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#kuroko no basket imagines

Hey, check out some of my works? I try my best to bring out the exact personalities of each character, so get off my shoulder if you don’t like my content.


音 – Angst

新 – Spice

読 – Fluff

来 – Headcannon

時 – Social Media AU

ま – Special Event




















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a/n: AAAAAAAA I LOVE U TOO DJDUFCXJX AND YES omg, Atsushi, I missed you…


5. A pleading kiss where one person cannot reach the other’s lips.

You and your boyfriend walked by the hand towards your home, all the time talking about various topics; from school and basketball (both trainings and matches), to plans for this weekend and plans for the upcoming winter holidays. Atsushi listened attentively to you, but also added something from himself every now and then, such as about food or drinks that he would be happy to make or taste.

When you got to your house, you looked expectantly at your tall boy, who frowned slightly. You didn’t speak to him for a moment, only after a short second you pointed your finger at your pinkish mouth.

“Umm. A goodbye kiss?” You said or rather ask softly and then stood on your tiptoes, even though it still didn’t get you much. You were short enough that the best you could do was peck him in the middle of the chest. Not that it ever bothers you, because your height difference was incredibly cute and always charmed everyone around two of you, however, at times like this when you needed a kiss or attention, Murasakibara loved to tease you, so you had to really make an effort to get the caress you wanted. “Atsushi~, please give me a kiss. Please, please. Baby.” You added after another few seconds, and he smiled very lazily, leaning forward a little bit.

Unfortunately, it still wasn’t enough for you. Even though you stood at the ends of your black shoes and stretched your neck, you still couldn’t reach the lips of your beloved giant.

“Atsushi! Don’t be like that, please give me a kiss…”

“Mhm, okay. You are so cute, Chibi-chin. I love you.” He muttered, lowering his body even tighter. After less than a minute, his face was finally at the same level as your own small face. Now, you could easily reach his sweet-tasting mouth and, at the same time, cup both his soft cheeks with your tiny hands.

Your fingers tangled up in the purple locks of his long hair and you smiled shiny when you felt that your boyfriend hug your waist and lift your body up, deepening the kiss.

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a/n: I love u too, Cherry :((((( And thanks once again!!! <3 <3


19. A kiss full of jealousy for the other person. This kind of kiss to show everyone that you belong to each other.

You apologized to the main coach for a short while and followed the signs to the ladies’ bathroom. In about half an hour the Rakuzan team will be playing a match against another High School and they were just warming up now, but pee… You couldn’t discuss further plans with your team and bandage their legs or hands when you wanted to use the toilet as soon as possible. That’s why you set aside your notebook and your binder, and walked towards the exit of the gymnasium, then into the hallway which, thankfully, took you straight to the desired WC.

You quickly used the toilet, washed and dried your hands thoroughly, corrected the hair that fell over your eyes and straightened the T-shirt with the ‘RAKUZAN MANAGER’ inscription on the back. You came out of the ladies’ bathroom after less than three minutes and, walking out of the inside of a bright room, you accidentally hit something hard and big. As it turned out, it was a very tall boy, about your age. You smiled at him awkwardly, bowing and apologizing fastly.

“… Relax, nothing happened. A little woman like you can’t do much to me.” He laughed softly, and so did you, because the stranger wasn’t lying.. He was taller than you by… He was just much taller than you. You immediately recognized him as a basketball player, probably in the center position. “Oh, you’re on the opposite team! We’ll have a game together soon. Hmm… Who do you think will win?” He asked curiously, and you thought about it.

“Well, I personally have a lot of hope in my team, but I will count on a fair fight between you two. By the way, I watched footage from your previous games and you guys are really, really good! I was pleasantly surprised by this.” You raised both thumbs up and the teenager thanked for it. “I can’t wait, ahh.”

“Me too, and I promise, I won’t give your friends an easy start.”

Shortly after, he introduced himself to you, you did it too, and then you both started walking towards the huge gym. You were talking about basketball and about previous and future matches all that time, which made the conversation very enjoyable and interesting. However, when you entered the room, the eyes of several people turned to you and to a brown-eyed boy named Rei.

From the corner of your eye you have seen Mibuchi and Hayama whisper to each other and turn towards Seijuurou, who’s also watched you really carefully. You smiled in his direction, then looked at your new friend who suddenly stopped and stood next to you.

“I have to get back to my warm-up, but thank you for the talk. Maybe I’ll see you again sometime, so see you, Y/L/N-chan!”

“Bye, Rei-kun and good luck!” You waved at him and then two of you went in your separate ways. After a while you returned to your place and you were about to reach for your papers, but a hand on your hip stopped you. “Yes, Sei-kun? What happened?”

You straightened up, then turned around and barely had time to take a breath, you instantly lost it because of the surprise kiss your boyfriend gave you. It wasn’t an ordinary, gentle peck, but an incredibly long and wet kiss that shocked not only you, but also your entire team and the opposing group.

But when you pulled away from Seijuurou (or rather when capitan let you pull away from him), you took a deep breath once again and looked at him with a frown and pink on the both cheeks.

“What was that?” You asked, and red-haired shrugged a little.

“A kiss for luck. I guess.”

“You’re not starting a real match yet!”

“Before the game, I’ll take one more kiss for luck.” He answered quite seriously, and you felt dizzy. Your boyfriend was impossible.

… And quite cute when he was jealous. Not gonna lie.

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{!!} request from @.anon: Hihi! Can I request for Murasakibara angst where he gets into a big fight with his gf because they have not seen each other in a while and she feels like they have grown apart? To the point where she asks him if he still loves her >>____<< Thank You!

