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Rating: T

Words: 1736

Pairing: Kristanna

Summary: After the birth of their sixth child, Kristoff and Anna come to realize that maybe some skin to skin snuggling with their daughter is actually the most blissful kind of snuggling in the world. (here’s a link to part 1)

aka some cavity-inducing fluff to help with social distancing/quarantine woes :) 

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CHAPTER TEN - Teach Me Tonight

Words: 3800(ish)

Rating: For sure it’s M. Very M. 

1950s Pin Up Girl AU

Summary: Anna makes Kristoff dinner. 

MASSIVE shout out to @kristoffxannafanatic for sending me one of the most beautiful ideas for what to do with the scars on Kristoff’s back. I’m seriously so honored that I got to write it out, and I hope I did it justice! 


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This chapter’s pretty short, but the next one will be more substantial! Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions! :-)

Summary: Anna is engaged to the charming Hans, but Elsa has some concerns about the arrangement. Much to Anna’s dismay, Elsa encourages her to seek out a professional opinion before going through with the marriage. That leads Anna into Kristoff Bjorgman’s office where she is, with the help of her caring therapist, finally able to come to terms with the fact that maybe her relationship with Hans isn’t all she thought it was. 

AO3 link

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chapter 3 of it’s always ourselves we find is here!

1 / 2

[kristanna / m / modern au / coworkers & enemies to lovers ;) ]

It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate it; no, it was that he didn’t understand it, why she’d stuck up for him at dinner and refused to say anything negative about him, though god knew there was no shortage of criticism she was ready to share with him at any given opportunity.

And why she’d– fuck, he was blushing again at the thought, and grateful that the lights were out and there was a pillow between their heads– why she’d reached over and squeezed his hand like that, like she’d known it was exactly what he needed.

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I have a hc and I’m not sure if it makes any sense but: K noticing when A changes little things abt her appearance but isnt able to articulate those changes? Like she starts wearing a diff mascara and he notices her eyes look diff bc he looks at them sm but he’s a Boy so he can’t pinpoint why or like she gets her bangs trimmed or smth like small things he can’t figure out but he knows somethings diff bc he looks at her sm bc they’re in love this sounded rlly sweet and made sense in my head ok

It’s very sweet, thank you 😍😍😍

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chapter 2 of it’s always ourselves we find is here!

[kristanna / m / modern au / coworkers & enemies to lovers ;) ]

“So,” Hans said with a lazy grin, leaning back in his chair and tossing an arm over the shoulders of the woman next to him, “how is it working with Bjorgman, Anna? And don’t hold back. Believe me, I’ve heard it all before.”

She felt rather than saw Kristoff stiffen beside her. That was one of the talents– or habits, maybe; she wasn’t sure what to call it– she’d picked up sharing an office with him over the last year; she had developed a sixth sense of sorts about his moods and learned to prepare herself accordingly. 

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Is that a joke? When are we not interested? Haha love this au and love you!!

follow up to this drabble in my single dad kristoff/coffeeshop au verse, cw for sexual harassment

For what had to be the ten-thousandth time, Anna found herself immensely grateful that she’d fallen in love with a man of seemingly infinite patience, a man who was currently putting that patience to good use as he sat quietly in front of her on the edge of his bed while she ran her pomade-laden fingers through his hair.

“Thanks again for this,” she said as she leaned forward slightly so she could reach the back of his head. “I know it’s super last minute and that you probably just wanted to spend your Friday night relaxing for once and–”

“Anna,” he said, and she went silent, biting her lip.

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chapter 4 of to see you home is here! [kristanna / m / aka selkie au]

chapter 1 / 2 / 3

On the morning of the fourth day, Anna turned over, blinking awake, and came face to face with the bare floor. Disappointment was her closest, most constant companion, but somehow this time it surprised her, all the same, when it settled cold and bitter and heavy over her, like a sudden ice storm in spring glazing the intrepid first leaves and dragging them down to the still-hardened earth.

This was what she had wanted, though, when she chose to come here at the end of the known world, the solitude and silence that seemed her birthright, and the strange man who spoke no tongue she’d ever heard had only been a disruption to that, a nuisance.

And yet– and yet.

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Kristanna modern au

Rated: M (swearing)

WC: 3334

~This was a collab with @lukin08

Summary: Kristoff lives a solitary life off the grid in the wilds of Alaska.  He is a mountain man in every sense of the word.  When his supply pilot Anna is forced to stay with him and wait out a winter storm, his world is thrown completely out of balance.


Kristoff woke well before the sun, getting an early start on all the things he needed to prepare before the winter set in and he would be unable to navigate the hundred or so miles to the closest settlement of people.

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