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HP parody of mha would sound interesting

Izuku: Considered to be a squib (until almost age 11) but ended up actually being a Late-bloomer
Katsuki: Getting really mad at Izuku because he thought Izuku was lying to him about not having magical abilities

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hey guys ive been in the deep bakudeku hole for a long time now and id like to get in a circle of bakudeku shippers and so if you think i should make a bkdk discord server or if you know an active bkdk discord server please tell me ! 💚🧡🧡💚

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I wasn’t sure if I should post this or not, tbh. When I reread this comic I have the same reaction as Kacchan in the last panel. 


I haven’t forgotten about the art meme! I’m working on it atm~ ^^ I wanna put them all on the same canvas!

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Fandom: Boku no Hero

Rating: T


“You really can’t hear me?” Katsuki says, following Izuku as he grabs a coat from the closet and his keys and wallet off the dresser. “You really, really can’t hear me? Not even if I say…All Might fuckin’ sucks.”

or, Katsuki wakes up (not quite) dead on Izuku’s couch and he’s pretty pissed about it

Read it Here!

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There is something to be said about not being able to voice your thoughts and emotions because you don’t trust the other person to receive them without any dumb remarks or misunderstandings; and then there is the ever so proud Bakugou crying in front of Deku, saying “I’m weak, too” and sharing all the guilt he feels with Deku, cause right then and there he was the only one who could receive all of Kacchan’s feelings.

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