# tags: scenario; current relationships; romance; angst; drama; but a fluff too;  sfw?

  • includes: atsushi murasakibara {knb}

a/n: Hope that you enjoy the plot :( Have a nice day/night, bby!


you; hiiii ‘sushi, you want to come over and watch some movies? 

You unsurely sent a phone message to your boyfriend, and then continued reading the book, waiting for a reply that came a few minutes later.

atsushi; i am very tired after training, but we can meet at the weekend, ok?

Your eyelids squeezed and a little snort fell out of your mouth. You ran your hand through your fluffy hair and after a short while you clicked on the small green icon in the corner of the phone to make a call to Murasakibara. To your surprise, the teenager picked the smartphone very quickly.

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{!!} request from @.anon: hai hai! its me 🌺 anon! I really love your work very much <3 can i request something? Since murasakibara’s bday was 1-2 days ago, how about his gf surprising him with an all you can eat coupon and they eat alot and gf just brings out a cake when he was out to get some more food? And found a ring on top of the cake! It’s basically proposing through food 😭 anyways have a nice day!

# tags: scenario; current relationship; aged up; romance; big fluff; cute shit; sfw

  • includes: atsushi murasakibara {knb}

a/n: CUTE CUTE CUTE… Thank you!! Hope you like it! Have a nice day/night too, bby! Also, I know that I’m a little late but hope it isn’t a big problem…


“… Thank you, Y/N-chin. Literally the best birthday in my whole life.” For the fifth time in the last twenty minutes, you have heard this sentence, which making you smile warmly and nod towards the tall man.

“Atsushi, my baby, you don’t have to thank me.” You spoke honestly, then put some rice with a delicious curry sauce in your mouth. “You deserve it. Anyway, you have your twenty-fifth birthday only once, so…” You added with a slight chuckle on your tongue, and he smiled lazily as he took another piece of sushi. After a moment he closed his eyes, savoring the taste of the food, and you looked down a little, making sure that the tiny bag with cake inside was still lying beside your feet. Luckily, it was there and your heart was flooded with nice warmth.

The next minutes passed quietly as the two of you talked about the days ahead; about college, about work, and of course about Murasakibara’s team who still be interested in basketball and continued to be a great center of the squad.

At one point, you got so busy with the conversation that you didn’t notice that practically all the food was gone from the table. There were no longer any warm takoyaki, cold soba noodles, curry, rice or tempura. You also ran out of iced tea, so your lovely boyfriend said he would bring you something good, as the coupon you gave him for his birthday was still working. You nodded at him, then took a deep breath as soon as the man left your table.

Judging all the ‘pluses’ and ‘minuses’ you took out a pretty, tiny and tasty-looking cake from the white, paper bag. You took the clear wrapping off it, which kept everything safe from traveling, and then placed the cake on the spot where Atsushi’s plate had been. As you were in the restaurant, you didn’t light the cake candles, but instead took out a red box from your pants pocket, which perfectly matched the strawberries and raspberries on the cream. Of course, you flipped it open so that the engagement ring inside will immediately caught your beloved boyfriend’s eyes, and then waited another long minute for the purple-haired to return to his place with a plate full of food and with two glasses of juice for you.

“… Oh, did you buy a cake, Y/N-chin? Mmm, it looks so delicious.”

“I made it myself.” You smiled softly and your boyfriend widened his eyes. He was definitely and genuinely delighted.

At first, Murasakibara didn’t notice the shiny ring, probably thinking that it was a piece of cake or a small candy, but the more he looked at the cake, the more he noticed the fact that the box with the ring was not made of chocolate, but of leather, gold and the precious gemstone that was the same color as your eyes.


“You know ‘Sushi that I love you so much, right? We’ve been together for eight years and maybe… A-Ahhh, I don’t remember what I wanted to say, I’m so sorry. I just, umm… Would you like to spend the next years with me, but not as my boyfriend, but as my fiancé and husband?” You asked shyly, and your cheeks seemed as red as the fruit on top of the cake.

For a moment neither of you spoke, and it took a few minutes for your boyfriend to lower his head and you clenched your fists.

“A-Atsushi? Baby?”

“Y/N-chin…” He whispered, lifting his head, and only then you noticed the tears in his eyes, and the blushes on his ears and nose. “I love you. Of course I will spend the rest of my life with my Y/N-chin… Come here to me, please.”

With a huge smile, you got up from your seat and sat on Atsushi’s lap, kissing him on the forehead, cheeks and lips. Finally, you reached for the ring, which was still on top of the cake, and put it on the hand of your fiancé. Fortunately, the size fit his hand perfectly.

“Now I can really say it’s the best birthday of my life.” He said happily, pressing his face against your warm neck. “Thank you, Y/N-chin.”

“Thank you too, ‘Sushi. Happy birthday once again.”

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{!!} request from @wrinkledoldbat​: Hellou^^!! Its feels so great to interact with your blog again! Since I don’t want to overwhelm you a lot, I would just like to request Jason Silver and Haizaki Shougo (the usual tea, ya know?) with a s/o who has anxiety and gets overwhelmed (short of breath, teary eyes etc.) in certain situations? Hope its not too much! Make sure to stay safe and healthy all the time! Sending lots of love<3

# tags: scenarios; current relationships; drama; also fluff; protective boyfriends; rather sfw

{!} warnings: curses, anxiety, panic attacks (because of dogs and school/exams)

  • includes: jason silver & shougo haizaki {knb}

a/n: HEYYYYYY AGAIN, CUTIE!! I missed you, ngl. Thank you for your request and your really warm words :(( I’m so happy <3 Also take care of yourself and drink water! It’s very important! 



