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#kuroko no basket scenario

{!!} request from @.anon: Hihi! Can I request for Murasakibara angst where he gets into a big fight with his gf because they have not seen each other in a while and she feels like they have grown apart? To the point where she asks him if he still loves her >>____<< Thank You!

# tags: scenario; current relationships; romance; angst; drama; but a fluff too;  sfw?

  • includes: atsushi murasakibara {knb}

a/n: Hope that you enjoy the plot :( Have a nice day/night, bby!


you; hiiii ‘sushi, you want to come over and watch some movies? 

You unsurely sent a phone message to your boyfriend, and then continued reading the book, waiting for a reply that came a few minutes later.

atsushi; i am very tired after training, but we can meet at the weekend, ok?

Your eyelids squeezed and a little snort fell out of your mouth. You ran your hand through your fluffy hair and after a short while you clicked on the small green icon in the corner of the phone to make a call to Murasakibara. To your surprise, the teenager picked the smartphone very quickly.

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{!!} request from @wrinkledoldbat​: Hellou^^!! Its feels so great to interact with your blog again! Since I don’t want to overwhelm you a lot, I would just like to request Jason Silver and Haizaki Shougo (the usual tea, ya know?) with a s/o who has anxiety and gets overwhelmed (short of breath, teary eyes etc.) in certain situations? Hope its not too much! Make sure to stay safe and healthy all the time! Sending lots of love<3

# tags: scenarios; current relationships; drama; also fluff; protective boyfriends; rather sfw

{!} warnings: curses, anxiety, panic attacks (because of dogs and school/exams)

  • includes: jason silver & shougo haizaki {knb}

a/n: HEYYYYYY AGAIN, CUTIE!! I missed you, ngl. Thank you for your request and your really warm words :(( I’m so happy <3 Also take care of yourself and drink water! It’s very important! 



You’ve been waiting for today with a huge smile and joy painted on your face; you finally persuaded your boyfriend on a date, and it wasn’t an ordinary date! You two were supposed to go for a walk, then for ice cream at your favorite coffee shop, and finally to the cinema for a movie for which you had ordered tickets a week ago.

Especially for today’s occasion, you dressed the most beautiful clothes and comfortable shoes for walking around the city or park. You were really excited, that’s why you arrived at the meeting point ten minutes too early, which forced you to wait on a bench under a big tree… But luckily, a few minutes later, you got a text message from your basketball boy that he will be next to you in two minutes. So you took a deep breath, looking left and right.

Eventually a sincere smile crossed your lips as you noticed Silver walking towards you. He was wearing his favorite sunglasses, of course, and his hands tucked in his pockets, but he definitely looked so good today. You happily rose from the wooden bench and walked towards him, waving your hand at him.

“Jason! Hi!”

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UwU馃尭 lol that Nash post made me so soft. How about GOM's + hanamiya's reaction to their soon to be s/o and her friends battling their turn on court by vs each other- what s/o didn't know that they're a professional so they end up breaking a few rules such as physical contact to hold the boys off so they could get at least one score from a rebound. This is just to show that bball or sports overall ain't that serious sometimes and be enjoyed thoroughly <3

Haha I’m glad you enjoyed reading it!

Akashi: As soon as you hold onto him he’s taken aback, I mean he takes this game pretty seriously so the fact that you’re playing against him and his team and are unaware of a rule that should be fairly obvious throws him off for a second.

Aomine: He’d shake you off as soon as you have in his grasp, throwing you a half confused, half amused look for a moment before getting right back into the game. He not too worried at all about it because he’s fairly focused on the game itself.

Hanamiya: When you grab onto him it would surprise him. I mean he’s not one to play by the rules but at leastt when he does it he does so in a way that is more subtle as to not get caught by the referee or something– lol basically he thinks you and your team are doing exactly as he and his does during their games.

Kise: He kind of freaks out? I mean he was so focused on the ball that when you grabbed onto him you basically jump scared him lmao. After getting over the initial shock he’ll send you a somewhat confused look as he runs off to get back into the game.

Kuroko: He’d be more surprised that you even managed to get a hold of him in the first place, especially with his lack of presence just the fact that you were grab hold of him is what would illicit more of a response than of you not knowing the rules.

Midorima: He doesn’t really know how to react because he’s never faced a problem like this in a game, he kinda just stands there until you let go, he’s trying to work out how you managed to get onto the court with your team without even knowing one of the most basic rules of the court.

Murasakibara: I don’t think he’d care much to be honest lol. He probably wasn’t paying enough attention to the game in the first place to notice that you had done anything wrong until you physically grab hold of his arm or something.

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“Welcome, master! Oh, Mura-kun, welcome back!” [Name] gives a smile to the male.

“[Name]-chin,” He looks down at [Name] and raises a hand to his stomach, “Can I have my dessert this time?”

“Of course you can, follow me,” [Name] guides him to an empty table near the window and hands him a menu.

“I’ll be back in a minute to take your order, alright Mura-kun?” She lets him know, pointing to her other tables, “I have to attend to the other customers first”

Murasakibara’s eyes are hungrily scanning the list in front of him and barely nods. [Name] walks off to look after the other customers before she returns to the purple haired giant. As she makes her way back to Murasakibara’s table, Luka grabs her arm and pulls her to the counter.

“[Name]-chan, isn’t he one of those boys who caused a huge disruption a while back?” Luka whispers to her.

“Hm, well it was more so his friends than him. I’ve know him for a long time and trust me, he won’t do any harm,” [Name] assures Luka.

“Well if you say so,” Luka nods and sends her a wink, “Now go and attend to one of your many boyfriends”

[Name] lets out a scoff and shakes her head before she walks up to Murasakibara. She’s already used to the other girls teasing her about the Teiko boys. Even more so when Momoi tells them stories from back in the Teiko days.

“I’m back! Are you ready to order?”

