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#kpop scenarios

— Cheating Boyfriend Yunho Drabble

  • Warning - toxic relationship, kinda of gaslighting, profanity and mentions of cheating.
  • BTS, NCT , ATEEZ , request open


“You know you play the part of a loving boyfriend so well that you almsot had me convinced that you really loved me.” You faked a laugh as you took a light sip of your wine. As soon as you spoke those words the tension in the room grew. It was suffocating the both of you the longer the deafing silence went on. Fear was sparkling in his eyes when you finally looked up from your dinner plate and then you knew he had finally caught on.

“I’m not playing a part, Y/n. I love you too the moon and back, what makes you think I don’t?” He tried to switch up the blame, he tried to make it seem like you were the oh so bad guy claiming that the other person in the relationship didn’t love them. But in reality you truly did love him, you loved that man so much that you practically gave up everything you loved so you two could focus on his stupid career instead. “See this just proves my point, you’re not even trying to explain yourself.”

“Do not try to pin this on me when you’re the one who has a whole other life I don’t know about!” You accused as you abruptly stood up from your chair. The legs squeaking against the hard wood floor, and the sound that usually made your hair stand on end, didn’t affect you one bit. Becaue your sights were focused on the cheater in front of you. The cheater who had the audacity to sit there and try to defend his actions by putting all the blame on you. It doesn’t take much to put two and two together, becaue you knew that coming home late at night every night was not a good thing. That stupid perfume that lingered around him wasn’t even your style anyways, but what set everything in to place was you catching him in the act. “You want me to prove my point, okay. Then why don’t you explain to me who that women was at the coffee shop last night?”

“You’re overreacting about nothing! She’s a co-worker, all we were doing was going over song samples for the upcoming album.” Yunho scoffed as he rolled his eyes at your accusations. But he knew deep down that his little story wasn’t the full truth. She was a co-worker that was the only truth to his made up story, but in reality they weren’t discussing song samples they were discussing baby names. Baby names for a someone who was already four months pregnant.

“You know if I was any more stupid than the next person I would have believed that story, but I did notice one particular action take place. You kissed her Yunho.” Your voice was pathetic. It shook on each word, as your vision was beginning to blur. You kept telling yourself that it wasn’t true, but when you spoke it into the universe it had became true. Judging by the way his eyebrows dropped and his mouth gaping open, you knew it was true. “Yunho, I loved you —“

“Hold up, Y/n, why are you saying loved. You still love me I know you do, and I still love you.” He was frantic in his speed. Within a second he was jumping out of his chair and rushing towards your side. What do you mean by loved, why would you use the past tense version of something when you were still together. This was a simple mistake he made, and he’ll fix it. He has to be able to fix it, because he can’t bear the thought of losing someone he’d grown so close too. In many more ways than one.

“Yunho, you betrayed be the moment you let someone love you in the way that I’m only supposed to. As soon as you had to keep a relationship defining secret from me this whole thing was doomed.” You huffed a breath to try and keep yourself at bay. He didn’t deserve your tears, no person who treats you like you were a disposable choice deserve to have any sympathy surrounding them. “I’m begging you to get all of your stuff and leave me alone.”

“Baby, I’ll end it! She means nothing to me, because you — you mean everything to me.” Tears gathered in his eyes as he tried to reach out for your hands, and he physically felt his heart shatter when you pulled away. Like you were repulsed at the thought of him touching you anymore, and it was true. You didn’t want his grimy hands anywhere near. All you truly wanted was to be left alone at this point.

“Look, I don’t know how long that was going on, but that doesn’t matter. You doing that just proves that I never mattered to you in the first place, so please I’m asking — no, no , I’m telling you. Get you shit and leave my house.” You spat at his pathetic form as you eyed him without a single drop of sympathy in your eyes.

“Baby, please you don’t mean that. Come on we can work this out like it’s another old problem.” He tried to bargain with you. Key word tried, but you didn’t care.

“Don’t “baby” me asshole, I mean it get you shit out of my house and never and I mean never come near me again.” Your words had stunned him and it made him freeze in his tracks. His mouth was dropped into an open state, his cheeks were puffy from crying and his voice was growing hoarse.

“Okay, I’ll be out in a couple of days.” He watched in dispair as you disappeared up the dark stairs. This was when the reality of the situation finally set it, you knew about the other women. You knew that he wasn’t faithful, but there was nothing he could do at this point. This was his mistake that he was going to have to deal with for the rest of his life. Even if he did love you, it was too late. Because now you wanted nothing to do with him.

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My Little Prince


Originally posted by holy-yeosang


Well I really tried, I’ve been trying to learn more about this so if I didn’t do it justice I’m truly sorry anonnie 💜


Warning: Fluffy, short and mock nursing

You were fully aware that your boyfriend was running on little sleep these days and you wished that you could do more to help him to relax.

Presently this evening you had stolen Hongjoong away from his schedule long enough to allow him to slip into little space and you weren’t complaining in the slightest.

You adored the way that he clung to you after you dried him off after bath time and he appeared to be in a mischievous mood after his bath rather than relaxed.

“Joongie don’t get to close to the television, you’re going to hurt your eyes!” You scolded him lightly and felt your heart flutter when he turned to look at you with pouty eyes and a trembling lower lip.

“But mommy! Wanted to see it close.” Hongjoong whined as he crawled back to the sofa, allowing you to help him onto the furniture.

“We can see it well enough from here.” You reassured him softly, purring in contentment as you held him close to your chest and sensed his heart beating rapidly against your side.

“’m sowwy mommy…” Hongjoong mumbled, exhaling deeply and fisting his hands in your shirt.

