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I: Remember me (M)
Tumblr media
𝗦𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘆: You and Jaemin were in your 2nd year of dating, everything was going smoothly stable and you thought that everything's going perfectly smooth not until he was asked to go back to his hometown and he had no choice but to ask his friend Jeno to look after you for a week. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and when he came back he acted as if he didn't know you and your two years of dating didn’t actually existed.
𝗣𝗔𝗜𝗥𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦. med student!Jaemin x med student!reader
𝗚𝗘𝗡𝗥𝗘(𝘀) & 𝗧𝗥𝗢𝗣𝗘(𝘀). angst, crack, teeth-rotting fluff, smut, college!au, established relationship!au, lovers to exes (?) to lovers!au
𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦. explicit language, jaemin and reader being disgustingly cute on this one, haechan being a sly bitch, jeno x reader moments, explicit sexual content (making out, implied anal sex, breast play, unprotected sex, squirting, overstimulation) uses of pet names (good girl and the likes) please let me know if i missed something.
a/n: the following content might not be suitable for ages 17 and below, minors do not interact.
Tumblr media
“Love, you really need to slow down with the sodas. It’s not good for your health!” Jaemin nagged you once again as he saw you opening another can of coke, you just wiggled your brows at him as you mockingly sipped from the can.
He just raised a brow at you as he watched you drink the soda continuously and when you placed it on the table, rippling the can to show that you’ve finished it in just one gulp he just shake his head in disbelief which made you laugh.
“Come on, baby. It’s fine, it’s not like i drink it as much as you drink those battery acids you order in starbucks every time.” You laughed, leaning in to pinch Jaemin’s cheeks. He just scoffed at your words, shaking his head once again as he tried to gather all his belongings. Threatening to leave you.
“Oh, where are you going, love?” You asked, standing up leaving your chair to sit beside him, wrapping your arms around his as you rubbed your cheeks on his arm. He just scoffed at your actions.
“Come on, love. I’m sorry, i won’t say that again.” You sweetly said, batting your eyelashes at him. When he still doesn’t respond, you lift your head kissing him on the cheek, “I love you, Jaems.”
He backed out a little which made me sit straight up as we stared at each others' eyes, mirroring each others’ eyes. Love and adoration evident on our eyes.
“I love you more, princess.” He whispered, leaning in to give me a soft kiss on the lips, “so much.”
“And i'll love you for as long as i live...”
Tumblr media
“YN, your boyfriend's outside waiting for you!” Haechan announced as you were packing up your belongings, your last subject ending up rather late than the usual.
“And please tell him to stop rubbing to my face that he has a girlfriend and i will be lonely for the rest of my life.” He added, leaning closer to you to prove his point. You just laughed at him, pushing him away so you can get out of the god forsaken room as soon as possible.
“I’m serious!” were Haechan’s last words before you finally got out of your room, your eyes immediately meeting Jaemin’s which made the both of you smile.
“Hello, lovely girl.” He said, standing up straight. You smiled even more, rushing your way towards him as he welcomed you with his arms wide open, you hugged him tightly.
“Hello, pretty boy.” You greeted, tip toeing to give him a soft kiss on the lips.
“Wanna come over to my place?” He asked, a hand sliding down on your arm to intertwine his fingers with yours.
You sighed, smiling softly as you stared at your intertwined hands before looking up at him. He winked at you before leaning down to place a soft kiss on your forehead which made you close your eyes.
“Oh, come on, this’ll be the last time we can hang out and i’ll be gone for a week.” Jaemin whined, tugging on your hand as he puckered his lips.
You snorted, shaking your head at his antics. Jaemin is leaving next week because there was an emergency in his hometown and he is needed there immediately.
According to him, his father was having backpains and his mother needed him there to look at his father's condition because he was a medical student.
According to him, his father was having backpains and his mother needed him there to look at his father's condition because he was a medical student.
You'd go there with him if he asked you to, but he said that he can handle it alone and that he didn’t want you to leave for a week knowing you were already struggling with your shit ton of projects.
“How about this... If you have to do something now then why don’t you just come over tonight and sleep over in my apartment?” He proposed, brows arching up as he wait for your answer.
He gripped your hand tighter as he leaned down, his face leveling yours to show you his cute little pout, “Pretty please, angel?”
You sighed, nodding your head as you lift it to meet Jaemin’s boba eyes, he was smiling brightly, “Okay, fine, but i really need to finish at least one of my projects today or else i’ll lose my shit.”
“Okay, baby, i’ll walk you home now. Come on.” He said, tugging at your hand.
You quickly complied, bouncing on your steps as you continuously talked to your boyfriend animatedly. He would throw jokes every now and then just to hear your laugh and see your beautiful smile when he goes in his hometown the next week.
“Alright, we’re here. Eat this first, okay?” He announced as you arrived in front of the door of your apartment, he handed you the take out he bought for you on your way here knowing very well you don’t have the time to cook something for yourself, “And if you need help with anything, call me, okay? Call me, i’ll pick up immediately.”
“Yes, Jaems. I’ll remember that, thank you. You should go home and rest. I’ll help you pack later, okay?” You softly said, squeezing his hands as you wait for his answer.
“Yes, ma'am. Go inside now, i’ll call you when i get home. Love you.” He held the back of your head as he leaned in to give you a kiss on the forehead before leaning down to kiss you fully on the lips.
“See you later, angel.” He said, winking at you before gently pushing you to enter your apartment. You can only chuckle at this as you let him push you.
“Take care, babe.” Were your last words before Jaemin closed the door for you.
You bend down taking off your shoes before placing them on the shoe rack, “Seol, i’m home!” You announced, eyes automatically darting on the sofa to see your friend making out with a guy.
“Holy fuck! I’m so sorry!” You squealed unconciously as you quickly turned around to face the wall, squeezing your eyes shut as you tried to erase the image of your roommate making out with some dude.
“Oh, shit! YN!” Seol exclaimed, eyes widening as she immediately wiped her lips, hands trembling as she tried to fix her shirt.
“I-i didn’t know you were with someone! I'm sorry!” You apologized as you stare at your feet as if something was fascinating on them.
You heard rustling and some whispers as you wait for them to finish fixing theirselves, eyes squeezing shut as you feel your cheeks heat up in embarrassment.
“W-we’re all good now..” Seol said in a small voice, but you still heard and so you slowly turned around.
You were about to spat another apology when your eyes landed on the guy beside your roommate, your eyes widened as you look at Seol. She wasn't looking at you, but she was looking at his feet as she bit her lip in embarrassment.
“Is that... Our senior?” You asked, eyes now glued on the guy who’s busy fixing his polo. He immediately lifted his gaze and smiled at you, “Hi, YN.”
“Hi, Jaehyun... Can i borrow Seol for a minute?” You asked and when he confusedly nodded his head, you pulled your roommate towards your apartment’s kitchen.
“Seol, what the hell?” You whispered harshly, a brow lifting up as you gave her a ‘explain-to-me-now’ look. She just glanced at you before looking at Jaehyun’s way.
“Jaehyun and i...” She started off, biting her lips as she squeezed her eyes shut, “We’ve been messing around for the past five months now.”
Your eyes widening as you gasped loudly at her words, you immediately covered your mouth as you glanced at Jaehyun and he was already looking at you two. You just gave him an awkward smile before leaning closer to Seol.
“What the fuck, Seol!? You know how big of a playboy he is. He’s like the biggest casanove in our campus, some of his brothers in the frat said that he fucked half of the girls population in our campus.” You explained, eyes glancing at Jaehyun who’s busy typing on his phone, a coy smirk plastered on his face.
“I know that... i’m very well aware of Jaehyun’s reputation in our campus. The truth is, he actually asked me to be his girlfriend.” She said, your eyes widened at her words.
“And you believe him?” You challenged, she shook her head.
“No, that’s why i said that we should just keep things casual between us. I know he’s bad news, but he’s so fucking good in bed. Plus, he’s hot... I can’t just let him go without getting a taste of him..”
You gaped at your roommate. Dumbfounded by the words that came out from her mouth, up to this day you believed that Seol is a sweetheart.
She caressed your cheek as she smiles softly at you, giving you an assurance as she said, “I’ll be okay, YN.”
Tumblr media
“Oh, you’re here early. I thought you need to finish some of your projects first?” Jaemin asked, surprise as he saw you standing in front of their door apartment.
Jaemin immediately grabbed your belongings from your hold, he leaned in to give a peck on your lips before holding your hand with his free hand.
He pulled you inside their apartment, you stopped beside their shoe rack to take off your shoes as Jaemin bent down to pull the slippers you usually use whenever you go here.
“Thanks, handsome.” You softly whispered, Jaemin looked up at you and you both softly smiled at each other before he stood up, ruffling your hair.
“Hi, Jeno.” You greeted as your eyes landed on Jeno’s slouching figure in their apartment’s living room.
He was playing something on his console in their living room when you greeted him and he turned around taking off his headset as he smiled at you, eyes turning into crescents, “Hello, pretty girl.”
You waved at him and he waved at you before facing the screen again as he put on his headset. Jaemin just shook his head after watching your whole interaction with his roommate before pulling you into his room.
“Why does he always call you pretty girl?” Jaemin grumbled as he placed your stuff on his study table. You just chuckled as you placed your bag on his bed.
“Maybe because he thinks i’m pretty?” You teased, arms wrapping around Jaemin’s neck as his arms snaked around your waist.
“Only i get to call you pretty girl...” Jaemin whispered as he leaned down, eyes going down on your lips before going back up ok your eyes. He smiled seductively at you before closing the gap between your lips, kissing you deeply.
His tongue poked on your lips seeking for entrance and so you opened your lips and moaned softly when his tongue entered your mouth, immediately exploring your wet cavern.
You were in bliss when his hand felt your body, carressing your carves before finally resting on your ass, tightly squeezing them.
“Jaemin...” You moaned softly into his mouth, closing your eyes shut as his kisses went to your cheeks down to your neck.
He left trails of wet kisses on your neck down to the valley of your breasts, a hand lifting up to squeeze on your left boob as he nipped at your cleavage with a clear intent of leaving hickeys on it.
“Jaemin please...” You whined, you don’t even know what you were begging for, you just felt like you needed to breathe out those words.
