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#kuroko no basket

First, I have to say that I’m not a US citizen, so my knowledge of Halloween is strongly influenced by Hollywood and TV shows. Please, if I said something wrong, correct me on the comments and I would change what I wrote. Thanks in advance.

  • Kagami is a late Halloween kid. By that, I mean that he would (at his age) like to trick or treat, but he can’t in Japan. Oh, but nothing can change his mind from throwing a special party on the basketball club. 
  • He knows the grown-ups throw parties at discos and all of that, but he doesn’t want to go just yet. He prefers to do something more… private for now.
  • He tries to organize the party, but he can only think of his costume and the snacks. His s/o helps him, they know it’s hard to be in a country that is not entirely yours, so it’s a way to connect with the American part of him.
  • Of course, Himuro is invited, but he probably doesn’t go. Himuro is not a Halloween guy, he likes to see the sexy version of costumes and the parties, but not for the tradition itself.
  • Kagami forces his teammates to dress up and help his s/o with the organization of the party. Some people are excited (Teppei, Koganei) and some are just annoyed (Hyuuga, Riko) but they obliged. And it’s not a bad thing, because it’s the perfect excuse to have a little somewhat of a date (I’m looking at you, Hyuuga, we all know you walked Riko home)
  • Kagami forces his teammates to dress up and help his s/o with the organization of the party. Some people are excited (Teppei, Koganei) and some are just annoyed (Hyuuga, Riko) but they obliged. And it’s not a bad thing, because it’s the perfect excuse to have a little somewhat of a date (I’m looking at you, Hyuuga, we all know you walked Riko home)
  • Teppei dresses up as a vampire. Hyuuga is a mummy, Koganei is Sun Wukong (o Goku, he gives both explanations), Kuroko, OBVIOUSLY, is a ghost, Tsuchida… maybe a grave keeper (he likes the irony on that)
  • Kagami says he is a vampire, but all his teammates joke saying he is a magician. And they kept asking him for some trick. At one point, Koga grabs his hat and pretends he is pulling Nigou from it. 
  • Himuro always went with him when they were in the US. His first year was kind of bad, even with candy and all. He didn’t understand much, he was dragged with his other friends, and threw toilet paper at the houses that didn’t give them candy. He was mortified with that part of the tradition, but the second year was better. He knew more english and knew the rules. 
  • And, of course, free candy is the best.
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  • he first falls in love with you when you laugh at one of his puns
  • it’s not even that much of a laugh, it’s just one chuckle, but somehow that one chuckle shifts a gear in his brain, which turns another cog, and suddenly he feels like a different person
  • izuki bothers you with puns daily; at first, it’s kinda cute, but, bit by bit, it gets ridiculous (the puns aren’t even that good at this point)
  • (not to mention that the two of you aren’t even friends, he’s just some classmate who has suddenly started following you everywhere you go)
  • at some point you confront him about this, but his only response is,
  • “oh, so you don’t like my jokes?”
  • his eyes look a little dead, but you take this as being just another joke, and, on the plus side, he stops bothering you
  • that is to say, he stops talking with you
  • instead, though you don’t always notice him, he’s just there in the background, saying nothing, observing quietly
  • cause it was just rude, you know? pushing him away when he was just trying to make you laugh
  • he doesn’t know what exactly he’s going to do about your attitude, but he’s got time to figure it out
  • and for now, he doesn’t mind just watching 
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Kuroko no Basuke | Kuroko’s Basketball 


Originally posted by pururin



“All alone…”


Shougo always thougt he could do everything on his own and never bothered asking for help. Until things get out of hand and he ends up getting hurt badly. Giving him no choice to suck it up and ask for help. Even if it’s from the Generation Of Miracles. Now, they got no choice to pick up broken pieces and forgive the past.


A/N: So since Haizaki still has very few good fics of him where he isn’t used as a tool to cause conflict and isn’t 100% worse than he really is. I decided to write this.

Also on ao3

˚◞♡   ⃗*ೃ༄

Chapter One:  We all hide behind a mask (so we don’t end up being hurt)


Haizaki Shougo was menacing and mean. He was a delinquent, a bully and every parents’ nightmare. He stole, cheated and was always covered in cuts and bruises; he wore like trophies after every fight.

Except that was a lie.

He hid behind a mask that fooled everyone into thinking nothing could break him. When deep down inside, he was breaking.

He kept people at arm’s length and pushed away whoever got close because…

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I found the first KnB episode with the new German dub on YouTube and just watched it and I thought I’d scream throughout the entire thing pfff anyway this is super fucking exciting either way and I wanna get the DVDs or be able to watch it somehow, I might even get Crunchyroll just to see all of it bro.


I’m tbh not a big fan of the dub, as for now, cuz I feel like it was…idk it felt like the voice actors just said their script without passion, I don’t know how to describe it.. Also, Kagami’s voice is a big no and the fact that Kuroko said “ass” is super weird, idk if he said curse words in the original but if not, then this is just really wrong.. Oh and another thing. In Germany it’s not a thing to call someone by their surname so they call everyone by their first name (mostly) and it made me think…..they’re gonna say Shintarou.