“It’s okay, prince.” The tender strokes of your fingers through his locks was soothing to him and for a period of time he watched the television until he turned to nuzzle into your chest, humming quietly in a small voice.

“wuv you mommy.” He cooed sweetly and giggled from the warmth and comfort that he experienced from you as he nibbled at your breast through your shirt, drooling onto the fabric.

“I love you too, Joongie baby.” You replied lovingly, deciding that you would probably change your shirt later. You gazed down at him adoringly and rubbed his back softly.

“Precious boy.” You purred softly and gazed down at him, watching with piqued curiosity when his mouth latched onto your clothed nipple to suck, though you didn’t mind because he was in need of stress relief and you found it relaxing as well even if your shirt was warm and damp in that general area now.

Instinctively you cradled the back of his head while redirecting your attention to the television, intertwining your warm fingers with his digits and holding his hand affectionately while inhaling the scent of the cleaning product that you had used on him earlier.

The peacefulness of the moment lulled you into drowsiness, though you struggled to stay awake because quiet moments alone with Hongjoong were rare and you wanted to treasure the moment with him.

“Always perfect to me,” You comment softly and thread your fingers through his hair affectionately, “My little prince.” You add as he drifts off to sleep in your arms, breathing steadily at a gentle rhythm as you watched him for a long time with adoration bubbling up inside of you.

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Author’s note: I wrote this at 3am. Spare me some mistakes along the way if there is. Haha. I was going through a tough week this week and wrote this to comfort myself. I hope you like it. Feedback is welcome 😊

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Best friends to lovers au


A sigh escaped from your lips as you tiredly took off your shoes and tossed your bag on the living room couch. You then head up to your room to shower. You had a rough day, no scratch that, a few rough weeks going on. It’s one of those moments where everything seemed to pile up and you’re lost and just feeling frustrated and irritated.

From financial issues to family issues to personal issues, life never seems to give you a break. You’re mentally exhausted and physically tired from having to deal with your new job as a waitress. During your off days, it was always chores to do, errands to run and things to do. It might be great if you’ve some alone time to yourself.

After finished showering and feeling a bit better than before, you decided to try and write down your thoughts on your journal since life has been really hectic these past few days and people say it works. Your mind was running wild but the paper in front of you remains blank. You put down your pen and sighed and just blankly looked at the wall

You were thinking so much at the same time. You recently broke up with your boyfriend of two years a few months ago. It was your first heartbreak, of course you know it’s going to hurt but you didn’t expect to hurt this bad. On the side note, you were struggling with your new job as a waitress. The pay’s low but the workload was a lot. 

Add to that, you just moved in to this new mini apartment and you’re trying to pay your mortgage in time. Home isn’t a good place to go to because you and your family just had a huge argument a few days ago. 

You were always trying to be strong, if not for yourself, then for the people you love. You’d always have a smile on your face and generally just being happy. When friends asked you if you were okay, you simply replied with a yes and just shrugged it off. But deep down, you know you’re not okay. It gets lonely and sad.

At times like this, a call with your best friend, Yunho, always helps. But he’s busy with his work as well. You then went to your bed and lay down. That’s where the tears came.. Tears of all this pressure and stress, from your heartbreak to your family, to your work. It’s all too much for you to bear. You just let it all out. You need this. You kind of wish you’ve a shoulder to cry on or a simple hug would do. But you’re alone…

Your phone then rang. Tears blurring your vision, you answered without looking at the caller id. But you recognized that voice anywhere. It was Yunho.

“Hey y/n. Came to check up on how you doing cause my instincts are telling me you’re not. Call me stupid but my instincts were never wrong”, he chuckled 

You didn’t answer as you were still crying. Nothing is coming out from your mouth. You didn’t want him to worry so you covered your mouth with your hand as tears continued trickling down on your face, staining your pillow.

He knows you’re crying because his tone became serious after that

“Y/n? Are you okay? I know you’re crying. You don’t have to hide it.” 

Before you could reply, he said “That’s it. I’m coming over.”

Your eyes were red and swollen when you opened the door for him to let him in. You were looking down on the floor, not wanting him to see how bad you cried. Not that he has never seen you cry, but he has never seen you cry this bad before.

Without a word, he pulled you in for a tight hug and stroked your hair. “Shh, y/n. It’s okay. Just cry it all out. I’m here for you. Here, why don’t we sit down on your couch and then you can tell me what happened”

With those words, you started crying again. Both of you sat beside each other. After a few minutes, you tried to calm your sobs down and you then tell him what happened. Every single thing that’s been bothering you. You were a crying mess but he didn’t judge. He listened intently without asking any questions nor interrupting you. By the end of it all, what he said caught you off guard

“Lean on me, y/n. Lean your head on my shoulders and cry it all out. I’m so sorry I couldn’t always be there for you as I’m always busy with work and all. But here, I want you to rely and to lean on me, okay? 

He patted on his shoulder, signaling for you to lean on him. And you did. It feels relieving and comforting.

“Hey y/n, you don’t have to carry all this burden yourself. You don’t always have to be strong, you can be vulnerable with me. You know I’m your best friend, right? I’m not going to leave you behind. You were never alone. I’ll always be by your side. I’m here now. You’re safe with me”

You were surprised to hear this because he likes to joke and play around with you. He never fails to make you laugh or smile but today wasn’t one of those usual days. He never says things like these. You searched his face to see if there was anything suspicious or if he was joking but all you could see was concern and sincerity written on his face. 

No one has said that to you before. Not even your parents because nobody know what you’re going through. You’ve always carried burdens on you. Responsibilities and duties as an older child. Your sister was busy with college so you don’t really have the time to hang out with her as much like it was back then. Times have changed.

