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Soooooo I am now obsessed with Six the musical… So I drew my favourite Queen! I even want to cosplay her now!

Do not re-post without permission!!

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#5 Krita for Games: File Layer and Assets

#5 Krita for Games: File Layer and Assets

Let’s mess around with some more helpful tools that come packaged with Krita. We’re going to create some assets for an isometric top-down game and a side scrolling game. Remember, your games artwork is one of its best selling points so spend some time perfecting your art style. However, if art is not your thing there are plenty of online resources where you can get free game. Alternately, you can…


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memory about days

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I’ve been working on trying to draw different body types! I still have a lot to work on with drawing people.

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more animal crossing zombie apocalypse :)))

the words just in case they’re hard to read:

top- sometimes bob, leaders have to make the tough decisions

bottom- alright lucky, i don’t want to have to do this…

i’m still trying to figure out what styles i like to draw in digitally, but i’m really loving the style the person on the left has, the cell shading type on the invader zim group one, and the style of my owl house screenshot redraw :D

i’m having a lot of fun figuring this out :)

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IM KINDA SH00KED NGL,,,, like the progress I’ve made in thes 5 months is incredible.

the original was made 18.09.2020 

I fished the redraw today ( 19.01.2021 )

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-Twice of 1/18/2021 (if he was alive)

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