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Jujitsu Kaisen Part 2

Gojo Satoru x WifeOC

As all 5 making down the hallway Nobara was walking next to Rose, and was looking at her. “So… You’re married to Gojo Sensei?”

“Yep.” Said Rose.

“… I-I see.” Said Nobara.

“Yeah, a lot people don’t believe that we’re.” Said Rose, laughing.

“Oh, no. I wasn’t thinking that… I-I just hard to believe that you, Rose McFarland and Gojo Satoru are really married.” Said Nobara, and smiles shyly. “And that you’re walking next to me. I-I’m a big fan of your work.”

Rose blinks bit shocked Nobara says: “I, um read some of work on cursed items and places around the world, and well. I-I think your so cool.”

“I-I… Wow. Thank you so much. You’re so sweet.” Said Rose, with warm smile.

Nobara eyes lit up, and smiles. “Oh, And I-Ilike your outfit.” Nobara says. “You’re jeans are so cute.”

“Aw thanks, I got them in store in Tokyo. I can take there if you like. They got all kinds of cute clothes.”

Nobara eyes light more and began getting excited. “OH,GOD!! YES, YES! I so love that!!”

Rose laughs: “Great, I think you’ll like it.”

Nobara was beaming at her. “You have no idea how much I want to go to Tokyo and just go shopping. There’s this one amazing short where they seal adorable sports wear, also this cute pet shop!!”

Rose was smiling as Nobara was going on and on all the shop she wants to go.

The 5 walked down a some stone stair and down a small wooden path that leads into small cleaning where there was small little pond, a few small birds were pecking out the ground, but flew away, when the 5 random people were walking over.

“Right~!” said Satoru, and looks everyone. “Now, class, here we are. Now who call me about Sukuna?”

There was short pause when when Yuji and Nobara both shot up their hands. Rose stood in the back with Megumi, and whispered: “What the hell happen when I was away?”

Megumi just lets out long sigh. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

Rose Chuckles and says: “With all the shit that we deal on daily basis, I’ll believe anything you say.”

Megumi just crakes a smile. “I’ll give a quick run down.”

Megumi was trying explain to Rose what had happen over the time she was gone, looks Satoru notice that two of them were whispering behind the Yuji and Nobara.

“Hey! Megumi-kun, Rose no talking during my class.” He said, in veer stern tone. “Now pay attention, the both of you.”

Megumi and Rose just him and at each, without saying a word and just listen to the lesson, as Yuji and Nobara were still waving their hands, when Satoru points to Yuji.


“Well, it’s been about few weeks since I started, but but from I’ve learned Sukuna is a very powerful cursed spirit, or demon who i

Rose slowly stood a clearly annoyed expression slowly turned to into confusion. Eyes now wide and looks at Yuji.

“W-Wait, what?!”

Yuji truns to looks at her, and says. “Oh, I’m the king cursed spirit Sukuna’s vessel.” He said this with like he just this is. The most calm and normal thing, like he picked up a candy bar from specific store.

Rose looked at Yuji, and then back Satoru, who trying not laugh at Rose’s reaction, and his phone out. And then looks back Yuji. “So… Are you, um, a reincarnation of Sukuna himself?”

Yuji raised an eye brow. “No, that’s insane. I ate his one. finger and well, I became Sukuna, or well, his vessel. I donno it still kinda weird.”

There was along few moments, Rose was just staring at Yuji, her eyes wide and mouth open a bit and looks at Megumi, who just nods.

“Yeah, that’s a bunch of bullshit, kid.” She said.

“Huh?! You don’t believe me?!”

“No, It’s just… Like really? You’re somehow Sukuna’s vessel. The Ryoumen Sukuna the king curse, is somehow possessing your body. Yeah, sure.”

“No, really it’s not. Here, I can—“

Rose rolls eyes, “Yeah, good on ya, guys. You had me for a sec.” And looks at Satoru who his camera, grinning. “I’m really into the mood for any pranks. I don’t appreciate the fact that you got your students involved in this. So you all would excuse me I hav—“

“You dear doubt my power, woman?.” A deep demonic voice cut Rose, and was slowly turns to Yuji, and saw that was mouth, on his right cheek, it was grinning evilly at her.

“Once I take this barts body, I will show the true of witch am I capable, and you, oh, I will enjoy killing you.”