You’ve been waiting for today with a huge smile and joy painted on your face; you finally persuaded your boyfriend on a date, and it wasn’t an ordinary date! You two were supposed to go for a walk, then for ice cream at your favorite coffee shop, and finally to the cinema for a movie for which you had ordered tickets a week ago.

Especially for today’s occasion, you dressed the most beautiful clothes and comfortable shoes for walking around the city or park. You were really excited, that’s why you arrived at the meeting point ten minutes too early, which forced you to wait on a bench under a big tree… But luckily, a few minutes later, you got a text message from your basketball boy that he will be next to you in two minutes. So you took a deep breath, looking left and right.

Eventually a sincere smile crossed your lips as you noticed Silver walking towards you. He was wearing his favorite sunglasses, of course, and his hands tucked in his pockets, but he definitely looked so good today. You happily rose from the wooden bench and walked towards him, waving your hand at him.

“Jason! Hi!”

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~ GOM as a father ~

[notes] ~ hello! i’ m sorry for not being active for the past two weeks because i was battling writer’s block, and since college has started it also got in the way of my writing. the requests are piling up and i’ll try to work on them as soon as possible ;;; here’s a hc of your fav gom boys while you wait. thank you! ♡


Originally posted by sportsanimedaily


  • the most normal out of the 6.
  • he’s really appreciative and compliments his child on something they do.
  • the type to give a sweet morning call and kisses them as soon as they wake up.
  • later at night, he would read them books and stay longer before their bedtime just to have a simple talk. “what was your favorite part of today?”
  • also assures them that he’s all-ears if they’re bothered by something.
  • no matter how bad his day went, he would never show it in front of them.
  • you and Kuroko always stick a note filled with encouraging words on their lunchbox to boost their spirit.
  • sets a healthy lifestyle to help with their growth because he doesn’t want them to take after his low stamina.
  • he loves to assist when they have an art project and he’d display the artwork at home while giving a pat on the head. “look at this awesome work made by you.”


  • the moment he officially became a dad, he cried for a whole day.
  • one night, you felt exhausted and Kise wasn’t on the bed the moment you woke up. then you found him at the room next door, snoring on the carpet with scattered diapers while your child was sleeping soundly in their crib.
  • hangs family pictures all over the house and he puts his child’s shots throughout the years. he’s also active on social medias to boast about his little family.
  • he’s clingy and would give big hugs and kisses at random times, for no reason at all. often argues about who love whom more.
  • a little sad when they refuse to accept his affection. “dad, stop it. i’m older now.” “doesn’t matter, i’d still hug and kiss you every day even if you grow grey hair.”
  • spoils them with toys until there’s barely any space to keep them, which gaining him a whack from you. “don’t buy toys anymore.” but he just couldn’t look away and came home with another one.
  • brags about the magazines which he featured on. “doesn’t your dad look handsome here?”
  • he takes his child to his photoshoot site once in a while and the people there would squeal.
  • his heart breaks if he sees them getting frustrated or sad. “hey, you have your mom and me. you’ll always be our biggest pride so let’s figure out together, alright? now should we crash at your favorite restaurant?”
  • gets excited when they do. he’s also good at role plays, sometimes a cop, a prince, a monster, etc.


  • a little awkward and confused as how to act natural when his child pretend to shoot him or he plays a prince.
  • “mom, can you play with me? dad’s terrible.” then he’d call Kise to ask for some advice.
  • often doubts himself whether he’s a good father or not, but that thought got washed out after his child came home saying he got an A for his essay; 10 things i love about my father. reading it before he leaves for work has become a routine.
  • bonds over basketball. he’d teach his child how to shoot threes and encourage them until they get better.
  • he makes sure they keep lucky items with them every day.
  • totally lost his cool and was panicking when his child got a fever. you tried to calm him down but he instantly rushed to the hospital, only to return home again because the doctor said it wasn’t serious; just a usual fever every kid runs to.
  • the type to set a curfew.
  • might push them in term of academics, but not too hard. and he would always praise them no matter how bad the score they get. “it’s just a number. i just hope you understand the subject so it’ll be an advantage for you in the future, you can always do better, because you’re our son/daughter.”
  • lowkey jealous if the Shutoku uncles get close to them and glares at Takao because his child seems to favor him.


  • the troublemakers in the house, especially if he has a son. a carbon copy just in a smaller size.
  • definitely passes on his basketball legacy and they would lose track of time. you had to call them multiple times over dinner only to get responded with “5 more minutes!” and lasted for another hour.
  • tells them the importance of teamwork no matter how good they are in basketball. he doesn’t want his child to repeat his mistake in the past.
  • “why are you worried over the exam you just finished, when the scores aren’t out yet at that? honey, tell the kiddo what place i was during high school,” he said as he laid down on the sofa, watching tv while picking on his nose. “your dad was in last place.
  • he would give a lesson to whoever tries to pick up on or belittle his child.
  • try to position himself a friend instead of a parent so they’ll not be afraid to open up to him.
  • calls them with pet names he comes up with or he just go with “oi kiddo”
  • lots of skinship and he often buries them under his large body or traps their head under his shirt when he’s being playful.
  • “don’t grow up too fast. i’ll be sad, you know?”


  • despite his habit of unhealthy eating, he restricts his child to do the same.
  • “no more candies.” “but dad, you had it more than me. can i, please?” “no. you’re still growing, your teeth will rot.” “so can i eat as much as you once i grow up?” “still no.”
  • the happiest when the school invites parents for a one-day activity together. the other children hover around him because they find his purple hair amusing.
  • you were amazed by how much he had matured after having a child compared to before the marriage.
  • rewards them with snacks and sweets if they achieve something.
  • loves to give them teddy bear hugs.


