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#kristanna fanfiction

im a simp for @ahtohallan-calling and i wrote another drabble


One moment he was in his element, his eyes simultaneously scanning the mountain for the climbing route he would’ve taken and the very different route his fiery new travel companion was taking. One moment he was standing there, arms crossed, his mind focused on the task before him — practicality worked for him. One moment he heard the strange little snowman yelling out something about a way up the mountain. And the next moment, he could hardly breathe.

Anna had jumped into his arms, but that wasn’t what stole the air from his lungs — she’s small, and the catch was easy. Kristoff found himself weak because she had patted his chest. It wouldn’t have meant much to most, but to Kristoff, her touch felt like an old friend. Amidst the blank state of mind he was currently in, he realized it had been years.

Since he’d been touched. Since he’d been held.

He must’ve been no more than a few years old, he thinks. He can hardly remember what that feels like, the warmth of human contact. The soft feeling of another person’s hand on your skin. Before he’s  able to notice, Anna’s already off. His feet carry him to follow.

As he trails a few feet behind her, he attempts to delve deep into his memory to recall the last time he felt something like that. But any attempt is thwarted by the still-lingering feeling of her hand on his heart. Even through the many layers — her mittens, his sweater and thick leather jerkin — and despite the chilly air, the simple friendly gesture sticks with him, a ghost of affection.

Luckily, Olaf is able to guide them to the stairs he saw, otherwise Anna wouldn’t know where they’re going, and god knows Kristoff’s not capable of a single coherent thought right now. He’d almost be embarrassed at how much he’s affected by this single touch if he was able to feel anything other than an all-consuming warmth right now. He hoped she wouldn’t turn around and catch the blush intensifying on his cheeks.

All he knows is he wants to feel it again.

To feel her.

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I updated Off The Bat last night. It was 99% Kristoff solo in the baseball world. Which probably did not entertain people. But like, I loved it. So I’m at this weird point where I want to write for my own enjoyment but I also want my readers to like it. I get self conscious after I post a chapter. (Especially when I don’t get many comments). Always thinking I should have added more. More romance, more action, more fluff idk. Currently I’ve been feeling like I’m not giving Kristoff and Anna enough dialogue. Dialogue can be hard for me and I’m not usually inspired with it. Please don’t comment “yeah they need more dialogue” because that might make me never want to write again🙃 ok well thanks diary see you soon

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i just read a fanfic where kristoff DIED and anna being alone… it broke me…. i’m sobbing

(the reasons: kristoff’s death being sudden and so soon after the end of the movie, anna talking about (a future) marriage, the marriage suite, the suggestion that sven survived, elsa being there to comfort anna)


here feel free to read it and die along with me

(it’s by head_in_the_clouds13)

i’m going to go back and read liv’s happy stuff.

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Off The Bat by Senie

“I’ll meet you at the car.” And started towards the exit. Anna scanned her key card, checking out of the building when she was suddenly face to chest with a substantial blockage in the doorway.

“Oh, shit, excuse me.” A smooth voice said as the blockage disappeared out of Anna’s personal space.

She looked up to find a man now outside the building, holding the door open for her to exit. He was dressed in team-issued navy-blue sweats with a matching AU baseball cap.

‘He’s tall.’ That was the first thing Anna thought. 'Perfect build for a baseball player’ was the second. Which was true. If she had to guess, this guy stood at at least 6'3 and had a solid body. Wide shoulders, narrow waist and legs thick with muscles.

“Like what you see?” Anna’s eyes flashed up to his face now. So maybe she had stared a little bit too long…

“I’ve seen better.” Was her quick-witted response, unfazed, as she walked through the doorway. The arrogant smirk on the guy’s face only widened. She could see some shaggy blonde hair sticking out from under his hat hanging in his hazel eyes. In all honestly, he was quite good looking. 'Understatement of the year.’

“Watch out for her Bjorgman, she’s a feisty one.” Anna heard Flynn call as she walked down the path to her car and away from the handsome douche.