“I want this…and this… and that… and two of these…and one more of this, [Name]-chin,” He points to multiple desserts on the menu.

“Got it!” [Name] writes his order down, “It shouldn’t take too long”

She’s about to head into the kitchen when the bell rings, indicating new customers arriving. Luka taps [Name]’s arm.

“Hey, [Name]. I’ll bring the order into the kitchen for you. I’m on my way into the kitchen anyway,” She tells [Name]. 

[Name] thanks her before handing the ticket over and walking over to the front door. After the new customers are settled in and Murasakibara has his order, she walks over to the counter to have a chat with Luka and Momoi.

“Is that all really for him?” Luka’s amazed as she watches Murasakibara eat.

[Name] nods, “Yep, it’s all for him. He’s not one to share his sweets”

“That’s true,” Momoi nods in agreement, “But his order seems shorter than it usually is. He always orders much more than that”

“That’s not even his normal order?” Luka’s eyes widen before she lets out a sigh, “And he still remains so slim, I’m jealous”

“Maybe he doesn’t have enough money,” [Name] says.

She takes out a piece of paper and writes down two more desserts and heads towards the kitchen, “I’ll buy him something since he didn’t get to eat last time he was here”

“Aww,” She hears Luka and Momoi coo from behind her, “How sweet~”

Once the dishes are ready, she heads back to Murasakibara’s table and sets them down. He stares at the two desserts, aching to take them from [Name] but he knows that he doesn’t have enough money to pay for it.

“[Name]-chin, this isn’t mine”

There’s a pout on his lips and it’s obvious to [Name] that he doesn’t want her to take it away. He’s already making notes in his head of how much money to bring with him next time he came here.

“Actually this is yours! You don’t have much money on you, right? You usually order a lot more than this so I’m buying this for you,” [Name] explains.

Murasakibara looks at the desserts and back at [Name]. He knows there’s no point in arguing with [Name] because she doesn’t take no for an answer and he’s quite reluctant to see it leave his table. He mutters a small thank you before he digs in. [Name] gives him a smile and tells him to enjoy before going back to her job.

- -

“How was the food, Mura-kun?” [Name] asks as Murasakibara handed her the money.

Before Murasakibara could reply, a mother comes up to the counter with her son in her arms. “Excuse me, could I get a few tissues, please? My son made quite a big mess,” The woman asks with an apologetic look. 

The boy in her arms waves the cake in his hands before he throws it at [Name]’s face. The mother lets out a gasp and scolds her son before apologising profusely to [Name].

“It’s okay,” [Name] lets out a laugh and hands the woman some tissues. She grabs some tissues for herself and she’s about to wipe her face when Murasakibara grabs her hand.

“Ne, [Name]-chin. You look like you taste very sweet too”

Before she could reply, Murasakibara leanes over the counter and licks the icing off her face.  “Thanks for the extra treat,” Murasakibara waves at her before exiting the cafe, leaving [Name] with a scarlet face.

Luka and Momoi stare at her, wiggling their eyebrows and [Name] shoots them a look.

“Not a single word from either of you,” [Name] tells them before heading to the back room to cool her face.

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Okay! Since I'm trying to get back into Kuroko no Basuke, I'm going to request one for that series! Can I get Supernatural AU headcanons or scenario of a vampire Kuroko falling in love with a girl dressed as a witch on Halloween? Whether it's at a party, or if she's handing candy to kids, ect, is up to you! If it's alright, maybe it can end with a flash forward of them living together? (/)///v//(\) thank you!

Kuroko hadn’t even meant to be out that night. Even with as much personal control as he had it was always a risk allowing himself to be completely surrounded by humans on such a powerfully magic night. But there he was and so was she, dressed in a black corset and purple tulle skirt, her pointed hat completing the look; a classic witch.

He knew instantly she was human; her scent gave that much away. But that didn’t stop him from being intrigued, more curious about her than anyone else at the party.

A glass of punch later and they were talking. She was charming, a beautiful smile almost always present on her face. In all his years of existence, he’d never meant anyone like her before.

It hadn’t taken long for him to fall for her completely.

Explaining to her his origin and species had been nerve wracking, but she’d taken everything in stride, understanding his needs and even coming up with very viable alternatives to his drinking from humans.

And now, here they are, a year later dwelling in his castle on the hill. But he knows, better than most, passing time is their enemy. While he remains ever young, she continues to age. It isn’t a problem, per se, but Kuroko knows his unbeating heart; were she to cease to exist, it would be the literal nail in his coffin.

Her eyes are soft, hand gentle against his face as the smile he fell in love with takes over her face. “I’m yours, Tetsuya. I trust you.”

He sighs, drawing her into his arms, body shaking. He never thought he’d see the day he wanted to change someone, to take away the sun, the warmth, the light.

As if she can hear his thoughts, she whispers in his ear, “In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve always preferred the shadows.”

He smiles around his fangs, pressing their points to her skin. “Are you sure?” he asks one last time.

When she nods, he bites down, releasing the toxin that will transform her, make her one of his kind.

Make her his forever.

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for the christmas prompts 15 with akashi

It’s super windy here today so it’s a perfect time to write about getting warmed up! Also, I don’t know how Christmasy this will feel except that it is December and I am cooking a meal similar to this. Thanks for the request!

Rushing from the bus stop, hair flying wild in the wind, she struggles to open the door with her arms filled with packages. Just as she’s about to push in the key, the latch turns and Asaki opens the door. 

“______-chan? What are you doing? Why didn’t you call me?” he asks voice gentle as he gathers half of her wares. As his fingers graze her hand, he frowns. “You’re freezing,” he remarks, following her into the kitchen.

“I wanted to surprise you,” she complains, ignoring his concern of her well being. “I thought you’d still be at the office.”

