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#kuroko no basket au

“Atsushi no Kamikakushi”

Uploading both versions cause I cannot decide which one I like the most =x

Quick Ghibli redraw (from Spirited Away) including the Yousen boys for multiple obvious reason :D so here’s the handsome icy dragon boy and the giant hungry kid he’s babysitting.

I kinda kept the original proportions from Chihiro and Haku to get Tatsuya a decent size, as I could not picture a tiny dragon ^^’

(Do Not Use/Upload on other platforms thanks) 

18 notes
  • Himuro is a drug dealer and hides his undercover life from Kagami and Alex
  • Riko is the head of the intelligence agency
  • Kuroko is a waiter and no one sees the food/him until he puts the food in front of the customer
  • Imayoshi is a mafia/yakuza boss
  • Hyuuga has feelings for Reo
  • Kuroko falls for Momoi after she gets over him
  • each school is a district in the Hunger Games and you have to wipe out all of the other teams
  • Kasamatsu wears knee-socks to support his legs because he actually has a recovering injury; one day he puts on normal socks instead and breaks his ankle
  • Kuroko is sneaking people out of France during the French Revolution and is known for being “invisible,” and therefore saving thousands
  • the GoM is at Hogwarts and finds themselves split into the four houses (Kuroko fights to keep the GoM from turning evil and the Sorting Hat makes Kuroko sit for fifteen minutes before sorting him)
  • Kise is invited to model for fashion week in Paris and drags the GoM and their schools along
  • Aomine and Kagami get tramp stamps with each other’s names while drunk
  • Seto is an insomniac
  • the GoM falls in love with Kuroko, who is a merman in an aquarium
  • the GoM are the best thieves in the world, but Kuroko realizes their wrong ways and wants to stop them. The problem? The rest of them use magic for their cons and Kuroko can barely make a fireball.
  • Alex and Momoi are a pair of detectives under the name of “Sherlock”
  • the main schools have a sleepover at Kagami’s and it’s super crowded.
  • the main schools have a sleepover at Kagami’s, and it’s crowded, and in the middle of the night they realize that Kise sleepwalks and ends up kissing Aomine in his sleep
  • a group of OC girls steal/break Midorima’s lucky item each day because they are curious what would happen
  • Murasakibara is bulimic and throws up everything he eats
  • Akashi dies and all of the GoM+Haizaki+Momoi+Nijimura reflects on their memories in Teiko
  • Akashi is a prince and falls in love with Kuroko, who turns to be a thief
  • Midorima takes a selfie in the tub just for kicks, and doesn’t send it to anyone, but Takao sees it when he steals his phone and sends it to himself and erases the evidence from Midorima’s phone. Not only does he tell Midorima he sent it to Takao, but he responds with one of himself in the shower, and holy shit Midorima realizes Takao is attractive.
  • Kagami and Aomine are mistaken for a couple in the airport, and spend the whole trip arguing and telling people that’s ridiculous, only to realize they have feelings for each other
  • colors of hair are significant and the stronger pigment means the stronger person (oh wait….)

And last but not least…

  • Nash loses his passport and has to live in Japan temporarily and has to hide from the basketball world

Please tell me if you decide to write one of these! I want to see them!

206 notes

I just came around with this again as to how cheerful Kise always is and how he tries to make everyone smile. Not to mention I also read a fanfiction or two about Kise’s angst and I just help but think of KNB AU where:

  • everything is the same, except that Kise’s parents are divorced and he lives with his father, who abuses him every time he is drunk;
  • Kise is still smiling and being all cheerful despite what happens when he comes home;
  • no one sees/realizes any change in Kise or even hears about the situation of his parents;
  • Kise’s sisters try to change his mind by asking him to come and live with them and their mother, but he just declines because he can’t leave his father all alone after all, he isn’t a type of person to leave anyone no matter the situation;
  • one day he goes to school with a black eye and everyone starts questioning him as to what happened, but he lies and says some guy mistook him for someone else, when in reality his father beat him;
  • he stops playing basketball;
  • he stops with modeling;
  • he tries to talk with Kuroko, but at the end says it is nothing important and leaves like nothing happened;
  • he still smiles and jokes around a lot even when there are more and more bruises every day, but he covers them with makeup;
  • one day he ends in a fight with a guy from another school for no reason in his saying;
  • every day he gets more and more intro trouble;
  • he stops trying in everything;
  • he only breaks down when he is sure he is all alone

and I am just like… Kise needs love.. lots of love.. ;;

