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Written in the Stars - Chapter 2

Word Count: 3,574/AO3

Pairing: Kristanna

Love During Lockdown series: Serendipity (Prologue) | Chapter 1

Summary: Figuring out how to go on an in-person date during a time of social distancing would be a challenge for anyone. Luckily, it comes easy to Anna and Kristoff, who find a creative way to spend some time with each other amidst a pandemic.

Author’s Note: Hi everyone. I hope you’re all doing okay. I debated for a really long time on whether or not I should post today. The world has been very dark the past few days, and I didn’t want to take away from anything important that is happening. I ultimately decided to post because some of you may be using fanfiction as an escape right now and I didn’t want to deprive anyone of what little distraction you may feel while reading this. I don’t know. Thank you for all the love you’ve given me, I appreciate all of you. Stay safe. I hope you enjoy this.

As they pulled up to the unusually long drive-through line, Kristoff turned to face her. “What do you want?”

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a sucker for chicken nuggets,” she smiled. 

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Do you ever think about how in TTS Rapunzel turned down Eugene’s proposal at her princess coronation because she didn’t want to make a commitment when she was still so young and because she felt pressured into making a lot of important life changes all at once? How spending so long in Gothel’s tower affected her and how the show acknowledges that it robbed her of the freedom and opportunities she should have had as a child/teenager, and how she felt trapped by being given royal responsibilities too soon after escaping that life? How Eugene, although he was established as wanting to live in a castle from the get-go, still struggled with figuring out how he fitted in and felt weird about having an official job when he’d spent so long as a thief? How they often sat and talked through their problems as a couple?

Then do you think about the ending of F2 and how we’re just supposed to assume that Anna is automatically fine with taking on the responsibility of being Queen without Elsa around, and that Kristoff is automatically fine with the decorum and expectation that comes with his position as her husband despite having lived his entire life out of doors, and how we’re supposed to think that everything will be all roses and sunshine for them even though neither of them were prepared for this and even though they spent almost the entire movie being both emotionally and physically distant and never sat down to discuss their problems beyond a sentence or two?

Honestly, Anna needs her own TTS to untangle the mess the Frozen writers left her with.

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Frozen + Star Wars


My third crossover sketch!! Hope you guys like it!! It’s a quick one though 😅

I thought it’d be cute to see Fohana in the shoes of these guys!😂❤️

Elsa in the guise of Luke, Anna as her beloved sister Leia and Kristoff as Han (well, these last two names don’t sound good together, you know what I mean LOL).

Actually I’m not very satisfied with their faces but I’m so so obsessed with Olaf and Sven as R2-D2 and Chewbecca!!😂

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I came across this 2018 article that discusses why Frozen is such a popular film. There is a section which talks about love between Kristoff and Anna. At the beginning I was enjoying the reading, when all of a sudden I read “he is not really the handsome boy in the village”.

I WAS LIKE “WHAT MAN?! He’s the hottest, cutest, most handsome disney’s male character ( it’s subjective I know❤️). Like whaaaaat he’s perfection duh.

Then I kept reading and it says “frozen shows how love can come from hatred”

Ehm, no.

I don’t think Kristoff and Anna hated each other initially, at all. Kristoff simply minded his own business, while Anna was simply indifferent, because she had Hans and met Kristoff by accident.

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