  • sets good examples that his child would follow; a man with manners.
  • pays full attention to their education. at the same time he takes things slowly and is aware that his child isn’t a machine that should excel at everything.
  • “please do tell me if you ever feel like the lesson doesn’t suit you. talk to me, okay?”
  • says “i love you” or “you’re the greatest thing ever happened in our life” whenever he gets the chance.
  • tries his best to spend some time with them despite his busy schedules as he doesn’t want to lose track of their growth.
  • takes them along to his business trips, classical concerts or simply playing basketball with the uncles from Teiko in hopes that his child will learn naturally by watching.
  • he would never demand them to be perfect like the doctrine he received from his father, because his child’s happiness is number 1 priority above anything else.
  • teaches them leadership skills and how to earn other people’s respect without hurting them.
  • overall, he avoids to repeat his past by being more considerate and affectionate to his own child which he treasured so much.
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thank you for requesting! i can imagine each of them has their own way to cheer their beloved one, sorry this took a while but i hope you’d like it ❤

~ GOM comforting their stressed s/o because of schoolwork ~


Originally posted by todorokih


  • He notices immediately that you’ve been struggling with the assignments given by the teacher.
  • Helps you to finish while also working on his.
  • Treats you a vanilla shake because it helps to cool your head, he said.
  • Pats your head lovingly.
  • “You did well. I’m always here if you ever need anything.”
  • Holds your hand and rubs your back gently, sometimes kisses the tip of your nose.
  • Kuroko’s existence itself is already a comfort to your well-being.

Originally posted by yakumocchi


  • “I’ll finish them all for you, (Y/N)-cchi. Just rest.” “Ryouta, you don’t have to-” “No no no, rest.”
  • Insists on doing your homework because he’s sad when you’re feeling down, it’s not like he’s smart enough to finish them.
  • Constantly shows his great affection towards you.
  • Lots of kisses and hugs.
  • “You’re amazing and i love you so much, (Y/N)-cchi!”
  • Gives you pretty much everything you love.
  • “This is too much, Ryouta.” “Your happiness is my priority.”
  • He’s loud but you’re thankful because he’s literally your 24/7 support system.

Originally posted by daitsuu


  • This poor, clueless prodigy doesn’t know how to comfort his own partner.
  • Seeks advice from Takao about what if he goes with giving you lucky items according to your zodiac.
  • Takao totally againsts the idea.
  • “Just show her some affection. You do realize you rarely do it to her, don’t you? Might be out of your character, but she will like it.”
  • He asks Takao to elaborate what he meant by ‘affection’.
  • Slaps the latter after he leans closer and tries to kiss him.
  • “Unbelieveable,” he pushed his glasses.
  • But after seeing your exhausted look from pulling all-nighters because of the upcoming exams, he decided to go with Takao’s idea.
  • He cupped your face and kissed you, out of the blue. At his lips’ touch, you could feel your heart beats faster.
  • “D-don’t stay up too l-late, and let’s go to eat at your favorite place today,” he stuttered, not even looking at you after the kiss.
  • It took you seconds to realize that he’s acting unlike his usual self to lift you up, and you can’t help but find it cute.
  • “But Shin-chan, it’s not enough. More, please?” you teased, giving him a huge grin as his face becomes redder than ever.

Originally posted by haruicchi


  • “Babe, stop staring at it,” he took the returned exam paper from your hand.
  • He couldn’t stand you being stressed over a mere score and will look for various ways to cheer you up.
  • Gives you a massage to your stiff shoulders.
  • Whispers about how he loves you so much and failure is okay, also says that if anything, he’s much dumber than you.
  • Takes you on a night ride to let you feel the cold air because it helps to ease your mind.
  • Tells you to scream your heart out.
  • You thanked him for lifting off your burden with a light kiss on his cheek.
  • “Hoo? That’s so little reward for this amazing boyfriend of yours,” he snickered as he pulled you under his muscular built.

Originally posted by knbzone


  • Feeds you sweets.
  • Wraps your tiny body with his huge arms and he puts his chin on top of your head.
  • He’s not good with words, but will stick by your side and keep you on company.
  • “(Y/N)-chin, you can eat my snacks if that’s what it takes to cheer you up.”
  • Continues to shove food into your mouth.
  • “Eat a lot. Don’t get stressed.”
  • The only solution he could think of was food.

Originally posted by katarinafi


  • 100% supportive and will try his best to restore your cheerfulness.
  • Showers you with compliments and words of encouragement to boost your self-esteem.
  • “I can’t, Sei. This is way too hard for me to comprehend,” you whined at the math problems in front of you. “Aren’t you ashamed of having a dumb girlfriend? You’re smart, unlike me.”
  • He strokes your hair gently. “It’s the other way around, i want to show you off to everyone because i’m beyond lucky to have you, my love. Also, the fact that you’re so carefree is what i love the most because you didn’t have to experience what i had.”
  • His soft gaze and smile shut you out completely.
  • Gives you forehead kisses and pats your head.
  • Assures you that you could do more than you thought.
  • “Now, let’s try again, slowly, okay?”
  • The Emperor’s soothing words are definitely your stress-reliever.
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SEEKING: active KNB blogs to flood my dash hahaha 🧡🧡🧡 please tag them or message me some accounts names!. I know it’s a small fandom but idgaf I can’t wait to follow all of y’all 🥺🏀

And thank you for the new reqs I’ve received since I reopened last night!! Keep them coming! I’ll close at 15! I’m so excited to start writing 🥰🥰🥰🥰

KNB Nsfw+Sfw reqs open ✨


Originally posted by pururin

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Mon Dieu it’s been foreverrrrrrrr 😩 but my REQUESTS ARE NOW OPEN! (sfw+nsfw)