14 notes

Sus manos recorían su piel y su cálida respiración caía sobre el cuello ajeno, provcativamente. Sin embargo y como siempre, unas manos más grandes que las suyas le paraban, y otra respiración más agitada que la suya se interrumpía para decir “ya basta” y mientras tanto solo frustración crecía a pasos agigantados en el pecho de Hanamiya.

Los hombres que frecuentaban sus aposentos eran pequeños inútiles con vidas desbaratadas que van buscando placer y se engañan con el primer cuerpo caliente al que pueden aferrarse.
Su trabajo era ser la tentación de aquellas almas en pena, aquel atisbo de cariño que estaba ausente en sus vidas, la chispa de la emoción que se va apagando lentamente nada más rozar con la planta del pie el gélido suelo para abandonar la cama.

Y sin embargo aquel idiota ignorante rechazaba todo aquello, se sentaba en el borde de la cama y pretendía sin ningún reparo tener una conversación coherente con él, rechazaba sus caricias pero veneraba sus palabras, que, por más que se encargara de llenar de veneno, no parecían afectarle.

Pero Hanamiya Makoto aún tenía algo que decir.

“Hablar no es mi trabajo”

Yeahh, so, i saw we have three followers and i felt the need of doin’ something too… 

But unfortunately i don’t have a lot of time so i have to post this little little little preview on spanish

I’ll be translating it as soon as possible! Sorry.

2 notes

Part 2 for my Kagakuro demon AU! Looks like Kagami and Kuroko are getting along just fine.

(These two give me all the feels)

48 notes

Finally got back to making art for myself so here is part ½ of my little kagakuro scene based off a demon AU I’ve written with a friend a while ago.

Kuroko the lonely human decides to play around with a summoning book (he got from a closing book shop) wondering if he could have a companion. Not having believed the book was real he brings the demon Kagami into the overworld and surprises him with his simple request for a friend. Now the confused demon has to figure out what it means to be one and while doing so might end up becoming more.

24 notes

The Lion and the Lamb - AkaFuri

I’m working on getting the next chapter done, and while I got stuck on a part, I decided to skip ahead several chapters and start a new scene for some motivation. I ended up writing quite a bit of it, and I thought I would share a sneak peak to hold everyone over while I work on finishing the next chapter! 

(For my people who have read/watched Twilight before, this is the meadow scene!)

Thank you guys for being so patient! I hope to have chapter 6 done soon! <3


Akashi hesitated at the edge of the forest, the sunlight illuminating the grass mere inches in front of him. One more step, and there would be no turning back. 

Furihata would no longer be able to deny Akashi’s inhumanity. He would finally be forced to see the truth. 

Will he run?

Akashi let himself imagine it— Furihata, horrified, frantically fleeing through the woods. Screaming for help. The authorities would likely commit him to a psychiatric hospital after hearing the story he told. 

The thought was nearly enough to change his mind. One broken promise was a fair exchange to persevere Furihata’s sanity, wasn’t it?

But no. The true test of fairness would be to let Furihata see the truth, no matter the outcome. Furihata had the right to know who, or rather what, he was choosing to spend his time with. 

And so, with a deep breath, Akashi lifted his heel, and stepped into the sun. 

Instantly, he felt the heat warm his body. But more importantly, the sunlight sent shatters of light reflecting off the hardened texture of his skin, throwing rainbows onto the grass at his feet. 

Behind him, Akashi heard a shocked inhale of breath.

Please stay. Please, don’t be afraid.

Akashi turned to see Furihata stagger a step towards him, one hand half extended. He froze, his eyes blown wide. Frantically, his gaze flickered over Akashi’s body. 