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I cant for the life of me remember the author but back in the holidays I remember reading fanfiction that had Anna in a uh…santa gear. and kristoff was santa, there were multiple types and different stories, but I uh….need to read them again…for science. does anyone know who couldve wrote them?

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Rating: T (some swears, kissing scenes, mostly just fluff)

Pairing: Kristoff/Anna

Summary: Modern AU; Anna calls Kristoff in desperation, as she needs to shovel her apartment complex’s front and back steps, along with the sidewalks in the front of the building. It was a promise she made to her sister that the landlord needed help with the incoming storm, but she went away for the weekend for her job. Her being the procrastinator she is, its the last day she has to do it and the snow is piled up. Will they be able to do it in time?

Notes: If you saw my tumblr post (a while back-sorry about that) when I shoveled the snow on the first snow day in my state, it read that I had a fanfiction idea brewing in my head the whole time I was shoveling. This is my first real time that I’m writing Kristanna fanfiction, I’ve written little stuff in the past, but it never made it past my notebooks/laptop. So this is the real first published piece. I hope you enjoy! (also i really tried with the title, idk if I like it still but there you go lol.)


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Rating: K+

Word Count: 2,242

Summary: When Kristoff doesn’t find the Queen in her office like she usually is most afternoons, he discovers her asking for advice from an old friend. Quick one-shot I wrote about Anna dealing with being Queen. Canonverse, takes place 1 year after Frozen 2.

Note: No, this is not the fic I mentioned earlier that I had finished, but this idea came into my head and I wrote it surprisingly fast so here it is. Hopefully the other one will be up soon but probably not for a while because I see star wars tomorrow ahhh.  

A mug of cocoa in each hand, Kristoff entered Anna’s office, just like he did most afternoons when she wasn’t preoccupied somewhere else. One mug plain with a cinnamon stick floating in it and another covered in a mountain of mini marshmallows, he set both down on the desk, surprised that she wasn’t there. Though Anna, even as Queen, wasn’t particularly keen at sticking to her assigned schedule, he thought by now he’d figured out where to find her most days, depending on what was going on. He looked around the office and nearby rooms briefly for her, and then stopped to think, double checking in his head that this was where she was supposed to be.

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Rating : T? I think…? Rude humor, some harsh language, and lots of implied sexual content… but I don’t think it actually warrants M? Idk… just be careful?

Words : 2492

Pairing: Anna/Kristoff

Continuation of the ‘Santa Baby’ series.

I will have you all know that I was bullied into writing this… okay not really. I wrote it because I wanted to. But a proposal was mentioned and I love writing my favorite cuties be happy together. This continues along the outrageous ‘Santa’ theme that I started. Merry Christmas to all and all that jazz. Enjoy~

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter Three

It was warm for April. The sun shone through the trees, making patches of light and shade and falling in thick beams between the branches. All around Anna was green, an almost alarmingly bright green of new shoots and buds of leaves. There were tiny wildflowers in the grass, pink and purple and blue and yellow. And from every direction there was birdsong.

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Just wrote a short drabble for @ahtohallan-calling! She requested Modern AU Anna and Kristoff playing with a baby, so here’s a lil something I did instead of studying for finals 😗✌️

“I’m just nervous, that’s all.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Kristoff kisses her on top of her head. “She’ll love you. They’ll love you.”

Anna closes her eyes as he wraps a safe arm around her. She takes a deep breath, and the door opens. The next thing she sees is a blur of a woman crashing into Kristoff. “Baby!”

Luckily, Kristoff is solid enough to keep steady, but in any other situation her tackle might have been fatal. She packs a punch despite her height — she’s around Anna’s height — and radiates warmth when she squeezes Kristoff’s torso. “Ohh! I’ve missed you so much!” she emphasizes a mwah sound as she holds and kisses his cheeks.

