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#kpop memes

Its freakin happening, the rooftop fight…. Nct dream are gonna fight in suits on a rooftop…

2021 is gonna start a weird one…

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Tweets about Nari: NCT 2020 part 1


This took me waaaayyy too long. Why am I a boomer though? Like I remember being told by a teacher one time that I was too formal in my teenager imitation but like I am a teen???

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I think I look great seating on this couch.
I think you'd look great lying on my bed too.
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*jonghyun eating*

producer to jonghyun: won’t the other members be eating more delicious food?

jonghyun: minho and key went to london, right? i think this is better than fish & chips- switzerland has a lot of snow so taemins’ probably eating snow-

*show literally cuts to taemin eating snow*

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IN as the cat was so cute lmao 😭😂

Rooting for Got7! 💚

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Hwasa: Let’s have a baby together-

*Wheein squints eyes*

Wheein: I AM baby.

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Wanna join a memes groupchat on instagram ?? Sign up here:

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Not me crying on my time

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Jisung, texting Chenle: answer your phone

Chenle, texting back: gimme a minute, i can’t find my phone

Jisung: oh okay

Jisung, five minutes later: You’re a terrible person. You know you’re killing me. You’re killing your friend.

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