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#kris deltarune
abandoned-quiche · 2 days ago
everyone who ships krerdly respects kris’s pronouns. that’s why it’s the best ship
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ryujistupidhorse · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
big strong arms are for holding ur bestie while they play smash bros
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lilybug-02 · a day ago
More Deltarune: Chara Timline shenanigans :)
Asriel in the Darkword…
Tumblr media
More fun Chara timeline au stuff for you to look through! I’m planning and refining the darkworld plot at the moment, but here are my ideas so far.
Darkworld Theme and Location: QC’s Diner // The Wild West
Major Antagonist: “The Mayor” - a money hungry man who has recently gone rogue (after talking with the knight) and has persuaded his town to become bandits (many of whom are terrible at being criminals). He has a big southern accent and only talks in goofy southern phrases which he does not know the meaning of.
Final Boss Fight: Battle on a Run Away Train!
And no, this will NOT be a full comic because I’m not THAT dedicated lol. I wont promise anything but I will have at least a few other comic strips for this AU that will help connect the story. Seriously idk how ppl have the dedication for such large comic projects.
Tumblr media
Some more Brain dumps of how this darkworld will work.
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Ralsei: Susie, can you please keep an eye on Spamton? He might say something to the wrong person and get punched.
Susie: Sure, I’d love to see that puppet get punched.
Kris: Try again.
Susie, rolling eyes and sighing: I’ll stop Spamton from getting punched.
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cupcakeshakesnake · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Do not drink from the sand tap, please.
Some headcanons inspired by asks:
- Giving something of your own in return would make for an earnest exchange (and thus should not be done lightly). Refusing or returning an offered item, on the other hand, would mean something like “You’ve lost my trust” or “I don’t consider you a friend anymore”.
- Yes the sand tap is for washing, it’s a bird behavior joke, I thought it would be funny
- The masks are worn partially to avoid scaring customers and partially to protect the eyes while standing in neon lights all day. Or to, I don’t know, protect the face from dust caused by car stampedes?
- The downside is that they don’t make for a good heart-to-heart conversation.
- Their faces aren’t burnt or anything; the feathers there are just darker in color.
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snuffydoo · 21 hours ago
Yes more Kris x Berdly please
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I draw this ship a lot but I never post any of it hrfhrfr
It just kinda collects dust in my folders
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snomrade · a day ago
thinking about how kris deltarune is autistic thinking about how susie deltarune is autistic thinking about how ralsai deltarune is autistic thinking about how noelle deltarune is autistic thinking about how berdly deltarune is autistic
autistic headcanons for all!!! (a few of these are just observations)
struggles with displaying empathy
can't really articulate their emotions
hates hates hates eye contact!!! lets their hair cover their eyes for this reason
hates unwanted touch
struggles making connections in terms of friendship
takes things literally
separation anxiety with toriel as a kid, they used to meltdown without her
prized possession is a pair of ear defenders that were gifted by asriel
probably would fixate on true crime
often gets mistaken as rude due to bluntness
primarily nonverbal
mmmmmm chalk sensory~
also struggles with making connections
victim of the shitty education system not understanding her at all
BIG stims!!!!!!!! very emotive!! headbanging and hand flapping!! teeth grinding :/
her favourite stim toy is a chew necklace that noelle got her (it has to be replaced semi-regularly but her pencils aren't quite as chewed to death anymore)
gets aggressive when overwhelmed :( pushes people away by accident
issues with regulating frustrating emotions
auditory processing issues and poor concentration can make classwork really hard
antagonized due to perceived "disobedience"
lots of executive dysfunction issues
is curating an extensive and diverse stim toy collection
struggles with severe anxiety and bouts of depression
sensory issues can be brought on by warm temperatures
disassociates pretty frequently
tends to go nonverbal when stressed
humming and leg bouncing stims!!! she hums christmas songs almost exclusively
diagnosed at around twelve
very into escapism through reading/literature and RPGs
weighted blanket their beloved <3
has a very good memory!!
picky eater
berdly helps her communicate when she shuts down but sometimes he can get a bit carried away
spinning stim!!!!!!!!
hyper sensitive/emotional and hyper empathetic
likes when things fit into rolls and hates deviation from this
enjoys hugs/ pressure for sensory reasons
has a very consistent routine in the darkworld when Kris and Susie arent there
very "black and white" thinking
fears being perceived as annoying :(
full of love <3<3<3<3
excessive apologizing
cannotttttt lie
spends a long time rehearsing conversations
he lets susie pet his fur to calm her down
sometimes doesn't quite understand physical boundaries (hugs without consent) but he's working on it!
his scarf is a really important comfort item to him
videogame special interest; particularly into the history of videogame mechanics and other more niche topics. he is rarely given the opportunity to infodump but it's genuinely very interesting
fidget spinner collection B)
struggles with putting himself into others shoes
latches onto people semi intensely
bad at social cues
got diagnosed pretty young
struggles communicating appreciation
he is AMAZING at his job in the librarby, has a very good knowledge of the dewey decimal system
takes his noise-cancelling headphones everywhere, exclusively listens to video game soundtracks
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Store worker: Would a Mx. Kris Dreemurr please come up to the front?
Kris, arriving: Er, there a problem?
Store worker: *points to Jevil and Spamton*
Store worker: I believe these two belong to you?
Jevil & Spamton: We got lost :(
Kris: How the FUCK did you guys even get here.
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trynyxx · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
this is my application to join the deltarune fandom sbdjfk
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