When he finally got the outcome he wanted, he immediately stood up straight up, lips swollen from all the kisses as he stared at your cleavage.
“What a lovely sight..” He said, admiring his art. He lifted a hand to carress the hickeys on your skin and you felt shivers ran down your spine by his touch.
“Pretty,” He said before giving one last squeeze on your boob which made you whimper. He just chuckled at your reaction before turning around to dive on his bed.
“You’re such an asshole,” You grumbled, stomping your way on his study table to work on your project.
You grumpily took out your belongings, placing them begrudgingly on his table. You were busy grudging something about him when you heard his laugh.
“Well this asshole will be filling up your asshole later, angel.” He mused, your eyes widened as you turned your head to look at him. He just glanced at you before bringing his gaze back on his phone, an amused smile plastered on his face.
You just rolled your eyes at him before finally starting your project.
Tumblr media
“Fuck, fuck, that’s it.. Move that hips, pretty girl..” Jaemin moaned, his grip on your hips tightening as you rode him faster.
You were in pure bliss as you continuously rode his monster cock, you’re indeed lucky as what other’s have always said.
Having a handsome, smart, caring boyfriend with a huge dick and a very very good performance in bed.
“Oh, baby.. fuck, you’re so hot...” Jaemin moaned, his own hips pistoning into yours as he occasionally gives a hard slap on your ass every now and then.
“I’m near..” You moaned, eyes tightly shut as your face contorted in pure pleasure.
You arched your back, placing your hands on the bed beside his legs for support as you moaned rather loudly.
“Yeah, cum for me, angel... Cream my cock with your slick,” He said, voice raspy as he gripped on your hips to guide your movements faster, his other hand going between your legs to furiously rub on your clit which made you whimper in pleasure.
“Oh, oh, shit! Oh shit!” You said as you felt something explode in you, you were breathing heavily when you opened your eyes to check on your boyfriend’s well-being only to see him covered in your slick.
“Did you just- squirt?” He asked amusedly, your eyes widened when his words finally sunk in inside your head and you felt your cheeks heat up in embarrassment as you tried to wipe your juice off of his body.
You were apologizing as you did your thing, but he stopped your movements, lifting your hand to lick off the slick on your fingers.
“Do that later, i want your slick on me for the time being..” He said, thrusting his hips up inside you once again.
You were seeing stars from the overstimulation of your pussy and tried to tap at him as you whined.
“Please, please... just a little bit..” He whispered, his eyes rolling in the back of his head as he felt himself getting closer.
He gripped your hips tighter and with one final hard thrust he spilled all of his essence inside you.
Your body went limp and you immediately lay down on your boyfriend’s sweaty body, not having the energy to pull out.
“You’re amazing,” Jaemin whispered breathily as he kissed your head continuously.
You both just lay there, not saying a single word as you enjoyed the quietness of the room, the only thing that can be heard are your heavy breathing as you tried to catch your breathes.
“Don’t forget about me, okay?” You broke the silence, lifting your head to stare at Jaemin’s eyes.
“I already told you to stop telling me that. What are you even on about?” Jaemin asked, already done with you. You were always saying these ever since he told you about going home in his hometown for a week, already feeling tired of your overthinking.
“You’re leaving—“ He cut you off before you can even finish your sentence.
“I’m going there for a week and i’ll be back for you, okay? I will never forget you.” He said, scoffing as he find your words very ridiculous.
“You promise?” Your eyes gleamed with hope and he nearly cooed at the sight. He softly smiled at you, lifting a hand to tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear.
“I promise.” He softly said, placing a soft kiss on your head before finally deciding to clean you up.
“Time to take a bath, angel.” He said, lifting you up as he knew very well that you’ll most likely get lazy to stand up and walk towards the bathroom.
You just smiled at how caring your boyfriend was, you wrapped your limbs around him as you buried your face in his neck, breathing in his post-sex scent.
Jaemin was the perfect boyfriend every girl in this entire planet could ever dream of and you were proud that he was yours and you were his.
You really don’t know what you’d do if you lost him, you’d most probably lose your mind. Probably.
Tumblr media
“Can i please bring one of your undies?” Jaemin pleaded as he packed the things he will be needing when he goes back to his hometown, you helped him by folding his clothes neatly and properly.
The guy has been pestering you for the last 30 minutes ever since the both of you started packing his things and you can only laugh at him.
“Jaemin, shut up and pack your shit.” You said, eyes on the clothes you were folding as you refuse to look at his eyes knowing his giving you ‘that’ look just to get what he wants.
“Please just one?” He said, his pleads turning into whines as he talk to you. He started thrashing around his spot and you were starting to get distracted by him which is why you just threw him a glare and he immediately stopped as he gave you a puppy look.
“Why do you even want—“ You were cut off even before you can finish your sentence.
“So, i can use it when i get off?” Jaemin said as if it was the most obvious thing, you glanced at him and he was already giving you an incredulous look.
You just scoffed at him, “Is there anything you think about except for my pussy?”
“Nah, you’re pussy is the most precious thing i could think off.” He said as he continued putting his clothes inside his bag. You gasped in pure offense.
“You’re hopeless, really.” You said rolling your eyes as you continue to fold his clothes.
“I’m hopelessly devoted to you.” He sang, you scoffed as you tried to hide the smile that’s slowly creeping on your face.
“To me or my pussy?” You asked, not glancing at his way as you acted like you were busy on folding his clothes.
“Of course to you, your sweet pussy is just an addition. You’re like the most pretty girl, next to my mom of course.” He said, you just laughed at what he said.
“Thanks, handsome.” You sweetly said, a wide smile plastered on your face and when Jaemin saw your smile he can’t help but smile too.
While he was admiring your face, your words suddenly rang through his head
“Don’t forget about me, okay?”
“How can i forget such a pretty face...” He whispered to his self as he stared at you.
“Oh, good thing you already stopped your pussy talk. It’s gross, you know?” Both of you were startled as Jeno’s voice resonated through the room.
“Were you eavesdropping on our conversation?” Jaemin asked, looking at Jeno. His roommate just shrugged before fully entering his room.
“Nah, i heard it unintentionally. It’s not like i wanted to hear how YN’s pussy is. It’s disgusting.” Jeno said, shivering as he faked a vomit. You just rolled your at him before throwing a pillow which went straight to his face.
“Bullseye,” You said, giving Jeno a wink as he glared at you before folding Jaemin’s last clothe.
“Fuck you,” Jeno cursed at you, you just blew a kiss on him before giving Jaemin his folded clothe.
“Nah, Jaemin wouldn’t like that.” You said as you leaned on the headboard of Jaemin’s bed. Jeno just gave you a glare as he raised his middle finger at you.
“Loser.” He said, you just laughed at him as you stick out your tongue at him. He just shook his head in your childish behavior.
“You two fight like kids, you know? And i just had to witness every fight.” Jaemin said, zipping his luggage close. You just shrugged at him as you wrapped your arms around his waist.
“Blame your koala.” Jeno grumbled which made Jaemin and you just gave your boyfriend a glare.
“Earlier you were just calling me pretty girl.” You pointed out, Jeno just rolled his eyes at you.
“Well, yeah because you weren’t getting on my nerves earlier.” He reasoned out, you just made a face at him which he immediately returned. You two were making faces to each other when Jaemin cleared her throat.
“Jesus, stop fighting, you two.” He reprimanded and you two were quick to stop with what you’re doing, you pouting at Jaemin and Jeno looking anywhere but Jaemin.
“Jeno, i already told you i’ll be gone for a week, right?” Jaemin said, Jeno now looked at Jaemin and nodded at him with confusion visible on his face.
“I want you to look after this clumsy girl, okay? She’s your bestfriend after all.” Jaemin said, he looked at Jeno as he wait for his answer, “You can do that, right?”
“Yeah, of course.” Jeno agreed, nodding. Jaemin just smiled at him before looking at you, “Will you please stop being hard-headed and not drink soda every single day? I’m serious, the amount of sodas you drink every single day is getting higher and it’s very concerning.”
“Agreed.” Jeno chimed in, you just glared at him and he immediately excused himself out of the room saying that he promised to play overwatch with Jisung.
“Promise me?” Jaemin said once Jeno successfully walked out of the room, you softly smiled at him as you need your head, “I promise.”
“Good girl..” He whispered as he kissed you on the lips.
Tumblr media
“All set?” Jeno asked once Jaemin finally finished placing all his baggage inside his car’s trunk, closing it. Jaemin tapped it before nodding his head on Jeno, heaving out a deep sigh as he did so.
“Yeah, i just need to get one last thing...” Jaemin trailed off, your brows were knitted together as you looked at him in confusion. His eyes fell on your face and smirked as he saw your confusion.
He made his way towards you and as he was standing infront of you, he snaked an arm around your waist pressing your body against his. You can hear Jeno’s noise of disapproval beside you, but you just ignored him. Eyes all set on your boyfriend’s face, memorizing each and every surface of it. You were overacting right now, you know it because as Jaemin said he will only be gone for a week, but it is a WEEK. And eversince the two of you started dating, there’s not a single that’ll pass by without the both of you seeing each other. Just a glance of Jaemin’s face and your day’s all good, and so as Jaemin to yours. This will be the longest the two of you won’t be seeing each other.
“My goodbye kiss...” He whispered as he stared at you, you just smiled at him before he leaned down to press his lips on yours. It was a soft and passionate but short kiss and when he parted his lips from you, a smile was automatically etched on your faces.
“I’m gonna miss you so so bad...” Jaemin whispered, staring at your eyes. Your smile widens a bit as you tiptoed to give him a kiss on the forehead, “I will miss you too.. so much,” You whispered.
“And you just had to do that right infront of my burger..” Jeno grumbled, Jaemin and you glancing at Jeno before looking back at each other.
“Make sure to call me when you arrive there, okay?” You reminded him once again, he just nodded at you peppering your head with soft kisses.
“You don’t need to call and text me everytime, just update me if you’re gonna do something just so i wouldn’t worry too much.” You added, he hums in your head as he stopped kissing it, resting his chin there instead as he hugged you tightly.
“Yes, ma’am. I will.” He said, you just nod at that and let him hug you as you stood there silently. You glanced at Jeno and saw him typing on his phone, boredom visible on his face which made you chuckle.