He smiles as he sets down the bags in his arms, eyes looking at the top items; the ingredients to make her infamous stew. “Well, today’s a perfect day for that,” he admires. Then taking her hands once more he pulls her close. “But before you get started on that, let’s get you warmed up.”

His lips caress hers, hands sliding up her arms releasing goosebumps but as his tongue slides between her lips to dance with hers, she feels her body warming up quickly. Her hands wrap around his neck, cold fingers burying into his resplendently red hair pulling a moan from his throat. The sound increases her temperature further, a warming sensation racing through her blood.

Akashi draws back for breath, a heated look in his eyes. “Seems my plan will be counterproductive to yours but I think you’ll forgive me,” he whispers, voice low and rich. He doesn’t wait for a reply, gathering her in his arms and heading to their bedroom.

They can cook later.

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[Name] took a few deep breaths, attempting to calm herself down. She had just finished getting ready to start her shift and hid in the staff room to get herself together before starting her first day at work. [Name] straightened up when she heard the door open and turned around to find Momoi standing at the door.

Noticing her nerves, Momoi walked over and gave [Name] a small slap on the back, “Don’t be nervous, [Name]-chan. You’ll be fine! Come on, watch me take the first customer”

[Name] gave her a nod and followed her out of the staff room. The bell of the front door rang and Momoi quickly walked over to greet whoever arrived.

“Good afternoon, master~” Momoi bowed and [Name] couldn’t help but let out a little snort. It was embarrassing to say the least and she could only hope that no one she knew would show up.

She eyed the pink haired female, mentally taking notes of how Momoi conducted herself in front of the guests. [Name] rolled her eyes when she could practically see the men watching Momoi walk away. Most of the customers seemed to be male, not that it was surprising. It was a maid cafe after all.

Luka, the other waitress at the cafe, placed a hand on [Name]’s shoulders and gave her a small push towards the door, “Why don’t you take care of the next customer that comes in?”

[Name] nodded, silently praying that her first day would go well. Standing near the entrance, she watched as the other girls entertained the small group of men. Surely, the tips were great here. [Name] immediately turned to the door when she heard the bell ring and mustered up the cutest smile she could.

“Welcome, master!” [Name] bowed.

“It’s been a while, [Name]”

She froze. Slowly, [Name] lifted her head up to find Rakuzan’s captain smirking down at her. It had been two years since she had properly talked to Akashi. They had both gone to Teiko which was how they were familiar with each other.

“Akashi-kun,” [Name] exclaimed, gaping at him, “What are you doing here?” She didn’t expect Akashi Seijuro to be one who would go to maid cafes.

“Now is that how you talk to your master, [Name]?” Akashi teased and she found herself wishing that a hole would just appear underneath her and engulf her.

“Right,” [Name] laughed nervously, “Follow me, m-master!”

Great. So much for hoping no one she knew would walk in.

[Name] handed Akashi a menu once he sat down, “I’ll give you a few minutes to look at the menu and then I’ll get someone to come over and take your order”

“And why can’t you take my order, [Name]?” Akashi questioned.

Because this is embarrassing as hell and I want to get away as soon as possible so I can curl up and die. "Well, there are other customers to take care of, Akashi-kun,“ [Name] politely replied, stepping back.

"What if I want you to look after me?” He smirked, “Wouldn’t you have to comply?”

“I-I guess,” She closed her hand into a fist behind her back. Screw you, screw you, screw you!

“Just a latte will do,” Akashi replied, closing the menu and handing it back. [Name] quickly grabbed the menu off his hands, bowed and scurried away.

“Someone’s got a secret admirer,” Luka teased, both her and Momoi giggling as [Name]’s face flushed as she waited for Momoi to make the latte.

As soon as it was ready, [Name] returned to Akashi’s table and set it down, “Here you go, master”

She was about to escape when she heard Akashi chuckle. Looking down at the cup, [Name] noticed there was a heart drawn with cream on in his coffee. Note, kill Momoi later.

“Can I get you anything else?” Her smile twitched and he decided to take her out of her misery. Akashi shook his head and [Name] left him to himself.

She was glad that he didn’t call her for the rest of the time he stayed there but as she attended to other customers, [Name] could feel his eyes following her. It wasn’t until an hour later when he got out of his seat and paid for his drink.

“Thank you for coming, master. I hope to see you soon!” [Name] forced the words out. Please don’t come here ever again, I’m begging you.

Akashi let out a small chuckle and took her hand to give her a small kiss, “We’ll definitely be seeing each other again very soon, [Name]”

He left [Name] in a blushing mess and the girls behind her squealed at what they had seen.

“A new boyfriend perhaps?” Yumi grinned, “He seems pretty interested in you”

“W-What? Don’t be absurd,” [Name] stuttered in embarrassment, “He doesn’t see me like that! He just wants to embarrass me! Though I wonder why he’d even come here in the first place”

“I haven’t a clue,“ Momoi smiled. The phone hidden in her hand vibrated and she knew that it was Akashi texting. As [Name] was distracted by Yumi and Luka, Momoi opened the text.

Akashi: Thank you for letting me know, Satsuki. It was certainly amusing to see her in such a costume. I’ll be sure to come visit more often.

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Can I request something romantic and fluffy with Takao, playing guitar and singing for her or something, thank you.

Hi dear! Sorry if it took me so much! I hope you can enjoy this!

Have a nice day!

Takao Kazunari x Reader, Fluff, Cuddles, Music

Fall In Love Again

You and Takao were cuddling on his bed and talking about your week, when something caught your attention.

“What’s that?” you asked curiously, pointing to the corner of the room.

“Mmh?” he continued kissing the skin of your neck, but it was already too late. You were now entirely focused on your discovery.

“Takao!” you playfully scolded him, flicking his forehead to have his attention.

He groaned loosening the hold around your waist and glared at you, who giggled.


“That guitar.” You explained patiently, eyes shining in anticipation.

“It’s mine.” He admitted scratching his nape, a bit embarrassed.