Originally posted by unemployedweeaboo

  1. I’m the same as most writers who will write almost anything except for the taboo stuff like suicide/incest/rape/illegal relationships/hardcore bdsm etc. I can’t write WELL what I’m unfamiliar with.
  2. Do not send me any (exact) requests that you have sent to other writers.
  3. I also write male!reader, black!reader, minority!reader. if you don’t specify it will be written as fem!reader
  4. Angst for the sake of angst is a no, but something like “boy cheering up depressed s/o” is fine
  5. You can request a plot and characters but in terms of what kind of fic it will be (headcanon/fic/drabble/etc.) I reserve the right to choose
  6. Kasamatsu stans - HOLLA.AT.ME. 💦
  8. French readers - je peux écrire en français pour vous
  9. Please specify when you want it strictly SFW!
  10. ****Any Hyūga requests will be ignored and deleted with the quickness … everyone else is fair game****
  11. My blog is a safe zone. 🥰
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Genre: Fluff

Warning: none

Author’s note: I am just so ashamed that I couldn’t write anything better. I realize that whenever I don’t know what to write I tend to add excessive dialogues in my text, I gotta work on that. I’m just hoping that I wrote what was requested.


“Didn’t take you for a liar,” Hyuuga comments bluntly causing the red-haired teen to growl. “I’m not lying!” Kagami argues. “Besides, it’s none of your business… sir,” he pouts.
“Surprisingly, Kagami-Kun did manage to get a girlfriend,” Kuroko added.
“Kuroko, you bastard!”
The team kept teasing the poor ace, his face getting redder and redder as they poked fun at him. “Why are you guys doing this to me?” Kagami whines.
“We’re only saying this because we have never seen you interact with a girl before,” Coach Riko explained. Kagami sighed, “I’m not lying, I am dating Y/N!”
“Oh! He’s even come up with a name!” Izuki teased.
The team kept up their teasing, surrounding their giant ace, and poking fun at him. Noone noticed you enter the gym, clad in your school team tracksuit. You awkwardly stand there not knowing whether you should interrupt.
Kuroko is the first one to notice you. “Hello, Y/L/N-San,” he greets you, startling you due to his lack of presence. “Kuroko! you scared me!”
Your yelp finally draws the rest of the team’s attention to you.
“Y/N!” Kagami calls out and jogs to you. “What’re you doing here?”
You grin up at him and hold his hand when he reaches you.
“Practice let up early so I thought maybe I could come see you,” you answered lovingly.
You noticed his seniors behind him, all gaping at you, and bowed in a respectful greeting. Hyuuga nodded at you, still dumbfounded that you did indeed exist; Riko, Izuki, and Kiyoshi wave at you.
“I guess his girlfriend is real after all,” Izuki whispers making Kiyoshi chuckle, “That’s great isn’t it?”
You and Kagami are busy talking to each other affectionately until you are snapped out of it by a loud gasp.
“Y-you’re her!” Koganegawa shrieks.
You blink in confusion, “Do you know me?” you ask.
“Who doesn’t know you!” he exclaims causing you and his teammates to look at him confusedly. “You’re Y/N Y/L/N! The volleyball player! You’re like in the Nation’s top three spikers!” he explains. The team lets out a simultaneous array of shouts in surprise. Kagami grins in pride.
“How do you know?” you ask blushing deeply.
“You were in the last month’s issue of the high school sports magazine,” he replies.
The team then flooded you with questions.
“How did you two meet?”
“Why are you dating this idiot?” (“Hey!”)
“Blink twice if he’s holding you hostage.”
You laughed and easily answered all their silly questions. You told them how you have known Taiga since he moved back from America, you told them that you liked him and you were the one who asked him out. You were happily interacting with the team when Taiga finally interjected, “Enough! You guys are bothering her!”, he scolds and then takes your hand and moves you outside of the gym.
“Sorry about them,” he apologizes. You shake your head, “It’s fine. I like your teammates.”
Taiga asks you about your next match and you tell him. He promises to be there to cheer for you. You smile happily and kiss his cheeks which causes him to blush, he ruffles your hair, kisses your forehead and sends you on your way.
He enters the gym with a dumb smile and a blush. “Kagami-Kun did you two make-out?”
Kagami yelps then realizes what he’s heard, “Kuroko, shut up! I didn’t!”
He sees his seniors all standing in front of him, arms folded and feet tapping on the ground; they were judging him silently.
Riko slaps him on the back. “Ow!” Taiga complains. “What did I do?”
“Why didn’t you tell us that you’re dating THE Y/N Y/L/N?!”
“I did, but you didn’t believe me and also, it’s none of your business!” he answered. “You guys don’t even care about volleyball, why do you know her?” he asked. “She’s a famous athlete, you dumbass!” Hyuuga answered. “I’m so mad that you have a girlfriend before me!” Izuki added.
“Can we just practice and not talk about this, please,” Taiga whined. You hadn’t gotten that far so you could still hear the commotion from the gym as your boyfriend’s teammates flooded him with questions. You knew how shy he was, he had told you before that couldn’t introduce you anyone other than Kuroko(who found out about you two by coincidence). You grinned as you walked home at how cute Taiga was when he was flustered. You decided you would visit him at practice again next time as well just to see him get flustered by his friends because of you, it didn’t hurt either that you would get to see him looking so hot and appealing while playing.