“What’s funny?” Jaemin suddenly asked, you just pointed at Jeno before speaking, “Your friend looks kinda bored, should we find her a girlfriend?”
Jaemin glanced at his friend and smirked, he looked down at you as he raised his eyebrows, “that’s actually a good idea..”
“Guys, it’s already 10:30.. Jaemin should go now if he doesn’t want to wait for the next stop.. and that’s like an hour of waiting.” Jeno suddenly chimed in. Jaemin just nodded at him before looking down at you, he gave you one last kiss before breaking the hug.
“I’ll be going now..” He said, you just nod at him and wave your hand.
“Take care, love.” You softly said, he just smiled at you before looking at Jeno, “I’ll be going now, please don’t burn the apartment while i’m away, you can ask YN to cook for you.”
You laughed at his words as Jeno raised his middle finger at Jaemin, your boyfriend just laughed at his reaction before entering the car.
He waved at you before closing the door, and when the engine finally came to life you stepped back, standing beside Jeno as the guy rested his arms on your shoulder, rubbing it.
Jaemin rolled down the window, “I love you.” He said.
“I love you more, please take care..” You replied, he just threw a wink at you one last time before driving away.
You and Jeno just stood there, watching as Jaemin’s car getting little in your vision slowly until it finally disappeared. You can onky sigh as you stare at the floor, sadness filling your body.
Jeno just rubbed your arms, trying to comfort you.
“Don’t be sad, i’m still here..” He softly said, you sighed again looking at him with sadness visible on your face, “That’s what makes it even sadder...” You teased.
“Oh, fuck you. I’m trying to be the sweet and caring bestfriend and this is what i get in return?” He complained, glaring at you before walking back to the apartment complex. You laughed at his whining figure before following him.
“I’m sorry, Jeno! Come back!” You shouted as you tried to follow him, still laughing.
“No! Leave me alone!”
Tumblr media
You were silently sitting alone in the corner of your university’s cafeterie, busy scanning through your notes as you sipped on your soda.
“Day one without your nagging boyfriend, huh?” You flinched hearing Haechan’s voice near you, he was crouching down smirking as you looked at him.
You just rolled your eyes at him before returning your gaze on your open book. You felt Haechan sit beside you, but you just ignored his presence.
“Want me to give you company?” He asked, you just sighed at his antics, knowing very well that he’s been waiting for this day to come.
Haechan has been hitting on you eversince Jaemin introduced you to his group of friends, you didn’t bat an eye on his way because you were faithful to your boyfriend. You don’t know why Haechan is doing this, Jaemin is his friend so why would he hit on his friend’s girlfriend?
“No, Haechan, leave me alone.” You said, clearly uninterested. Of course, this is Haechan you were talking to and he wouldn’t simply take a ‘no’ for an answer.
“You look lonely here, Jaemin wouldn’t like that. So, as your boyfriend’s fried i am obliged to give you company while your boyfriend is away.” He insisted, you just shook your head in disbelief. Knowing Haechan? He will most likely insist what he wants and you don’t have the energy to argue with him and so you just let him be.
Jeno’s gonna be here anyways.
“Sooo, what—“ Even before Haechan can ask something, Jeno arrived which gave you relief. You just closed your eyes as you sigh in relief.
“Hey, YN. Hey, Haechan?” Confusion laced on his tone as he greeted the guy. Haechan just nod his head in acknowledgment before his gaze landed on you again.
“Why are you here?” Jeno asked as he sat beside you, you glanced at your bestfriend to see who he’s talking to and his eyes were set on the guy beside you.
“Giving YN company. She looks lonely here a while ago so i decided to sit here too.” Haechan explained, looking back at Jeno. Jeno just nod before his eyes went on you.
“Ate already?” He asked, you just showed him the can of soda you were drinking and he made a noise of disapproval when he saw it.
“YN, eat food, you’re a premed student you should know how sodas can affect your health.” He reprimanded, you just pursed your lips as you stare at the can of soda in your hand, unable to say something because you know he’s right.
“I’m gonna buy you a food, okay? Wait for me here.” He said softly, you just nodded your head as you look at him. He smiled at you as he pat your head, eyes turning into crescents making him look like a samoyed dog.
“Hey, you. Come with me.” Jeno said as he snapped at Haechan, the guy was about to protest but when he saw Jeno’s threatening look he immediately stood up, following Jeno towards the counter.
You could only sigh before your eyes went to your phone, not a single message from your boyfriend. You pursed your lips at that, staring at your wallpaper which was your boyfriend, you whispered, “I miss you..”
Tumblr media
“YN! Jeno’s waiting for you outside!” Haechan called out as soon as the professor dismissed the class. You just nod at him in acknowledgement to his words and cleaned up your desk.
You were busy putting on your notebooks and pens on their respective places when an extra hand made it’s way to your things to help you clean up. You look up to see the owner of those hands and so Jeno looking down at you.
“You’re so slow. Let me help.” Jeno said, you just rolled your eyes at him as a smile slowly crept up on your face. He stole the book that was on your hands and slid them inside your bag before snatching your bag too.
“I’m gonna carry this. Jaemin said to carry your bag on mondays and thursdays because that’s when you bring these thick books which make your bag heavier and— oh, god it is heavy.” He said, slightly swerving as he didn’t expect your bag to be that heavy. You could only laugh at him as you pat his shoulder, “Thanks, Jeno.”
“A thank you won’t make it. You have to cook food for me, you know?” He said, you just laughed at him but still nodded your head, “Yeah, sure..”
“I want that one with the sauce..” He went on and on about his request as the both of you walked out of your classroom.
As Jeno walked you towards your apartment complex, with yours and his bag on his shoulders, the both of you continuously talked to one another about anything. You stopped when you saw the café where you and Jaemin had your first date.
“What’s wrong?” Jeno asked as he saw you stopped walking, his eyes followed your gaze and he sadly smiled as he realized where you are staring.
He immediately stood beside you, placing his arms around your shoulder as you both look at the café infront of you, “Wanna go and chill there for a bit?” He suggested.
“I’d love to.” You quickly answered as you look at him, smiling. He smiled back at you before the both of you entered the cafe.
As you entered the cafe, Jisung, the one who’s in the counter immediately greeted the both of you wide a cute smile.
“Hello, Jisung!” You greeted enthusiastically, the said boy waved cutely at you, “Hello, YN! The usual?” He asked.
You looked at Jeno and poked him, he immediately looked your way with his brows raised at you, “You go there and take a seat, i will order.” You commanded, Jeno just gave you a nod.
He was about to go when you held his arm, “What would you like to eat?” You asked, he smiled at you and said, “You pick for me, pretty girl.”
You just clicked your tongue and pointed your index finger at him while squinting your left eye, “I got you.”
Jeno just laughed at you before moving to take a seat, you on the other hand walked towards the counter with a wide smile plastered on your face.
“If i didn’t know you, i’d think you two are dating.” Chenle said, you looked at him and he was leaning on the counter beside you, arms crossed infront of his chest as he glanced at you.
“Yeah, you guys look cute. If Jaemin isn’t your boyfriend i’d probably root for the two of you.” Jisung then added, you just snorted at their ridiculousness.
“Not gonna happen..” You simply said, emphasizing the last syllable as you let it linger on your mouth for a few seconds.
“Why not? You’ve been friends since what? Since your highschool days? You were even highschool sweethearts back then, you know? Typical bestfriends to lovers...” Chenle reasoned out, looking at you before looking at Jeno.
“What are you talking about? Jeno and i are friends, whatever was between us back then was history, if we’re really compatible to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend then we would’ve worked back then, but we didn’t.” You explained, Jisung and Chenle not giving any fucks about what you were saying as the two of them continued to gush on over how cute the two of you would be together.
“You silly boys, Jaemin wouldn’t like what you’ve been saying...” You said and that’s what made them stop.
“Don’t get me wrong, i like your relationship with Jaemin.. I was just stating the what if’s if you Jeno hadn’t introduced Jaemin to you back then..” Chenle explained, you pursed your lips nodding your head at his words.
“Which was a stupid move, i’d say..” Jisung mumbled, you look at him in confusion and opened your mouth to ask him about it when Chenle clapped his hands.
“Okay, time to go to work. Students are starting to fill this alleyway.” Chenle commanded, Jisung just nodded his head before looking at you.
“So.. the usual?” He asked you with a cute smile on his face, you could only nod but his words still lingered in your head.
You shrugged it off. You’ll just have to ask him later about that.
Tumblr media
𝗧𝗔𝗚𝗟𝗜𝗦𝗧. @jenotation @mahaechedt @aedreamzy @mark-wife-renjun-whore @acapellaanna @jenyongcas @rosiesluv @tyonvrs @morkleetrash @nominsgirl @indiana452
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nctsplug02 · a day ago
genre: suggestive and fluff
you were bringing your husband, jaehyun, some lunch when you all of a sudden got lost. the building was just built so you didn’t know where his office was.
“oh um, hi .” the guy turns around with wide eyes and a soft grin. “hello, can I help you with something?” his voice was soft and sweet, honey like.
“yes, i just need help finding mr. jeongs office.” he nodded and told you to follow him which you did.
“you can just take a seat right there, i’m sure he’ll be back from where he is.” you nodded and took a seat on the couch. “so uh, may i ask what your name is?” he asked you, taking a seat on a chair which was across from you.
“y/n. jeong y/n.” you smiled to him. “oh, are you his sister? he’s talked about having a sister—?” jaehyun comes into the room with papers in his hands.
“wife.” he clears his throat and goes to his desk, throwing the papers on his desk.
“wife—? oh my god, i’m so sorry.” the male quickly apologizes. “it’s okay, haechan. it’s your lunch break, go eat.” the male leaves the room, closing the door on his way out.
you frown a bit. “aww, he was adorable.” you cooed and stood up. “can’t believe he thought I was your sister.” you giggled and handed him the bag of food.
“thank you, baby.” He lifts your hand and kisses it.
“he was so cute when you told him i was your wife, his cheeks got red and.. gosh, he just looked so cute flustered.” jaehyun sat down and sat you on his thigh.
“don’t call him cute. you’re mine, only mine. I don’t like sharing, i hate sharing.” jaehyun frowned and opened the bag with one of his hand. “okay okay, somebody’s jealous— ouch!” you whispered the last part which he clearly heard since he pinched your thigh.