“I knew it!” you thrilled looking at him delighted, “Please, play something for me!” you prayed tugging gently his t-shirt.

“No really, I’m not that good and-” he tried to refuse, but you bat your eyelashes.

“Pretty please,” you begged trying to be as adorable as you could, “Just one song. For me. I want to listen to you playing.”

Takao held your gaze for some seconds and finally exhaled loudly.

“You’re not going to let me desist, uh?” he laughed defeated, ruffling your hair.

You chuckled blowing him a kiss.

“Nope,” you assured with a smirk and he rolled his eyes. Then, Takao jumped out of the bed and went to pick up the guitar.

“Alright, then we’re doing it together,” he said with a smirk and you widened your eyes.

“What?” you stuttered as he reached you and seated behind you, “W-wait, I’ve never played anything!” you protested but he caged you between his legs and placed the guitar in your arms.

“No problem, I’m going to teach you.” He whispered in your ear, making your blood boil.

Takao then started humming quietly and took your hands into his. He started with simple chords; to be honest, you didn’t have to do anything, just let him move your hands and try to not blush too much.

And you really tried to focus on the music and on his movements, but the he started playing a song for real and singing and you melted. Like a hypnotized small animal. His voice was soft and warm, wrapping you in his harmonious hug. He sang with a faint smile on the lips, totally focused on your hands and engrossed in the lyrics.

It was a simple, slow love song. The typical common story of a girl and a boy, very different from each other, that fell in love and grew closer and closer. A cliché, really. Yet, you realized it was just for you, that he was talking about you, and after few seconds, tears filled your eyes. It was like being confessed all over again.

When he ended the song, he let out a small, embarrassed chuckle.

“So? How was it?” he joked before realizing you were crying. “Oh damn, I didn’t thought it was that bad!” he exclaimed worriedly cupping your cheeks.

You punched his chest lightly with a snort, averting your eyes.

“Idiot, it’s because you were good…” you muttered while he wiped away your tears with a satisfied smirk.

“Oh babe, you fell for me again?” he asked provocatively, few centimeters away from your face. But his eyes were full on fondness.

“Don’t make me regret it.” You rolled your eyes before kissing him.

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Can I request drabble scenario with GoM+Takao+Hanamiya when they expect their s/o to be interested in girly stuff like make-ups, shoes, clothes, etc, but instead they're interested only in anime, K/J-pop, computers and internet, books, and writing?

Hi dear! Sorry if I’ve made you wait! Since you asked scenarios for so many characters, they’re a bit brief! I hope you can enjoy them anyway! Let me know if you’re satisfied!

The Gom/Hanamiya/Takao x reader (who likes reading, anime…), Confession, Comfort and Cuddles


Aomine Daiki

You’re in Aomine’s room, seated comfortably next to each other on his bed. You’ve just confessed your true hobbies and passions and now you’re waiting for his reaction.

“So…you don’t like shopping or frilly dresses?” he asks looking down at you, scratching the back of his head.

“No…?” you reply a bit worried, fidgeting. On his face doesn’t surface what he’s thinking as usual.

“Make-up, clothes, shoes…girly things?”

“Neither.” You lower your gaze on the your hands and pray he’s not going to be disappointed. He’s best friend with Momoi right? The girliest girl ever? So pretty and always perfect? What if he likes that type of girl?

“That’s cool!” he bursts into a short, relieved laughter.

You perks up shocked and looks at him. Aomine shows you a shark-like smile.

“I already suffer enough shopping and girls’ talk thanks to Satsuki,” he explains shrugging and then he grabs you by the waist and pulls you closer to his chest

“You said you like anime? Come on, let’s see an episode of your favorite show. It’s raining and I can’t play basketball,” he offers, low-key curious of knowing you more, while picking his tablet with the other hand.

Kise Ryouta

You really didn’t want to tell Kise that you don’t like those kind of things but…you felt bad lying about it. He is model! What if he prefers those type of girls and then feels betrayed when he discovered you aren’t? You had to do it.

And now he’s looking at you with wide eyes and surprise all over his face.

“Oh.” He exhales and you feels your heart halting.

Then he shows his childish pout and crosses his arms.

“But SO-chan, you’re so cute!” he whines as if you have offended him personally, “You would be a goddess!”

You blush furiously and lower your gaze.

Kise huffs, but seeing your embarrassment he’s quick to pat your head.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” he assures you amused, “I like you either way alright? No problem. You’ll just have to put up with me when I need to go shopping.” He fakes to threaten with a sly smile.

You snort and roll your eyes, feeling relaxing at his soft touch.

“Only if you watch my anime with me and we can stop to the bookstore.”

“We have a deal.” He laughs before leaving a kiss on your forehead.

Kuroko Tetsuya

Kuroko blinks at you once. Twice.

Then, he puts on the table the milkshake.

“SO,” he calls you and you smile nervously, “I already knew and I love this about you.” He states deadpanned. You nearly chokes on your saliva and looks at him shocked.

“R-really?” you asks incredulous and he nods.

“I saw the screen of your phone once. That was a good anime, by the way.” He explains and a small grin flashes on his lips, “But this is better, I love reading too. Now we have a lots of things to talk about.”

You groan and hide your face with both hands.

“Why you didn’t tell me?”

“I wanted to see when you were going to tell me.” He shrugs

“You made me worry about nothing!”

“I’m sorry. It was funny.”

That little devil.

Akashi Seijuurou

Akashi frowns at your words.

“A-Akashi?” you call him but he doesn’t show signs of having heard you.

“Akashi please?” you try again, slightly worried. You knew Akashi is all for the pretty, elegant and refined girl but…he isn’t going to leave you for that right? Right?

Finally, the boy sighs deeply and you stop breathing.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers staring at you with his serious, red eyes, “I have to rethink all my plans for our future dates, holidays and special occasions. I hadn’t taken into consideration your hobbies and tastes before, thank you for informing me. I’ll make sure to make you happy in every possible way.”

