.” joshua smirks as you realise you’re still both stood against the wall of this random restaurant that he dragged you to tonight.
“i’m enjoying this a lot more than i thought i would.” you didn’t know if he was referring to your make out session, touching you under the table or pushing his thigh against your pussy in the hallway. either way all he knew was that he could’ve had all this fun so much earlier.
“s-shall we go?” you ask shakily and halfheartedly because the last thing you wanted was to pull away from your boyfriends warm touch.
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“now, let’s see.” joshua mumbles, having you stood in front of him innocently waiting for his instructions like he asked you to. you both managed to make it home despite you trying to jump his bones in the car park, he had to use all his determination to get you in the car.
“can you turn around for me baby?” he asks you so politely that you can’t help but comply straight away hands resting by your sides as you hear some fumbling behind you but you still wait patiently.
“if i do something you dont like, promise you’ll tell me?” he asks you, soft voice and you smile even though he can’t see you.
“i promise.” you reassure him, knowing you’ll love anything you do with him anyway.
“good girl.” his voice drops and you feel arousal shoot through you at the words. his warm hands grab both of your wrists as you feel him pull them together, the next thing you know a soft material is binding them together making you look over your shoulder.
his red tie, wrapped around your wrists to keep them from moving out of place “face me baby.” he says and you do, looking at how he’s unbuttoned the first few buttons of his dress shirt, exposing his chest that you wanted to kiss so badly, but you couldn’t, not right now anyway.
“get on your knees.” he demands, watching you slowly sink to your knees infront of your boyfriend. looking up at him through your eyelashes as he unzips and pulls down his trousers along with his underwear. freeing his cock from the confines of his clothes, hands moving behind your back wanting nothing more than to touch.
“be a good little slut and suck why don’t you?” he says with a hum, head tilting and a smirk on his lips when you open your mouth and let your tongue slip out in front of him. a sight joshua would never get sick of seeing, watching you looking up at him with your pretty gaze that had him weak in the knees.
hand resting behind your head as you let your lips wrap around the tip of his cock, slowly taking him in even further, coating him in your saliva. you took him as far as you could watching his mouth open as his eyes closed. a soft hum leaving his lips as you can’t help but let the noise turn you on, you had been soaked in your panties for what feels like hours at this point.
you and joshua both knew you could do so much more if you had your hands, he wanted to do something new today. when he heard you on the phone he had no idea what you wanted him to change, but he figured he might as well push his own boundaries. joshua seemed to have other thoughts for you as he’s pulling your face away from his dick.
“let me fuck your face?” he says so innocently, his tone so sweet compared to the filthy words that just left them it almost gave you whiplash. you were stunned by the way he had the most angelic face along with the most angelic voice only to say the most lewd things.
“please.” you whimper slightly and his soft smile is replaced by a much more devilish smirk. both of his large hands wrapping around your hair as you relax your jaw, taking a deep breath before letting his warm cock into your mouth again.
“fuck.” joshua screws his eyes shut after pushing his hips forwards and into your mouth before back off and repeating his actions over and over.
“such a good whore, you always take cock so well.” he mumbles absentmindedly, rocking his hips into your mouth watching your eyes well up and he’s almost worried until he sees your hand wander between your thighs and play with yourself.
“such a dirty girl, does getting your face fucked turn you on that much?” he chuckles but it’s cut short from the moan that escapes his lips, he won’t last much longer, not with the way you were looking at him and the way you started to play with yourself.
“will my pretty girl let me cum down her throat?” joshua looks so good like this, unbuttoned shirt showing his glistening chest and the way he looked down at you like you were the only person in the world. your other hand comes up to stroke his thigh lightly, a small indication to show him you want that.
“fuck, i’m not gonna last.” he pants, hips stuttering as you feel him release into your mouth, it’s hot, but you swallow it all anyway sticking out your tongue to show him for good measure.
“such a dirty girl.”
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