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cursedsunoo · 2 days ago
hi 👋🏻 I can ask Enhypen for a reaction when their crush tells them that they have a date with someone (so the reader gets excited, since it is their first date) but in the end they leave the reader standing up, what would they do?— anon 🍓
Tumblr media
#warnings — being stood up, crying, minor swearing
#pronouns — they/them
#a/n — i wrote it as a bsf!enhypen who has a crush on the reader for a better flow - i hope you don't mind anon! (also sunoo's and ni-ki's are my favs)
Tumblr media
% . . . heeseung
when you told heeseung about your upcoming date, he could almost swear the world could hear his heartbreaking — despite the pain in his chest, he plasters a smile on his face. even if he already hates the person, he's happy in a way after seeing you so happy about it
heeseung really didn't know what to expect upon arriving at the diner — after getting a phone call from you, and with you simply sniffling into the phone, heeseung hadn't hesitated to rush from his apartment to meet you.
the dim diner lights did little to hide the tears staining your cheeks — it wasn't hard to piece together that something had happened.
"what did they do?" heeseung huffed, gently nudging you further into the both so he could take a seat next to you.
"they- they stood me up," your tears only fell harder at the thought of them purposefully letting you sit alone at some diner for hours waiting for them.
while heeseung wanted to contact the very person who made your tears fall, he knew that you needed support more than you needed revenge at the moment — so there he sat, his arm wrapped around you as his other ushered the waitress over.
if the person who had stood you up skipped out on a date with someone as special as you, heeseung would take their place instead — promising himself to make you smile at least several times before the diner closed its doors.
% . . . jay
now this boy beats himself up over it — he questions why he didn't make a move sooner, why he didn't try and talk you out of this date, and why he hadn't seen the signs of your interest elsewhere
opening the door to his apartment, jay hadn't expected to see your tear-streaked cheeks and bloodshot eyes staring back at him, your lip trembling as you tried your best to hold in a sob.
"y/n, what—" jay had cut himself off, shrugging away his endless amounts of questions that he wished he could ask you at that moment. instead, he settled from pulling you into a higher hug, his hands running down the length of your back as he tried to cease your cries.
"i can't believe they would do that to me..."
jay felt his heart clench at your words, putting the puzzle pieces together quickly. "hey, forget about them — no one who makes you cry like this is worth your time, trust me on that," jay whispered, hugging you tighter against him. "don't waste your tears crying over someone like that."
% . . . jake
he truly is happy for you, even if he feels like crying — your happiness means the world to him, so if he has to place his own off to the side, then so be it. he won't be the nicest to you date if they ever met before the big day however
jake loved holding you — he loved the feeling of warmth you brought him, the way your head felt resting on his chest, and the way your arms felt as they squeezed around his waist.
however, in this moment, jake hated the reason for you being there — after your douchebag of a date had left you both stranded and waiting aimlessly for them for a good hour and a half, jake had been called promptly by a crying you.
his heart shattered feeling your tears soak into his shirt as you stood together swaying outside of the restaurant — jake would give up everything he owned in order to hear you laugh or to see your toothy grin at that moment.
"have you eaten?" he knew it was a somewhat insensitive thing to ask at that very moment, but he had a good reason for asking. when your answer had been a small head shake, jake sprung his plan into action. "well, the restaurant doesn't close for at least another hour — how about we go in and get something," he pulled back to look at you. "on me."
% . . . sunghoon
outwardly happy for you yet is seriously contemplating what he should do on the inside — he wants you to be happy, yet at the same time, he hopes your date goes sideways. sunghoon hates how his brain works, but he doesn't want this to lead to anything serious
when sunghoon had gotten the call from your roommate, he hadn't known if he should leap for joy, track down your shitty date, or hold you until all of your worries dissipated — he had settled shortly on heading over to your apartment to offer any comfort he could.
"y/n?" sunghoon knocked gently on your door, his other hand grasped around the plastic handles of the convenience stores bag, your favourite snacks and drinks piled within it after he had made a quick pit stop on his way over. "it's me hoon, can i come in?"
he waited patiently for a reply, yet was surprised when the door creaked open itself — your bloodshot eyes meeting his own. "sunghoon? what are you doing here?" you sniffled.
he held the bag in his hand up, offering a small yet soft smile. "your roommate called me — i'm sorry you had to go through that," he sighed leaning against your doorway. "how about you let me in and we can watch a movie or something — anythingng to get that head of yours to stop worrying about whatever their name was," his comment drew a small tearfully chuckle from you.
% . . . sunoo
i don't think sunoo has ever truly despised someone more in his life — while he wasn't exactly ready to make his move on you anytime soon, it was a personal attack to him when some random person stole you away from him
sunoo's fingertips massaged gently into your cheeks — the soothing face cream drawing quiet sighs from you.
the minute he had gotten your text to come over, he had picked up his facial products and left for your house — your parents only pointing to your room with sad smiles. they knew that if anyone would be able to cheer you up, it would be kim sunoo.
"i just don't get it — they texted me daily, their smiles and words seemed genuine, and yet... i got stood up at some dingy diner," you sighed, both from the headache that your lousy date had caused you, and the feeling of sunoo's nimble fingertips massaging your face.
"i think i know why," sunoo shrugged, causing your eyes to open quickly as you looked at him with a mix between hurt and confusion.
"what's that supposed to mean?"
sunoo looked you in the eyes, his hands dropping to his lap as he pondered on your question. he knew it was almost cruel in a sense to make you worry about his answer, but he truly meant no harm in it. "what i mean is that i know why they stood you up," his finger dipped back into the face cream and spread the dollop on the tip of your nose with a teasing smile.
"they simply knew that they weren't good enough for you — they were intimidated by your perfection, so forget about them and focus on someone worth your time."
% . . . jungwon
he would visible deflate, yet the moment you question him about it, he would play it off, claiming that he was simply upset over the fact that you were being asked out when he wasn't — it wasn't far from the truth, but jungwon only wished that your eyes would focus on him and not someone else
jungwon had sat quietly across from you for the past half hour, his thumbs brushing softly over the back of your hands as he held onto them gently. after bumping into you while he was trying to pick his order up (one of which he placed for the sole purpose of seeing how your date had been going) has ended with him finding a sulking you in the corner booth.
neither of you had said much, yet jungwon was contempt with that — he would wait as long as you needed him to so you could speak without trembling.
"t-thank you for staying with me," your hands squeezed his own. "truly, i'm thankful — you didn't have to waste your night for me—"
"i'm not wasting my night," jungwon shrugged, leaning further against the table so he could catch your eyes. "spending time to take care of someone i care about isn't wasting time — i think knowing that you were sitting here sad while i was elsewhere would suck a lot more than sitting here for a few hours."
you laughed lightly at his words, leaning your head against your intertwined hands.
"you're too good for me jungwon."
"i could say the same about you y/n."
% . . . riki
forces a smile to try and cover the furrow of his brows and the downturn of his lips — he hates to be possessive over you since he's nothing more than your best friend, but he can't help it. he's used to being your go-to, so having someone threaten that makes him scared
ni-ki would be lying if he said he hadn't known every detail of your date.
he knew the location, he knew the time, he knew what you would order and what you would say to your date when they showed up — you had talked to him about it all after all, you had been so nervous about it for the hours leading up to the meeting time.
maybe that's why he had been able to convince you to let him tag along — a hat on his head as it sat low over his eyes.
he had sat nervously as he checked the clock on his phone every five minutes, counting just how many your date had been late. at the thirty-minute mark, ni-ki stood up frustratedly and paced to the booth you sat in.
"c'mon, let's go get mcdonalds — we'll take a walk on the boardwalk and then go back to your house or something," ni-ki held his hand out for you. "they're not showing up, i'm sorry to tell you that."
"just a few more minutes, please—"
"they don't deserve your patience," he sighed, his hand reaching down to gently tug at your sweater. "I'll buy you a mcflurry," he raised a brow at you, knowing a weak spot of yours. "i know you want to," he dragged the 'o' on, a teasing tilt in his voice.
while you were disheartened at the no-show date of yours, the teasing way ni-ki had looked down at you with and the way his voice had a playful yet strong tone had made your sadness dwindle just a smidge.
"fine — but i want fries too."
"I'll buy a large and we can split it, how about that?"
Tumblr media
taglist — open
@fiantomartell // @wonderwrench // @ddeonubaby // @minspalette // @msxflower // @gimmethatcoffee // @hoonbrry // @squiishymeow // @bubblejunnies // @jakehugger // @blaqpinksthetic // @minhyukmyluv // @enhacolor // @icywhatim // @missmorosis // @norboko // @abdiitcryy // @ddeonuluvs // @genderlessflower // @ilandsghost // @jwisungzen // @rinyx // @chewychubchuu //@heelariously // @clarakyunisageek // @odetoyeonjun // @peridaunt // @sk4tersoobin // @ja4hyvn // @woopetals // @blaqpinksthetic // @kyungm1ns
Tumblr media
© cursedsunoo — all rights reserved. do not copy, translate, or repost my work without my explicit permission
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songmingisthighs · 13 hours ago
introduction pt. i | pt. ii
<< previous | masterlist | next >>
ch. xxx - sulky sue
seonghwa × reader
tw : mentions of suicide
you believed that childhood friends can stick together through thick and thin. you believed that nothing could get between you and your childhood friend, seonghwa. at least you used to think that before things changed.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
taglist :
@paralumanniluna @mirror-juliet @eternalssanshine @simplyxlea @rdiamond2727 @hakuna-matata-ya @peachy-maia @dear-dreamie @nycol-ie @seongsanniehwa @wasteitonserendipity @diorwoo @linhyyboo12 @joti17 @dreamlesswonder86 @teti-menchon0604 @theaufanartist @gayliljoong @bangchu-choi @se-onghwa @baguette-atiny @atinystray @th84u @camillelafaye @kpopnightingale @rubberduckieyourtheone @hannahdinse8 @peachyho @nymeriaaa @honeyhwaaa @cerealkiller1975 @pinkskiesdream @skkrtnawrskkrt @captainjoongiekissme @iknowyouknowlino @ikonic-loser @escapereality-- @tohokuu @seojonneh @marsophilia @petitchou-t @polaristhingz @blaaiissee @lilacboba @malewife-supremacy @fujicpp @atinypurplerose @utopia1117 @jo-hwaberry
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bentleywrites · 2 days ago
Stray Kids Reaction; Everyday Texts
anon asked:
could you do everyday text between you and the skz bois where loving nicknames are exchanged?
my love. / bubba.