You just watch him frozen, mouth ajar in pure awe, shock and surprise.

“SO?” he calls you tilting his head and brushing your cheek with his thumb.

You suddenly blush and cover your face, trying to pull away for him.

“You’re too much Akashi,” you whine feeling like you were combusting, “You aren’t real.”

Akashi flashes a small satisfied grin at your reaction, before placing a hand behind your neck and pulling your head closer to his chest.

“I don’t know what you are referring to,” he murmurs softly, leaving a kiss on your hair.

Midorima Shintarou

Midorima seems taken aback by your words, so you smile trying to seem carefree and wave it off.

“Don’t worry, Shin-chan! We don’t have to do anything of what I’ve said together! It’s just to tell you about it,” you reassures him, hiding your disappointment. But if he accepted you, it would be more than enough.

At your words the boy frowns and then sighs. He clears his voice and fixes the glasses.

“Well, actually I don’t see the problem with that…” he starts, averting his gaze, and your heart leaps in the chest.


“I like reading too and manga can be enjoyable,” he explains trying to cover his slight blush, “And about the rest, right now I don’t have any knowledge of it but I’m willing to try everything you suggest.”

You show him your brightest smile and literally jump in his arm.

“You’re the best!” you thrill happily, already thinking about the first anime you want to show him.

Midorima rolls his eyes, but hugs you back.

“For something so simple…” he mutters incredulous under his breath, but truth is, he’s smiling.

Murasakibara Atsushi

Murasakibara tilts his head and blinks, as if he doesn’t understand the problem.

“So?” he asks quietly, putting down on the table of your kitchen the packet of sweets. You rocks on your heels nervously.

“W-well, nothing. I mean…I just wanted you to know…hoping it was okay…with you…” you explains in an embarrassed blabber and your voice becomes gradually lower, until you wait for his answer in silence.

Murasakibara suddenly grabs you from the waist and puts you on the table, seated in front of him. He’s still too tall for you to look him in the eyes, but better than before.

“SO,” he calls you patiently and you nods, “Do you like candies?” he asks seriously.

The corner of your mouth twitches but you manage to restrain a smile at the question.

“Yes,” You reassure him and he pats your head.

“Then, everything else is okay.” He explains with a shrug, before picking a candy and stuffing it in your mouth, “We can watch your anime together while eating my sweets.”

You let out a carefree laughter and hug him giddy.

“It would be perfect!”

Takao Kazunari

You and Takao are on the couch at his home and you’ve been talking about your true hobbies for like…ten minutes? While he listens to you stupefied.

“So, yes…I don’t like those kind of things. I’m sorry if you prefer other kind of gir-” your explanation is suddenly interrupted by Takao’s excited exclamation.

“That’s fantastic!” he beams happily, with a wide grin on his face.

“What?” you reply confused.

“You are fantastic!” he laughs ruffling your hair, “I mean, we can do a lot of things together now! Well, I don’t like reading books that much but…anime and k-pop? I’m on it!”

You open wide your eyes.

“Which is your favorite anime, by the way?” he asks all excited.


“I fucking love you.” You burst amazed and freezes, looking shocked at you.

Your cheeks redden, realizing what you’ve said, but before things can get awkward Takao begins to chuckle.

“Yeah, I love you too.” He replies cheerfully, leaning for a surprise kiss on the lips.

Hanamiya Makoto (seriously girl? XD)

You finish speaking and wait for Hanamiya’s answer, who’s sprawled on the couch near to you.

He looks at you deadpanned and then huffs.

“That’s such a delusion,” He comments shaking his head and you freeze, “Are you even a girl? What can I do with a girl that likes such things?” he continues and you lower your head ashamed, cheeks burning.

“If I had known I wouldn’t have asked you out.” You feel your eyes filling with tears and try to stumble up to flee from the room, but your boyfriend catches your wrist.

“But I’m joking, you idiot.” He adds with a sly smirk on the lips.

You gasp offended and try to wipe your tears away.

“You asshole!” you cry, taking a cushion and hitting him on the face, “You’re the worst!” you exclaims blushing furiously. You can’t believe you’ve fallen for his act again.

He laughs loudly and pulls you down with him on the couch.

“But you love me like this, babe.” He whispers in your ear, caging you against his chest, “By the way, I already knew. I’m not stupid, you know? And it’s fine, no problem with your hobbies. I just wanted to tease you,” he boasts with a smug smile, shrugging, and you roll his eyes.

“You’re really an asshole,” you complain and kiss him before he could speak again and make you mad.

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Hi! It's my first time and I'm really nervous to write you ^^" I hope, I did right all. Can I request gom + kagami + hanamiya helping their S/O with painful cramps in their period? Maybe just a little facts)) Thank you for your blog!))))

Aw don’t be nervous, I dont bite! Sorry it took so long to write up, I made them a little shorter because of the amount of characters, I hope you don’t mind!

Akashi: As soon as you show any bit of pain he’s on it. He does everything he can in order to help you ease the pain from fetching you pain killers, to hot tea and everything in between.

Aomine: He doesn’t quite know what to do whenever you are experiencing period cramps. He just rummages through his gym bag and fishes out pain killers that he keeps in case something happens and he needs them during his games.

Hanamiya: He would know when you’re in pain and hand over some painkillers without saying anything. He always figured there wasn’t much else that could really be done but that and waiting for the pain to pass.

Midorima: He would react similarly to Kise, just not as extreme. He would also be flustered but fetch you some tea or something to try and help. He’d also give you whatever lucky item he had for the day in hopes that it would help aid the pain with it’s luck

Murasakibara: He would be completely oblivious that you were having period cramps until you made it blatantly obvious. He wouldn’t exactly know what to do and need to ask you how he could help you feel better.