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Thank you anon for the request! I’m sorry this took quite a while i hope you’d like it <3

- Headcanons on How Aomine Reacts to His Crush -


Originally posted by daitsuu

  • He didn’t think he’d fall for you, the class president whom he’s always found bothersome.
  • He was always annoyed because you kept dragging him back to class when he tried to skip.
  • “Shut up, mind your business.” “The hell? I’d gladly let you be if the teachers hadn’t yelled at me and made a fuss about your absence.” “Then resign from your role.”
  • You whacked him hard as soon as he said that. It’s usual for everyone to see you and Aomine bicker everyday.
  • Until one day, the two of you got paired up for a project that requires to volunteer in an orphanage.
  • He was grumpy all the time and had no interest to take part, not to mention the kids got scared by his face but somehow your interactions with them got his attention.
  • The way you smile and laugh, playing along with the kids in their own world, feeding and helping them to dress up. You successfully made his heart flutter.
  • “Let me help,” he said when you were washing the dishes, noticing a tall figure beside you, you stared at him suspiciously. “You just slacked off the entire time, now this? What are you really after?”
  • He blushed at your stares. “N-nothing. I just wanted to help, geez. Do something about that temper of yours,” he averted his gaze off of you and started the chore, flustered.
  • For the rest of the day, he couldn’t help but observed your every move. He kept falling for you every second. He wanted you.
  • He assisted you in cleaning the bathroom, drying bedsheets, etc and he got yelled by you for being terrible at them. Surprisingly, he was delighted by your nagging.
  • He treated you a popsicle as you two sat on the bench under a large tree, resting. The two of you shared conversations and you were amused by how soft Aomine has gotten, so you teased him. “Seeing how you behave today, i guess i won’t write bad stuff about you on our reports.”
  • He chuckled, couldn’t believe you thought he was doing it all for a mere score. He felt his heart skipped a beat at your presence.
  • He was reluctant, but a chance like this won’t come twice so he immediately made up his mind.
  • “Is that how you think of me?” You looked at him, nodding innocently with a popsicle in your mouth. He suddenly pulled the popsicle out and pressed his lips on yours. You were stunned.
  • He kissed you for a while and pulled away, his eyes were soft and a smile was plastered on his face.
  • “Do you want to go out with me, (Y/N)? Don’t worry, i won’t skip classes that much,” he grinned widely.
  • “Let’s see,” you challenged him and you both giggled before he finally kissed you again with so much love.
  • Aomine knew you were the right choice to tame himself.
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Of course you can anon~! I’m so glad you loved the headcanons! ;; It makes me so happy~! I hope you enjoy these as much as I did with writing them~! 

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ʜᴏɴᴇʏᴍᴏᴏɴ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴀᴋᴀꜱʜɪ ꜱᴇɪᴊᴜʀᴏ | ᴋᴜʀᴏᴋᴏ ɴᴏ ʙᴀꜱᴜᴋᴇ | ʜᴄ

  • Will most definitely not settle for anything but the best. Marrying the love of his life he wants the absolute best honeymoon with them.
  • Akashi, contrary to what most may expect, isn’t adamant in attempting to have a baby right then and there. He would most definitely rather spend every moment he can with them and creating more fond memories. 
  • Without a doubt, everything is done in advance. The choice and payments done mainly from his half, and no matter how much arguing they may put up, his word in spoiling them is final.
  • The GoM most definitely at least try to put their 2 cents in, but are immediately shot down by the red head.
  • A lot of their honeymoon pictures are from overseas in extravagant events / clothes, but of course that’s not all that’s taken.
  • There’s a nice chunk of comfy and cozy in the hotel photos as well with him nestled up against them early in the morning. 
  • The amount of romantic moments that he puts the both of them in is comical in it’s own way, yet completely endearing. 
  • Literally spoils the living hell out of them while they’re on the honeymoon whilst having casual conversations of where they’d like to live etc.
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Ahhh I love conan’s music so I should be thanking you for this request!! I hope you like it xx

Scenario: Aomine Daiki x Reader based on “Heather” by Conan Gray

You had a crush on Aomine Daiki. Who wouldn’t? He’s tall, athletic, and a smooth talker— it’s so incredibly easy to fall for him. Your feelings for him blossomed almost instantly when you first laid eyes on him in your classroom at the start of your first year at Touou. He sat at the desk behind you and he would often ask to borrow your pencils during class, which allowed you to casually strike up a conversation with him by joking that he never has his own pencil.

Over time, the two of you became quite close. You wouldn’t talk to him much out of class, because both of you had other things to do, but in class you two were inseparable. As you grew closer, you couldn’t help but wonder if he felt the same way you did.

“Hey, you and Aomine are getting really close, huh?” one of your friends pointed out to you as you walked around the school courtyard during break.

The mere sound of his name caused your heart to race. “Yeah, I guess. We only talk in class though,” you shrugged, being careful not to show that you had a crush on him because word spreads fast in your school.

“You two look cute together,” she said to you out of nowhere, causing you to almost choke on the water you were sipping.


“It’s just a thought, you probably don’t like him anyways,” she continued nonchalantly, just speaking whatever came to her mind, “one of the girls in our class was telling me how he’s always smiling when you speak to him.”

“Why is everyone watching us? That’s so weird,” you said coolly, though it did make you happy that your friend also thought that you two would be a great pair— which encouraged you to shoot your shot with him.

Your friend shrugged, “Class gets boring sometimes.” There was a small silence between you two as she looked up at the cloudy sky and sighed, “Too bad he has a girlfriend though.”

Just like that, all your hopes came shattering down around you. The fluttering in your chest came to a halt and everything felt heavy. “He does?” you were able to say, doing your best not to scream in frustration.

“Yeah, you didn’t know? That girl, Momoi, from class 3. She’s gorgeous, I think even I might have a crush on her,” your friend joked.