But what’s really unexpected was the fact that he was staring at you. Both of you were staring at each other. But then, you felt his hands slowly coming in contact with your face as he slowly caress it. You closed your eyes, surprisingly enjoying his touch. 

Strange how you both liked each other but none of you had the courage to admit it that is until now. 

“I like you y/n. Like a lot. Like a lot a lot. I know you just broke up not too long and that’s okay. you don’t have to give me an answer right now. I understand.”

Do you trust him? Yes. Do you expect this? No. But do you feel happy and safe whenever you’re with him? Yes

To that you shyly kissed his lips gently and smiled a genuine smile for the first time in weeks and replied “Yes, I do too. I like you a lot. Like really a lot, Yunho. Thank you”

As you had cried so much that day, you felt awfully tired and exhausted, he carried you to your room and cuddled with you while gently kissed your forehead.

“Good night, my love”

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ღ requested: hi can you do a verivery reaction to s/o choosing a bias in vrvr but not them, thank you, ily

ღ admin: jasmine

ღ genre: fluffy angst? like it’s not actual angst ig

ღ links: request away | m.list


Originally posted by setsmaker

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✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧

𝒩𝒶𝓂𝑒: 𝐊𝐢𝐦 𝐃𝐨𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐠

𝒢𝓇𝑜𝓊𝓅: 𝐍𝐂𝐓 𝟏𝟐𝟕

𝒲𝑜𝓇𝒹 𝒞𝑜𝓊𝓃𝓉: 753


No ones pov

It had been a few weeks since Doyoung and Y/n had talked to each other. They were both going through hard times and they both needed sometime alone.

They both blamed one another,but in reality it was their own faults

Is there another chance?

You me and the future? Is it possible?


I woke up to the alarm on my phone. I had a blaring headache and I couldn’t get out of bed. I was so weak I couldn’t do anything. Everything I did would remind me of him.

I try to ignore everything about him, but every time I do that the more he comes back into my mind. Today was the day he would come by to get his stuff, and I knew it would be hard to let go,but what could you do to a relationship you can’t fix.

I gathered all of his stuff together and put it in a box. I packed everything neatly. That’s how he liked it.

As I packed all of his stuff I remembered all the memories we had built. All of laughs just gone, nothing for us to remember, no more memories. I had to bury everything down deep to keep myself from crying. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Doyoung had made such a big impact on my life, and now that we are over I didn’t know what to do.

The bell to my door rang. I guess it’s time to let go.

I opened the door, and was surprised to see who it was. Jeahyun?

“What are you doing here?” I said sniffling a little

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ROSES :: love, passion.

words :: 600

genre :: smut, romance


“just few more baby.”

You found yourself moaning even louder at his husky muffled voice.

No further words were exchanged. The sounds of skin slapping and filthy loud whimpers filled the room which were erotic enough to trigger your neighbours. Again.

Yunho slowed his pace giving your shuddering body a time out but instantly you felt his body weight crushing your small frame as he lowered himself to place few gentle kisses on your moist plush lips. As he deepened the kiss, his lower body pushed into you as if exploring some untouched treasure. You whined against his lips, back arching to fill the minimal space between both of your bodies. with a loud smooch , he left your lips making you heavily inhale the air that you were deprived of a few seconds ago.

His hips stopped, hands gripped your sides as he pulled himself up to get in a better position to call it a day.

“ready?” he asked, breathlessly. Your state was no better as you struggled to form a response, but somehow managed to nod at him in consent.

A nod was sufficient for him to pick up the dead pace as he shoved himself into your insides , thrusts never slackening even a bit. Your curved body tried to met him at the end as he rubbed circled on your throbbing clit, crying for a desperate release. Your fingers hooked themselves into the roots of your loose hair as yunho grunted letting you know that he was close. Breathing with mouth felt inadequate as you sharply inhaled through your own nose,nearing your release.

A noisy and controlling push was all you needed as you freed yourself, yunho following suit at same time with a heavy grunt, releasing his load. as your back hit the soft mattress, you expected yunho to crush you under him but instead he detached himself from you hurriedly which was very unlike him. He would always stay until you both had calmed down to run a bath for both of you but clearly he didn’t seem to be in the mood for the usual.

Exhaustion took over you and you closed your eyes to feel the peace until yunho would call you for the bath. But what you didn’t expect was yunho to jump on  your limp body when you were least expecting it. a painful yelp left you lips but before you could scold him, your eyes were blinded with some twinkling making you close your eyes on instinct.

“hey, open your eyes.” Yunho pleaded in a soft voice.

You squinted your eyes a little to get the glimpse of something that instead widened them into eternity.

“will you marry me?”

That was so yunho.

Overwhelming feelings took over your senses as you couldn’t decide you wanted to cry or kick him for startling you like this.

Again no words were exchanged.

He looked into your orbs to find any sign of restriction but instead found them glittering with tears that surely were contrasting to the half smile that you hid beneath the soft lip biting you did when you were nervous. Without further ado , he set the box on the bed and turned to you with the giant diamond in his hands before slipping it into your third finger, all while you were gazing at him with hearty shining eyes.

You sniffled covering your face with one hand that was not enclosed in yunho’s. he cooed at your reaction and removed your hands to glance at you properly.

“you are so beautiful.” He whispered before his lips met yours in a pure, sweet kiss as if to reassure that what just happened was not an illusion but a reality that from that very moment was eternally yours!


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▶︎ sparks

→ in which a light appears

▶︎ warnings || spacing out, mentions of the pandemic

▶︎ word count || 1k+


There’s a strange energy under Taji’s skin as she arrives back at the dorm. Beyond the door, she can hear music booming and infrequent bursts of vocals from Jini.