Rose just looks at at the extra mouth that was talking to her, and Yuji slaps right over his cheek. “Hey! Don’t be a creep!”

He looks at Rose apologetically. “I’m sorry, he’s just pops out sometime…”

Rose just stood there, with mouth wide. “Um… H-How… How… are you… WHAT THE FUCK!?” She says, backing away and points at Yuji.

And that’s when Satoru began laughin hysterically, while Nobara and looks at at him, and Megumi places over his face, and began explaining to Rose what went down while was, while Satoru was still laughing like an idiot, and Yuji trying shut Satoru and Nobara wasn’t to trying not laugh along with Satoru.

Megumi gives them both an annoyed look and began walks up to Rose and began explaining what happen, how he met Yuji at his school where he was a power curse was causing trouble, and how some some classmates of Yuji got mixed up in it, and that Yuji found the found the flight right of Sukuna, and ate and that Yuji defeated the cuase how, and how Megumi was about exorcise, and that that’s when Satoru show up and he and Yuji, well, Sukuna fought.

After he was done Rose just there dumbfounded, and slowly shook her head.

“… What?”

Then Sukuna began to speaking: “That stupid bart said—“

“I KNOW WHAT HE SAID, YOU JACKASS!” Snapped Rose, looking at Yuji’s face.


“Yeah, yeah, you’re important, and I don’t give a shit! Now shut your face! Mouth!… Just shut the fuck up!” Rose snapped.

Sukuna was grows, and began to belling out how he was going kill her that ever she and everything that she held. Rose places a hand over and looks at Yuji.

“Yuji, can… Can please can you shut him up!? Or shut yourself up or something?”

Yuji blinks and nods, walks away while Sukuna was still talking. Nobara stood there eyes wide and looking at Rose.

“She. Is. So. Cool. .~”

Rose stood there, letting all this sink in, and looks over Satoru who stood to the side still laughing to death, leading again the tree.

Rose walks over to him stands next to him, as she was started to catch his breath.


“G-Give me… sec. heheh.” Said Satoru, lefted up his arm blindfold, and truns to look at his wife who stood there behind. “Oh, shit you’re mad.”

“Well, I am more confused and disturbed… But yeah I’m kinda pissed, because of that!” She points at Juji who was arguing with Sukuna. “Is that big surprise you talking about!?”

“yeah. Pretty cool, right?” Said Satoru.

Rose just looks at him. “No! It’s not pretty cool at all! We have teenager boy who ate the finger of fucking Sukuna, a evil kind cruse mother fucker, and… LOOK!!”

She looks while Yuji was still talking to Sukuna. “Could at least behave yourself for one minute!?”

“Silence, boy! You have no place to tell me what to do!” Said Sukuna.


Satoru looks on in amusement, then Rose asked: “Also Where the hell were you when this was going on!?”

Satoru turns to look at her and began thinking: “ Um…. I don’t remember.” He thinks for a few moments, then says with smile. “Oh, Yeah~! I was getting I getting Kikifuku~!”

Rose just there stood, and looks at him. Speechless at first, and just slowly takes a few deep breathes. “… O-Okay. S-So, you were getting Kikifuku?”


“Yeah, why?”

“… Because I was craving some Kikifuku. I don’t understand why that has something to do with this Yuji-kun being Sukuna’s vessel.”

Rose didn’t say anything, just looks at him, and looks at Megumi who looks on with a stoic expression on his face, and Nobara who like looked she was officially done with is situation along time away.

Rose blinks, and slowly walks away from Satoru, and over the stairs.

“R-Rosie, HoneyBuds, you good?” Asked Satoru.

“I-I need a few moments… give me few minutes.”

And She sits down on the stone steps trying let all this sink, and trying fight of the headache that was coming.

Yuji was standing far away, and made sure that Sukuna was would finally shut up, and looks over too see Rose having her hands over head, and slowly walks over.

“U-Um, R-Rose… are okay?”

“Yeah, just… kind of letting sink in.” She says, and looks at at Yuji. “Y-you… you can can, like control Sukua?” She looks Yuji.

“Well, like I’m still learning about all this cursed stuff. But so far, I do have control of my body, but Sukuna dose come out from time to time.”

She just looks at him. “… It’s… This is beyond unreal.” Said Rose.. “I have spent years study cursed objects and this is… This is totally new to me. A human that can somehow control an ancient cursed spirit. It.. It’s remarkable.”