She turns to Anna then, her warm eyes practically sparkling. If she didn’t know Kristoff was adopted, she would swear he gets his eyes from her. “And look at you!” she exclaims, showing some mercy as she hugs Anna with slightly less force.

“Hi!” Anna giggles in glee. “I’m-“

“Anna, yes! I’ve heard so much about you!” she turns to Kristoff, “Oh, Kristoff, she’s so beautiful!”

“Ma!” he smiles, his face reddening.

“Thank you, Mrs. Bjorgman. I’m so excited to meet your family!”

“Oh, dear, you can just call me Bulda. Well, get on in here!”


Later that evening, Anna finishes up bonding with some of Kristoff’s older siblings and heads downstairs to find Kristoff, and check if Bulda needs any help with the dinner. When she finds them in the kitchen, she swears she can feel her heart clench at the sight before her.

Kristoff is standing over the stove, probably stirring his mother’s stew that he always raves about, while balancing his baby cousin — Alana, she remembers — on his hip. She looks so peaceful with her blankie in her little fist, and her thumb in her mouth. Alana watches Anna with wide eyes and coos, alerting them of her presence.

“Hello sweetie!” Bulda says, turning to greet her. “What’cha doing here?”

Anna walks up to Kristoff and places a finger on his bicep, feeling the soft material of his sweater there. She watches in wonderment as Alana reaches her tiny hand up to wrap around Anna’s finger. “Oh my goodness!” she squeals. “Um, yes, Bulda, I was just wondering if there was any way I could help? With dinner?”

Bulda glances over and sees Kristoff’s wide grin as he looks down at Anna and his cousin. “Why don’t you two just go play with Alana in the living room?”

Anna begins to protest, saying she really wants to help her, but Bulda interjects. “Believe me, you’ll be helping. Someone’s gotta tire her out now, otherwise the little monster will be up all night.” She smirks when they leave the room.

They both sit cross-legged on the carpet, and Kristoff places Alana in his lap. She hasn’t quite gotten the hang of sitting up on her own yet. She’s so small behind Kristoffs legs that she has to grip her little hands around Kristoff’s ankles to peek up over them.

Kristoff bounces her a few times while they both coo at Alana, but it isn’t long before she makes grabby hands at Anna. Kristoff gently gets a hold of her chubby little arms and asks her, in a soft voice, “You wanna go see Anna?” to which Alana babbles something nonsensical in response.

He passes her off to Anna. She always gets a little cautious around children this young — being the youngest in her family, she never had the opportunity to become comfortable with babies. She loves them, but she’s always worried they won’t love her too. Kristoff has told her before how she’s such a nurturing, caring person that it doesn’t matter, but she has yet to be convinced. That’s why her face lights up at Alana’s joy.

“She’s a heavy little one, huh?” Anna laughs, and Kristoff snorts.

“Now you just cradle her head there, and give her some support- yeah, yeah, that’s it. You’ve got it.”

Alana wraps her fingers around one of Anna’s again, and she just about melts. “Kristoff! She is going to kill me with this cuteness.”

“She likes you,” he smiles. Anna returns the expression.

“So, how exactly do you recommend we tire her out?”

“Ma told me she has these little puppet toys we can use to tell stories- over there!”

Kristoff jumps up and runs over to get them. When he returns, he waves the fabric toys in front of Alana, asking in a sing-song voice which one she wants. He’s so chirpy, and Anna can’t remember another time she’s seen him like this (except for that one time she caught him baby-talking with his dog, Sven). She’s not too surprised though — she know’s he’s a softie at heart.

She’s so mesmerized by his expressions that she doesn’t even realize Alana has selected a reindeer puppet until Kristoff is already putting it on his hand. She props Alana up to watch the little show Kristoff is about to put on, and she tunes out again as he starts. He talks for the reindeer in a goofy voice and tells some story about a snowman that she doesn’t even try to keep up with. All Anna can think about is how sweet he is with her, and she can’t help but imagine their future together.

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