Staring, she debates even going inside, dreading the questions from the bubbly girl.

“Fuck it,” she mutters in Japanese, making her way inside. 

Jini spins and faces her. “Hey! How did it-”

In Korean, Taji says, “This is why I didn’t want to push it and why I never want to push it.”


Ignoring her, Taji walks back to her room and changes before grabbing her bag.

Still tuning the incessant questions from Jini, Taji leaves the dorm, determined until she gets outside.

She looks around, pulling her mask into place and muttering, “Fuck. Now what?”

Having no goal in mind, Taji begins to wander, letting herself retreat into her own mind as her feet take steps she doesn’t control.

There are very few people on the street, the pandemic and its effects still reverberating throughout the country. As such, Taji can wander without fear of bumping into someone, though there is a bolt of concern every time she hears someone cough or sneeze.

Taji isn’t really sure how long she wanders, but she eventually ends up outside IKEA. The department store isn’t very busy, much like the stores around it, but there are still a decent amount of people entering and leaving the store. 

“Why not,” Taji murmurs, walking into the store.

She wanders around, looking at different items and picking a few to buy. 

As she’s looking through the makeup, she glances to her left and sees a male with a cap and mask on, debating between two face cleansers. 

“I like this brand,” Taji points to the cleanser in the man’s right hand. “It’s softer on the skin while also cleaning it really well.”

“Thanks,” the man says, putting the other product down and adjusting his cap. “I need a new cleanser because my old one is just drying my face out.”

Taji nods. “It’s a common problem.” She finally looks at his face. “Wait.”

He chuckles. “I was wondering how long it would take you to notice.”

“Listen, your entire face was covered,” Taji snarks. “It’s nice to meet you, though, Jaehyun-sunbaenim.”

“That sounded clunky coming from you,” Jaehyun comments.

Taji rolls her eyes. “I never use that term. Ever.”

“Then call me oppa.”


Jaehyun places a hand on his heart. “Harsh.”

“Deal with it, Jaehyun-ssi,” Taji says, grinning.

“I can’t see your face and I can tell you’re grinning.” He shakes his head. “Are you this mean to everyone you meet?”

Chuckling, she shrugs. “Nope. Just you.”

“Did we become friends in our dreams or something?”

“Not that I know of.”

Jaehyun huffs out a laugh. “Is there a specific reason then?”

“You seem like you’d be cool with me being real with you instead of all the fake niceties.”

“I am.” Jaehyun nods. “Sometimes all the niceties get old. It’s refreshing to see that some people don’t care about those.”

Taji’s stomach rumbles and she blushes. “Wanna grab some food?”


Sitting down at the IKEA Cafe (after wiping down the table), Taji and Jaehyun chat as they munch on food. 

“Honestly, I can’t wait,” Taji says as Jaehyun tells her about the upcoming NCT promotions. “Like you guys are so cool. I wish we had an ounce of the talent you guys have. Maybe we’d actually be popular.”

Jaehyun shakes his head. “You guys are talented in a different way than we are. And you’re also popular in your own circle.”

Taji frowns. “It is bad that it doesn’t feel like it’s enough? Like I don’t want to be greedy but I want to be popular outside our circle.”

“That’s not greedy. It’s normal. It’s okay to appreciate the fans you have and still want more.”

“It feels wrong,” Taji says, shrugging. “Anyway, you’re probably busy so-”

“Not really.”


“If you want to leave, then you can,” Jaehyun says, smiling.

“But you’re older.”

“What was that about niceties?”

Taji stares at him.

“Kidding.” Jaehyun grabs his phone from his pocket and types something before turning it to face her, revealing a phone number. “That’s my number. Let’s chat later, yeah?”

Taji blushes and nods as she takes a picture of the number. “Sure.”

With a grin, Jaehyun stands and slips back on. “I’ll be going.”


Taji then watches as he leaves, barely concealing the hearts in her eyes.

After he leaves, though, the pain and sadness she had been shoving into the corner of her mind comes barreling back out. Looking around, she sighs, envying the happy people eating with friends.

Slipping her mask back on, she pulls up the contacts in her phone, deciding who to call to come get her. 

Junji was out of the question, as was Jini. Hwan was busy with his family and Taji really didn’t want to deal with Blair’s questions. So that left one person.

Clicking on the contact, Taji calls the only person that’s not likely to bother her about her current state, hoping he’s awake.

“Taji?” Tobi answers, confusion lacing his tone. “Why are you-”

“Can you come pick me up from IKEA? I think it’s the one closest to our dorm. I mean, I hope so. That’s a long way to walk if not.”

“Okay?” Tobi sounds more confused. “I’ll be there soon.”

It takes the older boy around twenty minutes to get to Taji and they’re soon on their way back to the dorm.

As they approach the dorm, Taji turns to Tobi. “Please don’t tell them, like, anything.”

Tobi rolls his eyes. “So you went to IKEA. What’s the big deal?”

“I just- no one needs to know that I spaced out so much that I wound up at IKEA, okay?”

“And why would they ask me about it? Me, the person you talk least to.”

Taji frowns. “I don’t know. Just don’t say anything.”

“Yeah, yeah. I get it.”

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[09:30] “Kihyun, it snowed!” He released a low grumble in response. “Come on, Ki. We have to go out and enjoy the snow!”

You gently pulled the covers off of him; he was fully awakened by the cold. Kihyun opened his drowsy eyes and saw you changing into warm layers. It didn’t help that the light from the window made your skin glow. All he wanted was to admire you, not some momentary snow.

