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#kuroko no basket
Oh! How about Nash coming back to America after Jabberwock lost and his girlfriend scolds him for his behavior but in the end, she something along the lines of "You got your lesson, I hope you learn from it." And cuddles a disappointed Nash. If that's a bit too specific then go about it your way :)

“You know you’re a dick, right?” She stands in the doorway and laughs sadly when she slams his fist against the wall.

“Fuck off,” he growls, tone deep and hateful, “you’re pushing your fucking luck.”

They’ve been fighting - verbally, that is, though it’s gotten close to something more physical repeatedly - since Nash returned from Japan. She’s been complaining about his play style for months now, nagging comments which, each time she states them, bury themselves a little deeper into Nash’s skin. His sour mood from the loss hasn’t helped him ignore the comments either; his knuckles are a peeling red from the number of times he’s thrown them against something to stop himself from throwing them against her, and he’s even beginning to lose that form of self control.

“Do you want me to beat you up like you’re so mad at me for doing to others? Is that what you’re looking for?”

Nash turns and glares - for a second, she’s convinced she can see a somewhat murderous in the way his green eyes gleam, and she fights with the urge to take a step back.

“All I wanted to say, Nash, was that this was the opportunity you needed. You got your lesson: learn from it.” He stays glaring at her, as she continues, “and I’m going to head off now, before you get yourself a criminal record.”

She doesn’t move. He takes another step forward. And another. There’s nothing in the room but the silence of heavy footsteps as Nash approaches the girl who used to love him - potentially the girl he himself used to love - and wraps his fingers around her wrists.

“If you didn’t insist on pushing me to my limits, we could still be together,” there’s almost a desperation in the blonde’s tone, which both of them notice even if neither comments on it, “you just have to stop acting like a fucking parent.”

“If you had even the slightest sense of empathy,” she shakes his fingers off her wrists,”you’d realise I’m trying to help you.”

“Bullshit. You’re just trying to entertain your little moral compass, trying to change Mr Bad Guy. You’d love for me to beat you up, if it meant you could play at the martyr. Whore.”

Staring at eyes filled with disgust (both towards her and towards himself), she finally summons up the confidence, and, more importantly, the exhaustion it takes, to walk away. As she leaves, she sighs, “you wouldn’t have got with me if you weren’t trying to change yourself too,” and, when she closes the door behind her, she can hear the cursing of a boy in an adult’s body, still trying to process the idea of failure.

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(shane) I shrunk myself deeper into the cart and gripped onto the side, curiously trying to feel around the darkness. Other than the noises of the squeaky cart, the silence was rather deafening. “Hell y—“ Before I was able to respond, the cart abruptly sped forward to who-knows-where, causing me grip onto the side tighter and slightly throw my head backwards.

Kise is settled comfortably in his seat, more focused on you than the ride. When the cart moves, he laughs at your reaction before patting your arm. “Relax a little! You’re safe with me!” Then he turns to actually enjoy the ride with you. The cart moves through the darkness to several set locations where actors try to scare the both of you with their costumes.

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"Is that your way of saying you'd look for me?" I tease, looming at him as I turn the camera on. "No I only shot maybe two of the games. There's maybe four of us but it's like a little family." I come out from behind where the camera is set up and look at him fully. "I mean it in the sense of we have to practice at our work to make it perfect, we do competitions, and it's something that makes us happy. As sappy as that is." I laugh softly and shrug."We're just behind the scenes." -Jay

“Well, you’re the only one I know so yeah,” he says, not really getting why you asked that question. “I see. We had to practice to get where we are now but the only difference is that we’re not behind the scenes.” He nods as he understands what you’re saying about being like the introverted sports or whatever it was you called it before. “I can’t judge you for being sappy about it. Basketball makes me happy and I enjoy it, that’s why I work hard to get better than the best players out there. Isn’t that normal for people?”

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So until VERY recently I thought that Haikyuu and Kuroko no Basket were the same show. In case anyone was wondering I thought they were a basketball anime.

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  1. Virgo

  2. Taurus
     Long novel

  3. Capricorn

  4. Scorpio

  5. Pisces
     Handheld mirror

  6. Cancer
     Limited items

  7. Gemini
     Clear file

  8. Aquarius
     Fruit juice

  9. Libra

  10. Leo
     Picture book

  11. Aries

  12. Sagittarius
     Second-hand bookstore
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AUTHOR-CHAN~ thankyou for all the lovely scenarios! i would want to request a scenario where kuroko's gf confronted the kiridai team and they punch her infront if him

Hugs After Hurt-Kuroko Tetsuya x Reader

Never in your life would have thought you would be this angry because of a basketball game. You were sitting in the stands and all you wanted to do was punch the opposing team, Kirisaki Daiichi. They resorted to hurting their opponents behind the ref’s back. All you could do at this point was hope that Kuroko didn’t get hurt.

The game ended. Unfortunately, they did hurt a lot of your team members, but Seirin managed to pull through and win.

“Testu!” You called out to him after the game. “Are you alright? Those guys really pissed me off.”

“Yes, I’m fine.” He said in his usual monotone voice.

“That’s good. Do you want to go somewhere? I heard there’s this really nice bakery nearby.” You suggested. It had been a while since you two went on a date because he’d been preoccupied with basketball.

“Sure. I’ll tell my team that I’ll be leaving.”

Once he had said his goodbyes to his team, you two begun walking towards the bakery you mentioned. You two talked about random things. Eventually the conversation lead to you talking about Kirisaki Daiichi.

“Ugh, they were really making me mad.” You said. “I hope your teammate is alright. What was his name?”

“Kiyoshi-san?” Kuroko said.

