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multifacetedfangirl · 2 days ago
Eddie, coming home exhausted after a shift and just blurting out to Ana, "Maybe you should go home."
Eddie, after another long shift, coming home to Buck heading out after tucking Christopher in, blurting out, "Maybe you should stay."
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multifacetedfangirl · a day ago
Eddie proposing to Buck on a whim, and using a toy spider ring to do it. They mean to get actual rings made, but they keep forgetting, and honestly, Buck thinks the spider ring is so cute. When it inevitably snaps, Eddie proposes all over again with another toy/fake ring, and they just never get real rings, so they can keep proposing to each other.
after a while the magic wears off for the 118 and hen and chim gag every time it happens XD
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multifacetedfangirl · a day ago
it's bring your kid to work day, during fire marshal Buck era
when carla brings Christopher in, he's not wearing the firefighter costume that he keeps in his toy box
he's wearing a button-up with a tie, and has a notepad tucked in his pocket
"What're you wearing bud? I thought you were gonna be my helper today?"
"Sorry, dad. I already did your job for you, remember? Now I'm gonna go help Bucky!"
cue sobs from Buck because THAT'S HIS SON
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multifacetedfangirl · 2 days ago
Hen: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!
Buck: The truck bombing actually left my leg severely weakened and with long term pain issues-
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multifacetedfangirl · 2 days ago
i dont DO the deep-dive analysis, big-brain content, meta details part of fandom
i do the hairbrained theories, incoherent rants, and shitty memes part of fandom
anyways here's my list on why Buddie is canon:
Have you SEEN the way they look at each other? Eddie and Buck might be blind to it but we sure aren't.
Co-parents extraordinaire
domestic af, balcony scene anyone???
3x15, 4x06, 3x03, 2x18, the whole damn show
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multifacetedfangirl · a day ago
dont mind me just thinking about the fact that bruce had to bury his parents AND his kid
heavy sobs
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multifacetedfangirl · a month ago
notes on the manor fridge
Tumblr media
god it was a CHALLENGE to try and make like 7 different handwritings- i left the rest up to context clues and note colors but like, this is a mess lmao
Part 2/? from "Letters From the Manor" on AO3
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multifacetedfangirl · 2 months ago
I can never stop thinking about this but,
Merlin was seriously a badass, beyond his magical powers.
Like, he was going on the same exact missions as the Knights, in his funky little jacket and neckerchief, not a care in the world. He KNEW he couldn't use magic to save himself if anything went wrong and man's just, "gtg keep my boyfriend safe ttyl" and went on his merry way, no armor or sword
I wonder what the people of Camelot thought. Like, the other knights are worried for this poor single servant having to keep up with the king in battle, and all the servants being in awe and a little scared of Merlin who seems to come back from the mouth of death every other week. (The closest they've come to death is having to wash sir Gwaine's socks.)
And what of the knights of the round table? Do they think Arthur has trained Merlin in the art of defense, or that he's just the single most badass and loyal servant in all of Albion?
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multifacetedfangirl · 4 months ago
Don't think about how Kurogiri is the only person that's fully on Shigaaraki's side. Don't think about how he's the only person that doesn't have an agenda around Shigaraki, just wants what's best for him.
Don't think about Kurogiri being "cured" by heroes, and reverting into Oboro. Don't think about Aizawa and Hizashi having to tell their friend about what he did in the years he was trapped, and the people that they lost in the meantime.
Don't think about Shigaraki, all alone and mourning the only person in his life that supported him. Don't think about how Shigaraki lost so much and eventually loses his older brother/father figure (because we all know that last person that's nurturing is AFO).
Don't think about Oboro retaining vague memories and emotions from his time as Kurogiri. Don't think about him remembering a young man that had so much potential in him, that was tainted by a psychopath who only ever saw him as a pawn.
Definitely don't think about Oboro hunting down the LoV's base, not to take down villains, but to find the boy that his every cell is screaming to protect.
idk I've been thinking recently...
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multifacetedfangirl · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
it's probably been done but this quote plus buck? cackling.
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multifacetedfangirl · 5 days ago
Christopher, standing over a broken vase: I have done nothing wrong in my life, ever.
Buck: I know this and I love you 😍
Eddie: Buck! No!
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multifacetedfangirl · 5 days ago
"Hi, my name is Christopher Buckley-Diaz, and this is my presentation on my family tree."
*56 minutes later*
"And that's my whole family... In LA. Dad said we'd be here all day if I did the rest of the Diazes too."
Slide descriptions below the cut!
Slide 1: "This is my mom, Shannon, and my dad, Eddie. He's a firefighter and so is my other dad, his name is Buck. We all live together except for my mom she lives in the cemetery now. My Bisabuela and Tia Pepa are the elders on my dad's side, and Aunt Maddie is the elder on Pop's side, except she says to stop calling her that."
Slide 2: "Speaking of, that's my Aunt Maddie, and my Uncle Chim, who has a real name I don't know, and my baby cousin Jee-Yun. She's super cute and I'm her favorite. And this is Uncle Chin's brother Albert; he doesn't let me call him uncle but Pops said I should because that's funny."