Tumblr media
my sweet. / kitten.
Tumblr media
darling. / honey.
Tumblr media
my prince. / sweetheart.
Tumblr media
dearest. / honey buns.
Tumblr media
sunshine. / buttercup.
Tumblr media
lovebug. / doll.
Tumblr media
pumpkin. / princess.
Tumblr media
hope you liked it! feel free to request again! -bennie ♥
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be0mcore · a day ago
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ kisses with txt
notes: lets play a game called guess my biaswrecker. hint: starts with yeon ends in jun. that man needs to stay in his lane.
genre: fluff fluff fluff. tooth-rotting fluff. also some suggestive content.
tw: none
words: 1k
Tumblr media
❥˗ˏˋyeonjun ´ˎ˗
◦ mf look at him,,, baby is a flirt.
◦ he knows he has attractive lips so of course he'll use them to his full advantage.
◦ he's very passionate and lives for long, slow kisses. needs them like he needs air.
◦ and it doesn't matter where or when, if baby wants them baby gets them.
◦ you'll just be minding your own business in the kitchen, when all of a sudden you feel a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist.
◦ yeonjun about to strike
◦ you turn around and meet his eyes. he just starts smiling at you fondly.
◦ his hands go to cup your face, but before he kisses you he needs to take at least 3 seconds so that he can just admire you 🥺
◦ he loves everything about you. he thinks you're divine, lovely, ethereal. absolute perfection.
◦ you know that one quote that goes "look at everyone else. they are merely words, while you, you are poetry" yeah that's how he feels.
◦ sorry y'all i'm a creative writing major of course i had to include poetry
◦ after he's finished admiring you (that's a lie, he'll never be finished with admiring you) he leans in and presses his lips to yours.
◦ as i said: deep passionate kisses.
◦ he goes slow, holding onto your waist, hoping to convey his love for you through a single kiss.
◦ absolutely sweeps you off your feet sometimes literally.
◦ not gonna go into detail but all i'll say is: tongue
◦ if you're a blushing mess afterwards who wouldn't be it'll 100% boost his ego
◦ but it'll also make him fall for you more.
◦ ends the kiss with a small peck and then goes in for a hug afterwards <3
Tumblr media
❥˗ˏˋsoobin ´ˎ˗
◦ shy but also very romantic
◦ at the start he could only muster up enough courage to give you small pecks on the head and cheek.
◦ but as your relationship progressed he got more confident.
◦ once again: big softie
◦ his lips are so soft and so are his kisses 🥺
◦ loves loves LOVES cliche kisses. kissing in the rain, kissing at sunset, kissing while watching fireworks,,, he lives for that stuff !
◦ also loves small pecks on the lips. if you're in a hurry to get to work or school he'll just stand at the door like 😗 waiting for you to give him his daily kiss.
◦ attack his face with chaste kisses and he will literally MELT
◦ will start giggling and blushing !!
◦ he can only make out for a couple seconds before he has to pull away to calm himself down because he's so flustered take that as you will
◦ loves giving you soft butterfly kisses on your neck and hands as well.
◦ he just wants to drown you in love and affection <3
Tumblr media
❥˗ˏˋbeomgyu ´ˎ˗
◦ tease x100000
◦ loves to lean in and watch you get closer and then pull away last minute
◦ finds it funny when you get mad at him for it.
◦ but he obviously can't resist your lips either so he can only pull away twice before he attacks.
◦ is a fan of all different kisses. no matter what the mood is beomgyu's got it covered.
◦ loves to pepper your face in small kisses to be annoying.
◦ also loves fast and steamy makeout sessions when he just can't seem to get enough of you
◦ but also adores slow and passionate kisses when you haven't seen in eachother in a while.
◦ he has these moments where you'll be doing something mundane but he thinks you're the most beautiful thing he's ever seen.
◦ the urge to kiss you is so strong it starts to settle in his bones.
◦ so he just wordlessly comes up to you and deeply kisses you.
◦ he's just so overwhelmed with love for you its insane, its ripping his ribcage open.
◦ however, if you ever do the same to him he gets so flustered and shy.
◦ he absolutely adores it when you initiate kisses as it makes him feel loved <3
Tumblr media
❥˗ˏˋtaehyun ´ˎ˗
◦ unpopular opinion but i can't imagine taehyun ever getting flustered from kissing
◦ he's the most mature and also the most dominant imo
◦ so that enables him to be a cocky little shit
◦ loves giving you kisses and seeing you flustered after, literally melts at how adorable you are.
◦ always gives you pecks whenever you do something cute. could be the smallest thing but mans just can't help it, he has to.
◦ forehead kisses always. he thinks they are absolutely necessary for any occasion. starts to become such a habit that he does it without thinking.
◦ he's not very good with words so he hopes that his affection shows how much you mean to him.
◦ because he's generally pretty relaxed, making out would be slow and sensual. just full of emotion.
◦ when he's feeling particularly sappy he'll mutter things in between kisses
◦ i love you, you're perfect, so beautiful, gorgeous.
◦ if you're holding hands he'll randomly kiss yours for literally no reason other than it felt right.
◦ but lets be honest it always feels right to kiss you.
◦ just absolutely adores you in his own little way <3
Tumblr media
❥˗ˏˋkai ´ˎ˗
◦ ok so
◦ i know most people think kai is innocent and fluffy
◦ but i don't think he'd be that shy when kissing tbh
◦ this boy is full of surprises
◦ and this is definitely one of them
◦ but moving on,,, he loves soft kisses !!!!!
◦ he loves kisses in general, but ones where you're softly pressing your lips onto his, both of you smiling and laughing in between,,,,
◦ good lord have mercy because he feels is reverberating in his soul.
◦ also a big fan of nose kisses. he just finds it so pure 🥺
◦ loves unexpectedly planting them on you. him knowing the effect it has on you makes him blush.
◦ ok so maybe he gets a little shy....
◦ he'd never admit it though!!
◦ receiving butterfly kisses is also on his Top 3. it makes his heart skip one too many beats.
◦ loves to plant small kisses whenever you're cuddling. finds it super intimate and loving.
◦ and boy does kai have a lot of love to give <3
Tumblr media
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0912005 · 17 hours ago
ꜱᴏʀʀʏ, ᴡᴇ ᴀʀᴇɴᴛ ɪɴ ᴅɪꜱɴᴇʏ — yang jungwon
Tumblr media
— 𝐬𝐲𝐩𝐧𝐨𝐬𝐢𝐬: yang jungwon has always imagined the picture perfect ending for his love life. there’s only one problem; he cant get a girl to save his life. so what does he do? he decided to ask you, his best friend, to fake date him, just to.. yknow.. know what its like to have a girlfriend. sure its awkward and weird and dysfunctional. but what happens when he starts to catch feelings for you, someone he never thought of as more than as a friend? and then what drama unfolds when he discovers that you have heart eyes for his best friend, sunoo? will he get his picture perfect happy ending?
— 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: bff!jungwon x fem!reader x second lead!sunoo
— 𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: slowburn, best friends to lovers, fake dating au, high school au, fluff, angst, crack [im not funny so the jokes shall be very weird bvgfhudbk], social media au, mutual pining?
— 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: profanity, jungwon being very awkward. reader is very chirpy and outgoing. swearing, uh what else… food. i think that’s it!
— 𝐟𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: the rest of enha, aespas ningning, IVE’s liz, treasures haruto[more to come soon]
— 𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐞: march 2nd 💪🏻 [hopefully my ongoing smau will finish by then] [ok it will lol]
— 𝐮𝐩𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐝: every two days if possible [excpet for the weekend]
✉️: helluuuuuuu ive had this plot with me for so long omg and ive decided to do it w jungwon bc jungwon <3 anyways i hope yall like this one too heheehhehehe. it shall start after my sunghoon smau which i hope y’all’s are liking :D ty for supporting me this far! i love each and every one of you <3
Tumblr media
| statue boiZ🤪 | y/ns sugar babies |
#ᴀɴᴅ.. ᴀᴄᴛɪᴏɴ!#
ACT 1: [coming soon muhahahaha.]
Tumblr media
taglist [open!] : — permanent taglist: @wonjaems @penny-quinn @sweetrainwrites @azure-arcanum @dimplehyunn @cahiwo @i2gyus @0x1lovebot @dosiedior @enhacolor @pockyandme @jungwoniics @freckledwinterfalls @baekhyunstruly @goldenhypen @heelariously @navsnct t @yurazuyori @odetoyeonjun @uanel @liliansun @w3bqrl @vantxx95 @amakumos @mygnolia @sunflower-euphro @sjyuniverse @wonyofanclub @abdiitcryy @dyzennie @yenart @missmadwoman @ja4hyvn @tomorrowbymoa-together @rutowonz @gyuwrites @verifiedsunghoonsimp @lomlyeonjun @youreverydayzebra @soobin-chois @ilandsghost @itaintlavuu
— smau taglist: @whatsa-bi-as @sbnchaos @staysstrays @ily-cuz-i @instahann
©0912005 on [tumblr]
Tumblr media
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vyutas · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
charismatic and well-spoken
infamous reputation amongst the mafia families 
can be ruthless and unforgiving 
drawn to an innocent waitress willing to listen to his worries 
position: boss/leader
Tumblr media
striking and convincing 
intelligent and prepared for any situation that may unfold
controls the organization's finance 
consumed by a femme fatale who outsmarts him
position: consigliere/financial head
Tumblr media
friendly and sociable 
brilliantly gifted with technology 
the heart of the organization 
intrigued by white-hat hacker whose skills are on a par with his
position: hacker/strategic genius
Tumblr media
clever and calculating 
uses his handsomeness to charm his scores
can reinvent himself into whomever he needs to be 
allured to a talented movie actress 
position: grifter/retrieval specialist
Tumblr media
skillful and proficient
has a natural talent of wielding weapons 
dismissive of offers to switch sides
infatuated by the one he calls an enemy 
position: caporegimes/weapons specialists 
Tumblr media
laid back and non-threatening
his calm demeanor hides a devil underneath 
has the most accurate aim
meets a seductive player one fateful evening 
position: caporegimes/long-range sniper
Tumblr media
playful and flirtatious 
has a reputation of being a ladies man 
not a force to be reckoned with 
bewildered by his new fiancée 
position: caporegimes/body combat specialist
Tumblr media
formidable but reliable
accomplished member with a fearsome reputation 
undefeated in battle 
taken aback by a straightforward socialite
position: enforcer/cleaner
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mingiswow · a day ago
Tumblr media
⚠ English is not my native language, so pardon me if there’s any mistake. And you can always tell me what’s wrong.