“Yeah him. Honestly, Kirisaki Daiichi needs to stop doing that.” You and Kuroko continued walking while talking. You were nearing the bakery when you noticed something.

Kirisaki Daiichi’s team was loitering near the bakery you had wanted to take Kuroko to. Kuroko noticed them too.

“Looks like they’re here for some reason.” You said nervously.

“Yeah. Should we still go in?” Kuroko looked over at you.

“Sure. This is a public space. It’s not like they own it.” You took Kuroko’s hand in your’s and walked him to the bakery.

Unfortunately, Kirisaki Daiichi recognized you. Or rather, they recognized Kuroko. They may not have seen him had he been alone, but since you were with him, he was more noticeable.

“Oi. You’re from Seirin right. That freak that can disappear.” Their leader said.

You froze and looked to Kuroko for what to do. He squeezed your hand in reassurance.

“Yes. What of it?” Kuroko responded.

“No, nothing. Just wanted to ask how Kiyoshi was doing. He looked like he came out of a fight rather than a basketball game.” Kirisaki Daiichi begun laughing at Kiyoshi’s expense. You could feel the anger building up in you again and you could see it building up in Kuroko too.

“Well at least Seirin still managed to beat you. I wouldn’t be laughing at that if I were you. You cheated but you still lost. Just shows that your disgusting tactics don’t work.” You snapped. You had enough of them and wanted to shut them up. They immediately stopped laughing.

“What did you say?” Their leader looked at you, his eyes darkening.

“You heard me.” You said. Their leader continued to get closer and closer to you and felt more and more nervous. You began regretting opening your mouth.

You didn’t expect him to do anything, but you were wrong. He swung at your stomach and made impact. You immediately fell to your knees due to the pain. He actually punched you, something you or Kuroko didn’t expect.

“(Y/N)!” He knelt down to comfort you. Kuroko glared up at Kirisaki Daiichi‘s team captain.

“That should teach her to keep quiet. Next time you won’t be getting off that easy.” Him and the rest of his team left. You were still clutching your stomach.

“(Y/N). Are you alright. They’re really making me angry now.” You looked up at Kuroko. You hadn’t seen him this angry before.

“I-I’m fine, I think. Those guys really are the lowest of the low.” You said. He hummed in agreement.

“(Y/N) please don’t do anything reckless like that ever again. I don’t want to see anyone hurt you again.” Kuroko looked you in the eyes. You could see all the worry in them.

“I won’t. I only do that in front of you because you give me the confidence to.” You smiled at him.

Kuroko smiled back. He pulled you into a hug to comfort you. You leaned into the hug.

“Thank you.” He said while closing his eyes.

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BTS as the cast of “Kuroko no Basuke”


The coach from Seirin, except his food would taste better and no one would die of food poisoning LOL. He’d be there to give the best motivational speeches, and make sure the team is still on track to win the championship. Also thou shalt give em thine respect because he will not hesitate to slap a bitch.


Originally posted by toobioz


Originally posted by taeal


Totally The Iron Heart. He’d show up late into the season, sure, but he’s still a power house. His previous experience in basketball would make Yoongi a force to be reckoned. And anytime a member of the team needed advice, he’d be the grandpa of the group and lend an ear to listen, maybe even a shoulder to cry on.


Originally posted by okami-fr


Originally posted by mimibtsghost


I almost forgot! J-Hope would be (I know this is sappy but) he’d be the bond of friendship and joy that keeps the team together. He is the sunshine that lights everyone’s faces, and the spontaneous energy that keeps their friendships alive. He’s pretty much the force that makes Seirin the team that it is.


Originally posted by syubto


The captain of Seirin. Both have a passion for what they do, and lead their group forward to reach their goals. Surprisingly enough, both actually collect figures as well. Unfortunately, they both struggle to capture the affections of their crush: the coach of Seirin. (#NamJin)


Originally posted by animegeek-senpai-must-notice


Originally posted by ksjknj


He would be Kuroko Tetsuya. He might be on the short side, but he can still pack a punch out on the court. He passes the ball with a grace the other team would never expect. He also loves animals. No regrets he’d adopt more than just Tetsuya #2 off the streets. But stay out of his way when his temper flares- things could get pretty scary.


Originally posted by bebecitokook


Honestly I think the only one who can match Taehyung’s energy would be Tetsuya #2. He’s playful and cute, and loves to cuddle. Jimin would probably find him wandering the streets, lost, before just straight up bringing him home. He is Jimin’s best friend forever.


Originally posted by jjeongukks


Without a doubt, he’d be Kagami Taiga. The Golden Maknae would dominate in basketball. Talent and passion would fuel his drive, and his competitiveness would give him an edge. In the end, the support of his haunts would both drive him to success and bring him back down to Earth when he goes too far.


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K I like the idea of Furi glowing up to look hot after first year, but I LOVE the idea of him just being this average looking dude who’s on the cuter side because everyone’s gorgeous in the main cast and we need more average folks in this mess of a story(A TEENAGER IS AIR WALKING WTF). 

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kuroko no basket/

[ 誠凛高校/ seirin ]




+ finding out his s/o is an artist




+ finding out his s/o is an artist

[ 海常高校/ kaijou ]




+ finding out his s/o is an artist

[ 秀徳高校/ shutoku ]




+ finding out his s/o is an artist

+ tickle fight with his s/o




+ tickle fight with his s/o

[ 桐皇学園高校/ too ]




+ finding out his s/o is an artist




+ demon!ima impregnating a nun!s/o

[ 陽泉高校/ yosen ]




+ finding out his s/o is an artist

+ tickle fight with his s/o




+ tickle fight with his s/o

[ 洛山高校/ rakuzan ]




+ tickle fight with his s/o

+ finding out his s/o is an artist

+ comforting his wife who feels out of place

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