“I can think of better things to do, y/n,” your boyfriend smirked. He laid on his side, his head perched on his elbow, admiring the view. You noticed this and dressed quicker.

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Anon: Moonbin x reader where reader is Jinjin’s younger sibling. Reader and Moonbin were dating behind Jinjin’s back, and when Jinjin finds out, he doesn’t approve of them so Moonbin and reader run away until years later when they return and Jinjin isn’t mad anymore.

*i slightly changed this request in order to make it gender neutral :)

Warnings: verbal fighting, a lil angsty at times, mentions of death and food

Word count: 2.7k


Originally posted by kpop-imagines-s

In your bedroom, you quickly reach for your phone since you heard it vibrate. Noticing Moonbin’s name on the screen, you sprawl out on your bed and hurriedly open the message.

i’m coming over today ! with the rest of the boys so they can keep Jinwoo distracted ;)

You hear a knock on the door, so you quickly toss your phone away before Jinjin steps into your room.

“Hey, [y/n], my friends are coming over today so don’t be too annoying, okay?” he says, a serious look on his face. You know he’s joking, though.

“I know!” you say, burying your head in your pillow.

“You knew that my friends were coming or you knew to not be annoying?” Jinjin asks, teasing you.

You groan in response.

“Anyway, just thought I should let you know,” he says, closing your door behind him as he leaves.

An hour later, the doorbell rings, and you jump out of bed but immediately stop yourself. If you run to the front door now, Jinjin will definitely get suspicious. You’ve been dating his friend, Moonbin, in secret for a few months now. Jinjin will definitely not approve, so you’ve had to hide it.

You tap your feet, trying so hard to hold back from rushing to see your boyfriend.

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Thank you for requesting!🥰



He came back home after work, locking the door behind him, looking for you in the kitchen right after putting down his bag on the closest chair.

Honeybear, are you here?” He calls out, usually not the type to be that cheesy with nicknames, but it came out naturally from his mouth this time. -“I’m here…” you sigh after finishing doing the laundry for the second time today, going to meet your smiley partner. -“How did you call me?” You say teasingly while walking to him and wrapping your arms around his waist, but can’t help the redness coming up to your cheeks, filling your face with heat. “My honeybear.” He repeats, hugging your shoulders tighter, he was as red as you at this point and you were thankful that he didn’t see how much of a blushing mess you were.

But he pulls away rather quickly, cupping your face. “Aigoo… My honeybear is blushing…” he teases you. -“hey! What are you talking about? Look at your face, you look like a tomato.” You pout and he laughs at you cute reaction.



Jinwoo asked you to take some pics of him once he found an aesthetic place to do so in after your dinner date.

You did your best, knelt down to take the pictures from a better angle, even almost lied on the floor from being too creative. He came closer to see the pics and asked for few more, you see how his face became sour a bit which means he didn’t like the ones you took so far.

-“Like this?” You ask him before you continue, He sighs and swipes the camera roll fast to find the pose he liked the most. You nod your head and go back to the photographer position, he checks them again and you notice his pissed off face. “No, no babe. Like this.” The cute way he just named you made both of you blush, it came out fluently from between his lips as he was used to it. Your smile stretched from ear to ear and you look down to cover it.

After finishing the photo shoot session, he thanked you and said, “I should call you babe more often.” Nonchalantly, as if his heart wasn’t racing.

-“I’d like it.”



“Shut the hell up sanha!” You shout into the phone as sanha, your best friend just teased you about the date you had yesterday with Dongmin, your boyfriend.

Sanha just laughed his evil, yet pure laugh as a reply, as the door of your room suddenly opened at once. -“Is everything okay, precious?” He hurried to say with his eyes widened as you hold the phone a bit far from your ear to hear Dongmin better and not noisy sanha.

“What is it? Did he just call you-“ you hear sanha say and laugh over the phone as you accidentally tapped the speaker button but you were fast enough to hang up before he crossed any line.

You didn’t pay attention to what Dongmin called you in the first time, but now when you do, you feel the heat coming up to your cheeks and smile widely. “Uhm… yeah yeah, it was just sanha, don’t mind him.” You wanted to bury yourself as your cheeks probably were already red as fresh strawberries. -“Yeah, Yoon sanha…” he sighs and smiles to you with his perfect eye smile you love so much. “Say that again.” You suddenly said, not realizing you really did. -“Yoon sanha…?” He repeats your friend’s name as you try hard not to burst out laughing at his cute misunderstanding. “No! That name you called me two minutes ago.” Your heart beats faster as he repeats it, asking if you want dinner while he became a cherry tomato with that redness on his cheekies.



“Hon’, dinner is ready.” Bin knocks three times on the shower door and announces. It’s the first time you stay at his place and you felt a bit embarrassed to take a shower there but he made you feel comfortable as he always does. He couldn’t see since you only replied a soft, -“okay, I’m coming out.” But your cheeks were as hot as if you just got out of the sauna.

Biting onto your bottom lip gently, you came out of the shower, meeting your boyfriend’s back facing you as he organized the dining table neatly and beautiful. -“Oh, binnie.” You back hug him as you can feel him giggling to your touch. “Honey, you look so fresh… my favorite.” He turns around and sniffs your hair, adding that pet name again. -“Stop, you’re making my heart jump.” You hit his chest playfully and say, he gets flustered the moment he realizes you like the new nickname and pulls you closer to a hug.



Minhyuk reached his arms around your waist while you mixed the already cooked vegetables in the pan, his head is popping beside yours so you can notice him from the corner of your eye.