“Does that— does that hurt you?” Furihata choked out. 

Akashi was silent for a moment, processing the concern etched onto Furihata’s face. Hard as he tried, he found no trace of fear.

“No,” Akashi finally managed. He lifted an arm, twisting it in the light. “It’s completely painless, just a side effect.”

“Oh,” Furihata breathed. He took a few more shaky steps, his eyes making their way up to Akashi’s face. 

Akashi studied his expression, trying to read him. He felt strangely self conscious, all of a sudden. “It’s fairly unnerving, isn’t it?” he tried to tease, hoping to alleviate the tension he felt in the air.

To his surprise, Furihata shook his head. “It’s beautiful,” he whispered, to Akashi’s increasing shock. 

9 notes


-> angst, sad

-> author note: first oneshot I’m writing so no hate please :3                                                           enjoy!!


You were walking to school, head filled with thoughts. You weren’t your usual self today, you weren’t humming songs while thinking of your boyfriend, you weren’t rushing to get to school to see him. You were exhausted, you never thought this day would come, it felt like a nightmare but you had to do this. It had taken a lot of thinking and decisions for this day to come, you couldn’t turn back now.

After a long dreadful walk, you had finally reached your school. Your first thought was “he’s not here again”, you expected him to be in class and eating his snacks on his desk. You would usually go look for him but you just couldn’t today, it would just destroy your effort in settling down your emotions and you couldn’t risk it. You decided on sleeping till homeroom started instead.

Sleeping wasn’t an option for you because the moment you closed your eyes, you were awoken by your boyfriend’s friend, Tatsuya. “Good morning y/n-chan” chirped Tatsuya, “good morning Tatsu-san, where’s Mu-kun?” you asked sleepily. “he was dragged away by Kura-san when he was buying his snacks” said Tatsu, “ah, why’d you wake me up then?” you questioned the boy, he looked down and said “I wanted to ask if you were really going to do it, I’m just worried and the winter cups are coming soon so I don’t want it to affect his performance”. You weren’t really feeling it to get mad or answer his question so you just turned your head and said “ if you only woke me up for that please go back to your seat, I really don’t want to talk about that right now sorry”. 

You lied, you couldn’t go to sleep now that he mentioned it, you and Atsushi have been dating for 2 years. You first met when you both argued over a last pack of snack, in the end you gave it to Atsushi since you could just buy a different one even though that was your favourite, that is when you started meeting each other and founding out you both went to the same school, you would always go eat food together after school or go over to each others house to eat snacks. You always made great memories whenever you were together, you started dating after 2 months, you both confessed at the same time by giving each other your favourite snacks along with a small note, you bursted out laughing first and Atsushi joined after. You two were called the couple goals of the school. However a month back is when you felt you both where losing that spark you once had, the affection and the time. It just wasn’t there anymore, you had tried and hoped for it to come back if you hanged out more than you already did but it just felt like two people being forced together. All that could be heard were fake laughters and smiles. 

It’s basically two people who don’t love each other anymore but don’t want to let go of each other. You still did love each other however this relationship was turning unhealthy for both sides. No he did not cheat neither did you, you both trusted each other, the hope of staying together for the rest of your lives was crushed as it didn’t last how you two hoped.

You were broken out of your thoughts when someone patted your head. It was Mu-kun. No words were exchanged only a small smile at each other. 

Classes started after the small interaction, it was normal but it felt more slow and agonising today. It was as if time had slowed down. Although slow classes had finally ended and it was time for you to talk to Atsushi.

After packing all your belongings you approached Atsushi, “Mu-kun can you come with me for a moment”, Atsushi nodded as an approval he’ll come with you. You went to a nearby park and sat on the swings.

“Mu-kun you’ve noticed too haven’t you” 

“hmm yeah”

“then you must know why I called you out today, I love you you know and I enjoyed all the memories we’ve created, we ate, we laughed, we cried and those moments where we showed affection. I treasure all of those but we can’t go back to before, the feelings and the sparks aren’t there anymore.”

you turned to look at him, he was staring at you

him staring at you caught you off guard, those beautiful violet eyes that you loved so much, that face that you loved to caress and smoother with kisses, you couldn’t help but reach out your hand to caress his face once more. Thinking that this would be the last time you’ll ever get to do this was the last string, your body had decided to betray you and let out the tears you’ve been holding.