Thanks, anon for the request! Sorry if took me a while 💖💖
our little puppy
not so little but oh well
omg my mind goes places with this boy
but because he’s so evil lmao
but okay leggo
you and him have been friends for quite some time
you met through school friends
you guys are part of the same squad (do people still use this word? idk)
and you have the biggest crush on him for like forever
but was too afraid to say something and kinda ruin the friendship and the group
so you just kept to yourself
and your best friend
That accidentally let it slip when she drunk texted Seungmin thinking it was you
Any resemblance to real life is purely coincidental 🤡
He was genuinely surprised because he never thought you reciprocated his feelings
He just sent a print screen of the text she sent with “how about a date next Friday?”
You were so shocked, to say the least
1) you were going to murder your best friend
2) also you needed to thank her
3) asdfghjkl he liked you back
he took you to a cute little ice cream parlor
And you guys talked to each other for hours
Like… you were friends already but this was different
It was more intimate
after the date, he walked you home and asked if he could kiss you
because I’ll be honest here: Seungmin is pretty straightforward
He’s not afraid to tell the things he feels and wants
Even if deep down he is a little bit afraid
And when you guys kissed you knew it was him
So it didn’t take long for him to ask you to be his s/o
but we all know he is going to be the ironic boyfriend, right?
he has a sharp tongue
Which may lead to some arguments between the two of you
But he can’t help it, sometimes just slips out of his mouth and when he sees it you’re mad at him
I feel like if the arguments get more heated than usual he won’t assume he is wrong (if it’s the case)
His pride is quite thick
So you’ll have to learn to give way
but those arguments don’t happen often so don’t worry
He loves laying his head on your lap and to listen or talk about the day
Play with his hair and he’ll be at your mercy
He loves having you playing with his hair
also, give him massages on his shoulder or back and he’ll ask you to marry him
He loves your food
Doesn’t matter what it is
If you made it, he loves it
Loves taking you out to fancy dinners as well
He is definitely not a fan of pda
He doesn't feel comfortable with it
He’ll only hold your hand or smth like this if he feels like there’s someone getting too comfortable with you
He’s is not the jealous type
He needs to be really pissed to become jealous
Like the day he took you to an event and a senior idol was hitting on you even when you said you were taken
So he just pulled you close to him and walked away and pressed you against the closest wall
He’ll look deep into your eyes before finally relaxing, putting his head on your neck
“I love you so much, please don’t leave me”
That’s the moment you see him being vulnerable
Which makes you fall even more for him
Kiss him with all your love and he’ll know you won’t leave him
Ok Seungmin kisses
Starts with little pecks all over your face until reaching your lips
He takes his time so he can feel every piece of his body reacting to the intimate touch
Hold your face between his hand
And just keep holding it until he can’t take anymore and pulls you closer by the waist
I know you want this so here you go
Nsfw from here on
He is a lover
That’s all I have to say
Just kidding
But fr he loves appreciating your body
Will touch, feel, kiss, lick, and bite every inch of it
And compliments you while doing so
He takes your pleasure first
He is a giver
He’ll go down on you and make sure you have at least two orgasms
He loves seeing you give yourself wholly to him
To trust your pleasure to him
So he’ll give you everything he has and a little bit more
And he can last quite some time
So expect a night full of love and pleasure
He’s is not a very kinky guy but there are certain things that turn him on
Sit on his face/fuck his face and he’ll eat you out like it’s his last meal
The boy knows how to use his tongue and mouth so take advantage of
Provoke him on his nipples and he'll see stars
Let him cum on your face and he’s in heaven
Has a foot fetish as well so play with his dick with your feet and boy oh boy he’ll be cumming in seconds
also if you happen to have boobs (no matter the size) he'll love to fuck them
The king of aftercare
He’ll run a bath for you both and rub moisturizers and bath butter on your skin
Likes to put on romantic slow music and bring some food and wine so you can recharge your energies and talk a little bit more
If you feel sleepy he’ll sing for you
Watch you sleep but not in a creepy way
Has a folder on his phone full of cute pictures of you sleeping that he’s planning to print someday
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flwrkisses · a day ago
first kisses with txt.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
finally finding time to de-stress! so hope you enjoy this quick little blurb for you guys!
genre: fluff, established relationship.
Tumblr media
he isnt the type of boyfriend to put lots of emphasis on it. one day he would walk past and just kiss you because he feels like he should kiss you. so it most likely happens in the first couple weeks of dating.
so it probably happened one night while you both were cuddling and talking while watching a movie and he just leans in and lets the rest come naturally.
from the look of his lips, he seems to be a very very good kisser so enjoy melting into his warm touch.
of course he loves how blushy you look after, and he probably teases you for getting so flustered so easily.
you're doomed after this, he wont stop kissing you randomly to catch you off guard and make you blush.
getting a kiss from him might take a little more work than yeonjun. soobin is so much more  introverted and shy that he would be perfectly ok with not kissing you for the first couple months of your relationship.
he probably waits for a moment that is very full of romantic feelings. he'd most likely try to kiss you through out the day but chickened out half way through until he just blurts out that he wants to kiss you.
your first kiss was probably soft, gentle and slow. soobin probably pulled away first before you pull him back in for another kiss.
his face gets red but he still laughs at you for getting flustered as if he wasn't in the same boat.
from then on kisses would be sparse but the more comfortable he would get the more he would kiss you.
he is definitely the type of boyfriend to tease you about kissing you all the time. you never really know when he's seriously leaning in for a kiss or just reaching for something behind you... it has happened way too many times.
so when the real thing actually happens, you're so flustered. you thought he was playing the same reach behind you joke but he kissed you this time!
at first he thought you probably hated it because you didn't kiss back but actually you were just in shock, trying to process what had happened before you pull him back and give him a much more passionate kiss.
the first kiss was very shy and soft as much as beomgyu might refute but you could tell his lips were a bit unsure.
from then on watch out, he's going to attack you with kisses whenever you're not expecting it.
part of taehyun loved how the thought of kissing made you flustered. he thought it was adorable, but always waited for you to take the first move before moving onto another big step into the relationship.
we all know taehyun is a romantic so he probably made dinner with his new found cooking skills to make you all warm and fuzzy. he probably talked up a storm and made you giggle and yknow at the end of the night you ask him to finally kiss you. is he shocked? no, he wanted this.
taehyun knows how to kiss and he kisses well, he shows you just how much he loves you with your first kiss. it's very sweet, simple, and somewhat addicting.
he loves to make you feel comfortable and probably asks if the kiss was good after, which your reaction makes him chuckle because all you can do is babble because my god!!! he kisses so well!!
from then on he probably pulls you into kisses in private areas so that short yet sweet act of affection can be even more special to the two of you.
to be honest he'd really want to kiss you, it would be the only thing on his mind for weeks before he actually musters up the courage to do so.
it probably happen on a date, one that he planned out from start to finish. he wanted everything to go well so it could lead up to this perfect kiss time. in the back of his mind he's thinking about it all day! he sometimes can't even focus on what you guys were doing until you ask him whats wrong where he just kinda nervously laughs.
he confesses to wanting to kiss you, which you just laugh at and pull him to you to kiss him. the kiss was soft, and shy from both sides. kai isn't too experienced with this type of stuff so he's still pretty nervous about the whole thing.
part of him would be so flustered afterwards which would lead to both of you bursting out and laughing at eachother's reactions.
once you get your first kiss out of the way, this boy will be asking for so many kisses after. he seems like the type to just love giving and receiving kisses so expect to be asked to give them all the time.
Tumblr media
❁ requests are currently closed! ⤞ i am working on your beautiful requests !
for more of my work: masterlist.
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ravenori · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[4:06am] jaemin was wide awake in the middle of the night, trying his best to comfort you after a long day at work. “it's gonna be okay, i’ll make everything okay.” and indeed he did.
soft, muffled snores from under the lavender pink blankets filled the little space of your room, while you had deeply fallen into sleep. but jaemin was still awake, watching you rest with a tinge of satisfaction that rested on his curved lips. he brought you close to himself like he always does out of a habit he had gotten himself with. “you deserve nothing but happiness, love” arms still wrapped around you, he presses a chaste kiss on the temple of your head.
you'd barely know the next day if jaemin had any sleep, he would still be active and always there for you — that's because he loved you, he truly did.
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nctsplug02 · 7 hours ago
genre: smut
“fuck you! you can walk your ass home!” you yell poking johnnys chest with your pointer finger.
after seeing johnny and a random girl laughing, talking, him letting her feel his arms, you had it. “wha— babe.” he calls out for you when you walk away.
“excuse me,” he excuses himself and then jogs after you and when he catches up, he pulls you back.
“get off of me, you dick!” you push him off you and turn back around on your heel. “babe,” he groans as you walk to your car. he watches as you get in your car and drive off. he sighs and as he turns around, jaehyun pats his shoulder. “what did you do now?”
johnny kicks off his shoes after jaehyun dropped him off, he makes his way to your shared room and sees your sleeping figure. he gets ready for bed but as he gets in, he looks over at you.
his mouth watered at the sight of your ass slightly showing from your silk nightgown. “oh mama..” he whispered lowly and hovered over you. “oh.. mama..” he whispered again and slid his hand under your gown and slipped your black panties off.
“hmm..” you fussed and turned on your back, perfect johnny thought. he laid down and licked his lips before kissing your thighs and then licking your slit once before attaching his mouth around your core.
“mm..” your legs slowly closed but johnny held them down against the soft mattress. “mm..” you whine and try to close your legs again but yet again, johnny holds them down.