“Minhyuk…” you call softly, he slightly grips on your frame too tight which makes it harder for you to cook. You take his hands off of you gently as you notice his small pout, -“But baby~” he whines in the most cute way could be, calling you baby for the first time. “Aish… are you really the guy who can’t stand aegyo?” You turn your head to him, heart beating faster than it ever did.

-“You owe me a cuddle then.” He moves aside, only watching you now. “Only if you keep calling my baby for the rest of your life.” You smirk and say without gazing at him, as if you weren’t getting the color of the tomato you just took off from the stove. -“You shouldn’t even have to ask.” He smirks back, cringing right after from his own words.



“Sanha! Congratulations~” you run towards your boyfriend who just won in the music show, finally reaching his long frame, hugging him tight.

-“oh!” He was surprised since everything happened so fast, -“sugar, you’re here.” He pats your head you rested on his chest/shoulders. You look up at him, lifting your eyebrows because you think you misheard him.

“Hm…?” You mumble, pouting your lips a bit. -“Nothing. I’m just happy you came, my sugar pie.” He pats your hair once again and repeats the pet name he gave you, your eyes widen at his nonchalant affection and you hide you face back in his chest, slightly squealing from his sweet talking.

-“Hey~~~ Yoon sanha is blushing…” Myungjun announces out loud to the other members, pointing at sanha’s red cheeks as sanha death glared at him, and lastly at you who looked at him once again, getting a forehead kiss from your boyfriend.

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Han Seungwoo, Do Hanse & Lim Sejun.

Angst, fluff. Angst with fluffy ending. Nightmares. Something I wrote for myself, trying to give myself hope to walk through the storm.


I find myself lying on wet grass. Cold drops seep through the light cotton of my T-shirt and wet my skin with icy kisses.

My eyes are fixed on the stars. A dark mantle falls over the world and plunges it into cold, silent darkness. In the distance only the song of crickets can be heard, the stirring of branches under the force of the cool breeze and the rushing of a stream crashing against the rocks.

Memories seem to flutter behind my pupils, like pictures stained with sepia and gray shadows. Images pass quickly in front of my eyes and my pupils follow in their haste, making me feel dizzy.

The dark veil of night falls even further on the stars, darkening them among shades of lead. A piercing pain seems to pierce my chest and my eyes are flooded with bitter tears. Acid seems to run down my throat and tears my insides apart with despair and hatred.

In the distance a soft melody is heard in contrast to the piercing pain hammering inside my skull. I am paralyzed, suspended in an endless moment, and just when I can open my mouth to let out a muffled scream, I wake up.

The first thing I can perceive is the warmth of a body that holds me, then I can feel the light of the sun that rises beyond the horizon creeping past my eyelids as they flutter while I’m trying to awake. A soft melody accompanied by gentle caresses getting rid of the salty rivers that stain my cheeks.

I raise a trembling hand blindly, pushing forward and my fingers come into contact with soft, warm skin. My eyes open even though they feel so heavy and the first thing I see are Seungwoo’s dark eyes. Eyes clouded with worry.

He’s sitting on my bed, the door wide open behind him, letting me see beyond the frame. His grape-colored hair is disheveled, dark cotton t-shirt and light jeans. The thin chain with his birth flower pendant accompanied by his name in golden italics on his chest, a small gift I had given him some birthdays ago.

I gently caress his right cheek and he pushes his face even closer to my touch. The palm of my right hand rests on his chest and the soft vibration of the humming melody calms me. A tired smile slowly raises the corners of my lips, and his eyes follow the movement, his lips copying it without even noticing it.

Golden light, sweet morning breeze and birds singing in the distance.

Sweet oasis caught in his chocolate-colored irises.


Dark curls flutter in the breeze, interrupting the scenario before my eyes.

Hundreds, maybe thousands of sprouts of different colors and sizes, framed by the golden light of the sun. The breeze makes them sway gently and makes them dance in the warmth of the spring afternoon.

I walk slowly on the fresh grass, the shiny edges tickling the skin of my bare feet. I step between the stems, avoiding bumping into any sprouts for fear of harming them. An indescribable mixture of essences flutters in the wind, enveloping me in magic powder and light.

I close my eyes and fill my lungs with the soft smell, feeling the warmth and sweetness of the sunset surrounding me in a melancholic embrace.

My eyelids flutter a couple of times until they close and I can see in my mind a scenario very similar to the one I’m in.

I’m suspended a hundred meters from the ground, and from here I can see the world in its shining splendor.

Tree trunks almost as high as the sky, birds that allow the breeze to guide them home.

A sigh and a soft smile.

Suddenly I begin to descend. Rapidly and uncontrollably.

The fall of a cursed angel being expelled from the stars.

My heart hits against my ribs, like a caged animal trying to escape. Trying to escape from what seemed to be our fate. Crashing into the soft, shiny grass in a rough, sharp blow.

My hands are raised in a futile attempt to cover my face and I’m brought to the present in a strong shock that leaves me breathless for a few seconds.

As I open my eyes again my hands are still suspended in front of my eyes, the warmth of a body envelops me, arms held tightly around my waist. A face looking at me with crossed eyes in fear and anxiety over my right shoulder.

I slowly raise my right hand until it hits the warm skin of Sejun’s face, my eyes meet his and a pitiful smile adorns my lips. His turquoise hair is stirred in the cool breeze and his eyebrows are furrowed, a grimace on his pink lips.

My fingertips gently caress his right cheekbone and his expression gently melts. His eyelashes flutter until his eyes close and he blindly drops a kiss on my wrist.

Oasis of pearly glow. Red roses like rubies creating crimson shadows on his skin.