Kagami: He would, like Murasakibara completely oblivious that you were having period cramps until you made it blatantly obvious. However, as soon as he realized how much pain you’re in, he’d give you pain killers and tell you to get some rest.

Kise: He tends to over react and get flustered whenever you tell him that you’re having cramps and calls everyone he can think of from his mom, to his sisters to figure out how to help you. One time he even called the doctor because he was so worried and unsure of what to do.

Kuroko: He would act similarly to Akashi and get whatever he assumed you would need when you showed the slightest amount of pain and make sure to make everything as easy for you as he possibly could.

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Please make a scenario where kasamatsu & takao found out that their s/o is cheating with a girl. And their s/o admitted that theyre actually a bi. Pls make it so angsty admin-san. Take ur time writing this. Bless you!!!

Hi dear! I don’t know why lately I’ve been asked all this angst, but if you enjoy it, here it goes! (Really, why you want to see poor, lovely Takao suffer? XD)

Please, all of you my dear readers, remember that cheating is wrong and very painful for the other person; if you’ve ever cared about them, don’t do it. Respect them!

Have a good day!


Not Enough


When you finally entered in your apartment that night, you found it completely silent.

“Yukio, I’m home!” you called, seeing a light coming from the kitchen.

No answer.

You put down your bag and jacket, and then reached the small kitchen. Your boyfriend was there, seated stiffly on a chair, waiting for you. You noticed his tense shoulders and cold stare immediately, trying to show him a nervous smile. His expression made him look  like he was dead inside.

Keep reading

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Omg may I have a scenario where Akashi's s/o is so into Christmas time and the s/o somehow was able to talk him into dancing with them around the house in fuzzy socks to "Walking In A Winter Wonderland" and Akashi and s/o are just so happy while dancing like dorks omg so much cute love fluff pleaseeee and thank you, you beautiful person you<333


Akashi’s lips were upturned in a slight smile as he grabbed his s/o’s hand. The music was gently in the background, a symphony of violins. They chuckled slightly as he gently started to slow dance, “Sei-chan~” They whined as he opened one eye to gaze at his lover. The lights gently danced across their face, the lights were a pale red and green. They gently flickered around her face. Their lips were also turned up, and they had a bright twinkle in their eyes that was brighter than any light in the room.

They looked gorgeous. Adorable. Cute. Funny. Amazing. Perfect.

The two of them had worn ugly Christmas sweaters to celebrate the holiday’s, and they had slid over to the record player. “I can’t even believe you have these,” Akashi walked over to them as he placed his chin against their shoulder his hand wrapping around their waist. He closed his eyes enjoying the feeling of their body against his.

“I’m a fan of the classics,” He stated simply as he let out a loose smile flit across his face. His s/o hummed to themselves as they changed the record with ease. All of a sudden the classic sound of Walking in a Winter Wonderland started to play.

His s/o escaped his grip and started to foolishly dance and sing, “Sleigh bells ring. Are you listening?” They sang out as they giggled slightly. They were off pitch and a bit out of breath as they slid towards the red haired male and grabbed his hands as the two of them started to dance like the pair of dorks they were.

“Gone away, is the blue bird. Here to stay, is the new bird.” His s/o sang out as they let go of his hands and twirled around a beautiful joyous smile on their face. Akashi couldn’t help but feel intoxicated by this feeling. This feeling of happiness. Pure joy. It was a nice feeling that he couldn’t help but contain.

Christmas Joy.

Akashi chuckled as he easily wrapped his arm around his s/o, “Walking in a Winter Wonderland,” He stated. Their back was against his chest as he gently kissed their shoulder. They shivered as they smiled back up at Akashi.

“Merry Christmas.” They mused as Akashi chuckled and let go of them. He moved their hair away from their forehead as he gently laid a kiss on it.

“Merry Christmas, in the start of Mafh.”

Cause after all, for [ Name ] Christmas was an all year occasion.

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Could you do early morning cuddles with Kiyoshi Teppei, Kasamatsu, Takao, and Aomine the morning after they did the do with their s/o?

Kiyoshi: His lips were pressed against his s/o’s temple as they opened one eye. Their whole body felt sore, and it was a weekend. He didn’t want to get up. He was tired. “Go back to sleep.” he whispered in his husky voice. Kiyoshi had also just woken up so his voice was thick with sleep. The brunette male gently nuzzled himself into the back of their neck. Even after that night they smelt nice. They smelt like home. His eyes closed as he let out a content sigh. You nodded something as you slowly let yourself slip back to sleep. His arm was around your waist as he let a soft sigh escape his lips. “I love you [ Name ].” he whispered gently as you smiled in your sleep. “I love you as well Kiyoshi Teppei.” He chuckled slightly. “Do you want something to eat?” They groaned. “I’m sore, and I don’t want to move.” he shook his head. “Don’t worry, I’ll make you something.” He stated gently nipping at their ear as they giggled. “Fine. Just come back soon it’s cold.”

Kasamatsu: His let out a content sigh as his eyes opened. His s/o was curled against his chest and his hands were wrapped around their waist. “ [ Name ]?” he grumbled out his voice thick with sleep. They groaned slightly as they shook their head. “A couple more minutes,” They moaned out as he gave a slight nod. His s/o looked a bit disheveled. They had hickeys covering their skin. His hands gently grazed over the purplish marks against their skin until they started to giggle. “Yukio!” they groaned. “You know I’m ticklish.” He male gave a slight grin. “Sorry.” he muttered gently kissing the top of your head. “It’s fine.” They stated their eyes open as they stared into his chest. “What time is it?” The third year didn’t respond. “Who cares?” his s/o mumbled again. “As long as I’m with you, time doesn’t matter.” And that made the male’s cheeks go bright red. A slight laugh escaped his s/o’s lips as they gently kissed his cheek. “Morning.”