Yuji blinks, not really sure that say. She nods and smiles a bit.

“Well, it what is it, I guess.” She stands. “Well, this was very weird. But I should meet up with Yaga before he gets mad. It was… Wonderful meeting you both, Yuji and Nobara.”

“Yeah, like wise.” Said Yuji, and smiling.

“It was nice meeting you, as well. Someone who a little normal and mature.” Said Nobara.

Rose chuckles and looks at looks at Megumi: “Thanks keeping an eyes things while away, man.”

“Sure… but you own me.” Said Megumi, jerks his thumb at Satoru, who was standing next him. “Your husband is an idiot.”

“Well, I’m her idiot,” said Satoru proudly. “Right, HoneyBuds?”

“Sure thing, dear.” Said Rose, with amused smile, walks to him gives quick kiss. “See ya, in a bit.”

Satoru smiles back, and watches as she walks away and up the stair

“Wow. She’s very nice, Sensei.” Said Yuji.

“Hehe. I know, he’s the best.” Said Satoru.

“… I can’t believe that you’re married to Rose McFarland, Sensei.” Said Nobara.

“Yeah, a lot people don’t.” Said Satoru, and looks. “Sooooo… Who want to get something eat?”

“… Um, shouldn’t we, um learn something?” Asked Yuji.

“Cake now, learn later. C’mon~!” Said Satoru.

And Yuji and Nobara just cheered and fellow their teacher, while Megumi just stands there, sighs, and walks after them.

Rose was sitting at a desk, and was looking down at some the paperwork.

She was checking sure that everything is in order, and just places it down at the table, and sits back in her chair, and just looks at the ceiling, she was sure what time it was, hell she didn’t care at all.

The only she wanted to do was take a nice long shower, go bed and hopefully won’t to deal with more curses, but really that’s now things would, living the life of as Sorcerer is always madding.

“McFarland,” said a gruff voice.

Rose turns her head, and sees the the school Principal Masamichi Yaga walking to her. “You almost done that paperwork?”

“Huh? Yeah, just finish,” she said, she reaches for the for a green folder, and opens it.

“I heard you met Yuji Itadori this afternoon.”

“Yes, sir, I did.”She staples the papers together, and places them in the folder, and hands it to him. “Rather an unusual situation that boy is in, wouldn’t you say, boss?

“Yeah, I think that’s about the right.” Said Yaga, taking the green folder.

Rose stands up from his desk, and she the Yaga walked the office, the turning off the tight, and the small hallway.

“I’ve been meaning ask?” Asked Rose.

Yoga looks at her, as the made their down the hallway.

“How are Itadori’s folk Fock handling this? Has anyone explain to them on what exactly what we do?”

Yaga didn’t say away at first. “The boy’s only family was grandfather, who sadly passed away.”

Rose looks at him. “Please tell me you’re lieing, sir?”

“No, Italic’s grandfather passed away on the same say he became one with Sukuna, as far as he knows he has no family.”

Rose stare at him with sympathy, and sighs. “Shit… Poor kid.”

They both side both for the remained of their walk and Rose reached the front the doors of the school, and looks at Yaga. “Well, I should head home. I’ll see ya in the morning,”

He just nods, and Rose opens the door, and out in the cool warm summer air.

The sun was already sitting over head painting the sky with pink and orange, and with hit of purple that bathing the clouds.

The sound of the cicadas humming in the woods, birds singing along to the melody has Rose began make way home.

After 10 minute down the road, and where’s her and Satoru’s house was, walks up the small path to the door, and opens it.

“Satoru, I’m home.”

“Welcome home, Rosebud~!.” Said Satoru’s voice, coming from the kitchen. “I made dinner.”

Rose removes his shoes, and leads them bu the door, walks into the down a short hall pass the living room, and into dinner room, that was next to small kitchen where Satoru was standing in front of stove, no longer in his usual school teaching outfit, in a pare of jeans, and wearing short sleeve green shirt.

“Hmm,” Rose sniffed the hair. “What you are you cooking smalls awesome.”

“Well, I’m an awesome husband, loves take care of his even more awesome wife.” Said Satoru, looking at her, not wearing his useal black blindfold, his bight baby eyes, looking over Rose.

“Yeah, I am awesome. Anyway, I’ll grab the dish and get the table.” Said Rose, walks into the kitchen, and grabbing a few plate and two pares of chip sticks, and made made her at the small dinner room table, and began sitting it up.