The artificial light from the studio slips behind my pupils, the cold from the AC slips past the wool of my sweater. A gentle rhythm is stirred in the middle of the four walls.

I find myself sitting on the dark sofa in the studio. My worn-out sneakers rest on the edge of the coffee table, knees pressed against my chest, arms wrapped around my legs. Hands intertwined over my ankles.

I nibble at the soft flesh on the inside of my left cheek, my tongue stirring over the little tickle that the sharp edges of my teeth leave behind.

The melody is repeated for the fourth time and my fingers follow the rhythm at the same time, the tinkling of my rings colliding with each other is the only sound I manage to make.

Pins and needles move under my skull. Sharp, buried like claws in my brain, disrupting neural connections and causing my memory to fail for a few seconds.

I remove my feet from the coffee table, resting them on the dark wood of the floor. I lay my elbows on my thighs and drop my head between my hands, closing my eyes and sighing slowly.

The studio seems to darken behind my eyelids and when I stand up I find myself in an empty, infinite place.

Infinite darkness. Infinite solitude. Infinite desolation.

Empty, left aside. Abandoned.

Long bony fingers settle on my neck, tangling in my dark hair. My eyes are flooded with salty tears and I am paralyzed. Terrified.

A soft warmth runs through my arms, like a sweet and velvety caress. A caress that is born on my shoulders and dies on my wrists again and again. A halo of light seems to cut through the darkness in front of me and slowly, I walk towards it.

I open my eyes and can see that I’m still in the studio, for real this time.

My elbows aren’t resting on my thighs anymore, my hands have let go of my head and instead they fall inertly on my sides, dark curls covering my face like a heavy curtain.

I feel the warmth of Hanse’s hands running down my arms, trying to get my fingers to intertwine with his and when they fail, his hands go on their way once more to my shoulders.

I slowly raise my head and look into his eyes. Mine are still flooded with tears that leave a small puddle on the dark wood, his darkened in sharp pain and despair.

He takes me by the shoulders with strength and forces me to stand on my weak legs, taking me between his arms, his left hand caressing my back with softness and his right hand taking my neck softly, keeping my face against his chest.

I take the dark fabric of his T-shirt between my closed fists, and bury my face in his chest, allowing his essence to calm the rush of my heart.

Salty tears die on the fabric and my eyes follow the dark lines of the tattoos on his chest, the stretched neck of his T-shirt letting me glimpse fractions of the ink.

Hanse lets a sweet kiss fall on my forehead and then with his eyes closed he buries his face in my hair, locks of his own jet-black hair covering his eyes.

Oasis of darkness adorned in golden threads covered in agate stones, black onyx and emeralds. Oasis of night that expands over his chest.


I find myself once again lying on wet grass, looking up at the starry sky. The singing of the crickets in the distance, the breeze, the fresh water running.

I stretch out my arms as if trying to reach for some star, to try holding it between my fingers.

A soft smile raises the corners of my lips and I close my eyes.

When I open them again, before my brain can even process what is happening I can hear Sejun’s loud laughter, accompanied by a small chuckle from Hanse.

Seungwoo looks at me softly. Sunsets and sunrises of gold and ochre are trapped in his pupils. A calm, soft smile frames his nibbled lips. The shadows of the leaves of the old oak tree under which we sit, let halos of sunlight escape between their dark edges, making silhouettes dance on the skin of his face.

My fingers play with the frayed edges of the blanket on which we are sitting, making as a red and white checkered tablecloth on which those characters from old movies had their summer afternoon picnics.

Sejun had asked us that afternoon to accompany him to the park, a promise of sweets and soft drinks mixed with wine or rum and a playful wink.

By the time we arrived that afternoon, Hanse and Sejun had escaped in a race to find the best tree under which we could sit, with Hanse being the winner.

Seungwoo had placed his left hand on my shoulder and dropped a sweet kiss on my head, following Hanse as he pointed excitedly at the old oak tree.

“I want to make a toast.” Seungwoo’s voice took me out of my thoughts and made me realize that all this time, I was still looking at him.

“A toast?” My voice sounds hoarse and choked, followed by a small laugh at the absurdity of the idea.

“A toast sounds good, what’s the reason?” Hanse says, looking at Seungwoo over the rim of his soda can, which I was sure contained more vodka than lemon soda.

“To life, to being together and… To you.” Seungwoo said, the last words addressed to me, causing Sejun and Hanse to look at me at the same time.

Sejun with shooting stars and magic in his pupils, Seungwoo with sunsets and warm light and Hanse with galaxies and aurora borealis in his.

My eyes move quickly between them. Galaxy, sunrise, stars, aurora borealis, sunset, galax…

I raise the soda can with trembling fingers, a melancholic smile on my lips and raw, warm love spilling from my chest.

“To this day and the thousands to come, to this toast in itself. To me. To you.”

The nightmares, the monsters under my bed, the creatures inside my closet and the ghosts of memories behind my eyelids do not seem to be so bad when it is to them that I return after escaping from the darkness.


Hi, guys! I take recommendations.

Thanks for reading.

Today’s Idols, Hanse, Seungwoo and Sejun.

My precious little boys, just wanted to write something sweet I guess. I wanted to give myself hope.

I really hope you guys like this sort of “Series” I’m starting because it really makes me happy writing and discovering about new artists, as well as being able to write about the ones I love.

Picture credits to its rightful owner.

Please, do not steal or translate my work.


- psycho

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This is a special post that I had sitting in my docs for a day. A question that I had to answer for not only two whole groups, but 4. If you don’t understand what the question implies, I can gladly explain 😂

(part 1, 2, 3) If anyone has opinions on the choices I made, or wants me to elaborate, feel free to send your questions to me!