“what the fuck—“ you sit up in annoyance but johnny being the horny fuck he is, so he pulls you back down and continues to eat you out. “john—“ you grumble and then moan when johnny sucks and pulls on your clit.
you slap a hand over your mouth, you didn’t mean to moan. johnny smirks against your clit and you could feel it but you could care less. you push his head further into your pussy, wanting more and more.
you moan and moan as johnny laps your juice. “fuck— johnny!” you buck your hips and start to feel your stomach curl. “oh fuck!” you whine and cum all over johnnys tongue.
you look down to see him stare at you while sucking you clean. he hovers over you again and leans down, giving your lips a kiss. you gasp at the stretch of his cock sliding in your pussy.
johnny grabs your wrists and holds them down above your head. “oh fuck me..” you moan out. “already am, baby.” johnny snarks and begins sliding his cock in your velvety pussy.
you pull your wrist but johnnys hold is too strong. “just— oh my god— shut up!” you gasp and wrap your legs around johnnys waist. “you first.” he grunts and pushes your legs off of his waist. “m—make me—!” he slams his lips on yours and bits on your bottom lip.
you pull away to gasp when johnny starts to rub your clit. “oh, my god— johnny!” you moan as he repeatedly hits your sweet spot.
“cum for me..” he whispers, “i can’t—“ you shake your head, loud and quiet whimpers leaving your lips. “yes, you can. do it, do it now.” him rubbing your clit was just bringing you closer to your climax.
“i can’t—!” he holds his finger against your clit. “yes, you can—“ a grunt escapes from you as you reach your climax. “i told you, you could do it.”
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cursedsunoo · 2 days ago
enhypen hyung line reaction to seeing a hot edit of their idol!s/o on their fyp.
Tumblr media
% . . . enhypen's hyung line's reaction to seeing a hot edit of their idol!s/o
#warnings — sexual mentions, the boys being horn dogs
#pronouns — they/them
Tumblr media
% . . . heeseung
this boy is sweating bullets as he tries to pretend it doesn't affect him — his eyes literally bulge out of his head a little bit as he watches your body move in a sensual way. he may or may not have to have a talk with you in private about just what you doing in that video
% . . . jay
raises one brow in question before sending it to you with a similar emoji — he's living for it, he won't lie, but he's high-key questioning both himself and you if this sexy concept you and your group took on was a bad, a good, or a great move. a great move in terms of you and him alone, a bad move for the number of thirsty people you now have in your dm's
% . . . jake
your number one hype man (he's a little nervous with the number of likes and thirst comments on the video but i digress) — jake would be all over you. this boy would deadass be pulling you into him as he asks you to show him the dance right there and then, even going as far as asking you to teach him it so he can join you *wink wonk*
% . . . sunghoon
this horn dog deadass sends the video with the caption 'you and me when?' — sunghoon is legit the smuggest person on the face of the earth at that moment. he knows that despite the world getting to see this onstage side of you, he was the only one that got to see the sexy and sensual you off stage in more private situations
Tumblr media
taglist — open
@fiantomartell // @wonderwrench // @ddeonubaby // @minspalette // @msxflower // @gimmethatcoffee // @hoonbrry // @squiishymeow // @bubblejunnies // @jakehugger // @blaqpinksthetic // @minhyukmyluv // @enhacolor // @icywhatim // @missmorosis // @norboko // @abdiitcryy // @ddeonuluvs // @genderlessflower // @ilandsghost // @jwisungzen // @rinyx // @chewychubchuu //@heelariously // @clarakyunisageek // @odetoyeonjun // @peridaunt // @sk4tersoobin // @ja4hyvn // @woopetals // @blaqpinksthetic // @kyungm1ns
Tumblr media
© cursedsunoo — all rights reserved. do not copy, translate, or repost my work without my explicit permission
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songmingisthighs · a day ago
introduction pt. i | pt. ii
<< previous | masterlist | next >>
ch. xxviii - new hair who dis
seonghwa × reader
you believed that childhood friends can stick together through thick and thin. you believed that nothing could get between you and your childhood friend, seonghwa. at least you used to think that before things changed.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
taglist :
@paralumanniluna @mirror-juliet @eternalssanshine @simplyxlea @rdiamond2727 @hakuna-matata-ya @peachy-maia @dear-dreamie @nycol-ie @seongsanniehwa @wasteitonserendipity @diorwoo @linhyyboo12 @joti17 @dreamlesswonder86 @teti-menchon0604 @theaufanartist @gayliljoong @bangchu-choi @se-onghwa @baguette-atiny @atinystray @th84u @camillelafaye @kpopnightingale @rubberduckieyourtheone @hannahdinse8 @peachyho @nymeriaaa @honeyhwaaa @cerealkiller1975 @pinkskiesdream @skkrtnawrskkrt @captainjoongiekissme @iknowyouknowlino @ikonic-loser @escapereality-- @tohokuu @seojonneh @marsophilia @petitchou-t @polaristhingz @blaaiissee @lilacboba @malewife-supremacy @fujicpp @atinypurplerose
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cupidchois · 2 days ago
— paper planes
Tumblr media
⤿ chapter four: what goes on
⤿ pairing: choi beomgyu x fem!oc
⤿ characters: fem!oc, choi beomgyu, kang taehyun, sim jaeyun, huening kai + orginal characters + cameos from choi soobin.
⤿ genre(s): fluff, angst, suggestive, high school!au, forbidden relationship, s2l
⤿ rating: pg-15
⤿ précis: Choi Beomgyu is bad news, they say. Dropping out of high school twice to follow his dream of becoming a broadway star, getting into some shady business that ended up giving him a bad reputation, he has many more qualities up his sleeve. So when he joins your boarding school and becomes your classmate, you have to do a double take. Why? Well, Choi Beomgyu looks like a living doll — very gentle and beautiful. No fancy haircut, no leather jacket, no cigarettes; he certainly doesn’t match the description of bad news. To you, at least. It’s impossible to say the same about everyone else.
Alternatively, Is it just you or the troublesome guy named Beomgyu is actually kinda cool? And… really attractive?
⤿ warnings: profanity, toxicity, verbal fighting.
⤿ updates: every weekend.
⤿ a/n: man idk what’s happening (get the pun?) but do lemme know what you think of this 🤔
⤿ series masterlist | prev. | next
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✁-------- on the weekend --------
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
fun fact: ‘Support group 🥺💗’ was made by [Name] herself. She added Huening Kai and Jake because those are the only two who are actually supportive of her budding friendship with Beomgyu.
fun fact 2: Group ‘🤓🔬’ includes Mer, Libby, Taehyun and Brynn — it originated as a biology nerds gc but now everything goes on in there.
Tumblr media
⤿ thank you for reading! taglist(s) will be added in reblog(s)!
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sub-hoshi-enthusiast · 2 days ago
Sorry guys, this one is on the shorter side cause I just lost inspiration for it but I hope you like what I have of it :)
⚠️WARNINGS⚠️: sub!chanyeol, sub!sehun, dom!reader, voyeurism, rimming, oral (male recieving), mentions of handcuffs, threesome, pwp, mommy kink
Tumblr media
Helping Hands
"Oh fuck!" Sehun cried out, his hands darting down to tangle in your hair as your tongue swirled around his tip yet again. Internally, you let out a small huff while glaring up at him. A whine forced its way past your boyfriend's lips as you pulled away, another escaping as you grabbed his wrists and forced his hands down to be pinned on either side of his head. 
     "C'mon baby boy, we talked about this. Keep your hands to yourself or I'll have to bring out the cuffs." You lightened up your hold on his wrists at the look that crossed his face.
     "I'm sorry mommy, I'm really trying not to touch you- I promise I am!" You smiled down at him as his puppy dog eyes came into play, leaning down to press a light kiss to his pouty lips. Normally, you would have already brought out the cuffs, rope, or anything else you had in your toybox to restrain him, but he had been in a subby mood all day today which made him all the more sensitive. When he's in the mood to become your mindless baby boy in the bedroom he complains and complains about the bruises that inevitably end up around his wrists, almost bringing him to tears. While you didn't want to deal with that mess later, sometimes you just didn't have a choice.
     "This is your last warning sweetheart." He violently nodded, gripping the sheets as hard as he could while you started to lower your mouth back down on his cock. The moan that ripped from his throat could be heard clear as day from your living room, where, unbeknownst to either of you, a friend had dropped by to return Sehun's phone charger he had accidentally left in the practice room. 
     Chanyeol had stopped in his tracks as the cry echoed through the house, his face slowly heating up as he realized what it was. He was conflicted. One half of his brain was telling him to sprint out the door and forget this had ever happened while the other half was suddenly reminding how attractive his younger bandmates's girlfriend was. The poor boy hadn't even realized he had climbed the stairs until he was suddenly standing outside your bedroom door, hand outstretched for the doorknob in front of him.
     His hands were shaking as the nerves almost swallowed him whole. What was he doing?! Chanyeol took a small step back, cradling his hand to his chest as he shook his head. Just as his back turned to the door, however, another loud moan ripped through the air. He spun back around, telling himself over and over that a small peek wouldn't hurt. The door opened just a crack, letting the perverted boy's eye scan the small room. His breath hitched in his throat as he took in the scene before him.
     Sehun's back was arched off the bed as his fingernails dug into the pillow beneath his thrashing head, trying his damndest to keep his hands from reaching for you. Chanyeol saw your head between your boyfriend's thighs and assumed you were sucking him off, but upon closer inspection realized that you had traveled lower to trace your tongue around the younger's entrance. A low groan vibrated through Sehun's chest as he bit his lip, head tilting in a way that gave Chanyeol a full view of his pleasure filled expression.
     The sight was almost too much to bear as Chanyeol's bulge strained against the fabric of his pants. His trembling hand shyly rubbed at the area between his legs, hoping to find some relief as the other flew up to his mouth to block his lewd sounds. It didn't take long before he decided it wasn't enough, instead unbuttoning his pants to grab ahold of his fully erect cock and pump it at a rather quick pace.
     Sehun's eyes slowly fluttered open, his vision still a little blurry with pleasure as he turned his head to nuzzle his cheek into the pillow. Through his pleasure haze, however, he saw a crack in the door. Hadn't you closed it after you pushed him to the bed? It was hard for his mind to fully comprehend what was happening until his eyes had locked onto the pair that he recognized instantly. His face flushed red as he squeezed his eyes shut.