…okay I’ll repeat that.

They are going to say Shin-fucking-tarou.

I can’t wait for my husband to appear, I’m so excited to hear his voice and fall in love again even more ubxhsbdu

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I love how a lot of Japanese VAs are just really great vocalists as well.

(Fantastic Tune popped up in my head and I remembered it was by Kensho Ono and god that song is amazing and his voice was really good)

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Midorima x Reader

Word Count: 2686

Submission for @knb-kreations‘s All Hallows’ Eve event!

Prompt: black cat

»»————— ☼ —————««

Midorima hated Halloween.

Why would anyone celebrate the day that is especially infamous for terrible misfortune and ominous superstitions?

Scratch that—why in god’s name does October have to exist?

He swore that every step he took provoked different unsettling breezes that whispered various taunts of a series of unfortunate events for Cancers like him.

He even tried to convince Captain Miyaji to bail out of practice for the month out of fear for his “safety and wellbeing,” promising to practice in the sanctuary of his own backyard to compensate.

“What the fuck are you on about?” the said Captain glowered, his patience visibly thinning on his face. “If this is about your horoscopes again, I’m not hearing about that shit again. Winter Cup is around the corner, and you still think you’ll get special treatment just because you’re one of the Generation of Miracles?”

“Sh-shin-chan, I think this is the time for you to run—

“Takao. This is none of your—”

5 extra laps around the campus.


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お誕生日おめでとう室ちん  ! ! HBD to Murochin, the most handsome, cunning, hardworking, kind-hearted, funny, babysitter senpai o/

(Sadly no time to work on a full Murochin centered illustration for his bday. So here’s one of my AT AU one)

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Ryo Sakurai x Witch Reader

You wandered around the school for a while, a bit lost but you tried to search nonetheless, that was until you notice a tanned boy next to a pink-haired girl with a clipboard that you finally decide to approach someone to give you the right directions.

“Excuse me…”, you call out to them, making them turn tier attention towards you.

The girl smiled and was about to greet you when they both suddenly yelped at the aura you unconsciously produced, you blinked before speaking, “Ah, do any of you know where the basketball club is?”, you ask.

They both shivered before the girl shook herself out of it and tried giving you a kind smile, “O-oh! Um- Yes! We are actually members of the club!”, the girl sheepishly smiles.

They see your eyes lighten up and feel the weird pressure around them lift up, making them sigh as you smile, “Really? Are you on your way there now?”, you ask again.

“Yes actually”, the girl chirps.

“Ah~ That’s a relief, I thought I’d get lost in this school”, you sigh in relief as you begin following them.

“So uh- Oop! How rude of me I’m Momoi Satsuki, and beside me is my friend-”

“Aomine, Aomine Daiki”, the tan male gut off his friends, who gave him a pout before punching his shoulder making him raise a brow at her.

“I’m (L/n) (Y/n), it is nice to meet you Momoi, Aomine”, you smile at the two as you continue to follow them.

“So (L/n), are you new to this school? Will you be attending soon?”, Satsuki asked as you gave her a kind smile.

“Ah-ha, no not at all, I am actually visiting because my love has forgotten his phone at my place”, you coo as you bring out the said phone.

Daiki stared at the phone wondering for a moment why it looked so familiar, “Lover you say? And he attends this school’s basketball club”, he ponders as he looks over at you, wondering which of the members had you as their girlfriend.

“Mm-hm! He always tells me about the practices and how well acquainted he is with his team, though sometimes he comes home sore so I usually make some remedies for him”, you hum.

Satsuki couldn’t help but squeal at how adorable your relationship was with your boyfriend until she paused at what you said, “Wait, remedies? Do you practice medicine of some sort (L/n)?”, she asks. 

It was also at that time when you all finally reached the club, and you were able to hear the bounce of the basketballs and the squeaking of shoes.

You smile as you put a finger to your lips, “I’m actually a witch”, you giggle making the two childhood friends shout in shock.

“Ah! (Y/n) you’re here!?”, Ryo gapes as he jogs over to you.

You could only give him a grin as you show him his phone, “You forgot something during your last visit to my place, I thought it would be nice to return it to you I’m sure your parents were worried for you when they were calling”, you chuckle when he finally reaches you and takes his offered phone back.

“I’m so sorry (Y/n)! I promise it won’t ever happen again!”, he begins to apologize only to pause when you put a finger to his lips.

“What did we say about apologies Ryo”, you pout as his face takes on a pink hue.

“Wait! Wait! Wait! Ryo is your boyfriend!”, Aomine exclaims, interrupting the moment and catching the attention of the other members.

“What Ryo has a girlfriend? Since when…”, Kosuke walks over with his water bottle only to pause when you wave kindly at him.

“What’s going on here~”, Shoichi hums as he walks over with Yoshinori.

“Sakurai-kun has a witch for a girlfriend!”, Satsuki shouts still in shock about the revelation making their seniors blink as you smile while holding Ryo’s hand, whose face was starting to heat up.