Toaster strudel or Twinkie

MX: Shownu, Twinkie. Wonho, either if you ask. Minhyuk, Twinkie unless it’s on your face/ass/tits. Kihyun, strudel, especially if it drips on your legs. Hyungwon, mostly Twinkie unless you fuck in the bath. Jooheon, Twinkie unless asked but prefers Twinkie. Changkyun, Twinkie all the way, deeper the better.

Day6: Jae, strudel but because he’s cautious. Sungjin, either if you ask, no preference. Brian, Twinkie unless it’s on your face/ass/tits. Wonpil, Twinkie to hide the mess. Dowoon, strudel, very messy.

Super M: Baekhyun, Twinkie unless it’s on your face/ass/tits. Kai, Twinkie, deeper the better. Taemin, Twinkie to hide the mess, prefers to wrap it up. Taeyong, strudel, very messy. Ten, strudel, also very messy especially if it’s on your face(he sees it as a masterpiece). Lucas, Twinkie. Mark Lee, Twinkie but only because he cums so soon.

UNVS: Jun H, Twinkie if it’s a quickie, strudel if otherwise. YY, Twinkie to hide the mess. Eunho, Twinkie but likes seeing it spill out. Changgyu, Twinkie, very very clean. Jen, strudel, very messy.

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ღ requested: Hi there!👋 Could I make an Enhypen members request please? Since its the Spooky Month, how would the boys handle playing the ghost hunting horror game “Phasmophobia”?👻🎮 Thank you!😊

ღ genre: fluff

ღ admin: jasmine

ღ links: request away | m.list


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ITZY Reaction to Their Girlfriend Being Nervous/Anxious About A School Presentation

tw// anxiety

You felt your heart drop the second you opened your eyes this morning. Today was the day you had to present your final project for your English course.

In the past you’ve worked with a group but this time it was all you. You sunk your fingernails into your palms leaving crescent shaped marks in the soft skin. The person currently presenting is fully relaxed, he looks like he could talk in front of this huge lecture hall for hours.

Your classmate and close friend, Haseul, who sat next to you tapped your arm. Haseul whispered “I think there’s someone out there for you.” She smiled and pointed to the classroom door where you see a familiar face looking at you. You nodded and she whispered “if you take too long I’ll cover you…go on now.” She shooed you out of the room and and you greet your beautiful girlfriend who’s standing outside.



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When you opened the door Yeji was holding herself up on the wall, panting as if she just ran a marathon. “I’m sorry I was late, I came from the other side of campus…“ Her face was pink and her body was hot, indicating that she sprinted to get here. You hugged her close, collapsing in her arms trying to contain your nervous tears. She rubbed you back soothingly and held you closer, she knew public speaking was the hardest thing for you. She pulled away and said "you’re going to kill it ok? I cant stay and I really wish I could but I have another class to go to. Make me proud ok?” You nodded and she hugged you again before kissing your temple and whispering against your ear “i love you so much.” You smiled softly before heading back in the lecture hall to give your big presentation with confidence.



Originally posted by liajisu

Lia stood outside the door with a big smile on her face. She knew how hard it was for you to even order your own food or make a phone call, so she did her best to make sure you were going to be okay. She practiced with you for weeks just to be sure that you’d do well. Holding your hands in her’s she told you “Y/N, you’ll do great. You worked so hard, now just show them what you can do okay?“ She wrapped you in her warm embrace, holdingyou there for a moment. She pulled away and said pointed to the classroom where your best friend was doing her best to ask the current presenter questions, giving you more time to be outside. Lia laughed at the sight before saying “Haseul can’t distract them for much longer so go in and do your thing ok?” You nodded and hugged her again and she said “i’m so proud of you Y/N.”



Originally posted by eiun

The second you opened the door you let your tears out. She would pout, seeing how your hands were balled into fists. “Baby…no.“ She held your hands in hers, unfolding your fingers from your palms. She ran her fingers softly over the crescent shaped marks on your hands. "It’s ok. If you get nervous look at me ok?” You hugged her again whispering weakly “I can’t do it Ryujinie… please.” As much as it broke her heart to hear you like this she knew it was best if she pushed you. Rubbing circles on your back she spoke calmly “It’ll be okay baby trust me. I’ll be in the back row so just look at me okay?” She let go and pushed you lightly back into the room. Just as she promised she stayed in the back of the lecture hall just in case you needed her.



Originally posted by eiun

Chaeryeong hated seeing you upset or anxious. That being said she practiced with you for this presentation for almost a month. You always killed it with with her and the audience of a few of your close friends. That being said she was sure that you’d be perfectly fine so she slept in that morning, planning to see you after your presentation. It was when Haseul texted her to tell her she needed to come when she got worried. The second you laid eyes on her you cried. She asked softly “what the matter?“ Chaeryeong frowned and wiped your nervous tears hoping you’d be able to communicate the problem to her so she could fix it. "Do it like we practiced back home, it’s ok Y/N.” You took a few deep breaths and hugged her before walking into the room. Chaeryeong watched from the classroom door window for the entire time, making sure you were okay.



Originally posted by ryujinurs

Yuna knee how nervous you had been for this presentation. The two of you being the youngest students on your campus added to the pressure. Despite the fact that you were both insanely smart and taking classes with adults, you were both still kids. When she saw tears fill your eyes she smiled, in hopes that her smile would cheer you up. Yuna pulled you into a hug and jokingly said “it’s okay just imagine everyone in their underpants.“ She held your face in her hands, a wide smile taking up all of her face. You laughed softly and hugged her tight as she kissed your temple, reassuring you that you’d do just fine.

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