Takao: “Could we stay like this?” The male asked looking down at his s/o who was sleeping. They didn’t seem to react so he took that as a good sign. He gently ran his fingers through their hair. It was a bit messy from the night before but still they looked beautiful as they slept. Their eyes were closed as he continued to stare at them. He didn’t know how long time had passed until they stirred. “How did you sleep?” He asked smiling gently. “Good?” they asked questioning where they were. Using his thumb he wiped away a bit of drool on the corner of their mouth. Their face flushed as they looked down. “O-Oh god, sorry!” They exclaimed. That seemed to wake them up. Takao smiled. “It’s fine, why don’t we go downstairs and get some breakfast huh?” He asked they frowned. “I don’t wanna move.” He chuckled a bit as he gently wrapped his hands around them and lifted them bridal style.

Aomine: The blue haired male grinned as he gently kissed your collarbone. “Daiki,” they moaned closing their eyes. They tried to shove the male away but he kept his firm grip on their waist. “How was last night babe?” Aomine asked a cheshire cat smile curving on his face. They groaned and opened their eyes. “Cause you look a bit sore.” The tanned skinned ace whispered into their ear gently nipping on the top of it. “Daiki!” they hissed as they moaned and shook their head. “Hmm? Do you want more?” They swatted his hand as it gently cupped against their thigh. “If you want to do something shut up and make me breakfast.” The basketball player groaned. “ Make it with me.” His s/o let out a breath. “Daiki. Shut up!” They yelled as he gave a slight grin. “Fine.” They mumbled as she stood up.

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May we please a heart breaking scenario where nijimura's gf has caught shuzo in bed with another woman. (I love this man but I really need angst right now)

I’m honestly all about cheating scenarios and I don’t know why, but if anyone ever cheats on you please don’t get back together with them, because they’ll think what they did was okay, and it definitely wasn’t. 

I’m also sorry this took so long! 

You had been studying for your upcoming exams for almost a month, and you hated the fact that you had spent less time with your boyfriend Nijimura. You knew he understand your stress, since he would sometimes drop by your apartment with your favourite snack or beverage, but you hadn’t had a date in what felt like ages. 

So, with all that in mind, you decided to drop by Shuzo’s apartment with a cute picnic packed and the news that you had just finished your exams and would be able to spend a lot more time with him! 

Except as you knocked, no one answered. You figured he must have been napping, since he had told you he had no plans (in the hopes that you would go on a date with him) and that it was a lazy Sunday. 

You searched under the potted plant, finding the spare key to the house before letting yourself in, only to hear slight creaking coming from upstairs, along with occasional grunts and moans. 

Your heart was beating against your ribcage painfully, your fingers shaking despite the tight grip you had on the picnic basket in your hands. Your legs felt like jelly as you took small and extremely hesitant steps towards the stairs. 

You almost fall down the steps a few times as you heard the female’s moans get louder and more desperate. Your lower lip was wobbling as betrayal stabbed into your veins and poisoned your mind.  

As you reach the door, the lewd sounds impossibly loud in your ears. You reach out a hand, as shaky as it was, and push open the door as forcefully as you can with such unsteadiness in your limbs. 

As your eyes meet the lust-filled and hazy ones of the naked girl under your also bare boyfriend, the picnic basket drops from your hands. The thud and the slapping of the girl’s hand on Nijimura’s arm gets his attention to you. 

His eyes widen and his muscles seem to freeze in place. His jaw is unhinged, hung open in surprise. 

“W-Wait… (N-Name) it’s not-”

“Not what it looks like? Out of all the things to say right now, as you’re fucking another woman, you say the most cliché thing you could possibly thing of? If I were you, I would have gone with something along the lines of ‘I’m sorry’ even if it doesn’t fix anything. As far as I’m concerned, we are done… Forever,” Despite the strength you tried to push into your words, your voice was shaky and unstable, your hands in loose fists. 

“I-I’m so sorry, I didn’t know,” The girl under him fidgets uncomfortably. You look at her and take note of the obvious guilt in her eyes. 

“it’s not your fault, i-it’s his. He-” Your words a cut off with a sob, the sadness creeping in to interrupt your words. You turned, heaving a deep breath before walking out and away from Nijimura, forever. 

Agh, I hope it was okay 

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Mukkun being a big baby when it comes to the cold? It starts snowing and he's complaining about how cold it is and his s/o buys him hot chocolate to warm up and holds his hand? Himuro coming to tease him about just wanting to touch her but still being shy since they just started going out?

I’m such a slut for Muraskibara atm

You tightened your grip on the slightly warm cardboard of your hot chocolate, trying to keep your hands from freezing off. 

“I don’t have anything to warm my hands up (Name)-chin,” Your recently-appointed boyfriend whined, poking numbly at your shoulder. You sighed, handing the quarter-drunk beverage to him. He grins and takes it from you, though only one of his hands closes around it, his other other hand enclosing around yours. 

“Much better,” He mumbles, tugging you closer to his side. You can’t fight the grin on your face as you lean against his muscular arm. 

(I’ve never experienced snow so I’m gonna do my best to guess what it’s like)

You feel a soft particle land on your nose, causing you to scrunch it in retaliation. Dampness starts to seep into your clothes and you look up to realise that it was snowing softly. 

“Hmm, we might have to cut our date short,” You ponder, glancing to Murasakibara, who was now frowning. 

“But I wanna spend more time with (Name)-chin,” He mutters, pulling you closer to his side. He had since finished the hot chocolate, even if it was only in the span of maybe a minute and a half, so he discards the cup before snaking his arm around your waist and into your jacket pocket, grabbing your free hand that had sought refuge there. 

“What do you suggest we do?” You question, loosely wrapping your fingers around his in your pocket. 

“There’s a shop over there,” He points to a small restaurant. You nod and you both walk in. The rest of the date was spent in that restaurant, joking and eating with some subtle flirting. 