After a 10 minutes Satoru began sit two bowls of ramen, and Rose was about sit down when she looks over at him and sees the his apron, it was supernatural one, and had black with Dean Winchester.

“Oh, my god.” Rose began to laughing. “Where did you that?” And points.

“Off of amazon.” Said Satoru, and grins. “You like it?”

“I love it, Dean for the win.” Said Rose. “But I love Sam more.”

The two sat down, and began eat dinner.

This was something both Satoru and Rose that both enjoy together, talk about whatever. Work, some of the curses they exercise, and how tell of funny stories about somethings they did and say, Rose telling Satoru about how was she was in Lost Angela’s trying hunt down this cursed doll that was somewhere in an old abandoned hospital, that she her teacher. Benjamin, or Benny as he likes to be called along with few more Sorcerers that needed help dealing the curse, and how this spirits were running the nearby neighborhoods, making theirs worse.

“So… Yeah, I find this stupid, and it was power. So, I’m throwing my knifes at this, and the other lady… Um, Jenny I think was trying to trap it with, the but the motherfucking cruse would stand still, and when I trying to attack, the thing hit me, and I want flying through wall, and landed on in a dumper.”

As she telling this story, Satoru was laughing and giggling, and his hands over his mouth, and speaking. “Oh, here’s the best part?”

‘W-What?” He chocked.

“The damn doll that we were looking for was in the damn dumpster.”

Satoru blinks, and began to laugh harder as Rose made a angry face, and just kept talking. “Been checking and that stupid for about 2 weeks looking for that stupid doll, and it turns out it was in a dumpster, and just happen to find. Stay of my life.”

Rose just huffs as Satoru laid his head on the table laughing, and trying to talk. “I-I … HAHAHAAHAHA!!! YOU FELL INTO A DUMPSTER!!!” And began pounding the table with his fist.

“Yeah…” said Rose.

She takes of tea, while Satoru was trying to calm down, began taking small deep breath as he was whipping tears from his eyes, and still was laughing. “O-Okay.. I-I’m good… Ahh. Okay, so what then happen?”

“Well, I exercise the doll, and that Jenny chick her friend took care the curse. I have them the doll, and my Ben want to head to New York after…”

Looks down at her mug of tea, and was began thinking for a bit. “What about you? Besides the whole Sukuna thing.”

“Oh, nothing really now happen, with maybe the Sukuna thing. It’s been normal around here.” Said Satoru. “I started to rewatch Supernatural again.

“That’s pretty cool.” Said Rose, and then looks at him. “I talked Yaga about that Yuji boy. Said that his grandpa dying right when he ate the finger of Sukuna.”

“Yeah…” said Satoru, his smile fading a bit. “Poor kid’s on his own with no one.”

“Fuck…” said Rose.

They both said nothing for a while, and then Rose asked: “What made him eat the finger?”

Satoru didn’t say anything, he was looking at out some left over food, with relaxed smile on his face, and take a sip off tea, and said: “Well, I think it’s best if you ask Yuji-kun yourself, hon.”

“Fair enough.”said Rose, and she started t to yawn, and began rubbing her eyes. “Oh, man. I’m very sleepy.”

“How bad your was flight?” Asked Satoru.

“It. Sucked.” She take a long time of tea. “I don’t how why but America has the worse airlines in the world, got up 4 in the more morning to make it, and then it got. Delayed, then bored the stupid plain was delayed an extra 2 hours… … Man, I hate flying.”

“Heh. All that matters is that you are and I get to have all to myself~.” Said Satoru, winking at Rose.

“Easy, big boy.,” said Rose with smile. “Let’s wash the dishes and go to bed, okay?”

“Kinda hard request there, Rosebud. I can’t help it if your drive me crazy~.,”

“Babe, really I’m really dead sleepy. Really not in the mood tonight.”

Satoru surges and smiles. “Fair enough, but I am cuddling and kiss the hell out you.”

Rose smiles sweetly. “Heh, deal.”

After that, the two cleaned the table, and Rose took the dishes and washed them and Satoru was whipping down the table. Rose headed their shared bed room bathroom, and took a long nice hot. The warm water felt so good as it was hitting Rose’s bear sink, and felt %100 better after feeling nice and clean.

Satoru was lying in bed, looking at his phone, when the bathroom door. He looks up and saw that Rose wearing light gray pj’s with Captain America’s shield on it and a large black t-shirt with Eevee on it she was drying her with towel.