You forced a small chuckle in response, unable to stop your mind from spiralling. It made sense that he had a girlfriend. You couldn’t be mad at him for having one because well, he was never yours to begin with; it just hurt.

When you got back to class to resume the second half of your school day, you did your best to act like everything was normal while you talked to Aomine. It didn’t help that just seeing his face made you want to burst into tears, but you held them back, telling yourself that you’ll have a good cry to yourself when you get back home.

The school day finally came to an end and you bid your usual goodbyes to your friends and Aomine before heading off to the bus stop near school. You were finally alone for the first time that day, and you couldn’t help but let a few tears slip out as you pulled your school blazer closer to you for warmth. It was unbelievably cold that afternoon, and you cursed your past self for not remembering to bring a warmer piece of clothing in the middle of winter.

“Boo!” a deep voice suddenly said from behind you as a pair of hands gripped your shoulders, causing you to gasp and jolt your body at the surprise. Before turning around, you quickly wiped the tears off of your face and put on a smile.

“Aomine! You scared me,” you chuckled, voice raspy even though you were only crying for a few seconds. “Don’t you have basketball practice?”

“Never mind that,” Aomine said, looking at your trembling body, “you’re shivering. Did you not bring a sweater?”

You shook your head in response, “I forgot it this morning.”

Aomine sighed and dug around his backpack before pulling out a large black sweater and handing it to you. “You got lucky that I have an extra one. I can’t have my pencil supplier dying of hypothermia,” Aomine joked as you pulled his sweater over your head. It smelled just like his cologne, with a hint of fabric softener— and suddenly you had this bittersweet feeling overcome you. You would have been over the moon if he had done this the day before, but you couldn’t enjoy it as much after what your friend had told you earlier. “Hey, it looks better on you than it does on me— that’s not fair,” he sighed.

“Thanks,” you said with a smile, unable to even look him in the eye as you internally panicked at his words.

“Dai-chan!” a high-pitched voice called out from a distance. You looked over and saw a pink-haired girl that wore the same uniform jogging towards you. She was undoubtedly pretty. As she got closer and closer to you, you started to take note of her features; her bright eyes, smooth skin and luscious hair were nothing short of beautiful. Almost instinctively, you glanced at Aomine, and his eyes were glued onto her, even when she finally came to a halt and stood in front of him. He was completely mesmerised by her and you couldn’t blame him— which made you even more frustrated somehow. “It’s so cold,” she pouted, before hugging Aomine tightly.

A smile began to form on Aomine’s lips as he returned the warm embrace, wrapping his long arms around her small body. You felt an ache in your chest as you watched Aomine place a small kiss on the top of her head, wishing it was you he was holding instead of her.

“Oh let me introduce you two,” Aomine said, finally looking at you. “Satsuki, this is Y/N, she’s one of my classmates. Y/N, this is my girlfriend, Momoi Satsuki.”

A small part of you was hoping that what your friend told you wasn’t true, but hearing the words come out of his own mouth felt like your heart was getting repeatedly run over by a bus. “H-Hi, nice to meet you,” your voice trembled.

“Oh God, you’re shivering! Are you sure you should be out here? My house is nearby, you can warm up there if you’d like,” Momoi offered. Of course she was incredibly sweet too.

You spotted your bus finally approaching the stop, and you couldn’t be more relieved to see it. “It’s alright, my bus is here. Thank you though,” you smiled at her before waving goodbye to the two of them as you got into the bus. Once you were settled, you peered out of the window, watching the two of them interact with each other with smiles on their faces. They began to walk together and you noticed Aomine put his arm around her shoulder as the bus slowly began to drive away. You felt your throat tighten up as you hugged Aomine’s sweater closer to your body, begging your heart to get over him because there was no way he’d leave someone as perfect as Momoi for you.

For the next few weeks, you were able to contain yourself, finally feeling yourself slowly getting over it, and you even returned his sweater because it pained you to keep it. You’d notice him walking to the canteen with Momoi during break, which hurt you at first but it fizzled out as days passed by. You were glad that Aomine was happy, you wished that you were the one making him feel that way, but it wasn’t. The two of you paired up for a task in art class where you had to draw each other. “Ugh they make us do this every year,” Aomine groaned as you turned your desk around so the two of you were facing each other.

The two of you began to draw in silence. However, every time you’d look up at his face, you’d feel that familiar heartache, which was awful because it meant that you weren’t getting over him like you convinced yourself you were. Every time you’d look up at him, you wanted to scream that you liked him, but you did your best to tell yourself that you didn’t.

Aomine began to chuckle, “Oh God, I’m so bad at art,” you didn’t like him. “You’re nowhere near as ugly as my drawing,” you didn’t like him. “I hope you don’t hate me after seeing my work—”

“I like you!” you suddenly blurted out, before immediately clasping your hand over your mouth when you realised what you had said.

Aomine’s smile faded away as he wore a confused expression on his face, “What?”

“I’m sorry, just forget I said that, please,” you said quickly, as you avoided all eye contact with him and pretended to be invested in your art.

“What do you mean you like me?”

“Please just drop it. I don’t know what I was saying,” you mumbled, cursing yourself for saying something.

The bell rang for break and your teacher left the class after telling everyone to finish their work by the next class. Your classmates around you got up from their seats and began to move all over, but you and Aomine were frozen in place. After a long moment of silence the navy haired boy finally spoke up, “I like you too.”

You looked up at him with eyes as wide as saucers. Did you hear him right? “Don’t say that,” you said in what was barely a whisper, knowing that lies would hurt more than him just rejecting you. “What about Momoi?”

