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#kuroko no basket

chile anyways, furihata best boy

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كروكو نو باسكت

لحد يقول لي فري لاني ما اعتبره انمي رياضي واحد .. و اثنين لو اعتبرته رياضي بأقول أسفل أرخص .. مو أغبى ..🥸

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imayoshi need more love he´s like hanamiya so why these bitches dont care about him they literally the same person girl why i´m getting nervous?

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Akashi would be one of the greatest cuddle partners you could have and is really an amazing comfort character. I treasure him so much. 🥺❤️


Burying yourself into his arms, face nuzzling into his neck and collar, he could still hear the faint and weak sniffles escaping you, his hand rubbing soothing circles on your back.

It was quiet, just the way you liked it. Just wanting to be in Seijuro’s arms that wrapped around you tightly as you sat in his lap, him leaning against his headboard on his bed as he comforted you.

Nothing hurt him more than seeing your tear-stained cheeks just a couple hours earlier, when you stood in front of his doorstep, shaking from the rain outside.

And though he knew you were about to sleep, basking in the peaceful silence, he whispered gently.

“It’s difficult.. I know.. but everything’s going to get better, my love. You’ll get through this, and I’ll be right there beside you.. so just rely on me. I’ll always be here for you..”

Listening to his quiet voice ease your sniffles as you continue to relax and listen quietly.

“I will never.. let anything hurt you again.. okay? I promise. You’re safe now… sleep well, my empress.”

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My favorite genre of headcanons is characters doing normal teenager things so here you go, one of my longest posts yet. This is all in a Minecraft server consisting of the GOM, Kagami, Momoi, Takao, and Himuro.

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a/n: this is all I day dream about



After the game ended he dragged you to the locker room, getting ready to prove to aomine that you were his. Your wrists gently being held in his hands as he slammed the door open, immediately sliding your tiny skirt off, barely covering the swell of your ass. He’d never tell you what not to wear, just getting rid of anyone who looked at you the wrong way.

“T-tai”  you moaned out, his touch leaving you breathless as he pulled you closer into him. His knee parting your thighs rubbing your clit with it, your cotton panties getting wetter by the second. 

“Cmon baby you know I’d treat you so much better than him. Fuck you better, eat you up every chance i got, make you cream on me over and over again.” aomine remarked watching the scene unfold, a devilish smirk appearing on his face while a flustered one appeared on yours.

This wasn’t the first time someone had flirted with you, you were the prettiest thing he’s ever laid his eyes on; in fact the whole city’s sweetheart, making everyone blush just from walking by them.

But you were not as fond of the attention, feeling violated if anything; and as usual your big strong boyfriend came to save the day, even beating their ass if he needed to. Making you fall for him even more as you clinged to his arm on the walk home, looking up at him like he was your whole world with your starry eyes.

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What even is wisdom teeth anyway? Does everyone need it taken out? And does the anesthesia or whatever really make you act like that?


Everything felt sore and you were exhausted. Your head ached and even worse, you felt everything numbed and couldn’t move a muscle.

Suddenly, a lady in white walked in, clutching a clipboard. “Oh, hey. You doing alright, [ Lastname ]?”

You blink and drowsily looked around the room. “… it’s bright..” your quiet, almost muffled voice spoke out.

The nurse only chuckles and nods. “Those are the lights. Anyways, I brought your boyfriend with you.” Gesturing behind her, a bright red head walked into your view.

You blink a couple times more before leaning your head back, bringing a hand over to your mouth blankly, and whispered to the woman.

“Miss! Miss! Who’s that?” Pointing right at the red-head, making Akashi stifle a laugh as his hands calmly held his phone.

“Your boyfriend.” The nurse repeats with a smile.

Your mouth slowly gapes wide despite the weird numbing pain you felt and turned to see the red head staring with an amused smile.

“Hey, love. We should get going.” He extends an arm out for you to take to walk with him.

You turn to the nurse and shake your head. “This one isn’t my boyfriend, miss! He’s too hot! Are you sure?”

Seijuro bit his lip at how adorable you were, bringing his hand that was just out for you, to his mouth and covered it with the back of his hand to hide his laughter. Though you could tell he was laughing from the visible shaking shoulders.

The nurse only giggles more at you and nodded. “I’m sure. You’re very lucky.” She then turns to Akashi as she began helping you up.

“So everything’s all set, they’re free to go, just make sure to do as I told you and they should be fine and back to normal after a good night rest.”

Akashi nods before thanking her with a soft smile. “Thank you, nurse. I appreciate it.” Taking your arm and wrapping it around his neck, he began to lead you out.

Once out of the room and into the hall, he then stops and lifts you up bridal style, with ease.

“Come on, my empress. Let’s go home.”

“Home? Do I live with you?.. no. I’m not a princess, put my down, I’m going to fall!”

Panicked, you wrap your arms tightly around Akashi’s neck and held on tight as Akashi merely grins a bit at you. “You’re not going to fall.”

“..Prince Charming?..”

“I prefer Emperor.”

And so, he proceeds to carry you out like so, ignoring the looks other people gave as he made way to the car, to go home.

And let’s just say, after you woke up and got better, Akashi decided to show you your little.. fun day yesterday and you weren’t too happy.


Agh idk man is this good ;-;

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Himuro: *Falls from the tree*

Murasakibara: Say something so I know you are fine!

Himuro: It hurts so much.

Murasakibara: Thank god!

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Kagami: Kuroko you can’t come inside!

Kuroko: Why?

Kagami: Because, uh, Aomine is naked.

Aomine: What!

Kagami: Well, I couldn’t tell him I’m naked. He wouldn’t mind seeing me naked.

Aomine: Why does someone need to be naked.

Kagami: Hey, what are you two doing naked in the same room?!

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