“Mu-kun this is the last time i’ll be able to touch your face, this will be the last time I call out your name, thank you so much for everything I love you” you smiled bitterly 

Atsushi knew this couldn’t be fixed, even if he wanted to it was not possible so for the last time he said

“y/n… as my last request could I hug you one last time..” 

you slowly nodded your head, and was immidiately pulled in a tight hug. What was more shocking was the feeling of your shoulders getting wet, he was crying too. It was a long hug, it was a goodbye hug. 

you both slowly retracted from the hug 

“Mu-kun don’t cry, you’ll make me cry again hahahaha” you used your thumbs to wipe off his tears. 

“y/n i love you”

even tho shocked from the statement you said

“this is a goodbye then Mu-kun” 

“goodbye Mu-kun” 

that was the end of your unlasting relationship. 

9 notes

Haizaki keeps coming back to the courts. Perhaps, he can’t help himself; perhaps, it’s just because he’s got nowhere else to go - there’s too many people on the roof, and he needs to get away from these new posh-fuck-classmates of his. 

Except, no matter how many times he comes to this part of the campus, he never actually makes it into the gym. The squeaking of the shoes inside halts his step, torments him quietly. He walks away with his hands in his pockets, and spits on the ground for good measure.

Sometimes, before he leaves, he looks in - only a glance or two. It’s normal team practice, from the looks of it, despite what he’s heard about the Kirisaki Daichi basketball team. For a bunch of dudes who are renowned for being the closest you get to murderers in high school sports, they sure do look like they’ve having fun. He sees them throwing arms around one another’s shoulders, or giving each other a thumbs up after the ball slips through the hoop; he hears, albeit muffled by the door, shouts of “nice one, Zaki!” (Hearing ‘Zaki’ hurts, just a little. No one calls him by the nickname. Hell, no one would tell him ‘nice one’ either.)

And it’s on one of these visits to the gym - a detour between his final class of the day and the school gates - that he gets caught in the act.

“Hey, I know you,” a pink-haired guy grins at him, traps Haizaki between the wall and his body, and then takes a closer look, “actually, no, do I? Right, yeah, I do. You’re that Generation of Miracles reject, aren’t you? What was your name again?”

Haizaki brings his fists out of his pockets, and attempts to shoulder past the player. Except, for a guy Haizaki’s height and of not too heavy a build, pink guy is surprisingly strong. He grabs the back of Haizaki’s collar, and wrenches him back, like he’s a mother dog holding a puppy.

“Oi, captain,” he calls, swinging the gym doors open, “guess who I found poking around.”

At least, no introductions are needed between Haizaki Shougo and Hanamiya Makoto - even Haizaki, who never attends (and, thus, is rarely invited to) strategy meetings looking at the opponent team, knows this guy’s name.

“It’s good to meet you at last,” Hanamiya purrs, shaking Haizaki’s hand, holding it firmly with two hands, not quite crushing the boy’s bones but not far from it, “I’ve heard a lot of good things about you.”

“Bullshit,” replies Haizaki, who hasn’t even heard his mother say something good about him recently.

“Good, of course, being subjective.” As Hanamiya talks, Haizaki can’t pull his gaze away from his senior’s, though he’s acutely aware of everyone else’s gaze on him - there’s no more of the squeaking of shoes, or bouncing of balls. “You were unlucky, you know? Getting stuck with those ‘genius’ bastards, when you were young, being inhibited in your chance to play, and then getting stuck with a bunch of imagine-less idiots.”


“Them, and their ‘I live and would die for basketball’ attitudes, “my way is the only way”, their purism and elitism. It sucks, right?”

Hanamiya’s eyes bore into him. There’s a slight grin across the captain’s lips; when his tongue flicks out to lick his lips, Haizaki’s caught by the animalistic instinct that he’s caught in the lair of a snake.