“I didn’t tell anyone yet, but we broke up. She was my best friend before we dated, and we realised it was better that way,” Aomine explained. “Besides, she’s still hung up over one of my friends from middle school.”

You couldn’t believe your ears. This had to be a lie. Nothing is ever this easy. “Okay, but there’s no way you like me,” you said to him, ridding yourself of any filters because you just wanted things to be clear.

“What’s not to like? You’re one of the few people I enjoy talking to. I don’t know if you noticed, but you’re the only person in this class that I actually talk to.”

The butterflies in your stomach seemed to return as your heart began to race. It was real. He liked you. Your feelings weren’t unrequited after all. “You have no idea how happy I am right now,” you gushed, colour rising to your cheeks as you tried to collect your thoughts. For the first time in a while, the thought of Aomine wasn’t painful.

The two of you went on a date after school to a nearby cafe. As you walked there in the chilly winter weather, Aomine put his arm around your shoulder. And after ages of wondering what this very action would feel like, you finally had your answer; it felt warm and loving and it was even better than you could possibly imagine.

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Hello anon~! Of course you can~! I’m so sorry it took so long to get out~! Thank you so much for requesting with us~! I really hope you enjoy this, and as always thank you for your love and support~!

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#1 ꜰᴀɴ | ᴍɪᴅᴏʀɪᴍᴀ x ɢɴ!ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ | ꜱᴄᴇɴᴀʀɪᴏ


Originally posted by kishibe

»»————- ♡ ————-««

Focused. That’s what he had assumed he had been throughout the game. Yet as the all too familiar voice rang prominently in their home stands, he couldn’t help but feel his cheeks flush in color while a clear irritated vein popped against the side of his head as he gave a sharp glare to the stands.

Many- if not most were stunned silent. Most except for the energetic ball of happiness that was cheering right at the front of the crowd. Their form practically draped over the safety bar as they excitedly waved at him. His name falling off their lips in waves as they flashed him a big thumbs up.

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aaaa tyy so much hunn! this is my first time writing anything ~sexual~ so i apologise if anything feels off or of the sort. i also apologise for not writing yamazaki and matsumoto because i couldn’t quite get a grip on their characters. enjoyyy!!

KD getting turned on while watching their gf eat a banana

HARA: It was a good thing his bangs clouded the look in his eyes. Hara’s eyes tried to look everywhere except his girlfriend that was innocently eating a banana right in front of him. She was halfway finished when she noticed his anxiousness.

“Kazuya-kun? Are you all right?” she asked. Hara discreetly looked down at her mouth, which was glistening with saliva from eating.

“Next time we go grocery shopping, remind me to buy more bananas.”

HANAMIYA: Even the bad boy of the court could fall victim to simple scenarios such as this one. You, his innocent girlfriend that didn’t know the meaning of “sex” was turning him on. Were you doing it intentionally? Your eyes gave nothing away. Hanamiya’s pants betrayed him. They now suddenly felt very tight.

You suddenly felt Hanamiya grab onto your wrist.

“Where are you taking me?” you asked. Hanamiya didn’t let go, holding your hand firmly.

“Let’s give you another banana to put in your mouth, yeah?”

FURUHASHI: Furuhashi turned his head the other way as he watched you eat the banana. The small forward’s eyes gave no notion that he was aroused, but his lower body was another story altogether. With every small bite you took, Furuhashi became more and more agitated. He kept tapping his feet to take his mind off the sight in front of him.

“You know (Y/N), if you liked bananas that much, you could just tell me.”

SETO: Seto peeked out from under his sleep mask to enjoy the view. He continued to pretend to snore. A smile crept its way up to his lips with every bite you took. Suddenly, you rose from your seat and stood in front of his pretend-sleeping form.

“Kentaro, do you want a piece of this banana or are you just happy to see me?”

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Hey!!! Can I request Makoto Hanamiya x reader? <3

Wahaha hows everyone im back again after almost a year (this is a Thing now isnt it) 

I didn’t do Lemony Things because you didn’t ask for it, but i couldnt think of what to write so I tossed in a bunch of tropes into my fave bot tatsu’s choosing command and um so this is a teacher au

this is set in hanamiya and co’s second year and everything’s the same except reader is a TEACHER at his school (not that much older, I headcanon them to be arnd 4/5 years older than the guys here?) so if thats not your thing feel free to not read it, take care <3

tldr; teacher!reader x student!hanamiya, gender neutral reader, sfw, ~2k words

Being the youngest teacher in school, relatively attractive and good at your job assures that most of the student body adores you. Some of them find you irritating, because you take your job seriously and it thwarts their hopes of getting an unfair extension, or handing in a shoddy assignment and getting good grades. Others respect you for it. You’ve had your fair share of teachers who completely disregard students or give them too much of an advantage, and you never want to be like them. You’re there to do your job, and that requires you to be dedicated and sincere. It’s more than just teaching kids, it’s about shaping their lives and you can’t ruin that just by not taking things seriously.

You pay attention to the rules, and you make sure that students do too. It’s a rich school, so the students don’t get into petty things deigned below their status, but sometimes their offences are all the more complicated. You don’t know how to deal with a feud between the heirs of two corporations which manifests itself in the form of a midnight brawl, nor do you know how to deal with people sneaking their boyfriends or girlfriends into the campus when you can’t tell if the rich kid belongs to your school or not. But you try your best, because you’ve become the discipline committee’s advisor, and if the students can handle things, you surely can.

It’s when you notice a certain pattern that you don’t know how to continue your job. The committee is just as disciplined as required from the rest of the students. They are the epitome of perfection, second only to the council that takes care of the business of the entire school. Yet, you’ve noticed something about Hanamiya from the discipline committee, and it’s thrown you for a loop.

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