The next day, as Murasakibara was telling Himuro about it with a small grin, the ravenette laughed in the middle of his story, thwumping the giant on the shoulder. 

“You just wanted to hold her hand” He laughed as Mura blushed, pushing HImuro’s shoulder, dislocating it

He’s literally the BFG with purple hair I love him. 

Hope you enjoyed ♡

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He didn’t particularly care what you looked like, at first. He just wanted you uncomfortable: wearing clothes that made you shy, watching you apply make up with a hawk’s gaze (ordering you over and over again to redo it, and smudging it across your face when you did it well), tugging on your hair, telling you how ugly your face looked with your hair up like that, but warning you to keep your hair in that style or else. Because, in the end, a good doll just has to do what he says. Regardless of what they want.

You don’t matter much. But he has a reputation, and he can’t have you ruining that. He can’t you have you appearing dishevelled in front of his mother - not that she’d mind, but because he wants to prove to her that he’ll have a well-organised household, to make her proud. And the clothes, the hair, the makeup: overtime, they’ve proved pretty good at hiding the various bruises he’s given you ‘lovingly’ (who’s he kidding - even he knows there’s nothing particularly loving about his emotions towards you). The bruises are for his eyes only. They’re sensual, in that way.

He likes staring at them when he takes pauses during afternoons of reading, when he’s comfortably stretched across the couch, and you’re sitting on your knees on the ground, on the other side of the room. Sometimes, he’ll toss a dart in your direction. It’s a test of your willpower - because willpower’s ever so important, provided it’s following his instructions - willpower that you’ll trust in his aim enough to not flinch. (If the dart hits you, it’s on purpose, and you deserved it.)

You’d better not move unless he tells you too. You’d better not forget your place.

For Hanamiya’s an introvert, you see; human company infuriates him, only the peace and quiet of having a doll as an ornament can do. And, with the doll aspect in mind, you really can’t move. That’s just not what dolls do - and any that do (move out of choice, that is) are probably haunted, and they’ll soon get thrown in the trash.

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Yoo mina-san!! Tudo bem com vcs? Espero que sim! Eu sou a Sumire e decidi criar um blog sobre o lindo e maravilhoso anime de Kuroko no Basket em br, sim 100% brasileiro para que mais gente possa desfrutar do universo dos nossos jogadores favoritos com scenarios e talvez headcanons e mais algumas coisas que estarão por vir!! Irei confeitar doces sonhos para vcs aproveitarem esta terra de fantasia que estou criando então pegue nos seus sonhos e em todo o seu amor por estes personagens maravilhosos em quadra e se junte a mim as portas para este mundo serão abertas ♥♡♥

Que o primeiro quarter do jogo começe estarei esperando por vcs \(≧▽≦)/

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He wears a suit, nothing too fancy though, and he leaves the tie slightly loose and crooked on his chest, just to feel a little less like a posh brat and feel a little more like himself. Though, of course he brings flowers. A bouquet of pink and darker pink flowers: “perfect happiness” and “thankfulness”. Red roses would have been a little too promiscuous for the first time he meets your family, and, besides, he’s not sure whether the passion they depict fits his feelings towards you yet. But, that said, he is visiting your mother today. That counts for something.

(Really, there’s no need for Nash to care so much about what the flowers say - there’s no reason for him to know so much either, except for the fact he took a mild interest in them as a youth, and somehow he still remembers most of the meanings. And floriography fits most of the persona he tries to maintain, that of the charming, suave young man, so why not spend a little longer picking what flowers to buy at the shop on the way to your house?)

Your mother seems pleased with the roses, so there’s that. She greets him with a smile, does the whole hands thrown out to the side, with that faux shocked expression - “what lovely flowers! You shouldn’t have!” - and he says something about how they’re not nearly as beautiful as her, and then you nudge him, maybe because you think he’s overstepping the lines, or maybe you’re just jealous, so Nash grins at you, just to emphasise that you’re still the main reason that he’s come today.

Conversation is boring; as much as he does playing the part of the prince, it’s exhausting, and he can feel his personality draining into his fingertips, like an itch he can’t quite get rid off. Oh well. Your mother seems pleasant, he’ll give her that, but he’s also an acquired taste when he’s as he is usually - he himself acknowledges that - so he keeps his spirit constrained, for once.

“I play basketball,” Nash smiles at your mother as he compliments his good health, but, all the while he’s thinking of how he’ll desperately need to go out to the street courts tomorrow, or else he’ll be in a shitty mood the day after.

You squeeze his hand under the table. He turns his smile to you instead; your mother says something, leaves the table to get the next course.

Nash whispers in your ear, “so? Are you proud of me being on my best behaviour?”

“I’ll admit, you’ve had your worst days,” you murmur back, lips just by his cheek, as he dips his head to press a kiss against your jawline.

Your mother returns. The boring conversation begins again, except this time you talk a little more, so Nash can focus on actually eating, and not just keeping up appearances.

By the end of the meal, he’s finished off everything that was on his plate, so he can finally tell your mother what a brilliant cook she is, how much he enjoyed the meal, how grateful he is too, and how thankful he is for being permitted to visit. The usual. She replies with something about how nice it was meeting him. The usual too.

Except you do tell him, when it’s just the two of you in the doorway, against a bleak sky with the moon just a smudge of white, that your mother seemed to like him more than she has liked others.

With a teasing tone, Nash replies, “oh, so there’s been others?”.

That conversation goes on for a little longer too, until he finally gets to depart. The minute the door shuts, he pulls off the tie, unbuttons the top two holes of his shirt, and gives his head a good shake, to get his hair out of the formal style he had forced it into.

Thank god that’s over, Nash thinks.

But, despite the grumbling thoughts that plague him on his walk to the station, Nash can’t deny that he feels a little more at ease now. In a faint way, it’s almost fun - this meeting parents thing.

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