Slide 3: "This is my Grandpa Bobby and Athena. They're married but Athena says that no one should call her a grandma because she's timeless and cannot be labeled like that. Those are May and Harry, Athena and Uncle Michael's kids, and that's David, Uncle Michael's boyfriend."
Slide 4: "That's my friend Denny, and his foster sister Nia, and those are their moms, Auntie Hen and Auntie Karen. We like to call Denny's bio-mom She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, because she's yucky like that."
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multifacetedfangirl · 14 days ago
a series of messages to the batfam server tonight
ME: [8:55 PM]
damian would commit murder for dick
ME: [8:56 PM]
just remembering that damian would also commit murder just for funsies so perhaps that statement does not hold the sentiment i meant it to
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multifacetedfangirl · 6 days ago
Eddie puts Christopher first, priority alpha, in any given situation, then everyone else he loves after, then himself.
Buck puts Eddie first. Not because he doesn't love Christopher enough to put him first, but because he knows that Chris needs Eddie, and if Eddie's not going to be the one to make sure that he's always gonna come back to his son, then Buck will.
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multifacetedfangirl · 2 months ago
hinata: can someone please throw me a ball? 🥺
kenma: *scrambling for his phone*
h ou rs later
hinata: kenma why am i wearing a suit? kenma why is this room full of guests in gowns and tuxedos? kenma why is there an orchestra playing a waltz? kenma is this a FORMAL DANCE BALL?
kenma: 😶 i sense i have made a mistake
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multifacetedfangirl · 17 days ago
now, to be clear, I am a pessimist, and I watched supernatural in the worst era of its destiel shit, so i am in no way expecting them to let us have this, but like, fox has a LOT to explain????
here is a handy guide for how fox can make their excuses and not give us canon buck/eddie
1) stop letting buck and eddie look at each other with so much love and affection and fondess. it distracts from the utter panic and fear eddie looks at ana with
2) stop showing us actual proof of coparenting and exactly how much buck would do anything and everything eddie's son would ask of him
3) perhaps having eddie experience a panic attack so had he thought it was a cardiac event was not the right response to someone insinuating that his long term girlfriend was his wife
4) ana should probably not introduce herself as "just a friend"???
5) buck and eddie should not rush to greet their son in the same excited and loving manner. completely overshadows the sheer awkwardness of ana having to introduce herself to her boyfriends coworkers because he's too distracted swooning over his son with his boybest friend
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
awkwardest scene yet askdjfhlsd
5a) maybe do not add weird long stares between the probie and ana??? fox what WAS that????
6) if fox does not want to give us canon buck/eddie perhaps they should not imply that eddie's relationship is similar to the decidedly toxic one that buck was in years ago.
7) also, do not make the ONE time Buck decides not to put Chris's needs first when he says that Eddie should put his happiness first!! sends mixed singals!!
These are just some helpful hints for you Fox!! Just a little concrit!!! Maybe if you want I can beta for u sometime?? I have a lot of experience and also it seems that you very clearly do not have anyone looking at these eps with an OUNCE of objectivity.
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multifacetedfangirl · a month ago
Tumblr media
inspired by a comment on the fic- i think im getting the handwriting down
Part 3/? from “Letters From the Manor” on AO3
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multifacetedfangirl · 17 days ago
i have SO many thoughts about Buck and Bobby and their relationship, but 5x02 was REALLY testing my emotional limits like damn
First off, I was already screaming when Bobby legit climbed into a precariously hanging helicopter secured with nothing more than a loosely tied firehose??? Like, that was barely a proper knot, and I know it was just a handwavey "of course this will properly hold his weight" thing but that felt so chaotic and reckless uhhhh, like son like father I guess.
Second, the fact the Buck was the first person to jump on and grab that hose for Bobby, like he was already going for the same idea. It made me feel things. Buck was there to support Bobby the second he needed him, even with the crazy ideas. Also, I don't know a lot about firefighting, but I do know this. Buck being the first person to hold on to the hose meant (in my interpretation) that he would be the first one in the line of defense should Bobby be in any danger at any moment. Buck put the entire responsibility of holding Bobby up on his shoulders, even before anyone else noticed and backed him up in helping Bobby. For me, it was also a vivid reminder of the scene in 4x06 when the team helps Buck lift the huge canister. Third, the moment when the helicopter fell, and the sound cut out? That was such a gorgeous cinematic choice, and honestly, one of my favorite moments in the show. I've had moments of horror like that, where I am was terrified that I couldn't hear anything except my own heartbeat rushing through my head, and the closeup of Buck's horrified face and the audio cutting out right there was one of the best things I've ever seen. I felt my own heart drop out right there, like Buck's heart was breaking and I had to watch it happen.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
also, Oliver Stark putting his whole heart and soul into these scenes is just something that can be so personal. (sorry for the sad sad quality sc lol)
in summary, Bobby is Buck's dad confirmed for like the millionth time
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