Satoru felt his face head and held his phone, and took a picture.

Rose’s eyes snaps openand dose a side glacé at Satoru, who had his phone up took another few pictures, and was grinning like a goof.

“Why are you taking pictures of me?”

“Because you so sexy and adorable, and Love you.”

“… … Can please stop it?”

“Let me think. …. No.”

Rose just glares at him, and not wasn’t really in the mood fight with him, and she knew she was going to win. She was exhausted and felt like her body was going give.

Makes her over to the bed and flops onto the bed. Satoru chuckles in amusement, and reaches out and brushes the bits of hair out her face, and takes a picture of her.

Rose opens eyes, and looks at him.

“… Please stop taking pictures of me before I kick your ass.” Said Rose.

Satoru started to laughing rolls over places his phone on the nightstand, and turns off the bed room, making their room go dark.

He then rolls over to his back, and Rose moves closer to him, kisses his lips and just rested her head his chest, and snuggles close to him.

He just smiles smiles, and wraps his arms around and ran his fingers through her hair.

This all he ever wanted right now. Her being in his arms safe and sound, that’s all that matter in this moment.

Satoru knows that Rose is strong sorcerer and woman, but it doesn’t change that fact he dose worry about when she goes off on missions for days at a time.

He loved her, and she loved him. This woman loves him. All of him, his flaws, he annoying crooks. No matter how much he annoyed her, no matter what argument they get into, she stilled him.

Satoru hugged Rose tighter, and kisses her the two of her. “Did I ever tell you how much I love you, Rose?”

“Every signal day.”said Rose, said smiling.

“… I love you.”

“I love you, Satoru. I really missed you.”She moves closer to him.

“I missed you, too.”

They didn’t say anything for the rest, and slowly the both feel into a calm deep peaceful sleep.

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it may seem that fushiguro is the one babysitting itadori and kugisaki

but actually it’s those two the ones babysitting their smol boi

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i want whatever the fuck these three have going on

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Jujutsu Kaisen on the cover of Nikkei Entertainment Magazine April 2021 Issue!

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❤️Nobara Drabbles❤️


Originally posted by yuuki-ko

I love her so much I just want her to nAIL ME QUEEN MMMMMM 

  • Very much so Tsundere lover energy- and not the bad kind I mean the kind that are just a lil bit stubborn when it comes to show affection
  • But that dont mean she doesn’t love you. She does! Just that she’s a bit hesitant at first. She’s never been in a relationship before with someone like you so she’s low-key scared of messing up 
  • But once she’s over her fear she’s affectionate AF! She’s proudly showing you off like “This is my Y/N! And they are my pride and joy so nONE OF YOU BOYS DARE HURT THEM-” 
  • On god one time she was about to kill Yuuji cause you two were playing a game and you lost. Yuuji was all happy while you sulk for a bit but that was enough to make Nobara pull out her hammer and nails 



  • You just sort of….watched as she chased Yuuji around the dorms 
  • ALWAYS a spa day for you two, don’t get me started on shopping as well- If you aren’t a dressy kind of person you bout to be when she takes you out 
  • She wants you to look your best that’s all- 
  • Always has to take at least one selfie with you a day, she has a album filled with both cute but also silly photos of you 
  • I always had a HC that she got some social media ACC and this is where she usually post her photos. She has one for her personal and the other with it’s all of just you and her
  • She’s the type to hog all the space on the bed when she sleeps, like at first you two were just cuddling and now you feel her leg on yours, an arm over your face and can sort of hear her,,,,snore? 
  • She snores? Yup! She doesn’t realize it until you mention it to her which causes her to immediately get defensive and all blushy- You tell her it’s ok and you oddly find it cute of her
  • Which brings me to my HC that Nobara is a snorting type, like if you make a joke that really gets her laughing she’ll end up snorting
  • Which was like the cutest thing to you despite Nobara being like “nO EW ITS SO UGLY-“
  • Like despite her toughness she stills to be girly so having that trait makes her feel a bit insecure
  • But no worries! She has a supportive Y/N that literally worships the ground she walks on
  • As they should-

Originally posted by reallysaltykou

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your daily reminder that fushiguro doesn’t know what happened to kugisaki yet

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Another day to cry over the fact that I don’t own the jujutsu kaisen manga

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