“What are you getting at?”

“You’ve been stuck playing with fools like that for too long; no wonder you don’t like basketball anymore. But, it’s different with us. We do what we want on the court - and we get away with it. And we could use a man with your natural talent.”

“You lot break people’s fucking knees.”

“Is that a problem for you?”

Haizaki pauses. He’s suddenly ashamed of his own sentence - so blatantly manipulated by years of having listened to those ‘miracle’ bastards, just parroting off their bullshit, even though he knows that, when he’s watched Kiridai matches in the past, he’s never been repulsed by their manner. The only emotion he experienced watching those matches was envy.

“You better not bench me,” Haizaki says now.

“I’ll do what’s best for the team,” Hanamiya’s voice continues with its sweetness, its silkiness, “but I’ll make your talents shine.”

In the back, Haizaki’s new teammates have started practicing again. The rustling of their clothes as they jostle against one another, the swing of the net as the ball slips through: suddenly, Haizaki’s swollen with a yearning to be the one making those sounds too. He imagines himself winning the Winter Cup, in a year from now, scoring a slam dunk, his elbow falling down onto Kise’s forehead in the final seconds of the match. Revenge.

“Your silence is a yes then?”

Haizaki nods, raises his hand to run his tongue down his thumb, “I’m in.”

A ball comes their way. It’s in Haizaki’s hands before Haizaki recognises that he’s grinning, and it’s only when he tosses it back, that he realises he’s been wearing his basketball trainers this whole time. He’s been wearing them every day at this new school, just for this moment.

19 notes

tags: aged up!au, mild sexual content, forced marriages/pregnancy, objectification except it’s not the girl getting objectified

She’s sat on his lap, with her chest not far from his - close enough that he’s trapped in the chair, far enough that he can still see the childish pout she’s feigning.

“We’re going to have kids, Shouichi,” she grinds, just once, against his thigh, “we’re going to get married and you’re going to fuck me every day till I’m pregnant.”

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Midorima x Takao


Word Count: 5271

Synopsis: Takao, a cheeky yet innovative alchemist, accidentally crash lands near Midorima’s target and causes them to flee. Midorima is seething, not just because Takao made him fail a vital commission, but because Takao ruined his perfect streak of quest clears that he maintained for years ever since he joined Akashi’s guild.

Note: I don’t write character x character but since it is for @knbsecretsanta‘s event, and since @iseefairies had listed some ships, I thought to experiment with this and see how this went;; based off of the official art twitter of KNB’s fake RPG here !


Merry Christmas, Aly! I hope the year has been treating you well <3 This is actually my first time writing a KNB ship as I’ve always stuck to KNB x reader! But without further ado, here’s the fic!

»»————— ☼ —————««

Another gentle zephyr slinks through the whimsical city, where dandelions flutter past the sturdy, maintained walls that embrace its citizens in everlasting security, and it is evident that the residents felt safe from the way they carry themselves. Here, everyone chatters away merrily, as mothers gossip with one another at the local produce booths and fathers drink away to oblivion in the local taverns with their friends. Children are let loose, playing a one-sided game of tag with unsuspecting pigeons, grubby hands waiting to pounce on them at the perfect opportunity.

Despite the overwhelming bustling, Takao knows everyone in the city and the city’s topography like the back of his hand. An equally chatty person himself, he can’t help but wedge himself into the huntsmen’s conversation about recent news of game or even lodge himself into the housewives’ whispers with an easygoing joke that instantly gets them giggling. The latter, well, he’s required to know the land of the local area. Otherwise, how could he properly do his job as an alchemist?

Due to his gregarious nature, everyone knows Takao Kazunari, the “friendly alchemist.” Takao, a young man described to be the next “enlightener” of the era. Takao, an alchemist gifted with the convenient ability to “see” the properties and compatibilities of the elements found everywhere; it certainly had played a critical part in shooting him to high prestige among the nation’s scholarship, even if he never took his studies seriously back in the academies. Every new discovery he made, every innovation he accidentally pioneered, were always due to his own whims and morbid curiosities.

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