“A watch you say? Do you know magic spells and make potions too?”, Shoichi teasingly asks only to be surprised by your blunt answer.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I do! So please take care of my Ryo otherwise I’ll have to hex you~!”, you hum pleasantly but the aura you gave out made them shiver as if understanding that what you promise would most definitely become true if they didn’t heed your warning. 

“A-ah! (Y/n), it’s fine! They have taken good care of me there is no need to curse them at the moment!”, Ryo hurriedly stepped in on behalf of his frozen team, he sighed in relief when you sighed and gave him a kind smile.

“Ah, that’s good then!”, you chirp as the others took the chance to release the breathes they unconsciously held in.

“I’ll visit you after practice, um do you have one of those potions ready?”, Ryo asks.

“Of course there is always one ready and waiting for you, I’ll see you at home Ryo~!”, you chirp as you peck his cheek before leaving.

It was silent for a moment.


“Uh, yes senpai?”

“Your girlfriend can be pretty scary…”

“Ah- I’m so sorry!”

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The hairs on the back of his neck are on end throughout his journey home. It’s a weird phenomenon he’s found himself in recently: always feeling like there’s someone behind him, someone in the shadows, when he’s journeying home after coaching basketball practice. But, every time he glances back at the dark alleys, a domain even the street-lamps’ light doesn’t reach, there’s nothing there. Not even the rustle of a fox or bird. And he trusts himself on that - even if his gut seems to be thinking otherwise - he’s got a good eye. There’s no way anyone could escape his gaze.

Besides, why would they be following someone like him to begin with? The only time he’s heard about stalking was when his female students were the victims, followed by some chikan-obsessed pervert from the train. And, one thing’s for sure, that type of guy is definitely not going to follow Harasawa home.

“Sensei! Sensei!”

‘Fuck’ is this first thought, quickly followed by an assessment of just which one of his students could be in this area, this late at night, when it’s raining this heavily too. For a minute, they exist only as a dark silhouette running towards him, as their school shoes slap against the water pooling up on the pavement.

“What are you doing here?” he calls out, one hand rubbing the frown off his forehead - he’s going to get wrinkles at this rate, and then he’ll definitely be an old man.

“Oh sensei, I’m so glad you’re here!”

It’s only now that he can see the student’s face, just faintly illuminated by the lights of the houses around them, but, still, it’s not one he recognises.

“Sensei, there’s this man following me,” whispers the student, as he’s contemplating how they might know him, as they throw their arms around him, shoving their face into his chest so aggressively that he can feel the rise-and-fall of their nose against his torso. Their face is so close to his skin, that it’s almost like they’re sniffing him, inhaling him. “He’s been following me since I left the station.”

“Fuck,” thinks Harasawa for the second time - this is like a bad sitcom.

“Where’s your house?” he asks, stepping away from their grasp. He feels how their grip tightens, refusing to let go, before it finally falls apart. “I’ll walk you there, explain the situation to your parents.”

“It’s nowhere near here. I was going to meet a friend, but then she didn’t show up - I don’t know what I was thinking, presuming that she would meet up with me, she says so many nasty things to me when it’s just her and I. And then I thought I’d ask someone else to come, but it started getting dark, and no one lives in this area, none of my classmates anyway - just you, sensei - and, I got nervous, and I decided I’d go for a walk, just to do something - I don’t want to go home, my parents will yell at me, I got such bad grades in my last exam-“

“Alright. I get it,” Harasawa interjects as your words get progressively faster and muddled and higher-pitched. He can’t help thinking to himself that shit like this is why he prefers staying away from all students but the basketball team.

“Sensei…” They glance up at him with puppy-dog eyes, though shadows fall over the bottom half of their face - he can’t see whether they’re smiling or not, “could I possibly stay with you tonight? I’m so scared of going home. I know he’s going to keep following me. I don’t want to be kidnapped.”

It’s strange; it’s been weeks since Harasawa first started getting that sensation that he was being followed, yet this is the first time where he’s convinced that there’s no one around them at all.


“Please, sensei?”

His house is right around the corner, and his clothes are already soaked through. Maybe it’ll be alright, if he ignores the usually teacher-student conduct, just this once. For the sake of being able to get a break from the rain, if nothing else.

“You can come in my place and dry off. I’ll book you a taxi home.”

“Oh, thank you, thank you!” And the student keeps on with their snivelling thanks, and they loop their arm around Harasawa’s - of course, he pulls back without a second thought - and they’re practically skipping all the way to his house. Something in their eyes makes them look like he’s adopted a dog, a dog which has never lived in a home before, a dog who doesn’t plan on leaving this new environment any time soon.

At least, that’s what he thinks to himself, watching the student rub their hair dry with one of his towels - when did they even get comfortable enough to just stroll into his bathroom anyway? What’s wrong with students and their etiquette these days?

Said kid grins as they look at up at him, with half-lidded eyes.

I’m ever so grateful, sensei.”

He doesn’t like how their voice has dropped. How they suddenly sound like they think they’re in charge.

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