     "M-mommy!" He whined, his thighs unintentionally crushing your head in between them. The action made you look up to his face with a grunt before following his gaze to the door. You smirked as your eyes locked with a pair of dark brown ones.
     "Oh?" Chanyeol froze up as he realized he had been spotted, the dark look in your eyes making a violent shiver shoot down his spine. He hurriedly pulled up his pants as you made a beckoning movement with your hand, clumsily entering the room. "Well what do we have here? I didn't realize your friend was such a little pervert, baby." You chuckled, glancing over to Sehun to make sure he was okay with this. 
     Sure enough as you gave your boyfriend a once-over you could see his cock twitch against his stomach. The both of you had talked about a situation like this before, having someone else join you in the bedroom that is, but now that it was finally happening you realized it was much more exhilarating than you could have ever imagined. Chanyeol, on the other hand, was much too busy thinking about every worst case scenario as his eyes burned holes into the floor. Surely you would never want to talk to him again, and Sehun would be too grossed out by him to ever hang out the way they used to. What if you told everyone else what happened, just to warn everyone about the disgusting pervert they'd been unknowingly spending time with? What if-
     "Chanyeol!" The boy's head snapped up, the confused puppy dog eyes he was giving you made you forgive him right away. "Did you hear what I said?" He slowly shook his head. You had turned to face him by now, gesturing for him to come even closer from your place on the bed. He hesitantly stepped forward, hands clenched into fists between his legs in a poor attempt to cover up his hard-on. 
     "I asked if you'd like to join us. There's a little lesson I need to teach Sehun that he just can't seem to learn, so a little help would be very much appreciated." You said, seduction dripping in your voice as you ran your fingers along his inner thigh once he had sat down next to you. His breath hitched in his throat, a fire burning in his lower abdomen from your touches as well as the whimper that came from the boy behind him. He slowly nodded his head, mind already foggy from your words as he looked up at you with the prettiest puppy dog eyes you had ever seen.
     "Alright, how about you go ahead and take off your clothes, then you can go and sit behind Sehun. Is that alright with you sweetheart?" All he could do was dumbly nod his head again, your sweet voice and gentle touches the only thing he could seem to focus on. "Use your words."
     "Y-yes mommy, I can do that."
     "Alright then darling, go ahead." The words had barely left your mouth before he shot to his feet and began sloppily tugging off his clothes. Jeez, you'd barely done anything and the sweet boy was putty in your hands. You couldn't help the wicked smirk that crossed your face.
     Oh this was gonna be fun.
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be0mcore · 16 hours ago
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ cuddles with enhypen (hyung line)
notes: ah my first enhypen fic. sorry if it’s short, i had an exhausting day at work. i’m gonna try and pump out as many fics as i can before school starts up, because once it does i won’t have time to write as often :(( enjoy!
genre: fluff
tw: none
words: 1k
Tumblr media
❥˗ˏˋheeseung ´ˎ˗
◦ definitely a silent cuddler
◦ he doesn't really like begging you for cuddles, so whenever he's in the mood for some he just kinda stares at you like 😐 hoping you'll get the hint.
◦ if you're really oblivious no offence bestie but u are then he'll literally just grab you.
◦ he's had enough like cmon you're telling me his telepathy powers don't work??? ok maybe ur just dumb 🙄
◦ definitely mutters about how stupid you are underneath his breath while dragging you to the bedroom.
◦ and when i say drag,,, i mean DRAG.
◦ probably has you hoisted over his shoulder, one hand on your waist, the other on your ass ahem
◦ he wants to be little spoon for at least 5 minutes because its what he deserves.
◦ after that he just loves having you in his arms, your head against his chest, legs intertwined.
◦ your cuddles are his lifeline,,, he absolutely needs them. especially after taking care of his children rehearsal <3
Tumblr media
◦ he may look all tough on the outside,,,
◦ but honestly he's a huge softie on the inside !
◦ loves being both big and little spoon.
◦adores it when you lay your head on his chest. he starts running a hand through your hair and talks about his day. if you fall asleep on him he starts to melt at how adorable you are.
◦ loves putting his head in the crook of your neck. your arms make him feel safe and loved.
◦also loves cuddles where you’re facing each other. that way he can gaze at you all he wants.
◦definitely plants butterfly kisses on your neck, hands, face, etc. it’s not sexual, he just wants to convey all of his love! <3
Tumblr media
◦baby boy is so soft and cuddly 🥺
◦yes he’s my bias what about it
◦basically a giant teddy bear !!
◦he LOVES cuddling. he lives for warm intimacy. he needs your cuddles more than he needs air.
◦he definitely loves being little spoon. big spoon is fun and all but after a long day all he needs is you and a soft blanket :((
◦definitely the type to kiss you while you’re cuddling. he can’t help it he’s just so full of love!!
◦mutters a soft “i love you” every five seconds. gets mega butterflies if you say it back.
◦bonus points if layla starts cuddling as well. it’s basically like a family reunion. his two favourite people i know the dog isn’t a person but u get what i mean
◦baby boy just has so much love to give <3
Tumblr media
◦he’s not an absolute cuddle bug like jake
◦but he’s also not opposed to it.
◦will definitely never do it near the members though (he has a reputation to uphold 🙄).
◦probably likes either you laying on his chest or you with your back towards him. this mf will FIGHT for his place as the big spoon😡
◦if he’s tired enough he’ll plant small forehead kisses !!
◦doesn’t admit it but any sort of physical affection that you’ve initiated makes his heart go crazy.
◦so don’t be shy to show this baby some love <3
Tumblr media
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0912005 · a day ago
🎟ep 8: down bad i say.
written and smau | rating: pg | wc: 0.2k | prev | next | m.list
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
your heartbeat picked up as you saw the incoming call from sunghoon. you fixed your hair one last time before picking up.
“hi.” you breathe out. sunghoon is so much prettier than in pictures. you wonder how much prettier he could get in real life.
“hey.” he smiles, his ears already pink.
for a moment its silent, awkwardness filling the air. then the two of you make eye contact through the screen and then burst out laughing. “sorry i dont know what to say.” you say in between giggles. he chuckles, “its alright. i didnt know what to say either.”
“you’re really good looking.” the words slip out of your mouth before you could stop it. your eyes widen and you clasp a hand over your mouth, embarrassed. sunghoon blushes and giggles a little. “im so sorry that didnt mean to come out of my mouth just like that omg im so embarrassing.”, you hide your face in your palms, sunghoon laughing in the background.
you look up and pout, “are you enjoying seeing me in pain?” you fake a hurt gasp and put your hand over your heart, dramatically.
he smirks, “and what if am ?”
“i shall end the call” you say, grinning. that stops sunghoon. “okAY okay sorry. is that a poster of the beatles i see on your wall?” he notices your beatles poster.
“yeah! ive been a big fan of them ever since i was a small kid. that poster is one i got for my tenth birthday. my dad gave it to me.” you smile fondly at the memory. sunghoon loves how your eyes light up when you talk about it. he takes it that you enjoy talking about things you cherish. he hopes he’ll be one of the things you cherish someday.
“really? do tell me more about your love for the beatles. ive heard a good amount of their songs.” and just like that, the conversation goes on, not one awkward moment happening after that. the both of you find various topics to chat about.
two hours pass by and you only realise the time when yujin texts you, asking if you’ve gone to bed yet. she always made sure to check up on you, making sure you slept properly and took care of yourself, and you were ever so grateful for her.
“oh wow look at the time! i should probably go now.” you say, and you notice how sunghoons smile fades a bit, before he quickly puts on another smile and says “yeah! oh shit yeah it is pretty late.”
the two of you remain silent for a bit again, neither of you wanting to leave. sunghoon speaks up “so uh.. do you wanna call tomorrow too? i really enjoyed talking to you.” he says sheepishly and you give him a genuine smile, “id love to. i’ll text you and let you know when im free and we can talk again tomorrow.”
“okay! great! thats.. thats great! goodnight y/n. sleep well.” he says, waving cutely and you giggle and wave back, returning the goodnight and ending the call.
that night all you could think about was his dimples.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
lilys th0ts: welp. guess nix cant drink coffee tmrw 🤕 sorry i took so long to update my mom forbade me from using tumblr so i had to sneak in time :(
🎀sypnosis: [ when you finally decide to be on a dating app, you were disappointed to see that all of them were just creeps who wanted nudes or hookups. But there is one guy, who is DEFINITELY out of your league. You swipe right on him (why wouldnt you?), hoping that he wasn’t like the other guys, and to your surprise, its a match! He isn’t the same as the other guys, being the only decent one you found. You talk and exchange numbers, liking each other’s company. Meanwhile, a new family moves in next door, and you are utterly shocked to see that the son is none other than your perfect match, ᴘᴀʀᴋ ꜱᴜɴɢʜᴏᴏɴ. But why isn’t he half as nice as he was while texting?]
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ohshutupjimin · 2 days ago
Imagine Yoongi
“She’s a dancer you know.” Yoongi says, “She’s very flexible. She can get both legs behind her head.”
Bet you love that she’s flexible.” Jimin says from off camera.
Yoongi ignores Jimin’s comment and tries to put his legs behind his head, “I can’t do it thought.”
Tumblr media
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panda-writes-kpop · a day ago
SuA as Your GF
A/N: Hi guys, girls, and non-binary pearls! I hope you have a fantastic start to your week! Make sure to take care of yourselves. 🥰❤️
If you’re interested in works like this, then consider looking through my Masterlist!
TW: Food and teeth-rotting fluff!
Tumblr media
- SuA has always been upfront of how she feels about you.
- She loves to tease you because she thinks that the way that you react is adorable.
- Besides, she’s got to mess with you somehow.
- Flirting with her back either leaves her flustered, or it engages the two of you in a flirting war.
- Lots of physical affection, like she won’t let go of you if you’re with her.
- You should also like and enjoy PDA because she does too.
- Likes to get out of the house for dates.
- “Come on, Y/N, we’ve stayed in the house for too long!! I want to go out and explore the city with you. Please~”
- Your camera roll is filled with pictures of her and pictures of the two of you together.
- She definitely has the most embarrassing picture of you to exist as her screensaver.
- And she absolutely has shown her members that picture.
- SuA is very competitive, and she’ll do whatever it takes to win whatever game you’re playing. Even if it means betraying your trust.
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