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#kuroko no basket ships

Kuroko: Why do I have to be the bottom all the time

Kise: It’s because Kurokocchi is cute and sweet and innocent! And easily dominated-ssu

Kuroko: ….I don’t agree on that

Midorima: Why are you saying these things all of a sudden Kuroko?

Murasakibara: Maybe Kuro-chin is tired of seeing fics with him being an uke

Aomine: What do you mean Tetsu? You are obviously an uke with your physical appearance and personality plus you’re short.

Kuroko: ….

Kise: Oh no Aominecchi!

Murasakibara: Mine-chin’s digging his own grave

Kuroko: Aomine-kun….you have three seconds to run


Midorima: Rest in peace–nanodayo

Akashi: What is this commotion all about?

Kise: Thank goodness Akashicchi you arrived!

Akashi: What seems to be the problem? Care to explain anyone

Kuroko: It’s because Aomine-kun said that I’m an uke just because I’m short. I’m getting tired on that insult

Akashi: I see. Then go be a seme then. I’ll handle Aomine if he says those things again

Kise: Eh?? But Kurokocchi is so cute when he’s the uke-ssu

Kuroko: *glares at Kise*

Kise: Waaaah don’t kill me Kurokocchi!

Kuroko: I. Refused. To be. The. Uke. I can simply pin Akashi-kun on the wall and start dominating him

Everyone: *shocked*

Akashi: W-What?

Kuroko: Don’t pretend surprised Akashi-kun as if I haven’t done that to you

Akashi: !!!!

Everyone: WHAT THE HELL?!

Akashi: If anyone spill this conversation with other people I’ll advise y'all to sleep with one eye open

Akashi: And d-don’t say that h-here Kuroko! *is blushing like a school girl*

Everyone: Our former captain can be this adorable sometimes

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wondering how many new kurobasu/aokise fans never had to go through ‘Yellow’. also wondering if it’d have the same impact on younger kids as it did back then.

if you’re curious here’s the original on fanfiction dot net

and if you don’t want to read it on the OG site of your ancestors, it was reposted on ao3 so here it is

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